Teen Titans GTS Stories

50-Foot Sister Fight
Approx. pages: 15
Rated PG/10-V
- It was a normal day in Jump City, which was until Starfire’s sister, Blackfire began to attack. The Teen Titans set off to stop her. Starfire and Blackfire started to fight each other and Starfire was winning. As Starfire was about to do the final blow onto her sister, Blackfire stopped her by saying that she has a new power and that she wanted to show her and the fellow Titans. The Teen Titans are in shock to see that Blackfire was starting to grow into a 50-foot giantess. The Titans began to flee, as the new Blackfire was too strong for them to handle. All hope was lost, until a small man who goes by the name of ‘Size Mater’ who suddenly appeared inside the Teen Tower. He tells them that he can change one of them to them into a 50-foot giant and defeat Blackfire. The Titans all picked Starfire to do it. Completed May 23, 2007.

Big Girls Don't Cry
Approx. pages: 13
Rated G
- After stopping Slade from freezing time in Jump City, the teens decide to have the day off by spending it at the beach. Everything was going all right until the girls passed out, as they came to, the girls are a few inches bigger than the guys. Things started to get even worst when the girls are still growing and its up to Cyborg to find a way to stop the growth while Robin and Beast Boy try to find Slade as they feel he's the one that started everything. Completed April 10, 2009.

Raven's Finding
Approx. pages: 5
Rated G
- It was an ordinary day at Titan’s Tower. Things were the same as ever. It was also a nice day for no crimes happened. However, Raven is getting slightly irritated at Beast Boy and Cyborg’s antics. She then finds something that is pretty…well, interesting Completed May 16, 2007.

Teen FMG GTS Titans GO!
(Cubed Cinder; idea by LDEJruffFanReturns)
Approx. pages: 6
Rated PG/10-VS
- It's a quiet day inside Titans Tower, but of course that doesn't last very long. Starfire and Raven are both looking for Beast Boy, hoping he can participate in some competitive game they're trying to play (which the non-fun loving Raven is trying to wiggle her way out of). Instead of Beast Boy, they find a table full of chemicals. Given Beast Boy's IQ, the girls find it curious that he would leave a bunch of chemicals on the table. After the chemicals accidentally splash and sink into their bodies, Starfire and Raven suddenly find themselves not only growing bigger in size, but in muscle as well with their arms and legs bulging like crazy. The power soars into their heads, and they decide on their competitive game... who can muscularly rampage the best! Completed September 12, 2019.