The Shrinking Specialists

(Cubed Cinder; idea by whitebearboy)

WARNING: This story is rated MA-S for sexual references and innuendo. Reader discretion is advised.

All six girls of the Winx Club (wearing their Season 3 civilian outfits) walked out of the theater with six of their Specialist boyfriends right alongside. These pairings, of course, were Bloom and Sky, Stella and Brandon, Musa and Riven, Tecna and Timmy, Flora and Helia, and Aisha and Nabu. The 12 were enjoying a night out in Magix City that already included dinner as well as watching the movie.
"Man, for a cheesy B-movie, Super Winx Girl sure was fun!" Stella shouted.
"Oh, so nooooooow you come around to liking it?" Brandon asked.
"Heh, yes I do! It's like Tecna always says… you can't judge a book by its cover!" Stella said.
"Er… yes. I think I did say something like that." Tecna said.
"I thought I was the one who said that, Tecna!" Timmy said.
"Whatever, you two. So what else can we do tonight?" Sky said. Bloom then stopped walking, causing everyone else to stop as well, and she looked into Sky's eyes.
"I was kinda thinking we spend the night together at Alfea." Bloom said.
"Oh? Like a date?" Sky asked.
"Yeah!" Bloom said.
"Heh, it'd be far from a private date with all 12 of us crammed in one dormitory." Tecna said.
"But at least we'd be sending it out with a bang before we become teachers this Fall!" Stella shouted.
"Haha… Stella's got a cool point. Between that and blasting out the guitar…" Musa said.
"Alright then, it's cool. We'll all come with you. I wouldn't mind rocking out with you, Musa." Riven said.

Bloom and the other Winx girls then broke away from the Specialists and stood a few feet ahead of them.
"Actually, we kinda have a special request…" Bloom said.
"Huh? What's that, Bloom?" Sky asked.
"Oh? Are we really going to ask them to do THAT?" Stella asked.
"Better now than never, Stella." Flora said.
"We've been talking about this for a couple weeks now. You guys know we recently perfected our shrinking spells, right?" Bloom asked.
"You mean the Mini Winx spell where you shrink to doll size?" Timmy asked.
"Yeah, that, but now we can shrink other people too." Tecna said.
"She's right, and we were hoping we could try the spell on you guys." Aisha said.
"While still spending the night with us." Bloom finished. The boys looked at each other and huddled together like they were discussing something.

They then broke the discussion and looked at the Winx girls.
"We'll do it." they all said in unison. The Winx girls smiled and clapped their hands together.
"Oh wow! I didn't think they'd go for it!" Tecna said.
"Heh heh, I guess you miscalculated, Tecna!" Timmy said.
"Yes, yes I did. Oooooh… you're going to be in for some fun and games tonight just for that!" Tecna said.
"You… you don't mind at all, Sky?" Bloom said.
"Nah. None of us do. We totally trust you girls. You won't be too rough and do anything dangerous, right?" Sky asked.
"No no no no…" all six Winx girls said as they rapidly shook their heads.
"The thing is, I've always had dreams where I'm looking up at Flora like she's goddess-sized." Helia said.
"Heehee…" Flora giggled.
"Alright then, let's not waste another second! Let's all get back to Alfea immediately." Bloom said as the 12 people made their way out of Magix City.

Eventually they were on the front courtyard of Alfea with very few other students walking around.
"Alright, here we are. It's best that we shrink you out here." Bloom said.
"Okay. Nothing wrong with that, but any particular reason you chose here?" Sky asked.
"If Professor Griselda saw all 12 of us walking into our dorm at the same time…" Stella said.
"Hmmm… yeah. I get your drift, Stella." Brandon said.
"Especially if we're all laughing and giggling and screaming like we had a really good time." Tecna said.
"Definitely the most logical conclusion possible, Tecna." Timmy said as he adjusted his glasses and smiled.
"Thanks, Timmy!" Tecna said as she smiled right back.
"Alright then. Stand still, guys, while we work our magic." Bloom said. As the six Specialists gathered together, the Winx girls did the same thing and went into the same motion.
"Mini Spell!" all six Winx girls shouted as they pointed their hands towards the men. They immediately became surrounded in a bright light. Despite that, they watched the area around them get larger and larger, including of course the Winx girls.

A few seconds later, the spell was over and the light disappeared. The group looked down at the soil at their feet.
"*gulp* You think maybe they overdid their spell?" Riven asked.
"What's wrong, Riven? I thought you weren't afraid of anything." Nabu said.
"Hey, come on! I've been small before! Well, in an illusion by the Trix, anyway." Riven said.
"Timmy, how small are we?" Sky asked.
"Well, let's see, according to my calculations… we are exactly 2 inches tall. I gotta admire the accuracy of the girls… other shrink rays might put people at 2.4 inches, 2.5 inches, 2.8 inches…" Timmy said.
"Uh, thanks, Timmy. We get the idea." Brandon said as he kept his classmate from rambling off a bunch of techno babble he and the others wouldn't understand. The men watched as the now gigantic Winx girls approached them.
"Remember, gentlemen. Those are our girlfriends towering above us." Sky said.
"Oh, I'm not worried. I think it's a fantastic sight." Helia said.
"Why wouldn't it be?" Riven asked, playing it cool like he always does. The group watched as massive walls were planted in front of them, whether it was toes or the footwear some of the giantesses wore.

They watched as Stella was the first to kneel down and get a closer look at the shrunken Specialists.
"Awwww… look how cute they are! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 12!" Stella shouted.
"Fee fi fo fum. I smell the blood of speck-sized Specialists." Musa said with a sinister looking smile.
"Musa, don't you think that's kinda evil?" Flora asked.
"Yeah, but I couldn't resist. This takes me back to my days before I touched my first turntable." Musa said. Bloom next got down on both knees and held a hand in front of Sky.
"Well, don't just stand there! Climb aboard!" Bloom said. Sky did just that, hopping onto Bloom's fingers and standing in the palm of her hand as she stood back up.
"Hey! Don't leave us hanging down here!" Brandon said.
"I'll let the others pick each of you up." Bloom said. One by one, the Specialists were picked up off the ground by each of the Winx girls. They were each holding their respective boyfriends, wrapping a hand around them and leaving their heads sticking out. Stella was holding Brandon to closest to her face.
"Awwww, you look too adorable, Brandon! I ought to hug and squeeze you right now!" Stella shouted. She started to do just that, but Bloom placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Patience, Stella! We have to be fair to the other guys. Let's wait until we've gotten back to the dorm before we have our 'giant' fun." Bloom said.
"Oh, alright. What a spoil sport!" Stella said.
"Er… don't look at me!" Brandon said.
"Alright, everyone, let's go!" Bloom said as she and the other girls with the shrunken Specialists all walked inside Alfea.

They eventually made it back to the dorm they stayed in. Bloom knocked on the door with the hand that wasn't holding Sky.
"Lockette! We're home!" Bloom said. That's when the door opened and the six Pixies that often stuck around the Winx girls (Lockette, Amore, Chatta, Tune, Digit, and Piff) were flying in front of them.
"Welcome back, Bloom! Did you and the boys have a good time?" Lockette asked.
"Yep, we did. Although it's not over yet." Bloom said as she showed off the shrunken Sky to the Pixies. The others girls did the same thing with their own boyfriends.
"Greetings, ladies!" the six Specialists shouted. The Pixies gasped over what they saw.
"Oh my gosh!" Amore shouted.
"And here all this time I didn't think there were any humanoids smaller than us!" Chatta shouted.
"I don't mean to sound rude, girls, but I demand an explanation on how this happened!" Tune said.
"The girls used a shrinking spell on us. Don't worry, it's only temporary. We'll be back to normal in the morning." Brandon said.
"Still, they do look much cuter than usual. Wouldn't you agree, Piff?" Digit asked. Piff just yawned and gradually floated down to the ground to lay on it, right next to Aisha's lime green shoe (partially covered by her long socks).
"Haha! Same old Piff!" Chatta said.

Lockette then looked right into Bloom's eyes.
"Hey, Bloom. Could you, perhaps, set the guys down on the floor? I want to compare my size with theirs." Lockette said.
"Sure, no problem! You heard Lockette, girls." Bloom said. All the Winx girls did just that, setting the 2-inch-tall men gently down on the ground. Given that was smaller than the Pixies, they were at least twice as tall as the specialists, but nowhere near as massive as the Winx girls themselves.
"Haha! I feel like I'd be looking down at my son." Digit commented.
"Don't push your luck." Riven said.
"Sky, let's stand back to back." Lockette said. Sky nodded and the two did just that, comparing their heights to one another for the others to see. The ladies, whether they were the Winx or the Pixies, couldn't help but chuckle.
"Hahaha! Good thing we don't carry those picture taking phones." Chatta said.
"But we do!" Stella said as she reached into one of her dress pockets like she wanted to pull out a cell phone, but Musa, after taking a quick look at a blushing Riven, grabbed Stella by the wrist.
"Sorry, no pictures. This should be a private party." Musa said.
"Musa's right. Who knows how many millions of other ladies will get some silly idea with their boyfriends. These things can spread like wildfire." Tecna said.
"I tell you what. We'll call it even if the rest of you stand back to back." Bloom said as she winked down to the other Specialists.

The boys eventually stood back to back with the other Pixies… well, almost the rest of them. Nabu could only compare his height with Piff's head as she continued to sleep peacefully. But like with Sky and Lockette, everyone else stood back to back… Amore and Brandon, Timmy and Digit, Riven and Tune, and Helia and Chatta. The Winx girls giggled as they compared the sizes of the shrunken Specialists and their bonded Pixies. However, Chatta broke the theoretical ice and turned around, quickly hugging Helia up against herself.
"Awwww… so how was school today, little baby Helia!?" Chatta shouted.
"Ouch! Not so hard!" Helia shouted.
"Chatta! Don't you know it's impolite to invade that much of a person's private space!?" Tune shouted, but this only made all the girls laugh even more.

Bloom then looked near one of the beds and saw the box for a Twister board game, one of many things she brought from Earth to show her friends fun things people played from there. Then she clapped her hands together.
"Hey, I've got an idea!" Bloom said. Everyone, including the shrunken Specialists (Sky especially as one of Bloom's shoes came within a couple feet of him), watched as she walked over to the Twister game and picked it up.
"Anybody fancy a game of Twister?" Bloom asked.
"Now, Bloom? I thought we were going to spend time with our teeny tiny cutie boyfriends?" Stella said.
"We are! They're going to be part of our game. The six of us play the game while the guys try not to get crushed with our hands or feet." Bloom said.
"Oooooh… sounds like fun! I'm down." Musa said.
"Sure, I'd enjoy watching Helia trying to escape from my giant hands or feet." Flora said. Helia lightly blushed over that comment.
"Hmmm… I don't know. They're quite small. What if one of us steps on them? Or worse…" Aisha said.
"Don't worry, Aisha! My Firewall spell will protect them no matter what happens… especially at the size they're at." Tecna said.
"Why do you say that, Tecna?" Flora asked.
"The smaller the Firewall is, the stronger it actually becomes. In fact, in theory… they should be nearly invincible! It would take probably billions of tons in weight to break the energy barrier." Tecna said.
"Haha! That's what I love about you, Tecna. Always coming up with a plan!" Timmy said. Tecna then playfully stomped one of her boots in front of Timmy.
"Awww… you're just being nice to be so I don't smoosh you like a virus, right?" Tecna asked.
"Er… um… yeah… I… guess…" Timmy said, prompting a laugh from everyone.
"Pixies, hold onto the guys for a moment while I set up the mat." Bloom said.
"Aye aye!" all the Pixies except Piff shouted.

A couple minutes pass, and the Twister mat is on the floor and ready to go. Not far away from the mat was the all important spinner. The Pixies (minus Piff who slept besides the spinner) were instructed to put the Specialists in the middle of the mat, and once that was done, they flew towards the spinner.
"Now then… hold still, gentlemen. Firewall!" Tecna said as she fired a projectile resembling a green wire net. The net surrounded itself around the guys and then disappeared. Tecna then looked at her PDA.
"Firewall is operational and running at peak performance. We can begin now!" Tecna said.
"Heh, this is going to be interesting seeing nothing but giant girlfriends left and right." Nabu said.
"Very interesting." Sky said as he looked up pretending a giant Bloom trying to keep her balance was overhead.
"Alright, here we go! Remember, Pixies, we're taking turns spinning this arrow." Lockette said.
"Quit chatting and get spinning already!" Chatta shouted. Lockette smiled and gave the wheel a spin. They watched where the arrow landed after it stopped, and then Lockette called out the result.

"Right foot on red!" Lockette said. All the Winx girls placed their right foots (with whatever footwear they had on) on a red dot, nowhere near the Specialists. Digit spun next.
"Right hand, blue!" Digit said. The six Winx girls either bent down or got on their knees to touch a blue dot. Again, the Specialists weren't in any danger (so to speak given they had invisible Firewalls around them), although Nabu did look up and saw the underwear Aisha was wearing, something that was not lost on her.
"Nabu, you pervert!!" Aisha shouted.
"Sorry! It can't be helped!" Nabu exclaimed. Next, Tune spun.
"Please place your left hand on the green." Tune said. Now the board started to get crowded, as the Specialists watched the giantesses shuffle around trying to get in a comfortable position. Stella, in particular, was hovering her chest above the guys.
"Getting a nice view, Brandon?" Stella said.
"Um…" Brandon started to say.
"Wait, don't answer that." Stella said, prompting a few laughs.

Next to spin was Amore.
"Left foot on green!" Amore shouted. When the girls took note of how green was clear across the board from red, some of them took deep breaths.
"Oh boy. I just have to calculate the right amount of pressure…" Tecna said as she and the other Winx girls moved their hands and feet around without trying to fall to the floor. However, as is typical of a game of Twisted with six contestants, some of the girls started to cross up with one another and were wrapping their arms and legs with each other.
"Ack, Bloom! I can't move my right leg!" Stella said.
"Sorry! Hold on…" Bloom said. Even while the girls continued to shift around, the wheel spinning didn't stop, as it was Chatta's turn to spin.
"Yellow hand on right… er, I mean… Right hand on yellow!" Chatta shouted. The girls continued to struggle moving around from being in knots, while the guys ran around trying to avoid having hands or feet in their faces.
"Ummmm… I don't mean to be a party pooper, but why are we running around?" Riven asked.
"Because where would the fun be in that?" Sky said as he ran just in front of Bloom's hard-working face.
"That's right, Sky! Run so we don't fall on you!" Bloom said. As the guys now split off in different directions having been unable to come up with an escape plan, Lockette started to reach down and grab the arrow to spin it… however, Piff, despite her eyes closed and the appearance of her sleeping like a baby, whacked the arrow with one of her hands and gave it a spin.
"Hahaha! Thanks, Piff!" Lockette shouted. Amore looked down at where the arrow landed.
"Left foot on red… oh dear, this won't look good." Amore said.

The girls grunted audibly as they realized where their next target was. They fought valiantly, but ultimately they could feel themselves tumbling down.
“Going down!” Tecna shouted as she and the other five Winx girls all collapsed to the floor. As for the Specialists, 5 of them managed to scamper out of the way, coming within inches of the giantesses’ bodies.
“Well now. I guess there are no winners in this game!” Stella shouted as the girls all separated from each other. They looked down and saw five of the shrunken Specialists.
“Huh? Wait a minute… where's Riven?" Bloom asked.
"You're right, where did he go?" Lockette asked.
"Wait, down there!" Amore shouted as she pointed towards Musa's rear end… where Riven was trapped underneath with his upper body sticking out.
"Talk about a pressing engagement!" Tecna said, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room. Except from Riven, that is.
"Hoho, very funny! Firewall or not, this still hurts!" Riven shouted.
"Good. I like seeing you squirm… for a few seconds anyway!" Musa said until she finally lifted herself up and pulled Riven out, holding him against her chest.

As the girls picked up their respective shrunken boyfriends, Bloom was putting away the Twister game while the Winx girls conversed with each other.
"Well now, that was fun!" Stella said.
"And to think the night is still young." Tecna said.
"Still, anybody in the mood yet for up close and personal time with our guys?" Aisha asked.
"Up close and… ooooooooh, I gotcha!" Flora said.
"Got what, Flora?" Bloom asked.
"Hey, Bloom. Don't you think we should spend some alone time with each of our guys?" Flora asked.
"I think that's a grand idea!" Tecna said.
"I'm totally down with that." Musa said.
"Oh, but what about the Pixies?" Aisha asked.
"Hmmm…" Bloom said before she turned around and looked down at the six Pixies on the floor.
"Lockette, the 12 of us would like to spend some quality time together. Maybe you and the others can sleep at Pixie Village tonight?" Bloom asked.
"Are you sure, Bloom? I mean what if…" Lockette said, only to have her mouth covered up by Amore.

"Absolutely, Bloom! We wouldn't mind spending the night at our home in Pixie Village." Amore said.
"Besides, it's been a little while since we checked in with them anyway. They're probably worried the Trix will try and rampage around the place again!" Chatta shouted.
"Come to think of it, there's some spare parts I've been meaning to gather up for the next time Tecna and I try to invent something together." Digit said.
"Alright, then it's settled! Let's make like pixie dust and jet out of here!" Amore said who took off for the nearby open window.
"Amore, that is a very unladylike thing to say!" Tune shouted as she followed behind, as did the rest of the Pixies (with Piff being carried by Digit and Chatta). Lockette sighed and looked one more time at Bloom.
"Have fun, Bloom. Just… well, don't do anything reckless to the guys." Lockette said.
"No problem." Bloom said as she winked down at her bonded Pixie. Lockette smiled, knowing that was a wink of confidence, and was the last Pixie to leave, leaving the six Winx girls and their shrunken Specialist boyfriends all to themselves in the dorm.
"Well, that's that. We're all alone now." Bloom said.
"For the rest of the night anyway." Tecna said.
"That's all the time Riven and I need to get down and…" Musa said, only to stop talking immediately.
"Huh? Down and what?" Riven asked.
"N-n-never mind." Musa said.
"Alright, let's have some fun in different parts of the room, but like Lockette said… let's be very gentle too." Bloom said.
"Hah! Gentle is my middle name, Bloom!" Stella shouted as she thrust one of her hands in the air. It happened to be the hand that was holding Brandon, and he winced a bit from her squeezing that hand too hard.
"Ouch!" Brandon said.
"That… wasn't gentle." Musa said.
"Okay okay, I'll work on it, like, totally right now!" Stella said. The six girls then split up so they could be all by themselves in various parts of the room.

The Specialists all took deep breaths. The next several hours were about to get very interesting.

Bloom sat down on her bed with Sky firmly in her hands.
"Well, Sky… we're alone now. Well, almost." Bloom said as she took a look around the room and briefly watched what the other five Winx girls were up to. Sky smiled.
"Is this the part where you give me the biggest kiss of all time?" Sky said.
"Do I shoot fireballs out of my hands?" Bloom asked. Of course, Sky knew what kind of question that was, and he took a deep breath and stood still as Bloom moved him closer and closer to his face.

Just then, however, the two heard a familiar noise down by her shoes.
"Hey there, Kiko!" Bloom said, referring to her pet rabbit.
"Oh, I take it you're wondering what I'm holding? Here, look! It's just Sky." Bloom said as she lowered her hands down in front of Kiko's face. Kiko sniffed Sky repeatedly, and he definitely felt the moist air coming out of his nostrils.
"Whoa! Easy, Kiko!" Sky shouted. Kiko couldn't help but giggle. Bloom then raised her eyebrows as she got an idea.
"Hey, I know something fun you can do, Sky." Bloom said. She then gently set him on top of Kiko's head between his ears. Kiko immediately could sense what Bloom wanted him to do, and so Kiko took off running around, making sure to stay close to Bloom. Sky, meanwhile, held on for dear life onto both ears.
"Whoa there, bunny! Whoa!!!" Sky shouted.
"Hahaha!" Bloom laughed as she watched Kiko run around. While this was going on, she was slipping her feet out of her shoes and then out of her leg high socks.

A couple minutes later, Kiko clearly looked out of gas judging by his heavy panting. Bloom petted Kiko gently behind his head.
"Good job, Kiko. Take a rest, you definitely earned it." Bloom said. After picking up Sky from Kiko's head and placing him on the bed, she then reached for a nearby table and dropped a small carrot at the rabbit's feet. Kiko smiled as he took the carrot and ran away from the bed. Sky watched Kiko nibble at the carrot shortly thereafter.
"Kiko sure is charming any time of day, isn't he?" Sky asked.
"Yep, of course." Bloom said as she got up from the bed and stood in front of her shrunken boyfriend.
"Huh? Bloom?" Sky asked.
"Hey, Sky. It sure is getting hot in here, don't you think?" Bloom said. She then reached down for her skirt and unbuttoned it. This was taking Sky by surprise.
"Um… Bloom? What are you doing?" Sky said. His awe only increased as he watched Bloom next take her shirt off, leaving her in just her bra and panties (both colored white). Sky backed away as he watched Bloom get back on the bed with her knees on both sides of him.
"Mmmmm… alright, Sky. I'd like to test your endurance." Bloom said. She then reached down and gently picked up Sky, rolling around in her bed until she was flat on her back with her head on the pillows. Then she gently placed him on her stomach region.
"Show me how long you can dance around my stomach as the Dragon Fire heats it up." Bloom said.
"Um… okay. Give me a good reason this isn't torture." Sky said.
"Come on, Sky. It'll be fun! You trust me, right?" Bloom asked. Sky thought she brought up a good point. There's no way she'd ever intentionally bring harm to him.
"Yes, Bloom. I trust you." Sky said. Bloom nodded and then concentrated.

Sky could feel the effects right away beneath his boots. The skin beneath him was heating up fast. Already he felt like he was standing on hot coals or some other unbearably hot surface. Sky danced around trying to keep his feet from burning up. He was so focused on his feet he didn't realize he was moving all around Bloom's stomach area… in fact, he was about to fall into her navel, but Bloom nudged him away.
"Haha! You don't want to fall in there!" Bloom shouted. Despite his 2-inch-tall height, she could easily see Sky tiring out and sweating like crazy.
"Huff… puff… I… don't… know… how much… longer… I can…" Sky said.
"Okay, okay, Sky. You lasted longer than I thought you would!" Bloom said as she concentrated and essentially shut off the Dragon Fire within her, cooling her body back down to normal temperature. She then picked him up and held him against her face.
"Still, you have to admit that was good exercise." Bloom said.
"Oh, definitely!" Sky said.
"Now then, you deserve a biiiiiiig reward." Bloom said. That's when she puckered up her lips and planted them all over Sky's body, finally giving him that biggest kiss imaginable.

Tecna walked over to her desk where her open laptop was sitting, and she set Timmy down above the top row of keys. Timmy turned around and watched the screen light up. He briefly had to cover his eyes so he could adjust to the light.
"Whatcha doing, Tecna?" Timmy asked.
"Just doing some calculations based on your new height of 2 inches tall…" Tecna said. Timmy looked up at the giantess and couldn't help but smile. The way her eyes were focused on the screen, the way her fingers were tapping the keys (which he knew to stay away from so he wouldn't be crushed), it was all too romantic in his eyes.
"Here we go. At your size, I would appear 198 feet tall. I'd weigh 2,332 tons plus 1,600 pounds. It'd be 9 feet, 5.1 inches to my ankle… 53 feet to my knee…" Tecna said. Timmy clutched his hands to his heart as the rest of what Tecna was saying became a series of murmurs.
Eventually, Tecna realized Timmy was in a trance and gently nudged him on the top of his head.
"Are you even listening to me, Timmy?" Tecna asked.
"Er… um… well… I was… I'm sorry, Tecna. All that geek talk is music to my ears." Timmy said. Tecna smiled.
"Understandable. But there is one stat I want to point out… my walking stride if I were to grow to 198 feet tall would be 77 feet, 1 inch long, while my running stride would be 192 feet, 2 inches long." Tecna said.
"Meaning? Whoa!" Timmy said as he suddenly saw Tecna wrap two of her fingers around his body.

Tecna then got up from her desk and placed Timmy down on the floor, then stood to her full height.
"Meaning I'm in the mood for a little cat and mouse, if you don't mind at all." Tecna said.
"Anything you for… er, I mean, you for anything… I mean… anything for you!" Timmy said as he struggled to get the words out of his mouth; he was obviously overcome how beautiful Tecna looked from his perspective.
"You sound so cute when you stutter, Timmy. It makes me want to put my foot down on you." Tecna said as she raised one of her boots up in the air.
"Ummm… Tecna?" Timmy said.
"Better get moving before the antivirus that is my boot takes care of you!" Tecna said playfully. Timmy could tell by the tone of her voice and also the very slow speed she was bringing her foot down that Tecna was being playful, which brought a smile to his face. He finally turned around and got running, with Tecna slowly following from behind.

The 'chase' went on for over a couple minutes, with Timmy looking back and seeing the towering tech savvy giantess walking behind him. Eventually though, Tecna took a much larger step and planted her left boot in front of Timmy, causing him to slam into it and fall onto his behind.
"Oops! Accident on the freeway!" Tecna said.
"Ooooof… yeah. Man, Tecna, what are your shoes made of?" Timmy asked.
"I don't know, actually. Maybe one day I'll do a spectral analysis on it with my PDA. You're okay, though?" Tecna said as she got down on her knees to get a closer look at Timmy.
"Sure… no sweat!" Timmy said as he got back on his feet. He stood still waiting for Tecna to reach down and pick him up, but she wasn't doing that yet.
"Good. Thank you so much for playing along, Timmy. You deserve a special reward." Tecna said with a smile.

She then nudged her way forward while still resting on her two knees; all the way until her crotch was directly above the shrunken Specialist.
"Huh? What are you doing, Tecna?" Timmy said. He gulped nervously as Tecna started lowering herself on top of Timmy and then quickly rising back up, repeating the process over and over.
"What else? Dry humping." Tecna finally said. She started breathing a bit faster than usual, at times playfully lowering a finger and touching the area between her legs.
"Mmmmm… I hope this is turning you on, little Timmy." Tecna said.
Timmy, on the other hand, was speechless. He never expected this kind of behavior out of Tecna. It was almost too much for him to process, and he fainted. Tecna looked between her legs and saw Timmy sprawled out on the ground.
"Awww… I guess that was too much for him." Tecna said. She finally gently picked up the shrunken man and walked over to her bed. She sat down and massaged him from head to toe.
"A nice and gentle massage ought to reboot his system. Figuratively speaking, of course." Tecna said, giggling over the funny remark she just made.

Meanwhile, Flora cuddled Helia up against her midriff as she walked over to her miniature garden resting by one of the windows.
"So, Helia? What do you think of my garden?" Flora asked as she moved the man up to her head.
"Oh, it looks wonderful as always. But that's no surprise given you are the queen of nature." Helia said.
"Teehee… thanks! Go ahead, dig in… you must be hungry." Flora said as she hovered Helia near one of her tomato growing plants.
"Don't mind if I do…" Helia said as he took little bites out of the tomato. And this was the perfect chance for Flora to strike, so to speak. She snapped her fingers on her other hand, and suddenly one of the plants extended its non-thorny vines and wrapped around Helia's arms.
"Hey! What the…?" Helia said as he felt the vines pulling on him, dangling him in mid-air. Helia looked up as Flora approached him with her bellybutton right in his face.

"Uh… Flora… I think one of your plants is too attracted to me." Helia said.
"I know. That was all me." Flora said.
"But what for?" Helia said. He watched as the giantess kneeled down and had quite the sexy look on her face.
"Mmmm… so I can give you some of the biggest kisses you'll ever have." Flora said as she licked her lips right in front of Helia. He was briefly worried that she was going to eat him, but trusted her in whatever she had in mind. That's when Flora stuck her tongue out and lightly bashed Helia with it, covering him from head to toe in saliva.
"Okay, Flora… can you at least try not to drown me?" Helia asked.
"Mmmmm… don't worry, Helia. You'll feel quite good by the time I'm through." Flora said. She next extended the tip of her tongue towards Helia's crotch… and he felt that region bulge up very quickly.
"Oooooh… Flora…" Helia said as he tried his best to keep his composure.

Flora, though, stopped licking when she heard a familiar voice behind her.
"Yo, Flo. Whatcha doing?" Musa asked as she approached her Winx teammate with Riven in her grasp.
"Um… *ahem* I was… well…" Flora said.
"Giving Helia a rise?" Musa asked with a smirk on her face.
"How did you know!?" Flora shouted.
"I know what a guy turned on looks like. I've seen it everywhere I've been, including at the dance club." Musa said as she winked one of her eyes.
"I… I see." Flora said.
"I gotta say, Flora. I didn't know you had THAT kind of side in you." Musa said as she pointed behind her at Helia tied up.
"Heh heh heh…" Flora said as her face blushed a bright red. Musa then put a hand on one of her shoulders.
"Seriously, Flo. It's cool. It never hurts to bring out a girl's wild side once every blue moon. Besides, look at Bloom." Musa said as she pointed across the room where Bloom was laying on her bed and stripped down to her underwear, watching as Sky walked around her body. It made Flora realize what she was doing was kinda tame compared to Bloom and Sky's antics.
"Thanks, Musa." Flora said.
"No prob! What do you say we get down and give these guys a REAL show?" Musa said.
"A real show? Oh!" Flora said as she suddenly found herself holding onto Riven while Musa turned around and walked away.

She came back a few seconds later with a mini stereo in her hands. She placed it down on a nearby table and pressed a series of buttons. Some slow music with beats began to play, and Musa took Riven from Flora's hands and placed him on the same table as Flora's plants.
"I call this my super sexy beat." Musa said as she slowly danced around in front of Flora and the two shrunken men. And yes… it was a sexy kind of dance as she swayed her hips around in a very pervasive manner. After releasing Helia from his vine prison and letting him sit next to Riven, Flora couldn't help but bob her head up and down with the beat.
"Ooooooh… what a truly enchanting beat." Flora said. She finally couldn't help but dance along with Musa.
"Yeah! Work those legs, girl." Musa said as the girls danced together. Sometimes they would tango with each other and other times they would lock hands and swing around each other. But now came the down and dirty stuff. Musa stood a few inches from the table Riven and Helia were sitting on and did a belly dance for about 15 seconds.
"What a truly enchanting dance…" Helia said. Riven couldn't help but stare point blank at the giant Musa's stomach region as it moved in every possible direction he could think of. Musa further teased them by dangling her long pigtailed hair in front of them, almost swinging it in their direction. But then both men watched as it was Flora's turn to let loose a good shake, but instead of her stomach… she instead swayed her behind back and forth. She looked back and blew a kiss towards Helia.
"I hope you like what you saw, Helia. It may be the only time you're allowed to look back there." Flora said.

Both girls then started the closing act of their sexy dance by doing something VERY suggestive. Flora backed away towards Musa, who moaned as she grabbed her by the back and briefly rubbed her hands up and down her midriff. Flora next leaned her upper body towards the guys while Musa stood right behind her, her midsection inches away from Flora's behind. Then it happened. Musa 'thrust' forward and her midsection made contact with Flora's behind. You can figure out what they were pretending to do as Flora moaned feverishly.
"Mmmmmmm… more, Musa. MORE!" Flora said, which caused the two ladies to speed up their motion. Riven and Helia's eyes were wide open as they watched the show.
"I'm glad we're all grownups here." Riven said.
"Define grownup, Riven." Helia said, which Riven couldn't help but chuckle at.

A couple minutes later, once the music coming from the stereo ended, Flora and Musa both deeply exhaled and stood back to their full heights.
"Wow… that was…" Flora said.
"Entertaining." Musa said.
"Yeah, entertaining. I trust you two enjoyed the show?" Flora said.
"Oh, of course!" Helia said.
"Like we had much choice." Riven said. Musa then walked over and picked up both of the gentlemen.
"C'mon. You two deserve to walk all over us after all that." Musa said as she and Flora walked over to a nearby bed.

Aisha didn't waste much time with Nabu once they were alone in their part of the dorm. She was already snuggling him against her face, at least until she pulled him back.
"Hmmm… I kinda wish you'd stay tiny forever." Aisha said.
"Because I look as cute as a button, right?" Nabu asked.
"So what would you like me to do?" Aisha asked.
"Um… well… I've always wanted to be tied up in your long flowing hair." Nabu said. Aisha then heard the music playing in the background that Musa and Flora were dancing to.
"Alright, good idea." Aisha said. She took the longest strands of her hair with one hand and indeed tied Nabu to them. Aisha let out a slightly evil smile.
"Now, my little Nabu, you are now my prisoner. You shall watch as I dance the night away." Aisha said.
"Oooooh… I'm so scared." Nabu said with a smile. Aisha then danced around, making sure to swing her hips around so that her hair (with Nabu tied to it) bounced off.

The dancing lasted for a couple minutes when Aisha suddenly came to a stop.
"Huh? Why did you stop?" Nabu asked.
"All that dancing gave me an idea." Aisha said as she untangled Nabu from her hair. She then set the shrunken Specialist down on the ground and backed away a couple steps. Then, using her powers to create anything out of liquid matter, she created a pole that extended from the floor all the way to the ceiling made entirely out of water. Aisha firmly gripped the pole with one of her hands while looking down at Nabu.
"Ever seen a pole dancing giantess?" Aisha asked in a sexy tone.
"First time for everything." Nabu said with a smile. He watched as Aisha got to dancing again, this time around the pole. She danced like any pole dancer in a night club, no matter what planet or dimension the Winx girls were in, making sure to jump off her feet and circle around the pole in a sexy manner.
"Come closer." Aisha said softly. Entranced by his giant girlfriend's tone, Nabu indeed walked closer… all the way until he was a couple yards away from Aisha's footwear. That was close enough for Aisha as she firmly clutched onto the pole with both hands and then squatted down… her behind coming within inches of hitting Nabu as he fell on his back in shock. This gave Nabu an up close look at the pink underwear she wore under her green skirt.
"Like what you saw?" Aisha asked.
"Um… yes!" Nabu said.
"Then go ahead… kiss my ass." Aisha said as she squatted down a couple more times.
"Er… no offense, Aisha. But I don't find that very appropriate." Nabu said. Aisha stood back up and turned around, resting herself by the pole.
"You're right, I'm sorry. I got carried away there." Aisha said.

The girl then reached down and picked up Nabu. She then dropped him into one of the pockets of her skirt.
"Here, you can ride in here until I get tired of pole dancing." Aisha said.
"The view from here is nice too!" Nabu commented. Aisha smiled.
"Glad you approve!" Aisha said as she got back to dancing around, to Nabu's delight.

Brandon, meanwhile, was in seemingly endless laughter and kicking around as Stella brushed some of her fingernails on his body.
"Hahahahaha! Okay okay, uncle uncle!!!" Brandon said. Stella finally pulled her nails away from her shrunken boyfriend.
"Pfffft… that was quicker than I thought. And here all this time I thought you weren't ticklish!" Stella said.
"Well, things change when you're the size of a bug." Brandon said.
"Hmmm… they sure do, sweetie!" Stella said. She then gently picked him up and placed him on the floor, inches away from her platform shoes. Stella smiled and put her hands on her hips.
"I bet I look even bigger thanks to these platform shoes!" Stella said.
"Of… of course! No argument from me!" Brandon said. Stella kneeled down and picked up Brandon again, hold him up to her face.
"What's that? You'll have to speak up!" Stella said.
"I said no argument from me!" Brandon said.
"Teehee… I thought so! Of course, everything about me is big from your perspective. Including…" Stella said.

She then walked over towards her bed and laid down, slipping her feet out of her shoes in the process.
"…my legs! They can be the ultimate slide for you!" Stella said as she threw Brandon up towards one of her bare feet. Gravity took over from there and Brandon slid down Stella's leg like a slide.
"Whoa! Wheeeee!" Brandon shouted as he slid down Stella's gigantic leg, all the way until he got to the bottom of her dress
"It looked like you had fun, Brandon!" Stella shouted.
"Yeah! I don't think I've had that much fun since I was little." Brandon said.
"Haha! No pun intended, I hope! Go ahead, slide again!" Stella said. Brandon stood still waiting for the giant Stella to pick him up. However…
"Ummmm… aren't you going to pick me up, Stel?" Brandon asked.
"No way! I want to see you running towards my ankle this time. You could use the exercise!" Stella said as she winked down to her tiny boyfriend. Brandon shrugged his shoulders and didn't bother to argue with the giantess. He walked his way down Stella's left leg after she laid it flat on the bed. It wasn't a smooth walk, however, as Stella hopped her leg up and down a couple times, causing Brandon to kneel down to hold his balance.
"Come on, Brandon! While I'm still eternally young! Teehee!" Stella said. Brandon picked up his pace, and a couple minutes later, he was finally up against Stella's foot.
"Elevator going down!" Stella shouted as she tilted her leg up, allowing Brandon to slide down again.
"Wheeeeee!" Brandon shouted as he once again enjoyed the ride.

But this time the trip down wasn't silky smooth.
"Uh oh… malfunction, as Tecna would say!" Stella shouted as she suddenly thrust her knee upwards a bit, but at Brandon's size, it was enough to send him flying through the air.
"WHOA!" Brandon shouted as he flailed his arms and legs wildly in the air until he landed just below Stella's chest. He got up and rubbed the back of his head.
"Ugh… well, that was unexpected." Brandon said.
"Teehee… sorry about that! I totally didn't want to become too predictable." Stella said.
"Stella, you're always unpredictable, whether it's shopping at the shoe store or fighting monsters." Brandon said. Stella smiled and then patted her breasts, covered by her dress, with both her hands.
"So what do you think? They look pretty big, don't they?" Stella asked.
"Um… like mountains." Brandon said. He then watched as Stella picked him up with two of her fingers, dropping him atop not just one of her breasts, but the slight bulge where a certain private part of her body lied. Brandon then watched as Stella very slowly pulled the top of her dress down, revealing more of her breasts and coming dangerously close to revealing what lied in the middle of those breasts.
"Um… Stella, don't you think we're getting into viewer discretion advised territory?" Brandon said.
"Not where you're going, my little sugar plum!" Stella said as she wrapped her hands around Brandon, picking him up and dropping him in between her breasts.
"NOW what do you think?" Stella said. Brandon stumbled around after realizing where he was at, and he was speechless. And before he could say anything, Stella took her next action.
"Look out! The walls are closing in!" Stella said with a smile on her gigantic face. She was pressing her breasts together, trapping Brandon in between the walls of flesh. And yet, he didn't feel a wince of pain from the incredibly soft skin that surrounded him from every angle, even as Stella shifted her chest around in multiple directions. Then again, that could've been thanks to the invisible Firewall barrier given to him and the other guys by Tecna.

Still, he could feel the oxygen draining fast from his 'prison,' but almost as if Stella knew that, she released her grip on her breasts, allowing them to spread apart again. Brandon took several deep breaths for air and looked up at the giantess.
"Teehee… I hope I wasn't too rough on you, Brandon." Stella said.
"Never, Stel. Although… I didn't think you had this wild side to you." Brandon said.
"Haha! I guess that's what happens when I have a teeny tiny boy to play with. Imagine if I had 20 of them…" Stella said.

She then looked up and saw Bloom, now wearing her pajamas, approaching her. Sky was riding one of her shoulders, occasionally batting away a few strands of her fiery red hair.
"Stella, where is Brandon?" Bloom asked.
"Um… right here!" Stella said with a light blush as she reached in between her breasts and pulled him out.
"Heh… let me guess, you smushed him between your breasts." Bloom said.
"Yeah! How did you know?" Stella asked.
"Because I did the same thing to Sky." Bloom said.
"While she was moaning and groaning and pretending to…" Sky said, only to have one of Bloom's giant fingers get close to him.
"Oooooooookay, Sky… TMI!" Bloom said, prompting a laugh from both girls and their shrunken Specialist boyfriends.
Eventually, the rest of the girls gathered together. Some, like Bloom, were already in their nightgowns or pajamas while a couple others were still in their casual outfits like Stella. But they all were holding onto their tiny boyfriends.
"Well then, it's time we got to bed, everyone." Tecna said.
"I agree. I'm kinda pooped after doing that, well, thing, with Flora." Musa said.
"Please, Musa! Let's not make a habit out of it!" Flora said with a bright blush on her face as she held her hands on it.
"So where are the guys going to sleep? Some of us totally like to toss and turn, like Musa, and the guys could get crushed without us knowing it." Stella said.
"For your information, Stella, that tossing and turning is the music playing in my head!" Musa commented.
"Actually, Stella does raise a good point." Bloom said.

The girls stood around for a few seconds trying to think of something that will allow the guys to sleep close to the giantesses without putting them in danger. Tecna then loudly snapped her fingers.
"I've got it! They sleep inside our stomachs." Tecna said.
"In our stomachs!?" the other five Winx girls as well as the boyfriends said.
"Um… that's all well and good, but won't we get digested?" Riven asked. Tecna immediately shook her head.
"Not with the Firewall spells I've cast on you guys. If you can withstand being stepped on or smushed in between someone's breasts…" Tecna said.
"Come on, was it that obvious!?" Bloom shouted.
"You did take your clothes off, Bloom, remember? Leaving you in just your underwear." Aisha said as she winked one of her eyes.
"Oh, right." Bloom said with a tepid smile.
"Anyway, if they can go through all that, then they'll have no trouble surviving against stomach acids. Plus, we can use our teleporting spells to easily bring them back out in the morning." Tecna said.
"Heh, thank goodness there really is a spell for everything. So what do you say, Sky?" Bloom said. Sky looked around and saw no hesitation at all from his fellow Specialists. Like when they were shrunk hours ago, the men trusted the Winx girls with their powers and saw no reason to fear anything.
"Sure thing, Bloom. Let's do it!" Sky said.
"Yeah, and besides… I've always wanted to see from a first person view the insides of a gentle woman's stomach." Timmy said.
"Especially mine, right, little Timmy?" Tecna asked. Timmy just smiled as Tecna gently patted him on the head.
"Alright then! In you go, Brandon!" Stella said as she started to open her mouth and drop Brandon inside.
"Wait, Stella! We should do this together, and I know a good way to do it." Bloom said. She quickly walked away from the other five Winx girls.

About a minute later, Bloom returns holding a tray with six small plastic cups, none of them capable of holding more than 1.5 ounces of liquid. All of them were already filled up with water, and each of the Winx girls picked up a cup for themselves.
"All we gotta go is drop the guys in the cup, and the water will help them slide down our esophagus and into our stomachs." Bloom said.
"This way they don't stick to our tongues due to saliva. Brilliant thinking, Bloom!" Tecna shouted.
"Heh heh… some of your science mind has rubbed off on me." Bloom said with a smile. The girls then took their shrunken boyfriends and dropped them into their respective cups of water. Some of them, not being expert swimmers, kicked their legs rapidly to stay afloat.
"Hold on… let me check the Firewall strength." Tecna said as she pulled out her PDA with her other hand, skillfully tapping the screen with one thumb.
"I'm always amazed by how quick you work on that thing with one thumb!" Aisha said. Tecna didn't answer as she was busy tapping away at the screen.
"Oooooh… she's in the zone!" Stella said.

"Okay, according to my calculations, they'll be safe well into tomorrow morning." Tecna said.
"Good to hear, Tecna. So, are you guys ready?" Bloom asked.
"As ready as we'll ever be." Sky said.
"Sweet dreams, gentlemen. Cheers!" Bloom said.
"Cheers!" the other Winx girls shouted. They tapped their cups of water together and drank the entire contents of the cup together. All the men went sliding down the throats of their giant girlfriends, eventually landing inside their stomachs, watching as stomach acids galore splashed around the men without harming them.
"I'll never look at my lunch the same way again." Riven commented as he noted all the many crumbs of food, especially popcorn from the movie theater, that floated all around him. He, as well as the rest of the men inside the giantesses, all got as comfortable as they could. It took them seemingly forever given their unusual sleeping conditions, but they all eventually fell asleep, as did the Winx girls after they finished their nightly routine, though they did chat with each other on how fun it is to have the men inside of them for the night.

The next morning, the Winx girls woke up one by one. Bloom was the last to wake up, and she only woke up because Tecna nudged her repeatedly.
"Bloom, wake up! We've got about 10 minutes left before the Firewall on the guys runs out and they're digested!" Tecna said.
"Okay, okay, I'm getting… ooooooof!" Bloom said as she rolled off her bed and landed right on her backside.
"Haha! Welcome to the don't wake me up club, Bloom!" Stella shouted.
"It only took you almost your entire student life to join it." Musa said with a sly smile.
"You five can be so silly sometimes." Bloom said as she got back on her feet.

Eventually, with all the girls changed back into their casual outfits (the same ones they wore last night), they all made it outside their dorm room and onto the front courtyard of Alfea.
"Alright, let's do it, everyone." Bloom said.
"The teleportation spell will also return the guys to their normal size due to the spatial relativity of their molecules resetting." Tecna said.
"English, please, Tecna?" Stella asked.
"Pffft… don't waste your breath, Tecna. Stella probably still wouldn't get it even if you spoke to her in shoe sizes." Musa said.
"Hey! Be nice or I'll shrink you too!" Stella said, prompting a laugh from the other girls.
"Teleportation Spell. Return the Specialists to us!" all six Winx girls said together as they held their sparkling hands against their stomachs. Once they were glowing bright enough, they all aimed the hands in front of them towards the empty space. A series of multi-colored lights shot out from the stomach regions of all six girls.

They all eventually formed together into the six Specialist boyfriends. They were all back to their normal sizes and sound asleep on the ground.
"Awwww… they're sleeping like little babies." Stella said.
"Amazing… I thought for sure Nabu would be red-eyed and complaining about having to sleep on a bed of food particles." Aisha said.
"That would no doubt dissolve underneath him throughout the night." Flora said.
"We better wake them up now." Bloom said. Musa then held a hand up.
"Hold up. I got this." Musa said. She then waved her hands together, and suddenly a bullhorn appeared. It appeared ordinary to the untrained eye, but the other five Winx girls covered up their ears.
"Oooooh… this'll be good." Aisha commented. Musa then took a deep breath and spoke into her bullhorn.
"TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!!" Musa screamed, causing the six guys to rapidly stir awake.

They jumped to their feet and saw a totally different scenery, including with the Winx girls in front of them.
"Hey, we're back to normal size!" Sky said.
"And it's morning already? Man… I thought I'd never fall asleep. I was so sure I'd be red-eyed and complaining about having to sleep on a bed of dissolving food particles." Nabu said, prompting a giggle from Aisha.
"How are you guys feeling? Our teleportation spell looks to have been successful." Bloom said.
"Forgive us for the rude awakening, but my Firewall spell was going to run out any minute." Tecna said.
"Oh, and you're probably late for training at Red Fountain anyways!" Stella commented.
"She's right! Hoo boy, Headmaster Saladin is going to brain us for sure." Riven said.
"Time to skedaddle back to the school, guys!" Timmy said. As most of the guys ran away from Alfea to hit the road back to Red Fountain, Sky stopped and gently held Bloom's hands.
"Bloom… thanks for a wonderful last night. We should do it again sometime." Sky said.
"I would love that." Bloom said. They nodded each other and then went their separate ways.

The rest of the Winx girls gathered together, and Bloom exhaled.
"Well, now that that's over, what do you all say we head for Pixie Village and see how the Pixies are doing?" Bloom asked.
"Sounds good to me! I feel like I haven't had my 'giantess' fill yet, even after last night!" Stella said, prompting a laugh from all the other Winx girls.