Now Rin is Playing with Power

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by italianblackcat)

It was another day in the life of 17-year-old Rin. After getting up from her bed, giving her teddy bear a hug, stretching her legs and wiggling her toes, she brushed her short red and white dress and later her long red hair. Then she walked back to her bed and picked up the tablet, first looking at the mail icon and sighing.
"Sigh… no new messages in 2,541 days." Rin said. It would always bug her first thing in the morning that she was the only other human being around, but then she would always remember. Her tablet made sure there was always a world for her to explore. There would always be a mountain to climb. A river to sail. An ice cave to hear the virtual sounds of wildlife (and maybe even a monster or two). A street to ride a bicycle in. She could do anything she wanted and go anywhere, all with either a tap or swipe on the very same tablet she was holding. And that would bring a smile to her face, making her forget the harsh reality that she would always wake up to.

For today, Rin decided not to make something new. She wanted to revisit one of the many locations she crafted up this time. She kept swiping through the saved locations part of the tablet. Eventually she settled on the grassy plain icon.
"I'll go here today." Rin said. She tapped on the icon, and she watched the world change around her cube. Pixels of numerous colors galore flew all around, merging together to form the landscape Rin desired. It took a couple of minutes, but finally Rin was staring at a plain with nothing but grassy hills that seemed to stretch for miles, aside from a forest to the side. Rin ran out of the cube with the tablet firmly in her hands.

She eventually made her way into a forest area, smiling as she looked up and saw beams of sunlight peeking through the trees. She firmly stepped through the slightly taller than usual grass.
"Mmmm… it feels so nice to be walking through nature." Rin said as she felt the grass tickling her soles. It was so cool and so soft as it touched the delicate skin on her feet. Such a pleasurable feeling, she thought.
But suddenly, just as she's approaching the edge of the forest and about to exit it, she feels something go crunch under her feet. That was definitely more than grass, she thought. She lifted up her foot and turned it so she could look underneath her sole. There she saw a bug… or rather the contorted remains of a bug.
"Eeeeep…" Rin said as she felt grossed out over the unpleasant sight. Actually, a whole range of emotions went through her mind as she stared at the squashed bug. She was grossed out, then confused, and then she actually felt sorry for the bug even though it wasn't real and only virtual.
"Gee… to think it's that easy to take a life away." Rin said. And that's when it dawned on her. The fact she ended that bug's life with just one stomp gave her an entirely different sense. A sense of power.

Before she could wonder any more, she then heard faint noises of the grass rustling around. She leaned in to get a closer look, and that's when she saw more bugs scurrying around. They probably saw what the girl did to their fellow bug and wanted to escape with their lives. Rin, on the other hand, couldn't shake off the feeling of wanting to crunch these bugs as well. So she chased after them. One by one the bugs met a violent end to the giant girl's soles. Rin would scrape these soles on the grass to wipe their remains off the skin, but she still had a mess of grass and bug body parts even when all was said and done.
Once all the bugs were gone, Rin took a deep breath and relished in what she just did.
"Wow… I can only imagine how gigantic I must've looked to those smaller beings." Rin said.

She next stepped out of the forest, where she looked downhill and saw a large city in the distance. She held two fingers together close to her eyes and pinched them, making it look like she had the city's tallest building in between those fingers.
"Teehee… that building looks so small from here. I could squish it flat with my two fingers." Rin said. She stretched one of her feet out and wiggled her toes, pretending she was stomping several buildings with that one 'step.'
That's when she thought back to the bugs she crushed in the forest.
"What if those were people I were crushing instead of insects? Oooooh… I HAVE to explore this kind of alternate world." Rin said. She sat down on the grass and got to work on her tablet.

It took a couple hours to design everything to her liking, but eventually she had her scenario in mind. She was about to create a world where she was hundreds of feet tall, big enough to crush dozens of buildings under her bare feet. The people in this city would be genuinely terrified of her, like the apocalypse had come and there was nothing they could do to stop or avoid it. She paused briefly when she thought about those tiny people. It made her feel gulity that she was soon going to be taking so many lives under her soles, but she quickly shrugged it off.
"It's only a simulation." Rin reminded herself. Once she put the final pieces of the puzzle together, a quick tap made the world around her vanish except for the patch of grass that she was sitting on. It took a couple minutes, but the world was reshaped just as she drew it up on her tablet. The world basically looked the same as before… but it was much, much smaller. The city that was in the distance was now a few yards, relatively speaking, away from her feet. The whole landscape, really, looked much smaller than before. Even distant mountains looked no bigger than bumps in the ground.
"Oh my gosh. The city is so small now…" Rin said. Then she smiled as she helped herself to her feet, leaving the tablet on the ground not too far from the city. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at the city, listening to all sorts of sirens going off and people screaming. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Buildings that would've towered over her now barely rose past her toes.
"Mmmmm… no time like the present to act like the giant monster they think I am." Rin said. She confidently took her first steps into the city.

Each step wreaked untold havoc on the city. People were crushed into bloody stains. Cars and trucks and other vehicles were reduced to flat pieces of scrap metal, but most important of all, buildings toppled over like dominoes… if they weren't crushed flat beneath Rin's bare feet. Already she was loving it. No way was she feeling lonely and sweet now. She was the ultimate harbinger of destruction.
"Hahaha! You can run, puny insects, but you can't survive!" Rin said as she made another mighty stomp on the city, causing a massive earthquake that brought down nearby structures if they weren't already underneath her feet. Rin could just make out tiny specks running away from her toes. Some of them were dumb enough to stop running and look up to see Rin's white underwear as clear as day, only for them to watch their world disappear underneath Rin's sole before it crushed them flat.

All the crunching and popping of whatever was under Rin's feet made her smile, especially when she dragged both her feet, one at a time, from side to side, causing a huge swath of destruction. Where buildings once stood was now carved out earth with mass destruction left behind. It made her giggle a bit when she wiggled her toes and felt buildings stuck in between them, much like feeling sand if she were walking on a beach.
"Teeheehee! They kinda tickle!" Rin said. After wiggling her toes some more, she lifted up one of her right foot and looked at its sole. The once squeaky clean skin was darkened in dirt and almost everything you could think of crushed mixed in numerous colors thanks to the many different building materials used. There were also many sprinkles of red, which she assumed were the blood stains of people she crushed. It made her wince, but only briefly.
"Wow… this is what sheer power feels like. Oh? What's this?" Rin said as she took note of a larger object that was coiled like a snake. She peeled it off her skin with her fingernails. She was confused over the object at first, but later recognized it as a bullet train.
"Ah, now I remember. One of those trains that goes at high speed. It kinda looks like a wet noodle now, teehee!" Rin said. With that charming thought in mind, she slurped the train into her mouth. It tastes like a ramen noodle, she thought. But then again, she programs everything to taste like ramen noodles.

That got her thinking again. So she got down on her knees and dug her fingers into the ground, ripping an entire block of the city from the ground. She squeezed that hand into a fist and lifted the group of buildings into the air, watching as pieces, as well as specks which were humans that were unable to escape her grasp, fell to the ground. Rin moved the clump of dirt and structures towards her brown eyes.
"Peekaboo! I see you!" Rin shouted. Then she sprinkled the mess she held onto her legs, giggling as it touched her skin and fell back down to the ground. Any building that managed to stay on her legs she crushed with her fingers. Rin then helped herself back to her feet and walked back towards the edge of the city not only to tackle that region, but also to reacquire her tablet.

After taking a few more steps and crushing more and more buildings, she then got another clever idea to cause mayhem. She stretched her arms outward, holding the tablet in mid-air. Then she let go, causing the tablet to fall and land flat on the ground. Puffs of smoke flew out in every direction from beneath the tablet, and the boom sound left behind from the landing seemed to echo forever along with the booms from each step Rin had made.
"Hahaha!" Rin laughed, clapping her hands and enjoying seeing her tablet get in on the destruction act. It especially made her smile when she picked it up and saw the distinct square-shaped hole in the ground left behind. Rin then looked behind and saw another section of the city, and again got creative…
"Timber!" Rin shouted as she fell backwards, landing on her back and crushing more of the city beneath her legs and clothing, vehemently shaking the ground and leaving behind the most thunderous boom any living being, real or virtual, would ever hear. Rin laughed and tucked her tablet against her chest, once again relishing in her newfound power.

But then… something changed.

Suddenly there were very little screams compared to before. Rin sat up, tucking her tablet up against her chest and curling up her legs, and realized why that was. The entire city was in ruins. Save for a few lucky buildings, everything was gone. Demolished underneath the mega giantess. A countless number of people were crushed flat to their deaths, even though she knew they weren't real.

Still… she felt… alone. Again.

A look around and seeing nothing else around, and then up at the slightly distorted blue sky as pixels flew around to keep it together… there was nobody else to brag to over what she did. Just like every other aftermath after she has her fun in her created environment. In the end, she was still alone, and there was no shaking that feeling no matter how hard she tried.

It actually made her cry briefly.

But a few seconds later, after sniffing and then wiping the tears off her face with her arm, she cracked the smallest of smiles.
"Well, at least I have another new hobby to help cope with my solitude." Rin said. She was eager to do this again the next day, as the wonderful thing about her world was that she could use her tablet to magically hit the reset button and do it all over again. And she had every intention of making another city to destroy beneath her feet. Besides, she really wanted to feel that sensation of her feet being tickled by buildings and bullet trains and 18-wheelers and whatnot!

For now, though, Rin got up and walked away from the totally destroyed city, walking through the tiny landscape and crushing a couple mountains along the way. Eventually she returned to her cube home and pixelated the world away (for now) with a series of taps and swipes on her tablet.