An Island Fit for Women

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Phil)

NOTE from author: Several characters in this story were created by Phil and are used with his permission.

On the far, far reaches of the Magix realm lies the island of Xanadu. It was a rather small island, about the size of the smallest island of Hawaii from the Earth realm, but there was a good reason for that. The only residents of Xanadu were the Picomen, men capable of a form of magic known only to these people as Aura. Of course, the real reason the island was so small is because the Picomen lived up to their name, as these men were only 1.27 centimeters tall (or half an inch).

But despite the island's small size, much of the island was a vast city, looking like a fusion between London, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Rome, with all sorts of different buildings varying in design and splendor. It's been said, especially to those who study the history of Xanadu by visiting the library, that the Picomen have built these cities of such magnitude because of their expertise in modernising and economizing. There are even rumors spread from time to time that the Picomen once resided in Earth realm and observed the growth of that realm for thousands of years. Alas, such rumors have yet to be proven true.

One of the biggest structures on the island was Xanadu Castle, and that's where we meet the central character of our story.

Xanadu Castle

Phil buried his head underneath his pillows as the morning sun came beaming in from the nearby window. If he wasn't so tired, he would use his Aura to telepathically shut the blinds in his room. Phil, as the messenger to the king of Xanadu, was one of the privileged few citizens able to sleep inside the castle. As he tried to go back to sleep, he suddenly heard the shouting voice of one of his friends, Pavel.
"Ring ring ring! Rise and shine, Phil!" Pavel shouted as he jumped onto Phil's bed, landing on one of his knees.
"Ow!!! Good morning to you too, Pavel." Phil said. He looked to see Pavel already dressed up in a casual outfit (jeans and a T-shirt), one that you would typically see men on Earth wear.
"Oh no, it's another beautiful day on Xanadu. No way you're gonna sleep through it!" Pavel said. He then reached up to pull the covers off Phil, who was still in his pajamas. But Pavel saw something else in Phil's bed. When Phil realized the newspaper clipping he made a while back was laying against his stomach, he tried to reach down and grab it, only for Pavel to reach in and grab it first. Phil plopped his head back on the pillow knowing he was busted (again) by Pavel, who proceeded to read out the clipping.
"Winx Club saves Alfea from deadly witch attack. Thanks to the heroic efforts of these five magical girls, the world is safe once again... Phil, come on, man! Why do you keep obsessing over this stuff?" Pavel said.
"I can't help it, Pavel. I feel like it's destiny. I just have this feeling I will be meeting these girls one day." Phil said.
"Bah! Who knows if they're even real? Everyone knows there's no such thing as a woman. They're objects of fiction!" Pavel said. Phil wanted to object, but he was right. Women were regarded as urban legends on Xanadu, appearing only in folk tales, and very rarely even then. He didn't want to argue with one of his best friends.
"Perhaps, perhaps." Phil said.
"Oh well, your secret is safe with me, don't you worry." Pavel said.
"Thank you, Pavel." Phil said.
"Now come on, get up! Prescott's waiting for you as usual!" Pavel said before he got up and left Phil's room. Phil eventually would roll out of bed, change into his regular (Earth-like just like Pavel) clothes, and get on with his day.


Meanwhile, underneath the heart of the Magix realm was the dark chambers of the Underground. Lord Darkar sat on his throne and watched as the three evil witches, otherwise known as the Trix, came into the room.
"You wanted to see us, Lord Darkar?" Icy asked.
"Yes, Icy. I have a plan that will allow me to find the Pixie's Village and hopefully find the Codex they dare try to hide from me. And I require your assistance." Darkar said.
"Pffft... couldn't you just get up and do it yourself?" Darcy said. But Icy quickly bumped her in the arm.
"Anything to serve the man who freed us from that dreadful prison!" Icy said.
"Good, good. Because I just recently discovered the secret location of Xanadu Island." Darkar said.
"Xanadu Island? We've been all over Magix and yet I've never heard of this island." Stormy said.
"Of course you haven't, fool! That's because the island has been hidden from the entire world for many years. It's all thanks to the special energy force known only to them as Aura." Darkar said.
"Hmmph... doesn't sound too special to me." Darcy said.
"Ah, Darcy. Always quick to jump to conclusions. I have been channeling my inner dark energy for many generations to tune in with this Aura energy, using it to pinpoint the location of Xanadu Island, and now I have done it, and I will extract the info I need from those blasted Picomen to find the Pixie Village!" Darkar said.
"Wait... Picomen?" Icy asked.
"The Picomen are the people of Xanadu Island. They're an all-male society... no bigger than those overly long fingernails of yours." Darkar said.
"Oooohhh... I like the sound of that." Stormy said. Darkar then used his powers to open up a black swirling portal.
"I want you ladies to have some fun on Xanadu Island, and then once you've driven enough fear into their hearts, find out from them where the Pixie Village resides." Darkar said.
"You got it, big guy!" Icy said.
"Hmmhmm... an entire island full of little men. That's almost too hot for me!" Darcy said.
"And me as well! Just save some for me!" Stormy said.
"But fail me, ladies... and you'll see what kind of punishment the Gloomix powers I granted you can dish out!" Darkar said.
"Right, understood." Icy nodded. Soon, all three villainesses stepped their way into the portal, on their way to Xanadu Island.

Xanadu Island

On the far outskirts of Xanadu Island were two men atop a lookout tower, both watching for any abnormal activity. It was a very boring job, because very rarely has anything major tried to attack the peaceful city, but it nevertheless kept food coming to the table for the two Picomen, named Pascha and Perth.
"Well, nothing for... what? 9 days in a row?" Perth said.
"That's gotta be a new record." Pascha said.
"Nah... the record's probably some astrononical number, one that would make your jaw drop if you weren't properly educated." Perth said.
"You think maybe Pericles would know?" Pascha said.
"I don't see why not! The old geezer knows everything!" Perth said. Before the two men could continue their conversation, they looked back out from their lookout tower where the sky darkened and a black portal was slowly forming together.
"Huh? What the heck's that?" Pascha said.
"A storm coming?" Perth said. The two Picomen would soon be totally shocked to see what came out from this portal.

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy all came out of the portal and landed softly on their feet. Well, THEY landed softly. It felt like an earthquake to anyone that dared to stand near the evil girls.
"So this is Xanadu Island? Doesn't look very impressive." Stormy said.
"Well, that's because it looks like the outskirts of this dump. But look out there." Icy said as she pointed to the vast city out in the distance.
"Hmmm... we hit the jackpot!" Darcy said.
"Come on, ladies, time to let the inner giantesses out in us." Icy said, with all three laughing as they walked towards the city, stepping close to the lookout tower that rose up to their knees (not that they noticed it to begin with).

And as for the two Picomen on top of the lookout tower, they tried their best to regain their composure after witnessing what they just saw pass by them.
"Were those..." Perth said.
"Women?" Pascha said.
"Yep... they look like women. But they were..." Perth said.
"Giant women." Pascha said, finishing up Perth again.
"Great scott! We have to warn the king right away!" Perth shouted.
"I'll fire up the communications system." Pascha said.

Xanadu Castle

Inside the castle, life was normal for everyone, even in the throne room where the ruler of the island, King Percy, sat on his throne delivering a message to one of his royal messengers, Phil (whom we met earlier).
"And in closing, I hereby grant permission for the Pentris family to stay in the guest room until the water main can be fixed in their home." King Percy said.
"Is that all, sir?" Phil said.
"Ah, yes, Phil. That's what I like about you. Always making sure every last word gets in that powerful brain of yours." King Percy said with a smile.
"Yes, sir. I'll be back after I have delivered the message." Phil said.

But just before he could walk out of the throne room, one of the royal guards came running into the open room.
"Your majesty! Your majesty! We have an emergency!" the guard said.
"What is it, Peter?" King Percy said.
"I've just received word from the lookout tower. There are women heading this way! Really big women too!" Peter said. Phil looked right at Peter in the eyes, his words gaining his attention.
"Women? Are you trying to pull my royal chain, young man!? Everyone knows women are pieces of folk tale around here!" King Percy said.
"I thought they were kidding too, sir. But apparently they are very much real, and on their way to the city. They might even be here..." Peter said. And before he could finish his sentence, there were a few loud booms that echoed from outside.
"That came from outside! Quickly, we must see what it is!" King Percy said as he and a few of his guards ran out of the throne room. Phil and Peter followed from behind.
When everyone got outside, there was the most amazing sight anyone (especially Phil) would ever lay eyes on. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy were walking around the city, causing destruction with each step the giantesses took.
"See, your majesty! I told you it was true!" Peter said.
"Indeed you were, Peter." King Percy said.

The Trix were taking it nice and slow. Despite the city stretching out for many blocks, they didn't want to destroy it too quickly, because that would just spoil all their fun. Still, they took great pleasure in that all of the buildings they've encountered so far could easily be crushed with their boots.
"Hahaha!!! Look at those people running!" Stormy said as she lifted up a boot and completely crushed a couple of houses.
"And look how small they really are. I could make a buffet if I captured enough of these ants!" Darcy said.
"Isn't this a great feeling, ladies? We must look like goddesses to these pathetic people. I'd like to see them try and stop us!" Icy said as she stepped on a few of the Picomen, immobilizing them with the pain of being crushed. Just then, a small group of soldiers could be seen marching towards the giantesses.
"Looks like you'll get your chance, Icy." Darcy said as she pointed down at the group of soldiers that were gathering.
"Stop! Leave this island at once or we will be forced to attack!" one of the soldiers said.
"Hmmhmm... you're all so brave to be confronting the three of us, but how about I show you the power that I am capable of!" Icy said. She took a deep breath and then blew out icy cold breath down on the soldiers. These Picomen tried to get away, but almost as soon as the breath made contact with them, they all froze into icy statues.
"Ahhhh, nothing like blowing out some sub-zero steam!" Icy said as she stepped forward and crushed all of these statues, effectively killing these Picomen.
After watching Icy do her worst, Stormy looked out further in the city and saw the castle not too far away.
"Look! That must be the castle of this itty bitty island!" Stormy said.
"Alright, ladies, let's meet up with some royalty, shall we?" Icy said. The three giantesses made their way over to Xanadu Castle, which took less than a minute given their huge size.

King Percy (and his few guards), Peter, and Phil all watched as the giantesses stepped towards their castle and loomed high over them. The castle was about half the size of the giantesses, so they certainly looked huge to the eyes of these Picomen. Heck, they couldn't even see the faces of the witches until they bent down.
"Alright, which one of you little bugs is the king of this island!?" Icy said.
"That... that would be me. How may I be of assistance, ladies?" King Percy said.
"I suggest you give us your name first thing, little insect!!" Stormy shouted, her voice booming throughout the skies and forcing the Picomen to cover their ears.
"I am King Percy, ruler of Xanadu Island, and you are not welcome here!" King Percy said.
"Hmmhmm... looks like the king found his marbles. That's good, right?" Darcy said.
"I won't let you harm the king or my friends!" Peter shouted as he just plain ran towards the giant witches, namely Stormy.
"Peter, no!" Phil shouted. Just as foolishly as running towards Stormy, Peter simply pounded away at the bottom of Stormy's boot with no results at all.
"Awww... isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat you into submission!" Darcy said.
"Yeah. Maybe I should keep him as a pet. But then again..." Stormy said. She then lightly moved her foot back, maybe no more than an inch or two, but the distance was big enough that when the boot made contact, it sent Peter flying into the air and away from the castle grounds.
"Peter!!" Phil shouted. And while that was going on, Icy reached down and picked up King Percy with two of her fingers, ignoring any physical or magical attacks coming from the guards.

"Put me down! I demand that you put me down at once!" King Percy shouted, but quickly lost his authortative nature when he was looking right into one of the pale blue eyes.
"You, little king, are in NO position to order us around. We will rule this island unless you tell us what we want to know." Icy said.
"And what would that be?" King Percy said.
"The location of the Pixie's Village." Icy said.
"What!? Never! I'd rather stake my life then tell you the location of the Pixie Village!" King Percy said.
"Even if we were to say, I don't know, grind your bones into pixie dust until we get the answer from you?" Stormy said as she leaned in to try and intimidate the miniscule-sized king.
"Nah, that'd be too easy. I got a better idea." Icy said. She then moved her hand on the highest point of Xanadu Castle and dropped King Percy on top of the tallest tower, which allowed anyone at this location to see virtually all of the city.

While that was happening, Phil knew two things for sure. He knew King Percy would never tell anyone where the Pixie Village was. Not in a million years. He also knew he could not win this battle. Not now, anyway. He would need help. What that help was, he couldn't comprehend it yet. But he had to seek out Pericles. Only he would be wise enough to know the answers. Phil turned around to run back inside the castle, but his movement did not go unnoticed.
"And where do you think you're going!?" Darcy said as she started to reach down towards Phil!
"Yikes!" Phil said as he used his Aura powers to give him a temporary speed boost. Good thing too, because Darcy's hand slammed to the ground (and picked up nothing but the ground) just inches from his body. Phil was able to make it back inside the castle, and Darcy's hand was much too big to fit inside and grab him. Still, she leaned in and looked inside with one of her eyes.
"You can't hide from me forever, little boy! You're gonna be mine one way or the other!" Darcy said. Stormy saw the whole thing play out, and tried to keep Darcy from getting discouraged.
"Oh, let him go for now, Darcy. You've thousands of little men to choose from here." Stormy said.
"Yes, you do have a point for once." Darcy said. The two giantesses then rejoined Icy as she continued to taunt King Percy.

"We will let you live, our itty bitty king. But until you talk, you will get a bird's eye view of us as we destroy your precious little city and enslave your precious little citizens." Icy said.
"No, you wouldn't!" King Percy shouted.
"Just watch us! Come on, ladies, let's enjoy ourselves with our magnificent size." Icy said.
"I couldn't agree more!" Stormy said.
"I wonder how many people I can get to stand on me at once..." Darcy said as the three giantesses stepped away from the castle and towered over the city once more. King Percy was left to watch as the destruction played out right in front of his eyes.
"Oh, what to do... what to do..." King Percy said.

Somewhere inside Xanadu Castle

Phil had been running for a short while, but he wasn't the least bit out of breath. He eventually made it into a library-like room, where he called out for the man who has been said to know everything past, present, and future.
"Pericles? Pericles!? Are you in here!?" Phil shouted. Soon, stepping out from one of the hallways was an old-looking man wearing a blue robe that covered all but his face and walking stick.
"I am here, my young lad." Pericles said.
"Oh... Pericles, thank goodness you are alright." Phil said.
"Yes, Phil. I am aware of the terrible things that are happening outside, as I had forseen happening this very day." Pericles said.
"You... you did?" Phil asked.
"I'm afraid so." Pericles said.
"But isn't there anything we can do to stop them?" Phil said.
"No amount of Aura, even from our best Picomen armies, can stop those powerful witches." Pericles said.
"(sigh)" Phil said, thinking that the world was going to end.
"However, I do foresee a solution. No... a prophecy." Pericles said.
"A prophecy?" Phil asked.
"Just as I had predicted a dark day like this would befall us, I also know there will come a time when a similar group of women will come to us and save us from doom." Pericles said.
"Wait... another group of women?" Phil said.
"Women are no myths, young one. Beyond the safe confines of our island lies a whole society's worth of them." Pericles said.
"I knew it! I knew women were real... and for that matter bigger than us too." Phil said, blushing a bit from the last bit.
"That is why you should be the one to obtain the services of these young women." Pericles said.
"Huh? Me?" Phil said.
"You, like me, believe in the existence of women, and so I believe by the power of this prophecy that you are the one to retrieve these women, known collectively as the Winx Club." Pericles said.
"Wait... THE Winx Club?" Phil said. Using his own Aura powers, Pericles projected images of the six Winx girls in front of Phil.
"These are the six women I truly believe will help us... their names are Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella, and Layla. Find them, for they are our last hope." Pericles said.
"Yes, wise Pericles. I understand." Phil said.
"I will use my Aura powers to teleport you to where these girls are. But you must be careful... remember that you are a Picoman. Your size will leave you vulnerable to death." Pericles said.
"Don't worry. I am prepared... I feel I was destined to travel to a world of giants in order to find our heroes of destiny." Phil said. Pericles smiled. He couldn't be more proud of this one Picoman who was prepared for such an immense challenge.

Pericles then cast his magic and opened up a blue portal behind Phil. Phil turned around and jumped in, unsure of where he would land.

Alfea College

When Phil's flight through the portal came to an end, he landed safely on his two feet. After looking around at his surroundings, he was standing on the ledge of a fountain in the middle of one of the courtyards. But more important than that? He looked to see over a dozen different giantesses walking by, minding their own business, talking with friends, looking through magic books, among other tasks. Phil smiled over the majestic sight, a sight he had often dreamed of, but quickly shook his head.
"Must remain focused. I have to find the Winx Club and bring them to Xanadu somehow." Phil said to himself. With the faces of Bloom and her friends engraved into his mind, Phil began the journey inside the premises of Alfea, seeking out the only ones who could save Xanadu...

Xanadu Island

Meanwhile, the three witches were having a field day in the city, doing whatever they could think of doing to the Picomen as they tried in vain to escape the wrath of the evil giantesses. Icy was taking it slow, only stomping or kicking buildings every few or more seconds, wanting to prolong the destruction of the city for as long as she could. Of course, she would taunt these men along the way.
"If you value your pathetic lives, your king will tell me where the Pixie Village is!" Icy said. After walking around a bit more, Icy stopped when she noticed a group of buildings. She was most curious about the layout that the buildings were in. There was one building in the front, two behind that one, three behind the two, and four behind the three. It looked like the standard way of stacking 10 bowling pins together, and as soon as she recognized that, an idea clicked inside Icy's mind.
"Hmmmm... let's see how good a bowler I am." Icy said, thinking back to when she observed the sport during a trip to planet Earth a few years ago. She then held her two hands close together, and big chunks of ice started to form and merge together. Eventually, they formed together into one big ball that Icy was easily able to hold with one hand. Well, at least after she used her fingers to carve three seperate holes all close together.

Icy then pulled the newly-made icy bowling ball back and then hurled it forward, letting it roll down the narrow street. The ice ball made contact with the first building up front, and then it knocked over the rest of the buildings, either encasing them completely in ice or destroying them completely because of the force of the ice ball. Regardless of how it was done, Icy considered herself scoring a perfect ten.
"Haha... strike! What do you little ants think of my bowling?" Icy said before she went back to her usual slate of stomping property or capturing panicking Picomen.

Stormy was also busy stomping around just for the heck of it, watching as buildings and vehicles were destroyed and Picomen were running like mad trying to keep from getting killed in whatever ways they could.
"Hmmhmm... sure is different when it's all men trying to run away." Stormy said, noting the sounds of all the men screaming for their lives as she casually stepped around her city block. But eventually, Stormy stopped walking.
"Man, my feet are getting tired. But that's not gonna stop me from destroying. No way!" Stormy said. That's when she snapped her fingers together and electricity formed at the end of one of her fingers.
"You Picobrats are in for a shock!" Stormy said. The giantess then pointed her finger down at the crowded streets and fired a stready stream of purple lightning bolts. Whatever the lightning hit... it packed one powerful but not quite deadly punch! Structures and vehicles were destroyed almost instantly, yet the Picomen, while getting a serious shock, were only knocked out temporarily (unless of course they later got stepped on by the giant Stormy, then that was the end of them). And there was no shortage of Picomen getting shocked, as Stormy merely moved her finger around and the lightning bolts rained down, carving a path of destruction like no other.

Darcy, on the other hand, was probably being the laziest of the three giantesses. She was merely laying down, only propping her head up against a large hill that was on the western side of the city. But she had a big grin on her face because on her body, almost from head to toe, were a bunch of Picomen she had captured.
"That's right, my new pets. Make your goddess feel ultra comfy!" Darcy said. Despite the Picomen being so incredibly small compared to Darcy, the fact that almost a hundred of them were running around Darcy's body, trying to massage whatever they could of her, was all the more satisfying to Darcy. She was especially grateful to those who were working on her shoulders. She even said to these Picomen that they might just live if they kept up the good job.
Two of the captured Picomen were Pascha and Perth, the two who had first spotted the giantesses earlier. They had run into town offering their services for the Picomen army, but they wound up getting captured by Darcy and were part of the massaging of her knees.
"Man, this really stinks." Pascha said.
"Well, it can't be that bad. At least we aren't stuck inside her boots massaging her feet or something like that... like some of our brothers are." Perth said.
"Yeah, you're right. But still, are we doomed to be her servants forever?" Pascha said.
"I can only hope not." Perth said.
"Hey, come on, let's race!" Pascha said.
"Huh? Race where?" Perth said.
"She's so big, she probably won't notice us. Besides, let's have some fun in the midst of all this bad news! Let's race to her chest." Pascha said as he pointed hundreds of yards away at the giantess's chest.
"Well... alright then..." Perth said.
"GO!" Pascha said as he immediately started running towards his destination.
"Hey, wait up! You started before me! AGAIN!" Perth said as he went running too. The two had to keep their balance while running because even the slightest movement in Darcy's body could be felt by everyone given her immense size.

For the record, Darcy DID notice the two abandoning their duties to massage her knees, but she pretended not to care.
"Heh, just like little children. Might as well let them have their fun before I kill them." Darcy said to herself. Just then, she could feel little bolts of energy hitting both her gloved hand and arm on her right side. She looked to see another platoon of soldiers trying in vain to stop the giantess.
"My my, what do we have here? Little bugs trying to fight back. Well, guess what? I fight back too!" Darcy said. She took that same hand and just swept it across the ground, knocking almost all the soldiers away from her.
As she watched these soldiers fighting to get back on their feet, Darcy started to admire their resiliency. In fact, she just thought of something. And that something would lead to another thing. She had to tell Icy, who was nearby doing her stomping thing, of this plan.
"Hmmmm... these little guys could be useful. Hey, Icy!" Darcy said as she called out to her fellow giantess. Icy soon joined up with her.
"Yes, lazy bones?" Icy said, noting Darcy was almost laying on her back instead of walking around and destroying all she could with her feet.
"Ha ha, very funny. Anyway, you know all these little soldiers we've been coming across?" Darcy asked.
"I know. Crafty little boogers, they are. I wish I could herd them all together and freeze them and start a new statue collection." Icy said.
"That's not too bad, but I have a better idea. You know those idiotic Winx girls are sure to find out about this and come here to try and stop us." Darcy said.
"Pfft... let them come! We have our Gloomix... we have all these little boys to hold hostage. There's no way they can stop us this time!" Icy said.
"Still, better to have some insurance. Just watch me." Darcy said. The giantess finally climbed to her feet, causing the Picomen that couldn't latch onto her clothing in time to fall to the ground, where some would be crushed flat as Darcy took a few steps forward. Pascha and Perth were among those who were going for a wild ride as they held on tight to Darcy's clothing.

After taking a few steps (with Icy following her) and finding another large platoon of Picomen soldiers, Darcy held out both her hands, and a wave of purple energy started to swirl around every last one of these men. After they tried hard to fight off this energy, they suddenly stood still and eventually looked way up at the giant Darcy.
"My little toy soldiers, this is your princess of darkness speaking. I command you to patrol the outer edges of this island and fight against the Winx Club as soon as you see them!" Darcy said as her eyes and hands glowed purple.
"Yes, mistress Darcy." all the possessed soldiers said in unison. Icy almost had to laugh from the all-male sound of the acknowledgement. But then she watched as all the soldiers walked away from them and out of the city.
"You know, those guys couldn't touch us. What makes you think they'll hold off those dreaded Winx fairies?" Icy said.
"They won't, but we can always use more of them." Darcy said, pointing to another group of soldiers that marched fearlessly towards the two giantesses.

Alfea College

Phil was doing a remarkably good job of staying alive inside Alfea. At only half an inch tall, he was extremely vulnerable to being crushed by all the giantesses that were walking by him, but he had the help of his Aura powers to get him out of dangerous situations. Still, it was getting a bit tiring, scanning all the various rooms and not finding the Winx Club in any one of them.
"(sigh) They've got to be around here somewhere. I can't give up... as Pericles says, they are the only ones who can save Xanadu now!" Phil said to himself.

Eventually, Phil noticed two different kinds of girls. These girls were much shorter, nowhere near human size but definitely not as small as he was, and they were flying freely through the air. After looking at them for a little bit, Phil quickly recognized
"Are those... Pixies?" Phil said. Pixies were not unknowns to the Picomen, as according to legend, the two factions once lived together in ancient times. But for the safety of all the realms, namely in helping to hide the Codex that Lord Darkar was searching so badly for, the Pixies and the Picomen eventually went their seperate ways. But again, this was so long ago, it's considered today to be just as mythical as the concept of a woman itself. But Phil didn't believe in any of that. As he scurried against a nearby wall to keep from getting crushed by any of the ladies, Phil listened in on the conversation.
"So, you think Bloom and the others will be happy we gathered these flowers?" Lockette said.
"They have to be! These are some of the best flowers we could find in all of Magix." Amore said.
"Alright, let's hope you are right. Bloom, we're back!" Lockette said as she and Amore flew into the open room behind them. The door closed behind them as soon as they entered.
"I must be on the right track..." Phil said. With that, he sprinted towards the same room. With his size, he was able to slip underneath the door. After crawling his way under the door and standing back up, he looked around.

He smiled as if he had died and gone to heaven, with his definition of heaven being in a room with six of the biggest and most beautiful goddesses he would ever lay eyes on.

The six girls that made up the Winx Club were busy doing different things (all in their regular outfits). With no homework to worry about and the weekend upon them, the girls were just hanging together and having a bit of fun. Accompanying these girls were their respective Pixies as well. They were playing with each other while occasionally chatting it up with the Winx Club. Bloom was sitting on a bed reading a book when she saw Lockette and Amore approach them.
"Oh, hi girls! Did you get the flowers that Flora asked for?" Bloom said.
"Yep, exactly the ones you asked for too!" Lockette said.
"Great! Let's go show them to her." Bloom said. She hopped out of the bed and led the Pixies towards Flora, who was at her magical flower and plant stand on the other side of the room.
Tecna and Musa didn't even notice Bloom moving around, because they were both busy playing Musa's favorite dancing game on Tecna's favorite game console, the Magix 180. Musa, naturally, was clobbering Tecna, who wasn't being fast with her feet.
"Come on, Tecna, step it up!" Musa said.
"I would love to, but these arrows are going too fast!" Tecna said.
Stella, meanwhile, was scanning up and down her personal closet, unable to decide what to wear for her date tonight with Brandon.
"(sigh) Like, so many dresses and so little time." Stella said.

Finally, there was Layla and Flora. Both were at Flora's miniature garden that sat by one of the open windows, allowing for maximum sunlight to hit the plants if the day allowed for it.
"Go ahead and give this plant a little water. She could use some!" Flora said.
"Alright then." Layla said. Summoning her powers of water, a mini waterfall came out from Layla's right hand and dribbled down towards one of the flowers. The flower magically doubled in size, obviously happy by the nourishment it received.
"Oh, wonderful! I guess that little guy was thirsty." Flora said. Soon, the two were joined at the garden by Bloom, along with two of the Pixies, Lockette and Amore.
"Here you are, Flora. The flowers you asked for." Bloom said.
"Yep, nothing but the best flowers we could find in Pixie Village!" Lockette said.
"Great! Thanks, Bloom, Lockette, and Amore. I couldn't have enhanced this garden without your help." Flora said.
"Oh, think nothing of it! Pixie Village has all sorts of flowers that we no longer need to use." Amore said.
"Yeah! Think nothing of it!" Lockette said.

Soon, Stella joined up with the group, holding two different sparkling dresses, one colored black and the other green.
"Hey, ladies, I totally need your fashion advice once more!"
"Yes, Stella?" Bloom asked.
"What should I wear? The black-eyed pea or the lemon-lime mix?" Stella asked.
"The black. Definitely the black." Flora said.
"Huh!? Why black? Are you deliberately trying to make Brandon laugh at me!?" Stella said.
"I think it's only because we've rarely seen you wear black." Layla said.
"Right, but no matter what you choose, Stella, you'll look fantastic! Trust me!" Bloom said.
"Yeah, you're totally right, Bloom. Okay, black it is!" Stella said.

While all this was going on, Phil took his first bold steps into the bedroom of these girls. As he was walking, he debated to himself who he was going to introduce himself to first. Musa and Tecna were obviously out... he probably couldn't be heard over that loud music anyway. Stella was looking busy trying to get a choice of dress from the other girls (and she left to go back to her closet anyway). So that left the choices almost by default to Bloom, Flora, and/or Layla.
"Well, at least I get to go straight to the leader of them all." Phil said. But there was one thing that Phil forgot to take into account.

Phil was almost surprised when he looked to his right and realized he was right next to one of the Pixies. Specifically, Piff. Piff was the youngest of all the bonded Pixies, and she was known to sleep a lot wherever she would knock herself out. At his size of only half an inch compared to the four to five inches that Pixies were normally sized at, Phil was still at great risk.
"Mustn't wake up the sleeping giantess..." Phil said as he tiptoed his way by Piff. But then, when he was just about to pass her right eye...

Piff's eyes opened.

Phil gasped as he looked right into one of the light green colored eyes of Piff. He thought he was in serious trouble, but played it cool at first by trying to communicate with the young Pixie.
"Um... hi." Phil said as he waved to Piff.
"EEEP!" Piff shouted as she picked herself up and ran off (she hadn't yet learned how to fly). Piff was running right towards her master, Layla.
"Okay, that went well." Phil said, watching as Piff ran up and tried to take cover behind Layla's ankle.

As Layla was watching the gardening work continue, she suddenly felt something cling to her left foot. She looked down by her feet to see Piff grabbing as much of her ankle as she could. Layla could see Piff's eyes opened up wide, a clear sign she was afraid of something.
"Awww... what's wrong, Piff? Something frighten you?" Layla asked.
"What? What is it, Layla?" Flora asked.
"I don't know. Piff's acting like she saw a ghost." Layla said. She watched as Piff spoke in her gibberish (she wasn't old enough to speak actual words yet), but more importantly, she was pointing in the area of the floor where Phil was standing.
"And... maybe she did." Layla said.
"Maybe Piff was just having another wild dream?" Flora said.
"No, wait... I think I see something." Bloom said. She had been staring at the floor, and it looked like there was a little black spot from Bloom's perspective. She carefully made her way towards the spot, eventually getting down on all fours so she could take a closer look.
"Hey! Be careful, Bloom!" Flora said.

This is it, Phil thought. He started jumping up and down, trying to help Bloom in any way he could. Phil knew he could very easily be mistaken for a bug, so he also used his Aura powers to shoot off some fireworks about 15 feet above him, but he quickly shut them off when Bloom was getting closer. Phil did his best to keep his cool. Bloom certainly looked a lot bigger now that she was practically looking over him.
"Huh? What?" Bloom said.
"What is it, Bloom? What do you see?" Layla asked.
"It's... it's... it's a man. A tiny man." Bloom said.
"Huh? How can that be?" Flora asked. Bloom finally decided to try and communicate with Phil.
"Um... hello, little guy. What is your name?" Bloom asked.
"Well... um... *clears throat* I'm in love." Phil said.
"Love?" Bloom asked.
"Wait, no, I mean...! I am Phil of the Picomen of Xanadu Island. I mean... well, my name is Phil, and I am a Picoman... who lived... I mean, lives on Xanadu Island." Phil said.
"Interesting..." Bloom said.
"So, Bloom? What's he saying?" Layla asked.
"Hold on, I'll get him off the ground so we can all see him." Bloom said. She then lowered a hand and allowed Phil to climb onboard, though that took a few seconds given his tiny size. Once he was safely in the middle of Bloom's hand, Bloom slowly stood back up, and Layla and Flora were looking down on him now.
"Oh my gosh! It really is a small man." Flora said.
"Small might be too big a word for him... he's REALLY tiny!" Layla said.

Soon, Stella was next to see Phil as she walked over to the other three girls.
"Hey, girls. What'cha doing?" Stella said. She looked at Bloom's hand and at first thought it was a black spot like Bloom had thought earlier.
"EEEEEK! A bug! Don't worry, I'll crush that little booger for you, Bloom!" Stella said. She raised a hand to try and swat Phil out of the picture, but Bloom blocked her off with her other hand.
"Stella, NO! It's a little man... see?" Bloom said.
"Oh! Oh my goodness! I didn't know they made them that small. Sorry about that, little one!" Stella said.
"It's okay... no offense taken!" Phil shouted.

Finally, Tecna and Musa, both wiping themselves of the sweat they had built from playing that dancing game so much, came over. All six girls were now surrounding themselves around Bloom's hand with Phil contained on it. It was almost too much for Phil to take as he looked around in every direction and saw nothing but a woman looking down on him.
"Yo, what's with the roundabout?" Musa said.
"Bloom found a tiny man! Look on her hand!" Stella shouted. Tecna, like the other girls, first looked on Bloom's hand and first considered the object there as nothing but a spot.
"Impossible! There's no way there can be a man that small!" Tecna said.
"But she's right, Tecna. Look at this." Musa said. Tecna looked, and immediately she corrected herself, throwing in a little humor in the process.
"But then again, it was previously impossible to create a device that could make things bigger." Tecna said, referring back to the Big Winx adventure.
"So what's he doing here anyway? You don't suppose he's a Peeping Tom, do you?" Stella asked.
"Oh, no. No no no no! I may be a fan of every one of you, but I wouldn't stoop to that level... at least, I don't think I would!" Phil said.
"You said you were a Picoman who came from Xanadu Island?" Bloom asked.
"Yes... we're called Picomen because we, an all-male society much like this place has nothing but gorgeous women, are so incredibly small compared to the rest of the world. Of course, only a few of us realize that, because Xanadu Island was previously hidden from all of Magix thanks to the power of the Aura." Phil said.
"Aura? I've never heard of that kind of power." Tecna said.

"So what brings you all the way here?" Bloom asked.
"I... well... we, the people of Xanadu Island, need your help, Winx Club! It has fallen under attack by these three evil giantesses. I heard their names to be Icy, Darcy, and Stormy..." Phil said.
"The witches!" Bloom said.
"Man, I thought we had heard the last of that trouble-causing trio." Musa said.
"But how did they find your island? You said it was hidden from the world thanks to Aura..." Tecna said.
"Hey, I wish I knew! All I know is that they're gonna destroy every city on that island if our ruler, King Percy, doesn't give up the location of the Pixie Village, and he won't do that for a million years!" Phil said. Amore and Lockette, the two Pixies in the room who were also from that village, gasped over hearing that.
"That definitely sounds like Lord Darkar. He's the only one I can think of who is seeking out the Pixie Village. He probably used his dark and evil magic to find this Xanadu Island." Layla said, thinking back to when she was a prisoner in Darker's underground chamber, until she and the Pixies were able to escape thanks to the Winx Club.
"Say no more, Phil. We will help defeat those nasty witches and liberate your island from them!" Bloom said.
"Awwww.... thanks, ladies! Man, wait until everyone there sees me bringing back THE Winx Club. If that doesn't convince them that women are real, I don't know what will!" Phil said.
"But wait! We don't even know where this Xanadu Island is... and even if we did, it sounds like it's many miles away! It could take forever if we just flew there!" Stella said.
"This from someone who easily gets tired after running around the mall during a Black Friday sale." Musa said.
"Hey, I don't do that! Well, sometimes..." Stella said.
"Don't worry, girls! I can still create portals outside of my Winx powers using my Portable Warp Zone Maker. I would just need the exact latitude and longitude of Xanadu Island." Tecna said.
"Oh, that's easy..." Phil said.

After running to her desk to get the Portable Warp Zone Maker, and after receiving the coordinates from Phil, who was now resting on top of Bloom's right shoulder, Tecna punched in the numbers. Eventually, a large light green-colored portal (definitely Tecna-ish) formed in front of the girls.
"Lockette, I want you and Amore to stay here, and tell the other Pixies that we went out for a training mission in the meantime." Bloom said.
"Awww... are you sure, Bloom? We Pixies could always lend a helping hand." Amore said.
"I know you do, but this time it would be best if we dealt with the witches personally." Bloom said.
"Bloom is right, Amore. Let's stay behind and look out for our fellow Pixies." Lockette said.
"Alright, is everyone ready? I've set the portal to transport us to the outer edge of Xanadu Island." Tecna said.
"Ready to kick some witch butt!" Stella said.
"You tell 'em, Stel." Musa said, patting her friend on her shoulder.
"How about you, Phil?" Bloom said.
"Hey, this is destiny we're talking about here. I envisioned the day you would arrive on my home island and save us all." Phil said.

With all that said, all the Winx girls, with Phil holding on for the ride, walked straight into Tecna's portal. The last words they heard before stepping through were the well wishes of the two Pixies (Piff was already back to sleep on the floor).
"Good luck!" both Lockette and Amore said before the portal closed.

Xanadu Island

The Winx Club (still in their normal outfits just so you know) went flying through Tecna's portal, eventually passing through a bright light. The light was quickly replaced by the outskirts of Xanadu Island, and the girls landed on their feet, kicking up a lot of dirt and sand from the hard landing. As the portal closed, the girls studied their surroundings.
"So, this is Xanadu Island?" Bloom asked. Phil was sitting on one of Bloom's shoulders, close to her ear so he could talk to her.
"Yeah... I don't want to brag but I hope it looks majestic enough for you." Phil said.
"Are you kidding? The city looks beautiful." Flora said as she pointed to the background. Layla noticed all the smoke and fire that billowed from parts of the city.
"At least what's left of it. Look at all the damage that's already been caused." Layla said.
"Those witches. We'll give them the blues for destroying this place." Musa said. Phil smiled, seeing the Winx Club as confident as he felt they would be.
"Wait a minute... what's that approaching from the ground?" Tecna said as she pointed downward between the two lookout towers.

There, the girls watched as one of the Picomen armies marched up towards them, stopping a little bit past the lookout towers.
"Awww... look at all those little guys. So cute when they're so tiny..." Stella said as she stepped towards the army.
"Um, Stella..." Tecna said, trying to pull Stella back from her trance, but there was no stopping Stella if she had her eyes fixated on more than one attractive looking man, no matter what size they were. Stella got down on her knees and laid her hands on the ground.
"So, which one of you wants to have my number first?" Stella asked. But the army didn't react at all. In fact, they didn't show any fear on their faces, especially as the commander in chief barked out his orders.
"Soldiers, attack the giant menace at once!" one of the Picomen shouted. What Stella wouldn't realize until it was too late was that the soldiers attacking power was raised as a result of the dark energy that Darcy injected into the entire group, so when the group threw their spears at Stella's hand... she definitely felt it.
"OUCH!!!" Stella shouted as she stood back up and held the back of her hand, even though there were no visible marks.
"Wow! Those little men are powerful!" Layla said.
"No... they can't be THAT good. They must be possessed by some evil magic!" Phil shouted. Tecna quickly pulled out her special visor.
"No wonder... I can sense Darcy's dark magic controlling these poor men." Tecna said.
"Well, if they can combat us with magic, so can we. Let's go Winx, girls!" Bloom said.
"Right!" The other five girls shouted together. Bloom closed her eyes and concentrated on transforming, as did the other girls.

But nothing happened after a few seconds.

"Wait, nothing's totally happening!" Stella said.
"She's right... I can't feel my powers awakening." Musa said.
"I was afraid this would happen. The Aura that surrounds this island must be conflicting with your own powers." Phil said. Tecna approached the tiny man sitting on Bloom's shoulder.
"So what are you saying, young lad? We can't transform because of this Aura that you speak of?" Tecna said. Phil just gulped, thinking any answer would cause frustration to come out of the girls.
"Bloom, what are we going to do now?" Flora asked, watching as the Picomen army drew closer to their mega-sized female opponents. But before the Picomen could make their next move...

"Wait, STOP!!!" a male voice screamed out in the distance. The Picomen turned around and noticed another one of their kind standing behind the formation, and this man waved his hands around and shot out a wide beam of Aura energy. Phil immediately knew who it was.
"Prescott!" Phil shouted. As the wave swept across the army, it didn't hurt them, but as soon as the energy crossed past them, it was like they were coming to their senses.
"Whoa... what just happened?" one of the men said.
"Yeah, the last thing I remember was getting mesmerized by that one giant lady." another said.
"And speaking of giant women, look!" another said.
"Fear not, men. These women are here to save us!" Prescott said. Prescott then approached one of Bloom's humongous high top shoes, where he watched as Phil jumped off her shoulder and used his Aura power to float down towards Prescott.
"Man, are you a sight for sore eyes." Prescott said as he shook Phil's hand.
"I know. Sorry for making you worry." Phil said.
"By the way, you sure know how to pick some very attractive looking heroines." Prescott said.
"Oh... right. Well, that's the Winx Club for you!" Phil said.
"Alright, alright. So they're real. I'll never call you a hopeless daydreamer again!" Prescott said.
"So is this one of your friends, Phil?" Bloom asked.
"Oh, yes! Prescott is on our side, don't worry." Phil said.
"And I have total confidence in all of Xanadu that you are indeed the ones who will rescue our king and save our kingdom from those terrible ladies." Prescott said.
"But how? We can't transform on this island. We won't stand much of a chance against those power-mad witches like this!" Tecna said.
"Tecna's got a point, you know. We need our Winx powers... somehow and some way." Musa said. At first nothing was said for a few seconds, but after thinking about it, Phil suddenly snapped his fingers.

"Wait a minute! What if I fused my Aura powers with you girls?" Phil said.
"Huh? You can do that?" Layla asked.
"Well, Phil has practically mastered wielding his Aura powers. He can do almost anything with them!" Prescott said.
"And Pericles said I was destined to meet up with the Winx Club. I can feel my Aura strengthening just from being close to them... it's like I'm truly a part of that prophecy." Phil said.
"Go for it, Phil!" Prescott said.

After Prescott backed away, Phil suddenly closed his eyes and concentrated. He found himself being covered in his own aura once more, this time the energy flaring around him like the Dragon Fire. Finally, he opened up his eyes.
"Aura Fusion, Activate!" Phil shouted. He held his hands out and a mass amount of Aura went flying from his body and surrounded all of the Winx girls. The energy swirled around the girls for a few seconds.
"This won't hurt, will it?" Stella asked. And then, the energy covered the girls from head to toe. Eventually, their bodies started to glitter much like their Winx outfits did, and they also gained a brand new item, whether it be an extra piece of clothing or a powerful weapon that suited the girl perfectly based on their powers. As their new powers formed, Phil suddenly found himself explaining what the items were. No doubt because of the prophecy mentioned earlier, Phil sounded like he knew exactly what these items were capable of.

Bloom was wearing a dark red cape that almost reached the ground.
"Bloom, you now possess the Vesuvia Cape, a mantle made out of the hottest of volcanic lava. It'll greatly increase the temperature of your Dragon Fire." Phil said.

Stella sported a pair of bright yellow wings that stuck out from her back.
"Stella, you now possess the Solar Flare Wings. You can absorb the energy of the sun and fire off the most concentrated energy beam of light ever seen." Phil said.

Musa had to smile when she felt her new weapon of choice being... a pair of large headphones!
"Musa, you now possess the Spice Headphones, a pair of headphones that can unlock the full power of your heart and soul." Phil said.
"All I can say is grooooooovy!" Musa said excitedly.

Tecna looked to see a short knife-like object forming in her hands, completely made of green wireframe, similar to her regular Winx powers.
"Tecna, you now possess the Point-Click Cursor. It allows you to create anything your intelligent mind can think of, and you always have the latest software too!" Phil said.

Flora also had a weapon form in her hands. This time, it looked like a simple watering can.
"Flora, you now possess the Watering Can. It can emit either an endless supply of water, plant food or weed killer, depending on your horticultural request." Phil said.
"Wow... my plants are sure to love this!" Flora said.

Layla also got her own weapon much like Tecna and Flora, and she was a bit confused when she saw it was a bazooka of some sort.
"Layla, you now possess the OptiMega Prime Cannon, a cannon that powers up your Morphix and can transform into a helpful robot, ideal for an extra pair of fighting hands!" Phil said.

"Wow... these are great items. No way those witches can stop us now!" Stella shouted.
"I'm inclined to agree. I'm curious as to what I can create with this thing." Tecna said as she studied her weapon.
"And another thing, girls... if you blow a kiss towards me and combine with my Aura once more, one of you will possess the ultimate Aura weapon... the Valiant Sword." Phil said.
"This is great. But... how is it you know all this, Phil?" Bloom said.
"I... I really don't know. Much of what I said came out of nowhere, I must confess. It must have to do with my very high levels of ESP that I was born with." Phil said.
"Enough talk! Let's get those witches!" Stella said. Bloom kneeled down and lowered one of her hands close to Phil.
"Phil, you better stay close to us. It could get dangerous once we reach the city." Bloom said. Phil hopped onboard and looked back at Prescott.
"You coming, Prescott?" Phil said.
"You go on ahead. I'm gonna lead this army and try to break the rest of the troops out of their trance." Prescott said. Phil nodded and held on for the ride as Bloom carefully placed the Picoman on top of her right shoulder again.

And then it was time for the big battle, as the six 'giant' Winx girls entered the city to confront the witches.

In the city, the three witches continued to have their fun. They were either playing with the Picomen, destroying any property that stood in their way, or both at the same time. Darcy continued with her extra step of possessing the Picomen armies to do her bidding. It was becoming a regular routine, and Stormy almost appeared bored with it, yawning before she spoke to Icy.
"I'm getting bored, girls. How much more do you think we can fiddle with this micro civilization?" Stormy said.
"Have patience, Stormy. That lousy ruler of a king has to give in eventually, and once he gives up the location of the Pixie Village, we'll be outta here." Icy said.
"You'll have to go through us first, witches!" the familiar voice of Bloom shouted.
"What!?" Icy shouted. She, Darcy, and Stormy all looked to see the six members of the Winx Club standing a handful of yards away, towering over the city just as they were. The six girls stood close together with Bloom of course standing front and center. For the Picomen, they felt that much smaller with nine gigantic women now standing over their city like a lonely sandbox.

"Well, well. The Winx Club finally show their pretty faces." Darcy said.
"That's right, and we're here to put an end to your parade." Layla said.
"Hahaha! You think you can defeat us even with those new looks of yours?" Stormy said as she looked over the new Aura-powered items that the Winx Club possessed.
"And besides... we hold every one of these so-called Picomen hostage. Even one little movement right now can kill them, and I'm sure they didn't teach you to do that in Alfea, did they?" Icy said with a smirk on her face. Phil made a bold statement as he stood on the edge of Bloom's shoulder.
"You may have killed many of us, but the Picomen are forever! We will just start brand new lives where we will no longer fear your tyranny!" Phil said.
"Oh, shut up you mighty mite!" Icy shouted. She formed a dagger made completely out of ice before throwing it towards Phil on Bloom's shoulder. But Bloom raised her cape up and not only blocked the attack, but the ice dagger completely melted away in mid-air.
"This battle is between us girls, Icy! You leave our new friends out of this!" Bloom said.

"Oh, I doubt you'll be able to ignore or protect them, not when I hold the strings to hundreds of these tough little soldiers. Get them!" Darcy said as she pointed down and then outward at the girls. The Winx Club marched as seemingly the entire Picomen Army marched towards them.
"Come on, this is no sweat. We'll just squash them like little bugs and..." Stella said.
"No, Stella. They're innocent people just like Phil here." Bloom said.
"But what can we do? How can we break them out of Darcy's spell?" Flora asked. Musa then took a couple steps forward (crushing several small buildings underneath her shoes) and stood in front.
"Leave this to me." Musa said. She then placed her hands on her Spice Headphones and concentrated.
"Viva Forever!" Musa shouted. Soon, a series of sound waves visibly flew out of the headphones and swept past the Picomen. As soon as the wave passed by, they stopped their march and instead looked way up at the mega-sized Musa.
"Now. More than ever... we're gonna get down in this town!" Musa said, who now smiled and suddenly broke into a rhythm with her feet, occasionally twisting herself around. The Picomen did exactly the same movements, and suddenly the city block looked like one big dance floor. Darcy saw this happen and stomped on the ground in frustration.
"Arrrrgh!!! That's why I hate you so much! I'll make you hip hop at my feet! Dark Ball!" Darcy shouted before she gathered up her energy of darkness into a ball and then threw it towards Musa. But Flora was ready to back up her teammate as she clutched into her Watering Can.
"Weed Killer, go!" Flora said as she aimed the nozzle, and out came whatever garden material you can think of that instantly kills garden weeds. The material wrapped itself around the dark energy and dissolved it before it could reach Musa, who just ended her dance once she felt the soldiers were under enough of the control.
"Wow... not bad, huh?" Flora asked.
"I'm sure your garden will appreciate that." Musa said with a smile.
"Alright, now you've done it. We'll crush you no matter what size you're at! Get them, girls!" Icy shouted. She, Darcy, and Stormy all ran forward, and the Winx Club split apart, with two of the girls taking on one witch.

As Musa and Flora continued their battle against Darcy, Tecna and Layla were challenging Stormy. As Stormy firmly planted her foot on top of a group of homes, she charged up one of her hands with electricity.
"Let's see how smart you are dealing with this, techno lady!" Stormy said before she fired the energy bolt. Tecna and Layla both made a dive to dodge the attack, despite crashing into some of the taller buildings and of course crushing a few innocent Picomen, but they didn't let that bother them. Tecna, brushing aside some of the hair in her face (because she wasn't used to battling in almost her civilian form), suddenly remembered the new item that Phil had given to her.
"Well, let's see how accurate this thing is. Fallen Angels Riding!" Tecna said. She used the Point-Click Cursor to draw a large portal above her head. When she was done, the portal was transformed from wireframe to a full texture and polygon-based object. And coming out of that portal were little angels, and lots of them too! They all swarmed around Stormy, who swatted as many as she could like flies. The angels instantly lost their wings and fell to the ground upon getting hit or hitting Stormy herself, but there were too many for Stormy to fight off.
"Get off me, you stinking mosquitoes!" Stormy shouted.
"Nice, Tecna! I'll take it from here. Touch Blast!" Layla said. She raised the arm that her bazooka, the OptiMega Prime Cannon, and pressed the firing buttons. A huge blast of her own substance, the Morphix, came flying out in a huge pink blob. When the blob was near Stormy, it suddenly exploded, covering Stormy in the sticky stuff. Some of the Morphix also fell down onto the streets and buildings and covered those as well.
"Arrrrgh!" Stormy shouted out of frustration. Tecna walked over to Layla and high-fived her.
"Excellent teamwork, Layla." Tecna said.
"Yes, I couldn't agree more." Layla said. The two girls looked at Stormy as she shook off the Morphix and prepared for another attack.

The most epic battle, on the other hand, was between Icy, Stella, and Bloom (with Phil still hanging on for the ride). Bloom, having almost mastered the Dragon Fire, was able to create anything she wanted that was made out of the mighty flame, and she was holding a flaming whip to combat against the ice sword that Icy was holding.
"You're gonna be this whole city's worse nightmare by the time I'm through with you!" Icy said.
"You were the one to first drive that fear. It is you the people of this little city will remember as the one that destroyed it!" Bloom said.
"Then try this on for size! Hail Storm!" Icy shouted, and she fired off a group of hail stones that one would normally see in bad weather. Bloom watched as the hail approached, but luckily she got some help from her best of friends.
"Sunny Side Shield!" Stella said as she charged in front of Bloom set up a huge barrier of sunlight that blocked the attacks. With Icy both recovering from the attack and upset that her hail storm didn't hurt anybody, Bloom took this opportunity to strike back.
"Crossfire!" Bloom said as she stretched out both sides of her cape. From out of the cape came a series of X-shaped fireballs, many of which made contact with Icy and causing small fires to flare up on her outfit, but she either brushed them off or used her ice powers to take out the flames.

Eventually, the battle went back to hand-in-hand, with the Icy's ice daggers and Bloom's flame whip making contact with each other. While the battle was going on, Phil noticed how close the two giantesses were getting to the castle, and more important than that was the fact King Percy was still perched on top of the structure.
"Dang... I gotta save the king!" Phil said. Waiting until Bloom had her back turned to the castle, Phil made a daring leap and used his Aura to float down to the roof of the castle, landing a few yards away from King Percy.
"My goodness! Are you alright, young lad?" Percy said.
"Don't worry about me, your royal highness. What about you?" Phil said.
"Oh, I've just been standing here watching the city get trashed about. But I must ask, who are those other ladies fighting the evil witches?" Percy said.
"They're the Winx Club, sir. They are here to save us!" Phil said.
"Heavens me! I didn't think there were any women with that good and big a heart... oh, no pun intended." Percy said.
"It's alright, your highness. But we've gotta go now. Please hold onto me, sir!" Phil said. King Percy did that by getting a grip on Phil's shoulders, and despite being taller and heavier than Phil, the young man was able to make a bold leap off and behind the castle. And right on time too... because Bloom took a hit from the ice daggers and fell backwards onto the castle, crushing at least half of it underneath her behind.

As Bloom brushed the debris off her cape and tried to get up, Icy stood over her and pointed both her daggers right at Bloom's face.
"Face it, Bloom. Even with a shiny new cape and that fancy Dragon Fire of yours, I'm still better than you. Witches will ALWAYS triumph over fairies in the end!" Icy said.
"That may be true, but you still lack one important battle skill." Bloom said.
"And what would that be?" Icy said.
"Watching your back!" Bloom said.
"What!?" Icy said as she turned around, only to see Stella standing a few yards away and her new wings glowing very brightly and flapping at a high rate of speed.
"Walking on Sunshine!" Stella shouted as loud as she could. She held her hands out and fired a large number of arrows made out of shining light. The attack came so fast, Icy didn't have time to dodge the arrow and she got struck by them.
"Ack!!!" Icy shouted. Bloom rolled quickly to the left as Icy fell to the same spot that Bloom had previously laid in. Bloom looked over at Stella and smiled.
"Thanks, Stella." Bloom said.
"Always happy to lend a ray of sunshine!" Stella shouted.

Eventually, the other two witches joined up with Icy having been pushed back to the same battle area. The other Winx girls joined alongside Bloom and Stella.
"Looks like we've got the witches all rounded up once again." Bloom said.
"That's for sure." Musa said. Just then, Bloom could hear the familiar voice of Phil near her right ear. Phil, after making sure King Percy was safe and sound, used his Aura to jump, fly, or climb back up Bloom's body and make it back on top of her shoulder.
"Girls, combine your Aura and let's finish the job with the Valiant Sword!" Phil said. Bloom suddenly remembered that part of conversation.
"Oh yeah! You ready, girls? Let's all blow a kiss to Phil." Bloom said.
"Ready!" the other Winx girls shouted.

After the Winx Club surrounded Phil in a circle, one by one the girls blew a kiss down towards the Picoman. Phil's Aura reacted for each one of the kisses that came his way, and he felt his body surging with power as it glowed a bright blue. After Bloom was the last one to blow a kiss, Phil could feel the power coarsing through his body.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Phil screamed as he held his hands up in the air. The Aura suddenly shot into the air, exploding like they were fireworks. The girls looked in the midst of the brightness to see an almost rainbow colored sword floating in the air.
"That must be it!" Stella shouted.
"The Valiant Sword..." Bloom said, marveling at its tremendous beauty. Bloom reached out and grabbed the sword, and she felt the power of the sword flowing through her body.
"Oh my... such a powerful sword." Bloom said. That's when she looked over at the three witches with a mean look on her face.
"Ummm... why is she looking at us like that?" Darcy said.
"Oh man, this is gonna hurt..." Stormy said.
"Don't just stand there! Get her, already!" Icy shouted.
"Valiant Strike! Full power!" Bloom shouted. She then pointed the sword towards the witches, and an epic energy beam quickly made contact with them.
"Eeeeeek!!!" they all shouted as they lost their footing and were blown several yards away into another part of the city. They all landed together and were struggling to get back up. As Bloom (and the other Winx girls for that matter) approached their fellow giantesses.
"Well, witches. Shall I demonstrate the power of the Aura again?" Bloom said. Icy knew there was no combating against that kind of power. As much as she hated to do it, it was time to lick their wounds and accept defeat. But of course, she made sure that their battle with the Winx Club was not over.
"Don't think you've won, Winx Club! We'll be back, more powerful than ever!" Icy shouted. Finally, she raised her hands and opened up a portal, sucking herself and the other witches inside before it closed up.

The evil witches were gone, the only giantesses left were the Winx Club themselves.
"Wow... remind me not to tick you off when you have that sword, Bloom!" Stella said.
"Sure... if I get to keep it, that is." Bloom said with a smile. Slowly, the Picomen were coming out of their hiding places and applauding the giantesses as they approached them. All of them smiled at the reception they were getting.
"Well, I'd say we're getting a heroine's welcome." Tecna said.
"Sounds pretty cool. It almost has a beat." Musa said.
"Awww... thank you, my adoring fans. I wonder which one of these little cuties I should pull a phone number from..." Stella said. She started to reach down and grab more than likely a handful of these tiny people, but of course the other girls wouldn't allow that.
"STELLA!!" they all shouted.
"Okay, okay. Sorry!" Stella said.

Back at the partially destroyed castle, the six Winx Club girls were standing just outside the grounds, all back to their regular selves after Phil took back the Aura he graciously handed them. And speaking of Phil, he was standing outside the castle's front door along with King Percy and many other members of his royal guard, such as Prescott.
"Citizens of Xanadu Island. We are gathered today to praise the efforts of these six gigantic women... that's right, a gender that was once thought to be nothing but hearsay and fairy tale. But despite what we may have believed as a collective family, these women risked their lives to save us from the evil witches, and because of their heroic efforts, we can live to see the sun rise once more!" King Percy said. All the Picomen listening to the speech applauded both to the king as well as once more to the giantesses, who stood as still as they could since there were Picomen almost in every direction.

"But despite the values they showed in discipline, justice, commitment, and teamwork, they could not have beaten those nasty witches alone! Xanadu Island and the Picomen have always been known for our magical energy source, the great and powerful Aura, but nobody on this island has mastered the usage of such power more than young Phil here. Let us give this young man a round of applause for helping bring these fine women here to save us all!" King Percy said. Once again there was a thunderous round of applause, it was almost too much for Phil to take in. To think he was nothing more than a royal messenger before this whole day started.
"In fact, Phil, I hereby promote you from this day forward to be the Royal Ambassador of Xanadu Island!" King Percy said. Phil gasped at the news, while everyone else just cheered wildly for the young man.
"No more will I be sending you out to deliver my words of wisdom, power, or whatever. Wherever you go, or whatever you do, you will be representing the best that Xanadu Island has to offer! Do you wish to say something to your audience, young lad?" King Percy said.
"Um... thanks?" Phil said, prompting a round of laughter this time, including from the Winx Club.
"A fabulous answer! I couldn't have said it better myself." King Percy said.
"Man, aren't you a lucky dime, Phil?" Prescott said.
"Yes, yes. I guess I am." Phil said.
"I also of course must thank our giant visitors for their brave deeds on this day. I hereby announce they are the only women who are 100% welcome on Xanadu Island. Ladies, you are free to visit here without fear of restriction or resistance!" King Percy said. Another round of applause, which told the Winx Club that the citizens approved of the king's decision.
"I guess that would make us celebrities." Tecna said.
"Awesome! I've always dreamed of being a superstar on SOME island!" Stella said.

"That's very kind of you, your majesty. I only fear we may be back sooner than later with the witches no doubt already planning for revenge." Bloom said.
"I wouldn't worry about that. I'm gonna fine tune my own Aura to share with my fellow Picomen. Together, we'll make sure they can't teleport anywhere close to this island ever again." Phil said.
"Wonderful... I think you'll make a great Royal Ambassador." Bloom said. Just then, she did something that surprised almost everyone on the island, including King Percy. Bloom bent her knees down and reached down and picked up Phil (as carefully as she could of course). Then she planted him right up against her lips! The crowd gasped and then wooed over what they saw.
"Hey! Don't leave us out! I think he's cute too!" Stella said.
"I have to agree, believe it or not." Layla said. So, as Bloom moved her hand around, the other five girls all kissed Phil as well. By the time Phil was placed back alongside King Percy on the ground, he was covered in all sorts of different shades of lipstick.
"Dang! I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now!" Phil shouted.
"And rightfully so, my boy!" King Percy said.

"Well, as much as we'd like to stay and learn more about this island and your people, we need to be returning to Alfea." Bloom said.
"Very well, but we look forward to the day you return!" King Percy said. Tecna pulled out her portable Warp Zone Generator and used it to open a portal between the two lookout towers on the outer edge of the city.
"Goodbye, everyone! Goodbye, Phil, we'll never forget you!" Bloom shouted as she and the other girls carefully stepped their way through the crowd and eventually jumped into the portal that would lead them all back to Alfea. As the portal closed and the Picomen made one last cheer for the giantesses, Phil muttered his last few words to be directed to the girl.

"Neither will I." Phil said with a smile on his face. As he walked inside the castle, he could only hope if he would ever see them again. Maybe Pericles had the answer to that question? He rushed to his private chambers in order to find out.