The Loud House GTS Stories

Coming Out in a Big Way
(Cubed Cinder)
: The Loud House
Approx. pages: 11
Rated PG/10-VS
- Luna and Sam are chatting over their phones before their upcoming second date together (their first being working together during the Royal Woods Scavenger Hunt). Among the random things to come out of Sam are how cool it would be if they could announce in some "gigantic" way to the world how much they like each other. That gets the wheels turning in Luna's head as she later sneaks off into Lisa's room and discovers a bottle of rainbow colored dust known simply as Project Bigfoot. Thinking it'll just make her voice super loud, Luna sprinkles some of the dust into her hair, and you know what happens next. Bursting out of the Loud House at 80 feet tall, Luna meets a surprised Sam in the park and doesn't hesitate to sprinkle more of the Project Bigfoot dust onto Sam. The two giantesses smile and hold hands real good as they make their way into the city... Completed June 19, 2019.

Shrinkin' Lincoln
Series: The Loud House
Approx. pages: 51
Rated G
- Lincoln has promised to spend his Saturday helping Lola, Lana and Lucy out with their respective activities. There's just one problem; after an accident in Lisa's lab, their "big brother" isn't quite so big anymore. Completed July 3, 2017. Uploaded August 4, 2017.

Shrunk with the Louds
Series: The Loud House
Approx. pages: 447
Rated PG/10-V
Lost Chapter #1 (submitted December 21, 2018)
Lost Chapter #2 (submitted February 1, 2019)
- As if the Loud House couldn't get any more crazier, the family members suddenly find themselves a tiny boy among the premises, and he can't remember anything up to this point! Now the boy has to live alongside Lincoln and his ten sisters until the mysteries of his past come to light, but being half an inch tall gets him into various situations... Completed October 12, 2018.