Fit Fiascoes

(Cubed Cinder; idea by chaosbeast9)

Mike and Vanessa heard the doorbell go off in their house, with Vanessa anxiously running up to the door and opening it up. On the other side, she saw her adopted daughter, Bloom, along with five other ladies her age.
“Bloom!” Vanessa shouted.
“Hi, Mom!” Bloom shouted as the two wrapped their arms around each other. Vanessa then backed away and allowed Bloom and the rest to come in. Who were the rest, you ask? They were Musa and Layla, who were also part of the Winx Club just like Bloom, and also Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.
“Thanks for letting us chill in your pad for our Spring Break, Mr. and Mrs. Peters.” Musa said.
“Authorized of course by the Alfea School.” Layla said.
“Please, all of you, just call us Mike and Vanessa. Gardenia is far from formal compared to the worlds you all come from.” Mike said with a smile. The Trix were the last to shake hands with Bloom’s adopted parents, although there was a bit of tension.
“Nice to meet you.” Icy said with a smirk as she and the rest of the Trix walked by. Bloom walked over and patted Vanessa on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry, Mom. I told you, they’re good now.” Bloom said.
“Okay, but I still don’t feel easy about their presence.” Vanessa said.
“We’ll keep them in line, we promise.” Bloom said. Vanessa nodded her head.

As the group went in different directions, one thing finally caught Mike & Vanessa’s attention.
“Say, where’s the rest of the Winx Club?” Vanessa asked.
“Yeah. I don’t see Flora, Tecna, or especially Stella.” Mike said.
“They decided to stay behind to check out a new fitness fair that was in Magix.” Layla said.
“Yeah, we would have joined them, but I wanted to take a break from seeing big and strong women.” Bloom said.
“Pah! I still say we’re missing out, especially after the last time we bulked up!” Darcy shouted.
“Huh? Bulked up?” Vanessa asked.
“Er… um… well… give us a moment, will you?” Bloom said as she dragged Icy, Darcy, and Stormy by their shoulders to the corner of the living room.
“Um… guys. We talked about this. One week away not just from Magix, but from even the slightest talk about bulging muscles.” Bloom said. Stormy looked like she was about to verbally counter like she always does, but Icy covered up her mouth with her hand.
“You’re right, Bloom. We’re sorry. We’re not going to talk or show any muscular talk until we get back.” Icy said.
“Thank you.” Bloom said. She finally looked back at Mike and Vanessa.
“So, Mom and Dad. We’re going to go upstairs and unpack first, and then tell you about these fitness fairs.” Bloom said.
“Okay! I’ll get the oven warmed up for dinner in the meantime. You all must be starving, I’m sure.” Vanessa said.
“Well… we did travel via dimensional portal, but thanks.” Darcy said.

As the Winx Club went upstairs, the Trix started to follow from behind, but turned right around and approached Mike and Vanessa.
“Hey, we’d like to show you our favorite spell.” Icy said.
“Okay… it won’t hurt, will it?” Mike said.
“No, but trust me, you’ll be verrrrrrrrry envious.” Stormy said. The three ladies then joined hands and concentrated. Their entire bodies glowed green with energy, and Mike and Vanessa both gasped as they watched the trio’s arms and legs become thick with muscle. Bigger and bigger they bulged, and of course, as a result of this added muscle (which stretched their outfits to the absolute limits), they gained a few inches in height as well. Finally the muscle growth stopped, and the Trix once again sported muscular bodies that would make Hercules look like a wimp.
“Ahhhhh… I’ll never get tired of this feeling.” Darcy said.
“Seriously! I don’t know how we ever lived without this power.” Icy said.

Soon after, the three Winx girls came out from the hallway.
“Icy, what are you waiting… for?” Bloom said, only to stop in her tracks (along with Musa and Layla) as she looked and saw Icy, Darcy, and Stormy all bulging up and showing off to Bloom’s adopted parents with both of them stunned over how ridiculously enormous these muscles looked.
“Oy… there they go again with their muscle mischief.” Layla said.
“I guess the trumpet’s out of the bag.” Musa said.
“Why, Icy? Why?” Bloom asked, expecting some evil-like answer to come out of Icy’s mouth. But instead…
“Hey, why not? Didn’t you always brag to your parents over any new spells you learned since you last met? We just wanted to show off how amazing this ability is.” Icy said.
“It’s… it’s…” Mike said as he tried to find the words.
“It’s incredible! I never thought a woman could grow muscles this thick…” Vanessa said as she gently touched the muscular arms belonging to Darcy.
“Sooooo, you can do this too, Bloom?” Mike asked.
“Yes, Dad. Yes we can.” Bloom said.
“Oh wow! Can you show us, please?” Vanessa said.
“I guess we better listen to your Mom, right, Bloom?” Musa said.
“Yep. Alright, you three. Time to let our muscles grow again.” Bloom said.

The three concentrated just like the Trix did earlier, allowing their bodies to glow green. Vanessa and Mike both gasped as they watched Bloom, Musa, and Layla undergo the same transformation. Bigger the ladies grew, with muscles growing faster than their height. Soon, the change was finished, and the three Winx girls were incredibly buff once again. They couldn’t resist flexing here and there to show off the true power of their muscular arms and legs.
“Boom! What do you think, Mr. and Mrs. Peters? It makes me want to smash more than just cymbals!” Musa said.
“Heh heh… I see.” Mike said as it was Vanessa’s turn to struggle in finding the words.
“Alright then, let’s change back to normal…” Bloom started to say.
“WAIT!” the Trix shouted together as they snapped their fingers and a ring of green energy surged throughout the entire room. It disappeared a couple seconds later, and naturally, Bloom, Layla, and Musa were all wondering what just happened.
“Huh? What the?” Bloom asked.
“Hey… I can’t seem to make these muscles go away!” Musa said.
“Hahaha! That’s because we all cast one of our hexes. We’re stuck like this for a few days now!” Icy shouted.
“WHAT!?” Bloom, Layla, and Musa all shouted. Mike and Vanessa were shocked too. Their house wasn’t exactly equipped to support six ultra muscular women, let alone for almost the rest of the week! As Mike collapsed on his couch, trying to process everything, Vanessa sat down next to him.
“Deep breaths, Mike. Let’s just take this one day at a time. And besides… our beloved Bloom is one of them!” Vanessa said. They both looked at the six girls arguing with each other, with the Winx girls obviously not happy with being trapped in their muscular forms..
“Whatever you say, honey.” Mike said.

2 days pass. Vanessa was in the kitchen cooking breakfast (which was a LOT of protein building stuff like eggs and beef) when she heard the sounds of a girl bumping into things. Vanessa saw it was Bloom as she shuffled sideways through the now narrow hallway. Bloom breathed a sigh of relief as she made it into the kitchen and shook her hands as she looked right at her adopted mother.
“I swear I didn’t punch another hole in the wall. Honest!” Bloom said.
“Heh heh, it’s okay, Bloom. You know I don’t ever get mad at you anymore.” Vanessa said.
“Because I’m all grown up now… in more ways than one, right?” Bloom said as she made Vanessa laugh.
“Listen, Bloom. I need to go to the grocery store and restock on some things.” Vanessa said.
“Wait, Mom! I can go instead.” Bloom said.
“Huh? Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid people are going to look at you funny?” Vanessa asked.
“Haha! It’s okay, Mom. Remember, Gardenia’s pretty used to seeing anything, especially after what happened with Roxy.” Bloom said.
“Yeah, good point.” Vanessa said as she handed Bloom her shopping list.
“I’ll take Layla and Musa with me. Think you can handle the Trix when they wake up?” Bloom asked.
“Hey, if I could handle you when you were younger…” Vanessa said.
“Good point!” Bloom said.

A few minutes later, Bloom, Layla, and Musa were walking around the streets of Gardenia, making their way to the grocery store. Unsurprisingly to the trio, they were getting all sorts of looks from other people walking by. Three of those people glancing over at the muscular Winx were ladies that Bloom was all too familiar with. They were Mitzi, Darma, and Sally.
“Ugh… is that what they’re doing at that alternate school?” Mitzi said as she stared point blank at the three. Darma and Sally, meanwhile, were amazed.
“Wow… I didn’t think women could grow muscles that big.” Darma said.
“Pfffft… it’s all probably thanks to that other school Mitzi mentioned.” Sally said.
“I know, but still… I can’t help but be envious.” Darma said.
“Hah! We can beat those big and bulky brats!” Mitzi shouted.
“Huh? But how, Mitzi?” Sally asked.
“Meet me back at my house in a couple hours. I know just what we need to get.” Mitzi said. Darma and Sally looked at each and shrugged their shoulders before finally walking away while Mitzi went to one of the speciality shops in the corner of the street.

A couple hours later, Darma and Sally were waiting patiently for Mitzi to return, and return she did as she walked through the front door.
“Wow… right on time for a change, Mitzi!” Sally said.
“Oh shut up, Sally. Punctuality doesn’t count!” Mitzi said. The other girls then took note of the articles of clothing that Mitzi was holding and then set down on the nearby table.
“Huh? What are those things supposed to be?” Darma asked.
“These, slush brains, are inflatable body suits. Strap yourself into these babies, pump yourself up, and we’ll have muscles that look even bigger than Bloom and her friends.” Mitzi said.
“Wow! Where did you even find those?” Sally asked.
“Does that really matter? You can buy almost anything here in Gardenia!” Mitzi said. They took note of how the suits looked. Some of it was skin colored, made to make it look like the girls were wearing nothing but leotards.
“I like them, Mitzi!” Darma said.
“Heh, I would hope you would. Now come on! Let’s put them on!” Mitzi said.

The girls spent the next 2-3 minutes getting themselves into their inflatable body suits. They felt they already looked hot, but they were anxious to see them blown up. Mitzi then picked up the arm tool that was needed to blow up their suits.
“Okay, me first!” Mitzi said as she reached down and hooked the tool to the nozzle above the left ankle. Mitzi then used her foot to pump the tool. It didn’t take long for the suit, and of course the muscular arms and legs that accompanied it, to fill with air and make her look as bulky as can be. Once she felt the suit was fully powered, in a manner of speaking, she handed the pump over to Darma, who filled up her suit. Sally was the last to finish, and soon all three were ‘bulked’ up bigger than even Bloom and the others.
“Hahaha! Bloom will take one look at us and become quite sad.” Mitzi said.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to see the look on her face!” Sally said.
“Then let’s not waste another second!” Darma said. But as the girls walked towards the front door, they saw one rather large problem before them.
“Uh… how are we supposed to get through the front door?” Sally asked.
“Whoops… there’s a big miscalculation.” Darma said. Mitzi, however, snapped her fingers.
“We’ll sneak out through the backyard. The sliding doors are much wider.” Mitzi said as she and the others got to walking towards the back of the house, which didn’t prove to be an easy task either as they kept bumping into walls, each other, and other loose objects (such as glass bowls) laying around.

Fast forward to a couple hours later, and Bloom, Layla, and Musa are all back in Bloom’s home. Bloom and some of the Trix were helping put stuff away while the other ladies just lounged around. Vanessa, meanwhile, was not in the living room being elsewhere in the house at the moment. Suddenly, everyone heard a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it!” Bloom shouted as she casually tossed what would normally be a heavy watermelon towards Icy’s gut.
“Ooooof! Oooooh… you’re lucky I’m somewhat nice now!” Icy said as she squeezed the watermelon, causing it to burst apart and get her outfit a bit soggy and messy. The other Trix tried to hold back a laugh over what they saw.
Meanwhile, Bloom opened the door and saw the now incredibly buff Mitzi, Darma, and Sally waiting on the other side.
“Mitzi!?” Bloom shouted in shock.
“Hahaha! Hey there, Bloomy. So what do you think? You’re not the only one who’s been seriously working out. Haaaa!” Mitzi said as she flexed one of her biceps, showing off the arm that was so muscular, it could easily be mistaken for a rock sculpture. Darma and Sally flexed as well as Layla and Musa were the next to see the slightly larger trio.
“Well now… totally didn’t see that coming.” Musa said.
“You three forget that Gardenia has quite the gyms as well!” Sally said with her own taunt as she slapped her abs.

The Trix could see the muscular trio outside the front door, but they weren’t buying it, especially as they heard squeaky noises as Mitzi and her friends flexed in every direction possible.
“Pfffft… those are soooooo fake.” Stormy said.
“You’re right, Stormy. They’re obviously using some kind of inflatable suits.” Icy said.
“Look at how gullible Bloom and her friends are. I can’t believe they’re falling for those phonies!” Darcy said, only to get shushed by the other two girls.
“We can question the intelligence of our former enemies later. It’s time we deflated the hopes and dreams of those other girls.” Icy said.
“But how?” Darcy asked. Icy smiled.
“Like this!” Icy said as she snapped her fingers and a magical powder sprinkled out right away over the three girls. They quickly shrunk smaller and smaller until they were the size of toys. To be precise, they were a quarter the size of an average Barbie doll (which made them 4-5 inches tall).
“Oh! I’m not used to this perspective.” Stormy said.
“Yeah yeah, I know we all like to grow instead, but this is the only way we can get close enough to those girls and pull out the stops. But we better hurry… this particular shrinking magic is temporary and will wear out fast.” Icy said.
“Then let’s hound those hecklers!” Darcy said.

As the three shrunken witches made their way to Bloom, Layla, and Musa, who continued to converse with Mitzi, Darma, and Sally as they continued to put on their flexing and ‘growing’ show, Darcy couldn’t help but peek up at the ‘giant’ Musa as she walked in between her shoes.
“Oooooh… Musa, my sweet. You’re like a towering goddess from down here with all those muscles…” Darcy said, only to get pulled away by Stormy.
“Uh… now’s not a good time to be flirting unless you want to be crushed like a bug!” Stormy said.
“Awwww, come on! Besides, with our muscles, that foot weighs like a feather!” Darcy argued.
Finally, the trio made it to one of the girls each. That’s when Icy, having already discussed her plan of attack on the way over, gave the thumb up to proceed.
“Hahaha! I can’t wait to see these girls blow up like hot air balloons.” Stormy said as she laid a finger against the nozzle of Sally’s suit.

Just seconds later, as Mitzi and the others continued taunting Bloom and her friends, she lightly gasped as she watched the suit continue to inflate.
“Huh? What the? But I took the tool out!” Mitzi shouted.
“Waaaaah! This is too much!” Sally shouted, watching as her head practically got buried underneath the shoulder part of her suit. Finally, the suits couldn’t take anymore and the nozzle broke apart, sending air shooting out from the suits. It came out so fast, the three girls were briefly airborne and drifting left and right trying to keep their balance. Finally, the suits were fully deflated and Mitzi and her friends laid flat on their backs.
“You know, Bloom. You were right, those ladies are full of hot air.” Layla said.
“In more ways than one! Hahaha!” Musa said as she and Layla laughed. Given her compassionate nature, even to those who would do even the slightest bit of evil deeds, Bloom felt sorry for Mitzi and the others as she walked over and kneeled down in front of Mitzi.
“Are you three alright?” Bloom asked as she offered a hand to help Mitzi up, but she slapped it away and got up on her own.
“Blah! Don’t think you’ve won for one nanosecond, Bloom! We’ll try this again someday!” Mitzi said as she and the others ran away from the house.

Bloom and the others looked at each other.
“Well, that was a somewhat weird sequence.” Bloom said.
“I know! Did you like it?” Icy asked. Bloom, Layla, and Musa all looked behind themselves where they saw the Trix returning to their normal size.
“Huh? Icy? Was this your doing?” Bloom asked.
“You bet! We weren’t about to let those copycats trick you with fake muscle.” Icy said.
“Yeah! That’s our job!” Stormy shouted.
“Those airheads aren’t qualified to keep you on your toes like we are.” Darcy said.
“Heh… thanks, ladies. I guess.” Bloom said.
“See? You do need our help sometimes.” Icy said with a smirk.
“Alright, alright. Don’t push your luck.” Bloom said as she and the others walked back inside the house and closed the door behind them.

As they came back inside, Vanessa was back in the living room wondering what all six muscular ladies were up to.
“Hey, everyone. What’s going on?” Vanessa asked.
“Oh, nothing much. Just chasing away from solicitors.” Darcy said.
“I see…” Vanessa said. She watched as Icy continued to walk towards her.
“Listen, Mrs. Peters. We want to once again thank you for letting us stay here until we go back to Alfea.” Icy said.
“My pleasu… oooof!” Vanessa said, only to suddenly find herself trapped against Icy’s chest and her bulked up arms. Little did anyone realize that Icy was secretly casting a spell on Vanessa.
“Icy, what are you doing to my mom!?” Bloom asked.
“Oh, chill out, Bloom. It’s just a big thank you hug. I’ll let go now.” Icy said as she released her grip on Vanessa.

Seconds later, Vanessa suddenly feels her skin tingling, and her internal body temperature sharply rising.
“Oooooh… I feel so… strange.” Vanessa said. Musa and Layla were the first to see what was happening. Vanessa was significantly bulking up like they had earlier.
“Oh my. This just got turned to 11.” Musa said.
“You can say that again.” Layla said. Bloom gasped as she watched Vanessa grow stronger and stronger, her clothes doing her best to keep up but they were ripping up, leaving her with an outfit that resembled just a top and short shorts. However, before the clothes could snap entirely, Icy waved her hands around and sent purple sparkles around Vanessa, changing her outfit to resemble a purple bikini. Vanessa’s explosive muscle growth finally stopped. It was hard for her to move her head given how much shoulder muscle she was surrounded by, but she did hear the witches whistling at her.
“*whistles* Doesn’t she look fantastic?” Darcy said.
“You ain’t kidding, girl! The power this gives to middle and older aged women… even I’m impressed!” Stormy shouted. Bloom, meanwhile, just glared over at Icy.
“Icy… please tell me these changes aren’t permanent.” Bloom said.
“Pfffft… don’t worry. I knew you’d freak out if I did that. She’ll revert back to normal in 3 days, around the time we’re supposed to be back in Alfea.” Icy said.
“It’s… it’s okay, Bloom. I feel so good, actually.” Vanessa said.
“Oh? You like being super duper strong like us?” Bloom said.
“Yes, I think I do! You just gotta tell me what fun things you guys like to do when you’re in this condition.” Vanessa said.
“Er… no problem, Mom! I’m sure we’ll all find ways you can entertain yourself while you’re big and buff.” Bloom said, watching as Vanessa swung her arms around from side to side.
“Heehee… I actually wonder what Mike will think when he comes back from the golf course.” Vanessa said with a smile as the now seven muscular ladies all stood around, chatting with each other.

Meanwhile, all the way back in the realm of Magix, the rest of the Winx Club approached a flashy looking building with lights blinking, balloons floating around, and a large banner that simply read ‘FITNESS FAIR TODAY!’ Stella, Flora, and Tecna looked up at the structure, as did their respective boyfriends from Red Fountain (Brandon, Helia, and Timmy).
“I’ll say one thing. These fitness fairs sure like to show off.” Timmy said.
“Hahaha! Why can’t Alfea be this celebratory around graduation time?” Flora asked.
“Unfortunately, that’s a question for the school’s budgetary department.” Tecna said. Everyone let out a quick laugh. The group nevertheless saw a couple muscle-bound girls walk into the building.
“Never mind that, ladies. You know why we’re all here, right?” Stella said.
“So that you can win another fitness fair competition.” Tecna and Flora both said together.
“Come on, ladies. You know how competitive Stella gets.” Brandon said.
“Especially when Chimera is around. Hopefully we won’t see her this time.” Helia added.
“Well, if we do, she’ll be in for a surprise when she sees how muscular we can grow this time.” Stella said.
“Well, I do have to remind you, Stella. It’s only a marginal improvement with the modifications Digit and I made to that power. There’s only so much muscle our bodies can hold… even if we were to increase in height as well!” Tecna said.
“Yeah, yeah, I got all that techno babble yesterday when you showed us the work you did. Now are we going to go big and buff or what!?” Stella said.
“Let’s do it!” Flora shouted.

The three girls concentrated while their boyfriends stepped back and watched them do their thing. The energy swirled around and the girls grew thicker and more muscular, especially in the arms, legs, and chest. It only took a few seconds for them to reach their maximum muscle capacity.
“Yeah! Stella Smash!” Stella said as she playfully slammed her fists together.
“Oh, Tecna. You look so amazing.” Timmy said.
“Hahaha, thanks! Brains AND brawn rule all, don’t they?” Tecna said as she gave Timmy a hug.
“Oooof… emphasis on brawn! Ouch…” Timmy said, feeling the life squeezed out of him as Tecna had a firm grip.
“Anyway, let’s go inside and see what’s happening.” Flora said as the three muscular ladies and their non-muscular boyfriends all went inside.

The instant everyone walked inside, they saw more fit and fabulous looking girls walking around wearing sport-like outfits with various numbers on them. Some of them, along with a few other patrons (such as the ordinary looking parents of these girls) stopped and looked in awe over Stella, Tecna, and Flora and their muscular bodies. Stella saw these looks and couldn’t resist going into various flexing poses.
“Mmmm… yes… how do you like these babies, everyone?” Stella asked. Tecna and Flora, meanwhile, just wanted to know one thing as they stopped one of the receptionists walking by.
“Excuse me, ma’am, but do you know where the exercise room for muscle girls is?” Tecna asked.
“Yes, right that way.” the lady said before she walked away. The girls started to head in that direction while they heard the guys talking with each other.
“Man, this place is awesome!” Brandon said.
“Imagine how all these ladies would look if they were bigger, like Flora has been a couple times.” Helia said. That’s when the girls came to a sudden stop.
“You guys know who you’re engaged to, right?” Stella said.
“She’s right. We can easily make that happen with one of our spells.” Tecna said.
“Ummmm… are you sure about that? Does Magix really need that many giant women strutting around?” Timmy asked.
“Hahaha! Of course not. We had a different kind of size changing in mind.” Flora said.

The three girls winked at each other and then waved their muscular arms around, finally thrusting them towards the three guys.
“Miniaturize!” they all shouted together. The sparkling silver energy surrounded the three guys, and they watched as the world around them got bigger and bigger. They were shrinking at a rather good pace. It only took a few seconds for them to be reduced to just over 3 inches tall. They gulped nervously as they watched Stella, Flora, and Tecna all walk up towards them, easily towering over.
“Awwww… aren’t they all cute?” Stella asked.
“Reminds me of when we had that sleepover and did some… ahem… somewhat naughty things.” Tecna said, prompting Timmy to blush and yet smile at the same time. The girls reached down and picked up their respective boyfriends, setting them atop one of their broad shoulders.
“Now you boys stay close and don’t try to wonder off.” Stella said.
“Yes, Mt. Stella!” Brandon said as he did a salute up to her giant girlfriend, prompting a laugh as they advanced further inside the fair.

The girls (with their shrunken boyfriends) all made it into the exercise room where they saw a few muscular girls all either working out or practicing their routines for the eventual show. Stella immediately recognized one of the girls as Agween the Aquarian, watching as she went into a few poses, including one where her biceps bulged up while she kneeled down on one knee.
“Hey, Agween!” Stella shouted.
“Oh! Greetings, Stella! Are you competing in the fair too?” Agween said.
“Haha! What else would I be doing here, and in this condition? By the way, have you seen any troublemakers around here, like Diaspro or Chimera?” Stella said.
“Nah, they seem to be sitting this one out. Maybe it’s for the best.” Agween said.
“Ain’t that ever the truth…” Tecna added. Agween, meanwhile, got back into striking one pose after another. The Winx girls couldn’t help but cheer her on.
“That's right, Agween. Expand those biceps, pump those pecs! Become the mightiest Aquarian In the Magix Dimension!” Stella shouted.

Those cheers prompted a couple more competitors to greet the Winx girls.
“OMG! Stella!” Lolina said.
“And here you three are again.” Heidi said, wrapping both her gymnast ribbons around each of her biceps.
“Oh! Hey Heidi and Lolina.” Stella said as she fist-bumped with Lolina given her nature as a boxer, although the two did share a dance class together back in the day, showing much respect between the two. But before the group could converse, Heidi looked on the Winx girl’s shoulders and noticed something.
“Oh? What’s that on your shoulder, Stella? A bug?” Heidi asked.
“No, wait! It’s tiny men!” Lolina said as she noticed the shrunken Helia, Brandon, and Timmy finally, who all waved somewhat tepidly at the other giantesses.
“Awww… they look so cute!” Agween said.
“Heh, but wouldn’t all shrunken men be?” Heidi asked.
“Here, you want to play with them?” Stella said as she handed Brandon over to Agween. The aquatic human being placed him on one of her biceps and she flexed it. Brandon almost lost his balance as he felt the ‘land’ that was Agween’s skin shift underneath him thanks to her muscles bulging even bigger. This prompted a laugh from Stella.
“I feel like I’m on a volcano ready to erupt!” Brandon shouted.
“Hahaha… it just might, little man.” Agween said. In fact, thanks to her powers of being able to create, control, and manipulate water, Agween closed her eyes, and then Brandon watched as water spurted out like a fountain from some parts of her biceps.
“Teehee… you know water makes a significant portion of your body. Not just these big and beautiful muscles.” Agween said as she playfully patted the muscle a few inches from where Brandon was standing.

As for the other guys, they weren’t asked to do much. Timmy was jumping up and over and many crevices that made up Lolita’s gigantic muscular arm. Sometimes, though, he would get down on his knees and try and calculate the raw numbers of Lolita’s strength.
“Let’s see… if I add this here and there, then I divide by this equation, and then calculate the rate of formulaic expansion…” Timmy said.
“Heh heh… he’s doing his rocket science thing again. I love that about you, Timmy.” Tecna said as she leaned in towards Lolita’s arm, giving Timmy another gigantic kiss and covering him in lipstick.
“Oooooh… she got me again.” Timmy said. Helia, meanwhile, was also trying to walk around the shoulders of a muscular giantess. In this case, it would be Heidi. But Heidi wasn’t going to make it easy as she tipped her shoulder downward.
“Whoa whoa whoa!” Helia said as he tried to grasp onto whatever skin or muscle he could, but he kept on sliding down and finally lost his grip. Where did he fall, you ask? Right between Heidi’s pec-bosoms, of course! As Helia’s head stuck out.
“Hahaha! Aren’t you a naughty boy?” Heidi said.
“N-n-n-no! This is not what I had in mind!” Helia shouted.
“Suuuuuuure you did, Helia.” Flora said as she winked her eyes down at her boyfriend. Heidi then smiled.
“Let’s see how he likes when I do this.” Heidi said as she flexed her muscles in a way that made her bosoms become more muscular as well. In doing so, Helia felt like he was sinking in between Heidi’s seemingly mountain-sized chest, which made everyone else in the room giggle.

As Agween handed Brandon back to Stella, she took a look around the room to see who else was big and buff just like the two of them. She only saw a couple more. One was Karen who was practicing her cheerleading, while the other was Lesta as she juggled three 50-pound weights like they were rubber balls.
“Oh? I thought there’d be a lot more entrants for this fair.” Stella said.
“There are. They’re just in other places of the building, such as the pool room, the break room, or practicing on stage.” Agween said.
“I see. That reminds me, I need to get changed myself.” Stella said as she walked towards Flora and Tecna, tapping the latter on the shoulder. As soon as Tecna felt the tap, she turned around and saw Stella.
“Would you two look after Brandon while I get changed into my competition outfit?” Stella asked.
“Sure, Stella. We’ll take these three with us for the tour around the place.” Tecna said.
“Cool, thanks!” Stella said as she magically summoned her outfit for the show, which was a blue sports bra with blue bikini briefs. Tecna and Flora, meanwhile, escorted themselves along with the three shrunken men on their shoulders to another part of the building.

The two eventually made their way into the break room where they saw four more ladies all suited up and ready to go. They were all accompanied by children, who were obviously awestruck by the muscularity of all the competitors. Unsurprisingly, some little girls were shouting…
“When can I get big and strong like that!?” one girl shouted.
“Hahaha! Just eat your fruits and vegetables!” Neoxis said.
“Lots and lots and loooooooots of vegetables.” Jenny said as she sang the third saying of the lots word, naturally being a singer with she’s not bulking up for a fitness fair.

Of course, these kids were impressed by some of the other things the muscle girls did. Lee-Hona was showing off a few birds flying between rings she held and doing some acrobatic flying in the process. Neoxis juggled a few rings of her own without any animals to help her. Sabatha, on the other hand, had a routine that definitely involved animals. Dogs, to be exact, as she made them do one cool trick after another (such as balancing themselves on her muscular back). And finally there was Echouneti, who bore a strong resemblance to Layla. She was taking nearby metal pipes and bending them to resemble household things such as appliances and common pets.
Flora and Tecna smiled at all the children cheering going on with each practice act.
“Heh, it’s going to be tough for the kids to decide what the winning talent will be.” Tecna said.
“True, but they all have nothing compared to Stella’s ability to bring maximum sunlight into an arena.” Flora said.
“Still, the competition will be tough.” Tecna said.
Flora then looked over at Tecna’s shoulder and saw something missing.
“Hey! Where did the guys go?” Flora asked. They looked around and then finally ahead, where they saw the trio of Specialists running towards Neoxis, who had just finished showing off her ring juggling act.
“Oh boy.” Tecna and Flora both said as they walked towards Neoxis.

As Neoxis was picking up her rings and wiping the sweat off her face, Brandon, Timmy, and Helia were climbing up the muscular giantess, pretending her buffed up legs were the sides of a rocky mountain just waiting for people to climb it. The boys made it past the giantess’s knees when they saw Tecna and Flora approaching.
“Excuse me, miss, but you’ve got a bug problem on your legs.” Flora said.
“Huh? I do?” Neoxis asked. Before she could look down at her legs, however, Tecna kneeled down and swiped the three guys off the legs, cradling them in the palm of her hand.
“There! Problem solved!” Tecna said.
“Oh? Tiny men? They’re so cute!” Neoxis said as she grabbed them and snuggled them first against her face, and then against her chest.
“Ooooof… explain to me why we did that again, Timmy?” Brandon said.
“Mmmmm… I think you know the answer, Brandon.” Timmy said.
“I think you’re both immature.” Helia joked.

Then, another of the giantesses came over and joined Neoxis, Tecna, and Flora. It was Echouneti.
“Did someone say tiny men?” Echouneti said.
“Yeah, Echouneti! Right here.” Neoxis said.
“Awwww… look how cute they are, and small too! They’re probably not as tall as my biceps!” Echouneti said.
“I guess there’s only one way to find out. Over here!” Flora said as she led the group over to a nearby table with chairs. The girls sat down together and set the boys down on the table. Before the guys could relax, they watched as Echouneti planted her bicep flat on the table. True to Echouneti’s word earlier, the guys looked up at the bicep like it was another rocky mountain.
“Go ahead, guys. Get climbing. Let’s see who can get up top the fastest.” Echouneti said. The guys looked over at Flora and Tecna, who nodded their heads.
“Yes! Go for it, especially you, Timmy. The data I collect from this experiment will be quite fascinating.” Tecna said as the guys got to work climbing.

They were climbing rather quickly up Echouneti’s bicep. This didn’t surprise any of the girls, really. They all knew ‘those hunks from Red Fountain,’ as Neoxis put it, go through all sorts of rigorous physical challenges to live up to their name. It looked like it was going to be a dead heat as to who won the bicep climbing race, but everyone in the room suddenly heard a female voice go off in the room over the intercom.
“Attention, all contestants of the fitness fair! The show will be beginning in 5 minutes! Please report backstage immediately!” the female voice said.
“Awwww… I wanted to see who won… AND arm wrestle one of you!” Echouneti shouted.
“Haha! Maybe after the show we can do that.” Tecna said.
“Deal!” Echouneti said as she and Tecna shook hands. As Tecna picked up all three guys and set Timmy and Brandon on her shoulders while giving the little Helia back to Flora, all the girls followed each other out of the room and eventually to the main staging area.

As the muscular girls, including Stella, went backstage, Flora and Tecna took their seats on the floor at the very front of the quickly growing crowd of people in the audience. They were spectators this time around, and were forced to sit on the floor because their muscular bodies each took up 2 or 3 seats! Not to mention the fact they were obscuring the view of the patrons behind them. At least they got THE front row seats in a manner of speaking!
Finally, after a 60 second countdown on stage, the fitness fair officially began as the girls all came out from backstage, forming a long line similar to that of the Miss Magix pageant. Tecna and Flora of course rooted hard, complete with whistles, for Stella as she was being introduced.

As for who won the fitness fair and what each girl did? Use your imagination. :)

Once the fair was over, all three girls and their shrunken boyfriends came walking out of the building, returning to the streets. Stella especially had a smile on her face.
“Whew! That was fun!” Stella said.
“I’m glad you feel that way, Stella, even though you finished in 2nd.” Flora said.
“Yeah. I would’ve loved to win, but it’s like Bloom taught me years ago. It’s not always about winning, but having a good time and making new friends along the way!” Stella said. She then picked up the shrunken Brandon from her shoulder and dangled him in front of her face.
“I sure hope you and the other boys had fun too.” Stella said.
“Er… of course, Stella! We had the best seats in the house!” Brandon said.
“Stella, we better get the guys back to normal size before they head back to Red Fountain.” Tecna said.
“Right.” Stella said as she set Brandon down on the ground, with the same being done to Helia and Timmy. The guys were surrounded in a circle of their giant girlfriends, all of whom were waving their arms around.
“Miniaturize reverse!” all three girls shouted. The magic came flying out again, and the guys were restored to their normal sizes.
“Whew… thanks, ladies!” Timmy said.
“And with that, we are checking out. I’ve had my fair share of muscular women for one day.” Helia said.
“Heehee! Bye, guys! See you again soon!” Flora said as she and the other ladies waved at the departing men.

3 days later

Flora, Tecna, and Stella were back in their Alfea rooms, all of whom having long since returned to their normal size and stature. They were lounging around, counting down the hours until their Spring Break was over and it was back to teaching students the art of magic in Magix. They then heard the nearby door knock.
“That must be them.” Stella said as she got up and opened the door. On the other side were Bloom, Layla, Musa, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. They too were back to their normal non-muscled up bodies.
“Hey everyone! Welcome back!” Stella shouted as she greeted Bloom with open arms.
“Thanks, Stella! Sorry we’re late. We had to wait for the Trix’s spell on my adopted Mom to wear off.” Bloom said.
“Huh? Trix’s spell?” Flora asked.
“What did they do this time? Hopefully they didn’t go fee fi fo fum on Gardenia.” Tecna said.
“Oh, no. Nothing like that. It’s kinda a long story.” Musa said.
“Heh, don’t worry. We’ve got a long story too in regards to the fitness fair.” Flora said.
“Oh… sounds like we missed out on some big, muscular fun.” Icy said.
“Ugh! I knew I should’ve stayed behind in Magix!” Stormy shouted.
“Oh, I don’t know. It’s probably not as exciting as you might be thinking.” Tecna said.
“Stella, why don’t you go first. Tell us how that fitness fair went.” Bloom said.
“Okay! It all went like this…” Stella said as all nine ladies took a seat either on a bed or on the floor as they all recalled with each other the events of this past week.

And what a strange and fun-filled week it was for all of them, like it usually is when they take on bodies that make The Incredible Hulk look meek.