Inuyasha GTS Stories

Changing of the Omikami
(awesomex18 and SpaceMedaFighterX)
Approx. pages: 13
Rated 14-VS
- After getting bitten by a mysterious parasite while away from Inuyasha and the others, Sango begins to enlarge. In her search to find a way back to her normal size, the demon huntress indulges in an adventure of truly epic proportions, culminating in the achievement of the legendary title, Omikami.  Added January 27, 2011.

Curse of the Myoga
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 11
Rated 14-LS
- Myoga, the mosquito-like creature, has somehow contracted a powerful virus into his system, and if he doesn't get it out fast, he may soon perish. Quickly jumping to conclusions without thinking once again, he sends the virus into Miroku's body. Just as Myoga explains what he had just done, the Curse of the Myoga goes into effect, shrinking Miroku down to the same tiny size. So now our team of heroes must find a way to cure Miroku of the virus before he, as Sango is quick to point out, goes into hyper-lecherous mode now that the women are bigger than him. Completed May 4, 2005.

Feudal Era Fun
(Melroser and BiggerBetterBarbie)
Approx. pages: 19
Rated 14-LV
- When both Inuyasha and Miroku suddenly woke up in an unknown location, they both tried to find their way out of there as soon as possible. But when they discovered that both Kagome and Sango are now evil giantesses for an unknown reason, they also had to find a way to avoid their relentlessness. Will they be able to get away, as well as restore both Kagome and Sango to their normal selves? Or will they experience the worst time of their lives? Completed March 5, 2008.

From Priestess to Goddess
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 11
Rated 14-V
- Kikyo is traveling the land in search of the sacred jewel shards when she is attacked by a huge demon. She defeats this demon with ease, but when the soul collectors gather up the soul of this massive beast, something doesn't feel right. And sure enough, the strong energy source residing within this creature causes Kikyo to grow. Big time I might add. Kikyo now towers over the land at an astounding 500 feet tall! Kikyo gets a new purpose in life with her new size, and with that in mind, she marches off to find Inuyasha and that girl that is always traveling with him. The girl named Kagome... Completed March 8, 2006.

The Epic of Sango
(Lelouchthesilentone and awesomex18)
Approx. pages: 72
Rated MA-V
- Pull up a chair for a story so epic, a teaser doesn't do it justice. This is a story that will not just change ancient Japan, but all of time and space forever. This is the story of a woman who will become the new ruler of the universe. She is Sango, a woman who will gradually learn to accept her new destiny... Completed February 21, 2015.

Tiny Demons
Approx. pages: 15
Rated 14-LVS
- On one side of the the relatively unknown Mt. Microna, Inuyasha and his friends have arrived (with Koga bothering Inuyasha as always). On another, Sesshomaru and his traveling companions are ascending. And then there's Kagura and Kanna who have been ordered by Naraku to find the demoness that lives atop the mountain. That same demoness naturally won't be taken alive by the 'dreaded demons,' and so she unleashes her powers. As the wave passes by, anyone with even a remote trace of demon blood gets shrunken down to 1-2 inches tall. It doesn't take long for Miroku to realize this is the work of the demoness, and he and Sango, especially after looking down at poor teeny tiny Shippo and Kirara, both offer to scale the mountain and try and find the demoness so the spell can be reversed. Meanwhile, Kagome takes charge (and has a little fun) over both Koga and Inuyasha, while Rin offers to take care of shrunken Sesshomaru (even if he says he can handle himself) and Jaken... Completed December 18, 2015.