Ultimate Trouble


     In the vast realms of space a strange portal was traveling at light speeds towards the planet Earth, but not the Earth you and I know. This is a different Earth, a world where giant monster battles really take place in Tokyo, and where three heroines defend their city from these “threatening” beasts. The portal was already halfway to its destination, and only had a few hours before reaching its destination, but the really mystery is who’s in the portal. That my friend is the key mystery to the story I’m telling you today.

    It was a typical Monday morning for Tokyo, which means that everyone will be expecting another monster attack and another appearance of Ultimate Girl though which one appearing is left to be unknown. Sitting in one of the many public parks of Tokyo was Silk Koharuno, a very shy girl who, despite not liking it very well, is also known as Ultimate Girl Little Chest, one of the three giant heroines who protect the city from giant monsters. Hardly anyone know her secret except for her best friends Vivenne Otohri and Tsubomi Moroboshi (who are also Ultimate Girls, but with different forms) and UFO-Man, the previous defender of the city who gave up some of his power to revive the three girls after accidentally killing them during a battle. Recently though she’s been a bit down lately. The reason is that her crush, Makota Moroboshi, had left for America a couple of weeks ago to get some advance training in photography so he may hope to find out the true identity of the Ultimate Girls, especially Little Chest since it was her who saved his life from a monster’s clutches (although he found out when he was the core of a monster that threatened the city and when Silk nearly sacrificed herself to save him again, but lost his memory thanks to UFO-Man). Ever since Silk has been even more depressed then usual. Hopefully today would be different for her.

    It was 1:45 when Silk’s two friends arrived to the park that she was sitting at. Vivenne was the first to get there since Tsubomi, being a bit obnoxious and all, was making sure that no monsters would miss her sight. She, unlike her friends, loved being a heroine and never wasted a minute of the action when she had the chance (though this also makes her love to show off to the fans of the Ultimate Girls). Vivenne (though called Vivi by her friends) was a bit like Silk and didn’t like being a heroine much, but like Tsubomi she doesn’t hold back in a fight. She also often worried about with Silk especially with her crush on Makota, but ever since that final incident she hasn’t worried about her much, until now.

Vivenne: Silk? Are you ok?

Silk looked up at Vivi and gave her a weak smile.

Silk: Yeah I’m fine. So how was your vacation?

Vivenne: Oh it was all right I guess. Learning about our past history can be a bit boring though.

Silk just gave a soft giggle knowing how Vivenne is a bit obsessed with her family culture, especially when it comes to revealing her body (though she gets over it when she’s Ultimate Girl Big Chest).

Vivenne: So how was your weekend? Anything interesting happened?

Silk: Uh uh. Mayu had been gone most of the time along with mom and dad so I had the house to UFO-Man and myself.

Vivenne: Speaking of UFO-Man where is he? He usually pops up around this time knowing that another monster will strike soon.

Silk: I don’t know really. He actually hasn’t been himself lately.

Suddenly the earth began to shake as giant footsteps were coming, which meant only one thing: a monster. Tsubomi was the first to react by running to her friends while holding her hands together like in a fighting stance. She was itching for her turn to take place.

Tsubomi: A monster is here at last! Now I can transform this time around!

Vivenne*thinking*: I knew she would act like this.

     Just then a shouting voice came to the girl’s ears. They turned to see UFO-man flying towards them at such high speeds.

UFO-Man: Oh I’m so damn late!

Tsubomi: About time you got here! I’m ready when you are!

UFO-man immediately stopped right in front of Silk and extended the staff’s holder.

UFO-Man: Silk, are you ready now?

Silk: What!? It’s Tsubomi’s turn to transform!

UFO-Man: Not this time Silk. This monster is extremely powerful, and Tsubomi can’t go up against something like that.

Silk gave slight frown and nodded. Tsubomi, on the other hand, just pouted while Vivenne couldn’t help but laugh a little at her disappointed friend.

Silk: All right. I’ll go.

Silk then extended her hand and grabbed the staff of UFO-Man’s little ship. At that time the transformation began.

    In the city the monster attacking was in the form of a giant lizard (another ridiculous threat), although like UFO-Man said, it was very powerful considering its core a monster’s weak spot was very small and very hard to locate. Already at the scene was Okamura, a newsman that does all the news reports on the monster fights. Sitting next to him was Mayu, Okamura’s assistant and Silk’s older sister.

Mayu: So Okamura what’s today’s monster?

Okamura: The Giant Lizard!

Mayu: That’s it? No other name?

Okamura adjusted his glasses.

Okamura: I don’t know this monster’s name.

Mayu*thinking*: Figures.

Okamura: Now show yourself Ultimate Girl! Let’s see you’re power against this awful beast!

And of course she appeared in front of the monster. It was Silk, or what the population of Tokyo calls her, Little Chest (this isn’t the real name, but the real name is a bit inappropriate). Of course she’s different when she’s in her Ultimate Girl Form. Her hair, once brown, was now snow white like her outfit. On her forehead is the core where UFO-Man stays during battles as he supplies his part of power to Silk (which decreased a lot since he revived Makota therefore making time shorter then ever for fighting). He also gives Silk some advice sometimes, while other times he’s just a big pain in the ass.


But before he could finish his sentence Mayu whacked him aside the head with anger.

Mayu: I told you not to call her that! We have young viewers watching this for pete sakes!

Okamura: Oh, sorry about that. *thinking* Stupid rating system.

Tokyo Main Highway

     Back on the battle field (if you want to call the city that) Silk was dodging many blasts from the Giant Lizard’s mouth, knowing that if she got hit it would be bad news. Of course she knew she had to get in there and destroy the core, but getting close enough wouldn’t be easy.

UFO-Man: Come on Silk! You don’t have much time!

Silk: I know, and I’m trying.

The lizard then prepared to fire a powerful green blast at Silk though it was taking a while to fully charge up for the attack.

UFO-Man: Now Silk! This is your chance!

Silk made a dash for the monster right as it was about to fire its attack, and grab the core on its stomach. Using all her strength she pulled the core out of its socket and smashed it into tiny pieces. The monster struggled for a minute as it began to disappear while Silk sighed in relief. Then, out of nowhere, the monster made a quick dash towards Silk right before it disappeared, as if it wanted to get to her before he was gone for good. This actually made Silk scared a bit, but she soon calmed down after the last particles of the monster disappeared. The entire city was cheering for their hero as Silk waited to transform back down to her normal self, but for some reason she didn’t. In fact, her uniform wasn’t dissolving at all. Silk noticed this and began to worry.

Silk: UFO-Man, how come I’m not changing back to normal? UFO-Man?

She checked her headband to see if UFO-Man was still there, but she didn’t feel the power symbol at all. It was gone.

Silk*softly*: Oh no.

    The news press also took notice of this and began to wonder why she didn’t disappear.

Mayu: That’s odd. Usually when a monster fight is over Ultimate Girl disappears, but this time she isn’t. Even her uniform is still intact.

Okamura: Yes that is puzzling, but then again…

Okamura immediately got into the news van and grabbed the wheel.


Mayu: What???

Okamura immediately hit the accelerator and drove of towards Silk as she stood there as still as she could not moving in inch, hoping that UFO-Man would provide her with some answers…whenever he gets back.

    Apparently UFO-Man had left Silk, but only because he thought she would transform back down to her normal self. This worried him as well considering he forgot to mention something else to the girls when they had to take his place as protectors of the city, and Vivenne wasn’t happy at all when he told her and Tsubomi.


UFO-Man: I guess I should’ve told you girls this information sooner. You see every 40 years the m.o.e. energy goes through an endless cycle where they go through major changes. During that time I had to stay here on Earth for a week while the process was doing its job. Now that you girls have some of my power the same process affects you as well, but I didn’t expect it to happen this soon!

Tsubomi: Wait, it was supposed to happen later?

UFO-Man: Four years later to be exact, but the process was shortened somehow.

Vivenne thought for a moment and then remembered the incident from last year.

Vivenne: Could it be from when you reconstructed Makota’s body?

UFO-Man: Yes of course! That shortened the time even more!

Tsubomi: So what do we do with Silk for the week she’s like this?

UFO-Man: I always had a place where I could go during these times. She can stay there until the process is over. Until then we have to have to stay alert for any other monster sightings. There have been cases where more then one monster appears on Monday, and Silk can be their target.

Vivenne: Ok, but how do we get her to come with us? I doubt we can get near her without drawing a lot of attention.

Tsubomi: I have a way! Let me transform and then I’ll get those reporters to fall for me while Silk follows you to your hideout.

UFO-Man: I don’t know. You could end up in the same situation as Silk.

Vivenne: Actually, it might be crazy enough to work. The public loves her and she loves to show off. It’s the perfect distraction.

Tsubomi grinned very widely. She was really starting to like her plan a lot.

UFO-Man: All right. Lets give it a try, but don’t do anything stupid!

Tsubomi: Have I ever done anything stupid?

UFO-Man: I have a list; do you want me to tell you what stupid stuff you’ve done in the past?

Tsubomi just simply stuck her tongue out while making a silly face at UFO-Man. She knew what stupid and ridiculous stuff she did as Ultimate Girl.

Tsubomi: Anyway lets start this already!

Sighing, UFO-Man extended the staff on his little saucer and allowed Tsubomi to grab it.

Tsubomi: ULTIMATE GIRL!!!!

Tokyo Alley

    She immediately began to transform into her Ultimate Girl form, but while this was going on the portal that I mentioned earlier finally arrived at Earth. It opened up in an ally about 3 blocks from where Silk was standing and sent a person flying straight out…face first into the ground.

????: Damn Portal! I should’ve seen that coming.

    The person that appeared from the portal was actually a young girl in her teens. She had hair as red as actual human blood with matching eyes in color to add. She had a very slender body and was about the same height as Silk (a couple of centimeters taller then Silk actually). She was wearing an orange shirt with a blue skirt and slip on shoes. She would actually pose as an ordinary American teen perfectly, if it weren’t for the “special” abilities that she possessed.

    She finally finished rubbing her head from the impact of hitting the ground at such high speeds and began walking out of the ally, while observing the sites of Tokyo.

????: So this is Tokyo huh? Quite better looking then the Tokyo from my Universe. I wonder what goes on here?

She soon got her answer when a thundering stomp shook the entire ground behind her. When she turned around she was looking straight at the feet of a monster. She raised her head to get a better look at the monster and noticed it looked a bit familiar to her.

????: Oh…crap.

Tokyo Main Highway

    Silk was the second to notice the new monster appearance and began to worry even more thinking that she couldn’t fight without UFO-Man in her. She hesitated…until Tsubomi appeared in front of her as Ultimate Girl Lili (I know, it’s a ridiculous name).

Tsubomi: Silk, we need to get you to…

But before she could finish her sentence, the monster that had appeared blasted the place where the mysterious teen had appeared with a powerful windblast. Tsubomi and UFO-Man noticed it, in which got Tsubomi excited, but UFO-Man very worried.

UFO-Man: Oh no. This isn’t good.

Tsubomi: What are you talking about? That monster doesn’t look so tough.

UFO-Man: That’s not an ordinary monster.

Silk heard UFO-Man and turned to speak, but was cut off as he continued his explanation of the monster.

UFO-Man: That monster is known as one of the four “Elemental Monsters.”

Tsubomi: Elemental Monsters?

UFO-Man: These monsters have control over a specific element. This one has the power over wind, but what confuses me is why its here at this time, and what for?

Tsubomi: It doesn’t matter right now why its here or not. I’ll teach it a lesson.

Tsubomi then began making a charge straight for the warrior like monster.

UFO-Man: NO YOU IDIOT!!!! You can’t fight him!!!!

But it was too late. Tsubomi threw a punch right at it, but the blow hardly did any damage although sent it tumbling into the ground. The giant heroine then looked at Silk and smiled.

Tsubomi: That was easy.

The monster then made a leap into the air after recovering and, before Tsubomi could do anything, kicked her to the ground.

Silk: Tsubomi!!!

Silk herself then came running in, but the monster simply swiped her with its left arm and sent her smashing into an office building.

Vivenne: SILK!!!!

Tsubomi looked up at the monster with complete fear in her eyes as it took out its sword and prepared to a final slice. Vivenne could only watch in horror, as the monster was about to kill her best friend and began to cry.

Vivenne*softly*: Tsubomi, Silk.

The monster then drove its sword forward towards Tsubomi as she awaited her death, but then all of a sudden…

*metal impact sound*

Tsubomi opened her eyes to the monster’s sword being held back by something, or better yet…someone.

Tsubomi: Huh? What happened?

UFO-Man: Apparently someone saved you.

Tsubomi: But who…

She cut off her sentence when she saw the person that saved her. It was the mysterious teen, and she was…floating in midair with a sword holding back the monster’s sword!?

Tsubomi: Wow! Thanks…uh…whoever you are.

The girl nodded back and then looked at the monster.

????: Now then why don’t you pick on someone with your own skills you fat bastard?

The girl then drove his sword back to the point where it broke in half. As it happened the teen then flew straight for the monster’s core and unexpectedly destroyed it with a blast of fire that came from her palm. The monster then disappeared all together leaving only Silk, Tsubomi, and the redheaded girl left at the scene, well until the press came flying in their vehicle at such. Tsubomi noticed this and then looked at Silk.

Tsubomi: Silk, head to the sea cave outside of the city. You’ll be able to stay there while you’re Ultimate Girl.

UFO-Man: Actually both of you need to go.

Tsubomi: Why?

UFO-Man: Because you’re stuck in your form as well.

Tsubomi then noticed UFO-Man floating in front of her huge face. The only thing she did though was blink cutely like a Chibi. Silk then came up to UFO-Man’s tiny body and asked him a question.

Silk: What’s going on UFO-Man? How come we can’t transform back to our normal forms?

UFO-Man: I’ll explain everything to you at my little hideout. Right now someone should get Vivenne so she could come as well.

Tsubomi on the other hand just stepped away a few blocks and began showing off to all the boys who gathered to see the fight. Silk couldn’t help but giggle while Vivenne (who was now on top of an office building) simply sighed.

Vivenne: At least Tsubomi got to do what she wanted to do.

The mysterious teen then came jumping onto Silk’s shoulder (apparently startling her at the sight of it).

????: Hey do you mind if I come too? I need some help right now from you guys and apparently you need my help as well against these monsters. I also need a place to stay.

UFO-Man came up to the girl and examined her closely. Silk simply just watched as she carefully picked up Vivenne with her right hand and placed her on her other shoulder.

UFO-Man: Well since you helped us out I’ll allow it, but you need to keep it a secret.

????: Fine.

UFO-Man’s Secret Cave

     At the cave that UFO-Man was talking about, the group was discussing different matters at this situation as well as the girl telling her background story.

UFO-Man: So Amber, you came from a different dimension and you’re known as a defender of your home world.

Amber (the teen’s real name) nodded.

UFO-Man: Hmm, that might be the reason why that Elemental Monster was attacking you in the first place, but what amazes me is that you defeated it so easily at your current size.

Amber: Well I’m quite powerful actually, but I don’t know why I was sent here. I guess you girls need some help with these monsters that are appearing.

Vivenne: But we managed to handle these kinds of situations on our own haven’t we?

UFO-Man: Yes, but these monsters aren’t like the other ones. They’re much more powerful. Even when I still had my full body and powers I couldn’t stand up to them. Who knows what could happen at this rate.

Silk simply kept quiet during the discussion while Tsubomi, who was still disappointed from being cut off from showing off to her beloved fans, laid on the bed asleep. Vivenne looked back her titanic friends and simply smiled.

Vivenne: Well we could always discuss this tomorrow. I think Silk and Tsubomi need their rest. Besides it’s getting late.

UFO-Man: Yes. Today has been a busy day. Of course you will have to stay here for the night Vivenne.

Vivenne: That’s not a problem for me. My parents are out of town for a couple of weeks so I have the place to myself.

UFO-Man: I think you should get some rest as well Amber.

Amber: That’s all right. I’ll stand guard to make sure that no one gets in, especially reporters.

Silk: Well, goodnight.

Vivenne: Goodnight Silk.

Silk went over to the other spare bed and went to sleep instantly as soon as she got comfortable. Vivenne just climbed up to Tsubomi’s bed and went to sleep on the bed that strangely appeared out of nowhere and also fell asleep quickly. Amber and UFO-Man simply went to the entrance of the cave and looked up into the night sky preferably to have another discussion.

UFO-Man: I need to ask you something.

Amber: What?

UFO-Man: Well you see, due to the girls being well, unable to fight at this time I need you to take their place.

Amber simply looked at him in a weird way.

UFO-Man: I know this is a bit much I’m asking you of, but please.

Amber: I don’t know. To be honest, I’m not up to it. I’m going to have to pass.

UFO-Man: What?! But this is important!

Amber: You think I don’t know that!?

UFO-Man staggered a bit from the brunette’s yelling. The teen then withdrew her _expression and simply looked at the water.

Amber: I’m sorry, but I don’t even know why I ended up here in the first place. I need some time to figure stuff out before I go and do something reckless.

UFO-Man: I understand completely. Well good night, and thanks again for saving Tsubomi.

UFO-Man then floated back into the cave while Amber stayed outside still staring at the same place of the ocean.

Amber*thinking*: I didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of me. That monster was after me, and I can’t let anyone else get caught up in my mess.

Next Morning

    The sky was very peaceful as well as the sea. No clouds were even in the sky. Amber was the first to wake up that morning (with a sore body of course) and only sighed as she got up and stretched. The wind was blowing so calmly that her hair just simply wanted to blow along with it. She took a deep breath and smiled.

Amber: Looks like today is going to be a beautiful day. Not a bad time to give myself a tour of Tokyo actually.

And with that Amber simply few off towards the city, with Tsubomi watching from behind inside the cave. She was actually a bit confused with what she saw, but then yawned and went back inside the cave.


    Walking about the streets of Tokyo, Amber was admiring the sites all to well. She went to many stores and restaurants to see what kind of stuff they had in Tokyo, or better yet Japan all together.

Amber: It’s a good thing that I know Japanese. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to find a telephone booth in this city.

She then noticed a little game store that she was passing by. Curious, the brunette went inside to see what they had. It only took ten minutes before she left again, giving a small sigh as she exited the store.

Amber: Well so much for having fun video games.

She then noticed a plane coming in for a landing, but right when it left her sight a strange feeling came over her, as if something had just appeared that she didn’t want to appear.

Amber: Aw man! Why now?

With that a loud crashing noise came from behind her. She turned around and saw a giant ninja-looking monster appear, and to her surprise it was human and a female.

Amber: I’ve should’ve known.

Steadying herself, Amber reached for her pocket and took out her sword from before (which enlarged itself as soon as it left her pocket). She then got into a fighting pose when the monster looked down upon her.

Monster: There you are.

The monster then took out several needles and pointed them towards her target.

Amber: Bring it on Ninja Girl!

    Also appearing on the fighting scene was the Monster Press Reporters, Mayu and Okamura in their news van.

Mayu: We are here today to witness another monster appearing today. Okamura, do you have any comments on this?

Okamura adjusted his glasses just before speaking.

Okamura: Apparently this is yet another special monster attack. If some of you can remember, a monster appeared a year ago on this very same day, and that was a terrible day to remember.

Mayu: You think this monster might be like the last one?

Okamura: I don’t know, but I do know one thing.

Mayu: What?

Okamura: That Ultimate Girl will stop this fiend!!!!

UFO-Man’s Cave

    UFO-Man was, as usually, drooling over the sight of a pretty girl, mainly Vivenne, when he noticed the TV screen that Silk was watching had a news report on the monster battle going on right now.

Reporter: We interrupt your normal program for this special news bulletin. Another monster has strangely appeared out in Central Tokyo, though to most of us that isn’t really unexpected. What is unexpected is what the monster is fighting. Screen shots from our cameramen have captured several pictures of what appears to a young girl with red hair fighting the monster. We now take you to the monster press crew Mayu and Okamura in hopes of giving us information on this mysterious girl.

The screen changed to Okamura and Mayu.

Okamura: Yes this is confusing. How a young girl in her teens is able to fight a monster is beyond me.

Mayu: Maybe it could be one of the Ultimate Girls fighting, but just at normal size.

Okamura: No. That isn’t Ultimate Girl, and it’s not a monster either. Neither of them would have been able to stop a giant monster at normal size, and yet this girl is actually standing her ground against it. Besides, have you ever seen a monster or Ultimate Girl fly before?

Reporter: So what is she?

Okamura: I’m not sure. According to the press, there aren’t any records of this girl at all which means she either recently moved here from somewhere, or she’s been here for quite a long time in secrecy. I think she might be an alien, but I just don’t know.

Mayu: So what name should we give her?

Okamura thought hard for a minute. UFO-Man and Silk both gave an annoyed look, knowing that he would give her a ridiculous name.

Reporter: Hold on! We just got more footage of the battle and…and the girl is losing.

Okamura: WHAT????? Let me see!

He grabbed a TV and turned it to the news channel. They all saw what they meant. There floating in midair was Amber breathing extremely hard and having a hard time keeping her focus. She didn’t have her sword anymore and was completely exhausted. The Giant Female Ninja Monster on the other hand wasn’t. She swiped her hand straight into the brunette and sent her speeding straight into another office building. UFO-Man then began to panic as he watched this battle.

UFO-Man: What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?

Silk: I could go out there if you want.

UFO-Man: Thank you Silk, but I’m afraid you’re in no condition to fight. Your M.O.E energy (*note*: The term M.O.E. came from the group that made Ultimate Girls) is still altering itself and its too risky to use it this soon.

Vivenne: Then I’ll go.

UFO-Man turned around and saw Vivenne awake and out of bed.

UFO-Man: Are you sure you want to go through this? You know what will happen if you transform.

Vivenne: Yes I know, but that girl *turns to the TV* doesn’t deserve to die like this. Besides *turns back to UFO-Man* we still owe her our gratitude for saving Tsubomi.

UFO-Man gave her an uneasy look. He knew how much she hated to show her body in public, or better yet at all, but with this process going on that won’t be a problem, yet.

UFO-Man: All right.

He then extended his staff and floated in front of Vivenne.

Vivenne: I’m coming Ultimate!

Central Tokyo

Left, right, up, and down. Those were all the directions that Amber tried attacking the monster with, but to no avail. She was being overpowered easily, but getting knocked out was something she wasn’t going keep easily. No matter how many swipes, slashes, and punches the giantess gave the brunette kept getting back up, though more slowly each time.

Monster: You proved yourself worthier of being a natural ninja tiny insect. I’ll make sure that when I finish you, it will be in honor.

Amber: Thanks, but I won’t be leaving just yet. This fight isn’t over.

Smirking, the monster lifted her hand and prepared to smash her victim with it.

Monster: Suit yourself.

She then lunged her hand straight for Amber. As the brunette tried to move another giant hand grabbed her right in the nick of time. Wondering who grabbed, Amber turned around to see Ultimate Girl Big Chest aka Vivenne.

Vivenne: Geez you took quite a beating.

Amber simply gave a weak smile before she began to dose off.

Amber: I guess we’re even huh?

Vivenne: I guess we are.

And with that Amber passed out in Vivenne’s hands. Turning she saw the monster preparing another attack, but with quick speed Vivenne grabbed its core and ripped it out, causing the monster to disappear.

UFO-Man: An excellent job Vivenne. Now we need to head back to the cave before we draw any more attention to ourselves.

Vivenne nodded and began heading back to the cave, hoping for a nice, quiet rest. Well…

UFO-Man’s Cave


That wasn’t going to be the case.

    When Vivenne, UFO-Man, and Amber (still unconscious) got back to the cave they saw Tsubomi kneeling down on the floor in an effort to try and stay comfortable in the tiny cave, well tiny to her point of view at least. She was HUGE! Vivenne wondered how this happened to her, but UFO-Man had a pretty good idea on how it happened and he wasn’t happy at all.

UFO-Man: I can’t believe you! I go out for five minutes and come back to find you even bigger then before, and by the cause of my own formula!

Tsubomi: Well it’s not my fault that it doesn’t have a label on it.

UFO-Man: It doesn’t matter if it didn’t have label on it! I told you to stay out of my cabinets! I was planning on using that potion to help this girl to where we can heal her, which a monster while doing its attack nearly killed her!

Tsubomi gasped. Vivenne then showed Amber to her. The appearance was dreadful. Amber was covered in severe bruises and some blood still leaking out of her body. Silk also ran over to them to see the damage and wasn’t too surprised at what she saw.

Silk: She needs medical attention.

UFO-Man: We have no choice but to take her to the hospital back in Tokyo. I’m afraid that we can’t help her here.

Silk: I’ll take her over there. I’m sure they will help her if I explained an explanation.

UFO-Man: All right. Don’t do anything risky out there.

Silk nodded and then left the cave towards the hospital. Tsubomi just sat there, crying softly at what she had done.

Tsubomi: I’m sorry UFO-Man.

UFO-Man then gave a heavy sigh and turned to face the giantess.

UFO-Man: No I’m sorry Tsubomi. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I knew I should’ve put a label on that damn formula. I just hope it doesn’t cost that girl her life. Not during our time of need.

Vivenne: So what’s the story on this girl, Amber?

UFO-Man: Well as far as I can tell se isn’t from this universe. I never sensed any source of M.O.E. in her at all and yet she was able to launch a fire attack from the palm of her hand. She is quite the special one. In my years I’ve never seen someone with that much capability while being the size of a normal teen. Of course how she got here is something that even puzzles me.

Tsubomi: Why?

UFO-Man: Well traveling between Universes is almost impossible for anyone. Even the most powerful beings can’t pull it off controllably. The only way its possible is if there’s a reason, whether we know it or not.

Vivenne: Well that explains how she got here.

UFO-Man: It also explains why the Elemental Monsters are so interested in her. Usually someone who travels from another Universe also has different capabilities that differ from our reality, making them very unique.

Tsubomi: Like how she can fly?

UFO-Man: Exactly. I’m just glad that she’s on our side and not here to destroy us. I just hope Silk can get her to the hospital before it’s too late.


    Silk had just managed to reach the hospital very quickly and without causing a lot of damage only two crushed cars and an unused bathroom stall that had just been cleaned). She lightly tapped on one of the windows of the hospital and waited for a response. It didn’t take long for a response to come as a nurse came up to the window to see what it was. When she saw Silk (Ultimate Girl Little Chest to her) she was both overjoyed and scared at the same time, but Silk didn’t waste any time.

Silk: Nurse this girl needs some medical attention immediately. Can you please help?

Nurse: Sure Ultimate Girl. Try and set her in this bed so I can see what’s wrong.

Nodding, Silk slowly and carefully placed Amber on the bed. It was quite difficult for her to actually get her hand into the room let alone setting Amber down on the bed, but the nurse helped out any way she could and they both managed to get Amber on the bed. When the nurse saw her however she became a bit frightened.

Nurse: This is the girl I saw on the news. No one she’s badly hurt.

Silk: Will you be able to help her nurse?

Nurse: I’ll try and get any available doctors and nurses to help, but we’ll need your help as well Ultimate Girl.

Silk: All right.

Nurse: Thank you for your support. We’ll do our best to help this girl out. What’s her name anyway?

Silk: Um, I think its Amber.

Nurse: What a matching name for such a girl. Her hair and eyes really resemble her name.

The nurse then ran to the intercom in the room and made a call to the front desk. The request was then posted throughout the hospital.

Intercom: Will all available doctors and nurses please report to room 217 for immediate operating please?

It didn’t take long for all the doctors and nurses to enter the room. All of them became stunned when they saw Silk at the window though (not much of a surprise there to you GTS fans of course), but they came back to reality soon enough when the nurse explained to them about their recent patient.

Doctor 1: So that’s the girl that was fighting that giant monster earlier? She sure took a big ass whooping from it.

Doctor 2: She’s unconscious right now, but still breathing. She needs care immediately. Nurse, get a gurney up here!

Nurse 2: Yes doctor.

The nurse then ran out of the room as quickly as she could while the other doctors got their patient prepared so medical attention. Silk simply kept looking through the window of the hospital, hoping that she will be all right.

Silk*thinking*: It’s strange really. I barely know Amber and yet I feel really sorry for her. Probably a hero thing though.

The nurse came running back in with a gurney and brought it up to the bed. The third doctor then picked Amber up and placed her on the gurney. Then the other nurses hooked her up with a life support system just in case. Finally, after Amber was strapped in, the first doctor looked back at Silk and smiled.

Doctor 1: We’ll do the best we can for her Little Chest.

Silk: Ok, and please don’t call me that. Just call me Ultimate Girl.

Doctor 1: Ok. Well it will probably take bit of time before we’re done. Why don’t you just sit outside for the time being?

And with that the doctors all raced out of the room towards the emergency room with Amber still unconscious and Silk worrying about her.

Silk: I hope she’ll be ok.


    The rest of the week had gone by very fast and very peacefully, well monster wise at least. UFO-Man finally managed to get Tsubomi back down to her normal Ultimate Girl form size with an antidote while Vivenne and Silk took turns going to the hospital to check up on Amber. Finally it was Sunday, and also the last day of the M.O.E. process. Once Monday hits, the girls will change back to their normal forms and get back to their daily lives. It was also the day when Amber gets out of the hospital. To everyone’s surprise, Amber managed to make a full recovery in such a short amount of time where as it would take weeks for someone to recover from a broken leg, serious bruises, and a great loss of blood. Amber however managed to recover in about five days. The doctors were baffled by this mystery, but decided to let it slide so they won’t cause a lot of attention.

    She returned back to the cave later in the morning and made sure everyone knew she was back in the funniest way possible, lighting UFO-Man’s ass. The fire really got his attention with the old question that they always asked when they were on fire.

UFO-Man: Hey do you girls smell chicken?

The three girls noticed him on fire and began to giggle a bit. Tsubomi however just simply burst out laughing at the joke.

Tsubomi: Well it might not be chicken, but at least you’ll taste like it to people.

Turning around, UFO-Man noticed his butt on fire and began screaming and shouting while running around yelling “I’m on fire!” several times before he jumped in a bucket full of water and sighing in relief.

Amber*yelling*: I hope that got your attention!

Silk heard Amber’s voice and turned towards her direction to see Amber herself waving on the ground.

Silk: Amber, you’re ok!

Vivenne and Tsubomi also turned to see the brunette waving up at them and got happy as well.

Vivenne*thinking*: So she made it after all.

Tsubomi however simply looked at her, wondering something.

Tsubomi*thinking*: I wonder how she did that fire attack? Meh, I guess it’s her power.

UFO-Man had finally just got out of the water when he too noticed the teen’s arrival. He simply floated over to her with a caring _expression on his face, as if he was worried sick about her.

UFO-Man: So I guess you fully recovered. That’s good. We didn’t want anything bad to happen to you because of our problems. I’m really thankful for what you tried to do, but next time please try facing at its own size.

The brunette simply nodded, but then noticed a feeling she was getting again, a bad feeling.

Amber: Uh oh.

UFO-Man: What do you mean “uh oh?”

Amber: Uh oh as in I feel two monsters heading straight for Tokyo, and they’re both big ones.

Tsubomi: Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s go get them.

UFO-Man: Now hold on Tsubomi. We can’t make the same mistake twice. We need to think of a good strategy if we’re going to fight these monsters. Let’s huddle up.

The three giantesses along with Amber got around UFO-Man like a squad of sports players and began planning their next move.


    Up in Tokyo, the two rampaging monsters that Amber mentioned earlier were, of course, rampaging Godzilla style (no surprise there). The first monster (which was the form of a giant martial artist wearing a blue uniform and was a female) wasn’t doing much damage at all, but instead looking around the area as if looking for someone. The second monster (which was the form of a giant Lion with a rock tail) was the one doing the destruction. Up near the fight scene were Mayu and Okamura.

Mayu: I can’t believe what we’re seeing folks. Today we have not one, but two monsters attacking. Okamura, what do you have to say on this?

Okamura: This is quite a showing actually. The first monster, the giant woman, is known as Moist, the water monster. The second monster, the giant lion, is known as Granite, the earth monster. Both of these monsters are extremely powerful. I’m not sure if Ultimate Girl can handle this by herself.

Mayu: Well maybe she won’t have to.

Okamura: What are you saying woman?

Mayu: I’m saying that I see both Big Chest and Lili coming.

Okamura: What??? Are you serious?

Mayu: Just take a look over there.

She pointed west from their location. Okamura turned to see that Vivenne and Tsubomi both running towards the great beasts preparing to fight. This really got Okamura excited.

Okamura: OH YEAH!!!!! Now this is the kind of fight we’ve been waiting for! Let’s see these monsters stand up to two Ultimate Girls!

Mayu: You’re so over exaggerated.

Downtown Tokyo

    While Tsubomi and Vivenne made their first move, Silk , UFO-Man, and Amber hid behind an office building awaiting their turn to attack.

UFO-Man: Good, their doing exactly as planned.

Amber: So let me get this straight. Vivenne and Tsubomi will do their best to weaken the two monsters and when they can’t fight we step in?

UFO-Man: Exactly.

Silk: But what if they can’t accomplish that?

UFO-Man: We just got to hope for the best.

    The battle had already begun against the giants with Tsubomi fight Moist and Vivenne fighting Granite. Tsubomi was trying her best to land some hits on Moist, but Moist managed to dodge every punch and kick that Tsubomi threw.

Moist: My, my aren’t you a weak one?

Tsubomi: I’m a hero, and therefore not weak.

Tsubomi then launched another kick at Moist, only to be caught in the monster’s hands. She then began spinning in circles at a 360 degree spin. After fifteen minutes of spinning, Moist released Tsubomi. Tsubomi was then sent flying straight into the ocean, thus passing out.

Moist: Well she was weak, which made it easy.

    Vivenne however was doing a better job at holding her ground against Granite, and actually managed to do the plan perfectly. She was a lot faster then Granite thus giving her a bit of an advantage, but her attacks weren’t doing the kind of damage she was hoping for. Granite simply chuckled at her with her attempts.

Granite: My you’re weak as well, but way better then your friend. I must say I’m impressed.

Vivenne: Are you mocking me?

Granite: No.

    Granite then made a spin and whipped his rock tail towards Vivenne before she could react and smashed it against her, sending her tumbling into a building.

Granite: I’m distracting you.

Vivenne managed to slowly get and back into fighting position, but she was breathing hard and having a hard time standing still. The lion gave a big snort at her.

Granite: What’s wrong? Did I hurt you badly? I’m sorry. I don’t go easy with my opponents.

Vivenne growled at him, but then noticed a startling look on his face. He was…wide eyed?

Vivenne*thinking*: I know that look…

She then looked down at her body and gasped. Her uniform was starting to dissolve.

Vivenne*thinking*: Oh shit. Why did this have to happen now?

    Vivenne wasn’t the only one however. Tsubomi and Silk’s uniform was also dissolving as well, which got UFO-Man really worrying and Silk panicking.

Silk: I thought you said this wouldn’t happen till tomorrow!

UFO-Man: I never guessed it either Silk. This will ruin our plan dammit!

Amber however was still confident.

Amber: So you become naked. What’s the problem with that?

UFO-Man: That’s the sign of the transformation ending! We can’t fight if they’re back to normal, and you can’t fight at this size against those two by yourself!

Amber: Then I guess it’s time to show my own little trick.

Amber then jumped off Silk’s shoulder and, to their surprise, began to glow brightly.

UFO-Man: What the???

Silk: What’s happening to her???

UFO-Man: I think she’s transforming until an *gasps* Ultimate Girl????

The bright light even got to Moist who was walking towards the unconscious Tsubomi. She turned around to see where the light was coming from while smiling evilly in the process.

Moist: Gotcha.

    When the light vanished, a new Giantess had appeared. It was Amber, but way different. Her hair, once a pure red color, was now a golden color that matched her uniform. She towered far beyond her original size and was even bigger then Silk though by a little bit though. This got the entire crowd who was watching from afar going, especially Okamura who was going crazy over the new heroine.

Okamura: I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT WE’RE SEEING FOLKS!!!!! A new Ultimate Girl, and from the looks of her I’d say she might be the strongest one! Wait a second, the hair, the eyes, the body. It’s that girl!

Mayu: You’re right! That’s the same girl that we saw fighting that other monster earlier this week! I’d never know she could actually do this!

Okamura: Folks, we might just be looking at one of the greatest fights of all time! Make sure you get plenty of shots!

    Back in the city, UFO-Man was really admiring Amber’s new form. In fact, even the teen herself was surprised at this new form along with Silk (who was covering herself up as much as she could).

Amber: Hmm, not quite what I had in mind, but it will do.

Silk: Wow. You really look marvelous Amber.

UFO-Man: Oh yes. That really looks good on you.

The floating hero was blushing a lot and also drooling, which annoyed Amber extremely to the point of her slapping him into a building.

Amber: Pervert.

Just then Moist came jumping in over the building, in which caught the two heroines by surprise.

Moist: Well looky here! I’ve found my target!

Amber: Oh you found it all right.

Right when Moist was about to unleash a kick, Amber herself kicked Moist right in the stomach and sent her flying into the sky. Amber followed her by jumping up into the air right past Moist, and when she got over her she prepared for another attack. This really got the press going.

Okamura: Oh here it comes! One of her special attacks folks!

When she felt she had enough energy concentrated she prepared her attack by lifting up her leg and setting it blazing with flames.

Amber: BLAZING BIRAGE!!!!!!!!

She then smacked her foot right into Moist’s chest and sent her crashing down towards the Earth where Silk (who’s last bit of clothing had just vanished) fired her devastating “Ultimate Laser” at the monster and causing her core to explode, thus destroying her. With that Amber landed on the ground with an extremely loud “thud!” Silk however just cradled up into a ball to try and hide her appearance as she still had a day left before her body changed back to normal.

Amber: Well that’s one down. Now for the other one.

    The giant heroine turned to face Granite. She then noticed that it was also on fire and that Vivenne was also trying to cover herself up, hoping not to be seen completely naked.

Amber: Well that part of the plan worked. Now to finish it.

The teen then began charging straight for the giant lion. He was trying to shake off the flames when he noticed Amber charging in, but before he could even defend himself Amber grabbed his core and smashed it to tiny pieces, causing him to disappear. He was gone.

Tokyo Main Bridge

    The audience was really cheering for the girl’s victory, especially Okamura who was really going crazy for Amber and even trying to think of the “prefect” name for her, but Mayu intervened with him by punching him in the face.

Mayu: Jeez that guy is annoying. I can’t believe he would come up with a name like that! The nerve of that guy!

UFO-Man’s Cave

    The crew all returned to the cave after the amazing victory (and huge embarrassment) to celebrate, but as soon as they got there a portal opened up in front of them. Amber knew what this meant and gave a loud sigh (while she returned to her normal form).

Amber: Well I guess its time to take my leave.

UFO-Man: So it seems. Well thank you very much Amber for helping us.

Amber: You’re welcome. You know it was great to meet all of you, and I’ll miss you very much.

Tsubomi: Yeah, I had a load of fun with you here. I mean, that battle had to be the best anyone has ever seen! I bet we won’t forget that for a long time.

Vivenne: Well we did have a good time.

Silk: Is it possible to see each other again?

Amber: Yes I’m sure we’ll see each other again. I’d really hate to forget you guys.

Vivenne: Same here.

Amber turned back to the portal and then back to her friends.

Amber: Well goodbye.

UFO-Man: Goodbye, Ultimate Girl X.

Amber gave a wide smile before turning to the portal and returning home. Right when she stepped through, the portal disappeared completely. The girls stopped waving and turned to each other.

Vivenne: Well I guess she’s gone.

Silk: I wonder what world she’s from anyway?

Vivenne: Probably somewhere a lot safer then our world.

Tsubomi: Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving!

UFO-Man: I’ll be glad to whip you girls something as a treat for the success that happened today, but I think you girls better put something on before you catch a cold and I die of obsession.

The girls looked down at themselves, realizing that they completely forgot that they were naked. All of them screamed (along with Vivenne smashing UFO-Man into the ground) as Amber laughed through the portal. She was really going to miss them, and hoped that one day she would return again, whether it was to fight monsters or out of coincidence.