Chapter 1

Ichigo was desperately looking to and fro for his opponent, their movements no more than a haze.  The orange haired young man barely noticed it and had to quickly turn around and block her blow.  The swords clashed, a giant meat hatchet looking blade in Ichigo’s hands and a small regular blade in the hands of his opponent Hiyori Sarugaki.

Both wore hollow masks and although you couldn’t see it, both were also smiling great wide grins. Hiyori a short blonde girl in her red jumpsuit with an unzipped jacket was smiling because she was allowed to pummel Ichigo as much as she wanted. Ichigo in his Shinigami uniform was grinning because he had finally found an opening in Hiyori’s defense.

Quickly twisting his body in a makeshift attack Ichigo began sending his leg onto Hiyori and kicked her. Before it made contact however the hollow mask Ichigo had on crumbled away. Frozen for a mere second with a shocked expression Ichigo couldn’t react as Hiyori grinned yelling “You Phail!!!!!” as she quickly planted both feet on Ichigo and kicked him sending him flying several meters away.

Nearby on a small cliff Shinji Hirako in his usual attire pressed the button on his stopwatch and looked at the result. The purpose was to ascertain how long Ichigo had held his hollow form and according to this he had held it for exactly 10 seconds. “Wow you suck.” He said blankly. Turning to Hiyori he frowned, his upper teeth exposed as they always are “Be careful will you? He needs to live through the training in order to get anything out of it.”

In immediate response Hiyori turned around her teeth clenched with her hollow mask still on “What did you say you Bowl Cut Retard?!” Angered, Shinji immediately began yelling back “Shut it you stupid Tomboy!” Needless to say shortly afterward the two started arguing. Ichigo who was still reeling from Hiyori’s kick got up and began wiping the dust off of him. To his surprise Love one of the Vaizard’s was walking up to him.

 Love had a “unique” appearance to say the least. His hair was like an afro only it was shaped like a star. As if that wasn’t hideous enough on its own he also had on big gaudy 70’s glasses and a green jumpsuit.

His horrible attire was something Ichigo adjusted to during his time with the Vaizard’s so all he did was carelessly raise a hand giving him a poor wave. Love waved back equally carelessly with a smile “Yo Ichigo, how’s the training coming?” Ichigo quickly looked over his shoulder at the pile of rubble from when he crashed and sighed “Not to good. I can’t hold this damn hollow form for that long!”

Quickly becoming serious Love spoke calmly “I thought so… I think I know your problem, and a solution….” Ichigo stared blankly at him for a moment, his typical bad boy expression on but the whole image fell apart in about three seconds as he desperately grabbed Love’s jumpsuit and began shaking him desperately “Tell me!”

The first thing Love did was shove Ichigo away and start speaking as he whipped out a green comp and started combing his hair. “I will. Just don’t mess with the “Do” “   Annoyed Ichigo rolled his eyes at Love’s lame attempt to be cool. They both remained uncomfortably silent until finally Love broke it, “So…..  back to what I was saying.  I think you’re having trouble with this because you’re doing it on your own.”

Ichigo stood there confused for a moment, not quite getting what Love was getting at. Sighing Love slumped over and poined to Ichigo’s Zangetsu in his right hand. Staring blankly at the huge sword, Ichigo slapped his face. “Duh. If I need help Zangetsu can help.”  Smiling Love stood upright again and nodded “Yeah now try to get his help” That was all for their conversation so Love walked away.

Nothing else of importance happened until several hours later when every one of the Vaizard’s was having what could only be referred to as their personal free time. Ichigo, in his crappy little spot in the Vaizard’s hideout was sitting Indian style against a rock in the basement concentrating. Through much effort Ichigo felt a familiar feeling and opened his eyes finding himself in his messed up inner world.

Standing on the side of a blue building Ichigo searched for and found Zangetsu. The middle aged spirit of his sword was standing on a small spire that hung off a building to Ichigo’s left. The building was standing in such a way that it seemed to be coming from the azure sky seeing as Zangetsu and the entire building seemed upside down. This didn’t bother Ichigo though, he had grown accustomed to his inner world.

Facing Zangetsu Ichigo with his tough guy expression said “You know why I’m here” Pausing for a moment Zangetsu closed his eyes, his ragged black hair flowing to the side despite the fact there was no wind. Finally he spoke “I can help you, but you must pass a test.” Reaching into the depths of his black trench coat Zangetsu pulled out a small short sword and tossed it to Ichigo.

Narrowing his eyes Ichigo instinctively caught it by the hilt and examined the blade “This is…that nameless sword you handed me before… when I fought Kenpachi.” Nodding Zangetsu opened his eyes and spoke with a complete tone of seriousness “Yes, a Nodachi. Your task is to survive Three days not with me but with that blade. I should also mention that I shall take it upon myself to change your location when I feel enough time has passed in one place.”  Carelessly and with a look that said he already won Ichigo smirked “No problem, this swords a piece of crap but unless Aizen comes here himself I’m fine.” A small mysterious chuckle came from Zangetsu as he smiled slightly “Things won’t quite be that easy as you shall soon see.” Before Ichigo could inquire more he felt a sudden rush as he opened his eyes and was in the real world again.

The small Nodachi in his lap and Zangetsu no longer on his back Ichigo started examining the blade. He quickly noticed it really did suck like he said. The blade was rusty and chipped in many places as well as small in length to the point where it could be called a dagger. “Ah well, It’ll do.” Ichigo muttered carelessly as he stood up with the blade in hand. Once he stood up however Ichigo noticed that something was wrong immediately and eyed the Nodachi in his hand. “I hate you Zangetsu, I really do…” He muttered under his breath.  Ichigo said this because he had been shrunken to a mere inch in height with a piece of crap blade to defend himself with!

Chapter 2

 Ichigo stood up, his back to the boulder he previously rested on which now stood like a mountain behind him. Groaning he looked around for some sort of a possible friend to help him out. Sadly however there were none so Ichigo began trekking to the stairway out of the Vaizard’s basement which to him seemed like a mile away.  Some sort of luck struck him right then and there though as an unusual sound was coming from the stair case. It had a loud rhythm to it but at his size Ichigo couldn’t recognize it until several minutes later it was a series of footsteps!

Freezing in his tracks Little Ichi stood perfectly still in an endless terrain of wasteland like ground staring at the massive stairway awaiting a figure to come down. Each second seemed like an eternity until finally he saw a foot in a light blue sandal come into view on the highest step. The sandaled feet continued descending down the stairs revealing more and more of the girl revealing just who Ichigo was looking at. Once she was in full sight Ichigo gasped he was staring at a ridiculously huge Hiyori!

In her typical red jumpsuit Hiyori carelessly turned her head both ways, cleaning an ear out with her pinky. “Huh that’s weird; I sense the idiot’s spiritual pressure but no ones here.” Slowly Hiyori began to turn around and started to ascend the stairs, but before she even raised her foot an inch Ichigo raised his spiritual pressure to its absolute maximum in a desperate attempt to get her attention. “I hate her but she’s better than no one…” the little strawberry muttered.

The exact moment Ichigo’s spiritual pressure flared up Hiyori stopped and turned her head curiously and looked over her shoulder, her eyes widening in surprise. Even at his size Ichigo’s miniscule body was easy to find, with his massive spiritual pressure being exerted everything within 10 feet of him was covered in blue energy. The 10 feet seemed like several miles to him and although spreading his energy out so much exhausted him greatly Ichigo couldn’t help but smile victoriously as he saw that his plan worked and Hiyori began walking to him.

Intrigued Hiyori walked forward to little Ichigo. Each step was something of a seismic wave to him, but thankfully it didn’t last too long now that Hiyori was right before him. Bending her knees Hiyori lowered her body and sat down in a manner that looked like she was crouching. Leaning her head forward she curiously examined Ichigo who had stopped exerting spiritual pressure and was leaning on his little sword, out of breath due to his stunt.

After the longest period of silence Hiyori grinned a big toothy grin, but something about it sent shudders down Ichigo’s spine. “This is so perfect! I knew you were a bug to me, but damn!” Narrowing his eyes Ichigo, clearly annoyed rolled his eyes and muttered in an annoyed tone “Shut, it just get the other Vaizard’s in here.” Hiyori’s evil grin got even wider as a gleam crossed her eyes, maybe it was his imagination but Ichigo thought he saw the same gleam shine across Hiyori’s pointy tooth too. “I don’t think so maggot. In fact I don’t think you should talk to me like that. I think a bug needs to learn his place!”

Slowly Hiyori brought her left hand out from its place on her thigh and began extending it to Ichigo. Her index finger she had outstretched appeared big enough to cause him some serious injury and out of instinct Ichigo did something that was either pure genius or the dumbest thing he could possibly have done, he used the nodachi at his side and sliced Hiyori’s finger.  “You little bastard!” Hiyori exclaimed as she quickly reeled her hand back and began sucking on the cut on her finger. The blonde pigtailed girl looked about ready to kill Ichigo, but a sudden thought struck her head and with it a malicious calm spread throughout her face as she smirked.

“You wanna fight do ya….” This wasn’t a question Hiyori was making a statement, and she wasn’t done. Slowly she pulled her finger out of her mouth and brought her entire hand to her sandal clad feet. Slowly she began gently prying her left sandal off and once it had indeed finally came off she held the blue footwear in her left hand. “If you wanna fight lets fight! A bug versus my sandal!” To accompany her statement Hiyori in a flash slammed her sandal down where Ichigo was as hard as she could. Luckily the little strawberry narrowly dodged it with a last second flash step.

Gritting his teeth Ichigo yelled at the top of his lungs “Oh yeah? If you wanna fight me lets go! Getsuga Tenshou!!!” Swinging his sword unleashing the energy wave Ichigo expected his attack to hurt Hiyori or at least destroy her sandal. Yet for some reason nothing came out when he screamed his attacks name and released his spiritual pressure. Suddenly the memory of Zangetsu’s words rung inside Ichigo’s head “You must last three days not with me but with that blade”

His eyebrow twitching Ichigo staring at the nodachi in his hand muttered “I hate you Zangetsu…” Above Hiyori still crouched down burst out laughing “Wow what a dumb bug! Didn’t you even remember that that blade is nothing like your Zanpaktou?” Pissed off severely at this point Ichigo lost his temper and lunged at Hiyori yelling “Shut the hell up!!”

Even at his size Ichigo’s move caught Hiyori off guard and she had to use her reflexes to barely block Ichigo’s attack with her sandal. Once his blade made contact with the blue foot wear sparks were being formed from the collision meaning that a regular sandal at Ichigo’s size was as strong as his sword! With this knowledge, Little Ichi realized it would lead to which one of the two was stronger which was obviously not Ichigo at his size. Quickly raising his legs Ichigo planted his feet on Hiyori’s sandal and kicked himself back, even doing a couple back flips to show off. In the midst of one of Ichigo’s flips he paled as he saw he was heading for Hiyori’s other sandal which she removed at some point. “Surprise!” Hiyori yelled victoriously as she swung her sandal and sent Ichigo flying like a ball.

By something short of a miracle Hiyori’s surprise attack did not only not hurt Ichigo , but it had also sent him flying up the staircase and into someone’s room. Screaming at the top of his lungs Ichigo landed with a loud thud in the middle of what appeared to be pages in a book. Pulling himself up Ichigo found his face had actually landed in a highy inappropriate picture of a brunette girl. His face turning bright red the little shinigami quickly muttered under his breath “Please no, please god no” He finished turning around and sure enough, he was staring into the curious eyes of Lisa Yadomaru

Lisa with her braided black hair curiously raised an eyebrow at the little bug that had found itself on to her precious book. With a stern expression Lisa coldly muttered “great…another damn bug.”  Releasing her right hand from the edge of the book Lisa began bringing it to the little bug, finger outstretched so it would crush it.

Eyebrow twitching Ichigo clearly angry lowly muttered “You have got to be freaking kidding me….” To avoid Lisa’s rapidly approaching finger Ichigo quickly used a small portion of his spiritual pressure and flash stepped to the other side of the book.

Having sensed the sudden fluctuation of spiritual pressure Lisa froze dead in her tracks, quickly pinpointing where the bug relocated to. “A flash step…it couldn’t be..” Using her right hand Lisa began groping around a bookshelf directly next to her bed, which she was lying on and pulled out a magnifying glass. Bringing it before her eye Lisa curiously examined the bug that was on her book and dropped it in shock “Ichigo!”

The magnifying glass incoming quickly Ichigo had to squeeze out a little bit more spiritual pressure and flash stepped to the other page of the book, where he originally was. The soft clatter of the object on the page made Lisa quickly exclaimed “Oh my bad Ichigo!”  Rubbing the back of his neck Ichigo calmly muttered “Its ok. Just get me to the other Vaizard’s so we can fix this” In response Lisa raised her eyebrows clearly confused “But why? You are much better like this. In fact, I think this will perfectly suit something I have always wished to do.”

Using her Index finger and thumb Lisa gently plucked Ichigo off of her perverted book closing its contents and placed his on her book shelf. Silently she turned around and walked to her door making sure it was locked. This short few minutes gave Ichigo an ideal opportunity to survey Lisa’s room. It wasn’t really different from a typical girl’s room, there were a few posters of male celebrities, a large bed with navy blue covers on top and of course the brown book shelf filled to the brim with perverted novels.

He also took a moment to examine Lisa herself. Lisa was a pretty attractive woman easily; she had serious eyes which had a small pair of glasses which seemed to add on to the tone of seriousness. Her hair matched the seriousness perfectly; it was long black hair that was braided into a long ponytail that reached the middle of her back.  A stern expression was on her face and accompanied the whole persona quite well.

In almost perfect contrast to this Lisa’s clothes she wore…well to be honest they look like the kind of outfit you’d see some man have his girlfriend wear to look sexy. It was a female sailor’s outfit with the typical colors, white and blue. The top wasn’t anything special, just a typical sailor’s top which may have covered it but did help show that Lisa had some nice sized breasts. A dark blue miniskirt was worn with it as well matching the tops shade of blue. The entire combination of her clothes and face may seem odd when described but Lisa pulled this off quite nicely.

With the door properly locked Lisa turned around to Ichigo once again, smiling seductively. Her eyes showed hints of excitement as she began walking slowly to Ichigo. Her bare feet dragging on the ground Lisa reached for her skirt, gently removing it. It fell with a minor thud as she used her feet to kick it off and leave it on the ground revealing a pair of jet black panties. To accompany this Lisa began sliding her arms back through her sleeves and began peeling her top off. With it off she carelessly tossed it behind her, a jet black bra revealed now too.

Ichigo seeing all of this felt a dastardly chill go down his spine, but being a teenager Ichigo couldn’t help but ignore it as he eyed Lisa’s breasts. Blushing Lisa looked down at the ground and raised her eyes to look at Ichigo. Still smiling seductively she had finally reached the shelf he was on and grabbed him, her fist enclosed around his miniscule body.

Going back to her bed, Lisa sat down with her legs stretched to the sides and placed Ichigo between them. Still blushing and smiling Lisa softly spoke, “I have always wanted to do this.” Bring her fingers to her panties Lisa began gently removing them. Ichigo couldn’t help but stare but a voice in the back of his head spoke up, perhaps it was Zangetsu who knows. The voice spoke angrily “You idiot! She may perform a sort of dream for you, but at your size you’d die!” The prospect of dieing made things clear for Ichigo.

Quickly averting his eyes to the side lil Ichi noticed a small mouse hole in the very corner of the room. Mentally measuring the distance Ichigo barely squeezed out the last bit spiritual pressure somehow and used this to perform a series of desperate flash steps.

The action threw Lisa off entirely and she only sat there blankly staring as Ichigo vanished and ran into a mouse hole. Inside of the mouse hole Ichigo was leaning against a support beam gasping for air. Using up so much energy like he has been this day had really exhausted him, so it only made sense that Ichigo fainted then and there.

An unknown amount of time passed until the tiny strawberry awoke again. Groaning he used his arms and raised himself back up. Looking forward Ichigo saw that there was a second mouse hole before him. Still desperately searching for help Ichigo walked through and surveyed his new surroundings. Quickly figuring out where he was Ichigo’s eyes twitched in anger as he muttered lowly “You have got to be kidding me.” Eyeing the nodachi he had somehow held on to all this time he muttered “I hate you Zangetsu, I really do”

Ichigo had said this because his newest environment was the kitchen in the Vaizard’s hideout, and it was Mashiro’s turn to cook!

Chapter 3

Humming happily the green haired Mashiro was stirring a pot of noodles which resided on a white stove which was turned on obviously. Down by his mouse hole Ichigo felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand perfectly upright.  As fate would have it his escape route from Lisa had placed him directly before Mashiro’s boot covered feet as she was cooking.

Grimacing Ichigo cupped his hands together and yelled at the top of his lungs “Mashiro!” His voice reached far but too bad for him not far enough. With a confused “huh” Mashiro looked up and turned her head side to side, apparently she felt something was awry. Gritting his teeth Ichigo bent his head down, rubbing his forehead.

After a moment a series of loud booms caused Ichigo to sharply raise his head. The source of this series of tremors was none other than Mashiro’s boot-clad feet! Apparently she had grown bored and began tapping her feet. The sight of her close orange boots rising up and down made Ichigo back away for a slight moment. His entire world seemed to be shaking up and down, almost like an earthquake.

Feeling a sensation of fear Ichigo backed away slowly to his mouse hole nervously watching Mashiro’s orange boots go up and down. He never made it away though, because for god knows what reason Mashiro stopped tapping her right foot and instead began raising her entire leg. Following it with his eyes Ichigo got a good view of Mashiro’s entire body.

She wore her typical attire, a white jumpsuit with several orange designs here and there. An orange handkerchief wrapped around her neck, and a pair of goggles at the top of her head. Her face was as unique as all the other Vaizard’s, She had bright green hair that was long enough to barely reach her chin. Her lips were extended giving her an almost…goofy look about her.

Suddenly Mashiro slammed her foot down resulting in a loud stomp which knocked lil Ichi off of his feet. Caught completely off guard Ichigo, still somehow holding his blade tried to stand back up, but as luck would have it Mashiro began tapping her feet again. The seismic activity resulting from this once again brought forth tremors that continuously ruined Ichigo’s balance knocking him down over and over again.

Eventually giving up his futile effort Ichigo turned his attention back to Mashiro’s foot and let out a horrified gasp. Her boot was getting closer! Quickly using his hands the little strawberry grabbed the edge of a kitchen floor tile and looked back at Mashiro’s oncoming foot.

If he didn’t do anything Ichigo was sure to die under Mashiro’s boot unless he did something. Examining every detail of her boot Ichigo smiled as he saw a small hole near the front of her boot. His plan in mind Ichigo stabbed the floor with his blade, using it to regain his balance and stand up. Pulling the blade out Ichigo lunged at the giantess’ foot, his blade raised downward he thrusted it deep into the hole of Mashiro’s boot.

Stirring the pot Mashiro dropped her spoon as she stopped humming. Her playful humming was quickly replaced by a childs cry “Owww! Owie owie owie!” A tear forming at the edge of her eye Mashiro knelt down and saw the little strawberry on her boot. Narrowing her eyes like an angry child she snatched him up with her fingers and dangled him in front of her.

Her gaze quickly changed though once the green haired giantess saw the orange hair. “Berry Boy!” Gritting his teeth Ichigo yelled loudly “Its Ichigo!” Rolling her eyes Mashiro fanned her hand “Yeah yeah whatever.” His eyebrow twitching Ichigo whispered low enough for no one to hear “When I return to normal these girls are dead.” Changing his tune though Ichigo faked a smile and said “Can you get the other Vaizard’s in here?”

Childishly Mashiro shook her head “Nuh uh. I’ve always wanted a little strawberry” Growing impatient Ichigo muttered with a sharp tone in his voice “Why not?” Tilting her head Mashiro looked innocently at him “Cuz why would they care if I found a strawberry? I found it I should be the one to eat it”

Finally losing it Ichigo yelled loudly “WHAT?!!?!?!? You can’t eat me I’m-” “A tasty little strawberry” Mashiro cut him off. Smiling a childish smile she giggled “Don’t worry I brush everyday, It wont be too bad Lil Ichi.” Before he could respond Mashiro had already opened her mouth wide open and began bringing Ichigo to it. Her uvula dangling before Ichigo’s eyes, and with that he was tossed carelessly into her mouth landing with a squishy thud on her tongue.

Getting a face full of saliva Ichigo brought himself back up for a moment and stood on Mashiro’s tongue. It moved though and knocked him off of his feet, landing once again face first into her tongue. This time before he could get up Mashiro used her tongue to lick Ichigo’s entire body, savoring the flavor. Finally the moment of truth came; slowly Mashiro began tilting her head back and started to swallow. Using his sword Ichigo stabbed Mashiro’s tongue in an attempt to hold on but it never made contact and fell down with Ichigo down Mashiro’s throat.

The gruff voice of Zangetsu echoed in Ichigo’s head as he plummeted “Enough time has passed.” His eyes clenched in fear, Ichigo was so terrified he didn’t even hear him. Soon Ichigo felt his body no longer falling, nervously opening an eye Ichigo found himself in some sort of a break room. A large kanji symbol painted on the doorway. Ichigo read it aloud “13” he lowly muttered. Suddenly the door opened revealing the last two people he expected, Rukia and Orihime!

Chapter 4

Beads of sweat rolling down their faces Rukia Kuchiki in her Shinigami uniform and Orihime Inoue in a pair of white sweat pants and bright pink short sleeved shirt entered. Both had white towels wrapped around their necks which they were using to soak up their sweat. Engaged in conversation the two beauties didn’t even notice the bug that was Ichigo as they entered the Squad 13 break room.

The room itself was nothing special, the hard wooden floor was the exact same as the inside of any other building within Soul Society. A slide door lied to Ichigo’s North West which is were Rukia and Orihime entered.  Next to the door on the same wall was a line of lockers with a brown bench before them. Another series of lockers across from them with a bench there as well, which Ichigo lied under. A window lied directly above in the middle of the ceiling, shining forth light into the room.

Smiling the two girls walked to adjacent lockers at the North East corner of the room and began opening them, continuing their conversation. “I keep telling ya Orihime you’re really improving,” Closing her eyes happily Orihime chuckled under her breath “Thank you Rukia, but I’m nothing like you.” Chuckling slightly as well Rukia felt like playing around for a second “Yeah you’re right, I’ve got small barely C-cups but you have to be working with at least Double D’s.”

Quickly gasping Orihime turned to Rukia her face bright pink, the sudden motion knocking the towel of off her neck “Rukia!!!!” Smiling for a moment the shinigami shrugged, her eyes closed “What? We’re all girls here.” Below the opposite bench Tiny Ichigo chuckled at the irony “If only they knew…”

Quickly snapping back into focus Ichigo’s eyes lost their playfulness and were replaced with a very serious look. Closing his eyes Ichigo found that he had a decent amount of spiritual pressure left within him. “Well…it worked once...” Sharply opening his eyes Ichigo’s pupils lost their brown color and began glowing bright blue. His short orange hair starting to flow as if the wind was blowing it.

Letting the energy swell within him, filling his entire being Ichigo began yelling a dramatic sort of battle cry as a light blue outline started forming around his body. Stopping the yelling Ichigo brought all of his focus into spreading out his energy as far as possible until he finally found the farthest it could reach. The immense energy still piling within him could not be restrained no longer. Once again yelling Ichigo spread his arms apart dramatically and let his Spiritual pressure engulf all it could.

One instant the light brown wooden floor was normal, the next the entire floor, the supports on the benches and even a few inches of the wall were glowing bright blue with spiritual pressure. Completely caught off guard Orihime’s eyes widened in confusion while Rukia’s snapped to a wary alert gaze.

Slowly Rukia began nervously bringing her right hand to the Zanpaktou at her side, but was quickly halted when Orihime grabbed her hand and held it firmly. “Wait, this energy is familiar.” Stopping, Rukia closed her eyes; tilting her head back she focused her mind into recognizing this energy. In the span of about 3 seconds she snapped back to normal practically gasping out “Ichigo!”

Wearing a slight smile Inoue nodded. Immediately after, she lowered her head down almost as if in prayer, placing her hands gently on the charms that were the source of her power. A long silence passed the bright blue light that was Ichigo’s energy began to dim to the point where only the floor was still glowing and only half as bright.  Her eyes jolting open Orihime lowered her eyes directly underneath a bench opposite of her, where Ichigo stood. 

Just in time too, for at that very instant the blue glow that enveloped the room vanished entirely as Ichigo knelt down on one knee, using his blade a support while he was breathing heavily. Her mouth open in awe Orihime slowly started to walk towards Ichigo, dragging her feet slowly as Rukia behind her stared curiously.

Once at the bench Orihime knelt down on one knee bringing her self fairly close to Ichigo’s miniature body. Looking up, still wheezing Ichigo was staring at Orihimes gigantic yet beautiful face. The longest silence followed, Rukia having followed Orihime’s line of sight saw what she did and broke said silence by yelling “Ichigo!!!!”

Having completely forgotten about Rukia,  Ichigo was caught completely off guard and fell over. Seeing this Rukia began frantically shaking her head repeatedly yelling “Im sorry!” Still silent Orihime our red haired beauty began almost nervously extending her hand towards Ichigo’s tiny frail body.

Using her thumb and index finger Orihime gently but firmly held onto Ichigo’s leg and hoisted him up by it. Dangling him upside down right in front of her face Orihime narrowed an eye carefully examining Ichigo. Making slight grunting noises eventually Orihime smiled with her eyes shut happily “Yup you’re Ichigo!”

Accompanying this statement Orihime gently lowered Ichigo’s body into her left palm. Gently releasing him Ichigo fell for a second and landed onto her hand. Careful not to accidentally stab her Ichigo slowly began to get back on his feet and soon stood almost proudly in Orihime’s hand.

Out of nowhere Rukia’s face appeared before him surprising him off of his feet again. Landing with a small thud Ichigo groaned, rubbing the top of his head he slowly opened an eye and saw Rukia with an almost intrigued expression examining him. The expression vanished in an instant just like Orihime’s and was replaced by a happy smile “Yeah it’s you alright.”

Rubbing his head still Ichigo got up again, placing his sword at his side and using both hands to wipe off dust. “No shit Sherlock” Immediately after both Rukia and Orihime started laughing, the sudden vibrations and motion once again knocking Ichigo off of his feet and landing again with a thud in Orihime’s palm.

Once the laughter had died down Orihime said “Yep that’s you alright, no one else is so rude” Both girls chuckled at this. Rolling his eyes Ichigo who had given up trying to stand up in Orihime’s hand and sat Indian style, began rubbing the back of his neck “ Yeah yeah whatever.”

Quickly turning serious Rukia knelt down with Ichigo eye level to her, her loose shinigami uniform actually revealing some slight cleavage. “Why are you like this Ichigo?” His eyes turning serious Ichigo began retelling his ordeals and why he was going through them. Once done Orihime raised her right hand like a school student in class “Um then why are you here?”

Averting his gaze Ichigo muttered lowly “I don’t-“ Just then Zangetsu’s words once again rang in Ichigo’s head “I should also mention that I shall take it upon myself to change your location when I feel enough time has passed in one place” Smiling Ichigo looked at the Nodachi at his side “Zangetsu….”

Hearing this Orihime tilted her head slightly “Thank you Kurosaki-Kun” Looking over his shoulder Ichigo looked directly into Orihime’s eyes “I told you before, drop the formalities. I’m Ichigo” Her cheeks flushing slightly Orihime averted her gaze “Of course…..Ichigo”

Next to them Rukia smirked as she placed her hands together and broght them to her cheek “Aww look at that Orihime has a little bug boyfriend.” Orihime’s face turned bright red as she started mumbling to herself “B-Boyfriend?” Ichigo’s response was a little different, he ran to the edge of Orihime’s fingers and began swiping his hands wildly In Rukia’s direction “Let me at her! She’s going down!”  Bursting out laughing Rukia pointed at the two “You guys should see yourselves!” Awkwardly silent Ichigo and Orihime looked away from each other.  Sweat still dripping from both ladies bodies Orihime gasped as she remembered she was sweaty “Oh I forgot! I need a shower, a girl can’t be sweaty! C’mon Rukia?”

Careless Rukia scooped Ichigo out of Orihime’s and into her hands “Go ahead, we should take turns. One of us has to watch the idiot.” Chuckling Orihime smiled “Okay ill be back in a little bit!” and with that she ran out of the room, practically breaking the door. His face wearing a bored expression Ichigo turned his head to Rukia looking into her eyes “What now?”

An ominous expression crossed Rukia’s face as her eyes slowly moved their way to Ichigo’s frail body in her palm. A strange malicious gleam shining off of her eyes. Her lips forming into the evilest little grin Rukia said “Now the fun can start”

Chapter 5

His jaw dropping Ichigo stared blankly into Rukia’s eyes “What?” Closing her eyes, smiling and letting out a girly giggle Rukia said “You heard me” Rukia’s expression seemed innocent enough but there seemed to be a certain evilness hidden behind it. Continuing, Rukia said “So let’s begin.”

Still staring blankly Ichigo barely managed to let out a “Huh?” before Rukia began tossing him up and down like some sort of a ball. Screaming wildly Ichigo couldn’t do a thing and had to endure Rukia’s maniacal game.

It was the same process over and over again. Rukia would lower her hands maybe an inch and raised them quickly throwing Ichigo directly upward. Ichigo would fly up about 2 feet before gravity kicked in and sent him plummeting downwards again. Ready, Rukia would cup her hands together and catch him, then repeat the process.

Around the seventh time or so Ichigo had enough. As he was thrown upward he used his right hand to grasp the hilt of his nodachi and pulled it out of its sheath. With the blade in hand Ichigo waited until gravity did its duty. Once he felt his body descending he spun around and faced Rukia’s cupped hands.

Pointing his blade downward once Ichigo came close enough to Rukia the weapon penetrated her skin, resulting in her hand reeling back as she exclaimed “Ow!” Little Ichigo managed to remove his blade from her hand before it reeled back luckily.

Feeling his body plummet to its death Ichigo improvised, using his blade he stabbed Rukia’s Shinigami uniform. The blade went deep into the black fabric, not deep enough to reach her skin. Still descending the friction between Rukia’s clothing and Ichigo’s blade slowed Ichigo’s descent until he finally stopped. Looking up Ichigo realized his puny blade actually created a large gash in Rukia’s clothing exposing her upper body.

Perfectly silent Ichigo examined the gash he made, tracing it to his spot Ichigo found he had stopped directly at Rukia’s bra covered breasts. Her face turning a deep shade of red Rukia’s left eyebrow began twitching in anger and she muttered with a sharp tone “You bastard. How dare you ruin my clothes!”

Blushing Ichigo couldn’t help but stare at the enormous C-cupped breasts before him, unable to respond with its distracting allure. Seeing him stare Rukia came up with a new game of sorts; her face returning to its regular shade of tan she roughly plucked Ichigo off of her tattered clothing, removing it off of her body with Ichigo’s blade still stuck within.

Left with no weapon to defend himself Ichigo looked up into Rukia’s eyes, clearly afraid. Staring at Ichigo’s defenseless body in her grasp Rukia’s eyes shined with victory. “Ichigo, if you wanted to see my breasts that badly you could’ve asked. You didn’t have to destroy my clothes.”

Ichigo in Rukia’s enclosed fist yelled at the top of his lungs “No I-“He was cut off when the gigantic thumb of the brunette covered his mouth. Leaning forward with a seductive smile on her lips Rukia brought her face close enough to Ichigo to the point her lips were a mere centimeter away from his head.

“Shh….No need to be shy Ichigo. I can grant your wish” Her breath gently and almost seductively caressing Ichigo’s head. Although our orange haired hero couldn’t speak his eyes widened in what was clearly shock. To restrain Ichigo from talking Rukia held her thumb over his mouth as she brought him to her cleavage. Being a teenage boy Ichigo felt the greatest urge to stare at Rukia’s petite yet amazingly beautiful breasts; sad to say that they were covered by a tight black bra.

Succumbing to the urge Ichigo stared at them, blushing madly. Once Rukia had him close enough she wedged him tightly into her cleavage, making sure he wouldn’t fall. Releasing him Rukia found Ichigo to be embarrassed to the point of utter silence as he remained perfectly still in her cleavage.

With him firmly in place Rukia walked back to her locker behind her and pulled out a spare soul reaper top. Placing her arms in the sleeves Rukia didn’t bring it together yet so it looked something of a jacket. “Enjoying yourself Ichigo?”

Somehow finding a way to speak at last Ichigo mumbled “Y-yeah.” Sighing happily Rukia smiled “Good because you’re going to be there a while” A loud confused grunt escaped from Ichigo’s mouth as Rukia finished putting her top on trapping Ichigo with her breasts.

Everything suddenly went dark for the little shinigami, the gigantic breasts still at his sides. Being squeezed by the enclosed space Ichigo yelled “Let me out Rukia!” Alas Rukia didn’t hear a thing.

The realization of this hit Ichigo and suddenly everything seemed to worsen for him. The pressure of Rukia’s breasts seemed to increase making Ichigo gasp in pain as a couple of bones made loud cracking sounds. The enclosed space of Rukia’s top also providing a great deal of heat.

In record time Ichigo was sweating bullets as his oxygen supply began to get dangerously low in his enclosed space. Everything started to get hazy for our hero.. His vision starting to blur he realized he had to leave or he would be a goner.

Mustering up his strength Ichigo grasped the squishy hills that were Rukia’s breasts and pulled himself out of her tight cleavage. Using her bra strap as a support Ichigo saw that Rukia’s top wasn’t tucked in like always, he could jump out!

Taking a deep breath Ichigo jumped forward and fell all the way to the floor. Lucky for him Rukia wore her sandals and socks still, he landed on the sock fabric and bounced safely to the floor.

Turning around Ichigo found that Rukia had never left the locker room, his entire ordeal lasted a couple of minutes! Smiling mischievously Rukia bent over “Good Idea Ichigo. You can worship my feet.” His eyes teeming with fury Ichigo yelled at the top of his lungs “Like hell I will!”

Shaking her head Rukia sighed “I suppose I must teach you your place.” Extending her hand Rukia once again enclosed her fist around him and carried him somewhere. Lil Ichi had no way of knowing where he was going due to Rukia’s index finger blocking his line of sight. Carelessly Rukia tossed Ichigo into some sort of a dark chamber. A faint but foul odor permeated throughout it.

It seemed very familiar but Ichigo couldn’t quite place it. Suddenly the rooms door opened up and Orihime walked in now clean and refreshed; wearing a new clean outfit that was exactly like her old one. “Hey Rukia! Where’s Ichigo?” Inconspicuously Rukia took a quick look at where she placed him; looking back she shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know he just vanished. I guess Zangetsu moved him again.”

Pouting Orihime said “Darn, I hope he’s okay…” Her eyes brimming with a gently kindness Rukia slowly walked forward and placed a hand on Orihime’s shoulder

“He’ll be fine. Let’s go, some training will get your mind off of him.” Cheering up surprisingly quick Orihime said “Alright! Let me get my shoes back on first though.”

At the mention of the word “Shoe” Ichigo immediately recognized his prison. It was none other than Orihime’s white tennis shoes!

Looking to and fro Orihime placed her left index finger just below her lip “Hmm…Now if I were a pair of tennis shoes where would I be?” Holding back an evil laugh Rukia batted her eyes innocently “I think you left them underneath the bench.”

Following Rukia’s advice Orihime knelt down and examined beneath one of the benches. Just as Rukia said her shoes were right there. “There they are” extending her arms she grabbed onto the edges of the white shoes and hoisted them up; placing them on the bench where she could insert her bare feet without kneeling down again.

Raising her left leg high enough the red haired beauty gently began sliding her petite feet into the depths of her shoe, blissfully unaware of her little friend trapped within. It took all of the self control Rukia had to stop herself from giving away what she had done. Anxious she began to fidget, her fingers almost twitching, the sides of her lips forcing their way into a smile.

Ichigo’s take was quite different from the unaware redhead and the conniving brunette. The only source of light, the opening in Orihime’s shoe was blotted out and now almost perfectly pitch black Ichigo looked up in horror as five gigantic toes with crimson red painted toe nails descended deeper into the shoe.

Completely unaware Orihime innocently shoved her entire foot entirely into her shoe; wedging Ichigo’s torso between her third and fourth toe, his face shoved deeply into her foot; his legs under her sole.

 Putting on her other shoe, Orihime stood up and stamped her right foot “ Man that feels tighter than usual.” Her stomp made Lil Ichi feel a few of his bones beneath Orihime’s sole crack and maybe even fracture; by some miracle they didn’t break though.

Looking back at Rukia Orihime smiled happily “Lets go.”  A short nod is all Rukia did as they started exiting the room, Rukia occasionally glancing at Orihime’s feet. She never noticed though and they continued walking to the Squad 13 training ground.

Each step applied most if not all of Orihime’s body weight on to Ichigo’s frail miniscule body. Creaks and cracks were constantly heard in her shoe but strangely nothing was getting broken still. His face shoved deep between the vixen’s toes Ichigo was breathing in a durable but nonetheless horrific odor.

The heat inside of it rivaled what Ichigo experienced a few minutes ago when he was in Rukia’s cleavage. “Man what I’d give to be back there” Ichigo thought. He tried his little trick of using his spiritual pressure as a signal again but when he tried it he felt his reserves of energy nearly depleted; he had some energy left but if Ichigo tried his little trick all he would do is end up exhausting himself. Taking deep breaths Ichigo was quickly losing oxygen and getting more and more foot odor.

Orihime’s feet finally stopped moving now as she and Rukia reached their destination. Wordlessly Rukia walked to a position directly across from Orihime and unsheathed her sword.

“Dance….Sode No Shirayuki!” immediately the silver blade in Rukia’s petite and well kept hands began glowing pure white; the energy began fading and instead of the iron silver colored blade there was now a pure white blade with an elegant white sash coming out of the hilt. Wielding the blade in one hand Rukia raised her other hand and shouted “ Bakudo 33 Pale Fire Crash!”

 Narrowing her eyes Orihime quickly reached for her charms, bringing her left foot back she focused on Rukia “Tsubaki. Santen Kasshun I reject!” A portion of Orihime’s charm vanished and turned into an arrow shaped projectile that flew towards Rukia. About at this time blue fire flew out of Rukia’s hand and went to Orihime.

Seeing the oncoming attack both girls leapt to the side and safely but barely avoided the attacks. Orihime’s leap made things tough on Ichigo, her feet dug deep into his legs as they made the force that allowed her to jump. A slight weightlessness came after that which made Ichigo feel as if his body was floating with Orihime’s foot; this was short lived however when Orihime began to descend once more.

The weightless feeling was replaced with Ichigo being forced deep into Orihime’s cute but odorous feet. Once her feet made contact with the ground more creaks and cracks were heard.

Both girls looking at each other Rukia darted to her side, Orihime likewise; so now they were running in the same direction and remained directly across from one another. The running repeated the walking experience Ichigo had earlier only magnified. The pressure was much stronger as the odor seemed to increase as well. To make matters worse it seemed that the training had begun to make Orihime’s feet build up sweat.

They were small beads at first and didn’t come close to Ichigo, but as the training progressed they got bigger and more numerous. In roughly 10 minutes Ichigo’s clothes were being entirely soaked by sweat; some drops forcing their way into his mouth.

Breaking the running formation simultaneously both girls darted towards each other, their hands enclosed into a fist prepared to punch. And punch they did, once they were close enough both girls punched each other.

Although the blow made contact with her Rukia smiled as she raised the blade in her other hand. Gasping Orihime jumped back, beads of sweat beginning to drip off of her skull.

Ichigo’s endurance was beginning to reach its end; the heat of Orihime’s shoe was causing his vision to become extremely blurry and Ichigo was pretty sure half his body fluids were foot sweat at this point. The amount of air was getting dangerously low too, Orihime’s foot seemed to cut off the entire supply from the outside world. Closing his eyes for what he thought would be a minor rest Ichigo passed out.

Inside his soul Zangetsu grunted in annoyance “He really can’t do anything without me can he?” Using his immense power he once again saved Ichigo from death in some humiliating fashion. Hours later Ichigo awoke, his back was to a wooden wall.

Beneath him was the typical Soul Society floor meaning he was still there. Tired still Ichigo groaned slightly as he looked up and gasped. “Zangetsu….I hate you….with every fiber of my being I really do.” Ichigo was looking at a large pink banner which said “Female Shinigami Association”

His skin turning almost translucent Ichigo reread the words on a gigantic pink banner decorated with far too much glitter. “Female Shinigami Association” Standing up Ichigo wiped himself off and surveyed his new environment. He was underneath a table with all sorts of foods on it, within a large room; the banner he thought he was reading was actually part of the table cloth.

 It was possibly a dining room furnished with things for a party. Looking around Ichigo heard familiar voices surrounding him but there were so many that they all sounded like gibberish to him.

Aside from that something else seemed amiss. Looking around several times Ichigo couldn’t place it until he noticed just what he was standing on; he was on the very back of a gigantic shinigami sandal! His eyes wide in shock Ichigo realized what was amiss; this sandal was far bigger than what it should be.

 Recalling the events he recently had the little shinigami knew for a fact a sandal at his size was far smaller than this so what happened? Seeking an answer to this Ichigo climbed off of the sandal and warily walked far enough to see past the table at the voices he was hearing.

Curiously and cautiously looking out Ichigo saw many female shinigami he knew; only they were all far bigger than what he had been accustomed too during his trials. Staring at his sheathed blade at his side Ichigo had a great urge to break it. Zangetsu had made him no bigger than a centimeter!

“One inch wasn’t enough huh? You just had to make me smaller! When we’re back to normal Im gonna trade you with Renji’s sword for sure.” Ichigo screamed at the blade.

Out of all the females Ichigo first noticed Yoruichi Shihoin in her typical attire, orange sweat shirt with black sweat pants; she seemed to be holding a bottle of vodka which was almost empty.

Ichigo noticed her dark tan feet were bare, recalling the trauma he experienced with a prissy girl like Orihime’s feet Ichigo was terrified of what Yoruichi’s would be like.

Apparently drunk, Yoruichi began speaking, lil Ichigo was barely able to understand it since she was slurring her words a lot. “C’mon Soi Fon take a load off! Kick off the shoes pick up some whisky and party!”

Across from her was Soi Fon in typical attire, not paying the slightest attention to the party around her. “I would never madam Yoruichi!” Drunk and frustrated Yoruichi began removing her shirt. Caught way off guard and blushing Soi Fon said “What are y-“

She was cut off by Yoruichi shoving the bottle of vodka she was holding into Soi Fon’s, mouth letting it seep down her throat. “There now ya got nothing to lose” she slurred.  Still sober and quite uncomfortable Soi Fon grudgingly began to willingly drink as she started kicking off her heels.

Once they were both off she carelessly kicked them to side, almost in Ichigo’s exact direction; Narrowing his eyes Ichigo barely, just barely jumped away in time but the very tip of Soi Fon’s shoes struck Ichigo. The moment it made contact he got the slightest smell coming from it and gagged loudly, holding back what was probably vomit.

“Note to self never get near those two’s feet” he muttered as an oral reminder. Just then some females feet, which were socked this time came out of nowhere blocked Ichigo’s view. Gigantic bare calves went on far after the socks. Looking up Ichigo got an immediate shot of a pair of azure panties.

Suppressing a nosebleed Lil Ichi managed to figure out who was before him. The skirt made it a lot easier; there was no shinigami who wore a skirt except for the lieutenant of squad 12 Nemu Kurosutchi. Just as Ichigo deduced it was her silently nibbling at a couple of chips at the table.

Thinking of Nemu reminded Ichigo of twelfth squad; being a research squad they would be able to fix him right up. “Screw Zangetsu’s test I’m cheating!” he gloated, charging some slight power into his legs Ichigo leapt a grand five normal inches and landed around the middle of Nemu’s foot.

Grabbing on to the soft fabric Ichigo wasn’t actually assaulted by foot odor this time. “Thank god” he mumbled as he began climbing the mountain that was Nemu. Lucky for our hero Nemu was almost perfectly still, still nibbling at some food.

Straining almost all the muscles in his body Ichigo made it to around Nemu’s waist and got a much better view of everything.

About every female shinigami he knew was here, Isane and Kiyone Kotetsu, Retsu Unohana, Yachiru Kusajishi, Nanao Ise, Momo Hinamori and Rangiku Matsumoto. Looking up Ichigo saw a shocking amount of beauty in Nemu’s form.

Being at his size all of Nemu’s “assets” were extremely large and a sort of urge caused Ichigo to stare. Just then Nemu said something that threw a big wrench into all of Ichigo’s plans. “I should bring some food for lord Mayuri…” A mental image of the mad scientist entered Ichigo’s head at that instant.

“The hell am I thinking?! That weirdo scientist will experiment on me not save me! I have to get away from her!” Grabbing the sash that tied Nemu’s skirt on the little strawberry used it as a sort of arm hold and threw himself onto Nemu’s behind.

Landing on the round surface Ichigo immediately leapt off and ended up in the middle of the floor. Quickly getting up Ichigo was shocked to find he had landed in the middle of 6 pairs of feet, all of which were bare. Looking up Ichigo saw the owners of these feet Isane, Matsumoto, Unohana, Hinamori, Yachiru, and Soi Fon.

Apparently drunk like Yoruichi was Matsumoto exclaimed “Let the dance competition begin!”

His face turning whiter than ever Ichigo could only stand still in horror as he continued eavesdropping on the giantess’s conversation.

Jumping up and down like the kid she was Yachiru yelled loudly “Me first me first!” Without waiting for a response the pink haired shinigami began dancing what seemed to be a kind of disco maneuver; her feet luckily were nowhere close to our hero.

Yachiru danced for the grand total of 10 seconds when she suddenly lost her balance and fell, her body landing beside Ichigo knocking him off of his feet. At this moment all of the girls yelled “Next!” in perfect unison.

 Her shoulders slumped Yachiru frowned and walked away looking as if she was about to cry. Soi Fon who looked slightly drunk lowly muttered “Let the pro show you how it’s done”

Taking a step forward Soi Fon was a foot away from Ichigo and began dancing herself. Her maneuvers seemed more like break dancing, placing a hand on the ground she twirled her body around like it weighed like nothing at all. Her body moving rapidly Soi Fon soon ended up on her head and began spinning on it for her finish.

Her hairpiece was spinning wildly like a whirlwind and knocked into Ichigo sending him flying once more. Our hero landed in some new liquid surface. Getting a mouthful of it when he fell Ichigo recognized the taste of…cheese?!

Looking around little Ichigo found he was knocked back to the table and landed in a bowl of cheese for some chips. The gooey feeling of it made movement impossible if not extremely hard. Our hero squirmed around trying to escape his prison.

Just then a chip came from out of nowhere and dipped into the cheese scooping some up. Looking up Ichigo saw that Nemu was still at the table eating! Finishing the chip she had just placed into her mouth Nemu reached for another chip and again brought this to the cheese.

Desperately squirming in an attempt to move Ichigo was unable to go anywhere and was stuck watching the chip coming on to him. Fate seemed to favor him though since Nemu again missed him and ate the chip. Finishing this last one the shinigami turned and walked away.

Breathing a sigh of relief Ichigo was unexpectedly scooped up with a chip. Turning around he found himself looking at Matsumoto who was licking her lips. “ Man I am Hungry!” she muttered to herself.

Ichigo was carelessly tossed into Matsumoto’s mouth, no drama, no action he just fell into her mouth and was about to be eaten.

Just then Zangetsu’s voice rang loudly in Ichigo’s mind “Enough Time has passed, Congratulations.” Opening his eyes Ichigo found himself back at the Vaizard’ hideout. He had returned to his normal height and his zanpaktou was back to normal.

“Was that all…a dream?” Ichigo muttered. Just then Shinji and Hiyori walked into the basement where Ichigo was and found him. Frowning Hiyori said “What the hell? Why are you big again?!”

Again…” Ichigo thought. “Then that means…”  Turning his head to Shinji “Shinji get the others.” Ichigo ordered. His eyes wide in surprise Shinji asked “Why?’ Wearing a grin Ichigo responded “I’m going to kick Hiyori’s annoying ass.”

Not asking anymore questions Shinji got the other Vaizard’s and they all sat in various places about to watch the battle.

Their eyes dead serious both Ichigo and Hiyori placed their hands over their faces and hollowfied. Then they battled, it was the same as normal but this time when the 10 second mark came Hiyori eased up knowing Ichigo’s mask would crumble away.

However not only did the mask not crumble away Ichigo flash stepped behind Hiyori and began to swing his sword “It’s Over!” Shocked Hiyori turned to Ichigo defenseless.

It was now that the mask crumbled away for some reason. Everyone was perfectly still until Hiyori smiled a big smile and planted both feet on Ichigo “You still Phail!!!” she yelled as she kicked him.

Pushing the button on his stopwatch Shinji carelessly looked at the timer “11 Seconds. Well whatever training you did it raised your time by a second Ichigo.” Hearing this Ichigo looked at Zangetsu in his hands after he stood back up “You bastard. I hate you Zangetsu….” He muttered again. Clearly mad Ichigo yelled at the top of his lungs “ALL OF THAT FOR ONLY A SINGLE SECOND OF HOLLOWIFICATION!!!!!!!!!!!” Seems Zangetsu forgot to mention just how much this training would improve our hero’s abilities.