Winx and the Beanstalk


It was a lovely day in Alfea as the Winx girls carried on with their regular days. But at this moment, it wasn't so lovely for Flora, the flower power girl who is busy conducting an experiment involving her nature powers. She tried zapping one of her flowers with some magic, but the flower went dead on her.
"What!? Geez... this is the third flower I've killed this week. And I call myself the queen of nature..." Flora said. Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and Musa all heard her complaining and walked right in her room.
"Something wrong, Flora?" Bloom asked.
"Yes there is, actually. I've been trying to finish up my science project... but all I keep doing is burning up these poor flowers." Flora said.
"Gosh, Flora, that's sooooooooo not your style. I thought you breathed in new life!" Stella said.
"No duh, Stella... oh dear. Even I'm starting to act a little crabby. I do apologize." Flora said.
"Hey, it's cool, girl. We all have our bad days." Musa said.
"Well, I may not be a nature expert, but by my calculations, you would have a higher success rate if you strengthened up your flowers somehow." Tecna said.
"Oh, that's a great idea! I've heard of these special seeds being sold downtown. Perhaps if I got those, they would help out with my experiment!" Flora said.
"Well, that's the Winx Club for you! We come up with great ideas for each other!" Stella shouted.
"Yes, that is great. You should go get these seeds right away, Flora!" Bloom said.
"Oh, but I'm much too busy with this project right now. Plus I still haven't done my magic math homework... you think you four can get these seeds for me?" Flora said.
"Uh... well, you see..." Bloom started, but Flora started to push her friends out the door.
"You will? That's great! Don't take too long! I want to see these special seeds in action right away!" Flora said before she closed the doors to her room.

Soon afterwards, Bloom, Stella, Tecna, and Musa were all walking around Alfea Town looking for these so-called special seeds.
"(sigh) We really should've told her that we don't have much money to buy these seeds." Bloom said.
"Totally... but you like saw her! She was so anxious she sent us out here anyway!" Stella said.
"That so wasn't cool. She didn't even describe these special seeds." Musa said.
"Logic would dictate that any seeds of the special variety would be sold at specially placed shops... like that one!" Tecna said, pointing to what indeed looked like a cart with an old merchant that was selling beans.
"You certainly have a way with timing, Tecna!" Bloom said.
"Well, I guess it's from listening to Musa's MP3 collection for an extended amount of time." Tecna said.
"Glad my music is catching on around here..." Musa said as she giggled. The four ladies then walked over to greet the male merchant.
"Aye... welcome, ladies. How may I serve you?" the man said.
"Uh... we're looking for some special seeds. Something that, you know, can help make flowers grow." Bloom said.
"Hmmm... that so? Why I just happen to have such beans right here! See?" the man said as he pulled out the glowing gold seeds.
"Wow... they really are special if they're made of gold!" Stella said as her eyes glittered from seeing the golden glow of these beans.
"How much, old timer?" Musa asked.
"For you ladies... 1,000 coins!" the man said. The ladies gasped upon hearing the high price.
"A thousand coins!? What are you... nuts!? I've seen some high-priced jewelry selling for lower than that!" Stella said.
"That would be because you always looked in the bargain section, Stella." Tecna said.
"Oh yeah... right. I keep forgetting." Stella said. Bloom softly laughed and then frowned as she looked at the man again.

"Gee, I'm terribly sorry, mister. All we have between the four of us is 25 coins." Bloom said.
"Oh, there's no need to fear. You can still get the weakest of my magic beans. Please take these nimbus beans." the man said.
"Nimbus beans? What are they supposed to do?" Tecna asked.
"I don't know, actually. I picked these up a few weeks ago, but nobody's buying them." the man said.
"Well, it's better than nothing, I guess. We'll take them." Bloom said as she handed the 25 coins to the old man, who dropped the nimbus beans into Bloom's right hand.
"A pleasure doing business with you young ladies!" the man said as the girls started to walk back towards the college.
"Bloom? Are you sure we should've gotten those beans? Technically speaking, they are not the ones Flora is looking for." Tecna said.
"I know, but we couldn't just walk back there with nothing in our hands. She'd probably be more mad over that." Bloom said.
"But it's soooooo not like Flora to have a temper tantrum just because we made some silly mistake or something. I'm sure she'll be totally cool with it!" Stella said.
"Yeah... like you are when you've got a dirty mark on your shorts." Musa said.
"Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Where!? Where is that dirty spot!?!?" Stella shouted as she scanned herself from head to toe looking for the muddy spot that really wasn't there. The other girls just laughed as they walked back.

As the sun began to set completely on the day, the girls arrived once again in Flora's room inside the college. Bloom clutched onto the nimbus beans hoping that Flora wouldn't mind the cheap deal they were forced to settle for.
"Ah... welcome back, my friends! Did you get the special seeds I asked for?" Flora said, obviously in a cheery mood.
"Well..." Bloom started, but Stella cut in.
"Of course we did! Would we ever disappoint you?" Stella said.
"And we even got a fantastic deal on them." Tecna said.
"Great! Let me see them!" Flora said as Bloom handed over the beans.
"Well, here you go. They didn't have the seeds you were looking for, but we did get some..." Bloom was about to finish when Flora suddenly gave a scoffing look at her friends.
"Nimbus beans!?!?!? You sacrificed the special seeds I needed for worthless nimbus beans!?" Flora shouted.
"An angry Flora... definitely not cool." Musa said to herself.
"Well, we couldn't afford the special seeds you wanted. The guy said these nimbus beans were the best thing we could afford." Bloom said.
"Well maybe you should've done your homework first! Nimbus beans are practically worthless to growing flowers!" Flora said.
"Flora, you must control yourself before you become as hot-tempered as a motherboard. We did the best we could based on the limited funds we had." Tecna said. Flora stomped her way over to the open window in her room.
"(sigh) I guess I'm just gonna have to find another way to finish my project, especially when I can't even trust my friends to do one simple task right!" Flora said. She then wound up her arm and then simply threw the beans right out of the window. They went flying out the window so hard and fast... the beans eventually landed right in the middle of the front courtyard! Flora then immediately left the room.
"Wow! That girl should try out for the softball team!" Stella said.
"Don't you think Flora was overreacting a little bit?" Musa said.
"A little? It was bad enough for me to make a bad computer joke. Dear me..." Tecna said.
"I agree, but we're kinda at fault too. We should've told Flora the truth that we couldn't afford these special seeds." Bloom said.
"Well, who's going to talk to her? It's totally not going to be me." Stella said.
"Not me... I'm too tired to stay up another minute." Tecna said.
"Yeah, I think we all deserve some rest, including Flora. The poor girl's been working too hard..." Bloom said.

Overnight, the nimbus beans that Flora had sent flying into the front yard of the campus magically dug through the ground. From that same spot, the vines started to grow and grow fast. Over the next several hours, and through the overnight hours, the vines kept on growing until they formed a complete beanstalk that rose high up into the sky. Of course, everyone inside Alfea College was fast asleep to really notice, but that would all change the next morning...

Instead of waking up to the sound of her alarm clock, Bloom instead woke up the voice of Stella as she shouted her lungs out.
"Bloom! Bloom! Wake up, girl! This you gotta see!" Stella said, already in her regular clothes.
"(sigh) I hope it's not another one of these giant shoe sales..." Bloom said as she slowly rolled out of bed in her pajamas.
"Oh no... this is much bigger than that! I totally can't describe it! Come on!!!" Stella shouted. She then took Bloom by her hand as they both ran out of the room and towards outside.
"Wait, Stella! Can't I at least have breakfest!?" Bloom shouted as she started to run on her own after Stella. Both girls soon got outside where they saw what was grabbing everyone else's attention. Bloom rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming.
"Huh? What's a giant beanstalk doing in the middle of the campus?" Bloom said.
"Geez... girl, I was asking that same question when I woke up!" Stella said. Flora, Tecna, and Musa soon joined the other two girls.

"Yo, what's all the commotion about?" Musa said.
"See for yourself, ladies." Bloom said. The other girls gasped over what they saw.
"Holy memory upgrades! Isn't that the same spot where those silly beans landed yesterday?" Tecna said.
"I figured that's what nimbus beans would do... once planted they create a giant beanstalk that does nothing but rise up and up and up into the blue skies." Flora said.
"Now I see why they totally call them nimbus beans!" Stella said.
"And how they were magical after all. Isn't that cool of that old man?" Musa said.
"Yeah, but what are we going to do now? We can't exactly get rid of this thing like we could a virus, would we?" Tecna said. Bloom smiled as she looked more and more at this giant beanstalk.
"I say we climb up it and see what we can find." Bloom said.
"Huh? Are you crazy, Bloom? We don't even know what's up there!" Stella said.
"I think I might. It's from a fairy tale my... other mother, the one who raised me on Earth, used to read to me when I was a little girl." Bloom said.
"Well... it is the weekend, and I don't have any dating plans with Timmy whatsoever." Tecna said.
"Wait a minute... what could we possibly find at the top of this beanstalk, Bloom?" Musa said.
"Well, if I remember the story, at the top of the beanstalk was this big castle... and there was millions of gold coins inside!"
"Millions!? Imagine all the clothes I could buy with that much money!" Stella said.
"I could get into all the latest tech gear and still have some leftover to buy all sorts of technology movies!" Tecna said.
"My music collection would be over the top!" Musa shouted.
"More importantly... I could finally afford all that gardening equipment I've been dreaming to have." Flora said.
"So come on! Let's totally get up that vine!" Stella said.
"Alright... but wait, girls! Can't I get into my regular clothes, first?" Bloom said before she ran off to get dressed into her normal outfit. A few minutes later, she was ready and the five girls didn't waste any time climbing up the beanstalk.

Several minutes later, the girls finally reached the top of the beanstalk and stopped to rest atop the cloudy world they had just discovered. They were all breathing heavily from having to take such a long trip to reach their destination.
"(huff-puff-huff-puff) Next time remind me that hundreds of feet of beanstalk takes a long time to climb! A princess of the sun such as myself shouldn't have to be subjected to this kind of torture!" Stella said.
"And I thought you complaining about your shoe size last week was bad enough." Musa said.
"Hey, come on! It's not like me to have my feet just grow an inch since the last time I went shoe shopping!" Stella said.
"Okay, girls, that's enough. We really should get going towards that giant castle over there." Bloom said, pointing towards the castle that was several yards away from where they were standing.
"You mean that really big place? It looks bigger than Alfea College all by itself!" Tecna shouted.
"Well... sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough with that big castle bit." Bloom said.
"Doesn't matter. We really should check and see if there truly is a pile of gold inside. Come on, my friends!" Flora shouted before she started to move on towards the castle. The other girls quickly followed.

The castle indeed was very big. So big that the girls could just crawl underneath the front door. They made their way around the large corridor into another large room. The girls were marveled by what they were seeing in front of their eyes, especially the table full of oversized food in the middle of the room with the large stove to the right of that.
"Oh my goodness... this whole room is bigger than the entire shopping mall! Wow!" Stella said.
"Someone awful big must live here." Flora said.
"Not big... I believe giant is the operative word here!" Tecna said.
"*gulp* Giant? As in someone that makes us look like the Junior League?" Stella said.
"Bloom? Is this true?" Musa said.
"I'm afraid so... I guess my memory of the story isn't as good as it used to be." Bloom said.
"You can say that again. I've underestimated every last nook and cranny of this castle so far, and it's only been about fifteen minutes since we left Alfea." Tecna said.
"Well... it's been fascinating... but I think it's time we skedaddled out of here right about now!" Stella shouted. She was about to run back for the front door when Flora stopped her.
"Hold it... we're not leaving until we find this batch of gold coins!" Flora said.
"(sigh) Whatever you say, oh mighty princess of nature." Stella said, sarcastically.
"I'm with both of you, actually. We get the gold and then get out of here as soon as we can. What do you say, girls?" Bloom said.
"Works for me." Tecna said.
"I'm down with that." Musa said. Just then, the girls could hear some booming noises eminating from the open hallway beyond the food table.
"Uh... what's that?" Stella softly asked. They then heard some deep feminine voices accompanying these footstep sounds.
"Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of little Winx fairies!" one voice said.
"Oh please... that line is sooooooo last century! Can't you come up with something else?" another said.
"Oh come on, I actually like the line. It sounds so powerful if you think about it." yet another said. Just then, the sources of those voices came out from the hallway.

They belonged to the three witches, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy... and they were all huge! They looked to be anywhere from 400 to 500 feet tall. The Winx girls really did feel tiny and hopeless as they looked up at the immense size of the witches, who were looking around the place.
"Great... I was afraid it would come to this. Giant witches that live in this castle." Bloom said.
"Okay, I am officially freaked out now! I wanna go home!!!" Stella shouted. Musa covered her mouth.
"Cool it, girl... they might hear us!" Musa shouted. And sure enough, Stormy was the first to spot the girls as she looked beyond the food table.
"There! On the floor... more little Winx!" Stormy said. Icy and Darcy joined Stormy as the three giantesses walked up to the tiny Winx.
"Good job, Stormy! Look at them, aren't they so cute?" Icy said.
"Yeah... cute enough to collect them just like those other Winx we've collected!" Darcy said.
"Other Winx? That must explain why so many students have been disappearing around Alfea College!" Tecna said.
"Hey, I never thought about that. But how did they get captured? That beanstalk looked new to us and everyone else around the academy." Flora said.
"Never mind that, girls! More importantly we gotta get out of here! Transform now!" Bloom shouted. She and the other four girls immediately transformed into their Winx selves, giving them the ability to fly and use magical powers.

"Uh oh... they're transforming. Just like those other pathetic little Winx we lured up here." Darcy said, sarcastically.
"Come on, ladies, we can handle a bunch of tiny fairies, can't we?" Icy said. She lifted her foot and tried to stomp on the girls, but they all flew out of harm's way. But the girls didn't have much time to relax as Stormy already had made a swift movement with her hand and caught Musa.
"Ugh! Let me go, you ugly witch!" Musa said. She was seeing nothing in her eyes but Stormy's huge face as she grinned down at her tiny captive.
"Heh heh heh... I just love seeing tiny Winx squirm in my hand." Stormy said. Tecna watched as Musa got captured by the giantess Stormy.
"Oh no! Musa! That does it... Deletion Beam!" Tecna shouted as she fired one of her digital beams at Stormy. But when the beam hit, she didn't feel any pain whatsoever. In fact, Stormy laughed evilly at Tecna.
"Hahahaha! Is this all you Winx have to combat us witches? Let me show you my powers, now." Stormy said. She then blew air out of her mouth like she was blowing bubbles. For normal-sized people, this would hardly be a problem, but to someone as small as Tecna, even as she flapped her Winx wings to their top speed, she couldn't overcome the force of the blow as she was blown down to the food table. She landed in the pie as she got stuffing all over her body.
"Glad you like the pie... there will be much more where that came from, little one!" Stormy said as she reached down and picked up the helpless Tecna.

Meanwhile, Darcy was trying her best to catch Stella, who was flying circles around the giantess trying to keep herself alive.
"Arrrrgh!!! Stand still, you little fly!" Darcy shouted.
"Hah! You're just too slow for me!" Stella said. She then flew a little ways to the outside in an effort to get away from Darcy. Then she noticed an open window ahead of her.
"There's an open window! I'm free!" Stella shouted... but before she knew it, her vision was blacked out and the sound of hands clapping together rang throughout her ears. Darcy had clapped her hands together and trapped Stella inside. She opened them to see Stella obviously weakened from the blast.
"Foolish little Winx, did you think you could really escape from Darcy?" Darcy said. She then picked up Stella by her wings and watched as she screamed out in pain.
"Ow! Ouch!!! OUCH!!! Don't touch the wings!" Stella shouted as she continued to scream in agony.
"Awww... am I hurting the little fairy? I sure am, aren't I?" Darcy said.

And finally, Bloom and Flora were contending against the giant Icy. They chose to fight back instead of fly away like the other girls were unsuccessfully doing.
"Alright, Flora! Let's double team this overgrown witch!" Bloom said.
"I hear you, Bloom. I'm with you to the end!" Flora said.
"What's this? I see the little pixies want to fight back." Icy said.
"Dragon Fire!" Bloom shouted.
"Flower Wrap!" Flora said. The combined attacks went flying up towards the giantess, but she swatted them away. In fact, the attacks went flying back for the ladies! Flora got trapped in her own flower attack and fell down to the food table being unable to fly. Bloom managed to dodge her own attack, but ended up getting swatted by Icy. Bloom went flying down the ground and ended up landing deep within a bale of hay. Icy didn't notice this, however, thinking that she had swatted Bloom to her own death. She picked up the struggling Flora and then walked over to join her fellow witches.
"Well, ladies, what do you think of my new Winx?" Icy said as she showed off Flora.
"Well, yours is cute. But I think mine is even cuter!" Darcy said as she displayed Stella.
"Forget those two little ones... these two are probably the cutest yet!" Stormy said, holding onto Tecna and Musa.
"No matter, ladies. What counts most is we have more Winx to add to our collection. Come on, let's go store them away." Icy said.
"Wait... wasn't there a fifth one?" Darcy asked.
"Oh, forget about her. I swatted her so hard, she's probably dead by now. Hahahaha!" Icy said. The three giantesses then walked into the hallway and towards an open room.

Meanwhile, in the main room, Bloom had regained her consciousness and was crawling out of the hay. She looked behind her back to see her wings had been bent out of shape.
"Great... now I gotta wait several minutes for these things to heal." Bloom said. Just then, she saw the three giantess witches come walking back out.
"And I won't have that amount of time if I'm spotted by those witches..." Bloom said to herself. She ran up to one of the legs of the food table to hide from the witches' lines of sight. She could hear them talking about various things...
"Hey! Is lunch ready yet? I'm starving!" Stormy said.
"Be patient, Stormy. Lunch won't come any faster than it already has." Icy said.
"And besides, new ovens are hard to come by in this world." Darcy said. While they were talking away, Bloom felt this would be the perfect chance to sneak by the witches and get into the hallway so she could rescue her friends. She stayed underneath the table so the witches couldn't spot her. There was a temporary scare when she ran by Stormy's feet, and they nearly crushed her when she moved them in frustration.

When she reached the end of the table, she waited until Icy and Darcy weren't looking and then she went into a full-on sprint. It took her two lucky minutes, but she was able to make it into the hallway undetected. She ran down the hallway looking in every open door she would find in order to find her friends. But while she wasn't looking, she ended up bumping into something. When she looked to see what she had collided with... she gasped and then screamed for her life.

It was another witch. Or at least it appeared so. This one was only half the size of the three witches that Bloom and her friends had encountered earlier, but she still looked huge nevertheless. This giantess was red-haired and wearing a shredded up shirt and knee-length shorts. Bloom covered herself up trying to protect herself in case this giantess was going to attack her. Flying away would do her no good with her wings damaged.
"Please... please don't hurt me!" Bloom said.
"Shhhh... it's okay. I won't hurt you, little one." the witch said. Bloom stopped cowering in fear and in fact looked up at this giantess puzzled.
"You won't?" Bloom said.
"No. Don't worry about me, I'm not like those other witches." the witch said. She walked up to Bloom and lowered her hands, allowing her to walk on them. The witch then stood back up to her full height as Bloom sat comfortably in this young girl's hands.
"My name is Mirta. What's yours?" Mirta said.
"Well... it's Bloom." Bloom said.
"Bloom, you say? That's a nice name for someone as young and pretty as yourself." Mirta said.
"Gee... thanks. Say, how come you're being so nice to me? You're a witch, aren't you?" Bloom said.
"Well, I am, but I just don't like behaving like those other witches. All I ever wanted is to make friends. Sadly... those are hard to find around this world." Mirta said.
"Oh... I see. Well, why don't you leave? There's a much bigger world out there for you to see!" Bloom said.
"I wish I could, but..." Mirta said. Before she could finish, one of the witches called out for her.
"Mirta!!!" Icy shouted from outside the hallway. Mirta quickly hid Bloom in one of her shorts pockets before she went outside to meet her fellow witches.

"Yes, big sister?" Mirta said.
"You're not talking to those stupid Winx again, are you?" Icy said.
", Icy. I was talking to my... uh, my imaginary friend." Mirta said.
"Bleh... yeah, right. You were soooooo talking to a Winx in there." Darcy said.
"How many times do we have to tell you, little sister? Those are OUR Winx. You should go get your own!" Icy said.
"Well, I could if you let me out of the castle for a change!" Mirta said. Icy was quite steamed over hearing Mirta retort like that.
"Hey, don't you talk to your big sister like that! You understand me?" Icy said.
"Yes, Icy." Mirta said, shaking in her feet.
"Good, now hurry up and wash my dirty clothes!" Icy shouted.
"And polish my shoes while you're at it..." Darcy said.
"And order that new music CD if you would please!" Stormy shouted before Mirta finally exited the room.

Mirta walked down the hallway and turned right to enter her room. After shutting the door, she let out a big sigh before reaching into her pocket and pulling Bloom out.
"Sorry about that. My older sisters can be such brutes." Mirta said.
"Gosh, it must be tough to live like this every day." Bloom said.
"Yeah. Ever since those witches stole some of my magic power. That's how they got so big. You see, we were pretty much a normal family until my late parents discovered this land four years after my other sisters were born. Unlike them, I was born within the magical aura that once surrounded this place, which is how I was born at such a large size, just like my parents were. My sisters got jealous that I was born as a giantess, so they ended up using all the magic power they had ever accumulated to both absorb the aura into their bodies as well as steal my own magic abilities, causing them to grow to giant heights themselves." Mirta said.
"Oh... so you've been forced to live under their wings for the past few years?" Bloom said.
"That's right. I can't leave until they say I'm old enough to take care of myself... which could be forever as mean as they are. I don't even know how useful I'd be to the world anyway... (sigh)" Mirta said.
"Come on, Mirta, don't down yourself! You just have to stand up for what you believe in!" Bloom shouted.
"You really think so?" Mirta asked.
"I know so. It's not your size and age that measures who you are... but the power of your heart that counts the most." Bloom said. Mirta smiled and patted Bloom very gently on her head, being careful not to harm her little friend.
"That's very thoughtful of you, Bloom, but what can I do? Those witches may not have magical powers anymore, but they can still be bullies. I'm sure your friends already know that." Mirta said.
"Well, you can help out by helping me release my friends, for starters. I have a plan to get back at those nasty witches!" Bloom said.
"I don't know, Bloom... it sounds dangerous for both of us." Mirta said.
"Hey, who else are you gonna trust up here?" Bloom said. Mirta looked at her friend for a few seconds as she pondered over what she said. Finally she nodded and got up from her bed.
"You're right. I think it's time we did stand up to those witches." Mirta said.
"Cool! Now then... can you take me to where my friends are?" Bloom said.
"Of course. I've seen my sisters keep them in a special room." Mirta said as she walked out of the hallway and into the next room.

Inside this room, there were cages. Lots and lots of cages. And nearly all of them had up to three Winx fairies inside. Bloom's eyes widened as she looked at the immense collection the giant witches had been building up.
"Oh my... look at all the Winx in here!" Bloom said.
"Those witches have been capturing Winx for months now. Most of them they've found in a place called Alfea College... apparently that's where a lot of them can be spotted." Mirta said.
"So that would explain why all the students have been disappearing..." Bloom said. She then heard some familiar screams for help. She looked in one cage to see Stella, Tecna, Musa, and Flora all waving to get Bloom's attention.
"Flora! Tecna! Musa! Stella!" Bloom shouted. Mirta immediately carried Bloom over to the cage where her friends were being held captive.
"Bloom! It's great to see you are okay." Flora said.
"Yeah... we thought you totally got busted by those really really big witches!" Stella said.
"Well, I lucked out, I guess... guys, this is Mirta. Don't worry, she's a friendly witch and she's gonna help us escape." Bloom said.
"Escape? That would seem highly improbable considering how big and powerful those witches are." Tecna said.
"For once I'm down with Tecna. That's a mighty tall thing you're asking us to do, Bloom." Musa said.
"Never fear... a little of my magic will have all of you free in no time." Mirta said. She then waved her hands about and soon some magic energy flickered around the room. It spread around the cages as they all opened up. Every last Winx fairy, including the four we all know so well, was set free and floating around the room with the giantess Mirta.

"Thanks, but how come Mirta has magic when the other witches don't?" Flora asked.
"It's kind of a long story. I'm just glad every last one of you are safe and sound. Now there's the task of getting out of here without the witches noticing us." Bloom said.
"I'm afraid sneaking out won't do you much good... the witches are keen in all their senses the moment they sense something is wrong." Mirta said. Nobody was speaking as they tried to come up with a plan.
"But maybe... if I distract the witches for a short while, it would give you girls a chance to strike back at them! Then getting away will just be a matter of outflying those stupid witches!" Mirta said.
"I like it! This is the chance we've been waiting for, to get back at those witches who captured us... on top of that, Mirta will finally stand up for what she believes in!" Bloom said. Mirta took a deep breath knowing that she would soon be doing just that.
"Okay, I'm going in. When I give the signal, everyone fly for it!" Mirta said.
"Like, good luck, Mirta!" Stella said as Mirta left the room, leaving it all to the Winx fairies as they waited for Mirta's plan to be executed.

Mirta entered the main room to see the witches eating lunch at the table.
"Hi, big sisters." Mirta said. The three witches looked to see Mirta standing at the entrance to the hallway.
"Well, well. Look who finally showed up to the table." Icy said.
"You did all the chores we asked you to do, right?" Darcy said as she smirked. Mirta nodded.
"Yes, of course. As you ordered." Mirta said. She then sat down at the table. She reached for one of the nicer meals in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but her hand got slapped by Icy.
"Uh uh uh uh uh.... that's for us, little sister." Icy said.
"Yeah, you should eat something that suits you better." Stormy said.
"Here, you can have my leftovers." Darcy said as she lifted her plate full of crumbs towards Mirta and accidentally dropped the crumbs on her head. The three witches simply laughed over what they were seeing. Mirta sighed but then had a mean look on her face.
"So that's it, huh? You're just gonna keep on pushing and shoving me around like the little sister that I am, aren't you?" Mirta said.
"Tough tamal├ęs, kiddo. That's the way life works in this world we live in." Darcy said.
"Darcy's right. It's all part of growing up. We do it to prepare yourself for the real world." Icy said.
"That's not how my friends would like seeing me..." Mirta said. Her sisters once again burst out in evil laughter.
"Yeah right... you don't have any friends. You'll never have any friends with that kind of attitude!" Stormy shouted.
"Never say never, Stormy." Mirta said before got up from the table, smiled, and then whistled towards the hallway. The witches looked to see what could possibly come out of the corner...

Every single Winx fairy was coming full speed ahead!

The witches wildly flung their hands about trying to get the many Winx fairies out of their sight. Certainly these young ladies were risking their lives by flying circles around these mega giantesses, but they knew it would all be worth it if they could successfully get away. Mirta giggled as she watched her older sisters do their dance trying to get their Winx back. The five Winx girls we know so well (Bloom, Tecna, Stella, Musa, and Flora) were all flying close to Mirta.
"That oughta keep them busy for a little while." Mirta said.
"Well, best not to take any chances. We need to knock them down somehow." Bloom said.
"If you insist, my friends. Let me try this Hammer Down spell!" Mirta said, waving her hands. A hammer made out of glowing magic formed as it floated towards the three witches. The hammer then bonked all three of them on the head as they fainted to the ground, holding their heads in pain.
"Come on, let's get out of here!" Bloom shouted to her friends and the many other Winx who had survived the encounter. They all flew as fast as they can for the front door that Mirta opened for them. Once all the fairies were out, Mirta followed them outside. Bloom stopped her flight when she saw Mirta walk out.
"Mirta? You're coming with us?" Bloom said.
"I might as well... they're gonna bust me up good when they come to." Mirta said.
"Miiiiirrrrrrrrrrrta!!!!!!!!!!!" a loud shouting sound came from the castle. Mirta looked behind her to see the three senior witches giving chase for her.
"Bloom! Come on... we've got no time to lose!" Stella shouted. Bloom nodded and began flying once more. Mirta followed as she and the other Winx all climbed down the beanstalk.

Back down at Alfea College, the Winx were coming down fast as they landed safely back down on the campus grounds. The fairies who had stayed behind were obviously wondering what the heck was going on, especially when they saw Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Musa, Stella, and then the giant Mirta coming down from the beanstalk. Certainly, Mirta's appearance caused quite the panic among the students and teachers watching all this. She looked massive compared to the college itself. Miss Faragonda, the principal of Alfea College, approached the five Winx girls.
"What is the meaning of all this!?" Faragonda shouted.
"Uh... can't talk now, Miss F! We gotta cut down this beanstalk somehow!" Bloom shouted.
"Quick, let's combine all our powers!" Flora shouted. Bloom nodded and then shot her Winx magic at the beanstalk, as did many of the other ladies around. They were making a dent, but it wasn't enough to make the beanstalk move any.
"It totally didn't work!" Stella shouted. She then looked up, as did the other girls, to see the three giantesses not too far from touching the ground.
"They're coming!" Tecna shouted. Mirta then got an idea and charged into the beanstalk, pushing it with all her might.
"Come one, little ones... use your magic again!" Mirta shouted. The girls nodded and fired again. This time, with the added help of Mirta's strength, the beanstalk started to crack at the bottom. Just then, the beanstalk gave way, and it started tumbling down towards the ground (and away from the college, thank goodness). The three witches looked down and gasped.
"Oh crud..." Icy said. Just as they started climbing back up, it was already too late. The beanstalk crashed down to the ground, as did the three giantesses, leaving them motionless. Finally, they simply vanished... seemingly having lost their lives from the fall.

Bloom and the other girls took a deep breath knowing that they wouldn't have to bother with those giantesses ever again.
"Well, that's the end of that adventure." Bloom said.
"You know what they say... all's well that totally ends well! Right?" Stella said.
"Not quite, young ladies. You all have some explaining to do!" Faragonda shouted.
"I'm sorry, Miss Faragonda, it's all my fault. All I wanted was some special seeds for my science project, and I ended up throwing out the useless beans that made that beanstalk come up." Flora said.
"Excuse me, but would these seeds happen to be Golden Flower Seeds?" Mirta asked.
"Why yes! I was hoping we'd find the money we needed to afford these seeds." Flora said.
"Well, money won't be an issue, as I have just the seeds you need." Mirta said. Indeed, she reached into her other shorts pocket and used her magic to shrink down these seeds to a size where Flora could hold them like any other seed.
"Wow! Thank you, Mirta! I can't thank you enough for helping me with this." Flora said.
"Anything for a fellow friend. I mean... we are friends, right?" Mirta said.
"You bet! Why don't you stay here with us in Alfea? You're free from those evil witches now!" Bloom said.
"I'd really love to... but I don't think I'd fit in. I'm far too big to fit anywhere in this college." Mirta said.
"But where will you go?" Bloom said.
"Oh don't worry about me. I've heard about this place called Cloud Tower. Maybe I'll venture off there and see what happens. But I'm big enough to take care of myself now." Mirta said.
"Yeah, you can sure say that again!" Musa said. The girls just laughed.
"Well... I guess this is farewell, my friends." Mirta said. She then started to walk off into the distance, leaving Alfea College and her new tiny friends.
"I'll never forget you, Mirta! Don't forget to write!" Bloom shouted as Mirta waved her off. It would be a few good minutes before the giant Mirta was finally gone from sight.

"Well, I hope you girls learned your lesson from all this." Faragonda said.
"We sure did, Miss F." Bloom said.
"Good, so how about helping get this stupid beanstalk out of our front yard?" Faragonda said. The Winx girls groaned over having to do such a tough task, but in the end, they really didn't mind because everyone lived happily ever after.