Raven’s Finding




It’s a peaceful day. The sun is shining, the water gleams with a vibrant sight. It was truly great. In fact, it was an actually great day. There was no crime today. However, they didn’t mean the day wasn’t just going to be dull, we can tell for sure. Let’s check on something, shall we?


A view of Titan’s Tower stands tall on the island. This was the home of the group of heroes’ who defended the city’s people, and fought for justice. They are nice, but each of them is a unique personality. Starfire is naïve. Robin is the uptight leader, who most feels works to hard. Beast Boy, the comedic guy who wants people to laugh. Cyborg, the man of steel, and is like Beast Boy’s friend. And we have Raven. She is quite moody, and kind of dark. However, she is a kind girl. Raven, yet, does sometimes tend to get angry over a thing…which is what brings us here.


“Hey, Cyborg, I got a new game for the Game Station! ‘Immortal Combat!’ Want to play?” Beast Boy asks.


“You bet your butt we’re going to play!” Cyborg yells as he picks him up, and goes to the main room. They pass by Robin, and Starfire.


“Oh, hey! We’re going out for a while so-” Robin stops to see as they pass by them at lighting speed. “What was that about?”


“I don’t know. Should we continue?” Starfire asks. Robin smiles at her.


“Sure. I already told Raven. I guess they will be here when we get back.” He says as he grabs her hand, and walks.


Cyborg and Beast Boy get to the main room, and hook the game up. Cyborg hooks it up to a huge audio system for some surround sound action. They then pick fighters’.


“Fight!” The announcer booms out through the T.V.


It then sounds like some kind of demonic hurricane in the room as the sound of beatings, and such echo throughout the place, and items on selves move due to the force.


“Oh no!” Beast Boy shouts as he is low on health.


“Boo-yah! Time to finish ya!” Cyborg yells as he slams the controls with a combo.


“You have successfully used Cubed Cinder Strike! Winner is player one!” The announcer yells. Beast Boy has his jaw on the floor.


“That’s it! Best two out of three!” Beast Boy yells.


“Nah…we’re going for eleven out of twenty!” Cyborg yells. Beast Boy grins, and they play like lighting once again.


In a certain room, someone is trying to read one of her books. She has purple hair, pale skin, and large eyes. This would be Raven.


She keeps reading her book, until she hears large banging sounds and such from the game up above. Her eyes turn blank as she looks up, and twitches. “I’m getting slightly annoyed.” She tells herself. “I just need to relax. Anger is pointless.” She whispers. She walks up to see if they at least turn it down a bit. As she walks to the main room, she opens the door wide, and…




She feels the impact of the sounds coming from all around as it seems to shake the entire room. She holds on to something just to keep from getting blown away from the force of the sound system.


“Go! Get him!” Beast Boy yells as he does a combo.


“Final Darkness, Seven Strikes!” The screen blares out. Cyborg retaliates with quick moves, but succumbs to being beaten by Beast Boy. Raven slowly walks to them as she twitches a lot, and looks at them. She pokes Beast Boy’s shoulder.


“Hang on! I’m just about to beat him!” He says. Cyborg looks back, and his eyes turn huge, and mouth wide open.


“Uh…” Cyborg pokes Beast Boy so he’ll turn around. Beast Boy slowly turns. He sees’ Raven and she is very ticked off.


“Uh, h-hey! We we’re…uh…uh…” Beast Boy sweats as he shifts into a frog, and croaks.


“TURN IT DOWN!” Raven yells over the sounds. Beast Boy sneaks, and throws a wet sock at her. Cyborg is freaked out.


“Run, dude!” Beast Boy says to Cyborg as he flees. Cyborg follows fast, and they speed off like lighting. Raven pulls off the sock, and her eyes have a annoyed look in them. She sighs, and just goes back to her room.


Raven returns to her room in short moments as she walks over to a book case. “I need a vacation. Or at least something that’ll make those two is silent for the rest of the day.” Raven tells herself. She grabs a book off the self, and then accidentally drops it. When it falls, and opens to a certain page. Raven leans over, and reads it. “How come I never noticed this page?” Raven asks herself.


She reads a lot of it, and studies it. “It’s a spell?” Raven reads it some more, and smirks quite a bit. “I wonder where those two are.” She asks herself.


Cyborg and Beast Boy are hiding in Beast Boy’s room. It’s pretty small, but it has many clothes pile. A good place to hide in a short time.


“Why did you throw your stinking sock at her?!” Cyborg yells.


“Self-defense?” Beast Boy jokes. Cyborg glares. They then hear a footstep come down the hall. “Hide!” And they do so, and hide in the pile of clothes.


“Where oh where could they be?” Raven asks in a light manner.


“You know, she sounds a lot better. Maybe she won’t kill us!” Beast Boy cheers.


“You just gave us away!” Cyborg yells. Raven raises her hand to use her telekinesis to lift them in the air. Beast Boy freaks out.


“Hey! Listen, if you’re still sore about earlier, I’m very sorry!” Beast Boy shouts out.


“I know...” Raven says. She then says something that the two of them don’t remember. That is because they know almost all hear moves, and how she says Azerath, Metron, Zenthos. At least, that is what they familiar with. Then, the whole room fills with a bright white light.


“W…where are we?” Beast Boy says as he gets up, and walks.  He seems to run into a glass wall?


“It’s a…jar!” Beast Boy says as he looks about. “Then that means…”


“You’ve been shrunken to a tiny size.” Raven says high above. Beast Boy looked in fear to see how tall she is. He knew it was her regular height, but to him, it looked like a fifty or more feet.


“Where’s Cyborg?” Beast Boy asks.


“I’m right behind you.”


“Wah!” Beast Boy freaks as gets surprised. “You’re alive! Raven, turn us back!” Beast Boy demands.


“I really don’t think you in a position to be bargaining here.” Raven says with a smile.


“Then what do you want?!” Beast Boy cries out.


“...I just wanted to relax…” Raven said. “You ruined it for me earlier when you blasted that system. I couldn’t read any of my books. Plus, you gave me intense stress. I think I deserve a break.”


“So, wait…you want us to pamper you?” Cyborg asks.




“Why should we?!” Beast Boy yells.


“Because I’m the only one that can change you back…” Raven informs him. Beast Boy raises his finger, but then drops it after realizing it.


“This is an improvement.” Raven says as she smiles. Cyborg arm turns into a fan that he aims to cool her face off.


“This is humiliating…being reduced to a service robot.” Cyborg says.


“I don’t know, I think it kind of suits you.” Beast Boy jokes. Cyborg stares at him. “I guess joke hour is over, huh?”


“Basically.” Cyborg says as he continues.


“Beast Boy…I’ve got a task for you.” Raven says as she stares down upon him.




“Well…I got the idea when you threw the sock at me…” Raven says as she slowly takes her boots off.


“I do not like where this is going…” Beast Boy says with wide eyes.


“Too bad…rub.” Raven says as she leans back, and takes a deep breathe. Beast Boy turns around.


“I refuse!” He shouts. Raven lifts up her index finger as it glows a dark color. Beast Boy lifts right off the ground, and is floating in front of her huge face. He looks into her purple eyes. He sweats a lot with fear.


“I-I’ll do it.” Beast Boy says with a cowardly smile.




“Man and I thought I had it bad.” Cyborg says.

Beast Boy then began to work on her feet. They were really huge, and pale. However, they looked well kept, yet there was a smell. It mostly overwhelmed him to the point of passing out.


“Oh man! They smell weird!” Beast Boy yells.


“Well, keep going at it.” Raven said with a grin as she read a book. Beast Boy sighs, and rubs with his hands. He starts at the bottom heel area, and works his way to the toes. To him, it was a long walk, and navigating to get every part. Plus, he gets pretty dizzy from doing it for so long. He gets down, and falls on his back, coughing.


“Okay…I’m done…” Beast Boy says with relief. “So, how you doing up there, Cyborg?”


“I’ve been in worse. But, not pretty good.” He says as he combs Raven’s hair with a light brush, that even he could wield it.


“Well. It’s actually nice to see you two not be annoying. I kind of like it this way.” Raven tells them.


“So…we aren’t going to be changed back anytime soon?!” Beast Boy and Cyborg screamed in sync.


“Hey, I made a deal. I said I wanted to relax. Well, you basically helped. I will change you back.” Raven informs. Beast Boy and Cyborg smile, dancing. “However, there is one last thing you have to do.” She tells them fast. They stop, and turn blue.


“Not another foot massage?” Beast Boy shook. Raven smiled, pretty nicely. Kind of rare of her to do that…


Robin and Starfire enter into the main room to find the two boys sleeping. “Guys?” Robin asks. Beast Boy wakes up and Cyborg looks.


“Hey, you’re back!” Beast Boy says, but then slumps as he is exhausted.


“Yeah, it was quite a peaceful day…How about for you guys?” Robin asks. The two kind of laugh and other things.


“Well…I guess you could say it was peaceful…” Beast Boy says.


“Let us enjoy the rest of it with the soundings of…uh…where is system of making sounds?” Starfire asks as she looks around near the huge screen.


“We don’t know…” Beast Boy whispers.


Raven’s Room


Raven is sitting on her bed, reading a book. “Peace…something I can never get enough of…until you try, and get it yourself.” She told herself. Next to her was a huge box with a giant lock on it. Funny thing is that the box looked like it could hold huge objects. Most likely something annoying as a sound system to which can annoy you till you get the strangest ideas…