Big Winx 2: All Natural


NOTE from author: Sorry, I don't feel like describing the pixies for those that have never seen the second season of Winx Club, but don't worry! They don't play a major role in this story anyway.

Pixie Village

Lily surfed over the tall bushes with her envelope and made her way into the village. She looked next to one of the houses to see her older sister, Jolly, playing with her tarot cards on the ground. Lily landed right next to Jolly.
"Hey there, Jolly! Trying to peek into the future again?" Lily said.
"Yes indeed... I simply must know if good fortunes will follow us the rest of our lives now that Lord Darkar is no more!" Jolly said.
"Oh come on, I'm sure we will be all fine!" Lily shouted. Jolly then gasped after she was finished arranging her cards.
"Oh no... the cards tell of a great threat approaching our village!" Jolly said.
"Huh? What do you mean? What kind of threat?" Lily said.
"It's a huge threat! Big enough to crush our village to dust! We must escape before..." As Jolly was about to finish, the bushy wall that Lily had surfed over started to shake from left to right and break apart in some places.
"It's here! The evil approaches! We are all doomed!!! We must flee for our lives!!!" Jolly shouted. She tried to grab onto Lily to drag her away. But Lily just stayed in her place and smiled knowing who was coming.
"Oh, Jolly... don't be so drawn into those silly cards! Those are our friends coming in! I helped guide them to our village." Lily said. Jolly eased off the body shivering a little bit to see as the walls were seperating, there were the six Winx girls, all in their street clothes. The same ones that helped defeat Lord Darkar and the Witches, freeing the pixies and all of Magix from their evil reign of terror.
"See, it's just the Winx girls!" Lily said. The Winx girls then entered Pixie Village, being careful not to carelessly step onto anything since they were obviously much bigger than the pixies to begin with. Jolly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Whew... good. It's nice to know my cards are always right! We weren't in any danger at all! We were just expecting some big visitors." Jolly said.
"Oh Jolly..." Lily said, shaking her head. She then looked up at Bloom, who was the first of the Winx girls to greet her.

"Hey, Lily! Thanks for leading us here to Pixie Village." Bloom said.
"Happy to be of service, oh great heroines!" Lily said, bowing herself at the girls before she and Jolly flew off to do something else.
"Ahhh... isn't this the life? To have my subjects bow down before the wonderful, and gigantic, Princess Stella!" Stella shouted.
"Um... Stella, they're not exactly our servants, y'know?" Aisha said.
"I know, I'm sorry! I'm just all excited over being in such a small place. Makes me feel like my old ruling self as big as I look to the pixies..." Stella said with a glamorous smile.
"And all this time I thought heeled shoes made you feel big and powerful." Musa said as she and the other girls laughed.
"Ha ha ha... very funny, Musa!" Stella said with her hands on her hips. Bloom then looked to see four more pixies approaching. They were Lockette, Chatta, Digit, and the ruler of Pixie Village, Ninfea.
"Welcome back, girls, to Pixie Village! I'm so glad you could take some time from your summer vacation to visit us." Ninfea said.
"Lockette? I haven't seen you in over a week! So what's up?" Bloom said.
"Well, you, for one thing!" Lockette said. Everyone couldn't help but laugh at that joke.
"Oh it is a most wonderous occasion to see all of you once more! I can remember the last time we all met, it was the time when..." Chatta started to speak, but Lockette just put a hand over her mouth to keep her from saying too much useless information, as she is known to do.
"Um... maybe another time, Chatta." Lockette said.

So while all the girls had their fun with the pixies... well, all but one, I should say. Flora was simply walking along past the little houses when she noticed a group of really huge flowers. These flowers looked over half the size of Flora herself! Tune, the pixie floating next to Flora (even though they weren't connected to each other), noticed this as well.
"Huh? What's up with these flowers? It's impossible for them to grow this big without magic." Flora said.
"Hmmm... yes. I have been pondering this myself for the past few days. These flowers weren't much of a threat so we did not bother with them." Tune said. Flora walked up to the flowers and kneeled down before them, placing a hand at their roots.
"Oh... I can feel a tremendous source of magic energy eminating from these flowers. Tune... I hope you don't mind if I pull these flowers out..." Flora said.
"No... please go right ahead. We can always grow more flowers." Tune said politely. So Flora got to work plucking all of the oversized flowers out from the ground. When they were all gone, Flora's suspicions were proven correct as she was staring down at six different colored crystals. The colors looked to be blue, orange, pink, purple, red, and green. Flora picked up the six crystals and studied them carefully.

"Hey, Tecna! I need your help with something here!" Flora shouted. Tune frowned upon hearing what she just heard.
"Now now... it is more polite to finish your sentence with please." Tune said.
"You're right... I'm sorry." Flora said. Tecna then joined Flora at her side.
"What is it, Flora? I was just about to play virtual tag with Digit!" Tecna said.
"Tecna, could you analyze these crystals we found underneath this bed of giant flowers?" Flora asked.
"Why of course... I could analyze anything in my sleep!" Tecna said. She then took the crystals from Flora's hands and then activated her digital visor. A short time later, the other girls and some of the other pixies joined her.
"What's Tecna doing, Flora?" Aisha asked.
"Oh, she's analyzing some crystals that Tune and I discovered underneath some giant flowers." Flora said pointing at the giant flowers.
"You mean those giant things?" Musa shouted as she looked at the flowers.
"Wow... I've heard of Miracle-Gro stories, but this is ridiculous!" Bloom said. Tecna then took off her digital visor and looked right at her fellow Winx girls.

"Well, Tecna, what's the haps?" Musa said.
"Yeah... like spill it out!" Stella said.
"I can't believe it... but these aren't any ordinary crystals. They're made from Expandium, one of the lost elements of Magix!" Tecna shouted.
"Expandium?" Flora asked.
"Never heard of that before." Aisha said, patting the sleeping pixie, Piff, that was laying on her shoulder.
"Oh, I've heard of Expandium before... it was said that Expandium had the power to make things bigger! Anything that was exposed to Expandium combined with the natural element that is tied to that crystal would instantly grow bigger!" Lily said.
"Yes, that is true, and that anything included humans and pixies. That's why the element was destroyed many years ago, though some traces of it were supposedly buried in different parts of the world. I guess our village was one of those places... but why would they suddenly react now by making those flowers grow?" Ninfea said.
"So the legends are true... and in history class they said the whole story might have been a myth." Tecna said.
"Awww... who cares! I say we put those Exponential crystals to use and..." Before Stella could finish her saying, Bloom quickly covered up her mouth.
"What she really means is that we'll be taking the crystals to Alfea and see if they can be of any use at the college." Bloom said.
"Oh yes, please go ahead. We have no use for these so-called Expandium crystals. We're perfectly fine at this size." Ninfea said.
"Shucks! And I would've wanted to see if they would've worked in my virtual reality programs!" Digit said.
"Girls, we should get going and decide what we are going to do with these crystals." Bloom said.
"I'm down with that." Musa said.
"Fine by me. You take care now, Piff. I love you." Aisha said before taking Piff off her shoulder and kissing her on her head before she placed her down on the ground. The girls then started to walk away from the village.
"So long, girls! Take care!" Lockette shouted before the girls were totally gone.

Many yards away from the Pixie Village entrance, and not far from the forest entrance where they originally came in, Tecna continued to analyze the crystals.
"Hmmm... from what I can gather by looking over these Expandium crystals, they all have different ways of expanding. The blue crystal can expand with fire, the purple one with electricity, the orange one with sunlight, the red one with the echoes of sound, the pink one with the fragrance of nature, and the green one with the power of water." Tecna said.
"Don't you think it's a little too coincidental that these six crystals correspond with each of our powers?" Flora said.
"I agree. That's why I think we should get our hands off these crystals and give them to Faragonda. She would know what to do with them." Bloom said.
"What are you talking about, Bloom? Let me see that orange crystal, Tecna..." Stella said, ripping the orange Expandium crystal out of Tecna's hands. She walked over to a small spot in the forest where the sun was shining through the dense trees and then held the crystal towards the sun with it firmly in her hand.
"What is she trying to do?" Aisha asked. Her question was soon answered when it was not just the crystal, but Stella's entire body (and her clothes) that started to grow!

Now, they were growing slowly because there wasn't much sunlight being exposed. Finally, a cloud got in the way which stopped Stella's growth spurt. She looked about nine feet tall compared to her friends.
"Whoa... Stella, you're so tall now!" Bloom shouted.
"She's the very definition of amazon now, I'd say." Musa said. Stella swung herself around in excitement, kissing the crystal.
"Oh... I soooooooooo love this crystal! We should do some more growing with this thing!" Stella shouted.
"No way... forget it, Stella! Remember how much trouble we got into when we all grew last year?" Bloom said. Aisha's eyes perked up upon hearing this.
"You girls were giantesses?" Aisha asked.
"Really long story, my friend." Musa said.
"Even I have to agree with Bloom... that's why I feel it would be much more logical if we do our growing as far away from Alfea as possible." Tecna said.
"Heck, I say we do it on a different planet even. What about Bloom's home world... y'know, Earth?" Musa said.
"WHAT!?!?" Bloom shouted in a state of shock.
"Yippee! That works for me! I've always wanted to see much more of Bloom's world!" Stella shouted.
"Well... if it won't get us into trouble..." Flora said, seemingly going along with the idea.
"I'll do whatever my friends want me to do." Aisha said.
"Cool, Aisha. Trust me, it's a lot of fun being big." Musa said.
"Then it's settled! Little Earth, here we come!" Stella said.
"Wait! Everyone should get their own crystal first!" Tecna said as she passed out the other five crystals to their respective girls. Bloom got the blue one, Tecna kept the purple, Musa the red, Aisha the green, Flora the pink, and of course Stella already has her orange one.
"Okay, all set. We leave for Earth immediately! Come on, Bloom, you can get us there!" Tecna said. Bloom just deeply sighed.
"(sigh) I know I'm going to regret this..." Bloom said. She started chanting a spell that opened up a portal, which all six Winx girls jumped through.


The portal opened and the six Winx girls, all transformed into their Winx fairy selves and wearing their respective Expandium crystals around their neck, found themselves not just on planet Earth, but in Bloom's original hometown of Gardenia. It was a small town, with a big city not too far out in the distance. They had landed in an alley so that nobody would notice them at first. Nevertheless, Bloom quickly realized where they were at.
"Um... should we really be doing this in Gardenia?" Bloom asked.
"Come on, Bloom, you're not nervous, are you?" Stella said, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder. Bloom at first looked up remembering that Stella made herself a little taller before they all left for Gardenia, but she looked eye-to-eye with her, like she was back to her normal size.
"Hey, Stella... you're back to normal size!" Bloom said.
"Huh? What happened? How did I shrink back to normal so quickly?" Stella said.
"Well, if I had to guess, the crystal resets its own properties when going through teleportation. Molecules always have to reset to their proper size before they can travel between dimensions, if I remember that one lesson from science class..." Tecna said.
"So does this mean I can't stay big when we go back to Alfea?" Stella asked.
"Well, isn't that a good thing? We wouldn't want to scare the entire realm when we get back, right?" Aisha asked.
"You're right, Aisha. I think it's good that the crystals reset us back to normal when we travel between realms." Flora said.
"Cool! I say we make the most of these crystals while we're here!" Musa shouted.
"Musa... really, we shouldn't..." Bloom said, trying to plead with her fellow Winx girls.
"Oh look... here comes the sun, and in full force too!" Stella shouted, pointing up to the clouds moving away and allowing the sun to shine down once more. Stella backed away from her friends and gleefully rubbed her crystal.
"Wait a minute... the sun?" Bloom said.
"And with no trees to block most of the light like in the forest..." Flora added. The girls quickly to that same unbelievable conclusion as they watched Stella begin to grow.

Stella was already up to 50 feet tall about 20 seconds after her growth started. When her head peaked over the two buildings that were surrounding the alley that the girls had been hiding in, she quickly stepped out of said alley so that she wouldn't get caught in it. That's when she really smiled and watched as the building (as well as her own friends) got smaller and smaller. She even noticed the many people of Gardenia stopping in their tracks or coming out of their apartments to see the spectacle that was the growing Stella.
The other Winx girls could only watch as her friend quickly grew bigger and bigger. One minute passed, and Stella was already 200 feet tall.
"Oh man... is she ever going to stop growing?" Aisha asked.
"Not as long as she has that Expandium crystal on her!" Flora said.
"According to my calculations... she's growing at a rate of 2.5 feet per second. That's 150 feet per minute!" Tecna shouted.
"What do we do, Bloom? I mean... I know we wanted to be big, but not that big!" Musa shouted. Bloom looked up at the growing Stella, and then up at the clear blue sky.
"If the sun is fueling Stella's growth, then we have to take that away from her!" Bloom said.
"Well, the night sky isn't supposed to arrive for another six hours..." Flora said.
"I know, that's why we need to use our magic powers to block out the sun!" Bloom said.
"How, Bloom?" Aisha asked.
"A cloud generation spell... that should hold off the sun for at least a couple hours." Bloom said.
"Better hurry up! Stella's approaching 400 feet tall!" Tecna said as she looked down at her PDA and then up at Stella.
"Alright, girls, join hands and help me with the spell." Bloom said. Indeed, the five girls joined hands and chanted out their spell.
"Cloudiness formus!" all five girls shouted. A powerful beam shot into the air and started to form some rather thick clouds around the sun.

Meanwhile, Stella continued to watch as the world around her got smaller and smaller.
"Hee hee... I wonder if I'll grow so big that I can fit this planet into my pocket and take it home with me!" Stella said, giggling over imagining being that huge. But just then, she felt her growth stop. She looked up to see some thick clouds suddenly forming and blocking out the sunlight.
"Huh? What happened!? There wasn't a cloud in the sky a few seconds ago!" Stella shouted. She then saw her five tiny friends fly up near her eyes.
"Oh... hello, my little friends! What do you think of the bigger me?" Stella asked.
"Well, that's great and all, Stella... but you must know that it was us that cast that cloud-forming spell." Flora said.
"Huh!? You mean you're all trying to keep me from getting any bigger!?" Stella shouted.
"We're just trying to keep you from getting too big, Stella. We don't want to cause quite the ruckus around here, do we?" Bloom said. Stella thought about arguing her case, but realized that Bloom made a good point. Any bigger and there wouldn't be anyone big enough to play with her!
"You're right... I'm sorry, Bloom. I guess I got carried away and wanted to be much bigger than we got last year." Stella said.
"That's so like you, Stella. Always wanting a bigger shoe size!" Musa shouted.
"Ugh... there you go with that old shoe size argument! That's like sooooooo last year, Musa!" Stella said.
"Oh no... look out!!!" Flora shouted. The girls looked to see Flora looking down right next to Stella's feet, and they all saw the same accident unfold.

A van that was swerving to the other lane to avoid one of Stella's feet apparently didn't see a car coming down that lane, and the two vehicles met head-to-head. The car recoiled onto the sidewalk, knocking down a fire hydrant and shooting water up 30 feet into the air and then back down onto the streets, soaking them. Both vehicles were on fire as well. The girls could only watch as the chaos unfolded.
"This ain't cool at all." Musa said.
"We have to save those people!" Flora shouted.
"Eh.... you girls go ahead. I'm gonna go look for some cute boys in this little town!" Stella said as she walked away from the accident scene, leaving behind a booming sound with each step she took in the town.
"Well... she sure was helpful." Tecna said.
"Never mind her. We'll show her something when we get bigger. Right now, we have to save those people!" Bloom shouted. The girls flew down to the accident scene, with Tecna, Musa, and Flora all trying to get the injured people out of the vehicles. Bloom and Aisha were doing their best to contain the fires on the vehicles.
"I can control the water and spray the car down!" Aisha shouted.
"Okay, you do that... I'm gonna use my Dragon Fire to absorb the fire from the van." Bloom said. With that in mind, Bloom concentrated and activated her Dragon Fire (her body glowing a bright red as a sign of its powers being activated). She gently held her hands over the engine fire, and just like that... the fire started to disappear as it closed in on Bloom's skin.
Aisha, meanwhile, was as focused as a psychic as she did her best to stir the water from the broken fire hydrant to the fire on the car. Of course, as much water as it was, much of it was splashing onto Aisha's body.

Finally, the fires were out. As Tecna, Musa, and Flora all held onto the two unconscious drivers of the two vehicles, Bloom's body was returning back to its normal glow and Aisha was dripping wet from handling the water of the fire hydrant. The water was making Aisha's Winx outfit glitter a little brighter than normally... not to mention of course making her Expandium crystal glow.
"Well, that takes care of that." Bloom said.
"So what are we going to do with these people?" Flora said.
"Yes... they require immediate medical attention based on my analysis." Tecna said. Aisha looked down at her crystal, and then noticed something peculiar. Everything around her seemed to get smaller.
"Uh... Bloom, I think I'm growing." Aisha said. Bloom looked at herself to see she was getting bigger.
"Me too... we must've activated our Expandium crystals." Bloom said. The other three girls watched as the two girls got bigger and bigger. They both stopped growing at around 150 feet tall, nowhere near as big as Stella, but still looking huge compared to the still normal-sized Tecna, Musa, and Flora. Bloom looked down at her friends and in fact took the two human bodies from their arms and into her hand.

"You know what? Aisha and I can get to the hospital faster at this size." Bloom said.
"Good idea! So what should we do now?" Tecna shouted.
"Yeah... chill?" Musa said. Bloom then looked over at Aisha before looking down at the girls and sighing.
"I guess find a way to grow... but can you please promise me you won't do anything nasty? Especially in my hometown..." Bloom said.
"Oh, we promise, Bloom." Flora said.
"Affirmative!" Tecna said.
"Yeah, it's cool." Musa said. The two giantesses then left the scene, leaving the three girls to themselves for the time being, but they all would soon leave themselves and find ways to grow.

Bloom and Aisha, in their Winx form, were carefully making their way through the roads and streets of Gardenia, doing their best not to cause too much damage. They both continued to hold the injured drivers of the two vehicles that caused the two girls to grow in the first place.
"So this is where you once lived?" Aisha asked.
"Yeah... after Sparks was destroyed and my parents were killed by witches, Daphne transported me to this city so I could grow up and live a normal life until it was time for my powers to be awakened." Bloom said.
"I see... it's definitely an inferior place, but I like that. On my home planet, we always wanted everything to be neat, tidy, and years ahead of its time." Aisha said.
"I see. It must've been hard for you." Bloom said.
"In more ways than one. Y'know, I think being this huge for a short while will help me feel a lot better. I've always believed size is power, and I can feel better about myself knowing that, at least for now, I tower above those that wouldn't stand for me." Aisha said.
"Well, I'm glad this helps you feel better. I just hope you don't think of the bad things behind this 'size is power' theory. I'm worried of what my friends will do here, especially Stella..." Bloom said. Aisha put her free hand on Bloom's shoulder as the two continued walking.
"I wouldn't worry, Bloom. If they are truly your friends, they will heed your advice." Aisha said.
"Thanks, Aisha." Bloom said.

The two finally reached the hospital, which was twice the height of the two girls. Bloom gave Aisha the human she was carrying before she got down on both her knees and gently knocked on the glass doors with her fingernail. One of the nurses came out and looked both ways before finally looking up and seeing the giantesses. She gasped at seeing them.
"Um... excuse me, miss, but can you please help these two men? They got hurt in a car accident." Bloom said as Aisha kneeled down next to Bloom and gently placed the two men next to the nurse.
"Uh... sure... I... I guess I could do that!" the nurse said.
"Thank you so much." Bloom said before she and Aisha got up and walked away from the hospital.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Flora and Tecna were walking down the streets when Flora stopped to notice a rather plain-looking patch of grass nestled between both the north and south-bound roads, both filled with traffic.
"Gee, look at that grass... it looks rather plain, doesn't it?" Flora asked.
"I suppose it does. Technically, you could do something about it, right?" Tecna said.
"Well, yes... I am a flower girl, after all." Flora said.
"While you do that, I'm going to conduct a little experiment." Tecna said as she flew up to the power lines. Flora watched Tecna fly up to the nearby power lines before looking at the patch of grass. Flora then waved her arms around and did one of her familiar chants. Soon, magic dust sprinkled out of her hands and fell into the patch of grass, instantly covering it with nothing but beautiful flowers. Flora smiled over her own handiwork she had just done, taking a deep breath of the different flower smells. She almost coughed from smelling too much.
"(cough cough) Well, at least I got the job done. I'm sure this will be a beautiful garden in the years to come." Flora said. Just then, she noticed her Expandium crystal glow brightly and vibrate a little. Flora also happened to notice the garden getting smaller. It was then she realized she was getting bigger herself.
"What the... it looks like I'm growing now!" Flora said. She finally stopped growing at about 100 feet tall. The traffic on both lanes came to a dead stop, with most cars slamming and rear-ending each other, so that the drivers could either run away or get a darn good look at this giantess. Flora looked down to see this group of people.
"Oh my... this is most embarrassing." Flora said, feeling ashamed that she was being stared at a lot. Just then, another brilliant flash of light happened in that same city block, this time coming from the electricity of the power lines. Flora looked amidst all this electricity to see Tecna in there, slowing getting bigger herself. Soon, she too was 100 feet tall as she landed on top of a few stray cars. Tecna smiled at seeing Flora at exactly her size.
"Well... shocking, isn't it?" Tecna said. Flora couldn't help but giggle a little, even if it was a bad pun. The two giantesses looked down at the traffic that was piling up.
"Well, it's no surprise that we are attracting a lot of people." Flora said.
"Affirmative. It's always a 100% probability that a large group of people is going to stop and take notice when they see a building-sized woman like us two." Tecna said.
"We better get out of here so we don't scare these little people." Flora said. She then tried to fly away from the zone, but she appeared to be struggling to get off the ground.
"Huh? What's going on? I feel so tired already from trying to fly!" Flora said.
"It's probably our increased body mass that is making it difficult for us to fly. The Expandium crystals probably didn't take into account our ability to fly, unlike that program I made last year that made us grow the first time." Tecna said.
"Well, I guess we will have to be careful. In the meantime, I could help awaken this city with the power of nature." Flora said.
"You do that... there's this computer convention that Bloom told me about, and it's supposed to be on today." Tecna said.
"Well... good luck, I guess!" Flora said. Tecna nodded as the two giantesses then walked in different directions. Tecna to the north, and Flora to the south. Both tried their best to not crush too many people or cars along the way.

Finally, in another corner of the city, Musa was walking down the streets when she noticed three very casually dressed boys, one of them holding a boom box and headbanging to the song. The boys obviously took notice of Musa just from the Winx outfit she was wearing.
"Hubba hubba hubba... what do we have here?" one of them said.
"A genuine and bonafide babe. Cool, man!" another said.
"Yeah, man... real cool! This is our lucky day!" the one with the boom box said as he turned down the music that was pumping out of the speakers. Musa just smiled, clearly unintimidated by the boys itching to drool all over her.
"Hello, boys. I see you're looking mighty fine today." Musa said.
"You like this, eh? All those corny business-type guys say we should get a life." one of the boys said.
"Yeah... totally uncool. Glad we have the approval of a dudette." another said.
"Totally!" the one with the boom box shouted.
"Say, babe... wanna hang out tonight? Y'know, like under the starry skies?" another said.
"Maybe. Could you play that music for me? I really dug that tune." Musa said.
"Oh, sure thing, babe! Anything for a beauty such as yourself!" the one with the boom box said as he cranked the volume back up to max level. Musa started headbanging along with the boys.
"Mmmm... yes, that does feel good." Musa said. She then looked to see her Expandium crystal glow brightly.
"I knew it!" Musa shouted. Right when she said that... Musa grew. The boys stood in shock as they watched the girl get bigger and bigger before their eyes. Finally, the boy with the boom box dropped the music machine, causing it to break apart and cut the music. Musa was able to get up to 100 feet tall before the music stopped. The giantess folded her arms and looked down at the boys.
"So... you boys still interested in that date?" Musa asked.
"Um... well, we'll just... like, take a rain check!" one of the boys said.
"Yeah, totally! We gotta get home now! Bye!!!" another said. Finally, all three boys ran away, occassionally screaming their heads off in fear. Musa let out a little giggle from watching the boys scamper away.
"Never underestimate the power of sound, I suppose." Musa said. She then looked around herself, the city smaller than it once was at her normal size.
"Hmmm... maybe I can find a rock concert somewhere." Musa said as she finally started taking her first steps as a giantess once more.

After dropping off the victims of the car accident off at the hospital, Bloom and Aisha were walking around the town, with Bloom basically giving Aisha a brief tour of her hometown. They walked up to the shopping mall, watching as throngs of people ran away from the towering giantesses.
"And this is our huge shopping mall." Bloom said.
"You call this huge?" Aisha said, causing both giantesses to giggle.
"Well, yeah. I guess I should say it was huge." Bloom said. She then thought of something.
"Say, I don't think I've introduced you to my parents. They live here in this town." Bloom said.
"Really? What will they think when they see you at this size?" Aisha said.
"Oh, don't worry, they know about my magic. I'm sure they'll understand." Bloom said. She and Aisha then headed for Bloom's Earth house, with Bloom of course leading the way.

Inside the house where Bloom had been raised all her life, when she was on Earth anyway, Mike and Vanessa were both taking it easy having the day off from their respective jobs. Vanessa was especially relieved, having to work day and night to keep her flower shop open while Bloom was away.
"Gosh, honey, you should lay down for a change. You've been planting flowers all day long." Mike said as he sat on his couch and was reading the newspaper.
"I can't help it, Mike. It's not the same with Bloom gone. She was always helpful around the place." Vanessa said.
"I think you're doing a great job by yourself. You should be proud of yourself and Bloom for what you're both doing." Mike said.
"Yeah... you're right. Maybe I should lay down." Vanessa said with a smile.
"MOM! DAD!" a familiar voice said, echoing all throughout the house. Mike and Vanessa jumped up from the loudness of the voice.
"Crimony! What's the ruckus, Vanessa?" Mike shouted.
"I don't know... I heard it too. It sounded like it came from outside!" Vanessa said.
"I'll go check." Mike said. He got up and walked to the front door of their house.

He looked outside and at first didn't see anything.
"Up here, Dad!" Bloom shouted from above. That's when he finally looked up and saw the 150-foot-tall Bloom standing right in front of his house. Right behind Bloom was the similarly-sized Aisha, who was trying to resist a giggle over Mike's current reaction.
"Oh my..." Mike said, almost speechless over seeing what he was seeing.
"Mike... what is it!?" Vanessa shouted from inside the house.
"Um... honey. Bloom's home. And she's grown up too." Mike said.
"What are you talking about?" Vanessa said as she finally joined her husband in looking outside. Vanessa gasped when she looked to see her supersized adopted daughter.
"Hi guys... I know you're not too stunned over seeing me like this." Bloom said.
"Well... no, not at the least, Bloom!" Mike said.
"How did you get that big!?" Vanessa shouted. Finally, Bloom decided to kneel down so she can get a closer look at the two. She did her best to whisper so that their tiny eardrums wouldn't be blown out. Bloom didn't really feel like telling the truth as even they might not understand the real power of the Expandium crystals.
"Well... we're kinda testing this new spell called the Giant's Spell. We've been needing it to fight against some giant monsters." Bloom said.
"How terrible..." Vanessa said, thinking of the poor innocents that might've been killed by these so-called giant monsters.
"Yes, but you and the other girls are saving the day, right?" Mike said. Bloom smiled.
"Yes, Dad, of course we are." Bloom said. Mike then noticed the giant Aisha standing right behind Bloom.
"Oh... who is that other giant girl, Bloom? I don't think I remember seeing her." Mike said.
"Oh! I'm sorry... I forgot to introduce Aisha here. She's a new student this year and we've been helping her out." Bloom said. Aisha just nodded and even bowed a little before Mike and Vanessa.
"It's an honor to meet the both of you as Bloom's Earth parents." Aisha said.
"Nice to meet you too, Aisha. Where are the other girls?" Vanessa asked.
"Oh, they're here in the city practicing the Giant's Spell too." Bloom said.
"They're all here? Oh man... that's gotta be a handful for this city." Mike said.
"Shouldn't we evacuate?" Vanessa said.
"Don't worry... I'll make sure they all stay away from this block. In fact, I'll do that now." Bloom said. She then stood back up to her full height.
"Well, take care of yourself, Bloom! And come back soon!" Vanessa shouted. Bloom nodded, acknowledging she heard that, before finally walking away from her Earth house.

Aisha and Bloom looked at each other while the two were walking down the streets once more.
"Giant's Spell, huh?" Aisha said.
"Hey... Expandium crystals might seem a bit strange for them." Bloom said.
"Good point considering we've never seen those crystals before." Aisha said. The two came to a fork in the road, with nothing but buildings in front of them and the streets going left and right. Bloom accidentally kicked a traffic light out from the air, sending it crashing down to the ground.
"Well, you can go your own way if you want." Bloom said.
"Why? Where are you going?" Aisha asked.
"Well, there's this friend of mine that I want to meet. She'll probably get a kick out of seeing me this big." Bloom said.
"You certainly must be adjusting to your new height." Aisha said.
"Yeah... I guess. Just don't do anything reckless!" Bloom said.
"Oh I won't. I'll probably just find a lake to go swimming in until we can find out how to get back." Aisha said. Bloom nodded and then started walking to the right.
"Be careful, Aisha." Bloom said.
"You too, Bloom." Aisha said before the two giantesses went their seperate ways.

Meanwhile, Flora was walking down the streets, being careful not to crush too much even though that proved to be a difficult task for someone who is 100 feet tall. Flora was also sprinkling her magic on the many patches of grass she would come across, causing beautiful flowers to sprout up. At the next patch of plain grass, she happened to find a school bus with a group of children all sitting inside trying to look up at her. Flora wondered why the bus wasn't driving off by now like other cars she had come across had, but when she peeked inside, giving the kids and the lone teacher there a tremendous view of her left eye, she noticed there was no bus driver there.
Flora suddenly got an idea once she looked at the patch of grass again. She carefully picked up the bus with her right hand, holding it as steady as possible so she wouldn't send any of the kids flying out of their seats. She spoke as softly as she could to the bus.
"Please do not fear me, little children. I promise I will not harm you. In fact, I think you might be able to help me out with something." Flora said. She could hear some of the screaming inside the bus die down once she stated these soothing words.
"Listen, everyone, would you like to help me plant some beautiful flowers in that patch of grass? I'll help out, of course, with my magic." Flora said. Just then, she got down on one knee and gently placed the bus back down on the ground and this time pried the doors loose with a fingernail. She watched as the only teacher inside the bus came running out.
"Now you listen here, you giant freak! You keep your hands off these children, you hear!?" the female teacher shouted.
"Please, ma'am, I promise I will not harm them." Flora said. She then sprayed a tiny bit of magic inside the bus. In just a few short seconds, all the kids (even the boys) came walking out of the bus and past the teacher. The teacher was furious as she tried to get the kids back onto the bus, but finally Flora cast another quickie spell on the teacher, and she instantly fell asleep right on the spot. The kids looked back at their sleeping teacher and then up at the giantess.
"So why was that bus just sitting there? Where is the driver?" Flora asked.
"He ran away when I guess he saw you down the street." one girl said.
"How did you get so big, giant lady?" another girl asked.
"It's a long story, and please just call me Flora. I put a spell on all of you so you could be aware of my presence and not be in any danger. Now then, how would you all like to plant some flowers?" Flora asked. All of the children nodded.
"That's be nice, Flora!" one of the boys shouted.
"Good... I'll help you all get started." Flora said. Once again, she waved her hands and chanted some magical words. At that moment, a bag of flower seeds and a small pail of water formed in each of their hands.
"Use those seeds and the water to help grow some beautiful flowers. Just put the seeds into the soil and add water." Flora said. The kids nodded with each other and then started to plant the seeds.

A few minutes later, when all the seeds were planted, Flora casted another magic spell... this time raining her sparkling dust over the patch of grass. In an instant, a whole batch of flowers sprouted up from where the seeds had been planted.
"There... aren't they beautiful?" Flora said. Most of the kids nodded.
"Well, it's been fun, but I must be going. I don't want to put any of you in harm's way." Flora said. She started to walk away from the group, but then could just hear them shouting out her name.
"Bye, miss Flora!!!" They all shouted. Flora felt so happy for the kids that she blew them a kiss before walking away.
As soon as she was many yards away from the children, and still holding a shining smile from the excitement of working with the kids, she decided to fill one more patch of grass with flowers. After spraying her magic, she watched as the flowers sprouted up... but there was one flower, a dandelion, that wouldn't stop growing! Flora backed away in surprise, crushing a few bypassing cars in the process, and watched as this dandelion continued to grow. Finally, it stopped when it was exactly 100 feet tall, which matched Flora's height in every inch. Flora blushed a little, clearly having overdone her spell somewhat.
"Whoops... Well, I guess it's better than nothing!" Flora said. She got a good whiff of this dandelion's scent.
"Oooohhhh... what a beautiful smelling dandelion though. It's making me... (yawn) sleepy." Flora said, trying to resist letting out a series of yawns but it was doing her no good. Finally, she decided to lay down on the road, and flat on her back, as she drifted off to sleep. She put her hands underneath her head to sort of use as a pillow. She was unaware that she had grown a little from the fragrance of the flowers and the giant dandelion.

In another section of the city, Tecna was looking in every direction for one of the more larger buildings in town. It was a convention center, supposedly, that was holding a computer show this weekend. Bloom had told her about it in the days before the Winx Club arrived here on Earth. Of course, walking like this meant she couldn't really tell what she was stepping on as big as she was. And she was slowly getting bigger along the way having knocked down some power lines and the electricity flowing into her body. She looked to be about 250 feet tall when all was said and done.
"It would appear with a 99% probability that this city is getting smaller the more I walk into it." Tecna said, not fully realizing that she was getting bigger along the way.

Finally, Tecna's search ended when she spotted one of the more bigger buildings in town. There was the convention center, which looked almost the same size as Tecna herself. Loads of people that were entering and exiting the center were stopping at their tracks, gawking up at the giantess as she approached the glass windows. Tecna peeked inside to see the many different computers laid out around the place. Of course, everyone inside freaked out when they saw Tecna's huge face pressed up against the glass windows.
Not wanting to possibly destroy the place by breaking through that glass barrier, Tecna decided she needed some help getting those computers. She looked by her feet to see a man who clearly looked like a nerd staring up at her. That's when she picked up the guy and held him in the air.
"Well, hello there. You're awfully brave to be standing where you were." Tecna said.
"I'm sorry, miss... I just had this feeling you were a nerd. A very big and cute one at that." the man said.
"Why thank you... I guess you can call me that. What's your name, little guy? You can call me Tecna." Tecna said.
"Well, nice to meet you, Tecna... my name's Timmy." Timmy said. Tecna couldn't help but giggle a little considering the guy's name was shared with that of her boyfriend. Heck, his face even looked like Timmy's with the glasses and all.
"So, uh... Timmy. Shouldn't you be afraid of me like everyone else is?" Tecna said.
"Well... not really. I've been making computer programs all my life... one of them's a simulator for this kind of situation." Timmy said.
"Wow... that's really something. I must say I am interested in learning about your technology." Tecna said.
"Our technology? You're not some kind of alien from outer space, are you?" Timmy said. Tecna giggled again, causing Timmy to lose his balance in Tecna's hand.
"Well, let's just say I'm not from around here, but that's another story. I was wondering if you could introduce me to those computers inside there." Tecna said.
"Actually, I have a better idea. Why don't you come back to my place? I could introduce you to some of my equipment. It's better than trying to hold up a place like this." Timmy said.
"Wonderful! You can guide me to your home." Tecna said. She, with Timmy snugly in her hands, started to walk away from the convention center.

Perhaps the loudest place in town, aside from all the screaming from innocent people fleeing for their lives from the giantesses, was at the little league baseball stadium (you could tell because the walls looked only about 70 feet high). For today, at least, it was playing host to one of the most popular rock bands in the country, (insert your favorite rock band here). The hundred or so fans were cheering wildly for the band as they played their music as loud as humanly possible.
Then suddenly, all the cheers turned into gasps of shock and screams of fear. The members of the band even looked to see what all the commotion was about (the music kept on playing, which proved the band players weren't really playing their music).

Everyone looked and saw the giant Musa towering over the walls of the stadium, and she looked to be slowly getting bigger, probably because of the music blasting out of the speakers.
"Hi everyone!" Musa said, waving down to the tiny people. At that point, everyone went scrambling for the exits, including the band as they left their instruments behind. Once most of the stadium was cleared out, Musa was finally big enough to step over the walls of the stadium, which was probably about 250 feet tall. She ended up stepping on both speakers, crushing them flat and cutting off all music around the stadium, and therefore ending Musa's growth spurt. But the giantess simply looked around the admired the look of the stadium, including of course the stage that had been set up for the rock concert. She then had an idea.
"Hmmm... this would be a great chance to show this planet how well I can sing. But first I'm gonna need an audience." Musa said. Indeed, most everyone had fled the scene, but she didn't really feel like going into the city and scooping up a bunch of people and forcing them to listen to a song she had in mind. That's when she looked at the other wall across from the one she had stepped over.
"Sonic... BOOM!!!" Musa shouted as she unleashed an incredibly powerful blast of sound waves that simply shook down the wall to pieces. The waves even cleaned up the pieces, leaving nothing between the large stadium parking lot and the stadium itself. Some people running away from the stadium looked back and saw the wall crumble to pieces. This just made them more freightened thinking that the giantess was going to come straight after them.

Of course, this was not Musa's intent. In fact, she was hoping the people would come back to her once she started singing her song. Musa took a deep breath and then touched her neck with two fingers on her right hand. The area around her throat started to glow brightly for a short while, and then it stopped. Musa then fired another blast of musical energy; this time towards the stadium speakers themselves. The speakers started to play the music that Musa exactly had in mind.
"Okay... here we go." Musa said to herself as she began to sing one of her favorite love songs.

     Nothing at All

You've been there for me
No matter what the cost
My best friend since we
Believed in Santa Claus
You have always stood beside me
And I want to let you know

I'll be the one who hears your prayer
Don't have to ask me, I'll be there
I'll be the friend you'll never have to do without
When you have nothing at all
You'll still have nothing to worry about
Oh nothing at all

When I was lost inside
A forest of dismay
You always knew just how
To help me find my way
In a world that's so uncertain
I will promise this to you

I'll be the one who hears your prayer
Don't have to ask me, I'll be there
I'll be the friend you'll never have to do without
When you have nothing at all
You'll still have nothing to worry about
Oh no...when you have nothing at all
You'll still have nothing to worry about
Oh nothing at all...oh.

Musa had stayed at the same size this whole time because the music was generated with her own powers. While Musa was singing, her plan came to fruition. Most, if not all, of the spectators came walking back slowly for the giantess as she sung her soothing words of love. When she was done and the music stopped playing, everyone cheered for Musa. She looked down at these people and smiled down at them, feeling so glad they enjoyed her soft voice.
"Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your enthusiasm." Musa said. She then, for some reason, decided to look way out in the horizon, which was essentially the rest of the town. Then something caught her eye... a large guitar that glowed in neon lighting (even in daylight) and was flashing the words "Hard Rock Café" near the base of this guitar. Musa then thought of a rather crazy idea regarding this guitar.
"Hey, if you all really want to see me put on a show, you should follow me!" Musa said. She carefully stepped over the small crowd that had gathered outside the stadium and then slowly made her way for this big guitar.

All the girls were reaching pretty high numbers in the height department, but of course, none of them could compare to Stella. At 400 feet tall, with thanks from the sunlight before it was blocked off by the magic of the other Winx girls to keep her from growing any bigger, Stella looked absolutely humongous. For some people, it was almost as if she were a giantess to all giantesses, even if she'd have to be a lot bigger to reach that sort of milestone. Stella just smiled happily as she admired the thought of not a single building towering above her.
"Who'd have thought these Earthlings would look sooooo totally cute from this height!?" Stella said, especially taking note of the tiny people that scrambled away from her glittering knee-high orange boots. She just couldn't resist wanting to test the obdience of these people. So she took one big leap and landed right in front of a rather large group of people, mostly men.
"Alright, everyone. I order you to shine my shoes! And if you don't... I'll, well... I'll make you do all my shopping for a month! And believe me, I sooooo have a ton of clothes that I would like to have." Stella said. Not wanting to be subjected to a month of shopping for this mega giantess, most of the people got to work in rubbing their bodies against her boots. Some refused to do so, in fact these people tried to start a rebellion against Stella, but Stella was unphased. In fact, she bent herself down and got her face as close to these people as she could. She took in one deep breath and then exhaled... sending these people flying way across the streets and against an object that would either seriously injure them... or even kill them. But Stella was unconcerned to say the least. It definitely had something to do with being 400 feet tall.

After a while of watching the tiny people try and shine her boots, Stella finally decided to reward these humans in some way.
"Good job, little ones! I should hire every last one of you as my caretaker! Now then, I have something else for you..." Stella said. She then got down on her knees and fell back on her back, crushing several buildings that were laying beneath her. The people watched as she laid as still as she could on her backside.
"Go ahead, everyone! Climb on top of me. I want to be covered from head to toe by all you little people." Stella said. Indeed, she could feel some of the people start to climb her legs, her belly, anywhere else they could safely climb without them slipping on her sweat. Stella, while all this was going on, just stared up at the clouds.
"(sigh) I wish there was some way for me to get those clouds out of here so I can grow even bigger!" Stella said to herself. Until then, she just relaxed and listened to the sounds of the town around her while people climbed on top of her.

Aisha, after seperating herself from Bloom's trail, was acting more like a nomad as she aimlessly wondered around the town and explored all of it. Whenever she would accidentally crash into a building, which caused it to break apart slightly, she would apologize to the tiny people. Aisha was certainly no stranger to seeing people bigger than her considering she's had to care for the pixies for so long.
Finally, though, after a long stretch of walking, something caught Aisha's attention. It looked to be a pier, with many ships coming in and out.
"Hmmm... looks like a pier out there. I guess I could go for a short swim." Aisha said to herself as she began walking towards the pier. She dipped her toes into the water before walking into it until it was up to her knees. Aisha, like a little girl, picked up some water with her hands and couldn't help but splash it on the nearby buildings that surrounded the exterior of the pier.

Aisha soon realized that something was looking very different, like the water level, which seemed to be lowering very quickly. The buildings and even the ships docked at the pier were getting smaller. Then Aisha looked down at her Expandium crystal and realized what was happening.
"The water... I forgot! It makes me grow!" Aisha said. She quickly stepped out, but not before she had grown up to 400 feet tall. All the ships looked like toy boats to her now.
"Whew... I guess I better be careful where I step from now on. And speaking of being careful..." Aisha said. She looked out at the edge of the pier to see a small cruise ship coming in real hot... probably because everyone onboard was too stunned to see the giantess standing out there. Before the boat could crash into the pier, Aisha lowered her hands and let the boat sail onto both her hands, which she needed to lift up the boat into the air. Aisha watched as many people gathered at the edge of the boat to get a good look at the giantess.
"That was too close. Are you all okay?" Aisha said. Most of the people nodded. She then tipped the ship over with one hand and used her other hand to catch as many as 20 different people into her hand. She then placed the ship back into the waters outside the pier, nestling it against some of the other ships that were parked at the pier. Aisha then looked closely at the people, a few of them being children.
"You're all so tiny... I guess you're like children compared to my size." Aisha said. A bit of an overstatement, but indeed, Aisha was getting this same feeling she would always get when around the pixies. Aisha then put half of the people on top of her left shoulder, with the other half going on the other shoulder.
"Well, hold on tight, everyone. We should get away from the pier here if you're all to be safe." Aisha said, as she once again walked off wondering where she would stop.

The 150-foot-tall Bloom was walking carefully down the streets, looking for this so-called friend of hers. She was Mitzi, the glamour girl of the town who would always make fun of Bloom's simple ways of living. Despite all this, Bloom remained sort of a friend to Mitzi, always finding ways to poke back at her such as last Halloween when she and her friends showed up at Mitzi's Halloween party dressed up in their Winx outfits.
Bloom then looked several yards to her right and noticed the town's small swimming pool. She quickly felt that if there was anywhere that Mitzi would show her 'glamorous' self, it would be at the swimming pool.

Indeed, at the town swimming pool, Mitzi was laying back on one of the chairs and just relaxing. She ignored all sound around her and just concentrated on laying back and relaxing, although it certainly didn't look that way several minutes ago when suddenly the sun was blocked out by some large clouds. Just then, everyone else at the swimming pool all looked up in shock at seeing the giant Bloom arrive, and they took off for the nearest exits. Mitzi finally couldn't take the noise and she ripped off her shades.
"Hey! What's with all the screaming? Can't you all see I'm trying to get my beauty sleep!?" Mitzi shouted.
"Oh really? I'm so sorry for interrupting, Mitzi." a familiar voice said. Mitzi looked up, and that's when her jaw dropped because she was looking at the giant Bloom.
"Uh... Bloom! So nice to see you... you've... um... you've grown up to say the least." Mitzi said, clearly stumbling with her words as stunned as she was to see the girl she used to pick on a lot so big.

Bloom, meanwhile, was having a field day looking down at the tiny Mitzi. She couldn't resist intimidating her like she was, and this was surprising considering she had fully intended on keeping a gentle attitude throughout her adventure. Alas, that seemed to go by the wayside.
"So, Mitzi, what do you think of the new me?" Bloom said, twirling herself around so the tiny girl could get a good look at her.
"Uh... that's nice and all. Now do you mind? I'm trying to relax here!" Mitzi shouted.
"Relax, you say? I can help you relax." Bloom said. She then reached down to pick up Mitzi. Mitzi tried to get away from the huge hand, but it was of no use as she ran right into Bloom's huge right hand. Mitzi screamed like crazy as she was being lifted into the air until she was looking right into the eyes of the giant Bloom.
"Chill out, Mitzi, you're only at least a hundred feet off the ground!" Bloom said with a smile.
"I hate heights! I hate heights!!!" Mitzi shouted as she gripped tightly onto one of Bloom's fingers.
"You know, I don't know what it is, but holding onto you at this size is making me feel really good about myself." Bloom said.
"Yeah... that's real nice, Bloom... now can you please be a nice girl and put me down!?" Mitzi said.
"Oh come on, Mitzi... we can have so much fun together. Besides, you just look so cute from this size." Bloom said. She then pressed Mitzi against her chest as tightly as she could. Mitzi almost couldn't breath as she struggled to get air against the glittering fabric of Bloom's Winx outfit. Finally, after a few seconds, Bloom let Mitzi go and held her away from her face once more.

Before Bloom could think of what to do next with Mitzi, she looked a few blocks away from where she was standing to see a group of fire trucks hauling down the roads at high speed, with the sound of their alarms ringing into the sky. Bloom looked in the direction of where the trucks were turning to see a thick cloud of black smoke, along with some flames coming from one of the buildings! Bloom's hero instincts instantly kicked in as she felt she would be needed to help put this flame out. She then looked back at Mitzi, whom she continued to hold in her hand.
"Hmmm... this is your lucky day, you get to see how special a girl I really am." Bloom said. She then placed Mitzi on her right shoulder so she could take a ride with the giantess. Bloom then stepped over the fences that surrounded the pool which led her into the parking lot. She crushed a couple of the cars sitting there... one of them being Mitzi's car. Mitzi saw this and just went nuts...
"What the...! You b^&*^!!! That was my car!!!" Mitzi shouted from the top of her lungs. Bloom just smiled, showing that she really did crush her car on purpose.
"Easy now... there might be children listening!" Bloom said as she kept on walking through the city and followed the fire trucks.

Tecna had made her way into a residental area of the town, and she was sitting down right next to the group of houses. She was patiently waiting in front of her new friend's home as he was bringing out a few different pieces of technology. Tecna took the time to analyze some of these things, though she was very careful to make sure she didn't crush the gadgets with her fingers.
"Heh... you like that? That's a portable ATM that I've been trying to perfect for a while." Timmy said.
"An ATM?" Tecna said.
"Automated Teller Machine. It's kinda what we use to get money on the fly." Timmy said.
"Ah... fascinating even though it's primitive. From where I live, all you do is say the secret passwords and the money is in your hands!" Tecna said.
"So I see... it must be very futuristic like in your world." Timmy said.
"Well, technically speaking, it is..." Tecna said. Just then, Tecna looks out in the background to see a bunch of tanks roaring down the streets. Timmy noticed them too.

"Damn it... the tanks are here! I should've figured they'd come after you." Timmy said.
"Never fear, Timmy. I have the situation 100% under control." Tecna said. She stood up to her full height, nearly crushing Timmy and his electronics (which he began to store back into his home) as she looked down at the tanks. One of the soldiers came out of the tanks and spoke up to the giantess using a megaphone.
"We have you completely surrounded! Put your hands up and come along with us quietly!" the soldier shouted.
"Well, if I must say, the odds are greatly against you when you factor in my own height and weight." Tecna said. Timmy had run out and was standing right next to Tecna's right foot, wondering what the heck she was saying.
"That may be so, but that won't stop us from trying. Now come with us or we will be forced to fire!" the soldier said.
"I'd really like to see you make an attempt. Your odds of success are at less than one percent!" Tecna said.
"Uh... Tecna..." Timmy quietly said to himself. Tecna could sense his worries, probably because he was a geek like she was, and she just winked down at her friend.
"Alright then, you asked for it! Open fire!" the soldier shouted as he got back inside his tank. Every last tank armed their big guns and aimed them right at Tecna's face. Just as they fired, Tecna shouted her command.
"Firewall ON!!!" Tecna shouted. Soon, a computerized field began to form around Tecna and some of the real estate around her, and that of course included Timmy who was clinging onto one of the high heels of Tecna's shoes. The missiles just exploded on the green grid surface, not harming Tecna one bit. The soldiers inside the tanks just looked on in shock over what they had just seen, and it was quite clear to them now that as invincible as she seemed, she could very well stomp all over these tanks. The head soldier got on his radio and issued the command to retreat.
"All units, fall back now!" the soldier said. Tecna watched as the tanks slowly started to turn around, but Tecna wasn't done with her fun just yet.
"Come on, that's too easy for you guys... Magnetic Pulse!!!" Tecna said. She cast another one of her spells as she held her right hand out towards the tanks. A blue wave of energy flew from her hand and towards the ground as it swept towards the tanks. Once the wave hit the tanks, a part of them exploded and they were all left stranded in the middle of the roads. The soldiers simply got out and ran like mad chickens away from the giantess.

Once the soldiers were far enough away, Tecna deactivated her firewall.
"Firewall OFF!" Tecna said as the grid faded away. Timmy walked out from under Tecna's heel and looked up at the giantess. Tecna saw him and picked him up.
"Um... are you gonna let them get away?" Timmy asked.
"Of course. I'm a giant woman, not Godzilla." Tecna said.
"Yeah, good point. Y'know... you're something else, you know that, Tecna?" Timmy said.
"Yes... but it is most unfortunate that you had to see all that. I know my friend, Bloom, is gonna get on my case when she finds out I used my powers." Tecna said.
"Oh, don't worry, Tecna. I promise I won't tell anyone! I mean... who would believe me aside from the other people that might have seen this whole thing?" Timmy said.
"Indeed, that is true." Tecna said as she put Timmy back down on the ground, next to the front door to his house.
"Well, I'm afraid I must be going. I have my other friends to think about." Tecna said.
"Tecna, wait just a moment!" Timmy said as he ran inside his house. He came back a couple minutes later holding what appeared to be an old and beat-up laptop computer.
"This is my old laptop. It's only like 900 megahertz and it has a 40 gigabyte hard drive, but I'd like for you to have it as a souvenir." Timmy said. Tecna got down on her knees and carefully plucked the computer from his hands with her fingers, and it definitely looked teeny-tiny compared to her 250-foot-tall body.
"Really? This is for me?" Tecna said.
"Yeah... like I said, it's a bit old, but I figured you could take something from this planet back with you to study it further. Don't worry about what's on the hard drive... it's been loaded with bad sectors for years. I'm surprised it can still read and write here and there." Timmy said.
"Oh, Timmy... thank you so much. You've been so kind to me." Tecna said. She got down even further and then surprised Timmy by planting her lips all over his body! Timmy was covered from head to toe in purple lipstick. He watched as the giantess stood back up and started to walk away, probably back towards the inner part of the city.
"Goodbye, Tecna..." Timmy said as he softly waved at Tecna, who would soon walk away from his sight forever.

Once Tecna was away from the housing complex that Timmy had led her into, Tecna looked at the laptop that still sat in the palm of her right hand.
"Hmmm... 40 gigs worth of data? I suppose I could use it." Tecna said. She then transformed her hand into that of wireframes, and then she watched as the laptop sunk into her wire-framed hand like quicksand. And just like that, she felt herself growing once more. She had doubled in size, going from 250 feet tall to 500 feet tall. The fact that not a single building towered above Tecna showed how gigantic she now was.
"Hmmm... I might have overdone it some. Oh well... the other girls will probably be this big too eventually." Tecna said. She then started walking again, looking to find one of her fellow giantess friends.

Musa was standing right beside the big Hard Rock Café guitar, which looked to be a full head shorter than the giantess. She grabbed it by the sides, so that she wouldn't be electrocuted by the neon lighting, and then started to rip it right out of the ground. The neon lighting went completely out on the guitar, and a shower of sparks rose out from the bottom of the guitar, where it was connected to the ground. The people that were already running out of the Hard Rock Café were scrambling to stay away from the electric storm.
Eventually, the sparks died out, leaving the Hard Rock Café guitar in a powered-off state as it rested in Musa's hands. Musa looked over this guitar.
"Hmmm... this thing isn't cool at all. It could use some life." Musa said. She then cast another spell on the guitar, transforming it to make it look more like a typical guitar. Musa smiled over seeing her magic do the job as she gripped onto the guitar with both her hands.
"Hey all! It's time we rocked into the night!" Musa shouted. She then started playing on the guitar... with the noise level very loud, though not quite loud enough to cause serious hearing loss. Still, the intense noise was causing windows to break on some of the buildings that stood behind the giant Musa. As she was playing (quite well at that), Musa started to sing another song she really liked from Bloom's Earth music collection...

    I Wanna Be a Star

Each night I sit and dream
Of those stars I see in magazines
I love to lose myself
In the stories of the lives they lead, yeah

Why can't I be like them?
Living life with fortune and fame
I know I've got what it takes
I've just got to start on my way.

I wanna be a star, star, star
Gonna have my name up in lights
I wanna be a star, star, star
I'm gonna blaze across the sky like a meteorite.

My fans will truly adore me
Every time I dance or sing my songs
I'll ride in a big fancy car
And take all my friends along, yeah

All 'round the world I'll go
Giving shows from east to west
(with my Sailor Scouts!)
Every night I step on the stage
The crowd will scream I'm the best

I wanna be a star, star, star
Gonna be the best in the world
I wanna be a star, star, star
I'm gonna be the absolutely most famous teenage girl

I wanna be a star, star, star
I wanna be a star!

While Musa was singing and swinging her body around to the beat, several of the people who were brave enough to watch the giantess began to dance with her. What nobody seemed to realize, because of the wild dance party that was essentially going on, is that this time the sound was making Musa grow. She too had doubled from her previous size, making her a 500-foot-tall mega giantess.
After Musa was done singing and playing, she fired a burst of magic energy on her guitar, shrinking it down to a small enough size that allowed her to put the guitar inside her skirt for safekeeping. Her 'audience' cheered loudly for her, and Musa simply bowed down before these tiny people. She took a nearby tarp, which was covering one of the damaged buildings, and used it to wipe off the sweat that was dripping down from her head.
"Wow... I guess my magic must've attracted the whole lot of you. That's cool." Musa said. She looked to her right side and saw Tecna, also at 500 feet tall, approaching her.
"Well, hello there, Tecna!" Musa said.
"I was wondering what all that noise was... putting on a show again for your adoring fans?" Tecna asked with a bit of a giggle.
"Heh... very funny. I guess my music pulled them in." Musa said.
"You think we should check in with Bloom and see if this is a big enough size for us?" Tecna said.
"Yeah, perhaps." Musa said. She then looked down at her fans.
"Well, you all be cool! I'll be back hopefully some day for an encore!" Musa shouted. Finally, she and Tecna walked away from the crowd and headed back for the central parts of the city.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Musa has left the block!" Tecna said back to the group, causing both giantesses to laugh.

In another block of the city, one of the buildings was on fire. The blaze burned brightly and sent black smoke into the air. Firefighters were trying their best to contain this fire, but it wasn't doing them much good. As the blaze continued to burn, firefighters were doing their best to get everyone inside the building out. But the firefighters stopped their work when they looked behind them to see not just the last two fire trucks in the city... but the 150-foot-tall Bloom as well.
Bloom, with Mitzi still sitting on her shoulder and whining about her car being crushed, approached the burning building with care, stopping just short of the group of people and vehicles that stood at the front of this building.
"Oh my... this is terrible. I have to do something, but what?" Bloom said. Then she thought back to something that Daphne had taught her in her days of youth.
"Use the powers of your Dragon Fire well. They will serve you on your journeys." the voice of Daphne said in Bloom's mind. Bloom then opened her eyes after thinking the situation over. She then looked down at the firefighters who were looking up at her.
"Everyone clear out! I will put a stop to this fire." Bloom said. Like obedient dogs, the firefighters all scampered out of Bloom's path, taking their fire trucks with them. Soon, Bloom had a clear path to the front of the building as she walked up to the blazing structure that was about a head taller than her.
"Powers of the Dragon Fire... help me in absorbing this deadly blaze!" Bloom shouted. She then got her hands as close as she safely could to the blaze, and at that moment... the fire actually flowed outside of the building and into Bloom's hands! Bloom could feel her body temperature rise from working the Dragon Fire like she was, but about fifteen seconds later, the fire that almost consumed this building was totally gone. All the firefighters and other onlookers just looked up in total shock over what they had just seen, but they then all cheered loudly for Bloom.
"Gee, thanks everybody. I'm glad I could help you out." Bloom said. She took several steps backwards and allowed the firefighters to go in and help clean up the mess.

As Bloom was walking down the city streets once more, she could feel Mitzi tapping against her neck as she tried to get her attention. Bloom lifted Mitzi off her shoulder and held her against her face.
"Okay... what was all that about!?" Mitzi shouted.
"Let's just say I'm a special girl, Mitzi. You could never understand what I've had to go through to gain these powers." Bloom said.
"Gee, I guess that makes you the lucky one, as usual. Now can you please let me go!?" Mitzi shouted.
"Only if you promise never to tease me or my friends again." Bloom said.
"What!? You've gotta be kidding me." Mitzi shouted. She then watched as the hand that she was standing on was closing up! Mitzi quickly figured Bloom was gonna trap her inside her hand and possibly never be free again!
"Okay, okay! I promise! Now can you let me go, please!?" Mitzi shouted.
"You didn't say please..." Bloom said with a smile.
"Pretty please!? With a cherry on top!" Mitzi shouted. Bloom just giggled in delight. She couldn't resist feeling very happy that she was turning the tables essentially on Mitzi.
"Good enough. Now run along before I change my mind and decide to capture you again!" Bloom said as she lowered her hand down to the street, allowing Mitzi to safely step off and land on the streets. Mitzi took a couple last looks at the giant Bloom before heeding her advice and beginning her long run for home, which should no doubt be exhausting without the help of her car.

As Bloom, still feeling the effects of the fire she absorbed into her body with the help of the Dragon Fire, watched Mitzi run off, she heard a familiar voice calling out for her.
"Hey, Bloom! What's up, girl!?" the voice shouted. Bloom turned around and had to look up to see it was the 400-foot-tall Stella. Bloom, being less than half the size of her good friend, couldn't help but feel puny when comparing herself to the mega giantess.
"You are, for starters." Bloom said, alluding to the fact that Stella was so much taller than she was right now.
"Well, yeah, that's sooooo true. Listen, do you think you can remove the clouds from the sky soon? I really want to see how much bigger I can possibly get!" Stella said.
"Maybe later, Stella. We gotta be careful around this neck of the woods." Bloom said. She then looked in Stella's hands to see the many tiny humans she was holding.
"Say, how many people do you have there in your hands?" Bloom asked.
"Oh, I counted about 30. They were so nice and were having a fun time! They were doing things like running up and down my legs, crawling through my glamorous hair, laying down on my breasts... y'know, fun things!" Stella said.
"So I see..." Bloom said, trying to imagine what it must've felt like for a normal-sized human to be wandering all over the body of someone as big as Stella was right now.
"Listen, Bloom... I think these people are really cute! Can I keep them... please? Pretty please?" Stella asked.
"Um... no, Stella. These are Earthlings... we can't just take them back with us to Magix. Nobody here must ever learn about the gateway to our world." Bloom said.
"Oh come on! I can take good care of all of them... honest! I can feed them too!" Stella said.
"Stella, I said no! They're not our people! We're not even here to collect people!" Bloom said. Just then, Bloom could feel her body temperature rise again. She quickly figured the fire had completely finished absorbing itself into the Dragon Fire that was locked away inside her body. Nevertheless, Bloom could feel herself growing.
"Hey, you're getting bigger, just like I did! Maybe I can share some of these people with you!" Stella said as she remained as excited as ever. But soon her excitement level dropped when Bloom was not only now the same size as she was, but Bloom seemed to be getting even bigger!

Finally, Bloom rose up to about 600 feet tall, 200 feet taller than Stella currently was. Stella looked eye-to-eye with Bloom's chest before refocusing her sight on Bloom's face, and she didn't look too thrilled.
"I said no, Stella! I'm sorry, but what part of that do you not understand!?" Bloom said.
"Okay, okay... just chill out, girl! I get the message..." Stella said. With much regret, but having no choice considering the stern warning that Bloom silently gave her with both the increased height and angry face, Stella let all the people she had captured down on the ground as they all ran off for safety. Stella waved at some of these people before they were out of her sight. Stella looked back up at the now much bigger Bloom.
"(sigh) Listen, can you wait for me near the alley where we first landed here? I think it's time I gathered everyone so that we can go home." Bloom said.
"Yeah, sure. I can do that, Bloom." Stella said calmly.
"Good. I'll be right back." Bloom said. She then took her first steps as a 600-foot-tall giantess, which weren't easy ones considering there wasn't much road left for her huge feet to safely step on. Once Bloom was on her way, Stella just pouted. Not only was she no longer the biggest of the Winx girls, but she also lost all the people she had collected.
"Man... I'm always the one with the hard luck." Stella said to herself. She then looked up at the clouds, which were still covering up the only source of fuel that could allow her to grow further. Then Stella had an idea.
"Hmmm... what if I strengthened up the sun enough with my staff to wipe out those clouds? Then nothing could hold the sunlight back from me!" Stella said as she let out a giggle to show she was excited about the plan. She called for her sacred weapon, the Staff of Solaria, and began to ponder how she was going to make this plan work...

Flora was awakening from her nap after hearing a familiar voice call out to her.
"Hey, sunshine, wake up!" the voice said. Flora rubbed her eyes to clear her vision as she continued to lay on her back. She then looked to see it was Aisha.
"Oh... hello, Aisha." Flora said.
"Sleeping on the job, I see..." Aisha said.
"I couldn't help it, it must have been all those flowers I had planted." Flora said. She started to move around so she could get back up on her feet, but Aisha stopped her.
"Wait! Don't move... you've got some kids playing around on you." Aisha said. Flora just barely tilted her head forward to indeed see some youngsters running around her gigantic body. The kids did many different things on the giant Flora, such as using her legs as slides. Some were even cute enough to try and tickle her at neck level, but of course she couldn't feel anything as big as she was. Aisha, putting down her batch of people on top of Flora's stomach area, lightly stroked each of the kids with her fingers.
"They're so cute, aren't they?" Aisha said.
"Well, yes, I suppose they are... but we can't keep them forever, you know." Flora said. Aisha nodded as if she was agreeing with that thought. That's when she thought of an idea.
"I got it. I've been practicing this spell for a long time." Aisha said. She then let loose with a steady flow of magic energy from her hands. It hit every single person that was standing somewhere on Flora's body. Both giantesses watched as all the people suddenly had wings magically form on their backs! They all flew up to Aisha's eye level, who was smiling from seeing the spell work out the way it did.
"Those wings won't last forever, so enjoy the flight while you can!" Aisha said. She then waved her hands off, motioning for the people to fly off, probably towards their homes. Once the people were gone, Flora stood up to her full height, which was 400 feet tall, matching Aisha's in every inch.
"Wow... I didn't realize I had grown so much from those flowers." Flora said.
"Well, it's a good thing we're equal in height." Aisha said. Just then, the two looked to their right sides to see the 600-foot-tall Bloom approaching.

"Hey, how did Bloom get so tall?" Flora said.
"Must've found something for her Dragon Fire." Aisha said. Bloom stopped quite a few yards short of the other two giantesses.
"Hey girls! Have you seen Tecna or Musa around?" Bloom asked. Both girls shook their head.
"I see... we should find them. I think it's time we all headed home." Bloom said.
"I agree, I am starting to feel a little homesick." Flora said.
"Yeah, me too. I'm so worried about leaving the pixies all to themselves." Aisha said.
"Alright then. Let's go." Bloom said as the three giantesses all walked off into the distance.

Meanwhile, in another city block, Tecna and Musa were walking down the streets continuing on their new growing spree. Tecna was taking in more electricity and bits and bytes of computer data, all of which was making her bigger. Musa was soaking in the sounds of music flowing from loud speakers across the area, and the sound waves were making her grow as well. Fires were being left behind the destruction that the girls were unwillingly leaving behind.
"Man, how much bigger can we possibly get?" Musa said.
"It would seem there are no technical limitations to how big we can get." Tecna said.
"I still say we be cool and take it easy. Bloom might have a fit if we grow too big." Musa said.
"Actually, it won't be a problem now, Musa." a familiar voice said behind the two. They looked to see an even bigger Bloom standing right there. It seemed she was absorbing the fires behind the two ladies and had grown to an astounding one thousand feet tall! Flora and Aisha, still stuck at 400 feet tall, certainly looked puny compared to the other giantesses around the area.

"Hmmm... we definitely have some inconsistency among the ranks of how big each of us are!" Tecna said.
"I'll say... I feel like I'm in kindergarten class again." Flora said.
"Y'know, maybe I can rectify the situation here between myself and you, Flora." Aisha said.
"Really?" Flora said.
"For sure. Let's try this... Rainy Day!" Aisha said. She held one hand in the air and allowed magic energy to enter the skies. The clouds that had been hovering over the giantesses turned thick black and began pouring down rain. Aisha held onto Flora as the two ladies began to grow from absorbing the rain, although Flora was only growing because she felt connected to Aisha. Soon, the two girls matched Bloom's height of 1000 feet tall. Tecna looked over to Musa after watching the growth spectacle.
"Well, ready to join them, my friend?" Tecna said.
"Are you sure? You know that sound waves are my specialty over electricity." Musa said.
"No worries... just stay close to me as I activate my Firewall spell while touching one of the power lines." Tecna said. Indeed, now that it was raining, Tecna expected the power of the downed lines to be increased tenfold. She put her foot over the lines, just as Musa was grabbing onto Tecna, and just like that... both girls began to grow. They were also 1000 feet tall by the time the lines were out of juice. Aisha had also deactivated her Rainy Day spell.

"Wow... so how big are we now?" Musa said.
"According to my calculations... it would appear with 100% probability that we are all one thousand feet tall." Tecna said.
"One thousand...? Gosh, any bigger than that and we may just crush this entire town." Aisha said.
"Yeah... that's why I say we should all go home now. I left Stella at the alley, so once we are all back together, I can open up the portal that will take us back to Magix. Come on, ladies!" Bloom said.
"Heh... Stella's gonna be jealous once she sees all of us this big." Musa said. All five giantesses walked faster than they normally do in an effort to get to Stella before it was too late.

As Flora was walking by the same street where she had helped the group of children plant the flowers, Flora happened to notice the exact same dandelion that she had accidentally made 100 feet tall. It now couldn't even reach up to her knees. Flora kneeled down and plucked the dandelion from the city roads.
"Wow... it's amazing how much bigger 1000 feet tall is compared to just 100." Flora said. She then magically put the dandelion in her dress and then caught up with her fellow Winx girls.

Stella was blasting away at the clouds with her staff, but it was doing her no good as the clouds remained intact.
"Ugh... did they have to make such tough clouds!?" Stella shouted as she continued to fire energy beams from her staff. Stella then stopped when she could hear some stomping sounds in the background. She looked behind her, and there were all her friends, more than twice her current size! Some of the girls couldn't resist laughing down at Stella seeing how small she was being stuck at 400 feet tall. Stella just pouted over seeing what she was seeing, but then she sweated when the five mega giantesses began to surround her.
"What's up, little Stella!?" Musa shouted.
"You're definitely having harder luck than the rest of us did!" Tecna said.
"Ugh... give me a break! You guys were the ones holding me back! You did this on purpose, didn't you!?" Stella said. The girls simply laughed.
"Come on, Stella. We just wanted to keep things in perspective. Not to mention of course protecting my home town." Bloom said.
"Not that it really matters anymore, Bloom. You know we were crushing many things at this size." Flora said.
"Yeah... I guess we all got carried away, didn't we?" Bloom said.
"And you're always blaming me for going off the deep end when it comes to anything!" Stella said. The girls laughed again.

"Okay, okay. I think we should be fair to Stella, guys. Don't you think?" Bloom said. The other girls nodded. They then cast their magic up to the clouds they had created much earlier to block out the sun. The clouds soon moved out of the way, allowing the sunlight to shine through and down onto the town, including of course Stella... and that's when she began to grow.
"Whew... finally some more growing!" Stella said. She kept on growing and growing until she was at the same exact size as her friends. And then, seemingly with absolute precision, the girls cast their spell again, blocking off the sun once more. Stella looked to see the clouds had taken over once more.
"Ack!!! Not again! I told you I am so unlucky!" Stella said. Bloom put a hand on her right shoulder.
"Hey, Stella, you're as big as all of us now... that should say a lot, right?" Bloom said. Stella looked over her right shoulder to see her very best friend, Bloom, standing right there. She then smiled as she patted Bloom's hand that was resting on her shoulder.
"Yeah, you're right. I have someone at my size to hug now!" Stella said as she gave Bloom another big hug like she did last year. Bloom was fighting to keep her balance from the huge hug.
"Whoa... okay, okay! You certainly have some strong hugs at this size, Stella." Bloom said.
"Hey, Bloom... it's time." Musa said.
"Yes, yes. It is time to go home now." Bloom said.
"Awww... do we have to!?" Stella shouted. The other five giantesses just looked at her right in the eyes.
"Hey, I'm just kidding, ya'll! It's cool... I was wanting to go home myself. This planet's getting way too small." Stella said.
"Alright then. Time to go home now." Bloom said. After the girls cancelled the cloud spell that had cast earlier, Bloom then shouted out her magic chant, opening up a portal in the sky that was big enough to let the six mega giantesses through.

Just outside of Alfea College, in the front courtyard, the portal opened once more and all six Winx girls emerged from it. The portal was normal-sized, hence all the girls were back to their normal sizes, just like what happened with Stella when she reverted back to her normal size when the girls landed on Earth.
"Well, looks like we're back to normal." Musa said.
"Just like with Stella during the first teleportation... it would seem the crystals revert themselves, along with us, back to their normal size." Tecna said.
"Hey, that's no biggie! We can always use these things to..." Stella said. She tried touching her Expandium crystal, considering she was so happy to have it in her possession, but she couldn't feel a thing... except for some ashes that she saw falling down to the ground.
"What the...! My crystal! It's dissolving!" Stella said. The other girls looked to see the same exact thing happening to their own crystals.
"So is mine!" Bloom said.
"Hmmm... evidently these crystals can only stand up to so much dimensional travel before their molecules break apart, causing the crystals to dissolve!" Tecna said.
"So does this mean no more growing?" Aisha said.
"I'm afraid so." Tecna added.
"On top of that, I think that was the last of those Expandium crystals. Remember, those pixies had the absolute last sample of them." Flora said.
"Oh yeah... I think I forgot about that." Aisha said.
"Clearly we all forgot about it as much fun as we were all having in my hometown." Bloom said. The girls just looked at each other for a short while, realizing that their fun as giantesses had come to an end.

Just then, the girls looked to see Faragonda, the headmaster of Alfea College, walking out to the courtyard.
"Well, hello there, ladies." Faragonda said.
"Hello, Miss Faragonda." all the girls said.
"So what brings you here on this day?" Faragonda said.
"Well, we just came back from vacation and are ready to relax in our rooms now." Bloom said.
"Oh? Where did you go?" Faragonda said. The girls just looked at each other.
"Nowhere special, Miss Faragonda." Bloom said with a smile.
"I see... well, you girls enjoy your rest. You know the dorm rooms are always open during summer vacation." Faragonda said.
"Thank you, Miss Faragonda." Bloom said. As Miss Faragonda walked away, the girls went inside the college and proceeded to head back into their rooms and rest for the rest of the day after living, literally, the biggest days of their lives.