Problem Particles


Gunpla battles. A virtual game that allow's the use of Gunpla models to be used. The Gunpla are brought to life on their GP base that stores their information of the Builder's name and the fighters name as the model's are brought to life by the Plavsky Particle System Engineering, or also known as PPSE for short. These Plavsky particles  which react only to the plastic material of Gunpla, animate them into game and allows the user to control them via special control orbs. The Plasvky particles were discovered 17 years ago as it begun the first ever world wide event of Gunpla battle championship tournaments to show who was the strongest fighter and/or builder.

However, 7 years ago at the arena for a previous championship tournament, the particles went wild and brought to life one of the stages along with many of the Gunpla. The average size of many gunpla used are on 1/144 scale as the SD gundam models are much smaller as they would only come up just below the knees of a 1/144 gunpla. Battles now are instead the normal 1 on 1 to a team of 3 on 3 as each member use's a single Gunpla each or work together piloting a much bigger gunpla.


This story though, takes place a couple months after the last under 19 tournament where the team Try fighters ad secured their spot in the open world tournament as they continue to wait for the announcement's of the times when the tournament would begin.

We begin with another at Seiho academy high school where one of the world championship tournament winners, Sei Iori, used to attend as a high school student. he and his friend Reiji, were able to become champion's together with Sei being the Builder and Reiji as the fighter.

In a seperate building of the school, one club was using a large room for practice. that club, was the gunpla battle club as the members were none other then Team Try Fighters and their coach, Mr. Ramba Ral.

Yuuma Kousaka, who was the team's Gunpla builder and had won contest's before along with winning the Grand Prix of the Gunpla Building Contest, was tuning up his gunpla, The Lightning Gundam Full Burnern, along ith his team mate's, Sekai Kamiki's Gunpla, The Try Burning Gundam. Sekai Kamiki was the Ace of the team as Ramba called him before, the second coming of Reiji with Yuuma being called the second coming of Sei Iori. Yuuma had been spending the last 20 minutes tuning the Gunpla and soon let's out a sigh as he puts down one of the parts to his Gunpla and rubs the bridge of his nose under the glasses he wears.

Yuuma: Siiiiiigh. You know Sekai, this would go much smoother and easier for me......IF YOU WEREN'T LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER!

Yuuma and Sekai might have been friends, but there were times when the two of them didn't see eye to eye or get along at all but even as they thought of each other as rival's, it only helped make their teamwork in battles that much stronger.

Sekai: I can't help it. I'm not that good at Gunpla building still, even with all the lesson's i get. I'm more of a martial artist and fighter then anything else.

Sekai had been doing Martial arts training at a young age and when he had finally returned to the city to attend Seiho Academy as when he found out that there was no Martial arts club at the school, the manager and leader of Team Try Fighters, Fumina Hoshino, Recruited him to the club as she did need to get members to help keep the club from being shut down. Fumino smiles as she pats Sekai on the shoulder smiling a little looking at him as she had a idea on how to keep him busy for a while.

Fumina: Sekai, i have a idea. Why don't you go and get us some drinks and snacks from the store? We're gonna need it if we're gonna be doing training later.

Sekai: Oh! That's a good idea! I'll see if Mirai can lend me some money. I left my money in my other training uniform again.

Fumina was wide-eyed from this for a moment as Sekai soon hurried out of the room and ran as fast as he could. Mirai was also his older sister and attended the same school but at the same time, Mirai Kamiki was a fashion-model for Teen magazines and had recently become the official Gunpla Battle image character after the original model had to step down due to pregnancy.

Yuuma: Thank you for doing that Fumina. He was becoming a real pain again and making it hard for me to concentrate on getting these adjustment's finished.

Fumina: No problem. I'm just glad we don't have to worry about coming to school each day with different students swarming our front door again after we won the under 19 tournament. Mr.Ral really saved us.

Yuuma: That is true and we don't have any battles to worry about for a little as well. I know Mr.Ral suggested we take some time to relax from doing so many small tournaments but it's just been hard to sit still lately.

Fumina: Yeah. It's been making Sekai even more restless then ever. But, it does let us relax our minds and keep calm so we won't be so stressed out when it come's to the time of the Open world Tournament.

Yuuma: They still haven't said anything about the time for it yet? Isn't it a bit unusual for them to be taking so long this year?

Fumina: From what i was able to gather, they are making adjustment's to some of the Arena's and adding in a couple new ones. However, for some reason, a couple of the old arena's have been unusable and they have been finding out problems with the arena's usage's of the shut-down system's from outside interference.

Fumina thinks back to the first battle she had with Sekai as a team member against members of another club trying to shut them down and when Yuuma wasn't part of team Try fighters yet. The battle was firece and getting closer to a conclusion........until two giant arms and hands slammed down in the path of the Gunpla causing the system to cancel the battle. It was Mirai Kamiki who had put her hands and arms in the Arena as she had spent a good amount of time looking for her little brother Sekai and had to drag him out of them room as there were still things that had to be done at the time.

Yuuma: I still remember that. So what is the problem they been having with the shutdown system?

Fumina: Well, even getting outside interference now, doesn't cause the arena to shutdown and just keeps it going. Some people think the PPSE might be acting up.

Yuuma: Is it all Arena's or just the one's for the open world tournament?

Fumina: No one know's right now. They have been looking into it a good deal. It seem's to have started acting up like this just 10 days ago.

Yuuma: That was about the same time Mr. Ral called from Nielsen Labs saying that something has been off with the particles there as well. You don't think it's connected do you?

Fumina: I don't know. The only thing i can think of that might have a connection would be that incident from 7 years ago when the particles went out of control during Iori's first championship tournament.

Yuuma: Let's just hope it's nothing big.

Over at Nielsen Labs, walking around were two men as one was a African-American with long black hair and brown eyes with a slim build as he had a lab coat on and a blue top and light brown jeans on as this man was Nils Yajima, formly known as Nils Nielsen. The man walking next to him was a man with grey-brown hair and grey eyes as he had on a a light grey sweater of a light pink button up shirt and a blue open jacket with dark blue jeans as this man was Ramba Ral, The coach for team Try Fighters.

Nils: Thank you for coming so fast Mr.Ral. I didn't want to alarm anyone else as i knew you would be the best choice for this.

Ral: I'm glad you decided to contact me Nils. So what's the situation so far?

The two of them soon heads down a hall and to the right as they make it to a large room as Nils pulls out his ID card and presses it against a scanner. The door ahead soon opens and the two head inside. Inside was a large cylinder with small light blue orbs flowing in it. Those were Plavsky Particle's.

Ral: These are the Plavsky Particle's you rediscovered. Why show this to me?

Nils: It's because a few of them have changed colors. A couple that we removed had turned dark red.

Nils soon pulls a small lever, opening up a small panel and inside were a few red particles as they bounced around some inside. Ral was surprised by this and looks at them and then over at the one's in the Cylinder.

Ral: Incredible. I never knew they could turn Red. But what does that mean for us?

Nils: The last time they were red......was 7 years ago when the incident Happen.

Ral: You don't mean that-

Nils: It's possible some of these have been affected by the lingering molecules of the previous particles in the air and have finally reached the new ones. Thinking about it at a microscopic level......

Ral: I'll......pass on the complex details. But i will ask this. Is it part of the reason why the Arena's have been acting up?

Nils: I'm afraid so. It seem's something is getting into the Particles we have here and the arena's in many of the Japan bases as well. We tried to find the source location but to no avail.

Ral: Meaning if you can find the main cause, you can repair the Red particle's, back to blue.

Nils: Yes. But we don't know where else it's affecting and what it'll do as well. That's why we had most tournament's put on hold for now to ensure the safety of the other fighters.

Ral: That makes perfect sense. The last time we saw red particles, the Gunpla came to life and that incident had begun. We got lucky that it was stopped before it got too far out of hand.

Nils: As much as i would want to go and join you on the research, i have to stay here and study the particles more along with seeing how it would affect the gunpla as well.

Ral: It seem's we both have our work cut out for us this time Nils. If i find anything out, i'll be sure to call you right away.

Nils: Thank you Mr.Ral.

It was then that Ramba Ral soon left the lab as he got to his car and began to drive away, heading back to the city and try to help figure out what was going on at such a crucial time. As he drove, we switch over to Sekai as the day was almost done and he was at home with his older sister, Mirai, who had finished cooking dinner for them as she sat down across from him.

Mirai: How was the Gunpla battle club today Sekai?

Sekai: It was boring sis. Yuuma didn't want us to do any practice battles and he was working on my Gunpla so much i fell asleep.

Mirai: That explain's why you were sleeping when i came to get you when it was getting late.

Sekai: Heh heh heh. Anyway, No matter what anyone say's, i'm gonna be using that Arena and no one is gonna get in my way!

Mirai: I could always hide your gunpla.


Mirai couldn't help but laugh some at how she had teased Sekai as she knew Gunpla battles were becoming more and more a part of him as she also wanted to see how he would react as well.

Mirai: Don't worry. I wouldn't do that.

Sekai: Phew.

Mirai: However, if your grades started to go down even more, then i might reconsider and take your Gunpla.


Over with Fumina at her home, she was sitting at her desk and smiling as she finished putting her Gunpla, the SD gundam, Star Winning Gundam, back together after making adjustment's to it and making it shine some. She giggles lightly and gently pokes it as she remember when she first made her first SD gunpla, the Winning Gundam but as the team became stronger and going through different trial's, she upgraded it to the Star Winning Gundam. Fumina picks up the Gunpla and puts it in the palm of her hand smiling with how small the SD's are.

Fumina: To think we've come so far since we formed the team and have only gotten even stronger. We're even able to enter the Open World tournament. But, I'm still worried about the usage of the Arena's and why they been closed off in different parts.

Fumina leans back some looking up as she soon get's a flat expression on her face and sighs some knowing what she has to do next.

Fumina: Sekai's gonna try something tomorrow, i know it. I better make sure i get to the club room early.

The next day soon come's and classes were going but Sekai had snuck out of his classroom as he was beginning to quietly head down the hall but as he was peeking around a corner while kneeling some, he saw....a leg. Sekai jumps some from this and stands up fast seeing someone unexpected. Fumina. She looks at him with a flat look on her face and tapping her leg as she had her arms crossed as well.

Sekia: F-Fumina!? Wh-What are you-

Fumina: Doing here? I should be asking you the same thing. Shouldn't you be in class?

Sekai: Errrrrr........Ummm......Well.......W-Wait, shouldn't you be in class too!?

Fumina: I have a Study period and i got permission to leave the class.

Sekai: were heading to the-

Fumina: You say bathroom and i'll kick you.

Sekai keeps quiet for a moment as he looks around and soon get's a idea. He begins to run fast around Fumina, getting off guard as he jumps down the steps as she soon begins to chase after him.

As Sekai makes it around the corner to another hall, he see's a open window, due to the weather being nice enough for a few window's to be open, and jumps out from it. He noticed the tree close by still and holds his arms out as he spins on the branch and soon let's go, using his martial arts skills, to help get a good landing and takes off once more as Fumina was wide-eyed and jaw dropped after seeing what he did. She growls and heads to the stairs.

Sekai make's it to the club room and opens the door as he get's his Gunpla out of his back but just as he was about to put the GP base in, he heard the sound of the door closing and looks. Standing next to the door was Yuuma as he looked over at Sekai.

Sekai: GAK! YUUMA!?

Yuuma: Fumina texted me saying you'd come here so i got here ahead of time.

Sekai: But what about class?

Yuuma: Told them i wasn't feeling good and going to the nurse's office.

Sekai: OH COME ON!

Yuuma: You really want to use it that badly? Fine. I'll be your opponent. But if i win, You don't touch any arena's until further notice.

Sekai: Fine but if i win, I get to use it as much as i want and get a key to the club room!

The two of them soon stand at each end of the table and set their GP Base and then put their Gunpla in.


Yuuma: Lightning Gundam Full Burnern! Taking off!

Both of the Gunpla head out of the base's they were in as the Arena that was selected was the Desert arena, a throw back to their first battle against each other.

Outside the Club room, Ramba Ral had made it up to the doors when he stops and turns seeing Fumina running up and trying to catch her breath panting some.

Ral: Fumina? What's wrong?

Fumina: I.....I was.......after.....Sekai. He....he snuck out to......

The two of them heard the sound of laser fire from within and clashing noise's of two objects fighting against each other. They both knew what it was as it was both Sekai and Yuuma fighting each other with their gunpla. Fumina opens the door fast and heads in as she looks at the two.

Fumina: Sekai! Yuuma! I thought i said this was off-limits!

Sekai: Sorry Fumina! But we're having a great battle so far!

Ral walked in and looked at the cylinder bases the two were standing in as he noticed a small red flash for a moment and raised a brow.

At that moment, the base's soon turned red and encircles the two try fighter members as they were caught off guard and their gunpla landing on the middle of the arena turning their heads as well.

Sekai: Oi, what's going on?

Yuuma: I can't let go of the control's or exit out!

Sekai: Same here!

Ral: Oh no! I was afraid of this!

Ral soon hurries outside to the fusebox for the room and pulls out the key to unlock it. once the lock was removed, he opens it and quickly flips the switch for the arena to shut down. Fumina looks ahead seeing the base's were still up and glowing even brighter as it soon begins to cover the room.


Ral soon hurries back in as the glow dies down and looks at Fumina as she was shaking her head some. He looks ahead at the two boys as the base's were down but they were unconscious.

Ral: NO!

Fumina shakes her head as she was still standing and looks around soon noticing Yuuma and Sekai unconscious as she gasps deeply while being wide-eyed.

Ral: I'll take them both to the Infirmary! You get their Gunpla!

Fumina: R-Right!

After getting both Sekai and Yuuma over his shoulders, Ral hurries out of the room and to the direction of the school.

Fumina sighs and walks up to the arena as she was a bit surprised that the desert arena was still active when it should have been de-activated when the switch was flipped. She shrugs some and reaches one hand in to pick up the Try burning gundam first but as she did, it suddenly jumps back and looks up at her.

????: Oi! Watch the hands......what the? Fumina? How did you get so huge?

She knew that voice anywhere as it was none other then Sekai's voice which surprised her as well.

Fumina: !!!! S-S-Sekai!? Is that you!?

Sekai: Of course it's me!

Sitting up next was the Lightning Gundam Full Burnern as it had a hand on it's head and rubbed it.

????2: My aching head.

That voice was none other then Yuuma's as Fumina was surprised by this even more. Sekai-burning turns his head and looks at Yuuma-Lightning as he jumps up fast*


Yuuma: What are you.....WHAT THE!? WHY ARE YOU........WHY AM I........

Fumina leans forward a little more looking down at the two of them as she was in disbelief of what she was seeing and hearing.

Fumina: both are in your gunpla!

Yuuma-Lightning: !!!! That can't be possible! would explain why I don't feel the normal way i do and the fact that you Fumina, are towering above us.

Sekai-Burning: Yeah! Kinda like a building!

Fumina: Will you two focus!?

She soon hangs her head down and sighs as Fumina reaches out and pick up the two Gunpla in her hands who were also her team mates as well. She looks at them carefully as Sekai-Burning crossed his arms some while Yuuma-Lightning had a hand on his chin thinking.


After having a small panic to herself, Fumina managed to cool her head and was sitting down at the repair table with Sekai-Burning and Yuuma-Lightning standing on the table as they look up at her as Fumina sighs some and rubs the back of her head.

Fumina: Okay, now that we calmed down........

Sekai-Burning: You mean you stopped yelling.

Fumina give's Sekai-Burning a glance as he move's back and hide's behind Yuuma-Lighting knowing that he should be quiet for a moment ater getting a mean glance from her.

Fumina: We can start thinking things through while Mr.Ral is taking your bodies to a small room he's got in the school just for our club in case we couldn't use the main club room.

Yuuma-Lightning: I'm amazed he had something like that in the school made.

Sekai-Burning: You think he had it made back when Sei Iori was still a student here?

Fumina: Anyway, i need to figure out what i'm gonna tell your sister Sekai.

Sekai-Burning: Just tell her that i've become my Gunpla! It's a brilliant idea!

Yuuma-Lightning: She'll think that you finally lost your mind. But it is gonna be hard to do. if we can get something a training camp as a excuse, we won't have to worry our families.

Fumina: That's a good point. But Sekai's gonna be a problem since he and Mirai live together.

Yuuma-Lightning: We aren't gonna have any other choice but to tell her the truth. Beside's, i'm sure she'll get suspicious if Sekai is just quietly laying in bed for hours on end when he didn't do a tournament.

Fumina: I still can't believe you two went and used the machine when i told you not too!

Sekai-Burning: I get the feeling we aren't gonna hear the end of that.

Fumina: Well, the good thing about you two being Gunpla sized means that i can sneak you two out and in of places without there being trouble.

As Fumina sighs once more while trying to think of ways to see the good in this situation or try to figure out how to fix it, the door to the club room soon swings open hard as it takes Fumina by surprise causing her to stand up and turning to see who it was.

Three women were standing in the doorway as all of them had large grins on their faces. The first one is the one in the middle, As she had long brown hair put into twin tails wearing a dress with a very light green short sleeved top with two breast pockets and a red handkerchief at the collar of her top as she had a light black color skirt as it was part of the dress and the middle of it was black as well with a white belt and red buckle in the middle. She had on long black stocking's with red lines at the top of them and black boots. She was a little....thick and a little top heavy as she had her arms crossed under her chest. This woman was Kaoruko Sazaki or also known by her nickname, Gyanko.

Standing on the right of Gyanko was a light purple short haired woman as she had on almost the exact same outfit as Gyankobut it was light grey as she had long black boots on as well and white stockings that go all the way up her legs and under the skirt. This woman was Keiko Sano, one of Gyanko's good friends and Team member.

Standing on the left of Gyanko was her other good friend and Team member was Mahiru Shigure, as she wore the same color outfit as Keiko and had dark medium length purple hair with the back tied up in a ponytail as she large cowlick on the front of her hair.

All three of them were Team Song Dynasty Vase from Saint Odessa Girls' School, a all girls school, as the team was one of Team try fighters first rival teams to fight against but now were powerful allies as they helped them out through two tournaments and have gotten to know each other well. Their outfits of school uniforms.....were basically zeon based outfits.

All three of them soon enter the room and look around as they only noticed Fumina in the room with the two Gunpla on the table as Keiko and Mahiru put their hands on their hips while Gyanko put's her arms down looking at Fumina.

Gyanko: It's rare to see you alone here Fumina. What happened to Yuuma and my Beloved Sekai?

Gyanko did have a bit of a crush on Sekai after their first battle as rival's as he did save her Gunpla from being destroyed in their first battle even though they were enemies and continued to help her out but at the same time, oblivious to her feelings but she never gives up on trying to make Sekai her's no matter what.

Fumina: Ummm.....Well, things have gotten busy with the two of them and they left their Gunpla behind so..........

Before Fumina could finish, Gyanko pick's up Sekai-Burning and smiles some looking at it as she soon hugs him to her chest smiling. This did cause Sekai-burning to blush a good deal, even if the blush couldn't be seen.

Gyanko: Then i'll take good care of his Gunpla til he gets back and make sure nothing happens to it! He'll be so happy with me! Hmhmhmhm!

Fumina sweatdrops as she looked at Gyanko and did respect her for not giving up on trying to get Sekai for herself and always keeping that confidence of her's regardless of how things turn out.

While Gyanko was holding Sekai-burning, Mahiru picks up Yuuma-Lightning and smiles as her and Keiko look at Yuuma-Lightning carefully as they haven't had the chance to see both Gunpla up close and see all the hard work and detail that was put into it. 

Gyanko hugs Sekai-Burning closer to her chest as Sekai-Burning couldn't take it anymore and begins to wiggle some in her arms as he soon begins to push his hands against Gyanko's arms trying to get free as he couldn't take being hugged even tighter.

Sekai-Burning: Gah! I can't take it anymore! Loosen up Gyanko and let go!

Gyanko: HUH!?

This takes her by surprise as she opens her arms fast with Sekai-burning beginning to fall but was caught by Fumina as the two of them sigh. Gyanko looks at the Gunpla and soon goes wide-eyed as it soon stands up and turns around looking up to face her while being held in Fumina's hand.

Sekai-Burning: Your grip is as tight as ever. I thought i was gonna break in half!


Team try fighter's couldn't keep it hidden now after that little display and soon told Gyanko, Mahiru, and Keiko about what happened and how the two of them had their consciousness sent to their Gunpla while their bodies were in a comatose state.

Gyanko, Keiko, and Mahiru all looked at them for a moment but couldn't help but accept it after seeing how Sekai-burning reacted and him deciding to show off his martial arts moves that he normally does for training practice. The three women were sitting down on the small couch as Fumina was on the other side of the table sitting on the other couch. Gyanko smiles as she grabs Sekai-Burning and hugs him to her chest once more.

Gyanko: Then i shall keep Sekai close to me and keep him safe til we get this all fixed!

Sekai-Burning: O-O-Oi! Put me down Gyanko!

Fumina: Put him down Gyanko! You can't keep grabbing him like that and hugging him so much!

Gyanko: Oooooh? Are you jealous?

Fumina was getting pretty red with a bit of rage right now as she was trying to keep things under control but at the same time, she really was a little jealous as she did have a secret crush on Sekai too. It was very small at first but now she can't help but be a little jealous when she see's him getting a lot of affection from another woman.

As the two argue with each other and Sekai in the middle of it, Yuuma-Lightning sighs some with Keiko and Mahiru as they were pretty much the more level headed one's of the group right now.

Keiko: So how long have you two been stuck like this?

Yuuma-Lightning: It's only been a hour so far but i think that unless we recreate or reverse what happened to us, we'll be stuck like this.

Mahiru: It'll be difficult for you guys to be in any tournament's if you can't use your bodies. Even though you are the Gunpla, unless someone takes your places, Team Try Fighters can't compete in anything.

Gyanko, Sekai-Burning, and Fumina heard what Mahiru said and soon stop fighting as Fumina puts her hands on her head and squarts down some with a bit of a pale look on her face as she didn't think about this ultimatum that had arrived.

Fumina: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! It'll be the same as when before Sekai joined the club and it'll be just me again! We'll lose all our hard work and everything!

Sekai-Burning was running around on the table with his hands on his head panicing as well as he didn't think about it either.


As this was happening, the door opens up with Mr.Ral coming back and Sekai's sister, Mirai behind him as she close's the door. Ral see's what was going on and sweatdrops some as he didn't expect them to have a reaction like this so soon.

Ral: Everyone, i have some news.

This stopped Fumina and Sekai from freaking out more as Mahiru pick's up Yuuma-lighting and holds him up as Fumina did the same with Sekai-Burning to look at them.

Ral: I have gotten in contact with Nils and told him about our situation. He'd like for us to come to the labs again to have Sekai and Yuuma analyzed along with their bodies as well. He might have some kind of idea as to what have caused this. We will be there for a couple days. It'll be marked as another training camp so the familes don't have to worry.

Fumina: Wait, then you told Mirai..........

Mirai: Yes, I was told about what happened to Sekai and Yuuma. I was in shock at first after seeing them unconscious and not responding but after heading everything and seeing Sekai running on the table the way he was, it helped me accept it.

Sekai-Burning: I'm sorry for worrying you again Big sis. I was hoping to keep you from finding out about this.

Mirai: I would have found out sooner or later anyway but it's best that it's sooner.

Yuuma-Lightning: Well, at least i can just call my sister on the phone and let her know along with my parents about this. Thankfully they won't see me like this so they won't panic.

Fumina: I'll call my mom and talk to her about the training camp. I'll have to head home though to get a few changes of clothes.

Yuuma-Lightning: And i can let my sister know that i'll be focusing on fixing up the Gunpla to have her bring mine since she know's how i am when i focus.

Fumina: Yeah. When you focus on your Gunpla building skills, you lose hours faster then you can blink.

Ral: It'll be a while before we can leave. Song Dynasty Vase, what will you three be doing?

Gyanko: We'll be going along with you! We can't just leave Try fighter's in this situation and lose our rivals!

Mahiru: She's right. A team as strong and worthy of being our rival's would be a waste.

Keiko: We'll do everything we can to help them get back to normal.

Gyanko: So we shall take our leave and let our families know that it's a joint training camp session. That way we can get our Gunpla skills better and be close to help out as well.

Mirai: Thank you girl's. Fumina, can you hand me Sekai?

Fumina nodded as she walked up to Mirai and hands her Sekai-Burning as she smiled and put's him at the bottom pocket of her blouse (School Uniform) as she couldn't help but giggle a little after doing so.

Mirai: Now i have my LITTLE brother in my pocket.

Sekai-Burning: *Groans* Oh come on Big sis, did you really have to go that far?

Mirai: It was worth it.

Yuuma-Lightning: I'll stay here then and wait for my sister to show once i give her the call.

Ral: Then we'll meet back here in Three hours.

All of them nod as Fumina begins to leave and takes out her phone to call her mother while Gyanko, Mahiru, and Keiko head out as well with Mirai heading home with Sekai-Burning in her pocket as she was gonna be joining them to the training camp, AKA, trip to Nils Lab.

It was a mission for all of them now as to find out the cause of Sekai's and Yuuma's situation and how to reverse it but little did they all know, someone was watching from behind a large tree and soon goes back into hiding as they quietly move along the bushes in the back to make a fast getaway. Who is this mystery person that is watching them and what will they do? Only time will tell.

After a long drive and getting everyone together in two vans, thanks to Ral and Mirai driving the cars and Fumina holding Sekai-Burning and Yuuma-lightning on her lap. The two had remained still for a while, well, it was mostly Sekai-Burning fast asleep from the drive while Yuuma-Lightning was thinking about everything that's happened in the first day while trying to figure out what caused them to have their consciousness moved to small Gunpla.

The two vans soon pull up to the laboratory as the groups from both vans exit out as Nils was standing at the entrance seeing the groups and smiles as he gives them a small wave. Nils knew that fumina and Mirai would be joining the trip but wasn't expecting the team of Team Song Dynasty Vase from Saint Odessa Girls' School to be with them as well.

Nils: Well, this is quiet the surprise. I heard from Ral that the team was coming but didn't think the infamous Song Dynasty Vase would be here as well.

Gyanko: When we found out what happened, we couldn't just be left behind this time out of these events! My precious Sekai is in trouble and i need to be there for him.

She said as she began to reach out to the side to try and snatch Sekai-Burning from Fumina's grasp but only to fail as she goes to the other side of Mirai and sticks her tongue out at Gyanko. Gyanko growls some looking at her as Ral sighs some.

Ral: Shall we hurry inside before these two try to have a Gunpla battle out of Rivalry?

Nils: Yes. I do want to exmaine the two of them. But what of their bodies?

Ral: They are in the back of the vans.

Nils: Then i shall have some of my Assistants come out and bring them inside to one of the infirmaries so they won't have to worry about their bodies.

Mirai: Thank you once again for helping us Mr.Nils.

Nils: Think nothing of it. I know how everyone enjoys Gunpla battle better then anyone as i was a very tough Gunpla battler myself 7 years ago.

After using his radio to get a hold of some of his assistants, Sekai's and Yuuma's bodies were soon carried inside as the other's followed behind Nils. Fumina kept Sekai-Burning and Yuuma-lighting close as she was in a bit of awe seeing the deeper parts of the labs. Before the last under 19 tournament they entered, they were able to come to train here and improve their Gunpla's along with who they were themselves.

Now that they are back and with friends, they could take in the sights of the labs but for Yuuma-lightning and Sekai-Burning, everything was at a much grander scale thanks to their smaller bodies.

Sekai-Burning: This place is even bigger then before from this size.

Yuuma-Lightning: It's because we're in Gunpla's. Everything is gonna be even bigger to the two of us for a while so take in all the sights you can. I plan on getting back to my body as soon as i can.

Fumina: I can't keep carring you two everywhere all the time as well. Plus their's school too. What are we suppose to come up with excuse's for you two being gone?

Mirai: I just hope we can get it done before things become too complicated. I worry about what'll happen with their bodies.

Nils: Do not worry. My team is going through very careful and thorough examines to see what effect's it's having on their bodies as well.

Keiko: This is something out of a sci-fi movie though.

Mahiru: Or even one of those supernatural anime.

Gyanko: It's like some of those stories my brother told me from what he saw at the last world tournament 7 years ago.

Nils: Those events are forever in the minds of everyone as it was a very troubling time. I myself was almost lost to it as well.

As they talked, they make it to a large double door where Nils puts his hand on a hand scanner. once it read's his prints, the door's open and the group head inside. Inside were several tables as they all had different analyzing equipment on it and a Gunpla arena in it as well.

Nils: This is my personal laboratory. Please place Yuuma and Sekai on the table next to the arena while i gather my equipment.

Fumina nods as she goes and does so while Ral heads off to help Nils as the two of them leave together. The five girl's were left alone in the lab with the two gunpla guys as they looked around in the laboratory as they never did get to Nils personal laboratory when they visited.

Sekai-Burning stretches some as he looks around and soon looks over the edge of the table to see just how much of a distance there was between where he was and the floor since he was still getting use to the size difference.

Sekai-Burning: *whistles* That is a bit of a fall from up here and to think this was nothing in our bodies.

Yuuma-lightning: You are really taking our situation very lightly Sekai. This is of grave importance.

Sekai-burning: yeah, yeah. I know Yuuma but even you gotta admit that this puts things in a whole new light.

Yuuma-lightning sighs some as they heard footsteps and a shadow goes over them getting their attention as Mirai was looking down at them with her hands on her hips. Normally Mirai would be a little taller then the two but now it was at a much bigger scale as she was around 25 ft tall or so to them.

Mirai: Yuuma is right Sekai. I wouldn't know what to tell Mom and Dad about all this if you got stuck being a Gunpla for the rest of your life. Then there's the worry about your body as well.

As Mirai talked, Yuuma turned his head while blushing as he had a bit of a crush on Mirai but always had trouble trying to find ways of telling her how he feels so for now, it's been a one sided crush.

Sekai: I know sis! I know! But what can we do until we find out more from Mr.Nils and Mr.Ral about what happened to us? What if it makes our Gunpla even smaller or we get sent into the bodies of something-

Fumina had walked up and slammed her hand down on the table while standing next to Mirai as it shook the table and the two guys as well and looked down at them with a serious expression on her face.

Fumina: Stop worrying about what might or might not happen Sekai! Aren't you the guy who's always helping push us forward and not be afraid or did being send into a Gunpla make you a coward?

Sekai-burning stands still for a moment as he then stands next to Fumina's hand looking up at her a fist held up high.


The two women smile as they look down at him while Yuuma-lightning, even though he couldn't show his facial expression's cause of the Gunpla's not having mouth's and all, he was smiling some on the inside.

Mirai: That's my little brother for you.

Before Sekai-Burning could say anything else, Gyanko quickly snatched him up and nuzzles him to her soft cheek with a large smile on her face as she took the chance while everyone had their guards down to grab him and move back some.

Gyanko: That's the burning spirit of the Sekai i know and love! Hmhmhmhmhmhm!

Fumina: Ack! Put him down Gyanko! Give him back!

As fumina began to chase Gyanko, Keiko was able to sneak Sekai-burning out of Gyanko's hands as she ran and placed him back on the table as both Keiko and Mahiru sigh a little.

Mahiru: Sorry about how she does that a lot.

Mirai: It's alright. it's just her way of showing that she care's about him a lot.

Mirai said to Mahiru with a soft smile while the five of them watch Fumina chase Gyanko around the room.

In one of the other room's though, Ral and Nils were looking at the chart's from the examine's of Sekai's and Yuuma's bodies as it did cause the two of them to have very serious expressions on their faces.

Ral: What does this all mean Nils?

Nils: It seem's that the two of them have been exposed to raw Plavsky particles that is coursing through their bodies. The amount of energy in the Gunpla as well is matching. In short, the energy is making the two of them dream into the Gunpla so their bodies are asleep. However........

Ral: When someone says that, it's never a good thing.

Nils: The Energy is building up even more and gathering the new particles as well through their Gunpla. At the rate this build up is going, i'd say it'd be about 2 weeks before their conscoiusness goes back to their bodies.......and remain in a coma. It's just a guess right now but with how the old particles are, they might even have a worse effect on their bodies.

Ral: Then we must hurry and find a solution. If only Reiji was still here.

After a few hours had passed since the teams had gotten to the lab, Nils had both Sekai-Burning and Yuuma-Lightning going through a battle simulation together while monitoring their bodies to see if any of the combat was reflecting from the Gunpla to their bodies. So far there was no change to the bodies even after 20 minutes of straight fighting between the two of them in a rough terrain battlefield.

Nils: Okay, You two can take a small break. We gathered a good amount of data.

The two of them soon let out a sigh and sit down on the grouns as Sekai-burning leans back a little looking up at the even higher ceiling thanks to the size difference.

Sekai-Burning: I didn't expect the two of us to go for 20 minutes straight. The only good thing that's come out of this is the fact we aren't hungry or anything.

Yuuma-Lightning: Not needing rest, food, water, or anything we would normally require as human's don't apply to gunpla.

A large shadow soon looms over the two of them as it was Fumina as she looks down at them with a hand on her hip and using her other hand to rub the back of her head.

Fumina: You two are starting to get too used to this whole situation. Then again, we have had some time to cool down and get everyone to think better.

Sekai-Burning: Yeah. I don't think Gyanko will be coming at us for a little after all that running she did.

Yuuma-lightning: All of that chaos was a bit too much for everyone. At least all that running around tired everyone out.

The three of them laugh together a little. Even though the two were still in the bodies of their gunpla, it was like they were in their human bodies and laughing together with Fumina like before as they would enjoy moment's like this before great battles and tournaments.

Ral watches from the side as he didn't want to bother the three of them knowing they were relaxed. He soon heads over to the next room to talk with Nils about the results of the tests for the two.

Ral: How is it Nils?

Nils: It's just as we thought. Any fatigue that would normally rise along with any feeling of hunger or thirst doesn't show up at all. Even as they remain in their gunpla, they don't need even need sleep. But the main worry is that even with all those tests, it has heated up the particles inside the two gunpla.

Ral: What does that mean?

Nils: Heated Plavsky Particles give off a dangerous amount of energy and with these being the old ones, the more energy they have, the more danger of them exploding and doing severe damage to the gunpla as we don't know the results of the damage to their bodies as well.

Ral: Anyway to cool it down?

Nils: Yes. By having them rest, it helps cool off the heated particles but from these tests, they would need 5 hours of rest meaning if they wanted to try and do gunpla battles as they are, it would be too dangerous.

Ral: Hmmm.........This is all the research you have on the particles, even after the time when Reiji was here?

Nils: Yes. If Reiji was able to stay a bit longer, then we'd have a even greater breakthrough. But there is one thing i did figure out.

Ral: What would that be?

Nils: You saw how Reiji and the others went to his world correct?

Ral: Yeah.

Nils: With the flow of dimensions and space time, i can figure that even though 7 years have passed here, it would only be at least minimum of 7 days or 7 weeks that passed to Reiji.

Ral: !!!!! Are you serious!? With that kind of information, we could.......I see. Anyone would want to use it to obtain eternal youth or immortality. That is something no one here should consider. It wouldn't turn out well.

Nils: We all learn from even stories about those who have immortality that becomes a great burden on anyone, even if it's two people or more. Some could go insane, some could just give up, some would simply would try to find a way to perish. It's a evergoing list that always spells trouble.

Ral: Yeah. But i don't think anyone would want to try and use the particles for something like that. There's something more.

The two continued to ponder what they could consider different outcome's for the reason of the particles acting up but as they did, the alarms for the lab soon sound as it means one thing, Intruders.

Ral: The alarm!?

Nils: Intruders here!?

Everyone was soon on high alert causing all personal to scramble looking for the intruders as team try fighters were ready to move out only to be stopped by a couple of the guards that was assigned to watch over them.

The alarms continued to sound for several minutes as all the guards still couldn't find the intruder in any of the main rooms or main labs where the valuable items were kept. It confused everyone for a moment but in the room where Sekai-burning and Yuuma-lightning are, a large shadow soon sneaks up on them as they turn around only to jump back in shock.

Before them was a large Zaku Amazing, a Zaku that stands at least 5 to 6 times the size of a regular gunpla as it would be able to grab and hold a gunpla in it's hand but this one was much bigger as it was human size and staring right at Fumina as she takes a step back shocked by this.



The zaku amazing balls up it's hand to make a fist and begins to throw a hard punch, aimed at Fumina as it was filled with intent to injure her.


Before the punch landed, someone tackle's Fumina out of the way and to the ground. Fumina managed to get a look at who saved her as it was a young woman with long silver hair with a soft silver hat and blue eyes as she had on long white gloves, long white boots, deep blue leggings, and a white and silver coat on as she sighs some rolling herself and Fumina to the side to get them out of the way to stand back up.

Fumina: Thanks for the save. Just who are you?

????: I'll explain in a moment. We have this to deal with.

The two girl's and the two gunpla guys take a small defensive stance as they waited for the Zaku amazing to make another move but just as it was about to do so, smoke begins to form and come from the Zaku's neck and then arms as it soon fell to it's knees and then to the side as a small short circuit and pop was heard.

Flying up from the back of it was a gunpla as well but this one was different as it was a gundam, a beginning gundam that was normally used for those who were starting out with building gunpla and easy to use in battle as well. It turns to face the others and soon lands infront of Sekai-burning and Yuuma-Lightning as a voice was soon heard from it.

?????: Sorry for stealing the spotlight like that you two but i was after this guy for a while.

Sekai-burning: That voice.....You are talking the way we are meaning......

Yuuma-lightning: You are trapped inside your gunpla as well?

?????: Well, not exactly trapped, but it's a long story.

Fumina: Can we at least get you're names?

The girl next to Fumina smiled as she placed a hand to her chest looking at them to show she was relaxed and friendly.

????: My name is Aila Jyrkiäinen. But please, Just call me Aila. And the one in the gunpla is-

Before Aila could finish, running into the room was Nils and Ral together after making sure everyone else was alright.

Nils: Is everyone safe in......!!!! AILA!? IS THAT YOU!?

Aila: Do i know you?

Ral: Aila, how are you-

Aila: It's nice to meet you again Mr.Ral.

Ral: Then that means........

Both Ral and Nils looks over at the beginning gundam that was standing next to Sekai-burning and Yuuma-lightning as it holds a hand up with a V for victory as it was rather carefree.

?????: That's right! In this beginning gundam gunpla is none other then......Reiji! It's good to see you after a while Mr.Ral.

Ral: REIJI!?

With both Nils and Ral in shock at what they just witnessed, seeing Aila again, who hadn't aged a day since she left with Reiji, and Reiji in the same situation as Yuuma and Sekai, questions come up as to what had happened but thankfully, they might be able to get some answers as well and even some as to how to get Sekai and Yuuma back to normal.

To be continued...