Totally Growing


        Inside of the dark and rather gloomy, (but rather needed,) WHOOP Detention Facility, (or WHOOPDA.) a new inmate was being transferred here from the normal WHOOP Jail after the chaos he had caused a few months ago.

    A guard, as it was his duty to see if any of the many crazy and insane inmates were causing any troubles inside of their cells, and or were planning to escape.

    As he was walking next to the cells, he could see many villains who had their plans thwarted by the trio of Sam, (Samantha), Alex, (Alexander) and Clover.

    "Hey Hey! Get me out of here!" The guard heard from nearby, he looked down at a small cage with a foot tall man shouting angrily.

    "Hey there Diminutive, how's the weather down there?" The guard joked.

      "Your humor is as dry as daytime Television!" Diminutive Shrinks, (Previously known as Diminutive Smalls before he changed his name.) said as an insult while shaking the cage's bars.

      "Hey! That's a little to far, okay?" The guard said, feeling offended by Diminutive's comment about it.

        "Well it's true you humor less hack!" Diminutive says, defending his "Opinion" "Now let me put of here now now now!!!" Diminutive demanded in anger.

    "Heh, sorry little guy but, ever since your plan to shrink the most important things in the world failed, you kinda lost your ability to terrorize people." The guard said as he looked down at Diminutive. "Especially at your size! Ha!"

      "Hey! If I wasn't trapped in here then I would shrink you down and step on you!" Diminutive threatened.

      "Yeah yeah, whatever. Anyway, here's your dinner." The guard held in his hands a bow of soup, (Stuff prisoners always eat.) l that could fit outside the cage. "Now by the Terms and conditions of WHOOP, I need to let you out of your cage so you can drink your soup."

    "Oh really?" Diminutive wondered.

      "Yes really." The guard grabbed a key from his pocket. "Now don't try any of your funny business, okay little guy?" The guard said.

      "Oh I promise!" Diminutive said, though behind his back was a hand with crossed fingers. (And his other hand with a strange gun.)

    "Well okay then..." The guard proceeded to unlock the small cage with the key, after he unlocked it, he opened it.

      "Heh heh! Thanks!" Diminutive instantly jumped out of the small cage and started to run away.

    "Hey you said no funny stuff!" The guard said, running towards Diminutive.

    Diminutive suddenly stopped. "First of all, it was funny business, second of all...." Diminutive showed his hand his crossed fingers. "Doubled crossed!" Diminutive started to run off again before stopping (again.). "Oh yeah, I almost forgot..." Diminutive fired a beam at the guard from his ray gun, suddenly the guard was covered in a pink light and then he shrank down!

        Diminutive ran over to the guard, now the guard was about the size of a pea to Diminutive's eyes, Diminutive lifted his foot and crushed the tiny shrunken Guard under his foot as he stomped it. "Ha! I told you I'd crush you!" Diminutive ran over to a manhole nearby, with his super strength he gained after he was shrunk, he picked it up, threw it and jumped in to the sewers! Has Diminutive finally escaped from WHOOP?

        Meanwhile elsewhere...

      Three Teenage girls were sleeping on their beds in their rooms, in one room was Sam, the brains of the group, Alex, the more tomboyish girl(Also likes sports a lot.), and Clover, the girl who loves shopping. (and maybe a little air headed.)

      As most girls in the mourning, they were still sleeping and such.

      Until, suddenly in each of their rooms, a huge pipe appeared in their rooms on the ceiling, waking all of the teens up, it started to suck them up into it, as each of them were screaming as they were being sucked.

      In a secret spy headquarters, WHOOP, the chief founder of it was sitting in his office chair. Suddenly, Clover, Sam and Alex fell down from the ceiling and on to chairs. "Ah, pleasure you could see me today Spies." Jerry said, as he always does.

    The three teenagers were suddenly in their spy uniforms. Clover suddenly yelled out in a annoyed voice, "You know, we girls need some sleep, it's like 6 AM in the freaking mourning!"

    "So sorry girls, but it may seem one of our many inmates at the WHOOP Detention Center has escaped last night." Jerry said.

    "Well then, which one?" Alex asked, remembering inside of her head all of the past Villains they had fought.

      Jerry grabbed a remote control from his desk, he pressed a button on it and then the huge monitor on the wall showed.... Jerry in a speedo?!? All of the girls started to giggle as Jerry had a red face.  "Oh! Uh... How did that end up in there?!?" Jerry pressed the button again to show Diminutive.

        "Diminutive?! The one who tried to make the world his own size?!" Sam said.

    "And made ME in to a giant 50 foot freak?!" Clover said.

      "Didn't he also shrink you Clover?" Alex asked.

    "Yeah! That too!"

      "Anyway spies, We do not as of this moment know where or what Diminutive is up to.So we need you three to keep a sharp eye out for him, because we could never know what strange size related scenario he's up to." Jerry said.

      "Well Jerry, you could count on us like you always have!" Sam said.

    "Good then." Jerry pressed a button and the three spies were sucked back into the pipe again. The spies screamed as they were sucked up.Soon, the spies were back in their "dream" house as they fell from the ceiling in the kitchen. (As if nothing happened!)

    Sam and the others got up. "You know, sometimes I wish we didn't buy this place." Sam said.

    Later that day at the Groove, the local mall in Beverley Hills, Clover was without the other two spies and was looking at some clothes. "Wow this looks really cute!" Clover said as she grabbed a cute looking dress. 

    "Move it!" Suddenly a girl pushed Clover out of the way and grabbed the dress she was looking at. "Oh! This looks cute for me!" The girl otherwise known as Mandy, the spies rival, (and also secret friend, though she doesn't tell anyone that.) said.

    Clover swiped the dress from Mandy, "Sorry Mandy but I'm the one who found it first, so... Finder's Keepers!" Clover said as she stuck out her tongue at Mandy.

    "That would be normally true for someone like me Clover!" Mandy said. "But your not me and not as pretty as I am, so," Mandy swiped the dress again.

    "Oh it's on now!" Clover suddenly ran towards Mandy, swiped the dress away again and started to run towards the cash register, "Hey come back here!" Mandy started to run towards Clover.

    Clover ran towards the Cashier next to the Cash Register. (Obviously.) "Hey there Cutie! I'll love to buy this cute little dress!" She said to the Cashier, the Cashier took the dress and started to scan it.

      "WHY YOU LITTLE!!!" Mandy came from behind Clover and jumped on top of her and started to pull Clover's hair. "That dress belongs to me! Me me!"

        While the two girls were having a cat fight, (Expect a even bigger Cat fight later on!) The Cashier looked under his desk to see a huge red button with the words "Security" on it. He pressed the large button.

      After a while of getting beat up by large Security officers from the mall, and bickering at the Manager, both of the teenage girls were kicked out of The Groove.  

        "Oh real nice! You just had to start that dumb fight!!" Mandy yelled at Clover. (They were outside of the Groove, as they were kicked out.)

      "Wha? Me?! Your the freaking one who jumped on me and started pulling my freaking hair!" Clover yelled back at Mandy.

    As the two teenagers were bickering, a strange little fellow was hiding under a Mailbox nearby. "Heheh... Those stupid girls don't even notice me!!" The little guy under the Mailbox said, it was Diminutive! The shrunken man who escaped from the WHOOP Detention Center!

      Diminutive held in his hands a weird looking Ray Gun in his hands (Infact, it looks just like the one that he shrunk the guard with....), "And now for small mo Growth!" Diminutive pressed a few buttons on the weird Ray gun. Suddenly, tge Ray gun fired a beam at Mandy's shoe.

    Suddenly Mandy felt a very small tingle inside of her body and she grew a inch. "Bah! Whatever, I didn't really care about that dress anyway, I'm going home!" Mandy said, (Somehow she didn't really notice the tingle or growth.) and she walked away from Clover.

      "Grrr.... Stupid Mandy and her Greediness... And stuff that got me kicked out." Clover said to herself.

    Diminutive pressed another few buttons on the strange Ray Gun, (was it a growth ray?) "Now your turn Clover, here's a less powerful ray!" The Growth ray suddenly fired a beam at Clover's foot.

      Clover, like Mandy a few seconds back, felt a strange tingle inside her body. However, unlike Mandy, she did not grow even a inch! "Huh? That felt weird..." Clover said, feeling the strange tingle.  "Whatever, I guess I'll go home..." Clover walked off.

      The little Diminutive was laughing maniacally. "Haha! Step one and two of my plan is finished! Now for step three... That Alex girl!"

      Meanwhile, elsewhere in Beverley Hills, Alex, the more Tomboyish of the spies was in the food court of the mall.

    She was sipping on a soda and sitting on a table like she always does when she's here. "Well, besides for what happened earlier today with Jerry, today's been pretty normal and pretty good!" She said before she took another sip of the soda.

    Little did she know, underneath the table she was sitting under, a shrunken man, Diminutive was standing under it, with his little ray gun in his hand. "Grow Girl!" Diminutive suddenly fired his growth ray, a beam came out of it as it headed towards Alex.

      The beam suddenly hit Alex's bottom, suddenly, Alex stopped for a second or so, she seemed to have grown a inch or so from the beam. "Ow! What was that?!" Alex said.

      "Heheh... Excellent! Now for her side effects..." Diminutive looked at Alex, as if he was expecting something else to happen at this point.

        Alex got up while she was drinking the last bit of her soda. "Gee... I kinda feel hungry.." Alex said as she started to shake the cup of soda. Alex soon got off of the table and walked over to a nearby Hot Dog stand.  "Hmm... Well I'll have one please!" Alex said.

        "Sure Kid!" The guy at the Hot Dog stand gave Alex a hot dog while Alex gave him a dollar. 

    Alex bit in to the Hot Dog as she was walking away from the Hot Dog stand, suddenly she grew a few inches in height! Alex didn't seem to notice, though the guy at the stand seemed to! "Oh this is so good!" Alex said to herself. "I'm still hungry... Though I'd better just watch my weight... But..." 

    Alex ran back to the stand. "Hi there! Can I have Ten more please?" She asked nicely.

        "Uh.. Whatever you say Girl!" The guy at the stand threw out ten of the Hot Dogs. Alex starred to dig in to nearly all of them by shoving them down her throat. She then started to grow again."You know what?! Take as many as you'd like! I'm out of here!"

    "Heheh... Excellent, she now has Food Cravings.... This should be fun..." Diminutive laughed evilly to himself. "Now for the last one! That Sam girl!  

        Inside of the house of the girls, Sam was excising on a treadmill while thinking about the meeting the spies and her had with Jerry a few hours ago. "So Diminutive is back... Again.."

       Though, behind a vase in the house,(Which was nearby Sam by the way!) Diminutive was plotting his plan to grow Sam. "Hmm... Haha! A simple growth ray hit in the back would do it! Ha! I'm an Genius!" Diminutive said to himself.

   "Hmph?" Sam said, turning her head around. "Who was that?" Alex said, wondering what she heard.

     "Oh crap!" Diminutive whispered to himself as he ran over to behind a small bookcase. "Hmm... Well, she's smarter then the other spies..."

       Sam turned off the treadmill and thought to herself, "Hmm... Maybe Diminutive is up to something right now..." She said as she got off.

     Sam started to look around the house for anything suspicious or strange, while she was doing that, Diminutive was always running around the house hoping to get close to Sam so he could use his Size Ray on her.

       Suddenly, the both of them were in the same room, Sam's Bedroom.

     Sam was standing in the middle of her room, wondering of Diminutive was in here. "Hmm... I guess there's nothing wrong here..." She says to herself. Though, little did she know, under the bed was Diminutive! Ready to use his size Ray on her.

   "Heheh.... Get ready to get Big Girl!" Diminutive suddenly held his size Ray and fired a beam from it, The beam headed towards Sam's right foot.

       Sam suddenly stopped as the growth beam hit her, she could feel herself grow a inch. "Hey! What the heck was that?!" Sam said.

         Diminutive chuckled to himself, "Heheh... Finally! Now my plan can commence!" He yelled out.

         "Hey!" Sam suddenly noticed something under the bed after hearing something. "Diminutive!" She yelled out.

     Diminutive had suddenly noticed that Sam had spotted him! "Crap!" Diminutive started to run towards the open door out of the room.

   "Get back here you!" Sam ran towards the open door and closed it, though she was too late as Diminutive was able to escape before she closed the door.

       "Darn it!" Sam opened the door and ran out the room again. "Okay, Diminutive, I know your hiding here and I will find you! Please show yourself or else..."

     "Or else what Sam?" Diminutive yelled while hiding in a unknown area.

   "Uh! Well..."

     "Also, if you can find me, then why don't you capture me right now Sam?" Diminutive asked.

     "Doesn't matter Diminutive! I know your in the house and I will find you!"

     Sam looked behind a bookshelf. "Nope not over there..." Sam then started running around the house trying to find Diminutive,(Moving Sofas, Checking the Fishes, Behind the TV and loads of other places we look when we are trying to find something.)

     "Come on Sam! Your getting closer now!" Diminutive said, mocking Sam while he was laughing.

   Sam continued to look around the whole house to find the Tiny sized villain, though like last time, she showed no such luck whatsoever. "Okay Diminutive! Just show yourself now and we could all forget about this..."

   "Sam?! You think I'm stupid! For the last year I've been trapped in that Detention Center of WHOOP! You really think I would want to be stuck there again?"

       Sam thought to herself, "Hmm... Well, I can't seem to stop him by trying to locate him so... Haha! I got it!" Sam finally had a halfway decent plan! "Oh Diminutive!" Sam said in a depressed like voice

     Diminutive noticed Sam's sudden like of emotion. "Hmm... What is it?" He said.

     "Diminutive, I give up! You win! You are the master of hiding thanks to your incredibly shrunken size!" Sam said, still in her depressed like voice.

     "Oh why thank you Sam! You know, I thought you would have never gave up trying to find me!" Diminutive said, slowly falling into Sam's plan.

     "Of course Diminutive! Infact, I want to tell you something! You are now the new CEO of WHOOP!" Sam said, lying right out of her mouth.

   "Wow?!??" Diminutive said shocked. "I can't believe this?!?" He continued. "Wait... What's the catch?" He asked, suddenly feeling suspicious...

     "None at all! Your now in charge of all of our missions!" Sam lied. "All you gotta do is just show yourself!"

   Diminutive suddenly walked out of the area he was hiding from, behind the computer?!? "Wow! And I didn't even have to set up part 5 of my master plan! Haha!"

     Sam suddenly ran over to Diminutive, Grabbing him in her fist as quickly as she could, she moves him close to her face. "Ha! I can't believe you actually fell for that!" Sam said.

   "Well then, guess I'll have to use part 5 of my plan! It's more fun like this anyway!" Diminutive suddenly bit Sam's Finger, causing her to finch and drop him. As he hit the floor, he pulled out of his pocket a strange looking remote control. "With this baby, you and your friends will be reaching now heights!" Diminutive said. He then pressed a large red button on the remote. "Say hello to the Totally Growing Spies!!"

     Before Sam could think of any response whatsoever, she suddenly felt frozen like ice. "Diminutive! What the heck are you doing?!?" She yelled out, somehow still being able to speak.

     "Isn't it obvious? It's my master plan to take over the world! I'll grow you and your silly friends to giant size, watch you destroy the world by accident, and then save the world by destroying you and your friends and claim myself as ruler of the world!!!" Diminutive yelled.

     "Uh yeah, how the heck are you going to claim yourself ruler?" Sam asked.

     "Hmm... Well lets see... Um..."

   Sam chuckled as she said, "Yeah, that's what I thought so. So typical of a villain to have a huge hole in their master plan."

   Diminutive was starting to get annoyed.  "Shut it now Sam! Besides, the growing part should be happening any moment now.."

     Sam suddenly felt herself start to grow in height, "Wha-What's Going on?!?"

     Diminutive started to laugh. "Isn't it obvious Sam? Your growing! And there's nothing you can do to stop it!"

       Sam continued to grow inside of the house, soon her legs reached the walls and her head bumped the ceiling. "Ow! That like hurted!" Sam yelled out.

     "Well, I'd love to stay Sam, but I kinda need to go set up the rest of my plan! In the meantime, Enjoy your new size! Ha ha!" Diminutive ran off into the doggie door in the front door, (So much convenience for little Diminutive eh?)

     Meanwhile, Sam continued to grow inside of her house, barely even fitting inside of it! "Darn it! I gotta find out some way out of here..." Sam said, though, there was no way out for Sam, as her own foot was about the size of a door at this moment!

       Suddenly, Sam's head ripped though the ceiling of the first floor of the house, and then soon enough, the second floor and then finally the roof!

     Sam soon found her gigantic head sticking out of the roof along with many bystanders stopping in their tracks and looking at the giant head.

     "Oh great... Well, if I'm ever going to get out of this mess and get back at Diminutive I'm gonna have to force myself out of the house...." Sam stood up after shaking around in the house for a while, immediately, the house crumbled into a bunch of rubble. "You know, I hope that our insurgence covers Sudden Growth spurts...." Sam Joked.

     Looking down at her new surroundings, Sam notices the bystanders that were looking at her sometime ago, were now either running away, have fainted or are staring in shock. "Oh great."

          Meanwhile, nearby was Clover, who was driving her new car she had gotten sometime ago. "Ugh!" She yelled out. "I can't believe Mandy got me banned from the Freaking GROOVE!!! I just...." She took a deep breath. "You know... I just need to relax somewhere..."

      Clover noticed a nearby area she liked, The Beach! "Ah ha! One of Beverley Hills most beautiful beaches! Might as well stop by just to see the view!" Clover said as she parked her car, took out of her trunk her handy beach towel she keeps at all times and walked over to the sandy beach. "You know, I should have brought my Bikini..."

      As she walked onto the sandy and hot beach with her shoes,(Like she said, she really wasn't prepared to come here.) she looked around for a spot to place her blanket. Nearly ever spot was taken besides for one small space! "I'll guess It will do." She sighed.

        She gently placed her blanket on the only vacant spot at the rather crowded beach. She then sighed at the fact that she forgot to bring a umbrella. "Oh well... I'll just close " She then proceeded to lay down on the beach and relax!

            Though, then suddenly, unknown to Clover herself, she started to grow in height!

    Her head suddenly bumped into some Ladie's foot nearby. "Hey! Watch it there!" The girl yelled out to Clover angrily.

      Clover suddenly jumped. Having just found out what she had done. "Oh what! Sorry!" Clover said.

        The lady seemed to notice something about Clover, That she was freaking growing fast! "Uh... What's your name?"

    "Clover.. Why you ask?"

    "Uh nothing... Your just freaking growing or something!!!" The lady yelled out in a shocked manner.

    "GROWING?!?!" Clover yelled out, suddenly she thought confused, "Wait a minute, why do you need to know my name for that?"

    "I don't know!!" She yelled out.

    People nearby the ever growing Clover talking to the panicking lady, wondering what was going on, they soon found out that Clover was growing! Doing what most people do best and like the Lady, they started running and panicking from the growing giantess.

      Clover continued to grow on the beach, ever second she was getting larger and larger. She was knocking down umbrellas and covering the beach. (Luckily no one was harmed as they left...) "Oh this is great! I'm a giant monster! AGAIN!"

      Meanwhile, somewhere else at the Beverly Hills Mall, Alex was sitting on a table again. "Wow I'm so freaking full! That was good!" She said as she rubbed her belly.

      To everyone around Alex, they looked at her strangely.. Maybe because she is growing massively? At this moment she was about eight feet tall and still eating! Though, Alex doesn't seem to notice any of this.

        Suddenly Alex started to grow even faster, the people nearby started to run off and away as the growing Sam well, continued to grow!

      "Hmm.. I wonder what's wrong?" Alex said. Suddenly her chair broke after growing a little bit. "Oh..."

      Alex was soon covering up the whole entire Mall as she continued to grow in height. "Oh Great!" Alex yelled as many people started to run out of the Mall.

        Alex was soon too large to be contained in the Mall and... Well, she grew so large she hit the ceiling and ripped though the ceiling as she continued to grow very large.

    Soon, the giant sized Alex was continuing to grow out of the Mall, and now, Alex was pretty much as tall as the Mall. (Though she was in it..) "(*Sigh.*)

      Once again meanwhile somewhere else, this time nearby Beverly High, Mandy was walking off anger. "Ph that stupid Clover!" She yelled out to herself, feeling quite anger.

    "Hey What the?" Mandy said as she noticed a large amount of people running away while screaming. She grabs one of the running people's clothes and yells at him. "What the hell is going on?!?"

    "Oh you won't believe it! There are three giants in the whole freaking city destroying it or something?!!?!" The man yelled.

      "WHAT?!? Who are these giants?!" Mandy yelled at the guy.

    "Oh well.. There was a blond girl who looked like a girl I know named Clover..."

    "WHAT?!? THAT MAKES ME SO..." Mandy started to grow in height like the other three. Though, how big will she get?

        Meanwhiles back with Sam, she is still standing where her and the other spies house used to be. "Oh this is great, Diminutive has grown me to a giant monster. (Sigh) I need to find the others if I'm ever going to get back to normal size..." She said to herself.

        Then Sam started to walk out of the remains of his house, her huge foot nearly hit a few of the people staring up at her. When the foot stomped, many of the people started to run off from the giant Sam.

        Sam started to walk though out Beverley Hills, searching for her friends. "Clover, Alex?" She yelled out hoping she'll see them in the huge crowd of people looking at her. "You know, I probably won't be able to find them by yelling out their names.."

    While trying to find her two best friends, (Not knowing they are in a similar predicament as she is.) she noticed at the Beverly Hills Mall,(Or where it used to be..) A super sized Alex sitting down. "Alex?! How'd you..."

        "I don't know! All I remember was that I was eating and I started growing!" Alex responded

          "Whatever, It doesn't matter Alex." Sam replied. "Whatever then, do you know where Clover? I'm guessing she's also a giantess now right?" Sam asked.

        Alex stood up and said,"I don't know, I think before I got like this Clover told me that she was going to the Groove or something like that..."

        "Well, whatever then, lets go Alex!" Sam and Alex both run towards the way to The Groove, while accidently destroying many houses with their feet. "Oops! Sorry!" They both say.

      Sam and Alex soon make it towards the Groove. "Hey Where's Clover?" Alex yells out, looking at the small store. Alex soon looked down at the tiny sized people nearby. "Um.. Is one of you Clover?" She asks.

    Sam face palmed at what Alex was doing. "Alex, I think if your giant sized like me, I'm sure It happened to Clover as well."

        Suddenly, running in front of Sam and Alex is... A giant sized Clover!! "Hey girls! How did you girls get giant like me?" Clover asked.

    "I don't know!" Alex replied.

    "But I do know something! This is the work of Diminutive that's for sure!" Sam yelled out.

      "And your right Spies!" Yelled out Diminutive's voice somewhere. The spies soon noticed a strange looking helicopter, and inside of it is Diminutive. "Why hello spies!"

      All of the Spies yell out,"DIMINUTIVE!!"

    "That's right girls! And now my plan is nearly complete! All I need to do know is get rid of you while your destroying the city! Haha!" Diminutive said.

    All of the Spies started to laugh out. "I'm sorry Diminutive," Sam said. "But we could crush you before you could destroy us!"

    "Oh really? Well then, meet the 200 foot tall Mandy!" Diminutive soon flew over behind the giant Spies, the Spies soon turned they're heads to see... A 200 feet tall Mandy behind them!

  All of the spies looked up at the giant Mandy.  "Oh my...."

        "Good luck Spies!" Diminutive soon flew off in his helicopter to somewhere.

    The giant sized Mandy soon formed an fist with her hand and aimed it done at the Spies, luckily, they were able to jump out of the way before it crushed them. "Oh great... What now?"

    Mandy suddenly lifted her foot and proceeded with trying to crush the spies with it, luckily like last time with the fist, the spies quickly jumped out of the way.

"So what are we gonna do now girls?" Clover asked.

  Sam stopped for a moment. "Hmm... Well, for one thing we need to somehow calm Mandy down and get us all back to normal size." Sam said.

  "But how the heck are we supposed to calm Mandy down?" Alex said as Mandy threw a punch right next to her, causing her to be startled and trip onto a house, crushing it in the process. "Oops.. I hope no one was in there."

    Sam started to think again. "Hmm... Maybe not calm her down but to wear her out or something?" Sam looked over to Clover who was running around Beverly Hills crushing cars by accident while Mandy was chasing her. "Hey Clover!" She yelled.

"What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?" Clover yelled while still running away from the giant Mandy.

      "I know Clover." Sam said. "But try to insult her!" Sam said.

  "WHAT?!" Clover said stopping in her tracks. "Are you crazy?! At her size she can kill me!!" Clover suddenly looked up to see a fist heading right towards her, she ran out of the way in time before it could crush her. (Though, a few buildings were destroyed.)

    "I know Clover!" Sam yelled. "But just trust us on this!"

    Clover looked up at the 200 foot tall Mandy crushing the city, she gulped while saying "Uh, okay I guess you." Clover walked towards the giant Mandy. "Hey Mandy! You smell like Sea sponges!" Clover yelled, Sam and Clover face palmed at the horrible insult that Clover did.

  Mandy however, started to growl and start pouting. "WHY YOU LITTLE.." Mandy started trying to crush Clover with her fists and feet, though the only thing she was destroying was many of the buildings in Beverly hills. "So... How is this supposed to stop Mandy?" Clover asked while avoiding a few more punches and stomps.

"Well, the plan is to somehow get Mandy tired!" Sam replied.

"And that's the best you could come up with?!!" Clover shouted angrily at Sam.

  "Just shut up and keep on insulting Mandy Clover!" Sam yelled.

    Despite not agreeing with Sam's plan, Clover continued to insult Mandy. "Hey Mandy! You know why the Chicken crossed the road?!"


"To get away from your ugly Face!" Clover said. Soon, Mandy started to increase the speed of crushing Clover with her Fists and feet. Mandy was looking a little tired, and stopped trying to crush Clover for a few seconds. "Hey girls! I think it's working!"

  Meanwhile, in a small toy sized helicopter nearby was watching all of the action. "Well Well.." The little man inside of the helicopter said. "Those spies seemed to have found Mandy's weakness." Diminutive, the little man continued.

  The helicopter soon flew over to where The giant Spies and the even bigger Mandy were. "Well Well Spies, looks like you three finished stage one..."

Sam walked up to the tiny helicopter. "Look Diminutive, just give up now and turn us back to normal size!"

    Diminutive gave out a chuckle. "Heh heh heh... Well, I will be making you girls smaller!" The Helicopter then started glowing a blue color before firing a beam at Clover, Sam, Alex and Mandy. "Get ready to become the Totally shrinking Spies!But it's only for a few minutes! Hopefully you'll survive before growing back to normal! Haha!" Diminutive said as his helicopter started to fly away.

  Alex started to panic. "Uh... What did you think he meant when he said Totally Shrinking?"

  Suddenly, the four gigantic teens started to shrink down in height. "I think I know!" Sam said.

  Mandy, who was still tired and out of breath soon was in a fit of rage! "AHHH! WHAT'S GOING ON?!??! WHY AM I GETTING SMALLER!!!?!??"

    Soon enough, the Spies and Mandy were soon back at their normal size and they found themselves at a park of some sort. Though they didn't stop shrinking! Infact, they continued to shrink down!

      After a couple of seconds, the shrinking seemed to have stopped.  The Spies soon found themselves next to grass that looked like the size of trees! "Oh great!" Clover yelled. "First we were giant monsters and now we are as tiny as a bug! Could this get any worst!?"

    Sadly, it did much worst as soon a giant foot stomped right in front of the three spies. "Oh my gosh! It's Mandy!" Alex yelled.

  "I'm gonna crush you three!" Mandy yelled. Mandy wad actually 8 inches tall, though to the spies(The Spies were about 2 inches in height.) she was a giantess ready to destroy them!

    Mandy lifted her foot and started to randomly stomp it again and again hoping she would stomp the Spies!

  The Spies were luckily able to dodge Mandy's stomps. "So what now girls?" Clover asked the other two while still dodging the giant foot.

    Sam jumped out of the way from another one of Mandy's stomps. "Hmm.. Well, I did remember Diminutive saying something about us growing back. So I assume we'll grow back soon... Before then, I guess we'll have to avoid all of Mandy's attacks on us!"

    "Oh great! That sounds fun!" Clover said sarcastically.

  "Bah! I'm getting tired of this!" Mandy yelled as she grabbed Clover with her gigantic(To them..) right hand. "Now your mine!"

  "Uh... Somebody help me or something!" Clover yelled as she was being held by the giant Mandy.

    Sam and Alex looked around to see if their's anything nearby that they could use to help Clover. "Haha!" Sam said. "Here's something!" Sam said as she picked up a small pebble, about the size of her head and threw it at Mandy's Leg.

  "Ow!" The eight inches tall Mandy screamed when the pebble hit her leg and made her flinch causing Clover to fall to the ground! "Oh... Why you little..."

      Clover ran up to the spies. "So what are we gonna do now?" She asked.

  Suddenly, the Spies and Mandy felt another strange feeling inside them, they started to grow again!

Soon, the Spies and Mandy found themselves back to their giant sizes. "Wow. That was rather short!" Alex said, making a bad pun (Hint:Horrible pun.)at the same time! "Ah shut up Alex!" Clover said.

      Suddenly Diminutive's Helicopter appeared infront of the spies and Mandy (Who was still on the ground, unconscious.). "Well Well Spies, looks like your back to normal..." Diminutive joked.

    "Enough of this Diminutive!" Sam yelled. "Just turn us all back to normal now!" Sam then reached towards the little helicopter, attempting to grab it, however Diminutive's helicopter got away like a little fly. "Haha! Try to catch me if you can spies!"

Sam looked at Diminutive's helicopter that was getting away."Come on Spies! Lets get him!"

    Sam and the other spies started chasing after the small helicopter. "Hey come back here Diminutive!" Alex yelled out.

  The helicopter continued to fly away as The spies chased after it. "Hmm... Here's something to slow you Spies down!" Diminutive's helicopter started to fire random beams hoping to hit the spies. (While growing a bunch of cars and many other non living things.)

  "Ow! I got hit!" Shouted Alex as she got herself hit by one of the beams that were being fired. "Oh... I feel so weird." Alex soon started to grow once again! "Oh great! Girls! Help!"

  "Uhh... Just don't move at all Alex! As soon as we get Diminutive I'll find some way to get us back to normal!" Sam yelled.

  "Uh... Well okay Sam!" Alex yelled, she had just stopped growing and is about the size the fallen Mandy is.

  Sam and Clover continued to chase the helicopter. "Haha! Got you!" Clover pinched the helicopter like a berry, hoping not to crush it. (If they did crush it, how would they get back to normal size?)

Diminutive wasn't at all alarmed. "Ha ha ha Spies! You really think it would be that easy?"

  "Look Diminutive!" Clover yelled. "No more shrinking, growing or anything else now! Just turn us all back to normal or else I'm going to have to crush you!" Clover yelled as she was shaking the small helicopter violently.

  "Ah! Okay Okay! Fine! I'll shrink you back to normal! Just let go of me now!" Diminutive was begging at this moment!

  "Well okay then!" Clover instantly get go of the helicopter. "Alright then Diminutive, shrink us down now!"

  "Well, I guess I'll keep my word! With a twist!" Diminutive fired a beam from his helicopter that hit both Sam and Clover in the chest.

  The two spies soon found themselves shrinking back down to their normal sizes. "Ah, it's great to be normal sized Clover!" Clover said to herself.

    Sam looked a little displeased. "Yeah but what about Alex and Mandy?" She asked.

  Diminutive gave out a chuckle before throwing a strange looking Ray gun at Sam. "That size Ray has enough juice left in it for one last blast! You have only one chance to shrink Alex and the other girl back to normal! Good luck! Hahaha!" Diminutive's helicopter then flew off into the sky, never to be seen for the rest of the day. "I'll be back soon Spies!" Was his last words.

    Sam held up the size ray."Alright then Clover, we only have one last try to get Alex and Mandy back to normal... Should be easy I guess."

    "SAM! CLOVER! HELP!" Sam and Clover turn their heads to see a recently awakened giant sized Mandy fighting against giant Alex. "DO SOMETHING!"

    Sam aimed the Size Ray at the fighting Mandy and Alex. "I hope this works..." Sam fires the beam at the giants, shrinking them.

      (A few days later.)

  The spies were back in their home. "Wow! It was so nice of Jerry to remodel our house after it was destroyed!" Clover said while sitting on the sofa.

  "Yeah, I guess so. Enough though we let Diminutive escape." Sam said as she was walking to a weird looking small dollhouse. "Okay Alex and Mandy come out!"

  Out of the small Dollhouse came a shrunken Alex and a shrunken Mandy. "Ugh! I can't believe you made us like this!" Mandy yelled at Sam.

  Sam poked the little Mandy.  "Look Mandy, I said I'm sorry. The Size Ray kinda shrunk you a little too much."

    "Well I kinda like this!" Alex said. "It shows the world in a new perspective!"

"I don't care! Just turn me back to normal!!"

  "Don't worry, Jerry said the scientists at WHOOP will be trying to figure out a way to make their own size ray so you guys can be back to normal!" Sam said, trying to reassure her shrunken rival and friend.

"Well they better!"