Feet of the Fairy Goddesses

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Movie-Man)

Bloom, Aisha, Musa, and Tecna all made their way through the dense forest full of tall trees, just seeing the Alfea college for fairies out in the distance. They were all wearing their casual outfits, although Bloom did have a safari type hat on her head.
"Sigh… it's too bad we have to go back home. It was kinda fun in that forest!" Bloom said.
"Affirmative, Bloom! I was able to gather quite a bit of research, especially on plant growth." Tecna said.
"Haha… Tecna being fascinated with plants. I never thought I'd live to see the day." Musa said.
"Hey, somebody had to help Flora out while she catches up on homework!" Tecna said.
"Stella doesn't know what she's missing either." Aisha commented.
"That's no surprise to the rest of us, Aisha. It's either the mall or the clothes store for Stella." Bloom said.
"ANY place with creepy crawly bugs is almost an automatic no when it comes to Stel." Musa said.
"Unless the Specialists came with us. That's all we really needed for this little camping adventure!" Bloom said.
"Haha! Good point!" Musa shouted.

Suddenly, the cheerful mood would go away as Tecna felt herself trip over something. The other girls looked back and helped Tecna up.
"Tecna! Are you alright?" Bloom said.
"Yeah, but I tripped over something." Tecna said as she looked down by her ankles. She saw it was a vine stretched from one tree to another.
"Huh? It's just a vine." Musa said.
"Yes, but I don't remember it being there when we were entering this forest." Aisha said. Tecna looked around the forest with an uneasy look on her face.
"I don't like this… I've read enough spy novels to know something's bound to happen after tripping over something like that." Tecna said.
"Don't worry, Tecna. I'm sure we can all handle it…" Bloom said.

Suddenly, there was a very much audible hissing sound in the air.
"Wait… do you hear that?" Aisha asked. All the girls looked up and saw a purple cloud descending quickly from the air.
"What the heck is that?" Musa asked. Tecna pulled out her PDA and quickly tapped a few buttons on it.
"Oh shoot… that's knockout gas!" Tecna shouted.
"Run everyone!" Bloom said as the girls ducked underneath the purple cloud and moved as fast as they possibly could. It wasn't fast enough, however. The cloud enveloped the girls and despite their best efforts to not breathe in the cloud, they found themselves coughing and dozing off.
"What a way to go…" most of the girls thought to themselves before they all lost consciousness.

Much time passes, and Bloom was the first to wake up and see a total change in scenery.
"Oooooooooh… Sky, you look so small…" Bloom said as she thought about the dream she had while unconscious. Then she looked around and saw she was on some kind of beach, with the ocean out in the distance and, weirdly enough, houses that looked smaller than those belonging to the Pixies.
"Huh? Where am I?" Bloom said. She tried to move around but saw she was pinned down underneath some vines. She then looked around and saw the other three girls pinned down as well.
"Tecna! Aisha! Musa!" Bloom shouted.
"Yeah! We're here, Bloom!" Tecna said.
"Ugh… I hate being pinned down. It's like an album that goes unreleased for years!" Musa shouted.
"What happened? Why are we pinned down underneath these vines? And what happened to my shoes?" Aisha said as she looked down and saw both her long socks and shoes missing from her feet, leaving them fully exposed.
"Oh? Me too!" Bloom shouted. Tecna and Musa saw their footwear was missing as well.
"What kind of sick joke is this? Who would do such a thing?" Tecna asked.

As the girls struggled to break free, they suddenly watched as several tiny living human beings came running out from the small buildings, thrusting their arms up in victory and cheering. All of these people looked like they were anywhere from 2-4 inches tall.
"I think we're about to find out the answer." Musa said.
"Hahahaha! We have captured these new gigantic creatures of beauty before they could destroy our villages once again!" one man shouted as he climbed up Bloom and stood around her stomach region.
"And before their master showed up too!" a woman said as she and the other tiny people cheered.
"Uh… are you talking about us?" Aisha asked.
"I think you all have the wrong artist!" Musa said.
"Silence! Never again will you desecrate our hollowed grounds with your giant feet like your master has before you!" the man said. The girls squirmed around trying to break free, but it was no good. The vines were too strong.

Despite being pinned down, however, Bloom's feet wiggled around enough to make the tiny people around there, especially those near the village, scream in fear.
"Enough of your foolish attempts to escape! No more will the people of your kind spread fear and terror to our villages!" the man said.
"Look, we're sorry, okay!? We got captured… presumably by that trap you people designed. I gotta say it was well engineered. What's your secret?" Tecna said.
"Ugh… now's not a good time, Tecna! Just let us go and we promise not to rampage around your homes. We were just trying to get back to our home." Musa said.
"Yeah! On that note… do you have cellular service?" Aisha said.
"Cell-u-what!? Such foreign language does not ring with me! Your requests have been denied… in fact, none of you are going anywhere until you tell me where you come from!" the man shouted.
"We're not from Lilliput, that's for sure!" Musa said. Bloom started to open her mouth, but Aisha spoke next.
"No! We're not telling you shrimps anything!" Aisha said.
"Aisha, wait!" Bloom shouted.

A loud series of gasps ensued.
"I knew it! She's part of that group!" a woman shouted.
"Yeah, that mean ol' lady called us shrimps too!" a young girl shouted.
"Wait! What do you mean old lady!? Maybe we can help!" Bloom shouted.
"You WILL tell us where you came from, or else!" the man said as he suddenly marched up towards Bloom's chest.
"*gulp* Or else what?" Bloom asked. The man suddenly snapped his fingers, and a few seconds later, some men dressed like soldiers suddenly came out carrying a group of feathers.
"We have ways of making you talk." the man said.
"Tickle torture? Are you serious? I'd rather swallow a pair of headphones!" Musa asked.
"Now, gentlemen!" the man said. With expert precision, the soldiers all placed the tips of the feathers on each and every sole directly in front of them and they waved it up and down, bravely despite the feet of the goddesses flailing around.
"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" all the girls laughed.
"Now talk!" the man said.
"Hohohoho… this tickle torture… hahaha!... is not funny! HAHAHAHA!!!" Tecna shouted.
"You're… hahahaha!!!... you're telling me!" Aisha said.

All four ladies continued to laugh hysterically. However, the tickle torture was briefly interrupted when a familiar female voice shouted out from behind.
"Hey! Stop! Leave our friends alone!" a female voice said from above.
"Solar Slicer!" another female voice shouted. The villagers, namely those on or around the bodies of the giantesses, scampered out of the way as a bright sunshine-type light shone down on the four ladies. The vines melted away into mulch, allowing them to jump to their feet. They looked up and saw Flora and Stella flying in.
"Flora! Stella!" Bloom shouted. The two were in their Winx outfits, but they instantly changed back into their civilian forms.
"Are you okay, Bloom? One of my plants sensed you and the others were in danger." Flora said.
"Heh… that's one smart plant, Flora! Was it that microchip one of them ended up eating?" Tecna asked.
"Hey… are those… little people?" Stella asked as she focused her attention on the tiny villagers.
"Uh oh… there goes Stella's tiny person radar!" Musa said. Bloom gently nudged Aisha on the shoulder.
"Ever since that one time the five of us grew gigantic, she's been obsessed with people only 6 inches or less tall." Bloom said.
"I see." Aisha said.

The villagers, meanwhile, nervously backed away as they looked up at Stella.
"That… that orange skirt." one man said.
"The green top!" one woman said.
"Those tall shoes!" another man said. Stella smiled as she went into a couple poses like she was in a fashion show. She eventually slipped her feet out of her shoes.
"Heehee… if you think my shoes are awesome, wait until you see my feet!" Stella said as she playfully wiggled her toes.
"It's the 'ringleader!' The one that other woman warned us would come!" another man said.
"Huh? The ringleader? Forgive us, but we've never been to this part of the forest. We didn't even know tiny people like you all existed!" Bloom said.
"She speaks true, y'know. Seriously, maybe we can help subdue this other woman." Musa said.
"You're… you're lying! You're part of her group!" a man shouted.

Suddenly, a woman and child came running up to the group.
"Help! My house is on fire!" the woman shouted. Everyone, including the 'giantesses,' looked in the distance to indeed see one of the miniature houses burning. And the flames looked intense too, especially for the tiny people.
"Oh my! Those are intense flames!" Stella said.
"We should do something about it. Maybe that will prove we're not dangerous like this other woman they keep talking about." Bloom said.
"You're right, Bloom, but what can we do?" Tecna asked. Aisha then took a couple steps forward.
"Leave it to me. Remember, my Morphix has much of the same characteristics as water." Aisha said. She stepped carefully into the village, only briefly looking in awe over how small and easily crushable the buildings could be under her bare feet. Aisha then took a deep breath and let loose her pink colored substance. The villagers looked in fear thinking the house would be destroyed, like using a fire hose to put out a candle. Instead, the Morphix slithered through every door and window of the house like a snake. A few seconds later, Aisha made the Morphix disappear, and the flames that once burned through the whole house went out with it.

The woman and her daughter, who lived in the house, carefully approached it and were in awe seeing the house was still standing.
"It's okay to enter." Aisha said as she towered over the house. The two went inside and dropped their jaws when they saw the house was in perfect order. Nothing had been burnt to a crisp… it was as if nothing had ever happened.
"It's… it's okay!" the woman said.
"Yay! The giant lady saved our home!" the little girl said.
"Everyone! My house is okay!" the woman shouted, with the other little people cheering in happiness.
"Amazing…" one man said.
"I thought for sure that woman with that pink water would destroy the house…" another woman said. Soon, the other Winx girls joined up with Aisha in towering over the house and the rest of the village.
"So have we earned your trust now?" Bloom asked.
"Yes, yes. Thank you, big and friendly giantesses. We're sorry for putting you through those traps. We had built them intending to capture that other woman and the 'ringleader.'" one man said.
"Oooooh… this other lady has some nerve calling me the ringleader!" Stella said.
"It might not necessarily have been you, Stella. Perhaps you were just the scapegoat." Flora said.
"Like you often are when we're the ones laying traps." Tecna said, prompting a snicker from the other Winx girls.
"Ooooooh… be glad you're not as small as these humans!" Stella said as she lightly stamped her right foot on the ground.
"Hey, can we explore the rest of your village?" Musa asked.
"Sure! We trust you ladies now. Follow us." the man said. The men and women on the ground all moved away from the 'giantesses,' who followed from behind.

As the Winx girls walked around, the houses spread out like they were looking down on a map.
"Wooooow…" everyone said. The people in these villages all stopped and looked up in awe of the 6 giantesses towering above them.
"Don't be afraid, everyone! They are all friends!" the man said.
"Errrr… greetings, little people. We come in peace!" Bloom said as she showed a peace sign. Meanwhile, Stella watched a few children run up towards her toes.
"Wow! Can we be as big as you someday, blonde woman?" one of the kids asked.
"Teehee! Of course! Actually Tecna can make that happen…" Stella said as she tugged on one of Tecna's arms. However, Tecna gently grabbed her by the wrist and gently shook her head.
"Er… maybe some other time. It's already kinda crowded up here." Tecna said. Musa and Flora gently stepped around the village grounds, raising their bare feet high above the houses.
"Wow… I wonder how many cute guys live here?" Musa asked.
"And how they were born so small…" Flora said.

Musa then looked down and saw a group of guys sitting under a canopy.
"Hi there, little guys. Wanna rock and roll?" Musa said. She started to step towards the guys… however, they suddenly held their noses and ran away.
"Arrrgh! What is that odious stench!?" one man said.
"The horror! THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!" another man shouted as they went screaming away from the giantess.
"Huh?" Musa said as she lifted up one of her feet and took a good whiff of it. She almost threw up herself.
"Ugh… smells like rotten seaweed. That's weird… I took a shower yesterday." Musa said.
"Maybe you didn't focus on the feet?" Flora said as she gently patted her friend on the shoulder.
"Yeah, probably. I'm not like the rest of you beauty queens. Sigh… and I so wanted to get their numbers too." Musa said, which actually prompted a laugh from Flora. While those two were having their antics, Aisha was not immune to her feet being interacted with as well. A group of children were hopping from one toe to another when she looked down.
"Oh! Be careful, all of you!" Aisha said. She watched as one young boy was short on his jump and slipped in between two of the giantess's toes. Aisha bent down and gently rescued the boy.
"Thank you, ma'am!" the boy said. Aisha smiled as she watched the boy go back to jumping from toe to toe. She then gave a look over at Tecna.
"Isn't that cute? It's making me think of Piff and the other Pixies." Aisha shouted.
"Haha! They'd ALL have a field day with us if they were that small, I would imagine. Especially Digit!" Tecna said.

Bloom then looked down at the group of tiny humans.
"Do you happen to know the name of this other giantess who has been terrorizing you?" Bloom said. A little boy raised his hand like he was in a classroom, with Bloom pointing down at him with one of her fingers.
"She said her name was Disaster… or Disastro… or maybe it was Disease-ro?" the boy said. Bloom lightly gasped and had an unhappy look on her face.
"Diaspro." Bloom said.
"Figures that brat would be raising trouble elsewhere." Stella said.
"What does she want with this island?" Musa asked.
"Probably to rule it, what else? Without her parents looking too." Tecna asked.
Just then, everyone looked up and saw red lightning bolts briefly spark up in the sky, along with claps of thunder.
"Huh? What was that?" Musa asked.
"The four must be returning soon. Sigh… I suppose this means the end of our village once again to their feet." the man said.
"Huh? Wait! You're all not going to give up so easily are you? Maybe we can help!" Bloom shouted.
"Huh? You can?" the man asked.
"Yes, and not just us six too. If we all work together, maybe we can drive Diaspro back to her fancy schmancy castle." Stella said.
"And make sure she doesn't think twice about coming back!" Aisha said.
"I see, but what can you do? She instills us with so much fear…" a woman said.
"I've got an idea. Huddle!" Bloom said as she and the other 'giantesses' all got together and talked things over, with a few of the tiny people getting in the huddle (and finding themselves surrounded by giantesses).

A few minutes later, they broke their huddle, watching as the lightning bolts got stronger and stronger as a portal suddenly opened up.
"Are you really sure this will work?" Flora asked.
"It will have to given the circumstances." Tecna said.
"We're ready when you are, Bloom." Stella said as she and the others took deep breaths and looked right at Bloom.
"Okay! First things first. Let's Go, Winx!" Bloom shouted as she and the other Winx girls leapt in the air and let loose with their transformation sequences. The six girls were soon in their Winx outfits.
"Now, everyone!" Bloom shouted. All six girls shouted their individual names and then…
"Mini Winx!" they all shouted. All six ladies glowed brightly and then shrank smaller and smaller until they were the same size as the humans, who watched in astonishment.
"Oh my… I had no idea you were capable of such powers." the man said.
"Or appearances! You look like superheroines!" a young girl commented.
"It's nice to finally meet someone else our size!" the woman said.
"Thanks! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our powers." Bloom said with a cute smile. The ladies then watched the portal overhead grow to its largest size.
"Here comes Diaspro! Let's take cover, everyone!" Stella shouted as she and the other Winx ladies all took shelter inside one of the houses.

They and everyone else in the village watched from various hiding places as another woman in her early 20s (like the Winx girls) came out from the portal above, who was immediately recognized by everyone as Diaspro. She planted her bare feet firmly on the ground, knocking everyone off their feet. Other than the boots missing from her legs, Diaspro looked the same as she always does, right down to the evil smile on her face.
"Hahaha! Told you all I'd be back! And this time I changed my look for this rampage." Diaspro said. Bloom couldn't resist commenting on the painted nails the giantess had on her toes.
"For such a big brat, she sure has nice looking feet." Bloom said.
"I kinda have to agree." Stella added. Diaspro, meanwhile, grinned as she watched some of the tiny people run and scream like crazy.
"Hahaha! I'm so glad I found this little island full of little people. It makes me feel like a hundred feet tall. And speaking of feet, I'm looking forward to the many ways I can play with these people with my tootsies." Diaspro said as she took a step forward and crushed a house flat under her bare feet.
"And the best part? Nobody in the royal guard, not even Mommy and Daddy, know about my little secret." Diaspro said. With a mere couple steps onto the village grounds, panic became widespread once again amongst the people.

The 'giantess' Diaspro slowly strolled around crushing whatever was in their path. Any people that got crushed were seriously hurt, but not mortally wounded. The woman seemed to want to keep as many living beings as possible alive. Of course, they didn't have such limits when it came to property destruction, especially as she lifted up one of her feet and slammed it down on a house.
"Oops! So sorry… NOT!" Diaspro said. She looked down and saw several people trying to dodge her feet, and that's when she got an idea. She sat down over where the house once stood and pointed her knees skyward. Then she scooped up as many people as she could with her hand.
"Alright, you little stinkbugs! Time for you to finish what we started a couple weeks ago!" Diaspro shouted. She then sprinkled these people all over her feet like sprinkles on a cupcake.
"Now then, massage my beautiful toes at once!" Diaspro said as the people quickly complied. Diaspro moaned softly as she felt the people putting as much pressure on her feet as possible.

As these people did so, she scooped up another batch of tiny people and held them inches away from her face.
"You people get to race up my legs. The first one to reach my kneecaps will be the winner!" Diaspro said as she set these people near her ankles. She then pulled out a mirror from inside her dress and stuck its handle to the ground.
"And don't think you can easily escape from me. I'll be watching your every move." Diaspro said. Knowing there was no way they could escape now, these dozen or so people got to work climbing her bare feet and then her lower legs. Nearly all of them would stop from time to time to sweep their face of the odor that was pulverizing them.
"Haha… my apologies on the foot odor. I've been wearing my boots for quite a while." Diaspro said. Despite many of these people nearly throwing up trying to withstand the foot odor (amplified thanks to the size difference between them and the giantess), they climbed as quickly as they could, with a few of them making it to the ball of her foot.
"Heeheehee…" Diaspro giggled. These people, both men and women, looked up and saw her massive toes wiggling and ducked down, feeling numerous gusts of wind blow through their ears. Eventually, a lucky few managed to make it atop the giantess's knees, which brought a smile to Diaspro's face.
"Well, now. It seems we have our winners. Congratulations! As for the rest of you… don't fret you lost. You still get a free ticket back to my castle!" Diaspro said as she swept her hands across her lower legs and her feet, grabbing all the humans up and down that area. She wasted no time in throwing them into a pocket that resided inside her dress. The people screamed in terror before she sealed the pocket and cut off all sights and sounds to the outside world
Diaspro then turned her attention to those on her knees.
"And as for our winners…" Diaspro said. The tiny people wondered if the evil giantess would spare their lives, but they suddenly were picked up and dropped in between her two soles. The people watched as the walls that were the two bare feet closed in. These people pushed outward with both arms with all their might to keep the flesh from closing together.
"Urrrrrrrgh! Feet… so… strong! *cough cough!*" one woman said, wheezing as the odor continued its onslaught. Eventually, though, the feet proved to be too strong and they closed together, trapping the people in between them and rendering them unconscious.
"Mmmmm… that was almost too fun! Now for the next batch of contestants…" Diaspro said as she stood up and scanned the ground around her body looking for more able and willing people to ascend her feet.

Diaspro continued walking around until she eventually came to one of the larger houses on the village. Aisha gulped nervously, especially for the couple that were the first to stand up to the Winx girls when they towered overhead, as she looked up at the giantess.
"(gulp) She's so big." Aisha said.
"Stay strong, Aisha. It's almost time." Bloom said.
"Yeah. Then we'll show them size isn't everything." Tecna said.
The couple hugged each other tightly as they saw the ankles of Diaspro a few feet away and then looked up.
"Well, now. Do you two surrender your village now or will you continue to be stubborn?" Diaspro asked.
"We… we will never bow down to you! In fact, we will fight back!" the man said. The 'giantess' laughed.
"Hahahaha! Isn't this cute? Big bad ant man says he's going to fight back! You should really think twice before taking that kind of lip with me, especially since one day I will be queen! This time my feet are hungry to crush your house and the rest of this pathetic village. And I'll just come back and do it all over again after you rebuild… just like the last time!" Diaspro said. The couple looked determined as they continued to face upwards.
"What we lack in magic, we make up for in numbers! Now!" the man said as she looked back into his house.

That's when the miniature Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella, and Aisha all came flying out of the house and other surrounding houses. They flew around Diaspro's upper body at high rates of speed.
"What!?" Diaspro shouted, taken aback by the mini fairies that she was suddenly surrounded by. They were flying so fast, Diaspro didn't have a chance to recognize them, especially her close rival, Bloom. In her shock, she didn't realize two of the fairies (Tecna and Musa) were flying around and tying her wrists together.
"What the!? Darn it!" Diaspro shouted. Next, she felt her ankles being tied together, leaving her unable to move without risking falling on her face.
"What madness is this!?" Diaspro shouted. Then she saw something fly directly in front of her right eye, which turned out to be the shrunken Stella.
"Hey, Diaspro! Here's pie in your eye!" Stella said as she hurled a pie right into one of Diaspro's eyeballs, and she immediately felt the hit to her corona as she shut her eye and held it with her hand.
"OW!!!" Diaspro screamed. This gave the other fairies the opportunity to surround Diaspro in vines.
"Arrrrrgh! Annoying little flies! Can't… transform…" Diaspro shouted as she was getting frustrated with being taken down by people smaller than her. It made her more mad that she couldn't break free of her constraints.

Then she watched as one fairy in particular flew in front of her face, and that was the shrunken Bloom. It was a face Diaspro would never ever forget, especially after that one incident over a misunderstanding about who Sky was in love with.
"What? You!?" Diaspro said.
"Diaspro, I have a riddle for you. How many tugs does it take to bring someone down by the hair?" Bloom said. She was putting on quite the brave face, by the way, despite having a giantess that happened to be her bitter rival in front of her.
"Huh? What do you… ACK!!!" Diaspro said, only to suddenly feel a force yanking on her long golden hair. The sudden tug caused her to finally lose her balance and go crashing back first on the ground, nearly crushing another house with her hands. The rest of the Winx fairies worked quickly to tie her down to the ground in vines.
"In this case, five. Heh heh." Bloom said as she flew in front of Diaspro's face and finished the 'riddle,' sticking her tongue out in the process. Diaspro growled as she tried to break free from the vines.
"Arrrrrrrrgh!!! You annoying little piece of…" Diaspro said before her mouth got covered in vines next, only for those vines to be chewed on by the giantess and spat out. Still, she looked really ticked as she continued to fight and break free.

With Diaspro tied down, everyone including our shrunken heroines, gathered around the 'giantess.'
"Haha! Finally we have taken you down! Never again will you destroy our village for your nearly perverted pleasure!" the man said.
"Arrrrrgh! You all won't get away with this! Especially you, Bloom! How did you get so small!? I admit you do look cute…" Diaspro shouted.
"Bah! Everybody looks cute when they're tiny! I should kinda know. There was that time when…" Stella said.
"Er… best not give her any ideas, Stel." Musa said.
"Everyone! Commence the torturing!" the man shouted. Diaspro had to gulp nervously as she wondered what they had in mind.
Soon, out came the feathers, and mere seconds later, the feathers were being rubbed up and down Diaspro's bare feet.
"HAHAHAHAHA!!! Make it stop! Make it stop!! Hahaha! Just… hahaha!!.. shut up and stop laugh… HAHAHAHA!!!" she laughed. The shrunken Winx couldn't resist laughing themselves even though they weren't being tickled.
"Hahaha! I never thought it'd be so funny seeing that brat get tickle tortured!" Bloom said.
"You can say that again, Bloom!" Stella shouted.

However, the fun and games would soon come to an end, as everyone looked up and saw another red portal forming in the sky, this one coming together much faster than the previous one.
"Uh oh! Now who's coming?" Tecna asked.
"Quick, everyone! Hide!" Flora shouted as she and the other tiny people and Winx fairies all scrambled to take cover. Everyone soon watched as two more giants, one male and one female, suddenly floated down to the ground after emerging from the portal. Diaspro gasped.
"Mommy! Daddy!" Diaspro shouted.
"Diaspro! What is the meaning of this!? You were expressly forbidden from using the teleportation spell." the father said.
"I'm sorry, Daddy! I was curious! Mom did go away on a few occasions and…" Diaspro said.
"I was trying to build peace relations with this kingdom, and they asked for it to be kept under the radar! Alas, now I fear those peace relations may be doomed now that this incident has happened." the mother said.
"Young lady, you've left us no choice but to ground you for 48 hours." the father said.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I'm sorry!!! It's all Bloom's fault, she ruined everything again!!!" Diaspro said. The mother and father both rolled their eyes.
"There she goes again blaming that girl." the mother said with the father simply nodding. Bloom couldn't help but giggle briefly but covered her mouth so that she wouldn't be heard or seen by the giants.

Then, after the mother ripped all the vines off Diaspro, the three leapt into the air and were swallowed up by the portal they came through. After the portal disappeared, everyone came out of their hiding places and cheered.
"Woohoo! They're gone!" a woman shouted.
"Yeah! And likely for good this time!" Tecna said. Suddenly, all the Winx girls felt their bodies tingling.
"Oooooh… what's happening now?" Bloom asked.
"The Mini Winx spell is wearing off. We're gonna return to our normal sizes any second." Flora said.
"Whew… just in time too. Had they spotted us while we were returning to normal…" Aisha started to say, but she and the other girls watched as the area shrunk smaller and smaller with every passing second.
Soon they were all back to their normal size. The tiny people of the island all gathered in front of the bare feet of the 'giantesses.'
"Thank you, ladies. Without your courage bestowed upon us, we never would've been able to band together and take down that evil giantess." the man said.
"Hey, no biggie! Oops… I finally said it." Stella said with a laugh from the other ladies.
"We're just happy to help. That's what the Winx Club does… helping people no matter what size they're at!" Bloom said.
"Hey, Bloom. We really should get back to Alfea. Miss Faragonda is probably wondering where the heck we all are!" Tecna said.
"And we're already late in telling her about our camping trip." Musa said.
"Oh, you're right. I'm sorry, everyone, but it's time for us to leave." Bloom said.
"Wait! What about the footwear these people took from us?" Aisha asked.
"Oh, you mean this footwear?" the man said as he clapped his hands.

Eventually the footwear four of the girls (Bloom, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa) had been wearing prior to all this craziness was wheeled out to them by the tiny people. The girls did not hesitate in retrieving them, holding them in their hands since they were still in their Winx outfits.

They all started to walk away from the village, but when Bloom stepped away from the village, the people called out to her.
"Oh! Can't you all stay with us? Be our guests for dinner! Teach our people your way of life!" the man asked.
"I wish we could! But… we're needed back at our homes." Bloom said.
"But now that we know where you live, which is beyond the forest… we'd be happy to come visit anytime! If that's okay with you, that is." Tecna said.
"Affirmative!" one of the women shouted. The other Winx girls laughed.
"They're catching on quick." Musa said, patting Tecna on the shoulder.
"Heh… yes they are." Tecna said with a smile.
"Then we bid you farewell for now, ladies! Safe travels ahead for all of you!" the man said.
"Goodbye!" all six girls shouted as they and the tiny people all waved at each other. Finally, the six hopped in the air and flapped their wings, departing the village and eventually the forest altogether.