Turtle Power


Life in Hinata was usually a bumpy one,but everyone always got along in the end. The Hinata House,once a popular inn,had become a "girls only dormatory" a few years back. This was a problem for Keitaro Urashima,because walking into any place that was girls only usually meant death,especially for a weakling like him. After a beating and a chance to explain himself,the people of the house realize that this was all a big misunderstanding and he was forgiven. His aunt Haruka allowed him to stay at the house as long as he worked as Apartment Manager and passed his exams to get into Tokyo University. Obviously this was like asking for a miracle,because this guy failed his exams three times already. Maybe fourth times a charm? While working,he fell in love with Naru Narusegawa,a cute gentle girl until she gets mad,then she becomes violent. Keitaro got through two rivals,the rich snob Kentaro and tutor-become-archeologist Seta in efforts to win Naru's heart,and sure enough he succeeded.
Keitaro is one lucky guy,but our story revolves around Shinobu Maeharo. She is a cute 8th grader with many talents,such as cooking and drawing. Normally having skills like this would make a girl arrogant,but because her parents were always arguing and ended up in devorce,it left poor Shinobu a crybaby. Her shyness prevented her from making friends at school and she was often picked on by her classmates. Finally having enough,she ran away and begun a new life in Hinata House. Her life became somewhat better when she made two new friends,the mysterious girl from an unknown country Kaolla Su (Who reminds me of Fez from That 70's Show) and Sara McDougal,the adopted daughter of Seta from America. Despite having new friends,she felt so weak and alone. On a beautiful sunday morning,she sat in her room and drew pictures. Sometimes she made funny ones,like one of Optimus Prime falling down a flight of stairs,but most of them were quite serious and beautiful. This time she was drawing a picture of herself tall enough to tower over Hinata and make it look like a dollhouse.
"It'll never happen,but for once it would be great if I was the center of attention." Shinobu said to herself. She always had dreams of not just being liked and having attention,but having power and domination. It was against her attitude to ever use it for mass killings and destruction. She almost threw up watching Keitaro play Grand Theft Auto VC,so even a little bit of intentional harm was against her wishes. Su ran into the room,cheerful and happy as always.
"Hi!!! Whatcya doin Shinobu! Making funny drawings?" she asked with curiosity. Shinobu felt embarassed and tried to stash the picture away before Su could see it and laugh.
"I'm..I'm not doing anything!" Shinobu said trying to put it away,but Sara snuck up and snatched it out of her hands. She giggled a bit while looking at it.
"Its not what it looks like!" Shinobu yelled as Su was looking at the picture as well. Sara laughed and gave the picture back to her.
"You honestly see yourself like that?"she asked. Shinobu turned bright red from embarassment and nodded.
"But why does Shinobu want to be tall beyond houses? It be really bad in rain?" Su asked. The two girls were just playing around,but deep down this was hurting the poor Shinobu. This was something she seriously dreamed and daydreamed about,and was to shy to tell anyone about it.
"Lets just have some fun with more drawing." she suggested,trying to change the subject. Sara and Su immediatly grabbed some paper and pens and started drawing. In about 15 minutes they were done. Sara had a nicely detailed picture of herself putting Keitaro in the "Crossface Crippler" (I have that pic if anyone wants to see it) while Su had a portrait of Saddam Hussein. Sara and Shinobu didn't know her relation to him,and thought it was best they didn't know. As for Shinobu,she just had a drawing of the Ninja Turtles. They laughed and had fun until Matoko walked into the room.
"I see you girls have a talent for drawing. Let me have a look at them." she said. When she saw Sara's drawing,she asked if she could keep it,and Sara agreed for 100 yen (about 1 dollar). Matoko didn't know what to think about Su's drawing since she doesn't keep up with American issues,and she damn near passed out when she saw Shinobu's drawing.
"Tu...tu..turtles!" she said,a slight hint of fear in her eyes. Because her sister was killed by a Turtle Monster,she was traumatized and developed a fear for the reptiles. To ease her mind,she looked at the drawing Shinobu made earlier. She was not shocked by this,but was still concerned.
"Having a great size advantage is good,but it doesn't make up for a lack of training and self discipline. Maybe if you..." Matoko was about to finish when Shinobu ran out of the room crying. She felt bad for doing that to her,and felt worse for all the times she hit Keitaro for making her cry on accident.
It was around 2pm when everyone in the house became concerned. Shinobu was the cook of the house,and her gourmet meals are what saves everyone from Su's deadly curry. Kitsune was the first to look for her. It didn't take long to find her on the roof,since thats where Keitaro went when he was troubled.
"Whats the matter hon?" she asked,her accent a bit southern. Kitsune was the house slacker and was very good at convincing and fooling people. A slacker has to be sly in order to stay at the top. Shinobu turned around and looked at her.
"Everyone is making a big deal out of a simple picture I drew. It doesn't mean anything. Why won't anyone just leave it alone?" she said. Kitsune shook her head and sat down next to her.
"Normally this ain't a big deal,but when I was cleaning your room I found a whole bunch of similar drawings. Seeing you stomp a condemed building into the ground or looking down upon a baseball stadium looked so cute!" Kitsune said with a smile. Shinobu would be very mad at her for finding the pictures,but she instead blamed herself for not hiding them well enough. The secret was out: Shinobu wanted to be a giantess. This wasn't anything wrong,but more males have this fantasy than females. She was about to burst into tears when Kitsune put an arm around her.
"Awwww,don't cry suga'. You just have your own vision of a fantasy,thats all. Heck,you should have seen the stuff Keitaro had in his scrapbook."she said. This made them both laugh. Shinobu wiped her tears and stood up.
"I'll go make everyone some lunch." she said before walking back to the kitchen. Kitsune sat back and smiled.
"That a girl." she said to herself.
The rest of the day went by smoothly,but when she went to school the next day,things weren't all that good. Somehow the entire class found out about the drawings,which was odd because Su hadn't said a word. Turns out,the picture blew out the window and landed next to one of the students. When Shinobu stepped into the class,everyone stared at her.
"Well well,it seems the giantess wannabe is here after all." one of the girls said. Shinobu turned red and slowly sat down in her desk. Everyone was whispering and gossiping throughout class. Minutes felt like hours to her,and when it seemed like an eternity passed,the first class ended. Out in the hallways,one of the girls walked up to her.
"You need professional help or something. Tall girls are ok but huge ones are just scary." she said. This made Shinobu feel worse. Remarks like this went on for the entire day.
"Why won't anyone just leave the subject alone?" she thought to herself. When school finally ended,Shinobu was confronted by a couple jocks,who really needed someone to pick on. The guys surrounded her on all sides and the leader smiled.
"Please,just let me get home. I don't want trouble." she said as she tried to walk around him,but he pushed her back.
"What are you gonna do about it? Gonna step on us?" he asked rhetorically before breaking out in laughter. Shinobu tried to talk,but couldn't. The guys had fun pushing her and taunting her. The entire time all she could do was cry in agony. A simple fantasy and some drawings led to her social downfall.
"Looks like the "big baby" is cryin'." one of the guys said. They all laughed again.
"Should we give her something to cry about?" another guy asked. The leader nodded and they closed in on her.
"Please god,just let me die." she thought to herself. Before any of them could attack,Matoko and her lackeys stepped in. The 5'8" tall samurai (which very well could be the decendant of Hitikori Battousai Himura) drew her katana.
"How dare you pick on someone smaller than you like that. This will teach you a lesson. Secret Technique Rock Splitting Sword!!!!!!!!!" she yelled and slashed the air,which sent a wave at the guys and knocked them all back and down on their backs. Shinobu felt so happy to be saved like that,but was also disappointed that she couldn't do it herself.
"Wow Matoko! That was so cool!" one of her friends said. They basically hung around her every minute she wasn't home,which could make anyone go crazy,but over the years she became used to it.
"Are you ok Shinobu? I've seen people make jokes about you,but never any bullying to this degree. Something you wanna talk about?" she asked. Shinobu was an only child and Matoko lost her sister long ago,so they have had a very great bond together. She looked up and respected the proud swordswoman,and Matoko in return offered advice,protection,and friendship.
"Its all from that stupid drawing!" Shinobu said,frustrated. Normally she was used to people calling her "Shinobi" or making fun of her shyness,but this was new,and they were both afraid it wasn't going to end any time soon. Matoko and her friends took her home and she began cooking dinner. To get their minds off of whats going on,they decided to play Mario Party 5,japans best family fun multiplayer game yet. Shinobu,Su, Kitsune,and Sara played together. Matoko and Haruka didn't like video games,and Keitaro was finally in Tokyo University with Naru. This definatly was a great way to ease stress and get the mind in a feel-good state. Even though Su won,Shinobu felt like a winner. After the game ended,a smash was heard. Someone had thrown a brick through the window,and the brick had a note taped to it. Haruka went over to it and read the note aloud.
"Dear giantess wannabe,bring 100,000 yen to the boys athletics hall tomarrow. If you fail to bring the money,or if the samurai [Censored] steps in,we'll burn Hinata House to the ground." she read. Matoko was livid with anger,knowing if she tried anything it would only make things worse for everyone.
"Shinobu,you don't have to pay for this. I'll call the police and this entire thing will be fine." Haruka said,worried. Shinobu didn't know what to do anymore,so she ran upstairs and locked the door and cried for the rest of the night.
Next morning arrived rather quickly,and when Shinobu walked downstairs to make everyone breakfast,she saw an envelope on the table. Inside was Yen that added up to 100,000. The note inside said "Dear Shinobu, I know things can be tough,especially when people make fun of you and hurt you because of what you like or what you believe in,but you cannot let that stop you from believeing or liking the things you like. Hopefully this will keep you safe for awhile. Take care. Your friend,Seta Noriyasu.". She smiled reading this,but also felt bad that Seta was paying for her situation. After making a quick breakfast and eating,she went upstairs to her room and looked at herself in the mirror.
"If I'm going to be made fun of for the rest of my life,I better look good and keep my head held high doing it. I won't let Seta's sacrifice be in vain." she said to herself as she put on some makeup and polished her fingernails and toenails. The once cute girl now looked beautiful and she sat down on her bed to think. Tama the turtle crawled into her room and squeaked happily. Shinobu smiled and picked her up,petting her a bit. Tama had many talents,including flight and the ability to communicate with Su,but this turtle had another power that everyone is going to remember for days to come.
"I sure do wish I was a powerful giantess. That way people will know that liking them or having a fantasy isn't a bad thing." Shinobu said to Tama,patting her head before setting her back down. Tama squeaked playfully and a greenish glow came from her fins. Everyone has seen their fair share of weird events with Tama,so Shinobu wasn't that shocked. She got up to leave when she ran into Matoko in the hallway. They both fell down and got back up at the same time.
"Oww....hey,whats the big idea?" Matoko asked as she rubbed her head. If it were anyone else,she would have pulled out her sword and done an interrogation,but the two girls had far too much respect for each other to do something like that. Normally the samurai was a full head taller than Shinobu,but when they looked each other,they were eye to eye.
"Sorry about that Matoko! I was just in a hurry when....you seem different." Shinobu said,a bit confused. The two thought for a minute on how this could have happened,but instinct told Matoko to get her friend out of the house before it was too late. She grabbed Shinobu's wrist and lead her outside,the hallways becoming smaller and smaller to her.
"Whats going on?" Kitsune asked as she looked in on them. This put her in awe. Before any questions could be asked,Matoko ordered her to help her get Shinobu outside. In a few seconds they got her through the front doorway,even though they had to squeeze her though. As hard as the poor girl tried to be careful,her shoulders almost ruined the doorway and made that part of the house collapse. Haruka heard all the noise as she came down to see what had happened.
"Ok kids,what broke this.......oh my god." Haruka said,awestruck as she saw the rapidly growing Shinobu. It was fortunate that her clothes were growing with her,since this was magic that did this. The growth accelerated. 30ft....50...80...100...130...160....180.... 210...250.....275....300.....350...400!!!!
"I'M SORRY ABOUT THE DOORWAY HARUKA!" Shinobu said,her voice like a sonic boom to the girls down below. Kitsune fell back from the volume of it.
"Its ok Shinobu!! What happened to you?!?!" Haruka shouted,wondering if she heard her.
"YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT. I CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE." the towering giantess said. Everything looked so small and cute from her perspection,but her vision and hearing was also improved as well. Even at her size,she could point out every detail on the people below the same as she could at human height. Everyone was afraid of her,even Matoko,but not as much as Kitsune and Haruka were. They dealt with a 80ft tall evil mech before,but it wasn't as fearsome as something 5 times that size and has real emotions. The three stepped back,wonderng what she was going to do. This made Shinobu sad.
"You promise to be double sure not to kill any innocents?" Matoko asked. She could use the Rock Splitting Sword on her,but she doubt it would even do anything to her,and it was against her judgement to do it on her. She may be a mega giantess,but shes still a human being with feelings. The Terminator 2 style promise thing was just to confirm that this was the same Shinobu they knew and loved.
"I PROMISE I WON'T KILL ANYONE. YOU HAVE MY WORD." Shinobu said as she raised her pinky finger. Promise has been made: No one dies under any circumstances.
"I take it your not gonna give the 100,000Yen to that gang now,are ya?" Kitsune asked. A new idea shot through Shinobu's mind. Everyone that harassed her for her GTS fantasy was about to get a rude awakening. Though she promised not to kill anyone,no one has to know about it,right? A smile appeared on the giantess's lips,not a smile of pride of arrogance,but a smile of true happiness.
"Wait a minute! You promised not to kill anyone!" Matoko shouted. She knew she could do nothing to stop her if the power had corrupted her,but she would do everything she could to reason with her.
"I KNOW I DID,BUT IT CAN BE OUR LITTLE SECRET." she said and giggled. Now they knew Shinobu's plan. She just wants to have fun and scare some people with no harm done. Clever scheme.
"Alright,a cruel yet respectable plan,but your taking us with you for safety reasons. I don't want to be answering a bunch of questions to the cops this early in the day." Haruka said. Shinobu carefully put her hand down and allowed them to climb on. Her skin was as smooth as silk and as compfy as the greatest pillow. She then placed them one by one into the pocket of her tanktop. There was way more than enough room for them to fit inside.
"Not a problem. We can see through the white fabric so we'll know whats going on." Kitsune said as she sat back. The material of Shinobu's tanktop was thin,but not revealing in any way. Kinda like spring clothes. After a minute of thinking and looking around,Shinobu took her first step. Each of her massive bare feet could crush an office building into the ground,so she was careful wth every step. The ground shaked violently under her weight. She then took another step,then another,then another. When she was about to make it into the city,people had already begun to run in fear of her. Some people thought it was just a special effect from a new monster movie being filmed,but the earth shakings immediatly told them that this is the real deal. Screams of fear filled Shinobu's ears as she looked down at the city. It was inevitable this would happen,and she knew it. Best thing to do now is to calm everyone down.
"PEOPLE,DO NOT BE FEARED BY ME. I AM SHINOBU MAEHARA, A LOCAL RESIDENT OF HINATA. ALL THAT I ASK IS THAT YOU PLEASE CLEAR A PATH SO THAT I MAY WALK BY WITHOUT HURTING ANY OF YOU. COULD YOU PLEASE DO THAT FOR ME?" she asked,smiling sweetly. The humans very quickly cleared the streets of cars and people and allowed her to walk by. Some were praying,some questioning,some even worshipping. For such a massive girl she was very gentle. It was like a queen walking down the royal roads,people clearing the streets and looking at her with recognition and honor. The local police didn't want to get in her way. Yeah she might be disturbing the peace,but starting violence over a teenager trying to get down the street was immoral and just plain wrong. Shinobu was happy,truely happy.
Over at the school,the gang awaited Shinobu's arrival in the athetics hall. It was a normal day,except for the fact the Su nearly knocked out her classmates in dodgeball.
"You people weak,but that ok. My home nation invented this sport. Where Shinobu?" Su asked.
"I think she stayed home so she wouldn't get hurt today. Poor girl. I know her fantasy is weird,but do the guys have to push it this far?" a girl asked. This was getting serious if people are concerned about this.
"Shinobu may seem weak,but she very strong sometime. She get through this." Su said cheerfully. Back in the athletic hall,the thugs were getting impatient.
"Where the hell could she be?" one guy said as he was lighting a cigarette. Drugs and narcotics weren't uncommon in schools,and even though rules were strictly enforced,people weren't afraid to sneak it.
"Maybe she wussed out or called the cops. I'm not sure about this guys. You think we pushed her too far? It was just a drawing." another thug said.
"Yeah,it was a simple drawing,but the artist is a weakling. This is our big chance for big bucks and to mess around with people while we're at it. If you don't like the plan,haul ass before I cut you." the leader said. He was tall and strong enough to take on any of his goons,so they had no other choice but to go along with this. Soon,a massive shadow appeared over the school,but the guys inside didn't know what it was.
"Yeah. It'll be great when that scrawny crybaby finally shows....." the leader was about to finish when he looked out the window and saw an unknown object. The gang stepped outside to realize that the object they were staring at was Shinobu's foot. It was big enough to destroy the entire school in one stomp,so all of the students that didn't realize it was her ran for it.
"No....way...this...can't....be!" the leader shouted as he backed away. Su smiled innocently as she watched Shinobu. The giantess had an annoyed look on her face,the first time anyone has ever seen her angry. She quickly reached into the building and snatched the entire gang. A bit of damage to the building was caused,but nothing too serious. She held her hand up to her face and looked closely at them,seeing them in fear.
"It..its ok. You don't have to pay us. In fact,we're sorry for all this." a thug said. This apparently didn't satisfy her.
"YOUR SORRY?! YOU HUMILIATE ME,HURT ME,EXTORT ME,AND WORST OF ALL,YOU THREATENED TO HARM MY FRIENDS. I'M DISGUESTED!!!" she yelled at them. The friends in her pocket covered their ears from the booming sound. The leader of the gang removed a machete from a strap hidden in his shirt and stabbed into her hand as hard as he could,but the efforts were in vain as the blade bent on impact,no damage done to the vengeful Shinobu.
"Please! Don't kill us! We'll do anything you want!" the leader said,pleading for mercy.
"NO! EVEN IF I DO LET YOU GO,YOU WILL GO ALONG AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO MESS AROUND. HELL,THE MOMENT I LEAVE YOU'LL PROBABLY FIND A WAY TO GET MONEY OUT OF MY FRIEND SU,OR SOMEONE ELSE!" she said. The entire group in her hand was in panic. One person even passed out. They all pleaded for her to have mercy on them.
"Please,for the love of god,let us go! We promise we'll be better,really. We'll worship you and do whatever you want!" the leader said,tears in his eyes. Shinobu's angry face turned into a cheerful smile as she set them down on the ground.
"GOOD. I SEE YOU LEARNED A LESSON THAT NOT EVEN PRISON COULD DO. LET THAT BE SOMETHING EVERYONE LEARNED TODAY. WHETHER IT IS GTS OR ANYTHING ELSE,RESPECT ONE ANOTHER'S DREAMS AND FANTASYS". she said,now calmed down. The gang,with the exception of the unconscious one,were all kissing her toes in gratitude. Nobody laughed at them,because really nobody could blame them for what they did. Su went up to Shinobu and waved her arms.
"Hiya Shinobu! You get really tall today!" she said in that cheerful,innocent smile.
"YEAH. I CAN'T EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED,BUT THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE. NOW I CAN LIVE THE DRAWINGS! I THINK I'LL SKIP SCHOOL TODAY,SINCE THE TEACHERS PROBABLY EVACUATED THE AREA. WANNA RIDE?" she asked. Su happily nodded and Shinobu carefully lowered her hand,letting her get on. She let her into her pocket along with the others. With careful steps,she walked away from the school. When they got at a safe distance,she spoke again.
"You scared the hell out of us! I thought you really were goin' evil." Kitsune said. It turns out that she never had any intention at harming the boys at the least bit. The anger was real though,but just a bit.
"Shinobu,you remind me of a giant Sailor Moon." Haruka said,a smile on her face.
"YOU THINK SO?" Shinobu asked. She had always been a fan of Sailor Moon,especially the GTS site dedicated to it.
"That was amazing what you did. A true warrior wins the battle with no one harmed and a lesson learned. I must say I'm proud of you Shinobu,I really am." Matoko said. Shinobu had not only become happier,but she gained new confidence and people skills that she never would have been able to accomplish. It was a happy day for them all and Shinobu was about to cry again,this time,it was tears of joy.

Theres a moral to the story,but I think you all know what it is.