Teen FMG GTS Titans GO!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by LDEJruffFanReturns)

Inside Titans Tower, floating through one of the hallways, were Starfire and Raven. Raven had her usual grumpy face as she followed Starfire from behind, who had her usual beaming smile.
"Do we really have to do this, Starfire? You know I have no concept of fun. At least by your definition." Raven said.
"Awwww… come on, Raven! We both know you need to get a little fun in you once in a while. And when I say fun, I mean no looking for giant monsters or robots to fight! Haven't you heard the expression all work and no play makes for a dull day?" Starfire said, with Raven just rolling her eyes.
"No." Raven said.
"Well, my point stands! Besides, with Beast Boy as part of our group, you'll be squealing with fun noises in no time!" Starfire said.
"That sounds… unpleasant." Raven said. Starfire just pretended she didn't hear anything as the two walked up to the door leading to the dorm room where Beast Boy stayed.
After Starfire knocked on the door a few times and it didn't open, Starfire wound up one of her fists.
"Ahem." Raven said as she waved one of her hands around, summoning a floating key made entirely of shadow. Raven telepathically moved the key into the keyhole and opened the door with it, with the key vanishing into thin air.
"Awwww… I wanted to punch the door down!" Starfire said.
"And have Beast Boy pounce on you as a ferocius tiger?" Raven asked.
"Yeah, you're right. And then he wrecked Robin's room." Starfire said as the two ladies floated inside.
"Beast Boy? Are you here!?" Starfire asked as she and Raven looked around every corner of the room.
"Nope. No Beastie here. I guess that cancels the fun and games." Raven said as she started to float back outside. However, Starfire grabbed her by her cloak and looked at a nearby table.
"Hold on, Raven! Look over there!" Starfire said.
Both ladies looked over and saw a table full of different colored chemicals, which raised both their eyebrows.
"Oooooooookay." Raven said as she and Starfire approached the table.
"What are these liquids?" Starfire said.
"I dunno. I never in a million years would figure Beast Boy to be the geeky science type." Raven said.
"I know, right? He doesn’t even know how to tie a shoelace properly!" Starfire said, prompting a rare giggle from both girls. Starfire's eyes then glowed green for a few seconds.
"Hmmm… that's strange. I don't recognize any of these elements." Starfire said.
"Where do you suppose they came from? And are they even Beast Boy's?" Raven asked.
"True. Maybe he's borrowing them from Robin. Or Cyborg." Starfire said.
"Robin and Cyborg into chemicals? I'm thinking the Wonder Twins." Raven said.
"Haha… I forgot about them!" Starfire said. The young superheroine reached down to pick up one of the bottles.
"Whoa whoa whoa… are you sure we should be messing with those?" Raven asked.
"Pfffft… what could these chemicals possibly do to us, especially with the powers we have?" Starfire asked.
"You'd be very surprised. Now put those down." Raven said as she had a cold shadowly look in her eyes.
"Nyah nyah! Why don't you make me!?" Starfire said as the two ladies chased each other in mid air.
Of course, flying around blindly inside Titans Tower, especially in a tightly confined room like the dorm they were in, was asking for trouble. They clipped bits and pieces of the room for the next minute, until finally Starfire made a wrong turn and crashed into the table, splashing half the liquids on herself and the other half on Raven.
"Swell. It's going to take probably 99 showers to undo the effects of these chemicals. Not to mention the smell." Raven said as she took a sniff of the blue liquid. Starfire at first looked worried wondering what would happen to her, but nothing so far.
"Hmmm? Nothing's changing. Maybe they're just duds. Ooooooooh…" Starfire said as she felt a sharp tingling sensation in her right arm. Then she watched as it rapidly grew bigger and bigger, bulging up with muscle in the process. The same thing happened to her left arm shortly afterwards.
"The old chemical effect delay gag." Raven said.
"My… my arms!? What's happening!?" Starfire said, watching as her midsection (especially her chest) bulked up next. Raven was soon next as she watched her arms become incredibly muscular.
"At least you're not alone." Raven said.
"I think we better go!" Starfire said as she floated her way towards the door… only to find her muscular arms and chest prevented her from getting through.
"Ugh… they're too big! I can't wiggle my way through!" Starfire said. Raven then looked down at her legs and saw them bulking up. It surprised her that her clothes were growing with her along with those on Starfire.
"I don't think it's going to matter in a few seconds." Raven said. The rapidly growing and bulging legs from both Starfire and Raven meant they were taking up more and more room, and running out of said room.
"Getting… tight…" Starfire said as she ducked down trying to avoid poking through the ceiling, but in doing so, she shoved her boots into Raven's face.
"Seriously?" Raven muttered as she twisted Starfire's leg out of the way.
Finally, there was simply no more room, and on top of that, the floor gave out from underneath the two ladies, causing them to fall right through. They crashed through a couple more rooms (including the bathroom) until finally falling out from the tower completely. Of course, their power to float, even with incredibly large muscles, allowed them to have a soft landing. Still, the two saw they were already half the size of Titans Tower itself and still growing.
"Ummm… how big are we going to grow?" Starfire asked.
"Don't ask me. I didn't make those chemicals." Raven said. The two ladies watched as they grew and grew and gained more muscle… their shoulders were almost as tall as their heads! They wondered if they'd ever stop growing when the top of their heads passed the top of Titans Tower. Finally, when they were almost twice the size of the structure itself, the growing and bulging stopped, and they felt it too. Their exact size was not known, but it was certainly well over 100 feet tall.
"Oh, I guess it stopped." Starfire said.
"Good. I was afraid I'd bump my head on the moon." Raven said.
"Heh… Raven still has her sense of humor. That's a good sign!" Starfire said.
"Sooooo… what do we do now?" Raven said.
"Well, I for one don't want all this size and muscle to go to waste!" Starfire said as she wiggled her fingers and then reached down at the base of Titans Tower. She roared with all her might as she ripped the tower clean off its foundation.
"RAWWWWWWWR!!!" Starfire said as she held the tower horizontally above her head and then looked over at Raven.
"Nice, but…" Raven said.
"But what?" Starfire asked.
"You could lift, like, a million pounds even at normal size with your power." Raven said.
"True… but you gotta admit this looks cool!" Starfire said.
The two giantesses looked up and saw news helicopters already hovering high overhead.
"See? We're already the day's big story." Starfire said.
"Obviously." Raven said. Starfire then set the tower back down on its foundation (and it didn't topple over an inch either) and got to flexing her enormous muscles, going into 5 or 6 different poses.
"Come on, Raven! Show off them big and bulgy muscles!" Starfire said. Raven sighed.
"Cause I got no choice, right?" Raven said before she too went into a series of muscular poses. The 'show' went on for a couple minutes until Starfire finally stopped.
"Thanks for watching, but my fellow Titan and I have to be heading to the city now." Starfire said.
"The city? What for?" Raven asked.
"What else? To have some fun there! Oh, and maybe find Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy." Starfire said. With that, the giantess made her way into the now shallow water that separated Titans Tower and its home island from the city. Once again, Raven sighed and followed suit from behind.
The journey didn't take long, and people were looking, pointing up, and screaming as they saw the two muscular giantesses soon set foot on the city grounds. Some people looked up in awe at the heroines, while others went running for the theoretical hills.
"Teehee… hi, everyone! What do you think?" Starfire said as she once again flexed her muscular body.
"Showoff." Raven said.
"Haha! I know, right? Come on, Raven… flex time again!" Starfire said.
"Uhhhhhh…" Raven said.
"When I say flex, I mean flex!" Starfire said as she floated over towards Raven and forced her arms around, making her flex and show off her massive biceps.
"Alright, alright! I'm a big girl… I can flex myself." Raven said.
"Hahahaha! In more ways than one!" Starfire said. Raven rolled her eyes.
"I tell you what? Let's have some fun! Let's see who can, I quote, rampage the best." Starfire said.
"Rampage? Seriously?" Raven said.
"Yeah! I don't mean rampage rampage! You know, just scare everyone and maybe cause a little building damage like when were fighting a monster or two. See who can strike the most fear! The winner… um… the winner is crowned queen of the muscular giantesses!" Starfire said. She expected another retort from her fellow giantess, but instead, Raven finally cracked a smile.
"Alright, fine. I accept your challenge." Raven said.
"Oh!? Okay. Who are you and what have to done to the real Raven?" Starfire asked.
"Like you said earlier, why let all this size and strength go to waste?" Raven said.
"I couldn’t agree more. Okay, let's go!" Starfire said as she and Raven went their separate ways.
Raven casually walked around, feeling the ground crumble beneath her purple boots (making a rare appearance outside her purple robe and cape). It made her smile seeing the little people scatter away from her boots; clearly the added power was getting to her head. In fact, speaking of added power, Raven looked over and saw a smaller apartment building by her knees. She bent down and peeked inside to see if anyone was inside, and there were a few shocked people looking from inside.
"Time to leave, people." Raven said as she covered one of her hands in a shadow and held it above the buildings. The people suddenly came flying out from these windows and floated in the air, covered by Raven's shadow energy. Raven gently set these people down on the ground, and saw them looking stunned from the ground.
"What? You didn't want me to hurt you while I toyed with this building, did I? You might want to back away for your own safety." Raven said as the people did just that.
"Like obedient dogs. I'm impressed." Raven said. Once she felt the people had cleared out, she reached down and ripped the building off its foundation. She casually tossed it around in her hands like it was a light plastic block.
"Hmmmm… so lightweight." Raven said as she then thrust one of her muscular arms underneath the building, crumbling it apart and sending pieces everywhere. She quickly caught any piece that was headed for an ordinary human with her shadow beam.
"Yeah, sorry. I didn't realize it would make such a mess." Raven said. The giantess then stepped away towards another city block, leaving the former occupants of the structure dumbfounded but happy to be alive.
Raven wondered what else she could do that would qualify Starfire's definition of rampaging. But instead, she had something different in mind. She wanted to, of all things, relax. And she had the perfect way to do just that. Raven got down on her front side, causing everyone to scramble out of the way, but miraculously, nobody got crushed… not even a building, although it was a very tight fit given how big and buff Raven was now. Then, using her telekinesis and shadow powers, she lifted up almost 100 people off the ground and sprinkled them all over muscular body, especially her arms and legs.
"Massage me, if you would please." Raven said. The giantess could tell the people were hesitant.
"I don't care how you do it, just as long as I can feel you." Raven added. That's when the people got to work, whether it was rubbing whatever muscle they could get their hands on or jumping up and down on her skin. With so many people trying to please the muscular girl, Raven could feel their tiny movements, even those who slipped into the crevices that separated one muscle from another.
"Hmmmm… a little to the left." Raven spontaneously added, closing her eyes and trying to imagine what she looked like from the tiny people's perspective. At the same time, she listened to the many sirens and people screaming in the distance as people continued to run away from the muscular giantess.
Starfire wasn't doing any sitting still, however. With a beaming smile on her face, she admired seeing the tiny people trying to escape from her long boots, which were barely staying in one piece thanks to her muscular legs.
"Boom! Slam! Bam!" Starfire shouted with each step she took. She was having so much fun, it was making her eyes glow green, almost obscuring her eyeballs. Of course, she wasn't content with just walking around and strutting. She flexed her muscles and watched as they bulged even bigger.
"*whistles* I bet Cyborg would be jealous… wherever he is!" Starfire said as she pounded her fists together. She then wound them up and punched the top of a nearby building off, after seeing of course nobody was inside! After seeing her next empty building, she put her hands on both sides and pulled them apart, splitting the building in half.
"RAWR!" Starfire said as she playfully pounded her chest.
Before she could celebrate for much longer, however, she looked in the distance as a group of fighter jets came flying towards her.
"Hmmmm? Don't they know I'm the good girl?" Starfire said. She watched the fighter planes get close and fire weapons like machine guns and missiles at her, but none of it had any effect on her. She didn't feel any of the bullets hit her (they just bounced right off her rock hard muscles) and missiles just exploded at the slightest touch of her arms, legs, or chest. Starfire watched the jets turn around like they were going to try again.
"Hmph. They're like persistent mosquitoes. Still, they are doing their job…" Starfire said. That's when the giantess held out her hands and made them glow green. The same green glow encased the jets, making them stop in their tracks. The pilots inside fought at their controls, but could only watch as the muscular giantess got closer and closer.
"Look, I know you're trying to protect the city, but I'm on the side of justice! So stop shooting at me and we'll call it even, K?" Starfire asked. She could see the pilots nervously nodding their heads, and she smiled.
"Okay, good. Off you go!" Starfire said as she released her hold on the jets, allowing them to fly away and leave her alone. She then patted her bicep with her hands.
"Mmmmm… I hope I keep these babies forever." Starfire said as she felt her skin tingle just from thinking about the raw power she now possessed.
Starfire strutted proudly down the streets again showing off every last muscle of her body, going in poses such as resting her hands behind her head and pointing her elbows straight up.
"Mmmhmm! That's right, kids! One day you can grow up to be as big and strong as me!" Starfire said. She then got down on her knees and then…
"Super Starfire Smash!" Starfire screamed as she punched a big hole in the ground. That's where she spotted a massive pipe in the underground, which she assumed to be a water main. Her theory was confirmed when she put her hand around the pipe and easily (given the size of her muscular arms, after all!) ripped a section out from underground, causing water to go splashing everywhere. Starfire could tell from the pipe's appearance, and from how it felt in her hand, that it was cast iron, which was exactly what she was hoping for.
"And speaking of strong!" Starfire said. She gripped the pipe with both hands and easily bent it to the shape of a horseshoe. Of course, the bending of the pipe let out a loud, deafening creaking sound, almost like nails on a chalkboard.
"Oooooh… granted I could've done this at normal size, but it's much more satisfying looking like this!" Starfire said. She then bent the pipe back into a straight line and connected it underground, allowing the water to flow once more.
"There! Courtesy of Starfire Muscle Plumbing! Hahahaha!" Starfire said as she let out a hearty laugh. She then turned around and walked to another section of the city.
In fact, it was the same section that Raven was relaxing in. Starfire folded her muscular arms under her chest.
"Lying down on the job, I see." Starfire said. This caused Raven to lift herself up to her feet, causing any tiny person onboard to fall back down to the ground. They ran away as the two giantesses conversed with each other.
"I couldn't help it. Tiny people climbing my muscles felt good." Raven said.
"Heh… I don't blame you. I just ripped a water pipe out from underground." Starfire said as she wiped her hands. Raven smiled.
"You know, I wonder how hard those abs are." Raven said as she gave a good jab to Starfire's six pack of abs.
"Oooof!" Starfire said as she took a couple steps back after rubbing her stomach region.
"Soooo… you want to play rough, eh?" Starfire said.
"Fine by me." Raven said with a smirk. Then the two locked arms and practically tried to wrestle each other to the ground. What few tiny people remained in that block of the city scrambled to avoid the giant boots of the muscular giantesses.
Only three brave souls remained to witness the battle… Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg. They ran up towards the two and looked up.
"Man! We're finally living up to our name, Teen Titans!" Cyborg shouted.
"How did this happen, and why are they fighting!?" Robin said.
"Don't look at me. All I do is change into animals and stuff." Beast Boy said.
"And we're going to need your help for that. Change into an eagle so we can fly up to their faces." Robin said. Beast Boy didn't react at first, and Cyborg knew why.
"You didn't say please." Cyborg said.
"Please?" Robin added.
"Thank you." Beast Boy said as he instantly transformed into an eagle as instructed. Robin and Cyborg hopped on eagle Beast Boy's back and they held on as Beast Boy flapped his wings and flew up.
It only took a minute for the trio to reach head level of both Starfire and Raven as they continued their faux muscle battle, with both giantesses breaking a sweat.
"Raven! Starfire!" Robin shouted. This got both girls to stop 'fighting' and they looked to the side to see their fellow Titans.
"Oh! There you all are!" Starfire said.
"Took you long enough." Raven said.
"Would you two mind explaining how you grew so big and…" Robin said.
"Cyborg muscle-y?" Cyborg added.
"Teehee! What do you think!?" Starfire said.
"Oh, it's great! Wonderful! You look marvelous!" all three shouted.
"Hmmph. They're just saying that so we don't smash them like bugs." Raven said with a smirk on her face.
"Anyway, we were looking for Beast Boy when we saw a table full of chemicals inside." Starfire said.
"Hijinks ensue like they always do in Titans Tower, the chemicals splashed all over us, and here we are." Raven said.
"Ooooooooh… those chemicals?" Beast Boy said.
"Care to explain, Beast Boy?" Robin asked.
"Yeah! You and scientific experiments are the last thing I expected to hear in the same sentence!" Cyborg said.
Beast Boy, still in his eagle form, took a deep breath.
"So remember that science lab we helped put the fire out in? Well, a young woman named Dr. Zonn asked if I could test these chemicals. They didn't have any effect on me, however. I was going to dispose of them, but I guess I got too busy…" Beast Boy said.
"Hmmm… makes sense. I've heard of Dr. Zonn. She's always trying to do, shall we say, big things." Raven said.
"Well, this certainly qualifies. We should go thank her!" Starfire said.
"Ummm… I'm not sure that's a good idea. You could cause mass panic just by walking around at that size!" Robin said.
"I think it's a little late for that." Raven said.
"Well, in that case, there's only one thing to do." Starfire said.
"Gulp… what's that?" Cyborg said.
"Group hug!" Starfire said as she quickly grabbed Beast Boy (causing him to transform back), Robin, and Cyborg into one of her hands. Then she cuddled them against her chest, and with her other arm, she brought Raven in to 'hug' her, trapping the trio in between the behemoth chests.
"Oooooof! Not so hard, girls!" Robin shouted.
"Yeah! These muscles feel harder than even my armor!" Cyborg said.
"Awkward." Raven said.
However, that was when the big and buff fun was about to come to an end for the two girls. They felt their muscles tingling quite profusely.
"Oooooh… there's that tingling again. Maybe we'll grow even bigger?" Starfire asked. Raven looked down on the ground, however, and saw it fast approaching. She also saw Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg getting bigger within Starfire's grip.
"Or smaller." Raven said as the two giantesses continued to shrink. After a minute or so, they were both back to their normal size and, for the most part, their normal bodies. They still sported a few extra muscles here and there in their arms and legs.
"Awwww… I guess that's the end of that." Starfire said.
"Almost. We could probably lift 10 Cyborgs with these babies." Raven said as she patted her slightly enlarged biceps.
"Hey! I resent that remark! I wish I could have some of that super duper giant muscle growth formula." Cyborg said.
"We can always go back to my room and see if there are leftover chemicals!" Beast Boy said.
"Good thinking, Beast Boy. Titans GO!" Robin shouted.
"Uh… guys!" Starfire said as she tried to call the boys back. Raven floated towards Starfire.
"Hoo boy… how do you think they'll react when they see one side of the tower torn up because we grew right through it?" Raven said. Starfire smirked.
"I'll just say you did it during one of your temper tantrums! Hahahaha!" Starfire said as she floated away. Raven simply rolled her eyes.
"Amateurish as always." Raven said as she floated away as well.
As for the city, life got back to normal despite the weirdness that just happened regarding two giant muscular girls. But would it be the last time such a scenario would play out? Only the Teen Titans know for sure.