Micro Winx


Bloom kept her focus front and center as she tipped her test tube and watched a drop of a blue-colored potion slowly fall into a large beaker containing a green-colored potion. As soon as the concoction got together, she pulled out some pixie dust. She remembered Lockette's words as she studied the sparkling material.
"Here, Bloom! Maybe this pixie dust will help you with your potion!" Lockette said.
"I hope so, Lockette. I want so badly to be able to shrink like my friends can..." Bloom said. You see, Bloom was the only one of the Winx Club who couldn't master the Mini Winx spell as part of her Enchantix powers. She's tried in every way possible to beat this limitation, but so far she has come up empty. She's down to her last resort... using the old-fashioned magic potions, combined with pixie magic dust.

But as soon as the dust hit the potion, a puff of smoke and an audible pop filled the room. Thank goodness that Bloom was wearing her safety glasses, otherwise her entire face would be covered in smudge. Although she was unharmed and only frightened by the small explosion, she clearly looked frustrated.
"Arrrrrgh!!! That's the fourth time this week I've blown up this potion!" Bloom shouted. Just then, her five fellow members of the Winx Club came running into the science lab. They, of course, were Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella, and Aisha.
"Is everything okay, Bloom?" Flora said.
"Yes... we heard this little exploding sound coming from outside." Tecna said.
"Like fireworks at a musical concert." Musa said.
"I wish... this is the fourth time I've been trying to make a potion that will let me use Mini Winx, but I just can't get it to work without it blowing up in my face!" Bloom said as she finally removed the goggles from her face.
"Is that all? I remember when I was working on science projects... my potions were always blowing up in my face." Stella said.
"Yeah, and they were totally trashing the labs too. Not cool at all." Musa said.
"Hey! That wasn't my fault! Was it?" Stella shouted. The other girls just giggled.
"Well, at least the good news is that the potion seems to just be blowing smoke on you and not splattering all over the place." Aisha said. The other girls nodded, sharing in her good point.
"Sigh... I've tried everything. Old gemstones that I found on Sparx a couple months ago, hexes that I learned in class, even using magic pixie dust on magic potions. You know, it makes me wish we had those Expandium crystals from a while back." Bloom said.
"That's such a wicked cool idea for a science project! I still get a kick out of those Expandium crystals!" Stella shouted.
"Then thank goodness they don't exist anymore. Every boy in the city would be scared of you." Musa said. The other girls laughed as Stella just gave the mean look over at Musa.
"But didn't Expandium make people grow instead? You're trying to make a shrinking potion, right?" Flora asked.
"I think I get Bloom's drift. She's hoping that we could find a way to reverse the effects of that crystal. You know, make the user shrink instead of grow with help from the elements. You know, the elements did play a part in helping form our Enchantix." Tecna said.
"I guess... like I said, I have no idea what's going to happen with all these explosions I keep running into. And I'm just ranting about the Expandium. Like Musa said, we should forget about that. Listen, you think you girls can watch over the potion for me? I should go wipe my face off." Bloom said.
"No problem... we'll be right here!" Stella shouted as Bloom left the room.

As the girls waited for Bloom to return with a clean face, Tecna was gazing over at the potion on the nearby table.
"Hmmm... I think I may have a theory on why the potion exploded when the dust and the potions came together." Tecna asked as she carefully studied the materials on the table.
"Hey, are you sure you should be messing with those? How would we know what potions to mix?" Flora asked.
"Besides, girl... you and science don't mix. You are called Tecna for a reason." Musa said.
"Not necessarily... sure I am good with technology, but don't forget I have a high IQ to go with it." Tecna said.
"She's totally right! The least we should do is help her out in some way!" Stella said.
"Alright, I'm in." Aisha said. The other girls pretty much agreed to help, but Flora was still unsure.
"Well... I still think this is a bad idea. We don't know what we're dealing with, you know." Flora said.
"Come on, Flora. You always worry too much, you know that?" Stella said. The girls looked at the various test tubes full of different colored potions that surrounded the beaker filled with the main potion.
"So... like which one do we use?" Stella said.
"Hmmm... it looks like that red one hasn't been touched." Aisha said. Tecna glanced over and saw that very potion.
"You're right. Let's see what this one does." Tecna said.
"Uh... are you sure we should be touching this stuff?" Flora said.
"Relax, Flo! What's the worst that can happen?" Musa said.

Indeed, Tecna took the test tube of red liquid and poured it into the beaker, filled with green and blue potions, along with the pixie dust. At the very moment one drop hit the main potion, the substance started to bubble. The liquid slowly rose up and bubbled even more. Shortly after, the pixie dust started to glow brightly, like its power was being activated.
"Um... I'm no science geek, but doesn't that look like trouble?" Aisha asked.
"This thing's gonna blow! Head for..." Tecna said. She started to advise everyone to head for cover, but the potion immediately exploded, splashing its contents all over the five girls on both skin and clothes.
"Yuck! I'll shower but I'll probably never be clean again!" Stella said as she tried brushing off the green liquid.
"Well, that went well." Musa said.
"Yeah, but more importantly than that, what is this potion going to do to us?" Aisha said.
"It's highly illogical that anything will happen. Most magic potions are meant to take effect when they are digested." Tecna said.
"I hope you're right. We better get back to Stella's room and clean ourselves up. And think of how we're going to tell Bloom we blew up her project." Flora said. All five girls made their way out of the lab... totally unaware that they had all lost a couple inches already.
"Hey... wait a minute. The mess suddenly disappeared!" Stella said as she looked down her clothes. The other girls looked to see their clothes and skin were completely free of the splattered potion as well.
"Most interesting. Maybe Bloom was using self-absorbing potions?" Aisha said.
"Or it could be something else. I'm feeling kind of strange all of a sudden. I'll have to analyze once we get back to Stella's room." Tecna said.

By the time the girls, all clean with no trace of the potion left on them, made it back to the door that led to one of the dorm rooms, they all noticed the knob was much higher than usual.
"That's odd. It's like this door got taller all of a sudden." Aisha said.
"Doors do not get taller. There's only a 0.01% chance of that actually happening in this world." Tecna said.
"But you're saying there is a chance!?" Stella said with a smile on her face. Musa was able to open the door as all five girls entered the room. They looked around to see the room much bigger than normal as well. Flora even had a hard time getting on the bed, as she had to leap and then climb up rather than flat out jumping onto the bed. Stella walked over to a bra that was leaning on one of the oversized chairs.
"Okay... I know something's wrong when one of my bras is at least four cup sizes bigger!" Stella shouted.
"You're telling me... I practically struggled getting on this bed!" Flora said.
"Tecna, what's going on?" Musa said. Tecna was about to pull out her PDA to do some analyzing, but she looked all around herself and was now clearly seeing the difference.
"Girls... we're shrinking!" Tecna said.
"Shrinking? As in getting teeny tiny!?" Stella said.
"She's right! I can see the world rising around me!" Aisha said. Now one could clearly see that the girls were getting smaller and smaller, and it looked as though their rate of shrinking was increasing.
"Is this ever going to stop!?" Stella shouted. The girls looked to be around two inches tall, and yet they were still shrinking! Under an inch now, and still shrinking. Some of the girls were understandably getting very worried.
"Good grief... how small are we going to get!?" Aisha shouted.
"I don't know! At this rate we could enter the Microverse!" Tecna said.
"Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I don't want to be so tiny!" Stella shouted. Finally, however, the process stopped. The girls looked to see the world had stopped growing around them. Although they were relieved that the shrinking had stopped, they were almost floored to see how tremendously huge everything was around them. Heck, even strands of the carpet looked twice as big as the girls were now.

"Okay, Tec... give us the lowdown, and I don't mean that literally." Musa said. Tecna was punching all sorts of buttons on her PDA, trying to determine exactly how small our girls have gotten.
"Well, according to my calculations... our body mass has decreased to the point where we are now... oh my gosh." Tecna said.
"Just say it already!" Aisha said. Tecna punched the same buttons again, trying to make sure she didn't make a mistake in the calculations, but the numbers she was reading did not lie.
"Exactly one tenth of an inch tall." Tecna said as she laid out the bad news. The other girls gasped upon hearing that.
"Did you just say one tenth of an inch tall?" Musa said. Tecna just nodded.
"Oh man... that really is tiny! That's smaller than even the pixies!" Aisha said.
"I guess now you see why I like growing much better than shrinking..." Stella said.
"Help! Somebody!" Flora shouted. Her voice seemed to be coming from the bed.
"Flora! She sounds like she's in trouble!" Aisha said.
"I'll save her!" Tecna said. She transformed into her Enchantix outfit and starting flying upwards, getting a good look at the huge room around her. She flew close to the bed and at first couldn't see Flora, but then she flew even closer. Into the insides of the quilt, made up of various tied strings. Flora was in this mess trying to fight her way out.
"Tecna, help! I was sitting on the bed when all of a sudden I started shrinking. I shrunk so much that I got caught in these strings!" Flora said.
"Affirmative... shows you how much we have all shrunken, haven't we?" Tecna said.
"Yeah, I can't believe we made such a powerful potion. Now hurry and get me out!" Flora said.
"No problem, I'll get you out! Deletion Beam now!" Tecna shouted. She shot out a series of green beams that were cutting the strings up and sending them flying away from Flora. She quickly transformed into her Enchantix self as she flew out of the quilt and back to the carpet where the other girls were waiting. Soon, all five girls had transformed into their Enchantix selves, and they continued to let the scenery sink in.

"Whew... thanks, Tecna. That was as scary as my own flowers trying to tie me up." Flora said.
"Well, I fear we are not out of the woods yet." Tecna said.
"She's right. There's the issue of how we are going to get back to our normal size." Aisha said.
"I'll settle for gaining even one inch in height." Musa said.
"I'm with you there! Who would've thought that we could shrink this small?" Stella said. Just then, the girls could hear some loud twinkle-like sound effects coming from outside the room. It wasn't unusual for something to come in since the door to the room was left open.
"What's that sound?" Flora asked.
"It's coming from outside!" Musa said.
"Wait... I recognize that sound!" Aisha said. The girls looked way up in the 'sky' to see the source of that noise. The six pixies, Lockette, Amore, Digit, Chatta, Tune, and Piff all flew in. Piff, naturally, was feeling tired and headed to the floor... right where the Winx were standing!
"It's the pixies!" Aisha shouted.
"Yeah, and one of them's about to make Winx sushi out of us!" Stella said, referring to how Piff was falling right for them... and she looked very much huge!
"Head for cover!" Tecna shouted. All the girls were able to get out of the way before Piff could crush them all. They slowly made their way back to the sleeping Piff. Normally these cute little fairies were close to a foot in height. Tecna estimated that Piff looked almost 100 feet tall from their perspective.
"Man... this blows." Musa said.
"Yeah, but it just shows how small and insignificant we are now." Tecna said.
"Please, Tecna... don't remind us of the problem we're in!" Flora shouted.
"You think we should get their attention somehow?" Stella asked.
"Heads up, girls!" Aisha shouted. Indeed, she pointed out two of the pixies, Chatta and Amore, heading in their direction. Once again, the girls had to make a leap of faith to avoid being crushed by either of the pixies.

Chatta and Amore, naturally unaware that their owners were in the room and small enough for them to look like giantesses, walked up to Piff and watched her sleep.
"Look at her... sleeping like a baby as always." Amore said.
"Oh you bet! I can remember the last time I fell asleep like that on the floor. Did I ever tell you the story of when..." Chatta said, but Digit came flying from above to put a hand over her mouth.
"Yeah yeah, I think we've heard that story several times already." Digit said. Lockette flied over to Digit's side.
"Y'know, I wonder where the girls are?" Lockette said.
"Oh, I'm sure they'll be back soon. We should look out for them." Amore said.
"Yes... out the window would be a fine place." Tune said. The five pixies then flew away from Piff as she continued to nap on the floor. Once they were out of sight, the Winx girls came out of their hiding place under the bed and they flew over to Piff, landing right in front of her face.
"We should alert the pixies of our presence, and fast!" Tecna shouted.
"Are you kidding? They'd probably freak at seeing us smaller than even them!" Stella shouted.
"Not Piff. If I know her, she'll be delighted to see us... especially me." Aisha said. She slowly walked up to Piff's face.
"Aisha? What are you trying to do?" Flora asked.
"Such a move could be highly dangerous!" Tecna said, getting an early idea on what Aisha was planning.
"It's okay, everyone. Piff wouldn't hurt even a flea." Aisha said. Finally, she got right up to Piff's face and gently tapped her on the nose. Ordinarily, Piff wouldn't sense this as all she ever does is sleep as young as she is, but she seemed to feel her owner's presence as her eyes slowly opened up. As Aisha watched Piff's huge eyes open up, she waved her hands up to get her attention.

"Piff... it's me! It's Aisha! I'm down here!" Aisha shouted. After blinking her eyes to get a better look, Piff looked a little closer at the shrunken fairy.
"Ai..Ish..A?" Piff said. Aisha's name was one of the few words she could speak at her young age.
"That's right, Piff. I'm here for you. I know I look a little smaller than normal, but I'm still here for you!" Aisha said.
"Ai? Isha?" Piff said.
"Yes, Piff. Aisha. And you remember my friends, right? They're part of the Winx Club too." Aisha said with a smile.
"Aisha! Aisha! Aisha!!!" Piff shouted with a burst of excitement. She then picked up Aisha and actually started flying around the room with her in her hands!
"Whoaaaaaaaaaa.... easy, Piff!!! You're gonna make me dizzy! Whoaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Aisha shouted. Just then, the other pixies joined in as Chatta was the first to calm Piff down.
"Chill out, Piff! You haven't been sipping on the cocoa again, have you!?" Chatta shouted. Piff started shouting out some garbled up words that nobody really could understand.
"What? What is she saying?" Amore said.
"I don't know... remember that she's still a baby pixie and is still learning our language." Digit said.
"Well, can't she at least show us what's in her hands?" Amore said. Piff seemed to understand that as she slowly opened up her right hand and revealed the tiny Aisha. The other pixies just gasped.
"Um... hi, everyone." Aisha said.
"Aisha? Is it possible?" Tune asked.
"Of course it isn't! Aisha's supposed to be like a hundred times bigger than all of us!" Amore shouted.
"Something like this seems highly illogical." Digit said.
"What if it isn't Aisha at all and just some shapeshifting firefly or something like that?" Lockette said.
"Well, there's only one way to find out!" Chatta said. She approached Piff and held a hand up in the air, looking like she was aiming it straight for Aisha! Aisha looked up in fear at Chatta's hand, thinking she was going to swat her very life out of existence.

"Wait, stop!!!" Flora shouted. Chatta immediately stopped moving her hand just before it could crush Aisha. Chatta looked around to find the source of Flora's voice.
"Flora? Where are you? I could've sworn I heard her voice somewhere in this room." Chatta said.
"I can't see her either!" Lockette said. Tune, however, was the first to find out. She looked to see five more fairies flying in front of her and just as tiny as Aisha. There was no mistaking it. The Winx Club, minus Bloom, was here.
"Um... girls. They're right in front of me." Tune said.
"Nonsense! What are you talking..." Digit started to say, but she flew right beside Tune and could see them as well.
"Hello, Digit! I guess this is a bad time to play World of Winx, is it?" Tecna said.
"Tecna? No way! How can this be possible?" Digit said. The rest of the pixies, aside from Piff who was cuddling with Aisha, joined with Tune and Digit and shared in their shock at seeing their own owners at such an incredibly small size.
"Yeah. It's like... totally us. I guess we know how it feels to be you guys!" Stella shouted.
"What in Magix happened to all of you?" Lockette asked.
"Well, one of Bloom's experiments kinda blew up on us and the next thing we know, we're super small and all." Musa said.
"Bloom was trying to make a potion that would help her use the Mini Winx spell... but we tried to help her by combining different potions and this is how we all ended up." Tecna said.
"But where is Bloom? She didn't shrink too, did she!?" Lockette shouted. Flora shook her head.
"It's just the five of us. We've all been looking for Bloom, actually." Flora said. The pixies spent the next few seconds just looking down at the girls. Finally, Chatta picked up all of them from the ground.
"Hmmm... you know, I've been wondering something. Since the girls are smaller than us instead of being bigger, don't you think they'll have a problem bossing us around?" Chatta said.
"What do you mean bossing around?" Digit said.
"Well... I mean... well, you know what I mean! Since we're the bigger ones now... we ought to, you know..." Chatta said.

"Chatta, you are speaking very impolitely! Try to connect your words much better." Tune said.
"I know what she is saying. She thinks since Aisha and the other girls treated us like children as big as they were... that doesn't mean we can be the mothers for a change." Digit said.
"Exactly! I couldn't have put it better myself!" Chatta shouted.
"Um... are you totally serious? I hate being pampered all over again!" Stella shouted.
"And besides... it is extremely important we find Bloom. She could be looking for us as we speak and not realize that we've been shrunken to such a small size!" Flora said.
"Wait a minute, guys. Chatta has a point. They've been looking up to us all these months even though they can fly just like us. Maybe we should give them a chance to play a little role reversal." Aisha said.
"I guess I'm cool with it. I never really thought I would get a chance to be held in a pixie's hands." Musa said.
"Well, if the two of you insist, then I say we go with it." Tecna said.
"Hooray! We get to play the mothers for a change!" Chatta said. Piff was jumping up and down in excitement behind her.
"I guess Piff likes the idea too." Tune said. Aisha flew over to Piff's hands as she opened them up.
"Okay, Piff. You can play with me if you'd like." Aisha said. Piff then stuffed Aisha up to her face, like she was trying to hug her.
"Ooomph!!! Gently, though! Gently!!!" Aisha shouted as she felt herself being pressed against Piff's face. Then the pixies took the rest of the Winx for themselves. Digit wound up with Tecna, Stella with Amore, and Musa with Tune. Flora was still sitting in Chatta's hands, with Lockette looking at her as well.
"Well, I guess you're stuck with me, little Flora." Chatta said.
"Oh please... try not to call me that. It gives me a bad image." Flora said, blushing a bit. Lockette finally stopped staring at the shrunken Flora and flew towards the open door.

"Listen, girls, I'll be back. I better see where Bloom is." Lockette said.
"Well, sure. Don't be gone too long!" Chatta said.
"And don't tell her about the shrunken girls!" Digit shouted, with a rather serious look on her face.
"I won't, don't worry!" Lockette said. As much as she would've liked to help the other Winx with their problem, she agreed not to spill the news to Bloom. After all, this had to be the most fun the pixies EVER had, even with all the known evil (particularly Lord Darkar) gone from the world.

It seemed like hours went by for the micro-sized Winx girls as they were juggled, cuddled, and sometimes befuddled over what the pixies were doing. But it was Aisha that kept the other girls interested. The pixies almost never got the chance to play with someone or something smaller than even them, and this was the perfect chance for them. As the pixies continued to play around, Lockette flew around the campus and eventually picked up the sound of a familiar voice.
"Tecna! Flora! Stella! Musa! Aisha! Oh... where can they be?" Bloom shouted from the outside. She came to a sudden stop when she saw Lockette floating in front of her.
"Oh! Lockette... I'm sorry!" Bloom shouted.
"Bloom! Welcome back!" Lockette said.
"Thanks, Lockette. Listen, have you seen the other girls around?" Bloom said. Lockette promised to keep her word that she would keep Bloom's friends a secret.
"Well... no. No, I haven't seen them today. Is everything okay?" Lockette said.
"I don't know. I just... I left them to guard a special potion that I've been working on. But when I came back, the girls were gone and the potion was splattered all over the laboratory." Bloom said.
"Oh dear... what was that potion supposed to do, if I may ask?" Lockette said.
"Even I don't know. The potion was derived from some of the Enchantix power plus that pixie dust you gave me. I was trying to create something that could... could... Oh no." Bloom said. As the thought was occurring to her mind, she started to fear for the worst.
"What? What's wrong, Bloom? Please tell me!" Lockette said.
"Maybe that's why I can't find them. Oh, Lockette... I've looked all over the entire campus for them! What if the potion did something to them!?" Bloom said, holding onto Lockette in fear.
"Whoa... please, Bloom! I still need to fly, you know!" Lockette shouted.
"There's no time! Please, Lockette, can you and the other pixies search for the girls? I'm gonna try and link up with their magic from my room!" Bloom shouted.
"But Bloom... I think I..." Lockette said but was quickly interrupted by Bloom.
"Hurry, Lockette! They may not have much time, if there is even any left!" Bloom said. She quickly opened up the door opposite of where the other pixies were, and that was to her own dorm room. In fact, supposedly without thinking much, she slammed the door.
"Hmmm... this is not good. I have to tell the others." Lockette said as she went back into the other dorm room.

Back inside the room, Lockette called for the other pixies to approach her, with the micro-sized Winx girls in each of their hands, of course.
"Listen, girls. We need to talk about our miniature friends." Lockette said.
"You totally don't have to rub it in, Lockette!" Stella said, kinda not liking being called a miniature friend when things should've obviously been the opposite with the Winx towering over the pixies.
"What is it, Lockette?" Digit said.
"I saw Bloom... she seemed really upset. She's afraid something may have happened to the girls when she saw the mess in the lab." Lockette said.
"Oh my! That is most unfortunate!" Tune said.
"Oh man... I feel bad for Bloom. Just think of how bad she'll feel when she sees us." Musa said.
"You know... I really think we should break the news ourselves." Stella said.
"Are you crazy, Stella!?" Flora shouted.
"For once I agree... we're small enough to make the pixies look at least a hundred feet tall to our eyes. Just think of how big Bloom must be!" Tecna shouted.
"Just thinking that gets the blood pumping in my head... even without the headphones!" Musa said.
"Y'know... Stella has a point. I don't think she would believe the pixies, especially if she's as upset as she sounds. I think trying to get her attention ourselves will make her feel much better." Aisha said. The room got silent for a short while as everyone contemplated on Stella and Aisha's thinking. The pixies, despite them being a bit resistant to the plan, agreed to let the Winx go.
"Okay, but are you sure you don't need our help? You could really use our assistance as... well, tiny as you are." Amore said.
"We'll be fine, girls. Don't worry. Bloom wouldn't even harm a flea, if I know her." Aisha said. Finally, the pixies agreed to release the girls. Lockette opened up the door with her magic and allowed the girls to fly out.
"Good luck! And be careful! And look both ways before you cross the street! And another thing..." Chatta said before she had her mouth covered by Digit once again.
"They're going to need it." Digit said to the other pixies as they all just nodded with her assessment.

As incredibly tiny as the five Winx girls were, they were able to fly underneath the door and make it inside Bloom's dormitory. Of course, the girls were stunned to see how huge everything was. Nothing scared them more than seeing Bloom herself walking away from the closet. Tecna was right. The girls thought the pixies were huge... Bloom was probably at least goddess-sized to their eyes.
"Man... look at her." Musa said.
"She could hold onto my planet if she had grown that much." Stella said.
"So how are we going to do this?" Aisha said.
"Well, it was your idea, wasn't it? To confront Bloom by ourselves?" Flora said.
"Okay okay, so I guess I underestimated her size and got carried away by the pixies. What do you think, Tecna? Tecna?" Aisha said. All the girls looked over to Tecna, thinking she would have a plan as smart as she was. But she wasn't saying anything. In fact, Tecna looked as though she was staring out into space.
"My goodness... this is most fascinating." Tecna said out loud. Just then, Tecna surprised everyone by actually flying for the mega-sized Bloom!
"Tecna! Where are you going!?" Flora shouted.
"At this size, she'll be roadkill!" Musa said.
"I'll get her!" Stella shouted as she flew after Tecna.

The two girls were flying just below Bloom's waist level, at the top of her blue jeans, as they approached her. Tecna then flew up sharply, probably aiming for higher on Bloom's body. Stella was about to follow suit when suddenly Bloom started walking right towards her!
"Eeeeeeek!!! Bloom! Bloom, stop!" Stella shouted. Of course, as tiny as she was, Bloom couldn't possibly hear her words. Stella tried to fly out of Bloom's path, but it was too late as Stella crashed right into Bloom's jeans (on the right leg), tangling her within its strings.
"Hey! A little help here!!!" Stella shouted from the jean strings.
"Heh... you have to admit, this is good for Stella's image as a fashion nut." Aisha said.
"Nevertheless, we have to save her! And Tecna!" Flora said, pointing at Tecna who was still flying upwards in front of Bloom. She was at chest level now.
"I'll go rescue Stella. You girls can go after Tecna." Musa said.
"Be careful everyone!" Flora said as they all were next to fly towards Bloom, who continued to pace around the room. She finally sat down on her bed. Even the sound of Bloom landing on her bed sounding like a thundering boom to the micro Winx.
"(sigh) I have to sit down and think. Pacing around the room isn't going to help me." Bloom said out loud. Even from several yards away, the decibel level of Bloom's voice was almost to the point of deafening to the micro-sized Winx girls.

Eventually, as Tecna was floating towards Bloom's face, she was caught and held back by Flora and Aisha.
"Tecna, please stop! What are you trying to do!?" Flora shouted.
"Please... let me go! I must get inside her body!" Tecna shouted.
"Inside her body? What are you talking about?" Aisha asked.
"Don't you girls see? We're so tiny, this is the perfect chance to go where no fairy has gone before! Inside the human body! Think of the stories we'll be able to tell instead of simply reading about the human body in our textbooks!" Tecna shouted.
"This very tiny size must be getting to her head!" Aisha said.
"Or maybe she's just captivated with how incredibly huge Bloom is from this size... as I'm sure we all are. But still, it's much too dangerous and we have to find a way to get back to normal!" Flora said.
"I don't care, now I must go!" Tecna said. She then started speaking out words like she was chanting a spell. Then her whole body changed into a wireframe state that caused Flora and Aisha to lose their grip. Tecna was now flying uncontested towards Bloom's face... or to be specific, right up one of Bloom's nostrils.
"No way! She just flew up her nostril!" Flora shouted.
"She actually did it. She must be that entranced." Aisha said.
"(sigh) We have to follow her." Flora said.
"Through there?" Aisha said, pointing at Bloom's nose.
"No way... I'm not gonna get any giant boogers on myself!" Flora said. Just as she was thinking of a way to follow Tecna inside Bloom's body, Flora suddenly looked to see Bloom opening her mouth wide open and letting out a yawn sound.
"Aisha... here's our chance." Flora said.
"What? What are you...?" Aisha said.
"Just hurry!" Flora said, flying at warp speed towards the open mouth. Aisha quickly followed suit. The mouth was slowly closing back together.
"We're not going to make it!" Aisha shouted through the heavy wind flying in her face.
"We'll make it, Aisha!" Flora shouted. The two were flying faster than ever before, almost at jet speeds. The girls looked at the walls of flesh that made up Bloom's lips coming from both the top and bottom.

But luckily, they both made it inside Bloom's mouth. It was pitch black at first inside, but Aisha soon lit up the dark with a firefly spell. The girls looked around to see the white teeth and huge tongue that surrounded them. Not to mention the fact there was saliva dripping all around them.
"Not too late to be grossed out, is it?" Aisha said.
"Well... maybe Tecna is right. The textbook pictures never say anything about saliva dripping down from inside the mouth." Flora said. Finally, a drop of saliva fell from the top of the mouth and landed right on Flora, making her very sticky and dripping wet.
"Yuck! I've been attacked by a blob of saliva!" Flora said. Aisha, luckily, was there with a hydro pump spell to wash her friend off.
"You know, if it were Stella, she'd probably be screaming all over the place." Aisha said with a smile.
"Yeah, that's true." Flora said. She then looked farther down the mouth, which of course led to the stomach.
"Come on, we might as well do some more exploring. If we get lucky, maybe we'll find Tecna." Flora said.
"Yeah, provided she didn't go into the brain. Perfect place for someone as smart as her, you know." Aisha said.
"(gasp)... I never thought of that!" Flora said. The two girls then went flying further into the mouth, being sure to dodge the uvula before they went diving for the abyss below them that would, as Flora indicated, lead them right into Bloom's stomach.

Meanwhile, Musa had flown up close and personal with Bloom's jeans as she was finally able to find Stella tangled up in the strings.
"Hey there, little girl! Nice fashion statement, if you ask me!" Musa shouted.
"Ha ha ha! Very funny! Now get me the heck out of here!" Stella said. Musa just smiled as she flew over to Stella and then started to yank loose the many strings that were keeping her tied up. Some of the strings actually broke off, and this made both girls pretty nervous thinking they had ruined Bloom's favorite pair of jeans. They shook their thoughts of that as Stella was finally pulled free of the strings and she and Musa flew several yards away from Bloom. And just in time, because she was moving again! She seemed to be laying down in her bed now.
"(yawn) I am kinda tired. Maybe if I get a little nap I'll feel a little better. I'm sure my friends are fine." Bloom said. Once she was flat on her back and was closing her eyes, Musa and Stella flew back towards their goddess-sized friend. They landed on her skin, between her pants and her chest. Stella and Musa right away felt the warmth of her skin go through their bodies. They looked around. It seemed like there was at least a mile full of Bloom's skin for them to step on before they could see the mountains that were her breasts.
"We should name this place Mt. Bloom, and tell her just that when we get back to normal." Musa said. Stella accidentally stepped on a small pool of sweat.
"Are you kidding me? I have to get new shoes now! What an icky mess!" Stella said.
"Chill out, Stell... you're in your Enchantix outfit. It'll clean itself up next time you transform." Musa said. Just then, the ground suddenly tilted downwards as Bloom seemed to be lifting herself up!
"Mmmmm... stupid itch." Bloom said as she scratched her back.
In the meanwhile, however, Musa was quickly able to get her wings going and float in the air again, inches from Bloom's angled skin. Stella, clearly overcome by surprise, was not as she went sliding down Bloom's skin.
"Whoa!!! Help meeeeee!!!" Stella shouted.
"Stella! Hang on, girl!" Musa said. Stella was trying to do just that, but she kept losing her grip on Bloom's skin from all the sweat that was on her hands now.
"I wish I had a choice!" Stella shouted. She then looked to see where she was sliding...

Right for her bellybutton.

"Oh no! No no no no no no!!! I'm not going in there!" Stella said, scrambling harder than ever to get up Bloom's body, but it was no use. She kept slipping and sliding towards Bloom's navel. At her size, it was sure to be a long fall inside to wherever the navel would take her inside Bloom's body, and that thought alone was wanting to make her throw up.
Just then, Bloom suddenly laid down flat on her back again. She did it so quickly that Stella still had a full head of steam for her navel. Finally she ran out of ground to slide on and she found herself in a freefall.
"Aiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!" Stella screamed for her life, but her fall soon stopped when she felt her hand being grabbed by something. She looked behind her to see Musa grabbing onto her with one of her own hands.
"I got you, Stella! I got you!" Musa said.
"Well hurry and pull me up before I'm bellybutton bait!" Stella shouted, looking back at the gigantic pit she almost fell in. Musa did her best to pull Stella up from the huge opening, and they were successful. Stella got down on all fours, breathing for her dear life.
"(huff-puff-huff-puff) Okay... that's one ride I'm never getting on again!" Stella shouted.
"Yeah... hopefully we won't have to come to this place again." Musa said.
"So shouldn't we be trying to get Bloom's attention?" Stella said.
"At this size? You've gotta be kidding. We may have to take a more insider's approach." Musa said.
"What!? You're not talking about jumping into this gross and disgusting pit, are you!? Think of what it will do to my hair!" Stella shouted.
"I didn't mean there, silly! Come on, we should get up to Bloom's face." Musa said.
"You have a plan, I guess?" Stella said.
"Nope. I'll tell you after I get this song out of my head. It kinda goes with what you almost went through." Musa said with a smile.
"Oh please! Don't get cool with me at a time like this!" Stella said as the two girls were flying in the air once again.

Tecna, in the meanwhile, was flying uncontested through the deep tunnel that was one of Bloom's nostrils. She looked around, marveled at seeing what she had previously unseen with her own eyes, but she made sure to stay sharp as well. Any time Bloom was sniffing, an incredible force of wind tried to blow Tecna around, and it was hot and sticky inside this place too. Tecna was determined to keep going, however.
"I don't regret what I have done. This is my chance to show I'm not always a geek as my classmates are always saying. This is my chance to get up close and personal with the inside of a human brain." Tecna said to herself. Just then, another gust of wind blew Tecna from behind. This time she was not prepared to counter it and she got blown to the side... and landed on the biggest booger she could ever imagine.

Tecna tried with all her might, but struggled to wiggle her arms and legs out of the sticky substance.
"Oh dear... not good! This is too up close and personal!" Tecna shouted. After fighting a bit more with the booger, Tecna suddenly came up with an idea
"Hmmm... perhaps if I can heat up this sticky substance, I may be able to slide my way off. Overclocking Wave!" Tecna shouted. She shouted out the spell and suddenly her body temperature started to rise. Tecna tried her best to keep cool in the extreme heat, but her patience paid off as she could feel the booger start to actually drip slowly down the nose wall. Tecna finally pulled herself free and was flying in the air once more, shaking off the messy substance from her body as it cooled back down to normal temperature. That's when she got a good look at the booger she was stuck on.
"Ick... well, that's what I get for spelunking up my friend's nose." Tecna said. She looked ahead down the tunnel to see how dark it was getting, and so that's when she activated her night vision powers and flew onward.
"Now I know what tissue paper feels like. Hopefully I can get to the brain from here." Tecna said to herself.

It seemed like a long ways down for Aisha and Flora as they continued to fly down Bloom's digestive tract. Finally, the chambers looked to be far less the color of darkness and more the color of bright pink. The two girls looked around, seeing the walls of pink as well as green liquid flowing on the floor.
"Where are we?" Aisha asked.
"It looks like her stomach. Where else would that digestive tract take us?" Flora said. Aisha flew down lower to inspect the liquid some more.
"Yeah, I'd say we hit the spot." Aisha said.
"Wait! Don't touch that stuff... it's stomach acid! I think that's what helps the stomach digest the food we eat." Flora said.
"Wow... if we'd have touched that, we'd surely be the main course on Bloom's menu!" Aisha shouted.
"If she had even known. Come on, we should get somewhere else." Flora said.
"Yeah, like out of this dark and spooky place. Being inside Bloom's body is kinda creeping me out." Aisha said.
"Oh don't worry... if I know Bloom, she'll have the kindest and most gentle insides we'll ever see." Flora said. Both girls flew back up the esophagus. When they got near the mouth, Aisha happened to notice another hole nearby.
"Hey, look over there! It's another deep hole..." Aisha said.
"Huh? I wonder where that goes?" Flora asked.
"If I remember my anatomy correctly, I think that leads to the lungs." Aisha said.
"Well, only one way to find out!" Flora said as she flew into the hole. Naturally, Aisha followed close behind. Eventually, they arrived in the new chamber. Like the stomach, this area also had bright pink walls, but they looked more soft and bubbly over the hardened and acid-stained stomach walls. These walls were also constantly moving, with a rumbling sound going with the movements.
"Yep, we're in the lungs alright." Flora said.
"Wow... they're so clean. Bloom's really in good health." Aisha said.
"That doesn't surprise me. Look at these walls... how soft they appear to be." Flora said as she slowly flew towards the wall.
"Be careful, Flora. I don't trust these lungs, even if they are Bloom's..." Aisha said.
"Oh, what can possibly happen?" Flora said. But as soon as she put her hands against the soft and fleshy material, Flora felt herself being pulled in. She tried to pull herself out, but it was of no use.
"What!? These lungs got me! Help!!!" Flora shouted, but she was soon absorbed completely into the material.
"Flora!!!" Aisha said. She didn't hesitate... Aisha flew in right after her friend.

She could feel herself getting pushed around by the lungs, especially as they moved around with Bloom's every last breath. Eventually, she could feel herself getting pushed out and into some liquid, like she was diving into a pool. This liquid was a deep red, but Aisha swam upwards nonetheless. She came up, coughing out this liquid, and looked around frantically for Flora while clutching onto a large raft-like object.
"*cough cough* Flora!!! Where are you, Flora!?" Aisha said.
"Up here!" Flora said, who extended her arm down to Aisha, helping her atop the floating object.
"Flora... are you alright?" Aisha said.
"Yes, I'm okay. Just a little surprised from those lungs, I guess." Flora said.
"Where are we?" Aisha said.
"I think we're in the blood stream..." Flora said.
"Yeah, I kinda guessed that just from seeing the liquid in a red color." Aisha said as she tried to brush off the blood all over her outfit.
"I didn't know there could be blood cells this big." Flora said noting what they were riding on.
"They're not, Flora. We're just that small." Aisha said.
"Yes, you're right. I forgot about that." Flora said.
"Well, I guess we're getting a free ride to Bloom's heart..." Aisha said.
"Wow... that will be something. Perhaps we can see how strong Bloom's love is." Flora said.

Meanwhile, in the wax-filled chamber that made up the inside of Bloom's ear, Musa and Stella flew carefully around the mess.
"Man, I could make a cool music video in a place like this." Musa said.
"You've gotta be kidding! This is as slimy as it possibly gets! What are we doing in here, anyway!?" Stella said.
"The ear is one of the more sensitive parts of the body. There's something in here I'm hoping will catch Bloom's attention." Musa said.
"You mean besides your catchy music?" Stella said. While she was looking around and taking in the scenery, she didn't notice a little glob of ear wax breaking off from the ceiling and then crashing down onto Stella.
"Eeeeeek!!!" Stella shouted as she crashed down on the ground, covered almost from head to toe in ear wax. Musa saw this happen and flew down to check on Stella.
"Whoa... you okay, girl?" Musa asked.
"Ugh... no, I'm not okay! Yuck!!! This is beyond disgusting!" Stella shouted as she tried in vein to brush off the wax.
"Heh, chill out, Stel. It's just ear wax." Musa said.
"Yeah... but we're the size of this stuff, which makes it that much more disgusting!" Stella said. Musa just shrugged it off, remembering that this was Stella we were talking about, the queen of clean, it seemed. Meanwhile, Musa flew further into the ear and noticed the very object she was looking for.
"There it is! The eardrum." Musa said. Stella, still shaking off as much ear wax as she could, saw it as well.
"Oh, I get it! You're going to make bongos out of that eardrum in order to get Bloom's attention!" Stella said.
"It's our only chance... I better be careful though. The eardrums are wickedly sensitive." Musa said.
"Nah, I wouldn't say that. My brat of a sister, now there's someone that is sensitive!" Stella shouted. In the meantime, Musa began to lightly bang away at the eardrums.

It was only slight, but Bloom definitely felt it. She immediately grabbed her right ear.
"Ow! Why is my ear ringing all of a sudden?" Bloom said. She took one of her fingers and dug around for a little bit...

After a few more beats on the eardrum, it felt like the whole cave was moving as a result of Bloom suddenly moving her head. Musa and Stella kept their balance in mid-air.
"Man, talk about rocking and rolling!" Musa said.
"Eeeeek!!!" Stella shouted as she looked back towards the opening. That's when she saw the biggest fingernail she'll ever see digging around, knocking out much of the wax. Fortunately for the two girls, the finger was nowhere near them. But it was still a scary sight, even as they watched the finger pull back out.
"Musa... don't EVER do that again!" Stella shouted.
"Why? It's just a finger." Musa said.
"Yeah, but we're..." Stella said.
"I know, I know. We're smaller than it. You know... I'm starting to miss being normal-sized too." Musa said.

Meanwhile, Tecna had found herself inside Bloom's brain. After using a warp spell to get herself out of the nostrils, Tecna looked around and saw nothing but a sea of neurons.
"Amazing... all these neurons that allow the human brain to function." Tecna said. After looking around some more, seeing nothing much else inside, Tecna let out a sigh.
"Maybe the other girls are right. What was I trying to prove getting inside the human brain? There's nothing here of use." Tecna said. Then, she could hear a voice coming from outside.
"(sigh) I better keep looking for my friends. They could be anywhere..." Bloom said. Tecna gasped when she realized something.
"Wait! Of course! I can use these neurons to communicate with Bloom! Now if I set my spell-casting correctly..." Tecna said.

As Bloom started to get up from her bed, she could suddenly hear a familiar voice ringing in her head.
"Bloom, Bloom! It's me, Tecna!" Tecna said.
"Huh? Now I'm hearing voices in my head." Bloom said.
"Wait, Bloom. There's something important you need to know... I'm inside of you." Tecna said.
"Huh? But that's impossible!" Bloom said.
"No really... I'll explain. We were trying to get your shrinking potion working right, but Stella blew it all up. It got all over us and shrunk us so tiny... well, I'm communicating by linking my Enchantix with the neurons inside your brain." Tecna said.
"Wait... you're in my brain!? But where are the others!?" Bloom shouted.
"I don't know... but they're probably inside your body too." Tecna said.
"Oh my gosh... I knew it! I was afraid that potion might have gotten you guys." Bloom said.
"Never mind that... we need your help! Maybe if you summon your Enchantix, you can get us out of here!" Tecna said.
"Okay... but only if you promise not to pick my brain again!" Bloom said.
"Alright, alright. I'm sorry, Bloom!" Tecna said.
"Enchantix!" Bloom shouted as she transformed into her Enchantix self. When the transformation completed, she closed her eyes, and her body began to glitter. The spell seemed to work as Tecna looked to see her own body glowing brightly, and then everything faded in bright light.

Flora and Aisha continued to ride the blood cells, although Aisha began to get the feeling something was up. Indeed there was, they were getting perilously close to the top of the artery.
"Ummm... Flora, I think we're running out of breathing room." Aisha said.
"You're right! What are we going to do!?" Flora shouted.
"I don't know... I'd hate to be part of the blood that Bloom's heart needs!" Aisha said. Fortunately, they two were covered in the bright light that had previously engulfed Tecna.

And inside the ear, Musa and Stella heard Bloom speaking out. During the conversation, the two girls looked at each other.
"You hear that? It sounds like Tecna has made contact with Bloom!" Stella shouted.
"Cool beans... this is the break we needed." Musa said.
"You're telling me. I can't wait to get out of this wax-infested place!" Stella said. Just as she said that, Musa and Stella were also teleported.

All five girls eventually found their way back outside. They all turned around and could see the goddess-sized Bloom in front of them. Stella was especially taken back from the grand scale of her size versus that of Bloom's.
"Ugh... I'll never get accustomed to this." Stella said.
"Guys? Did it work? I can't see you!" Bloom said.
"We're still too tiny. She can't even see us!" Flora said.
"Maybe this will help! Homing Beacon!" Tecna said as she threw a ball of green light into the air, allowing it to flicker on and off.
"Huh? Is that you, Tecna? I guess that's you..." Bloom said.
"Wait! We can help!" Digit shouted as she and the other pixies flew into the room.
"Pixies? But how do you..." Bloom said.
"We already knew. We were just too busy playing with them." Amore said.
"We were just too excited to see them so tiny. It's like they had become our pixies for a change. That's why I kept them a secret from you." Lockette said.
"We're very sorry, it was impolite of us. We should've told you about them sooner instead of them risking their lives for you." Tune said. Bloom, however, just put on a smile.
"I understand. Don't worry. I'd probably be excited too." Bloom said.
"Now then... magnify screen!" Digit said. She drew a few lines and created a viewscreen that zoomed the picture in by almost a factor of ten. Bloom looked at the screen and finally got a look at her micro-sized friends.
"I have pinpointed their exact size to be one tenth of an inch tall." Digit said.
"Oh my gosh..." Bloom said. She watched as her friends covered their ears. She was also able to hear what they were saying thanks to Digit's powers.
"Man! Not so loud!" Stella shouted.
"Yeah, even my stereo speakers can't pump out decibels that high!" Musa said.
"Oh... sorry everyone. But... what happened to all of you? Where exactly did you all go?" Bloom asked with a whispering voice. She noticed the blood all over Aisha and Flora, and the ear wax that covered Stella.

"Never mind that. We really should get our dear protectors back to normal size." Lockette said.
"How are you going to do that?" Bloom asked.
"It's quite simple. We simply use our magic pixie dust!" Amore said.
"Yeah... all we'd have to do is think about what we're going to use the dust for, because the dust has this strange power to feel our minds. I mean, minds are a powerful thing, I can remember the last time..." Chatta said before her mouth got covered by Tune's hands.
"I believe it is very rude to be talking this much about our dust!" Tune said.
"Okay everyone... think of getting our friends back to normal." Lockette said, with the other pixies nodding. They all hovered above the shrunken girls and dropped the dust on top of them. Because the girls were so small, some of the pixie dust was quite large enough to knock them around.
"*cough* Hey, watch where you're sprinkling that stuff!" Stella said.
"Hey! It's working!" Aisha shouted. She watched as everything around them got smaller, a clear sign that they were growing again.

Eventually, everyone was back to their normal size. And everyone breathed a great big sigh of relief.
"Whew... I'm glad that's over." Musa said.
"I feel like a mile high, all of a sudden." Stella said.
"I guess that's a clear sign of how small we were." Tecna said.
"Oh, you guys!!!" Bloom said as she ran up to them and gave everyone a great big hug.
"Oh, Bloom! We're happy to see you too." Flora said. Stella could actually see tears coming down Bloom's eyes.
"Hey, Bloom? Why the tears?" Stella asked.
"I'm just so happy to see all of you again... I feared for the worst after I saw what happened to that potion." Bloom said.
"Hey, chill out, girl! We're okay now and that's what is most important!" Musa said.
"And how are my little babies?" Aisha said as she approached the pixies and hugged all of them.
"Ooof... that smarts!" Chatta shouted.
"You know, I'm actually kind of glad everyone is back to normal. I kinda like being cradled by our protectors. Especially Aisha." Amore said.
"I actually agree. It was only fun for a short while to play with them." Digit said.

"Oh, Bloom... I'm totally sorry for wrecking your little experiment. I'll clean up your room for a week, I promise!" Stella said.
"Oh, don't worry about it, Stella. I think from now on, we'll work together to achieve our goals." Bloom said.
"And I promise, Bloom... one day, you'll be able to cast your Mini Winx spell like the rest of us." Tecna said.
"Thank you... you're the best group of friends I can ever have!" Bloom said, giving everyone one more hug.
"Now if you all don't mind, I'm hitting the showers. That's the last time I go ear exploring!" Stella shouted.
"Wait for me! I wouldn't want my plants to see what I acquired from Bloom's blood stream!" Flora said.

All the other girls simply laughed, and soon life was back to normal for the Winx Club.