Pixie Role Reversal

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by whitebearboy)

NOTE from author: So who is Giga, you ask? More info can be found at this link. If you have Netflix, you can watch him in action on PopPixie episode 29, A Funny Pet.

Tecna pressed the magic button on her PDA with her bonded pixie, Digit, flying alongside her. The two smiled as they looked right into the camera on the top of the device.
"Greetings, Magix! And welcome to the first ever Tecna & Digit show, starring me, Tecna!" Tecna shouted.
"And me, Digit!" Digit shouted.
"Today, we're going to give you a first class tour of the dorm room I stay in, that way you'll get acclimated with all of my friends right out of the gate." Tecna said.
"And all of my friends too!" Digit said.
"That's right, Digit. Let's go inside!" Tecna said. She turned around and opened the door to the dorm room.
"In here, there's always something going on. There's never a dull moment. Take Flora, for example. She's always working on her plants and finding new ways to grow them." Tecna said as she made her way over to Flora, who was watering some of her plants.

"Huh? What's going on, Tecna?" Flora asked.
"Oh, nothing much, Flora. Digit upgraded my PDA to allow it to broadcast over the Internet, so we're doing a live show." Tecna said. Chatta, Flora's bonded pixie, suddenly flew around both girls as well as Digit.
"Wow! A real live show on the Internet!? Can I say hi? Huh? Can I?" Chatta shouted.
"Um... sure, Chatta!" Digit said.
"I've always wanted to be a reporter! To have a camera pointed at my face while I tell the world what's hot and what's not! The latest fashions! The bank robbery on the most popular street! Throwing it to the cute and hunky weather man...!" Chatta said.
"Okay, Chatta! We get the idea!" Digit said as she slapped Chatta in the back, causing her wings to temporarily sputter out and make her crash to the ground. Tecna did not notice this at first as she walked to get a closer look at Flora's plants. Chatta watched as the bottom of Tecna's blue and purple shoes fast approaching.
"Just look how healthy Flora's plants have..." Tecna said.
"OUCH!" Chatta said. Tecna quickly backed away and pointed her PDA down at Chatta.
"Oh! Chatta, are you okay?" Flora said as she kneeled down and cradled Chatta against her chest.
"Oh, that was nothing, Flora! I've been through much worse!" Chatta said. As Tecna breathed a sigh of relief, Digit chimed in.
"We pixies can take some pretty heavy impacts. We're tougher than we look!" Digit said.
"Heh... indeed, Digit! Now then, let's check in with the others." Tecna said.

The next Winx Club teammate she filmed was Musa, who was sitting at a desk with headphones on her head, which was rocking back and forth.
"This here is Musa. As her name implies, she's deeply rooted in music. Whether it's playing an instrument, singing like she's the next pop idol, or being the only person who can beat me in Magix Dancing Revolution, you rarely find her without some kind of music connection. Heck, she'll probably have musical notes for her halo when her time to leave this existence comes." Tecna said. Musa's pixie, Tune, then flew in front of the PDA.
"Goodness me! Don't you know it's rude to be filming someone when they're not looking!? This is about as big a breach in privacy as I can imagine. Where are your manners, young ladies?" Tune said.
"Haha! Same ol' Tune, always making sure we're well mannered 24/7." Digit said.
"Yes, that's true. Anyway, let's move on!" Tecna said. She walked to another part of the room where she saw Stella looking down on numerous items of clothing sitting on her bed.
"And here's Stella. We call her the fashion queen, and you can obviously see why!" Tecna said.
"Oh... hi, Tecna. Sigh... I still haven't decided what to wear tonight!" Stella said. Just then, she and Tecna watched as one of the dressed moved around.
"Huh? What's going on with that dress?" Tecna asked. Then Amore popped out holding onto one of the dark blue outfits.
"What about this one, Stella?" Amore asked. Stella's eyes then lit up like lights on a Christmas tree.
"Yes! YES! That's the one! Thanks, Amore!" Stella said as she walked up to Amore and hugged her against her chest.
"Oooof! Don't mention it, Stella!" Amore said.
"Haha! Amore certainly has a taste for fashion!" Digit said.
"Yeah... maybe better than Stella's!" Tecna said.

The two walked to another section of the room. Next they saw Bloom and Aisha together, although Tecna aimed her camera at Piff who was sleeping in front of Aisha's feet on the ground.
"Awww... there's Piff sleeping like a baby." Tecna said.
"That's no surprise! She IS a baby pixie, after all." Digit said.
"So what are you two up to?" Tecna asked.
"Oh, we're helping Flora with a couple of plants. Aisha is using her water powers and I'm using my Dragon Fire to give them sunlight-like energy." Bloom said.
"Okay, Bloom! That's enough!" Lockette said.
"It's okay, Lockette! Just a few more seconds." Bloom said.
"No! You don't want to give it too much sunlight, or the leaves will burn!" Lockette said. It didn't surprise Bloom that her bonded pixie was worrying too much... that was part of her nature. She then disabled her Dragon Fire.
"Okay, Lockette. We're done." Bloom said.
"You shouldn't worry too much, Lockette. You're likely to mess up your hair if you think too much like that. Haha!" Aisha said.
"Hey! Come on now!" Lockette said as she gave her purple hair a few strokes.

Tecna then pointed her PDA back at herself.
"Well, anyway, that's life in the Winx Club dormitory, but it's time we signed off for now. Say goodbye, everyone!" Tecna said. Everyone except Musa (who was still distracted by her music) waved and said their goodbyes until Tecna shut off her PDA.
"Whew... and episode 1 of the Tecna & Digit show is over. I wonder how we did." Tecna said.
"Me too! I'll have to check the stats in a few hours." Digit said. Finally, Musa got off the headphones and joined with the others.
"Huh? Who left? Who are we saying goodbye too?" Musa said.
"Nobody, Musa. Tecna was broadcasting the first episode of her online show from her PDA." Flora said.
"What!? How come nobody told me!? I would've liked to do my new guitar solo for her audience. Why didn't you tell me, Tune?" Musa asked.
"Because it would've been very rude of me to interrupt your musical concentration." Tune said. Musa then smiled.
"Yeah, I'm glad you didn't." Musa said as she gently patted Tune on her head.
"Hey, that reminds me, ladies! Weren't we going to check out the new café that recently opened for lunch?" Bloom said.
"I for one hope there will be some cute waiters to service us." Tecna said.
"What's wrong, Tecna? Timmy suddenly not good enough for you?" Musa quipped, prompting a laugh from the other girls and even the other pixies.
"Hey! Come on! I still love Timmy. It's just... you know... sometimes he can be too nerdy." Tecna said.
"Come on, girls. We don't want to be late. Pixies, you stay here for now, okay?" Bloom said. As she was talking, Bloom's pet rabbit, Kiko, jumped onto her shoulder.
"You got it, Bloom!" Lockette said.
"Yeah! We'll make sure Lord Darkar doesn't come busting into this place!" Chatta shouted.
"Haha! Good to know." Bloom said. Finally, the human girls left the dorm room, leaving the six pixies all to themselves.

The pixies, including Piff who woke up and then immediately went back to sleep, all flew towards one of the beds and sat down to chat with each other.
"Aaaah... isn't it so nice that we have the Winx Club protecting and helping us?" Lockette said.
"I couldn't agree more, Lockette. Never before have I felt so much love and safety from human girls." Tune said.
"Yeah, it's nice but..." Chatta said.
"What is it, Chatta?" Lockette asked.
"This will probably sound strange... but have any of you ever wished you could be the big one? You know, like they do to us." Chatta said. The other pixies looked at each other.
"I never really thought about that, but that would be something. Being big enough to hold Stella in my hands and cradle her against my chest..." Amore said.
"Maybe then I could really teach Musa some manners! And then make sure she's perfectly safe and nothing happens to her, I mean... oh dear! That would not be lady like what I am proposing!" Tune said.
"Too bad we only know a shrinking spell. I'd give anything, even nano technology from the year 4995 to allow some kind of enlarging trick." Digit said.
"Haha! That's no surprise coming from you, Digit! Still... maybe it's for the best we're all this size." Lockette said.

Suddenly, one of the pink jewels on the side of Digit's head started blinking.
"Oh! I'm getting a transmission from Pixie Village!" Digit said.
"Pixie Village? Well, hurry up and answer it! I wonder who it could be?" Chatta said. Digit then tapped the jewel, and suddenly a holographic image appeared of a young man. It appeared to be another pixie judging by the person's short arms and legs, but it was male for a change of pace. He has brown afro hair. He has tan skin and wears a green shirt underneath a yellow jersey with "1" written on it. He wears blue pants and orange shoes. He also has yellow wrist bands. At first the pixies looked confused, but Lockette gasped and stood at the front of the pack.
"Hey there, Lockette! Long time no see!" the male pixie said.
"Giga! Wow... you got that right on the long time, no see." Lockette said.
"Huh? You know this guy, Lockette?" Digit asked.
"Everyone... this is my cousin, Giga. He, just like the other male pixies, has been on far away islands training to make their magic better." Lockette said.
"Oh, right! I remember reading about that in the library!" Chatta said.
"What island are you on now, Giga?" Lockette said.
"Actually, I'm back at Pixie Village. I was looking for you!" Giga said.
"Huh? You were?" Bloom asked.
"Yeah! I've been working on this new spell you have to see." Giga said.
"I see. Ummm... we can be there shortly!" Lockette said.
"Great! I'm looking forward to seeing you in person again." Giga said.
"Me too. After all these years... anyway, see you!" Lockette said. She and Giga waved at each other until Digit cut off the transmission.

"What kind of spell is he talking about, Lockette?" Amore asked.
"I'm not sure. I don't even know what else he would need to learn. He has the power to change his size at will." Lockette said.
"Wow! That's so cool! So he can be super giant or super teeny tiny!?" Chatta said.
"Um... yes! As a matter of fact, yes. Anyway, I guess we're going to Pixie Village." Lockette said.
"Wait! What if the Winx girls come back and don't find us here?" Tune asked.
"Never fear, Tune! Remember, I placed sensors all around this room. They will alert me when the Winx girls are on their way back." Digit said.
"And besides... they surely wouldn't come back from lunch so quickly! Doesn't Aisha have quite the appetite sometimes?" Chatta asked.
"Come on, girls! We better not keep Giga waiting much longer!" Lockette said. Using her magic that allowed her to open portals, one opened up in front of the pixies. After they all woke up Piff, all six pixies flew into the portal, leaving the dorm room empty.

When the girls emerged through the other side of the portal, they saw they were back in the center of Pixie Village.
"Well, here we are. Good ol' Pixie Village." Lockette said.
"But where's your cousin? I don't see him anywhere." Amore asked. Just then, Chatta watched as what appeared to be a fly at first glance flew onto her nose.
"Hey! Shoo, fly!" Chatta said as she flung her hand near her nose. The fly then landed on Tune's nose next.
"Oh dear. That would be a most inopportune place for you to rest, my friend." Tune said.
"Yeah, well, you could get diseases if you let a fly stay on you for too long. Allow me!" Digit said as she raised her hand and slapped Tune right in the face. However, the fly managed to escape.
"OW!" Tune shouted. The fly then landed on Digit's nose. She slapped her own face, only to miss the fly also and feel the sting of having slapped her own face.
"Ouch! I felt that one!" Digit shouted. The fly next made it to Amore's face, and she gasped as she looked between her eyes at her nose. Lockette, however, folded her arms and looked angry.
"GIGA!!!" Lockette shouted. That's when the fly flew off Amore's nose and away from the pixies. The fly then turned green, of which the light expanded rapidly. When the light disappeared, it was Giga.
"Hahaha! I got you all good, didn't I?" Giga said as he stood confidently while folding his arms. Lockette then rolled her eyes.
"I forgot to mention he's a professional joker as well. Years ago he would always play the 'DON'T EAT ME' gag when I'm eating my breakfast." Lockette said.
"Haha! You have to admit it's such a classic, cousin! And it lets you be the big sibling for once." Giga said.
"So, Giga, tell me! How big can you grow?" Chatta said.
"How about I show you?" Giga said with a smile.
"Ummm... Giga... I don't think that's a good..." Lockette said as she tried to talk Giga out of showing off his power of growth, but the pixies watched as Giga grew bigger and bigger. They all looked up in awe as the male pixie continued to grow. His growth finally stopped just above 6 feet tall, which would be impressively tall even for a human, but of course to the pixies, he looked quite huge.
"Fee fi fo fum... I see some pretty looking pixies at my feet." Giga said as he slightly shifted his sneakers around. Chatta whistled.
"Wow... I'm certainly impressed!" Chatta said.
"Okay, Giga. Can you come down now? We can't stay for long!" Lockette said.

Giga did just that, shrinking back down to his normal size.
"Awww... why not? You want to ditch me that quickly?" Giga said.
"No... it's not that. We really should be getting back to Alfea soon. We just don't want to worry our caretakers, the Winx Club, too much." Lockette said.
"Ah, so that's where you've been hiding? Amongst real giants?" Giga said.
"These girls may be our only hope in finally defeating Lord Darkar and saving Pixie Village from danger." Amore added.
"Hmmm... that makes sense. Well, maybe my new spell can help them too. Watch!" Giga said. He then looked over at a nearby blue flower that was merely fluttering in the wind. After aiming both his hands at the flower, he shot a series of yellow stars at the flower. The stars swirled around for a few seconds before the flower instantly grew five times its previous size.
"Whoa! You mean you can make other things grow now!?" Lockette said.
"That's right! Before I could only shrink or enlarge myself, but now... by the time I've perfected this spell, I can change the size of anything I wish!" Giga said.
"Wow! Amazing!" Chatta shouted.
"Did you say anything?" Amore asked.
"Yes, anything. Even living beings. One time I made a raccoon bigger to help it scare away its enemies. Now we're best buds for life! Hey... maybe I can try it on you guys!" Giga said.
"Oooooh... I wouldn't mind being a few feet bigger myself." Chatta said.
"Me too! I can finally play against Tecna fair and square in her dancing game!" Digit shouted.
"Hold it, hold it, hold it. Are you sure your spell is going to work, Giga? Don't think I haven't forgotten about the first time you tried something like this!" Lockette said.
"Huh? What was it, Lockette?" Tune asked.
"Let's just say we were forced to eat a single corn puff for two weeks!" Lockette said.
"Heh heh heh... I said I was sorry, didn't I, cousin? Anyway, after what I did for that raccoon, I feel like I've gotten it under control." Giga said.
"Come on, Lockette! Let him try it! Pleeeeeeeeeeease?" Chatta said.
"I bet Piff would enjoy being a bit bigger too!" Amore said, which prompted a few shouts of joy from the pixie who doesn't know a lot of words.
"Oooooh... okay." Lockette said as she took a deep breath.
"Yes! Alright... everyone stand close together and DON'T MOVE!" Giga said. The six pixies all stood close together (all except Piff, anyway, as she sat against Tune's dress and dozed off again) and watched as Giga waved his hands around again. He then thrust them forward and sent yellow stars swirling around them.

The stars swirled around the pixies and their bodies glowed in a bright yellow light before everything vanished a few seconds later. The girls were the same sizes as before.
"Huh? Did it not work, cousin?" Lockette said.
"No... there's a short delay when using the spell on living beings." Giga said. Sure enough, about 30 seconds later, all six pixies began to grow. They could tell because the area around them, including Giga himself and a few houses, were getting smaller before their eyes.
"Whoa! It's working! We're growing!" Digit said.
"Oooooh... I can tell the difference already." Amore said. The girls watched as they continued to grow. Giga suddenly had a worried look on his face.
"Wow! I think we're bigger than Giga was when he grew!" Chatta said.
"How big are you going to make us, Giga!?" Lockette said as she looked down at her rapidly shrinking cousin.
"Ummm... well..." Giga said.
"Oh dear! I think we're quite big enough now, Giga. You can stop now!" Tune said.
"Uh... that's the thing, girls! You should've stopped by now!" Giga said.
"WHAT!?" they all shouted. The six were now past 30 feet tall... and suddenly their growth rapidly accelerated.
"Oh my! We're growing even faster!" Amore shouted. 50 feet tall... 60... 70... 100... 150... they were really shooting up now! Some of the other pixies came out of their houses and ran or flew for their lives, especially as some of the feet of the growing Pixies got closer and closer to their properties. Giga had to enlarge himself to his maximum possible size of 6 feet tall just so he could still be seen by the giantesses.

Finally, though, the growing stopped. The six pixies were now a very massive 300 feet tall. They stayed as still as they could, as one step could cause unthinkable destruction to the Pixie Village.
"Wow... now I know how it feels to be one of those giant shadowy monsters!" Chatta said. Giga flew in front of one of Lockette's eyes.
"Giga! This isn't funny! We're FAR too big!" Lockette shouted.
"I swear I didn't plan it like this, cousin! Something went wrong with my spell!" Giga said.
"Well, can't you shrink us back to normal!?" Amore shouted.
"Of course! Of course!" Giga said. He aimed his hands at Lockette first and shot out another series of yellow stars... but they all bounced off her gigantic face.
"Oh no... it's just as I feared." Giga said.
"What!?" Lockette shouted.
"You're all so big... my magic can't penetrate your bodies anymore. I'm afraid you're stuck like this!" Giga said.
"Oh no! We're going to be giant monsters for the rest of our lives!?" Amore said as she held her hands to her face like she was going to cry.
"Oooooh... this is a most uncomfortable situation." Tune said as she tucked her dress in after seeing it so close to one of the houses.
"Well then, there's only one course of action to take. We find the Winx Club in the city! They can surely help us with their magic!" Digit said.
"Digit, no! We could do more harm than good walking around the world like this!" Amore said.
"That may be true... but I am NOT going to stand here like a statue until the end of time! The Winx girls have the cure for everything!" Digit said. Without a moment's hesitation, Digit carefully stomped her way out of Pixie Village (which only took a couple steps as small as the village was) and walked her way through the surrounding forest.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Chatta said as she followed from behind. Eventually, Piff, Amore, and Tune were next to walk behind the others. Lockette started to follow, but then gave a menacing look at Giga.
"Don't think you're off the hook, mister!" Lockette said as she grabbed Giga and held him tightly in her right hand.
"Eeeep!" Giga said as he could do nothing but come along for the ride as the giant Lockette stepped out of Pixie Village and followed her fellow giant pixies.

In Magix City, life was going on as normal for the citizens and other fairies. Of course, that wouldn't last long as the group heard thunderous booms that got louder and louder. And the ground also shook rhythmically, making it tough for everyone to keep their balance.
"Eeeeek! Giantesses!" one woman finally shouted as she pointed up in the air. Everyone looked up as the pixie giantesses all arrived and easily towered over the city. Some people were already running for cover, but most were staying behind looking up and commenting on the looks of these giantesses.
"Huh? Who are they? They're unlike any giant girls I've seen before."
"Yeah... look how big their heads are and how short their arms and legs are!"
"Maybe they're aliens from another planet!" These were among some of the reactions the people had.
"Wow! Everyone's so small! And to think we once looked small compared to them!" Chatta said.
"We must be very careful everyone. I'd never forgive myself if I accidentally hurt any of these people." Lockette said.
"I agree, Lockette. Let's just take our time in scouring the city for the Winx Club." Amore said.
"Well, I know I'll take my time. You know, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world from a different perspective!" Digit said. Suddenly there was a very audible yawn amongst the group, and everybody knew where it came from.
"Oh dear... Piff's getting tired already. We better let her relax here while the rest of us go looking for the Winx girls." Tune said.
"Alright then, let's go, girls. We better stick together." Lockette said as five of the six pixie giantesses all walked further into the city. Piff was the only one who stayed behind as she yawned and laid down on her side, drifting to sleep. However... she fell asleep on top of an intersection, and various vehicles were already honking their horns.

Meanwhile, inside one of the many restaurants in Magix City, the six Winx Club girls were all eating different menu items. Stella, in particular, was enjoying the baked potato chip sandwich she was munching on.
"Mmm mmm mmm... whoever thought of this potato chip sandwich should be promoted to top chef!" Stella said.
"Maybe we can nominate him for the talent show when that comes back on this fall!" Flora said.
"So, Aisha, you've had time to adjust living in Alfea. Are you enjoying it?" Bloom asked.
"Oh, of course. I can't thank you all enough for treating me like a member of the family." Aisha said.
"Hey! It's what we do! We're all like sisters around here!" Stella said.
"No matter how different we all are, we Winx girls stick together." Musa said.
"Musa's right. Cheers, everyone!" Bloom said as she raised her glass of water into the air, with the girls all tapping their respective glasses together.
Just after they did that, however, everyone inside the restaurant (including the Winx Club girls) felt the ground shake and heard thundering boom sounds outside.
"Whoa... that was some toast!" Stella said.
"No, Stella, we all felt that!" Bloom said.
"Is it an earthquake?" Musa asked. Tecna pulled out her PDA and quickly tapped several sections of the screen.
"My seismic scanner isn't picking up anything." Tecna said. Bloom then quickly got up from her seat.
"Arrrgh! Maybe it's the witches attacking again!" Bloom said. It was no secret that the witches were freed from their remote prison thanks to Lord Darkar.
"They are such a pain in the you know what!!" Stella shouted.
"Come on! Let's go find out!" Bloom said. She and the other girls, along with Kiko, all ran outside the restaurant.

Just as they got outside, Kiko was the first to see what was up and he screamed, taking cover behind one of Bloom's ankles.
"Huh? What is it, Kiko?" Bloom asked. Flora then gasped.
"Uh... guys. I found out where the shaking is coming from! Look!" Flora said. That's when all six girls got their first looks at five of the pixie giantesses (Lockette, Amore, Digit, Chatta, and Tune) all walking around looking down.
"Oh... my... freaking... gosh!" Stella said.
"The pixies!?" Aisha said.
"More like the Bigxies!" Stella shouted.
"Like that's ever going to get dictionary certified." Tecna said.
"No... but you gotta admit! That would make for a great news headline!" Stella said.
"What happened to them? They're incredibly huge!" Musa said.
"I'm trying to scan them with my PDA, but we're not close enough! We're going to have to get closer." Tecna said.
"Eeeeek! Are you sure that's a good idea? The last thing I want to be is splatted underneath Amore's feet!" Stella said.
"We have no choice, Stella. We have to make sure the pixies aren't putting anyone in danger." Bloom said.
"I'm with you, Bloom!" Flora said.
"Affirmative!" Tecna said.
"All the way!" Musa said.
"Alright then, everyone! Let's go Winx!" Bloom said as they all transformed into their Winx forms. Bloom then looked down at Kiko.
"Kiko, you stay here inside the restaurant where it's safe." Bloom said, with Kiko nodding as he ran back inside. The fairies then took off for the sky and flew towards the giant pixies.

The five giant pixies all walked around carefully doing their best not to cause too much panic or destruction. That was easier said than done when Chatta felt she kicked something with her boots. She looked down to see it was an overturned vehicle.
"Oops! Sorry." Chatta said as she carefully kneeled down and stood the empty car back up.
"Gosh... it's amazing to think that everything was once very gigantic at our old sizes." Chatta said.
"It really does put life at a new perspective." Digit said. The pixies would have another close call when an older woman and her daughter were running and got tripped up. They both screamed as they watched Lockette's giant shoe come closer and closer.
"Lockette! Stop!" Tune shouted. Lockette did just that, freezing in place before she could take her next step. Tune got down on her knees and gently picked the two people up, holding them in her hand as she stood back up.
"Ohmigosh! Did I almost step on you two? I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry." Lockette said, repeatedly bowing her head.
"But thankfully I came to their rescue. It's okay, you two. You're safe now." Tune said. She then walked behind the other pixies and set them down on the road.
"There. I would suggest running that way." Tune said. The two people nodded before they took off running. Giga, in his 'enlarged' state of just over 6 feet tall, was the first to look at his giant cousin's face and see the tears coming down from her eyes.
"Cousin... are you okay?" Giga said.
"I... I almost stepped on those poor innocent people. I don't like being this big! Everyone is so powerless compared to us..." Lockette said.
"There, there, Lockette. We just have to be careful. The Winx girls are always careful with us, right?" Chatta said.
"Chatta's right! We just have to make the most of this situation for now." Digit said.

"Pixies!" some faint female voices shouted. The pixies looked ahead to see the Winx girls flying in front of them.
"Oh, look! Speaking of the Winx Club!" Amore said.
"Man, am I glad to see you six!" Digit said.
"Amore! You see what happens when you joke we should switch sizes one day!?" Stella said.
"Teeheehee... I know, I know, be careful what I wish for!" Amore said.
"Lockette... what happened to you all?" Bloom asked.
"We're sorry, Bloom. We went to the Pixie Village to see my cousin for the first time in years. This here is Giga." Lockette said as she pointed to Giga sitting on her shoulder.
"Hello, ladies! It's an honor to meet you!" Giga said.
"Oh my! Not only a male pixie but one that's the size of a human? This combination is rarer than the Expandium element!" Tecna said.
"Actually, that's his 'enlarged' state. He has the power to change his size... from being this big, to normal-sized, to even smaller." Lockette said.
"Fascinating... are there other male pixies?" Bloom asked.
"Yes, but that is a long story for another time. I fear we are in need of your assistance." Tune said.
"Giga learned a new spell not too long ago to make other objects, including people, bigger or smaller. But as you can see... it worked too well." Lockette said.
"Man, that bites." Musa said. Tune then instinctively leaned in towards Musa, causing the musically-inclined girl to fly back in fear from seeing her huge face.
"Musa! That is a very immature response!" Tune said.
"Whoa! Okay, okay! Chill, Tune." Musa said. The other Winx girls couldn't help but laugh.
"Yeah, you better be careful, Musa. She might step on you if you slip up in the language department!" Stella joked.

Aisha, as the one who cared the most for the pixies since it was she who rescued them initially from Lord Darkar, then noticed a familiar face was missing.
"Wait a minute... where's Piff? Don't tell me you five left her all alone at Alfea!" Aisha said.
"No, of course not! She grew too." Digit said.
"But right when we got here, she went back to sleep." Amore said.
"And right in the middle of a busy intersection too! Oooooh... she's probably causing quite the traffic jam." Chatta said. Tecna then looked several yards away from the pixies and saw the giant Piff sleeping.
"She's right! There's Piff back there." Tecna said.
"Oh my! That's an important intersection too, with people and goods coming in and out of the city. We can't have her sleeping there!" Flora said.
"Flora's right, girls. We should try and get her out of the way as soon as possible. Follow me!" Bloom said as the Winx girls flew past the five giant pixies and towards Piff. The giant pixies eventually followed from behind.

The ladies all arrived where Piff was sleeping. As cute as it was seeing her cuddled up like a baby and sleeping away, the Winx girls looked down and saw cars all piled up and honking their horns at the giantess.
"Oh dear! That's quite the log jam!" Tune said.
"Come on, girls! We have to try and push her out of the way." Bloom said.
"I would not advise that, Bloom! Every lane is jammed... there's nowhere we can push her without crushing a series of vehicles." Tecna said.
"You're right, Tecna. What about a levitation spell?" Bloom said.
"That might work, let's try it!" Flora said. All six girls worked on casting the same kind of spell that would allow them to lift the giant Piff off the ground, and then they could move her out of the way.
However, they could only lift Piff a couple yards off the ground before they had to call off their spell due to exhaustion, causing Piff to land back on her side.
"Ugh... that won't work! She weighs like a billion tons!" Stella said. Amore and Digit carefully made their way to Piff (making sure not to step on anything), and they tried nudging the pixie.
"Come on, Piff! Wake up!" Amore said. After several more nudges, nothing changed.
"Nope... no good. We all know once Piff's out, she is O-U-T, out!" Digit said.
"There must be something we can do! We can't just leave her here!" Lockette said. Aisha then snapped her fingers.
"I've got an idea! Wait here, everyone." Aisha said as she flew at high speed away from the scene.
"Huh? Where is she going?" Musa asked.

A couple minutes passed, and the Winx girls looked down by Tune's dress to see Aisha returning with a table as she navigated her way around the traffic.
"Oh! Here comes Aisha!" Bloom said.
"But what's the table for? Is Dr. Aisha in the house?" Stella joked. Tecna activated her visor that allowed her to get a better view... like she were looking in a set of binoculars.
"It looks like she's got cups full of hot cocoa with her." Tecna said.
"Huh? Hot cocoa?" Flora asked. That's when the Winx girls flew down and landed next to Aisha.
"Ummm... Aisha? Now's not really a good time for hot cocoa." Stella asked.
"It's not for us... it's for Piff. She loves the smell of hot beverages, so I'm hoping a whiff of this will get her up and moving again." Aisha said.
"I suppose anything is worth a try... but I'm worried about the traffic if she starts flying around." Bloom said.
"Have the Pixies surround Piff. That should keep her from flying too far from where she is now." Aisha said. The Winx girls flew back up in the air, with each one flying in front of their bonded pixie to give out the instructions, like between Stella and Amore.
"Amore... I need you and the pixies to form a wide circle around Piff. We don't want her flying too crazy when she gets a whiff of Aisha's hot cocoa." Stella said.
"Roger, Stella!" Amore said as she and the other pixies took their places.

Once the circle of giant pixies was formed and the Winx girls flew even higher to take their places as well, Aisha wheeled the table full of hot cocoa cups towards Piff. As Aisha predicted, it didn't take long for Piff to pick up on just the scent of the hot cocoa as the giantess rapidly sniffed and sniffed. Then she opened her light blue eyes.
"Cocoa..." Piff said. As Aisha watched Piff's huge eyes open up, she waved her hands up to get her attention.
"Piff... it's me! It's Aisha! I'm down here!" Aisha shouted. After blinking her eyes to get a better look, Piff looked a little closer at the tiny fairy.
"Ai..ish..a?" Piff said. Aisha's name was one of the few words she could speak at her young age.
"That's right, Piff. I'm here for you. I know I look a little smaller than normal, but I'm still here for you!" Aisha said.
"Ai? Isha?" Piff said.
"Yes, Piff. Aisha." Aisha said with a smile.
"Aisha! Aisha! Aisha!!!" Piff shouted with a burst of excitement. She then picked up Aisha and hugged her against her face, then sitting up (and knocking the table full of hot cocoa down).
"Whoaaaaaaaaaa.... easy, Piff!!! Yeouch! Not so hard!" Aisha shouted. The Winx girls and the pixies all looked down as Piff hugged the living daylights out of Aisha.
"Heh heh! Talk about a role reversal!" Stella said.
"But you gotta admit that looks so cute." Tecna said. Amore then approached Piff and nudged her towards a nearby section of grass and off the road.
"Come on, Piff. Easy, easy..." Amore said as the two pixie giantesses walked off the road and allowed traffic to flow again. It was moving kind of slow as people looked up in awe at the pixies.
"Hey, everyone. Let's get away from Magix City for now so traffic can get moving at full speed again." Bloom said.
"I fully concur. Seeing buildings smaller than me... oooooh... it's making me tingle nervously. And that's VERY unladylike of me!" Tune said. The Winx girls and the giant pixies all carefully made their way to the outer edge of the city grounds.

Next, there was a sudden beeping noise from Tecna's PDA.
"Oh! My PDA has managed to decode the exact magic that Giga used to make the pixies grow." Tecna said.
"Great! Soooooo what does that mean in plain English?" Stella said.
"Well, while Piff was being attended to, I scanned the bodies of all the pixies in order to find out exactly the formula behind the growing magic that was used. And luckily, the magic can easily be countered by a blast of Mini Winx energy." Tecna said.
"Oh yeah! The Mini Winx spell that allows us to shrink in size once mastered." Stella said.
"But it makes a totally cool temporary shrinking spell in the meantime." Musa said.
"Wait a minute... the pixies are so huge. How can we be sure the spell will even work?" Flora asked.
"We won't know until we give it a try, Flora. This may be the only chance they've got!" Tecna said.
"I agree with Tecna. I say we give it a shot." Bloom said.
"But one more thing... the spell is temporary. They'll probably just grow back in an hour or two when the spell wears off." Flora said.
"Not if I can help it!" Giga suddenly shouted. The Winx girls watched as Giga came flying off Lockette's giant shoulder and flew alongside the Winx girls.

"Perhaps if I combined your magic with my shrinking magic... it will allow the pixies to shrink back to their normal size and stay that way! My magic all by itself couldn't penetrate their giant bodies, but with all your help..." Giga said.
"That sounds like a good idea. Would that work, Lockette?" Bloom said as she looked up at her supersized pixie friend.
"Well, I don't see why not, but..." Lockette said. She looked over at Piff who continued to hug (more gently now) Aisha. Then she looked back down at the Winx girls.
"What is it, Lockette?" Bloom asked.
"Is it alright if we hugged each of you before we shrunk? You've hugged us so many times... I've dreamed of returning the favor one day." Lockette said. The Winx girls all looked at each other.
"Sure, why not?" Bloom said with a smile.
"Oh, thank you thank you, Bloom!" Lockette said. The giant pixie reached out and gently grabbed Bloom, nestling her into her right hand. The other pixies grabbed someone themselves, such as Tune holding Musa, Digit holding Tecna, Amore holding Stella, and Chatta holding Flora. All the ladies were cradled against either the chest or stomach regions of the giant pixies.
"Ooooh... I must admit this is a rather pleasant feeling." Tecna commented.
"Teehee... I aim to please, Tecna, whether technologically or physically!" Digit said.

The hugging and cuddling between the pixies and the Winx Club felt like it lasted a long time, but really it was only a few minutes. A few bystanders actually stopped to take pictures, finding the display the cutest thing they ever saw. When Bloom looked down and saw these people gathering, that's when she felt it was time to stop.
"We better put things back to normal before we build up too big a crowd." Bloom said.
"Okay, Bloom." Lockette said as she let go of her companion, allowing her to fly freely again. The same thing happened with the other girls, including Aisha as she flew away from Piff. All six giant pixies gathered together, as did the Winx Club and Giga (still in his 'enlarged' state of just over 6 feet tall).
"Okay, Giga. Ready? Just do your thing and we'll assist." Bloom said.
"As ready as I'll ever be." Giga said. He concentrated on the shrinking side of his magic and flung his yellow star energy towards the pixies. At the same time, all six Winx girls chanted...
"Mini Winx Alpha!" all six girls shouted, shooting thin blue energy beams themselves. The combined beam made contact first with Lockette, but quickly spread to the other girls since they were all holding hands.

Very quickly they shrank. They got smaller and smaller and smaller until a minute later when they were back to their normal sizes. They could tell because the Winx Club girls flew up and easily towered over them.
"Yay! It worked!" Bloom said. The pixies flew happily into the arms of their bonded girls.
"Oh, Digit! Thank goodness you're back to normal." Tecna said.
"Yeah! Me too! It was fun for a while, but eventually I realized... who would take care of us?" Digit said.
"Hey, at least you got to experience the feeling. It happened to us about a year ago." Tecna said.
"Huh? Really? I'd love to hear that story!" Aisha said.
"We'd be happy to tell you!" Stella said. Giga then shrank back to his normal size and flew towards Lockette.
"Whew... thank goodness you're back to normal, cousin. I'm so sorry for putting through all that." Giga said as he lowered his head.
"Don't worry about it, Giga. You just gotta get better with your spells, that's all." Lockette said.
"I know. That's why I'm going to fly back to the far away islands right now and get back to work." Giga said.
"So soon, Giga? Why don't you stay? I feel like you've only just gotten here!" Lockette said.
"Sorry, cousin. I have to go. Besides... I skipped a magic class so I could come see you." Giga said with a wry smile.
"Oooooh! You haven't changed, have you!?" Lockette shouted, prompting a laugh from the other pixies and the Winx Club girls.

Giga then gave everyone a salute before he flew away to return to wherever it was he came from.
"Come on, let's get back to the restaurant. Kiko's probably worried about all of us, especially the pixies!" Bloom said. All the girls nodded and then flew back into the city, of which life got back to normal after the many close calls from the very gigantic, but very friendly and caring, pixies.
"So now... about that time the rest of you grew big?" Aisha said.
"Oooooh! I'm curious about it myself!" Chatta said.
"Well, it all got started thanks to a virtual reality simulation during one class..." Tecna said as she started to tell the story you all know as Big Winx. ^_____^