Beauty and Brawn of Magix

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by chaosbeast9)

Bloom, Tecna, Layla, and Flora all applauded after watching Musa get a perfect score on her favorite dancing video game yet again.
"Woohoo! Way to go, Musa!" Bloom said.
"Awwww… thanks, though it's cool. I feel like this is normal for me. In fact, maybe you're all wasting your time watching me?" Musa asked.
"Are you kidding!? You're the absolute queen of dancing, even though that's no surprise given your roots in music. It's better than watching a marathon of my favorite sci-fi show." Tecna said.
"Heh heh… I'd call that a small victory!" Musa said.
"Tecna's right. I'm in awe of your dance moves. Maybe you could teach me to put out moves like that?" Layla asked.
"Sure! How much time do you have to spare?" Musa said, prompting a laugh from the other girls.

Suddenly, the girls looked and saw the door to their dormitory burst open and Stella came running in with a posted in her hands.
"Girls, girls! You have to see this!" Stella shouted.
"Don't tell us, Stella. Another astronomical shoe sale is happening at the mall?" Bloom asked.
"Actually, for once it's not that. Check this out!" Stella said as she unrolled the poster, showing off a few muscle-clad women standing in front of one of the entertainment centers in the heart of the city.
"Huh? The Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival?" Tecna asked.
"Oh, that's the place where muscular women of all nationalities come together. They hold some contests to decide who's the most muscular and who looks the best doing it." Musa said.
"Oh? How do you know about it, Musa?" Layla asked.
"I went to one a few years ago. Wasn't really my thing." Musa said.
"That's… interesting, Stella, but why are you showing us this?" Bloom asked.
"And why do you have more excitement than an overheating CPU?" Tecna asked.
"I think we should totally enter this contest! Don't we still have that power the witches used to grow all big and buffy?" Stella said as she did a couple flexes with her wimpy arms.
"Well, yeah, but…" Flora said.
"We really shouldn't be using that power just for fun, Stella! Remember how much trouble it caused for the city when the Trix used it?" Bloom said.

"Pfffft… come on! They only caused trouble because they were giantesses! We don't have that problem! Remember the fun times we had with the boys at Red Fountain? Heehee… I still remember when Brandon tried to ride one of my arms." Stella said.
"Ummm…" the other five Winx girls said.
"Too bad I missed THAT party." Layla said with an innocent smile on her face.
"And besides! Just think of the competition we'll be up against! Look at this video from last year!" Stella said as she next held up a disc. She ran over and stuck it into the video player, and various video reels played from last year's show. Stella made sure to point out (and get excited) over last year's winner. At this moment, on the screen, she was flexing her bicep so large, it bulged out past her wrist. All the girls whistled out.
"Fascinating." Tecna said.
"Wait a minute. How do we know those muscles are real? Not just from the winner, but all the other contestants?" Flora said.
"Flo's got a good point. Maybe the event people are just making these muscles appear out of thin air." Musa said.
"Well, duh! Isn't that the point of the event!? And besides, our bulky muscles aren't exactly real either!" Stella said.
"She's got a point there." Flora said.
"A most logical one, if I say so myself. Those aliens I adore so much would be proud!" Tecna said.
"Alright, alright. We'll enter the competition, Stella. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give Alfea one more trophy to brag about." Bloom said. Stella ran over and hugged her red-headed friend.
"Yay! You're the best, Bloom!" Stella shouted.
"So how do we enter?" Bloom asked.
"Easy! Just submit these entry forms!" Stella said as she held such forms up in the air, most of which were already filled out with key details.
"Of course you did." Bloom said.
"It's amazing what Stella is prepared for and what she ISN'T." Tecna said as she winked over at Stella.
"Awwww… come on! I didn't forget ALL my tests! Honest!" Stella said.

A couple days pass, and it's the day of the Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival. After waking up and taking care of their morning routines, the six Winx Club girls were all dressing up in their competition outfits that were sent to them. They were all wearing the same outfit, which consisted of a tube top, bikini briefs, and high heel shoes, although the only major difference were the colors they each wore. Bloom wore green, Stella wore red, Flora wore yellow, Tecna wore purple, Musa wore pink, and Layla wore orange.
"Hey, why couldn't I wear green? I mean… that's the color of my Winx outfit." Layla said.
"I know it looks weird, especially ME in green, but that's the way it goes… especially since our names are stitched onto these outfits." Bloom said as she pointed to her name being shown on one of the breast parts of the tube top. Stella was stretching her tube top out, noting how big it looked compared to her body.
"Don't you all think maybe they sent us two or, like, three sizes too big!?" Stella said.
"Well, duh, Stel. We're supposed to be filling these things with muscle, remember?" Musa said.
"Hmmmm… these outfits are made of an incredibly stretchy material. I wonder if it's even possible to rip this thing apart." Tecna said.
"Who cares about that right now, Tecna? C'mon, everyone! I want my mega muscles!" Stella said.
"First we gotta get out of Alfea." Bloom said.
"I agree with Bloom. We'd easily make a scene if we walked around with bulked up bodies." Tecna said.

A couple minutes pass, and although some other students did look at the girls funny as they walked around in their new outfits, they made it virtually unnoticed outside the grounds of Alfea.
"Alright, Tecna. Do your thing." Bloom said.
"Right! Activating the energy ball…" Tecna said as she pulled out her PDA and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly, it glowed bright and a ball of energy emerged. In fact, it was the same ball the Trix used to become very muscular and very big in Mega Muscle Trix. The ball quickly split six ways and went flying through the skin of each girl.
"Oooooh… I feel so strange." Layla said.
"Don't worry, Layla. This won't hurt… here it comes!" Bloom said. Just like that, all six girls transformed right before their very eyes. Their arms, legs, and their chests bulked up and became covered with more and more muscle. And while their clothes looked tight and were the slightest flex away from tearing, they pretty much held up to the explosive muscle growth and weren't trying to fall off the girls anymore. 30 seconds later, all six ladies were incredibly muscle bound. Layla had a shocked look on her face.
"Oh… oh my goodness!" Layla said.
"Haha! You're looking good, Layla! Of course, not as good looking as me." Stella said.
"Ha! Think again, sunshine girl. Think you can top these babies?" Musa said as she flexed and allowed her muscular arms to bulge just a tad bigger.
"Er… well… I just didn't think women could grow muscles this big, even with a little magical help!" Layla said.
"Welcome to the 21st century, where women can do anything men can do. Sometimes even better!" Tecna said as she winked one of her eyes.
"Okay, everyone. Save that competitive energy for when we get inside the building. We can't win the competition unless we submit our entry forms!" Bloom said.
"True, Bloom, though can I say one thing?" Flora asked.
"What's that, Flora?" Bloom asked.
"No matter what happens, and no matter how badly we all want to win, we're all still friends in the end." Flora said.
"Absolutely, Flora." Bloom said with a smile. All six ladies hugged each other briefly (or at least tried to, but all those muscles left the circle pretty tight!).
"Alright, let's go!" Bloom said as the six ladies all made their way towards the building with the big 'Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival' banner. Unsurprisingly, they got stunned looks from any civilian that took one glance at these bodies.

Inside, a young woman was sitting behind the counter. She seemed kinda bored as she occasionally glanced over and saw some of the other muscular women talking with each other. She was particularly interested in seeing one girl arguing with two older folks, presumably her parents.
"Heh heh. Glad I don't have to go through that drama anymore." the woman said.
"Excuse me!" Bloom said. The woman turned and her eyes opened wide as she saw the 6 Winx girls approaching her.
"Hi. Us 6 would like to sign up together." Bloom said.
"Okay. State your names, please." the woman said as she pulled out a clipboard. Bloom pointed one by one to the girls behind her, calling out their names along the way.
"Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora, and Layla." Bloom said.
"Hmmm… your names sound familiar for some reason." the woman said as she pointed to Bloom's muscular arm.
"All of Magix know us as the Winx Club." Bloom said.
"Yeah! Guardians of the galaxy! Stopping evil from spreading their evil magic around!" Stella said.
"I see. I had no idea you six were into muscle demonstrations and contests." the woman said.
"Er… normally we're not, but this one convinced us to enter and see how our muscles match up with the rest of the world." Tecna said.
"I see. Anyway, proceed to the Pump Room, please. Just down the hall. The show will begin in 30 minutes." the woman said.
"Thanks!" Bloom said as she and the others walked past the counter.

Along the way, the Winx girls watched a couple other contestants who were practicing their routines, such as a woman named Aquiria (her name was inscribed on the tube top, after all), who was jump roping over a rope made entirely out of water.
"Pfffft… really? I thought this was a competition for showing off muscles. We'll easily beat her!" Stella said.
"You sure about that, Stella? I kinda admire any show that emphasizes beauty and brawn AND showing off whatever talents you have." Tecna said.
"Hmmm… I wonder what we should all do for our acts, especially to win." Musa said.
"Luckily we have about 30 minutes to think of what to do." Bloom said. The girls finally arrived at the room labeled PUMP ROOM, and they went through the door where they saw almost 20 other muscle-bound women all lifting weights.
"Heh heh… my first experience in a gym. It's sure different than I envisioned it." Layla said. Flora took a couple whiffs and waved a hand in front of her nose, picking up the scent of bodies working out.
"*cough* Sure smells like it too." Flora said.
The Winx girls spent the next 15 minutes either working out, practicing their acts, or chatting a little bit with the other competitors, such as Miss Statuesquia and Miss Narcissia. There wasn't much talking with the other girls, though, as most of them were concentrating on the upcoming show, determined to be the one that came out on top.
Bloom and Stella were getting ready to practice their routines, but they both suddenly heard familiar voices.
"What!? What in the name of Magix are you doing here!?" one female voice shouted. Bloom gasped as she turned around and now faced a just-as-mega-muscular Diaspro.

"Diaspro!? You're entering this competition as well!?" Bloom shouted.
"No duh! It's my desire to win at everything! I've been working on these babies for weeks!" Diaspro said as she slapped one of her muscular arms.
"Yeah, and it only took us seconds…" Stella muttered under her breath as she and Bloom tried to hold giggles in.
"What was that, sunny side up girl!?" Diaspro shouted.
"Hey! Watch who you're insulting, you brat!" Stella said.
"And who's the brat of this bunch, again?" another female voice said. Bloom and Stella watched as another muscular woman came walking out from behind Diaspro. Stella sighed.
"Sigh… Chimera." Stella said.
"Face it, Stella. Your muscles are nothing, it doesn't matter whether they're real or not. I will win the competition for sure. You might as well go flying and crying back to Solaria right now." Chimera said.
"Pfffft… you couldn't get your way on Solaria! What makes you think things will be different in Magix?" Stella asked.
"Because you don't have your precious sun to shine upon you amongst these beautiful lights. And I can pummel you into the next county anytime I want." Chimera said as she flexed one of her arms and made the muscles bulge bigger.
"Bring it on, you big wrecking ball!" Stella said as she slammed her fists together twice and she, Diaspro, and Chimera all charged towards each other.

Bloom, however, got between the triangle of ladies and held them back with her muscular arms.
"Alright, alright! Let's save it for the stage!" Bloom said.
"Hmph! I couldn't agree more. I shouldn't be wasting my time or even breath on you. See you later, Bloom and Doom." Diaspro said as she and Chimera both strutted away. Seeing the way they walked only made Bloom and Stella more annoyed.
"Bloom, we have to win. One of us MUST win!" Stella said.
"I agree. I'll most certainly give it everything I've got!" Bloom said as she and the other Winx girls got back to working out.

It was soon time for the show. The crowd roared in applause as a gentleman came out holding a microphone and stood on center stage.
"Welcome, one and all, to the Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival! Prepare yourselves to be dazzled, amazed, overwhelmed, and most importantly, overpowered as 20 of the most muscular women compete not just to be the strongest, but the most talented as well! And best of all, almost anything goes! These ladies will be using whatever magic they possess to dazzle, amaze, overwhelm, but most importantly, overpower you and show you that muscles and magic really can work together! Are you ready, everyone!?" the man said as the crowd applauded again.
"Then let's bring out the ladies!" the man said as he waved his hand behind him. Right on cue, all 20 muscular women, which included Diaspro, Chimera, and the six Winx girls, came walking out like they were models holding briefcases on a game show.
"Which muscular vixen tickles your tummy… er, fancy!? I'm sure if it were up to you, they'd all be winners, but alas, our esteemed panel of judges will have the final say. And so without further ado, let's get started!" the man said. The audience cheered as the women all went backstage and waited for their names to be called.

Already three ladies had their turn. One named Flexia used her biceps to juggle three bowling balls… which easily got the crowd ooooohing and aaaaahing and cheering. The next woman to go up was Narcissia. She took one of her biceps in one of her hands and, with just that one hand, twisted it around and formed different objects with it. These objects included a cube, a pyramid, a car, and even a face in the shape of the host of the event.
Next was Lucaria. It confused the audience at first that she was covering herself almost entirely in warrior armor. But then she flexed, and I mean flexed… even the back rows of the theater could hear her grunting loudly. Suddenly her muscles instantly grew and burst through the armor, breaking it apart and leaving her in just her competition outfit. This girl got a standing ovation as she departed the stage, blowing a kiss on the way out. Bloom let out a whistle as this muscular woman walked by her backstage.
"*whistles* What raw strength…" Bloom said.
"Awwww… that's nothing, Bloom! Wait until they see what we can do!" Stella said.
"Coming out next is Bloom!" the man said from onstage.
"Oh! Speaking of… go kill them, Bloom!" Musa said.
"Er… um… thanks." Bloom said as she came walking out.

Bloom eventually took center stage, having to shield her eyes briefly from the bright spotlights.
"Welcome, Bloom! What are you going to show us with your beautiful muscles?" the man asked.
"Well, I'm going to show you how strong they can withstand my Dragon Fire." Bloom said.
"Hmmmm… I see. Proceed!" the man said. He and Bloom watched as a few mirrors were wheeled out onstage. Bloom took a deep breath and clapped her hands together, next aiming them at one of the mirrors.
"Dragon Fire!" Bloom shouted as she shot a fireball towards the mirror. She watched as the fireball reflected off the mirror and headed back towards her abs. Bloom stood firm and watched the fireball strike her in the abs. Her only reaction was that she backed away a few steps but showed no signs of pain.
"Double blast!" Bloom said as she shot two fireballs this time. Again, they reflected off the mirrors and back towards her. She backed away a couple steps but again showed no signs of pain, not even any signs of burns on her skin.
"Well done, Bloom! Thank you very much!" the man said as the crowd applauded. Bloom waved everyone goodbye as she walked backstage, though it did worry her a bit that the applause wasn't as loud as some of the other contestants tonight.

One after another, the competition continued with more of the Winx girls taking turns. Stella was next to come out as she carried a long metal beam that one would typically see in construction.
"Oh? What are you going to do with that beam, Stella?" the man said.
"Oh, nothing much. Just this! Hnnnnnnnnnngh!" Stella said as she grunted loudly and bent the metal beam any which way she could. Just the normally sturdy beam getting bent was impressive enough for the crowd, but it was the end result that really got them gasping. Stella eventually made her last bend (and hearty grunt in the process) and held the beam high above her head… which was now spelling out her name in cursive. The crowd exploded in applause.
"Very impressive, Stella!" the man said.
"Teehee… like, thank you! Here, you can keep it as a souvenir." Stella said with a smile as she casually dropped the bent metal on the floor, which made the man back away in fear. Stella brushed her hair back and headed backstage.

Layla seemed to impress the audience out of the gate. Already people were whistling at how huge her muscles were, but the crowd went quiet as Layla went into a dance like pose. Suddenly music started blasting out of the nearby speakers and Layla broke out into a dance. Despite the added mass all throughout her muscular body, Layla still moved as nimbly as any gymnast imaginable. In fact, the crowd really applauded when Layla did a couple backflips and stuck the landing. When the music finally stopped, the whole theater cheered. Even the other contestants backstage were applauding (except of course for Diaspro and Chimera).
"Wow! I didn't know Layla could dance like that! Have you been teaching her, Musa?" Bloom asked.
"Not really… I taught her some moves but not some of those!" Musa said.
"I guess maybe it took plenty of added muscle to bring out that side of her." Tecna said. The Winx girls high-fived Layla as she walked by.
"Well, I'm up next. Wish me luck!" Tecna said as she walked out onstage next.

For Tecna, her act wound up being more about showing her technical prowess than her bulky body. She summoned a series of laser lights, and used her fingers in combination with her mind to move them all around the room. The audience naturally followed these lights, with some following them to the point of falling out of their chairs. Nevertheless, they applauded Tecna all the way until she exited the stage.

Then came Flora, and she gave a very brief speech before she started her act.
"Thank you, everyone. You know, you may have seen some big muscles so far… but have you seen what I call my Miracle Grow Muscles?" Flora asked. That's when she crossed her arms and summoned some green sparkling pixie dust that she covered across the entire length of both arms as well as her chest and back. After a few seconds, the audience gasped as they watched Flora's muscular upper body vibrate rather profoundly. Suddenly the muscles on both her arms, her chest, and back all inflated with a very audible hiss-like sound. Bigger and bigger these muscles bulged, and the crowd sat back in awe, especially when Flora's head almost got fully obscured by these muscles. Once they stopped growing and Flora did a couple quick flexes, the crowd applauded until Flora exited the stage. Once she was unseen from the crowd, that's when she canceled the spell and her muscles returned to the way they were before the act.
"Whew… and I thought I felt strong with just these muscles!" Flora commented as she patted one of her muscular biceps.

Musa came out next, and the crowd expected her to go into a flex and bulge show just like some of the other girls in the competition have, but instead, she took a deep breath and opened her mouth, and out came one of the most beautiful singing voices ever heard.
"Take! These broken wings! And learn to fly again…" Musa said. What amazed everyone was how crystal clear the voice coming out of her mouth was, like it was coming out of the nearby speakers. Of course, Musa knew the reason for this crystal clear voice. Her vocal chords felt so much stronger thanks to the energy flowing through her body's added muscle. Musa was singing quite passionately… she even cried a little bit as she approached the end of the song, and yet there was no breaking in her voice.
She finally finished singing, and the crowd stood up and applauded while she bowed repeatedly and gave a parting flex of her muscles on the way out.

Diaspro, Bloom's bitter rival in the Magix realm, took the stage next. After a couple flexes, she pressed her hands together and out came a series of golden clouds that clapped with a little thunder. It made the audience a little worried that she was summoning indoor rain clouds.
"Now, little peasants! Let me serenade you with the glitter of my royal family!" Diaspro shouted as she flung the clouds towards the ceiling. Soon afterwards, instead of water, the clouds were raining all sorts of different colors of glitter, most of them ruby (her favorite color). The audience cheered as they felt the glitter rain down on their heads. Eventually, once Diaspro felt there was enough glitter, she swung her hands around. The clouds disappeared, and suddenly every speck of glitter flew into the air and swirled around the theater like a tornado. The tornado made a couple trips around the theater without picking anyone up off their feet despite the twister coming within inches of them. Finally, the tornado twirled around the muscular Diaspro until she put her hands inside it. The tornado full of glitter shrunk smaller and smaller until it was small enough to fit in her hands. That's when she clapped her hands together and the tornado disappeared.
Diaspro bowed and exited the stage while the whole room cheered and whistled. She walked by Bloom and stuck her tongue.
"Pfffft… top that, Hydra woman!" Diaspro said as she strutted away.
"Grrrrrr…" Bloom growled.

The final contestant, Chimera, was then called on stage. She came out carrying a quilt, which obviously piqued the curiousity of the host.
"Oh? What's with that quilt, Chimera?" the man asked.
"For instantly changing my outfit. Watch!" Chimera said. She swung the quilt all around herself like a bullfighter's cape, and that was no easy task given how big and muscular she was. For a split second the audience couldn't see Chimera at all, but once she emerged from the quilt, she was now wearing a belly dancer's outfit, which drew a lot of whistles from the crowd especially as she strutted around and showed off her powerful abs. Then she swung the quilt around again and this time she was in a red swimsuit, the kind that you see lifeguards wearing all the time. Again, this drew lots of cheers and whistles from the crowd, especially as she bent down and rubbed her muscular legs with her hands. Stella stuck her tongue out from backstage.
"Bleh! That's why she and her family were the outcasts on Solaria!" Stella said as she folded her muscular arms. Nevertheless, she watched as Chimera underwent another instant outfit change, this time now wearing a cheerleader's outfit. She even used her quilt like a makeshift pom-pom and did a quick cheer.
"Go! So! Lar! I! A!" Chimera shouted.
Finally, after one more quilt swing, she was back into her regular competition outfit. Chimera exited the stage to a standing ovation, while the host took center stage.
"Thank you, Chimera, and thank you to all our beautifully buff babes for showing off their talents! And muscles, of course! We'll be back in 15 minutes when our judges declare our winners!" the man said before he left.

15 minutes pass, and all 20 ladies are back on stage. The crowd cheered as they watched the host take the microphone at center stage once again.
"Thank you everyone for your patience! It wasn't easy for our judges… in fact, we had to separate a couple of them from really getting into it. And here this time I thought our contestants would beat each other up backstage! Hahaha! Heh heh heh…" the man said, only to see the crowd wasn't doing anything (except for one lone cough in the back). Not even a shred of laughter could be heard.
"Okay, okay, bad joke. Anyway, I have here in this envelope the top 3 finishers!" the man shouted as he teared open the envelope. Some of the girls could be heard whispering things like, "I hope it's me! It better be me! I had the best routine!"
"In 3rd place is Flora with her Incredible Bulk like Miracle Grow Muscles!" the man said with the crowd cheering. Flora held her hands against her chest in a bit of shock, not expecting to finish among the top 3. Nevertheless, she smiled as she watched a couple gentlemen walk up to her and pin a bronze medal to her tube top.
"In 2nd place is Tecna with her dazzling and almost dizzying laser light show! The way those muscles glowed amongst her laser lights, it really mesmerized the judges!" the man said. Tecna did a light fist bump and accepted the silver medal from the men.
"And the winner is… drumroll, please." the man said with a smile. Indeed, there was a drumroll sound in the background as the man turned the card around to see who won.

"From Andros, the undersea and terrestial kingdom, with her magnificent dancing… it's Layla!!!" the man shouted as the crowd erupted at its loudest. Layla gasped loudly as confetti rained over her and the other contestants, most of them applauding behind her. Layla was led gently to center stage where she was given the gold medal.
"Congratulations, Layla! Do you have a few words to say to your fans?" the man said. Layla fought back tears as she waved to the crowd and took the microphone.
"Thank you… *sniff*… I just want to thank everyone here at the festival for appreciating my talent, and thank you to everyone in the crowd for your support! I… I just can't believe it… *sniff* I've never won anything in my life before! Thank you, thank you!" Layla said as she waved with one hand and fought back tears on the other, wiping them on either her hands or her tube top.

And just like that, the show was over as the host and the judges left as well as a few people inside the theater. The rest of the Winx Club ran up to Layla to congratulate her.
"Wow! That's so awesome, Layla! Congratulations!" Bloom said.
"Even though I wanted to win, I'm glad SOMEBODY from this club did!" Stella said.
"I couldn't agree more. It couldn't happen to a nicer and more talented girl." Tecna said.
"Awwwww… thank you, everyone." Layla said.

But the six girls couldn't celebrate for long. While the rest of the contestants left the stage to no doubt get back to their normal lives (and bodies), Diaspro and Chimera walked up to the six with angry looks on their faces.
"Arrrrrgh! No fair! Why do one of you girls always have to win at something!?" Diaspro shouted.
"Typical Stella… having everything handed to you on a silver platter." Chimera said.
"Hey! You take that back! I didn't even place in the top 3, for crying out loud!" Stella shouted.
"Come on, Diaspro. Stop being a bratty sport and just accept you lost." Bloom said.
"Shut up! I am Diaspro! I win at everything, including a bout against you!" Diaspro said.
"Oh, you really want a piece of me!?" Bloom said.
"You bet! Come on, Chimera. Let's show these ladies what REAL muscle looks like!" Diaspro said. Chimera nodded and both ladies took a couple steps back. They both flexed as hard as they could, grunting loudly. The Winx Club girls lightly gasped and watched as every one of Diaspro and Chimera's muscles bulged bigger and bigger. Like with Flora and her act, the added muscle was overpowering other parts of their body. Diaspro in particular looked like her head was half its usual size being surrounded by muscle from her arms and chest. It looks like they even grew a foot to a foot and a half in height.
"Hahaha! I'd like to see you beat us now, Bloom the shrimp!" Diaspro shouted.
"Yeah right! Come on, girls, let's give them our own flex and grow show!" Bloom said.

All six girls, without hesitation, flexed and flexed. Every one of their muscles, already amplified by the spell they stole from the Trix, rippled throughout their skin as they grew bigger and bigger, but that wasn't the only thing growing. The Winx girls themselves were getting taller.
"Huh? What!?" Diaspro said in shock as she backed away the bigger the Winx girls got. It wasn't until their heads touched the ceiling that they realized what was happening.
"Hey! What the…" Layla shouted.
"Oh! We're getting bigger!" Stella said.
"In more ways than one!" Tecna said. The growing mass of all six girls was too much for the theater to take as the remaining audience members all ran for the exits. Diaspro and Chimera tried to escape as well, but they both got conked on the head by a falling piece of the ceiling. The girls themselves also complained about a rapidly shrinking amount of real estate.
"Hey! Get your arm out of my face!" Musa shouted.
"I can't help it! We're running out of room!" Flora shouted.
"Girls, we have to break out! Now!" Bloom said as she finally kneeled up, pressing her muscular back against the ceiling and causing it to crumble apart.

From outside, it was business as usual for the city until they saw the pavilion where the Beauty and Brawn of Magix competition was being held begin to crumble apart. Everyone wondered what was going on until they gasped when they saw one giant muscular girl after another emerge. The six Winx girls finally stopped growing between 80-90 feet tall, looking down at the remains of the building at their high heel shoes.
"*whistles* Wow… we're so big… and buff, of course!" Stella said.
"Tecna, what happened?" Bloom asked.
"Well, based on the calculations in my head, I guess all that flexing we did finally activated the 'giantess' part of that spell we stole from the Trix." Tecna said.
"Although I remember they were a LOT bigger than this." Flora said.
"True. Maybe because of the spell being split six ways instead of three, the height increase was not as powerful." Tecna said.
"But how did our outfits grow with us, especially the shoes?" Musa asked.
"Well, like I said before, the fabric of this outfit is incredibly strong. As for the shoes… er… that I can't explain. Maybe there's a radiating effect with the growth? Based on the calculations in my head…" Tecna started to say, until she was cut off by a worried Layla.
"We're not stuck like this, are we?" Layla asked.
"Oh, not to worry. I did modify the spell on my computer to have a cooldown period in the event evil forces ever tried to steal this power. We should return to our normal sizes in 10-15 minutes, although we'll also be back to our normal bodies at the same time." Tecna said.
"I see. Well then, I say we make the most of this opportunity!" Stella said.
"Opportunity?" Bloom asked.
"Like, yeah! We get to walk around showing off these babies to everyone in the city whether they like it or not!" Stella shouted as she patted one of her biceps.
"I don't know… we're already scaring more than a few people down there." Bloom said as she pointed down to a few people running and screaming for their lives.
"Awwww… come on, Bloom! It'll be totally fun!" Stella said.
"I have to agree. I wouldn't mind playing the cool, muscular giantess." Musa said.
"Oh, alright. Just please please PLEASE be careful we don't crush anyone or anything!" Bloom said.

Just then, everyone looked down and saw a few chunky pieces of the ceiling get moved off the pile. Coming out were Diaspro and Chimera.
"Ugh… thanks, Diaspro, for the save." Chimera said as she lightly rubbed her head.
"Heh, no sweat! These newly grown muscles were good for something after all." Diaspro said. Chimera gulped nervously as she looked up.
"Um… what can they do about that?" Chimera said. Diaspro looked up and gasped, while the six Winx girls all smirked.
"Well, well. I guess your muscles are not so big now, are they?" Bloom said.
"Heh heh… okay, Bloom, let's just chill out for a sec. I was just joking about…" Diaspro said.
"Oh, hey! I got an idea for testing how strong they really are!" Stella said as she raised one of her high heeled shoes up in the air.
"Yipes!" Chimera shouted as she instinctively held up both her muscular arms, keeping Stella's giant shoe from flattening both her and Diaspro to the ground. No matter how hard Stella pressed her shoe down, there was amazing resistance from the two normal-sized women.
"Wow! They're stronger than I thought! Somebody let me know when they finally tire out!" Stella shouted.
"Affirmative!" Tecna said as she got down on her knees and focused on Diaspro and Chimera.

Chimera groaned heavily, with sweat pouring down her forehead, as she looked over at Diaspro.
"Don't just sit there! Can't you get us out of here before we're flatter than pancakes!?" Chimera shouted.
"Hold on, I'm working on it!" Diaspro said. She waved her arms around until finally a portal opened underneath their feet, which they slipped into. This caused Stella to slam her shoe to the ground.
"*gasp* Did I smush them!?" Stella asked.
"No, they teleported out of here, probably back to Diaspro's home." Tecna said.
"Maybe this will teach them not to mess with us." Bloom said.
"Anyway, now that they're out of our hair, let's go walking around the city until we shrink back to normal." Flora said. The six girls nodded at each other and finally walked in their own separate directions, leaving behind what was left of the pavilion where the Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival was being held.

Bloom walked very carefully down the streets, waiting for any normal-sized people to get out of the way.
"Don’t worry, people! I promise I won't hurt you." Bloom said. Not everyone was scared of the muscular giantess. In fact, there was one younger girl who was pointing up at her while her mother tried to tug her away.
"Wow! You're so big, lady! How did you grow so big and how did your muscles get that way?" the girl asked. Bloom, of course, didn't want to give the exact reason for her multi-faceted growth spurt.
"Er… well… just eat a lot of minerals and vitamins, and when you're my age, you'll be as big and strong as me!" Bloom said.
"Okay! Thank you, giant lady!" the girl said before she and her Mom finally ran off.
"Heh heh… kids will believe anything these days." Bloom said. She then thought of how she could entertain the crowd still near her without putting them in too much danger. That's when she snapped her fingers.
"Hey, everyone! Want to see the biggest juggling act of your lives?" Bloom asked. A few seconds later, she summoned three fireballs made out of her Dragon Fire. Then, like she was at the circus (or better yet, like one of her competitors at the festival did), she juggled these fireballs up and down in the air. The people watched in awe as the muscular Bloom effortlessly moved the fireballs from one hand to the other. They were also surprised Bloom wasn't burning her hands, but then again, most of them had no idea Bloom specialized in fire.
Bloom finished up her juggling act by throwing all three fireballs high in the air and then 'punching' them out with her biceps. The people applauded the giantess and Bloom responded by bowing down at them.
"Thanks, everyone!" Bloom said as she got back to casually walking around the city.

Stella also was being careful in walking around, especially since her broad muscular shoulders clipped one of the nearby taller buildings.
"Whoops! Sorry!" Stella said as she reached down and picked up the building debris and lazily threw it into the hole she made in the building. She looked two floors up and saw a couple looking out at her.
"Teeheehee… don't mind me! I'm almost 100 feet tall and showing off my fantastic body. You do think it's totally awesome, right?" Stella said as she flexed her muscular arms in every direction she could think of. She noticed the man staring point blank and almost drooling against the window… which prompted the woman to slap him hard in the face and then march out of the room.
"Hmmm… there I go again ruining relationships. Maybe Flora's right in calling me bad luck when I'm not with Brandon!" Stella said as she brushed her blonde hair back and got back to walking.
After taking several steps to the next city block, she saw a building under construction and… most importantly… a steel beam laying by her high heeled shoes.
"Ahhhhhh… now I can do my act in front of a bigger crowd!" Stella said as she took note of the dozens of people either staring up at her or running away. Stella reached down and grabbed the beam and, just like back at the festival, she used every ounce of her strength to bend the beam. This time she made it circular in shape to the point where it resembled a hula hoop.
"Watch this, everyone!" Stella said as she stepped into the 'hula hoop' and swirled her hips around, swinging the hoop with it. Despite her muscular body, Stella was very nimble with her movements. She looked like a true pro and was able to keep the 'hoop' moving for well over a minute, finally allowing the steel 'hoop' to crash down to the ground.
"Whew! Talk about working up a sweat!" Stella said, taking note of how sweaty her forehead and her upper body (including her tube top) was. And that's when she snapped her fingers, coming up with another crowd entertaining idea.
And so she snapped her fingers again, and the sunlight overhead became much brighter for a select section of the city. The normal-sized people took shelter in Stella's shadow, which was quite massive given her size both height and muscle wise. What they saw when looking up at the giantess took their breath away. As the sun shone behind Stella, the sunlight glistened off her upper body, giving it (mainly her muscular arms) a glittery look.
"Haha! What do you think, everyone? Being from Solaria, I always shine bright!" Stella shouted with a smile on her face.

Layla also was walking slowly around the city. Interestingly, she was walking near an elementary school, judging by the many children running around and looking up in awe.
"Er… hi, everyone!" Layla said as she waved down at the kids.
"Wow! You're so big!" one boy said.
"Hey, what's that gold medal attached to your shirt?" one girl asked.
"Oh, I won this at the Beauty and Brawn of Magix Festival. I'm the best!" Layla said.
"Wow! That's awesome!" one boy said. Another boy was getting very close to one of Layla's high heeled shoes, and the giantess backed it away from him.
"Whoa… easy there. I have to be careful. One wrong step and you all could get crushed!" Layla said.
"Hey, giant lady… can we climb your arms? They've got so much muscle… like a mountain!" one girl said.
"Well… sure! Why not? Everyone stand back." Layla said as she waited for the kids to gain a good distance from her. Once that was done, Layla carefully laid down with her head closest to the children. They had to back away further to keep from getting swallowed by her curly brown hair. Layla then spread her arms out.
"Okay, climb away! Oh, but first…" Layla said. She snapped some fingers and suddenly a mirror made entirely out of water formed and floated in front of Layla, tilting so that she could see the children.

The children were laughing and smiling and climbed up Layla's muscular arms like they were at the playground. A couple kids were already on top of the arms and jumping up and down on them.
"Wow! They're so strong… they're barely moving!" one boy said.
"Hey, let's go over there!" another boy said as he and some of the girls followed. Layla lightly giggled as she watched the kids next climb up her chest, standing atop the tube top she was wearing. Some of the kids didn't stop there, though. While some stayed behind and bounced up and down Layla's chest like it was a trampoline, other kids ran to her six pack of abs. Like with her arms, the skin here barely moved even as the kids ran around on it. Layla continued to lightly giggle, feeling the gentle steps of the kids' feet.
"Teeheehee… this kinda tickles, but I'm glad you all are having so much fun." Layla said as she continued to monitor the kids and make sure they had fun.

Tecna waltzed around her section with a smile on her face, and for good reason.
"*whistles* I always knew it'd be fun to walk around as a giantess, but with muscles like these… It's like I'm a walking supercomputer. Speaking of which…" Tecna said. She eventually stopped in front of a glass building, where she looked up and down at the people gathering inside.
"Hey, would you all like to get a free lesson in bodybuilding?" Tecna said. She couldn't help but laugh as she saw a few people from floor to floor nod awkwardly, though she also figured some of these people, especially the men, were staring at her magnificent muscular body. Tecna then backed away from the building by a step or two (accidentally crushing a couple parked cars under her shoes) and then opened her hands.
"Wireframe Generation!" Tecna said. Suddenly a series of green lines, similar to that of vector lines on a computer monitor, appeared in the air that Tecna moved around via finger movements. Eventually the lines formed into two gigantic dumbbells (but normal sized compared to Tecna) that landed perfectly in the giantess's hands. Tecna lifted them up one at a time.
"One, two, one, two… you see? It takes a steady rhythm and you'll be in tip top shape in no time!" Tecna said. She smiled as she watched her already muscular arms bulge even further from each pump of the dumbbells.
"Heh heh… maybe I should be host of a fitness TV show next time I do this!" Tecna said as she continued to lift up her dumbbells, especially over her head, which deeply impressed any normal-sized people brave enough to watch the giantess.

Flora was walking around the city when she noticed a bus stopped in the middle of the street.
"Oh? That's not a good place to leave a bus." Flora said as she reached down and picked up the bus with both hands. She peeked inside and…
"Huh? There's nobody inside? Maybe everyone abandoned it once we became gigantic and walked around the city." Flora said as she scanned every square inch inside the bus. On one hand, she was sad that there weren't any people inside, as she was curious to know what they would think of her gigantic and muscle bound body. And yet, with nobody inside, she thought of the perfect way to use the bus as a means of testing her might.
"Hmmmm… let's see how strong these arms really are. I can still feel a hint of my Miracle Grow magic inside them. Hnnnnnnnnnngh!!!" Flora said as she grunted with all her might and squeezed her hands together. The bus put up a good fight, relatively speaking, but after all the windows shattered and the tires popped off, the vehicle began to compact together. It flattened further and further until it was nothing more than a white and grey cube.
"*whistles* I hope Helia was watching somewhere. He DID tell me he likes his women to be big and strong…" Flora said as she giggled, thinking over what Helia would look like in the palm of her hands. This led her to drop the cube that once was a bus, and it landed on one of her shoes, specifically the area where her toes were.
"Ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!" Flora said as she bounced around and held her foot, giving the ground a good shaking as she hobbled around. Finally, though, she lost her balance near an old rundown building and…


She fell on top of it and easily pancaked it underneath her muscular body.
"Oh no… I hope nobody was in that building! What?" Flora said, fearing the worst at first. However, she looked between her legs and saw a sign that somehow managed to stay together. She picked up the sign and held it 2 inches away from her right eye so she could read it.
"Building scheduled for demolition… oh! That's today! Well, I guess I did the construction crew a favor. Hahaha!" Flora said as she got up and brushed the debris off both her outfit and her skin, especially her muscular legs.
"We can't have these muscles all dirtied up like bad mulch!" Flora said as she got back to walking around the city.

Finally, there was Musa. You guessed it, she too was walking around casually, although unlike the other girls, she took every opportunity to flex her muscles whenever she came across a big crowd.
"Haha! What do you all think? Pretty cool, no?" Musa said as she flexed her muscular arms in every which way, often causing them to bulge a bit bigger.
"Oh no! More muscle girls have come to destroy us all!" one man shouted before he turned and ran away. Musa could understand why they were so fearful, remembering when the Trix were the first in Magix to go big and buff.
"Naaaaah… I'm not like those witches. In fact, let me prove it to you with my voice." Musa said. Like at the festival, she took a deep breath and suddenly out came the most beautiful singing voice ever heard.
"Dancing in between…" Musa sang. As more words came out of her mouth, more and more people stopped running and turned around to gather around the giantess, whether it was on the ground or in nearby buildings. Musa would sometimes move around while she was singing, often her chest coming close to the rooftop of a nearby building.
Nevertheless, when she finally stopped singing her song, the people applauded loudly. Musa bowed repeatedly, and flexed a little at times.
"Thanks, everyone. My vocal chords are quite strong, wouldn't you agree?" Musa said.

She then watched as everyone ran away again… but for good reason. She turned around and saw her fellow Winx Club muscular giantesses, the remaining 5 of them, approaching her.
"Awwww… you sang beautifully, Musa. Again!" Bloom said.
"Heh, thanks. You all been having fun?" Musa asked.
"Yep! I was putting on a weightlifting show for my section. You should've seen them go nuts when I lifted my virtual 1,000 pound barbell!" Tecna said.
"Some kids treated my body like a playground… at least until the teachers came in and spoiled the fun, telling me to get lost." Layla said.
"Awwww… don't get mad, Layla! People just don't understand the… well… sheer beauty and brawn that we possess!" Stella said.
"Stella, why are you so sweaty?" Flora asked.
"Hey, come on! I was getting quite the workout, especially bending that empty bus and throwing it like a boomerang! And besides… the light glittering off my arms looked good for the cameras." Stella said.
"I bet we all look good for the cameras by now." Musa said as she pointed up to an overhead helicopter. All the girls assumed this was the news crew filming their muscular 'rampage.' So they waved up to the helicopter, although Stella couldn't resist blowing a kiss up to the flying vehicle.

Alas, the giant muscular fun was about to end. Seconds later, the girls could feel their skin tingling.
"Ooooooh… what's happening now?" Layla asked. Tecna looked down and was the first to spot the change.
"Girls, we're shrinking!" Tecna said.
"Yeah! And I feel my muscles wearing out too!" Musa said. Smaller and smaller the girls shrank until they were all the way back to their normal sizes. At the same time, their newly minted muscles deflated one after the other, eventually leaving all six girls back to their normal statures.
"Shucks! Just as we were having fun too!" Stella shouted.
"I guess the mega muscle spell has worn out, Tecna?" Bloom said. Tecna magically summoned her PDA (which she could use again thanks to being her normal size) and punched a series of buttons, at times holding the PDA near the skin of either herself or a Winx Club teammate.
"You could say that, Bloom. The spell is now in its cooldown phase. It's gonna be at least a week before we can use it again!" Tecna said.
"Ah well. It was fun while it lasted, and I got a gold medal out of all this." Layla said with a smile.
"Haha! And it couldn't happen to a nicer gal!" Stella said as she gave her most recent friend and teammate a hug.
"C'mon, girls. We better get back to Alfea before Miss Faragonda or Griselda find out what we've been doing." Bloom said.
"Yeah… that might be difficult given we were almost 100 feet tall, bulging with muscles, and on the news!" Tecna said.
"I don't know… there is this memory forgetting spell I've been working on and…" Stella said.
"STELLA!" the other Winx girls shouted.
"Okay, okay! Sheesh… just kidding! Don't pull a muscle!" Stella said, which made the five girls burst into laughter even as corny a joke as that was.

The six Winx Club girls eventually left the city behind (which quickly got back to their normal lives thanks to no serious damage to worry about) and returned home to Alfea College.