Totally Shrinking!

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by Giantessfetisher)

It was another normal day at Beverly Hills… well, relatively speaking! Life in Beverly Hills was always interesting, but when people hear stories about entertainers being transformed into silent mimes, rich people and only rich people being kidnapped, a cruise ship getting invaded, or a girl named Mandy growing to 50 feet tall… most people shrug off these events as part of life in Beverly Hills. That especially holds true for the three girls of WOOHP. Clover, Alex, and Sam all think they've seen it all as they've divided their time between high school students and gadget-wielding agents who have to save the entire world from a cavalcade of interesting villains.

Today would be another one of those days for two of the girls… who would see things on a much grander scale than they could've ever imagined.

Clover was walking down the hallway, taking a couple deep breaths.
"Ugh… Mrs. Mitchell sure was dishing out the homework today. Maybe she's mad because she got dumped again." Clover said. She then suddenly felt a bump from behind and almost dropped her books. She quickly recovered, only to see Mandy and a few of her other spiffy-dressed friends walking by.
"Oops! Sorry, Clover! Didn't see you there! Hahaha!" Mandy said as she kept on walking.
"Ooooooh! I swear, Mandy could grow 200 feet tall and still, like, have a pea-sized brain." Clover said to herself.

Clover then made it to her locker. After dialing the right combination, she opened it up and gasped lightly at first when she saw what was atop her stack of books.
"Huh? What's this?" Clover said as she looked at the hair dryer sitting there. She picked it up and examined it from every angle.
"I don't remember bringing my hair dryer to school today." Clover said.
"Hey, Clover!" a female voice shouted from behind.
"YEOW!!!" Clover screamed as she sharply turned around and aimed the hair dryer at whoever it was, which turned out to be her friend and fellow spy, Alex.
"Whoa! Hey! Watch where you're pointing that thing!!" Alex said.
"Sorry, Alex. I was just, like, totally wondering where this came from." Clover said.
"You mean you didn't bring that to school with you?" Alex said.
"Like, come on, Alex! You know the only makeup stuff I bring is lipstick!" Clover said. Alex smirked and folded her arms.
"Really? What about that time you left your brush stuck in your hair and…" Alex said, only to have her mouth covered up by Clover.
"Okay, okay, okay! It was just that one time! Still, this doesn't look like anything I own." Clover said.
"We better check it out where nobody else will be around, just in case this isn't something from WOOHP." Alex said. Clover nodded.
"The girls room." Clover said, with Alex nodding right back. Clover closed her locker and the two made their way to the ladies' bathroom.

Once inside, the two again examined the hair dryer from every angle.
"Hmmm… no obvious markings." Alex said.
"Maybe it's just an ordinary hair dryer." Clover said.
"Still, how did it get inside your locker?" Alex said.
"I don't know. Who cares!? I could use a good hair drying anyway after sweating like a lumberjack in the last class." Clover said.
"Wow… Mrs. Mitchell was that hard on you today?" Alex said.
"Totally! That woman doesn't know when to stop pushing our brains! Anyway…" Clover said as she pointed the hair dryer directly at both her head as well as that of Alex's.
"Ummm… Clover… are you sure this is safe?" Alex asked.
"Geez, would you just chillax, Alex? What's the worst that can happen?" Clover said.

They would find out the instant Clover pulled the trigger. Instead of blasting hot air in the faces of both ladies, a series of purple rings came shooting out, surrounding themselves around both ladies. Immediately, Clover could feel the weight of the hair dryer increasing. She had to drop the appliance onto the floor and hold her wrist.
"Ow! That's like holding a dumbbell!" Clover shouted.
"Clover! Look!!!" Alex shouted as she pointed up at the ceiling that rapidly faded away from them. Eventually the purple rings went away. To the naked eye, it looked like only the hair dryer was left behind in the bathroom, but upon closer inspection… there were Clover and Alex, both reduced to a very tiny size. One look up at the suddenly massive bathroom and the massive hair dryer in front of them was all they needed.

"EEEEEEK!!! WE SHRUNK!!!" Clover and Alex both screamed. Alex then looked over at Clover with an angry expression.
"Oh sure… what's the worst that can happen? That thing can SHRINK US SMALLER THAN ANTS!!!" Alex said. Clover, however, seemed to be in a world of her own.
"Waaaaah!!! No fair!! I hate being shrunk!! Ugh… stupid Diminutive Smalls for figuring out shrinking technology!" Clover said. Alex then smacked Clover across the face.
"Clover! Reality check!!" Alex said.
"Ow… thanks, Alex. I'm sorry… that was stupid of me. We should've checked with WOOHP before using that thing, right?" Clover said.
"(sigh) Never mind that for now. If I had to guess, we're probably less than an inch tall now." Alex said.
"You don't have to tell me twice. At least I was doll-sized when I got shrunk that one time. Even a doll would probably crush us now. *gulp*" Clover said as she looked around and almost got dizzy from seeing how high the tiles on the ceiling were now. Alex, meanwhile, tried pushing on the trigger of the hair dryer that shrunk them, but of course it wouldn't budge.
"Ugh… it's no good! We can't operate that thing at this size!" Alex said.
"So, like, what now!?" Clover shouted.
"We're going to have to find Sam. She's the only one that can help us." Alex said.
"Right!" Clover said.

The blonde girl reached up towards her ear and tapped the microphone inside.
"Sam? Can you hear me? Come in, Sam!" Clover said. Alex tried her own communicator, but did not get a response.
"No good. The signal must not be strong enough." Alex said.
"I guess that's another thing for Jerry's to-do list." Clover said.
"Provided we survive this ordeal. We'll have to find Sam on foot." Alex said.
"Ugh… are you totally serious? It'll take hours just to cover, like, 10 yards at this size!" Clover said.
"We better get moving then. Besides, you could use the exercise!" Alex said.
"Oooooh! You take that back!" Clover said as she and Alex started running towards the bathroom door. They came to a stop, however, when they saw the door open and one of the female students walked in, with each of her footsteps sounding like a bomb went off to the two girls. Although the girl didn't come close to stepping on the either Clover or Alex, they still gulped nervously when they looked up and saw how tall she looked.
"Man… now I know how a cookie crumb feels." Alex said.
"It's, like, watching the Empire State Building move or something like that!" Clover said.
"Come on… we can't get distracted like this. The sooner we find Sam, the better!" Alex said. The two girls got back to running and eventually made it to the bathroom door, where they had another challenge facing them.
"Alright, smarty shorts. How are we going to get past THIS!?" Clover said as she pointed at the massive door. Alex brushed her blue shorts and then watched as the normal-sized girl they saw before walk away from the sink and towards the door.
"Easy. We wait our turn." Alex said. She and Clover watched, and made sure to keep a distance away from the oversized tennis shoes, as the girl opened up the door.
"Go go go go!!!" Alex shouted as she and Clover ran behind the normal-sized girl and back into the hallway.

Unknown to the shrunken girls, the hair dryer that shrunk them became surrounded in a blue light and suddenly vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, the girls breathed a quick sigh of relief that they made it out of the bathroom.
"Whew! Well, that’s one hurdle cleared." Alex said.
"Yeah… but now a LOT of big ones to go through." Clover said as she pointed out towards the hallway and noted the many gigantic students walking back and forth. Alex looked back and forth trying to find Sam.
"I don't see Sam anywhere." Alex said.
"And even if she were here, how are we going to reach her? She'll be gone by the time we catch up to her." Clover said. As Alex and Clover tried to think of a plan, they had to snap out of it when they saw more 'giantesses' approaching. Three of them, in fact.
"Watch out!" Alex shouted as she and Clover dodge rolled to the right, watching as these three ladies all stopped in the middle of the hallway. All three ladies were recognized by both Alex and Clover.
"Ugh… Caitlin, Dominique, and Mandy." Alex said.
"AKA the Three Stoogettes." Clover said. Mandy especially looked tall thanks to the 4-inch-tall heels she had on her shoes.
"Hey, Mandy! After school, let's totally go to the movies with Jason!" Caitlin said.
"Pffft! With Jason!? No way. I say we ask Rob out!" Dominique said.
"Why don't we ask both out? That's sure to totally get on Clover's nerves! Hahaha!" Mandy said.
"Ooooooh! And I thought her being 50 feet tall was bad enough!" Clover shouted.
"Clover, come on! We can hitch a ride on their feet!" Alex said.
"What the… HEY!" Clover shouted as she was forced into running when Alex grabbed one of her hands. The two ladies, without any hesitation despite who it was they were dealing with, ran towards Dominique's toes, which were exposed thanks to her wearing flip flops. Clover and Alex jumped as high as they could and landed atop Dominique's pinky toe. Clover couldn't help but notice how big the toenail was despite her shrunken size.
"Wow… Dominique's been skimping on the toenail clipping!" Clover said.
"Just be glad she didn't put nail polish on today! Whoa, hold on!" Alex said as Dominique, Caitlin , and Mandy all got walking again down the hall.

Clover then looked up and caught a glimpse of the underwear that Mandy was wearing, thanks to the short black skirt she was wearing. Clover tried to hold in a laugh with one of her hands.
"Clover, what's so funny?" Alex asked.
"S-s-sorry… I just can't help but find Mandy's underwear as trampish as her personality." Clover said as she pointed up at the thin black thong that made her butt cheeks easily visible (provided one were that low to the floor, of course!). Alex looked up at it as well, and then gave an unapproving look over at Clover.
"You've got quite the dirty mind, you know that?" Alex said. Clover gave a look right back, like she was pretending she didn't hear that. But then she looked ahead and saw Sam in her sights.
"Look! There's Sam!" Clover said.
"Alright… this is going to be a rough landing." Alex said. Once the two felt they were close enough, they made a daring leap off Dominique's foot and rolled a few times, coming to a stop just shy of the sandals Sam was wearing. Sam was in front of her locker removing a couple books.
"Sam! Sammy! Down here!!" Clover shouted.
"Geez, Clover! How do you expect her to hear us from down here?" Alex said. The two girls watched as the giantess then closed her locker.
"Eeeek! Quick, let's jump on her foot!" Alex said and the two did just that, landing atop one of Sam's toes and holding onto as much skin as they could as the giantess got to walking again. The girls recognized where she was going.
"Hey, she's going to the cafeteria." Alex said.
"Ugh… that smell of spilled mashed potatoes and gravy is going to be, like, ten times worse at this size!" Clover said.
"We can't worry about that now. Let's wait until Sam sits down with her lunch before we make our move." Alex said.
"Okay. Just one question, Alex." Clover said.
"What's that?" Alex asked. Clover then looked up underneath the green skirt Sam was wearing.
"Don't you think Sam wore too short a skirt today? I mean… look how totally hot that pink color on her underwear looks!" Clover said. Alex slapped herself in the head.
"Clover!!!" Alex shouted.

Minutes later, Sam paid for and picked up her lunch order, eventually sitting down by herself at one of the tables. She looked all around the cafeteria.
"That's strange. I wonder where Clover and Alex are." Sam said. She then shrugged and got to eating her lunch. Meanwhile, Clover and Alex were hard at work climbing Sam's legs.
"Okay, so what's the plan, Alex?" Clover asked.
"Simple… we climb up her body and eventually up to her ear, where we'll scream into it and hopefully get her attention." Alex said.
"That doesn't sound so simple to me!" Clover said.
"I said it was simple… I didn't say it was easy!" Alex shouted.
"You've been listening to Jerry way too long." Clover said.

It felt like Clover and Alex were climbing a mountain, like they've done in a couple missions, as they slowly scaled their way up Sam's skin and clothing. Eventually they made it all the way to Sam's red hair. Clover, meanwhile, looked out towards the table where she saw a piece of cake covered in white icing and a strawberry on top.
"Mmmmm! Just imagine how much that cake will fill my stomach!" Clover said.
"Clover! Not now!" Alex said.
Meanwhile, Sam was finishing up the main course of her school lunch when she heard a familiar voice to the side.
"Hey, Sam!" the female voice said. Sam quickly turned her head to see it was Britney. However, in turning her head so fast, it caused her hair to fly outward. The whiplash caused Alex and Clover to both lose their grip.
"EEEEEEK!!" they both screamed as they flew through the air. They both clapsed their hands together and prayed for the best until suddenly they landed on something soft with a resounding SPLAT sound.
"We're… we're alive!" Alex said.
"Yeah! We're totally saved! We were saved by, like…" Clover said. She looked all over her body, especially her clothes, as they were covered from head to toe in icing.
"By what, Clover!?" Alex said.
"By the giant piece of cake that Sam's probably going to be eating in a few seconds." Clover said. That's when it hit the ladies.
"Oh no!!!" they both shouted.

Sam, meanwhile, briefly chatted with Britney.
"Hey, Britney! What's up?" Sam asked.
"Listen, Sam. I was wondering if you'd join me in chess club after school today. I could use the practice before my big match this weekend." Britney said.
"Of course, Britney! Do you know who you'll be competing against?" Sam asked.
"Some Japanese girl named Ami Mizuno. I hear she's really smart and really good." Britney said.
"Perhaps, but I have confidence in you, Britney! I'll see you after school." Sam said.
"Okay, thanks!" Britney said before she walked away. Sam then turned her attention to the piece of cake in front of her, unaware that her two fellow spies were swimming in its icing.
"Now then, hopefully this cake tastes better than the rest of lunch." Sam said as she picked up the plastic fork and lowered it down onto the cake.
"Look out!" Alex shouted as she and Clover stood up and jumped out of the way before the fork could stab them. The two watched as a piece of the cake slice split away as the fork picked it up. It was like watching the ground crack before their eyes during an earthquake. They tried to get back up, but found it hard to move through the icing.
"Ugh! This icing is so thick! It's like getting trapped in the world's biggest slushie!" Clover shouted.
"We'll both be slosh if we can't get out of here!" Alex said as she and Clover tried any way they could to move through the icing. Swimming, jumping, walking… nothing proved effective.
And to make matters worse, the two were part of the next piece that Sam carved off. The two watched as their view changed rapidly to that of being in front of Sam's lips as she licked them.
"In you go!" Sam said as she opened her mouth.
"Nooooooo!!!" Clover and Alex both screamed as they plunged helplessly into Sam's mouth.

At the last moment, enough of the icing gave way for both Clover and Alex to jump off the cake piece and onto Sam's tongue. But Clover cringed nervously as she looked around inside the mouth, especially those giant teeth as they chomped down on the cake.
"Ick… I'll never look at eating dessert again…" Clover said.
"There's gotta be a way out of here!" Alex said as she looked around.
"Watch out, Alex!" Clover said as she pulled Alex out of the way of what would normally be a tiny crumb from the cake sliding down Sam's throat and into her stomach.
"Whew… we better think of that way out quick or we'll be next on Sam's menu!" Clover said. As the blonde girl continued to panic and not think of what it would be like to be digested alive, Alex took note of the uvula near the back of the mouth.
"Wait! I've got an idea." Alex said as she reached into one of the pockets on her pants. Clover immediately recognized what she pulled out.
"Huh? Exploding Candy Corn? How can you think of candy at a time like this!?" Clover said.
"It's not for me, silly! It's for Sam… although it might hurt a bit." Alex said as she wound up her arm and threw one of the pieces of candy corn hard at the uvula. It exploded on contact, but nothing seemed to be happening.
"Huh? It's not working!" Clover said.
"I don't get it… Jerry said that candy corn had quite the punch!" Alex said.
"Eeeeek! Look out!" Clover said as she looked and saw a cake crumb rolling towards the two. They jumped out of the way, but ended up slipping in a pool of saliva, which caused them to slide backwards on the giantess's tongue and down into her throat.
"WAAAAAAH!!!" they both screamed.

The two felt like they were falling forever, but at last they found something to land on.
"Whew… thank goodness for these big cake crumbs filled with icing." Clover said.
"Yes, but we'll have to wait until…" Alex said, only for Clover to quickly reach over and cover her mouth.
"Oh no! No no no NO! Like, HECK NO am I going to be coming out of Sam's body THAT way!" Clover said.
"(sigh) You're right, but we can't just sit here! Otherwise we'd get digested for sure." Alex said.
"Arrrrrgh… think, Alex, think!" Clover said as she nervously looked around the green liquid that was stomach acid, especially as it slowly ate away at the crumb the two were standing on. A few seconds later, Alex snapped her fingers.
"I got it! If candy corn didn't do the trick… this has to!" Alex said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out another edible gadget, another that Clover recognized.
"Hot and Spicy Gum? How can you think of eating gum at a time like this, especially when it's already, like, a million degrees in here!?" Clover said.
"It's not for me, Clover! If my theory is correct… all I have to do is throw enough blobs of this gum into the stomach acid. Hopefully this will cause the stomach acid to bubble up and cause a reaction like she has too much gas." Alex said.
"Why would she need too much gas?" Clover said.
"So she can burp us out, that way we come out through her mouth instead of…" Alex said.
"Okay! TMI! Go with your plan already!" Clover said. Alex then dropped the gum into the acid and pulled out several more sticks of it. It surprised Clover that Alex was armed with that much hot and spicy gum. Before she could wonder any more, though, they watched as the stomach acid began to bubble.
"Oh? Is it working?" Clover asked.
"We'll know in a few moments…" Alex said.

Sam clenched her teeth tightly and grasped her stomach. What was in that cake she just ate? Before she could wonder anymore however, she felt another bubbling sensation. This time it forced her to cough and later burp.
"*cough cough! BURRRRRP!*" Sam coughed as a few drops of icing and cake crumbs came flying out of her mouth.
"Ugh… what was that all about? That was super embarrassing." Sam said. She then took a closer look at the crumbs and icing, where she saw two very miniscule black spots.
"Huh? Those look like ants. Maybe that's why I almost choked." Sam said. She leaned closer and closer until she saw they weren't ants at all. They were her fellow spies, Clover and Alex.
"Sam! Like, oh my gosh! You totally found us!" Clover said.
"Clover!? Alex!?" Sam shouted. Both shrunken girls covered their ears.
"Yeouch! Say it, don't spray it, Sam!" Alex said.
"Whoops… sorry. Hold on… I can barely hear you like this." Sam whispered. That's when she gently lowered one of her fingers down towards the girls, which itself looked massive from their perspective. They hopped onboard and ran towards the giant fingernail. Once they were in place, Sam very slowly moved that finger up to her right ear. Clover and Alex gulped nervously as they watched their view get taken up by Sam's giant face along the way.
"Let me know when you're in my ear." Sam said. Once her finger was close enough, it was a short leap for both shrunken girls into just outside her right ear.

Clover and Alex took one look inside the ear and almost threw up.
"Ugh… like, when's the last time you stuck a Q-tip into your ear, Sam!?" Clover shouted.
"Never mind that, Clover. Do you mind telling me how you and Alex shrunk that small?" Sam said, speaking in a more normal tone now.
"Clover found this hair dryer in her locker, and she and I went into the bathroom to check it over. Clover pulled the trigger, and the next thing we know, we're this small!" Alex said.
"Hmmm… this sounds like something Diminutive Smalls would build." Sam said.
"Gee, Sam. What was, like, your first clue?" Clover asked.
"So where is this hair dryer now?" Sam asked.
"Probably still in the bathroom. It didn't shrink with us so we couldn't move it. Oh boy… I hope nobody else came into contact with that thing." Alex said.
"Only one way to find out." Sam said as she quickly got to her feet. Clover and Alex had to hold onto whatever skin they could grab to keep from falling out of the ear.
"Whoa! Sam, not so fast!" Clover shouted.
"Sorry…" Sam said as she went into a slow walk out of the cafeteria (after gathering up all her things, along with her backpack).

Eventually, Sam made it into the girls' room. She looked over every tile on the floor, including the ones inside the stalls, but didn't see any hair dryer.
"Ummm… guys. I don't see any hair dryer here." Sam said.
"What!? It has to be here. Oh no… don't tell me someone might have picked it up." Alex said.
"I guess we'll have to search the whole school for it." Sam said.
"Heh, and guess who is the perfect size for that job." Clover said. Just then, however… the floor opened up like a trap door underneath Sam's feet.
"WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Sam and the shrunken girls in her ear screamed.

Sam fell through the tubular tunnel for what felt like forever even though it was more like a minute or two, but finally she landed remarkably on a soft surface. That of course was a thick cushion strapped to a familiar looking chair.
"What happened!? Like, where are we?" Clover shouted.
"Where else, Clover? We've been WOOHPed." Sam said. She then watched as the chair in front of her turned around, revealing the one and only Jerry.
"Hello, Samantha." Jerry said with a stern look on his face.
"Hello, Jerry." Sam said.
"Where are the other girls?" Jerry asked.
"Ummm… well…" Sam said.
"Never mind. I can't waste any more time. We have a potentially dire situation on our hands." Jerry said.
"Oh? What is it?" Sam asked. That's when he showed off the hair dryer that Clover and Alex used earlier.
"Samantha. This is a prototype of a gadget WOOHP would've presented to you and the other spies at a later date. The Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer. Obviously, it looks like a normal hair dryer, but it fires energy pulses that shrink whatever is zapped down to doll size. Perfect for infiltrating tight spaces, if I say so myself." Jerry said.
"So I see." Sam said. She immediately figured this was the hair dryer that put Clover and Alex in their current predicament.

"However… one of our interns made the terrible mistake of mixing up buttons. Instead of pressing the button to turn on the microwave, he activated one of our teleportation devices, which the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer happened to be sitting on. Fortunately we were eventually able to track the device down to your school. Convenient, wouldn't you say?" Jerry said.
"Yes, I agree." Sam said.
"Still, it was out of our hands for exactly 14 minutes and 23 seconds. And according to our best scientists… we pinpointed the ultimate destination of where the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer was teleported. Inside Clover's locker." Jerry said.
"Um… Jerry." Sam said.
"Sam. I am fearing the worst. Clover, and perhaps Alex too, have undoubtedly mistaken the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer prototype for a normal hair dryer. It would be a natural misunderstanding given I didn't brief you ladies on this device, nor any other prototypes in WOOHP history…" Jerry said.
"Jerry!" Sam said, trying again to get her WOOHP boss's attention.
"Please, Sam, let me finish. It is of the utmost importance that we find Clover and Alex so we can restore them to their normal size. Don't you worry, though, you know we always are prepared at WOOHP. We'll equip you with the proper gadgets to locate the girls, provided they haven't been stepped on…" Jerry said.
"Jerry!!" Sam said, looking rather irrirated at this point. She gently reached into her ear and held her hand outside it long enough for Clover and Alex to jump onboard. She could tell they were there by the tiny spots in the middle of her hand.
"Then we must also analyze the usage data of the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer and make sure nobody else has come into contact with it…" Jerry said.
"JERRY!!!" Sam finally screamed.
"What the blazes is it, Samantha!?" Jerry shouted.
"Clover and Alex are right here." Sam said as she held out the hand holding them.

At first, Jerry had a bewildered look on his face, then he pulled out a magnifying glass from the desk behind him and focused on Sam's hand. There, he saw Clover and Alex jumping up and down waving their arms.
"Oh. Ahem… good work, Sam! Jolly good show." Jerry said.
"Thanks… but how are we going to return them to normal?" Sam asked.
"Simple, my dear." Jerry said as he walked behind the desk and pressed a series of buttons. To the left of the desk rose a table (labeled 8A) with numerous gadgets. The one that Jerry picked up was immediately recognized by Sam.
"Oh, right. That thing!" Sam said.
"Indeed. The Resizing Ray made by Diminiutive Smalls. I believe you have experience using this gadget." Jerry said.
"Yeah… I remember the Mandy vs. Clover B-movie like it was yesterday." Sam said.
"HEY! At least we looked totally hot fighting each other!" Clover said, although neither Sam or Jerry heard that.
"I shall let you do the honors, Sam." Jerry said as she allowed Sam to take the Resizing Ray into her other hand.

Sam set Clover and Alex down on the floor, a few yards away from her sandals. While Clover and Alex watched as Sam punched a few buttons on the Resizing Ray (no doubt she was setting the normal heights of the two so that she wouldn't overdo anything), Alex gave a slight jab to Clover on the shoulder.
"Don't you dare say one word about the underwear she's wearing." Alex said.
"Okay, okay, I won't. I'm not totally that creepy, am I?" Clover said.
"I'll take the fifth on that one." Alex said with a sly smile, which Clover couldn't help but giggle over.
"Okay, ready! Now hold still, you two." Sam said. She aimed the ray at the two and fired away. After the two got zapped from head to toe in a pink light, they found themselves growing. They grew bigger and bigger until they were both back to normal.
"Yay! Totally back to normal!" Clover shouted as she pumped her fists in the air. Sam ran to the two and hugged them both.
"Thank goodness! But…" Sam said as she then backed away.
"But what, Sam?" Alex asked.
"You're both going to need one heck of a shower. You smell like icing and… saliva." Sam said, which couldn't help but get all three girls laughing. They then stopped when they heard the nearby phone ring, which Jerry picked up.
"Hello? Yes? Yes? Ah, jolly good! Thank you for that info, doctor." Jerry said as he then hung up.
"What is it, Jerry?" Alex asked.
"That was the gadget building team. They just downloaded the logs from the Incredi Shrink Compact Hair Dryer prototype and found it was only fired once. So nobody else is in danger." Jerry said.
"Heh, then I would say this mission was a success!" Clover said.
"Yes, in a manner of speaking. Thank you, spies, for your work today. I shall now return you to school." Jerry said with a smile.

After pressing a button, the three girls found themselves sucked upward into a tunnel. Eventually they wound up back into the empty girls' bathroom, with the floor closing underneath them.
"Ow… Reverse WHOOPing is the worst." Sam said.
"I couldn't agree more with you." Alex said. Suddenly the three girls heard the bell ring from outside.
"Ack! We're totally late for class!" Clover shouted as the three quickly got up and ran out to head for their next class. They all, especially Alex and Clover given how big their adventure was, put aside the events of the day and got focused back on their high school lives… at least until the next time they were needed by WHOOP!