Stardust Dreamer


Beams flashed. Explosions rent space as people died by the dozens. The battle of Jachin Due raged outside the viewport. Inside, Fllay Allster watched the carnage that raged outside, shivering in fear. The launch was packed with the crew of the Dominion, overloaded and cramped. The smell of sweat and fear rolled over her like a steamroller as the small, fragile escape vehicle slowly moved through the chaotic battleground. Outside, a flash of motion caught her attention. It was a Mobile Suit! More specifically, the Gundam that Kira piloted! She cried out, although there was no chance he could hear her outside. Then, the world exploded around her as the launch was vaporized. She watched as her body was hurled out into space, a wordless cry on her lips.

            Fllay's eyes snapped open. She breathed in, taking a ragged breath, but no air entered her lungs. She gasped, her hands shooting to her throat, trying to breathe. She struggled for a few seconds, and then realized: She didn't have to. She slowly calmed down. Her diaphragm expanded as if she was taking a breath, but it was only by force of habit. She glanced about, examining her surroundings. Everything was black, besides for tiny dots of light spread about. Throwing out her arms, she slowly turned around. She looked down at the closest of the lights, stunned to find out that it was actually a myriad of lights. She squinted her eyes, looking at the swirl shaped group of dots, wondering what it was. The answer popped into her head as if she had known it all along: It was a galaxy.

            "Wait, a galaxy? That's impossible..." She began to say, and then was hit by a wave of noise unlike anything she had ever experienced, but for some reason she could understand and listen perfectly to every sound. Then it struck her; they were voices. She was hearing the thoughts of every creature living in that galaxy. A bewildered look crossed her face. How was this possible? The information popped into her head: She had been chosen. Saved from death, spirited away from her demise. And then, a switch flipped in her head. Her face turned into a confident smirk as she looked down. She had been stripped naked, but with a thought her body was clothed in a fresh new pink Earth Alliance uniform. Slowly, she lifted her hand and reached out to the group of dots, still listening to the thoughts of the trillions of living beings inside it. With a smirk, she closed her fingers, snuffing out the lights.


--------Two and a Half Years Later--------


A light breeze blew over the island nation of Orb as the sun rose over the ocean. Slowly the trees blew back and forth as the ruler of Orb, Cagalli Yula Atha sat silently at a stone table, sipping casually at a hot cup of coffee as she greeted the day. Nothing was amiss, and everything was fine in the southwest Pacific country, and her schedule reflected that. A nice, calm day was exactly what she needed.


But mysteriously, the piece of toast on her plate vanished while she wasn’t looking. It was replaced by something peculiar, a small, black mushroom. After taking another sip of her coffee, the blonde haired tomboy turned back to her breakfast, but stopped cold when she saw the mushroom. For a second, she simply stared at it. She couldn’t tear her eyes from it. Slowly, her hand moved on its own, picking it up. She lifted the mushroom to her mouth and threw it in, slowly chewing.


And then it was over. It was like it never happened, Cagalli forgot completely about it as she stood and went inside to begin her day.


Several hours later, sitting in a conference room dressed in full uniform dress, she argued with various ministers over minor things, as per usual. But suddenly, her stomach began to growl. Loudly.


“What the…” She mumbled, looking about as the noise drew the attention of those around her. “Ahh… sorry…” She said, reaching her hand around to the back of her head. But then her eyes went blank. Out of nowhere, a thud sounded as her feet hit the bottom of the table in front of her. Her head shot up and struck the ceiling. Quickly, she grew in all directions, filling the room. All around her the building collapsed as her relentless growth continued, breaking through the ceiling.


Outside, the building rumbled and shook for no apparent reason. Then, suddenly, a giant puff of blonde hair appeared. It was followed by the face of Orb’s ruler, looking around blankly in surprise. On the other side, her feet, ripped clean of shoes or socks, burst forth, slamming into the road outside. One driver was unable to brake in time, his vehicle slamming into the massive and growing foot. Above, Cagalli exclaimed in pain, shaking her body forwards. All around her the building collapsed as she stood, still shooting into the air. She looked blankly around as she shot higher and higher.


Finally, at 1000 feet tall, none of the surrounding buildings even made it past her knees. The scattered people gazing upwards at her were positively ant sized in comparison to her huge body. Her Orb uniform was slightly dirtied from the rubble of the building, but largely intact besides for her shoes. Her blonde hair blew gently in the wind as she stood. Her huge appearance created quite the stir among the tiny people below, who looked up at the towering, monolithic figure with mixed reactions. Some of them were frightened. Others simply didn’t believe that the beloved daughter of Orb would ever do anything to hurt them, regardless of how large she was.

            Unfortunately for them, whatever was in that strange mushroom Cagali had eaten didn't just make her grow. A torrent of new desires, new thoughts and feelings she never knew were there flooded her mind. As she looked down at the tiny Orb city and its ant-like inhabitants, Cagali was overcome with the desire to test her incredible power.

With an evil smirk on her face, Cagali slowly raised her gigantic right foot upwards. The people below began panicking and running for their lives, but given how unbelievably huge Cagali had become, it was no use. She slowly brought her foot down, still grinning as buildings were crushed underneath the monolithic foot, then slowly people as well. Beneath the fantastic pressure everything was turned to little more than dirt or liquid. Her huge toes even crushed multiple people at a time, her big toe coming down hard on an entire car full of people before settling into the ground, cracking the pavement.

            Cagali couldn't help but laugh at her incredible display of power. With just one step, she had flattened tons of people! She was the most powerful thing ever known, and she loved it. Even the most powerful Mobile Suits and their pilots would have no choice but to bow before her now!

            Speaking of Mobile Suit pilots , her Coordinator boyfriend Athrun watched from the royal palace in shock. Able to get a view of his huge girlfriend's backside from the palace and nothing more, Athrun rushed from the room, knowing what he had to do.


As Athrun ran downstairs towards the exit of the mansion, he noticed something.....a small, black mushroom. Much like Cagalli before, he stopped dead in his tracks. His body moved on its own, reaching out and grasping the mushroom, then placing it in his mouth and chewing. He then ran on, not even remembering what he had just done. He ran out onto the front lawn, watching as Cagalli towered far over the nearby city. He simply could not believe what was happening, but he knew he had to do something about it. But suddenly, he felt a pain in his stomach, and he began to grow.

He shot upwards quickly, until he stopped growing at 1000 feet tall, the same size as Cagali. He noticed his huge bare feet were tearing up the very ground beneath him. The purple-haired young pretty boy looked around, amazed at the view, and saw his equally giant girlfriend still hadn't noticed him, with her back turned as she gazed down at the city below. He could only wonder what the hell was going on as he looked down at his surroundings and at the city.  

            Suddenly, Cagalli decided to turn around, and there she saw her now-equally huge boyfriend. At first, she reacted with shock.

            "Athrun!" she exclaimed, clearly surprised. But then, as she looked up and down his body in his casual wear, she added a more sexy... "Athrun...."

            "Cagali." Athrun responded, looking her up and down. "How did did we..."

            "Does it matter?" Cagali asked him as she stepped forward, crushing more people. "I can feel it, and I know you can too...."

            Athrun looked at her uneasily. He had no idea what to do in this situation. Cagali, meanwhile, knew exactly what to do. She smiled sexily as she continued to walk forward, crushing more tiny people with her huge bare feet, before rubbing Athrun's chest with her hand. Athrun moaned a bit.

            "Our inihibitons have been removed by whatever happened to us, Athrun." Cagali said as she continued to rub his chest with her hand. "I can feel it, and I'm sure you can too."

            With a sexy smirk, she moved her hand.....downwards. A shocked Athrun caught her at the pass.

            "Cagali!" he yelled, more than a little embarassed. After all, they were a thousand feet tall- everyone could see them!

            She smiled sexily, locking eyes with the giant. It was new to her, being the same height as Athrun, and she thought it was nice. Suddenly, she pushed backwards on his chest, knocking his massive body to the ground and crushing the castle. Athrun barely felt it as he looked upwards at her as she leaned over and onto him, smiling at him. Finally, gazing up at his gigantic girlfriend, Athrun smiled back.

            "That's more like it." Cagali said as she leaned over and kissed him.

            The tiny people below reacted with fear and shock as they watched the two unbelievably huge giants kiss and grope each other so high above. Finally ending their sexy embrace, Cagali pulled backwards, leaning over him and panting, and suddenly shot a glare towards the tiny crowd that had gathered below Athrun's flowing hair. Athrun turned and saw what Cagali was looking at, and smirked at the tiny people, scaring them.

            Before the people knew what was happening, Cagali brought her huge left hand down to the earth and scooped up the entire crowd in her palm. At least fifty people were now held in her huge hand, and she quickly dumped the ant-sized people down onto the chest of her giant boyfriend. The two giants smirked as they watched the panicked people run around on his massive chest like ants whose anthill had just been flattened.

            The people were panicking- above them, they saw Cagalli's smirking face and her heaving breasts, as well as Athrun's smiling face as well. Below them was Athrun's rock-hard chest and stomach, the ground seemingly vibrating with each breath the giant took.

            "Look at the little people, Athrun." Cagali said, amused. "I think they're scared of us."

            ”People?” Athrun smirked, brushing his purple hair out of his eyes. “All that I see are insignificant insects. I think they should pay their respects to their new gods and start bowing to us if they want to live."

            Upon hearing the booming voice, some of the tiny people began bowing, but most of the confused and scared captives simply continued running around like chickens with their heads cut off, darting about Athrun’s chest vainly trying to escape.

            Cagali's expression suddenly changed from amusement to anger. She lowered two of her massive fingers towards Athrun's chest and managed to grab one of the ant-like people (one of the ones not bowing, of course) between them, holding him there. He cowered between the massive fingers, before Cagali simply brought her fingers together, squashing him easily.

            "You'd better listen to my boyfriend, because you're starting to make me mad!" Cagali roared as she wiped her fingers clean on Athrun's chest.

            "She's not nice when she's mad, is she?" Athrun taunted them.

            All of them quickly began bowing, but that wasn't good enough for Cagali.

            "ON YOUR KNEES!" Cagali roared, the force of her voice even knocking a few of the people over.

            Instantly, all of the tiny people dropped to their knees and continued bowing to Athrun, which caused his smirk to widen. "You really know how to take charge of things, Cagali." Athrun said as he moved his right hand upwards.

            "Well, I am......ooooh." she began, but was cut off by Athrun's hand groping her left breast, and began moaning. "Athrun....."

            The tiny people who chose to risk looking up as they continued to bow towards Athrun got quite the show, as Athrun massaged her breast through the fabric and she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, Athrun stopped, and that didn't please Cagali.

            "Why'd you stop?" the giantess whined as he pulled his hand away.

"Cagali, look..." Athrun said, pointing towards something off in the horizon.


The two giants cast their gaze into the distance, watching as the Freedom Gundam, piloted by Kira, flew towards them, looking to them like a tiny little flying doll. Bigger than the ant-sized people, of course, but a doll just the same. They watched as the doll-sized Gundam landed on Athrun's chest, careful not to land on any of the people.

            "People, you must get out of here!" came Kira's voice from the Gundam's speakers. "Go, now!"

            Athrun and Cagali watched, annoyed, as the tiny people began to follow Kira's command and run to their right (Athrun's left side). Some even made it to the edge and started the climb down before Athrun simply swiped his gigantic hand across his chest, catching most of the tiny people and sending them flying into the horizon.

            "No, Athrun!" Kira yelled out. "How could you do that?"

            "Shut up, Kira." Athrun replied, rolling his eyes.

            Suddenly, Kira felt a force take hold upon his Gundam. It was Cagali's hand, as Kira's huge sister quickly brought the Freedom Gundam up to her massive face, a look of anger evident on it. The beautiful blonde’s features spread out before the Gundam like a huge billboard, filling his entire view as her giant pool sized eyes glared down at him.

            "You ruined our fun, Kira." Cagali growled at him. "Now I'm gonna have to make you pay."

            Athrun watched, amused, as his gigantic girlfriend began to crush the Gundam in her hand. Kira struggled in the malfunctioning cockpit as Cagali's hand slowly crushed the Gundam.....

....until Cagali stopped, stunned by something. An incredibly huge toe crashed into the ground in front of her, just behind Athrun's flowing hair. The big toe was capable of crushing the entire city, including the two of them, beneath it. Cagali released her hold on the Freedom Gundam as she stared at the toe in shock and amazement, Athrun and Kira doing the same, before they traced their eyes up into the sky to determine who the toe belonged to. Slowly their eyes rose upwards, following the stocking clad legs into the sky. High above, the brown towers were covered by a massive grey surface which wrapped around them. Signs of blue were visible even higher up the sheer face up to two massive mountains that poked outwards and put most real mountains to shame. Poking over the two huge mountains a face was visible, looking down at the pair of giants and the city. It was an older woman’s face, soft, yet experienced, with brown eyes, and framed by long brown hair.

Expanding near impossibly into the heavens, the gigantic Murrue stood proudly clad in her captain's uniform missing only her shoes. With an air of obvious superiority she looked down at the ground far below. "And what do we have here?" thundered the giant woman.
            The two teenage giants and the ace mobile suit pilot looked upwards in awe. Murrue's size was incredible and only served to further accent her stunning body which was eye-catching enough at normal size. There was no doubt the tables had turned now that this new challenger had appeared on the stage. "I suggest you let the 'Gundam' and it's pilot go," spoke Murrue, her booming voice both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Cagalli gritted her teeth "Who the hell do you think you are, giving orders to me?! I don't care how big you are you'll pay for this! ATHRUN!" At the call of his name, Athrun sped towards the titanic Murrue. It was in defiance of his usual character but that clearly wasn't present right now. For her part, Murrue watched the charging boy with a smile on her face. As he neared her mammoth toe, the Archangel Captain pulled a small thin glass container from her cuff. It housed an odd, dark green liquid. Removing the lid from the container she quickly poured its mysterious contents over the raging Zala boy. Athrun's response was one of shock- confused as to what exactly had hit him he froze. The mystery did not last long as Athrun quickly dwindled back down to his normal size.

            Back to normal, Athrun sat in a crater which had once been a footprint "Wh...where I am? What's happening?" The growth now over, Athrun's true personality began to re-emerge. Before he could gather his bearings, the ground shook and a loud BOOM filled the air. Turning swiftly, Athrun's view was engulfed by what appeared to be a gargantuan stocking-clad toe. "GO.NOW." With a mix of fear and confusion, Athrun obeyed the immense voice and ran for his life.

            Watching Athrun scurry away, Murrue turned to once again face down Cagalli. "Now then, 'Princess'..." Anger rising, Cagalli threw the near-crippled Gundam aside. A lesser pilot would be done for but Kira was able to pull off an ace manuver and hobble away. "Thank you, Captain..."

Cagali's billboard-sized face showed signs of frusturation and rage as she looked forward at the monolithic toe that lay before her. But suddenly, that expression a smirk.

            "What are you so happy about, Princess?" Murrue wondered, voice booming far above. "In your current situation, I certainly wouldn't be smiling."

            "Because I just realized you can't even lift a finger....or a toe...against me without harming every single being in this city!" Cagalli yelled up at her defiantly. "And since you seem to be all goody-goody still, I doubt you're willing to do that."

            Murrue's incredibly huge face showed that Cagali was right. ”Crap, she figured it out!” Murrue thought to herself, the worry plain on her face. With her bluff called, she had little else she could do without causing mass murder.

            "Thought so." Cagali said. "Well then, I'll just have to go finish off Kira...."

            "That won't be happening, Princess." came a voice from behind her. The voice belonged to another giantess, equally as big as Cagali, who now held the Freedom Gundam in her own palm.

            "She may not be willing to harm these people to stop you, but I'm willing to harm them to get some revenge!" Lunamaria said, smirking as she held Kira's Freedom in her hand. This Gundam was the source of most of her problems. Everything had gone wrong when he started to appear. She had nearly died many times thanks to his irresponsible actions. Thanks to him so many crew members of the Minerva had been killed. And now, she held him firmly in her grasp. Her gigantic fingers slowly constricted, putting pressure on the Gundam, causing the metal to shreik and bend. Finally, she closed her fist completely and finished it. Inside the cockpit, the metal rushed inwards, pushed by extreme force. Kira screamed as he was turned into liquid and his Mobile Suit was reduced to a crumpled piece of wreckage.

            Murrue stood towering high above watching in shock as the red-headed girl wearing a ZAFT uniform crushed her friend and subordinate to death slowly.

            "No! Dont!" She thundered, but her words were unheeded as Kira met his end in the fist of the massive Coordinator.

            Now, Lunamaria turned her attention to the raging Cagalli, who seemed angrier from the fact that she hadn't been able to crush Kira rather than that her brother had just been killed. She faced off with the blonde, who threw herself towards Lunamaria screaming, "Think you can stop me? Ha!"

            Cagalli had obviously taken leave of her senses. She had known Lunamaria during her short stint on the Minerva, but seemed to be forgetting the fact that Lunamaria was a Coordinator. And not just a Coordinator, but one who wore ZAFT's elite red uniform as a product of the best training in PLANT. Lunamaria smirked as the Princess charged, calling out to her, "If that’s the way you want it, Princess, I’ll finish this quickly."

            And that was it. The towering Cagalli threw herself towards Lunamaria, giant bare feet throwing pieces of buildings behind her like dirt as she sped forward, and then one single blindingly fast bare foot attached to a long leg wearing a pink skirt lanced out and struck Cagalli straight in the face. Giant foot met giant head, sending Cagalli flying backwards from the power of the Coordinator soldiers kick. It was a clear K.O., Cagalli never stood a chance, her unconscious body crashing into the ocean and throwing massive amounts of water outwards in huge waves that crashed into the city, flooding much of it.

            Smiling, Lunamaria looked up towards the massive Murrue who stared downwards with anger but was still too afraid to move. She would search for Athrun and deal with him later, but now she had an obstacle to tackle.

"Lunamaria!" came the voice of Shinn through a giant speaker just to the right of her massive head.

Lunamaria turned to face the source of the voice, Impulse Gundam.

            "What is it, Shinn?" she boomed, her voice causing the small machine to shake as it flew over and landed on her shoulder.

            "We've discovered something that could help you." Shinn told his gigantic friend and fellow pilot. "You know that green goo that shrunk Athrun down?"


            ”Oh crap, I was afraid of this...”Murrue thought, her face betraying her fears. This was a worst case scenario for her.

            "Well, it only makes MEN shrink, Lunamaria!" Shinn said. "On has the reverse effect..."

            "It'll make me grow...." Lunamaria grinned wide, exposing her huge teeth. She eyed the giant puddle of goo near Murrue's toe, and began to walk towards it, tramping what was left of the city with her gigantic feet. Murrue watched uneasily from above, her mind torn between moving to stop Lunamaria and causing everyone on the island to die, or stopping Lunamaria and preventing ZAFT from gaining the most powerful weapon imaginable, in human form. Sweat formed at her brow as her mind churned, searching for ideas.

Lunamaria continued to advance on the location of the goo, getting nearer and nearer with each massive stride. She had never been short of male admirers back at PLANT but if those same young men could see her now they'd likely have a heart attack. She was like a goddess from some ancient text- beautiful but deadly, and oh so deliciously huge. Every step she took was bone shattering, her feet grinding whole city blocks to nothing beneath her.

            Finally she reached her goal. The puddle of goo was shallow but wide, making it more then easy enough for her to scoop up a good amount. Suddenly, the heavens trembled- "DON'T!" Lunamaria casually looked up and faced her attacker "And you think you can stop me? Foolish as she was, that Orb girl got one thing right-you've used a really half baked strategy. Did you honestly think a scare tactic was going to win this battle? I honestly expected better from the captain of the legendary Archangel." Murrue scowled in response. True, this hadn't been the best of strategies but then again this situation had never occured anywhere else in history. Perhaps if she was her departed second-in-command Natarle she would have no problem making the choice to move her juggernaut of a body to end this madness, but there was just far too much risk in doing so. But then...

"Oh well". Murrue was snapped out of her train of thought by Lunamaria's voice. "You might not have the guts to use such size to your advantage properly, but I do!" With that, the young Coordinator dipped her gigantic hand into the goo and started to gather it up in her huge palm.

Soon she had collected a good amount of the goo, and the next thing Lunamaria wondered was how to apply it. Did you ingest it? Could that poison you? She suddenly remembered how it had just been poured over Athrun and assumed that it would be best to apply it a similar way. Raising her hand just above her head, she poured the considerable scoop and massaged it into her hair like shampoo. It seemed to evaporate, leaving her scalp in the same condition as before she poured it. Nothing else happened. For a moment, she wondered if she'd applied it the wrong way or if the Minerva's findings were wrong but these thoughts were cut short by a sudden feeling in the pit of her stomach. It had begun.

            The growth was steady. Her frame expanded upwards and outwards, consuming more space with each passing moment. The ground beneath her massive feet began to crumble and flatten under the stress. Lunamaria enjoyed it. This was her second time growing and the power was rather intoxicating, perhaps even more than she realised. She had been used to seeing things at a higher perspective when piloting an MS, but to actually be that big, to have that power...there was nothing else like it. She loved it.

            Murrue watched with fear and dread as the young girl before her grew higher and higher. If this continued than she'd have absolutely no choice but to act as she was the only thing big enough to even possibly be a match for this power crazed teen. She'd have to make her move soon, when they were on equal fitting or else the smaller size would enable her to escape Murrue's grasp.

            Within a few moments, Lunamaria had surpassed Murrue's knees....her waist...her chest. The moment came when she was staring the older giantess right in the face. Lunamaria grinned. Murrue glared. The moment she hadn't wanted was here. The time to strike was now!

            But then, something terrible happened.


Lunamaria didn't stop growing.

            It took Murrue a moment to realize what was happening. She had tried to restrain the girl who was now her equal in size but had quickly found that her arms had grown too thick to keep a grip of. The next thing she knew, her vision was filled with a view of Lunamaria's expanding chest. It continued to grow larger and rise higher with each second. The sight terrified Murrue. Throughout this madness, she'd kept the slight advantage of being bigger than anyone else, but now she faced an opponent of even more titanic proportions. Murrue's current size was by no means small, but the new scale being exhibited by this ZAFT girl dwarfed her.

            Lunamaria's growth finally came to a halt at a height where Murrue was level with her waist. The Coordinator beauty stood there in all her glory, like some goddess from Olympus. Placing her hands on her hips, she surveyed her new domain. "HMMM...", she purred, a voice powerful and sexy, loud enough to shatter every remaining window on the island, "NOT BAD...FOR NOW". She shot a devilish grin. Her new size would undoubtedly make her ZAFT's most valuable asset. Why send hundreds of MS into battle when one soldier could level the playing field with ease? The war would be over in no time and she'd bring peace and stability to PLANT. She once again looked far down below. The city was nearly in ruins from the fights and further stress caused by the giants who appeared today. Her huge feet spread across it, crushing miles of it. Thousands were dead beneath her, and little remained of the buildings that had once stood proud in the capital of Orb. She might as well finish the job now and silence the traitorous Orb for good. A grin escaped her face as she thought of the destruction she could cause on this island nation. Of course, first she would have some fun with her “playmate” Murrue, who stood looking up at the larger girl.

Lunamaria grinned down at Murrue, a look that filled Murrue's heart with dread. "So..", began the Coordinator, "You don't want to move, eh? Well...maybe I should make you!" With blinding speed, Lunamaria charged her 'small' opponent, removing her center of gravity. The result was akin to a natural disaster- Murrue's titanic body tumbled to Earth, landing with an earth quaking THUD! in the nearby ocean, the impact throwing up huge tidal waves and her falling head slamming into a small island, completely obliterating it.
After briefly focusing on the sudden sharp pains across her back and on her head, Murrue looked up to her attacker who was chuckling to herself. That was it...the gloves were off and now Murrue had no choice but to fight back! Now that she'd been galvanized into action, collateral damage could no longer be avoided and Murrue knew that anything under her would be long dead by now. Picking herself up off the ground, the Captain sized up her opponent.

            Murrue was no fool, knowing that if she simply charged in she would end up like Cagalli, but even worse. Her opponent was twice as tall as her, stronger, faster, and better trained. She didn't have much hope in a direct confrontation, but at such a massive size there was little she could do to even the odds. Even if the Mariana Trench and Mount Everest were right next to each other, she would have to duck to hide herself, if she could even fit more than her foot inside it. She had no weapons and no way to get a real tactical advantage, the only thing going for her was her smaller size that, hopefully, would give her a speed advantage againt her massive opponent.

            Taking in a massive breath, Murrue charged forwards at the red headed Coordinator, who stood watching her with a smile on her face. As soon as Murrue closed within striking distance, a massive bare foot shot out in a slashing sideways kick that would have probably taken Murrue's head off, if Lunamaria's heel had made contact. But all that the massive blow struck was air, the several mile long foot meeting no resistance.

            Via a feat of agility that she never knew she possessed, Murrue ducked under the blow, throwing herself into a tackle, and launching towards Lunamaria's supporting leg. With enough force to destroy a small country, Murrue struck the Coordinator's thigh, knocking her off balance. Slowly, the nearly 30 mile tall Coordinator girl toppled over while the 15 mile Murrue clung onto her leg. With the force of several nuclear weapons, the massive pile of female flesh struck Orb's giantess-torn main island, doubtlessly wiping out any survivors.

            But Lunamaria wasn't that easy of an opponent. Only minorly fazed by the impact, the titanic girl spun herself upwards, raising herself on her hands with her legs held overhead, split apart. Her pink skirt hung downwards, the massive clothing pulled by gravity, revealing the not quite as large but still massive Murrue who was still holding onto Lunamaria's legs. With practiced precision, the Coordinator girl began spining herself around, titanic hands pounding the ground as she picked up speed. Faster and faster she spun, the pounding of her hands shattering the island below her while her legs produced winds moving at speeds unheard of. Still, Murrue clung onto the Coordinator girl with a grip of steel, but her grip began to slip as the massive thighs to which she clung spun faster and faster. Finally, she lost her grip and was sent flying. Like a rocket, Murrue shot over the ocean surrounding the islands of Orb before slamming into another island, nearly knocking her out cold. Shakily, she rose to her feet as the massive footsteps of Lunamaria drew slowly closer, the confident Coordinator's face grinning as she closed in on her prey.

It was only a minute or since the fight began, but Murrue could already see that she didn't have much of a chance to beat her gigantic opponent. Her best bet, getting in close and trying to subdue Lunamaria while too close for the larger girl to land a strong blow had been repulsed as easily as an adult tossing aside a petulant child. Battered by her impact with the island, Murrue shakily stood in the ankle deep, to her, water, her uniform now wet and ripped all over. Shaking her head to clear her vision, she looked forward as the red uniformed Coordinator girl came closer. She didn't want to use her final trump card, but it seemed like she had no choice. It was now do or die.

            A smile on her face, Lunamaria walked through the ocean towards the battered Orb officer. Behind her the island on which this had all begun lay broken and smashed by her hands and feet, shattered into a myriad of ruptured parts. The water barely cleared the toes of the 30 mile tall Coordinator girl as she felt the ocean floor crumble under her weight like so much sand. She could already tell that this fight would not last much longer, and was eager to move on to her next target. Maybe she would destroy the Atlantic Federation, piece by piece? If she walked northeast she could likely reach Panama or California in only a short time, and then the fun would really begin. She smirked as she walked forward, but the smile disappeared when she noticed Murrue reach into her sleeve and produce another vial from the same place she had kept the one she used on Athrun, that Lunamaria had then exploited.

            But this vial was not was not the same as the dark green liquid she had produced earlier. It's color was pitch black. Although Lunamaria had to squint to see the small, to her, vial, her enhanced eyesight could tell that this liquid was far thicker than the one from before. Worried by what Murrue might be up to, Lunamaria began running towards the smaller woman, but was too late as the Natural lifted the vial above her head and poured about 1/4th of the thick liquid over her hair.

            Murrue hadn't wanted to use it. But she had no choice. She winced as the thick liquid of the Prototype serum fell onto her hair, with an unpleasant feeling, like having crude oil poured over you. The dark green formula she had used earlier was the refined and adjusted form of the growth substance, which had been culled from the special mushrooms. It was adjusted for normal uses. This formula, however, was unrefined and unsafe. It was her last ace in the hole.

            The liquid only stayed on Murrue's head for a few seconds before it was absorbed. Almost instantly, Murrue bent over and clutched her chest. Then her body began rumbling. Lunamaria was still about 20 seconds from her, but those 20 seconds would seem to last an eternity. With a speed that surprised both giantesses, Murrue shot upwards, growing frantically. In a mere 5 seconds she was as tall as Lunamaria, her growing feet pulverizing the ocean floor beneath her. In another 5 seconds, she had doubled in size. Now the tables were turned as the 60 mile Murrue Ramius looked downwards in surprise. But she hadn't even seen the beginning of it. Another 5 seconds passed, and Murrue soared up to a massive 120 miles tall. Without even moving, she had crushed a multitude of Islands, and now stood towering far, far over the red uniformed Coordinator who now had a panicked look on her face. But Lunamaria was going too fast, and was unable to stop. The final 5 seconds passed as Murrue shot upwards into the heavens. Standing at 240 miles tall, Murrue was a behemoth unlike anything ever seen before. Below, forgotten, Lunamaria crashed into Murrue's monstrous shin, which knocked her backwards so that she was sprawled on top of the massive woman's foot. But that was not the end of it.

A look of worry was on Murrue's face. She simply would not stop growing. She had surely by now crushed half of Orb's islands without even taking a step. Finally, her upwards movement stopped. She was now huge beyond belief, her body towering far into space at a massive 480 miles tall. Luckily, it seemed that one of the side effects of the unrefined formula was that the subject no longer needed to breathe.

Forgotten, laying on the flat expanse of a foot larger than she was, Lunamaria looked upwards at the towering Captain, preparing her counterattack Annoyingly, she was back to where she started, tiny and insignificant compared to the massive Natural. Despite being gigantic in every sense of the word, the 30 mile tall Luna was only 1/16th the size of the Captain. Noticeable, but hardly a threat.

Or so she hoped Murrue thought, if she even noticed the (relatively) small girl below her. Trained as an Elite during this era of Mobile Suit combat, Lunamaria had at least some training in Infantry anti-MS countermeasures, and Murrue was small in scale compared to a normal person and a Mobile Suit. More than anything, she had been trained to find solutions to tough situations, and she knew what to do. It wasn't much of a plan, but it was better than nothing.

High above, 450 miles above to be exact, Murrue stood, breathing slowly, although she could tell that she didn't really need to. If Space could kill her, it already would have. A bigger worry of hers was ZAFT retaliation, 480 miles above the surface of the Earth is at the edge of the atmosphere, so space based Mobile Suits and Battleships could easily be on an even orbit with most of the parts of her body above her waist, and she didn't exactly want to get shot in the eye with a Lohengrin or other heavy beam weaponry. In the distance she could see one Orb's space stations, Ame-no-Misashira, moving by while orbiting the Earth at an elevation roughly equal to her breasts. With her uniform torn and dirtied by her earlier encounter with an island, the soldiers aboard doubtlessly were taking in the view of their lives as they passed by the fleshy mountains that put Mount Everest to shame.

Far below, Lunamaria ran quickly through the toe-deep water, running towards a nearby island. The giant towering far above her was paying her no heed, so Lunamaria made the best of the situation. Bending down, she scooped up the small mountainous island in her massive hands, compressing it with such intense force that the loose dirt around the stone of the mountain fused into rock and glass. Then, opening her uniform jacket, she stuffed the balllike object into her shirt so that she didn't have to hold it. Then, moving carefully now, not wanting to attract the behemoth's attention, she moved behind Murrue's legs. She stretched for a second, picking up a mountain and rubbing it between her hands for extra traction. Then she backed up a dozen steps or so and assumed a sprinter's position. At some unheard mark, she launched herself forwards as fast as she could, her massive feet throwing water dozens of miles behind her as she propeled herself forwards. And then, she leaped as high as she could. The massive coordinator girl soared through the air, impossibly high, until she impacted her target: The back of Murrue's knee. With the force of a million tons of TNT, Lunamaria struck the fleshy pillar, knocking it forwards and bringing the titanic Murrue down to one knee.

The weight of even 1 knee of a 480 mile woman is immense beyond belief, and when all that weight struck the ground it caused a tremor that likely smashed the Pacific continental plate. Lunamaria, who had thrown herself quickly aside in order to avoid being crushed between Murrue's thigh and calf, was knocked off her feet by the impact. But she quickly got back up, and ran around in front of Murrue, who was looking around in surprise. Before her unbelievably gigantic nemesis could react, Lunamaria jumped and climbed on top of Murrue's leg at the knee that was on the ground, and ran on top of the massive thigh that was longer than her until she reached Murrue's waist. She ducked to dodge one of the Natural's gigantic hands that swatted at her, then grabbed onto Murrue's shirt and pulled herself upwards, ripping the already torn cloth under her weight but gaining valuable altitude. Then, she pulled the island-projectile out of her shirt and threw it as hard as she could... at the vial of unrefined growth serum in Murrue's hand, which was not fairly close to her. The rock struck the vial and cracked the bottom of it, which was still made of only glass no matter how big it was. A precious few drops dripped out of the cracks, and again demonstrating her superior speed Lunamaria jumped off the surprised Murrue and caught ran under the drops before they could hit the ocean, making them all impact the top of her head.

Only a few drops hit Lunamaria before the crack spread on the bottom of the vial, the near vaccum around it causing the liquid to boil and shatter the glass, which sent the growth liquid flying outwards in all directions to land all over the world. But what the effects of that might be didn't worry Lunamaria or Murrue, as suddenly the smaller Coordinator girl began to scream at the top of her lungs. The unrefined serum had been labeled "Unsafe" and Murrue now saw why, as the smaller girl dropped to the ground and began rolling about in pain.

Then, it happened. Tears rolling down her cheeks, mouth open screaming in agony, Lunamaria never noticed her chest swell outwards to the point of bursting. She didn't notice her muscles begin to swell and become more defined, or as she began to grow in spurts, her huge body covering islands as she expanded.

Lunamaria screamed in pain as she rolled about in the ocean. Murrue could only watch as the Coordinator girl reacted to the formula, a sad look crossing her face. She hadn't wanted to kill the girl, but this was the result of her own actions. The serum was dangerous in its unrefined form. When tested on a Male Coordinator, it had caused the man's flesh to liquify, so further testing had been forbidden. Murrue had no idea what was happening inside the Coordinator girl's body as she stood up, solemnly watching and listening to the young girl's screams.

Deep inside Lunamaria's 30 mile tall body, a change was taking place. Unlike the previous test subject, the red uniformed girl's body was not rejecting the serum. Instead, it was accepting it in ways noone had ever imagined. The pain was immense as the serum reacted with her altered genes, tearing apart her DNA piece by piece and reassembling her body. Lunamaria's eyes ran with tears, her mouth open as she flailed about, not noticing as her breasts began to shake on her chest. Her red uniform went taunt as the ample orbs enlarged, expanding outwards until the wet red cloth stuck to her flesh, pulled so taunt that it was like the clothing was painted onto her body. Rips formed in the clothing as it was pulled and stretched, the top of her shirt pulled apart revealing her collarbones.

The changes were not limited to her breasts, the rest of her body beginning to shake as Lunamaria's DNA was altered, her body changing. Her legs stretched, proportionally gaining another 4 inches. All over her body her muscles tensed and released, tensed and released, growing larger and more defined each time. Her muscles did not grow to any extreme extent, but unknown to anyone, her muscles grew far denser, granting her strength far beyond what she had before. All over her body it was as if her clothing was painted on, it was pulled so tight by her expanding form.

And then, she began to grow. In stuttering spurts Lunamaria began to cover more and more ocean. It was a far cry from the steady, even growth of before. Slowly, her body expanded. Another 5 miles. Another 10 miles. Still, pain wracked the girl's body. Another 20 miles. Another 30 miles. Her flailing limbs obliterated islands by the dozen. She expanded again, doubling in size. Murrue could only stand back and watch. Lunamaria expanded again, and again. She stretched out to 100 miles tall. Then 200. Her kicking legs stretched out, her massive heels now smashing downwards into Australia, pulverizing the continent and destroying cities left and right. She exploded in growth, the uneven surging of her body carrying her outwards as she cried out. She doubled in size. Murrue looked downwards, the writhing girl at her feet nearly equaling her massive size, but still sprawled out on the ground. Then, Lunamaria grew again. In a massive rush of growth, she doubled in size, shooting up to a massive 800 miles tall. Then again, 1600 miles. Even lying down, the girl's flailing legs reached high into the air, a stray arm struck Murrue in the waist, sending the 480 mile woman sprawling from Lunamaria's new, unbelievable strength.

Hurled backwards from the impact, Murrue crashed into Japan, her massive body wreaking destruction on a large part of the island. Shaken, she slowly sat up and watched as the red uniformed Coordinator expanded again. And again. Her flailing legs had obliterated Australia now, wiping all traces of life from the continent and leaving it cracked and shattered as her feet reached over into the Indian ocean, stirring up Tsunamis of unbelievable proportions. Her screaming lessened, but it was unlikely that a single piece of glass was still intact anywhere in the world as the unbelievable noise rendered most of the Western hemisphere deaf. Then, the screaming stopped. Lunamaria's movements slowed and she became still. Far above sea level, her beautiful face laid still, eyes closed.

Then, a smile formed on her lips. Her eyes opened, a confident look on her face. She was probably the most powerful being in existence, and she knew it. Slowly, she stood. She brought her feet under her, lifting her massive body upwards. Her massive, even on her, breasts jiggled in their tight confines, their unbelievable size and shape the stuff of legends. Her uniform was skin tight, soaked with ocean water and sweat. She rose upwards, towering higher and higher. Her head soared far outside the atmosphere. Finally, she was standing straight up. Her lips parted as her body began to shake slightly as she began to chuckle, then began to laugh out loud, her voice inexplicably carrying through vacuum and reaching the ears of everyone on both Plant and Earth. She had been altered by the mysterious liquid, the unbearably beautiful Coordinator girl now standing tall, practically a Goddess at 8,000 miles tall.


Towering upwards into the heavens, Lunamaria stood, hands on her hips, shaking with laughter. She could feel it pulsing in her veins, power unlike anything she had ever imagined. And this was only the beginning. Intuitively, she could feel her body yearning to expand outwards again, hungering for more growth. But she held it in. She was, for all intents and purposes, all powerful, but she was not letting it get to her... too much. She knew that she needed to deal with her rival once and for all before she could move along with her new desire, the desire to become more. Her very DNA shook with the need to become greater, larger. It whispered in the back of her head, urging her to grow more. And she planned to do exactly that. But first, she looked downwards. Far below her she could make out Murrue standing, gazing upwards in awe, at her titanic form.

A smile appeared on Lunamaria's lips. Her beautiful face gazed down confidently at the smaller woman, elated with her new power. She licked her lips, then began to move. Slowly, she lifted her massive left foot upwards, moving it towards Murrue. With startling speed, the massive fleshy object disappeared from where it had sat, crushing the remains of Orb. Millions upon millions of gallons of water poured off the bottom of her sole, and mountain sized chunks of islands were sent flying by the mere movement of her extremity. Slowly, she moved it over the Pacific, until she brought it down. It was merely taking a step to her, but billions of tons of female flesh came pounding downwards, throwing ocean water outwards so high that the resulting tidal wave decimated everything that had once been China and the United States. The Pacific plate cracked underneath her foot, causing massive earthquakes around the entire Pacific rim, and causing hot magma to rise up from the ocean floor. But the colossal Lunamaria did not even notice the heat. To her the ocean beneath her was nothing more than a fraction of a millimeter of water beneath her feet.

In front of her, Murrue turned and began to run. She needed time to think of something, anything to bring down this newborn Goddess. But she didn't have that time. Behind her, Lunamaria lifted her right foot upwards, already within striking distance of the 480 mile woman. With a speed that most people would not believe possible, she brought her foot forward and swept it sideways at the fleeing natural. A massive wall of female flesh nearly as high as she was tall struck Murrue from the side, sending her flying yet again. Tumbling head over heels, Murrue crashed into China, her giant body flattening millions and millions of people as it continued rolling. She swept over the country, leaving a massive swathe of destruction in her wake, until her 480 mile form struck the Himalayan Mountains. Naturally, these minute (to her) mountains put up hardly any resistance, her mammoth body sweeping the massive piles of rock and dirt away, leaving flatlands in it's place. She kept rolling, crushing Pakistan and Afghanistan under her body, then Iran and Iraq. Still she rolled. Nothing was left of the Mediterranean coast of Africa as she plunged into the Atlantic, causing massive tidal waves to sweep the relatively untouched Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa. Finally, her forward motion ceased as she crashed into Florida, crushing most of the southern parts of its peninsula. Murrue lay sprawled out, unconscious as earth shattering footsteps closed on her.

Grinding southern Mexico under her foot, Lunamaria walked over to the knocked out Natural and lifted her up. She was only about 1/16th of her size, barely even the size of a doll. She held the woman for a second, debating what to do with her. Finally, she decided to take the smaller woman along, as a plaything. She searched her uniform for a pocket that could fit the unconscious Murrue, but her enhanced body drew the clothing far too tight. So instead, Lunamaria closed her eyes for a second. She bit her bottom lip as an expression of immense pleasure appeared on her face and she began to grow. In her hand Murrue became smaller and smaller as Lunamaria expanded upwards. When she opened her eyes again, she stood towering at 12,000 miles tall. With a smile on her face, she pried open one of her pockets and dropped the smaller woman inside, although the cloth was still so tight that you could make out the form of the 480 mile woman inside it.

Immensely pleased with herself, Lunamaria looked about. She wanted to grow. Her body ached for it. But she needed fuel for her growing body, and she had nearly run out expanding to fit Murrue. She cast her gaze downwards at the country that formerly was known as the United States. Only a few steps away, to her, the Atlantic seaboard glowed with Earth Alliance controlled cities. Lowering herself onto her hands and knees slowly, she licked her lips as she crawled forwards. She lowered her head to the ground and, with a flash of an at least a hundred miles wide tongue, the city of New York was gone. A moan of pleasure escaped Lunamaria as she expanded and grew, adding a hundred miles to her frame. Next, she targeted the capital of the Atlantic Federation, Washington D.C., hovering her massive face over the city. She flashed her teeth as she grinned down at her enemy's capital, relishing in what the Blue Cosmos and other extremist Anti-Coordinator factions that lived there must be thinking. But Lunamaria was no longer a mere Coordinator. She was without a doubt the Ultimate Coordinator, not like those failures from Mendel. She had already proven her superiority to those insignificant bugs. With that thought on her mind, she licked up Washington D.C. and moved on to decimate the rest of the Atlantic coast, growing larger and larger with each city.

A while later, nothing remained in what used to be the United States and Canada. Every city of any size had vanished, replaced by massive tongue shaped craters that grew progressively larger as the massive face of Lunamaria lowered itself above it and then licked it up. With every city she grew larger and larger, her body eagerly turning the ingested material into fuel for her growth. Now, her face hung over California, wiping out the last bits of cities and significant military installations. She was on her hands and knees, her massive fingers extending into the Pacific Ocean before her like massive pillars that could hold the world. Her fingernails were lodged deep, deep inside the Earth's crust, the molten magma below giving them a pleasant warm feeling. Her knees were planted on top of England and Spain, placed so that she did not endanger Gibraltar, which was owned by ZAFT. Above Eastern Europe her feet hung menacingly, only kept from coming down and obliterating every living thing there by the curvature of the Earth. The people below could only watch in fear as her massive feet and legs grew larger and larger.

"Ahhh! Delicious!" Lunamaria smiled, content now that she had finished off every city worth noticing below her. Her mouth was posed in a smile, her lips that could kiss an entire country only a half a foot or so off the ground, to her, but actually far outside the atmosphere. "Now..." She looked about, and then began to crawl forwards. Her massive hands thundered down on the already cracked and destroyed Pacific plate, pulverizing it even more. Her knees smashed the Atlantic seaboard, then America, the impacts annihilating anyone who might have survived her city eating spree. The thunderous impacts rang out as she crawled over the Pacific ocean, stopping to devour the the larger islands of Hawaii and a large chunk of Japan. Then, she began to eat China. A large amount of it had been destroyed earlier by Murrue's impact, but it didn't matter to her massive mouth that consumed everything.

            Slowly she worked her way around the Earth, devouring everything that she could find that wasn't a known ZAFT territory. She had more than enough fuel for her growth by now, but was holding it in, stocking it up. She could feel the power stirring in her body, the increases in size from eating merely being what she couldn't hold back. But they were still far from inconsequential. Finally, after an hour of so, she reached the Atlantic coast of Europe. Her world consumption tour ended with eating the entire British Isles. Little remained in her wake, the massive Coordinator girl had devoured everything. She purred contentedly, proud of herself. Slowly, she stood up. To her, the Earth was little more than an over inflated Beach Ball. She perched atop it comically, taking a second to get her balance right, and then crossed her powerful arms across her chest. The moon orbited directly over her head. Slowly, she lifted herself onto her tiptoes, looking upwards as she stretched out. She slowly extended her tongue... and licked the Earth Alliance's Arzachael Moon Base and Copernicus city off the surface of the moon.

            Then, she lightly pushed herself off the Earth and floated into space. As far as she was concerned, Earth no longer mattered to her, but her first act as a self proclaimed Goddess had been to wipe out the Earth Alliance completely, so it was likely that now ZAFT would seize control and bring these senseless wars to an end. She smiled, proud to have finally accomplished what everyone had thought impossible singlehandedly. Truly, she was a Goddess of Victory. With that thought on her mind, she floated away from the Earth. Finally, when she reached Martian orbit, she took a deep breath and began to release the storming energy inside her. With a cry of pleasure, she grew. It was a far cry from anything before, far dwarfing those "minor" spurts. She expanded tenfold, then a hundredfold, then a thousandfold. The Earth was nothing to her now. The Sun was nothing but a speck that she could hardly notice. She left the solar system far behind as she cried in pleasure from her growth.

Time passed. Lunamaria grew, expanding larger and larger. She was locked in a cycle of pleasure, her body rejoicing in it's expansion. Every once in a while, she opened her mouth and spun herself about, the gigantic maw sucking in dozens of solar systems. She squealed in delight at the feeling of power that filled her body with each bite. She grew and grew. Earth was just a distant memory now; the entire Sol system was practically microscopic to her. If you were looking at the Milky Way from outside the galaxy, you would see a most peculiar sight. Extending out far underneath the galaxy a pair of legs and feet reached out, occasionally kicking in the vast gulf of empty space around the galaxy. From the top a pair of mammoth breasts appeared half submerged in stars, the rest of Lunamaria's gigantic upper body extending out above. Her face smiled down at the galactic core with teeth the size of hundreds of solar systems. Slowly, she bent down, her legs bending at the knees as she leaned forward, the pivoting motion bringing her massive feet up into the star soup. The massive extremities smashed thousands of stars upon their soft flesh, but the heat was nothing but a pleasant glow to the mammoth girl. Her breasts plowed downwards, taking out just as many solar systems themselves, the stars and planets smashing upon her massive uniform covered mammaries. Slowly, her face closed in on the galactic core, the thick white bundle of a basketball sized treat to her. Her massive jaws opened as her face reached forward, scooping the incredibly dense gas into her mouth. Then, she breathed in.

            It shouldn't have been possible in the vacuum of space, but she did it anyways. The entire ring of gas, millions and millions times denser than the Sun, was sucked down her throat, causing instantaneous expansion unlike anything ever experienced before. Larger and larger she grew as she took in the gas, her mouth zooming wider and wider, so large that the ultra massive black hole at the center of the galaxy became bite sized to her. And then she closed her mouth. Technically, the black hole should have sucked her in, but it didn't. Instead, her body reduced it to just more fuel for her growth. Lunamaria zoomed upwards, leaving the Milky Way galaxy behind. When it had been reduced to fingernail sized, she turned and produced a small vial she had swiped from Murrue earlier, and calmly scooped everything that remained inside it, and then put it in her pocket with Murrue for safekeeping. It was her good deed of the day. A self satisfied smile on her face, she resumed her growth.

            But then she saw something. She couldn't tell if it had just appeared or had always been there, just too large to be seen. A tan wall sat in front of her, extending as far up and down as she could see. She was clueless as to what it really was, but something inside her body urged her to find out. It told her that this was what she had come here for. Her smile returned as she poured on the growth, expanding quickly towards the massive object.


Larger and larger Lunamaria grew, every part of her expanding with unprecedented force. Her massive hands scooped whole galaxies into her mouth to fuel her growth. And yet still, the wall before her extended in every direction as far as she could see. She had no idea what it was, but somehow its presence urged her onwards in both awe and anger at the concept that something could be larger than her. New waves of growth shook her body as she shot outwards, still watching the wall before her. She noticed something peculiar now. It seemed that the wall had ridges. Before, it had appeared to be a solid, flawless object, but now she could make out miniscule imperfections. Her curiosity was piqued, and she knew that the only way to find out was to grow larger, so she scooped another handful of galaxies into her mouth and willed herself to grow as fast as she could. Now, far above her she could make out something white overhanging the wall, covering the space above her as far as she could see. It was like a massive ring of ice, flawless in its smoothness and shape. Lunamaria looked up in wonder as she grew larger. Behind her a giant green netting had appeared, the holes between each link large enough that a hundred people her size could have walked through it side by side. She was having trouble finding new food now; having grown so large that your standard run of the mill galaxy was hard to see. In the distance, however, she could make out larger objects, and pondered the discovery. Was the Milky Way really that small compared to other galaxies? She could only wonder whether there was intelligent life out there on one of those nearly microscopic dots.

            Now, she could see the end of the white overhang above her. It was perfectly rounded; Lunamaria couldn't even make out a single imperfection in its curve. The tan wall ahead of her was now displaying rows of large ridges, although Lunamaria could easily fit in the valleys between them. She expanded more and more upwards, floating herself backwards through the green netting because she wanted to see what was beyond the white overhang.

            Slowly she moved, clearing the overhang. She saw only trillions more galaxies floating above her. She continued floating backwards, until suddenly she gasped. Something was there. Something big. Her eyes looked upwards, trying to recognize the ridiculously immense object before her. A massive tower extended above her. It possessed a weird green color up a good distance, and then turned to a different, bronzed color. It took her a second to look beyond its massive form, but she noticed that it was not alone, another, similar tower stood right next to it. The towers were thick and perfectly smoothed. High above they joined together under some type of large black object. Above that she could see some type of pink object that was larger than large, unbelievably massive, and extending upwards, evidently covering or taking the place of the green and bronze towers. High, high above the pink substance bulged outwards in giant mountains that could possess the size of thousands and thousands of galaxies. And above those two humongous spheres, Lunamaria saw something that made her blood run cold. Looking over the mountains was a face. An unbelievably huge, but undoubtedly human face. Its huge eyes were looking directly down at Lunamaria. Red hair, each strand as thick as a dozen galaxies framed it. Its massive mouth was locked into a smirk as the female features struck her with a realization. Those weren't towers, those were her legs. That huge pink object was her clothes, and now that Lunamaria knew that she could see the details of an Earth Alliance recruit uniform. Those huge mountains weren't some unbelievable swell of galaxies, they were her breasts! And the tan wall before her was... her big toe.

            Lunamaria was shocked. That huge object that towered millions and millions time larger than her home galaxy, was the toe of this woman. The size was inconceivable. A million questions popped into Lunamaria's mind. Then, an unbelievably loud voice rang out through the vacuum of space.

            "I've been waiting for you."

The words shook Lunamaria to her very core. Her mind went blank from fright as she stared upwards at the impossibly large woman before her.

“It’s been such a… long time since I’ve talk to someone from Earth.” The voice boomed again. Slowly, the massive figure began to bend over. The inconceivably large legs bent first, trillions and trillions of miles of flesh moving in concert as the Earth Alliance uniformed girl bent over. Her face loomed closer, its sheer size becoming apparent as it filled Lunamaria’s entire view. An impossibly large hand extended forwards growing closer and closer, wider and wider to Lunamaria’s view as the girl extended her finger towards the smaller Luna. It was as if the Earth had appeared underneath Lunamaria’s feet, the lined tip of the huge girl’s finger extending in all directions underneath her. Slowly, Fllay brought the small girl up to her face.

In every direction, Fllay’s face extended. Her huge eyes loomed above Lunamaria, gazing down at her like a mischievous god. Perched on top of the larger girl’s fingertip, Lunamaria could only look upwards in awe at the spectacle.

“But to think that it would be a ZAFT officer who would come… that was one thing I never expected when I created the mushrooms. Either way, though, it all worked out perfectly.”

What? Lunamaria’s mind was stunned by this new revelation. Everything, all of this had been nothing more than a plot by this massive girl to grow someone to her own size?

“No.” Fllay said, grinning. “If I only wanted someone my own size, I would have made them that way myself.” She lifted her other hand and snapped her fingers. Instantly, Lunamaria was floating in space. Fllay floated, her finger still raised in front of her face, the same size as her a short distance away. “You see…” Fllay’s smile grew wider, and gained a darker shade. “I can do anythinggggg.” She said, dragging out the last syllable. “Nothing is impossible for me.” Suddenly, Fllay’s body shot out in all directions, the sheer magnitude and speed of her growth astounding. Without even moving, Fllay’s fingertip was back underneath Lunamaria, the fleshy surface planet sized in comparison. Thousands and thousands of galaxies could have fit into a single ridge. “Ever since I’ve come here, I’ve done everything. I’ve encompassed the entire universe. I’ve destroyed galaxies with every part of my body. I’ve created entire mega civilizations to take care of my toenails. I’ve watched entire galaxies be born, grow old and die. Time has no meaning. Science has no meaning. Nothing has any meaning,” Fllay ranted, her smile growing larger and larger as it loomed over the infinitely small in comparison Lunamaria that was perched on her fingertip. “I. Am. Everything. I. Know. Everything. At the end of it all, there is only me!” The titanic woman ranted, her smile predatory now. “But it’s all become so… boring. And so, I brought you to me. You, like everything else in the universe, are my plaything. You exist for my pleasure.” Fllay’s omnipresent smile spread even wider, her huge sparklingly white teeth spreading to take up Lunamaria’s entire sky. Each one of the pearly white objects was large enough to grind dozens of galactic clusters to nothing.

“And now, we’ll have some fun.” Fllay laughed, and then snapped her fingers.

The world that unfolded before Lunamaria was unlike anything she had ever seen. The sky was green. The ground was a tan, fleshy color. All around dozens of bizarre buildings rose in crazy shapes to absurd altitudes. It was like a Dr. Seuss book come to life, complete with bizarre creatures roaming about. An 8 legged beast with Zebra-like stripes threaded its way through the legs of giant 3 legged walking creatures with pink and purple polka dots. Dozens of other beasts and creatures unlike anything Lunamaria had ever seen scurried about.

“Well, do you like them?” A normal sounding voice from behind Lunamaria said. Turning, Lunamaria say Fllay, standing at the same size as her. “They were somewhat of an experiment, really. I wanted to create something truly unique. I rather like them, although they haven’t quite reached Steam-Power yet.” Fllay gestured at the creatures, beaming with pride like a mother boasting about her children. The mere fact that she could create such a civilization out of nothing was shocking to Lunamaria.

“Oh, don’t be too surprised yet, my dear ZAFT soldier. This is only one of many, many experiments. Even as I’m talking to you, I’m quite busy shaping the fate of several hundred trillion beings. Give or take a few. I find these ones particularly cute, though. They like to build these towers in order to “get closer to me” even though they’re about as close as they can get.” Overhead, a massive object, inconceivable in its size, passed behind the green “sky.” Fllay looked absentmindedly upwards as it happened. “Whoops, I really should watch where I put my hands. I’m a big girl, after all.” She chuckled. Lunamaria was shocked at the implications of what this “goddess” was saying, but her training kicked in. This was her chance. They were the same size. There was no way a Natural could beat her at the same size.

Lunamaria struck as fast as she could, bringing her foot down in a slash at Fllay’s head with enough power to knock it clean off. But she didn’t feel the impact. Startled, her eyes traced her leg down to her foot, and say Fllay holding it… with a single finger.

“Tch… I’m a little disappointed that you’re still struggling. You coordinators are all the same.” Fllay’s face was dark as she looked at Lunamaria. “I think I’ll have to teach you a lesson. I’ll see you in a little while.” She said, releasing Lunamaria’s foot and stepping backwards.

Suddenly, Fllay’s body began to grow larger… or so Lunamaria thought. But it wasn’t just Fllay’s body growing larger. Everything was growing larger. The world expanded around her as she dwindled down. But even as she shrank, she was lifted into the air. Slowly she floated, now only a few inches tall, until she was floating over Fllay’s foot. She dwindled even faster now as she was lowered down onto the top of the foot. She quickly became so small that she was squeezed between the thread of Fllay’s stocking, and slowly grew closer and closer to the flesh of the foot itself.

But now, she noticed a peculiar thing. The wide expanse of flesh beneath her looked dirty and grey. Small objects were poking up off the skin like needles, shooting straight up. Tiny dots zoomed between the needles in organized patterns, like roadways. Lunamaria continued her descent, her feet now impacting the plain below her. The vibrations caused shook the needles, which she could now see spread in every direction, and caused many of the closest ones to collapse. A bizarre gridwork of smaller lumps became visible now, spread across the surface of Fllay’s foot. Tiny points of light were spread about the lumps. Curiously, Lunamaria extended her foot outwards and tapped another of the needles, which were about an inch tall to her, with her toe. The impact brought the entire thing tumbling down. The flying dots dispersed haphazardly, seemingly fleeing for their lives. Cautiously, Lunamaria took a step forwards. She was still shrinking, but slower now, and the impact of her step caused more of the needles to collapse.

Slowly, Lunamaria lowered herself down onto her hands and knees, bringing her face closer to the needles. Her eyes blinked as they tried to focus, staring at the now relatively 4 inch tall objects before her face. She squinted, looking as hard as she could. And then she saw.

They weren’t needles at all! They were skyscrapers! Huge ones! And those dots weren’t some bizarre life form, they were flying cars! Here, on top of the Fllay from before’s foot, was a whole other civilization! And Lunamaria had just laid waste to a huge chunk of it. Already, tons of small dots were buzzing around her huge face. Lights shot out of the dots, the energy weapons splashing uselessly against Lunamaria’s startled face.

“I didn’t mean to!” She shrinking girl blurted, pushing herself back onto her knees. Beneath her body millions of these tiny people lay dead. Or were they huge people? She had no idea how they compared to people from Earth. For all Lunamaria knew, these people might be the size of a galaxy.

Now, the needles came up to Lunamaria’s waist. Thousands of small dots circled her, firing at her uselessly. “I didn’t mean to kill them! Honestly!” She pleaded.

“It won’t do you any good.” A familiar voice came from behind her. Spinning, Lunamaria saw… Fllay. Again. “They don’t speak any language you could ever hope to understand.” Fllay said, matter of factly.

“But, how, what, why..?” Lunamaria mumbled, looking at the equally sized redhead.

“Why am I on my own foot? Didn’t I tell you that I am Everything? That there was nothing I could not do? This,” She said, indicating her body, “Is a… caretaker, you could say. This tiny part of my consciousness that tends to the civilizations and experiments here. This is the 3235th section tender. To put it in terms that even you can understand, I tend the experiments on the body of the 3234th tender, who tends to the 3233rd, all the way up to the original body. So in other words you are infinitely small to someone who is infinitely small, to the 3235th power.” Fllay said, smiling. “And you came at just the right time. This civilization bores me to tears. I’ve seen a billion just like it. But just smashing it with my finger is boring. So I’ll bring back an old friend to do it.” Fllay’s grin grew larger.

Suddenly, Lunamaria’s pocket flew open, and out floated an infinitely small form, which quickly grew and grew. Soon, at the same size as Fllay and Lunamaria, Captain Murrue Ramius stood.

Groggily, the older woman opened her eyes slowly. “Wha… Ensign Allster?” Murrue gasped, seeing the girl she thought dead standing before her. “You’re alive? And where am I?”

“Let’s just say that you’re… in a safe place, Captain. And even better, I’m going to give you a chance for revenge.” Fllay said, her smile darkening. “You remember our friend from ZAFT, right?” Fllay motioned, drawing Murrue’s attention to Lunamaria. The two looked at each other sharply. “This whole place is set to be destroyed, Captain. By you.”

“What? There’s no way I’d ever do anything like that!” Murrue exclaimed, looking back at Fllay.

“They’re going to be destroyed anyways, Captain. But if you do it, then I’ll add in something you want. Her.” Fllay smiled, nodding at Lunamaria, who took a step back.

“Revenge is pointless, it only crea…” Murrue began, but Fllay took a step forward and waved her hand in front of the woman’s face. “It only creates… satisfaction.” Murrue finished, a smirk coming over her face. “I can’t wait.”

Lunamaria could only watch in horror as Fllay completely flipped the attitude of the Orb Captain. She could already tell that something bad was about to happen.

“Yes, you’re right. Something bad IS about to happen,” Fllay laughed cruelly. “I am going to let both of you loose on this civilization. You will be normal sized, for now at least, while my dear Captain here will be… quite a bit larger than that. And gaining. I hope that you don’t meet an… unfortunate end, my cute little Luna.” Fllay laughed as she began to walk away, slowly turning transparent. Her laugh echoed behind her, hauntingly. And then a light flashed.

When Lunamaria opened her eyes again, she was in a white room. All of the fixtures were a bland grey, and the lighting was bright and harsh. A hard bed was in the corner of the room, and there were no pictures or images anywhere. Assuming that this was the bedroom of one of the people of this civilization, Lunamaria could see why Fllay had grown so bored with them. There was no sign of any entertainment or art around. Tired from the day’s events, Lunamaria sat down on the bed, but even sitting on it hurt her butt, the material was like rock. Sighing, Luna wondered just what was going to happen next.

And then a huge vibration shook the room. Followed by another. Startled, she jumped up and ran out the door. A few windows were in the next room, which was near ground level. She gazed out the glasslike fixture intently, and gasped at what she saw. Some distance away, a huge foot slammed down, smashing a building into nothing. Soaring upwards Captain Ramius stood looking down at the tiny structures, a sneer on her face as she laughed at how pitiful they were. Slowly, she lifted her foot again and swept it sideways, brushing away dozens more buildings. Clad in her old EA uniform, the huge woman stood at least 1000 feet tall. Her laugher shook the glass in front of Lunamaria as the titanic woman began destroying even more.

A panic overcame Lunamaria. Frantically she concentrated, trying to grow like she had before, but it was useless. She couldn’t get any larger, and Murrue was slowly coming closer. And so, Luna turned and ran as fast as she could. She slammed open the door to the room she was in and bounded down the awkward looking stairs to the ground level of the building she was in, and crashed out the door, which apparently didn’t have a doorknob. All around her, squat grey buildings lined the road. Huge grey skyscrapers towered far into the heavens, almost lost from sight. And grey, human looking people ran frantically. If not for their odd coloring, you would think them to be normal Earth born people, albeit a bit short. They were all clad in the same grey suit, and all had the same grey hair, and all had the same haircut. Every man, woman and child among them was the same. It was like an exercise in conformity. Lunamaria’s bright red uniform and red hair stuck out like a sore thumb amongst them as the hordes of grey people flooded down the street, trying to escape the towering Murrue.

Slowly, the brown uniformed officer lifted her foot, her leg rising high into the air as she smiled down at the sea of grey. Clearly relishing the feeling, she stepped forward into the road. Dozens of people disappeared beneath her, and the thud of her footstep caused many of them near her to collapse to the ground. Lunamaria was carried away by the grey tide as they ran. Overhead, similarly colored flying cars flew frantically trying to escape, some of them so overloaded with people so much that they could hardly get above the rooftops.  With a cruel laugh, Murrue lifted her foot and swiped it at roof level, the side of the giant appendage smashing the escaping vehicles as the created wind and bottom of her foot reduced the buildings below to rubble.

Running as fast as she could, Lunamaria pushed through the crowds. Her longer legs and apparently superior physical condition let her to bull through the grey people around her, allowing her to break through the sea of panicking aliens. She took a side road as soon as she could, sprinting down an empty alleyway in an attempt to get out of Murrue’s path. But suddenly, a massive moaning shook the air. Far above, Murrue’s eyes rolled back in her head from pleasure as she began to expand. Her body towered upwards even farther, her legs stretching and extending. On the ground, her stocking clad feet spread. Nearby buildings were struck as if by a tidal wave as the walls of stocking covered flesh pushed against them, grounding their foundations to rubble. Murrue’s moans grew loud and louder as she towered into the air. When she finally stopped, the Captain stood three times her previous height, 3000 feet tall.

Silently, Murrue stood still, staring upwards. And then, her head rolled on her neck slowly, looking down. A glazed look was in her eyes as she slowly began to laugh. The booming noise was immense, teeth chattering, and cruel. It gradually became louder and more maniacal.

“I’m going to kill you all!” Murrue yelled, fully overcome by whatever Fllay had done to her mind. With maniac glee, she began stomping up and down, shattering all the buildings near her. Threading her way through the alleyways, Lunamaria felt the results of that first hand. All around her the buildings began to collapse from the vibrations, and it was hard for her to stand. Slowly she trudged through the falling rubble, watching over her shoulder as Murrue began walking down the street with bone shattering footsteps.

And then, lady luck smiled on Lunamaria. An abandoned hover car lay with a tarp over it in one of the larger alleys. Ripping away the grey covering, Luna hopped inside and began to search for the ignition. A myriad of buttons were on the console, but few actually did anything as the coordinator girl frantically pushed each of them.

Far above, Murrue’s massive head turned and scanned the ground. She had already killed thousands of the grey bugs, and inside her something drove her on to kill even more. But then, something caught her eye. Amongst the omnipresent sea of grey, a red dot was moving. Like a moth to the flame, she began to walk towards it, her huge feet reducing everything beneath her to rubble.

Below, Luna panicked as the crashing footsteps grew closer. She pounded each button wildly as the sound grew louder and louder. Finally, exasperated, she screamed out, “Just move damnit you piece of shit!”

The car started. Shakily, it rose into the air. Like a man overboard to a life preserver Lunamaria clung to the steering wheel, flooring the accelerator. Barely 10 feet behind her Murrue’s huge big toe slammed into the ground, reducing the buildings all around to rubble. The wind of the foot’s landing blasted the small car, sending it spinning wildly, but Lunamaria regained control and floored it. Behind her, Murrue growled in protest as she stomped forward. With all the skills she possessed, Lunamaria accelerated forwards, dodging buildings and flying debris. Apparently, the car was an old model and couldn’t gain much altitude, causing her to nearly bang the bottom of the vehicle on the buildings below.  With every step, Murrue grew closer. The wind buffeted the car from both behind and in front, spinning the car wildly as Lunamaria drove frantically. Streets filled with fleeing grey people zipped below her before vanishing beneath the titanic Murrue. The two raced, Lunamaria desperately driving, while the laughing Murrue gave chase, stomping across the huge city.

Bit them Murrue stopped. She yelled in pleasure again as her head rolled back. Her body expanded again, towering farther and farther into the sky. Her screams became ear shattering as her body ground away at the city below.  Higher and higher she shot into the air. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she grew upwards and upwards.

Below, Lunamaria sped away as fast as she could. She knew that this was her chance to escape while Murrue was growing. She would have no chance after that. But suddenly, her body began to burn hot. A wave of pleasure swept over Lunamaria. “D… damn you… Fllay Allster!” She screamed as her body exploded outwards. In seconds the car she was riding in no longer existed in one piece. Rapidly, Lunamaria’s body spread outwards as she fell, slamming into the road and crushing many of the grey people as her 50 foot body impacted the ground. She rolled about, overcome by the feelings in her body as she expanded. Her wildly thrashing arms and legs crushed dozens of grey people, who bled grey blood all over the streets and the grey buildings around them. She shot outward rapidly while lying on her back, filling the street and then some, her huge ass overrunning the rubble of the buildings around her. Frantically, she flipped over, her breasts slamming into another row of buildings. Her mouth opened wide in pleasure as she accidentally ground her face into the ground while lifting her rear into the air, taking a mouthful of grey people who were never seen again.

Behind her, Murrue’s expansion finally ground to a halt. Standing a full 2 miles tall, the Orb Captain clad in EA uniform towered into the sky. Cruel laughter shook her body. With a brutal scream, she threw herself at one of the huge skyscrapers which still towered far above her. Even at her massive size she could barely wrap her arms and legs around it, rocking it back and forth as she laughed. Slowly, the titanic building began to rock back and forth with her. Finally, it snapped. Like a falling redwood, it slowly began to tumble over, the building containing millions of the grey people tumbling to its doom. The massive tower slammed into the ground, destroying a huge swath of the city as Murrue stood and looked for more chances to destroy.

Below, Lunamaria’s own growth finally stopped. Spread out, her body covered in rubble and blood, she stretched an impressive 3000 feet tall, 1/4th of Murrue’s current size. Recovering from the experience of growing, Lunamaria lifted herself up. It was impossible not to see Murrue’s act of wanton destruction, and with fear driving her, Lunamaria rose to her feet and began to run. Laughing, the titanic Murrue gave chase again. Below them, little could survive as the two women thundered through the endless city. Using the massive skyscrapers, Lunamaria changed her heading as often as she could by grabbing one and using it to turn, hoping to confuse the larger, clumsier Murrue. Little could remain standing as the two giantesses crashed through the city. Only Lunamaria’s stronger, proportionally longer legs could keep her ahead of her thudding adversary, and not by much. The size difference was just too great for the relatively knee high girl to keep ahead, even with the spinning, changing course she weaved through the skyscrapers. Several times she only barely escaped being kicked by a quick turn.

Above, Murrue was growing slowly more irritated with each passing second. She growled as her prey dodged her every attack. Finally, she threw herself forward into a leaping tackle. The titanic 2 mile tall woman flew forwards, her arms extended. With a slamming blow, she tackled Lunamaria, driving the smaller girl into the ground. Carried by their momentum, they slid along the cityscape, their huge bodies crushing building after building as they went. Holding Lunamaria in her arms, Murrue laughed evilly as she looked down at the dazed younger woman, whose uniform had been ripped and torn by the impact.

But then suddenly, a huge booming sounded behind her. Startled, Murrue turned and looked upwards. At a massive 10 miles, Fllay loomed far above the Orb Captain. A smirk on her face, the huge redhead slowly clapped. “Well played, Captain. But lets make this a little bit more… interesting, shall we?” She passed her hand over Murrue’s face, which went blank for a second. Then, Murrue’s eyes slowly opened.

“What? Why? Why am I… What have I done!?” The now returned to normal Captain exclaimed, looking at the destroyed cityscape around her. “Allster! Why are you doing this? Why do you have to kill all these people?” Murrue cried, pleading.

“Why…? Because it’s fun. I made them anyways, so I should be able to destroy them.” Fllay replied, matter of factly. Casually she lifted her foot and swept it across the city, killing thousands more of the aliens. “I am their goddess! They should feel honored to die by my hand, even if this particular bunch weren’t religious. Or anything else, really. They just worked all day. Quite productive, but quite boring, too.”

“But that doesn’t mean that you have the right to kill them!” Murrue protested.

“Oh shut up. I don’t need any of your feel good babblings you brainwashed follower. They are mine, to do what I want. And you are too.” Fllay said, some venom in her voice, but it was quickly replaced by a sense of evil gloating. “And that’s why I’m going to bring out some more friends for you to play with. They’re all quite amazing people, really.” And with that, Fllay snapped her fingers. At the same size as Murrue, several figures appeared.

First was a pink haired woman in an intricate black and gold uniform. She wore a golden crest on her head. Her entire presence oozed command and leadership. “Have you ever heard of the Alternate Universe theory? That there are many, many other Earths, developing along similar but different tracks? It’s true.” Fllay, said, gesturing at the newly arrived woman. “This little beauty is named Haman Kahn. She’s the leader of Neo Zeon, an independence movement for the Colonies. Something like ZAFT, but a bit more dangerous. And Haman here is the most dangerous of them all. I just loved watching her take out her enemies one by one, piece by piece. I’m sure she’ll make a great playmate.”

The next woman appeared now, a girl in a yellow flight suit with long blonde hair tied up behind her head. Large green earrings hung from her ears, and her brownish red eyes looked outwards with the sharpness of an expert mobile suit pilot. “I simply love this one,” Fllay laughed. “Her name is Katejina Loos. You might say that she’s from a later, similar organization to cute little Haman over there. But the thing is, little Katejina-chan here is a wee bit on the crazy side. You see, her superiors wanted her to be a better pilot, so they tinkered around a little with her brain, all top secret, of course. After that she became… quite dangerous.”

There were only two more figures now. One was a medium height blue haired woman with a tight, fighter’s body and clad in full body blue clothing with a small pink vest, with yellow gloves and a black belt. The other was a taller, more filled out woman with brown hair bound by a yellow headband, wearing a red blouse and miniskirt that exposed a good part of her chest and most of her legs. A blue half jacket and red sleeves rounded out her clothing. “These two are from another Alternate Universe. Allenby Beardsley,” Fllay said, motioning to the blue haired girl, “and Rain Mikamura,“ She motioned to the brown haired woman. “ Allenby here is a fighter in a tournament over who rules Space. Rain is a mechanic for an opponent’s Gundam. Love rivals and all that fun stuff, ya’know? I think that’s enough playmates for now, so here’s the game. I’m going to take both of you back down to normal. All of you are going to be spread about the city, and you’ll have to search for,” Fllay pulled out a large, chocolate chip cookie, which seemed to be glowing, “these. Every time that you eat one of these…” Fllay said, lifting the cookie upwards to her mouth and taking a bite. “This happens.” Smiling, she closed her eyes. And began to grow. Steadily she shot up into the air, towering higher and higher from her already massive 10 mile height.

Under her, the city crumpled beneath her feet as the expanded, covering massive areas of land. Those unlucky enough to not have evacuated yet were ground to nothing beneath the rolling green wall of flesh that spread across their city. When the growth stopped, Fllay towered a full 20 miles tall. “Each one doubles your size. The more you eat, the bigger you get, and the better chance you have of not getting a GAME OVER underneath someone else. The biggest one gets a special prize from me. See? Sounds fun, right?” Fllay smirked, not allowing Murrue or Lunamaria to respond. “I’ve already told these girls what’s going on. Now, let’s begin, shall we?” Fllay laughed and snapped her fingers. In an instant, the world turned white.   

Slowly, Haman Kahn opened her eyes. She was standing in the middle of a room, a barren, grey room. Her eyes looked about, examining her plain surroundings. Her mind churned, trying to figure out what had happened. All that she could remember was a woman, an unbelievably huge woman, suddenly appeared before her. In a booming voice, she had declared herself as the goddess of all existence, and spoken to Haman. She had told her that she would take her away to some place far away to  participate in a competition, and that if she won then Neo Zeon would be granted control of the entire world. Thinking it some bizarre dream, Haman had accepted and been whisked away in a flash of light.

And now here she was. It all had to be a dream, she thought, but she would play along. For now, at least. Smiling to herself, she strode forward, opening the door and leaving the room. The hallway was grey and exactly the same design as the one Lunamaria had run through before. Haman cast her eyes left and right, and decided to head for the stairs ahead. Her feet padded along the cold floor, for some reason missing her shoes the same as everyone else involved in this story. The building was eerily quiet as she looked down the stairway, which was similarly vacant. Slowly, she walked down the stairs, the grey wood-like material clammy beneath her. The door out to the street had been left ajar, a light breeze blowing through it causing her hair to sway gently.

At the bottom of the stairs another room branched off of the hallway, it looked something like a kitchen, but very bare bones. Wary of any inhabitants, Haman stepped through into the room and looked about. A large table stood in the middle of the room, and on top of it a single, glowing cookie sat. With a smile, Haman threw away caution and strode forward. She quickly picked up the cookie and ate it in a few bites before meticulously licking her fingers clean. She smiled as she felt it take effect just like the so called “goddess” had told her it would. Slowly she felt her feet spread across the floor. The room shrank around her as she expanded; letting out a small laugh as she extended her arms and felt them surge out. Her head bumped into the ceiling, causing her to duck as a reflex. She crouched over as she grew taller, finally reaching 12 feet tall and stopping.

Lowering herself to her hands and knees, she crawled forward, leaving the room which was now too small for her. Carefully, she squeezed herself out of the open door, crawling out into the street. The grey street was completely barren, with not a soul to be seen. A few blocks away the buildings degenerated into rubble, crushed in the fighting earlier. In particular, one huge footprint stretched across the road, an impassable crater that nothing on the ground could hope to get across without rappelling gear. Giving up hope in going in that direction, Haman looked the other way. She was pleased to notice that the area was largely intact. And then, she saw through the window of a nearby building, a glowing cookie like the one she had just eaten. Smiling, she began walking forward, her 12 foot body moving rapidly down the street.

The world was hazy as Katejina Loos regained consciousness. She had been in her Mobile Suit only seconds ago, flying after the V2. But suddenly, everything had gone black. Before her a huge being appeared, and had told Katejina that if she participated in a competition then all of her dreams would be made true. And then she was here. Lying in the middle of an abandoned street, she looked about at her surroundings. All around her there was nothing but rubble. Huge footprints cratered the ground all around her, leaving the nearby terrain near impassable at her current size. But something ahead of her brought a wide smile to her lips. Floating in the air on the other side of a deep toe print, was a glowing cookie.

Slowly, Katejina rose, walking forward, her eyes locked on the cookie as the possibilities of an enlarged size would grant her. Carefully, she lowered herself in to the toe print, which was a full 50 feet deep, but wasn’t a very severe drop. Sliding down the compacted dirt and destroyed concrete she reached the bottom of the print and looked about. The toe print alone was easily large enough to be the pond in any city park, and the footprint that it was connected to could have been a lake. Tiny ridges were all over the imprint, the force of the footstep even enough to scribe the ridges of the toe into the earth. Katejina practically drooled at the thought of that much power. She had to have it.

She started climbing now, making good headway up the incline. It took her a while, but soon she reached the top and had the cookie in hand. With a triumphant laugh, she stuffed it into her face and swallowed. She gasped as it took effect, her body spreading and expanding into the air up to 12 feet tall. She examined her new, larger body with joy and looked about. The main part of the footprint was to her side, and she was standing on the raised part that would have been between the extremities. In front of her, 4 more perfect imprints dug into the ground, progressively larger, and on the far side of the biggest one she could just barely make out something glowing and floating. With a smile, she started to run down the next print, running towards the cookie in the distance.

 Two figures lay unconscious on top of a building. Slowly, they began to move. Blinking away sleep, Allenby sat up, looking about her. Her only memory was suddenly being surrounded in darkness before some being proclaiming itself a goddess had told her that if she took part in a competition and won, then all of her dreams would come true. A natural born competitor, she naturally agreed without a second thought. As she looked about, she saw another figure lying on the rooftop. Quickly she ran over, recognizing it as Rain. Gently she shook her friend and love rival awake, looking down into her eyes.

Rain too had had a similar experience, and the two could only look at each other for a second before they stood and cast their gaze about the landscape. Most of the buildings around them were intact, but many in the distance were little more than debris. She could make out huge footprints in the distance.

“Wow… Looks like somebody had a hell of a part,” Allenby joked, looking at Rain, who offered a slight smile. Growing serious, Allenby turned to face Rain. “You know why we’re here, right?”

Rain nodded. “Yes… it seems that we aren’t quite on the same side.” Her voice was soft and resigned. She knew that if Allenby really wanted to, she could probably beat her to a bloody pulp.

“Well, I don’t know if I’d put it that way,” Allenby remarked, brushing her face with her hand. “Two is better than one, y’know? I’ll provide the muscle, you back me up. We’ll take care of the others before we settle it between ourselves. Sound good?”

Rain nodded. The two shook hands. Nearby, they noticed two of the glowing cookies floating in the air. Both of the women strolled over and each took one in their hand, and then ate them. It took only a few seconds before the two began their growth. Below them, the roof began to crack as their weight multiplied, the already shaken building in bad shape as two 12 foot tall girls appeared on top of them. Suddenly, the weight was too much. The roof collapsed, both girls screaming as they tumbled downwards. Luckily uninjured, both of them stared at each other on the ground floor, surrounded by rubble, laughing. A few minutes later, they stood up, brushed themselves off and walked out into the street, looking for their next cookies.

Rubble was everywhere. Lunamaria stood staring blankly around. Here she was, in the destroyed city she had just been towering over. She was standing in a giant depression, one of her own footprints. How long would this go on? Somehow her world had gone crazy since she first saw that black mushroom appear on her breakfast plate that morning. So much had happened, she had done so much, and yet here she was standing in her own footprint. It was enough to drive someone insane.

Sighing, she began moving. Wisps of black smoke rose in the distance, the only thing visible not that same damn grey color. The monotone nature of this whole place was bearing down on her, she wanted nothing more to simply wipe it off the face of… wherever she was. Slowly she trudged up the side of the footprint, eventually reaching the top. There, before her, was one of the glowing cookies. She knew that she had no option but to go along with the insane “goddess,” so she reached out and grabbed it, putting it in her mouth. The same feeling of growth she had felt so many times rushed over her as she expanded to 12 feet tall, which made her sigh. Finally, she stomped off in search of more cookies.

Murrue Ramius’ life had been turned upside down. The whole incident in Orb had been one thing, but this was just insane. Fllay Allster, the girl she had thought dead at Jachin Due, was alive, and had somehow gained immeasurable power. The manipulative, scheming little cunt had them all dancing on her palm, and there wasn’t a damn thing that Murrue could do about it. And now the situation had just grown a lot worse. She had been driven on that huge rampage against her will, nearly killing the ZAFT girl. And now a whole lot of unknown variables had appeared. She needed to get control of the situation, and fast.

She was sitting in a half demolished area, a few of the buildings remained standing but most had collapsed thanks to her and Lunamaria’s earlier chase. As usual, everything was desolate and grey besides for a few wispy clouds of smoke rising in the distance. A quick examination of the area revealed what she was looking for, on the top of a nearby building a glowing cookie floated. Standing, she made her way across the road and into the building, padding up the stairs and out onto the roof, where she grabbed it and quickly grew to 12 feet. From her new higher vantage point, she scanned the area, looking for her next target.

The booming of giant footsteps once again echoed down the empty streets. Walking slowly down the deserted road, Haman Kahn turned her 50 foot body as she searched for more of the growth stimulating cookies. Beneath her, her huge bare feet crashed into the cold grey surface of the road, cracks spreading out from the tremendous weight of the 50 foot woman. Haman had been lucky enough to find a few more of the cookies scattered near where she began, and had made good on the opportunity. One thing she thankfully noticed was that as she grew larger, so did the cookies, allowing her to easily find them.

The buildings all around her rarely rose over two stories, hardly even clearing her knees. She smirked down at the low buildings, feeling the power inherent at being this size. A laugh escaped her lips as she thudded down the street. She soon spotted another cookie, lying on the roof of another building along the road. With long steps she walked over and extended her giant arm downwards, plucking up the table sized cookie. Quickly and efficiently, she tossed it into her mouth and chewed. A smile came over her face as she expanded once again, towering higher into the sky. She was standing to close to the building as she grew, her toes bursting through it’s front wall and causing it to collapse down on top of her, but she didn’t even notice as she watched her perspective surge upwards. She had sat at 50 feet before in her Mobile Suit’s panoramic cockpit, but now at 100 feet, it was different. Now she really felt it.

And she smiled at her luck. Nearby, she saw another cookie lying in a pile of rubble. A laugh erupted from her as she thought about soon even 100 feet would be but a memory. With rumbling steps, she walked over and picked up the large circular object, raising it to her face. Carefully she blew on it, removing the bits of rubble and concrete that were on it, and then ate it. She laughed again as she shot higher and higher, grounding more and more underneath her. “Yes… I’ll win this and reclaim the glory of Zeon!” Haman exclaimed as she shot higher into the sky, reaching 200 feet tall. With a smile, she turned and walked on, eager for more.

Leaping over footprints, Katejina Loos ran down the destroyed street. Underneath her the ground thundered as she jumped over the depressions, a huge grin on her face. At 100 feet tall, she felt like she was on top of the world. She felt great. Better than great. She had never felt so good in her entire life as she ran towards where she saw her next growth cookie. It took her only a few seconds to reach it, her huge legs covering the ground beneath her easily. She quickly scooped the cookie up and into her mouth, relishing the thought of growing larger.

Her expansion was fast and relentless as she shot into the air. She wiggled her toes as they expanded, bursting down the wall of a building that only came up to her ankle. She laughed cruelly as her body flattened the building without her even moving. Her blonde hair blew in the wind, her eyes already scanning her surroundings for more of the cookies.

In the distance, however, something caught her eye. Another figure was walking down the street, the same size as she was. The woman was dressed in an intricate black and gold uniform and had pink hair. The name popped into her head instantly: Haman Kahn. She was a dangerous one, Katejina knew. A schemer and plotter like Haman couldn’t be given free reign, Katejina had to take her down now. Pumping her now larger legs, Katejina began running towards Haman as fast as she could. Crashing through buildings  like they were nothing, the 200 foot tall girl destroyed even more of the shattered city. But as she was closing in on Haman, she noticed something sitting on top of a building, another cookie. She made a quick detour, snatching it up and eating it as she ran. Her body spread and expanded, growing larger as she charged Haman, who she could see was about to eat another cookie herself. The rise in height while running was a little disorienting for Katejina, and the changing length of her limbs slowed her down, but she rushed onwards, now twice the size of Haman.

“Do you see any?” Rain called out, her voice booming over the city.

“Yeah! I found one over here!” Allenby’s voice answered, equally loud. The two towered at 100 feet each, both walking through the streets searching for the growth cookies. “This one’s mine!” Allenby called, jumping over a building towards the sweet. The impact of her simple hop managed to destroy the building anyways, her huge feet slamming into the surface of the road, cracking it and sending vibrations all over. She bent forward and picked up the cookie. “Don’t mind if I do!” She said, sticking it in her mouth. Seconds later, she started to grow again. Rain arrived a few seconds later, watching as Allenby expanded upwards. They were the same size initially, but now Rain was looking Allenby straight in the neck, then chest, then stomach, and then waist as the now 200 foot girl stopped growing.

“Ahhh… That was fun, “Allenby laughed, then looked down at her smaller friend. “Yeah, yeah, you get the next one.” The two spread out again, searching for more cookies. It only took a little while for Rain to find one and match Allenby in size, the older girl joining the younger in peering over the city from a 200 foot vantage point. In the distance they could see two figures, a battle already erupting. Allenby motioned that she wanted to go join in, but Rain shook her head and the two returned to searching for more cookies.

Pounding through the city, Haman Kahn was searching the ground for more of the growth inducing sweets. Her eyes intent on the ground before her, she was concentrating far too hard on finding more of the cookies to pay much attention to her surroundings. The slow thud of her footsteps beat out beneath her, her feet cracking the pavement. Every once in a while she would step over to another road, an easy task considering that the small buildings only came up to about her ankle. Every once in a while she would overstep, smashing a building to bits beneath her before she continued along her way.

Before her, she finally spotted another of the cookies, and thundered over towards it, her huge legs propelling her forward quickly. Slowly she bent over and picked it up. But it was then that a huge noise reached her ears. Surprised, she spun around. Bearing down on her, twice her height, the blonde pilot that she recognized as Katejina Loos stormed forward towards her. Swearing, Haman threw the cookie in her mouth and braced for impact as the huge woman slammed into her.

Both of them went flying, their bodies crashing into the ground a short distance away and grinding dozens of buildings beneath them. The shock of the impact brought down many more around them as well. Pinned under the larger woman, Haman kicked and struggled as the immense weight of Katejina pressed down onto her. Her legs kicked futilely, destroying a few nearby buildings. But then her cookie took effect. Slowly, her body slithered outwards, growing larger. Chest to chest, Katejina pressed down as hard as she could, trying to strangle Haman with her bare hands. But slowly she rose upwards, Haman’s expanding chest pushing her upwards as well. Their faces were inches, proportionately, away from each other, both women now a full 400 feet tall. A crazy look in her eyes, Katejina’s hands pressed even harder, trying to choke the life out of Haman.

But Haman was too smart for that. Their physical strengths were roughly equal, but Haman had more experience and insight. She closed her eyes, feeling the prying hands around her neck. And then, it flashed in her mind. “There!” She called, kicking upwards while rolling, her bare foot slamming into Katejina’s stomach and knocking the air out of her lungs. Struggling to breathe, Katejina sprawled out, crashing into the city nearby. Slowly, Haman stood up. Below her, Katejina was having trouble getting up. The attack had hit her in exactly the right place to nearly paralyze her. Staring upwards, she realized just how terrifying an opponent Haman was.

Standing over the blonde woman, Haman laughed. “You thought that you could beat me, Oldtype?” She scoffed, drawing back her foot and slamming it into Katejina’s side. The force of the impact made her roll over, crushing more buildings beneath her. She gasped for breathe, her mind churning, searching for some way to turn this into a victory. And suddenly, it appeared. Right in front of her, one of the cookies was floating. For a split second, she could see a tiny red form floating above it, but it quickly vanished. Slowly, she extended her hand and grabbed it, slowly drawing it back in and placing it in her mouth.

Above, Haman stood with one foot placed on Katejina’s ass, like a victorious conqueror claiming it for her home country. Her eyes were scanning the nearby area, searching for more of the cookies. But suddenly, she felt her foot begin to rise. Thinking that it was only Katejina trying to stand, she put more weight on her leg, but it had no effect. Curious, she looked down, only to see the blonde woman expanding across the ground.

Below, Katejina was laughing. Her eyes downwards, she watched as her breasts grew, the expanding wall grinding the buildings below into nothing beneath them. Every part of her grew outwards, and gradually the weight of Haman grew lighter on her butt. Slowly, she pushed herself up, standing. The thudding of footsteps causing destruction warned her that Haman was making a hasty retreat as she towered upwards, her new 800 foot tall form soaring high into the sky. Wildly laughing, she began walking towards the retreating black uniformed woman. Then, she took off running after Haman, her leg swinging back and summarily punting the pink haired woman into the air, her 400 foot tall body sailing across the city as Katejina laughed even harder.

Slamming into the ground Haman grunted in pain from the impact which leveled the area. But then she noticed she was not alone. Growing up out of the wreckage, the red shirted girl she knew was named Lunamaria Hawke appeared. Only 100 feet tall right now, but she was rapidly expanding. Quickly, an idea popped into Haman’s mind as the two women stared at each other in surprise.

“Lunamaria Hawke…” Haman said, picking herself up and looking down at the smaller woman. “We might be rivals, but we have more in common than you might think. I fight for the independence of the colonies from Earth, don’t you do the same? But she is from Earth, she only wants destruction! Help me take care of her, and then we can settle our own difference.”

The two stared at each other for a second as the thundering footsteps of Katejina grew closer. Finally, Lunamaria nodded her agreement and threw another one of the cookies into her mouth, growing upwards to match Haman. Standing next to each other at the same size, the two watched as the 800 foot Katejina grew closer. “First, we split up and grow more, then face her together,” Haman whispered. At the count of 3, the pair took off, separating as they ran in separate directions.

Still laughing, Katejina watched as her opponents ran. She figured that she had done enough to Haman for now, and that Lunamaria now posed the bigger threat, according to what she had been told. Quickly she took off chasing the red shirted girl, who sighed as she was chased once again. Onward the two ran, Lunamaria only escaping by virtue of her powerful legs and enhanced physique. In the distance she spotted another cookie and ran for it, dodging kicks by the larger blonde woman as she ran, and scooping the glowing cookie up in her hand. She quickly downed it as she ran, feeling the effects of the expansion spread throughout her body. Soon, she stopped and slowly turned around.

The red head stared Katejina straight in the eyes, their height equal. Driven on by her desire for more power, Katejina charged, a mistake that many had made before. On even terms now, Lunamaria was more than a match for the blonde physically. With a slashing kick, she struck Katejina in the side, bowling her over. But the blonde was soon back on her feet, the two facing off. With surprising skill, Katejina moved again, this time ducking the counterattack and slamming her fist into Lunamaria’s breast, pushing both of them as the surprisingly firm flesh bounced the attack back. Lunamaria could only laugh at the sight, although it had nearly caused her to fall on her ass.

Now, Lunamaria struck back. Once again putting her long, powerful legs to use, she launched a flurry of kicks at Katejina, who frantically tried to block them all, but was clearly out of her league. Struck in the side, the 800 foot woman was sent sprawling onto the ground once again. Shaken, Katejina lay on the ground, blinking. But then, right in front of her, one of the cookies appeared again. Quickly she scooped it up and popped it into her mouth before Lunamaria noticed. A laugh escaped her as she slowly stood. Lunamaria shot her a questioning look, wondering why someone being beaten so badly would be laughing, but watched in horror as Katejina shot higher and higher into the air, passing 1000 feet. The ground below her cratered and cracked beneath her extreme weight as she laughed even louder, looking down with a smirk at the smaller girl. Finally, at 1600 feet tall, she stopped, now slowly lifting her leg to kick the woman who was now half her size.

But a massive booming noise to her side interrupted her. Startled, both Lunamaria and Katejina swung their heads in that direction, gasping at what they saw. A huge wall of flesh was in front of them. Slowly their heads traced upwards, although at the sight of the black pants they could already tell who it was.

Towering far, far above, Haman Kahn laughed victoriously. It had taken work to sneak up so carefully at such a huge size, but the look of terror on Lunamaria’s and Katejina’s faces was worth every bit of effort. She had put the time that Katejina spent Lunamaria to good use, gathering everything that she could. Now, she towered 4 miles tall, her feet flattening huge areas of city as she peered down over her massive black uniformed breasts. “Thank you… partner.” Haman laughed, looking at Lunamaria. “You held up your part of the bargain splendidly. Now hold on while I deal with this trash.”

Slowly, Haman pulled her leg back. Screaming in fear, Katejina took off running, trying to escape, but it was useless. She couldn’t escape Haman’s titanic body. With astonishing speed, Haman swung her leg forward, her foot slamming into Katejina with incredible force. The woman that was only 1/16th her size was sent sailing through the air by the impact, flying an incredible distance from the kick.

Now, Haman turned her attention to Lunamaria, who gazed up in fear at her huge “ally.” Despite this not being the first time she had been completely outclassed like this, her blood ran cold at the sight. Clad in her black and gold uniform, Haman oozed power and control, far more than Murrue had.

“Well then, now that the Earthborn whore has been dealt with, it’s time for us to settle things between us. It was… good knowing you.” Haman smirked, then raised her foot high into the air, preparing to stomp down on and crush the smaller girl into dust. But just as she was about to step down, she froze. Her eyes stared upwards in shock. A huge rumbling beyond anything she had ever experienced rumbled over her, shaking her. Because she was standing on only one hand, she lost her balance, slowly tilting over. Like a giant tree that had just been cut down, the 4 mile tall woman yawned to the side, tumbling downwards. Her calves struck the ground first, followed by her legs, Haman’s side rolling across the ground like a steamroller as she struck the ground. Her arms swung, trying to catch herself, but she wasn’t fast enough, her head finally slamming into the ground and dazing her.

In awe, Luna watched as Haman toppled. And then, slowly, she turned around. Once again, a wall of flesh was in front of her. But this one was far, far larger than the one Haman had presented. It extended to the sides and upwards far, the appendage that Lunamaria recognized from experience as a toe far dwarfing her 800 foot form. Slowly, she looked upwards. Blue towers met her vision. A wiry, lithe body filled her vision. Gazing downward playfully over her small, proportionately, breasts, Allenby’s face smiled at the tiny girl. Next to her another, equally large form towered upwards, the titanic shape of Rain looking down with an expression of compassion. Both of the giantesses towered far into the sky, 32 miles tall. Lunamaria was nothing to the unbelievably huge women.

“I’m sorry, but we really have to win this,” Rain’s voice boomed, trying to comfort the tiny girl. “It’s nothing personal.”

“Yeah, so now it’s squish time!” Allenby laughed, pushing her foot forward. The massive wall of flesh surged over Lunamaria, smothering her and bowling her over. It hung over her, Allenby not putting her weight down for a few seconds. “See ya,” Her huge voice boomed, and then the tons and tons of flesh reduced Lunamaria to nothing more than a bloody spot on the ground.

And then, there was nothing. Death was different than Lunamaria had imagined. She had no body, but was floating, gazing upwards at the unbelievably huge Rain and Allenby.

“Front row seating for the rest of the game. Not a bad deal, huh?” Fllay’s laughing voice rang out once, but then there was nothing. Sighing, Lunamaria watched.

Haman watched in horror as Lunamaria met her demise. What could she do against these two titans that were so unbelievably huge? Desperate, she looked about, hoping to find more of the cookies, but another rumble of a giant footstep brought her attention snapping back to Allenby and Rain.

“It would probably be for the best if you just staid still and accepted it,” Raid said, compassion in her voice. “It’ll be a lot less painful.”

“Don’t fuck with me!” Haman called out, pissed off.  “I don’t want your sympathy!” And quickly, the 4 mile tall woman was on her feet, running. In the distance, she saw a growth cookie lying on the ground. Her legs pounded the earth as she scrambled, reducing everything around her to nothing. Behind her, huge footsteps shook the earth as Allenby laughed and began walking after Haman slowly, coming closer and closer. Finally, she neared the cookie, but suddenly it vanished. In it’s place, Murrue grew out of the rubble, now 2 miles tall. Catching sight of the 4 mile Haman bowling towards her, she screamed and turned, about to run, but then she saw Allenby and froze. Haman swore, running as fast as she could. But Murrue could only look up in fright as Allenby took one more step, her huge foot rising into the air and then slamming downwards… right on top of Murrue. Allenby never even noticed as she thudded onwards, feeling only a sudden warm feeling beneath her as she continued giving chase, laughing. Behind her, Rain stopped and examined the bloody spot on the city surface, but gave it little thought.

Onwards Haman ran, panicked. Behind her, Allenby diverted her path and instead walked up to one of the giant needlelike skyscrapers. At 32 miles tall, she was the same size as the massive structure. A grin crossed her face as she put her well trained muscles to use and ripped the giant structure out of the ground. The building was filled with the grey people, who either used them as disaster shelters or had felt themselves safe in the towering building. Hefting the shaft of the building, Allenby held it in only one hand like a javelin. With practiced skill, she took some halting steps forwards, shattering the buildings beneath her, and hurling it forward.

Still running, Haman heard the whistling of the projectile behind her. With a move that only Newtype intuition could have pulled off, she threw herself into a roll at the last second, dodging the shaft. Her body crashed into the ground, her huge black uniformed breasts grinding huge holes into the cityscape. She was back on her feet in just a second, but that was too long. A huge boom signaled Allenby’s arrival. Haman could only look upwards as the 32 mile tall girl laughed.

“It was fun, but this is the end.” Allenby said, raising her foot into the sky. But then, she stopped. A new noise washed over the city. A booming voice, unbelievably loud roared out in laughter. Both Allenby and Rain were petrified at the chilling noise. Slowly, they turned. In the distance, a figure moved. Her clothes were torn and a little bloody, but were definitely yellow. Long blonde hair hung down in titanic waterfalls, framing a face that was set in an insane grin.

“You’re all dirt! You’re nothing to me! I’ll kill you all!” Katejina roared, her voice wild. Her body towered unbelievably high into the sky, dwarfing everything else. Slowly, she stepped forwards, coming at the smaller women. Her huge legs swung upwards, her foot slamming into one of the 32 mile skyscrapers and blowing it away like a piece of grass before her. The earth shook as the 128 mile tall woman crushed everything beneath her. Her eyes were wild as she took another step.

Slowly, Rain and Allenby began backing away. This was bad. They had to escape. Leaving Haman, the two turned and ran as fast as they could, hoping to find some way to grow and combat the huge woman. Katejina watched, smiling predatorily as she began to give chase, her massive legs pumping, pounding the ground. Neither Rain or Allenby were able to keep much distance from Katejina, the two zigging and zagging as they ran, barely avoiding being kicked by the blonde. The chase continued, the 3 running into the distance.

Haman, still sprawled on the ground, laughed. She had been saved by the one she least expected. A smile crossed her face as she spotted another cookie nearby. The day would be hers yet.

The chase was long and hard. More than once Katejina managed to strike one of the 32 mile women, but couldn’t manage to gain a true killing blow. Allenby and Rain were both breathing hard, drained by the exertion. They couldn’t keep this up much longer, and for some reason they could find none of the growth inducing cookies. It was as if someone else had already combed the area for all of them.

Finally, Katejina closed in once again. With a swing of her massive foot, she struck Allenby from behind, sending her flying forwards. Only her impressive physical abilities saved her as she turned the momentum into a roll to lessen the pain of impact. But for some reason, it didn’t work. Instead, she slammed into something else that blocked her forward motion. Something huge, but soft. Disoriented, she slowly looked up. For a great distance, it was nothing but a sheer face, but then, her blood ran cold. High above, a titanic black tower rose into the heavens. Gold lining was etched into it.

Laughing, Haman Kahn stared down at her would be killer. She had once again proven her craftiness, collecting every single growth cookie in the area while her opponents were too busy to pay her any mind. Now, she towered upwards, leaving even Katejina small in comparison. The Neo Zeon leader stood a mighty 1024 miles tall. Little could compare to her magnificence.

“It would probably be for the best if you just staid still and accepted it,” Haman laughed mockingly. “It’ll be a lot less painful.” And with that, she lifted her foot upwards. Millions of tons of wreckage poured from it as it soared into the air. The place where it had been was marked by a vast smooth plain, everything underneath the insane weight turned to glass. Slowly, she hovered it over Allenby and Rain, both of them covered by the single extremity. With a smile, she lowered it, reducing them to nothing.

Now only two figures towered over the city. Yelling in rage, Katejina stared upwards at her opponent. Haman only laughed, like she was facing a petulant child. Slowly, she opened a pocket on her uniform and produced another of the cookies she had stocked, and with a big smile she ate it. Her expansion was tumultuous and unbelievable in it’s magnitude. Her body shot out in all directions. Even for the 108 mile Katejina, Haman quickly turned into the sky, her black and gold uniform filling her vision.

Slowly, Haman lowered herself onto her hands and knees. She grew larger and larger, Katejina barely anything to her now. Her laughter was so loud and forceful that it shattered buildings all by itself. Her huge breasts hung over Katejina, who could only stare upwards at the unbelievable sight of the huge mountains expanding. With a laugh, Haman produced another cookie from her pocket and ate it. Then, she spread her arms, lowering herself down. Her titanic breasts spilled downwards, flattening Katejina into the ground. Their expanding weight pushed the blonde down while Haman’s smiling face gazed down in amusement. Slowly, oh so slowly, the weight grew to be too much for the small blonde as Haman’s body expanded past 3000 miles tall and continued growing. In the distance now, she could see the end of the huge city. Beyond it, only tan wasteland spread into the distance. But Haman paid that little heed. All of her attention was on the struggling Katejina, who was being pressed into the ground by the intense weight. Slowly her feeble struggles grew even weaker, and finally stopping.

Laughing in triumph, Haman slowly stood, reducing everything that was left of the entire alien civilization to nothing below her as she continued to grow. But then she was struck by a new sight. In the distance, a huge white plain was visible. Tan stretched in every direction around her. She spun, trying to make sense of what she was seeing, and then she realized: This wasn’t a planet, this was somebody’s foot!

“Good! Good! You aren’t the leader of Neo Zeon for nothing, Haman Kahn!” A voice laughed out from near her. “You met all of my expectations and more.” Haman spun around, finally catching sight of Fllay, who stood the same height as her. “You won the game. Congratulations! You’ll find the situation in the Earth Sphere that you call home quite different when you return.” Fllay smiled, clapping. Slowly, Haman faded out, vanishing.

“Now then, come out my poor little losers.” Fllay said, still laughing. In a flash, Katejina, Lunamaria, Murrue, Rain and Allenby were floating before her, normal sized in front of the titanic Fllay. They hung in the air right in front of her hundred mile eyes. “Sadly, all of you failed. But don’t worry! There’s still a consolation prize.” Fllay laughed, her voice growing a little bit taunting. “You get to be my toys! Maybe I’ll give you another chance to return someday. Until then, rest! You’ll need it.” Fllay cackled gleefully, and then snapped her fingers.

It was an interesting feeling, having no body. For the 5 women who Fllay still held as her play toys, time passed slowly. Much of the time they would spend “floating” in nothingness, but other times they would be called out to play some bizarre game, varying from child’s play like tag to massive strategy games using real armies. Always, Fllay would be there, looming over them, watching them. Days stretched into weeks. Weeks stretched into months. And months stretched into who knows how long. Time had little meaning to those without bodies. Occasionally, they would talk to pass time, but they slowly ran out of topics, and eventually the 5 women drifted apart, only seeing each other when Fllay called them out to play whatever insane game she had in mind.

Floating as nothingness, Lunamaria slept. Or at least did the closest thing to sleeping she could. In this endless void, silent voices occasionally washed upon her. In her dreams she could hear murmurings. Visions flowed into her. A past life, Lunamaria didn’t know whose. A calm life spent doing normal things. Shopping, going to school, hanging out with friends.  A perfectly normal life. At first, at least. Later, visions of war and destruction. Life aboard a military vessel. Ships being destroyed by terrible metal titans that belched forth destruction. Manipulation. Love. Hate. Desire. Longing. Separation. Fear. Loathing. It all washed over Lunamaria. Conflict. Loneliness. Desperation. And finally, terror. The fear of death. Unlike anything she had ever felt before. It shook Lunamaria to the core as she gazed into the vision. Amidst the flames of death she could make out a single figure. A red headed girl, clad in pink, covered in blood.

Fllay Allster. The name rushed into Lunamaria’s mind. This was her life. The being that Lunamaria knew only as a terrible, insane goddess. This place that she floated wasn’t some void, it was Fllay’s heart, Fllay’s soul. And suddenly, Lunamaria understood. Tears flowed from her nonexistent eyes as she was struck by the realization.

But suddenly, the void vanished. It was replaced by a flurry of colors and anger. “NO!” A voice boomed, unbelievably loud. “YOU CAN’T KNOW!” Wreathed by lightning, Fllay appeared, towering far into the heavens above Lunamaria.

“I know.” Lunamaria said, tears still streaming down her face.


“Its okay, Fllay. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” A new voice added in. Next to Lunamaria, Murrue floated. “I’m with you. And I’m sure that somewhere, Kira is too.”

“N-NO!” Fllay yelled, slamming her hands over her ears and closing her eyes. “I HATE YOU ALL!”

“But you really don’t, do you?” Another voice asked. Where it came from Allenby floated, hands behind her head.

“Otherwise you wouldn’t have kept us here all this time,” Rain chipped in from the other side of the group.

“NO! I KEPT YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL MY TOYS! YOU’RE MY PLAYTHINGS! STOP TALKING LIKE YOU KNOW ANYTHING!” Fllay roared. All around her huge body, gigantic flames sprung into life, burning wildly, threatening to scorch the 5 women.

“It’s okay,” Lunamaria said, calmly, although tears still fell from her eyes. “Everyone gets lonely. You only wanted friends.”

Fllay recoiled as if struck.

“But there’s one thing that you simply cannot keep tricking yourself about,” Murrue added.

“Your time has long since passed, Fllay.” Raid said, tears rolling down her face.

“You’re dead, Fllay. You have to accept that fact.” Allenby finally said.

“NO!” Fllay roared. “I AM ALIVE! I EXIST! I AM A GODDESS! I AM NOT DEAD! I—“She ranted, working herself into a fever as her huge body pitched back and forth.

“No, Fllay. But there is nothing to fear. We’re with you.” Lunamaria said, bringing Fllay to a stop.


“Yes.” The 5 all said at once.

Slowly, Fllay’s body began to turn transparent. The raging fires vanished, and the crackling lightning disappeared. Slowly she phased into nothing.

And then, floating in space right in front of the women, Fllay Allster opened her eyes, awakening from a long sleep. Silently, the other women watched as tears fell from Fllay’s eyes.

“Thank you,” She said, crying, as she began to vanish, her soul finally free, flying away into the infinity of space.