Totally Spies GTS Stories

Mandy the Tyrannical Titaness
Series: Totally Spies!
Approx. pages: 9
Rated PG/10-V
- We all know how 'Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy' ended, but in a different quantum universe, the outcome was different. The attempt to shrink Clover and Mandy back to their normal sizes did not go as planned. Clover stayed at 50 feet tall, but Mandy grew. And grew. And grew. And grew. Mandy now stands at over 500 feet tall, her anger pushing her to the point of wanting to conquer not just Beverly Hills, but all of California. Even worse, she's growing at a rate of 3 inches bigger per second. The spies have a new mission from WOOHP. Stop Mega Mandy no matter what it takes. Completed February 22, 2014.

Totally Growing
Approx. pages: 15
Rated PG/10-LV
- Diminutive Shrinks, the evil former scientist at WOOHP,(Who's also smaller then a foot in height after a freak shrinking accident.) has recently escaped from the WHOOP Detention Facility, has a new plan to get revenge on the world, to make the girls who locked him up destroy it! After hitting Sam, Clover and Alex with unexpected (Or even noticeable!) Growth rays, slowly at first they start growing inches per seconds, not causing any odd troubles of any kind. Though in the middle of the day, the three spies suddenly start growing at an alarming rate, and soon enough, they are 100 feet tall giantesses, and still growing! To make matters worse, Shrinks also hit Mandy with an growth Ray, though growing her at a much faster rate then the Spies! Now with a 200 feet tall Mandy in Beverly Hills who's still growing, could the spies defeat Mandy and bring Diminutive to justice without destroying the world? Completed July 8, 2010.

Totally Shrinking!
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Giantessfetisher)
Approx. pages: 8
Rated 14-S
- Clover opens up her locker to get books for her next class, and it's in this locker that she notices an unusual looking hair dryer. As she heads for the bathroom and Alex catches up with her, the two wonder about the hair dryer unaware that it's a prototype of the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer that somehow got out of the WOOHP Labs. Of course, the girls don't know that yet, so they are stunned to find the hair dryer shrinks them both down to just under one inch tall! The two girls dodge giant students left and right using all the skills they've learned as spies. Eventually they catch up with Sam, but getting her attention is anything but a piece of cake (literally as you'll see!)... Completed October 27, 2017. 

Totally Shrinking 2: WHOOP-tastic Voyage
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Giantessfetisher)
Approx. pages: 8
Rated PG/10-VS
- It would turn out the shrinking device from the last story was, in fact, created by Diminutive Smalls as another revenge attempt on Clover. With his plan foiled yet again, this time he takes drastic measures by stealing one of Dr V'.s endo vehicles from the episode "The Yuck Factor" and goes inside Clover's digestive system while she's at the mall in order to try and harm her from the inside. Upon finding out his plans, Jerry has Sam and Alex shrunken down and sent inside the unaware Clover themselves in a WHOOP-authorized version of the endo vehicle to go after Smalls. The three get in a shootout, having to bounce around different parts of Clover's insides as she continues her day unaware of what's happening (especially when she gets into another argument with Mandy). Completed October 8, 2019.