Totally Shrinking 2: WHOOP-tastic Voyage

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Giantessfetisher)

It was another busy day inside the secret headquarters of WHOOP. Agents went about their daily business. The tech labs were busy inventing away with whatever crazy gadgets they could think of. Everyone made sure all long range conversations had more layers of security than there are layers of cheese on lasagna. You could be sure even the smartest of criminals couldn't sneak or hack their way into these hallowed walls.

Unless of course you were Diminiutive Smalls. ^_____^

The foot tall villain stealthily made his way around the headquarters, making sure not to be seen by anyone. Despite his small size, he had quick speed and incredible strength, both of which made him a dangerous criminal, and one hard to keep behind bars.
"For a high tech security system, they sure make it easy for even mice to get around." Smalls said. As he kept making his way through the halls, he made his way into one of the gadget labs where he saw a familiar looking hair dryer. It was actually the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer from the prequel to this story. He gnashed his teeth and growled because…
"Ugh! One of my shrinking prototypes! I thought for sure it would finish that annoying Clover girl!" Smalls said, lamenting the fact the invention, which he actually made shortly before defecting WHOOP, was unable to finish Clover (and for that matter, Alex) despite her shrinking to a near microscopic size. Smalls then shook his head.
"No matter. Once I've found what I'm looking for, I'll finally destroy Clover… from the inside! Hahahaha!" Smalls said as he quickly had to take cover when a female scientist walked near where he was standing. After telling himself to focus, Smalls made his way further into the lab.

He finally made it to a set of doors that he hoped were the right ones going by the blueprints he was looking at through his multi-purpose scanner. He then pressed a few buttons, releasing a couple wires that he lassoed onto the console that controlled these doors. After pressing some more buttons, and releasing a series of sparks both at his machine and the keypad above, the doors opened. Smalls smiled as he made his way into the huge chamber, approaching the middle console. Once again he used his keypad to do some quick hacking. Eventually, Smalls smiled as he watched the middle platform open, and rising up was a submarine like vehicle that the Spies once used in "The Yuck Factor." However, there was one (no pun intended) small problem even for Diminutive Smalls.
"Whoops… I guess there are things too big even for me. I'll have to hack into the laser controls. Hopefully these blueprints I 'borrowed' from Dr. V are correct…" Smalls said as he ran over to another one of the control panels, once again tapping his keypad into the console. After pressing a few buttons, the massive lasers above the vehicle fired a couple beams, allowing the machine to enlarge at a size ideal for him. Smalls smiled as he ran towards the vehicle and hopped inside.
"Ah… good. I can control the size altering the laser from here." Smalls said as he pressed a few more buttons. He then watched as the lasers did their work in shrinking the vehicle, and himself inside it, smaller and smaller. Smalls knew he'd have to be smaller than he's ever been before, but felt it would all be worth it in the end.
"Hehehehe… look out, Clover! I'm about to tickle your innards!" Smalls said as he pressed some more buttons. That's when the machine teleported out of sight, and right on time too, as alarms started buzzing inside WHOOP.

When the teleportation sequence finished, Smalls smiled when he saw he had touched down outside of the fountains inside the shopping mall. He looked around and whistled over seeing how massive everything was.
"(whistles) This makes the shrinking jobs I did the first time since defecting look massive by comparison." Smalls said. But he couldn't sightsee any longer, as that's when he looked to the left from inside the stolen vehicle and saw the three Spies walking by.
"Right on cue." Smalls said as he fired the jet engines and flew about three feet behind the unaware Clover.

As for the girls themselves, they were enjoying their weekend stroll through the shopping mall.
"Ahhhh… nothing like a Saturday stroll through the shopping mall, and with no homework to worry about for a change!" Clover shouted.
"Heh, the perfect reason for you to go looking for boys, right?" Alex asked.
"Not just boys, mind you! The clothes! The free rock concerts from third rate bands! Ahhhh… it makes me want to live in the shopping mall." Clover said. Sam then stopped walking in front of one of the fashion shops as she looked over a night gown.
"Ooooooh… Sam finding something to stop in front of? Stop the presses!" Clover shouted.
"Hey, come on! You have to admit it's a nice looking gown!" Sam said. The three girls then looked down at the price tag attached to the bottom of the dress. It was easily in the thousands.
"Too bad we're a long way from affording it. Sigh…" Alex said.
"Welcome to Beverly Hills." Clover said as the three ladies walked forward. Smalls, meanwhile, tried to get inside Clover's mouth but quickly had to jet out of the way to avoid getting struck by Clover's hair strands.
"Darn it! There's gotta be something that will distract that brat long enough for me to fly inside. I have to be patient…" Smalls said as he kept flying after the 'giantesses.'

A few minutes later, the girls eventually came across a young man sitting behind a table. On this table were various small blocks of cheese all poked with a stick, with the front of the table sporting a FREE SAMPLES banner.
"Oh? Free blocks of cheese." Sam said.
"Why not? I am kinda hungry." Alex said.
"Forget the cheese! How about you, pretty guy? Any free samples of your phone number?" Clover asked.
"Er… sorry… I already have a girlfriend." the guy said as he showed off a picture (on his phone) of he and his girlfriend together. Clover slumped her shoulders.
"At least it's not Mandy…" she softly said.
"What's that?" the guy asked.
"Oh, um! Nothing! Nothing! Can we have a block of cheese please?" Clover said.
"Sure! Take whatever you want." the guy said, with Clover, Alex, and Sam all picking up a block on a stick each.

This was the opportunity Diminutive Smalls was looking for. He parked his vehicle on the block of cheese that Clover had picked up, and smiled as he watched Clover's giga-sized mouth get closer and closer.
"Hahaha… come to papa!" Smalls said as he and the vehicle went into the mouth. He fired up the jets right before the giantess's teeth crushed and chewed on the cheese, and Smalls giggled as he made his way down into the stomach. He looked around and whistled over being surrounded by intestinal walls and dripping stomach acid.
"So long, Clover!" Smalls said as he fired a series of lasers at one of the walls. It didn't react much, however.
"What the…!?" Smalls shouted as he looked down at the control panel of the vehicle he was flying. He then saw why Clover's insides weren't reacting much. The lasers were showing 20% power and climbing at a slow pace.
"Ugh… figures WHOOP sets the lasers on low power at first." Smalls said as he pounded the console and waited for the power to build up before he fired again.

Meanwhile, the girls finished chewing their pieces of cheese and, after complimenting the guy on them, merrily went on their way. A couple minutes later, however, Clover couldn't help but rest a hand on her stomach.
"Ooooh…" Clover said.
"What's wrong, Clover?" Alex asked.
"It's probably nothing. Maybe there was a little spice in my block of cheese." Clover said.
"Yeah. Maybe so. These food companies like to put a little surprise in the things they sell nowadays." Sam said.
"For better or worse." Alex added. Clover then looked over at the nearby ice cream stand and smiled.
"Well, like I always say, nothing beats the heat like a bowl full of ice cream! And strawberries, and cream, and chocolate chips, and…" Clover said as she quickly walked over to the ice cream stand, with Alex and Sam staying behind and watching.
"I've never heard her say that, actually." Alex said.
"She says a lot of things she thinks she's said before." Sam said.
"Kinda like Mandy, if you think about it." Alex said.
"Ooooooh… don't tell her that!" Sam said as the two girls laughed.

Then… suddenly, the floor opened up beneath their footwear. You know what that means! ^_____^
"WAAAAAAH!!!" both girls screamed as the floor closed back up. Shortly thereafter, Clover looked back to where she thought they were standing.
"Come on, girls! You sure you don't want…" Clover said, only to see they were no longer around.
"Huh? Alex? Sam?" Clover said as she looked around this section of the mall rapidly.
"Well, that's, like, totally rude of them to leave without telling me where they're going! Oh well… more ice cream for me then!" Clover said as she got back to eating out of her bowl.

Meanwhile, after sliding down what felt like an endless tube, Sam and Alex finally landed on a pink mattress, where, of course, Jerry was waiting.
"Good afternoon, Spies. Hopefully your weekend hasn't been too rough." Jerry said. Sam and Alex just rolled their eyes at that obviously pun-filled remark.
"Nothing's too rough for you, Jerry." Alex commented. Sam then looked around and realized someone important was missing.
"Hey, wait a minute. Why isn't Clover here?" Sam said.
"Clover is the reason I have summoned you girls here. But first, of more pressing concern…" Jerry said as he walked to the desk and pressed a few buttons, causing a few pictures to pop up on the projector.
"Surely you girls remember the endoscopic vehicle you were forced to pilot into my body in order to chase out Dr. V and his minions." Jerry said.
"Who can forget, especially my own stomach? Bleh!" Alex said as she almost threw up.
"Awwww… come on, Alex. I thought you handled it well." Sam said with a smile.
"Anyway, that vehicle has been stolen by an old foe after our brilliant engineers tracked down who hacked our systems to gain access to the vehicle." Jerry said as he pressed a button to change slides.

The girls grunted when they saw the familiar face of Diminutive Smalls pop up.
"Ugh… Diminutive Smalls again!?" Alex said.
"Seriously!? How does he always manage to slip through?" Sam said.
"Which brings me to Clover. We've been tracking the vehicle ever since Diminutive Smalls stole it, and we have reason to believe he has taken refuge inside Clover's body." Jerry said.
"So he can destroy her from the inside!" Sam said. Jerry grimly nodded.
"Brilliant as always, Samantha." Jerry said.
"Oh my! We need to warn Clover right away!" Alex said, but Jerry held a hand up.
"I do not feel that would be a wise course of action. If Diminutive Smalls does enough damage, and Clover gets stressed out enough, knowing her I might add as long as the three of you have been WOOHP agents… the results could be life-threatening." Jerry said.
"Sigh… he's right. Scary things can happen to the human body when it's under a load of stress." Sam said.
"Which would explain why she has such a meltdown when she can't score the right guy." Alex said, trying to make light of the situation.
"So what do we do, Jerry?" Sam asked.
"Suit up and follow me." Jerry said as he walked away from the projector.

Minutes later, with Alex and Sam in their signature Totally Spies! outfits, the two ladies caught up with Jerry in a rather large chamber.
"I always felt one day that machine that Diminutive Smalls stole would one day wreak havoc on one of us again, so I had my engineers build this." Jerry said as he pressed a button. Out from the gigantic hole in the middle of the room came another endo vehicle that looked very similar to the one Smalls stole earlier.
"Oh? You made another one of those vehicles?" Sam asked.
"A WHOOP-authorized version, no less. Aside from standard issue jetpacks, this will be your lone gadget for this mission, girls. The use of other gadgets may prove to be of further harm to Clover." Jerry said.
"Understood, Jerry." Sam said.
"Ugh… I thought I'd NEVER have to go through one of these kinds of missions again! The thought of germs or blood cells being bigger than me is sooooooo disgusting. Why can't we have a mission where we grow big and fight evil rampaging robots or something!?" Alex shouted.
"Careful, Alex. We don't want to give the bad guys any ideas." Jerry said.
"Just one question, Jerry. How are we supposed to get inside Clover?" Sam asked.
"Leave that to us, girls. Our machine is equipped with the latest technology, including teleportation to get near the desired patient." Jerry said.
"Works for me." Sam said.

Then a quick alarm went off, causing Jerry, Sam, and Alex to look over at a young female with long brown hair and wearing glasses.
"Sir! The stolen vehicle has now fired more than 20 lasers from within the stomach region." the woman said.
"Thank you, Katie. Ladies, we're short on time. Please board the vehicle." Jerry said as he ran over to behind the console while Sam and Alex hopped inside the vehicle, watching as the cockpit was sealed off.
"Activate the shrinking sequence." Jerry said to the other scientists standing near him. The girls watched as the laser shot the vehicle they were in and they watched the world around them get bigger very quickly. Once the laser dissipated, the girls heard Jerry's voice through the speaker.
"Alright, girls. Stand by to be teleported at close range to Clover." Jerry said.
"Huh? You're not teleporting us inside Clover?" Sam asked through the speaker.
"I'm afraid teleporting directly inside the subject's body has not yet been approved for field testing. But trust me, ladies. It won't be too bumpy a ride where you end up. Now then, good luck, girls!" Jerry said as more buttons were pressed by the scientists and the vehicle teleported out of the lab.

Sam and Alex watched a series of swirling lights outside the ship as the teleportation process continued. It finally stopped and the two landed in a soft, creamy substance.
"Well… here we are." Sam said.
"Yeah, but where?" Alex asked. As a dark shadow blocked out the light from above, the girls saw nothing but the mega-sized face of Clover licking her lips with her tongue.
"Oh boy." Sam said as she peeked out one of the windows and realized where they ended up.
"I've always wondered what it's like to be a rainbow sprinkle on ice cream, but…" Sam said.
"Consider your wish granted!" Alex said as they watched Clover dig her spoon into the ice cream, lifting it and the microscopic ship with it.
"Mmmmm… down the hatch you go, you beautiful piece of dairy product, you!" Clover said as she stuck the spoon into her mouth, using the back of her teeth to push the ice cream off the spoon and down her throat.
"Get ready to fire the thrusters so we don't go swimming in stomach acid!" Sam said.
"Gulp… if I don't lose my lunch… again!" Alex said as she tried to stay strong and not hurl like the last time she went through a mission like this. Luckily, they were able to get the jets fired up and hover the vehicle over the pool of stomach acid. The two took note of the half dissolved block of cheese that Clover had eaten earlier.
"Kinda makes you appreciate the size we were once at." Sam said.
"Yeah, I won't argue with you there." Alex said.
The two then heard a series of beeps coming from the control panel, causing them to look down at the radar.
"That must be Smalls! It looks like he's making his way through the small intestines." Alex said.
"If he makes it into Clover's bloodstream, it will eventually take him to her heart, and then…" Sam said.
"Whoa… talk about the ultimate heartbreak!" Alex said.
"Going full throttle!" Sam said as she fired up the flying vehicle and gave chase.

In those small intestines, Diminutive Smalls was making his way through the small intestines, casually blasting away at the many pink walls that surrounded him, some of which were leaking a bit of blood from being blasted so much.
"Heeheehee! I don't know what's more fun… shrinking other things or shrinking myself this much and causing internal bleeding!" Smalls said.
"Diminutive Smalls! Stop right there!" Sam's voice shouted like it came through a loud speaker.
"What!?" Smalls said as he activated the viewing monitor and zoomed in on the other flying craft that was coming up behind him. There he saw Sam and Alex manning the controls.
"The Spies!? How did they manage to find me!? I have to elude them!" Smalls said as he activated the thrusters and flew away. As the spies flew after Smalls, they took notice of the light bleeding of the intestinal walls.
"Oh dear! Look at the damage he's already caused!" Alex shouted.
"We'll just have to hope the white blood cells come to the rescue quick enough. Right now, we need to focus on catching Smalls." Sam said as the two ships went flying through the maze that was the small intestines.

However, a couple minutes into the chase, with occasional laser blasting at each other, Smalls heard a warning siren go off. He looked down at the radar and saw where he was heading in regards to the small intestines and cringed.
"Whooooooooa… I'd rather not come out of Clover that way. I need to find another way into her bloodstream." Smalls said as he U-turned the ship and flew just above the other ship the Spies were piloting.
"Hey! Watch where you're flying, buddy! Why would he turn around like that, anyway!?" Alex shouted.
"I think I know why. Look where we would've wound up in a minute or two…" Sam said as she pointed at the map of Clover's body. Alex cringed.
"Eeeeeek. I don't blame him, really. We would've smelled for months!" Alex said.
"Come on! He's pulling away from us!" Sam said as the two ladies worked to get the vehicle turned around and chasing after Smalls again. As the chase continued, Smalls looked up ahead and saw his ticket out of here.
"Yes! A villi! This is my ticket to the bloodstream!" Smalls said as he shot the villi, causing it to open up and let him fly through. The Spies turned on the afterburners and followed him in just before the villi closed.

While all this was going on, you would think nothing was wrong with Clover as she contined to munch away at her sundae. At least until she heard a familiar voice behind her.
"Well, well. I guess someone's having a rock bottom day." the female voice said. Clover rolled her eyes and turned her chair around to face…
"Hello, Mandy." Clover said.
"So where are your friends? It's not often I see you without Tweedledum and Tweedledumber." Mandy said. Clover got up from her chair and looked at Mandy right at her eyes.
"For your information… they probably just went window shopping for me. Besides, I don't see YOUR friends hanging around you like all those ornaments on your purse." Clover said.
"Ugh! I don't need an army of friends to prove I'm smarter or more popular than you!" Mandy said. The two girls continued to trade barbs and insults as other people slithered away thinking a catfight was soon going to break out.

Inside the bloodstream, the two ships were navigating within the flowing red liquid dodging whatever was in their path, such as white blood cells and loose plaque buildup. As they flew, they all took note of how the flow of the blood was getting stronger.
"Hey, Sam. Is it me or is Clover's blood pumping harder and faster?" Alex asked.
"No, you're right. I'm detecting a rise in pressure as well. Clover must be doing something that's making her active, like working out at the gym." Sam said.
"Or arguing with Mandy." Alex said, causing Sam to look funny at her.
"What? You've seen how those two get when they're mere feet apart." Alex said.
"You're right." Sam said as the flights continued for both ships.

Eventually, after escaping through another hole, everyone found themselves just outside Clover's heart. Obviously, this was exactly what Diminutive Smalls was looking for.
"Heehee! Heart attack much, Clover?" Smalls said as he got ready to charge up the lasers and unleash their full power. However, his ship was shot repeatedly in the back by the other ship being piloted by Sam and Alex.
"Keep shooting! We can't let him attack Clover's heart!" Sam shouted as she and Alex continued on the offensive. Eventually, alarms started going off inside Smalls' ship. His weapons were offline and he was a good solid few blasts away from the vessel exploding, which he definitely did NOT want happening where he was at.
"Blast! I have to retreat!" Smalls shouted as he flew upwards away from the heart.
"We've got him on the run now!" Alex shouted as she and Sam chased after Diminutive Smalls' sparking and smoking ship.

The chase eventually brought the group to the back of Clover's nasal cavity. They knew it too when they found themselves flying around boogers the size of the shopping mall they were once roaming around in.
"Oy…" Alex said as she tried not to throw up again. Meanwhile, a gust of hot air threw both ships off balance momentarily. As Diminutive Smalls tried to correct his ship, he watched as he was heading right smack into a giant booger.
"No!" Smalls shouted until he crashed right into the booger. Sam and Alex flew their ship towards Diminutive Smalls' ship and cringed.
"He's gonna be smelling that for a while." Sam said.
"Please don't make me go over there." Alex said.
"I won't. Just stay behind and make sure our ship is ready to go." Sam said as she strapped on her jetpack and opened the escape hatch. Sam flew towards the other ship and popped open the door to the cockpit, where she saw Diminutive Smalls trying to shake off the cobwebs. She jumped inside and wrapped her arms around one of his.
"Diminutive Smalls! I'm placing you under arrest for theft of WHOOP property and… well… body trespassing! Among other crimes, I'm sure." Sam said as she pulled out a set of handcuffs.
"Grrrrr! Nobody takes Diminutive Smalls alive!" Smalls shouted as he broke free and tried to get his ship fired up again, but Sam was able to catch up and the two were in a struggle.
"Ugh! Not so tough now that you're not 2 feet tall anymore!" Sam said as the two continued to engage in hand-to-hand combat.
All this combat caused Smalls' ship to rattle around within the booger it was trapped in, and it would not go unfelt by Clover as she felt her nose being irritated all of a sudden.

Alex was sitting tight, although she kept a close eye on the fight going on between Sam and Smalls. On top of all that, she could feel the pressure changing and heard Clover from outside.
"Ah… Ah… Ahhhhhhh…" Clover said. Alex gasped and quickly slapped on a jetpack of her own, flying over towards Smalls' ship.
"Sam! Clover's going to sneeze! We have to get out of here!" Alex said. This distracted Sam long enough to get a punch in the gut and allow Smalls to take the controls of his ship again. Sam, meanwhile, had no choice but to fly out of the cockpit before Smalls could seal it again. She and Alex ran back to their ship and took cover inside the cockpit right on time, as a few seconds later…

"CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Clover screamed as she covered her mouth but not her nose. Even though Mandy didn't get sprayed with anything, she still felt grossed out to the nth degree.
"Oh for cryin' out loud! Where are your Beverly Hills manners, girl!?" Mandy shouted.

Meanwhile, both ships came shooting out from Clover's nose, in particular Smalls' ship which was no longer trapped within a giant booger. Both ships were fighting to regain control.
"Pull up! PULL UP!!!" Alex screamed as Sam fought hard to level off the ship. While it did finally level off a couple feet from the ground, the ship eventually had to literally splash down into the nearby fountain. The two looked up through the glass windows and saw the ceiling of the mall towering high above.
"Whew… we made it." Sam said.
"Yeah, but what about Smalls?" Alex said. Sam pressed a few buttons to show the radar signature of Smalls' ship, and both girls gasped when they then looked outside the ship and saw where Smalls' ship was sailing… right into Mandy's open mouth.
"Oh boy." Sam said.

Indeed, Diminutive Smalls' ship was still flying out of control. He couldn't stabilize the vehicle no matter how hard he tried, and the next thing he knew, he watched as he was flying right towards Mandy's mouth as it opened and closed from her talking. Either way, Smalls knew he was in big trouble.
"Nooooooooo!!!" Smalls screamed into he went not only right into Mandy's open mouth, but got swallowed by the giantess along with some saliva. Smalls could only watch as he slid down Mandy's esophagus and into her stomach. A couple minutes later, Smalls' ship is halfway submerged in stomach acid and he's trying to get it started back up, but the ship had absolutely no power left.
On top of all that… the stomach acid was finally eating its way through the ship as the cockpit slowly filled up. Diminutive Smalls sighed and sat back in his chair.
"Sigh… you had a good life, Diminutive Smalls." Smalls said until the entire ship sunk into the stomach acid with him in it. He could only scream for a second or two from the pain of his skin melting before he was completely gone.

Meanwhile, Sam and Alex watched as the radar signature of Smalls' ship disappeared just as he went into Mandy's mouth.
"You think he survived?" Alex asked.
"I… I don't know. For now, we better get back to normal size. And our normal clothes." Sam said.
"Okay, sure, but what do you think the people in the mall are going to think when they see a giant submarine like vessel in the middle of the courtyard?" Alex asked.
"Pfffft… you know Jerry always finds a valid excuse, especially on a successful mission. He'll probably call this thing a new kiddie ride or something." Sam said with a smile.

A couple minutes later, Sam set the machine to enlarge back to its normal size along with everything inside it. Like Alex said, this caught the attention of everyone in the immediate area, especially as she and Sam stepped out from the machine (in their civilian outfits too).
"Errrr… hi, everyone. Don't be alarmed. This is…" Sam started to say, until the two heard a familiar male voice from behind. They looked back to see Jerry approaching along with a small platoon of WHOOP agents.
"A new kiddie ride we're working on opening in the near future. Thank you for your continued patience." Jerry said. Sam lightly bumped Alex on the shoulder, like she was saying 'I told you so.'
"Well done, ladies." Jerry said as he approached Sam and Alex.
"Thanks, Jerry. But Smalls himself…" Sam said.
"We won't have to worry about him any longer. I'm no longer detecting his heart from the monitor we had digitally installed into his body while he was imprisoned. Still, you may want to check up on that Mandy girl to make sure no abnormal effects have befallen her from her digesting his ship, which thank goodness we no longer have to worry about either." Jerry said.
"You got it, Jerry! I'm sure Clover's been worried on where we ran off to." Alex said.
"True. Let's go!" Sam said as the two girls ran away from the ship they flew while WHOOP took care of it.

The two girls, meanwhile, approached Clover and Mandy, who both were not aware of what has been happening the past few minutes while they continued to argue with each other.
"Okay, you two. All that arguing's not good for your blood pressure." Alex said as she separated the two.
"Huh? Alex! Sam!" Clover said as she gave the two girls a quick hug.
"Hey there, Clover. How are you feeling?" Sam asked.
"Better now. Like, where did you two run off to?" Clover said. Alex and Sam looked at each other and thought she really has no idea what's been happening. Then they had to quickly come up with an excuse on why they were away (aside of course from being WHOOPed since Mandy was nearby).
"Yeah, sorry about that. Alex was really craving wontons instead of ice cream." Sam said.
"Er… yeah! Yeah! And we both know you can't get away from a hot fudge sundae!" Alex said. Clover gave the two a funny look at first, but then smiled.
"Whatever. Maybe next time we stick together? Even though I probably would've been bored within a microsecond." Clover said.
"Sure thing, Clover." Sam said as the three hugged each other again.

The hugging had to stop, though, when they heard Mandy suddenly moaning and groaning and clutching her stomach.
"Oooooooh… why is my stomach cramping all of a sudden? It feels like indigestion…" Mandy said. Alex and Sam couldn't resist giggling as they knew exactly why Mandy was acting the way she was.
"Huh? What's so funny, girls?" Clover asked.
"Oh, it's nothing." Alex said.
"Yeah… come on, let's finish up shopping and then get out of here." Sam said as the trio walked away from Mandy, leaving her to go digging through her purse, probably for the fabled pink medicine.
"Oooooooookay…" Clover said, unable to process exactly why Mandy was cramping (at least not today) and wondering if Sam and Alex maybe have gone cuckoo over spending too much time in the sun.