Big Winx


For the most part, it was peaceful in the realm of Magix. A variety of schools around the world taught young girls how to unleash magical powers beyond their imagination. And that magic has come in very handy. For instance, at this very moment in town, a robbery was taking place.
"HELP! Two thugs have robbed my store!" The female shopkeeper said, screaming from the top of her lungs. The two criminals didn't care that the lady was demanding her bag of cash back. They just kept on going.

But what happened next surprised many people. The ground would shake every second or so, knocking the criminals off their feet each time, followed by a distant rumbling sound. Where was this shaking coming from? The crowd that had witnessed the robbing take place found out soon enough.

Bloom, one of the famed Winx Girls of Alfea College, walked out in her transformed state from behind one of the buildings that stood a little bigger than she did. The crowd and the criminals looked up in shock and amazement... they could've sworn Bloom wasn't this big last time she saved the realm! Bloom just ignored the crowd and looked down at the two thugs with her hands on her hips.

"And just what do you boys think you were doing?" Bloom asked. The two criminals backed away a couple steps before they dropped their bags and took off running in the opposite direction. Bloom then pointed a finger towards them and let loose with a stream of magic energy. It hit the two thugs and soon found themselves completely tied up in rope. Bloom giggled to herself, watching as she watched the two thugs squirm in their place. She then picked up the bags and dropped them next to the shopkeeper.
"Here you go, miss. Those thugs won't be troubling you any longer." Bloom said.
"Oh, thank you, giant one! I am forever in your debt!" the lady shouted to the giantess fairy. Right afterwards, the scenery started to fade away, and Bloom found herself back to normal size and inside the Magical Reality Chamber.

She was never really a giantess. She was simulating as one as part of her test for this week in Magical Reality class. She and the other girls were transported into a small city, small enough to make the girls appear to be giantesses. They were told to use their magic in some way to benefit the city they were in while gigantic.

"Very nicely done, Bloom. But I think you could've been more creative than that." the teacher said as his voice echoed through the VR machine.
"You mean saving a nice lady from two criminals isn't enough?" Bloom asked.
"I wouldn't necessarily say that, but you must not forget that you can do so much more with your powers the bigger you are." the teacher said. Bloom then nodded and proceeded to walk out of the VR machine.
"Okay, Stella! You're next!" the teacher shouted. Stella, also in her transformed state (in fact, they were all transformed), jumped up from her seat upon hearing her name.
"Oh? Me! Great! I'm soooooo ready for this!" Stella shouted as she flew into the VR machine. The other Winx girls (Tecna, Musa, and Flora) were curious as to what it was like for Bloom.
"So how was it, Bloom?" Musa asked.
"Yeah, was the assignment technically challenging?" Tecna asked.
"Oh, not at all. In fact, it looks like fun when you think about it. I almost felt like a real giantess, to be honest with you." Bloom said.
"That's good, and it was also nice to use your powers like you did." Flora said, pointing to the viewscreen above their heads that allowed them to watch what she was doing.
"Well, thanks. Let's see how Stella does." Bloom said.

Stella looked up at the window where the teacher was watching as well as controlling the machine.
"Now, Stella, remember that when using your powers, they are meant to be meaningful and do a lot of good for your virtual city." the teacher said.
"Oh sure! You can totally count on me, teacher!" Stella said. The teacher nodded and then pressed a series of buttons on the control panel in front of him. Stella watched as the emptiness of the VR chamber was soon replaced with the same tiny city that Bloom had been standing in. Stella immediately looked down at the little people that wondered around this city.
"Hiya little people! You look so cute from up here! I'm glad I could find a place like this one!" Stella said as she greeted the little people. Some responded with a hi, while others nervously stared at her, curious what she was going to do. And that's when it hit Stella... what was she going to do?
"Um... okay, let's see. Uh... what should I do? Oh man... I forgot to study!!!" Stella said, slapping her head in disgust. Just then, she looked down to see three boys that looked her age walking past her orange boots. She simply couldn't resist as she bent herself down and picked up the boys, holding them tightly in her hand.
"Hey, boys. I bet you'd love to go out with a big girl like me." Stella said with a smile. The boys then started to struggle in her hand as they were trying to escape.
"What's wrong? I don't think trying to escape is a good idea when you consider how big I am. Heeheehee..." Stella said, letting off a small giggle. Just then, however, the boys as well as the city vanished, and Stella was back in the Magical Reality Chamber.

"Hey! What happened? Where did my little boys go?" Stella asked.
"Stella! I'm very disappointed in you! You were supposed to use your magic for the good of the city, not to find yourself a new date!" the teacher shouted.
"What!? What do you mean? I wasn't planning anything like that! I was..." Stella shouted.
"You don't have to tell me, Stella. I've heard that same ol' tired excuse before. I'm sorry to say you've failed this test." the teacher said. Stella then lowered her head in shame. Another test failed. She was wondering, as she walked out, how many that was now this semester. The other girls tried to console her.
"Oh, now don't feel bad, Stella. I probably would've done the same thing." Bloom said.
"Yeah, sure... like it's my fault that I had to fiddle with some little boys. Come on, they were so cute!" Stella said.
"Don't worry, Stella. We feel for you. We have kinda gotten used to this sort of thing, after all..." Flora said. The other girls, and even the energetic Stella, laughed at that remark.

Tecna was next to go inside. Holding a PDA in her hand, she watched as the virtual little city started to form together. As soon as it was done, she surveyed her surroundings, mostly at the buildings that were smaller than herself.
"Well, here I am. Now to do some analyzing before I put my powers to use." Tecna said. She took step after step through the city. The people of this city were doing a great job dodging her giant feet, but the teacher wasn't enjoying watching this.
"Tecna! Watch where you're going!" the teacher shouted as his voice echoed through the virtual skies.
"Don't worry, teacher. With my careful analyzing, I'll be guaranteed safety of both myself and..." It would soon turn out Tecna spoke too soon. As she was tapping buttons on her PDA, she didn't see the fountain that stood in her path. She tripped over this fountain and found herself falling towards a group of small office buildings. She also lost grip of her PDA, which landed a few yards away from her body on the open road, crushing a few innocent bystanders. Tecna soon crashed down on the ground, crushing these buildings with a loud booming noise to go with it. Tecna looked down and cringed upon seeing the damage she had unwillingly caused... that is, before the scenery disappeared and she was back in the Magical Reality Chamber.
"Oh, Tecna... like I said, you should remember to watch where you're walking at that size. I'm afraid you have failed this assignment as well." the teacher said. Tecna just sighed as she slowly got up, picked up her PDA that she had dropped, and walked outside.

Musa was next to walk around the tiny virtual city. Like Tecna, she took a few steps around to get herself accustomed to walking yards instead of feet with each step. She did a much better job than Stella and Tecna did of ignoring the throng of people that were looking up at her gigantic figure. Finally she stopped and looked towards an open spot in town.
"There! That's where it all happens." Musa said to herself. She then held her hands out and shot a stream of magic towards the spot. Soon, a giant stereo formed in that spot, and right away music started to jam out of the speakers. It was faint to Musa, but that meant the music wasn't loud enough for the tiny people below. In fact, many of them started to dance away. Musa was moving her head to the beat as she sat down on a building that was roughly her size and heavy enough to hold her.
"We're getting down in this town!" Musa said, now snapping her fingers. The whole town was now dancing until a few seconds later when the scenery vanished, just like before with the other girls.
"Very good, Musa! You not only helped out the town using your magic, but you took into consideration the volume of the music by setting it at a safe level for the tiny people." the teacher said over the loudspeaker.
"Cool, professor." Musa shouted before she walked out.

And finally, Flora would go on to use her powers to create a big garden of flowers. Not just in open spots throughout the city, but around the entire city as well. She was awarded bonus points by the teacher for this kind and unselfish act in virtual reality. Eventually, as things shook out, Bloom, Flora, and Musa all passed the test while Stella and Tecna failed. For Stella, this was nothing new, but this was one of the rare times that Tecna had failed an assignment. All the girls returned to their dorm rooms to chat about the assignment.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting assignment." Bloom said.
"Are you kidding? It was so awesome!" Stella shouted.
"But you still failed, Stella..." Flora said.
"Well, it's no big deal! Being, like, totally gigantic just made me feel so good!" Stella said.
"I must agree with Stella. Despite the fact it was virtual reality, being a part of such a small world was such an exhilarating feeling." Tecna said.
"Kinda reminds me of that Junior League we helped out." Musa said.
"I think we all agree that was a fun assignment." Bloom said.
"I'm down with that. Wouldn't be cool if we were real giantesses? I mean... we could kick serious witch butt!" Musa said.
"Totally! And all the cute boys wouldn't be able to resist me!" Stella said.
"But Stella, don't you already have a boyfriend?" Bloom said.
"Like yeah! But who says you can't have more than one boyfriend when you're so big!" Stella said with a smile.
"The fact of the matter is, I believe we can make our dreams a reality." Tecna said, as she looked at her PDA. The other girls immediately looked over at Tecna.
"What do you mean, Tecna?" Flora asked.
"Even you four should know that the Magical Reality Chamber is run by a computer. And there's no escaping Murphy's Law. All computers are bound to have problems." Tecna said.
"So what does that have to do with anything?" Stella asked.
"If I can tweak my laptop to somehow get into the Magical Reality system, I can download the program that made us look like giantesses. Then I could modify it, along with my PDA's infrared receiver, and make a concentrated beam that would enlarge us to the same height as from the program." Tecna said.
"In non-technical words..." Musa said, folding her arms.
"I can make all of us gigantic, this time in real life!" Tecna said with a smile. The other four girls let out a shocking gasp.

"WHAT!?!? Are you crazy, Tecna!? How could you do that?" Bloom asked.
"Don't forget... I am quite the brainiac when it comes to technology." Tecna said.
"That's not what I meant! Even if we did find a way to grow in real-life, how would we not get in trouble?" Bloom said.
"Bloom's right... plus the people of Alfea are not used to seeing giant girls. We could easily freighten them, even if we don't intend to harm them." Flora said.
"Geez... who was it that said being gigantic was such an exhilirating feeling?" Stella said, putting an arm around her friends.
"Yes, and why not? You don't get chances like this in life, naturally because of the obvious dangers involved. But when has that stopped us from thinking about it?" Tecna said.
"Yeah. I'm cool with it too. Life has been pretty boring around here, after all." Musa said.
"So, like, come on girls! Being gigantic is going to be so cool!" Stella said.
"I don't know, Stella... I just don't feel like taking the risks." Bloom said.
"I'm with you, Bloom. I don't think I'd be comfortable being a real life giantess. That's why I'm glad there's such a thing as virtual reality." Flora said.
"They can decide whether they want to join us later. After all, I gotta get the software first before we do anything." Tecna said.
"So how will you do that?" Stella asked.
"Tonight, when everyone is asleep, I'll sneak into the VR chamber and plug in my laptop to download the software. Then, I'll spend as much of the night as I can to modify the software to let it run on my PDA. Then I'll modify the PDA to give off a laser from its infrared receiver. The laser will then make all of us grow. Easy." Tecna said.
"Yeah, it sounds easy. That's why we have you around." Bloom said. So, all five girls agreed on the plan, with Bloom and Flora insisting they be left out of the growth process. They went on with their lives for the rest of the day.

That night, Tecna woke up to the sound of her PDA beeping at her. She had set the alarm to midnight in order to wake up while everyone else was asleep. Tecna then crawled out of bed, picked up her nearby laptop, and slowly walked out of her dorm room so she wouldn't wake up the other girls. Then she tiptoed down the hallways and eventually into the Magical Reality Chamber. Security wasn't an issue to her because the VR room was the least guarded room in all of Alfea College, probably because nobody was smart enough to mess with the machine.
But Tecna was. She walked up to the control panel and plugged in her laptop to one of the nearby ports. She opened up her laptop and pressed a series of buttons. Eventually she was able to access the main drives of the VR machine itself. Inside the directories were the various software programs for the VR machine, mostly consisting of the environments the girls would have their assignments in. Tecna was able to recognize a select few of them, including of course the GTS scenario that she and the other girls had gone through earlier that day.

Anyway, it took Tecna roughly a couple minutes to get the entire program onto her laptop's hard drive. Once the download was complete, she immediately disconnected it from the VR machine and packed it up before quietly walking back to her dorm. Once she was back inside, she started making all the calculations and modifications necessary to make it all work. This took her many hours. In fact, it was daybreak by the time she went back to sleep.

A couple hours later, Tecna was slowly waking up from her lack of sleep overnight because of working on the growth mechanism. She was fortunate to have completed the modifications just before she fell asleep... even to her PDA as far as the growth laser went. What she didn't have time to do was test the product, as well as find a way to reverse the effects. Tecna turned her head to see Stella standing behind her, fully transformed.
"Well, Tecna? Did you get that little growth program of yours to work?" Stella asked in an exciting tone.
"(yawn) I made the modifications, yes. But I haven't been able to test it yet. I don't even know if this'll work." Tecna said.
"Like, who cares? You can totally test it on me!" Stella said. Tecna could sense the excitement flowing through Stella's wings.
"Are you sure? This thing might not work right. I haven't even found a way to reverse the process yet!" Tecna said.
"Would you hurry up already? Today's the day we Winx girls talk size with our magic!" Stella said, growing impatient. Tecna leapt out of bed and got her PDA while transforming herself, just in case the thing worked and it was time for her to grow.
"Alright, let's head outside. Wouldn't want to destroy the college, would we?" Tecna said as she walked out. Stella happily followed.

The two girls were standing outside in the back courtyard, where only a select few fairies were wondering around. Tecna sighed in that some girls would probably be seeing Stella grow in a few short minutes, but she shrugged that thought off knowing that the whole world will watch them if they were to indeed tower over the city. Tecna was busy booting up her PDA.
"Hey, Tecna, I'm just wondering. Why did you, like, tell me last night to transform before I grew?" Stella asked.
"Isn't it obvious? Everyone would know who we were if we were our regular selves. Not many outside of Alfea or Red Fountain know of our secret identities as Winx girls." Tecna said.
"Ah, I get it now. And you just had to mention Red Fountain, didn't you?" Stella asked.
"Yes... why?" Tecna asked. Stella then let off a grinning smile.
"You don't suppose the guys will like us more when we're giantesses, do you?" Stella asked. Tecna just smirked at her.
"Just hold still while I activate the software." Tecna said. She tapped the screen on her PDA in a few places before a visible red beam came from the infrared receiver on the top of the unit. It hit Stella, who watched as the beam of light was striking her.
"Hey, I feel my body warming up..." Stella said.
"That's probably from your body reacting to the laser." Tecna said. A few seconds passed before she deactivated the laser. She walked up to Stella.

"Well? Do you feel any different?" Tecna said.
"Ummm... not really. Looks like your experiment was a total failure." Stella said as she looked around herself.
"I wouldn't speak so soon, Stella. Perhaps the effects are..." Before Tecna could finish, Stella interrupted her.
"Tecna? Aren't you a little taller than that?" Stella asked. Indeed, Tecna looked to see Stella was a full head taller than herself... and she was still growing!
"...delayed?" Tecna finished. She had to back away from the slowly growing body of Stella. As her Winx outfit grew with her, Stella just watched as Tecna and the rest of Alfea College got smaller and smaller from her perspective. Eventually, Stella felt her body temperature returning to normal and her body has stopped growing. She was at first stunned by seeing this, but eventually she came to realize that her dream was now a reality.
"Whoa... it worked! It totally worked!" Stella shouted. Tecna quickly flew up to her face while covering her ears.
"Not so loud, Stella! You don't want the other students to hear you, do you?" Tecna shouted.
"Oh... like, I'm so sorry, Tecna. I guess I'm just excited over being so big like any girl would. How big am I anyway?" Stella asked.
"Well, based on the modifications I made to the program, you should be precisely 100 feet tall." Tecna said.
"100 feet? That's so cool! Isn't that totally bigger than that Godzilla thingy that Bloom once talked about?" Stella asked.
"Godzilla was 300 feet tall, Stella. Still, you're pretty big. And it would appear my experiment was a resounding success." Tecna said. Just then, she and Stella looked down to see Bloom, Musa, and Flora all running out to the back courtyard. They were also in their Winx outfits already. Tecna flew back down to the ground to greet them. They hadn't noticed the giant Stella yet because she was towering right over the entrance from the dorm rooms to the back courtyard, no doubt to surprise them.

"Morning, Tecna." Musa said.
"So, did it work?" Flora asked.
"Yeah? And where is Stella?" Bloom asked.
"Well... why don't you see for yourself?" Tecna said, pointing behind the girls to the 100-foot-tall Stella.
"Oh my..." Bloom gasped as she saw what she saw. The orange glittering from Stella's Winx outfit reflecting the sunlight almost blinded the four girls, but they were equally shocked to see her so gigantic. Stella took a giant step or two to have her orange boots right next to the ladies.
"So what's happening, my little friends?" Stella said.
"It really works..." Flora said softly as she looked up at the giant Stella.
"So how did you do it, Tecna?" Musa said, turning her attention back to Tecna.
"It was easy. I simply recompiled the program using a different set of activation codes that would make my PDA accept the program once I transferred it from my laptop. I simply had to change a few parameters here and there that would result in the program producing a mass-enlarging ray instead of a visual representation of what a giantess would look like." Tecna said.
"In short, you turned the entire virtual reality program into a program that can make anything zapped grow?" Bloom asked.
"With the transformed laser in my infrared receiver, yes. The result is what you see of Stella. She was so anxious she practically begged me to have her as the test subject." Tecna said.
"Well, what are you girls standing around for? Come on and grow! I want to look down at other people, not my friends!" Stella shouted.
"Well, if it works, I'm down with it." Musa said.
"You might as well count me in." Flora said. This shocked Bloom greatly.
"Flora, I thought you said you didn't want to grow like me?" Bloom asked.
"I don't, but I didn't really have a choice. The administration will probably get suspicious at all of us when these fun and games are all done. If I had stayed normal size, they probably would've questioned me to the bitter end while the rest of you went wondering around the city as a giantess." Flora said.
"Well, if you're going to grow, then I will too. But on the promise that we use our added size only for good." Bloom said.
"Oh yes, absolutely. Maybe except for Stella, we all have no intentions of harming the public." Tecna said.
"Hey, come on! I'll be careful! I promise!" Stella said from above.
"Hurry up and make us grow, Tecna, before Stella kills us with that big mouth of hers." Musa said.
"My thoughts exactly. Okay, stand still everyone. By my calculations, it will take an exposure time of 6.4 seconds to match the height of Stella." Tecna said. With that in mind, Tecna activated the laser once more. She aimed it at Bloom and kept it on her for 6.4 seconds, and then she did the same for Flora and Musa. Finally, she pointed the PDA at herself and zapped herself for the same time period.

Eventually, the other four girls watched as they too started to grow. They soon matched Stella's height in every inch. Stella hugged her good friend, Bloom, for joining in on the fun.
"Oh, Bloom, I'm so glad you could grow as big as me!" Stella shouted.
"It's not a problem, Stella. Not yet anyway." Bloom said. The five giantesses then looked down from the new perspective and could see a crowd of students and teachers looking up at them.
"Talk about being the center of attention..." Musa said.
"It shouldn't be surprising, Musa. It's not every day you find a group of giant girls standing in the courtyard." Flora said.
"(sigh) What do we do? They're gonna do something sooner or later." Bloom said.
"The most obvious course of action... fly away!" Tecna said. After picking up her PDA (and having trouble handling it because it was so small), she did just that, and the other girls soon followed suit. As they flew in the air, they were discussing what they could do next at their tremendous size.

"Well, now that we're like totally gigantic, what are we going to do next?" Stella said.
"I guess we head for the real city outside Alfea, much like the virtual reality program." Tecna said.
"Yeah, I'm down with that. It'd be cool to let real life people hear my music." Musa said.
"I say we do whatever we want from this point forward, but promise me that we're not going to harm those little people!" Bloom said, serious about not wanting to stir up any major trouble.
"Chill out, Bloom! We're not gonna be like those giant girls from those old movies from your old home! We'll be totally gentle!" Stella said.
"You can count on all of us, Bloom. I think we all agree we're doing this just for fun and not to cause harm." Flora said.
"Affirmative... although getting us back to normal size might be a bit of a challenge. I always said my PDA had the smallest screen in the world, but this is ridiculous!" Tecna said as she looked down at her mini-mini-sized PDA.
"It's cool, Tecna. You can figure it out because you're so smart, right?" Musa said.
"You're so encouraging, Musa." Tecna said sarcastically. Bloom was the first to notice the city coming up in her view.
"Hey, there's the city up ahead!" Bloom said pointing ahead.
"Okay, girls. Let's make this experience a memorable one." Flora said.
"Woohoo! Here we come, little city!" Stella shouted.

Eventually, all five girls touched down in the city in different parts. Even through this way, there was widespread panic across the city. And why not? As Flora said earlier, it's not everyday you have a giant girl walking through your neighborhood. All five girls were taking small steps through the city, doing their best not to crush anyone. In fact, Bloom encouraged everyone that she wasn't there to hurt the people and if they wanted to get away to safety, she would have no problem doing that.
"Everyone clear out so that I don't hurt you!" Bloom shouted. She stood in her place while a clear line was forming along the streets. There were still a few people on the roads, however, like an old lady trying to cross the street. Bloom looked at her and then noticed a car that was driving straight at her! That was because the driver was staring right up at the giantess fairy that was standing before him. Bloom quickly reacted and picked up the lady before the car could hit her. The old lady was stunned from the swift motion and she looked up to see the one that had saved her life.
"Are you okay, madam?" Bloom asked.
"Why, yes, young lady. It was you that saved my life, wasn't it?" she said.
"Uh... yes. Aren't you a little freightened over seeing me this big?" Bloom asked.
"Not at all, my dear. You should know that anything can happen in Magix!" she said.
"Oh yeah... I guess I forgot. I haven't been around here as long as you have." Bloom said. She then lowered the old lady back down on the sidewalk. She could hear some cheers from the people below that had watched her heroic efforts.
"You take care, madam." Bloom said.
"You too, sweetheart." the old lady said before she started walking away. Bloom just smiled before she walked off in a different direction.

Meanwhile, in a secret location within the Cloud Tower School for Witches, the three senior witches (Icy, Darcy, and Stormy) were watching through their miniature viewing globe all the action outside of Alfea, including of course the sight of the Winx girls being so big.
"Arrrgh! It's no fair! How come they have to be the ones towering over the city before we do!?" Icy said.
"Maybe it's because we never thought about doing something that evil." Stormy said.
"You think? It's easy to get caught when you're gigantic like they are. How did they do it anyways?" Darcy said.
"That doesn't matter. And who cares if we get caught, girls? We're going to show those incy-wincy fairies who's really in charge." Icy said.
"Sounds bad to me." Darcy said.
"Yeah! I'm all for this." Stormy said.
"Then join hands and let me work my magic." Icy said. Darcy and Stormy held out their hands and grabbed onto Icy's hands as they all closed their eyes.
"Great witch magic, hear our call! Bring to us the power to make us tall!" Icy shouted. A wave of energy soon covered all three of the witches, and it was slowly getting larger. It soon outgrew the corridors that the witches were living in and then floated down to the surface of the tower. It soon disappeared to reveal the three witches, now just as tall as the Winx girls were, although they felt they were bigger for the moment.
"Alright, ladies, what do you say we do some fairy crushing?" Icy asked.
"Yeah. A giantess crushing another giantess. Ironic, isn't it?" Darcy said.
"I'll say. Just seeing the tower so puny is enough inspiration for me." Stormy said. The three girls then stomped off into the distance.

Back outside Alfea, Musa had already seperated herself from the other Winx girls and was walking around the city, admiring how much bigger she was like any other GTS would do. Like the other girls, she was also trying to comfort the tiny people that had been scrambling for safety by assuring them she meant no harm.
"Yo, it's cool, people! I won't hurt you!" Musa said. Some took this advice and stopped running, while others just kept on going. Musa then thought about what she did in the virtual reality assignment and decided to put her enhanced Winx magic to use. She aimed for the park that she was a step away from standing in and shot her magic forward. A giant stereo (to the crowd at least) was created in place of the park. Right away, music started to jam out of the speakers. It was faint to Musa, but that meant the music wasn't loud enough for the tiny people below. In fact, many of them started to dance away. Musa was moving her head to the beat as she sat down on a building that was roughly her size and heavy enough to hold her.
"We're getting down in this town!" Musa said, now snapping her fingers. She giggled over talking like she did in the VR simulation, but this was happening in real life, so it made much more of a difference to her to see these people enjoying themselves.

Stella, on the other hand, was making the little people very nervous. And this just from the fact that she was crawling through town on her knees, looking for some cute boy to cuddle with no doubt. Tecna was alongside her, trying to work her fingers on the tiny PDA in her hand, but it was doing no good.
"Like, why try to fiddly with that thing!? It's soooo tiny!" Stella said.
"Well, it's the only thing that's gonna get us back to normal if we ever get tired." Tecna said.
"Big deal, Tecna! Like we could get tired of being this gigantic! Oh, there's a cutie!" Stella said, looking down at a young man that was trying to get away. She picked him up and held him at eye leve.
"Please, big lady! Don't hurt me!" the man said.
"Oh don't you worry! I just want to see how cute you look from up here." Stella said, blowing him a kiss that almost blew him off Stella's hand. Tecna looked and was surprised to see who the man was.
"Timmy!?" Tecna said. Although Timmy didn't know it, Tecna had a crush on him.
"Tecna? You're big too?" Timmy asked.
"Well... yes, actually. Three other Winx girls are as well. They wanted to make one of their virtual reality assignments a reality, so to speak." Tecna said.
"That's cool, I guess. You girls aren't destroying anything are you?" Timmy said.
"Don't worry about that. I made sure everyone, including Stella here, wouldn't harm a flea even at this size." Tecna said.
"Hey! Picking up cute guys and saying how cute they are isn't harming them, is it?" Stella said. Tecna just smiled as she soon let Timmy down onto the ground, who looked up at the giantesses one more time before he walked away. As Tecna got back to fiddling with her PDA, Stella got back to chasing down the boys.

Flora took a look around her block of the city and noticed how dark and dreary it felt because there weren't any elements of nature to be found.
"Hmmm... this won't do. This city deserves much better." Flora said to herself. That's when she waved her hands and let loose with a stream of magic seeds around the area. These seeds soon developed quickly into beautiful flowers and trees... although she overdid the spell a bit by making them gigantic as well. These trees and flowers made Flora look normal-sized as she observed the area.
"Oh well, at least it's better than nothing." Flora said. She turned around and started to walk towards another part of the city, nearly crushing a bus full of panicking people as she started walking.

And finally, Bloom was just getting accustomed to walking around town at her size without harming anyone. In fact, she smiled that some of the people were apparently taking an interest in seeing her walk around town. Bloom noticed her own boyfriend, Prince Sky, standing on top of a building looking up at the GTS.
"Hey Bloom! What's up?" Sky said.
"I guess it would be me." Bloom said, laughing at her own silly remark.
"So how did you get so big? I rushed here to find out after word spread around Red Fountain that you girls had grown." Sky said.
"So you guys already found out? Word sure spreads fast, doesn't it?" Bloom said.
"As fast as it'll take to bring you down to size!" a voice said in the background. Bloom looked and suddenly saw the three witches as tall as she was!
"The witches!? What are you doing here and how did you get so big!?" Bloom asked.
"We could ask you the same thing, pretty fairy." Stormy said.
"Although it's too bad we couldn't use our witch magic to grow even bigger than you." Darcy said. Bloom heard that and immediately figured the witches were up to something bad.
"I should've known you witches would try to spoil our fun..." Bloom said.
"Enough talk, ladies. Let's get that girl's Dragon Fire, then we'll really cause some destruction!" Icy said. She let loose a powerful stream of ice, but Bloom quickly countered with her fire spell. In the crossfire, however, Stormy had grabbed Prince Sky and was holding him tightly in her hand.
"You didn't say the magic word!" Stormy said.
"Hey! Let him go!" Bloom shouted.
"Give us what we want and we'll give you your boy, although don't you think he's a little too small for your size?" Icy said with a smug face. Bloom just cringed with anger. Her body started to burn with fire brightly... a sign that the Dragon Fire was reaching full power.
"Ah ha... the Dragon Fire! It is mine!" Icy shouted as she formed a huge ice boulder over her hands and then tossed it at Bloom with full force. But to the surprise of the witches, Bloom stopped the boulder by simply letting it hit her right hand. The boulder fell to the ground, shattering in various-sized ice crystals that poured down harmlessly onto an empty street.

"What!? She deflected my ice spell? How can that be!?" Icy shouted.
"Your witch magic probably doesn't let your powers grow with you, unlike how I grew!" Bloom shouted. She then shot a huge fireball towards Stormy, who leapt out of the way to dodge the attack. In the process, she dropped Prince Sky as he fell towards the ground, but Bloom was able to catch him by extending her left foot out and letting him land safely on it. At the same time, she blasted the witches once more, burning them a great deal. Their growth magic had run out as well as they shrunk back down to their normal size. They sat down on the ground, all charred out from the Dragon Fire, as the giantess Bloom put both her feet down next to the evil villainesses.
"The tables sure have turned now, haven't they ladies?" Bloom asked. Icy was the first to get up.
"You'll pay for this, Bloom! I swear one day you and your goodie-good-shoe fairies will pay!" Icy shouted before she and the other witches disappeared from sight.

Bloom and Sky were together once again.
"Whew... thanks, Bloom. Looks like I owe you one." Sky said.
"Anytime, Sky. Anytime." Bloom said, smiling down to her little boyfriend. The other Winx giantesses soon joined Bloom. Stella quickly hugged her, leaving Sky stuck between two giantess fairies for at least a few seconds. Bloom forgived Sky for this action and let him down on the ground so he could get back to Red Fountain.
"Bloom! Are you okay!?" Stella asked.
"I'm just fine... why?" Bloom asked.
"Oh, we were on our way to help you fight those senior witches." Flora said.
"We saw them about a few blocks away as towering giantesses. What happened to them?" Tecna said.
"Well, I was able to stop them because they didn't strengthen their powers like we did. My Dragon Fire made quick work of them, but they got away before I could finish them." Bloom said.
"It doesn't matter. What's cool is that you're still alive and kicking." Musa said.
"So... what have you girls done at this size so far?" Bloom asked.
"Well, you hear that jammin' music? I gave the people something to dance over!" Musa said.
"I caught some cute boys and kissed them!" Stella said.
"I planted some beautiful flowers and trees on the outskirts of this city... a little too well I might add." Flora said. The other girls just laughed at that remark
"Well, I didn't do much except for fiddle with my PDA and make Timmy blush." Tecna said.
"I'm ready to do more! What do you say, girls!?" Stella shouted. Bloom nodded.
"Yeah, I guess this experience isn't so bad after all." Bloom said. But just as she said that, the girls looked around to see the city getting bigger.
"Yo, Tecna... you didn't tell that little gizmo of yours to shrink us, did you?" Musa said.
"Yeah! I was just beginning to enjoy my new size!" Stella said.
"I didn't touch my PDA... honest!" Tecna said. Bloom was the first to look down and see why they were shrinking.
"Uh oh... girls. Look." Bloom said, pointing down to none other than Griselda and Faragonda, the two ladies in charge of Alfea College. The girls soon found themselves back to normal size.
"Ugh... not cool at all." Musa said.
"I told you girls we could get caught..." Flora said.
"Greetings, girls. Won't you have a visit to my office?" Faragonda said as she and Griselda summoned a teleportation spell to take them and the girls right to her office in Alfea College.

20 minutes later, after Griselda was yapping on how much of a threat the girls were to the city as well as the consequences of not only growing in size, but hacking into the Magical Reality Chamber systems, she was ready to hand down the punishments.
"Ladies, as punishment for these irreparable acts of dishonor to all of Alfea, I hereby suspend you from classes for nine days! And you will also be denied use of your Winx powers until that time!" Griselda said. The girls, back in their street outfits, immediately frowned upon hearing the news.
"(sigh) Grounded again." Bloom said.
"Yes, Griselda, it is true they misused the Magical Reality Chamber for their own silly purposes, but on the other hand, we have to commend the girls for using their newfound powers responsibly." Faragonda said.
"What do you mean, Miss Faragonda?" Flora asked.
"You girls should be proud you didn't use your new size for bad purposes. There was only minimal damage reported from the scuffle between Bloom and those witches. And there were no injuries whatsoever. It's highly improbable for nobody to be unharmed during an attack of this kind, but you girls showed remarkable restraint towards the people of Alfea." Faragonda said.
"Awwww... it was no problem! I mean... it's not like we were like those giant women from those old horror movies that Bloom used to watch!" Stella said.
"I didn't watch any of those, Stella! Old movies aren't my style." Bloom said.
"Come on, girl, I was just kidding!" Stella said.
"Yes, that is true. And of course, we must not forget Bloom's courageous effort to stop the witches before they could cause any major trouble." Faragonda said.
"Thank you, Miss Faragonda." Bloom said.
"Of course, Bloom. So keeping all these deeds in mind, you will still lose your powers on a temporary basis, but I will only make the suspension three days instead of nine." Faragonda said. Some of the girls still groaned that they were still suspended, but it was far less of a groan than when Griselda announced the penalties. The girls were then dismissed from the room. They walked back together to their dorm room.

"Well, at least Faragonda was nice enough to lessen the length of the suspension since we didn't cause any harm." Flora said.
"I feel like we were lucky since that was all we got away with." Bloom said.
"Yes, I agree. Imagine if we had acted like bad giantesses. Who knows where we would've been..." Tecna said.
"Well, it's cool. I could use a chill down right about now." Musa said.
"We should do this again sometime!" Stella said.
"Stella!" All the girls shouted.
"Like, I was just kidding! Come on, you didn't think I would want to get in trouble twice, did ya?" Stella said.
"What we should do is convince the teacher of virtual reality class to let us do the GTS assignment again." Tecna said.
"Sounds like a plan to me." Bloom said as the girls giggled.