Fullmetal Alchemist GTS Stories

A Hawkeye's View
Approx. pages: 16
Rated PG/10
- Riza Hawkeye expected this day to roll on like any other she’s had to endure. However, Roy Mustang usually seems to get on her nerves a slight bit with his attitude. One day though, after returning from a small recon mission, things are starting to change around the quarters that Riza finds slightly enjoyable. Completed February 20, 2008.

Shrinkage Alchemists
Approx. pages: 20
Rated PG/10
- Explosions have been happening and people have been disappearing all over Amestris and its up to Colonel Roy Mustang to get to the bottom of it. As Edward, Alphonse and Winry travel back to Central; the Colonel informs them about the events that happened while they were away. As Roy and Edward found who is behind the explosions, the two of them couldn't stop yet another explosion but got caught with the impact. The two of them are for some reason shrinking and now its up to Alphonse and the others must find a way to reverse the shrinking process while they are hiding out in Resembool. Completed October 31, 2007.