50-Foot Sister Fight


Chapter one

Within a dark room, with only spotlights shining upon two people. One’s man while the other’s a woman who was in her teen years. The man was wearing a mask that was half-black and half bronze, with the bronze side with only a eye showing and the rest with only black clothes. The woman had long black hair with purple highlights and was wearing a black top, black skirt and black boots.

The man was pacing left to right while looking at the woman. “So…you want revenge ageist you’re sister and her fellow friends?” asked the man. The woman just stared into the darkness of the room and answered, “Yes…I will do anything to make her pay” The man stopped moving and said, “Good answer, you’re name?”

“The name’s Blackfire and I know yours…Slade,” said the woman as her eyes slowly moved towards the man. “You done your homework. As you can see, there are no pawns left after the Titans froze them all and it’s been really quiet with them running off to Tokyo. Its like a ghost town here” said Slade.

Blackfire gave a smile and said, “Yes…it’s like a ghost town. That will change when they get back” “Good…now then, onto business. There’s a very rare artefact that’s about to leave Jump City tomorrow morning and we need that artefact” said Slade as he walked up to Blackfire. “Mind me for asking but why do we need a old artefact?” asked Blackfire as she clicked her fingers.

Slade turns around and said, “It will help us. It is called the Zodiac stone and it will be found at the museum which by the way closes at eleven o’clock” “Got it” said Blackfire as she left the spotlight and entered the darkness.

 It’s eleven o’clock at night; Jump City’s museum was about to set shut the place up for the night. “Ok, that should be it, with this on…no one will get in and or out” said the security guard as he set the security system on. The security guard began to walk down the entrance hallway of the museum that he was in. 

As he walked down another hallway, Blackfire was hiding in the shadows and waited for the right time come out. After a few minutes, the teen appeared out from the shadows and began to grin as she looked up at the security camera. Blackfire began to walk down the hallway and fired a purple starbolt at the camera. 

The sound of the camera exploded caught the security guard’s attention and began to run towards the main entrance, saw no one but found remains of the broken security camera lying scattered across the floor. Oh no through the guy as he drew out his handgun and began to run back towards the hallway that he came from.

Humans are so easy thought Blackfire as she landed back onto the ground as she was flying above the security guard so he couldn’t see her. Blackfire began to walk through the museum as if she knew where she was heading. It took her about twenty minutes to walk from the entrance to the sealed room at the far end on the second floor of the museum.

So this is where the Zodiac stone is hidden…lucky me to come on its last day of being in Jump City thought Blackfire as she placed her right hand onto the steal door that was blocking her path. Slowly a purple aura was beginning to glow underneath her right hand as she was toughing the door.

Suddenly a bright light flashed, blinding everything that was on the second floor with white darkness and afterward, the sound of a heavy metal door hitting the ground hard echoed through out the museum. As the light faded away and the smoke cleared up from the impact of the explosion, Blackfire took a step forward into the room.

In the far end of the room, Blackfire could see a blood red stone sealed tight within a glass case. “Bingo” said the teen to herself as she carried on walking towards the stone. As she got up to it and was about to put her hand onto the glass, a male voice echoed, “D…don’t move!” Blackfire gave a sigh and then slowly turned around and saw the security guard aiming his handgun at her.

Blackfire shook her head and said, “You wouldn’t shoot an innocence girl now would you?” The guard still had his gun aimed at her and as he was looking at her, he could see her puppy dog eyes and from that, he lowered his gun.  

“Catch!” said Blackfire as she aimed her left hand towards him and fired a starbolt at him. “NO!” shouted the man as the starbolt was heading right towards him. Lucky for him, someone wearing a red top, green tights and a mask that was on his face dived into him so he could evade the blast.

Curses Blackfire thought out loud. “Run” ordered the person that just saved the guy. The security guard nodded and ran towards the first floor. The person turned around and faced Blackfire; it was indeed Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans. Blackfire began to giggle as she sharply looks onto the ground to her right and saw a green snake slivering towards her.

She quickly aimed her right hand and fired a starbolt at it but missed at a few inches away from the snake. The snake stood up and quickly turned into a green skin boy wearing purple clothes. “Wha! You almost killed me!” shouted the boy as he pointed at her. “Nice to see you too, Beast Boy” said Blackfire as she looked at the boy as he was shaking.

Blackfire turned around and was about to break the glass case. “Don’t you start as well” said the teen as she wasn’t looking back as Cyborg was about to punch her. Cyborg stopped and looked at her surprised that she knew what he was about to do. “Fine…have it you’re way” said Blackfire as she sprung round and kicked Cyborg into the chest and sent him flying back, up to where Robin was standing.

“I could use a little help here” said Cyborg as he jumped back onto his feet and set his right arm into a laser cannon. Suddenly Beast Boy jumped next to Robin and the two of them getting into their fight pose. Shortly afterwards, a woman wearing blue hood and a robe that hanged down to her feet.

Blackfire couldn’t see the woman’s face but could see white eyes piercing through the shadows that her face was hidden in. “Raven! What took you so long?” shouted Beast Boy as he was still in his pose. “Shut up,” said the woman.

“You lot are wasting my time!” shouted Blackfire as she aimed both of her hands at the titans. “Sister stop!” echoed a familiar voice. “Starfire” said Blackfire as she lowered her arms and saw a woman who had long brownish hair, wearing a purple top, skirt and long boots hovering down behind Beast Boy.

Blackfire began to giggle and said, “So the gang’s all here, it’s been a while. Last I heard, you lot were still in Tokyo” “We took an early flight back,” said Robin as he was about to run towards her. Blackfire jumped backward and landed ontop of the glass case. “I love to play good guy and bad guy with you kids. But we grown ups have work to do” said Blackfire as she looked down at Robin who was about jump towards her.

Blackfire raised her right hand and formed it into a fist and punched her way through the case and took the red stone that is known as the Zodiac stone out from. With her free hand, she aimed it above the ceiling and fired three starbolts upwards, causing the remaining floors to have open holes, ready for her to escape through.

“See ya later,” said Blackfire with a smile on her face as she went flying upwards into the holes before the ceilings caved in. “Dam it!” shouted Robin as he jumped back, escaping the impact of the ceilings, turns around looked at his fellow comrades.

Robin looks at each one, got his left hand into a fist and punch it downward onto his opened right hand. “Alright titans, we need to go back to base and find out were Blackfire has escaped to!” ordered Robin as he marched towards the exit of the room.

As Robin pass Beast Boy, he spoke out, “Hay erm Robin?” Robin stopped walking and looked at him. “How are we going to leave since we’re locked in here till six in the morning” asked Beast Boy as he shook his head.

Robin was about to answer but kept quiet, after a few moments later, he put his head down in shame. “I…guess we have to wait till dawn” answered Robin as he was still looking down. “If anyone needs me, I be in the dark arts room” said Raven as she took her hood off and hovered downstairs.

“Leave everything to me” said Cyborg as he began to walk down the hallway. “Hay! Erm…I think I join you” said Beast Boy as he went running after Cyborg.

“Robin?” asked Starfire, worried. “I’m all right…it’s just, she was in front of me and I couldn’t stop her from getting away” said Robin, as he turned around and looked at the broken shards of glass that formed the glass case. He then noticed a sign that was lying underneath some pieces of broken glass. Robin walks up to it and brushes the glass off and picked up the sign. “The Zodiac stone, contains power greater then human dreams,” said Robin as he was reading the sign.

“What does that mean?” asked Starfire was she walked up behind him. “I don’t know…but that security guard may know” said Robin as he spin round and began his search for the guy. Starfire felt powerless and confused on why her sister would go to great length to steal the Philosopher's stone. Starfire then looks up at the damage that Blackfire has caused, her only thought was, Sister…what have you done?

Chapter two

Meanwhile outside in the midnight sky,

Blackfire was flying through Jump City. Ok Slade, how will this help me getting even with my little sister thought Blackfire as she was looking at the crystal stone that she was holding with her right hand while still flying.

All of a sudden, an image of an old man lying in a void that was coloured in a blood red aura glowing in the background. Suddenly, the old man opened his eye and looked at the viewer who was Blackfire. After that, a bright white light flashed which caused her to shut her eyes and she opened then again, Blackfire found she hovering above an old factory with was her destination.

Blackfire slowly landed onto the ground and entered the building.         

As she entered, spotlights went on and only shine upon a man who was sitting on throne like chair. “Hello Slade” said Blackfire as she crossed her arms and gave an evil grin. The guy who was sitting on the throne like chair was indeed Slade.

“Welcome back, I see that you got the stone…perfect” said Slade as he slowly stands up. “Here, catch,” said Blackfire as she tossed the stone over to him. Slade caught with his right hand and then slowly looked at it. Suddenly an image of the same man that Blackfire saw before appereaed in his head.

The man was standing, holding onto a staff with a dark blue orb sitting ontop of it. The man suddenly looks up at the viewer, who was Slade this time. After that, a bright white light flashed which caused him to shut his eyes and when opened them again, he was back in the room again with Blackfire.

“You saw him too?” asked Blackfire as she noticed Slade’s sudden act of confusion. Slade shook his head and looked at her and answered, “Yes…that old man will be a great help to us…even when it doesn’t look like it” Blackfire gave a shrug and asked, “How does it help when it doesn’t look like its helping?” “You will know when you find out, her catch” answered Slade as he threw the stone back to her.

Blackfire grabbed hold of it and all of a sudden, the stone began to glow and slowly it was sinking into her hands. Blackfire began to panic. “Relax, you have only just absorbed its power. By sun rise tomorrow, you will know how to use that power,” said Slade, as he was about to sit back down.     

Blackfire turned around and was about to exit through the door she came in through, Slade’s voice could be heard, “Oh and remember Blackfire, when in time of need, think BIG” said Slade, from that Blackfire carried on walking through the door.  

Back at the locked up museum,

Robin found the security guard that was hiding in the staff room. “I got something to ask you about,” said Robin as he walked towards him. The security guard was sitting on one of the chairs that were in the room. “Ok, ask away,” said the guy as he looked up at Robin.

“Do you know anything about the Zodiac stone?” asked Robin as he crossed his arms.  The security guard put his right hand onto his chin and began to look like he was thinking. As moments went by, the security guard answered, “Nope, I don’t have the foggiest”

“Is there anything that might tell me about it?” asked Robin. “There should be some information about it in the Dark Arts room, that’s where the stone is normally kept during the opening hours” said the security guard as he stood up from his seat.

“Ok thanks, you can carry on what you were doing,” said Robin as he left room. The security guard sat back down and said to himself, “I’m so fired…why didn’t I shoot that girl?”

As Robin took one foot outs of the room, Starfire appereaed and asked, “Anything?” Robin shook his and said, “The answers should be in the Dark Arts room” Robin began to walk towards the stairway that leads to the second floor where the Dark Arts was.

“Robin…” said Starfire as Robin stopped. “Don’t take too hard upon yourself. It could have happened to me or anyone” Robin looks back and said, “I know…she’s your big sister, so I guess I should leave her to you. You all ways beat her. Come on then, let’s go” Starfire hovered next to Robin and the two of them headed towards the Dart Arts.

Cyborg and Beast Boy was at the entrance looking at the security system. Cyborg opened the hatch and the two of them looked inside. Cyborg put a smile on his face, as he knew he was going to bypass the system. Beast Boy just looked in all confused as he saw many wires, which all were different colours.    “So…Cyborg, you know ho to bypass this machine?” asked Beast Boy as he slowly looked up at him and saw that Cyborg began to work.  

“You bet your green butt that I can,” said Cyborg as he was sorting the wires out. “Ok…I just leave you to do it” said Beast Boy as he turned around and saw Robin and Starfire heading towards the second floor. He began to follow them.

Robin and Starfire entered the Dart Arts room and shortly after they entered, Beast Boy arrives. In there the three if them saw Raven looking at many art works that are up on display. “I thought you were with Cyborg,” said Starfire as she looked at green dude. “He’s busy trying to bypass the security system so that we all could go home,” said Beast Boy. 

Raven noticed the others as she was still looking at the display. “Is there something you lot are looking for?” asked Raven as she slowly looked at them. Robin began to walk towards Raven, while he was looking at the display and answered, “The stone that Blackfire stole was called the Zodiac stone and the security guard said that there maybe information about it in here.”

Raven began to think, her eyes lit up and said, “Zodiac stone, for some reason it sounds so familiar, there’s something written over there but there’s more to the story I think, I look it up when we’re back at the tower.” Raven pointed to the info sign that was at the far end of the room.

Robin and Starfire rushed over to the info sign and began to read.

It reads,

Zodiac stone, the red star of Nimbus,


Contains power greater then human dreams,

The stone fell from the sky and was discovered by the late Ethan Griffin


“That’s it?” asked Robin as he turned and looked at Raven. “There’s more to then that, when we get back to the tower, I’ll look it up and tell you all about it” said Raven as she walked off. “The red star fell from the sky…does that mean that the stone came from another planet?” asked Beast Boy as he finished reading. Robin crossed his and began to think, so if the stone came from another planet “So Blackfire should have known about its power,” said Robin out loud. Robin looks at Starfire and saw that she looked worried. “What’s wrong?” Robin asked.

Starfire eyes lit up and looked at Robin and said, “Oh nothing…” As Robin was about to say something else, “BOO YAH!” echoed a familiar voice. “Guess Cyborg bypass the system,” said Beast Boy as he placed his hands behind his head and walked down to the first floor. 


“Guess we should worry about this in the morning” said Robin as he started to walk out of the room and waited outside for Starfire. Moment’s later Starfire exit the room and joined up with Robin. The two of them joined the others at the entrance of the museum.

“It was a piece of cake,” said Cyborg as he put the cover back on the machine. “We can tell by your sudden scream of BOO YAH!” said Beast Boy. “Well anyway, lets get back to the tower and get ready to hunt down Blackfire” said Cyborg as he turned around and looked at everyone.

Slowly the gate was opening and the titans could see the outside world. “Hay um…what about me…I’m going to get fired for letting that girl go off with the stone” said the security guard as he showed up behind them. “Don’t worry mister…we get the stone back before it needs to taken away,” said Starfire with a smile on her face.

“The stone needs to be taken away by twelve in the afternoon” said the security guard. “Well we try our best by no promise that we get it here in time” said Robin as he started to walk out of the museum. The others slowly walk out of the museum.

“Its cold” said Raven as she wrapped her arms together and tried to stay warm. “What time is it?” asked Robin as he looked at Cyborg. Cyborg looked at his right arm and the small screen on it showed 1.35am. “Its morning…better get some sleep” said Cyborg, as he was about to yawn. “We better get some sleep if we want to keep our strength up for Blackfire where ever she is” said Robin, as he was about to head towards Cyborg’s car.

The others slowly headed towards the car and got in. It took them about thirty minutes to get to the Teen Tower. All five of them went into their room and all about from Raven went to sleep. Raven was busy looking through her books trying to find something about the Zodiac stone for a great number of hours. 

Chapter three

Elsewhere as hours went by,

Blackfire was standing on one of the buildings that were in Jump City, looking at the sea as the sun was raising. “So what’s going to happen to me?” asked Blackfire as if someone else was with her. An image flashed in her mind and saw the old man before looking up at her and said, “As the sun shines upon you power of the Zodiac with awake inside you…I will help you to use them and leave you be when I think you’re ready.” That’s nice thought Blackfire as she was still looking at the sun raising.

As minutes went by, the sun raisin high enough for the sun to shine upon her, Blackfire look up and slowly her pupils went red and then back into its normal black. “Well then…lets get this party going” said Blackfire as she looked down and saw citizens walking along the streets. “The early bird catches the early worm,” said Blackfire as she aimed her right hand down upon the people and a purple starbolt was forming around her hand.

At the Teen Tower, the alarm system went off.

“She’s began to attack!” shouted Robin as he burst into the Sarfire’s room. Starfire woke up and rushed into the living room, everyone rushed there as well. Robin ran up to the computer that was in the room and began to analyse the location that Blackfire was attacking. After a few minutes of searching, Robin pinpointed the location where Blackfire was. “There!” said Robin as he looked up at the screen and saw the image of the Jump City’s bank.

Robin stood up and shouted, “TITANS MOVE OUT!” from that command, they all rushed out and headed towards the bank.

Downtown at the bank of Jump City,

Blackfire was still firing starbolts at everything, as she was walking down the road, which was now in ruins. As Blackfire was about to fire another starbolt, a green starbolt hit Blackfire and sent her flying backwards. Blackfire slowly stood back up and saw the Titans standing in front of here ready for battle.

“You know…this is a strange way of robbing a bank,” said Bast Boy, as he was about to transform into a green T-Rex. “You really think I want to rob a bank as I’m destroying the street, trying to draw you lot out from your rocks” said Blackfire as she aimed her left hand towards Robin. “Move out!” ordered Robin as he and the others moved out in different directions.

Blackfire started to laugh as she was firing starbolts at titans. “Azerath, Metron, Zenthos!” shouted Raven as she cast a spell. Objects around her suddenly has a black sheet wrapped around them and Raven fired them all towards Blackfire who was still standing still. Blackfire fired starbolts at them and causes dust to explode around her. 

As the dust settled down, Blackfire was still standing without breaking a sweat. “Could this be the power of the stone?” asked Raven to herself. “Is that your best?” asked Blackfire as she aimed her hand towards Raven and fired a starbolt at her. Beast Boy still in his T-Rex form dashed in front of her Raven and took the hit. Beast Boy was out cold and was slowly changing back to his human form. “Beast Boy! How could you!” screamed Starfire as she began to get angry.

“Did I made my little sister mad?” asked Blackfire as she just smile as she looked up at Starfire. Blackfire was about to aim her hand up at Starfire but for some reason, she could her arms. “Old man! What are you doing?” said Blackfire out loud. “Starfire now!” ordered Robin as he looked up at her. Starfire nodded and headed right towards her sister.

Relax…I’m helping you out echoed a voice inside Blackfire’s head. “Helping me? How is this helping me, I can’t move my arms because you’re letting not letting me use them!” snapped Blackfire. “Whom is she talking to?” asked Cyborg as he looked on wondering what’s Blackfire is on about. “Might be the stone” answered Raven as she picked Beast Boy up by using her magic.

Starfire went in and began to punch Blackfire on the face and then fired a green laser out from her eyes at her. “Say that you’re sorry!” asked Starfire as she aimed her hand at her sister. “Say sorry about what? Framing you for crimes you didn’t commit, trying to get you to marry an ugly alien or that I’m going to beat you” said Blackfire as she was still standing strong. “All of them” said Starfire as she shot a starbolt at her. Blackfire went flying back and couldn’t get up.

“It’s over sister. Give up,” said Starfire as she walked up to the fallen Blackfire and aimed her left hand at her. Blackfire then suddenly remembered what Slade said to her, as she was about to leave. Think big thought Blackfire as she swung herself back onto her feet with her arms free from the old man’s power. Starfire took a step back and heard Blackfire say, “Oh this has only just began”

Suddenly Blackfire began to vibrate and afterwards the whole street began to vibrate as well. “An earthquake?” said Robin as he looked around the street and noticed that non-of the buildings were crumbling down. Beast Boy was beginning to wake up and noticed Blackfire vibrating. Raven noticed Beast Boy awake, let him down. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Robin looked on and saw something that wasn’t possible.

As Blackfire was beginning to vibrate even faster, her body began to increase in size. “Sister? What’s happening to you?” asked Starfire as she took another step back as she was watching her sister betting bigger and bigger. Moments later, the whole vibration of the street and Blackfire stopped. Everyone looked up at the very huge Blackfire who stood up at fifty foot. Blackfire slowly looks down at her little sister and said, “Well sister what was it that you want to tell your BIG sister about?”

Starfire couldn’t find the words as she was still walking backwards. Blackfire raised her left foot and was about to drive it towards her little sister. Starfire dived to her right, missing the impact. She then looked up and saw Blackfire kneeling down and was getting ready to flick her away. Starfire couldn’t get away in time, as her sister’s huge finger was about to hit her.

“ARRR!” screamed Starfire as she went flying towards the titans. “Star!” shouted Robin as he panicked and rushed forward and caught her. “Rob…in,” said Starfire weakly as she looked up and saw Robin looking down at her. Slowly she raised her left hand and touched Robin face for about three seconds and then her hand dropped and left dangling. She passed out.                        

Robin looks at his fellow titans and ordered, “fall back…fall back!” From that order, all of the Teen Titans retreat back to the Teen Tower as Blackfire with her new height looked down upon everyone.

“Well old man…we sure did put the element of surprise to them” said Blackfire, waiting for the old to answer back. An image appeared in her head and saw the void but without the old man standing there.

“Where did he go?” asked Blackfire to herself. Blackfire just shrugged and began to attack the city.

Back at the Teen Tower,

Robin is with Starfire in the medical room. The others in the living room, looking out of the window and saw Blackfire attacking the city. “Man…how did things get this messy?” asked Cyborg as he turned around from the window and sat down.

“Just how did she get so big!” shouted Beast Boy as he was beginning to panic. “It was because of that stone” answered Raven as she was reading one of the books that were from her room. “So what, the stone turns people into giants?” asked Cyborg as he looked at her.

“No…not giants, it has the power to grant the user’s inner dream” answered Raven. “So she didn’t dream of being a giantess but instead the power to destroy Starfire and all of us,” said Robin as he entered the room.

“How Starfire?” asked Cyborg. “She’s fine, she just need to rest.” Robin turns to Raven. “Is that what the stone does?” asked Robin. “Well…yes it does. The thing about the stone is that it’s not from earth, it’s from a planet that got destroyed. And the other thing about the stone is that people will lose their soul and mind to it” answered Raven.

“Why do people lose their soul and mind?” asked Cyborg as he was getting interested. “My guess is because some people can’t handle that much power. Besides there more about the stone in my other books. I look it up later,” said Raven. “When not now?” asked Beast Boy. Raven looked at him and answered, “Because we have a guest”

From that, Starfire walked into the room. “Starfire! You should be resting,” said Robin as he rushed towards her. “So…who is this guest?” asked Cyborg as he noticed that no one was here besides the titans.

Raven looked at him and also began to wonder because she felt another magic begin inside the tower. “Is it I that you lot are waiting for?” asked a squeaky voice that from underneath Raven. Raven looked down at her feet and saw a small man looking up at her.

Raven kneels down and picked him up. The others walk over to her and looked at what standing on Raven hand. “He must be around three to four inches tall,” said Beast Boy as he couldn’t believe what his was seeing.  “Maybe this will make it better?” asked the small man as he jumped off Raven’s hand.

As he landed on the floor, he grew up to the size of three foot. Everyone now can see the man more clearly. The man was old; with white hair, he was wearing a yellow jumper, red trousers and purple shoes. The old man was also holding onto a staff with a red orb sitting on top of it. “Hello everyone, my name is Size Mater and I’m here to help you lot” said the man as he turned around and looked up at everyone.

“How can you help us?” asked Raven. “Well as you tell by my name, I can change the size of anything or anyone by making them bigger or smaller” said Size Mater. “So” said Beast Boy.

“That means I have the power to turn only one and only one to a fifty foot giant to fight back that giantess that heading right towards this tower” said Size Mater as he aimed his staff towards the window and everyone looked out and saw Blackfire heading towards them.

“Oh deer god!” shouted both Cyborg and Beast Boy as they were running everywhere. “ Have you lot forgot what I gust said?” asked Size Mater as he was watching the two running around. “I do it,” said Starfire as she stood forward. “What? Starfire no…you need to rest,” said Robin as he placed his right hand onto her left shoulders.

Starfire looked at him with a smile on her face and said, “You saved me from hurting myself even more by catching me, so I could at least do the same for you and everyone else” “If you really want to” said Robin, Starfire nodded.

Chapter four

Blackfire was a few steps away from the tower. “If you’re going to do something…now the time to do it!” screamed Beast Boy. “Ok…hold still now,” said Size Mater as he aimed his staff at Starfire and the orb began to glow.

Starfire began to vibrate the same way that her sister was as she was growing. Everyone looks outside the window and could see Blackfire looking through with an evil grin on her face. Starfire rushed towards the window and smashed her way through it. “Oh my god!” shouted Cyborg as he just watch Starfire jumping out of the window.

Starfire still at her normal size but was vibrating punched Blackfire’s huge face. Blackfire took a few steps backwards; as she was shocked that her sister at normal size could do great damage. As she was watching her sister landing on the ground, Starfire was slowly growing up to fifty foot. Starfire stopped vibrating and then she looked at her sister.

“Well now…look at who’s the copy cat here” said Blackfire as she looked at Starfire. “Do you want to end this now?” asked Starfire as she aimed her right hand at her with a starbolt forming around it. “Lets” Blackfire answered back as she aimed her right hand towards her.

The two of them-fired starbolts at each other, which each one missed, and they each hit the city around them. “Starfire!” shouted Robin as he leaning against the broken window. Starfire looked down and saw Robin leaning out.

“What is it?” asked Starfire as she looked back at her sister who was about to run towards her. “Don’t use your powers, each missed shot is destroying the city!” shouted Robin. “No need to shout I can hear you just fine” said Starfire.

“Sorry” said Robin as he leaned back in and turned around. He noticed that Size Mater was no where to be seen. “Where’s Size Mater?” asked Robin as he looked at the others, they each gave a shrug. “We worry about him later, right now, we just hope that Starfire wins” said Raven.

“No powers right” said Starfire to herself and went charging towards her sister and began to wrestle. Starfire was able to flip her sister backwards and was lucky enough to make her land on the other side of the tower.

Blackfire stood up and saw the Teen Tower was standing in front of her. Blackfire smiled, aimed her left hand at it was a starbolt formed around it and said, “Now you’re going to watch your friends die”  “Stop! Please don’t!” said Starfire. As she was begging her not to kill them. Starfire’s pleads fell upon deaf ears as Blackfire was about to fire. Before she had the chance to do it, a blue laser and a bomb was fired at her hand. Blackfire looks down and saw Robin and Cyborg in there fighting pose.

As Blackfire was about to attack them, a thought went into her mind; I got a better idea. From that, Blackfire grabbed hold of Robin and raised him up to her eye level. “Say your goodbye to your boyfriend,” said Blackfire as she tossed Robin up indo the air. “Starfire!” screamed Robin as he went falling right into Blackfire’s mouth and upon which she swallowed him.

“Robin…. Robin…ROBIN!” screamed Starfire as she went running towards her sister and began to attack her. Shedding tears while attacking her sister.

On top of the tower,

Cyborg stood there speechless as he just saw his friend eaten alive, Cyborg aimed his right arm at Blackfire and began to scream out “NOOO!” while firing. Near the door to go down stairs, Raven and Beast Boy was looking through whom also saw what happened to Robin.

The two of them went running out and swung into action, Raven flew up into the air and cast her spell to make objects move and throws them at Blackfire. While Beast Boy transforms into a raven and flew up to Blackfire and changed into a bear and began to attack. “All you little punks! Stop it!” echoed Blackfire’s voice as she pushed Starfire away from her and whacked Beast Boy off her. Beast Boy turned into a raven again and landed back on the tower.

Deep within a blood red void like area,

A person is lying on the ground; the person was wearing a red top, green tights and a mask that was on his face was slowly coming to. “Huh? Where am I?” asked the person who was indeed Robin as he was standing up and saw nothing but the colour red. Robin looks up and saw a huge eye looking down at him, blinking.

What do I need to get out of here thought Robin as he was scanning the area. As he was looking, he noticed something that his didn’t noticed before, a blue dot in the far distance. Robin began to run towards the dot as it was getting bigger and bigger till the whole area that he entered has turned blue.

Robin stopped and noticed the colour of the area he was in now. There in front of him was the Zodiac stone but the stone was different, instead of its normal blood red colour its now blue, the same kind of blue as the background colour that he was in.

“The Zodiac stone, maybe its this that gives Blackfire the power…hold on a sec! Hadn’t Blackfire just eaten me? So maybe I’m dead and trapped within the stone’s power?” said Robin as he was looking at the stone and walking around it.

As Robin was about to touch the stone, Robin began to feel a great deal of pain that was shooting out from his head. Robin placed his hands onto his head, looked up and screamed, “STARFIRE!” as his voice echoed through out the void, the white patches of his eye mask began to turn blood red.

Back with everyone else,

Blackfire placed her hands onto her head, as if she was in pain, looks straight at Starfire and screamed, “Starfire!” Moments later, Blackfire jumped back onto her feet and dashed towards Starfire like she was hunter and Starfire was the pray. Blackfire dived into her and pined both her arms down.

Starfire tried to break free but couldn’t, she just looked at Blackfire and noticed that her pupils went red and slowly she gave a creepy smile at her. As a flash, Blackfire let go of Starfire’s arm and grabbed the temples of Starfire’s head. In plain tone of voice, Blackfire said, “Give into the madness and give me your mind and soul”

Blackfire’s grip upon Starfire’s head was getting tighter and causing great her great amount of pain. Starfire shut her eyes, as she was about to scream, “STOP IT!” Moments later, Starfire opened her eyes and found herself in the same area that Robin was in.

“Starfire?” echoed a weak but familiar voice. Starfire looked around and saw nobody. Robin…was that him thought Starfire, as she looked straightforward. “Star…fire” echoed the same voice again, but even weaker.

“Robin!” shouted Starfire as she looked at all corners around her till she saw a person wrapped up like a mummy but with only the head showing handing in front of her face. Starfire is still a fifty-foot giantess. The person’s face looked just likes Robin. “Robin?” asked Starfire as she leaned in even closer.

Chapter five

“Hay don’t be fooled! That’s only a trick!” echoed Robin’s voice that came from behind her. Starfire turned around and saw Robin locked up in a metal cage hanging. “Robin? Why are there two of you?” asked Starfire. “That one over there…he’s the fake! I’m the real one,” said the Robin the cage. Starfire turned around and face the Robin that wrapped up like a mummy. “Are you alright?” said Starfire.

The wrapped up Robin looks up at Starfire and said, “Help me…please” Starfire began to lean in closer. “Hay what are you doing! He’s the fake” screamed the other Robin. Starfire looks back at the caged up Robin and said, “I believe that you’re the fake one. I’m going to take my Robin back”

The Robin in the cage was slowly fading away, “Fine take him…he’s yours” echoed the fading Robin’s voice as he was completely gone.

Starfire looks back and saw that the hanging Robin was slowly unwrapping and was about to fall, lucky for him, Starfire caught him. Starfire watched Robin as he was lying on his back breathing heavily. Robin was beginning to panic and started to wave his arms and legs around like a child.

“Sh…calm down Robin, you’re safe now” said Starfire as she placed him ageist her chest. “Starfire” said Robin as he was closing his eyes. “Just listen to my heartbeat and relax…it will be over soon” said Starfire as she was about to hug him.

Moments later, she looks up and saw the blinking eye. “I want out of here now! You hear me sister? We want out!” shouted Starfire as she left one hand let go of Robin and aimed it at the eye. “This is going to hurt,” said Starfire, as she was about to fire a starbolt at it. As the starbolt hit the eye, everything went all bright.                                   

Back with the others,

Moments before Starfire fired the starbolt at the eye; “Yes…yes!” said Blackfire as she was gripping even harder. All of a sudden, Starfire’s eyes opened and a bright light flashed blinding everyone. As the light dimmed down, everyone could see Blackfire a foot away from her sister lying on her back with her left hand covering her left eye. Everyone else noticed that Starfire was holding onto something ageist her chest.

“Starfire?” asked Robin as he raised his head up to see what was going on. Starfire looks down and said softly, “Go to sleep” Robin following what Starfire told him to do like a child obeying his mother went to sleep.

Starfire slowly stood back onto her own feet and was looking at the others on the tower. Smiles went upon Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy, in his human form’s face as they saw Robin was alive and well. 

Blackfire lowered her hand and slowly stood back up all confused on how Robin and Starfire survived. Blackfire was about to fire a starbolt at them but she suddenly dropped onto her kneels and began to cough out a small blue stone.

Raven noticed the stone while the others didn’t. “The Zodiac stone!” shouted Raven as she pointed towards the floor that Blackfire was kneeling down on.

Suddenly, Blackfire began to vibrate and was slowly shrinking down in size, back to her normal height. “Oh boy” said Blackfire as she looked up and saw Starfire walking towards her.

“Hay now sis…err…you wouldn’t hurt your big sister now would you?” said Blackfire as she was walking backwards but bumped into something. She slowly looked back and Cyborg standing there. “Tell me sister? Who’s the big sister now?” asked Starfire, as she looked angry with her.

Blackfire all weakened, tried to escape but couldn’t because Raven and Beast Boy was concerning around her. Blackfire placed her right hand on her right ear and shouted, “SLADE! I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE!” “If you wish” echoed Slade’s voice out loud so that everyone could hear.

Like magic, a smoke bomb appereaed in Blackfire’s left hand. Blackfire went quickly, pulled the pin off and threw the bomb onto the ground. The whole area that they were in was covered in smoke, even Starfire at her height could see threw the smoke that went on for miles. “Damit!” shouted Cyborg as the smoke was clearing and saw that Blackfire got away.

“Oh well…guess we can’t win them all,” said Beast Boy as he placed his hands on the back of his head and looked up at the giant Starfire. “We better get Robin sorted out first” said Cyborg as he looked worried. “Well lets go to the tower and treat him,” said Raven who has the Zodiac stone covered in the black sheet, hovering next to her.

Hours later in the old factory,

A spotlight was shining upon Slade was siting on his throne like chair. “So…did you help the teens like I asked you to?” asked Slade as he sat forward and looked at the old man known as Size Mater. “Of course I did…it will take them ages to get her back to normal size. So that should give enough time for your master plan” said the three foot man.  “Tell me, what’s you real name?” asked Slade as he sat back.

“Well Slade…my real name is Ethan…” said Size mater as he was about to finish what he was saying, Blackfire bursts into the room. “How…did I do?” asked Blackfire before she passed out.

Slade stood up from his chair and walked towards her. “You passed. Now its time to go to faze two of my plan” said Slade as he picked her up and walked out of the factory. Size Mater followed him.        

Back at the Teen Tower,

Robin woke up from his long sleep and found himself in the medical room. “Hay!” said Cyborg who was siting on a chair that was next to his bed. “What…happened?” asked Robin as he put his right hand on his head.

“Head still hurt? No surprise there, we almost lost you to the power of the Zodiac stone, if it was for Starfire, you wouldn’t have come back” answered Raven as she entered the room.

Robin looks at Raven and said, “The stone…its blue now instead of red” “That I can explain, when the stone was red, within contained the soul and mind of the person who used it and when they’re gone, the stone turns blue ready for the next person to take. So you were really lucky to have escaped,” said Raven as she crossed her arms.

“What about Starfire? Is she all right? Is she back to normal?” asked Robin as he looked at both of them. “Dude…why don’t you go and ask her you’re self. She’s on the roof,” said Beast Boy who also entered the room.

“Alright, what about you lot?” said Robin, as he was about to get out of bed. “We’re going to create a machine to restore Starfire and about the stone” said Raven. “We can’t really give it back to museum can we?” asked Robin.

Raven nodded. Robin started to walk out of the room; “Better put the stone in the safe where no one will ever know about it” said Robin as he exit the room. “Dudes, did you tell about there’s more than one stone in the world?” asked Beast Boy as he looked at the others.

“Well no, we worry about that once we sort out Starfire” answered Cyborg. “Oh and Beast Boy…no touching ok” said Raven as she and Cyborg walked out of the medial room and into the labs. Beast Boy tagged along, trying so hard not to touch anything.

Robin got up to the rooftop and saw the most beautiful thing every, there sitting at the far end of the roof was the fifty foot Starfire who was sitting and was looking at the sun setting. Robin walks up and sat next to Starfire. “Thank you” said Robin who was looking at the set. “Your welcome, you feeling better?” asked Starfire. “I feeling good, I was sleeping on the best bed ever made,” said Robin as he smiled up at Starfire.

Starfire began to blush and said, “Glad to here it. I’m going to stay like this for sometime and well…I can’t really sleep inside the tower at my size and it will get really lonely out here all alone” said Starfire as she looked down at him.

“Well I’ll keep you company so that you would be lonely every night” said Robin. “Thanks” said Starfire as she looks down with a smile. “…Heck, I might have to sleep with you if it makes you feel any better” said Robin jockey. “I make you live up to your word on that” said Starfire. From that the two of them began to laugh.

All of a sudden, a loud explosion echoed through out the tower and Raven and Cyborg’s voice echoed, “BEAST BOY! HOW MANY TIMES DID WE HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING!” “Sorry!” shouted Beast Boy.

“Raven and Cyborg are going to busy trying to create a machine to turn you back to normal and from the sound of that, it might take a long time the way Beast Boy is going,” said Robin who was still smiling.

“Well, I could get used to being this big,” said Starfire who was also smiling.  “You at that size will make crime fighting easier…if there’s any left that is,” said Robin as he looked at the sun set once again. Starfire nodded and said, “If only there was any left…the one’s we didn’t frozen” Starfire carried on smiling and look back at the sun set once more.

Starfire slowly lean over to Robin picked him up and gave him a kiss on the head. “Erm…thanks,” said Robin, as he was about to blush. Starfire smiled even more with the thought I could get use to this. Starfire slowly put Robin on her lap and the two of them watched the sun finally setting down and the night sky appearing.