Priscilla's Tiny Date


NOTE from author: The settings of this story are based on the anime series of Calimero from the early 90's. As such, Calimero is wearing his red vest, Pierrot has his red cap and blue jacket, and the characters Suzy and Rosita also appears in the story.

The story begins with a view of the city, fading into a screen of the cafeteria where Priscilla, the girlfriend of Calimero, sits at one of the tables outside with two ice creams she's just ordered, reserving one for her boyfriend.

"I can't wait to taste this new ice cream with Calimero. I suppose he should be here in any moment soon." Priscilla says to herself as she waits for Calimero. After waiting for a few minutes she starts to grow a bit impatient.

"Oh... Where is he? I thought he would've turned up now. I better start eating on my ice cream before it drips onto the table." she said and starts eating on her ice cream.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in town, Calimero is strolling around in his own time and leisure. He is thinking about what to get for Priscilla when they meet at the cafeteria.

"I'm looking forward to our day out together. I better bring something with me that Priscilla will appreciate. But what is that going to be?" wondered Calimero.

He continues to wander across the town thinking of something to get for his girlfriend. He eventually stops outside a flower shop. This get his mind going.

"Hm. I think I know what to get for her!" Calimero said and immediately rushes into the shop to buy flowers for Priscilla.

Back at the cafeteria, Priscilla is still waiting for Calimero's arrival.

"Aaw... I maybe shouldn't have had eaten both my and Calimero's ice creams. But since they tend to melt if left in the sun for too long I just had to." She said and orders two new ice creams. She looks at the clock on the wall of the cafeteria and begins to wonder when Calimero will come.

"Hm... I wonder when Calimero will arrive. I better hope he hasn't forgotten about our date now." said Priscilla and keeps waiting for him.

Over to Calimero, he is now in the flower shop trying to find the perfect flowers for his girlfriend. It is easier said than done, since there usually is a lot of flowers to choose between.

"Aw. Choosing the right flowers isn't the easiest thing in the world. I'll keep looking around until I find the right ones." Calimero said and keeps looking around the shop. He first sees some blue flowers, but he doesn't find them to be the right choice so he keeps looking. After going through almost the entire shop he then encounters an rather unusual set of flowers.

"Hm. These flowers do seem very strange. The flowers themselves seem to have the shape of a bluebell, but their color is yellow instead of blue... I'll pick one of them up and take a little sniff anyway. Maybe these could be the right choice!" he said and picked up one of the strange flowers to feel its scent. The moment he picked it up a red-pinkish cloud is being emitted from it, causing Calimero to sneeze and fly into a plant pot, almost knocking it down.

"Ouch! Those were some pretty BAD flowers. And that scent, it still lingers in my nose... oh well, let's look for a better set of flowers." Said Calimero and moves on to look for something else. After having looked through every single corner Calimero finally finds something interesting.

"It really took quite some time, but here they are now right in front of me! Hm.. which flowers should I choose?" Said Calimero and takes a moment to make his decision. At first he is about to choose some red roses, but then his eyes turn towards a pot of pink tulips.

"Naw, red roses are too common. Pink tulips should be the way to go!" he said and asks the shop owner that he wants to buy a bouquet of pink tulips. Outside the shop again, Calimero is now walking out of the store with the bouquet of tulips in his hand.

"Sniff sniff... I still feel that weird and irritating scent in my nose. It should've gone away by now... anyway, I better head to the cafeteria now. Priscilla must be sitting there waiting for me now." he said and starts making his way to the cafeteria.

Over at the Cafeteria, Priscilla is growing tired of waiting for her boyfriend, almost stuffed by all the ice creams she have been eating.

"Ooh... when is Calimero thinking about coming?? I've eaten so many ice creams there's barely room for any more now." said Priscilla and orders one new ice cream and puts it on Calimero side where he will be sitting. She keeps waiting for him, and time is still ticking.

"Hrm... no matter how long I wait for Calimero, he still don't seem to show up! I'll wait for him some more. If he hasn't appeared by then, then I'll be walking my way home." Priscilla said and stays at the table for some more time.

Meanwhile, Calimero is now walking across town, feeling proud over the present he has just bought for Priscilla.

"I think Priscilla will appreciate these flowers. I also can't wait to taste the new ice cream they just got at the cafeteria." he said as he keeps walking on at his own pace. Just then he hears the church bells ring. He looks up at the clock on the church tower, and realizes he's going to be late if he doesn't hurry up.

"Oh no, I'm going to be late! I better scurry off to the cafeteria as fast as possible!" Calimero said and began to ran off. As he runs he suddenly trips over.

"Ouch! What was it that made me fall to the ground?" he said and takes a moment to look at things around him, and notices that something's not quite right.

"Hm...? When was this world starting to grow?" He said and gets back up on his feet. After he gets up on his feet again he notices that the world seems to be getting bigger and bigger. He then takes a good look at himself and the environment, and realizes it isn't the world that is getting big.

"It... i-it's me that's shrinking!? B-but how is it... how did I come to start shrink in size like this? Hm... let's see. I was in the flower shop earlier this day on my way to the cafeteria to buy a gift for Priscilla. While I was looking for the right type of flowers I came across a set of flowers that looked like bluebells, but had a yellow tone to them, which is quite unusual... When I picked one of them up it released a smoke right in front of me that made me sneeze.. maybe that smoke has something to do with my shrinking! Even so, I still can't be sure about it."

As Calimero kept thinking to himself he starts to notice himself shrinking even more. With no further reason to just stand around waiting for himself to shrink down to nothing, Calimero started to run off as fast he could to get to his date on time, and also to get Priscilla's help. As he keep on running the bouquet of tulips he bought is becoming tougher for him to carry for each shrinking spurt.

"Gnn.. the flowers are getting hard for me to carry! No matter, I have to get to the cafeteria in time, because I promised Priscilla to not be late!" Calimero said and keeps hurrying himself on.

Back at the cafeteria again, Priscilla is still waiting for her boyfriend's arrival, and are about to fall asleep on the table.

"Yaawn... Calimero is usually not this late, but this time he might be getting the record for being the slowest guy on earth. Despite that, I still love him as a friend." she said and starts to eat on his ice cream to prevent it from dripping onto the table.

A bit away from the cafeteria, Calimero is running with all his speed to meet his date while he's still shrinking. As he runs across the road where the cars are driving one of the drivers is freaking out over the sight of a bunch of flowers moving across the road on their own, casuing him to drive offroad and crash into the wall of a building.

"Ops, sorry about that!!" Calimero yells out to the driver that crashed his car and continues to run.

The next incident seems to involve Pierrot and Suzy, who is having a conversation as they walk.

"Hey Suzy?" Pierrot asked her.

"Yes Pierrot?" she asked him back.

"You've heard of the new type of ice cream at the cafeteria? I've heard it is supposed to taste awesome. Even better than the usual they tend to serve." said Pierrot.

"Oh, yes. I definitely heard of it. I can't wait to taste it myself!" Suzy responded back to him.

"Hm... who knows. Maybe our date today could take place there." Pierrot said to himself.

"Ah, keep on dreaming Pierrot. We may be in love with each other, but we're still too young for any love affairs." Said Suzy.

While Pierrot and Suzy are conversating with each other Calimero is about to run past them, but as he does he accidentally hits Pierrot with his tulips, causing Pierrot to spin.

"Oh, sorry guys!! I've got no time to chat, Priscilla is waiting for me!!" Calimero called out to them as he keeps on running.

While Pierrot is spinning around like a tornado, Suzy also gets caught by him, and now they're both spinning. After a while of spinning it finally comes to a stop, and Pierrot and Suzy are now walking around dizzy. They end up bumping into each other with their lips meeting. After this implied kissing scenario between them they pull themselves away from each other.

"Hrm.. Pierrot, did you just kiss me?!" Suzy asked him.

"Hm... good question. I thought I felt someone kissing me as well. Was that you??" Pierrot asked her back. He then gets slapped on the chin by Suzy, with Suzy thinking he is trying to kiss her without her consent and knowledge.

"Pierrot. Don't you even think about kissing me when I'm unaware of it, and not even having asked for it!" Suzy tells him off. Pierrot, confused, looks at the audience while shrugging his shoulders.

Meanwhile, over to Calimero who now has shrunk down to the size of a tiny doll, is now running across the road while avoiding all the cars. After getting past the cars only thing he has to do now is to get to the cafeteria where Priscilla is waiting, but it proves to be difficult, since the tulips always gets thrown from his grip by the wind.

"Hey, come back here!" Calimero said and rushes to get back the flowers. After getting them back for the tenth time he is seen struggling against the wind on his way to the cafeteria.

"Hnn..!! If it weren't for the wind and my now small size, I would of have made it there by now!" he said and keeps on moving.

Outside at the cafeteria, Priscilla is now sitting at the table with a sad look on her face, thinking Calimero has forgotten all about their date.

"Sigh... I'm waiting and waiting, and yet Calimero is not coming. Has he forgotten about our date? I doubt it to be the case, but..." at that moment she is interrupted when she suddenly hears Calimero calling out to her.

"Hunh..? Is that Calimero I hear?" she asked herself and looks around to see where the voice is coming from.

"Hm. I'm sure I heard him, but I can't see him."said Priscilla and starts to brush it off as a imagination.

At the same time Calimero finally arrives, almost exhausted by all the running. He sees Priscilla sitting on the table and calls out to her.

"Hey, Priscilla!!" he called to her. He sees no response from her so he calls out to her again a few times.

"Priscilla, I'm down here! Please look down!!" he called to her. Still seeing no response, Calimero decides to climb up to the table to get Priscilla's attention. After getting up on the table he waves his arms at her to get her to notice him. Despite his best attempts Priscilla still doesn't notice him.

"Hm. There has to be some way to get her attention..." Calimero thought to himself. While he tries to think of something Priscilla spots some flowers lying on the ground and picks them up.

"Hm..? Where'd these flowers come from? Either way, they seem to be the type of flowers that I love the most to get! Still, it is a bit strange they just suddenly popped out of nowhere. Maybe someone's dropped them perhaps?" she said and decides to take a last look around her incase she can spot Calimero somewhere.

Just then she feels something pulling her arm. It is Calimero who is trying to get Priscilla's attention, to little avail. She looks down on the table and spots Calimero pulling on her, but she doesn't know that it is him and thinks it's some bug.

"Aah, a wasp!!" She screamed in surprise and starts to hit Calimero with the flowers he just bought her. The view still focuses on Priscilla as she keeps hitting the thing she thinks is a wasp. Getting tired of all the whipping she stops for a while to take a closer look at the bug, and is shocked to find out that it is not a bug.

"Oh no! W-w-was that Calimero I just hit?!! I'm so sorry Calimero! I thought you were a small wasp! I hope I didn't harm you or anything!" she said, worried about her boyfriend's condition.

"Ouch... I-I'm fine, Priscilla. I'm just glad you finally saw me now." Calimero responded to her, still seeing stars around him. Priscilla picks him up and tries to comfort him.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you Calimero. I just didn't see it was you, that was all." said Priscilla and hugged him a little to make him feel better.

"I'm ok Priscilla." he told her. "I was just trying to get your attention while you appeared to be drifted away in your thoughts."

"That's alright, Calimero. Anyway, can you tell me how you came to be this small?" She asked him.

Calimero then tells her of his story, and after hearing of his recent misfortune she then responds "Well, sorry to hear about this happening to you. But you know, I kinda like you more at your new size. I wish I could just keep you the way you are and carry you with me wherever I go! *giggles*"

Calimero, however, is not too keen on this idea and tells her of his reasons.

"I understand, Calimero. There is a big world out there, and with you at such a tiny size at the moment, who knows what could happen to you if you weren't with me at all times." Priscilla said and pets him some more.

"But as long as you're with me nothing bad will be happening to you. Well, apart from that thing that happened just a moment ago.." She said while feeling anger at herself for hitting her best friend.

"I know. But done has been done, and you simply didn't know it was me. It is best that we get over this incident now and just focus on our date, right?" Calimero said to her.

"Thank you Calimero. You're the best friend I've ever known for decades." She answered him.

"Oh, yeah. I also brought a little present for you... but I suppose it has gotten kind of ruined by now..." Calimero said and pointed to the bouquet of flowers besides her.

"Oh, those were for me? Gosh... I-i don't know what to say about this Calimero... Um.. thanks for the flowers. They were a really beautiful choice of yours." Priscilla said and starts to shed a few tears.

"Aw, please don't cry." Calimero tried to console her. "It wasn't your fault. Accidents do happen. It just can't be avoided I guess."

"Thanks for your kind words, Cali. I promise we will find a way to grow you back to normal again tomorrow... Oh, here comes the ice cream!" Priscilla said and makes room on the table for the bartender to put the ice cream on.

"Thank you." she told the bartender as he puts the ice cream on the table. He then asks her how she can have room for so many ice creams.

"Well, I guess my belly is like a bottomless pit. We all have something like that, don't we?" she told him. Confused, the bartender walks back in.

"Who's the ice cream for?" Calimero asked Priscilla.

"It's for you." she said to him.

"But why didn't you get any for yourself?" Calimero asked her again.

"Well, while I was waiting for you to come I had to finish off my ice cream. The more I waited the more ice creams I started to eat to prevent anything from dripping onto the table." she said as she watches Calimero climb up onto the ice cream. He is about to tug in on it, but finds it difficult due to the size difference.

"You need any help Calimero?" Priscilla asked him.

"No thanks, I think I can handle it..." he answered, but then falls head first into the ice cream.

"Sigh... Don't worry, I'll get you out of there." she said and picked him up from the glass.

"The glass is simply too big for you. I'll have to think of a solution..." Priscilla looked around the table and spots a small glass she sipped some lemonade on earlier while she was waiting for Calimero. She takes some of the ice cream from the bigger glass and puts it in the smaller glass, and keeps the straw for Calimero to sip on the ice cream.

"Here, Calimero. Have this glass instead." she said and puts the small glass right next to him.

"Thanks, Priscilla. Suppose I'll need to accept your assistance, since I realize that my now small size could limit me in some areas." he said and starts sipping on his ice cream.

"You are welcome." she responded back to him. She then keeps watching down at him as he sips on his ice cream, letting out a small sigh as she thinks over how their date will be like no other day that has come before.

Later, Priscilla is walking with Calimero in the sunset. She repeatedly asks him if he is sure he can move on his own despite the dangers around.

"I know I have asked you many times already, but are you sure you don't want me to hold you in my hands as we walk?" she asked Calimero.

"Yes, I'm sure. I don't think anything bad will happen right now." he answered her.

"Oh, alright then. It's your choice... say, how are you finding our date so far? I mean, despite our size differences and what happened earlier, I find this to be a day like no other. Don't you think so as well?" she asked.

"Well, to me it doesn't matter. I 'll always find it a pleasure to be together with you, even more so when the others aren't with us." he said to her.

"So, after all these years, I figure I'd ask you something... do you actually love me? I know you like me as a friend, but..." she said.

"I'm not hesitating to give you the answer, so... yes Priscilla, I do love you!" said Calimero. Priscilla is so touched to hear his straight response that she blushes, and picks him up to give him a small kiss. She then puts him down again and they continue on.

At a later time we now see Priscilla sitting together with Calimero at the beach watching the sunset.

"Aw Calimero. Isn't this beautiful? You and me on the beach together while looking at the sunset. Don't you think so as well?" Priscilla asked him.

"I agree." said Calimero. "There's nothing else that can be more romantic than watching the sunset together."

"Of all the adventures we've had together, do you think it has brought us two closer together than ever before? I think it has. But what would your view be about it?" she asked him.

"A little bit hard to say... we usually aren't seen being together like this in any official Calimero series, especially now that I'm shrunk like this." Calimero answered.

"I know, but your tiny size I think makes it feel even more special to me. I doubt we'll ever get married later on in our lives, but if that happens, would you be happy about it?" asked Priscilla.

"Again, it is hard for me to know at the moment. I don't think the Pegot family would like to see us getting married in public, but what do I know? Maybe things could change?" Calimero said, running out of answers about the current topic they're discussing.

"Hm. Maybe you are right. It was just a little thought that occurred to me... Let's put it aside and talk about something else now, shall we?" she said.

"Alright." Calimero said.

"So... You and I have been part of the Green Team for a very long time now, investigating and solving various crimes going on around in the city. Have I been a great help to the group since I joined?" She asked Calimero.

"I think you have contributed quite a lot of help to us, even taking the opportunity to do reports about all the places we visit and the discoveries we make there." responded Calimero.

"Ok. Even if I weren't there, would you guys have managed to do it without me?" she asked.

"Hm... most of the tasks we would have been able to undertake on our own, but there has been cases where your involvement has been quite valuable to us. We would be sad to see you leave one day. Are you even thinking about leaving the Green Team anytime soon?" he asked her with concern.

"No way! I wouldn't ever go without you. Solving crimes and so on with my friends is my most favorite thing to do. As long as you decide to stay, I will be there as well!" Priscilla said.

"Alright. Good to know you still want to stay with us." Calimero said.

Priscilla and Calimero stays at the beach for a bit longer until night starts to fall over the sky, at which point they decide to head back to the Green Team's headquarters to prepare for sleep. On their way back Priscilla notices that Calimero's fallen asleep in the palm of her hands.

"Hm, he's asleep. Guess I better not wake him up then... Have to admit that I kinda like it, actually. I usually don't get to hold Calimero in my hands like this. *Sigh...* I wish this moment would be lasting forever... anyhow, Calimero doesn't want to stay small, and I have to accept this fact. Tomorrow we will look for a way to get him back to normal again." Priscilla said to herself as they headed back to their headquarters.

The next morning, in the headquarters of the Green Team, each of the members are going on with their usual businesses. Valeriano is polishing the lens of his video camera, Pierrot is watching on the television, Suzy is reading on one of her magazines, and Rosita is with Valeriano. As for the current location of the Green Team's headquarters, it is now in an abandoned apartment of a 7-levels high skyscraper. All the members also have their own bedrooms, except Pierrot who sleeps on the couch.

"You are really caring of your own video camera, Valeriano." Rosita said to him.

"I know, Rosita. But if I were to be at the forefront filming a crime scene then it wouldn't be nice to have a dirty lens." Valeriano told her.

"So, what will we be solving or investigating today, Valeriano?" Pierrot asked him while having his eyes on the TV watching videos of his past adventures with the Green Team.

"I have no idea yet. We haven't even heard of anything on the TV for weeks." Valeriano answered Pierrot.

"Ah well, was just wondering." Pierrot said and ate some more on his bowl of popcorn.

"Hm.. They sure have such a taste for fashion these days. I might as well buy that nightgown for myself when I come across their clothes store the next time we go to town." Suzy said while flipping through the pages of one of her fashion magazines.

"Well yeah, I'm sure they do. But why would you need a new nightgown? Ain't the one you already have enough?" Pierrot asked her.

"Well.. it's getting a bit weared out you know, and it is so typically out of style by now." said Suzy.

"But... but the one you have now you just bought a few months ago!" said Pierrot.

"Not my problem. I'm gonna get me a new nightgown soon anyway. To do that though I need some money." she said and takes a look at Pierrot's pockets.

"W-what...? Y-you're not gonna steal my wallet for this, are you??" Pierrot asked her in shock.

"Exactly." She said and takes Pierrot's wallet out of his pocket, taking the little money he has left.

"Thank you." she said and gives the wallet back to him.

"Aw schucks. There goes the money for the next videogame I was gonna buy..." Pierrot said to himself and puts the wallet in his pocket again. Just then Priscilla enters the living room with Calimero in her palm.

"Hi guys. What are you doing?" she asked them.

"Oh, I'm cleaning the lens on my camera." said Valeriano and takes notice the tiny Calimero she is holding in her hands.

"Uh, Priscilla... What happened to Calimero?!" he asked her.

"Um... as you guys can see, he has been shrunk." she answered.

"But how did it happen?" Rosita asked.

"Well, guess I'll have to tell you guys the story Calimero told me yesterday.." Priscilla said and began to explain the story to the others. They're all in shock after hearing how Calimero came to shrink.

"So, if we understand correctly, Calimero was just in a flower shop to buy you some flowers, and while in there he spotted an set of strange flowers, and as soon as he picked one up the flower did something that made him sneeze, and after that he came to gradually start shrinking in size... hm... talk about veery unusual." said Valeriano as he kept processing the information.

"So, should we find a way to grow him back?" Pierrot asked.

"I think we should find a way to grow Calimero back to normal, otherwise he will stay in this shrunken state for a long time to come, maybe with no way to revert it even." said Valeriano.

"But how are we gonna return him to normal again?" Suzy asked.

"Well, that's the question... Valeriano, do you have any idea?" Priscilla asked him.

"Let me think for a moment... hah, got it!" he said as he snapped his fingers.

"You do?" asked Calimero.

"Yeah. You know the chemistry set you guys gave me as a birthday present on my birthday last year?" Valeriano said.

"Yes?" asked Rosita.

"Well, to be honest, I never used it. In fact, I haven't even opened it up, since my knowledge of chemistry was rather limited, and I wanted to stay focused on skateboarding, and my filming with my camera." he said.

"Valeriano...!" Rosita said with disappointment.

"Yeah yeah, I know. But now I think it can be useful for something! I'm in no way claiming myself to be a expert in science or chemistry, and I'd rather wanna stay with my crime scene filming, but it won't hurt to try I guess." said Valeriano. Everyone on the team agrees with him, but Priscilla is concerned.

"I don't feel so sure about it. What if it all goes wrong, and something bad ends up happening to Calimero?" she said, worried about the safety of her boyfriend.

"Aw, Priscilla. While I can't promise that anything terrible won't happen to him, I'll assure you that we WILL find a way to grow him back to normal again." Valeriano said and comforted her.

"Now, let's go into my room and find a cure for Calimero guys." said Valeriano with determination, with everyone agreeing, and they immediately get to work.

Later in Valeriano's bedroom, he now has pulled out the chemistry package set and opened it up. Before starting he looks around for any kind of instructions that could possibly have been included with the chemistry set.

"Hm... uh oh." said Valeriano.

"What's wrong?" Rosita said.

"Er... i-it appears there were no instructions included with this kit!" he said.

"What?!!" said everyone behind him.

"That's not a good thing, really. I was hoping to be able to learn a little before getting to work... Anyway, I suppose we have to make assumptions and experiments. In some way we could make a cure for Calimero." he said.

"Well, let's hope that it will all pay off in the end." said Calimero.

"Ok. Rosita, can you go out to the fridge and get a pair of onions and some carrots?" he asked Rosita.

"Ok." Rosita said and goes to get the things Valeriano asks for.

"Priscilla and Suzy, could you girls bring me some orange juice and red beets?" he asked them.

"Sure." said Priscilla and Suzy and goes out to get the juice and red beets.

"Hm. Pierrot, would you please go and get me an ice cream?" he asked Pierrot.

"Um, excuse me, but why do you need an ice cream? What are you gonna use it for in your experiment??" he asked Valeriano in confusion.

"It's not for the experiment, I just want to have an ice cream. Would you be nice and go and get one for me?" he asked Pierrot again.

"Oh, so you just want to eat an ice cream, hunh? Well, tell you what. Go and get it yourself you lazy chick. I'm NOT gonna do any of your biddings, this one being one of your most silliest requests to ever grace my ears!" Pierrot refused.

"Pierrot, go and get me an ice cream NOW!" Valeriano demanded him. Pierrot reluctantly walked out to the kitchen to fetch an ice cream for him while muttering to himself.

"I heard that Pierrot!" Valeriano said to him.

"Grr... yeah, whatever. If you so want that precious ice cream of yours!" said Pierrot and walks out.

After all the ingredients have been brought to the table it is time to prepare them.

"Ok, I'll start with the onions." Valeriano said and began to chop on one of the onions, but the tears soon starts flowing down his face while he's chopping the onions.

"*sobs* oh gawd... I really hate it when this happens!" said Valeriano as the tears keep on coming.

"I'll go and get some tissues!" Rosita said and goes out to get tissues for him.

After having chopped the onions, the carrots, and the red beets he then turns back to the chemistry table to mess some more with the chemicals.

"Alright, let's see. I'll take the red one and the green one.." said Valeriano and mixed with the red and green chemicals. He then resumes preparing the ingredients, and puts them all in a mixer.

"There... The juice jug please?" Valeriano asked Priscilla and Rosita to bring the jug to him. He then pours all the juice in the mixer and turns it on. After it has all been mixed he then pours it back into the juice jug. He takes one of the chemical bottles that he had finished blending and is about to drip a small bit into the drink.

"Alright. Here goes..." Valeriano said and drips the chemical into the jug. He then turns his head away with his eyes closed following a reaction from the chemical colliding with the drink in the jug. Fortunately, nothing else seem to happen though.

"Phew... Alright, only thing needed to do is to blend the chemical with the rest of the drink." he said and takes a spoon and blends everything together. After having finished blending everything in the jug it is time to test the new drink he's made.

"Alright, now I need a volunteer to test it for me. Rosita?" he pointed at her.

"Ok." Rosita said and has a go at trying the new drink. At first she can't feel anything different, but after a few seconds she feels it rushing through her stomach.

"Err, guys. I.. I have to go. See ya later!" Rosita said and rushes off to the bathroom.

"Heh. I guess Rosita's probably going to do number 1." Pierrot said.

"Pierrot!!" the others quickly hush him.

"What?? I wasn't even talking about that other thing!" Pierrot said and resumes reading on his book.

"Hm. My first failure so far... I'll make a new attempt, and I hope to get it right now." said Valeriano and goes back to the chemistry table to blend together a new cure. After some labouring Valeriano soon finishes his second attempt.

"Ok, this time it should be working. Anyone else who'd like to try?" he asked.

"I-I don't think I want to..." Suzy refused. But then decides to try it. She takes a sip of the drink and touches her belly to feel if it has any effect on her. She doesn't feel anything though.

"Hm. Weird. I don't feel anything." Suzy said to herself.

She takes off her glasses and goes to a mirror to look at herself without having her glasses on.

"My... I-I can't believe it! I'm able to see myself in the mirror without having to wear any silly glasses! Yipee!!" Suzy screams excitedly and runs all across the apartment to have a look at other things with her own eyes.

"Hm. I'm not exactly satisfied with my current attempt. But at least something good seems to have come out of it. I think this new cure could help many people who has problems with seeing things!" Valeriano said to himself with a slight smile on his face. Just after saying that however a crash is heard from the living room. They all rush out to see what happened, and sees that Suzy has fallen down on the floor.

"Oh no. It looks like Suzy's lost her eyesight again!" said Priscilla.

"Sigh... I'll just go back into my room and make a third attempt in making a cure." Valeriano sighed and goes back in to mess some more at the chemistry table, with the others following him. Suzy on the other hand is left lying on the floor, looking around for her glasses.

"Um. Guys! Where are you?? Have you seen my glasses anywhere? ... guys? ... helloo!!" Suzy called out and keeps searching for her glasses.

Back inside Valeriano's room he is labouring very hard to come up with a cure for Calimero. Priscilla is standing by watching as Valeriano keeps experimenting with the chemicals.

"Don't worry Calimero, we will find a cure for you soon!" Priscilla shouted to Calimero, who is sitting a bit away from Valeriano.

"Sigh... I hope so too, Priscilla..." Calimero answered.

"Is it done yet, Valeriano?" asked Priscilla.

"All ready now, Priscilla." he said and modifies the drink once again with the new cure he's finished preparing.

"So... who will be my next patient? Maybe you?" said Valeriano and points at Pierrot, who is just sitting on the couch reading his book.

"What? ME?!!" Pierrot gasped in surprise.

"Yes, you!" Valeriano said once more.

"Ooh no. Forget it. I'm not gonna be your little test rabbit!!" Pierrot began protesting.

"Come on now, Pierrot. It's just a little drink!" Valeriano said and began to push Pierrot into trying the drink.

"No way! I'm NOT gonna try it! You try it yourself." Pierrot kept protesting.

"Seriously. You have to test it, otherwise none of us will know if the new cure works!" said Valeriano.

"I'm still not going to do it anyway!" Pierrot said while crossing his arms.

"Grr... just have a go at tasting it now so we can get this over with!" Valeriano began pushing him even more.

"No!!" Pierrot shouted.

This goes on for a little while, and after much arguing Valeriano eventually comes on top of Pierrot.

"Pierrot, you better try the drink now, or else!" Valeriano demanded Pierrot.

"Pierrot, it's better if you do as Valeriano says! You have to try the drink now. Besides, he picked you straight away, so now it is your turn." Priscilla told Pierrot.

"Aah... ok then, fine, I'll do it." Pierrot said and has a go at trying the drink. After taking a clunk of it he then starts to shrink down in size, stopping at the exact same height Calimero is at.

"Pfft... looks like it is your turn now to be small as well!" Calimero said as he began to burst out in laughter at Pierrot's situation.

"Hey, that's not even funny!! Valeriano, I want you to turn me back to normal again, now!" Pierrot shouted out to him.

"Not right now Pierrot. I'm still in the middle of finding a cure for Calimero!" said Valeriano and goes back to the chemistry table to experiment some more. Just then Suzy returns after having finally found her glasses again.

"Hi guys. What's up?" Suzy asked the others, but then sees the now shrunken Pierrot on the floor.

"Say, whatever happened to you Pierrot?" she asked him as she bent down to have a closer look at him.

"Well, ask that green guy over at the table there. I tried his new drink, and now look what has happened to me." Pierrot said.

"Well, look on the bright side. At least now you're getting to spend your time with me, and you'll be with me wherever I go." Suzy said and picks him up. She then heads out with Pierrot in her hands to sit down at the living room together with him. Just after Suzy has leaved the room Rosita then comes into the room again.

"Hi guys. Sorry I took so long. Have you found any cure for Calimero's little size problem yet, Valeriano?" she asked him.

"I'm still doing some tests Rosita. We've made three attempts now, and so far none of them have worked to my expectations." said Valeriano.

"What made you take so long?" Priscilla asked Rosita.

"Ah, I simply became stuck in the bathroom for longer than I had wanted, since I also came to feel some sort of sickness and throw it all up in the sink when I was about to leave." Rosita answered her.

"Ulp... There's no need to get too deep into the details now." Priscilla told Rosita.

"Alright. Sorry about that." Rosita apologized.

"Hm. When Pierrot finally tried the drink he came to shrink in size... guys, I think I finally have found the cure!" Valeriano exclaimed.

"Really?" Priscilla asked.

"Yes. You saw when Pierrot was shrinking, right?" Valeriano asked.

"Yeah?" Priscilla asked again.

"Well, I thought that rather than have the cure shrink the subject, maybe the cure could make it grow instead!" Valeriano said.

"Hey, Calimero. Did you hear that? Valeriano is finally on his way to make a cure for you!" Priscilla said to him.

"Ah, great! I'm really looking forward to be my normal-sized self again!" Calimero responded to her.

"Well, no time to waste. Let's get back to work now!" Valeriano said and quickly goes back to the chemistry table again.

Valeriano takes the "cure" he had already made and makes some modifications to it. After some more careful labouring, Valeriano then completes the latest formula. He first thinks about trying it on himself, but his body starts to shake when he is about to start sipping on the glass. He immediately stops himself from trying the drink and looks over at Priscilla.

"Uhm... Priscilla. Do you want to try it?" Valeriano asked her.

"Hm... I'm not so sure if this is really a good idea." she said with doubt.

"I think you should, Priscilla! Please, go ahead and try it." Calimero encouraged her. Priscilla is having a hard time making up her mind, but eventually agrees to try out the drink.

"Ok, I'll take a little sip. Wish me luck guys." she said and began sipping on the glass. Valeriano starts the countdown on his watch and counts the time it takes for the drink to take effect on Priscilla. After the countdown reaches zero they all wait in anticipation to see if the new cure works, but despite waiting for nearly over a minute nothing seems to be happening with Priscilla.

"W-what...? What's going on here? Why isn't anything happening to her??" Valeriano asks himself in confusion.

"I guess it didn't work even now." said Calimero.

"But... but... it's impossible! Every other attempt worked in some way or form, but why not this time?!" said Valeriano in complete disbelief.

"I don't think we'll be able to find a cure for him anytime soon..." Priscilla said, disappointed.

"B-but I... um... ah, alright then. I suppose this is it. I can already see the prospect of failure staring me in the face by now. I said I wasn't an expert in chemistry, and it has turned out to be true... I'm going out to the living room to lie down." Valeriano said and began walking out of the room in defeat. But as he was about to leave Calimero soon notices something going on with Priscilla.

"Uh, Valeriano!" Calimero shouted.

"Yes?" Valeriano asked.

"Something's happening to Priscilla!!" Calimero shouted to him again.

"What...?!" Valeriano said and rushes back in to see what's happening.

"I... I can't really believe my eyes over what I'm seeing!" Valeriano said as he gasped over the sight. The drink is apparently having an effect on Priscilla. After sitting down on her knees in pain for a moment she suddenly starts to grow. Valeriano is excited to see his latest attempt working, and prepares the cure for Calimero.

"There. Have a go at trying the drink Calimero." said Valeriano and handed him the glass.

"Thanks." said Calimero and takes a little sip of it. In just a few seconds Calimero starts to grow back to normal size again. Valeriano is overjoyed to have his pal back to normal again, and starts to hug him, with Calimero hugging him back.

"Calimero! It's great to have you back again, my friend!" Valeriano said as he kept hugging. He then finishes hugging Calimero and they let go of each other. They then look behind their backs, and sees that Priscilla has grown quite big, with her head almost reaching the roof of Valeriano's room.

"Ops... he hee... Don't worry Priscilla, I'll be quickly preparing a cure for y..." Valeriano said and is about to start making a new cure for her, but stops to look back behind him and sees the now giant Priscilla cuddling with her boyfriend.

"Oh.. Er... I suppose I better leave them where they are for now. I... I'll be going to the living room and tell the others that I finally found a cure for Calimero. You guys shout out my name if you need anything, right?" Valeriano said.

"Ok." Calimero said while being hugged by Priscilla. Valeriano then closes the door to his room as he leaves so Calimero and Priscilla can be for themselves.

"So, it looks like you are the one who will be needing a cure now!" Calimero pointed out to Priscilla.

"Yes. But let's not worry about that now. I'm happy to have you right where you are, even if you're normal-sized. I think we should just enjoy our moment together for as long as we can, and let's also consider this as our second date." said Priscilla. Calimero then hugs her back. Priscilla blushed a little as he did that and started bringing him closer to her and continues to cuddle with him.

Outside in the living room, the others are going on about their usual routines, except for Pierrot who is still shrunk. They hear from valeriano that he has finally cured Calimero from his shrunken state.

"So you finally cured Calimero now?" asked Suzy.

"Yep. It took a little while to pull it off, but now Calimero's back to normal again." Valeriano said.

"Can we come in to have a look?" Rosita asked.

"I don't think we should disturb them right now. Calimero and Priscilla probably want some time for themselves." he said.

"Well, did your latest experiment have any effect on her?" Pierrot asked Valeriano.

"Yes, it did have effect on Priscilla. In fact, she's almost taking up my entire room by now. I will be working on a cure for her later." said Valeriano.

"But what about me? I can't stay like this for the rest of my life you know!" Pierrot said.

"Well... If you do everything of everything I tell you to do for me, then maybe I'll consider turning you back to normal again." said Valeriano.

"Sigh... so, what have I got to do then?" asked Pierrot.

"Hm... for a start you could get me the TV remote." said Valeriano.

"Oh, right..." pierrot said and is about to go and get the remote.

"Oh, and don't forget to get some ice creams for us. And while you're at it, maybe you could even pick up the phone and order some food from the chinese restaurant." Valeriano said.

"Grr... Alright, I'll do as you say, 'boss'." Pierrot said sarcastically and proceeds to do all the requests.

"And don't take too long now!" said Valeriano.

"Ok, ok. I'm doing my best to hurry up!" said Pierrot and rushed off to get the TV remote for Valeriano, and also do all the other incoming requests while the other members laugh at him.