Giants in Love: Adam and Bloom


Life was busy as usual for the people of Magix City, in particular for Bloom and Stella as they came walking out of one of the shopping malls. They both juggled bags full of clothes and shoes.
"Ugh… Stella! Maybe you bought one set of clothes too many?" Bloom asked.
"Come on, Bloom! I've never heard you complain once about how many shirts and pairs of shoes I buy!" Stella said.
"That's because we've never bought this many shirts and pairs of shoes before." Bloom said.
"Haha! I know! I'm setting a new Magix record, aren't I!?" Stella said.

But the walk of the two girls came to a halt as Bloom couldn't see a young man fast approaching and the two collided. Bloom fell on her backside and dropped the many bags onto the ground. Stella dropped her load as well to check on her friend and fellow Winx teammate.
"Bloom! Are you okay?" Stella said as she stood over her friend.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." Bloom said.
"Oh… I'm terribly sorry, ma'am!" a male voice said. Bloom looked over and got her first look at the man that run into her. Bloom's eyes theoretically sparkled. The 5 foot 10 inch man, with short brown hair, green eyes, and wearing jeans and a red short sleeved T-shirt, looked like a shining knight fit for a king, especially with the muscles on his arms.
"T-t-that's fine, sir." Bloom said as the man walked up to her and held out a hand. He helped Bloom back to her feet.
"I'm so sorry. I'm running late for work and didn't see you." the man said.
"Really, sir, it's okay. I wasn't watching where I was going either." Bloom said.
"My name's Adam. Adam Barnes, to be precise." Adam said.
"I'm in love… Oh… I mean! I'm Bloom!" Bloom said as the two shook hands.
"Well, Bloom, I wish I could stay, but I gotta get going!" Adam said as he quickly ran down the street, presumably for wherever he was working. Bloom kept staring at Adam even as he faded into the distance. She didn't even notice Stella waving her hand in front of her face at first.
"Yoohoo! Magix to Bloom! Come in, Bloom!" Stella shouted.
"What? Who? What?" Bloom said.
"Hahaha! I know that look, Bloom. That's the look of 'I found a new boyfriend!'" Stella said.
"You're… you're absolutely right, Stella." Bloom said.
"Wow! One look and you're already in love? I wish I had that kind of luck with boyfriends!" Stella said. With Bloom snapped back into reality, she realized the clothes she was carrying were all around the ground.
"Come on, Stella! We need to get all these clothes back to Alfea before Griselda realizes we're gone!" Bloom said.
"Oh, you're right! Definitely do NOT want her getting mad." Stella said as the two girls spent the next few minutes gathering up all the clothes they dropped and put them back in the shopping bags. Once they were done, the two made their way back to Alfea.

The next day

Bloom was back in the city once again, this time in a restaurant with Tecna and Flora with her.
"So, Flora, are you sure this is a fine restaurant?" Bloom asked.
"Well, I heard it got high reviews on the internet." Flora said.
"Now now, Flora, you can't always trust internet reviews even for restaurants. Sometimes the positive reviews are made by rabid fanboys of that product or place." Tecna said.
"True… the mall Stella and I like to go to gets a lot of bad reviews… but we haven't had any issues there." Bloom said.
"Oh dear… I hope I wasn't fooled." Flora said. Tecna patted Flora on the shoulder.
"Relax, mate. Anything's better than getting away from Musa's dorm room. I'm surprised she hasn't rocked the roof off by now!" Tecna said, prompting a laugh between the three ladies.

Just then, a young man wearing a typical waiter's outfit approached the table the girls were sitting at. Unknown right now to Bloom, it was the same man, Adam Barnes, that she bumped into yesterday.
"Welcome, ladies. May I take your order now?" Adam said.
"Well, let's see… we'll all have the…" Tecna started to say, but when Bloom looked up at the man's face, it immediately made her think back to yesterday.
"Hey! Aren't you Adam? You're the man I bumped into yesterday!" Bloom asked. Adam gasped as he recognized the orange/red-headed girl.
"Oh my! I remember you! You're Bloom, right?" Adam asked.
"That's right. Heh… small world, right?" Bloom said.
"You can say that again." Adam said.
"Wait… this is the man you said you bumped into, Bloom?" Flora said.
"That's right. His name is Adam Barnes." Bloom said.
"Well then… if only I didn't already have a boyfriend, I'd be first in your line." Tecna said as she winked her eyes up at Adam.
"T-t-t-thank you, ma'am. Anyway, what can I get you ladies tonight?" Adam said. The three ladies went on to make their order.

After 10-15 minutes of waiting and then another 30 minutes to consume all their food, it was time for the three ladies to leave. Bloom approached Adam as he was approaching behind the counter.
"Thank you, Adam, the food was fantastic." Bloom said as she handed some money over to Adam.
"Oh, it's my pleasure. Ummmm…" Adam said.
"What is it?" Bloom asked.
"Listen, Bloom. I was wondering if maybe I could have your number. I'd kinda like to get to know you more." Adam said.
"I'd be happy too! In fact…" Bloom said. She reached towards the vest Adam was wearing and pulled a pen out. Then she took the receipt and wrote on the back of it. On it was not only her mobile number, but also a username for a web chat service she often used.
"There you go." Bloom said.
"Thanks. Maybe tonight I'll call." Adam said.
"I'm looking forward to it." Bloom said as she blew Adam a kiss.
"Okay, love girl, time to get back to Alfea." Flora said as she and Tecna playfully dragged Bloom out of the restaurant. She and Adam waved each other goodbye until she was fully out of the restaurant.
"Heh… it doesn't take a dual-core CPU to see you two are meant for each other." Tecna said.
"You're right, Tecna. Ahhhhhh…" Bloom said.
"I don't blame you. He looks VERY handsome." Tecna said.
"And very fit too! He's clearly been eating his greens. Maybe it's my greens, even…" Flora said jokingly.
"I hope we can be good friends." Tecna said.

Two months later

Over the next two months, Bloom and Adam kept in contact with each other, sometimes spending as much as an hour talking to each other about many random things. He even became good friends with the other ladies of the Winx Club… Stella, Tecna, Flora, and Musa. Finally, though, Adam and Bloom were both able to find just enough free time to spend a full day with each other. The night before, the two agreed on a date at the beach.

At the apartment Adam stayed in, after he put on his blue speedo, he then heard a few knocks on the door.
"Who is it?" Adam said.
"It's me… Tecna!" Tecna said from the other side of the door. Adam quickly slipped into some shorts and a T-shirt to conceal his swimwear (until he got to the beach, that is). Once he was dressed up, that's when he walked up to the door and opened it up.
"Tecna, hi! This is a surprise." Adam said.
"I know… sorry for not calling ahead. I was hoping to catch you before you headed off for the beach." Tecna said as she walked inside the room, keeping her hands behind her back.
"For what reason?" Adam asked.
"I offer you a gift. I'm hoping it will make your beach date with Bloom all the more smashing." Tecna said as she pulled her hands out from behind, revealing some sort of spray bottle.
"Oh? This is for me?" Adam asked.
"Affirmative! It's a new fragrance I've been working on. It should make you feel very powerful once you've sprayed it on." Tecna said.
"I see… thanks, Tecna!" Adam said.
"Aren't you going to try it?" Tecna asked.
"Oh, I'll wait until I get to the beach and see Bloom. I want to surprise her." Adam said.
"Understood. Well, you two have fun! Cheers!" Tecna said as she turned around the left Adam's room. Adam took a long look at the fragrance bottle and wondered what it would smell like once he sprayed. Keeping to his word, he resisted the urge to spray himself now and instead walked out the door, eventually leaving the apartment.

After a 15 minute walk (he decided he needed the exercise), Adam arrived just outside the beach, stopping on the docks in front of the changing stations. He only had to wait a few seconds later when Bloom arrived behind him.
"Yoohoo! Adam, my cupcake!" Bloom shouted. Adam turned around and his eyes lit up. Bloom was wearing a white T-shirt that covered the top half of her body, while the bottom half of her two piece bright green bikini was proudly shown. Like Adam, Bloom came to the beach wearing flip flops, and she had a small carrying bag strapped to her shoulder, presumably with all her beach gear.
"Wow… I can't wait to see what's underneath that shirt." Adam said.
"Hahaha! You naughty devil, you. I'm looking forward to what's under YOUR shirt. My friends tells me you've been working out and have the body to prove it." Bloom said.
"Heh heh… I'm glad they have something to brag about." Adam said.
"Well, just wait right here while I go change and put my sunscreen on." Bloom said.
"I'll be waiting!" Adam said as he couldn't resist taking a peek at Bloom's behind while she went into the women's changing station. Adam then remembered about the clothing he was wearing as well as the fragrance bottle he was holding, and that's when he went into the men's changing station.

Adam first took off his shorts and T-shirt, leaving him in just his speedo. He briefly admired the muscles on his arms but then focused on the fragrance bottle given by Tecna.
"Here goes nothing." Adam said to himself as he pressed down on the spray nozzle and allowed the fragrance to spray all over face and chest. Right away he could smell the powerful aroma of the fragrance.
"Oooooh… Bloom's going to love that smell, I just know it." Adam said.

But what happened next took even Adam by surprise. He looked at the mirror and noticed his body undergoing a most unusual change.
"What the? My arms? They're getting bigger!" Adam said. The muscles on his arms were becoming even stronger. They were already muscular before, but now they were almost par, if not right on, with Mr. Universe. And that's not all the changes his body was going through. His chest and legs both became more muscular as well, and most importantly, he now had the perfect six-pack of abs on his stomach.
"Oh my… this is most unexpected… OW!" Adam said. He was so busy admiring his newfound muscle, he didn't realize he was slowly gaining height as well. His head was bumping against the ceiling. The once 5'10" tall man now stood 10 feet tall and showed no signs of slowing down. The changing room was quickly becoming too small for the muscular 21-year-old man, though he was thankful his speedo was growing with him.
"Ugh! So tight! I hate being trapped like this!" Adam said as he wiggled around trying not to break any walls or ceilings, but eventually that proved to be a worthless cause, especially as one of Adam's knees poked a giant hole in the ceiling. He finally had no choice but to thrust his arms upward and tear apart the rest of the ceiling.

Shortly before that, Bloom was fully changed into her two piece bright green bikini. She waited patiently for Adam to come out of the male changing station, but instead, she heard numerous bumping and banging sounds coming from inside.
"What the? What's going on?" Bloom asked herself, knowing that wasn't normal at all. She made her way to the door and opened it up.
"Adam, are you…? *gasp*" Bloom said, only to gasp over what she was seeing. Her boyfriend was getting bigger and about to rip the ceiling off… and she knew she was in trouble if she didn't get out of the way of the growing feet that were approaching her. Bloom backed away and watched as the changing station gave way to a fast growing Adam.
As for Adam himself, he didn't see the need to sit any longer and he stood to his bare feet, brushing the debris off his muscular body and watching as the area around him continued to shrink. Adam at first was frustrated having felt trapped in the changing station, but now that he had broken free, he was singing a different tune. He looked quite happy.
"Wow… look how small everything is getting!" Adam said. Finally, the growth stopped and Adam Barnes now stood 190 feet tall.
"Oh my… I'm a true giant!" Adam said as he admired how small everything suddenly looked. At the same time, he admired how much bigger he himself was, especially in the muscle department. He couldn't help but half smile when he looked down at the bulge in the front of his blue speedo.
"Heh… in more ways than one." Adam said to himself.

"Adam! Adam!" a faint female voice called up to him. He looked a few yards in front of his bare feet where he saw a teeny tiny Bloom jumping up and down and waving her arms.
"Bloom? Is that you?" Adam asked.
"Adam… you look… oh my gosh, you look… amazing." Bloom said. Although the giant Adam heard Bloom's words, he wanted to get her closer and, most importantly, off ground level so she wouldn't accidentally get stepped on.
"Hold on, let me pick you up." Adam said as he kneeled down and held a hand in front of Bloom. She happily hopped on and she held on for the ride as Adam stood back to his full height. Bloom was now looking at nothing but Adam's giant face.
"I'm glad you feel that way, Bloom. I was afraid you'd run away." Adam said.
"Are you kidding? It's kinda hard to run away from that hunky hulk of a body you have." Bloom said.
"Awwww… thanks." Adam said with a light blush on his face. He gently patted Bloom on her head, which made her giggle briefly.
"So how did you grow this big?" Bloom asked.
"It must've been that fragrance I sprayed on a couple minutes ago. Tecna gave it to me before I left my apartment." Adam said.
"Heh… I'm not surprised. Tecna's always thinking of new inventions! I'm sure she can just as quickly make an antidote." Bloom said.
"Oh, she can take her time. I rather like being this big." Adam said.
"Really?" Bloom asked.
"Ever since I was a baby boy, I've always been a fan of giant people. My mother even used to set up those ABC blocks for me to kick around, pretending I was this big." Adam said.
"Haha! I guess the dream has finally come true." Bloom said.
"Yes, but…" Adam said.
"What's wrong?" Bloom asked.
"I kinda feel lonely at the same time. I wonder if the fragrance would also work on you… I mean, if that's okay with you." Adam said.
"I would be most honored to grow just as big as you." Bloom said.
"Thanks, my little sweetie!" Adam said as he gently cuddled Bloom against his face. Bloom took the opportunity to kiss the giant while she was there, much to her delight.

Adam then looked down at what was left of the men's changing station and smiled.
"Oh, look! There's the bottle! It's amazing it didn't get crushed underneath all that rubble." Adam said as he lowered Bloom down on top of the bottle.
"I agree! This bottle must be very lucky on top of being very potent!" Bloom said as she took another look at Adam's vastly muscular body compared to when he was normal-sized. Bloom wasted no further time in picking up the bottle and spraying the rest of its contents all over not just her face, but her upper body as well. Bloom didn't have to wait long for the results as she dropped the empty bottle down by her bare feet.
"Oooooh… I feel a surge of energy coarsing through my body." Bloom said. The young woman looked down and watched as her breasts ever so slightly enlarged. She figured they were going up one cup size, but it was nothing her bikini couldn't handle. That was the only obvious change her body went through, aside from the increase in size that Adam was gladly watching.
"It's working, Bloom! You're growing!" Adam said. Bloom smiled as she looked down and watched the ground get smaller and smaller. Then she looked at Adam and watched as she was eye level with his knees… his speedo (she couldn't help but go ooooooh at his bulge)… his abs… his chest… until she finally stopped growing at 180 feet tall. She was a tad shorter than Adam himself, but that didn't bother her at all. In fact, she smiled and cracked a joke.
"Fee fi fo fum… I smell the blood of a very handsome looking god." Bloom said. Adam smiled right back.
"Who's very happy to have a goddess by his side." Adam said. The two giants approached each other and pressed their front sides together, hugging each other and giving a quick kiss. They backed away and looked down on the ground.
"Wow… remind me to thank Tecna later. I've always dreamed of being a giantess." Bloom said.

Adam then looked back at the beach the two were supposed to be heading towards. He could see a few people either standing still and looking up in awe, while others darted away from the giants.
"So what now? We're not going to just stand here, are we?" Adam said.
"Of course not. We should head for the city." Bloom said.
"Oh? The city? What about the beach?" Adam asked.
"We can take a walk on the beach later. I want to see how much smaller the city looks from up here." Bloom said. Adam then took one of Bloom's hands into his own.
"I couldn't agree with you more." Adam said. With the two giants holding hands, they made their way away from the beach and towards Magix City.

News had broken of Adam and Bloom growing huge at the beach, so the people of the city knew they would be arriving any minute. The thundering boom sounds and quick shakes of the ground that all got progressively stronger told them they were very close. Of course, as big as they were, all it took was for one person to look in the distance and point.
"Look! Here come the giants!" a young female shouted. Like on the beach, reaction was mixed. Some ran away for the nearest cover they could find, while others stood still and looked up, not believing how big the giants were, but also how godlike they looked in their swimsuits, especially Adam with all the muscle he carried from head to toe! The two came to a stop as soon as they made it to the first group of buildings… all of which were knee high to the giants as they continued to hold hands.
"Heehee… the city already looks so incredibly different from up here." Bloom said as she rested her head against one of Adam's arms.
"I couldn't agree more." Adam said. The two then focused on the people that were running away from them.
"You can't really blame those people for running away." Adam said.
"I know. Still… we better be careful. We can easily crush them to death at this size." Bloom said. With a quick nod from Adam, the two giants got walking again down the streets. They walked at a very slow pace to make sure nobody accidentally got in their way, although at their gigantic sizes, they covered much ground with each step. When one man tripped himself up, Bloom stopped walking in the middle of one of her steps.
"Whoops! Be careful, young man!" Bloom said as she moved her foot back. She kneeled down and helped the man back to his feet, watching as he got back to running away. As Bloom stood back up, she caught a quick glance at the bulge in Adam's speedo.
"Oh… sorry, my beloved. Just watching you do anything this big is kinda turning me on." Adam said.
"Hahaha… it's alright. Those muscles of yours are kinda turning me on too." Bloom said as she playfully rubbed one of her feet against the ground and held her hands together. Then she looked directly into his eyes.
"So… what happens when we kiss?" Bloom said. Adam smiled.
"Let's find out." Adam said.

The two giants approached each other and locked lips once again, with Bloom having to stand on the tips of her toes to reach her lips up to Adam's. The two did a bit more than simply kiss this time around. They moaned softly and rubbed tongues together… the classic French kiss!
"Bloom… I've been wanting to tell you this for the past couple months… I love you." Adam said.
"And I love you too, Adam." Bloom said. She then pulled away from Adam before he could kiss anymore.
"Oh? Why did you stop?" Adam asked.
"Let's not spend it all in one place." Bloom said. Adam opened his mouth and nodded as he quickly understood what Bloom meant.
"Ah… you're right. I wouldn't mind exploring more of the city myself… especially the tallest buildings." Adam said as he pointed behind Bloom at some of the taller structures several yards away.
"Mmmmm… I love the way you think." Bloom said.
"Does that mean you love me or my brain more?" Adam joked, prompting a laugh from the giantess. The two giants then held hands again and got back to walking.

However, they didn't get far when Bloom stopped in front of a small building she recognized.
"Oh! Isn't this the restaurant you work at?" Bloom asked. It took Adam a few seconds to recognize the building.
“Sure is!” Adam said. Bloom then got down on her hands and knees and peeked through the restaurant’s glass windows.
“Heehee… hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your food!” Bloom said, watching as several people sat completely still, not believing there was a giantess’s face right outside their window. Eventually, Bloom took her eyes away and focused on the streets again. She crawled down the road, coming close to crushing some of the fleeing people with her hands (of course, she made sure not to really crush them!). After crawling several feet, Bloom realized there were booming sounds behind her, which told her Adam was right behind her. She turned around and just caught Adam with his hands behind his back as he looked up at the sky.
“You were staring at my ass, weren’t you?” Bloom asked.
“Um… of course not… why would I ever do that?” Adam said with a bit of a blush on his face. Bloom had a look on her face that basically said to Adam, ‘Come on. I KNOW you were looking back there.’ It was that facial expression that made Adam come clean.
“Okay, okay, I was looking at the magnificent beauty that was your ass.” Adam said. Bloom giggled.
“I don’t blame you. This bikini makes all my skin irresistible to look at.” Bloom said.
“No argument here!” Adam said as he gave a thumbs up to his just-as-big girlfriend.

Bloom then turned around so that she was sitting down on the ground, taking her behind out of Adam’s sight.
“Well, I’m sitting now, so how are you going to stare at my butt now?” Bloom said. Adam then smiled and walked towards her, which brought a bit of a surprised look to her face.
“Easy. I’ll just tickle torture you!” Adam said as he quickly approached Bloom, who felt the need to lay down until she was flat on her back. This was the chance Adam was looking for as he surrounded Bloom’s stomach with his muscular legs and got down on his knees.
“Oh!” Bloom said as she watched Adam move his hands underneath Bloom’s chest and the top half of her bikini. He rubbed his fingers all over the skin of Bloom’s stomach, and she kicked her legs about and laughed out loud.
“HAHAHAHA! That tickles! HAHAHAHA!!!” Bloom shouted as she tried fighting the fellow giant off, but he was much too strong.
“Do you surrender, my precious Bloom?” Adam asked.
“N-n-never! HAHAHAHA! You’ll never see my butt again! HAHAHA!” Bloom said. Adam then stopped tickling her, allowing her to cool off with the laughter and kicking around with her arms and legs. Adam then surprised Bloom by pinning her arms back over her head with his own hands.
“I guess I’ll have to resort to more… intimate means to get what I want.” Adam said as he puckered his lips together, much to Bloom’s delight.
“Purrrrrrrrr… I like the way you think, big guy.” Bloom said. She watched as Adam moved his face closer and closer, and that’s when the two locked lips again, French kissing each other once more.
“Mmmmmm…” Adam moaned.
“Mmmmmm…” Bloom moaned right back as the two squirmed around on the road kissing each other. Adam even kissed Bloom’s neck, which made her more excited for the romance.

Finally, Adam lifted himself up and stood back to his full height, lowering a hand to help Bloom back on her feet.
“Ahhhh… you sure know how to put on a kissing show.” Bloom said.
“Heh… I’m a bit surprised myself. Maybe it has to do with being a giant.” Adam said.
“You know, I wonder what it feels like to be on top like you were.” Bloom said. Adam smiled.
“I’d be happy to return the favor.” Adam said. He took a couple steps away from Bloom and then sat down himself, unknowingly crushing a parking meter beneath his blue speedo. Bloom wasted no time in getting into a role playing mood, already coming up with something fun to do while she ‘towered’ over Adam. She put her hands on her hips and walked up to Adam’s face.
“So, you thought you could control me, you hunky giant, you? I’ll have to punish you for this offense!” Bloom said.
“Oh dear… what is my punishment, goddess?” Adam said in a faux desperation voice.
“I shall show you what my foot has looked like to these innocent people fleeing for their lives.” Bloom said with a somewhat devilish smile. That’s when she raised one of her bare feet and lowered it first on Adam’s chin, and then she moved it to his neck and then his chest, shifting it back and forth. Adam shifted a little himself, feeling Bloom’s soft skin against his own.
“Oooooh… that’s kinda ticklish…” Adam said.
“But not like me, right?” Bloom said.
“No. Still, you’re doing great, honey.” Adam said as he winked up to the giantess. Bloom then moved her foot down to his stomach, and then stopped again. This time on the bulge in his swimsuit.

“Hahaha… look how big that thing is getting.” Bloom said. Adam leaned up to get a look at his lone article of clothing.
“Oh, yes. It’s trying to break out, for sure.” Adam said. Bloom then heard a few female giggles, and looked down and saw a few ladies about her age staring up at various points of the giant.
“Looks like you’re gaining a few new followers.” Bloom said. That’s when she reached down and picked up these girls before they could get away.
“Hello, ladies. I take it you’re interested in my giant boyfriend? Go ahead and walk around. We’re not shy.” Bloom said. She then dropped a couple of the ladies on Adam’s chest and the rest on his pecs. Those ladies almost fainted when they looked at the mini-mountain that was the bulge in his speedo, especially as it grew even bigger the more aroused he felt.
“I bet you ladies want to see the whole thing, right?” Adam said. As the smaller ladies nodded, Adam reached down to pull his speedo down and bring you-know-what out to full view. However, Bloom quickly reached down and grabbed the speedo.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa… cowboy. Think of the children that might be watching.” Bloom said. Adam quickly got the idea and moved his hands away from his speedo.
“Oh, right. Sorry, ladies, you heard the boss. But let me make it up to you.” Adam said. That’s when he sat up and allowed all the tiny women on his body to tumble down into his hand. Once the ladies were all on board, he moved his hand up to his lips and blew a big kiss down on them.
“There you go. The biggest kiss you’ll ever get.” Adam said. Bloom then gently picked up all the tiny women and put them on top of a nearby smaller building.
“Now then, watch and learn how to kiss a man from us love hungry giants.” Bloom said. The giantess then dove on top of the giant, forcing him to lay flat on his back again.
“Oh wow!” Adam said in surprise.
“I love you, I love you, I love you, Adam…” Bloom said as she clutched Adam’s face with her hands and kissed the young man. The two got back at it again, kissing each other with the passion meter seemingly cranked to 11, only this time it was Bloom on top and Adam underneath. The two giants got their legs tangled up as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

After a couple minutes, Bloom finally had enough and lifted herself up from Adam. She brushed aside her fiery colored hair and looked into Adam’s green eyes.
“Waiter… what did you put in my soup?" Bloom asked in a rather sexy tone, which made Adam smile.
"Only the best ingredients, my love." Adam said. After Bloom patted the giant's muscular right arm, she got back on her feet and watched as Adam did the same.
"Come on! Let's go find the tallest building in the city and see how small it looks now." Bloom said.
"I thought you'd never ask." Adam said. The two giants took another walk through Magix City. Once again, they held hands and looked down on the ground to make sure they didn't stomp on anyone or anything.

Eventually, the two find what they believe is the tallest structure in all the city. And it delighted them both to see they were slightly taller than the complex itself. Bloom was the first to approach it… her massive chest (covered by the top half of her bikini of course!) coming within inches of the glass windows. She peeked inside to see a few stunned people.
"What do you think, little people? I’m pretty huge, wouldn’t you say?” Bloom said as she winked her eyes. Some of the people eventually came to their senses and ran for the nearest exit, while others stayed and stared at the giantess hoping she wouldn’t destroy their building. These people also watched as the giant known as Adam Barnes approached Bloom from behind. He placed his hands on each of Bloom’s hips and rubbed them up and down, which Bloom immediately felt as he looked at Adam’s reflection in the glass windows.
“Oh!” Bloom said.
“Stick around, little people, and you’ll see quite the kissing show.” Adam said.
“Mmmmmm… he’s getting me in the mood for it.” Bloom said, who was clearly enjoying the massaging she was getting from Adam. She didn’t even realize he was playfully brushing his speedo (bulge and all!) up against her rear end… and moving his hands up to her covered breasts. Adam heaved Bloom’s chest up and down, making her giggle each time they bounced. Bloom grabbed one of Adam’s arms and gently kissed it.
“Okay, big guy… time for that kissing show you’ve been promoting.” Bloom said. The giantess turned around to face her boyfriend, and the two locked lips again. This time, they were kissing while standing up, although eventually Bloom rested her backside gently against the tall building, cutting off any sight of the outside world to the people inside. All they could hear was the soft and gentle moaning from both giants. Eventually, though, they both moved away from the structure, and Bloom was leaning backwards while Adam leaned forward while they continued to kiss, posing as if they had just finished a dance that was destined to end with a romantic kiss.

Once again, the two were kissing so much, they paid little attention to what was happening around them. They didn’t see Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora… all transformed into their Winx forms and flying towards the heads of the giants.
“Hahaha! Well, I won’t certainly interrupt this show of theirs!” Stella said.
“Clearly privacy is not a problem for them.” Musa commented. The two giants quickly stopped kissing when they heard those voices, standing up to their full heights and facing their normal-sized friends.
“Oh, Stella! Musa! Tecna! Flora!” Bloom said.
“Hey there, Bloom! Wow… you really hit the big time. The TV news report didn’t do your giant size justice!” Stella said.
“Wow… I’d say Adam got the biggest transformation.” Flora said as she stared longingly at the many muscles the giant Adam sported.
“Haha… hello, ladies. Nice to see all of you again.” Adam said.
“Oh, dear… I’d like to apologise, Adam and Bloom. It seems I miscalculated on the formula of my new fragrance. I said it would make you FEEL powerful… not turn you into blindingly attractive giants!” Tecna said. Adam smiled.
“Well, as far as I’m concerned, you can make more of that fragrance. I’m loving every square inch of this new size, muscles included!” Adam said as he flexed one of his arms to make its muscles bulge slightly bigger. Flora almost fainted upon seeing this.
“Adam’s right, Tecna. We’re both having the time of our lives. Being a giantess is fun!” Bloom said.
“Honestly, my sister doesn’t know what she’s missing.” Adam said.
“Oh? You have a sister?” Bloom said.
“Oh yeah… sorry I don’t talk about her much. Her name is Jessica. She’s three years older than me. She kinda hates it when I talk about giants and giantesses. Kind of a long story behind that.” Adam said.
“Well, enjoy it while you can. At least my fragrance is just like any other fragrance. Eventually it’s going to wear out and you’ll likely return to your normal sizes when that happens.” Tecna said.
“Well then, we’ll just enjoy it while it lasts!” Bloom said. She then looked as Stella flew circles around her giant friend’s body, stopping in front of her breasts.
“Wow, Bloom… you just look simply amazing being that big. Normally I dream every day of being that tall… but I think I can make an exception!” Stella said.

Bloom then suddenly reached out and grabbed Stella, holding her in the palm of her hand.
“Thank you so much, Stella. That means so much given you’re the so-called fashion expert!” Bloom said.
“Haha! Well… you know what they say… less is more!” Stella said.
“I agree. I should give you a nice, soft, and cushy reward.” Bloom said.
“Oh? Nice, soft, and cushy? Whoa!” Stella said. As she wondered what her giantess friend could mean by that, she then watched as Bloom tilted her hand forward. The sudden drop left Stella with almost no time to get her fairy wings flapping, and she ended falling right smack in between Bloom’s gigantic breasts. Stella fought her way out until just her head was visible.
“Ohhhhh… I get it. Haha… very funny!” Stella said.
“Hey, make room for me!” Musa said as she flew inside as well, landing right beside Stella.
“Musa? I didn’t know you were THAT kind of girl.” Bloom said.
“Well, I like any place where there’s rock and roll.” Musa said. Bloom giggled over the joke.
“Well, hold on tight, my friends.” Bloom said as grabbed her bikini and smushed her breasts together. Both Stella and Musa got pounded left and right with nothing but flesh as Bloom rubbed in almost every direction.

Adam, meanwhile, stood and watched Bloom having her fun with much delight. At the same time, he noticed Tecna flying around and scoping out his muscular arms.
“My my, what big muscles you have, Adam. If only Magix wasn’t so bloody populated… I’d like to see you lift an entire building over your head!” Tecna said.
“Heh, yeah. The thought has crossed my mind.” Adam said with a smile. He then wondered where Flora flew to, but he didn’t have to wonder long as he felt something brushing against his speedo. It was Flora as she hugged the bulge.
“Mmmmm… it’s so big. Can’t stop staring…” Flora said.
“Wow… for a flower girl she’s got a dirty mind!” Tecna said.
“I can’t blame her. Women of all shapes and sizes seem to like that part of my big body.” Adam said as he glanced between the tiny Tecna and Bloom, nearly as big as him. Flora, meanwhile, watched as Adam reacted to her touching the speedo as the bulge grew bigger and bigger.
“Teehee, look at it grow! It’s like I gave it the strongest fertilizer on the planet!” Flora commented. She then watched as Adam kneeled down, putting his face directly in front of her.
“Careful, Flora. I’m like a Venus Fly Trap.” Adam said. He then easily swiped Flora out of the air, holding him in one of his hands.
“Oh! I’m sorry, Adam! Please don’t hurt me!” Flora said.
“Haha… don’t worry. I’ll set you free if you give me a kiss on the cheek.” Adam said. As he moved Flora towards his face, the tiny girl did just that… giving him a peck on the face with her lips. At the same time, Tecna flew in and gave Adam a kiss on the left side of his face as well.
“Wow… so that’s what it feels like to kiss a giant. I will definitely be making a note of this in my digital diary.” Tecna said.

Eventually Bloom felt she had given Musa and Stella enough of a squeeze play and moved them back to her bare hands. Both girls shook themselves loose after feeling ‘trapped’ for a couple of minutes. Musa even rubbed her eyes to adjust to the sunlight.
“That was awesome, Bloom!” Stella said.
“Yeah… I bet the power you felt was cranked to 12.” Musa said.
“Haha… like the volume in your room when you’re singing, right?” Bloom said as she winked down to her friend.
"Hey, Bloom. Why don't we show our friends how we kiss?" Adam said. Bloom licked her lips as she set Musa and Stella on her right shoulder, although they, like Tecna and Flora, took to the skies after they got their fairy wings going.
“With pleasure, Adam.” Bloom said. And with that, the two giants puckered up and got to smooching each other again with the other four Winx girls watching. Stella even cheered the giants on.
“Woohoo! Put on a show, you two!” Stella said.
“Those two are certainly a match for each other. I wonder when they’ll get married?” Flora asked.
“At the rate they’re kissing, I’d say it’s 99.99% likely that’ll happen by the end of the day.” Tecna said.
“End of the day!? Dang, Tecna, don’t you think that’s a little too fast?” Musa asked.
“Well, remember that I do think in gigahertz often.” Tecna said with a smile.
“Oh my! What are they doing now!?” Stella shouted as she watched the kissing between the two giants grow more passionate. In fact, Adam kneeled down and either smooched or licked the skin between both halves of Bloom’s bikini. Bloom just stood there and moaned softly with each kiss.
“Mmmmmm… more, Adam! More more MORE!” Bloom shouted. As Adam stood back to his feet, it was Bloom’s turn to kiss whatever she could below his neck, and Adam moaned just as softly whenever she kissed his big, strong chest.
“Mmmmmm…” Adam said.

Eventually, Adam gently grabbed Bloom by her shoulders and raised her back to her full height.
“Wait, Bloom. We should try the ‘walk down the aisle’ approach.” Adam said.
“Huh? The walk down the aisle approach?” Bloom said. That’s when Adam reached one arm on Bloom’s backside and the other arm directly behind her knees.
“OH!” Bloom shouted as she felt herself being picked up by her boyfriend. Soon enough, Adam was holding onto Bloom like a groom carrying his just married bride. Bloom wrapped her arms behind Adam’s neck so she could hold on for the ride.
“And now, let us walk down the aisle like we’re together forever.” Adam said.
“Ohhhhh, Adam…” Bloom said with a huge grin on her face. This couldn’t get any more romantic, she thought to herself. Adam walked down the empty streets while Bloom couldn’t resist waving to anyone watching from a nearby rooftop.

The walking went on for just over a minute, when suddenly Adam felt a twitch go throughout his body. For some reason, Bloom was quickly getting too heavy even for his muscular arms, so he gently set her down.
“Oh? Were your arms getting too tired?” Bloom asked.
“Actually, yes. You were getting too heavy all of a sudden.” Adam said. As Bloom’s Winx teammates finally caught up to the giants, Bloom suddenly noticed something very off about Adam. She was now just a tad taller than him!
“Huh? Adam… are you standing up straight? I’m suddenly taller than you.” Bloom said.
“Huh? How can that be? Wait… are you growing even bigger, Bloom?” Adam asked. He could clearly see it that Bloom seemed to be rising upward. However, Tecna was quick to correct the giant.
“Actually, Adam, you’re the one that’s getting smaller!” Tecna said.
“Tecna’s right! You’re shrinking, big guy!” Musa said. Adam looked down and indeed noticed the ground fast approaching. He was eye level with Bloom’s chest now.
“Awwww, darn!” Adam said. He watched as he continued to shrink smaller and smaller. At the same time, he marveled at how big Bloom seemed to be through his changing perspective.

After a couple more minutes, Adam was not only back to his normal size, but also back to his regular physique, as in not nearly as much muscle throughout his body compared to before. The other Winx fairies landed on the ground and gathered around the young man.
“Awwww… sorry about this, chap. Though I did warn the fragrance was inevitable.” Tecna said.
“Yes you did, Tecna. It’s okay. Nothing lasts forever… that’s what my Mom used to tell me all the time.” Adam said. Then he looked up and up and up at his girlfriend, Bloom, who now towered well above him. And yet, he was still smiling even as Bloom kneeled down to get a closer look at the now normal-sized Adam.
“But the view from down here isn’t so bad.” Adam said.
“So it doesn’t bother you that I’m way bigger than you for now?” Bloom asked.
“Not in the slightest. Being at the feet of a beautiful goddess is just as fun to me.” Adam said.
“Well, I’m so glad you approve.” Bloom said with a smile and a wink.
“So I guess Bloom will be shrinking back to normal soon?” Musa asked.
“Probably any minute.” Bloom added.
“You know, it’s too bad we never got to do that beach walk while we were both gigantic.” Adam said. Bloom smiled.
“We can still do that, honey.” Bloom said as she reached down and gently picked up the tiny Adam. She placed him on one of her shoulders just as she stood back to her full height.
“I’ll be back at Alfea soon, girls. Adam and I are going to finish up our BIG date.” Bloom said as she walked away with the other Winx girls staying behind and watching the giantess walk almost literally into the sunset.
“Tecna… please please PLEASE tell me you’re going to make more of that growing fragrance!” Stella shouted.
“Why? So you can raid every shopping mall in Magix?” Musa said.
“And capture as many boyfriends as you can?” Flora added.
“D’oh! You caught me. Better yet, I’ll make one of them super big and super muscular like Adam was!” Stella said.
“Oh, Stella. You’re charming as always. Anyway, I suppose I could try and recreate that formula another day…” Tecna said.

Back on the beach, which was now pretty much empty given the time of day (as well as news of the giants that had been walking around the city), Bloom walked along the shoreline, often taking a look back at the gigantic footprints she was leaving behind in the sand. Of course, she also looked on one of her shoulders, where the formerly giant Adam sat happily. Bloom happened to notice Adam gently rubbing the front of his speedo.
“Is this turning you on, Adam?” Bloom asked.
“Oh, yes. Riding a giantess is just as much fun as being gigantic myself. I even would’ve loved still being big and carrying YOU along the beach.” Adam said.
“I’m glad we share a common interest. This day has been so special for me. I hate to see it come to an end.” Bloom said.
Then she stopped when she felt her stomach cramping. Adam had a feeling what it was for.
“Is it time?” Adam said.
“Yes… I feel my body tightening up.” Bloom said. She then looked down and saw the sandy ground fast approaching.
“Yep, I’m shrinking.” Bloom said. Adam just held on for the ride as he felt Bloom’s shoulder, along with the rest of her body, getting smaller.

Finally, Bloom was back to her normal size (and physique) as well. The two former giants stood on the sand and looked at each other.
"(sigh) That's that. Life goes back to normal, just like that." Bloom said. Adam walked up to Bloom and grabbed both her arms softly.
"Maybe so, but the memories of today will live on forever." Adam said.
"I agree. I hope we can grow big again and share our love with the rest of the world." Bloom said.
"I would love that also. But right now, there's nothing more I love than being with you." Adam said.
"Me too, Adam. Me too." Bloom said. And like at the end of a romance movie, the two gently kissed each other with the sunlight beaming off the ocean.