Looking Back

Anime & Cartoon GTS World has been around a very long time, longer than I ever imagined. So naturally this website has amassed a large collection of pictures and stories. If there's one thing many of us like to do every now and then, myself included, it's take a step back and read over our past works. All of us have come a very long way from our earliest works, and that's what this section is about. Authors, such as myself, will go back and look over their old works and offer up random commentary on those old pieces right here.

You can talk about anything you want in regards to that story. How the story went from mind to monitor. Scenes that you had thought about but decided to leave out or change drastically. Or just a self-review of that old work. Or maybe even all of the above! If you've contributed a story on this site, e-mail me your thoughts or post them at ACGTS. If you ever feel like making changes to your entry, or just adding in more reflections, you can do that also.

Entries must be at least ONE paragraph, much like story teasers, before they can make it on the site. There's no limit to how long they can be.

Devil Pluto's Revenge
Author: LucybonesSquirrel
Entry posted: March 18, 2017
- Hm, what is there to say about this story? While it may not be the best one out there, I'm glad I came to write on it. The origin of this story actually started by the end of july 2016, back when I was watching a bunch of old Mickey Mouse shorts to look for inspiration to write a new GTS story starring Minnie Mouse. During that time I came to re-discover an episode of Mickey's Mouse Works that was banned from airing in the US due to disturbing scenes. Minnie Takes Care Of Pluto was the official episode title. Prior to this I had begun writing on a story featuring not just Lucy from Lazy Lucy as the giantess, but even characters from video games series, like Wario from the Wario series, and the weasel professor Von Kripelspac from the Nintendo 64 game Conker's Bad Fur Day. One could say it was to be sort of a crossover story. It didn't get very far before being scrapped though(I cancelled it months before I even thought about writing on Devil Pluto's Revenge), and looking at it now, I don't think I ever want to revive that idea again.

Anyway, on to the history on how the development on this story went. After having watching the Minnie Takes Care Of Pluto episode a few times, in august 5 I came to start thinking up a story that besides Minnie and Pluto, also involved Pluto's inner demon and his new assistant Devil Minnie, the latter essentially being Minnie's inner demon. She is an unofficial character by all means. At NO point did I ever consider making her into a GTS. Minnie Mouse was the main focus, and I sticked myself to it. I finished my work on the story in just 3-4 days. The initial title was simply "mickey mouse gts story", while the actual working title was "Minnie Takes Care Of Pluto 2 - GTS Edition". The final title came about when the story was finished, and I now think the final name fits the story better.

Devil Pluto's Revenge borrowed quite a lot of the original episode, and I even gone as far as to write out a scene for the story that has Pluto running on top of the ball of Minnie's mace(that scene DID make it into the story, by the way). The scene itself didn't exist in the original episode, but it was something I've always believed to be true, only to later discover that it was just a false memory.

As for anything that had to be leaved out or changed, I can't recall that much. A few words or sentences may have been changed around or rewritten before the story was finalized. Maybe a scene or two were rewritten slightly, but other than that pretty much no parts of the story were being changed or removed. I believe that everything I had on mind at the time made it into the story.

The reason why I choose a character like Minnie Mouse instead of one of the Disney princesses? Well, I believed that despite her caring and sometimes feisty personality, Minnie could also be big and in charge, voluntarily or not. The other reason being that Minnie had rarely been given the gts treatment, so I set myself out to do something about it.

Devil Pluto's Revenge may not be as well known as most other stories featured on the AC GTS site(this also includes my second Mickey Mouse GTS Story, The Beauty Fashion Contest, which I will talk more about in its own entry), but maybe that's because I was just starting out by then. In fact, I don't think many of the visitors have even been reading it or offering their thoughts on it. Even though I have been writing on my own stories for years, switching over from the "script" format I utilized earlier on to the more common type of storytelling was a bit of a challenge, as I wasn't yet being used to this style. But I realized that if I were to submit a story to the site and it looked more like some sort of script, then it would have been quickly frowned upon by some story authors.

The writing in this story sure was a bit more... how should I say? "compressed", or something like that. What I mean by that is, that the speeches of the characters always tended to start in the very same line of text, even if the narrative text followed the previous line of dialogue. I'm no longer writing my stories that way, since I figured that it'd be better if a character's speech was always being put into a new line.(if you don't understand what I'm saying, just read my stories starting from the first one and then the later ones, and maybe you'll notice the difference) I also didn't write down all of the ideas for the plot of the story from start to finish before writing on it like I do now, and it's a lesson I came to draw from after I wrote on the The Beauty Fashion Contest story.

To close this entry off, I'm holding no ill feelings towards this story, and I'm glad it got made when I still had it on mind. I still chuckle at some of the scenes in the story even to this day, mainly the ones where Devil Pluto(Pluto's evil conscience) have to pay Devil Minnie for every single task he demands of her. One of the comments he makes in the story that still makes me laugh is "You sure like eating other people's money for breakfast, don't ya?". It might just be me though, but I'm sure others maybe found those bits to be good as well. Sure, the story could have been better, but I guess we're all starting somewhere.

The Beauty Fashion Contest
Author: LucybonesSquirrel
Entry posted: March 18, 2017
- Gosh, where to begin... Don't have much to say about this one really. I actually had some trouble writing on this story. It wasn't as dramatic as the first story was at the near end, but I still find a few things with this story to be rather odd, and several things in the story were borrowed from yet another Mickey Mouse Works episode, "Purple Pluto", the main difference being that Minnie Mouse was going to participate in a "beauty fashion contest", but then it all ends up taking a turn for the worse.

As for how the story progressed... writing on this story proved to be tough, and things started to get messy the more I wrote on it (or tried to write on it). I mostly blame myself for that. If I had just dropped the Mickey Mouse Works universe after finishing the first story I think it could have been more smoothly written, but I choose to write on at least two more stories set in the same universe before breaking ties with it.

It turned out to be a bad choice, as I soon found myself struggling to get the story done, rewriting some parts over and over until they made more sense to me. The ending hadn't even been thought out yet, so for the remainder of the story I just typed up whatever scenarios came to my mind. Ok, the ending wasn't really THAT rushed, but I still feel I could have done it better than it ended up like.

As for cut content or changed scenes... According to my wip documents for this story, aside from lines being rewritten to make more sense, I came to add in another short scene and some other bits here and there to pad out the length. The idea of dividing the story into chapters were also dropped. A few of the scenes also received minor or major edits. Besides Daisy Duck, I even intended to have Clarabelle Cow to appear in the story as one of the contestants, but I decided to leave her out to simplify things. What I forgot to change was a few instances of "others" throughout the last half of the story, the "others" part referring to other possible contestants, despite the fact that it is just Daisy and Minnie participating in the contest.

The story took me over a month to finish, and I was worried I messed it all up because the story changed quite significantly (but not enough to make the plot feel different to what I first had on mind), and some things in the story would appear to be confusing to some. Fortunately nothing serious arised from this, likely because noone leaved any feedback on either my dA page or the forums. Anyway, from this story on I learned an important lesson; ALWAYS write down the plot from start to finish in great detail before working on the story, or you'll struggle with trying to finish the rest of it.

Shrunk with the Louds
Author: Goomba
Entry posted: October 19, 2018
- Oh man, where do I even begin with this with monstrosity.

First off, this story stems back long before the original date of the first submitted chapter. In fact, it was reworked from an entirely different series! The original concept began around the time I started to watch a short lived anime series called Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, something that really blew my mind with how much Japan could get away with certain subjects and cameos while sporting a very unique style that I haven’t seen matched by any other anime. At first the basis was very simple, the two angels would come across a shrunken boy after another ghost attack and take him back to the chapel with them, but it couldn’t be that simple. There had to be a reason they would find him as tiny as he was, but thanks to the insanity and certain plots of the show I knew anything was basically possible for that plot point. I eventually settled on using the Pokémon Hoopa after wanting to go for something easy and not over complicate things. It’s also very adorable and I couldn’t ignore a grinning face like that. :)

With all of it set, I formed a new more established plot for the story. It was closer to what I would eventually settle on, for it now involved the boy finding himself shrunken with no memories of his past, but there were still a few differences. While Panty and Stocking would take the shrunken boy in with them upon Garter’s request, including a part where he gets forced to bunk into Stocking’s room despite her refusal to do so, they would encounter ghosts representing the boy’s lost memories. Only a small bit of scenarios were originally planned at this point, but the ending was all set in stone. It would later be revealed that Scanty and Kneesocks end up capturing Hoopa and use it to bring out more ghosts  from other dimensions to fight the angels by bounding it to a custom machine. Of course the angels free it and then more stuff happens before Hoopa uses its rings to make Panty and Stocking gigantic to take out a giant robot piloted by the two demons. The last part would have been similar to what I eventually used, with Panty and Stocking bidding the boy farewell and having Hoopa find a way back to their dimension with its rings.

It wouldn’t be until further down the line until I hit a major snag: the anime’s characters. Aside from the outrageous episodes and plots, one of the other major points about the show is the characters. I don’t want to say too much about them, but considering the VGGTS’s reputation to keep things clean I knew making a story on that series for the sites...wasn’t going to get in quietly. Heck, Panty’s main character trait could be summed up just by looking at her name and most of the men are blithering idiots that exist solely on the show for one “special” reason. While this is obviously played for the older crowds there are some moments that where they take things a BIT far and would never qualify for the site. I even tried my hardest at one point to attempt and push those subjects to the side for the story, but if I did so I might as well go for an entire different series.

Suffice to say, I shelved the entire concept. I didn’t even write the first chapter.

It wouldn’t be until I gazed on social media when I came across mentions of The Loud House and how decent of a show it was, so I watched a few episodes...and was hooked immediately. I knew it was on Nickelodeon but I didn’t think much about it until then. Then I reminded myself of the idea I had had in the back of my mind and knew that I could potentially rework it into that series instead, although certain concepts of the initial idea were a little far-fetched to work into the show’s universe. I decided to risk it and keep the original ideas, such as Hoopa and the dimensional ring shenanigans, even if it bent the rules a bit of the series.

What followed became, as of me writing this, the longest story of both the ACGTS and VGGTS sites.

I would say that this story really wrung out my mind of as much creativity as I could and I couldn’t have been so happy to look at it and claim it as my own. Even then, it probably had more cut content of any other story I worked on, but since they were decent ideas I might go back and finish them   for something extra to work on. In case anyone is curious, this was what I had to cut from the story:

-A chapter where Brian and Lynn turn into mosquitoes and have to obtain blood samples from some of their siblings to change back, sort of like the PS2 game Mister Mosquito. It was cut because I didn’t think anyone would get the reference and for basing an entire chapter on an obscure game. What replaced it? The entire New Donk City chapter with giantess Luna. Considering how well that chapter turned out, I probably made a good decision especially with Super Mario Odyssey as the basis.

-One that had Lynn force Brian into participating with her in a downhill race with a makeshift kart she forced Lana into making for her. Rifts would show up later and bring the participants, including Lynn and Brian, into other dimensions to make for a pretty spectacular race to the finish. It wasn’t a bad idea, but then I came up with a better one in the form of Brian taking part in a pageant with Lola. It was such a stupid and silly premise that I had to go with it, so I pushed aside the original chapter idea and went with the pageant one. I say it went over pretty well, except now I can’t help but crack a smile imagining Brian in a pink dress Lola picked out.

-One where Lucy would keep Brian close to her for comfort in a poetry competition she’s competing in. The only other thing I originally planned for this chapter would have been a Chibiusa cameo at one point thanks to rift randomness. Since Lucy was already getting more attention than other siblings as the chapters continued I ended up scrapping this idea. In retrospect, it wasn’t thought out much overall so I’m not surprised this didn’t make the cut.

-The chapter with Sam was originally going to be about Maggie from the episode “Funny Business.” Since that episode was her only appearance, at this time of writing, this didn’t go far until I swapped over to the more recognizable Sam. Even so, I didn’t think of a situation on how Brian would separate from the others accidentally into Maggie’s life along with anything else after that.

-You know those brief words during the golfing chapter Lisa said about forcing Brian into Lori’s stomach for her creepy fecal studies? Well, that was actually how the chapter was originally going to start, with Lisa binding Brian up and taping his mouth shut before sneaking into the ventilation system of the house and dropping Brian into Lori’s mouth as she snored. He would be forced along with Lori as she did her picnic with Carol, avoiding mushed up food Lori would eat, until he finally gets out after Lori belches. Everything after that part would have been the same for the chapter with the golfing craziness. Sound familiar? It should, for I ended up reworking it into a section with giantess Lynn during the climax. I didn’t want to “repeat things” initially, but I wanted to put as much into the climax as possible so I reused the concept for it. It ended up putting some side characters into the spotlight as well.

-Finally, Lola was going to have a portion of the climax dedicated to multiple author cameos giving her gigantic body a massage. It was to occur after the bit where she teaches Lindsey a lesson and tells off the young Nancy toddler, but then I realized that those two portions before were giving Lola more spotlight than Lana and I wanted the twins to have equal starring time. Because of that, I shifted the moment to Lisa and Lily instead and extended the moment to give them more time as huge as they were. This did cost the potential of moments for Lola to obsess over B.B.Barbie while towering over her, but she already got more time than usual with the Lindsey situation and I already gave multiple details that elongated that portion to lengths Lana got earlier. Still, I did get in a cheeky reference to Lisa’s extra toe when I put the moment on her instead.

And that’s all of the stuff that I had planned that I didn’t go through with, but in the end it didn’t matter much with how much brainpower I put in this story. I may have rang Cubed’s mind with this story a bit too much with how long it ended up going for, but I can say with great pride that I’m happy to have worked on something like this. Will I make something as long as this in the future? Maybe. Will it be about the Loud House? Only time will tell.

By the way, Lucy Loud for best sibling.