Gym Giantesses

(Cubed Cinder; idea by chaosbeast9)

Another day had dawned over the realm of Magix, and the streets in the city were populated with people going about their daily lives. Among these people were Musa, Layla, and Darcy. The former two were of course part of the Winx Club, the group of girls from Alfea who save the realms from forces of evil. Darcy was part of another group known as the Trix… one of those former forces of evil now trying for the past few months to fit in with society. Behind this group of three was Professor DuFour, one of the teachers at Alfea in her usual red attire. She couldn't help but roll her eyes as she watched the three girls in front of her flex their muscular arms proudly as the most noteworthy skin to stand out in their full body exercise leotards right now. Darcy then quickly looked back at DuFour.
"Whoa whoa… easy, ladies. We don't want to upset the petite professor behind us. Hahaha!" Darcy said.
"Hmph! Just be glad we aren’t in class, young lady!" DuFour said.
"Yo, Darcy, chill out! Remember, we treat everyone at Alfea equally." Musa said.
"No matter what the differences are. Age, body, magic ability…" Layla said.
"Alright, alright. Man, you two should learn to relax once in a while. You know, have girly fun and…" Darcy said.

She was then interrupted when Musa stopped walking and pointed up at the tall building nearby.
"Hey, isn't this the place?" Musa asked.
"Ah… yes. This is the new gym that opened recently." Darcy said.
"I guess we better go in. We walked a long way from the college." Layla said.
"Darn right we did! I've already been making friends here… and making them jealous when they see my arms bulge from working out." Darcy said with a grin on her face.
"Come on, let's go in and rock these babies!" Musa said as she gently patted one of her biceps. As the three ladies walked inside, Professor DuFour rolled her eyes and followed them inside.

The ladies didn't get far inside when they were greeted by a young woman inside, who had quite the abs and muscular arms.
"Ah… Darcy, it's good to see you again." the woman said.
"I told you I'd be back! These are my friends… Musa, Layla, and Professor DuFour. They're anxious to become big and strong like you and me, Bicepa." Darcy said.
"Wonderful! Come on in, ladies. All our equipment is yours to use." Bicepa said.
"Er… I'm just watching, actually. I like to test the waters before I jump in." DuFour said.
"I understand. If you change your mind, please let me know, although I do think you'll make a fine specimen." Bicepa said, winking an eye at the teacher before she strutted away to help another bodybuilding woman, much to DuFour's annoyance. As she took a seat on an unoccupied bench near the center of the room, the other girls got to work lifting weights and building up their muscle again.

Musa, Layla, and Darcy all giggled as they watched their muscles, every last one of them up and down their body, grow ever so slowly. Darcy, in particular, was staring longingly at Musa's expanding muscles, finding it nothing short of sexy watching her arms bulge bigger and bigger. Even some of the other women inside the gym were admiring watching the muscles grow in these three ladies. And that's when Darcy made her move, strutting towards Musa and rubbing both her hands around her biceps.
"You're looking gooooooood, Musa." Darcy said. Musa lightly gasped seeing Darcy's biceps at least a couple inches thicker than her own.
"Ooooooh… you look even better, Darcy." Musa said. Between Musa admiring her biceps and seeing the crowd gather, Darcy could feel her ego growing as she felt the need to show off some more.
"Mmmmm… like what you see, you little shrimps? It'll take 15 years of working out to get these babies like this!" Darcy said as she flexed and flexed and felt her arms bulge bigger.
Layla again grunted with annoyance, especially seeing Musa lightly swoon all over Darcy. She took a few steps into a corner of the workout area to gain some space between herself and Darcy.
"You all think that's something? Watch this!" Layla said as she dropped the weights she was holding with authority. That's when the dark skinned girl got to flexing of her own, and the muscles in her arms and legs swelled up quicker than Musa's and Darcy's did. Layla's biceps were easily over a dozen inches thicker than Darcy's, although Layla slowed the growth down so that her outfit could keep up and not rip apart. Nevertheless, a small crowd slowly built around the growing woman.

Professor DuFour just rolled her eyes while all this went on before she set them back to the book she was reading. However, she would have to take her eyes off the book once again, but this time for a different reason. She watched as one of the training areas cleared out and the men and women there were gathering around a stage, where a woman with long black hair and extremely thick arm and leg muscles (thicker than even Musa, Layla, and Darcy) was standing behind the microphone.
"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Tricepa here once again to remind you of our newest product going on sale today!" Tricepa said as she held up a miniature blue box.
"The Masculinity Augmentation Device for Mystical Females is just what you magic-wielding girls need to have the best of both worlds! The magic you use for your everyday lives, and the raw, powerful strength of your newly grown muscular body. And remember! It has the automatic clothes fitting feature as standard! Never again do you have to worry about tearing up your favorite pair of pants just to get the body you want! Take it from me… just look at what this thing did to me on low power!" Tricepa said. The young woman pressed a button on the device and set it down. The crowd gathered around the stage ooooooohed and aaaaaaaahed as they watched the woman's boobs enlarge underneath her shirt. Even more impressive was how she barely moved the rest of her body, and yet she was allowing her boobs to bounce up and down like pecs dancing around on a well muscled man.

Then she flexed her arms up, and everyone watched the muscles swell up, giving her biceps the size of beach balls that almost obscured her entire head. The audience clapped and cheered for Tricepa, although the young woman felt the reaction could be stronger. She wishes she had someone much more normal looking (having already been built up without the device) around to demonstrate the power of the device. And that's when she looked over at one of the benches and saw the woman we know as Professor DuFour sitting.
"But don't just take my word for it! Watch as I demonstrate the power of this device on someone who's never even lifted a weight in her entire life. Like her!" Tricepa shouted as she pointed confidently at DuFour, who looked up and saw she was being pointed at.
"Huh? Me?" DuFour asked as she set her book down and stood up.
"Look at her! As thin as the tip of a pencil. Not after I've pressed this button, of course!" Tricepa said as she aimed the device at DuFour, who frantically waved her hands back and forth.
"Er… um… wait just a minute! I wasn't in the gym, so…!" DuFour said, only to watch as blue energy waves went flying into her body despite her efforts to wave them off. The crowd gathered around Tricepa watched and then cheered as DuFour's body underwent a very rapid change. Her thin arms and legs became very muscular, and her biceps went from almost nothing to muscles bulging as big as the ones on Tricepa. And true to Tricepa's word, DuFour's signature red dress didn't tear one bit. It grew to support DuFour's incredibly muscular body, which was prompting cheers from the crowd as they walked up to her and admired her muscular body. DuFour looked around (as much as she could; which was not easy given how her muscular biceps almost rose over her head) at the people admiring her, which actually made her feel good.
"You wear it well, young lady." Tricepa said.
"I… I do? Gee, thanks… I guess it's no wonder women these days want to build their bodies." DuFour said as she went into various poses showing off her newly muscular body.

Across the gym, meanwhile, Musa and Darcy were taking a break from flexing, growing muscles, and lifting weights as they sat at a bar, sipping away at glasses of a green liquid (presumably one of those muscle rebuilding sports drinks). The two looked at the crowd gathering on the other side of the room, not realizing it was Professor DuFour that was being surrounded by that crowd.
"Pfffft… here we are on the brink of being Miss Galaxies or something like that and they don't come running to us." Darcy said.
"Maybe it's a good thing that there aren't dozens of women swooning over one of us." Musa said.
"True, otherwise I'd go into hyper jealous mode." Darcy said. Musa looked behind Darcy and her eyes raised up when she saw what was coming.
"Speaking of hyper…" Musa said as she pointed Darcy. The two looked back and saw Layla approaching with her newly added muscle.
"So, ladies. What do you think?" Layla asked.
"Ohlala…" Musa said with a smile as she watched Layla pat her rock hard gigantic biceps. Darcy, on the other hand, slammed her bottle of liquid on the table and got up from her seat.
"Ugh… you're such a showoff, you know that?" Darcy said as she stormed away from the two muscular Winx girls.

Layla just shrugged her masculine shoulders as she watched Darcy head for another workout room.
"Oh well. Never mind her for now. At least we're together." Layla said.
"In more ways than one. Girl, you gotta share some of that added muscle with me!" Musa said.
"Then I suggest you get working out!" Layla said, winking one of her eyes. Musa couldn't help but giggle and the two went back to one of the workout areas. As the music changed in the nearby speaker and picked up in beat, Musa and Layla lifted weights in time with the music, hoping to strengthen themselves even further. Layla's already gargantuan muscles didn't change, while Musa's slowly bulked up each time she lifted either a barbell or dumbbell over her head. The workout was getting so intense, both girls were almost drowning their skin and workout outfit in sweat.
They wouldn't be alone for long, as Darcy rejoined the duo and got to weightlifting of her own. She and Layla traded glances as they fought to lift faster than the other. Finally, Darcy lifted the dumbbell over her head and then slammed it down on the floor.
"Alright, lay down girl! Watch and be amazed!" Darcy said as she got to flexing her arms in various poses, each one causing her muscles to bulge even bigger as they approached the size of Layla's.
"Oh no you don't! I'm not losing the world's biggest muscle contest to you!" Layla said as she got to rapidly flexing herself. As the two got into their muscle growing showdown, their bodies began to glow with energy. Green in the case of Layla and purple in the case of Darcy.

This was not lost on the two ladies who worked inside the gym, Bicepa and Tricepa. They saw the energy glow of both ladies on top of their growing muscles, and smiled.
"Oooooooh… those two are just what we need to start phase two!" Bicepa shouted.
"You're right, sister. Our job has been completed. Let us feed our own energy into this structure on top of that of those two girls. Then we can finally rule Magix!" Tricepa said as the two held hands and bounced their pec-boobs up and down rapidly. They eventually faded into a white light that shot up through the ceiling.

As for Layla and Darcy, they continued to flex battle, with Musa feeling this was getting out of hand. Any more flexing and she was worried the two would trigger the height expansion part of their spell and grow right out of the building, so she stuffed her hands in between the two chests.
"Alright, you two! Chill out!" Musa said, only to suddenly watch as another pair of hands came in to break the two apart.
"Yes, you two! I demand you cease and desist this competitive behavior immediately!" the voice of Professor DuFour said. All three younger ladies gasped when they looked over and saw the muscular body of the professor.
"Professor DuFour!?" all three shouted. DuFour then immediately realized why they were so shocked… it was because she was in their turf, so to speak, in the enhanced muscle department.
"Holy smokes! Look at you, professor!" Layla shouted.
"*whistles* Even I have to admit, you look real nice." Darcy said. The professor tried to cover up her enhanced muscles, but of course there was no hiding those massive bulging arms and legs.
"I… well… I never… I… you really think so?" DuFour asked. At first she was a bit angry, but found herself blushing next.

Before the conversation could go any further, however, all the girls suddenly feel the entire building shaking and they were fighting to keep their balance.
"Whoa… an earthquake?" Musa asked.
"Or maybe it's just from us walking around as bulky as we are." Darcy jokingly said.
"Let's not wait around to find out! Let's get out of here!" DuFour shouted as she and the other three ladies all stumbled their way through the gym and eventually outside it, along with the other ladies that had been working out. As the rest of the crowd ran away, DuFour, Layla, Musa, and Darcy all stayed behind and looked up from the road as a most incredible transformation occurred with the building.
"Look! The building!" Layla shouted. The ladies watched as the building suddenly started to warp around in appearance. It tripled in size from a three story building to a nearly ten story one, reaching almost 100 feet tall. Then, strangest of them all, the building sprouted muscular legs and arms as well as a woman's chest (all made out of the building material rather than human flesh). The building had taken the appearance of a giant, muscular woman that was thrusting its arms upward and looked like it was laughing evilly despite not having a voice. The ladies on the ground watched as the 'building woman' marched away, crushing smaller buildings that stood in its path.
"Whoa… I've seen some weird stuff in all the time I've lived, but this takes the cake!" Musa said.
"The energy you two were exhausting during your power struggle… the building must've fed off that energy and caused the mutation, giving it the form we now see!" DuFour said.
"Of course… blame it on the students as always. OW!" Darcy said. Musa bonked Darcy on the back of the head.
"This is no time for sarcasm, Darcy! That monster is gonna hurt innocent people!" Musa shouted.
"Even worse, look where its headed!" Layla said as she pointed in the distance towards…
"Shoot! She's heading for Cloud Tower!" Darcy said.
"Despite what that school has done in the past… we can't allow it to be destroyed." DuFour said.

The four ladies would no longer be alone, though. Musa turned around and watched Bloom and Tecna come flying in, already transformed into their Winx selves and sporting enhanced arms and legs (though not as big as those of the other four ladies… yet!).
"Bloom! Tecna!" Musa said.
"We were on our way back from Red Fountain when we saw the building come to life! Are you all okay?" Bloom said.
"Kind of a silly question when you look at their muscles." Tecna said. Bloom shrugged her shoulders like she was saying good point.
"Perfect timing, you two. But where are Stella and Flora?" Layla asked.
"Well…" Bloom started to say, but Tecna quickly chimed in.
"Stella had a 'bad date' moment with someone at Red Fountain. Brandon and Flora are consoling her as we speak." Tecna said.
"Heh, she already has a boyfriend and still has… oh, never mind." Darcy said.
"So what do we do now, Bloom?" Musa asked as she saw Bloom looking out towards the building monster walking towards Cloud Tower.
"We've all got the power to grow big… now would be a great time to use it." Bloom said.
"I concur, especially since we can ALL do it now by sharing our power." Musa said.
"Heh, I'm not about to argue against growing gigantic AND having big strong muscles to boot." Darcy said. The five girls looked over at Professor DuFour expecting some kind of objection to their plan, but instead…
"Well, we don't have much choice. I'll run ahead and warn everyone at Cloud Tower." DuFour said.
"What do you think the monster is planning?" Bloom asked.
"Whatever it is, it can't be good!" DuFour said as she started dashing down the road towards Cloud Tower.
"*whistles* DuFour sure has some speed for a muscle lady!" Darcy said.
"Enough talk! It's time for us to grow." Tecna said.
"Right! Layla, let's go Winx!" Musa said as Layla nodded.

After Musa and Layla transformed into their Winx selves (with their outfits conforming to fit their muscular bodies), Tecna whipped out her PDA and got to work.
"Alright… just gotta send the right energy pulse and that will allow the growing part of our spell to work." Tecna said as she repeatedly tapped the screen on her PDA. After a few more taps, an orange energy wave quickly shot out and surrounded the five girls… and right away they began to grow. The five muscular women watched as the world around them shrunk smaller and smaller… all the way until they were the same 100 plus feet tall as the building monster. Of course, some of the girls, like Darcy, enjoyed seeing the city much smaller around them.
"*whistles* I'll never get tired of being this big and buff. You sure we can't spare a few minutes and get some cute guys to scale Mt. Bicep here?" Darcy said as she flexed one of her muscular biceps.
"Darcy!" the four Winx girls said.
"Just kidding. Sheesh… you can be such party poopers sometimes." Darcy said.
"Alright. Let's go catch up to that building monster, everyone!" Bloom said as she and the other four giantesses all nodded their heads and carefully made their way after the monster, making sure not to accidentally crush anyone or anything along the way.

As for the building monster, 'she' was already standing a few feet away from Cloud Tower. Some of the witch students came walking out curious about the towering figure, while others watched from inside… at least until they saw Professor DuFour come running in, which increased the intensity of their stunned reaction when they saw how much muscle the woman was sporting.
"Everyone, listen to me! That building monster is dangerous! Please get to safety while some of the girls from Alfea fight that thing!" DuFour said.
"Hey, look! What's it totally doing now?" one of the students, named Gerbera, said as she pointed outside. Everyone watched as the monster was suddenly shooting energy waves from its 'boobs,' which easily penetrated the exterior of Cloud Tower. At first, nothing seemed to be happening, but as DuFour looked around, she suddenly saw the witch girls one by one all clutch their stomachs.
"Ooooooh… I feel so strange." Ivey said.
"Yeah… like my muscles are on fire!" Hecate said. DuFour then gasped as she was the first to see what was happening.
"Oh my…" DuFour said, watching as over a dozen girls had their bodies suddenly bulging with muscle. Any sleeves or leggings the girls had on their clothing were ripped up by the expanding muscle, but the rest of their clothing was fortunately intact.

When the energy waves stopped coming a couple minutes later, nearly 20 women, both inside and outside the tower within DuFour's field of vision, were all a couple feet taller and bulging with Miss Universe worthy muscles, some of them so big they almost obscured their heads.
"Whoa… look at how massive my muscles are!" Ederaviola said.
"Hah! I bet you wish you could be me, though!" Karen said as she playfully slapped one of her hill-shaped biceps.
"I'm so magnificent!" Liss shouted.
"I bet every guy on the planet will date me now!" Yakobetta said.
"Hey! I want this feeling to last forever!" Vera said.
"Vera's right! We shouldn't let those goody good shoe Winx girls destroy that thing! Let's go help it!" Endora said as the muscular witches went flying out of Cloud Tower. DuFour took off her hat and wiped the sweat off that was pouring down her head.
"Hoo boy." DuFour said as she watched not just the witches flying out and meeting with some of the other muscular witches at the base of Cloud Tower, but also the five giantesses finally arriving on the scene.

Just as the building monster stopped shooting energy waves and flexed her 'arms' in victory, she then turned around when she saw the five giantesses (Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Layla, and Darcy) arriving.
"Hold it right there, mutated building! We won't let you destroy Magix!" Bloom shouted.
"Let's see you take on five of the world's strongest women!" Layla said as she pounded her fists together.
"And look good doing it too." Tecna said as she did a little flexing of her own. The building monster put her hands on her hips like she wasn't impressed.
At the same time, the 20 or so newly muscular witches all looked up at the monster as well as the grown girls.
"Arrrrgh! We can't let that those girls won, nor that traitor, Darcy!" Samantha said.
"They may be big, but we have the numbers! We can literally topple them!" Polly said. The witches then went flying upwards and swarmed like flies around the five giantesses, leaving them to swing away and try and shoo them off.
"Ack! What's going on!?" Layla said as she swatted left and right. For Musa, she took a swing at a few of the witches, but a few more flew underneath the punch and gave her a combined shove in her chest, causing her to lose her balance.
"Whoa whoa whoa!" Musa said as she stumbled backwards and eventually fell on her behind, causing to ground shake and crumble in all directions.

Meanwhile, Bloom saw the little Professor DuFour come running out of the tower. The giantess kneeled down to get a better look at the professor.
"Professor DuFour, what has happened to the witches of Cloud Tower?" Bloom asked.
"The monster is feeding off our collective urges for more and more strength and unleashed some of that energy back on the witches of Cloud Tower. They probably want the monster to succeed so they can keep their newly grown muscles." DuFour said.
"Makes sense." Bloom said. DuFour had a serious look on her face next, even as she casually brushed one of her muscular legs.
"Bloom… I have absolutely zero doubt the monster will target Alfea next. And then…" DuFour said.
"And then perhaps the rest of Magix… making every woman on the planet as muscular as us. We can't let that happen!" Bloom said. She then had to dodge to the left as a group of normal-sized muscle witches fired an energy beam towards her face.
"Ugh… witches are so annoying! Present company excepted…" Bloom said as she glanced over at Darcy, who rolled her eyes like she was saying whatever.
"Still, we have to deal with them so they don't get in the way." Musa said.
"Bloom… Darcy and I will take on the building monster. You, Tecna, and Musa can hold off the other witches." Layla said.
"Okay. Sounds like a plan. Be careful!" Bloom said.
"Aren't we always?" Darcy said, causing Layla to roll her eyes in a whatever manner as well. Still, she and Darcy charged towards the building monster while Bloom, Tecna, and Musa looked down at their smaller foes.

Musa was confronting five of the witches (named Ederaviola, Endora, Euphorbia, Gerbera, and Hecate), some of whom were flying up and grabbing her biceps. Musa couldn't help but chuckle.
"Really, you little bugs think you can bring me down?" Musa said as she shook her arms, causing the five muscular witches to go flying off, but they quickly recovered in mid-air. They quickly had to fly away to avoid being punched by the muscular giantess. Her bulky body meant she couldn't move very fast compared to the much smaller, yet muscular, witches. The five flew together and formed an energy beam that they shot towards Musa.
But the giantess was ready to go on the offensive. As she watched the energy beam close in, she opened her arms wide and then clapped her hands together. The clap alone was deafening, and the force of the impact from both hands caused an aerial tremor that actually caused the witches to temporarily lose their ability to fly. As the five witches landed on the ground, they looked up and saw Musa towering over them.
"Now get going, you buff bugs!" Musa said as she raised one of her boots high in the air.
"Run!" Endora shouted as she and the other witches just avoided being stepped on.
"Mmmmm… that feels just as good as lugging these beauties around." Musa said as she flexed her muscular arms once more, and then chased after the five witches before they ran back inside.

Bloom had to deal with her own quintet of attacking muscular witches in the form of Ivey, Liss, Lunilla, Polly, and Rubis. They certainly weren't as well known as Icy, Darcy, or Stormy, but Bloom admired their bravery for taking on someone as big and buff as her. Bloom tried blowing these witches away anytime they got near her face, although they recovered quickly. Some of them tackled Bloom right in her rock hard abs, and it was surprisingly enough to send her stumbling backwards. But Bloom kept her balance and opened her mouth wide like she was going to exhale again. This time she put a couple fingers up against her open mouth and then shot a huge wall of flame from her fingers as she exhaled.
"Great balls of fire!" Lunilla shouted as she flew out of the way to keep from getting burnt.
Nearby, Tecna was fighting the witches as well. She did her best to keep Samantha, Tabitha, Vera, Ververine, and Yakobetta from getting near Layla, Darcy, and the building monster. Thanks to Tecna's powers and her added muscle, she was having an easy time against these witches, sending big beams of green light to ward them off. The five witches gathered together and fired a massive energy beam towards Tecna's chest… but with incredible accuracy, she flexed her pec-boobs and crushed the beam in between them. As the witches looked on in shock, Bloom saw Tecna pull off that manuever.
"Nice!" Bloom said.
"Heh… thanks! Stella taught me that trick, actually. She wouldn't stop oogling over wanting to do that with a tiny Brandon." Tecna said.
"Heh… that's Stella for you." Bloom said as she and Tecna got back to fighting against the witches (with Musa joining the group as well as her witches convened towards the others).

Of course, this allowed Layla and Darcy to challenge the building monster with little interference. The three ladies circled the open area around them, with Layla and Darcy making sure not to crush any innocent people or buildings. As the building monster shot different colored energy beams, Layla and Darcy danced around to avoid them. This gave Darcy the chance to sneak behind the monster and wrap her arms around her waist.
"Go, Layla!" Darcy shouted. Layla gave a quick flex and marched her way towards the monster.
"HA! HA! HA! HA!" Layla said as she unleashed punch after punch on the monster, sending building fragments raining down on the ground. Her gigantic biceps rippled as she used the full power of her added muscles with every punch, but finally the monster broke free of Darcy's grip (by jabbing her in the abs), and threw Darcy into Layla, sending the two tumbling down to the ground.
"Watch out!" Layla shouted as green and purple energy balls came flying towards the two, but they dodged out of the way.

It was then that Darcy saw the building monster glowing with green and purple energy and came to a realization.
"Hey, Layla, hold up. See how the monster is glowing with our colors of purple and green?" Darcy said.
"Yeah?" Layla said.
"Maybe we should instead let that monster blast us with that energy. Maybe it will reintegrate into our bodies and drain its power dry." Darcy said.
"It's worth a shot. I mean… we can't fight this thing forever." Layla said.
"Heh… Layla and I agreeing on something. I never thought I'd live to see the day." Darcy said.
"Maybe you'll stop flirting with Musa now?" Layla said.
"Pfffft… fat chance." Darcy said. The two giantesses then stood on both sides of the monster, holding their hands in a circle.
"Alright, tough gal made of steel! Give us your best shot!" Darcy shouted.

The monster did just that, firing a green beam into Layla and a purple beam into Darcy. The two ladies stood unaffected, only moaning softly as they felt the energy returning to them.
"Ooooooh… it's working, Darcy! It's like I'm feeling my life force being added to me!" Layla said as she looked and saw her muscular biceps rippling.
"Me too! Aaaaaah…" Darcy said as she closed her eyes and absorbed the energy with full force. By the time the monster figured out what was going on, it couldn't stop the energy from pouring out, no matter what nimble movements she tried. The monster finally held its head up like she was screaming in the air… and then she started to shrink.
Layla and Darcy watched as the building shrunk back to its normal size of 30-35 feet tall, and was nothing more than a building now instead of being shaped like a muscular woman (complete with no damage like nothing happened!). On top of that, the two looked down to see Bicepa and Tricepa laying unconscious on the ground.

"Looks like we did it." Layla said.
"Sure did. I feel so big looking down at that building." Darcy said. Bloom, Tecna, and Musa joined with the other giantesses.
"Oh? Is that the end of the monster?" Tecna asked.
"Sure is!" Darcy said. Layla got down on her knees and peeked inside the establishment.
"Looks like the interior is back to the way it should be as well." Layla said.
"Then I suppose the best thing to do is put the building back where it was." Darcy said. Layla nodded and she and Darcy together lifted up the building and carried it like a big block back to where it was within the city. Bloom, meanwhile, picked up the unconscious duo of Bicepa and Tricepa.
"These two must be the troublemakers that started this whole thing. I'll make sure they get locked up by the authorities." Bloom said.

Musa, meanwhile, looked back when she heard a lot of female complaining. That's because the witches were slowly reverting back to their normal selves, including the 15 that had been fighting her, Bloom, and Tecna. It looked like all of them were still a little muscular, though nowhere near what it was before.
"Hmmm… they're not all the way back to their normal selves." Musa said, just as Darcy and Layla got back from returning the gym to its rightful place and Bloom got back from dropping Bicepa and Tricepa off in jail. The five giantesses watched as Professor DuFour (still with her enhanced muscles) walked up to the footwear of the giant students.
"It's probably leftover energy from that muscle building product Bicepa and Tricepa used on me. It should wear off in an hour or two just like with my muscles… and they'll learn to get over it, though some of them don't seem to mind." DuFour said.
"Heh… I know I wouldn't mind being even a little muscular." Darcy said.
"That's probably because you, Icy, and Stormy have the most experience with this sort of thing." Tecna said, prompting a giggle from the other giantesses. Darcy shrugged like she was saying good point, but she smiled at the very least.

"Well then, I think we should all be getting back to Alfea now. Need a lift, Professor DuFour?" Bloom said as she kneeled down and offered a giant hand to the woman.
"Don't mind if I do!" DuFour said as she hopped onboard Bloom's hand, nestling herself in the palm as she and the other giantesses carefully made their way all the way back to Alfea.

By the time they got back, the height increase part of the spell had worn off like Tecna cautioned on the way back, and the five muscular girls were back to their normal heights, give or take a few inches thanks to their muscular arms and legs.
Meanwhile, inside the dorm room the Winx and Trix shared, Icy, Stormy, Stella, and Flora were all sitting around wondering where the others were. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.
"I'll get it!" Icy said as she got up and opened the door, where she was greeted by Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Layla, and Darcy… all of whom sporting greatly grown muscles from head to toe (Layla in particular).
"Hey, everyone!" all five girls shouted as they nudged their way through the open door, which was no easy feat given how incredibly bulky they all were (Layla in particular).
"Well, hello there. Geez, I feel so meek looking at you five." Icy said.
"I guess that new gym was really something, huh?" Flora asked.
"Heh, yeah. In more ways than one!" Musa shouted.
"It's a long story, guys." Layla said.
"Well, start talking then! We've got all afternoon to hear it!" Stormy said as all the girls sat down either on the floor or on their beds as the five muscular girls told the entire story you just read from beginning to end.

As for Professor DuFour, she walked towards the big doors that led into Miss Faragonda's office. She knocked on the doors.
"Come in!" Miss Faragonda said from the other side. DuFour opened the doors where she saw Faragonda, Griselda, and Mrs. Griffin from Cloud Tower. All three, obviously, had stunned looks on their faces from seeing the professor bulked up from head to toe.
"Miss… miss… miss DuFour?" Faragonda said.
"Oh… um… yes. It's me. There was an incident at the gym the three ladies said they were going to visit. The effects should wear off within the hour, though." DuFour said. She watched as Mrs. Griffin approached her
"Can I… um… can I feel those big arms of yours?" Griffin said.
"Er… sure!" DuFour said, watching as Miss Griffin did just that and rubbed her hands all over one of DuFour's biceps.
"Never mind that, even though I find your new look fascinating myself. What about Darcy?" Griselda asked. DuFour could tell all three ladies were impressed with her new stature, but nodded and gave her report on Darcy, like she was asked to do earlier in the day.
"Darcy still has a competitive fire to be the best when challenged by anyone on anything… but, for the most part, she behaved herself today." DuFour said.
"I'm glad to hear that, DuFour. Still, please tell us the whole story, including how you transformed into… well… that stature." Faragonda said.
"Of course, Miss Faragonda." DuFour said with the four ladies sitting down. Professor DuFour got to work telling the whole story, including of course some of the girls growing to take on the building monster.