GTS stories from other series

Once a series has at least three completed stories, it is granted its own page and the stories from that series are moved there.

A Growing Error
Series: Chobits
Approx. pages: 13
Rated 14-LV
- Hideki Motosuwa has bought software for Chii, hoping it will allow her capabilities to expand and also make her completely fluent when it comes to speech. However, Hideki obviously didn't know anything about illegal street vendors, because the software turned out to be a deadly virus that re-wrote Chii's code and also caused her body's size to expand! Now the once innocent Chii is carelessly terrorizing Tokyo! Hideki needs to find a way to cure the virus, or Chii may unintentionally decimate the city! Completed July 19, 2006.

A Soldier First
Series: G.I. Joe Sigma 6
Approx. pages: 26
Rated PG/10-V
- The Sigma 6 team has succeeded in stopping the latest attack from Cobra Commander. On top of that, they captured one of his coveted Power Stones, an artifact that is said to grant a great amount of power to anyone that touches it. Hi-Tech naturally becomes very interested in studying the device, and he and Scarlett spend the next few hours looking it over. Soon, Cobra's Zartan is instructed to retrieve the Power Stone that was stolen. Scarlett succeeds in stopping him, but not before coming into contact with the Power Stone. Scarlett later feels the power enter her body, and even she will be surprised what kind of power she is granted... Completed November 27, 2005.

An Angel and a Little Saiyan
: Dragon Ball Super
Approx. pages: Unknown - story coming soon
Rated RP
- After the Tournament of Power concluded with the victory of Universe 7, everyone has returned back to living their regular lives. Meanwhile in a surprising turn of events, the sister of Whis and also a fellow Angel, - Kusu - has decided to pay the winning Universe's planet Earth a visit in order to have some fun! However, instead of meeting with Goku as expected, she comes across Goten - a young boy who looks just like a mini version of him! Seeing his cuteness first-hand, Kusu instantly develops the most perfect idea to play with him?!

The Ant Adventurer
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by SerbianGoblin)
Series: The Ant Bully
Approx. pages: 7
Rated 14-LV
- World famous treasure hunter Kevin Serian (or so he claims) has braved many dangers inside the temple of the Amazon jungle, but the moment he picks up the temple's treasure is when his life totally changes. The temple is crumbling apart, but just before he is crushed to death, he takes his chances on a portal that suddenly opened up out of nowhere. He is knocked unconscious, but eventually wakes up to find he's in a strange new world. Titanic yellow, branchless trees seem to stretch on forever, swaying from side to side thanks to a gentle breeze. Along the way, he meets up with giant creatures that identify themselves as fleas, all of whom think Kevin will make a fine lunch. Kevin doesn't know it yet, but he and the fleas are actually within the hair of the titanic teenage girl, Tiffany Nickle... Completed January 29, 2018.

Antsy Shrek
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Globtroo)
Series: Shrek
Approx. pages: 5
Rated 14-V
- Shrek is finding ways to pass the time in his home while waiting for his wife, Fiona, to return (from a far away kingdom) when he suddenly sees a package dropped at the front door. Inside the package is a potion, which Shrek wastes no time in drinking. As you might expect, the potion turned out to be a shrinking potion that reduces Shrek to the size of a mite. Before he can wonder how to return to normal, he watches the front door swing open and Fiona returns, wearing a new outfit she found while away. Shrek can only watch as his titanic, unaware wife almost steps on him with her boots without a care. Despite the dangerous situation, and numerous perils along the way like having to endure smellier feet than usual from the fellow ogre, Shrek works hard to try and get Fiona's attention. Will he succeed or end up like the numerous crushed bugs underneath Fiona's boots? Completed February 23, 2018.

Barbie's New Pocket Friend
: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
Approx. pages: 11
Rated PG/10-V
- Polly Pocket is trying to drive her way back to Polly City, but several wrong turns have left her (and her GPS) lost. It takes seemingly forever to make her way out of the 'forest' (really just tall blades of grass), but Polly finally comes across an absolutely gigantic house that could easily be mistaken for a giant castle in a certain fairy tale. Polly nevertheless makes her way to this house and hopes there will be somebody inside to help her out. Polly nearly gets eaten by Taffy and Blissa (Barbie's dog and cat, respectively), but luckily four giant girls come to Polly's rescue. They are Barbie, two of her younger sisters (Skipper and Chelsea), and her best friend, Midge. Obviously the four are stunned to see a girl of such small size, but eventually they agree to help Polly return to Polly City. The four eventually arrive in Polly City, where of course everyone and everything else is tiny... Completed June 15, 2018.

Cheerilee's Deadly Detention
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by CrazyCartoonFanatic)
: Equestria Girls
Approx. pages: 6
Rated MA-V
- Much to Miss Cheerilee's dismay, she's been put in charge of detention today at Canterlot High. But when she arrives in the detention classroom, it's completely empty. At least... that's how she sees it with her own eyes. She doesn't know that, a few minutes prior to her arrival, one geeky nerd student brought the LMR (Living Matter Reducer) invention, borrowed from Sci-Twi, into the room that wound up self-activating after a couple bullies make the big mistake of fooling around with him and his work. With the boys all reduced to 1 millimeter tall, the world around them is incredibly massive, including Miss Cheerilee herself. The boys try to get her attention, but over time will all meet gruesome fates in different ways to the unaware giantess... Completed April 11, 2019.

Defeat the Pretty Cure or Else
: Pretty Cure Splash Star
Approx. pages: 8
Rated PG/10-V
- In Dark Fall Ms. Shitataare is scolded by Akudaikan for her numerous failures and she is given one last chance to succeed and is also told not to come back unless she finds the Fountain of the Sun. Meanwhile, Saki and Mai prepare to leave school and head home for the weekend. Suddenly the two are stopped by Ms. Shitataare sudden appearance and she demands that they give her the location of the Fountain of the Sun which, the girls refuse, and they transform into the legendary warriors Pretty Cure and they begin to fight the villainess. At first, the cures have the advantage. However, when Ms. Shitataare turns herself into a 150-foot-tall giantess and uses her full power to put the cures in peril. Can they defeat this super-sized enemy? Completed April 12, 2019.

Ever Growing Orihime
Series: Bleach
Approx. pages: 16
Rated 14-LS
- In a town overrun by Hollows and spiritual creatures, no one is safe from constant Hollow attacks in Karakura Town. This Bleach story, focusing on Inoue Orihime, follows her adventure as she is attacked by a powerful Hollow at the beginning of the story. Using a Hollow shrinking device, Orihime defeats the Hollow and lives to fight another day. Upon further inspection of the device, Orihime notices a growth function that only works on non-spiritual entities. Deciding that being larger can help her protect everyone from evil spiritual forces, Orihime becomes bigger and bigger to fufill her desire in a story that can only be defined by its title. Completed August 7, 2009.

Furiously Big
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Gonzanick108)
Series: Kung Fu Panda
Approx. pages: 6
Rated PG/10-V
- On her way back to Jade Palace after doing some solo training, Tigress stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned cave. After digging a bit too deep, she eventually comes across a dusty old scroll, which teaches the Technique of Gigantification. She reads and studies the technique, and at first it doesn't appear to work. However, as she marches her way back towards the Valley of Peace, Tigress is slowly growing bigger and becoming more and more consumed with power. By the time she arrives at a nearby village (not the one Po used to live in), she is big enough to crush things easily underneath her feet, and the power easily goes through her head. The rest of the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior Po watch from atop Jade Palace as Tigress goes on her rampage, and Master Shifu immediately blames the very forbidden Technique of Gigantification. He and the others race down to the village with the hope of bringing the giant Tigress not only back down to size, but back to her senses... Completed February 3, 2019.

Little Hero, Huge Trouble
Series: Danny Phantom
Approx. pages: 17
Rated G
- Ember, along with Desiree is fed up with Danny Phantom for ruining their plans. They both believe that the only way to sort him out is to make him a little problem. Ember wishes for the ability to change the size of anything she pleases with her guitar. The two of them encounter Danny Phantom who tries to send them back to the GhostZone but was stopped when Ember started to play her size changing music. The two ghosts escape as they noticed that nothing is happening to him. The next day, things are starting to get wired for Danny as he noticed that the world around him is growing. As Danny shrunk down to a few inches, Ember and Desiree began to attack Casper High School. Completed January 17, 2007.

Love, War, and Magic
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! (classic)
Approx. pages: 15
Rated 14-LV
- This one is basically the events of Mai against Marik on top of Kaiba's blimp. Normally she is sucked into the shadow realm, but a bolt of lightning hits them and they crash land on an island, with Mai turned into a giantess. Things go smooth at first, until that psychopath Bakura turns the God cards to life. Completed March 18, 2004.

Living it Big
Series: Azumanga Daioh
Approx. pages: 16
Rated PG/10-V
- It's summer break and the girls, along with Yukari and Nyamo, have all decided to go to Chiyo's summer house. Little that they know that a figure decided to have some fun with them by turned them into giantesses for 48 hours and have them face military prowess. Can the girls survive these two days and avoiding being killed? Stay tuned to find out. Completed May 12, 2012.

Massive Magiswords
Series: Mighty Magiswords
Approx. pages: 10
Rated PG/10
- The Warriors For Hire! The biggest heroes in all of the land. The Loveable Prohyas and the Fierce Vambre. Just like most days they’re in a dungeon, fighting to the boss to grab a mysterious Magisword. But what is this mysterious Magisword? And what kind of effect is it having on Vambre!? Completed February 27, 2019.

Mondo and Rockna's BIG Date
(McKnight and Yincira)
Series: Mon Colle Knights
Approx. pages: 9
Rated G
- NOTE: This is a Giant Couple story. Takes place shortly after the first fic in a future ficseries titled Monster Collection Chronicles, which takes place several years after the anime. Mondo and Rockna have been spending most of their time with both school and helping Mon World recover from a war. However, today, they decide to have a break from it all, and go on a date. With Rockna’s idea of spending said date at the height of city buildings, what fun ideas will our heroes come up with together? Completed May 13, 2010.

Nicktoons Giantess Anthology: Eugene's War
(Cubed Cinder; idea by Phil)
: Hey Arnold!
Approx. pages: 24
Rated PG/10-V
- Just when Eugene thought he was going to make it home unscathed, he gets spotted by the girls (namely Helga) who once again make fun of his short height. Despite Arnold coming to the rescue, Eugene depressingly makes his way home. After sitting on his desk and working on his homework, Eugene eventually falls asleep on top of his desk. When he next opens his eyes, he looks out the window to see a vastly different scene. Hillwood is in ruins, his parents are nowhere in the house, and the sky is a gray, cloudy mess. When he steps outside, he's surprised by a giant-sized Rhonda. He barely escapes being crushed by the giantess and finds his way into hiding, where he watches news reports of how the giant women continue their rampage on the town under the orders of 'Queen Helga.' Along the way, he meets his fellow friends such as Arnold, Gerald, and Stinky, who are all cowering in fear and tell Eugene to leave the city while he has the chance. But Eugene sticks around, eventually learning that being short is not such a bad thing... Completed May 25, 2013.

Nicktoons Giantess Anthology: Virtually Titanic
(Cubed Cinder; idea by Phil)
: All Grown Up!
Approx. pages: 13
Rated PG/10-V
- Stu Pickles, with the help of son Dil, have finished building a new attraction at the local arcade that requires a building of its own. The HoloPlay lets the user input a few simple commands into the computer and create any kind of arcade game they want where they can be a part of the action. Most of the people in town are impressed (at least until they hear the expensive price to play just one game), but none are more impressed than the normally tough-to-please Angelica Pickles. Later in the week, Angelica (with the help of Harold) tricks the HoloPlay computer into letting her 'play' for free, and she makes the HoloPlay bring one of her most secret fantasies to life. A tiny city where she's large and in charge. She has so much fun, she can't resist inviting Lil, Kimi, and even rival Susie to the virtual giantess game. Completed May 11, 2013.

Now Rin is Playing with Power
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by italianblackcat)
Series: Shelter
Approx. pages: 3
Rated 14-V
- It's another day for Rin in her virtual world, which she can reshape any way she wants with her tablet. One day, while walking through a simulated forest to get a good feel for walking through the best of nature, Rin ends up stepping on a bug. At first she laments the innocent creature's death, but quickly gets over it and experiences a different feeling. It's a sense of... power. The power to crush a living being with just a single step. A few more bug crushings make that feeling grow stronger, to the point where she wonders what it'd be like to crush other people at that small size. That's when she gets to work on her tablet, creating a city so small, the buildings can't rise past her ankles. Rin spends the next several minutes flat out destroying the city, causing unprecedented destruction and death beneath her bare feet. Rin can't help but feel this may be the best simulation she's ever created... Completed January 29, 2018.

Problem Particles
: Gundam Build Fighters Try
Approx. pages: 18
Rated G
- (Note, this takes place a little after the last episode so there will be spoilers. Read at your own caution.) A few month's have passed since the end of the under-19 championship tournament as Team Try fighters are at the school club room to hone their skills and make better adjustments to their Gunpla (Gundam Models) for when the world tournament begins much later on. Hoshino, Sekai, and Yuuma were having a battle Royal to train with Mr.Ral watching but suddenly, the Plavsky Particle System Engineering (PPSE) begins to act up. After Hoshino exit's out, the system shuts down but only to find that the guys consciousness is now in their Gunpla. It's up to Hoshino and the team to try and figure out what happened and see who else was affected. Last updated March 15, 2019.

The Rise of the Digimon Empress
Series: Digimon (Zero Two)
Approx. pages: Unknown (story coming soon)
Rated 14
- In this alternate story that takes place soon after the Digimon Emperor is defeated, the forces behind the original rise of Ken shift their focus to Kari, that, in her brief period of time in the Dark Ocean, got infected by the Dark Spore. The infection, combined with Kari’s status as homeostasis’s avatar in the Digital World, awakens in her godlike-powers that causes Kari to proclaim herself to be the Digimon Empress. Choosing to become a giant, as a way to assert both her power and her superiority over the previous emperor, Kari begins a campaign of conquest that starts by taking down the greatest challenge to her reign: the digidestined. 

Save in the Name of True Greed
(awesomex18 and Kuroneko)
Series: Muv-Luv
Approx. pages: 38
Rated 14-VS
- November 2001, Alternative: With the threat of the BETA invasion as prevalent as ever, the United Nations' Far East Defense Line requires more TSF pilots in order to control the alien threat from invading Japan from the nearby Sadogashima Hive. At the same time, the brilliant physicist, Professor Yuuko Kouzuki, the Vice-Commander of the United Nation’s Yokohama Base and head of the Alternative IV project, struggles to complete her years-long endeavor into the annihilation of the hostile species, stuck in a race against the clock before her superiors begin the implementation of the dreaded Alternative V plan. On the day of the Comprehensive Combat Evaluation Examination for the members of the United Nations’ 11th Force, 207th Training Unit, Professor Kouzuki takes this time to de-stress and gather her mind, sloughing off her duties as proctor onto her subordinate so as to better discover a means to complete the Alternative IV project through some well-deserved rest and relaxation. It is here, on a remote jungle island in the Pacific Ocean, that Professor Kouzuki will discover the means to obliterate the alien threat from Earth once and for all, one which, despite her mastery of physics and unparalleled knowledge of the BETA, will surprise even her, forever changing the presence of the BETA across the entirety of the cosmos. Completed April 2, 2016.

Stardust Dreamer
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Approx. pages: 35
Rated 14-LVS
- Under the guise of an ordinary morning, incredible events begin to stir in the small island country, provoked by a mysterious and malevolent force. A series of bizarre events occur, eventually leading to a battle so epic it shakes the stars themselves. But that was only the first act in a play upon the grandest stage imaginable as a phantom of the Junius Seven war looms over all of existence. Completed September 13, 2006.

The End of Brittania
Series: Code Geass
Approx. pages: 17
Rated PG/10-VS
- In the year 2018, the Brittanian Empire, in its quest for world domination, invaded the island nation of Japan. The Japanese army was no match for the Brittanian Knightmares and their superior technology. Within weeks, Brittania had taken over Japan, renaming it simply as Area 11. For a while, there was no trouble between the Brittanian government and the Japanese, now referred to as Elevens. But now, a resistance group known as the Black Knights, led by its mysterious leader Zero, has risen up to fight against Brittania and regain independence for Japan. When the Black Knights's Guren MK II is destroyed by the Lancelot in battle, Kallen Kozuki becomes the test subject for a new experimental program in which humans are grown to the size of Knightmares. Things go terribly wrong, however, as Kallen craves to be much bigger than the standard fighting unit. What will Kallen's lust for size lead to? And how will this advance the cause of the Black Knights? To find out the answers to these questions and more, simply read on... Completed March 25, 2010.

The Magic School Bus Goes Massive
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by PartyMilk)
Approx. pages: 14
Rated G
- Dorothy Ann and Phoebe are walking to school together, and Phoebe can't help but finally wonder how it is that DA is a tiny bit taller than her. As you can well imagine with this group of kids, curiousity gets the better of all of them and they all compare heights with each other, and they also think back to times they've had their size altered (especially that one time Arnold had to take on a T-Rex). Suddenly, Miss Frizzle comes into the room and proudly proclaims the class is going on a field trip. Where this time? In the city, to the amazement of the children. It's here that Miss Frizzle says today's lesson is all about size, and pairs the children into 4 groups of 2 (Arnold & Wanda, Ralphie & Keesha, Carlos & Dorothy Ann, and Tim & Phoebe). With a flip of a switch inside the Magic School Bus, a beam is fired on the kids, and suddenly they find themselves 50 feet tall and slowly growing bigger. With a big smile on her face, Miss Frizzle encourages the kids to walk around the city and see how different it looks from a new perspective. By the end of the class, everyone including Miss Frizzle herself will learn exactly why size matters... Completed January 11, 2019.

Three Giantesses of Mainframe
Series: ReBoot
Approx. pages: 10
Rated G
- Set right after the Season 4 finale. Megabyte now has Mainframe at his grasp. The citizens are now on the run because Megabyte told them to be prepared for the hunt. As everyone begins to lose hope, to make things worse, the user has placed yet another Game Cube right on top of the Principal Office. Bob, Matrix, Dot, Hack & Slash, Mouse, AndrAIa, Enzo, Welman and Megabyte are forced to play a parody game of ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’. Halfway through, the user left the game and the players are sent back to Mainframe, still in their Reboot forms… Completed May 16, 2007.

Titaness of Light
(various authors)
Series: Digimon
Length: 39K (zipped)
Rated PG/10
- A classic story involving most of the Digimon girls as they grow to tremendous sizes thanks to a powerful form of light from the digital world. Put together by madjackx after several authors contributed their piece to the story. This story is in its original .txt format; all three parts zipped together. Completed September 22, 2002.

Treehouse of Horror: GTS-style
Series: The Simpsons
Approx. pages: 20
Rated PG/10
- It's Halloween night, and Mr. Burns invites the Simpsons to a Halloween party that is set up at his mansion. While Homer and Marge go off to have fun, Bart and Lisa are left to look after Maggie. As they were wondering around the mansion, they stumble across an old library and found a section called 'Horrors of the Simpsons' which has paintings of them with books underneath it. Lisa begins to read out the books to the paintings they look at. The stories they read are, 'Attack of the Fifty Foot Marge', 'Marge I Blew Up Maggie' and 'Milhouse and the Beanstalk'. Follow the three tales of size changing moments in the Simpsons universe. Completed July 17, 2008.

Treehouse of Horror: GTS-style 2
Series: The Simpsons
Approx. pages: 20
Rated PG/10
- It's Halloween night, and Bart, Lisa and Maggie are trapped within Mr Burns' old library. Seeing as they got nothing to do till they are found, Lisa begins to read more books to pass the time. The stories they read are, 'The Time of Shrinking', 'Bart Thumb' and 'Simpsons Minus Zero'. Follow the three tales of size changing moments in the Simpsons universe. Completed April 7, 2012.

Tree of Crystals
Series: Pirates of Dark Water
Approx. pages: 23
Rated G
- In search for the Ninth Treasure of Rule, Ren and his crew discovers that its location is within a giant crystal like tree that stands upon water. After a strange set of events that allowed them to enter the tree; Bloth and his crew entered the tree and each time they get closer to the treasure one by one the men shrink down in size; only leaving Tula being normal size. Completed June 9, 2011.

Turtle Power
Series: Love Hina
Approx. pages: 6
Rated PG/10-LV
- This one is about shy little Shinobu's GTS fantasy and how her drawings are accidently discovered. Faced with humilitation, her dreams come true when Tama the magic turtle grants Shinobu her dreams. Completed December 13, 2003.

Ultimate Trouble
Series: Ultimate Girls
Approx. pages: 22
Rated 14-LS
- Over a year has passed since the dangerous, monster incident with Makota almost losing his life and Silk making the ultimate sacrifice to rescue the one she truly loved and things happened to get back to normal around Tokyo, Japan (well, normal ever since Silk, Vivenne and Tsubomi became UFO Man’s new helpers in protecting the city). That all changes after another monster attack when Silk can’t transform back to her human self after defeating it. Apparently UFO Man forgot to mention to the girls a little process that happens every ten years where he must stay on Earth in his hero form for a week, and apparently the duration was decreased to one year when he used his powers to revive Makota. Now Silk, along with Tsubomi and Vivenne, must stay in their giant, heroine forms for a week until the process is over. Things though only get worse when more monsters start appearing each day of the week that the girls can’t defeat, but the real mystery begins when the monsters start targeting a young, redheaded teen that suddenly appears in the city during the girl’s time of need. Completed November 1, 2006.

Urban Jungle
(Quadrant Gamma)
Series: Jungle de Ikou
Approx. pages: 20
Rated MA-LVS
- This story takes place ten years after the events of the original Jungle de Ikou story. Natsumi has moved to the United States, hoping to get away from it all after a terrible accident that has destroyed nearly all of Japan. But she can only run away from her destiny for so long, so when disaster strikes again, will she turn her back on the world? Or will the (bouncy) might of Mii rise again? Completed March 28, 2007.

Your Own Massive Nightmare
Series: Hilda
Approx. pages: 147
Rated 14-V
Cover by MariusWales
- Temporary exchange programs can really bite back in some of the worst ways possible, and a kid named Marius experienced it first hand. While filling in for a student at Trolberg elementary school, he slowly started to adapt to the weird happenings in the city until one tragic night when he started to succumb to a terrible nightmare. One major mistake later got him to accidentally witness the one in charge of inflicting it, and she's not happy with him... Last modified August 14, 2019.

Series: Bleach
Approx. pages: 17
Rated PG/10-L
- It was September, the battle to take place in Karakura town against Aizen and the Arrancars was coming quickly. About everyone with the slightest hint of spiritual pressure was training for this upcoming battle. The females of Ichigo’s group of close friends Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue were currently at a special training ground in the Squad 13 barracks. Renji Abarai and Sado Yasutora aka Chad were busy training in the basement of the Urahara Shoten. Uryu Ishida was currently training with his father in a desperate attempt to regain his lost Quincy powers. As for Ichigo the protagonist of our story he has just recently defeated his inner hollow and obtain dominance over it. He now resides in the lair of the Vaizards desperately trying to improve his hollow abilities, which is where we shall begin…. Completed June 19, 2009.