Mega Muscle Trix

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by chaosbeast9)

In a library somewhere at Cloud Tower, the silent nature of the room was quickly broken when Icy slammed her fists down on a nearby table.
"Ugh! That stupid Winx Club! One of these days I'll have their hides, especially Bloom!" Icy shouted.
"That makes all three of us, Icy. Arrrrgh! I don't like losing AT ALL!" Stormy shouted.
"There's gotta be someway we can beat those… toddlers." Darcy said.
"You're spot on, Darcy… that's the most humiliating thing. Losing to underclassmen like them! Dang it!" Icy said as she stomped her boot on the floor. The impact caused some books on the nearby shelf to shake around, knocking one of them down off the top and hitting Icy squarely on her head.
"Ow!" Icy said.
"Ha… maybe you better call THAT the most humiliating thing to ever happen." Darcy said.
"Oh, just shut up, Darcy. Somebody check my head if there's any lumps on it." Icy said. Stormy did just that and scanned her sister in crime on the head.
"No, you're good. What's this old book anyway?" Stormy said as she reached down to pick it up. She noted how the book didn't have a title on the cover.
"Pfffft… what kind of library carries a book with no title on it?" Stormy asked.
"Only Cloud Tower. Bleh… Headmistress Griffin is such a ditz. One of these days we'll find some ultimate power and take over this dump, and then maybe the rest of the world." Icy said.

Stormy quickly flipped through the pages of the book until she came across a picture of a cave. She quickly read through the description of the picture.
"Hmmm? Maybe we don't have to look too far. Look at this, Icy." Stormy said. Darcy leaned in to look over the picture.
"Hey, wait. Haven't we passed by that cave before during a class exercise? It's like a couple miles away from here to the southwest." Darcy said.
"It says here there's some legendary power that people tried to unlock for centuries, but nobody was ever able to do it. The power is said to grant some mega force and some junk." Stormy said.
"Pffft… so much for that." Darcy said.
"On the contrary, Darcy. Maybe we should try to get this power." Icy said.
"Do you have ice in that brain of yours, Icy? The book clearly says nobody's been…" Stormy said, only for Icy to interrupt.
"That was centuries ago. This is today. We've got powers that make us both feared and celebrated at this school… even by other professors! Besides, I'm willing to go to ANY lengths to beat those Winx brats!" Icy said. Darcy and Stormy looked at each other.
"Honestly, anything is worth a try. Don't you agree, Stormy?" Darcy asked.
"(sigh) Alright then." Stormy said.
"Think, Stormy. Maybe this is the ultimate power we need to rule the world. You DO want to rule the world, right?" Icy said.
"And have men galore serving me at every corner! Hahahaha!" Stormy said as she imagined herself having men kneeling before her and doing things like kissing her royal hand.
"Come on, Darcy. You lead the way. Fortunately our next class isn't for another hour." Icy said. Darcy nodded as she and the other witches made their way out of the library.

It took a couple hours first to get there, but the Trix eventually were able to make it to the cave at the base of the mountain. They walked inside, slowly to make sure there weren't any traps that would attack them. So far they hadn't encountered any.
"Heh… so far so quiet. I was hoping for things like arrows flying at my head or trap doors with bottomless pits." Stormy said.
"Maybe you should go to that Earth planet that Bloom came from then." Darcy said. Icy just rolled her eyes. The less said about her direct rival, Bloom, the better. Eventually, the three made it into a more open area, where they saw a shiny diamond sitting on a pedestal.
"Ooooooh… hello, precious." Darcy said.
"And Darcy goes bananas over a gigantic diamond. In other words, the sky is blue. Well, outside of Cloud Tower, anyway." Stormy said.
"This must be the power source the book was talking about." Icy said.
"Wait… look closer!" Stormy said. She leaned in closer where she could just see something inside the diamond.
"There's some kind of tablet inside. Maybe THAT'S the power source." Stormy said.
"Only one way to find out." Icy said as she charged up her hands full of cold energy. Darcy, however, stepped in front of her.
"Oh no you don't! I forbid the destruction of anything that's synonymous with girl's best friend!!" Darcy said. Icy, to Darcy's surprise, just smiled.
"Okay. Whatever you say, Darcy. But just remember… without this power, we're probably helpless against those Winx girls." Icy said.
"Yeah… they'll probably be the ones to rule the world someday." Stormy said.
"They'll have all the boys running up to them wanting to go out on a date." Icy said.
"They'll have little kids running up to them asking for their autographs." Stormy said.
"They'll get lifetime discounts on every shoe, dress, and other pieces of clothing you can think of." Icy said.
"They might even get diamonds bigger than the one we're looking at right now." Stormy said. Darcy then shook her head.
"Okay, okay, okay! You've made your point. Sigh… this better be worth it." Darcy said.

The three then surrounded the giant diamond in a triangle formation. They charged up their hands with different colored energy (Icy's was blue, Darcy's was purple, and Stormy's was red) and then shot lasers at the diamond. For about 15 seconds, it looked like it had no effect.
"Nothing's happening!" Stormy shouted.
"Keep shooting! This baby's going to crack eventually!" Icy said.
"Give it more power!" Darcy said. Icy and Stormy raised their eyebrows and then pumped more energy towards the diamond. Suddenly, it started to crack.
"It's working!" Icy shouted. After a few more seconds, the diamond shattered apart into numerous pieces. The three witches stopped firing energy and quickly covered their faces, but luckily they didn't get hit. When they heard total silence, they opened up their eyes again. The diamond was completely gone, and on the floor was the tablet that Stormy caught a brief glimpse of earlier. Icy picked up the tablet and saw numerous words all carved in stone. The words didn't make any sense to her.
"Huh? What is this supposed to say?" Icy asked.
"Don't look at me. I don't think ancient witchese." Darcy said.
"Here. Let me try." Stormy said. She spent the next couple minutes slowly pronouncing the words, many of them she had never heard of before (or maybe she did, but didn't pay enough attention in class).

Finally, Stormy recited the entire contents of the stone tablet in as naturally as a lecturer would. Before Icy and Darcy could compliment their sister on a job well done, however, the tablet glowed a bright orange, which made Stormy drop the tablet in fear.
"What's… happening?" Stormy asked.
"Nice job, Stormy. Maybe you just blew up the entire world." Icy joked. Instead, the trio watched as a bright ball of orange energy emerged from the tablet. Before anyone could wonder anymore about the energy, it suddenly split into three smaller balls of light. They swirled around the air for several seconds.
"Um… guys, I think we better get out of here before those things vaporize us." Darcy said.
"I kinda have to agree…" Icy said as she, Darcy, and Stormy tried to sneak their way out of the chamber and back through the cave. But the balls of light went flying towards all three ladies and got absorbed into their bodies, knocking them down to the ground.

Just like that, the room fell silent again and was devoid of almost all light (only the candles around the outer edges kept things lit up). The Trix got up and wondered what just happened.
"Ooooookay… that was kinda fun." Darcy said.
"Does anybody feel any different?" Icy said.
"No. I feel like the same useless brat my first grade teacher always thought I would be. Bleh! So much for… oh…" Stormy said.
"Stormy, what's wrong?" Darcy said.
"I feel… something…" Stormy said as she clutched one of her arms.
"Ooooooh… me too. Something is coarsing through my arms…" Darcy said.
"What the…!?" Icy said as she looked at her right arm and saw an incredible change before her eyes. Her arm was suddenly bulging with muscle. With each passing second, more and more muscle grew in her arm as it became thicker and thicker. It got to the point where her gloves were ripping apart in both arms. Then the rest of her body bulked up, and her clothes had a hard time keeping up as they started to rip apart. And she wasn't alone, either. She watched as Darcy and Stormy went through exactly the same transformations.
"Oh my… getting… so… big…" Stormy said, watching as her feet burst through her boots and tore them to shreds. Her legs were several times thicker than before with added muscle from top to bottom. Her stomach was now a 6 pack of abs, and her arms were so muscular, they'd likely make the Incredible Hulk look wimpy and frail. For all three ladies, the only layers of clothing they still had on were around their chests and their nether regions, making it look as though they were wearing swimsuits at this point.
Oh yeah, and they were growing taller too. Their heads brushed against the ceiling and they ducked down, only to have their heads approach it again. The girls breathed heavily as they continued to feel the power of muscle growth surging through them.
"Bigger… BIGGER!!!" Icy screamed as she started punching her way out of the cave. Darcy and Stormy couldn't resist tagging along as well, and countless rocks rained down all around the growing muscular girls. All that muscle made sure they didn't feel a wince of pain.

From outside, if anyone were watching, they'd see the exterior of the cave shake vehemently, with rocks raining down as cracks started to form. Eventually, holes were punched as giant fists and then muscular arms came flying out. Finally, the mountain couldn't take the abuse anymore, and it crumbled apart, giving way to Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. No longer were they the meek, normal 5 something foot tall students of Cloud Tower. They now stood over 150 feet tall, with their bodies expanded even further thanks to incredible muscle growth. The three looked around, both at how much smaller the area looked and how much their bodies had changed.
"*whistles* And I thought some of those Specialists at Red Fountain had some big guns." Darcy said. Stormy flexed one of her arms and watched as her already massive muscles bulged even further.
"Look at this… it's like my muscles have muscles of their own!" Stormy said.
"Such incredible power… ha ha ha ha… HAHAHAHA!!!" Icy said as she thrust her muscular arms up in the air.
"What are you laughing about!?" Darcy said.
"Can't you see, you airhead!? We now have the ultimate power! Not only are we super strong, but we have the super size to go with it! We'll crush all opposition and rule the entire world… including those insects I like to call the Winx Club!" Icy said as she playfully stomped one of her bare feet on the ground, leaving a giant crater shaped like that foot.
"Yeah! And we'll look good doing it. It's a good thing some of our clothing survived. Even I would've found it embarrassing if…" Stormy said, cutting herself off as she grabbed her covered breasts, which also grew (although not as much as her arms and legs thanks to all that added muscle), and bounced them up and down.
"Hmmhmmhmm. I think we should have some fun with this new power first. Show everyone we mean business. And I know just where to go." Icy said as she pointed out at Magix City in the distance.
"Oooooh! I can't wait! Let's go wreak havoc now! I can think of a million ways to destroy the city like this!" Darcy said.
"Oh yeah? Well, I can think of two million ways!" Stormy said.
"Pffft… you're both underestimating yourselves. I've got three million different ways of destroying a city while being a muscular giantess!" Icy said as she started walking towards Magix City in the distance, with each step leaving behind a thunderous boom.
"Hey! No fair on the head start!" Darcy shouted as she and Stormy quickly followed from behind.

Meanwhile, in Magix City, it was another typical day for everyone walking around. That of course included our five heroines from the Alfea College for Fairies, the Winx Club. Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Musa, and Stella were all in their usual casual outfits, with Stella's arms full of shopping bags.
"Seriously, Stella. Are you even going to find the time to wear all those shoes?" Musa asked.
"Probably not! But you know me when there's a shoe sale!" Stella said.
"But what about finding room in your closet? Last time I checked, your closet was at 98.6% capacity." Tecna said.
"And there's no way I'm letting you borrow my closet! There's some very important CDs in there, you know!" Musa said.
"Blah! You're all no fun!" Stella said.
"It's okay, Stella. Maybe I can find you some space to store those shoes." Bloom said.
"Awwww… you're the best, Bloom!" Stella said.

Suddenly, the five girls stopped walking, as did several other nearby civilians, when they felt the ground thump and a loud boom sound came from overhead.
"Whoa! What was that?" Bloom said.
"You can't blame me this time. We're not in the dorm where my speakers with the bass cranked up to 11 are." Musa said.
"Is it an earthquake?" Flora asked. Tecna pulled out her PDA and rapidly touched different spots on the screen.
"Hmmm… there doesn't appear to be any seismic activity for several miles below ground." Tecna said. The five girls felt another thump. This one much stronger as it almost knocked them off balance.
"Well, whatever it is, it sure knows how to rock and roll!" Stella said, which made Musa raise her eyebrows. Flora then looked to her left and gasped over what she saw.
"*gasp* Guys, look!" Flora said as she pointed up to the sky. She and the other people in the area watched as the three muscular giantesses better known together as the Trix walked up and stood alongside a building that was almost their exact size.
"The Trix! But what the heck…!? They're huge!" Stella said.
"In more ways than one!" Musa added.
"It's like they made a hundred trips to Venice Beach!" Bloom said.
"What Beach?" Flora asked.
"Oh, right. You're all not from Earth. It's a famous beach where lots of bodybuilders like to go." Bloom said.
"LOTS of bodybuilders? Ooooooh… I would die just to go to a place like that!" Stella said.
"We'll all die if we don't stop those giant hulking witches!" Tecna said.
"Right! We'll need to attack with full power right away. Let's go Winx, girls!" Bloom shouted as she and the other four girls all transformed into their Winx selves.

The Trix, meanwhile, arrived in the city and rested their hands on their hips. They marveled over the different reactions of the tiny people. Some were already running for their lives, while others looked up awestruck, not thinking it was humanly possible even with magic for women to grow that big and that muscular.
"Hahaha! Look at them running… like ants away from a picnic!" Icy said.
"What's wrong, little insects, aren't you jealous over how big we've become?" Darcy said as she flexed her muscular arms.
"Showoff." Stormy commented.
"I say we divide and conquer, sisters. The more ground we cover, the quicker we'll destroy this puny city." Icy said.
"Good idea! And hopefully we'll find those pixie-sized Winx girls!" Darcy said.
"If and when you do… DON'T smash them right away! I want to personally smash Bloom under my feet and have her stupid friends watch." Icy said.
"You got it, Icy! Ready or not, Magix City, here we come!" Stormy said as she took a high step over a row of buildings, as did Icy and Darcy as they attacked different sections of the city.

Icy always showed a cold, evil and sinister face, but deep inside, she was smiling seeing the people try and get away from her bare feet. While she was anxious to try out her newfound amplified strength, she couldn't resist stomping a few innocent people to their deaths.
"Mmmhmm… that tickles!" Icy said as she felt the people get smushed underneath her feet. But now was the time to put her muscular arms to work. She came across another building that was just as tall as she was, and most importantly it had glass windows. Icy peeked inside where she saw various people in a panicked state.
"Thank you all for staying. I hope you enjoy the show!" Icy said as she began to flex her muscles, putting herself in many familiar poses a typical bodybuilder would go in. With almost every pose, it felt like Icy was showing off nothing but skin as her 'bikini' got concealed behind one muscle or another. When she flexed her arms down to her abs, her muscles really popped out as they bulged in almost every direction. She even let loose a few grunts as she felt the sheer weight of her added muscle.
"Now then, it's time you went for quite the chilly ride." Icy said. That's when she wrapped her muscular arms around the building and exerted all her strength.
"Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!" Icy grunted as she pulled on the building, eventually ripping it off its foundation. At the same time, the structure began to cover itself in ice and frost. Any other 150-foot-tall giantess would probably struggle with lifting a building the same size, but to Icy, the structure felt as light as a feather as she held it by one of its sides over her head. Despite the building being completely frozen, she dug her hands into it and then pulled them in opposite directions.
"HAAAAAA!!" Icy screamed as she eventually ripped the building in half, raining shards of ice over her head. She finally lost grip of both halves of the building, and they crumbled apart into large chunks of ice and snow on the city streets below.
"Mwahahaha!!! That's the power of Mega Macho Icy!" Icy said as she thrust her arms up in victory.

Before she could celebrate for much longer, however, she looked in the distance as a group of fighter jets came flying towards her.
"Hmmmm? I don't recognize vehicles like that. They must come from a far away kingdom." Icy said, noting how they looked more like combat vehicles than anything colorful that was typical of Magix City transportation. Icy watched the fighter planes get close and fire weapons like machine guns and missiles at her, but none of it had any effect on her. She didn't feel any of the bullets hit her (they just bounced right off her rock hard muscles) and missiles just exploded at the slightest touch of her arms, legs, or chest. Icy watched the jets turn around like they were going to try again.
"Hmph. They're like persistent mosquitoes. I should give them a cold reception." Icy said. That's when the evil giantess took a deep breath and then exhaled. Icy was using her powers of cold once again, this time exhaling air that was well below freezing temperature. Like with the building earlier when she touched it, the jets became encased in ice, losing control as they spiraled down to a crash landing on the ground. Well, except for a couple jets, which ran smack into her muscular arms. Even with the large explosions, Icy still didn't feel a thing. In fact, she patted her arm with her hands.
"Mmmmm… I hope I keep these babies forever." Icy said as she felt her skin tingle just from thinking about the raw power she now possessed.

"Hold it, Icy!" a female voice suddenly shouted. Icy smiled and turned around. There was the teeny, tiny Bloom flying a few yards away from her face.
"Well, well. If it isn't Bloom the firefly!" Icy said.
"Stop your attack now, Icy, before I send you back to Cloud Tower!" Bloom said.
"Hahahaha! Your words are as feeble as your physique." Icy said as she flexed her arms upwards. Bloom gulped nervously… the villainess was right. If she was normal-sized, those muscular arms and legs would be quite massive and intimidating to confront, but at 150 feet tall… Bloom just shook it off. Like they taught at Alfea… no matter the odds, you gotta face the challenge head on.
"You know what? This body has put me in a good mood. I'll let you attack first." Icy said with a sinister smile.
"Fine then! Dragon Fireballs!" Bloom said as she summoned a few fireballs and shot them towards different sections of Icy. Of course, the fireballs just disintegrated without even leaving a char on the giantess's skin. Some fireballs did get aimed towards her head, but she blocked those easily by holding one of her arms up. Bloom gasped in fear seeing how very little effect her attacks had.
"Are you finished? Now it's my turn." Icy said as she pointed a finger towards Bloom. Then, a series of sharp icicles came flying out. These icicles would normally be teeny tiny, but at Icy's size, they were like the sharp spikes of ice one had to watch out for falling from the ceiling of an ice cave.

Bloom manuevered her way around the icicles, dodging them with rapid speed. But she was concentrating so much on the icicles… she didn't see the giant, muscular Icy approaching. By the time the last icicle whizzed by Bloom, she looked to see the biggest fist she could ever imagine heading her way.
"Ack!" Bloom said as she had no chance to dodge the punch. She went flying backwards several feet in the air until she crashed against a skyscraper, leaving small cracks around where she landed. The impact, both from Icy's fist and from landing on the skyscraper, took a ton of strength out of Bloom. She watched helplessly as the giant Icy approached, stomping several people, vehicles, and smaller buildings that stood in her path beneath her bare feet. Bloom tried to fall down towards the ground, but Icy caught her in her right hand, quickly closing it up into a fist, leaving her head sticking out. Bloom fought with all her might to escape, but she was trapped, and could only watch as her view was now taken up by Icy's giant face.
"Now I have the great pleasure of grinding you into pixie dust, unless you surrender the Dragon Fire to me!" Icy said. Bloom then quickly realized where she was being held. In between two of Icy's fingers which had not been given added muscle. She felt she had one last hope of escaping.
"You want the Dragon Fire, Icy? Here you go then!" Bloom said. She then closed her eyes and concentrated. Her entire body suddenly heated up at an intense rate… and even to the titanic Icy, it felt like holding a hot coal all of a sudden.
"OW!" Icy said as she let go of Bloom, allowing her to fly away. Icy put her fingers into her mouth to try and cool them off, all while watching Bloom fly into the distance.
"You can run, but you can't hide, Bloomy!!!" Icy said as she checked her fingers for any burn marks, which there weren't.
"Mmmph… in the meantime, I'll just take out my frustration on the city. HA!" Icy said as she punched a nearby building, bringing it down to the ground, and then got back to rampaging around the city, either causing destruction or flexing her muscles.

It was the same tune with Darcy in her section of the city as she strutted proudly down the streets. If she wasn't stomping on innocent people, she was showing off every last muscle of her body, going in poses such as resting her hands behind her head and pointing her elbows straight up.
"Mmmhmm! That's right, kiddies! One day you can grow up to be as big and strong as me!" Darcy said. She then got down on her knees and then…
"Darcy SMASH!!!" Darcy screamed as she punched a big hole in the ground. That's where she spotted a massive pipe in the underground, which she assumed to be a water main. Her theory was confirmed when she put her hand around the pipe and easily (given the size of her muscular arms, after all!) ripped a section out from underground, causing water to go splashing everywhere. Darcy could tell from the pipe's appearance, and from how it felt in her hand, that it was cast iron, which was exactly what she was hoping for.
"And speaking of strong!" Darcy said. She gripped the pipe with both hands and easily bent it to the shape of a horseshoe. Of course, the bending of the pipe let out a loud, deafening creaking sound, almost like nails on a chalkboard.
"Ahhhh… nothing like bending the unbendable!" Darcy said until she dropped the bent pipe down back underground, which was gradually flooding with water. Darcy, of course, didn't care as she moved onto another part of the city.

As she was walking along crushing whatever was under her feet, she then came across two buses on the ground. She reached down and picked up the buses, peeking inside and seeing nobody.
"Bleh… they're just parked buses. What a waste of time. Although…" Darcy said. She took note of a helicopter high above the city that was far out of her reach, presuming it to be a news helicopter. That's when she smiled and repositioned the buses in her hands. She lifted them up and down, treating them like barbells or dumbbells in a gymnasium. Of course, they were almost weightless thanks to her muscular arms, and she wasn't even breaking a sweat.
"Ahhhh… I could do this all day." Darcy said. About a minute later, however, she stopped.
"But that would be boring. How about I send these buses to the crusher?" Darcy said, thinking of an idea as she looked at her arms and then her legs. She placed one bus on top of a nearby building while tucking the other between her legs, just under her 'shorts' (which were part of what was left of her outfit after it got shredded due to her explosive muscle growth). She squeezed her legs together and flattened the bus from side to side, making it as thin as a piece of paper. Darcy smiled, admiring her work before dropping the bus down to the ground. She picked up the other bus and placed one end of it on one palm of her hand and the other side on the other hand. She brought her hands together, watching as window after window shattered on the bus and it crumpled up like an accordion. Darcy opened up her hands after completely closing them, revealing a totally pancaked bus that looked more like a box of scrap metal.
"Hahaha! The crusher has done its job well." Darcy said as she dropped the 'box' on top of the other destroyed bus, wiping her hands of the debris left behind.

Before she could set her sights on another target to crush with her powerfully muscular arms or legs, she watched as two familiar faces flew in front of her chest.
"That's far enough, Darcy!" Flora shouted.
"We're here to put an end to your muscle display!" Tecna said.
"Hahahaha! If it isn't the flower and techno geeks. I'd like to see the both of you try!" Darcy said.
"Vine Wrap!" Flora shouted as she cast one of her plant spells, shooting a series of vines that tied up Darcy above the waist.
"Oooooh… you caught me." Darcy said, only to push her arms outward and easily shred the vines apart, "NOT!"
"Compu-Blast!" Tecna said as she fired a series of 1s and 0s towards the giant Darcy, but she was ready for this strike as she rapidly punched the 1s and 0s like she were attacking a punching bag into oblivion.
"Play time is over now! Come here!" Darcy said as she reached out to try and grab Tecna and Flora, but they both flew out of the way. Darcy next tried swatting them out of the air like flies, but they were successful in dodging these blows as well despite some close calls.
"Hmph. Nice moves, but can you dodge my attacks when flying blind?" Darcy said as she shot out thick clouds of purple smoke from her hands. The surrounding area became encased in a purple fog.
"*gulp* The fog's so thick…we can't see her!" Flora said.
"Just concentrate, Flora. Listen to the sounds she makes." Tecna said.

Just then, the two watched as giant hands from opposite sides came charging in.
"Yikes!" Flora said, fearing they would not be fast enough to evade this giant clap. Tecna was quick to act, however.
"Firewall!" Tecna said as the two became encased in a bubble made entirely out of a computer grid pattern. It kept Darcy from closing her hands on the two completely, but she knew it as she felt the miniscule electric shocks going through her hands.
"Mmmmm… that puny bubble is going to burst soon, and you know it!" Darcy said as she put more strength in her hands, trying to break apart Tecna's shield. Tecna knew that shield was not going to last, so she continually dumped more power into it. She was also tapping a sequence on her screen which was too fast for Flora to read, but even then, she only cared about one thing as she watched the grid bubble begin to crack apart.
"Tecna… whatever you're planning, can you hurry it up before we're flatter than a fallen leaf!?" Flora shouted. Tecna then pumped one of her fists in the air.
"Got it! Hold on tight, Flora. I'm sending out a magnetic pulse!" Tecna said as she pressed a certain section of her PDA's screen. The bubble suddenly expanded outward and faded out, and Darcy's hands were forced back despite her massive size.
"Whoa!" Darcy said as she took a couple steps back in shock, not believing she wasn't able to crush her two opponents.
"Quick, Flora! A means to escape!" Tecna said as she and Flora watched as the giant and muscular Darcy regained her balance and looked angrily down at them.
"A super blast of pollen should help!" Flora said as she wound her hands up and shot a small wave of green and yellow energy towards the giantess's nose. Right away, Darcy was feeling the urge to sneeze.
"Ah… ah… ahhhhhh…" Darcy said as she opened her mouth wide. Tecna and Flora saw this opportunity to fly away from the scene at high speed.
"CHOOOOOOO!!!" Darcy sneezed. It was a powerful sneeze, causing saliva and snot to go splashing onto nearby buildings.

By the time Darcy regained her senses and could see clearly again, Flora and Tecna were gone.
"Arrrrrgh! Blast it, they got away!" Darcy said as she stomped a couple smaller buildings with her feet out of frustration.
"No matter. When I find them again, I'll smash them flatter than pixie dust!" Darcy said as she clapped her hands together. In the meantime, the giantess got back to rampaging around the city and showing off her muscles (as well as her 'bikini').

Stormy kept an evil grin on her face as she walked around her own section of the city.
"Ahhhhh… I love the sweet booming sounds of me stepping on the road and crushing things. It's like a ground level thunderstorm!" Stormy said. Her walk then eventually brought her to a building just as tall as she was. Stormy leaned in to see numerous tiny people panicking inside. Then she flexed one of her muscular arms directly in front of the structure.
"Hahaha! I bet some of you wish you could have babies like this. Well, too bad! That's my biiiiiiiiig secret!" Stormy said. She then thought about some of the women inside that she saw.
"Oh, but I didn't forget about you ladies either. Wait until you get a gander at these." Stormy said. She then bent her knees a bit so that her chest was now in front of these floors. She grabbed her breasts (covered by her 'bikini' of course!) and rubbed them as far up and down as they would go.
"Ooooooh… you ladies must be so mad right now! These things must be million-Z cup to your puny eyes!" Stormy said. She thought about rubbing them faster to give the men a show, so to speak, but instead she let go of her chest.
"Well then, thanks for staying and enjoying the show. You get a free ride to your graves as your reward!" Stormy said. That's when the giantess wrapped her muscular arms around the building and summoned all her strength to lift it from its foundation. With the help of her legs, she slid the building up her tight grip until she was holding the building horizontally above her head. And of course given the massive bulkiness of her arms, it felt like holding a piece of paper.
"Wheeee! I'd love to see the looks on your faces!" Stormy said as she tried to glance into the glass windows above her head, but alas, she had to let her prize go as she flung it towards the coastline. The building landed on its side, cracking apart in many places and all of its glass windows shattering, but amazingly the structure did not crumble apart.
"Hmmmm… I'm impressed. I guess they're starting to build these things with giant, evil muscular women in mind." Stormy said as she rested her hands on her hips.

Then she looked down at numerous people trying to escape, running around her bare feet. A light bulb went off in her head as she thought of what to do next. Stormy got down on her knees and started scooping up these tiny people, most of them in groups, until she had close to 20 people in her hands.
"Haha! Your screaming is music to my ears! But guess what, people? I'll let you live if you do one simple thing." Stormy said. Closing her hands into fists, but being careful not to close them too tight so that she wouldn't crush anyone, Stormy then laid down on the ground, flat on her back. The giantess opened up her fists and sprinkled the tiny people all over her body, namely on her abs.
"Go ahead. Walk and marvel over my magnificent body, or I'll crush you with it!" Stormy said, who pulled her arms back and rested her hands behind her head. For the next couple minutes, Stormy would lay perfectly still, feeling the many feet of the tiny people walking or slipsliding around either over her abs or her muscular legs. For the tiny people, it felt like they were walking on solid rock as hard as the giantess's skin and muscles were.
"Mmmmm… keep going. This feels gooooooooood. Maybe even better than flirting with those Specialists…" Stormy said. She then made walking around tougher for the tiny people as she pulled herself up and then back down, crunching her abs together as she did one sit-up after another.
"Oh, hopefully you don't mind me doing sit-ups so I can keep these muscles super big and super strong. If you get crushed during my workout… oh well." Stormy said as she continued her 'exercise,' not caring about who was getting crushed or falling down between her muscular legs and running like mad away from them.

After laying flat on her back again and taking deep breaths, she looked up when she heard familiar voices above her head.
"Like, let those people go, Stormy!" Stella shouted.
"Yeah! It's not cool at all what you're doing!" Musa shouted.
"Ahhhh… little Winx brats. I was wondering when you would show up. Why don't you join us? I promise you'll love strutting around the city with this much muscle." Stormy said.
"Fat chance we'll ever join up with you! Sonic Blast!" Musa said as she shot a wave of sonic energy towards the giantess's face. But Stormy quickly moved her right arm to block the attack.
"Alright… you twerps are asking for it now!" Stormy said as she sat up and helped herself to her feet, causing all her tiny slaves to fall off her body. Musa and Stella looked up as Stormy stood to her full height, hovering at her waist level.
"Geez… I don't want to think how hard those abs are." Musa said.
"Like rock and roll, I would imagine!" Stella said. Musa just stared over at Stella, not believing she found the time to make a joke.
"HA!!!" Stormy shouted as she took a swing down at the two Winx girls, but they flew out of the way. Stormy took another swing and missed once again.
"Ha! Big and strong, but a little slow. Power Swirl!" Musa said as she threw a series of energy swirls, but Stormy either blocked them or watched as they bounced off her muscular body.
"Nice moves, but see if you can dodge my lightning bolts!" Stormy said. She threw a series of lightning balls at the two Winx girls. They managed to dodge them until Stella was too slow for one of them and got hit.
"ACK!" Stella said as she felt the electricity go through her body, causing her to briefly lose consciousness and fall towards the ground.
"Stella!" Musa shouted as she flew towards the ground.

Musa made it on time and caught Stella, saving her from a painful landing.
"Whoa… did anyone get the license plate of that lightning bolt?" Stella said as she tried to shake the cobwebs off. Musa then looked to see Stormy's massive bare feet quickly approaching.
"Come on, Stella. We gotta go… we gotta go now!" Musa said as she and Stella took off running, right before Stormy slammed her foot down where they were standing. As Musa and Stella ran, Stormy walked after them.
"Hahaha! Stand still so I can squash you into pixie dust, just like the pixies you are!" Stormy shouted.
"Come on, Stella… get those wings going again!" Musa said, watching as Stella rapidly flapped the wings on her back, trying to shake off the paralysis caused by Stormy's lightning attack.
"Okay, I'm ready!" Stella said as the two took off for the air again, and just in time too, for Stormy made another fierce stomp that sent debris flying everywhere. The two flew in between Stormy's muscular legs, forcing her to turn around. Stella knew how much Stormy disliked sunlight and hoped what she had in mind would still work despite her massive size and physique.
"Hey, Stormy! Here's sun in your eye!" Stella said as she clapped her hands together, causing an intense burst of sunlight. Right away, Stormy had to cover her eyes.
"Ack! Too bright!!" Stormy said.
"Now's our chance to escape!" Stella said. Musa nodded and the two zipped away. By the time Stormy was able to open her eyes again (rapidly blinking them to clear them out), Musa and Stella were gone.
"Ugh! Darn it! I wanted to crush them with my supreme muscles! Whatever. They'll turn up again, like all pesky heroes do." Stormy said as she got back to rampaging around the city.

Far from the three giantesses, the five girls of the Winx Club all gathered back together near a restaurant.
"Is everyone okay?" Bloom asked.
"Barely! I nearly got shocked into the next galaxy!" Stella said.
"I almost overheated like a Magix 720 CPU trying to keep my shield up!" Tecna said.
"And I had to use my best pollen so we could escape." Flora said. The five watched as the three giant, muscular witches were rampaging more than they did a short while ago.
"Ugh… we could barely touch them, Bloom. They didn't even blink when we attacked them." Musa said.
"I know. It's those enhanced muscles that are giving them a million times more attack and defense." Bloom said.
"A million? That may be a vast underexaggeration." Flora said.
"It's too bad we can't grow that big and buff ourselves!" Stella said.
"Actually, I think that's a possibility." Tecna said.
"Huh?" the other four girls said.

That's when Tecna tapped on her PDA's screen a few times and then showed off some pictures.
"While protecting ourselves in my firewall, I managed to get a DNA sample from Darcy, and using it, I can identify the source of their added power and size." Tecna said.
"Oh wow… that's amazing, Tecna! But then again, it's probably like child's play to you." Stella said.
"Hey, you're looking at the only girl who hacked the VR chamber at Alfea!" Tecna said.
"That's all well and good, Tecna, but what good does a DNA analysis do us?" Bloom said.
"Hopefully… if I input all these parameters correctly like so, and then run the program at the correct speed, like so… Eureka!" Tecna said, soon pumping her fist in victory.
"What is it, Tecna!?" Flora shouted.
"I've managed to create a facsimile of whatever magic those three found to make them grow that big and muscular. So I just have to point the laser and jolly good! We're fighting them on equal footing in every which way." Tecna said.
"Oh my… imagine what Riven would say if he saw me that big and buff. That's like cranking the bass to 12!" Musa said.
"Well, Musa… there's just one problem. My PDA only has enough power to generate one such laser, and even then, the effects would only be temporary… 10-15 minutes, according to my calculations, unlike them where it's permanent unless we were to use one of our magic theft spells." Tecna said.
"So one of us will have to volunteer to grow that big?" Stella asked.
"Affirmative." Tecna said.

Bloom did not hesitate in the slightest, taking a couple steps towards Tecna.
"Then I volunteer." Bloom said.
"No argument here." Musa said.
"I agree, Bloom's the perfect one to utilize this power." Flora said.
"Yeah, I can go along with that, although… when this is all over, maybe I can find some cute boys to admire my big and sexy muscles and…" Stella said.
"Not now, Stella!" the other Winx girls shouted. Tecna tapped her screen a few more times and then looked at Bloom rather sternly.
"Okay, Bloom. I'm all set. Remember, you only get one shot. My PDA's battery, and the memory with it, is surely going to die after I fire the laser. You've got to defeat the witches and steal the growing magic." Tecna said.
"I understand, Tecna." Bloom said as she took a deep breath and tried to imagine what herself and the world would look like after her transformation. Tecna then tapped on the screen, and her PDA shot an orange laser (similar to the orange ball of energy the witches found in the cave) that covered Bloom from head to toe.

Immediately, the changes were obvious. Bloom's arms and legs bulked up, growing thicker and thicker as the muscles grew inside her body.
"It's working!" Flora commented. Unlike with the witches, Bloom's Winx outfit was growing with her, but still, everyone including Bloom herself marveled over the explosive muscle growth in her arms and legs, including the six pack of abs popping up at stomach level. Bloom could feel intense heat coming from her arms and legs.
"Oooooh… my body is getting so hot." Bloom said.
"That's probably just from the muscles growing as well as the rush of adrenaline. It should wear out once the growing stops." Tecna said. Once Bloom had her expanded muscles on par with the Trix, then came the change in height. The other Winx girls backed away as Bloom grew bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.
After a couple minutes, Bloom now stood proudly at 150 feet tall.
"Woohoo! You look just like the Infraggable Krunk!" Stella said.
"Ummm… wasn't it The Incredible Hulk?" Musa asked.
"Whatever. It's been a while since Bloom showed us the ropes on Earth comics." Stella said. Bloom looked over herself and then out in the distance at the Trix, who were preoccupied with destroying the city. Bloom then smacked two fists together and put on a battle face.
"It's clobbering time!" Bloom said as she stepped her way into the city.

The Trix, meanwhile, were all back together as far as rampaging the city went. They had already forgotten about their respective encounters with the Winx Club, as evidenced by the big smile on Icy's face as she ripped a building easily in half by spreading her arms outward.
"Ahhhh… you know, all this bashing and crashing is really working up my appetite." Icy said.
"I agree. We should go find something to eat!" Stormy said.
"Make sure it has lots of protein! Gotta keep these things in tip top shape." Darcy said as she slapped one of her muscular arms.
"You won't be eating anything around here!" a female voice shouted. The three villainesses looked and then gasped as in came a newly transformed Bloom.
"What the heck!? It's Bloom!" Stormy shouted.
"And she's as big and buff as we are!" Darcy said. Icy shook her head and cringed in anger.
"This is impossible! We destroyed the cave after reading that ritual!" Icy said.
"Once again you underestimate the Winx Club, Icy. We can make anything happen if we use the right magic." Bloom said.
"Arrrrgh! We'll teach you to step into our territory, fire girly!" Stormy said as she and Darcy stepped towards their enemy.

However, Icy held them both back behind her arms.
"No! I will deal with Bloom personally. You two need to comb through every square inch of this city and find those other Winx brats!" Icy said.
"Awwww, come on, Icy! Three against one will be too much even for her!" Stormy said.
"Yeah, Icy! I'm just itching for a fight now after all this… OW!" Darcy said, only to have her hair as well as Stormy's get pulled on.
"Think, you dunces!!! If Bloom figured out how to grow this huge, then the others will find a way as well and we'll really be in trouble then! So find the others so this city doesn't get too crowded all of a sudden!" Icy said.
"Fine." Darcy and Stormy both said as they slowly walked away from the area, kicking aside smaller buildings with their bare feet out of frustration. Icy, meanwhile, stared right into Bloom's eyes.
"You've stopped us far too many times. I won't let you win anymore!" Icy said. She looked to her right and saw a skyscraper that was almost as tall as she and Bloom were. Icy reached over and moaned as she lifted the building off its foundation. Bloom looked up as Icy swung the building down like a hammer to a nail, but the red-haired muscular giantess was ready as she caught the building with her two arms. The block drove her feet into the ground, but she stepped out of the holes and walked towards Icy. In fact, both giantesses were approaching each other, compacting the building together like an accordion getting squeezed. Both giantesses grunted as they used their increased strength to its maximum potential.
"Now we're mano-a-mano, Icy. You're not smacking me into this thing this time!" Bloom said.
"Maybe not… but I can still punch you to the next galaxy!" Icy said. The two giantesses finally tossed the crumpled building to the side.

Icy threw a punch towards Bloom's face, but she blocked it and the two were now grappling with each other.
"Ungh! Argh! We don't… have to fight like this… Icy! This power has instilled nothing but fear to this city!" Bloom said.
"Shut up! Only a fool throws away her advantage!" Icy shouted.
"Throw? You got it then!" Bloom said as she did a slick manuever that allowed her to pick her up by the arm, lifting her above her head and throwing her to the side. A row of previously undamaged buildings got pancaked underneath the muscular Icy's body. And to Icy's surprise, she could feel a wince of pain.
"Ow… that smarts. What the?" Icy said, who suddenly felt herself being grabbed by her hair.
"Get up! I'm not through yet!" Bloom said as she grabbed the ponytail of her enemy's white hair.
"Ow! Not the hair! Not the hair!!" Icy shouted. Bloom yanked on the hair, throwing Icy off balance, and then let her go, causing the villainess to tumble onto another group of buildings. Icy slowly got back on her legs, brushing the debris off her muscles, and watched as Bloom closed in, doing a quick flex of her massive muscles.

"How does it feel, Icy? Having your own raw strength turned against you?" Bloom asked.
"Ugh… she who brags last brags best, Bloomy!" Icy said. She uprooted a much smaller building and threw it at Bloom, who ducked to easily dodge the projectile. She looked back and hoped there weren't any people inside that structure, taking pity over how much damage the city had received thanks to the Trix as well as herself walking around with all their muscle. Bloom then looked back and saw Icy charging fast towards her. She tried to jump out of the way, but Icy delivered a mighty punch right to Bloom's jaw, throwing her up in the air and landing on her backside, crushing a ton of stuff underneath her muscular body and giving the immediate area a good shaking too. She didn't have time to think about the damage she caused when she looked and saw Icy walking up to her and standing over her.
"I guess I'll just have to put my foot down to make my point!" Icy said as she rose one of her bare feet up. She tried slamming it down on Bloom's chest, but the heroic giantess rolled out of the way and gave Icy a firm kick just below her knee.
"Oooooh!" Icy said as she briefly clutched her muscular leg, only to quickly get back to a fighting stance as she saw Bloom roll back to her feet and throw a punch towards her. The two giantesses were grappling again, their feet shifting around inch by inch and causing mass destruction beneath them (whether it was Icy's bare feet or Bloom's boots).
"Give it up! I've studied all your moves." Icy said.
"Yeah? Well, study THIS!" Bloom shouted as she thrust a knee towards Icy's abs.
"Ooof!!!" Icy said as she clutched her stomach region with both her hands. This gave Bloom the chance to wind up her fists and…


Icy stumbled backwards after taking the three punch combo and finally fell to her backside. She had a large red bump on her face that she could feel right away. She was angrier than ever before… it was a surprise her skin didn't turn green afterward as she stood back up!
"Now you're asking for it! NOBODY touches my face like that and lives!!" Icy said as she shot an icy beam towards Bloom's head. Although Bloom was able to block the attack with one of her arms, it was covered almost to the shoulder blade in frost.
"Oooooh… so cold. Whoa!!" Bloom said as she took note of how frosty the arm appeared. By the time she focused back on Icy, she watched as the villainess tackled her to the ground. The two made the ground shake like a Magnitude 7 earthquake and whatever was beneath Bloom (being the first to touch the ground) was wiped out. Bloom knew right away what she had crushed just from looking at the size of the parking lot between her muscular legs.
"Why you… that was our favorite shopping mall!" Bloom shouted as the two locked arms once again. Bloom was eventually getting the better of Icy by forcing her backwards.
"No! I'm the stronger one!!!" Icy said as she tried punching Bloom in the face, but all she hit was the ground as she moved her head from side to side.
"WHOA!" Icy shouted as Bloom finally threw her to the side and hopped back to her feet.

Darcy and Stormy, meanwhile, had been searching for the rest of the Winx Club, but for the past couple minutes, they watched as Icy and Bloom duked it out. When they saw Icy get thrown aside by Bloom even though she was pinned down, they looked at each other.
"Icy needs our help and fast!" Darcy said.
"I agree, but you know she's going to throw a fit because we didn't find the other Winx girls." Stormy said.
"Who cares!? Icy's gonna get melted by that girl if we don't come to her aid." Darcy said as she and Stormy went charging towards Bloom.
"Hey, Bloom! You're in for a shock!" Stormy shouted as she shot a series of lightning bolts towards Bloom. However, thanks to hearing them coming from listening to their booming footsteps, Bloom punched aside the lightning with her muscular arms. This took Darcy and Stormy by surprise as they stopped running.
"Oh shoot…" Darcy said.
"You two are still not thinking straight. Maybe I should knock some sense into you!" Bloom said. With a determined look on her face and her fists literally burning with fire, she ran towards the stunned Darcy, who put her muscular arms up to try and block the attack. But the punches were just too strong. As soon as Bloom made contact, Darcy stumbled backwards and landed on Stormy, sending the two tumbling down to the ground. Stormy kicked her legs around trying to get Darcy off… which was no easy feat as heavy as her enlarged muscles had made her even at that size.
"Ugh! Get off me, you big oaf!!!" Stormy said. Icy then came running in and stood over the two.
"You idiots! I thought I told you to go look for the other girls!" Icy said.

Bloom knew the time was now to end this with the Trix together. She thrust her hands, still covered with the Dragon Fire, out towards the trio of witches.
"Now then! It's time I take back the power that you have misused for your evil purposes!" Bloom said. Seconds later, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy all became encased in an orange light.
"Nooooooo!" they all screamed as they felt another sensation within their bodies. Soon, three miniscule balls of light flew away from the evil giantesses and into the palm of one of Bloom's hands, eventually merging into one. Next, the three began to shrink. Smaller and smaller they got until they were all the way back to their normal size. On top of that, all that added muscle they gained when they were giantesses was gone. They were back to their regular bodies... minus most of their clothing because it got ripped up during their initial growth. Darcy immediately covered herself up even though she wasn't fully exposed.
"Ooooooh… this is so embarrassing." Darcy said.
"You can say that again! I feel so… insignificant… like those geek boys at Red Fountain!" Stormy said.
"Arrrrgh! I can't believe it! Our plan has been ruined!" Icy said. The three ladies then looked up, way up at that, at the 150-foot-tall and still muscular Bloom that stepped within a few yards of them.
"My, my. How the tables have turned, ladies. And like you said, Icy… only a fool throws away her advantage." Bloom said as she felt compelled to raise one of her legs up. The Trix, however, were unfazed.
"Don't think you've seen or heard the last of us, Bloom! We'll get you and the Winx Club next time!" Icy shouted as she opened up a portal that she, Darcy, and Stormy all jumped through… right as Bloom slammed one of her boots down.
"Darn it, they got away." Bloom said.

Bloom then watched as the rest of her Winx Club teammates all flew up towards her face.
"Woohoo! Way to go, Bloom! I gotta say, you rocked in that, well, rocky new body!" Stella shouted.
"Thanks, Stella. It's too bad I couldn't defeat them for good. This was probably our best chance to do so." Bloom said.
"Oh well. At least we don't have to worry about them growing to this kind of size again." Flora said.
"Flora is right. At least Bloom was able to get the power they used to transform." Tecna said. Suddenly, as Tecna took the ball of orange light from Bloom's hand, the giantess suddenly clutched her abs.
"Ooooooh… I feel funny, like air being let out of a balloon." Bloom said.
"Oh! The spell must be wearing out." Musa said.
"Indeed… you defeated those witches in the nick of time, Bloom! Jolly good!" Tecna said as she and the others watched their giant friend shrink smaller and smaller.

Eventually, Bloom was back to her original size and physique. No more bulked up arms, legs, or abs. She, as well as the other Winx girls, all changed back into their civilian looks and clothing too.
"That's too bad. I was kinda starting to enjoy that spell." Bloom said.
"You know… we've got the power. We could always grow super big and super strong ourselves!" Stella said.
"Are you joking, Stella!? Miss Faragonda and Professor Griselda would have our heads if they found out we were using this power!" Tecna said.
"Tecna's right. We should take this power back to them as soon as possible and let them decide its rightful fate." Bloom said.
"Awwww… come on, guys! Just for a little while. Like, 5 minutes or so. Pleeeeeeeease?" Stella said.
"I have to agree. Just for a few minutes. I mean, it'll probably never happen in a zillion years that we grow that big and strong." Musa said.
"Hmmm… now that I think about it… maybe splitting the ball into 5 pieces would mean a less obvious effect." Tecna said. Flora was the only one who didn't speak up; she had a feeling she was going to be the lone wolf and insist on the power being taken to Alfea immediately. Ultimately, Bloom made the final call.
"Well… okay, everyone. But JUST for a few minutes, got it?" Bloom said.
"Got it!" the other girls said.
"Sooooo how do we turn it on?" Stella asked.

Then, suddenly, like the energy ball was listening to them. It split apart into five segments and each one flew into a different Winx Club girl.
"Whoa! I guess that answers our question." Tecna said.
"Oooooh… I feel so strange." Flora said.
"Here it comes, everyone!" Bloom said. Just like that, all five girls transformed right before their very eyes. Their arms, legs, and their chests bulked up and became covered with more and more muscle. But there was one noticable difference from when the Trix used the power. Instead of towering amongst the city's skyscrapers that once stood high in the sky (but would no doubt be quickly rebuilt in the future thanks to the unlimited supply of magic in the realm), the five girls were now just over 7 feet tall. And while their clothes looked tight and were the slightest flex away from tearing, they pretty much held up to the explosive muscle growth.
"Whoa… this is, like, totally awesome!" Stella said.
"(whistles) I could probably hold 10 boom boxes on these shoulders and not break a sweat." Musa said.
"Heh, I guess this puts my miracle-gro spell for my plants to task." Flora said.
"My word! I wonder what Timmy would think of this." Tecna said. Stella then slapped Tecna on the shoulder.
"Hey, why don't we go to Red Fountain and find out!?" Stella said.
"Oooooh… I just GOTTA see how Riven will react." Musa said.
"Come on, Bloom, what do you say?" Stella asked.
"Okay, sure, and then we go back to Alfea and give this power to Miss Faragonda. Deal?" Bloom said as she and the other Winx girls put their hands together and nodded.

The five incredibly muscular ladies of the Winx Club then walked towards the exit of Magix City, making their way to Red Fountain. Naturally, they got looks from citizens returning from hiding from the Trix who wondered how any woman could sport that kind of a body, but this didn't bother Bloom or her friends. It was just another day in the realm of Magix, one filled with a titanic battle between good and evil where good once again triumphed and it took as much muscle as you could imagine to make that happen. ^_____^