Winx World of Wrestling

(Cubed Cinder; idea by chaosbeast9)

Bloom looked at the old photo on a nearby desk of herself and five of her friends, Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella, and Layla. It's been 12 years (11 with Layla) since the group came together as the Winx Club… defending the Magix realm from all sorts of villainy. They even managed to befriend the Trix, ridding them of their evil ways and allowing them to become model citizens for the city.
Just then, Bloom heard a beeping noise coming from the other room.
"I'll get it, Sky!" Bloom shouted, referring to her husband of a couple years now after dating for so long. Bloom saw the beeping was coming from the television, which meant to her a video call was coming in. Bloom pressed a button on the device and the screen lit up with Icy.
"Hey there, hot pants!" Icy said.
"Heh. Hey, Icy." Bloom said with a smile.
"Come on… you still don't have a nickname for me?" Icy asked.
"Hey, I'm working on it. It's not easy when you rarely nickname your other friends." Bloom said.
"Point taken. Anyway, have you seen this?" Icy said as she next held up a flyer.
"Huh? The WWOW?" Bloom said.
"That's right! Winx World of Wrestling is coming to town today! I am so excited! I've been a secret wrestling fan since I was a little girl. My first dream, until I changed it to conquering the world, ahem, was to become a champion wrestler." Icy said.
"Really? I didn't know that." Bloom said.
"Anyway, Bloom. They're holding open tryouts for this particular event… and it's going to be on TV!" Icy said.
"So?" Bloom asked.
"Think about it, dragon lips! If we're all on stage… we'll give all of Magix the greatest show they've ever seen!" Icy said.

Bloom raised her eyebrows.
"Um… Icy. I don't think you've noticed, but we're not exactly in wrestling shape." Bloom said.
"Pffft… nothing a little magic can't fix!" Icy said as she snapped her fingers and a miniscule spark of green energy came out. It flew into one of Icy's arms, and it immediately bulked up ever so slightly with muscle. Bloom knew exactly what spell Icy was using.
"That spell again? Don't you remember what happened last time we used that spell?" Bloom said.
"I know, I know, I couldn't resist using buses like barbells, but still… I've been perfecting it lately and I think I've gotten it to where we won’t grow in height. All muscle growth all the time." Icy said with a smile. Bloom knew there was no turning Icy away from any offer that didn't involve world domination (not that that would ever happen again thanks to the Trix becoming good).
"Alright, I'm in. I don't know if the others will follow suit." Bloom said.
"Oh, I'm sure they will. Darcy and Stormy can be VERY persuasive." Icy said.
"So where should we meet?" Bloom asked.
"I'm sending the coordinates to your pad now. I really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly hope to see you there, Bloom. See ya!" Icy said. She then disappeared from the screen, ending the call. Bloom pulled out her pad that Tecna gave her, seeing a message and tapping it, pointing to a location in Magix City she recognized.

She then heard footsteps coming from behind. She looked to see it was Sky.
"Hey, Bloom. Was that Icy again?" Sky said.
"Yeah. She wants me to meet in the city." Bloom said.
"For what?" Sky asked.
"I… well… I'll tell you later. Be back soon! Keep an eye on Kiko for me!" Bloom said as she leapt up from the couch, not wanting to reveal to Sky that she was about to go muscular wrestling with Icy and more of her Winx and Trix friends. Sky just shrugged his shoulders and got back to whatever he was doing.

About an hour passes by, and there's a building in Magix City with a huge banner that read 'WWOW Television Event! Open competition! Apply now!' Approaching this building were 9 familiar women to the city… Bloom, Tecna, Stella, Musa, Flora, Layla, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. All 9 were wearing workout type clothes consisting of shoes, yoga pants, and a tube top. All of these articles were the same color with Bloom sporting light blue, Icy in dark blue, Stella in orange, Tecna in purple, Flora in pink, Stormy in grey, Musa in red, Layla in green, and Darcy in black. At the moment, the clothes looked VERY loose on the ladies, as evidenced by Stella having to repeatedly keep her pants from falling off.
"Ugh… think you could hurry up with the Incredible Bulk spell, Darcy? I feel so silly dragging these around like rags!" Stella said.
"For once I agree, even though I'm probably the least invested in fashion among all of us." Tecna said.
"Alright, alright, hold your horses. You know we gotta conserve the use of this spell being ancient and all. We really taxed it amongst all the times we also grew gigantic." Darcy said.
"Well, we're outside the pavilion, I'd say that's close enough." Icy said.
"Alright, ladies. Ready to get muscle bound again?" Bloom asked.
"And look good doing it too. Ooooooh… I hope every boy in this city wants my autograph!" Stella said.
"Ha! For once you didn't say wants to marry you." Layla said.
"Yeah, but nobody will ever top Brandon! Teehee!" Stella said.
"Concentrate, everyone…" Darcy said as all 9 ladies closed their eyes. Their bodies glowed a bright orange, eventually.

A few seconds later, the glowing stopped and the girls opened their eyes. Immediately afterwards, they began to bulk up.
"Ooooooh… this still feels so good." Icy said, looking as her right arm expanded right before her eyes with muscle. Of course, as their muscles grew, their bodies filled up their clothing.
"Awesome!" Stella shouted, watching as her abs became better visible at her midriff. Some of the girls couldn't resist flexing already even though their muscles were still expanding.
"Haha! I can really rock and roll in these digs!" Musa said as she flexed her arms downward.
Finally, after about 30 seconds, the muscle expanding stopped for all 9 ladies. Maybe they gained an inch or two or three in height thanks to their significantly added muscle, but they pretty much remained the same size, except of course for muscles galore on their arms, legs, and even chest and stomach.
"Mmmmm… I don't think I'll ever get tired of feeling like this!" Stormy said.
"That's because you're one up on most of us! You three were the first to play with this power." Layla added.
"Heh, true." Stormy said.
"Alright, let's go in, girls. Hopefully they'll say yes right away." Bloom said. The 9 muscular women all made their way towards the building. Unsurprisingly, they got stunned looks from any civilian that took one glance at these bodies.

Inside, a young woman was sitting behind the counter greeting woman after woman who wanted to try out for today's televised extravaganza being put on by WWOW. She seemed kinda bored, almost like the women that were coming by weren't meeting her standards even though quite a few of them sported quite a bit of muscle. Then, however, her eyes opened wide as she saw the 6 Winx girls and the Trix trio approaching them.
"Hi. Us 9 would like to sign up together." Bloom said.
"Oh… um… okay. State your names, please." the woman said as she pulled out a clipboard. Bloom pointed one by one to the girls behind her, calling out their names along the way.
"Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora, Layla, Icy, Stormy, and Darcy." Bloom said.
"Hmmm… your names sound familiar for some reason, plus your appearances as well." the woman said as she pointed to Bloom's muscular arm.
"Probably because we were over 100 feet tall the first time we showed off these babies." Icy said as she pointed to Darcy and Stormy and then flexed her arm, allowing a couple muscles to bulge outward.
"And then the six of us a year later." Bloom said.
"Albeit not as big." Layla added.
"I thought so. Anyway, you 9 will do very nicely for today's show. Proceed to Room A please, down the hall." the woman said.
"Thanks!" Bloom said as she and the others walked past the counter. As they did so, the woman picked up a phone and dialed a number.
"Hey, get me the manager. I think I found the perfect nine to highlight the main event." the woman said.

Room A turned out to be a spacious training area, and the nine ladies wasted no time in practicing for what they assumed would be a normal wrestling-type event. Some of them sparred or chatted with each other while others were talking with other random contestants, all of whom almost as muscular as the Winx and Trix girls themselves. Little did they know these ladies would play a part in the contest that would ensue later. Meanwhile, Musa and Stella were going at it almost sumo style as neither could seem to take their opponent down.
"Haha! You've sure got some strength, Musa!" Stella shouted.
"So do you. I'm amazed you haven't cried uncle yet." Musa said.
"Hey, I've got, like, one trillion inch biceps! I feel like I could lift a whole semi truck above my head." Stella said.
"Why don't you? I bet Brandon will be impressed!" Musa said. She finally got underneath Stella's arms and lifted her up, slamming her down to the tarp. Of course, Stella wasn't hurt as her muscles fully absorbed the blow, but she did roll her eyes.
"Yeah, I wouldn't go THAT far. Maybe if I were 18 again, I would!" Stella said, who smiled as Musa lifted her back to her feet.

A few minutes later, a young man dressed from top to bottom in a purple outfit similar to that of a carnival barker, came walking in and clapped his hands. Behind him was the woman who checked in the ladies at the front desk.
"Greetings, ladies! Greetings, greetings, and more greetings!" the man said. All the muscle-bound women stopped sparring and approached the man, who smiled as he watched the ladies approach.
"Haha! That's what I like to see, ladies. I feel like I'm looking at over a thousand pounds worth of muscle! If you ladies were gigantic, you'd take a bus and flatten it like an accordion!" the man said. The woman behind him cleared her throat and when he looked back, she gave her a 'Really?' type look.
"I know, I know. Cut to the chase, right?" the man said.
"It's what the viewers want." the woman said.
"Anyway, friends. My name is Franco, and this is my assistant, Ann. I welcome you to this special WWOW event, which I will be hosting. Remember, ladies. You're on television this time around, so we're going big this time… literally as you will soon see. Just to remind you, ladies… you are NOT allowed to fly, otherwise you're immediately DQ'ed! If you are injured to the point of exhaustion or knocked out of the fighting area, you lose, but you're more than welcome to cause a little mayhem in the other rings once defeated. And I see we have some special guests with us today… all the better for our televised special! Winx Club… ladies of Trix… thank you so much for coming to be a part of our show." Franco said.
"Heh… you're welcome, Franco. It's an honor to be here." Bloom said.
"Oh, trust me. The honor will be all mine! Ow…" Franco said as he gave a friendly punch to one of Bloom's muscular arms, only to bruise his knuckles as soon as he made contact with the arm.

Ann then stepped forward to speak next.
"So here are the pairings. Icy vs. Bloom. Stella vs. Tecna. Flora vs. Stormy. Layla, Darcy, and Musa in a 3-way battle royale…" Ann said.
"Wait, 3 of us in one ring?" Layla asked.
"Yeah. That's nothing… we've thrown as many as 15 in the past. Anyway, Rebecca vs…" Ann said as she went through the rest of the matchups. Meanwhile, the Winx and Trix did a little taunting with each other.
"Heh, here we go again with fire and ice." Bloom said.
"You better believe it." Icy said.
"Yes! I love it! Brains vs. brawn!" Stella shouted.
"Um… Stella… we're both brawn, if you think about it." Tecna said.
"Er… right. I knew that!" Stella said.
"Well now. I'd like to call this the battle for Musa's heart." Darcy said with a sly smile.
"Bring it on, Darcy!" Layla said.
"Unless of course I win, which of course I will. I'll be jammin'!" Musa said as she swayed her hips in an imaginary beat.
"Okay, everybody all set? Let's rock and roll!" Franco said as he and the muscular women all walked out of the locker room. On their way out, Ann slapped a pin onto the shirts of Bloom, Flora, Layla, and Darcy (among other non-important combatants).

As the crowd roared in applause, Franco took center stage amongst the many rings scattered throughout the arena. He spoke proudly into the microphone.
"Ladies and gentlemen! This! Is! WWOW!" Franco shouted, which whipped the crowd into a frenzy.
"Today, you have picked a fine event to attend. Not only are we on national television… everybody wave hi to the camera! Say hi, Mom!" Franco said as he pointed to some of the cameras that flew around both the rings and the audience.
"But today… we bring you the finest in all of muscle land. Let me introduce you to two dozen of the most muscular women you have ever seen! And here they come!" Franco shouted. The spotlights shone on one of the hallway exits, where the muscular women (which included of course the Winx and the Trix) came walking out. The crowd once again went into mass applause, which almost half the audience whistling out towards the ladies. Stella rolled her eyes.
"Oh sure… NOW they tell me they were looking for muscle in a girl." Stella said.
"Different audience, Stella…" Tecna said. The women were each led to their designated rings, stepping through the ropes and getting into stretching exercises before their big matches.

After a few minutes pass to allow the women to warm up, as well as for the unseen TV announcers to shout a bunch of stuff, some true and some not, about each and every one of the women, Franco took the mike once more. This time he was joined by Ann.
"Now then, ladies and gentlemen. Here's another reason you picked one of the best WWOW matches ever to attend. At the research labs of WWOW, we've been analyzing the data. We've heard from many of you, our adoring fans! You say you want big matches… and I mean BIG matches. I mean, if you send two women who could lift semi trucks over their heads without blinking, it'd get boring after a few minutes, and you'd be going to the bathroom, right?" Franco said, with a resounding RIGHT! from the audience. Franco then winked over at Ann, who pulled out a keypad and pressed some buttons.
"So what would happen if some of our competitors were to face someone… say… 10 times their normal size? Well… that's just what will happen with a few of our competitors!" Franco said as he waved his hand around all of the rings. That's when Ann firmly pressed one more button on her keypad.

Bloom and Icy were watching Franco spit out all that nonsense after they both felt they had warmed up enough. Then, after Ann pressed one more button on her keypad, Bloom looked down and watched the pin on her shirt suddenly blink rapidly with light.
"Huh? What's this pin…?" Bloom asked, but before she could finished, she watched the floor get closer and closer.
"Hey! I'm shrinking!" Bloom shouted. Smaller and smaller the muscular woman got until finally the shrinking stopped. Bloom was now roughly 7 inches tall, about the size of two action figures stacked on top of each other. Icy then approached the shrunken Bloom, forcing her to look up at her.
"Well, this just got interesting." Icy said with a smirk on her face. Bloom couldn't help but awkwardly laugh.
The reactions were similar to the other ladies that got shrunk, with Flora watching as Stormy appeared to be getting taller, reminding her of when she and the other witches were over a hundred feet tall and bulging with muscle. For Musa, she watched with much interest as both Darcy and Layla were both shrinking before her eyes.

In fact, there was only one ring where nobody shrunk, and that was the one with Stella and Tecna, who both watched from the ropes of their ring as some of the ladies shrunk.
"Oh my! Those aren't going to be fair fights!" Stella said.
"I agree, though if you think about it, there's no such thing as a fair fight in the WWOW. They always have to throw in SOME gimmick to make the crowd hoop and holler." Tecna said as she pointed to the cheering fans in the stands.
"But what could be causing them to shrink?" Stella asked.
"It's probably those pins Ann attached to them. I'd scan them but I don't have my PDA with me." Tecna said.
"Haha! Tecna without her PDA is like… um…!" Stella said.
"It's like you without buying a new pair of shoes every week. Provided it's not too small for your feet." Tecna finished.
"Point taken, especially given how muscular they feel!" Stella said as she wiggled her toes inside her shoes.

Ann then took the microphone from Franco.
"To the ladies who have been figurized, I assure you you'll return to normal once all the matches are completed. I can't guarantee any pain or humiliation you suffer from your 'giant' opponent will, however." Ann said.
"Ooooooh… such cold words from my hot assistant, Ann, ladies and gentlemen! Give it up for Ann and our competitors!" Franco said. He listened as the crowd roared, with some of them cheering for their favorite muscular lady. One goth-looking lady was like…
"Go Stormy! Crush that flower loving mammoth woman!" the girl shouted. Flora folded her arms.
"Ugh… why is it us flower ladies don't get big rooting sections?" Flora said before she turned around and looked up at Stormy towering above her.
"The grand prize winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot for Muscle Memory Magazine! Now then… let the battle royale commence!" Franco said as he pulled out another remote. He pressed the lone button on this remote, and a bell rung three times in the background.

And so the many different fights were on. Bloom danced around, watching as the taller Icy approached her.
"Alright, little firefly. Give me your best shot!" Icy said with a sly smile on her face. Bloom clenched her fists and put on a brave face. She couldn't be scared of Icy towering over her. She's faced off against much bigger adversaries in the past.
"Dragon Fire!" Bloom said as she shot several fireballs up towards Icy. She raised her muscular arms up to block the fireballs… the sheer muscle combined with the shrunken size of the fireballs was able to protect her. Some of the fireballs did hit Icy's dark blue fighting suit, but the fabric of the suit looked to be fire resistant as the flames went out quickly.
"Ha! So much for giving me a hot foot. Maybe a snowball fight will suit you better." Icy said, again smiling like she's having a fun time. She easily formed a ball made entirely out of snow and she hurled it towards Bloom, who cartwheeled and backflipped repeatedly to dodge the blasts. She moved with incredible agility despite being bound from head to toe with added muscle. But Bloom knew she couldn't dodge the attacks forever. She eventually had to counter.
"Dragon Fire!" Bloom shouted again as she shot fireballs up at the incoming snowballs. Despite the noted size difference, the fireballs easily melted the snowballs.
"Cold Avalanche!" Icy shouted, this time changing her projectiles to solid blocks of ice. But again, Bloom was able to melt the ice with her fireballs despite the size difference. Despite neither side gaining an edge, the two still fired projectiles at each other. The rapid melting of the snow and ice in the ring was causing steam to build up and obscure the view of said ring from the viewing audience, prompting jeers and boos from the audience. The two continued to counterattack despite being covered in steam.

Stella and Tecna were getting the loudest cheers from the audience… probably because neither of them shrunk and were going literally head to toe with each other as they grabbed each other's arms and danced around the ring.
"C'mon, Tecna, give it up! You're all brains… you wouldn't know what to do with all that muscle." Stella said.
"Oh really?" Tecna said as she dug deep into the ring and mustered up enough strength to get closer to Stella.
"Whoa!" Stella shouted as she felt herself being lifted up by her opponent. Tecna spun her around in the air a couple times before slamming her down back first onto the mat.
"You must've forgotten that I'm a fast learner, Stella." Tecna said, watching as Stella leapt back to her feet.
"Now then, I would like to test YOUR strength, Stella. Firewall!" Tecna shouted as she summoned one of her green nets and flung it towards Stella. She tried to jump out of the way, but was just caught in her left leg, allowing the net to cover her entire body, causing her to fall onto her back.
"Hey, come on! Isn't this a 15-yard penalty!?" Stella shouted, watching as Tecna walked up to her and put a shoe on her muscular chest.
"All's fair in a WWOW match, Stella. Sorry about this, but I gotta give the people what they want…" Tecna said as she kicked Stella a couple times, once in the chest and another in the stomach. Although Stella winced a bit, she didn't feel much pain from the attacks thanks to her added muscle. Still, she fought hard to stretch the net beyond its limits as she rolled away from Tecna to avoid being stomped or kicked on again.

Finally, with one mighty roar, Stella made one more firm tug and ripped the net in half, freeing herself. Tecna whistled as she quickly flexed her arms.
"*whistles* I'm impressed, Stella." Tecna said.
"Heh, thanks! Now let's see if this impresses you. Sunlight Smash!" Stella said. Tecna gasped and quickly covered her eyes, knowing this was one of Stella's more potent attacks. It looked like Stella was going to bring her hands together and let out an intense burst of light that was brighter than even the sun, with only her able to avoid the damaging effects of the light, but she pulled out a fake and instead rushed towards Tecna. Stella waited for Tecna to uncover her face, and that's when she struck… grabbing Tecna's face with both her hands and giving Tecna a quick kiss on the lips. Tecna backed away and wiped her lips.
"Whoa! Stella, what in blazes was that about?" Tecna said.
"Haha! You'll see! I've been working on this spell for a few weeks now, and you get to be the first to try it!" Stella said. Without shouting what the spell was like she normally does, Stella instead formed balls of blue energy and hurled them towards Tecna, who tried to block them with her arms. But all this accomplished was allowing the energy to get sucked into her skin.

As Tecna wondered what Stella had done, she didn't have to wait long to find out the results. Tecna suddenly felt an inflating sensation… like air was going into her.
"Ooooooh… what's… this…?" Tecna said as she watched her already huge muscles suddenly bulge bigger. The muscles were getting so tall, they were easily obscuring her head, which looked small by comparison. Other muscles in her upper torso were expanding as well, including her chest and her abs, although her clothes were doing an amazing job of holding together.
"Hahaha! Now you know the expression being full of hot air, Tecna!" Stella said. As Tecna touched her now soft and cushiony muscles (due to them being filled with air), she gave an annoyed look over at Stella.
"Hoho, very funny. Haha, it is to laugh." Tecna said as she suddenly felt her feet leaving the ground. She tried to look around and see what was happening, but her view was almost totally obscured with muscle, and she could barely turn her neck too.
"Now's my chance to steer you out of bounds!" Stella said as she jumped towards the growing Tecna's waist and latched onto it. The two were now punching and kicking each other as Tecna did her best to get back onto solid ground while Stella tried to win by ring out.

Like with Bloom and Icy, Flora was at first intimidated as she looked up at Stormy, who had a stance (legs and arms both spread out and twiddling her fingers) that basically said, I'm gonna get you!
"Haha! Any last words before I stomp you into mulch, Flora?" Stormy said.
"I'd like to see you try and catch me!" Flora said as she turned around and dashed around the ring, with Stormy chasing after her. She would raise her muscular leg up and try and kick Flora with it, but the flower girl was quick to evade these attacks, even being muscular herself, though she had help with her powers of nature.
Stormy then made a firm stomp on the ground, causing Flora to lose her balance. She tried to get moving again, only to have one of Stormy's shoes planted on top of her from the chest down.
"Hmmhmmhmm… good thing for you I'm not as evil as I used to be. Ten years ago, I'd be delighted to crush you like an innocent sunflower." Stormy said.
"Oooooh… don't you dare make fun of sunflowers!" Flora said as she fought hard to break free from Stormy's trap.
"Give it up, Flora! In a few more seconds you'll be pinned… whoa whoa!!" Stormy said, but before she could finish however, she suddenly felt her shoe being lifted upward. Flora was pushing all the added muscle in her arms to its absolute limit, grinding her teeth and pushing her hands forward with all her might. Stormy tried to fight back, but Flora just proved too strong despite her diminished size. Eventually, Stormy stumbled backwards and Flora hopped back to her feet. Stormy, after regaining her balance, looked down at her shrunken foe and smiled.
"Impressive." Stormy said.
"Never judge a flower by how many petals it has." Flora said as she twirled around and playfully stomped the ground beneath her own shoes.
"Heh… point taken." Stormy said.

However, things were about to get crowded for the two. Already three women had been eliminated from the other rings, and they were wasting no time in wanting to throw a wrench into the fight between Stormy and Flora. Stormy watched as these three shrunken muscular women all grabbed a hold of her legs.
"Hey! What's the big idea!?" Stormy said as she shook her legs around trying to get them off.
Quickly, Flora came to her rescue by summoning some vines and wrapping them around the three ladies, yanking them away from Stormy and out of the ring. It didn't take long, however, for them to climb back in and bring another two smaller ladies with them.
"I guess this is the Royal Rumble part of the show." Flora said.
"Just leave them to me, Flora. I'll smash them like cloud-to-ground lightning!" Stormy said. As the ladies came charging towards Flora, she knocked some of them aside with a couple good punches that knocked them dizzy for a moment. Two of them managed to dodge the punches, although Flora was able to pin them down by summoning living plants, which wrapped their leafy arms around them. No matter how much they flexed their muscles or abs, they couldn't break free, watching as Stormy walked up towards them.
"Now then, ladies. This is for rudely interrupting my fight with Flora!" Stormy said as she wound up one of her legs and kicked the two plant-bound ladies like a football out of the ring. Flora did some takedowns of her own, tackling a couple of her opponents to the mat. These ladies rolled around in pain, too injured from their previous fights to continue.

With one more shrunken lady to deal with, Flora shot out more vines than before, wrapping the girl almost from head to toe in them.
"Stormy, elevator up!" Flora shouted as she picked up the vine-covered girl and threw her straight up in the air. Stormy smiled as she pounded her fists together.
"This will hurt you more than me, sister. HA!" Stormy said as she punched the girl, who went screaming seemingly out of the arena (but in reality she landed farther away then any of the other competitors). Stormy clapped her hands together and looked down at Flora.
"Nice teamwork, Pollyanna." Stormy said.
"Haha, thanks. I…" Flora said, only to suddenly be interrupted when an orange laser beam suddenly covered Flora from head to toe.
"Flora!?" Stormy shouted. The laser eventually disappeared, and Flora now found herself trapped inside an orange crystal. She pounded on the crystal from the inside trying to escape, but soon watched, as did Stormy, as a normal-sized muscular woman suddenly jumped into the ring. This woman had a bit more muscle than even Stormy, and she reached down and picked up the crystal containing Flora.
"Hasta la vista, baby girl." the woman said in a thick German-type accent as she casually tossed the crystal out of the ring, taking Flora out of the competition.
Stormy watched Flora fly out seemingly in slow motion and then looked over at her opponent.
"Oooooh… you've crossed with the wrong force of nature, girly!" Stormy said as she charged towards her opponent and they locked muscular arms.

Meanwhile, in the ring with Musa, Layla, and Darcy, Layla and Darcy looked up at Musa.
"*whistles* Musa, I gotta say you look nice." Layla said, only to suddenly get a strong shove (given her muscular arms) from Darcy.
"Hey, back off! I saw her first! You came after we broke out of prison!" Darcy said.
"Oh yeah!? I'm into her music way more than you are!" Layla shouted.
"I love better than you! Just ask the hundred ex-boyfriends I've had!" Darcy said.
"Alright, why don't we settle this the old fashioned way? With your face meeting my fists!" Layla said as she pounded her fists together.
"Not if I pummel you first, playgirl!" Darcy said. The two then locked hands together and suddenly jumped high in the air, landing on top of one of Musa's incredibly broad shoulders. Musa barely turned her head to see the two either duking it out with their fists or energy blasts.
"Hoo boy. Imagine if the Specialists were fighting like this over me. That'd be some jam…" Musa said.

Minutes later, there were only four matches going on in the entire arena. Bloom vs. Icy, Stella vs. Tecna, Stormy vs. Flora (albeit with Flora literally thrown out of the ring), and Layla vs. Darcy on top of Musa's shoulders. Of course, this meant the other combatants were free to cause whatever chaos they saw fit, and that's what mini Bloom and Icy would soon have to go through. As the steam cleared up from all the fire and ice the two flung at each other, the two wiped the sweat off their skin and fighting outfits.
"Heh, not bad, Bloom, especially for being so short." Icy said.
"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself." Bloom said with a smile. Suddenly, one of the normal-sized muscular women combatants jumped into the ring. Before Icy and Bloom could wonder what she had in mind, the woman twisted her hands around.
"Tornado Hold!" the woman shouted as a huge gust of wind suddenly flew out from her body. Icy held her ground, but Bloom was not so lucky. Given her limited size, she lost her footing very quickly.
"Whoa! Icy!!!" Bloom shouted as she went flying out of the ring. She grabbed the rope along the edge of the ring, but quickly lost her grip, only to suddenly feel something grab one of her muscular arms.

It was Icy, who was doing all she could do to stay in the ring herself. Even with her hair flapping in the gust, she looked out towards Bloom.
"Don't let go, Icy!" Bloom shouted.
"Of what!? You or the rope?" Icy said. Bloom could tell by the tone of Icy's voice she was joking around, but the struggle forming in Icy's face told her this would soon be no laughing matter.
"Arrrrgh… I can't… hold on… any longer… WHAAAAA!!!" Icy shouted as she and Bloom both flew out of the ring and landed outside it. Bloom was lucky Icy landed a couple feet away, otherwise she'd be crushed underneath all that muscle.
The two got up, with Icy gently cradling Bloom against her buff chest. They watched the muscular woman that literally blew them out of the ring raise her arms and play to the crowd.
"Oh well. That's the WWOW for you. We really shouldn't take issue with how we lost." Bloom said.
"Pffft… we better not lose completely, if you ask me." Icy said as she looked over at the other rings to see how the other Winx and Trix girls were doing.

Tecna continued to sail around her own ring, her muscles still inflated like balloons and, as a result, her purple outfit being stretched to its limits. Of course, this was all thanks to Stella, who at this point was hanging on by her opponent's waist.
"Okay, Stella… how long are you going to keep up this 'hot air muscle balloon' act?" Tecna asked.
"Come on, you gotta admit it's entertaining! Listen to the crowd!" Stella said. Tecna rolled her eyes… it was about the only movement her head was capable of given how overly huge her muscles now were.
"I think they're only cheering because someone's about to triple suplex on top of someone." Tecna said. What the two didn't realize was that the crowd was indeed cheering towards their ring… because another one of the competitors was waving her hands around towards Tecna. Suddenly, without Tecna or Stella knowing yet, a pull tab magically appeared on top of Tecna's right shoulder. The girl made a mighty leap towards the air and pulled on the tab.

And just like that… like a balloon expelling its previously contained air, Tecna went flying around the arena as her muscles rapidly deflated, complete with similar sound effects.
"Yikes! Runaway Tecna!" Stella shouted as she hung on for dear life. Eventually, though, even her muscular arms tired out and she lost her grip, landing outside of the ring (but pulling the girl that cast the spell on Tecna down with her). Tecna's muscles finally ran out of 'air' and she went into a freefall herself, landing right next to Stella.
"Whew… well, at least I'm back to my usual Incredibly Hulky self." Tecna said. She immediately set her sights on Stella, who suddenly had a solemn look on her face.
"I'm sorry, Tecna. It seemed like a good and funny idea at the time, inflating your muscles like that." Stella said. Tecna then patted her teammate on one of her shoulders.
"It was very inventive and useful, given the current situation. Seriously, here I thought you were all shoes and no brains." Tecna said.
"Awwww… thanks! I think?" Stella said, just catching the last part of Tecna's quote.
"In all seriousness, your plan was brilliant. Perhaps you and I can sort it out for better future use when this is all over." Tecna said.
"Cool beans!" Stella said as the two pounded fists.

Musa, at this point, was getting tired of the seemingly endless shouting, energy shooting, and fisticuffs from both Layla and Darcy. It was funny for a while given the short size of both ladies, but she eventually reached up and grabbed the two, dangling both of them in front of her face.
"Alright, look. Can't you two just hurry up and finish your dilly dallying so I can beat on one of you like a drum?" Musa said. Layla and Darcy look at each other for a few seconds until Darcy finally spoke out.
"You're right, Musa. In fact, you better let both of us go onto the mat." Darcy said.
"Huh?" Musa asked.
"I believe there's some nefarious plan in the works by the WWOW. Darcy and I better check it out." Layla said.
"Okay, but why can't I come along?" Musa asked.
"You don't want to get knocked out of the ring all of a sudden, right?" Darcy asked.
"Yeah, I guess. That would so be not cool." Musa said.

After she gently set the shrunken Layla and Darcy down on the mat, they approached one of the edges. Unknown to Musa, the two were actually not discussing what secrets the WWOW were planning, but they instead continued their argument from a distance over who deserved Musa more, especially as Layla gave a light shove towards Darcy.
"I've dated roughly 15 girls ever since I've been allowed back into society, so there's no point to this charade." Layla said.
"Oh, you're so wrong. Musa is different. She's not like any other woman I've come to know." Darcy said. As the argument continued, Musa looked over and sees another muscular girl jumping into the ring and charging towards the two without them knowing it.
"WATCH OUT!" Musa shouted. She charged up a pink energy ball and fired it towards the girl. She ended up missing, but the resulting explosion off the mat ended up sending all four out of the ring they once stood in. Musa, Layla, and Darcy all rubbed their backsides.
"Ouch… next time, a heads up warning before shooting one of your sonic blasts!" Darcy said.
"Sorry. Just bad luck." Musa said. Darcy and Layla both nodded in agreement, although they traded one more quick dirty look at each other thinking the other was at fault for getting knocked out.
"Hey, girls! A little help here!" a female voice said. The three looked to see Flora rolling around on the ground, still trapped in her orange crystal prison.
"Whoops! What happened to you, Flora?" Layla said as she ran up to the crystal.
"Surprise attack. Go figure in the WWOW, right?" Flora commented.
"Stand back, everyone. I'll handle this. HA!" Musa said. Layla and Darcy stepped aside and watched as Musa formed a fist with her right hand and slammed it down at the far left edge of the crystal, shattering it and allowing Flora to walk out.
"Whew… thanks, Musa!" Flora said.

Eventually, all the Winx and Trix exclusing Stormy, along with other eliminated contestants, gathered together in a viewing area underneath one of the bleachers. The ladies who had been shrunken were all returned to their normal size at this point.
"Looks like Stormy is the only one left out of all of us." Bloom said.
"I wonder if she can actually win this." Stella said.
"The chances of that look quite slim, especially given the remaining competition." Tecna said as she pointed at the other three muscular women that were trying to surround Stormy.
"I for one believe in Stormy!" Flora said.
"Heck yeah! If Icy or I couldn't do it, she will!" Darcy shouted.

A couple minutes pass, and despite heavy breathing and sweat running down her body, Stormy was still holding her own against the other muscular combatants. But getting so overwhelmed with all that raw strength, plus thinking about what little Flora went through… it was causing the rage inside of her to build up.
"Alright… I'm through playing these games. Yaaaaaa!!!" Stormy said as she made a mighty shove towards one of her opponents, knocking her and the other two ladies down. As they got back up, they watched Stormy suddenly become surrounded with energy waves and electricity.
"People and fans of WWOW… you wanted a show? Well then, I present to you… THE FULL POWER OF STORMY! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Stormy screamed as she held her arms up. The Winx and Trix backstage knew what was coming.
"Take cover!!!" Bloom and Icy both shouted, with all the muscular girls doing just that. Stormy's opponents could just look on as Stormy slammed her fists down and…


A few puffs of smoke from the many windows of the building was all you needed to know of how strong Stormy's attack was. Nevertheless, the smoke inside cleared out, and Stormy was the only one still standing in her ring. The other three ladies were out cold. Suddenly, several bells rang in the distance.
"The winner and champion of today's event is… STORMY!!!" the announcer shouted as the entire audience cheered loudly. The rest of the Trix and Winx girls all came climbing and then running into the center of the ring.
"Awesome, sis!" Icy said as she gave Stormy a high five.
"Yeah! You really dusted off those ladies!" Stella shouted.
"Yeah… I guess I did." Stormy said as she was slowly coming back to her senses. She then watched as Darcy and Flora all ran up to her and hugged her around either the chest or waist.
"I never doubted you for one nanosecond." Darcy said.
"You were amazing, Stormy, and thanks for a thrilling battle." Flora said as she gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. This made Stormy quite gleeful as she began to flex and pose, causing some of her arm muscles to bulge ever so slightly bigger.
"Haha! Yeah! I'm the best! I am truly the strongest woman in the universe!" Stormy shouted. While Flora giggled, everyone else just rolled their eyes or heads.
"Aw geez!" they all said.

The next day, in the same building, all the rings were taken out with the WWOW having already moved on to their next venue. Instead, it looked more like a photo studio with cameras and photographers galore while Stormy, back in her muscular look (and this time wearing nothing more than a two-piece bikini), repeatedly flexed every muscle she possibly could, striking pose after pose to the delight of the people in charge of Muscle Memory Magazine.
She wasn't alone, however. Several feet away were the rest of the Trix (Icy and Darcy) as well as the Winx Club, all back to their normal sizes and shapes.
"Pffft… look at her. The memory cards on those cameras are going to run out of space by the time she's done." Darcy said.
"You can't really blame her. I mean, look at all those fashion shows we've first tried to crash and then become contestants in." Icy said.
"Still, we can all agree what happened yesterday was fun and energizing." Bloom said.
"I 100% agree, Bloom. We had a great time." Tecna said.
"Totally!" Stella shouted.
"A lovely time too." Layla said. She and the other girls got back to watching the muscular Stormy continue to flex and pose.