Treehouse of Horror: GTS-Style 2


“The end” said Lisa as she put the book back in its place. “Wow…that was pretty good…hope there’s going to be a sequel to that” said Bart as he looks back at the painting. “I hope so too but I don’t think there’s going to be any” said Lisa as she was about to pick Maggie up. “Oh well…its getting late, the party should be over by now” said Bart as he about to leave.

Lisa picks up Maggie and the three of them headed towards the entrance, as they made it to the entrance, they found that the door was seal tight. Bart tried to open it with all his strength but it wouldn’t open. “Erm…Bart” said Lisa. “What?” asked Bart as he turned around. “I don’t think we’re getting out this way” answered Lisa. “We just have to find another way out” said Bart.

“I think we should just wait till mom and dad finds us” said Lisa. “Oh man…I guess we stuck here for awhile” said Bart as he looked at the ground. “I’m sure they will find us soon” said Lisa. “What should we do in the mean time then?” asked Bart.

“Why don’t we read more of those books that Mr Burns wrote” answered Lisa. “Sure…it’s something to kill time with” said Bart as he, Lisa and Maggie walks off deeper within the library to read more stories, not knowing that it’s going to be the longest night of their lives.

“Hay Lisa…read this one” said Bart as he pointed to a painting. “This looks like it’s going to be interesting” said Lisa as she picks up the book from under the painting and began reading out loud.

Story #1

The Time of Shrinking 

By chance, when Homer accidentally broke the family toaster and tried to fix it. Upon fixing the toaster, by the strange fate of the cosmos, it magically transport him to the prehistoric time. Remembering what his dad said about not touching anything in the past, which if he did it might change the course of history.

By accident, he touched something which altered history and everytime that he tries to set things right, history keeps on changes till he reached what seems to be correct but with only one miner different, the humans eat with chameleon like tongues. In the end, Homer felt that it was close enough and lived in that reality.

But all that changes,

“Homer!” shouted Marge as she was in the kitchen making breakfast. “Yes Marge?” asked Homer as he wondered in the kitchen. Marge looked over to Homer with her hands on her hips. “Now then Homie, can you please explain to me again as to what happened to the toaster” answered Marge as she looked over to the time machine toaster that was sitting on the kitchen table.

Homer looked over to it and began to think as to why he didn't hide the toaster away and bought a new one. Knowing full well that the toaster is dangerous. “Erm that's the toaster that I fixed a few weeks back” answered Homer as he looked back.

“Yes I know that but it doesn't work” said Marge as she placed a hand on the kitchen counter. “ tried to use the toaster?” asked Homer surprised that reality haven't changed. “Of course I have, I placed a piece of bread in there and nothing” answered Marge as she pointed to the toaster. “What do you mean nothing?” asked Homer as he looked at the toaster again and saw the piece of bread.

“Nothing, you try it” ordered Marge. Not really wanting to as he knows that there might be a slight chance that it would sent him back in time, he gave in when he saw Marge was getting a bit annoyed. Slowly Homer leaned in and pulled the toaster's handle that drew the bread in. He looked on and saw that the toaster didn't flash any colour lights like before. Homer took a deep breath as he was glad that nothing happened.

But that didn't last long as suddenly,

The toaster shun out the same flashing coloured lights and within a gulf of light, Homer vanished along with the toaster from the kitchen.

“Not again!” shouted Homer as he found himself with the toaster in his hands, falling down what seem to a tunnel with an orange background with different types of clocks flying past him. Then all of a sudden, a bright light blinded him.                      

Homer suddenly found himself standing and that when his sight came back, he found himself back at the prehistoric time. “Okay...okay...okay Homer, this time you will not step on anything” said Homer to himself. Homer looked around, trying to see if there were any dinosaurs, he took a step back as he was please to see that there was non around.

The moment that he put his foot down, he heard the sound of a crunching noise. “He looked down and saw that it was a walking fish. “Oh how I wish I didn't kill that fish...again” said Homer as he remembered the first time he killed a walking fish. Just then, the bread popped out of the toaster and lights shunned from it.

Homer opened his eyes and found himself back in the kitchen where he was with Marge but found himself alone. He placed the toaster down on the kitchen table and slowly wondered around the house. “Hello?” shouted Homer as he looked through the empty rooms.

He looked through all the rooms of the house and found that none of his family was in the house. He went outside and saw that the street was empty also. He even noticed that there was no sound of anyone. “ anyone here? Hello! Hello!” shouted Homer as he ran down the street, hoping to find someone, anyone.

“Is there anyone out...” shouted Homer when he found himself running into something. Homer rubbed his sore bits and looked over at what he ran into. “Huh?” was all Homer could saw a placed his hands on what seem to be a glass wall.

“What is this?” asked Homer to himself as he slide his hands across the glass surface of the wall. “Oh're awake” echoed a familiar voice. Homer looked around to see where the voice came from. “Marge? Where are you?” asked Homer as he knew whom the voice belongs to.

“Oh Homie, playing silly games again” echoed Marge's voice, Homer noticed that it was louder than before. Before Homer could shout her name again, he suddenly felt the whole street shook. Just then, he heard the sound of some sort of bottle opening, he looked up and saw what he could tell was the sky moving.

He rubbed his eyes and looked up again to see if he wasn't seeing things but he wasn't. Homer saw the blue sky being moved and came beyond it was a giant face. A face he knew too well. “Marge?” asked Homer as didn't understood what was going on.

“Easy now” said Marge as she reach in with her left hand to pick Homer up from the collar. She held him with her thumb and index finger and raised him up. Homer looked down and saw that he was in what he could tell was a tank that holds bugs. Just then, Homer suddenly remembered what happened the last time he saw his loved ones giants. (They tried to crush him of course)

“There, easy now” said Marge as she dropped Homer in the palm of her free hand. “Marge...what...happened? Why is everything so big?” asked Homer as he looked up at his wife's face. Marge began to giggle and answered, “'re full of silliness today”

“Huh?” asked Homer as he looked confused. “Have you forgotten that you're the only man in the world to have shrunk down to the size of a bug and stayed that size” answered Marge as she smiled down at him.

“Huh? Wait a minute, the last time I was here...Bart was a giant...don't tell that this world is the reality is the same but also different at the same time” said Homer to himself.

“What was that Homie, I didn't catch that” said Marge as she raised her hand towards her right ear. “What oh nothing dear...nothing” said Homer as he just saw how huge his wife is to him. “Come on then, best have breakfast” said Marge as she smiled at him as she moved away from the tank and headed towards the kitchen.

Homer looked on and saw that he was in a house that was just like the house in the tank. Marge made her into the kitchen and placed Homer down onto the table. As Homer looked upon the surface, he saw that it was like an open football filed and upon the far end; he could see two head of hair shaped like a starfishes. “Morning dad” echoed another familiar voice. Homer looked at the far end of the table again and saw that one of the starfish heads was rising; he saw that it was Lisa.

He saw that Lisa smiled down at him and waved. “Morning Lisa!” shouted Homer so that she would hear him. Lisa giggled and said, “There's no need to shout dad, we can hear you” “Oh sorry” said Homer back. “Now, now, your father is having a silly morning” said Marge as she placed a set of plates onto the table. “Another one Homer” said a young boy's voice.

Homer looked around and saw that he can't see where the voice came from. “Oh dad, Bart here says good morning also” said Lisa as Homer saw that she leaned over to the side and picked something up. Homer saw Bart, being one foot tall hanging from Lisa as she has her hands underneath his arms. “Say good morning...little brother” said Lisa. “Grr...Good morning Homer” said Bart as looked at the floor.

“Come on Lisa, put your brother down” ordered Marge as she sat down. With that they all began to eat breakfast, Marge placed a smaller plate for Homer filled with a smallest amount of food that people would eat for breakfast.

As soon as they all finished eating, Marge told Bart and Lisa to get ready for school. With that they left the kitchen and headed off to get ready. “In case that you've forgotten with your silly morning Homie, I've got work so the sisters will come to babysit till I come back” said Marge as she stood up and picked up all of the plates and placed them in the sink.

“The sisters?” asked Homer as he fears on what she meant. “Yes, now then” said Marge as she picked Homer up again. In the palm of her hands, Marge asked for a kiss. Homer looked on as he saw Marge with her lips ready for her kiss. Homer leaned over and kissed her.

“Now then, I will place you back in tank till they arrive” said Marge as she smiled down at Homer. Marge walked over to tank and placed him back inside. Homer looked up and saw that she placed the sky back in its place. He could hear foot steps marching around the place.

Not really wanting to see Patty and Selma in his current height, Homer rushed his way back to the house he was in and made it back to the kitchen. There he saw the toaster and slide the piece of toast back in again.

Within seconds coloured lights flashed out and Homer and the toaster vanished in a flash. “Waa!” shouted Homer as he fell through the corridor of time and found himself back in the prehistoric time. “ I got to not step on any big walking fishes” said Homer to himself as he looked around the area. Just then, he heard the sound of a loud roar from behind him. Homer turned round and saw that it was a T-Rex. “Waa!” screamed Homer as he tried his hardest to run away from it as the dinosaur began to chase.

As he was running, Homer noticed that he was stepping on many things.

“D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!” shouted Homer everytime he stepped on something. Before Homer could take a look at what it was he stepped on, the toaster popped the toast out and Homer vanished within a flash of coloured lights.

Homer opened his eyes and found himself back in kitchen. “Well Homie?” asked a familiar voice. Homer looked towards where the voice came from and saw that it was Marge. Homer noticed that everything was normal to him, nothing looked too big and that he was normal size. That was what he hoped for when he noticed that when he looked at Marge, he noticed that he was looking at a wall of green. He slowly looked up to see Marge’s eyes and saw that she stood around seven foot tall.

“Morning dad” spoke a voice Homer knew. Homer looked over and saw that it was Lisa, whom had Bart standing next to her. He saw that she stood a foot taller than Bart. “Homie? Are you feeling okay?” asked Marge as she saw that he didn’t look good. Homer didn’t answer as he rushed towards the kitchen window and looked out. There he saw many people walking along the street.

To his shock, he saw the women taller than the men.

“Homie?” asked Marge again, this time walked up next to him. “No...nothing wrong dear...I think I buy a new toaster” answered Homer as he looked up to the now tall Marge. Homer sat down by the table and began to put his head over the fact that he’s living in a world where the woman stand seven feet tall.

Though let’s say that this wasn’t the last time that Homer used the toaster and changed reality, but, that tale will be told next time.

End of Story #1

“The end” said Lisa as she closed the book and put it back underneath the painting. “Wow...that was kinder short” said Bart as he was disappointed.”Well then, let’s see if we can read another story” said Lisa as she picked up Maggie and headed off deep into the library. The three of them walked through the library but they stopped when they came across a painting. “What the?” was all Bart could say as he saw the painting was of him being held by Lisa. “Ooh, this look’s good” said Lisa as she read the title of the painting. It read, ‘Bart Thumb’

Lisa picked the book up and began to read out loud.                     

Story #2

Bart Thumb

(Please note that a couple of scenes within Bart Thumb were based on Simpson pictures that Tinymik drew)

 Over the years that Bart and Lisa been growing up together, it was the usual story. The older sibling picking on the younger sibling, the older would play pranks on the younger. This is a tale about what happens when the younger sibling get their own back on the older when a prank which shall not be named went a bit too far.  

The following morning since the said prank,

Bart woke up, yawned, stretched and looked at his clock it was only eight o’clock in the morning and it was Saturday so there was no reason to get up yet. He was just about to drift off back to sleep when he noticed that something was odd.  He pulled his bed cover off and looked at his pyjamas and saw that they were extremely louse on him. The night before they fit like a glove, and now that he thought about it, he looked at the floor and thought ‘didn't the floor be closer last night?’

Bart jumped out of bed, which he found was a not as close as it had been the night before and ran to the mirror. It was early summer as there was some light in the room. What he saw caused him to stare blankness at his reflection as what he saw were his clothes, which swallowed him.


He ran over to his desk which had a tape measure which he used on the said prank and grabbed it. He pulled it and placed it from his feet to the top of head. Bart looked at what the measurements were and he gasped; gasped in horror at what it read ‘three foot’, nothing more and nothing less.


It had to be wrong I was 4’11 just only last week, thought Bart as he measured himself again and again but they all said the same thing this has got to be a joke. Bart thought it’s impossible to shrink isn't it?


But how could anyone pull a prank of like this? They would need to have millions to afford it, with the giant furniture and clothes and everything exactly the same, even his desk had the three chips out of it in the same places Bart thought when he looked around his bedroom and saw how out of place everything is to him.

It wasn't a prank it was all real, he really had shrunk.

I need help... thought Bart as he slowly sneaked out of his room to make sure that no one was around and made his way into Lisa's room. As he entered the room, he couldn't believe how many things seem to out of place including his sister whom was still asleep in her bed.

"Lisa, Lisa!" said Bart as he shook her. "Huh wha..." was all Lisa said as she slowly woke up with her eyes closed."Lisa..." said Bart but was cut off by Lisa when she said, "What do you want this early in the morning?" with her eyes still closed.

" may not believe this but something happened to me" said Bart as he took a few steps back. "Oh really Bart what is? You've grown a fifth finger on both hands and feet? Oh wait I know, you've turned green just like when you..." said Lisa as she sat up with her eyes opened to look at Bart.

Lisa just looked at him with her eyes wide and her mouth open as she couldn't make out what it is that she can see in front of her. " that you?" asked Lisa as she went out of bed. "Yeah it’s me, only smaller..." answered Bart as he looked at his little sister walked up to see how tall she was to him.

To Bart's horror and to Lisa's delight, he was only tall enough to be under Lisa's shoulders. "So...what caused this to happen, LITTLE brother?" asked Lisa with a smile on her face as she poked him. "Ouch...I don't know....I just woke up like this" answered Bart as he looked at his foot and a half taller sister.

"Well, well, well, what should we do with you little brother, don't think I've forgotten what you did to me yesterday" said Lisa as she put her hands onto her hips. "Surly you can forget something like that huh?" asked Bart as he was a bit scared at what she might to do to him. "Do you really think I would let this chance go?" said Lisa as she walked towards him as Bart walked backwards when he tripped.

On his back, Bart looked up at Lisa now looking taller than before, Lisa put her left hand on her chin and said with a teasing tone of voice, "So...what should little Bart do for his big sister? Oh I know...for you to make up for what you did, you are to perform tasks till I say we're even" said Lisa as she looked down at Bart as he slowly made his way back to his feet. "Tasks...tasks, you're asking me, Bart Simpson to perform tasks for you? I don't think so" said Bart as he stood his ground not knowing that was his first mistake.

Lisa walked up to her little brother, pushing him onto the wall and said, "Now listen here little brother...from now on I'm the big sister and who knows if you ever go back to normal size, you may even get smaller for all I know. So trust me when I say’s a good idea to be on my good books"

Bart looking up feeling scared at her height advancement decided to do the tasks that are to be asked of him. " then, get out of my room for me to get changed and...Erm...if you can, change into something that might fit you, little brother" ordered Lisa as she pointed to the door. Bart rushed towards the door and checked if anyone was walking and found that no one was around.

After Lisa changed into her normal clothes, she walked to Bart's room and what she saw made her laugh as nothing of Bart's things fit him as she saw him standing there with his normal clothes were too big for him. "Well...I guess I can't blame you for trying to follow my first order and I kinder saw this one coming so I brought something along that might be in you're taste" said Lisa as she threw a bag of clothes that match Bart's size.

Bart rushed to the bag and took out the clothes which to his surprise looked very much like the clothes he normally wear. Bart felt it would be best if he didn't ask as to why Lisa has such clothes and put them on. The clothes fit him perfectly.

"Come on little brother, lets go down stairs" ordered Lisa as she walked out of Bart's room with him following. The two of them walked downstairs and into the kitchen. They saw their mom, Marge busy making breakfast as their dad, Homer left to go to work. Lisa made her way to the table and looked at Bart to see what he was going to do.


Before Bart was able to sit down by the table, Marge turned round and saw something that surprised her as she put her hands over her mouth. "Bart...what happened?" asked Marge as she slowly walked her way towards him. Bart looking up at the now taller mom and said, "Erm...I'm still the same old me...but only that I'm smaller"

"Oh my little man" said Marge as she hugged him. "'re choking me" pleaded Bart as he was trying to break free from his mom's arms. Lisa just looked on laughing.

As Marge let Bart go, she let him sit by the table and made the two of them breakfast. As they were finishing breakfast, Lisa looked at Bart as Marge walked off and said, "Well then little brother, what should we have you do?" Bart looked at his big sister with a worried look on his face. Lisa stood up and said “Let's go outside”


With that Lisa held onto Bart's small left hand and tugged him to follow. Bart hung his head as the two of them made their way to the back garden. As they were in the back garden, Lisa saw something that gave her a smile.


Lisa looked down at Bart whom was still trapped in her grasp and gave him a smile. “Come on little brother” said Lisa as she walked towards where she was smiling at. Bart looked forward and saw that it was a round table.


“Huh? What are we going to do out here?” asked Bart as he looked up at her all confused. “Why just sit here little brother, I will be right back” answered Lisa as she lifted Bart off the ground and placed him on the chair that was around the table.


Bart looked at Lisa as she walked back into the house. “Why is this happening?” asked Bart to himself as he noticed that his feet don’t reach the ground. Just then, he heard Lisa coming back out with a cardboard box in hand.


As Lisa reached the table, she placed the box down on its surface and took her hands in and took out, a set of china teacups along with fancy looking hats.


“Having a Tea party?” asked Bart as he looked at Lisa holding onto a black top hat. “Yep” answered Lisa as she put on a white ladies hat. She handed Bart the top hat, upon which placed the tea sets around the table.


Bart slowly put the top hat on and found it big on his head as it almost covered his whole forehead. Lisa looked at him and giggled at him. Just then, Bart suddenly grew blind. “Huh?” was all Bart said. Lisa looked at him and saw that the top hat covered his head whole.


Lisa leaned over and lifted the top hat off him. Bart looked up in horror to see an even bigger Lisa. “'ve shrunk again?” asked Lisa as she was surprised at seeing her brother smaller again. Bart looked down and saw the clothes he was wearing still fit him.


“Come on then, lets see how tall you are now little brother” as she gusted Bart to get off the chair. Bart jumped off and stood in front of Lisa. All Bart could see when looked ahead was orange; he slowly looked up and saw Lisa with a smile.


“Oh what are we going to do with you little brother?” said Lisa as she giggled as she put her hands onto her hips. Bart was only as tall as her waist; he was only two feet tall.


“Well then,” said Lisa as she took the top hat from Bart's hands, “Shall we begin” With that. Lisa put the hat on Bart's head. It swallowed his head completely as Bart found himself back in darkness once again.   


He suddenly felt himself being lifted up from the ground and then placed back down onto the chair. Bart lifts the top hat and looked at Lisa, whom has a china kettle in hand. “Are we really going to be doing this?” asked Bart as he looked at her pretending to pour tea into a china cup.


“Of course, now then would you like to have some tea?” answered Lisa as she held the china cup that she poured pretend tea into. Thinking that he has no other choice, Bart decided to play along.


“Oh what a lovely morning it is don’t you think so” said Lisa as she role played.


They kept on playing tea party for half hour till they heard Marge shout out for the two of them to come into the house. They made it to the house. “Oh little man is even smaller” said Marge as she was shocked at seeing Bart standing at two feet.


“Apart from seeing Bart smaller, what seems to be the problem?” asked Lisa. Marge looked at Lisa and answered, “Oh I was just going to go the shops to get some things but now...I’m not so sure”


“Oh don’t worry about Bart and Maggie, I can babysit them” said Lisa. “You sure you can handle it?” asked Marge. “Yeah, I mean that fact that Bart’s smaller means that he be easier to handle” answered Lisa.


“Oh...okay then, I won’t be long. I back as soon as I can” said Marge as she grabbed hold of her things and left the house. “Hay I do love it how you two can talk about me as if I’m not even here” said Bart as he crossed his arms. “Didn’t mean it to sound that way” said Lisa as she looked at Bart.


“Besides what do you mean that you can handle me?” asked Bart. “Oh very easy” answered Lisa as she just laughed. “What are you laughing at?” asked Bart as he looked at her. As he looked at her, he saw that she was taller than before.    


“Just how big are you Bart?” asked Lisa as she looked down at the now smaller Bart. Bart looked all confused as he looked ahead and saw that his view is just an inch below her kneels. “Why, you hardly come up to my kneels” laughed Lisa as she saw Bart looking up at her.   

“How did this happen? I always been bigger than you before?” asked Bart as he was beginning to question as to why he was shrinking. He didn’t noticed that Lisa creped up behind him. “Wha” said Bart as he felt Lisa resting her body onto his back. “Let me check something” all Lisa said as she increased her weight upon Bart.

This caused him to lean forward, having Bart using his diminished strength to keep Lisa balanced on his back. “Hmm, yes” said Lisa as she noticed that Bart was having a hard time keeping her up.  “Lisa...please” said Bart when suddenly he felt Lisa increasing in height.    

This cause Bart to drop on the floor with Lisa on top of him. She rolled off him and saw that he was fine. “Wow...didn’t expect you to shrink again so soon” said Lisa as she sat up and looked at the now tiny size Bart. She saw that Bart was breathing heavy. “What...what did you mean by that?” asked Bart as he slowly sat up.

“Oh never you mind, let see now” answered Lisa as she slowly leaned forward and picked Bart up. “Hay, what are you doing?” asked Bart as he panicked. “Oh relax little brother, just seeing how tall you are now” answered Lisa as she looked at Bart now within her right palm.  Lisa stuck out her thumb from her free hand and saw something that made her laugh.

“What? What’s so funny?” asked Bart as he looked at her confused. “Oh it’s just that you’re as big as my thumb, look” answered Lisa as she looked towards her thumb; Bart slowly looked at her thumb and saw that she was right. To his feet to his head, he stood no taller than her thumb.  “What!” shouted Bart as he saw this, he just couldn’t make out that he’s only as big as her thumb.

“Hay calm down Bart Thumb” said Lisa as she picked him up from his shirt collar with her thumb and index. “Calm down, how you expect me to calm down for being this big?” asked Bart as he looked Lisa as she raised him to the level of her eyes. “Hmm true, never expected you to be this small” answered Lisa as she smiled at him.

“Wha?” asked Bart as he took note of what she said, “What do you mean by that?” “Pardon?” asked Lisa as she raised him towards her left ear. “I said! What do you mean by that!” shouted Bart. This caused Lisa to yank him away from her ear. “Wha!” shouted Bart as he almost felt himself slipping from her grip. “I didn’t say for you to yell in my ear!” screamed Lisa as she pulled him towards her face. “Wha! I’m sorry, I’m sorry for yelling” said Bart in a begging tone of voice. “Grr....that’s better,” said Lisa as she slowly climbed onto her feet. “What are you going to do now?” asked Bart as he noticed that Lisa was making her way upstairs.

“Well Bart,” answered Lisa as she opened her bedroom door, walked towards her bed and placed Bart down onto it. Bart looked at Lisa and saw that she was going through her cupboard and took out two dolls. “Oh no” said Bart as he looked in horror as to what’s to come.

Lisa sat down next to Bart on her bed, showed him the two dolls and asked, “So Bart, do you want to be First Date Malibu Stacey or Making it her Own Malibu Stacey?”

“Get bent” said Bart as he looked away from her with his arms cross. “Oh Bart, you’re such a baby” said Lisa as she giggled at him. “I may be small as your thumb but I’m not a baby that goes around playing dolly” said Bart as he looked back up to her.

“Hmm fine then,” said Lisa as she dropped one of the dolls next to Bart. Bart looked at the doll in shock as to it being bigger than him. “Since you’re not choosing, I choose for you”

“Can’t you see that I’m too small to lift that doll?” asked Bart as he saw that the doll was twice his height. “Oh,” said Lisa as she looked at the doll in hand and then slowly looked towards Bart, “well...just so you known” Lisa swooped up Bart onto her free hand and said, “I’ve chosen you to be the doll”

“What but that’s not fare!” said Bart as Lisa got her fingers wrapped around him. “Fair? You wish to talk about fair?” asked Lisa as she raised him to her eye level. Bart gulped. “Is it fair that you pulled that prank onto me yesterday? Is that fair that you over the years that you picked on me Huh is it” asked Lisa. Bart didn’t say anything.

“I thought as much, now hush and kiss First Date Malibu Stacey” ordered Lisa as she slowly moved Bart and the doll closer together. Bart tried his best to break free but felt Lisa’s grip to be too strong. “No, no, no!” shouted Bart as he saw the plastic face of the First Date Malibu Stacey. The moment that the two faces touched each other, everything went all dark.

Bart opened his eyes and found himself back within his room. He shook his head in a panic, looked at everything that his room has to offer and saw that everything appeared normal. Bart pulled his bed covers off and looked at his pyjamas and saw that they fit him like glove.

Bart looked at his desk and saw the tape measure; he rushed over to it and checked his height which read, 4’11. Bart checked over and over again and each time it says the same thing. He placed it back and looked at his clock and it reads, 6:15am.

Suddenly remember that it was Saturday, Bart slowly climbed himself back to bed and closed his eyes. As he was about to drift off, Bart remembers the dream he just had and knew what it all meant.

He jumped out of bed, checked to see if anyone was within the hallway and made his way towards Lisa’s room.  Once inside, he saw Lisa that was in her bed fast asleep.  Bart slowly made his way towards the bed and shook Lisa.                     

"Lisa, Lisa!" said Bart as he shook her. "Huh wha..." was all Lisa said as she slowly woke up with her eyes closed."Lisa..." said Bart but was cut off by Lisa when she said, "What do you want this early in the morning?" with her eyes still closed.

" may not believe this but something happened to me" said Bart as he took a few steps back. "Oh really Bart what is? You've grown a fifth finger on both hands and feet? Oh wait I know, you've turned green just like when you..." said Lisa as she sat up with her eyes opened to look at Bart.

Lisa looked at him all confused as she saw Bart with his arms wide open. “Bart...what are you doing” asked Lisa as she sat up. “This” answered Bart as he hugged her. “Bart? What brought all this on?” asked Lisa. “This is for me to say sorry for what I did and for the way I always picked on you over the years” answered Bart.

“’re beginning to creep me out,” said Lisa as Bart let her go, “But thank you” The two of them smiled at each other.

With that, Bart left Lisa’s room and back to his own. Lisa still will never have no idea as to what it was that made Bart to hug her, but she was glad that he was sorry for everything that he ever did to her.

End of Story #2 

“The end” said Lisa as she closed the book and placed it back underneath the painting. “Okay...wasn’t expecting that type of story” said Bart. “Yeah I know what you mean, didn’t thought it would be a slow shrink” said Lisa. “Come on then, lets find another story” said Bart as he walked through the library.

Lisa picked up Maggie and followed Bart. The three of them stopped walking when they came across a painting. “Hmm...This might be good” said Lisa as she put Maggie down and picked up the book underneath the painting.

Lisa opened the book and read out loud.    

Story #3

Simpsons Minus Zero

Orbiting around the planet was a familiar spacecraft,

On board this familiar spacecraft were two familiar green aliens with tentacles for hands and have jars over her heads and that they can’t stop drooling. These are of course Kang and Kodos. The two of them were looked out their giant monitor which on its screen was the planet Earth. The two of them slowly looked at each other, “So is everything ready?” asked Kang as he looked at his sister. “Yes, we just now need to find subjects that will be perfect” answered Kodos as she looked at him. “Then by all means, deploy the Lidi Pod” said Kang as he looked back at the monitor. Kodos took out a detonator and activated it. The two of them looked at the monitor and saw a small round silver object being fired down upon the earth.     

The round silver object fell down towards a familiar town, a familiar town which have a mountain of burning tyres.

The moment that the object crashed upon this familiar town, it began to twitch and with each time it twitched, it made a beeping. Once the object stopped twitching, it shot up five foot into the air and began to fly through the streets of this familiar town.

This familiar town is known as Springfield.

Down upon the streets of this familiar town, lays a very familiar house and within this familiar house lays a familiar set of events.

“Get over here boy!” shouted Homer as he chased after Bart all over the house. “Wha!” shouted Bart as he ran as fast as he can away from him. During their moments of chasing, the two of them caused a lot of mess within the rooms they’ve been in. Leaving in its wake, Marge looked on with disappointment, “Sigh...Why must they keep on doing this?” asked Marge to herself as she shook her head. With that she began to clean up the mess. “Hay will you guys please keep it down, I’m trying to practice here!” screamed Lisa as she poked her head out of her bedroom door. Lisa was practicing playing on her sax.

Just down the street of the Simpson’s house, the round object were hovering it way through when it suddenly heard the sound of a something breaking. It stopped in its tracks and began to scan the area on where the sound originally came from. Once it’s done scanning, it made a ding sound and faced the Simpson’s house. It flew itself towards the house and began to look through the windows. It hovered its way to the upstairs windows and looked through the one that’s hallway.

It looked through the window, which was opened and saw Homer finally caught Bart and performs his trademark by strangling him for a few a seconds. The object then scanned the two of them and it then made a ding sound.

At that moment in time, outside in space within Kang and Kodos’ spaceship

“Targets for Project Z have just been conformed” said Kodos as she looked at a monitor that was flashing red. “Perfect” said Kang as he looked at her and then looked back at the monitor of the Earth.

Back down upon Earth, just outside the window that the round object known as Lidi Pod was hovering at made a ding noise.

“Orders conformed” spoke the Lidi Pod in a computer like voice as a small hatch was slowly opening from its rounded shell. Slowly a laser was being drawn out and it aimed towards Homer and Bart. Within seconds, the Lidi Pod fired a red beam of light from its laser towards Homer and Bart. Upon hitting, the two of them were engulfed in a bright red light. This brought the attention of Marge and Lisa as they slowly made their way towards the hallway.        

“What happened?” asked Homer as he rubbed his eyes. As he slowly removed his hands away from his eyes, he looked around himself and saw that he was in the upstairs hallway but it was different. He saw what he could tell was the stairs but instead of them being steps that he could easily walk upon but instead he saw them as something his has to climb.  Upon which reminds him of the time he climbed the Murderhorn, the tallest mountain in Springfield. “What the?” asked Homer to himself as he walked towards the edge of the first step, just to see how deep each step is. This brought the realization of how small he had some how became. “This can’t be good” said Homer as he looked back up to see how big everything was to him.

Just then, he heard the sound of a beeping sound. He heard it coming from above him. Homer slowly looked towards to where the beeping sound came from and saw a huge round object hovering above him, the Lidi Pod. Before Homer could react to the round object, it shuns a blue spotlight down upon him. “Target conformed, Subject A ready for deployment” spoke the object in a computer voice as it shun its light away from him.        

Homer looked at the Lidi Pod and saw that it opened a hatch and slowly saw that a laser was drawing out of it. He saw that it has a green glow emitting from it. “This can’t be good” said Homer as he quickly run away from the Lidi Pod. “Hold, you cannot escape” said the Lidi Pod as it turned round and faced towards Homer. It aimed it green laser towards him and was about to fire when it suddenly it heard the sound of footsteps coming from downstairs. It stopped in its tracks and flew away into another room. Homer stopped running and looked back when he noticed that the Lidi Pod didn’t fire its laser at him.

Just then, he could hear load booming noises and felt strong vibrations coming from the direction of the stairs and then he saw something blue rising up from it.  “Oh my” was all Homer said when he saw that it was Marge whom was climbing the stairs. Once she reached the top, Homer just looked on and saw just how much how she towers over him. “Hmm, what was that light?” asked Marge to herself as she looked left and right of upper hallway. She saw nothing that she could tell was the cause of the red light. “Marge! Marge!” shouted Homer as loud as his lungs could allow him to. He looked up and knew that she couldn’t hear him.      

“Homer?” asked a familiar voice. Homer looked over to whom spoke and saw that it was Bart, whom too has shrunken down. “Bart?” asked Homer as he rushed over towards him. Once he reached him, the two of them heard Marge say, “Lisa” Just then, the two of them heard the sound of a door opening and another familiar voice echoed above them. “What is mom?” Homer and Bart quickly looked up and saw that it was Lisa whom poked her head out of her bedroom door.  “Do you know anything about that red light?” asked Marge as she walked towards Lisa’s room. This caused Homer and Bart to rush towards Lisa’s door as they saw that Marge was going to stand on them if they did not.  

“Red light not really. I just saw a bright light flashing through the edges of my door. The moment that the light faded away I was about to check what caused it but that’s was when you called me” answered Lisa. “By the way,” said Marge as she listens out to see if she could hear anything, “Do you know where your father and Bart are?” “Huh? I thought they were downstairs” answered Lisa as she looked at her confused. “Right then” said Marge as she smiled at Lisa as she walked downstairs.

“Quick hurry” said Bart as he nudged Homer as he pointed inside Lisa’s room. The two of them rushed their way inside Lisa’s room. They were able to get inside just moments before Lisa closed the door. “Well that red light was strange indeed” said Lisa to herself as she walked towards her desk. “We need to somehow get Lisa’s attention” said Homer as he looked at Lisa and saw her sitting down on her chair. “We need to start climbing” said Bart as he rushed towards the desk. As he was heading his way over, he caught a glimpse of Lisa’s saxophone lying on the floor, on its side. He stopped in his tracks and looked over to Homer.

“I got an even better idea” said Bart as he pointed towards the saxophone. “Why what’s better than that?” asked Homer as soon as he reached him. “Come on Homer hurry” said Bart as he looked over to Lisa and saw that she was slowly getting up from her chair. The two of them ran as fast as they can towards the saxophone. The moment that they reached it, Lisa was over towards her bed, which the saxophone was next to. “Hurry” said Bart as he climbed inside the instrument. When Homer climbed in, Lisa leaned over to the saxophone and picked it up, causing Homer and Bart to topple over.

As soon as Lisa was about to start playing her saxophone, Bart began to shout out her name. This caused Lisa to stop for a moment looked around her room in confusion, when she could see anything she shrugged and went back to playing her instrument. Homer shouted out her name. Lisa stopped again; again she looked around her room in confusion. “Dad?” asked Lisa to herself as she slowly looked back towards her saxophone.         

“Lisa! We’re in the saxophone!” shouted Homer. Lisa slowly then looked within her instrument and she could see two inch high figures. “Lisa it’s us!” shouted Bart as he jumped up and down. “No way...” said Lisa as she shot up from her bed, with the saxophone still in her hands, made her way towards her desk and picked up a magnifying glass. She then gently placed the saxophone on its side on the desk surface and looked inside. Lisa could still see the inch high figures, with the magnifying glass in hand and aimed it over them so she could take a better look.

“Oh my...Dad! Bart! What happened?” asked Lisa, still looking through the magnifying glass, seeing them a lot better. Homer climbed out of the saxophone and began to explain. “I’m sorry dad but I can’t hear you” said Lisa as she looked at Homer and noticed that he couldn’t even hear what he was trying to say. “See I told you that going in the saxophone was good idea” said Bart as he saw Homer making his way back inside. “Oh of course, your little voices can echo within my saxophone” said Lisa as she looked at Homer as he finally got inside. “Where did you get an idea for that?” asked Homer. “Don’t know really, déjà vu I suppose” answered Bart.

“Right then, I guess it’s better for you two to explain as to what happened” said Lisa as she picked up the saxophone and magnifying glass. With that Homer and Bart began to explain what happened, unaware that the Lidi Pod that was hiding in another room went out of hiding and hovered downstairs. Once Homer and Bart finished explaining, they heard the sound of Marge screaming from downstairs. Lisa with the guys still inside the saxophone in hand, rushed out of her room and headed downstairs to see what was the cause of Marge’s scream.     

Lisa with the saxophone in hand rushed into the kitchen which was were Marge was in. Lisa screamed out, “Mom!” Lisa looked over towards where her mom is, Marge was by the kitchen sink screaming as she has her sights on the surface of the counter around the sink. Marge was still screaming. “Mom! Mom! What is it?” asked Lisa as she rushed towards next to Marge. Lisa looked at Marge and looked at her eyes and saw that they were stuck focused on the counter. Lisa slowly looked at what she was looking at and saw that it was a spider. “Mom? You screamed like that for a spider?” laughed Lisa as she shook her head in disbelieve.   

“You make it sound as if I should be screaming at something completely different” said Marge as she looked at Lisa as she gently placed her saxophone on the table and grabbed hold of a piece of paper and glass cup. “I explain everything once the spider is disposed of” answered Lisa as she caught the spider with the glass and slide the paper over the top of it to stop the spider from escaping. Lisa looked at Marge as she opened a window; she made her way towards it and allowed the spider to escape.

“Well?” asked Marge as she saw Lisa put the glass and piece of paper down. “Well mom it’s kinder hard to explain,” said Lisa as she went over to the table to pick up the saxophone, she looked inside and said; “I think that it best that you guys say something” Marge looked at her daughter with confusion. Just then Marge could hear Homer’s voice calling her name. Marge looked around the kitchen trying to see her husband but saw no sigh of him. Then she heard his voice again and heard it echoing from the instrument. Marge slowly leaned towards the saxophone and looked inside it and saw two inch high figures.     

“Surly this is a joke?” asked Marge as she looked at Lisa. Lisa just shook her head as she explained everything that has happened. Unknown to them all was that the Lidi Pod was hovering in a corner of kitchen ceiling.  

Meanwhile up at the spacecraft,

“Hmm…it seems that the Lidi Pod is having problems capturing the subjects for Project Z” said Kodos as she looked on the monitor screen and saw what the Lidi Pod was seeing. Which were Marge and Lisa in the kitchen with Homer and Bart shrunken within the saxophone. “Project Z must be kept secret from the earthlings that are not subjects at all coat” said Kang as he slithered his way next to his sister. “True, true but what must we do brother?” asked Kodos as she looked at Kang. “For the meanwhile have the Lidi Pod find ways of claiming the subjects” answered Kang. “And if it should fail?” asked Kodos as she looked back at the monitor. “Then we must have the Lidi Pod captor the females” answered Kang.

Back on Earth,

At that preside moment, Lisa looked over her shoulder and saw something hovering in the corner of the ceiling. Marge saw Lisa looking over her shoulder and slowly followed what she was looking at.

Back at the spacecraft,

“Hang a tick, what is that blue hair female doing?” asked Kodos as she saw Marge standing up from the table, picked up a broom stick and looked up at where the Lidi Pod was hiding. “She isn’t!” gasped Kang as he saw her swinging the broom stick towards the Lidi Pod. Once struck, the vision of the Lidi Pod was all fuzzy; making it hard for the aliens to see what was going on. “Command it to captor the females!” ordered Kang. Once the order has been issued, the two aliens looked on waiting to see what have become of the Lidi Pod and Project Z.   

Back on Earth,

“Don’t tell me that’s the strange ball?” asked Marge as she swung the broomstick in hand towards the Lidi Pod. “Yeah that’s it” shouted Homer as Lisa was holding the saxophone and tilt it so that the two of them could see. “Careful mom, that thing is capable to shrink you” said Lisa as she saw the Lidi Pod trying to flee from Marge. “Oh no you don’t!” shouted Marge as she swung as hard as she could at the Lidi Pod. Once hit, the impact from it caused the Lidi Pod to go flying into the living room. Marge and Lisa rushed into the living and saw it lying on the floor.

They saw it was twitching as if it was trying to hover back up. Lisa saw a small bin next to the couch, with a free hand she grabbed hold of it and slammed it down onto the Lidi Pod. Trapping it within. “Great I have more mess to clean up” said Marge as she saw the rubbish that was scattered when Lisa caught the Lidi Pod. “Mom, I think that there’s something that more important that mess” said Lisa as she looked up. “Yeah, like finding a way for us to grow back to normal” echoed Bart’s voice.

“Okay now…” said Lisa as she lowered the saxophone down so that she have free hands. Lisa slowly lifted the bin up a little and looked inside. She saw the Lidi Pod have a red light blinking and saw that it was glowing even brighter. “Uh oh” was all Lisa said as she moved away from the Lidi Pod and saw that it fired a red beam. “Wha!” shouted Marge as she saw the red beam and saw that it hit book rack. Lisa closed the bin as she and Marge looked at the book rack and saw that it was shrinking down in size.

“Now this is hard to believe,” said Marge as she made her way towards the shrunken book rack, knelt down and as carefully as possible picked it up in-between her index finger and thumb, “But everything leads to this shrinking business to be real” “Okay, now that we caught that strange thing…how are we going to be restore back to normal?” asked Homer as his voice echoed from the saxophone. “Hang on” said Lisa as she noticed something strange about the Lidi Pod. “What’s wrong?” asked Marge as she went over to where the saxophone and picked it up. “That strange object…it haven’t fired another beam and to top it off…it haven even moved” answered Lisa as she looked over to Marge.

“I hope that it’s no broken too much” said Bart as Lisa slowly lifted up bin again to look at Lidi Pod. She saw that the Lidi Pod wasn’t moving, nor did it have any lights blinking. Lisa tapped it to see if it response but to her surprise, it didn’t. “I think it’s safe,” said Lisa as she picked it up, “Hard to believe that something like this is able to shrink things” “Well Lisa? Can you be able to restore us?” asked Homer as he and Bart were able to see Lisa looking within the saxophone.

“Well first things first, I will need to dismantle it, if I can of course, and see what I can find out about our machine friend here” answered Lisa. “Then what are we’re to do in the meantime?” asked Bart. “To pass the time I suppose we have something to eat” answered Homer. “Well I doubt that you be able to eat a full meal at your size” said Marge as she looked within the instrument. “Still it better to eat something than do nothing while we wait” said Homer. “Hmm, I suppose. Come on then” said Marge as she picked up the saxophone and entered the kitchen. As Marge was within the kitchen, Lisa was left to exam the Lidi Pod

Meanwhile back at the spacecraft,

“Hmm, I don’t like it” said Kang as he looked at the monitors and as they still didn’t have any signals. “I agree, perhaps we should abort the project?” asked Kodos as she looked at her brother. “No!” yelled Kang as he looked at her, “No we must not. You have any idea how much that will cost us!” “Very, very much” answered Kodos. “So we must find the Lidi Pod and the subjects at once” said Kang. “Then what do you propose for us to do?” asked Kodos. “We must do down to Earth and find it ourselves” answered Kang.

“But brother, you know full well about the Under Development Planet Law” said Kodos but was but short. “I know that, we’re already breaking that law just by doing this!” said Kang. “But with the use of Lidi Pod we can bypass that law. None of the apes of that planet will then suspect that Lidi Pod is in fact alien technology and their knowledge of our race will never be known” said Kodos. “Hmm, despite saying that, it feels as if we broke that law many times” said Kang.   “Indeed we have” said Kodos. “Very well then, lets us go” ordered Kang.

With that the spacecraft began to head towards Earth.      

“I’ve done it!” shouted Lisa as she rushed in to the kitchen. “What? What have you done?” asked Marge as she was at the kitchen table with Bart and Homer sitting on a plate of sandwiches. “I was able to figure out on how to use this strange object” answered Lisa as she showed them the Lidi Pod. “How?” asked Marge as she looked at her all confused. “Though the powers of off screen process” answered Lisa as she walked up to the table. “Okay…” said all three of them as they looked at her all confused.

“Okay…” said Lisa as she looked at the Lidi Pod, she twisted it pulled the sphere in half. The hemispheres in her right hand had a small red, blue and green light bulbs along with three buttons of the same colour. The hemisphere on her left hand had a more computer looking as it has a small monitor with different coloured wires spewing out of the machine. “From what we saw before hand when this object fired its red beam, it had the power to shrink things yes” said Lisa as she showed them the two halves. The three of the nodded their heads.

Lisa sat down at the table and said, “And according to what dad said that about this object when it was still floating it was giving off a green flicker” Lisa then looked at the hemisphere on her right hand and said, “Chances are is that the green light teleport ray as it said deployment” “Okay Lisa…then what does that blue light do?” asked Marge as she looked at Lisa then she looked at down Bart and Homer. “Well, watch this” answered Lisa as she picked up a sandwich, placed it away from the plate and aimed the right hemisphere at it. With a push of the blue button, a blue beam was fired from it and engulfed the sandwich.

Once the light dimmed down, everyone looked at the sandwich and saw that has double its size. “Now that’s what I call a mega sandwich” said Homer but due to him not being in the saxophone his voice was not heard. “So the red shrinks, the green teleport and the blue grow. The question that should be asked is that who does the device belongs to and for what purpose” asked Marge as she slowly stood up. “We before we can work things out we must have the guys back to normal” answered Lisa as she aimed the right hemisphere at Bart and Homer.

With a push of the blue button, a blue beam of light fired from the deice towards them and they were engulfed in a blue light. Once the light dimmed down the girls saw that the guys were bigger but, “Hay what happened?” asked Bart as he saw that he and Homer were only a foot tall. “Hmm, I don’t know…perhaps that I need to press it again” answered Lisa as she was about to press the button again a bright light shun out from the kitchen window. The four of them looked at the window and wondered on what that was.

Marge picked up Homer and Bart off the kitchen table and put them on the floor as they made their way out into the garden.

As soon as they were outside they saw to their surprise was a spacecraft looking object blocking their view of the night sky. “Don’t tell me that this about aliens?” asked Lisa. Just then a spotlight shun down upon them, which blinded them for only a moment. They then saw a hatch slowly opening up from the spacecraft and saw it shunning out green light down in front of them. Before anyone could ask as to what was going on, two large green aliens with tentacles for hands and have jars over her heads and that they can’t stop drooling suddenly appeared before them.

The green light faded away as Kang spoke out, “Greetings earthlings. I do believe that you all have something that belongs to us” Kang said this as he pointed towards Lisa’s hands. “So it was your doing as to why my son and I were shrunken down in size?” asked Homer.  “Correct earthling” answered Kodos. “But why did you do it?” asked Bart as he crossed his arms. “Because of Project Z” answered Kang. “That is?” asked Marge. “Project Z is a place where it contains races from other planets where they will be locked up within cages while our kind go and see them” answered Kang as he looked at her. “Wait that sounds likes a zoo” said Lisa.

“Yes, I guess that it does. With the Lidi Pod we send it out to planets and they search for prefect samples for Project Z. once found, it will then shrink its down target down to size and teleport them back to our home planet” said Kang as he smiled at her. “So why go round and gather people for this space zoo?” asked Marge as she stood in front of Bart and Homer. The two aliens looked at each other and then they started to do their evil laugh. “What’s so funny?” asked Homer. “It’s funny because you ask us why we gather people for Project Z; where the same thing could be said for the same reason for hired hunters on your planet” answered Kodos. “Then this is all about money” said Lisa. “Correct” said Kang.       

“You know much credit they give out if we gather some Earthling” said Kodos. “So we’re nothing more than money to you lot” said Lisa as she looked at the hemisphere in her right hand. “Now return to us what is rightfully ours” ordered Kang as he slithered towards Lisa and stuck out it right tentacle arm. “Well you see” said Lisa as she held the two halves of the Lidi Pod towards Kang. “What? How did you Earthling manage to break it?” asked Kang as he took the half from Lisa’s left hand.

Kang looked at the hemisphere and then slowly looked back at Lisa. “No hand me the other” ordered Kang as he stuck out its free tentacle arm. “Oh you want this one” said Lisa as she stuck out her arm towards Kang. Before the alien was able to get the device off her, Lisa pressed the red button which fired a red beam and engulfed him in its light. “On no!” shouted Kodos as she saw where this was going. She saw Lisa turned to her and fired the same red beam of light towards her.

Once the light dimmed down, Kang and Kodos opened their eyes and saw that they have shrunken down in size. “Curse you earthlings! How does it still have juice without the bat…never mind! Now restore us back to normal” ordered Kang as he and Kodos looked up at a giant Lisa crouching down so she can get a better look of them. “You better rethink the way you’ve talking to us” said Lisa as she gave the aliens a sly smile. “Or what? Might you Earthlings forget, we’re more superior to you beings” snapped Kodos. “Well that might be true but look at the position you two are in” said Marge as she walked next to Lisa and placed her hands onto her hip.

“Oh shrint” was all Kang could say as he hung his head. “Erm…shrint indeed” said Marge as she rolled her eyes. “Now then, bye, bye” said Lisa as she waved at the aliens as she pushed another button on the device that fired a green beam at them. “No!” shouted Kang and Kodos as they were slowly fading away. “Well I hope that’s the last we see of them” said Lisa as she slowly stood up straight. “So what are we going to do with that?” asked Bart as he pointed towards the spacecraft. “Give it here Lisa” said Marge as she held her hand out to her. Lisa gave the device to Marge and watched her as she aimed it towards the spacecraft.

A red beam fired from the device and struck the spacecraft. The four of them looked on as they saw it shrinking down in size. Just then, they saw the craft slowly hovering down into their garden. “Huh? Why did it do that?” asked Homer as he saw Lisa walking up to it. As Lisa picked it up, she raised it to her left ear and tries to hear if it was making any sound, but she heard nothing. “The device must have done something spacecraft…kinder like its circuits got burned up or something” answered Lisa as she walked back to the others and showed them the shrunken spacecraft.

“Now what do we do?” asked Bart as he looked at Marge and Lisa. The two of them looked at each other then slowly looked back down at him. “Now we must get you guys back to normal” answered Marge as she aimed the device at the guys. A blue beam of light fired from the guys and engulfed them in it. Once the light dimmed down, the guys were bigger than before but they found themselves nowhere near their normal height. Marge saw that Homer was just below her chin while Bart was about the same with Lisa. She was about to fire the blue beam again only for there to be northing fired.

“Huh?” was all Marge said as she looked at the device and pressed the blue button again and again. Nothing was being fired. “Let me take a look at that” said Lisa as Mare gave it to her. Lisa examined it trying to see what was wrong with it. Just then she could see a small red dot flashing along with the sound of beeping every time the dot was flashing. She slowly touched the red dot and a machine tone of voice echoed out from it.

It said,

‘Out of power, please replace batteries’     

Marge and Lisa looked at the guys and gave them a nervous laughter. “So…where’s the batteries for the device…” said Homer as he slowly looked towards the spacecraft that was still in Lisa’s hand. “D’oh!” shouted Homer as he knew where the batteries for the device are.  

End of Story #3

“The end” said Lisa as she the book back in its place. “Not sure why…but the ending felt kinder rushed” said Bart. “Yeah I know what you mean, it’s like Burns only written halfway through and didn’t write add anything to it for six months” said Lisa as she picked up Maggie. “Man…it really is getting late” said Bart as he saw Maggie yawning and slowly close her eyes. “I wonder why it’s taking so long for mom and dad to find us” said Lisa as she stood up.

“Hmm, yeah and we still haven’t found the exit” said Bart as he was beginning to worry. The two of them began to wonder deeper inside the library. As they were wondering through, they saw an arrow sigh which reads ‘Exit’ “Well that was easy” said Bart as he turned to face the direction. “Easy said than done” said Lisa as she too looked at the direction of the arrow sigh. “Huh what do you mean?” asked Bart as he looked at her in confusion.  

“I mean look at the section that we’re entering” answered Lisa as she pointed at the sigh above them. Bart looked up at the sigh which reads ‘The Horrors of Springfield’ “The Horrors of Springfield” said Bart as he looked back at Lisa. “That’s not all” said Lisa as she pointed down the rows of the section. Bart looked and saw that there are arrow sigh reads exits scatter in all the rows, each one not pointing towards the same direction. “Oh this is going to be a long night” said Bart as he and Lisa began to explore the section.

While going through, they saw paintings like when they were in the ‘Horrors of the Simpsons’ but instead of the painting to base solely on their family. They saw that they were pictures of people that live in Springfield. “Now this is a strange one” said Bart as he stopped in his tracks and pointed towards a painting. “That really is strange…want to read?” asked Lisa as she slowly put Maggie down. “Yeah…we got all night” answered Bart. Lisa went towards the painting, picked up the book that was under it and began to read out loud.