Big Winx 4: Giant Princess of Darkness


As Bloom was humming a tune while packing a couple of bags with clothes and other important items, she suddenly had to stop when a golden light suddenly began to fill the room. It wasn’t too bright, so Bloom was able to look at where the light was originating from.
“Oh, Daphne! Hi!” Bloom said. The light belonged to the spirit of Daphne, Bloom’s deceased sister who gave her life years ago to protect Bloom on the planet Sparx.
“Hello, Bloom. It has been a while. How are you doing?” Daphne said.
“Oh, just great! It’s been a couple weeks since we defeated Lord Darkar, and I’m heading to Gardenia for a nice vacation.” Bloom said.
“That’s good. But Lord Darkar is actually the reason I have come to speak with you.” Daphne said.
“Huh?” Bloom asked.
“Yes, Bloom. I’ve been watching you throughout your battle with the evil of Lord Darkar, including the time when he brainwashed you to the dark side.” Daphne said.
“Well, yes, those were dark times. Thankfully my friends and Sky believed in me.” Bloom said.
“That might be true, but I fear it may have produced a more sinister change in you.” Daphne said.
“Please tell me, Daphne.” Bloom said.
“The Dragon Fire inside of you is made up of both the light and dark sides of the Great Dragon. When Lord Darkar brainwashed you, he did so by intensifying the power of the dark fire. The Dragon Fire, as you know, is self-aware. It summons its power when it feels the need to do so. But in doing so...” Daphne said.
“Daphne... no offense, but just cut to the chase. What are you trying to tell me?” Bloom asked.
“Just please be careful in the days that follow, Bloom. There’s no telling when the dark side of the Dragon Fire will attempt to control your mind once again, even though Lord Darkar is no longer around.” Daphne said.
“Well... okay, I guess.” Bloom said.
“I must go... my energy is fading fast. Be strong, Bloom, and believe in your friends...” Daphne said before she disappeared into thin air and the golden light vanished from the room. Bloom had a confused look on her face.
“I don’t understand. I feel just fine, like my normal self. But Daphne wouldn’t lie about things like that... what’s going on here?” Bloom said to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted when Stella and Aisha, two of her best friends and fellow Winx Club members, suddenly came walking in. Some of the pixies were hovering around Aisha as well.
“Hey, Bloom! Are you finished packing?” Stella asked.
“Huh? Oh... almost. I just need to find a couple more shirts to pack in.” Bloom said.
“Well, darn it, girl! Let me help you as the royal queen of fashion!” Stella said. As she ran back towards the nearby closet, Aisha could briefly see the look of concern in Bloom’s eyes.
“Is everything alright, Bloom?” Aisha asked.
“Yes. Yes, everything’s okay. I’m just getting used to the idea of going back to Gardenia.” Bloom said.
“Surely it can’t be difficult going home again.” Aisha said.
“Maybe I’m still battle weary from defeating Lord Darkar.” Bloom said.
“I can understand that. That battle took a toll on all of us, including the teachers.” Aisha said.
“Here you go, Bloom! Super fresh sweaters that’ll knock everyone in Gardenia out!” Stella said.
“Thanks, Stella. You’re the best.” Bloom said.

Eventually, Bloom had her suitcases packed and it was time to head for Gardenia. All her Winx friends were at the front gates of Alfea to wave her off.
“Well, I’ll be back in a few days, girls. Only follow me in case of an emergency!” Bloom said.
“You bet! Have an exquisite and exemplary vacation, Bloom!” Tecna said.
“Yeah... and a good one too!” Stella said, obviously not understanding the complicated words that Tecna was known for.
“Don’t worry about us, Bloom. You’ve earned this vacation as far as we’re concerned.” Flora said.
“Thanks, everyone! You’re the best!” Bloom said. She then used her magic skills to open up a portal, presumably taking her to Gardenia on planet Earth. Bloom waved goodbye to her friends one more time before leaping into the portal, her suitcases magically following her from behind.

Of course, I said presumably because she did not end up on Gardenia... or Earth for that matter! ^____^

Bloom felt the end of the portal coming and braced for a feet first landing. The landing was successful, and Bloom looked around to see where she was at. Her smile was quickly transformed into a look of confusion when she realized where she was at.
“Huh? This isn’t Gardenia. In fact, I’m in Magix!” Bloom said, recognizing her surroundings to be that of Magix, the biggest city in the realm which connected many of the major places Bloom and friends visit together.
And before she could wonder why she was still on Magix and not on Earth, she suddenly heard a female screaming for help.
“Eeeeek! Help me!” the lady shouted. Bloom looked across the roadway where she saw a young woman running for her life from a shadow monster, similar to those that the Winx Club faced while Lord Darkar was still alive. Bloom, for some reason, felt disgusted as she saw the chase play out.
“Ugh... I don’t have time to deal with this. Go Winx!” Bloom shouted as she held her hands up in the air and allowed herself to be transformed into her Winx outfit.

Bloom flew across the street and landed near the alleyway entrance where the shadow monster was backing the innocent woman.
“Alright, shadow monster, the sheriff is in town. Surrender now or be vaporized!” Bloom said. Of course, being a shadow monster, it wasn’t going to surrender easily. After firing a couple shadow balls that Bloom easily dodged, the monster looked as Bloom’s body suddenly started to glow a bright red.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Bloom said in a cold tone. The fairy girl then fired a huge stream of fire from both her hands, presumably coming from her Dragon Fire. The monster was immediately struck to the ground, barely moving because of being out of strength. Bloom walked towards the innocent woman.
“Oh thank you, thank you...” the woman said, but she stopped when Bloom had a rather mean look on her face. In fact, just looking at her now hazel-colored eyes was enough to frighten even her.
“I... I think I’ll be on my way now!” the woman said before she scampered off. Bloom then turned her attention to the monster. She walked up towards it, standing right over it, and pressed one of her shoes down on the monster’s neck.
“You should know better before challenging the might of Dark Bloom.” Bloom said. She further showed no mercy by firing another fireball, this time point blank at the monster’s head, disintegrating it along with the rest of the monster’s body.

Bloom blinked a couple of times, trying to realize what just happened to her.
“Wha... what happened? For a moment, I didn’t feel like myself.” Bloom said. She looked down at her hands and noticed one other physical change. Her fingernails were at least twice the length that they previously were.
“Huh? My fingernails weren’t this long before! Oh no... it can’t be happening now...” Bloom said. She then flew out from the alleyway entrance and towards a clothing store. Without hesitation she flew through the rotating doorway, bumping into people and not stopping to apologize, leaving these people to scream profane language. Eventually she made it into the dressing room, where she went behind one of the curtains and looked straight into the mirror.
The changes were minimal in number, but obvious. Her fingernails were longer... almost claw like. Her eyes had gone from dark green to hazel, and her pupils had thinned as well, like those of a ferocious dragon. Her dress was also slowly changing from its normal color to a sparkly black, just like before.
“It can’t be... I can’t be becoming Dark Bloom again. And yet...” Bloom said.
“Hey lady! You can’t just go barging into my dressing room without my permission! Aren’t you gonna say something?” a man shouted from the other side. Bloom then sharply turned around, clawed away the curtains with a slight growl in her voice. Before the man could cower away in fear, Bloom grabbed the man by his throat and slightly raised him in the air.
“Pathetic human being... do you know who I am!?” Bloom said. She smiled as she listened to the man choking and gasping for air.
“Fortunately for you, I have no time to waste on miserable creatures like you.” Bloom said. She then hurled the man across the room, causing him to hit his head against the wall and knock him unconscious. As Bloom walked away, she noticed as the crowd began to gather together and quietly talk with each other about her.
"What? You want to see more of my power? I'd be very happy to demonstrate it to you!" Bloom said. She then opened up her mouth and breathed a stream of fire outward. Those not quick enough to dodge the flames were covered from head to toe in fire and subsequently burned to ashes. Everyone else ran like mad for the exits as Bloom slowly made her way back outside.

Not wanting to stop using her sudden rise in power, she spotted a car driving by. That's when she blinked her eyes and suddenly two red beams of light came shooting out. It sliced the front of the car completely off as it later exploded in a burst of flames and killed the driver inside. By now, her dress was completely black, completing the transformation into Dark Bloom.
"Hahahaha! This feels great! It feels so good to be so bad once again. But I gotta cover more ground... and I know exactly how I'm going to do it." Bloom said. That's when she started flapping her wings and covered about 150 feet in the air.
"People of Magix, listen well! The better and badder Bloom is now upon you!" Bloom shouted. She then closed her eyes and surrounded her body full of both light and dark flames. The citizens of Magix began to panic as they watched the girl was suddenly growing bigger and bigger. When they realized the growing fairy girl was going to plant her feet to the ground, that's when they took off running. Bloom planted her shoes hard on the ground, cracking the road beneath her.
"Oh yeah? Did I mention bigger as well? Submit to me and I may just spare your life... and your city!" Bloom said. She stood in place for about half a minute as she admired how much smaller everything looked from her perspective.

And then she took her first steps. While doing so, tears could barely be seen coming down one of Bloom's eyes. She couldn't believe Dark Bloom would take her to this kind of level and could only hope her friends would come to save her.

Faragonda, the well known head mistress of the Alfea school that Bloom and friends attended, sat back in her chair as she watched the other five members of the Winx Club enter. They, of course, were Aisha, Tecna, Flora, Stella, and Musa.
“Girls, thank you all for coming.” Faragonda said.
“Well, you did say it was urgent.” Musa said.
“Indeed. What is it that is of utmost importance?” Tecna asked.
“A dire crisis has arisen in the realm of Magix. Observe...” Faragonda said. She snapped her fingers, and magically appearing on top of her desk was a viewscreen. It came on and revealed the giant Dark Bloom towering over Magix City and laughing evilly.
“What? Bloom!?” Flora shouted.
“But wasn’t she supposed to be in Gardenia?” Aisha asked.
“The spell she casted to transport to the other realm was altered, no doubt by the same twisted and evil magic that has consumed Bloom with evil and terror once again.” Faragonda said.
“This is terrible! I still remember the horrible things Dark Bloom did... and that was when she was normal sized!” Stella said.
“Girls... you must do whatever it takes to save the city. And, if it’s at all possible, Bloom.” Faragonda said. Musa had a stern look on her face.
“No! We WILL save Bloom, just as we did before!” Musa said.
“Do you think we should involve Sky and the specialists for this one?” Flora asked.
“We’ll call on them if we need them. But we’ve got to get to the city pronto!” Tecna said.
“Right, let’s do it!” Stella shouted. As the five Winx girls ran outside Faragonda’s office, eventually to transform into their Winx selves, Faragonda herself sat back and sighed.
“Good luck, girls. I fear you’re going to need it.” Faragonda said.

Back in the city, it was your typical rampaging evil giantess scenario. Bloom let out a soft laugh as she very slowly took one booming step at the time. She deliberately missed crushing a small group of people almost every time she stepped forward.
“Scary, isn’t it you little bugs? Now you know how it feels to be on the other side of the chain.” Bloom said. She then planted her foot to the left, crushing a parked car almost completely.
“Hmmhmm... I hope you have insurance!” Bloom said.
She continued her merciless destruction of the city for the next several minutes. As she walked around the city, she was constantly thinking of ways to destroy the city around her, not to mention the many different ways to hurt all the innocent people that were running from her.
The next thing she did was take a big breath of air and then shoot out a large burst of flames from her mouth. Depending on the flame’s path, the objects either got burned to ashes, exploded in bigger balls of fire, or melted to the ground. Bloom made another corny joke (evil villianesses seem to like those!) as she saw the fire burning around her feet.
"So my little pretties. Original recipe or extra crispy?" Bloom said.
The next thing she did was shoot lasers out of her eyes. They pierced through the roads and vehicles like exactly what Bloom was thinking.
"Like a knife through butter." Bloom said. Then she placed her fingernails against a nearby glass building. Yep, you guessed it! She scraped her sharp nails against the building, and the screeching sound was unbearable for everyone outside and inside the building. Even when Bloom stopped, the people still stumbled around as they tried to get their hearing back. Bloom especially found it funny as people were tripping all over her black high heeled shoes before eventually stepping on them and crushing them until they were lifeless corpses.
“Haha! Clumsy fools! It’s no use running from me!” Bloom said. She finally decided to bid adieu to the tall glass building in front of her. She first did so by leaning in so that her dragon-like eyes were just inches away from the building itself. Needless to say, but those on the floors that were eye level with Bloom’s eyes got quite the intimidating view.
“So long, little peeps. I shall return when I’m in a more destructive mood.” Bloom said. Playfully, the giantess leaned forward and planted her lips on the face of the skyscraper, leaving a bit of her dark red lipstick on the glass.

Meanwhile, the Winx Club girls, all already transformed, were flying at high speed towards the city. Even from afar, they could see how Bloom towered over the city and stood at the same height as most of the taller buildings.
“Great gigabytes of memory! Look how big she is!” Tecna shouted.
“Okay, so how are we gonna do this? It’s not like she’s gonna chill with us all of a sudden.” Musa said.
“We can only talk and hope she’ll listen. We’re not going to hurt her, no matter what!” Stella said.
“Stella is right. Bloom is trapped somewhere inside that evil shell.” Flora said.

Finally, the girls made it and did not waste a precious moment in time. They flew right in front of the giant Bloom, who noticed the tiny fairy girls immediately.
“Oh, and what do we have here? Pretty little flies?” Bloom said.
“Bloom! It’s us! Your friends!” Stella shouted.
“Friends? Hahahaha! You’ve gotta be joking! I don’t have friends.” Bloom said.
“Bloom... I know you’re in there somewhere. Fight it, Bloom! Fight the evil magic! I know it’s in you!” Stella said.
“Yes, I know what’s in me. The power... this unlimited power that I will soon use to rule this entire world!” Bloom shouted.
“The real Bloom would not be seduced to such evil power!” Tecna said.
“She’s right! You know you can fight this, Bloom! You’ve done it once before!” Aisha shouted.
“Enough, you incompetent insects! I should remove you like the cute little bugs you already are.” Bloom said. She took a deep breath and got ready to shoot a fireball at the girls. They all knew it was coming and immediately dodged.
“Look out!” Stella shouted as she and the other girls flew upward to dodge the fireball. And just when they thought they were clear of the danger, Musa and Aisha suddenly felt themselves being grabbed. Indeed, Dark Bloom had reached up and was able to grab two of the fairies before they got too high and out of reach.
“Hahaha! Not quick enough, were you, little girls?” Bloom said as she held the two girls right in front of her face. They both trembled over seeing the evilness that were Bloom’s dragon-like eyes.
“Oh no! She’s got Musa and Aisha!” Tecna shouted.
“Maybe I can cast a pollen spell to make her sneeze!” Flora said.
“Wait! With her dragon breath, she might roast them when she sneezes...” Stella said. The three girls could only watch and wonder what the evil giantess had in mind for her two captives.

“Hmmm, I never did have little action figures growing up. Wheeeee!” Dark Bloom said almost sarcastically. She then flew her hand with the two girls around wildly in the sky, like a little boy would with his toy planes or something of that nature.
“Ugh... this is too dizzying!” Aisha said.
“Me too! And I can’t use one of my spells to break free!” Musa said. Both girls screamed when they came dangerously close to crashing against one of the tall buildings, but Bloom moved her hand (and laughed evilly) at the last moment.
The other girls couldn’t stand seeing Musa and Aisha going through this punishment any longer.
“Bloom! Please stop!!” Stella shouted.
“I’ll take care of this! Vine Entanglement!” Flora shouted as she flew down close to the giantess. When she felt her hand was close enough to one building, she then cast her spell. A large vine suddenly appeared and Flora whipped it towards the evil giantess. Bloom felt the vine wrap around her wrist (on the same hand she was holding Aisha and Musa) and then the other end of the vine wrapped itself around one of the tall skyscrapers. Bloom tried to wrestle herself free, but the vines were too strong at first.
“Ugh! Ignorant worm! You think these petty vines will hold me!?” Bloom shouted. While Bloom was fighting to break free, Flora and Tecna flew towards Bloom’s hand to try and free Musa and Aisha.
“Tecna, be ready to catch them once I’ve hit Bloom with my fly trap dart.” Flora said.
“Are you sure Bloom can’t be poisoned with that spell?” Tecna said.
“Don’t worry... she’s way too big for the poison to affect her.” Flora said. She then fired off the pink-colored dart, and as soon as it made contact with Bloom’s hand, she reacted.
“OUCH!” Bloom said as she suddenly lost her grip on both Musa and Aisha. They both screamed as they felt themselves falling down towards the ground, both trying hard to flap their still crushed wings at flying speed. But Tecna was right on point for the rescue.
“Firewall Bubble!” Tecna shouted. Suddenly a green techno grid shaped like a bubble appeared around both Aisha and Musa. The bubble slowly descended down to the ground, allowing both Aisha and Musa to land safely on the ground.
“Whew... that was one cool landing.” Musa said.
“I’ll feel a lot safer once were away from Bloom’s boots!” Aisha said as she pointed to how precariously close she and Musa were to getting crushed by the giantess.
“Right on, girl!” Musa said as she and Aisha ran as far away as they could.

Flora celebrated the safe landing by both Musa and Aisha thanks to Tecna’s quick thinking spell.
“Whew! Good work, Tecna!” Flora said.
“Aren’t you forgetting something, little flower lady?” the giant Dark Bloom said.
“Huh?” Flora said.
“That I have two hands, you blithering idiot!” Bloom shouted. Indeed, Bloom took her free hand (the one that wasn’t trapped in a vine) and swung it towards the tiny Winx girl.
“Eeeeek!” Flora shouted as she tried to get away, but the fist was simply too fast for Flora to dodge and she got nailed by it. Flora went surging towards one of the skyscrapers and slammed back first against it, immediately knocking her unconscious.
“Flora!!” Tecna shouted. Quickly casting another Firewall Bubble on Flora, Tecna and the other Winx girls quickly gathered around Flora to check on her.
“Is she...” Aisha said.
“No... she’s alive, but barely. We have to get her back to Alfea right away for treatment!” Tecna said as she used her PDA to scan Flora. The girls then looked up when they saw Bloom suddenly biting the vine loose from her wrist, causing it to magically disappear. The giantess stepped only inches away from the girls.
“(gulp) Provided we get back to Alfea to begin with!” Stella shouted.
“You little insects put on a good show, but it is time I crushed you into pixie dust!” Bloom said as she raised one of her boots up into the air.
“MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!” Aisha shouted as she and the other fairies scampered to their feet, just as Bloom was about to crush them. They then flew away, carrying the unconscious Flora on their backs.
“Yeah, that’s right. Run away! Hide for now, but soon I will come after you.” Bloom said before going back to destroying the city with her immense size.

Back inside Alfea, in one of the medical rooms, Flora was waking up but was still in pain from being attacked.
“Ow ow ow...” Flora said.
“Chill, girl. You took a nasty one out there.” Musa said.
“You should be fortunate that your Winx powers were able to protect you even from that hard a blow.” Faragonda said.
“So what now? Dark Bloom is so much more powerful than before.” Aisha said.
“And with her so big, we don’t stand much of a chance.” Tecna said.
“We can’t give up, girls. Not on Bloom. Not on my best friend.” Stella said.
“There is a way, Stella.” a female voice echoed in the room.
“Huh? Who’s there?” Stella asked. The girls looked around the room when suddenly it lit up in a golden light. Like before, it wasn’t too bright, so everyone was able to see who the light belonged to, and it was that of the spirit of Daphne, Bloom’s sister. Almost everyone recognized her.
“Oh... Daphne! Welcome back.” Faragonda said.
“Huh? Who is that?” Aisha asked, being the only one who’s never seen her.
“That’s the spirit of Daphne, Bloom’s sister. She has helped guide us, and especially Bloom, in a few missions in the past.” Tecna said.
“Stella, Bloom has been affected by the amplified evil energy of the Dragon Fire. Only one who is pure of heart and a loyal friend in true to my sister can summon the last of the good energy from the fire and use it to save Bloom.” Daphne said.
“Okay... so who is it?” Stella asked.
“It is you, Stella.” Daphne said.
“What? Me!?” Stella said.
“Whoa, hold the phone. A girl who does nothing but shop for shoes and skirts can wield part of the Dragon Fire?” Musa asked.
“Can’t anyone else use that power?” Aisha said.
“The Dragon Fire is a very powerful magic. Bloom is part of the family bloodline that for years has sought to maintain the balance between good and evil sides of the Dragon Fire. Clearly with the evil side throwing that balance out of order, this is our only chance to save Bloom... by having the one who brought her to this world and therefore her first friend of Magix take the power.” Faragonda said.
“I understand. But how do I get that power?” Stella said.
“Leave everything to me and your Ring of Solaria.” Daphne said. As she waved her hands around and did some chanting for a few seconds, Stella suddenly looked down and saw her body glowing brightly.
“What? What’s happening? Is it working!?” Stella shouted.

Meanwhile, back in the city which was looking more and more like a warzone, the giant Dark Bloom continued her relentless assault by kicking a vehicle down the street.
“I got a real kick out of that!” Bloom said, continuing the bad puns she suddenly gained from being consumed with evil. But soon her fun and games would stop, especially as a bright light suddenly formed behind her and she heard a familiar voice.
“Bloom, that’s enough.” the voice said. Dark Bloom looked at the light and was briefly stunned to see a now giant-sized Stella. Stella clutched her scepter and walked a few steps forward, carefully not stepping on any people or vehicles that were in her path. Dark Bloom regained her evil smile.
“Well, well. Stella, is it? Have you come to join me in my path to destruction and ruling the world?” Bloom said.
“No, it isn’t you I want. It’s Bloom. The Bloom I became friends with and helped become a Winx, not this monster that the evil side of the Dragon Fire has made you.” Stella said.
“Hmph! The Dragon Fire has always been about power. It’s a power that should’ve consumed this world ages ago!” Bloom said.
“That’s the evil side of the fire talking, which should only provide the power to balance out the good side. The good side of the fire, along with my Ring of Solaria, has allowed me to grow this big and try to reason with you.” Stella said.
“Reason with me!? Hahahahaha!!! Don’t make me laugh!” Bloom shouted.

“I will not fight you, Bloom. I know you can hear me in there.” Stella said.
“Bloom is history, fool! There is only Dark Bloom now, and I WILL rule the entire galaxy starting with your demise!” Bloom said as she suddenly charged towards the other giantess. But when she grabbed the scepter, Stella summoned a powerful burst of sunlight that caused Dark Bloom to back away.

Stella continued to stand firm, hoping once again she could reach out for Bloom.
“Bloom! You have to listen to me! Fight the evil magic!” Stella shouted.
“Silence! Dark Fire!” Bloom said as she shot several powerful fireballs towards Stella. Most of them she deflected to the sky with her scepter, but the other fireballs landed on the ground, almost encasing the giantess in a wall of purple-glowing fire.
“*gasp*” Stella said as she backed away from the fire. She then felt her hair being grabbed, causing her to drop her scepter.
“Always keep your eye on the prize, sunny girl!” Bloom said. She then flung Stella to the side, causing her to trip herself over raised broken roadways and then collapse onto a skyscraper.
“Ack!!!” Stella shouted as she felt herself falling over many pieces of rubble and debris. The dust from the resulting building destruction caused her to cough as well.

“*cough cough*” Stella said. And to make matters worse, Bloom stomped one of her high-heeled shoes on Stella’s back.
“OUCH!” Stella shouted. Bloom kicked the other giantess on the side, forcing her to roll on her back. Bloom kneeled down with her knees on both sides of Stella’s body, covered with destruction underneath her. Bloom then tightly gripped Stella’s neck, causing her to choke.
“You have no right to challenge me with your feeble powers! Let’s see how you look once I’ve made your face well burnt!” Bloom said.
“Bloom... *cough* please... I’m... your... friend...” Stella said as she struggled to break free with glowing tears falling down her eyes.

All of a sudden, Bloom stopped.
“S...Stella?” Bloom said, her eyes suddenly changing to look more normal. Stella felt Bloom’s grip on her neck loosening.
“Yes, Bloom. It’s me. I’m here for you.” Stella said. Bloom then suddenly backed away.
“What... what’s happened? Where am I? NO! I must finish you!” Bloom said.
“That’s it, Bloom... fight it! Fight it!” Stella said as she slowly got back to her feet and dusted off her Winx outfit (including one cute boy she might’ve asked his number for if she noticed). Bloom continued to have an identity crisis on her hands.
“ARRRRRGH!!! Foolish heart! You will bow to me! And I’ll destroy that girl myself!” Bloom said. She suddenly shot a blast of fire out of her mouth and towards Stella, but this time Stella was ready. She made a high leap into the air, flipping over Bloom and landing (with a loud boom of course) on top of her scepter. Quickly picking it up, she pointed the end of the scepter right at a stunned Dark Bloom.
“Okay, Daphne! Now!” Stella shouted. Indeed, the spirit of Daphne came flying out from the scepter and flew inside Bloom’s mouth at a high rate of speed. Everything else after that happened so fast. Bloom’s body glowed brightly as she cried out one last evil scream.
“Noooooooooo!!!” Dark Bloom shouted. Finally, the light was so intense everyone had to shade their eyes.

When the light was gone, Stella saw Bloom (both still gigantic) laying flat on her back. Her Winx outfit was back to its original color scheme. Stella dropped her scepter and ran towards Bloom.
“Bloom!!!” Stella shouted. When she got over to Bloom, she noticed her eyes (as they opened back up slowly) were normal and her fingernails were not so long and sharp anymore. Bloom’s vision was a bit fuzzy, but she could tell Stella was over her.
“Stella?” Bloom said.
“Shhhhh... it’s okay, Bloom. You’re fine now. Well... we’re both still gigantic, but you’re back to normal.” Stella said.
“Oh good. The terrible things I did. I...” Bloom said.
“Now now, we’re not gonna be doing this guilt thing again like you did with Diaspro and Sky! You had no way of knowing that bad ol’ Dragon Fire was going to consume you. Besides, this is Magix! They’ll recover very nicely.” Stella said.
“Thank you, Stella. For being such a friend.” Bloom said.
“Awwww... anything for you, sweetie!” Stella said as Bloom finally leaned up and hugged her fellow giantess.
The other Winx girls, all looking tiny compared to Bloom and Stella, joined in.
“I must say, that was quite the exemplary show!” Tecna shouted.
“Yeah! And downright cool, too!” Musa said.
“Although Bloom packs quite a punch even with the added size.” Flora said, causing the girls to laugh a bit.
“So what now? How are we going to shrink back to normal?” Bloom asked.
“I know the pixies have a shrinking spell. Perhaps I can go ask for their help back at Pixie Village.” Aisha said.
“Well, while you do that, maybe you and I can go shopping and find some cute boys while we’re this big!” Stella said.
“I think I’ll just sit tight, Stella... if that’s okay with you.” Bloom said. Thinking about all that the city had been through, Stella realized Bloom had a point.
“Yeah, you’re right. Sitting tight is pretty fun to do too when you’re gigantic.” Stella said.
“Say, where is Daphne? I felt her presence right before turning back to normal.” Bloom said.
“I don’t know... you don’t think she’s?” Stella said.
“No, Stella. Don’t worry. I know my sister will return when she is needed again.” Bloom said.

About 10 minutes later after just sitting and doing nothing but chatting with each other and the tiny Winx girls, Bloom and Stella were finally returned to their normal sizes thanks to some magic shrinking dust from the Pixies. The Winx, aside from Bloom, would all go on to help with the repair efforts in the city. Bloom, meanwhile, got on with her vacation to Gardenia and hoped that would be the absolute last time she would ever play the role of the sinister Dark Bloom.