Looking Back - Personal feelings and random trivia on old stories as their original authors go back and re-read them long after writing them.
Last updated March 18, 2017

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Active story policy ('six-month rule'):
If a story goes at least six months (specifically at the very end of the sixth month) without being updated, the story is removed from the website and presumed cancelled unless noted otherwise by the author. If the story does get updated after removal, the story returns to the site. This policy is to keep authors on their toes and make sure they don't forget about the work they started. E-mails, if possible, are sent to the author to remind them of the deadline approaching when about a month remains.

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MA: Suitable for readers aged 17 and over (usually reserved for stories with lots of blood and violence)

-L: Suggestive and/or crude language
-V: Violent scenes included, usually anything with blood and/or guts involved
-S: Teases of sexual scenes, such as chest interaction (but never anything explicitly sexual)

- Changing of the Omikami

- Curse of the Myoga
- Feudal Era Fun

- From Priestess to Goddess
- The Epic of Sango
- Tiny Demons
Sailor Moon
- A Crushing Sleepover
- A Growing Obsession
- A Nice & Dreamy Ordeal of Astronomical Gals
- Ami's Times of Trouble: An Unfortunate Wish
- The Appearance of Giant Chibi-Moon
- Beach Invaders
- Beauty Tech
- Big and Nightmarish
- Big BFFs: Chibiusa & Momoko Momohara
- Big BFFs: Chibiusa & McKenzie
- Birth of ChibiZilla
- Bloody Lady
- Chibiusa's Big Adventure
- Chibiusa's Giant Fantasy
- Chibiusa Faces Reality
- Chibi Trouble: Extended Edition
- City in Crisis
- Cruising With Giantesses
- Curiosity Enlarged the Cat
- Doll Play With Rini
- Doll Play 2: Incredible Shrinking Senshi
- Doll Play 3: Teeny Tiny Bullies
- Doll Play 4: Role Playing Ami
- Doll-sized Models
Dressed to Crush
- Dressed to Crush 2: Historic Daydreams

- Electric Warp Test
- Fallen Eternity
- Giantess Night Out
- Giants in Love: Chibiusa and Helios

- Ikuko's Big Day
- Little Secrets
- Mini Mini-Moon
- Molly's Small Memories
- Moon Christmas Power
- Morphin' Misconception
- Morphin' Misconception 2
- Morphin' Misconception 3: Time for Time Force
- Mother's Walk
- Natural Growth
- Negative Influence
- No Outer Limits
- No Outer Limits 2
- No Outer Limits 3: The Trident
- Now They Got Ami
- Outers' Night In
- Revenge of the Moon
- Rini's Birthday
- Rini's Torture Chambers
- Rini's Toys
- Rini's Travels
- Rini and the Beanstalk
- Rini Grows Up
- Rini Grows Up 2: Teen Rebellion
- Rini Lost: The Luna Pi Malfunction
- Rini Meets Sailor Giga Starburst
- Sailor Mini Moon Presents: The Return Of The Cavitians Of Cavity 9!
- Sailor Moon Snaps
- Schoolgirl Playtime
- Serena and the Teachers
- Showing Who's in Charge
- Super Scout Jamboree
- Super Sleepwalk

- Teacher's Pets
- The Guardian's Playmate
- A Typical Day for Giant Serena
- Universal Chibiusa
- Usagi Kong vs. Reizilla
- Usagi the Daibijin

- Welcome to the Solar System
- Wicked Lady Returns
Winx Club
- An Island Fit for Women

- Big Winx
- Big Winx 2: All Natural
- Big Winx 3: Battle of the Princesses
- Big Winx 4: Giant Princess of Darkness

- Friend in Hand
- Giants in Love: Adam and Bloom

- Micro Winx
- Pixie Role Reversal
- Winx and the Beanstalk
- God Save the Queen
- The Unforgiving Night
- The Unforgiving Night 2: Fall of Alucard
One Piece
- The Devil's Island
- The Strange Fruit
- The Golden Scroll Chronicles: Sakura's New View
- The Golden Scroll Chronicles, Episode 2: Temari's BIG Change
- The Golden Scroll Chronicles, Episode 3: A Gentle, Giant Kunoichi
- The Golden Scroll Chronicles, Episode 4: The Dark Plot

- Never Make Fun of a Struggling Kunoichi's Stinky Feet!
- Hinata's Sequel: Averting DeFeet
- Sakura and the Shrunken Shinobi
CardCaptor Sakura
- The BFC
- The Big Sakura Movie

- Card Crazy
- Card Crazy 2: Power to the Cards
- Keepsake
- Messy Nightmare

- Size and Stealth
Tokyo Mew Mew
- A Game of Cat & Kish
- Big Mews Having Fun
- Grown Instincts
- Grown Instincts 2
- Ichigo's Big Lunch Date
- Ode to the Mermaid
- Small Act
Fullmetal Alchemist
- A Hawkeye's View

- Shrinkage Alchemists
Teen Titans
- 50-Foot Sister Fight
- Big Girls Don't Cry

- Raven's Finding
- 6 Foot Gadget
- The Beauty Fashion Contest
- Big Hopps
- Devil Pluto's Revenge
- From 70 Feet of Hair to 70 Feet Tall
- Frozen Universe
- Shrunk at Minnie's House
- Star's the Big Star
- The Growinator
- Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust Adventure
- Winter Towers
- Zero Witching Hour
Totally Spies!
- Mandy the Tyrannical Titaness
- Totally Growing
- Totally Shrinking!
Crossovers (VGGTS/ACGTS/both)
- Apple's Grand Tour 3: Smashing Tour
- Asagi Forever
- A Tale of Two Mikus
- Captain N: The New Age
- Genesix
- Girl Power: The Story

- GLLK: Giant Monsters All Out Attack
- Icy Invasion
- The Return of Radio Zelda
- Robobot Rumble
- Sailor Chibi-Moon vs. CardCaptor Sakura!
- The Man Who Didn't Know a Lot
- Titanic Crossover Insanity
- Viruses & Giantesses

- Radio Zelda 2: Never Say Never Again

- Dangerous Heights
- VixeNation
Other A&C
- A Growing Error
- A Soldier First

- Armour of Efret
- Ever Growing Orihime
- Little Hero, Huge Trouble
- Living it Big
- Love, War, and Magic
- Mondo and Rockna's BIG Date
- Nicktoons Giantess Anthology: Eugene's War

- Nicktoons Giantess Anthology: Virtually Titanic
- Priscilla's Tiny Date
- Save in the Name of True Greed
- Shrinkin' Lincoln
- Shrunk with the Louds
- Shrunken Calimero
- Stardust Dreamer
- The End of Brittania
- Three Giantesses of Mainframe
- Titaness of Light
- Treehouse of Horror: GTS-style
- Treehouse of Horror: GTS-style 2
- Tree of Crystals
- Turtle Power
- Ultimate Trouble
- Urban Jungle
- Zangetsu