Mandy the Tyrannical Titaness


After getting washed right up to the top of a palm tree, Sam and Alex looked out in the distance and saw Smalls and his helicopter flying towards Clover and Mandy, both 50 feet tall and fighting their way around the neighborhood.

"If we don't get that Maximizer off Smalls soon, we can kiss our whole neighborhood goodbye!" Alex said. Sam then fell back down to the ground, holding onto what looked like a hair spray bottle.

"I've got something to gum up his plans!" Sam said, who then quickly ran and caught up with the helicopter. After firing the Super Sticky Mega Mousse up at Smalls, he fired his gun in a feeble attempt to stop it, only to have the foamy substance enlarge.

"Ahhhhh!" Smalls screamed as he watched the sticky stuff cover him and his helicopter, causing the blades to stop turning and the helicopter to crash to the ground. Alex was impressed even though some of the sticky stuff got on her suit.

"Nice shot, Sam!" Alex said.

"What can I say? I've had years of practice with hair products." Sam said. The two watched as Smalls dug his way out of the substance, only to have Sam pluck his enlarging gun from his hands.

"No! My Maximizer! I spent an entire afternoon building that!" Smalls shouted, eventually falling unconscious. Sam, meanwhile, looked down on the gun quickly studying it.

"I should be able to reverse this." Sam said. As she pressed a couple buttons on the gun, Clover and Mandy had brought their struggling not too far behind Sam and Alex. In fact, Alex watched as Clover crushed a familiar bicycle underneath one of her bare feet.

"Hurry up! They just stepped on your bike!" Alex shouted.

"WHAT!? I bought that bike with my own money!" Sam shouted as she aimed the gun at the two giantesses who were throwing everything from chimneys to cars to ripped out palm trees at each other. The two beams made their way up to Clover and Mandy and hit them both.

"Ow!" they both shouted. But instead of shrinking to tiny size like in the episode, this time nothing happened.

Nothing except Mandy was madder than ever as she looked down on Sam and Alex.

"You little twerps! Who do you think you are stinging me like that!?" Mandy shouted as she stomped her way towards the two.

"Like you're totally not going to bring my little friends into this!!" Clover shouted as she grabbed Mandy from behind.

"Shoot her again, Sam! Shoot her again!!" Alex shouted. Sam indeed fired again, this time one beam aimed squarely at Mandy's midriff. This time there was a change in size for Mandy.

But she was getting bigger. Not smaller.

"Um… uh oh." Sam said as she nervously watched Mandy growing even bigger. As she finally broke free out of Clover's grip, she looked down and saw first Sam and Alex, and then the neighborhood, and then even Clover herself, all shrinking before her eyes. And she was loving it.

"Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Mandy said as she laughed out loud. Clover backed up as Mandy was already at least twice her current size.

“Sam… like what did you do!?” Clover asked.

“I don’t know! I’m positive I set it on shrink!” Sam said.

“Then again, it’s just like Sam to botch up using someone else’s gadget.” Alex said.

“Like, I think we have bigger problems than that.” Clover said.

“I hear you, Clover… my gosh, is she ever going to stop growing?” Alex asked. She and the other two spies (one of them being 50 feet tall) could only watch as Mandy continued to grow. Mandy seemed to be enjoying it very much.

“YES! BIGGER! BIGGER!!” Mandy shouted. Although her growth started to slow down, she was still obviously growing. Finally, after a couple minutes, it appeared Mandy’s growing had finally stopped. Mandy was now an astounding 500 feet tall. She looked down on Clover who now looked doll-sized, and she was very much loving it.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME NOW, CLOVER?" Mandy said, her voice booming incredibly loud.

"You’ll never get away with this, Mandy!!" Clover shouted while Alex and Sam took cover out of fearful instinct behind their taller teammate’s feet.

"YOU’RE PATHETIC, CLOVER! YOU MAY THINK YOU’RE A GIANTESS, BUT AT MY SIZE AND IN MY EYES, YOU’RE BUT A PATHETIC, LOWLY ANT! MUCH LIKE THE CITIZENS OF THIS TOWN!" Mandy shouted. Clover was sweating bullets, as Mandy was right. And she had the size to prove it. She wondered if Mandy was going to lift her foot up and stomp her flat, but instead…

"I'M NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME CRUSHING YOU. I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO THINK ABOUT THE PAGEANT ANYMORE. I'M A BIG GIRL NOW, AND I'M GOING TO RULE ALL OF BEVERLY HILLS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Mandy said as she turned around and stomped away, each step causing a small quake that was even knocking Clover off balance.

As the three spies watched the mega-sized Mandy march off, another helicopter was coming in from the sky. This time a normal-sized chopper, and stepping out was Jerry, the boss of the spies.

"Hello, Agents. I see we have a big problem on our hands. Although WOOHP is very grateful that you were able to recapture Diminutive Smalls." Jerry said. A couple other guys in suits came out of the helicopter and picked up Smalls, carrying him and his gummed up chopper inside to be flown back to HQ.

"Awww… You look so cute, Mr. Lewis. Like, can I keep him, huh? Huh?" Clover said as she jokingly reached down to pick up Jerry, but of course didn't.

"Jerry, can you help us? This is the device that made Mandy even bigger." Sam said as she showed Smalls' enlarging device to him.

"Hmmm… should be easy enough. I'll have the tech labs properly reverse engineer this thing pronto. In the meantime, do what you can to stop Mandy from destroying the city." Jerry said.

"That's not going to be a small task." Sam said, obviously unaware of the funny pun she made.

"Indeed, but I know you girls will do your best. We'll work as quickly as we can." Jerry said.

"Huh? Aren't you going to take your time like you do with our gadgets?" Clover asked.

"I'm afraid speed will be of the essence. According to the calculations of our scientists, Mandy is actually still growing at a rate of three inches per second. At that rate…" Jerry said. Sam gulped as she was already thinking of the Doomsday scenario.

"She'll be a walking Empire State Building in about an hour." Sam said. Jerry nodded and then turned around and boarded the helicopter. It soon flew its way back to WOOHP HQ. Meanwhile, Sam and Alex felt themselves being picked up by the 50-foot-tall Clover, who put the girls on one shoulder each.

"Hold on, girls. Like, you heard the boss, we gotta stop Mandy before she grows big enough to put a foot on the entire city." Clover said.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Sam asked.

"Ummmm… I'll think of something when we catch her." Clover said. Sam and Alex sighed as they indeed held on while Clover made her way to the nearby city.

The city of Beverly Hills had seen a big Mandy before, but that was only at 50 feet tall. Now, with a couple minutes passing since the second growth spurt, she was over 550 feet tall and slowly getting even bigger (as Jerry mentioned to the spies). People ran as fast as they could from the towering walls of flesh that were Mandy's legs.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!! YEAH, FEE FI FO FUM!!! MEGA MANDY IS YOUR GIANT NEW QUEEN OF BEVERLY HILLS!!" Mandy shouted. She didn't show any mercy as she lifted one of her bare feet up and crushed a smaller building underneath.

"YOU SEE THAT, LITTLE ANTS? YOU SEE HOW POWERFUL I AM! I AM A GODDESS OF INDESTRUCTIBLE MIGHT!!!" Mandy shouted with her hands on her hips. The people screaming in terror was music to her ears; she couldn't help but look out in the distance and see another city far away.

"THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I HOPE HOWEVER I GOT LIKE THIS DOESN'T WEAR OFF! I WANT TO CONQUER THE NEXT CITY AFTER THIS ONE. AND THE ONE AFTER THAT! HECK, I WANT TO RULE ALL OF CALIFORNIA! HAHAHAHA!!!" Mandy said. She wasn't going to stand around like a statue for much longer. She got back to slowly walking around, taunting all the little people by brushing a few more buildings with her toes.

"THAT'S RIGHT, YOU BETTER KEEP RUNNING, BECAUSE I'M NOT NICE! IN FACT, I'M GOING TO START STOMPING!" Mandy said. She then, as she warned, started stomping in place. This caused the ground to shake real hard, and Mandy could see little rips in the ground like it were an earthquake. She then looked down at her toes at a couple of men that were just staring at her.

"AND WHAT ARE YOU LITTLE PEEPS LOOKING AT? YOU LOOKING AT ME? YOU BETTER BE LOOKING AT ME!!! I'M THE BIGGEST SHOW YOU'LL EVER SEE!" Mandy said, who promptly lifted her foot and then brought it down on the two, crushing them flat. Mandy went back to her slow walk that included crushing any building smaller than the length of her foot.

This went on for the next ten minutes, at which point Mandy had grown close to 700 feet tall now, and she knew it too.

"WOW! I'M ACTUALLY STILL GROWING! MAYBE I'LL GROW BIGGER THAN ALL OF BEVERLY HILLS EVENTUALLY!" Mandy said. She then watched as a group of police cars came pulling up towards her mighty toes. Quickly they got out and shot their guns at the giantess like in a bad Japanese movie.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU INSECTS ARE SHOOTING AT ME! I OUGHTA SMUSH YOU!" Mandy said as she leaned down to look closer at the cops, at least before they started to flee.

"GO AHEAD AND RUN. I'LL GIVE YOU A CHANCE, BUT YOU WON'T GET TOO FAR. IN FACT, YOU HAVE 60 SECONDS." Mandy said. She started counting those 60 seconds in her head, all the while watching the officers run as fast as they could. Once that minute was up, and Mandy was now over the 700 foot tall mark, she started walking.

"TIME'S UP!" Mandy shouted. It only took her two steps to catch up and crush every last one of the officers, instantly killing them. She didn't stop walking to admire the damage though. She kept pressing on through the city, even crushing part of the school she and her friends & rivals go to.

Now at over 800 feet tall, Mandy looked down and saw the big guns arriving in the form of a couple of tanks. Once again she laughed at the futile efforts that were being put forth to try and stop her.

"HAHAHAHA! YOU CAN TRY AND STOP ME. IT MIGHT BE FUN FOR ME BUT I DON'T THINK IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!" Mandy said. The tanks soon fired up, but the highest up her body the missiles could hit was her knees. And of course, other than some charring marks where the shells exploded, Mandy did not feel a thing.

"NOW, MY TURN!!" Mandy said as she lunged her right foot forward and crushed both tanks with one blow. She giggled over seeing the combat vehicles explode beneath her feet.

"OOOOH… THAT ALMOST TICKLES!" Mandy said. She then watched as a building crumbled to the ground just with the simplest brush of her pinky toe.

"HAHAHA! EVEN MY PINKY TOE IS CAUSING MASS DESTRUCTION!" Mandy said. She kept on walking around and stepped on whatever was next in her path as she got close to 850 feet tall.

Meanwhile, Clover was moving as fast as she could to the ravaged city of Beverly Hills. Even at 50 feet tall, she had to dodge not only the many layers of debris left in Mandy's wake, but also her much larger footprints.

"Like, look how big those feetprints are! I always said Mandy had big feet, you know!" Clover said.

"Well, that's because she's 10 times bigger than you, genius." Sam said.

"And probably even bigger than that." Alex said.

"Alex is right. Even from this distance, look how huge Mandy appears to be!" Sam said as she pointed up in the sky at the mega-sized Mandy.

"So, Clover, have you thought of your big plan yet to slow down Mandy?" Alex asked.

"Don't worry, you'll see." Clover said. After some more walking around, Clover finally caught up with the mega-sized Mandy. That was the good news, the bad news? By now Mandy had grown to over 900 feet tall. Clover had to gulp nervously as she looked straight ahead and saw Mandy's feet, dirty with building leftovers and bloody human remains.

"Hey, Mandy!" Clover shouted. Mandy picked up on this and looked down to see Clover at her feet. It brought a smile to her face to see her so incredibly small.


"Hah! You're not that big, Mandy! I've seen pimples on my boyfriend bigger than you! Hahahaha!" Clover shouted. Of course, nobody was laughing. Not even Mandy.

"Oh, your nose is so big, your boogers would make the shape of the state of Rhode Island!" Clover said. Again, nobody was laughing. In fact, Sam and Alex were feeling kinda annoyed.

"Yeah, maybe we should leave the joke telling to Gilbert Gottfried." Alex said.

"Maybe if you get any bigger, you can date the Empire State Building. That would so totally be your type!" Clover said. Mandy had finally heard enough.

"ENOUGH! PERHAPS I SHOULD SHOW YOU WHAT I DO TO INSECTS LIKE YOU!!" Mandy said as she lifted her foot up in the air.

"Eeeek!" Clover shouted as she ran out of the way, dodging Mandy's giant foot and doing her best to keep her balance as the ground shook violently.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM ME!" Mandy said as she followed the 'tiny' Clover running out of the city. Alex and Sam of course were holding on tight as Clover ran at high speed, which was pretty fast considering she was 50 feet tall.

"Nice going, blabber mouth! Now she's going to make flattened pepperoni pizza out of us!" Sam shouted with an annoyed tone.

"Hey, at least we got her out of the city, didn't we?" Clover said.

"Yes, but she's catching up fast!" Sam shouted. Indeed, given the vast size difference between the two that only increased with each passing second, Mandy was still able to catch up to Clover. In fact, she planted one of her feet in front of Clover, causing her to trip over and land on her toes.

"HAHAHAHA! NOT SO SMART, ARE YOU CLOVER?" Mandy said as she reached down and wrapped her hand around the 50-foot-tall Clover. Sam and Alex held on tighter than ever to Clover's shoulders.

"Heh heh, okay, Mandy, you got me. I suppose you're going to have a Clover sandwich for dinner, right?" Clover said nervously.

"HECK NO! EVEN WHEN YOU'RE A BUG AT MY FEET, YOU'D PROBABLY TASTE AWFUL! I THINK I'LL HOLD ONTO YOU AS A TROPHY FOR NOW." Mandy said. The mega giantess then stretched out one of the pockets on her shorts and dropped Clover inside. Clover landed on her behind with Sam and Alex losing their grip and falling off, sliding down Clover's own enlarged body and landing between her legs.

"Are you guys alright?" Clover said.

“Well, considering we were almost stepped on by two giant women, one that makes you look small like we look small to you… yeah, we’re fine.” Sam said.

“Like, thanks for rubbing it in.” Clover said. Suddenly, all three girls heard a beeping sound. Alex immediately recognized the sound effect.

“The X-Powder! That must be Jerry.” Alex said as she pulled the device off her belt and opened it up.

“Hello, girls. How goes the mission to stop Mandy?” Jerry asked.

“Um… we’ve got a lock on her, let’s just say!” Clover said.

“Ah, wonderful! Meanwhile, we’ve managed to fix Mr. Smalls’ size gun. You can use it now to restore Mandy to her good ol’ normal size. There is one catch, however…” Jerry said. Just as he paused, the aforementioned ray used to cause the growth spurts by both girls earlier rematerialized over the bottom half of the X-Powder.

“A catch?” Sam asked.

“You’ll need to concentrate the shrink ray onto a part, any part, of her blood stream.” Jerry said.

“Are… are you saying we have to get inside Mandy?” Alex said.

“Not necessarily. An open wound will do nicely. The goal is to get the ray inside her body, that way it flows freely thanks to the blood stream and allows the molecules to compress back together.” Jerry said.

“Okay, I have no idea what you just said except aim for an open wound. We’ll do that, Jerry. Over and out!” Sam said. As Alex closed the X-Powder, she looked over at both Clover and Sam.

"Alright, so how do you propose we go about opening a wound on Mandy's skin? It's probably 100 feet thick given her size!" Clover shouted.

"Leave that to me! Just help get me out of here." Sam said as she tapped one of her earrings, showing she was wearing a Diamond Cutter Diamond Earring that she had used in another mission. Clover gently picked up Sam and did whatever she could to help Sam out of the pocket, though she had to be careful as one slip up could mean a loooooooong way down to death.

As a result, a few more minutes passed. Mandy had crossed the 1000 foot tall mark, closing in on 1100 feet in fact, and she had returned to the city.

"HAHAHA!! THOUSANDS OF LITTLE PEOPLE AT MY FEET, AND ONLY ONE ME." Mandy said as she lifted up a foot and brought it down on a group of buildings. She had grown so big she could step on at least a few at a time.

"(YAWN) THIS IS GETTING KINDA BORING, THOUGH. MAYBE I SHOULD MOVE ON TO ANOTHER CITY." Mandy said. That's when she took a few mighty steps and had made her way out of Beverly Hills, looking for another major city in the state of California to conquer.

Meanwhile, Sam had finally made her way onto the outer edge of Mandy's shorts pocket.

"Like, you sure that earring is sharp enough to cut through Mandy's dirty skin?" Clover shouted.

"Only one way to find out." Sam said. She then tossed that earring up at Mandy's midriff. Shockingly enough, it worked! It made a slice that looked huge from Sam's perspective, but it was pretty miniscule to Mandy's eyes. Not only that, but Mandy didn't seem to notice it as she was busy walking her way towards another city.

"Okay, here we go… just set the gun on maximum." Sam said to herself as she aimed the newly engineered resizing ray up at the cut. Once it made contact, it glowed a bright green, and then suddenly the rest of Mandy's body glowed green, which Mandy took notice of.

"HUH? WHAT'S THIS?" Mandy said. The next thing she noticed was the ground quickly closing in on her.

"NO! I'M SHRINKING! I'M SHRINKING!! NOOOOO!!!" Mandy said. Quickly she dwindled down in size. 1000, 900, 700, 500, 300… once down to 200 feet tall, Clover made a bold leap, with Sam and Alex riding her shoulders again, down to the ground. The 50 foot tall girl, after setting her fellow spies back down on solid ground, looked to see Mandy finally back to her normal size, and she couldn't help but grin.

"Hah! Not so big now, are you, Mandy!?" Clover said.

"Arrrrgh! It's not fair! It's just not fair!" Mandy shouted.

"Sorry, Clover, but back to normal for you too." Sam said. After adjusting the strength of the shrinking beam on the gun, Sam fired up at Clover and she too was shrunk back to normal.

"Soooo… I believe you were saying something about being not so big?" Mandy said.

"Ugh… whatever!" Clover said. As the two girls got to arguing about who the better giantess was, and then who was going to win that beauty pageant, another WOOHP helicopter landed nearby, and Jerry came out.

"Excellent work, agents. Congratulations as always. Now then, I'll have to take Mandy back with me. We'll erase her memory of this event and return her home." Jerry said.

"Like, make sure you erase her memory about the pageant. She won't even know she entered!" Clover said.

"WHAT!?  If you even think of messing with my memory!!!" Mandy said, only to have Jerry take one of her hands into his own. For some reason, this very touch calmed Mandy down to almost zen levels.

"There, there. We won't do anything like that." Jerry said as he led Mandy back to the helicopter. Sam and Alex just glared over at Clover.

"(sigh) Well, I tried." Clover said.

Eventually, life slowly returned back to normal. It was explained by the agencies that helped with changing the survivors' memories of the incident that the damage done to Beverly Hills was caused by a tsunami.

Mandy and Clover, of course, went back to being bitter rivals, especially after they both lost the beauty pageant. Sam and Alex just sighed. Another day for the spies. Totally Spies that is!

Of course, that's how things ended in this particular quantum universe. Who says there isn't one where the second attempt at shrinking Mandy failed? And that Mandy was left to grow forever and ever until she was as big as the entire universe?