Treehouse of Horror: GTS-Style


“Oh man I can’t believe that mom and Homer left us baby siting while they go off and have fun!” said Bart as he and Lisa were walking down Mr Burn’s mansion with Maggie following them. “At least we can get to explore Mr Burn’s mansion, it better then having Aunt Patty and Selma looking after us for the night” said Lisa as she was trying to cheer him down.

“Do we even know where we’re going?” asked Bart as he was beginning to notice that they were just walking. The two of them stopped walking and Maggie stopped as she walked up to them. “Hay look, a library” said Lisa as she pointed to a medieval looking room with a sign saying library. “You know, having a feeling that we’ve been in here before” said Bart as he walked in as Lisa picked up Maggie.

The two of them walked inside the library and each of them began to notice spiders and dust was all over the place. “Take it that Mr Burns don’t come here as much” said Lisa. As the two of them walked even deeper into the library, they come across a section that had a huge sign saying ‘Horrors of the Simpsons’. “That’s a nice thing to say” said Bart. “Hay look at that picture” said Lisa as she stopped right in front of a painting.

Bart walks over and looked at it. “You know that this is a rip off from that 50’s movie Attack of the fifty foot woman right?” asked Bart. “I know…but look at it” said Lisa as she was still staring at it. The picture looked just like the cover of Attack of the fifty foot woman but the woman was Marge wearing a white dress towering over Mr Burns’ Power Plant while holding a car that looked like Homer’s car with him inside.

“You don’t think that Mr Burns made this?” asked Lisa as she looked at her brother. “What creeps me out isn’t just this painting of mom but there’s seemed to be his own version of the movie” answered Bart as he noticed a book underneath the painting that was titled, ‘Attack of the fifty foot Marge’. “Let me read that” said Lisa as she put Maggie down. Lisa picked the book up and began reading out loud.

Story #1
Attack of the fifty foot Marge

Springfield, back in the 1950s, was a new beginnings and endings to people from the town. People from around the world would go to Springfield to make something of them selves. Back in the days, Mr Burns was known as the leader of the Springfield Mafia which rivals with the Shelbyville Mafia. People usually come to visit Mr Burns to get jobs in his Power Plant.

A family simply known as the Simpsons made it to Springfield and was hoping that they could get a job to keep a house and to keep the family growing in Springfield for future generations. There are a total of six members that made it to the town. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Abe were the members.

One day after they found a place to stay, Marge wanted to get a job instead of being a house wife. So she told Homer to look after the kids and grandpa while she goes off to find a job. After hours of going to many shops that had wanted signs up and each of them wouldn’t hire her, with no chose left, Marge decided to pay a visit to Mr Burns at his Power Plant.

As she got to the Power Plant, she was allowed to meet Mr Burns. “Mr Burns is in his office” said Mr Smithers as he opened the door to his office. “Thank you for seeing me at such short noticed” said Marge as she bowed as she entered the office. As she looks up, she saw Mr Burns smoking on a cigar with a grin on his face. “Now tell me young miss, why would you come to me for a job? A fine woman like you could easily get job with out my help” said Mr Burns. Marge walks up to the seat and sat down and said, “It’s because no one would hire me”

“Oh I see how you would like to work for me then?” asked Mr Burns as he saw Marge’s eyes lit up as he said that. “How much would I get paid?” asked Marge as she was concerned for the food she needs to buy for her family. “Oh, you get plenty of money, enough even to feed that family of yours” answered Mr Burns.

“Ok, what is that you want me to do then?” asked Marge. “Lets have a trial first then shall we?” asked Mr Burns as he began to smoke his cigar and blow out the smoke that he sucked in. “Ok sure” said Marge as she stood up.

“I want you to deliver this package to Shelbyville, as soon as you take one foot inside just put it on the ground and someone on the inside will do the rest. Understand?” said Mr Burns as he took out a wrapped up box and place it on his desk.

“I understand perfectly” said Marge as she picked up the package and walked out of the office. “Good luck” said Mr Smithers as he saw Marge walking out. “Thanks” said Marge. “That was real nice of you sir” said Mr Smithers as he walks into the office. “I was nothing, I just need to get rid of that package before the police show up here” said Mr Burns as he stands up and walks towards the window inside his room.

“May I ask sir, what was in the box?” asked Smithers as he stood next to him. “Let’s just hope that Pandora wouldn’t open the box before she delivers it” answered Burns as he looked at Smithers.

Marge went home and told everyone that she got the job but only on a trial. Marge told them that he needs to go to Shelbyville to deliver a package and that she would be back in time to make dinner. From that Marge left the house, got inside the family car and driving towards Shelbyville.

Back in those days, Shelbyville was a lot farer away, people need to cross over a desert to get from Springfield to Shelbyville and back. Marge was driving across the desert, as she was driving towards Shelbyville; she began to hear strange noises and saw flashing lights were above her. Marge looks up and couldn’t see anything apart from the clouds in the sky. Must have been my imagination thought Marge as she looked back down to earth.

As she was driving, she noticed that that the sun was beginning to set, she finally made it to Shelbyville. Marge stood out from the car and remembered Burn’s instruction was to just leave the package onto the ground as soon she steps into the town and then leave. Marge did just that and began to drive away. As she was driving home, the sun has fully set and the night sky’s moon was beginning to shine. The strange sounds that she heard before was beginning to echo through out the place.

As Marge was beginning to wonder what that sound was, a different sound shocked her, it was an explosion and it came from Shelbyville. “What on earth!” shouted Marge as she stopped the car and looked back and saw the fire from the explosion with smoke rising from it. Marge looks forward again and said, “No way…could I have something to do with this? Could Mr Burns have something to with it?”

As Marge was about to drive off again, the strange sound was beginning to echo even louder then before and a flash light shunned down upon her. Marge was so scared, she couldn’t even think properly as she was noticing that she was hovering towards the light. As Marge was getting closer towards the light, she was beginning to feel light headed and then she passed out.

As Marge opened her eyes, she noticed that she couldn’t move as that she was chained up on a metal chair. “W…where am I?” asked Marge as she noticed two beings standing in the shadows. The two beings began to walk towards her and light shined onto them as Marge could see who they were. There standing in front of her was two green aliens with tentacles for hands and have jars over her heads and that they can’t stop drooling.

“Hello female human. My name is Kang and this here is my sister Kodos” said one of the two, (Since both look alike) “hat do you want from me?” asked Marge. “Relax; we’re just going to do this” answered Kodos as she drew out a device and pushed the button. Seconds later a huge laser like machine could be seen hanging above Marge, more seconds went by and the laser fired a red beam onto Marge which caused her to black out.

As Marge came to, she found that she was back in her car, parked next to her house. “Was that all…a dream?” asked Marge to herself. Marge shook it off and began to walk into her house. As she was about to set foot inside the house she heard someone say, “I want you to keep quiet about what happened in Shelbyville” Marge stopped and looked to her right and saw Smithers. “That what Mr Burns would have said if he was here” said Smithers as he walked up to her. “Oh Mr Smithers…what are doing here?” asked Marge as she jumped from his appeared from the shadows.

“I was just waiting for you. I saw you parking in earlier, you don’t look very good. Are you all right?” asked Smithers as he looked at her car. “Erm yea … I’m fine” answered Marge. “That’s good; I’m here to give you your pay for your delivery to Shelbyville. Mr Burns want you to do more work for him in the nearby future” said Smithers as he drew out a sealed letter addressed to Marge.

“Thank you” said Marge as she took the letter from him. “Now remember…keep quiet about what happened in Shelbyville” said Smithers as he put his left finger on his lip as if he’s saying shh. Marge nodded as she watched him walked away from her house. Marge took a deep breath and entered her house to see her family gathered around the diner table with tea all ready.

“You all right?” asked Homer as he stood and walked towards his wife. “I’m fine” said Marge but seconds later she began to cry like crazy. Marge then hung herself onto Homer for comfort. “What happened?” asked Homer worried.

“It…it was…the delivery that I done. I…deliver a bomb!” cried Marge. “A bomb?” asked Homer. “COOL A BOMB! Where did you go with it?” asked Bart as he shot up from his seat. “Dad, take the kids upstairs!” ordered Homer as he helped his wife to a seat.

“Tell me what happened?” asked Homer as he sat down and watched his wife crying. “I was driving towards Shelbyville; I did what I was told. I got out from the car and placed the package onto the floor the moment I set foot and leave” said Marge.

“Then what?” asked Homer. “As I was driving away, maybe a mile or two away from Shelbyville was when I heard a bomb exploding. I stopped the car and looked back and saw the smoke and the flames from the carnage that I just made” sobbed Marge.

“Hay calm down for all you knows you’ve wouldn’t be the cause of that explosion” said Homer as he was trying to calm her down. “But I was, even Smithers knows about the explosion that happened in Shelbyville” said Marge. “When did you meet Smithers?” asked Homer. “He was hanging outside our house a little while ago” answered Marge.

“But you Homer…the strangest thing about all of this was that dream I had afterwards” said Marge as she looked at the floor. “Hmm? What dream is this then?” asked Homer. “I dreamt that I was adducted by two green aliens and they fired some sort of laser beam at me” answered Marge, still looking at the floor.

“That is strange?” said Homer as he stood up. As he stood, he noticed something different about Marge. “Marge, do you feel different by any chance?” asked Homer. “No why?” asked Marge still looking at the floor.

As Marge was looking at the floor, she began to notice that the floor seems to be farer away from where she was sitting and that the seat felt a bit smaller when she sat on it. “No that you mention it, I feel a bit angry” said Marge, still looking at the floor.

“Angry?” said Homer as he looked at his wife. “I feel angry of what Mr Burns made me do…he tricked me into deliver a bomb that properly killed many people!” shouted Marge as she jumped off her seat and stormed out of the house.

Homer rushes after her and saw Marge on her kneels with her hands on her chest. “What’s wrong!” shouted Homer as he rushes over to her. Marge looked at him weakly and said, “Can’t breathe” Homer looked at Marge and to his amazement, he noticed that the clothes that she was wearing was being ripped off, seconds later, the whole of her clothes shred off.

Homer saw Marge wearing something he never saw her wear before, she was wearing a white dress and that she was slowly growing. Homer watched his wife getting bigger and bigger till she stopped growing as she reached fifty foot. After a few seconds, Marge noticed that she could breathe again and began to stand up and to her surprise, everything was shorter then she, since she didn’t notice that she was growing.

Marge looks down and noticed that she was wearing a snow white dress. “Homer? What happened to me?” asked Marge as she was beginning to panic. “It appears that you’ve grown into a giant” answered Homer. Marge kneeled down and said, “I know that but how?”  “Might it have something to do with that dream you had?” asked Homer as he remember that Marge said something about aliens.

Marge’s eye lit up when he said that, as if everything was making sense to her. “Of course, that dream was real and that laser beam…must have done this to me” said Marge as she stood back to her full height again. Marge looked at the Power Plant and began to walk towards it. “Hay Marge where are you going!” shouted Homer as he was trying to catch up with her.

“Get the kids and Abe ready to leave because I’m going to get even with Mr Burns” answered Marge as she began to walk down the street. Home took a deep breath, headed into the house and got his family ready to leave. Marge was marching down the streets and was heading towards the Power Plant, hoping that Mr Burns was still there.

At the Power Plant,

“So that woman delivered the package as planned, Excellent” said Mr Burns as he was sitting on his chair. Mr Burns stands up and walks towards his window to look at the night sky. As he was looking outside, he noticed something heading towards the plant. “Wait a minute, I know that person” said Mr Burns as the thing he saw was beginning to look human.

As the thing got closer, Burns knew who it was. “How is that possible!” shouted Burns as he saw a fifty foot Marge standing at the plant car park. Marge looks down and saw Burns’ car, she picks it up and looked at Burns’ window and saw him. With a smile on her face, she threw the car towards it and it smashed throw the window.

Marge turned around and headed back towards her house. As she was walking, she noticed the family car driving towards her. The car stopped and Homer looked up and gave a wave at her. Marge kneels down and picks up the family car with everyone init and began to walk out of Springfield, without looking back.

As Marge was walking out of Springfield, running through her head wasn’t worried about her future as to how the family would cope with the new size Marge nor what will happen to Springfield after what she did to Mr Burns.

What she was thinking of while the travel was that she knew that her story have only just began not just for herself but for her family and the people of Springfield that will now live better lives.                                                                                                                                                         

What lays ahead no one knows as all Marge will be doing is walking ahead hoping to find a home for her and her family to grow up in.

The next day,

At the old home at the farm that Homer grew up in, Marge slept the night in the farm’s barn. A car parked near the barn and two people walked out of it.  One of them was Homer while the other was Dr Nick “Hi everybody” said Dr Nick as he entered the barn.

“Hi Dr Nick” said everyone else inside the barn. “Holy mother of god! I need a bigger needle” said Dr Nick as he saw Marge sitting at the far end corner of the barn. “What can you tell me then doctor?” asked Marge as she looked down at the doctor. “First” said the doctor as he took out a huge syringe out from the briefcase that he was carrying. “I need a blood sample”

“If you must” said Marge as she placed her right arm down and waited for Doctor Nick to take his sample. After Doctor Nick took his sample he said, “Well now that I have your blood sample, I should be able to see what it was that made you grow” From that, the doctor left the barn and drove off.

Back at Springfield,


“Deer lord!” shouted Mr Smithers as he saw the smash window from Mr Burns’ office. Smithers dashed towards Burns office trying to find his body. As he entered the office, to his amazement, Mr Burns was standing in front of his car, smoking his cigar. “You alright sir?” asked Smithers as he took a step in. Burns look back and said, “Perfectly fine, think something like this would kill me?”

“What did this sir?” asked Smithers as he noticed Burns’ car in the office. “It was that blue hair woman…that woman that was here yesterday” answered Burns. “Blue hair woman…oh you mean Marge Simpson. You say that she did this how?” said Smithers. “She was like fifty foot tall, she went marching towards the Power Plant, picked up my car and throws it at my window. I was lucky to have ducked at the time” said Burns.

“I hate to be rude but, a fifty foot woman? How can she be that tall when I just met her a few hours ago as I’ve was giving her money?” asked Smithers. “I’m telling you it was her, I never forget a face! I want you to go out there and find capture her!” shouted Burns. “What? Catch a fifty foot woman that could over power me or even kill me?” asked Smithers as he looked at him oddly as if he was joking.

“Yes catch me that woman!” ordered Burns as he turned around and walked towards the broken window. “As you wish” said Smithers as he was about to leave. As he was about to set foot out of the office, the sound of the whole town screaming echoed through out the area. “What the?” said Smithers as he turned around and rushed towards the window.

As he stood next to Burns, the two of them could see a UFO spacecraft hovering above the town centre. “What on earth?” said Smithers as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “At last, those aliens that were reported that they were invading have come back. Oh I’m so ready for this” said Burns as he turned around and walked out of his office.

“I hope that he knows that broadcast was only a show…I think I better find Marge Simpson quick” said Smithers as he dashed out of the room and back to the streets. Smithers was trying to find a car, as he was running, he spotted Doctor Nick holding a huge syringe. I bet that Doctor Nick knows where I might find Marge thought Smithers as he was running up to him.

“ARR! I better get out of here!” shouted Doctor Nick as he put the syringe in his car and was about to enter it but Smithers stopped him from entering. “What are you doing? This is my car” said Doctor Nick as he was trying to break free. “You know where Marge Simpson is don’t you” said Smithers as he let go.

“Err, I know nothing of any Marge Simpson” said Doctor Nick as he entering his car. “Perhaps this will refresh your memory” said Smithers as he handed the doctor some money. “Oh yes that Marge Simpson. That the one I know” said the doctor as he was counting the money.

“Take me to her, she must know what’s going on” ordered Smithers as he entered Nick’s car. “Hold on tight” said Doctor Nick as turned the engine on and began to drive off into the distance at full speed.

Within the Power Plant,


Mr Burns was walking deep within his plant, heading towards the plant’s core. “Yes, I will save the world from this new alien invasion by setting my plant to explore” said Burns as he was walking towards it.

Back at the farmyard,


The sound of the car stopping screeched through out the farm, Homer got of the barn and saw Doctor Nick and Mr Smithers walking towards him. “Good news and bad news” said Doctor Nick with a smile on his face. “The good news is that I found the way to restore your wife back to normal” said Nick as he showed Homer the huge syringe. “That’s good” said Homer as he nodded. “But the bad news is that an alien spacecraft have appeared above the town hall of Springfield” said Smithers.

“D'oh!!!” said Homer as he looked at him.

“Alien spacecraft?” asked Marge as she poked her head out of the barn. The three of them looked up and Smithers answered, “That’s right but we have to hurry back!” “Why?” asked Marge as she crawled out of the barn and stood at her full height. “Because Mr Burns is planning to use his Power Plant to blow up Springfield if ever an alien lands there. He told that all those years ago. We need to hurry!” answered Smithers.

“What Mr Burns is still alive!” shouted Marge as she crouched down and looked at Smithers. “He was able to duck in time as you throw that car through his window” answered Smithers. “Wish I did hit him with his car” said Marge as she stood up. “What are you going to do?” asked Homer as he looked up. “Well that cure has to wait for now, we need to stop Mr Burns from turning Springfield in a slag of gool” answered Marge.

“Right then miss” said Doctor Nick as he put the syringe away.  “Right then lets go” said Smithers as he got into Doctor Nick’s car, the doctor and Homer followed. “Abe look after the kids” said Marge as she looked at the house. From that the car began to drive and Marge followed. After a few seconds, Marge picked up the car and began to run. “What are doing?” asked Smithers as he looked up. “I believe this will be faster” answered Marge.

Half an hour later,


At the Power Plant,


Mr Burns was about to pull the leaver that I will cause the plant to explode. All of a sudden a voice echoed, “Sir don’t do it!” Mr Burns stopped, turned around and saw Smithers and Homer walking towards him. “Stop? Why stop? I could save the word from that spacecraft that’s outside” said Burns.

“Mr Burns, please don’t this? If you pull that leaver then everyone including you will die” said Homer. “I’m willing to pay that price” said Burns as he was about to turn around to pull. “Oh no you don’t!” shouted Homer as he went running towards him and punched him across the face.

Burns falls onto the floor, looks up at Homer and said, “You’re fired” and passed out. “D’oh!” shouted Homer when he heard him say that. “You don’t work for him you that right?” asked Smithers as he walked up towards Mr Burns and picked him up. “Lets get out of here” said Smithers as he was walking out holding Mr Burns. The two of them left.  

Outside at the town hall,


Marge was standing in front of the Spacecraft; a voice came out from the craft, “Test subject Marge, we got all of the data we need off you, you may now return back to normal” “Wait a minute, you mean that I was turned into a fifty foot woman all because of some test?” asked Marge as she was beginning to get angry.

“That is correct, you role in this has come to an end, you will return back normal with the next few minutes” said the aliens in the spacecraft. “Well then before you leave let me give you a goodbye gift” said Marge as she put her hand on a telephone poll. Marge then ripped it up from the ground and was about to swing it at the craft. “HOLY FLERKING SHRIT! LETS GET OUT OF HERE!” shouted one of the aliens inside the craft as the poll was driven into it, forcing the craft to fly into the sky. As Marge dropped the poll, she began to feel light and then she fell onto her kneels, not noticing that she was shrinking back to normal size.

“Marge!” shouted Homer as he went running towards her. Homer caught her, Marge looked at Homer and asked, “Is it over?” “Yes it is” answered Smithers as he walked behind Homer. “What’s going to happen now?” asked Marge as she looked up at Smithers. “I think I’m going to do what’s right for Springfield, I’m going to turn Mr Burns and myself to the police in order for this town to have piece at last” answered Smithers.

From that, Smithers, still holding Burns walked off towards the nearest police station and confessed everything that he and Burns did over the years. Homer picks Marge up and carried her to the car that Marge carried while ago. “Hay Doctor Nick, get your butt in here!” shouted Homer. “Yes?” said Nick as he poked his head through the window. “We need a doctor so you’re coming with us” said Homer as he turned the engine on. “Ok, as long as you’re paying for me to be around” said Nick as he got into the car,

As Homer began to drive the car, Marge falls asleep as they were driving back to the farm, hoping for things to go back to normal.                                                                               

 End of story #1

“The end” said Lisa as she closed the book and put it back underneath the painting. “Why would Mr Burns write about mom like that?” asked Bart. “He had a crush on her once, maybe he wrote it during that time when mom worked for him” answered Lisa as she looks at Bart. “Hay where’s Maggie?” asked Bart as he noticed that she was nowhere in sight. “We better find her” said Lisa as the two of them began to look of her.

As they were walking through the library, the two of them noticed that the every wall of the section has paintings on them. After a minute, they were able to find Maggie was just looking up at a painting of her as a giantess standing above the Simpsons’ house.

“Wow look at that Maggie, there’s a painting of you” said Lisa as she pointed at it. Bart saw a book underneath the painting and the title of the book was ‘Marge I blow Maggie’ Lisa noticed the book, pick it up and began to read out loud.

Story #2
Marge, I blew up Maggie

It’s the twenty-first century and it an era where science improved through out the world, this is Kent Brockman speaking live at the Evolution of Science placed here at town hall. As you can see behind, this pace is filled with scientists claiming that they can improve the world” said Kent from the television screen that Homer was watching.

It was Homer’s day off and all he wants to do is spend it in front of the television but his plan was ruined when Marge told him that she has to go out and do the weekly shopping and left Homer to look after Maggie. “But Marge…couldn’t you do the shopping later?” asked Homer as he didn’t want to look her.

“Homer, I need to do the shopping now its better then later when you get hungry” answered Marge as she walked towards the front door. As Marge stood out of the house and entered her car and drove, Homer placed Maggie next to him, continuing to watch the TV.

Without Homer looking, Maggie took the remote that was next to her and flipped the channel that was showing another episode of Happy Elves. “OH NO YOU DON’T!” said Homer as he grabbed hold of the remote and began to pull but the baby wasn’t letting go.

“Let go Maggie and I will give you something nice” barged Homer as he took out a piece of candy and hold it above Maggie’s head. Maggie looks up and the candy waving around, she then looked back at the remote and then back at the candy. Maggie then dived in to grab the candy, letting go of the remote upon which Homer shouted “Yes!” and changed the channel back to the one that he was watching.

On the screen, Kent Brockman was interviewing Professor Frink who was showing his new invention. “Everyone behold, me newest creation, the Atom Size Changer or ASC for short!” said Frink as he pulled the covers that was hiding his creation. Everyone looked upon the machine as it looked like a laser. “So what does the ASC do Professor?” asked Kent.

“Well then Kent, my new device can change the size of any atom of any object to make it bigger or smaller, here let me show you” answered Frink as he took out a frosted sprinkle doughnut and placed it the table in front of the device.

Frink powered up the machine and fired at the doughnut, seconds later, the doughnut was beginning to increase in size which carried on growing till it covered the surface of the table. As the doughnut stopped growing, everyone stood there in silence. “With this device, it could solve world hunger and many other things” said Frink as he shut the device down. “Amazing, simply amazing, we are back after the brake” said Kent as he looked at the camera.      

Homer was kneeling in front of the TV screen as he saw his favorite food turning huge. “Must have giant doughnut, must go to show now” said Homer as he was drooling. Homer stood up and was rushing towards the door till all of a sudden a small version of him with wings and halo appeared out from no where standing on his left shoulder.

“Where do you think your going?” asked the little angel. “Oh not you again” sulked Homer. “You were given the task of looking after your youngest daughter, how could have thought of leaving her all lone in the house, you should spend time with your daughter before it’s too late” said the angel.

“Hay don’t listen to him” said another small version of Homer wearing a devil costume appearing on his right shoulder. “Marge said look after Maggie, she didn’t tell you not to take her out of the house” said the little devil. “He got a point” said Homer as he pointed to the devil as he looked at the angel.

“Oh very well, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” said the angel as he vanished along with the devil. “Come here Maggie, we’re going out” said Homer as he walked back and picked up Maggie from the couch and carried her to the car and drove off towards the show.

At the show,

Homer with Maggie in his arms arrived at the show; he dashed towards where Frink’s machine was at. Everyone was gathering around another inverter, which left the machine all alone. “Perfect” said Homer as he walked up the machine and put Maggie down.

Homer noticed that the huge doughnut was gone that was at the table that the machine was aiming at. “Must make another huge doughnut” said Homer as if he was in some kind of trance. Homer noticed a box of sprinkled doughnuts that was next to the machine that was used by the professor, as he was picking the box up, he didn’t noticed that Maggie was climbing on the table were the huge doughnut was.

As Homer stood up, he accidentally hit the switch on the machine which started to make a strange noise. Homer looked back to see what the noise was and saw that Maggie was sitting on the table that was being aimed by the machine’s laser. Homer began to put two and two together with the noise the machine is making and its aim on the table where Maggie is.

“NO!” shouted Homer as he was about to dash towards Maggie but was too late as the laser from the machine was fire and hit her. Homer got up to her and notices that nothing is different about her, which was a relief for him.

“Hay you what are you doing?” shouted one of the guards as Homer saw one of them running towards him. This is the part where you run…run fat boy run, don’t forget Maggie ordered Homer’s brain as upon which he followed. Homer grabbed Maggie and began to run towards his car, he got in and began to drive off.

With Professor Frink,

Frink got back from his break and checked with his machine, as he looked at it, he noticed that the machine has been used which was now out of power. “This will take me a while to recharge it but I wonder whom the one that used it” said Frink as he was putting the machine away in his car.

Back with Homer and Maggie,

“That was close, and I still didn’t get my giant doughnut” said Homer as he was looking down on the floor as he was driving. Without Homer noticing, a blue spark gone off Maggie and hit the car’s radio, all of the sudden the car stopped moving and Maggie grew a few inches taller.

“What the?” said Homer as he noticed that the car won’t start. Homer got out of the car, walked to the back and with his hardest he began to push the car but it didn’t move an inch. Homer then noticed something strange about the car; it was lowered on the left side right where Maggie was sitting.

Slowly moving towards the seat where Maggie was sitting, Homer noticed that his daughter was bigger then usual. That can’t be right thought Homer and he opened the door and picked her up. As he picked her up, he felt that she was heavier then before.

“Hay there neighbor, got car trouble?” asked someone that was behind Homer’s car. Homer looks back and saw it was Ned with his children Rod and Todd was in their car. “That what it looks like Flanders” said Homer.

“You want some help?” asked Ned as he pulled his car over to his house. Homer took note at this as he relished that he his car broke down right next to Ned’s house which was a few steps away from his own home. “Oh sure…you can help me fix my car, but first I must…put Maggie to bed” said Homer as he was thinking of a way to leave the heavy work for him. “Okay docky” said Ned as he let his kids out as he watched Homer rushes into his house.

Homer rushed upstairs and put Maggie in her bed, “Okay Maggie, go to sleep so that daddy won’t be in trouble” said Homer as he tucked Maggie in. Homer left the room, as he closed the door; sparks from the sockets inside the room was giving off sparks. Maggie looks at the all the sockets and was beginning to get scared as the sparks turned into electricity bolts and went flying towards Maggie. The voltage wasn’t hurting her as Maggie noticed this; she began to see the room was beginning to smaller.


Homer sat down and began to watch TV when suddenly it turned off. “What the?” said Homer to himself as he stood up and checked the television. He found that nothing was wrong with it so he thought that the fuse was broken. As he was about to check it he heard a loud thump that came upstairs, Homer rushed upstairs and entered Maggie’s room but what he saw totally surprised him as there standing in front of him was a ten foot Maggie and sparks was shooting out from her every now and then.

“Maggie! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” said Homer as he began to panic as he didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden he heard the front door open and Marge’s voice echoed afterwards. “Homer! I’m back from the store and you wouldn’t believe the prices for theses items I just brought” said Marge as she walked into the living room thinking that Homer would be watching the television. Marge then walked into the kitchen and put her shopping away. As she opened the fridge/freezer she noticed the light didn’t go on and no cool breeze was blowing.

“Homer! The fridge/freezer broken!” said Marge as she put the non frozen food in cupboards. As Marge put the food away she noticed that Homer didn’t answered her as she entered the house. “Homer?” asked Marge as she looked for him, she then headed upstairs and saw Homer walks out of Maggie’s room.

“You spent time with her did you?” said Marge with a smile on her face. “You know Marge…you remember that film with that crazy scientist that built that size changing machine what was that called?” asked Homer as he looked at nervously. “Its called Honey, I blew up the baby. Why did you ask?” answered Marge as she looked at him with concerns. Homer put his hands on Marge’s shoulder, looked into her eyes and said, “Marge I blew up Maggie”

“What are you talking about?” asked Mage as she looked him as if he was crazy. Before Homer could answer, a loud crashing sound echoed and the whole house shook as it happened. “Not good” said Homer he was scared to even look what’s behind Maggie’s door.

Marge rushed towards the room and found a giant hole shaped like Maggie in the wall. “Oh my goodness” said Marge as she walked towards the hole. “Honey…I can explain” said Homer as he slowly walked towards her. “Explain what? That you wanted a giant doughnut, brought Maggie along and got hit by some growth beam and now she’s slowly getting bigger” said Marge as she looked back at him. Suddenly a little angel that looked like Homer appeared on his left shoulder and said, “It was like she was there.” After that it disappeared.                  

“What should we do?” asked Homer. “What do you think? The world is a dangerous place, who knows what people would when they see a giant Maggie wondering the place” said Marge as she walked out of the room. “Well look on the bright side, our little is all own grown up” said Homer as if it would lighten the mood but didn’t.

The two of them rushed out if the house but was stopped by Ned, “Hay there Homer, got your car fix by the way. You need to recharge it more often, your car battery was dead and from the magic of this story, I was able to recharge it for you”

“Thanks Flanders” said Homer as he and Marge rushed into the car and began to drive. “What was he on about? This magic story?” asked Marge as she looked at Homer. “Who knows, besides it Flanders we talking about, most of the time, even I don’t understand him” answered Homer.          

“Okay then…if I were a giant baby, where would I go?” asked Homer as he was driving while Marge was looking out for. “How hard is it to spot a giant baby anyhow?” said Marge as she carried on looking. All of a sudden the sound of an explosion shook the whole area which caused Homer to stop the car. The two of them looked at each other and began to wonder if it was Maggie that caused it. To answer that question, yes it was as the two of them knew it because they could see kids running down the streets screaming about a giant baby.

“Let’s go” said both of them as Homer floor into the direction where the kids ran from. As they were driving, the two of them saw a very big Maggie towering over the Springfield Elementary School. “How did she get that big in this short amount of time?” asked Marge. “I believe I can answer that” said a familiar voice from outside the car.

Marge looked out and saw it was Professor Frink. “What’s the answer?” asked Homer. “Well then my fine friends, the answer is simple, somehow Maggie got hit by my ASC machine and is starting to grow” answered Frink. “We know that” said Marge. “Right then, the cause of it is that the ASC’s laser makes the atoms of any living thing a conductor of electricity which causes the atom to heat up and expand in length and height. In sort, every time Maggie gets anywhere near things that electrical, her body absorbs the electricity which increase her size” answered Frink.

“Then how do we turn her back?” asked Marge. “It’s simple really, we I need to is fire at her with the shrink mode on my recharged ASC. The ray should cancel out the electricity conductor which should stop her growing. Here’s the bad news, Maggie needs to be still enough for this work properly” answered Frink. “Alright then, as she don’t go anywhere near the power plant everything will be okay” said Homer, as he just said that, Maggie turned around and headed towards the Power Plant. “D'oh!!!” shouted Homer as he saw her walking towards the plant.

“We need to think fast” said Frink as he was beginning to panic. “If Maggie absorbs power from the Power Plant she may get radiation poison” said Marge. “What are we going to do…she’s too big to be sent to bed” said Homer. “Homer drive as fast as you can to the Power Plant, I’ve got an idea” said Marge as she got out of the car. “Huh, aren’t you coming?” asked Homer as he saw Marge got out. “Like I said, I’ve a plan, I meet at the plant…now go!” ordered Marge which Homer followed.

At the Power Plant,

Mr Burns was in his office watching Maggie walking towards his plant. “Mr Burns! It’s not safe to be here” said Smithers as he rushed into the office. “So the government has sent a giant baby to do their dirty work for them, well then, Smithers get the chopper ready” said Burns as he looked him.

“Erm yes sir is this for your escape?” asked Smithers. “No of course not, I’m going to fight back” answered Burns as he was about to laugh. “But sir…it’s a baby you can’t fight a baby” said Smithers. “So what! They sent a baby to kill me, a baby almost did killed me once” snapped Burns as he looked back out of his window. Better not tell him that the giant baby is the same one that shot him thought Smithers as he rushed out to get the Burns chopper ready.

A few minutes later,

Burns got onto the chopper and was getting ready to attack. Burns pull out his machine gun and said, “Bring it on you government pigs, try and stop me from destroying the eco system” As the chopper was in air, it began to fly towards Maggie.              

Burn got Maggie in his sight and was about to fire at her until something covered his view. “I don’t think so Mr Burns” echoed a loud female voice. Burn noticed that the thing that covered his view was a face that belonged to Marge that is now towering over the Power Plant.    

“Now they send a giant woman to kill me!” shouted Burns as he was about to fire at Marge. “I don’t think you will be using this” said Marge as she rips out Burns’ gun off the chopper. “What should we do sir?” asked Smithers. “Better land it” ordered Marge. “Yes miss” said Smithers as he followed her order.

As the chopper flew away from her, Marge looks down and saw a crowd of people gathering around the plant, when she looks up, she noticed Maggie and said, “Come here Maggie”   From that Maggie rushed over to her for Marge to give her a great big hug.

Down below,

“Hay Frink! Hurry up and shrink them” ordered Homer as he connected wires from his car battery to the ASC. “Yes I’m working as fast as I can” said Frink as he was setting the machine to shrink mode. “Okay done!” shouted Frink as he aimed the machine at the giant Marge and Maggie. “Look Maggie, smile at the Processor” said Marge as she kneeled down and aimed at Frink.

Maggie looked down and saw Frink and smiled as he fired the laser that hit both of them. Slowly the two of them were shrinking in size all the way back to their normal height. “That’s better, I like you the way you are Maggie, just a small baby that easy to cuddy up” said Marge as she hugged her daughter.

“Marge!” shouted Homer as he dashed towards them. “Homer!” said Marge as she rushed over to him. “What made you come up with that idea?” asked Homer as he made it up to his wife. “Oh you know, from that movie that won’t be named” answered Marge.

“Now what are we going to do?” asked Homer as he hold Maggie. “Well then Homer, I think its time for one of those scenes where we just walk off into the distance” answered Marge. “Huh?” said Homer but Marge put her main finger of his mouth and the two of them walked off into the distance without the care in the world

End of story #2

“The end” said Lisa as she closed the book. “That was just a cheep rip off from that movie” said Bart. “Oh well what are you going to do about it? Besides its’s getting late, we should go and find mom and dad” said Lisa as she was about to head towards the exit.

 “Hay Lisa, check this one out” said Bart. Lisa turned around and saw what Bart wanted her to look at. It was a painting of Milhouse climbing a beanstalk. The title of the painting ‘Milhouse and the Beanstalk’, as Lisa picked up the book that was underneath, she have a feeling that she knows what’s going to be on top of the beanstalk. Lisa opens the book and began to read out loud.

Story #3
Milhouse & the beanstalk

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, stood a small town that goes by the name of Springfield. Within the town stood a small cottage that was the home of Milhouse and his mother. Milhouse’s family wasn’t very rich but they wasn’t very poor either, that was until the tax of the town was raised higher that they need to work harder then before to gain money.

No matter how hard they both did, they couldn’t get enough money to reach the maximum of the tax. Milhouse’s mother had no choice but to sell the family’s only cow. “Milhouse, go down to the market and sell our cow” said Milhouse’s mother. “Okay” answered Milhouse as he got himself ready. Once ready, Milhouse went outside and took the cow down to the market.

At the Market,

Milhouse was wondering through the market looking for someone to sell his cow to, just then he heard some spoke, “Hay you dude, want to sell your cow for these three magic beans?” Milhouse looks back and saw Snake standing behind one of the market stools. “I don’t know…it sounds fishy to me” answered Milhouse as walked up to him.

“Trust me…you and your loved ones will become rich with theses” said Snake as he showed Milhouse the magic beans. “Deal mister” said Milhouse as he handed over his cow for the three magic beans. “Great doing business with you little dude” said Snake as he watched Milhouse walking away.

At home,

“Mother I’m back!” said Milhouse as he entered the house. “Milhouse…how much did you sell the cow for?” asked his mother. With a smile on his face, Milhouse answered, “Three magic beans” Milhouse’s mother just looked at him with disbelieve as to how stupid her only son was. “Milhouse…please tell me that you’re joking and that you really have got some sort of money” said the mother.

“Erm…no not really, just these three magic beans” said Milhouse as he showed her the three beans. With anger in her eyes, Milhouse’s mother grabbed hold of the three beans from his hands and threw them out from an opened window. “Mother!” shouted Milhouse as he rushes over to the window to try and see the beans, which was nowhere to be seen. “Why did you do that?” asked Milhouse as he turned around and looked at his mother.

“No…how could you Milhouse, you sold our last cow that should have added up to twenty gold coins but you sold it for just three stupid beans!” answered his mother. “But that man said it was magic beans” said Milhouse. “That’s it no more…go to your room!” ordered his mother as she pointed to his bedroom door. With his head down, Milhouse walks to his room.

That night,

Outside the window where the tree magic beans were thrown out from, something strange was beginning to happen. What started off looking like small weed slowly started to grow taller and wider which just kept on going all through the night.

The following morning,

The sun started to shine through Milhouse’s window which woke him up due to its light. Milhouse sat up, took a long yawn and started to rub his eyes. On the corner of his right eye, he noticed something, he turned to look and saw a giant leaf.

Milhouse walks towards the window and opened it. “Oh my…” said Milhouse as he looked below and then upwards from his window to see this giant plant. You and your loved ones will become rich thought Milhouse as he just remembered what Snake told him.                               

Milhouse grabbed his things and began to climb the beanstalk, just to see how tall it really is. Milhouse’s mother entered the room and just saw her son climbed out of the window. She run towards the window and saw the beanstalk. “Oh my goodness” said his mother as she just saw how tall the beanstalk went.

“Milhouse! Milhouse get back here!” shouted his mother as she just saw her son climbing up the beanstalk. “I’m just going to see how tall this beanstalk his mother, I be back before tea” Milhouse shouted back. “Oh no” said his mother as she went outside and saw many of her neighbors walking out of their house and saw the giant beanstalk.

Hours later,

Milhouse was still climbing the beanstalk which felt to him like a life time as the beanstalk just kept on going higher and higher towering over the clouds. As he was climbed up a bit further up, he began to see something that was strange. Up at the clouds, hanging from them looked like roots from plants. “Am I dreaming?” asked Milhouse to himself as he was getting closer to the roots.

As he reaches the clouds with roots, he noticed that the beanstalk carried on through the clouds. As he finally reaches the top of the beanstalk, he just couldn’t believe his eyes as to what he saw was a giant garden with him only standing what appears to look like he was three inches tall.    

Were am I thought Milhouse as he began to explore the giant garden, which to him felt like he was in a jungle. As he was walking deeper within the giant garden, he saw something that surprised as well as confused him. A few inches away from him were a giant balloon strapped on a small basket.

 “How did this come about?” asked Milhouse as he slowly walks towards it. Milhouse looks at it and to him, it looks just a like a normal hot air balloon, slowly he climbs aboard. Milhouse pulls the string that to him looks like rope and slowly the balloon started to head towards the sky.

As the balloon was high enough, Milhouse was able to see the area more clearly. From his point of view, he could tell that the giant garden was part of a giant castle which what on top of hill, below the hill was a town. “Hold on a tick…how am I going to get down?” asked Milhouse to himself as he just noticed what he’s just done.

To make matters worst for our hero, the wind began to pick up, causes the balloon Milhouse was riding on got caught by the breeze. “ARRR!” screamed Milhouse as he was trying his hardest to hang on but that was in vain as he lost his grip and fell off the balloon and headed towards the castle. From that, everything went black for Milhouse.

Hours later,

“Come on little fella…wake up, you should be fine now” echoed a female’s voice. Milhouse wakes up with his eyes still closed and said, “Mom…is that you?” Milhouse heard a giggle. “I had the strangest dream…I brought home three magic bean in trade for our last cow. You threw the beans away and over night the beans turned into a beanstalk. I climbed it and ended up in a giant garden, found a giant balloon and went in the air on it. A gust of wind blew me off and crash landed somewhere and here I am” said Milhouse.

“That’s right, your save back at the Sky Kingdom” said a female voice that Milhouse didn’t know who it belonged to. “Mom…do we have a guest? Hang on a tick…Sky Kingdom?” said Milhouse as he sat up and open his eyes, only to see a smiling  face of a giant girl in his view of vision.

A few seconds after just staring at each other, Milhouse started to scream none stop till he turned blue, after that he fainted again. “Oh bother…” said the giantess.

Moments later, Milhouse woke up only to see the giantess’ face again. “Before you scream again…I do believe we should introduce each other” said the giantess. “Oh…okay…I’m Milhouse” said Milhouse as he slowly stand up. As he stood up, he noticed that his from his forehead upwards it was covered in bandages. “My name is Lisa” said the giantess as she handed out her main finger to him. Milhouse knew what she wanted as he shook her finger with his right hand.

“With introduction over and done with I should really explain about your bandage” said Lisa as she leaned on the table that Milhouse was standing on. “Oh this…didn’t I got this when I fell from that balloon?” asked Milhouse as he pointed at the bandage on his head.

“Indeed, you fell through my window which was opened and landed on my bed…but….since I didn’t see you…I accidentally sat on you but only for a moment. Luckily for you, you were still alive and just in case I…put a bandage on your head but since you were small I had to wrap it around…a lot. Hope its not on too tightly” said Lisa.

“If that’s that case, then can I take this off then?” asked Milhouse still pointing to his head. “Of course” said Lisa as she loosens the bandage for him to take off. As Milhouse took the bandage off, he asked, “Did you made that balloon with a basket by any chances?”

“That one that was left outside in the garden? I suppose I did, why?” asked Lisa as she picks him up. “Well, it was very well made, but…I’m afraid that it got lost when I fell off it” said Milhouse as he looked down. “Oh that’s alright, I can always make more” said Lisa as he tried to cheer Milhouse up.         

  “Really?” said Milhouse as he looks up to her. “Of course, well if look, I have tones of those balloons already made” said Lisa as she showed him all the balloons that were inside her room. Just then the sound of hunger rumbled from Milhouse. Lisa had a surprised look on her face and said, “Take it that you’re hungry then”

“You got that right…I haven’t breakfast. OH! What time is it?” said Milhouse as he looked at her.  “It’s almost tea time…you been out all day” answered Lisa. “What oh no! I’m late!” said Milhouse in a panic. “What’s wrong?” asked Lisa as she was worried.

“I promised my mother that I would be back before tea…I got to go home” answered Milhouse. “Oh in that case, I guess I see you tomorrow then” said Lisa as she puts him down. “Erm…don’t suppose you could drop me off at the beanstalk” asked Milhouse as he noticed that it will take a long time for him to reach it. 

“Alright I could do that, only if you promise me we get to do what I want tomorrow” said Lisa as she picks him up. “Promise” said Milhouse as Lisa walks into garden. “Where about is your beanstalk?” asks Lisa as she’s trying to see it. “There it is” answered Milhouse as he pointed at a plant that was near Lisa’s right foot.

Lisa saw it, kneels down and puts him down. “See you tomorrow then” said Milhouse as he smiled up at her. “See you then” said Lisa as she waved him goodbye. Milhouse waves back as he began to climb down the beanstalk. Lisa stood back up and headed back towards the castle.

As Milhouse was climbing down, he felt the wind picking up and began to blow him away. “Not again!” shouted Milhouse as he lost his grip and fell off the beanstalk. To him everything went black and it him, it felt like he wasn’t going to see light ever again.

“Waaa!” shouted Milhouse as he shoots up from his bed. Milhouse was breathing heavily as he noticed that he was back in his room. “Was that all a dream?” asks Milhouse to himself.  On the corner of his right eye, he noticed something, he turned to look and saw a giant leaf.  He walks towards the window and saw that it was the beanstalk from his dream.

“So it was real after all” said Milhouse with a grin on his face. Milhouse remembers his promise that he made with Lisa and now he wants to keep. “I’m coming Lisa” said Milhouse as he began to climb up the beanstalk to see Lisa once again.

Once he reached the top, to his surprise Lisa was sitting there waiting for her little friend to return. “Welcome back” said Lisa as she picked Milhouse up. “So…what should we today?” asked Milhouse as Lisa with Milhouse in her hand walking back to her room.

 “I thought we could go sight seeing first, since you haven’t seen the whole of Sky Kingdom yet” answered Lisa as she walks into her room. “The whole of Sky Kingdom…its gotta be a huge place to live in” said Milhouse as he sat down on Lisa’s hand. “Well…to you it’s gotta be huge right?” said Lisa, after a few moments, the two of them began to laugh. “Yeah…You’re right” said Milhouse as he fell onto his back, still laughing.       

“Okay, okay…better calm down now…better bring with something for lunch as its going to be a long day” said Lisa as she with Milhouse still in her hand walks out of her room and makes her way into the kitchen. “Wow…I know this is something funny to you, but you really have a huge kitchen” said Milhouse as he looking at the area he was in.

“Ah good the chief’s not here yet…” said Lisa as she makes her way to table with a fruit bowl filled with apples. She put Milhouse down as she went and grabbed two apples for the day’s event. Lisa put the apples in her pockets and grabbed Milhouse as she left the kitchen. “Chief…you have one of those?” asked Milhouse as he looks up. “Oh course, don’t you have one?” answered Lisa as she smiled down at him.

“I’m afraid I don’t as you see, I’ve come from a poor family” said Milhouse. “Oh…I’m sorry” said Lisa as she felt that she said something she shouldn’t have. “Its alright…I’ve been poor all my life so I’ve gotten used to it” said Milhouse as he was trying to cheer her up which it did. “Thanks” said Lisa as she smiled down at him.        

Lisa made it outside and began to head towards the first location, the local town called Lullaby.

As Lisa was walking towards the town, Milhouse noticed that they were heading down hill. He looks back and remembers what he saw when he was balloon was the castle which was behind them. “Is something wrong?” asked Lisa as she noticed that Milhouse was looking back at the castle. “What, oh…. It’s nothing” answered Milhouse as he looked up with a smile. “Okay then” said Lisa as she carried on walking.

“Well now then, here we are at our first destination, Lullaby” said Lisa as she stopped at the entrance of the town. Milhouse looks on and saw to him a giant fountain, market stands that go around the fountain. Lisa began to explore the town with Milhouse looking amazed at the scenery. As Lisa was going deeper into the town, the two of them stubble across what they could tell was a dome with giant telescope sticking out of it. “Do you feel like going in?” asked Lisa as she looks down at her hand. “Yeah, let’s go” answered Milhouse with excitement.           

Lisa, with Milhouse in hand entered the dome and found that it’s pretty much empty as there was only one person inside. “Hi Professor Frink” said Lisa as she walks up to him. “Oh hi Princess Lisa, how are you doing one this fine day?” said Frink as stopped at what he’s doing and looked at young girl.

Princess…Lisa’s a Princess thought Milhouse as he looks up in disbelieve. Lisa noticed Milhouse shocked expression but tried to hide him from Frink by putting him in her left pocket.  “Erm…I’m doing fine, what are you working on now?” asked Lisa as she looked at what Frink was working.

“Ah what a perfect time to show a member of a royal at what I’ve discovered” answered Frink as he walked up to his workings. Lisa looks on and saw telescope aiming towards a model of a town. “What’s this then?” asked Lisa as she looks though the telescope.

“The town is just a small model that I’ve made but through the telescope there appears to be another world” answered Frink with a smile on his face. “Another world?” said Lisa to herself as Frink walks off. Lisa put hand in her pocket with Milhouse and asked, “Milhouse, take a look through the telescope please” Lisa balance her hand for Milhouse to look through and could see the same thing that she saw but what Milhouse saw was very familiar to him.

“It’s where you’re from isn’t it?” asked Lisa as she moved the telescope. Milhouse answered yes as he saw his house with the beanstalk. “Wow…who would have thought it huh?” said Milhouse as he looks at Lisa. “Thought what?” asked Lisa. “That I came from another world” said Milhouse. After a few seconds of silence, the two of them burst out laughing. “Why are we laughing?” asked Milhouse as he’s trying to stop. “Don’t know” said Lisa as she too was trying to do the same thing.

Lisa said her goodbye to Frink as she walked out of the dome. Lisa carried on walking till she found a tree by a big hill. “Better hold on” said Lisa as she placed Milhouse on her left shoulder. Milhouse grabbed on her clothes very tightly as Lisa began to climb the tree. Once she reached the top, she rested herself on a tree branch and the two of them looked out upon the town.

“So…you’re a princess?” said Milhouse as he let go of Lisa’s clothes. “Yeah…I’m the princess of the Sky Kingdom, the middle child” answered Lisa as she looks at her shoulder that Milhouse was sitting on. “Middle child huh?” said Milhouse as he looked at the scenery of Lullaby. “Correct, an older brother and a baby sister” said Lisa as she smiled at him.

“So that Frink person…he claims that he found my home town, what’s going to happen now then?” asked Milhouse as he was worried. “I make sure that nothing will happen to your home and your people as they should be left alone” answered Lisa as she picked Milhouse off her shoulder. “That makes me feel a bit better, just what silly name are you going to call us then?” asked Milhouse as he looked up.

“How about the Whos, Who for one and Whos for a group?” answered Lisa. “Why are calling me a Who…I’m pretty sure that came from somewhere else” said Milhouse. “You’re right, I read something of the same name years back” said Lisa as she burst up laughing along with Milhouse.

“Ah yes, its lunch time now, want an apple?” asked Lisa as she takes out an apple from her pockets. “Hope we’re sharing an apple as I can’t eat a whole at the size of those apples” said Milhouse. “The thought never came to me” said Lisa as she let go of the second apple that was in her pocket.

The two of them sat up on that tree eating an apple together for over an hour. Lisa climbed down the tree and went sight seeing with Milhouse on her left shoulder enjoying every minute of it. As they were having fun, time went buzzing by; it was time for Milhouse to go home.

“Do you really have to leave now?” asked Lisa as she was kinder sad at seeing her friend going home. “I wish I didn’t have to go, but I must” answered Milhouse as he looks up. “How about, you live here, in the castle with your mother of course” said Lisa as she kneels down in the back garden. “I would love that, see you tomorrow then” said Milhouse as he jumped off her hand and walked towards the beanstalk. As Milhouse climbed onto the plant, he waves goodbye to Lisa as she waves back, Milhouse started to climb down.

This time round as Milhouse was climbing down; there wasn’t any guest of wind to blow him off, this time it took him an hour to finally reach the bottom where his mother was waiting for him. “You didn’t fall off this time round” said the mother as she hugged her son.

“That wasn’t a dream then?” asked Milhouse as he was confused at what she said. “Yeah…don’t you remember, you fell at a great height but due to luck, you remained unharmed, it was like a god or goddess was watching over you” answered his mother. Milhouse looks back up the beanstalk and said, “You know what mother…I believe you’re right” At the same moment, back at the dome, Lisa was looking though the telescope and saw Milhouse looking up as if he can see her. She saw him waved up at her, even thou she knows that he can’t see her; she still waved back at him. She saw Milhouse walked into his house along with his mother and asked, “Mother…how do you feel about living in a giant castle?”

From that moment onwards, the lives of Milhouse and his mother changed as they moved into Lisa’s castle. The two of them lived happily ever after as they have everything they didn’t have before and it’s all thanks to Lisa. Milhouse spends his day with Lisa as she still sight seeing other locations in Sky Kingdom, along meeting new people. His mother slowly gotten used to everything being large as well as starting a friendship with Lisa’s blue haired mother whom gave her and Milhouse a dollhouse that they live in, which pleased her a lot.

Lisa was true to words that Milhouse’s old home would not be harmed but allowed the people of Sky Kingdom to visit the dome to see the tiny world which unavoidable was called Whosvile and the people Whos. This upset Milhouse but he gotten over as he and everyone else has done.

And they all lived happily ever after.

End of story #3

“The end” said Lisa as she put the book back in its place. “Wow…that was pretty good…hope there’s going to be a sequel to that” said Bart as he looks back at the painting. “I hope so too but I don’t think there’s going to be any” said Lisa as she was about to pick Maggie up. “Oh well…its getting late, the party should be over by now” said Bart as he about to leave.

Lisa picks up Maggie and the three of them headed towards the entrance, as they made it to the entrance, they found that the door was seal tight. Bart tried to open it with all his strength but it wouldn’t open. “Erm…Bart” said Lisa. “What?” asked Bart as he turned around. “I don’t think we’re getting out this way” answered Lisa. “We just have to find another way out” said Bart.

“I think we should just wait till mom and dad finds us” said Lisa. “Oh man…I guess we stuck here for awhile” said Bart as he looked at the ground. “I’m sure they will find us soon” said Lisa. “What should we do in the mean time then?” asked Bart.

“Why don’t we read more of those books that Mr Burns wrote” answered Lisa. “Sure…it’s something to kill time with” said Bart as he, Lisa and Maggie walks off deeper within the library to read more stories, not knowing that it’s going to be the longest night of their lives.

“Hay Lisa…read this one” said Bart as he pointed to a painting. “This looks like it’s going to be interesting” said Lisa as she picks up the book from under the painting and began reading out loud.