Alfea, School of Might

(Cubed Cinder; idea by chaosbeast9)

A few weeks have passed since the fun the girls had with becoming big and buffy after the Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival. Tecna is busy working on a device that will allow the girls to become muscular at a moment's notice. After using her magic to fuse a couple wires together, she breathed a sigh of relief and sat back in her chair.
"Ahhhh… finished!" Tecna said. She picked the device up and stood from her desk.
"Once I add the energy that the Trix stole, instant muscular bodies that would make that Hulk guy jealous will be a quick button press away." Tecna said.

She soon wouldn't be alone in her room, as Bloom and Stella suddenly came walking in.
"Hey, Tecna, what's up!?" Stella shouted.
"Yeah… we heard you breathing a sigh of relief outside." Bloom said.
"Oh, hey, girls! I just finished my newest invention. All I need to do now is add the orange energy from the Trix." Tecna said.
"You mean the same energy that gives us really big muscles and makes us really really tall!?" Stella asked.
"Affirmative, although it's even better with this device. On top of no longer having to recite a spell to summon the energy, you can customize to what extent the spell works. Want to just be muscular without being as tall as a skyscraper? Just tell the device. Want to keep your normal body state but still be big enough to pick up a tour bus in your hand? Just tell the device." Tecna said.
"Ooooooooh… I like the sound of that! Think of all the guys who would literally come running up to my cute toes!" Stella said as she playfully wiggled her toes, which weren't in any footwear at the moment.
"I think it's just as awesome we can become muscular without being giantesses! You've really outdone yourself, Tecna!" Bloom said.
"Heh heh, thanks. I try. First I gotta store the energy into the unit." Tecna said.

She walked out of her room and the trio headed into Bloom's room next. There, the group opened the chest containing the orange energy. With careful manuevering via her wireframe magic, Tecna guided the energy into the unit. At times it looked like the unit was going to burst apart, unable to contain that much energy, but Tecna managed to stuff it in there.
"Whew… success! I wasn't sure we could fit it in there!" Tecna said.
"So now growing muscular, growing gigantic, or both… is as easy as the press of a few buttons?" Bloom asked. Tecna smiled.
"Perhaps we should test it out right now? Together on the three of us!" Tecna said.
"Ooooooh! Yeah yeah yeah! Let's start with growing super muscles like we had at the festival!" Stella said.
"Shouldn't we wait for the other Winx girls?" Bloom asked.
"Awwww, come on! We don't have time to wait on them!" Stella said.
"Stella has a point. It would be embarrassing if I tried this machine with all six of us together and nothing happened. Better to test it now, right?" Tecna said.
"Very well. But we're just testing the muscle part, right?" Bloom asked.
"Heh, of course. Growing 100 feet tall alone would get on Miss Faragonda's bad side!" Tecna said. She was about to do some button pressing when…
"Wait!" Stella shouted.
"What now!?" Tecna said, looking a little annoyed.
"I think we should dress for the occasion! Wait here, everyone!" Stella said as she ran out of the room.

She returned about a minute later, running in with three 2-piece bikinis in three different colors (green, red, and purple). Tecna already figured why Stella wanted herself and the others to wear these bikinis.
"Talk about maximum exposure." Tecna said.
"Heeheehee! Why not? What's the point of growing big, strong muscles if you're just gonna hide them behind regular clothes?" Stella said, with Bloom immediately swiping the green bikini.
"I couldn't agree more!" Bloom said. Tecna shrugged her shoulders and then reached out and grabbed the purple bikini.
"Fine, but no way you're stealing my color!" Tecna said.
"I wouldn't think of it!" Stella said. The three ladies changed out of their regular outfits and into the two-piece bikinis. Bloom couldn't help but heave her chest up and down after putting on her green bikini.
"Heh… we look sexy enough just like this. Imagine how many will be gawking at us once we go fully muscular." Bloom said.
"The whole school, of course!" Stella shouted.
"Alright, ladies… here we go! I just gotta set the right calculations and…" Tecna said. After pressing a few buttons on her newly built device, suddenly orange energy rays covered herself, Bloom, and Stella from head to toe. The three girls watched as they quickly grew more and more muscular. The muscles bulged and expanded rapidly as if they were inflating balloons.
"Yes! Buff Stella in the house!" Stella shouted excitedly (in a slight masculine tone) as she flexed one of her rapidly growing biceps.

In only about 75 seconds, the three ladies were once again covered in massive, fully packed, and spherical muscles. Bloom whistled as she could barely see the bikini she was wearing through her amped up muscles.
"*whistles* This bikini looks extra small with our bodies like this!" Bloom said.
"Which makes us look all the more attractive." Tecna said.
"Hmmhmm… speaking of attractive!" Stella said as she playfully ran one of her hands across one of Tecna's biceps.
"Huh? What are you doing, Stella?" Tecna asked.
"I can't help it, Tecna. Seeing those gigantic biceps makes me want to have a crush on you…" Stella said.
"Awkward…" Tecna said as she skirted away from Stella, who was matching her step for step.
"Heh, you two have fun. I'm gonna head to the new pool that was built in the back of the campus." Bloom said as she walked out of the room, although she had to twist and turn a bit so she could fit her enormous upper muscles out through the door.

Bloom walked confidently down the hallways, not surprised seeing the other female students of the school gasping and gawking over her muscular body. She could hear some of them murmuring what kind of vitamins she was taking, unaware of course this was all the work of a magic spell. She did her best not to giggle, but she clearly felt good inside from all this attention that she got all the way to the swimming pool area. Even with other students staring, Bloom gently sat down in one of the lounge chairs, soaking in the sun's rays from above.
"Heh, these chairs are stronger than I thought." Bloom said as she kicked her legs up, laid back, and closed her eyes. She imagined herself standing over 100 feet tall but with many people, especially younger girls, cheering the heck out of her as she flexed and flexed her new muscles repeatedly, making them grow even bigger in the process.

The daydream would come to an end a couple minutes later, though, as Bloom heard a familiar voice.
"I see you're having some big fun, Bloom." Miss Faragonda said. Bloom opened her eyes and saw Miss Faragonda standing above her with her arms folded. Bloom jumped out of the lounge chair and stood on her two bare feet.
"Oh! Miss Faragonda! Please forgive me, I was trying a new…" Bloom said.
"It's quite alright, Bloom. You and your closest friends have more than earned the right to spend your recreational time no matter how you please. Just as long as you don't bench press a few dozen desks…" Miss Faragonda said.
"Heh heh heh…" Bloom said, laughing a bit over the elderly woman's joke, who suddenly had a serious look on her face.
"Anyway, may I see you please, in my office? There's something of utmost importance I need to discuss with you before I share it with the rest of Alfea." Miss Faragonda said.
"Of course, Miss Faragonda. Should I go get some clothes first and change back to normal?" Bloom said.
"No, this is very important. You may come as is." Miss Faragonda said as she walked away from the pool.
"Oooookay…" Bloom said, finding it interesting she was going into a 'sacred' part of Alfea the way she is now, but she nevertheless followed.

Finally, the two made it into Miss Faragonda's office where a few others were waiting, all of whom looked as surprised as the other students once they saw Bloom. Inside were Griselda, the head of discipline at Alfea, Headmistress Griffin from Cloud Tower, and three other ladies that Bloom wished she could forget… Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, better known together as the Trix.
"You three!?" Bloom shouted.
"Alright, Bloom, just calm down and let us explain." Miss Faragonda said.
"Pfffft… yeah, go ahead and start talking before I try and take back those muscles you stole from us!" Icy shouted.
"Miss Faragonda! How is it that you can bring Bloom in like this!? It is most unprofessional and…!" Griselda said.
"Thank you, Miss Griselda, but time is of the essence. If the presence of the Trix were to leak out before our official announcement, it would be disasterous." Miss Faragonda said.
"Faragonda is right. As much as I loathe the past behavior of these ladies even after I kicked them out of my school, the fact they have no powers not only means they cannot accomplish much in life, but they would be defenseless… and nothing is more dishonorable than seeing wounded warriors get struck while they are down." Griffin said.
"Agreed. We must work to reintegrate these three into society, and I feel you and your friends, Bloom, can best do that. Will you help us?" Miss Faragonda said. Bloom clenched her fists as well as her teeth, looking for a moment like she wanted to punch Icy (which would no doubt hurt!).
"I don't know, Miss Faragonda. I just don't trust them…" Bloom said.
"I don't trust them any more than you, young lady, but this may be their best chance at reformation." Griffin said.
"Sigh… okay. You're right, they don't have their powers anymore." Bloom said.
"Pffft… be lucky we don't, or I'd freeze you right into the next dimension!" Icy said.
"Ladies, please! Let's shake hands and make this the start of hopefully a better tomorrow." Griselda said. With slightly annoyed looks, Bloom and the Trix nevertheless shook each other's hands.

Meanwhile, back in the dorm rooms, Stella had Tecna pinned down to the floor. The two had a bit of a wrestling match going on.
"Come on, say it! Brawn beats brains!" Stella said.
"Okay, okay! Brawn beats brains!" Tecna said. Stella finally rolled off her fellow 7-foot-tall muscle girl, bumping into a table and almost knocking it over in the process.
"Haha! See, I was right!" Stella shouted.
"Sigh… only because I was physically coerced. Anyone will say anything under torture, whether it's tickling, wrestling, or otherwise!" Tecna said.
"Yeah, you're right. I just wanted to see how easily you could crack." Stella said, watching as Tecna gave one of her biceps a couple taps.
"Oooof… that almost wasn't the only thing you cracked. I'm telling you, I almost…" Tecna said when she suddenly looked over at the device she had built. It was giving off a loud beeping sound. Tecna ran over and looked at the device's LCD display and had a grim look on her face.
"Oh no… this is not good." Tecna said.
"What's wrong, Tecna?" Stella asked.
"This thing's about to kick into overdrive. If I don't shut it down…" Tecna said as she rapidly tapped a few buttons, only for the device to let out a forcefield that knocked both girls back. Their combined weight caused one of the beds to literally collapse onto the floor.
"Heads up!" Stella said as she watched a massive orange energy wave suddenly go flying over their heads and through the walls.
"Gulp… that energy is enveloping the entire school!" Tecna said.
"Soooooo… what happens now?" Stella said, but before Tecna could answer, she got up from the broken bed and ran outside the room with Stella behind her. The two ladies watched as their fellow students all squealed as they watched their own bodies suddenly transform into 7-foot-tall ones filled with explosive muscle growth. Some of them felt trapped in the hallway as they crowded over one another.
"THAT happens… to EVERYONE in the school!" Tecna said.
"Awww… that can't so bad, can it?" Stella said. Tecna only rolled her eyes.
"Come on, we need to inform Miss Faragonda immediately!" Tecna said as the two ran in the other direction in the hallway, hoping it wouldn't be crowded with muscular women.

True to Tecna's word, every female student, one by one, watched as the energy zoomed past their bodies and they suddenly found every muscle in their body growing insanely bigger, ripping apart some of their clothes in the process. This event was not lost on Miss Faragonda and everyone else in her office, with Griselda looking outside and seeing the girls growing.
"What in the name of Magix is happening!?" Griselda shouted.
"It appears that orange energy wave is the cause… and it's heading right for us!" Miss Faragonda shouted as the two ladies braced for impact, as did Headmistress Griffin. The Trix didn't react much. They merely smiled as they knew what was coming. By the time the women opened their eyes and felt the energy wave pass, they watched their arms bulge up and inflate quickly, taking part of their clothing with it.
"Oh no! No no no no no! There will be no adult-rated shenanigans on this campus!!!" Griselda said as she covered herself up.
"Clothing Enchantment Plus!" Miss Faragonda said as she snapped her fingers and sent another massive energy wave throughout the school. In the heat of the moment, nobody realized what had just happened, but Miss Faragonda made sure nobody would be stripped naked by using her magic to enhance the strength of everyone's clothing. Of course, it didn't stop the explosive muscle growth that seemed to continue on.

The growing for the entire school stopped 75 seconds later. After staring for a few seconds, Miss Faragonda finally spoke out as she looked over her dramatically altered body.
"Well now, this is… different." Miss Faragonda said.
"I must say. I've never felt more… dare I say it, powerful." Griffin said.
"Feels good, doesn't it, Mrs. Griffin?" Icy said, prompting chuckles from Darcy and Stormy.
"I sure as heck feel good!!!!" Stormy shouted as she picked up a nearby chair and crunched it together, forming a wooden ball-like object that she juggled from one hand to another.
"Hey! That was Miss Faragonda's favorite chair!" Griselda said as she started to walk towards the Trix, only to reach down and grab her day planner that was sitting on Miss Faragonda's desk in the process. She squeezed that hand into a fist… and she felt something disintegrate inside. When she opened it up and recognized the scraps of paper belonging to her day planner.
"Waaaaaah! Now I'll be totally disorganized!" Griselda said.
"There, there, Griselda. You can always get a new day planner. You memorize a lot of its contents anyway, right?" Miss Faragonda said.
"I guess…" Griselda said as she pouted and folded her tremendously muscular arms together.
Everyone then heard a few loud knocks on the double doors.
"See who that is, Griselda." Miss Faragonda said. Griselda walked over and reached for the double doors. She pulled the doors… and broke them right off the hinges. After throwing aside the doors in frustration, she looked and saw Tecna and Stella standing on the other side.
"Come in." Griselda snarled as she walked away. Tecna was the first to struggle in getting inside Miss Faragonda's office with her broad shoulders crashing against the door frames, but finally she turned sideways, as did Stella, and slithered her way in.

"Ahem… Miss Faragonda. How are you… um… doing today?" Tecna said.
"Fine… considering the circumstances." Miss Faragonda said.
"Totally her fault! I had NOTHING to do with this! Honest! I'd rather grow like a million feet tall and stomp the city rather than make everyone on campus stronger than The Infraggable Krunk!" Stella said.
"Incredible Hulk." Bloom and Tecna said together.
"Whatever!" Stella said.
"For once Stella is right, Miss Faragonda. This is all my fault. I was trying to make a device that would let us use the orange energy whenever and however we pleased rather than waste magic energy summoning the original source, but it seems I miscalculated. I accept whatever punishment you deem necessary." Tecna said.
"Never mind that. I'd put you in detention, but… the desks aren't big enough. Really, the classrooms aren't big enough with the entire student body in this condition! Gah!" Miss Faragonda said as she waved her muscular arms around, only to knock a bunch of stuff off her desk.

"In that case, we'll have to postpone classes until further notice." Griselda said.
"I agree. Tell me, Tecna. Can this condition be reversed?" Miss Faragonda said.
"Oh, of course! I can reprogram this device to undo the effects and return us to normal! But… I'd have to be very careful. One wrong step could render us so incredibly weak and frail… even a slug could beat the living daylights out of us!" Tecna said.
"Oooooh… that would be humiliating!" Icy said.
"How long will it take then?" Griffin asked. Tecna gulped nervously.
"No less than a week." Tecna said.
"A week!?" Griselda said. It looked like she was going to rant and rave next, only for Miss Faragonda to hold a hand up.
"Very well, Tecna. Take as much time as necessary to reverse this magic properly. In the meantime, I'll let the entire school know what has happened… including our visit with the Trix ladies. I'm going to trust you, Bloom, and the rest of your team to keep them in check." Miss Faragonda said.
"That won't be a problem, Miss Faragonda." Bloom said as she playfully pounded her super strong looking fists together. The Trix, however, didn't back down.
"Bleh… the feeling's mutual, you know, Bloomy." Icy said.
"I say we stop standing around and show off these babies to everyone else on the campus!" Darcy said as she flexed one of her biceps and slapped her exposed six-pack of abs before she, Stormy, and Icy all left Miss Faragonda's office, with Bloom, Tecna, and Stella doing the same.
Miss Faragonda then watched as Griffin approached from the side with a smile on her face.
"So, Miss Faragonda. How about we arm wrestle?" Griffin said as he extended one of her muscular arms towards the muscular Miss Faragonda.
"Well…" Miss Faragonda started to say. Griselda just rolled her eyes.
"This is going to be a looooooong week." Griselda said.

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy meanwhile all strutted around the Alfea College showing off their fully grown super muscles. Granted, they didn't stand out much compared to the other ladies who experienced similar conditions.
"Pffft… on one hand I'm excited about having big time buffy muscles to show off again, but what fun is it when everyone else looks the same!?" Stormy shouted.
"Oh, don't sweat it, Stormy. We're the originals who found that energy ball, so we'll always be the best looking." Icy said.
"Unless of course Bloom is in the same area." Stormy said. The three then watched as two of the Winx Club girls, Musa and Layla, came walking into view. They of course were all beefed up just like everyone else.
"Oh… hey, you three." Musa said.
"Bloom already let us know why you're here." Layla said.
"Yeah, yeah. Save your babysitter type talk. We'll play nice… for the most part." Stormy said.
"Only because it's back to being knight slaves in the Fortress of Light if we don't comply." Icy said. Darcy then smiled and walked in a sexy manner towards Musa.
"And besides, I'm really going to like getting cozy with you, Musa." Darcy said.
"Uh huh…" Musa said. Layla then grabbed one of Darcy's hands and threw it away from Musa.
"Hey, back off! You're not qualified to be dating Musa!" Layla said.
"Who are you to judge? If I didn't know better, I'd say that was a fit of jealousy you just showed." Darcy said as she winked her eyes.
"T-t-t-t-that's not true! We're just really good friends, that's all!" Layla shouted.
"Oooookay… since when did the BOTH of you become so attracted to me?" Musa said.
"Reasons!" both Layla and Darcy shouted, causing them to trade dirty looks at each other.

The rest of the day goes on as far from normal as you could imagine as women all over the college struggled to navigate each other due to their bulky frames. This was most evident in the hallways of the dorm rooms as ladies got trapped within and pushed up against the walls trying to get through, denting or cracking them significantly. Eventually, though, it was time for everyone to go to bed, including the Winx Club… and they would be sharing their rooms with the Trix themselves.

A few days later

Once again it was time for everyone to wake up. Bloom, after noticing part of her pajamas got ripped up again no doubt because of stretching her enormous muscular legs, got up and saw Tecna sitting in front of one of the desks.
"*yawns* Morning, Tecna. How's it going?" Bloom asked.
"Almost there, Bloom. Maybe by tonight I can get this thing operating the way it should." Tecna said.
"That's good to hear. Isn't it, Kiko?" Bloom said, watching as her pet rabbit climbed up Bloom's inflated muscular body from bottom to on top of one of her broad shoulders.
"If I didn't know better, I'd say Kiko LOVES climbing up you like a jungle gym." Tecna said.
"Haha! You're right!" Bloom said.

The other 8 ladies (Bloom, Layla, Stella, Musa, Flora, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy) all went through their morning routines and then wondered what would happen next. Classes were still cancelled due to everyone's current condition. Everyone got dressed in their casual clothes, using magic to make them fit their muscular bodies as well as they could.
"So what now?" Stella said.
"We could plant some new flowers out in the garden." Flora said. The other ladies offered their own suggestions and got into mini arguments as to why their activity was better than the others, but finally a thunderous clap from Icy slamming her hands together brought all chatter to a halt.
"I got it! I issue a challenge to some of you Winx Club ladies!" Icy said.
"What? What kind of challenge?" Layla asked.
"It better not be who puts up the best fight while a giantess like what happened the last time you were this buff!" Bloom shouted.
"Well, it kinda is, but in a way that won't wreck the city. You still have that fancy schmancy Virtual Reality chamber, right?" Icy said.
"Yes, why?" Bloom responded.
"I say we have a series of brawls in tiny virtual environments, best two out of three rounds. If we win the match, we stay this bulked up forever as part of your little permanent pump up ability experiment." Icy said.
"And if we win? Which you know we will!" Stella said.
"Then we'll never ask for that energy ball ever again. What you do with it is up to you. Personally, I hope you stay big and bulked up because Musa looks hot that way." Darcy said. Musa blushed a little bit but quickly got over it.
"Alright! We accept your challenge!" Bloom said.
"Wait! What about the machine that Tecna is trying to fix!?" Flora asked.
"Don't worry, Flora. I'll get Digit to finish up with the device." Tecna said.
"That little sprocket head?" Stormy said.
"Either that or nobody fights me." Tecna said, prompting a shoulder shrug from Stormy like she was saying whatever.
"Then it's settled. To the VR chamber!" Icy said as she and the other girls marched out of the room (at least after Tecna briefed her Pixie friend on the details).

Once all six ladies were in the room with the VR chamber, Tecna looked down at the control panel that rested beside the doors leading to the chamber.
"Hmmm… the energy readings are kind of weak. I wonder if it's because of the orange energy wave? It looks like only two of us at a time can enter the chamber in order to ensure a perfectly sustainable virtual environment." Tecna said.
"Awwww… so much for an all out battle royale in the city." Darcy said.
"Whatever. We can still have some fun. Will you let me program the environments?" Icy asked.
"Well… okay. Just nothing too outrageous." Tecna said as she stepped aside and let Icy type in (albeit having difficulty hitting the keys due to how muscular her arms were) the environments everyone would be fighting in. Then she stepped away.
"Done." Icy said.
"Alright, so who is first?" Tecna said. Immediately Darcy raised her arm up.
"Me! And I challenge sunny side up!" Darcy said as she pointed over at Stella.
"Huh? Me?" Stella said.
"And if I win… I'll see to it Musa is mine and mine alone." Darcy said as she licked her lips, again causing Musa to blush.
"Ooooooh… we'll see about that!" Stella said as she and Darcy marched into the VR chamber. Tecna quickly typed in a series of commands.
"Alright, loading the environment. We'll be able to watch what happens through the monitors." Tecna said as she pointed at the overhead monitors. The ladies watched as the VR chamber changed from its 100% grid-based area to a forest-looking area.

But of course, both ladies towered over the trees of this forest. They were both 80 feet tall, to be precise, with the tallest trees barely clearing their waists. As the other girls cheered on their respective teammates from outside, not that Stella or Darcy could hear them, Stella and Darcy stared each other down, sidestepping with each other at first.
"Hmmhmm… I feel like we're in the wild west. That's where Musa and I will go when I'm through with you." Darcy said.
"Okay, no more with the jokes! See if you can dodge this!" Stella said as she formed a ball of sunlight in her hands and fired it at Darcy, who promptly jumped out of the way and flattened many smaller trees underneath her bare feet. She fired a dark energy ball of her own towards Stella, who easily dodged it herself. The two traded energy ball shots for the next couple minutes, either missing each other or the balls colliding with each other and sending sparks and smoke everywhere.

When some of the smoke cleared up, Darcy gasped as she watched Stella come charging in holding a tree in her hands like a sword. Darcy jumped out of the way and tripped over herself, landing face first in a group of trees and spitting them out of her mouth.
"Bleh… trees are sooooo not in my diet!" Darcy said. She reached over and ripped another tree from its roots and rolled onto her back, blocking the next 'sword' strike from Stella. The two clanged trees, at least until they couldn't take the beating any more and crumbled apart, but the two just picked up some more trees.
"Hah! Flora's gonna be really mad with you for all this deforestation!" Darcy said.
"Hmph! Well, she'll be mad with you too!" Stella said as the two got back to trading blows with their trees.
"But no matter. When I win, I'm gonna make Musa all mine." Darcy said as she licked her lips.
"That's it!!!" Stella shouted as she threw her tree down and took a mighty swing at a surprised Darcy, sending her tree flying into the virtual distance. Stella let loose with a fancy punch and kick combo that eventually sent Darcy tumbling down onto her back.

Stella marched up to Darcy, planting her bare feet besides her head.
"You want Musa? You'll have to go through the Winx Club first!" Stella said. She started to raise her foot up like she was going to kick Darcy in her inflated chest, but the virtual environment faded away. The girls heard Layla speak over the intercom.
"Okay, that's enough! Round 1 goes to Stella!" Layla shouted.
"Awww… I would've liked kicking those balloons of yours you call muscles." Stella said as she extended a hand towards Darcy, again to her surprise. Darcy took the hand and Stella helped her up.
"Heh… you probably would've had one heck of a foot ache afterwards." Darcy said as she gave Stella a slight knock in the back of her head.
"Ow! Hey!" Stella said.

Stepping into the chamber next were Bloom and Icy, and instead of a forest environment, they instead found themselves towering over a city, looking like they were both 150 feet tall.
"What? So we're doing this again?" Bloom asked.
"Why not? You have to admit we put on a heck of a show during our last fight." Icy said.
"I wouldn't exactly call it a show given you were 100% evil back then." Bloom said.
"Whatever, let's just get it on so I can make a lovely ice sculpture out of you." Icy said.
"Fine by me!" Bloom said as the two got into battle-like poses before finally charging towards each other. They locked hands with each other, grappling like they were in a wrestling match.
"Ooooof… ugh… tell me! How did you ever get so crummy, cold, and crabby!?" Bloom said in between grunts trying to overpower Icy.
"Ugh… years of practice!" Icy said.
"Okay, but did you practice this!?" Bloom said as she leaned in and lifted up Icy, throwing her over her head.
"Yaaaaaah!!!" Icy screamed as she landed backside over a city block, flattening it underneath. The resulting quake, which made it hard even for Bloom to keep her balance, cracked the ground in multiple directions and brought nearby buildings down to the ground.

Bloom didn't waste any time in executing her next attack, dropping down with her elbow landing on top of Icy's chest.
"OOOOOF!" Icy grunted as she felt a little pain through her body that quickly subsided thanks to her enhanced muscles. Bloom landed a few more punches left and right to Icy's chest and face, though Icy was able to grab one of Bloom's fists before it could make contact again.
"Uh oh…" Bloom said. Icy then thrust one of her feet into Bloom's abs, flipping her over and making her land backside on another section of the mangled and burning city. Seeing these flames only brought more fire into Bloom's grit as she lifted herself back to her feet and grabbed Icy's arms before her opponent could grab her again.
"Hmmmm… not bad for someone who's never wrestled in her life." Icy said.
"Same to you!" Bloom said as the two danced around the city, crushing much of it (and sending virtual people galore running for their lives) beneath their bare feet.
As Bloom and Icy continued to strangle, Bloom gasped as she watched Icy's muscles suddenly ripple quite profoundly.
"Huh? What?" Bloom said as she backed away. Icy noticed this change too, and could feel the energy coarsing through her veins.
"Oooooh… what's this… feeling?" Icy said. She then watched as suddenly her already incredible muscles grew even bigger.
"Oooooooh… yes! The power! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!" Icy said as she felt her arms, legs, chest, and stomach grow bigger and bigger. She felt her muscles were becoming harder than diamonds, though she did find it hard to move her head around. Her shoulder muscles were getting so tall, they were easily obscuring her head, which looked small by comparison. In the end, Icy's muscles had grown 25% bigger than before, and Bloom could only back away and gulp nervously as she stared underneath Icy's chest. Icy put her hands on her hips and walked up to Bloom.
"Go ahead, Bloom. Try and pin me now." Icy said in a rather surprisingly calm tone. Bloom shrugged her broad shoulders and charged forward trying to tackle the bigger Icy to the ground. But it was as if she had run into a stone wall, literally knocking her dizzy as she spun around trying to regain her balance.
"Thought so!" Icy said as she ran forward and did a tackle of her own. Naturally, it was a breeze to bring Bloom to the ground, who kicked around trying to break free of Icy's grip.

A few seconds pass, and the virtual environment fades away.
"Bloom is pinned down! Round 2 goes to Icy!" Layla shouted. Icy got up and offered to help Bloom up, but she looked distraught as she slapped the hand away and helped herself up. Icy couldn't help giggle but wisely didn't say anything to keep from getting burned in the face or something like that.

The two girls stepped out, with Darcy and Stormy surrounding Icy while the rest of the Winx Club surrounded Bloom.
"Awwww… don't feel bad, Bloom. You know you're still the strongest in our book." Stella said.
"Thanks, Stella." Bloom said.
"Haha! You grow… er, go, girl!" Darcy said.
"You're the greatest, Icy! I'd like to see a cute guy say no to those babies!" Stormy said as she patted Icy's enormous biceps.
"Haha! Thanks!" Icy said as she flexed a few times. As she and Bloom walked back to the nearby seats while the other girls got the third and deciding round set up, they ended up sitting next to each other. Icy couldn't resist flexing her grown up muscular arms directly in Bloom's face.
"Heehee! If I were any larger, I'd squash all your loved ones like bugs." Icy said as she easily heaved her chest up and down.
"Ugh… if you're ever gonna get your powers back and leave Alfea, having that kind of speech is a bad idea." Bloom said.
"Whatever." Icy said as she just shrugged and looked away from her rival.

Tecna and Stormy stepped into the VR chamber for the third and final round of the competition. On top of the energy the massive muscles up and down their body brought them, both girls felt the pressure flowing within them knowing this was for all the marbles.
"So? Where do you suppose we're having this battle? I suppose over the entire continent?" Tecna said.
"Haha… you're not even close, sister." Stormy said as she and Tecna watched the last programmed environment come together. Once it was together, Tecna gasped.
"What the bloody heck!?" Tecna shouted.
"Haha! You like it?" Stormy said. The two found themselves floating in outer space, surrounded by what would normally be massive planets. It especially surprised Tecna when she saw Jupiter the size of a bowling ball. She couldn't resist taking it into her hands. Every other planet, naturally, was even smaller.
"My word…" Tecna said as she studied Jupiter from every angle.
"Hey, geek girl! Think fast!" Stormy said. Tecna looked up and saw Stormy had Saturn in her hands and was about to slam it down on top of her head. Tecna flew out of the way and Stormy ended up throwing Saturn millions of miles into the distance.
"Oh yeah… here's Red Spot in your eye!" Tecna shouted as she tossed Jupiter at Stormy's head. Stormy also dashed out of the way, but felt her curly hair get scraped by the planet as it whizzed by.
"Planet Fight!" Stormy playfully shouted.

The two astronomical sized giantesses spent the next few minutes either tussling with each other (with their muscular arms and legs) or hurling more planets and moons at each other, though their aim continued to be erratic. In fact, Tecna watched as one moon got wedged in between her breasts.
"You could use better projectile trajectory skills." Tecna said as she plucked the moon out and threw it deep into space. Tecna tried to counter by throwing another planet towards Stormy, but she easily caught it in her hand like a baseball.
“Urrrrrrrgh!” Stormy grunted as she clenched that same hand into a fist, completely destroying the planet and sending chunks and hot magma from it in various directions. Stormy swept the debris away from her face and gave Tecna a good solid punch in the face, sending her backwards and bumping against a planet with her back.

The two girls wrestled with each other for the next few minutes until finally Tecna found a way to get the upper hand. The girls were floating their way towards a planet that looked to be entirely made of lava. Tecna gave Stormy a good knee to her abdomen, forcing her to float backwards and land backside against this planet's surface.
"Yeowch!!!" Stormy said as she pushed herself away from the planet and felt the burn marks on her back side.
"Ugh… why does VR have to be so realistic!?" Stormy said. She looked back ahead to focus on Tecna, only to see the techno savvy girl come flying in holding a book made entirely out of wireframes. Tecna slammed the book on Stormy's head and immediately fell into dizziness.
"Ugh… what… was…" Stormy said.
"What else? I threw the book at you." Tecna said as she winked at her fellow muscular girl.

Finally, the virtual environment faded away and both girls fell a few inches onto the floor, with Stormy landing on her backside… her eyes still spinning from dizziness.
"Tecna wins! We won, we won, we won!" Stella shouted over the intercom. As Tecna helped Stormy up and outside the VR chamber, she opened up the doors and saw her fellow Winx Club girls dancing around and high fiving each other in excitement as their claps from their muscular arms left echoes.
"Hey, no hard feelings?" Tecna asked.
"Bleh…" Stormy said as she released herself from Tecna's grip and rejoined Icy and Darcy who pouted just as much as she was.
Suddenly, everyone in the room heard a beeping sound.
"Uh oh… hopefully that's not one of the professors about to bust us." Stella said.
"Tecna! Come in, Tecna!" a high-pitched female voice said. Tecna breathed a sigh of relief.
"No, it's just Digit." Tecna said as she ran over to the control panel and pressed some buttons.
"Yes, Digit? I read you!" Tecna said.
"Good news! I managed to finish repairs on the device and do a little upgrade to the software too." Digit said.
"Great! We're on our way!" Tecna said as she and the other ladies quickly left the VR chamber.

Digit watched as the door to the dorm room opened wide and the nine muscular girls crowded their way in.
"Whoa… imagine what the other Pixies would think of seeing all of you like this!" Digit said.
"Haha… very funny, Digit. Thank you for your efforts." Tecna said.
"I know I could've tested the device, but just in case anything wrong happened…" Digit said.
"I understand, Digit. You did the right thing. Alright, girls, ready? Hopefully this will get everyone at Alfea back to their normal state." Tecna said.
"Yep!" the other girls of the Winx Club said. The Trix could clearly be heard pouting in the back.
"Now now, girls. A deal is a deal." Bloom said.
"You're right. It still would've been fun." Icy said. Bloom could see the disappointment on Icy's face, and it was a different kind of disappointment from what she was used to seeing. It suddenly got her thinking, but then she looked back at Tecna.
"Here we go!" Tecna said as she pressed a button.

Just like before, a massive orange energy wave eminated from the device. This time none of the ladies got swept off their feet, and they watched as the muscles in their bodies quickly deflated.
"Oh! It's working!" Musa shouted. And it wasn't just them… every single person at Alfea felt their bodies returning to normal. Miss Faragonda breathed a sigh of relief as she watched herself, Griselda, and Griffin all return to normal. After 75 seconds, everyone was back to normal.
"Whew… what a relief! And we can assume everyone else is back to normal too." Bloom said as she looked out in the hallway and saw students moving around freely without fear of getting stuck between layers and layers of muscle.
"Well, that's good, but on the other hand, it's a bummer that we can't become super duper strong again!" Stella said.
"Not exactly, Stella. I haven't given up on this machine. I vow by tonight I'll have this thing working the way it's supposed to… by allowing the six of us to grow gigantic muscles at a moment's notice." Tecna said.
"And this time I'll help! Two heads are better than one!" Digit said.

Later that day

Night had fallen, and while the Winx Club girls were sitting around doing random things, Tecna came running out holding the device above her heads.
"It's done!" Tecna said.
"And it'll work this time, guaranteed! We ran, like, 6 different computer simulations too!" Digit said.
"Woohoo! Big strong muscles with just a thought, here we come!" Stella said.
"I'm gonna rock and roll in more ways than one." Musa said.
"Alright. Is everyone ready?" Tecna asked.
"Wait! There are others I want to be able to share this power with." Bloom said as she walked towards the door.
"Huh? Others?" Flora asked.
"Oh boy… did she bring the Specialists?" Layla asked.
"I suppose you can't have big strong muscular women without big strong muscular men." Stella said. Bloom opened the door and stuck her head out.
"Okay, come in!" Bloom said.

She swung the door open and allowed the Trix to come in.
"Huh? Them?" Flora asked.
"Why, Bloom?" Tecna asked.
"Yeah! We totally whooped their behinds!" Stella said.
"I know, but think of this as a peace offering. If they're really gonna become model citizens someday, this should be part of the process… by letting them share in our new power." Bloom said. The Trix let out innocent smiles, like they were silently saying pleeeeeeease?
"Alright, if Bloom's okay with it, then so am I. Let's all get in a circle." Tecna said as the ladies did just that. She then pushed the button, and the girls watched as the device let out another orange energy wave, although this time it faded out after crossing past the nine ladies.
"Huh? Nothing happened!" Stella said.
"Deep thoughts, Stella." Tecna said as she and the others closed their eyes. They kept their eyes closed and kept thinking the right thoughts, even as they moaned softly and felt energy surging through their bodies.

For the next 75 seconds, the girls quickly bulked up, their muscles inflating bigger and bigger like helium going into balloons. Once they felt the process end, they opened up their eyes. They were all at least 2 feet taller and bulging from shoulders to toes with muscle.
"Woohoo! It worked!" Stella said.
"Awesome sauce." Musa said.
"I couldn't agree more, sugar." Darcy said as she once again flirted with the musically inclined girl.
"Ahem?" Layla said as she put her hands on her hips.
"So what now, Bloom? Do we strut around the campus and show everyone how wimpy… er, I mean… well, you know." Icy said.
"Actually, I had a better idea in mind. Sleepover!" Bloom said as she playfully slapped Icy in the head with a nearby pillow.

As the night went on and the girls did all sorts of fun things involving their souped up muscles, the Winx Club girls asked a rather thought provoking question for the Trix.
"Say, girls. What will you do once you've fully abolished your efforts on conquering the universe?" Bloom asked. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy looked at each other.
"I want to use my mightiness to be a champion tournament brawler." Icy said.
"Well, I suppose being a female body building competitor isn't out of the question now." Darcy said.
"Bah! You're both not dreaming big enough! I'm gonna be a fitness model." Stormy said.
"That's good, Stormy! Really, I applaud the three of you. You can be whatever you want as long as you set your mind to it." Bloom said.
"Totally! We're all for whatever you three decide to do!" Stella shouted, prompting a smile from the Trix.

As everyone finally became too tired to stay awake and they drifted off to sleep (keeping their newly muscular bodies for the time being), the Trix looked at each other.
"Really, Icy. What happens next?" Darcy said.
"Yeah. This all feels so… weird... I mean, not the muscular bodies, but being, g-g-g-g…" Stormy said. Icy patted her friend on the overly muscular shoulder.
"You shouldn't worry, both of you. Even if we're not evil, we'll be powerful, rich, and famous. In good time." Icy said before she, Darcy, and Stormy finally fell asleep themselves.