Defeat the Pretty Cure or Else


Dark Fall

Inside the main tower, Akudaikan sat on his throne in the main chamber surrounded by an ocean and a small bridge on the opposite side, on it was of the loyal servants Ms. Shitataare. She was kneeling with her head down, and devoid of her usual confidence she was also sweating as the heat continued to rise due to Akudaikan’s anger rising steadily.

It’s so hot," she thought to herself as sweat dripped down the side of her tanned face.

“Ms. Shitataare, I have given you many chances to locate the Fountain of the Sun, defeat the Pretty Cure, and recapture the Fountains of Trees, Fire, Earth, and Sky. Yet you’ve failed to accomplish any of these tasks, do you have anything to say for yourself?” Akudaikan said questioningly.

“No, I do not Lord Akudaikan” Ms. Shitataare mumbled in reply.

“Then this the end for you. Until you find the Fountain of the Sun and defeat the Pretty Cure do not show your presence again is that understood? Akudaikan said.

“Yes, Lord Akudaikan I will employ all of the power to defeat Pretty Cure” Ms. Shitataare replied, she then stood and disappeared in a swirl of water.


Land of Greenery, Yuunagi Middle School.

Saki and Mai were getting things in order as the final bell rung, signaling the end of another day at the school.

“Ready to go Saki?” Mai asked

Yes, let’s go! “Saki enthusiastically replied

The two got up and began to make their way out of the classroom, and into the hallway. After making their way outside the school and they began to walk down the hill where the school resided and towards the winding road. Once there the two began to discuss the plans they had for the upcoming weekend.

“Mai do you have any plans for the weekend?” Saki asked curiously

Well I’ve got the homework we received in class and an Art Club Project what about you Saki? Mai responded.

“I got Softball practice," Saki replied.

“Don’t forget about homework-lappi” Flappy said in his cellphone form. Suddenly he felt Saki take him out of her school uniform pocket and he found himself staring at Saki’s face.

“I know! Saki angrily shouted

“Especially that English homework that the teacher gave you," Flappy said, knowing that English was Saki’s worst subject causing, Saki sighed, dampening her mood. Seeing this Mai tried to cheer up her friend

“Cheer up Saki, I’m sure if you are in your top form like in Softball you can do it” she s

Suddenly both Flappy and Choppy began to act strangely.

“We’re sensing an evil presence-lapi/chopi” both simultaneously stated.

Saki and Mai stopped looked up to see a swirl of water appear and out of it appeared a very a familiar face, a look of surprise crossed their face.

“You’re- “Mai began

“Ms. Shitataare!” Saki finished.

“So, you’ve finally remembered my name, let’s get down to business tell me the location of the Fountain of the Sun?” Ms. Shitataare asked.

"As we'd ever tell you," Saki said

"Saki, Mai, transform-lapi," Flappy said.

Both girls looked at each other, nodded, and pulled out their Crystal Communes, a device that resembles a very skinny cellphone they each turned the top that suddenly glowed a bright green, and they waved arms in a circle.

“Dual Spiritual Power!” they both shouted.

They were surrounded by a rainbow-colored light that then fired into the sky, and the girls were flying with the wind.

“Flowers bloom on earth!” Saki said as her pink arm warmer appeared

“Flap your wings into the sky! Mai exclaimed as her pale-yellow arm warmer appeared.

Saki's hair turned bright orange and grows in length, flaring out at the shoulders and on top, which is held by a yellow headband that has a hot pink gem heart on it. She gained gold heart earrings and her attire is composed of a raspberry colored dress with white and purple fabric on the midriff, sheer green material on the collarbone, and a white collar. Her sleeves are lined by yellow frills to accent the wing-like shoulder flap, and on the chest is a crimson ribbon with a curved yellow heart gem on it. Her skirt is flower shaped with white lining and pieces of yellow fabric sticking over, over a pair of mauve bike shorts and adorned by a gold belt with a stylized heart lined in white. She also wears raspberry sleeves with white lining, ruffles, and a hot pink gem-shape on the hand. Her leg warmers are similar, accent by a hot pink gem heart and a yellow cuff, worn over dark mauve finger-less gloves. She wears mauve shoes with a lavender sole.

Meanwhile, Mai's hair grew very long and is pulled into a slightly messy ponytail held by a white band that has a bow on the side adorned by a teal gem heart. She gains blue heart earrings. Her dress is pearl yellow with large feathery sleeves that have pale indigo layers, while her skirt is shaped like a loose wing to reveal a white miniskirt with pink detail on the hem. Around her navel is a pale indigo ribbon with large feather tails. On her chest is a white ribbon with a stylized blue heart on it. She gains pearl yellow sleeves with a pink band that has white feathery fabric, and frills lining the hand, along with a teal butterfly gem. She also wears leg warmers with a feathery cuff held by a pale blue bow while pink lines the bottom with a trim of ruffles and a teal gem heart. Her shoes are pearl yellow and white.

Cure Bloom jumped down followed by Cure Egret

“The Shining Golden Flower, Cure Bloom!” she shouted

“The Sparkling Silver Wing, Cure Egret” Egret announced.

“We are Pretty Cure” they both said.

“Those who desecrate the Holy Fountains," Cure Egret said

“Stop your cruel behavior” Cure Bloom added.

The cures and Shitataare stared at each other, the latter than spoke up, and one of her arms into the sky.

“Uzaina, come forth!” Ms. Shitataare shouted.

Suddenly the ground started to shake, the cures jumped back in time to avoid getting hit by the debris as the ground broke into pieces and out came a blue dragon Uzaina made from groundwater appeared.

“Uzaina get them!” Shitataare commanded.

“Uzaina," the monster said. as it opened its mouth and began charging a ball of water, then it fired the blast at Cure Bloom and Egret.

Luckily the two managed to dodge the attack.

“Haaaah!” the Cures shouted as they charged the Uzaina, Bloom unleashed a barrage of punches on the monster while Egret aided with kicks that sent the monster flying into the air.

The two then joined hands.

“Oh, spirits of the earth” Cure Bloom said as she raised her hand and yellow energy had begun to gather

“Oh, spirits of the sky” Cure Egret said as she raised her hand into the sky and light blue energy began to gather.

“Now together with Pretty Cure” Cure Egret began.

“Release the power of a miracle” Cure Bloom finished.

“Pretty Cure Twin Stream Splash!” the two shouted simultaneously.

The two then fired the energy which, had now turned into liquid straight up into the air and it struck the Uzaina enclosing it, purifying the monster, and freeing the captured spirits from the Land of the Fountains, allowing them to return to their homeland and deposited seven Miracle Drops into Bloom’s hand. Now only Ms. Shitataare remained for the cures to deal with.

“Oh, it looks like you two are better than I thought, but now its time for the real show to begin," the villainess said.

Both the cures and Shitataare charged at each other and engaged in combat with each side throwing punches and kicks while dodging the others attacks.

“Logically you should know that your existences mean nothing to the power of Dark Fall.” Ms. Shitataare said.

Suddenly Bloom grabbed her arm.

“I don’t care about your logic” Bloom added. Then she threw Ms. Shitataare into the air towards the beach where she landed in the water with a thud.

“Go after her-lapi “Flappy said.

“The power of the spirits will guide you there- chopi” Choppy added.

The cures joined hands once again, focused the power of the spirits into their legs, then they took a step forward and jumped into the air where they flew into the air towards the beach where they landed on the sandy part of the beach. Ms. Shitataare rose from the water with a look of anger spread across her face, her fists clenched as she looked up at the Pretty Cure.

"Pretty Cure," she said in low voice.

Her anger continued to increase as she remembered Akudaikan’s words from earlier.

“PRETTY CURE!” she shouted with rage in her voice, her eyes had gone red, and a dark aura had surrounded her. Suddenly all the water in the ocean dried up and turned it into a desert meanwhile Moop and Foop sensed the dark presence and came out of the Softball bag, and watched with a look of fear was on both of their faces.

“This is what happened to the Fountain of the Water," Moop said

“Yeah” Foop agreed.

Both Bloom and Egret were shocked at what had just taken place.

The ocean” Cure Egert began

“It dried it up” Cure Bloom finished.

The water had surrounded Ms. Shitataare’s body in a cyclone, and then it quickly dispersed leaving behind a 150 foot Ms. Shitataare.

Pretty Cure this the end for you and this world, give up the location of the Fountain of the Sun, and the four spirits now and I’ll spare your lives” Ms. Shitataare boomed.

“We won’t surrender Flappy, Choppy, Moop, and Foop. Cure Bloom said

“To you” Cure Egret added.

The Cures then charged at the giant villainess and unleashed a barrage of punches on her giant body however, thanks to her newfound size they barely affected the giantess.

It's my turn now” Ms. Shitataare said.

She swung her right hand down towards the Cures who tried to use the spirits energy to create a barrier to protect themselves against her attack. However, her strength was too much for them, the barrier broke and sent the Cures flying backward all the way into a wall that separated the road from the beach. Because of the impact the cure’s bodies were battered, bruised, and they were unconscious.

“Bloom hurry get up," Flappy said

“Egret are you okay?” Choppy asked.

The cures struggled to move while Ms. Shitataare let out a boisterous laugh, then she began to walk towards where the cures were, each of her steps was shaking the ground as she walked

“With my full power we will take back all of the fountains and turned this world to ruin like the Land of the Fountains," Ms. Shitataare said.

Meanwhile, the two cures though unconscious thought about what she had said.

This world to ruin? The two cures thought about their families and friends and all their happy faces turning to sad faces. The cures than began to get up, not wanting that mental image of their families to be the last thing that they see, they rose back up to their full height.

“We won’t-“ Cure Bloom started

“Let you-“Cure Egret finished

“Make our families sad!” “Both shouted at the same time

“Let’s help Pretty Cure," Moop said

“Right!” Foop agreed

They went down to where the cures were.

“Power of the Moon," Moop said

Power of the Wind Foop added

Splash Turn!” Both shouted from inside the Splash Commune then they turned to energy shot towards Bloom and Egret their form changed again this time to the Spiral Rings as they went to Bloom’s waist and Egret’s wrist, this granted the cure’s renewed energy. They then charged at Ms. Shitataare, jumped into the air, and flew towards the giantess. Bloom landed a punch on the body of the giant villain sending her staggering backward.

“Ugh” Ms. Shitataare grunted as she regained her balance. Suddenly she looked up and saw Egret coming down from the sky towards kick that like the punch it managed to knock the giantess backward while backflipped away to join Cure Bloom. Then the cures spun the heart on the Spiral Rings and they lit up and began to charge energy.

"O Light of the Spirits Glitter of Life!" Cure Egret began

“Lead our two heart on the path of hope! Cure Bloom added

“Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash! The two shouted.

Blue and yellow liquid came from their hands, morphed into the shape of a heart the two then fired it towards Ms. Shitataare who then tried to block it with her giant left hand, leading to a clash between the two.

“Compared to the Power of Dark Fall you two are nothing!” she shouted.

“We may be nothing to you," Cure Egret said

But we mean something to people around us, and we will-” Cure Bloom added

“Use everything in our power to protect them!” they both shouted.

The two increased the power of their attack, submerging Ms. Shitataare in a blue and yellow bubble hanging over a heart.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Ms. Shitataare screamed in pain as she was purified, her body was destroyed and disappeared.

Suddenly it started to rain, causing Egret to look up into the sky.

“Rain?” She wondered in confusion

She must have returned to her original form-lapi” Flappy said.

The two then return to their civilian forms and hurried back up to the road where Saki opened up her softball bag and pulled out the Fairy Charafe and deposited the Miracle Drops into the Charafe. Suddenly a portal opened up in the sky and a strong wind started up pushing the girls towards and then through the portal.


Land of the Fountains, Fountain of the Water

The portal opened in the Land of the Fountains, Saki, Mai, Flappy, Choppy, Moop and Foop along with the Fairy Charafe managed to land safely in a desolate area of the Land of the Fountains There was a large hole in front of them with a pillar in the center of it Mai recognized where they were at.

"Saki this place is the Fountain of the Water," she said.

“Just like the Fountain of the Sky-mupu” Moop stated

“It was awful-pupu” Foop added

Then Flappy and Choppy changed from their cellphone forms to their fairy forms.

"Saki please lapi," Flappy said.

“Return the fountain to its original state, chopi” Choppy added.

"Okay," Saki said

Saki then took the Fairy Charafe, held it over the Fountain and carefully poured the Miracle Drops into the fountain where they were absorbed into the ground. At first, a small blue aura appeared before water suddenly burst out of the ground and quickly filled up the Fountain, allowing trees to grow by it, allowing the spirits to return everyone was very happy at the sight of the fountain returning to normal.

“Its all back to normal mupu," Moop said

“A nice breeze has started to blow pupu” Foop added

Then a light blue aura appeared before being replaced by the appearance of Princess Filia, Princess of the Land of the Fountains.

Princess Filia!” Both girls exclaimed.

"It's the Princess mupu," Moop said

“We finally met her pupu Foop stated

“The Fountains of Trees, Fire, Earth, Sky, and now Water has been restored thanks to you all I am grateful from the bottom of my heart," Princess Filia said.

“Oh, there’s no need for that” Saki said sheepishly

“It was because Flappy, Choppy, Moop, and Foop were able to combine their powers with ours that we were able to do this” Mai explained

“There’s just one Fountain left, lapi” Flappy said confidently

“Soon we’ll be able to live with all the spirits again, chopi” Choppy said happily

“Live together mupu/pupu” both Moop and Foop exclaimed happily

“If you can restore all of the fountains and revive the World Tree the Land of the Fountains will return to normal. However, the one seized the last Fountain has stronger powers than anyone you have face up to this point. I believe that that Dark Fall has concentrated all of their power of destruction into this warrior please be careful” Princess Filia said

All of the fairies were saddened by the princess statement. However, Saki and Mai just smiled.

"Aw, cheer up we've done our best and haven't given up so far right?" Saki said optimistically.

“If we keep hope and never give up then someday our wishes will surely be granted. Isn’t that right Princess Filia? Mai stated to the princess.

“Yes if you stay strong in spirit, then you'll surely see the light," Princess Filia said.

“Then do you think that maybe that Michiru and Kaoru- Saki began

"Will surely come back to us somehow, someday? Mai finished

"Yes, if you never give in and combine your powers I'm sure that they will find a way back to you," Princess Filia said

Then suddenly the princess disappeared.

“Princess Filia!” everyone exclaimed

Then the Fairy Charafe shot out some energy and opened another portal and everyone was pulled into it.


Land of Greenery, Ash Forest

The portal and spit everyone out in front of the Sky Tree.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that” Saki said as they recovered from the fall.

Then they both stood up and began to dust themselves off, and Saki put the Fairy Carafe back in her softball bag and Moop and Foop went in after it while Flappy and Choppy turned into their cellphone forms and went back onto the respective side of their partners' school uniform.

Saki and Mai looked up and saw that the sun was beginning to set.

"We'd better hurry home," Saki said

“Right” Mai agreed

The two then began to away from the tree out of the forest, and back on the road as they headed towards their respective homes.