Shrunken Calimero


Just outside of town, Calimero, the main member of the Green Team, is just taking a little walk, but little does he know what weird things he might stumble upon during his trip.

"Usually I have the others with me, but this time I really need some time for myself and just take a little trip alone like this." said Calimero. Just in a moment however Calimero trips on something. After turning himself around to see what made him fall over, he then see's a strange device just lying there on the ground.

"Hm...? What a strange-looking thing. It looks almost like some sort of gun." said Calimero and tries to press the trigger on it, but is unable to fully pull the trigger on it.

"Angh... it sure seems to have had seen some age by now... I better take it with me back to our headquarters and show it to my friends." said Calimero and proceeds his way back to the Green Team's HQs.

Meanwhile in the building where the investigation team resides, the other members of the Green Team are minding their own things; Pierrot is sitting in the couch watching TV with Suzy joining him, Valeriano is reading one of his books, Rosita is sitting and just relaxing while watching Valeriano reading his book, and Priscilla is looking at some photographs of her and Calimero, thinking about their times together back when the Green Team wasn't even formed.

"Aah... Sometimes I just find it pleasant to sit and look at all the photos of me and Calimero. I know we're great friends together, but... I sometimes can't help but think it could go farther than just a friendship..." Priscilla said and continues gazing over the photos while thinking romantic thoughts.

"Don't get too drifted away in your thoughts now, Priscilla." said Pierrot while still having his eyes on the TV.

"Don't even think about ruining my moment now, Pierrot. This is a personal matter, and while I and Calimero certainly aren't married, I can still daydream about it!" Priscilla told him off.

"Alright, okay okay. Easy now. I won't be bothering you, but you have to remember that you're still too young for any kind of marriage stuff." Pierrot said and turns his head back to the TV again.

"Just stop it, Pierrot. Sure, Priscilla and Calimero may still be too young to even be married, but she still has the right to think such thoughts." Valeriano tells him, coming to Priscilla's aid.

"Thank you Valeriano." Priscilla said to Valeriano.

"Nothing really." Valeriano said and resumes reading on his book.

Just then Calimero storms in. The sound of the door slamming catches the attention of everyone in the living room.

"Hey, don't slam the door like that! We're trying to listen what they're saying on the TV here!" Pierrot said.

"Pierrot... That was a rather quick walk, Calimero! ... and what's that thing you're holding there?" Valeriano asked him.

"Well, I was just out walking when I suddenly tripped over this thing." Calimero said and shows the device to his friends.

"Let's see it!" Priscilla said as she and the others rushed over to see his discovery.

"Hm. A rather strange looking thing you got there. Looks like some kind of gun... Where did you find it?" Valeriano asked him.

"Just outside of the town. I tried pulling the trigger to see if it still worked, but I couldn't even pull it all the way down. Maybe it has had some age to it." Calimero said and hands it over to Valeriano.

"Now that is a strange looking device indeed." Priscilla said.

"I wonder what it would do." Suzy asked.

"Exactly my question. Due to its rather unusual shape, I don't think it's just any regular shooting gun." Valeriano said.

"More like a blaster gun, maybe?" Pierrot asked.

"Mm... possibly." Valeriano said.

"Why not try it out and see what happens?" Pierrot asked again.

"Absolutely not!" Valeriano told him.

"Why not?" Pierrot asked him yet again.

"Because we don't yet know how this thing works, and we still have to find out its true purpose." Valeriano said.

"I'm sure we can find it out if we just try the thing out." Pierrot said and curiously pulls the trigger on the gun to see what would happen.

"No!!" Valeriano warned Pierrot, but it is already too late. After Pierrot pulls the trigger a strange laser shoots of it which freaks everyone out.

"Waaah!!" Pierrot said in terror and hides behind the couch. The other members watch on as the laser bounces around the walls in the room at quick speeds.

"Calimero, look out!!" Priscilla shouted at him. Before Calimero can react quick enough though the beam strikes him. The other members can only watch as Calimero is being almost fried by the laser beam.

"Ouch. That has gotta hurt!" Suzy said.

After a while the whole thing settles down. Calimero is now standing upright, completely shocked by the beam that hit him.

"Calimero!!" Priscilla said and rushes over to him.

"Calimero! Are you alright?" She asked him, worried about his condition.

"Aow... I think I'm fine. Feelin' a bit weak in my knees though." Calimero responded.

"Why did you pull the trigger, Pierrot?!!" Valeriano blames Pierrot.

"What?? How exactly was I supposed to know if that thing was still in operation, hunh?" Pierrot said.

"Well. If you didn't pull the trigger, then this wouldn't have happened to Calimero!" Valeriano said.

"Hm... now that the beam has hit him, I suppose something might happen to him later." Pierrot began theorizing. The device is then taken away from Pierrot by Valeriano, who intends to do further research on it.

"I'll be taking the device into my room and experiment with it a little. In one way or another I shall find out what this thing really is for." Valeriano said and goes into his bedroom.

"Ok. Let us know if you find out anything extraordinary about it, ok?" Priscilla asked him.

"I will." Valeriano said and heads into his room, closing the door behind him. Priscilla helps Calimero onto the couch, since after being hit by the beam has made him sweat constantly.

"There Calimero. Keep lying on the couch while I go to the kitchen and get you a glass of juice, ok?" Priscilla said and goes into the kitchen. Calimero lies on the couch, sweating uncontrolably. A minute later Priscilla returns with a glass of juice and gives it to him. She then sits next to him to watch him over.

"I'll be sitting here keeping an eye on you, if that's fine with you?" Priscilla asked Calimero.

"That's fine with me Priscilla..." Calimero said and sips on his juice glass.

"This is starting to worry me." Rosita said.

"Yeah. Poor Calimero... I've never seen the both of them being so close together before." Suzy said as both she and Rosita watches Calimero laying on Priscilla's lap.

"You're feeling ok lying down like this?" Priscilla asked Calimero.

"No need to... w-worry. I think.." Calimero replied as he started to sweat once more. Priscilla wiped the sweat off of his forehead with her hand.

"You keep on sweating like my goodness knows what! I hope that this will be subsiding soon in a few hours." Priscilla said as she kept wiping off the sweat of Calimero's forehead.

After a few hours things seem to be like normal again. In Calimero's case though, he's still sweating quite hard, but  none the less keeps going on with his own stuff. Priscilla eventually notices that something's not quite right with him.

"Calimero, You're still sweating. I think it's best you go to bed now!" Priscilla said.

"B-but it's still daytime?!" Said Calimero, looking rather dazed on his face.

"It doesn't matter. You HAVE to go to your bed NOW." Priscilla said.

"B-but..." Calimero said.

"No buts here Calimero. You're still sweating on the forehead, and even more than you did earlier..." she pauses for a moment as she notices Calimero's eyes rolling up and about to fall down on the floor. She catches him in her arms before he hits the floor.

"I think you really should go to bed Calimero! You can barely stand on your legs even." said Priscilla.

"Hnh... ok, I'll do it then." Said Calimero and reluctantly goes to his bedroom, with Priscilla behind his back. Before he can even think about going to bed though his body starts to shake, complete with a sweating forehead, and looks like he's about to faint.

"Aw... I'll help you into bed Calimero." Said Priscilla and puts Calimero into bed. She sits by his bedside for a while.

"You're feeling better Calimero?" asked Priscilla.

"N...N-not really Pris...cilla..." said Calimero, barely able to speak.

"I understand. But don't worry, you will get better soon. I hope so at least..." Priscilla pauses for a bit, trying to think of something else to say.

"If this horrible thing didn't happen to you today, then you and I could have gone out and do something together. Just you and me taking a stroll, going to some fancy restaurant, or whatever, but... with this thing going on I guess there isn't time for anything like that." Priscilla said while rolling her eyes to the left, once again thinking romantic thoughts.

"Well... I-it would've been... a great pleasure... to... to..." Calimero tries to speak, but can't even think straight, with his forehead sweating once more.

"Alright, alright. You don't have to speak if you don't want... yeah, I think it would've been great to do something today." Priscilla said.

"F-for how long... do you think I'll be like this Priscilla?" he asked her.

"I don't know. Hopefully you'll be back to normal by tomorrow. Don't worry though, I'll be with you here until you fall asleep..." Priscilla pauses for a moment. "Calimero?" asked Priscilla.

"Uh... y-yes?" Calimero asked back.

"Well... I... D-do you think we're getting closer to have a relationship soon? I mean, we've been friends for as long as we can remember, but... at some point I believe our friendship could go further than just being friends..." Priscilla said.

"I... I hope so as well..." said Calimero, but starts feeling drowzy and can barely keep his eyes open.

"Good to know you think the same as me." said Priscilla, but notices that Calimero is feeling sleepy. She takes the bed blanket and puts it on him.

"Good night, my little sweetheart. Dream nice dreams now..." Priscilla said quietly and kisses him on the cheek. Priscilla keeps sitting by his side for some more time and watches him over. She holds his hand and starts to speak some wise and sweet words.

"Oh, Calimero... I hope you'll be good soon. Remember that I love you, and always have... Somehow this moment is really bringing us closer together, more so than usual. Be a strong boy now Calimero. No matter what'll happen to you, I know you'll always get out of the bad stuff." Priscilla said and kisses him on his hand. Priscilla ends up staying with Calimero for a few hours before she eventually leaves.

In the living room, everyone is awaiting more news on Calimero's current state.

"So Priscilla, how is Calimero so far?" asked Suzy.

"So far so good. He's sleeping right now. Despite this I'm still a bit worried over him." Priscilla said as tears begin to roll down her face.

"Aw Priscilla. I'm sure Calimero will be just fine." Rosita tried to comfort her, knowing that Calimero's her closest and best friend.

"I wonder how this will eventually evolve..." Valeriano thought to himself.

"I have to say that it kinda scares me too, to be honest..." Said Pierrot.

"I'm not talking about Priscilla, Pierrot. I'm talking about Calimero." said Valeriano.

"Ah come on, I know what you're talking about. I wasn't even thinking about her." said Pierrot.

"Oh, sorry then..." said Valeriano.

Later on, during the night, Calimero is laying in his bed trying to sleep, but keeps turning around back and forth. Apparantly some inner pain is going on inside his body.

"Oww... why do I have this pain in my body? It hurts so much... so much that it feels like my bones are about to crack! ... I'll try go back to sleep anyway, maybe this pain will go away by morning." said Calimero to himself and goes to sleep again.

The next morning everyone except Calimero is having breakfast i the living room. They're all reflecting on yesterday's event, with Priscilla still concerned about Calimero's state.

"So, have you found out anything about that strange gun yet Valeriano?" asked Rosita.

"Not yet. I've been staying up late trying to figure out what its usage and purpose, and I've been coming up short. In fact, I'm truly confused right now, because no matter what other objects I've tried firing beams at, I still couldn't notice anything strange going on." said Valeriano.

"Maybe it is for shocking patients at the hospital?" Pierrot joked.

"Oh, stop it Pierrot. Nobody else, unless you happen to be a criminal, would ever use it for such a crude purpose. Besides, I don't think it would even help in treating the patient at all." said Valeriano and goes back to tugging on his meal.

"Hrm. He has really no sense of humor whatsoever..." Pierrot mutters to himself.

"Anyway, I will be doing more research on that thing after the breakfast." said Valeriano.

"Ok. Let us know if you do find out anything." said Priscilla.

"I'll do what I can to find out." said Valeriano.

"I will be going to Calimero to see how he's doing." said Priscilla and starts to leave.

"Alright." Rosita said.

Priscilla decides to go to Calimero's bedroom and check up on him, especially since she heard him moaning in pain a bit during the night.

"Calimero, time to get up now!" Priscilla greeted him. Hearing no response, she heads over to his bed to see if he's still asleep. She pulls away the blanket to see if he's in his bed, but sees a rather shocking sight.

Back in the living room, the others have just finished their breakfast and are about to bring the dishes into the kitchen.

"Um, Pierrot. We all have finished our breakfast now. Why are you still sitting in your seat??" Valeriano asked.

"Aw come on, can't I have some time off by now??" said Pierrot, further making himself cozy.

"Don't be lazy now Mr. Pierrot. Bring out your dishes to the kitchen! This is not a five-star hotel you're in." Rosita demanded.

"Grr... Alright, I'll do it then." Pierrot said and proceeds to take his dishes into the kitchen, but suddenly, a shriek is heard from Calimero's bedroom.


The sudden shriek made Pierrot, including everyone else scared stiff, causing them to drop all the dishes onto the floor, breaking them. Priscilla then rushes in with a worried look on her face.

"Ok, ok. Calm down now, calm down. What is the matter Priscilla? How is Calimero?" Valeriano asked her.

"Well... well... Calimero has... has... Calimero has gone MISSING!!" Priscilla screamed.

"Alright, cut your volume down. I can't even hear my own thoughts here! Besides that, why has Calimero gone missing?" Pierrot asked.

"Just follow me and see it for yourselves!" Priscilla said. The others follow her into Calimero's bedroom, and they see that Calimero is no longer in bed.

"Now that's strange. He isn't in his bed! He was there yesterday, but now he's gone. Completely gone!" Valeriano exclaimed in surprise.

"But, hasn't he just sort of got up early and gone out?" Pierrot assumed.

"I don't think so. Calimero wasn't feeling well yesterday, and in the state he were in I don't think he could of gotten very far on his own." Valeriano corrected him.

"Maybe we could try looking around the apartment and see if he is somewhere in here?" Suzy said.

"I doubt it, but it's worth a shot." Valeriano said. They all look around their apartment in search for Calimero. No matter where they look though they still can't find him anywhere.

"Ah, it's hopeless. We'll never find him in here!" said Valeriano.

"I'm still worried over where he could be!" said Priscilla.

"Let's go out and track him down. He must be somewhere." Valeriano said and heads out, with the other guys following suit.

Meanwhile, in Calimero's bedroom, the scene zooms in on the bed where he was sleeping earlier... or where he is STILL sleeping, eventually showing him at the size of a small speck.

"Yaawn... hm, that night sure wasn't a peaceful one for me. Good thing the pain has stopped now though." said Calimero and is about to get out of his bed, but he immediately comes to the notice that something doesn't seem quite right.

"Hang on. Why does everything seem so big in here??" he asked himself and starts to pinch himself in the face, hoping it all to be a strange dream. Seeing this not working, Calimero then lays back on his bed and closes his eyes, hoping he will soon wake up.

"By doing this I think I will wake up from the dream, and still be at my normal size." he said to himself and keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds. Upon opening his eyes again though he's surprised to still find himself small.

"Oh no, I'm still tiny! Maybe it isn't a dream... I better get down and do some exploring around."  Calimero said and sets out to get down from his bed. However, upon reaching the end side of the bed he realizes it is probably going to be a long way down.

"Hm... I think it's going to take me quite some time to climb down from this bed." Calimero said and prepares to climb his way down the bed. A little while later the other guys return, and are still as clueless over the sudden disappearance of Calimero. They lie down on the couch in exhaustment and disbelief.

"*Pants* I just can't believe it. Last day Calimero's hit by a beam from this strange device, and the next day he's completely gone..." said Valeriano.

"I'm just as puzzled as you guys are, so don't expect any silly responses from me." Pierrot said, and starts to play on his Gameboy.

"I really worry over what has happened to Calimero. There's no possibility that he could've just leaved for an adventure early in the morning." said Priscilla.

"You're right there. If he did though then he would of have had told us before hand." Valeriano said.

"Who knows where he might be now?" Rosita said.

"*Sobbing* Maybe he has finally gone? My only close friend since the old days, dead? Will I ever see him again??" Priscilla said and starts rubbing away some tears from her face.

"Well, perhaps not dead. Maybe he has just disappeared, and there might be a reason behind it." said Rosita and gives her a hug.

"Yeah. But what exactly has happened to him? Maybe he's been kidnapped??" Priscilla said.

"We don't know for sure yet. Anyway, I'm going to perform some more testing with the 'blaster gun'. I hope to finally figure out what this thing is for." Valeriano said and gathers some items to test firing lasers on.

Meanwhile, back in Calimero's bedroom Calimero has made his way down of the bed. He takes a moment to rest from all the climbing.

"*panting* That really was a long way down indeed. I wonder how I've come to be this small, and where am I by the way??" said Calimero and heads towards the door to his bedroom. He eventually makes his way out and sets out to explore the new world. While he's wandering around Calimero can't help but feel that his new surroundings look quite familiar.

"Hm. This place looks a lot like our apartment, only bigger..." Calimero said while exploring around.

In the living room, everyone is doing their usual things. Priscilla however are still thinking about the whereabouts of her boyfriend.

"Yaawn. I'm feeling mighty bored just sitting here doing nothing. Think I'll go to my bedroom and find some interesting book to read." Suzy said and gets up of the sofa.

"What are you going to read Suzy?" Pierrot asked.

"None of your business to know." Suzy tells him and starts to walk away.

At the same time, Calimero has just made his way to outside the entrance to the living room, but soon hears steps coming his way. He turns his back and looks up to see what is coming.

"S-Suzy?! She sure looks bigger than me, and she's heading my way! If I don't get out of her track I will more than likely be flat as a pancake soon!" Calimero said and quickly runs as fast as he can. He's lucky for now though, because Suzy turns to open the door to her bedroom to the right side, and goes in to get something.

"Phew... Talk about pure luck there. But I can't stay like this forever, I have got to get either Suzy's or the other members' attention!" Calimero said and sets out to try getting himself noticed by the other Green Team members. As he is about to head towards the living room though Suzy returns again, unaware that she is about to step on Calimero.

"Aaah!!" was all Calimero could say as Suzy's foot lowers on him.

"Huh? I think I stepped on something..." Suzy said and thinks over what it could've been she's stepped on.

"Ah, whatever. Might just as well be my imagination." Suzy brushes it off and continues walking towards the living room. Calimero appears to have survived the impact though.

"Wow.. That was a real blow she delivered... I better trudge on though." Calimero said and tries to walk, but can barely keep his balance after having being stepped on by Suzy.

Back in the living room Suzy has jsut returned with her book and sits down on the couch to read it.

"Aah. Time for me to read something more interesting." Suzy said and starts reading her book.

"Hm. I'm still as clueless about this weird gun. I've used it on this table candle here, but nothing seems to happen." Valeriano said in confusion and proceeds to gather more things to experiment with, including a plant pot, video game cartridges, video casettes, and all other kinds of stuff. Over to Pierrot's spot, where he is still playing his Gameboy. He is little aware of what will be happening soon, because in a moment Valeriano comes and takes his Gameboy away from him.

"Hey! That's my device Valeriano!" Pierrot shouted to him.

"Sorry, but I need to borrow it right now. All other things I've tried firing the gun at haven't yielded any results." said Valeriano and takes the Gameboy to his own spot. But before he can even aim the gun at it Pierrot comes and snatches the Gameboy back from him.

"Oh no, don't you even think about doing that!! If you fire that gun at it then I've got nothing to play with when I'm bored!" Pierrot said and goes back to his spot with his Gameboy in his hands.

"Hrm... just great. Ah well, I might just have to find something else then." Valeriano said. Irritated, he goes to find something else to try the gun with.

Meanwhile, Calimero has just made it into the living room and has only one thing on mind; to try get himself noticed.

"Welp... it sure is alot bigger than I remember it to be... anyway, no time for sightseeing. I have to get any of the team members to notice me!" Calimero said and tries to get the other guys' attention, to little avail.

"Hello? Valeriano! Rosita! Suzy?! Anyone see me?!! Helloo, I'm down here!!" Calimero screamed.

"Hunh? What was that?" Valeriano stopped and looks around the room to see where the voice was coming from. Unable to spot anything, he resumes his experiments with the gun.

"Aw, it's no use... Ah, I know. I try getting Priscilla's attention! Maybe she will see me." Calimero said and runs to the couch where Priscilla is sitting, looking rather sad. After getting up on the couch he then tries his best to get her attention.

"Hey Priscilla! I'm down here!!" Calimero shouted to her, and pulls on her blouse with all his strength, hoping she will notice him.

"Hm... I'm feeling a bit thirsty. I better go and get myself something to drink." Priscilla said and goes to the kitchen to get a drink. Calimero starts to become devastated, but decides to try one last time to get himself noticed.

Meanwhile, Valeriano has temporarily put aside his research on the blaster and is now testing his video camera to see if it still works.

"Right. I can tell it's still usable, as indicated by the red light. A bit low on battery probably, but it'll have to do." Valeriano said and starts testfilming around the room, much to the annoyment of Pierrot.

"Hang on there green face, take that video camera somewhere else. I'm not in the mood for being filmed right now!" Pierrot tells him.

"Ahem, I'm only testfilming now Pierrot." Valeriano said.

"And since when do you need to test your video camera. It is already working, isn't it?" asked Pierrot.

"Well. A video camera does need some maintenance too." Valeriano said and keeps filming around the living room. As he keeps testfilming he then stumbles upon a rather unusual sight.

"Huh? What is that?" Valeriano asked himself and (through the camera) takes a closer look.

"I can't believe it... is... is that Calimero down there??" Valierano said and takes a second look with his camera. Tiny Calimero then shouts out to him, startling Valeriano.

"Waah?!!" Valeriano screamed upon hearing Calimero's call. "Alright, calm down now Valeriano, calm down... Guess I better look at this thing with my own eyes."

After calming down Valeriano then takes a much closer look at the tiny creature without his camera, and becomes shocked over the sight.

"C-Calimero? Is that really you??" asked Valeriano.

"Yes Valeriano, it's me! Could you help me out? I've somehow been shrunk, and I have no idea how it could have happened!" Calimero said.

"I found him everyone!!" Valeriano shouted out to the other members. In the kitchen, Priscilla has just fixed herself some lemonade, but is interrupted when she hears Valeriano's call.

"What was that about? I better go and check!" Priscilla said and rushes out to the living room to see what's going on. Once she arrives there she then finds the now tiny Calimero standing by Valeriano's side.

"Glad you came out here Priscilla. Look what I found!" Valeriano said, pointing down to the tiny Calimero.

"Calimero! Thank goodness you're alive and well. How did you become so tiny?" Priscilla asked him.

"Beats me." Calimero answered her.

"Hm. I recall Pierrot saying something about that beam from the blaster gun that hit Calimero yesterday... that something would start happening to him over time... maybe this is what he meant?" said Valeriano.

"Well, I was only theorizing. I really had no idea Calimero would end up being shrunk like that." Pierrot said while shrugging his shoulders.

"Right. Even if you didn't know, I do admit that you've been right for once." Valeriano said.

"Rosita, what are you doing?" Priscilla asked her.

"Just taking a look at this gun here." Rosita said and takes a thorough look at it. She then spots some tiny text on it.

"Guys! I think I've found something! You better come and read it!" Rosita called to the other members.

"Ok, we're here now!" Valeriano said.

"What is written on the gun?" Asked Priscilla.

"Just read the text on the side of it." said Rosita. They read the print and finally find out about its usage.

"So it is actually a shrinking device!" Priscilla exclaimed.

"Makes me wonder; why did it not have effect on all the items I tried it on??" Valeriano wondered.

"Maybe it only has effect on living persons?" Rosita said.

"I think she's correct. I do wonder... Valeriano, why don't we use it on Calimero again to grow him back to normal size?" Priscilla suggested.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Rosita said.

"Why not?" asked Priscilla.

"The shrinking device just shrinks people. Using it on a subject again would only result in him or her becoming even smaller." Rosita said.

"Hey guys, I think I've found something very neat in Calimero's room!!" Pierrot shouted to the others from Calimero's bedroom.

"Ok Pierrot, we're on our way!" Priscilla said. The others rush into the room to see what it is Pierrot has spotted.

"Alright, what is it you have found?" asked Valeriano.

"This big, old piece of paper here." Pierrot said, showing it to the other members.

"Oh, that is some map I found while I was out walking yesterday!" Calimero pointed out, now sitting in the palms of Priscilla's hands.

"Will you unroll it so we can see it?" Valeriano asked him.

"Sure." Pierrot said and starts unrolling the map. They lay it out on Calimero's table and starts to study it.

"Hm. It appears to be the map for an abandoned mine!" Priscilla said.

"An abandoned mine you say?" said Pierrot.

"Exactly. What do you guys say? Should we go to this mine and explore?" Valeriano asked the other members.

"Depends on what you mean by that." Pierrot said.

"Well. I have long wanted to do some serious filming, and this could be a great opportunity for us to get back to what we're really good at; to investigate some interesting places and document our discoveries on tape!" said Valeriano.

"I agree. Let's get out and do some serious stuff for once!" Rosita said.

"So you're all with me then?" asked Valeriano.

"You bet!" the other members exclaimed.

"Alright, let's get packing. Let's not forget the filming equipment though." Valeriano said.

"Also remember, that we've got to find a way to get Calimero back to normal later on." Priscilla reminded the others.

"We'll take care of it after we're done with investigating the mine." Valeriano said. After having all their stuff packed, they then leave the apartment for their new investigation.

Later on the group are now standing outside the entrance to the mine. As it seems like there is nobody even working there anymore.

"Alright. I guess this is the place." said Calimero.

"Yep. Though it's odd that the entrance is still open, not blocked off or anything. Just like, completely abandoned." said Valeriano.

"And with all these tools lying around here, it is safe to assume the guys that worked in the mine left this place long ago." Pierrot said.

"Good point there, Pierrot. But we already know that." Valeriano said.

"Only shame is that there's no lights around we can use." said Suzy.

"I have a flashlight in my pocket here!" Rosita said and pulls out a flashlight.

"Good you brought one with you Rosita! Come on everyone, let's enter the mine." said Priscilla. Together the group enter the mine.

Inside the mine everyone is in awe over the amount of diamonds still embedded in the walls.

"Aaw, look at all those glittering beauties! They're still as shiny despite having been here for years." Priscilla said as she admires the diamonds around the walls.

"Yeah. I'm at a loss for words there, but I think might we have something really huge to get documented on camera!" Valeriano said.

"I still find it hard to see much in here though." Suzy said.

"Yeah, this flashlight alone aren't enough for all of us to see anything on our own should we split up." Rosita said.

"We better go together so noone of us get lost." Calimero said. The others agree with him.

"This looks like the perfect place to shoot some footage!" Valeriano said and starts his video camera.

"I'll do the work of reporting what is currently shown on tape." Priscilla said and gets her mic ready.

"Rosita, make sure to point the flashlight at our direction at all times." Valeriano said to her.

"I'll keep it pointed to where you are." Rosita said.

"Perfect. Let's get started!" Valeriano said and starts filming. At the same time, Suzy and Pierrot are oogling at the diamonds on the walls.

"You think these things could be extracted from the walls somehow?" Pierrot asked Suzy.

"Hm. I suppose so Pierrot... but how we need to figure out." Suzy said.

They both keep on walking along the diamond-filled walls. Over to the other guys where the filming now takes place, it all seems to be going pretty well for a first take.

"And here's something... very faschinating; a room filled with crystals of varying colors! Many of these crystals are likely worth millions. Who knows what the people working here were doing by the time they abandoned this mine, but not much appears to have been done or extracted..." Priscilla talked with her mic in front of the camera. However, Pierrot isn't seeing where he's going as both he and Suzy passes by, and he ends up bumping into Valeriano, causing the latter to fall down on the ground.

"Aow! ... watch where you're going Pierrot! We were about to get the most perfect scene here!!" Valeriano yelled at Pierrot.

"Right, sorry. I was just so deep in thoughts that I didn't see." Pierrot said as he gets up and dusts himself.

"Well, no matter. We haven't had that much material shot anyway." Valeriano said.

"Should we do a second take?" Priscilla asked Valeriano.

"I think we should. Now get the mic ready Priscilla." Valeriano said and gets his camera ready.

"I'm all ready!" Priscilla said.

They do a second take on the scene, this time ending up much better than the first take. Suzy and Pierrot stands by and watches as the others are filming around in the mine.

"Hm. I'm thinking about getting my own video camera someday..." Suzy thought to herself.

"Aha. What would you be using it for if you decide to get one?" Pierrot asked her.

"Well, first of all, to have you film me when we're out in the park!" Suzy said.

"Oh, right... and second reason?" Pierrot asked.

"Oh, that would be me and you doing some filming work together." Suzy said.

"Oh , I see! What do think our first film work would be? An action movie? Or a comedy series maybe??" Pierrot said.

"Hm... Naw, more like doing our own doumentaries and investigations together. However, I'd mostly use it for making my own small films for memories sake." Suzy said.

"Oh... alright." Pierrot said, looking rather unsurprised, his eyes once again turning towards all the crystals around him. While on their journey inside the mine an unexpected problem arises.

"But h-hey... why'd everything start to flash so rapidly!?" said Pierrot in shock.

"I hate to say this guys, but the batteries on my flashlight are starting to run low!" Rosita said.

"Oh no, this could be a big problem!" Valeriano said.

"Indeed it is..." Priscilla paused and takes a look around, and spots a row of lamps on the roof above her around the mine. "Aha! Pierrot and Suzy, would you guys go and find a way to turn on the lights?"

"Sure Priscilla." Suzy said.

"Oh no, not me! I'm afraid of the dark, especially at places like this!" Pierrot protested.

"Aw don't be silly Pierrot. You've been with us a great number of times, and in most cases you haven't shown any signs of fear of being in the dark. Now come with me, I'll be with you all the time." Suzy said and began pulling his arm.

"Let go of me. I don't want to go the way you're going!!" Pierrot said while trying to get away.

"We've got to do this Pierrot, or else we'll be wandering around in the dark forever!" Suzy said and walks off with Pierrot.

"We'll likely do it anyway once we get in the dark, I'm pretty sure of that..." Pierrot said to himself. They keep wandering around the mine in the dark, looking at every corner and spot for somewhere to turn the lights on at.

"Sigh. It's useless looking for something to turn on the lights in a mine where everything is pitch black! Have you found anything so far Suzy?" Asked Pierrot.

"Nothing I'm afraid. It is as pitch black in here like on a moonless night!" Suzy said, continuing her search.

"Oh, I knew it. We're stuck in here searching for some stupid light that we won't be finding at all... I'll head back now, because I just can't stay here any longer!" Pierrot said and starts to run, but trips on something that makes the lights in the mine turn on.

"Oww... what was that I... But hey, the lights seems to have turned themselves on now!" Pierrot looked around in surprise.

"No, you just bumped into some switch that made the lights turn on! You know what this means Pierrot?" Suzy asked.

"That we... that we now can see things around here!" Pierrot exclaimed.

"That, and we now no longer have to run around in blindo as well!" Suzy said and starts hugging Pierrot. They soon reunite with the rest of the group and resume their investigation in the mine.

"Hm. As far as we can see, with the lights on the diamonds around here are much easier to see.  Not to mention that these must be thousands of years old..." Priscilla says while being filmed by Valeriano's camera, and pauses for a while as something big catches her eyes.

"Ah, look at that everyone!" Priscilla said and points towards a row of crystals on the ground.

"Hah, it must be those rare orange crystals. And they're pretty big too!" Valeriano said as he keeps filming.

"Keep the camera rolling Valeriano, this could be be our biggest discovery yet!" Priscilla exclaimed.

"I'll make sure it all gets on tape. All this stuff I think could fill a whole book!" Valeriano said.

"Excuse me Priscilla, but..." Calimero was about to ask her.

"Yes Calimero?" Priscilla said to him.

"Um... can I go and explore the mine on my own now? I know you're taking my safety at big value, but despite my current size I think I can do things just as well as I do at normal size." Calimero said.

"Alright, I'll let you go. Just remember to be careful, and to not venture too far into the mine, ok?" Priscilla said, feeling concerned about his safety.

"I promise to be careful." Calimero said.

"Alright, I'll get down on my knees so you can go and explore." Priscilla said and gives him a kiss. She then gets herself down on her knees so Calimero can get down. After Calimero has gone off Suzy then turns up by Priscilla's side while looking towards the distance where Calimero was walking.

"You know, despite him being so small, Calimero still seems to be as brave as he's always been. Just hope he stays to his promise though." Suzy said.

"Well, having known Calimero for a long time, I can always trust him." Priscilla said and goes back to resume her task.

"Hey Suzy, come here and see what I've found!!" Pierrot shouted out to her.

"Oh, ok. I'm coming Pierrot!!" Suzy shouted back and rushes over to where Pierrot is said to have made an discovery.

"Ok Pierrot, what is it you've found?" Suzy asked him.

"Right on the walls here!" Pierrot said as he pointed to all the diamonds of varying colors sticking out of the walls.

"Oh WOW! Look at those glittering beauties!" Suzy said with her eyes being almost blinded by the shining diamonds.

"Let's try getting them out!" Pierrot said and starts using his hands to dig out the diamonds, with Suzy doing the same. But they soon find out it will take a very long time getting their treasure out of the walls by just using their hands.

"Naa, it's useless. We gotta find a quicker way to get them out of there." Pierrot said.

"Hey, I see a pair of spades lying on the ground to the side of where we're sitting. We could maybe use those to dig into the walls?" Suzy said.

"Good idea!" Pierrot said. They both grab themselves a shovel and starts using them to dig into the walls, hoping to extract the diamonds.

Meanwhile, Calimero is exploring on his own around inside the mine. He is currently inside a room full of crystals, noting down anything he sees.

"Seems to be mostly red and blue crystals in here. Why not something much more extraordinary?" Calimero said to himself, but just then he sees something that really catches his attention; a big plane of crystals sticking out of the ground, not just any ones though, but of real gold.

"Now that's very unsusual! Crystals made of REAL gold?? I better get the other guys! ..." Calimero is about to shout to his friends about his discovery, but comes to a pause for a few seconds.

"I just can't get my eyes off of those golden crystals... Whatever I was about to do, I suppose it could wait." Calimero said to himself and keeps inspecting his new discovery.

Somewhere else in the mine, Valeriano is filming Priscilla as she shows off all the glittering beauty embedded inside the walls. While he does his filming he starts to think about all the attention they will get after they publish their discoveries.

"Sigh. After we get it all on tape and shown on the Condor Network, we will hopefully be getting enough money to expand our headquarters! ... and also buy myself a better video camera... And possibly a new skateboard as well..." Valeriano said and keeps on daydreaming.

"Valeriano, you better pay attention to what you're doing! Your camera starts getting out of focus." Priscilla interrupted Valeriano.

"Huh...? Ops, sorry about that Priscilla! I just got into a state of daydreaming there." Valeriano said and resumes filming around the mine together with Priscilla.

Over to Pierrot and Suzy, they have now dug into the very wall they sought to extract their treasure from, now being surrounded by piles of diamonds.

"Wahoo! We're rich! Rich I tell you!" Pierrot shouted as he showers himself with all the diamonds around him.

"Well well, we are indeed!!" Suzy said.

"I wonder how much money these shiny things would be worth." Pierrot said to himself while daydreaming about himself being the richest duck in the world.

"Well, being surrounded by so many beautiful things, I can't help but think all of them would make for pretty nice accessories, like necklaces ad diamond rings... all to be worn by myself." Suzy said while thinking about how the diamonds would look on her.

"Ahem, diamonds are NOT for wearing on your body. They are to be used as currency... or in my case, to live in luxury with!" Pierrot said in disagreement.

"Aha? And ain't you any dumber by saying such things now, Pierrot? How come one would be using these little pretty gemstones just to buy things with?!" Suzy said.

"Well, I would!" Pierrot said with proudness.

"Hmpf. Greed is not what they are for!!" Suzy shouted at him.

"Yes, they are!!" Pierrot shouted back at Suzy. They keep arguing for a short while until it all escalates into a fight.

Somewhere nearby, Valeriano is filming together with Prisilla and Rosita until they hear arguing and yelling.

"Hey, listen. Does anyone hear what I'm hearing?" Valeriano asked the others.

"Sounds like there's some arguing going on somewhere in this mine... and from what I hear we seem to be pretty near the source!" Priscilla said.

"Reminds me of Pierrot and Suzy." Rosita said.

"Come on everyone, let's go and see what they're up to! It sounds pretty serious!" Valeriano said and runs off with the others following him. When they arrive they see Pierrot and Suzy fighting in a sea of diamonds.

"Pierrot! Suzy! What's going on here, and what is it you're arguing over??" Priscilla asks them.

"Well, we just discovered these diamonds in the walls and decided to dig them out, and Miss Suzy here plans on converting these riches into necklaces and finger rings!!" Pierrot said.

"And Mr. Duck here believes their only reason for existing on this planet is to be used by greedy people on useless stuff people don't need!" Suzy complained.

"Arrgh, just snap out of it you two! We thought it was much more serious than this." Valeriano tells them off.

"Can I keep some of the diamonds?" Suzy asked.

"NO!" said Priscilla, Valeriano, and Rosita.

"Why not?" asked Suzy again.

"Because we're here to document and film all we possibly can about the insides of this mine, not to hunt for riches!" Priscilla tells her. While they're having their backs turned Pierrot proceeds to snatch all the diamonds he can and runs for the exit. The others see him though and stop him.

"Aaw, can't I even have some gems of my own?!" Pierrot said.

"Nope! You better not think about running off with those diamonds. We should leave them here for future generations to see!" Rosita said.

"And I'll be taking them and put them back in their rightful place, thank you!" Suzy said and takes the diamonds off Pierrot hands, leaving an ruined Pierrot to grief over his loss. After she has put them back where she and Pierrot found them she then looks to where the other guys are and thinks of something naughty.

"Hah. At least I can have a little souvenir of my own." Suzy said to herself and snatches one of the colored diamonds and puts it in her pocket.

"There. I don't think they'll notice anything..." Suzy said and hurries off with the others. Meanwhile, Calimero is still inspecting all the crystals around. They appear in all shapes and sizes, but one of them soon piques his interest.

"Now that's a strange sight! Appears to be a crystal with the shape of a flower! ... kind of. It doesn't fully resemble one though, but at least the shape of it reminds me of the flowers I usually give to Priscilla." said Calimero and keeps looking at the crystals some more, noting down his little discoveries while in there.

Back to the other guys, together with Pierrot, Suzy, and Rosita, Valeriano and Priscilla continue on with their filming job around in the mine.

"So far so good Priscilla. I think this video will turn out superb once we finish the film!" Valeriano said as he keeps filming. While providing her commentary in front of the camera, Priscilla comes to think of something of great concern to her.

"Sigh. I hope that Calimero will be fine... I know he is capable enough to doing things on his own, and I won't deny that... but I do worry what'll happen to him, considering his current size." Priscilla thought to herself. She then remembers something very important that she and the others members agreed on earlier in the day.

"Um, Valeriano?" Priscilla asked him.

"Yes, Priscilla?" said Valeriano.

"If we find Calimero on our way out of this mine, will we attempt to find a way to make him normal size again?" Priscilla asked.

"I promise we'll get to it eventually. No need to worry about it! Right now we have to finish our film first." Valeriano assured her. They continue on, and after having got the last scene taped they then set out to find Calimero.

"Valeriano seems quite proud of his work!" Rosita said.

"Yeah. We sure got a lot of sights on tape. I personally adored all the diamonds around in here while I talked in front of the camera." Priscilla said.

"I on the other hand can only think about all the attention that will hit us when this video is to be shown on the Condor Network. I'm sure that'll make Mr. Condor extremely jealous, he he..." Valeriano said while chuckling to himself.

"Yaawn... I feel bored walking around in this mine... and it never seems to end..." Pierrot said to himself. With the others' backs turned, Pierrot is about to sneak back to the room where he and Suzy found their diamonds and take them with him. However, he is quickly stopped by Suzy.

"Ah ah. You're not going anywhere Pierrot!" Suzy said as she grabbed his arm.

"Aw come on, not you too?!!" Pierrot said.

"It's not about those diamonds we found. I just want to test something." Suzy said. She then puts her hand in Valeriano's pocket when he isn't looking and steals the shrinker device, and points it at Pierrot.

"H-hey, you're not gonna aim that thing at me, are you??" Pierrot said in shock.

"Oh yes I'am..." Suzy said, still pointing the device at him.

"No, no! Don't pull the trigger please!!" Pierrot screamed, thinking Suzy has gone crazy.

"Oh shush dear, I'm not going to blast you into pieces. I just want to shrink you!" Suzy said. The other members just watches them in confusion.

"Just what exactly is Suzy thinking about doing?" Asked Priscilla.

"I... I've no idea there." Rosita said.

"I still think Suzy could of have asked me for permission first, but... I think she's got something on mind, and what she's thinking about doing is... Uh-oh. This really couldn't go any worse." Valieriano said.

"What could be going worse?" Asked Priscilla.

"Suzy is thinking about shrinking Pierrot. You remember what happened when Pierrot pulled the trigger on that device yesterday?" Valeriano said.

"Yes?" Priscilla asked.

"Well, the beam that shoot out of it started bouncing around the walls until it hit Calimero. I have a fear the same thing could happen to either one of us in any moment!" Valeriano said with a worried look on his face.

Suzy is about to aim the shrinker device at Pierrot in attempt to shrink him, but her aim is slightly misaligned and the beam zips just past Pierrot's side and starts bouncing around the walls in the mine.

"Look out!!" Priscilla shouted. They all duck down on the ground to avoid the beam. The beam eventually travels further into the mine. At the same time, Calimero is still inside the room with all the crystals. Little does he know what is about to happen next.

"Sure is very fascinating in here. Good thing I noted down all my discoveries in this tiny book of mine, I'm sure the other members will appreciate seeing it when I'll return." Calimero said to himself. He soon feels that his time in the room is over, and is about to head back, but are suddenly struck by a beam coming towards him at blazing speed. As his body is being struck by the beam a nearby crystal is reacting on the energy emitted by the beam and starts to glow completely red.

Back to the other Green Team members, they hear a big explosion which makes the entire mine shake, causing them to fall on their backs and some small debris from the roof to fall over them.

"Ow... what was that explosion about??" Rosita asked herself.

"I don't know, but it didn't sound like any ordinary one!" Valeriano said.

"Calimero!! Oh no!" Priscilla said worringly and rushes to the place where the explosion was heard. The other guys starts heading out in the meantime. After finally arriving in the room where the explosion occurred Priscilla finds that a bunch of diamond crystals have apparantly been blown into pieces.

"I'm sure I've heard Calimero in here. I need to find him quick and get him out with me safely!" Priscilla said and starts to dig around in the now large diamond-filled sea. After some digging she finally finds something.

"Ooh!" Priscilla said in surprise over what she's just found.

Outside the mine the other members are now waiting for Priscilla and Calimero to return. They then see Priscilla walking out of the mine, holding her hands onto her chest with a smile on her face..

"There she comes!" Rosita said.

"Well, did you find him Priscilla?" Valeriano asked Priscilla.

"Oh yes." Priscilla answers.

"Um... say Priscilla. Why are you having your hands close to your chest?" he asked her.

Still smiling, Priscilla removes her hands from her chest, showing them a new neclace she's made of one of the diamond pieces from the crystals that had been blown up earlier.

"Gosh! Now that's just beautiful!" Rosita said in complete awe upon seeing Priscilla's necklace.

"Yeah. Who would've ever believed that an necklace this pretty could've been made from a single piece of crystal!" Valeriano said and gets his camera ready to film one last off-scene of Priscilla and her new accessoary.

"Oh Valeriano, please..." Priscilla said as she blushes while being filmed by Valeriano.

"Just what are you doing...?" Rosita asked Valeriano in confusion.

"Just filming Priscillla's new necklace, that's all. Filming is my main hobby after all, and any moments in life are important to document on tape!" Valeriano said.

"Yeah, I suppose that's true... So Priscilla, where is Calimero then?" Rosita asked Priscilla.

"Come closer to me, and you'll all see it for yourselves." Priscilla said, pointing to the diamond on her necklace. The others come closer to her, and are taken by surprise over what they're just seeing.

"So that's where he ended up?!" Suzy said in surprise.

"Inside of that thing...?" Pierrot paused, unable to believe what he is just looking at.

"That's right. Calimero is now inside the diamond of my new necklace!" Priscilla said.

"How could he possibly have ended up in there?" Rosita asked herself.

"Beats me!" Valeriano said as he shrugs his shoulders.

"But, how are we gonna get him out of there wtithout breaking the necklace?" asked Suzy.

"Yeah, we do have to return Calimero back to normal as soon as possible. That's the main thing you wanted us to do after our investigation, right Priscilla?" asked Valeriano.

"Oh, I'm actually not too worried about that right now. In fact, I can now carry Calimero wherever I want, and... to always have something to look at and adore." Priscilla said as she smiles down at the tiny Calimero stuck inside her necklace.

"Oh, right. Let's not mind it then in that case." Valeriano said. They all then leave the mine to return to their HQs.

On their way back to town the Green Team are discussing about their latest investigation and their discoveries.

"I think it all went fairly well for us in that mine today, don't y'all think so as well?" Valeriano asked the other members.

"Yeah, the way you and Priscilla worked together to document every sight was beyond awesome! Except for the last bit when you started filming Priscilla's chest." Rosita said with a somewhat angry look on her face.

"I know Rosita. But I'll promise not to have that last scene appear in the published video." Valeriano said.

"I really hope so. I really hope..." Rosita said to herself.

"Big shame I couldn't keep the riches I found inside that mine though. Life's just not fair!" Pierrot began complaining.

"How bad for you then... At least I've got to keep my own little gem though..." Suzy said to herself while looking at the blue diamond she stole while in the mine earlier.

Priscilla however, is too busy with herself to listen to the other guys. She keeps looking at and adoring the tiny Calimero inside the diamond of her necklace.

"Aww... this is a sight that I will never forget in a long time, that's for sure." Priscilla said.

"*sighs* I've sure been through a lot over the last two days. First I'm being shrunk, and now I'm stuck inside the gem of my girlfriend's new necklace! ... could things get any worse than this??" Calimero said to himself.

"What are you talking about Calimero? Wouldn't this be the best thing that's ever happened to you; to be with your girlfriend no matter where we are?? I'm enjoying this moment actually. I think you should as well." said Priscilla and wraps her hands around the diamond.

"Hm... well, I suppose being part of your necklace can't be that much of a bad thing after all." Calimero said.

"I think so as well. I promise we'll find a way to get you out of there without breaking the diamond in the process..." Priscilla said.

"Phew, thank goodness for that." Calimero sighed in relief.

"In about five years of time." Priscilla then suddenly said.

"WHAT?!" Calimero said, surprised.

"Yeah. To tell the truth, I want to have you in the dimanond necklace for as long as I like. I can always look at you, adore you, love you, and I'll know that you will always be with me no matter where I'am! Don't worry Calimero, I'll make sure to keep you safe. For a start, we could go out to the cafeteria later after we get back to our apartment." Priscilla said.

"B-but I... er... Aw, I better not try to even argue here. Guess I'll just have to accept my current place in life; to be part of Priscilla's new, but pretty necklace." Calimero said to himself as he decides to accept his new home from now on.