The Magic School Bus Goes Massive

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by PartyMilk)

It's another bright and sunny day for elementary school, in particular for two young ladies named Dorothy Ann and Phoebe, who almost bumped into each other as they approached the school.
"Oh! Hi, Dorothy Ann." Phoebe said.
"Hey, Phoebe. Sorry, I was really caught up in studying on how plants grow so big." Dorothy Ann said.
"Haha! That adventure we had shrunken in the flower bed really rubbed off on you, didn't it?" Phoebe said.
"Mmmhmm! Once again a field trip has proven vital to my research!" Dorothy Ann said. Phoebe then looked longingly at the top of DA's head.
"Y'know, speaking of shrinking, I can't help but wonder something." Phoebe said.
"What's that, Phoebe?" Dorothy Ann asked.
"How is it that you're just a little bit taller than me? I mean… we are the same age, right?" Phoebe said.
"True, but according to my research, age isn't the only factor in determining the size of a human being." Dorothy Ann said.
"It's not? What else is there, then?" Phoebe asked.
"Well, let's see, it all starts with DNA and…" Dorothy Ann said, who talked seemingly nonstop all the way to the classroom.

Already inside the classroom were the other six students… Tim, Arnold, Wanda, Ralphie, Keesha, and Carlos. Obviously they heard part of the discussion revolving around height.
"…and that's part of the equation. Like I said, it feels like there are a zillion factors in determining a person's height." Dorothy Ann said.
"Huh? What's all this talk about height?" Keesha asked.
"Oh, it's not much. I was just asking Dorothy Ann how it is that, even though we're the same age, she's just a little bit taller than me." Phoebe said.
"Hmmm… that's a rather interesting mystery, now that I think about it." Keesha said.
"Keesha's right. I mean, we're all relatively the same age, and yet our heights differ from one to the other." Tim said.
"Hey, I got an idea! Let's all measure and see how tall we are!" Wanda said.
"Okay!" all the kids shouted.

One by one, the kids took turns measuring themselves with one kid standing against a bare wall while another used measuring tape from bottom to top. Arnold was the last kid to get measured.
"At my old school, we always measured our heights once a week." Phoebe randomly commented.
"And done! So it looks like a difference of… I would say… roughly 6-7 inches between all of us." Dorothy Ann said.
"That may not sound like a lot, but it sure adds up!" Ralphie said.
"Still, you know what this reminds me of? All those times we've shrunken in size to explore things up close and personal. Those times were pretty fun." Wanda said.
"Yeah, maybe not all of them… remember the time we got stuck inside a book due to friction?" Arnold asked.
"Awwww… come on, Arnold! Teamwork was what got us out of that!" Keesha said, patting Arnold on the back.
"Besides, remember the time you grew big to fight off a T-Rex?" Wanda asked.
"Now THAT was really cool." Tim said.
"Heh heh… yeah, I'll admit that was pretty neat." Arnold said.
"It really makes you see life from a whole new perspective, being either super big or super tiny." Phoebe said.

Suddenly, the kids heard the familiar footsteps of Miss Frizzle in her signature red high heels and purple dress adorned with various things related to science and other things (like planets), with Liz sitting on her shoulder.
"Good morning, class!" Miss Frizzle said.
"Good morning, Miss Frizzle!" all 8 students said.
"Forgive me for snooping, class, but I couldn't help but hear on my way in you all talking about height." Miss Frizzle said.
"Yes, Miss Frizzle! It all started when Phoebe was curious why she's a bit shorter than me even though we're the same age." Dorothy Ann said.
"Hmmm… I see." Miss Frizzle said.
"Uh… guys." Arnold said.
"Then we all measured our heights to compare with each other… although Carlos was trying to be the tallest of us all by standing on his tippy toes." Wanda said, prompting a laugh from the other kids.
"Hey, I tried! It's amazing that such a simple act can make that much of a difference in height!" Carlos said.
"And then we were all talking about all the times we've been tiny in size." Tim said.
"Guys…" Arnold said. He could almost fully picture what was coming up.
"Especially to go through Arnold's digestive system! What a thrill ride that was!" Keesha said.
"Still, it's made us wonder how much a difference size really does make. Whether you're really tall or really small or anywhere in between…" Dorothy Ann said.
"Haha! Well, I'm glad you all enjoyed those field trips, and guess what?" Miss Frizzle said.
"Here it comes." Arnold said.
"We're taking another one today!" Miss Frizzle said.

The kids immediately burst into cheering. Well… except for one. ^_____^
"Oooooh… I knew I should've stayed home today." Arnold said.
"So where are we going this time, Miss Frizzle?" Carlos asked.
"The aquarium? They have fish both big and small there!" Wanda shouted.
"Back in time again to see the dinosaurs both big and small?" Keesha asked.
"Or perhaps the art museum to jump into paintings of ancient gods versus the titans?" Tim asked.
"You're all close. We're heading directly into the city!" Miss Frizzle said. All the kids actually gasped out loud this time.
"Huh? The city? As in only a one minute drive to the city?" Ralphie said.
"That's correct, Ralphie!" Miss Frizzle said.
"I get it… maybe we're going to see buildings both big and small and compare the function they serve based on their size!" Phoebe shouted.
"I know you all have guesses you'd like to share, but save that for when we get there. Everyone to the Magic School Bus!" Miss Frizzle said as all the kids ran outside the classroom and cheered (even Arnold!). Miss Frizzle was the last to walk out, and she and Liz winked at each other on the way out.

A couple minutes pass, and the Magic School Bus is driving along the busy city streets until it parks on the nearby sidewalk.
"Okay, everybody out with their designated partners!" Miss Frizzle said. The teacher watched as Tim & Phoebe, Arnold & Wanda, Keesha & Ralphie, and Carlos & Dorothy Ann all stepped out of the bus together. They gathered at the front of the bus where Miss Frizzle eventually joined them.
"Okay, class! Today we're going to learn how size really can make a difference. Before we begin, I want you all to remember to have fun and do whatever your heart desires." Miss Frizzle said.
"Okay, Miss Frizzle!" all the students said.
"I wonder what she could mean by that?" Phoebe asked.
"I have a hunch the answer's going to be big…" Carlos said.
"Uh… Carlos, could you please not make predictions like that out loud?" Arnold asked.
"Awww… lighten up, Arnold! You know anything can happen with Miss Frizzle and always does!" Wanda shouted.
"Okay, Liz! Hit it!" Miss Frizzle shouted. Liz gave a thumbs up and, with precise agility, jumped around the controls of the bus and pushed some buttons while cranking a lever forward. Miss Frizzle smiled as she watched a blue laser suddenly surround all the children.
"Huh? Miss Frizzle, what's happening?" Wanda asked.
"Oh no… something tells me we're going to shrink again." Arnold said.
"No, wait! Look!" Dorothy Ann said as she pointed downwards.
She and the other kids all had their mouths wide open as they watched everything around them quickly get smaller and smaller.
"Hey! We're not shrinking! We're growing!" Phoebe shouted.
"Whoa! I already feel so tall…" Wanda said as she looked over how small the Magic School Bus was getting.

The kids passed over 50 feet tall, and that's when the growing came to a major slowdown, but not stopping entirely as Keesha could already see over the apartment building that once towered over her and the other kids.
"Wow… we're so big…" Keesha said.
"Sweet peas! We've really hit the BIG time! Get it? Big? Hahaha…" Carlos said, only for the other seven kids to give him a dirty look.
"CARLOS!" they all shouted.
"So class, what do you think? How does it feel that I'm not the taller one for a change?" Miss Frizzle said.
"Er… it feels… I don't know what to say, Miss Frizzle!" Dorothy Ann said.
"It feels different. I already feel the city looks so different!" Tim said.
"Well, Arnold, aren't you glad you didn't stay home this time?" Wanda said.
"Er… yes! Yes I am! Now you know how it feels to be me… well, I mean… you know what I mean." Arnold said.
"I do! Because if you stayed home, I would've marched to your house and ripped the roof right out and pull you out and…" Wanda said.
"*gulp* I think I get the picture." Arnold said.

"What about you, Miss Frizzle? Aren't you going to grow too?" Phoebe asked.
"You all go ahead. I'll join with you later. And remember… do anything you want! Get a feel for what it's like to be larger than life for a change!" Miss Frizzle said.
"Anything? Including going Fee Fi Fo Fum?" Wanda asked. Miss Frizzle did not hesitate in nodding her head and smiling, which came as a surprise to some of the giant children.
"That's right, Wanda!" Miss Frizzle said. That's when Wanda grabbed her fellow giant, Arnold, by the arm and dragged him further into the city.
"Come on, Arnold!" Wanda shouted.
"Whoa! Okay, okay!" Arnold said.
Eventually the other groups of giant kids (already nearing 80 feet tall thanks to the slow, continuous growth spurt) all walked away from the Magic School Bus, walking in separate directions that would cover as much ground of the city as possible. As for Miss Frizzle, she hopped back into the driver's seat of the Magic School Bus and looked down at Liz.
"Come on, Liz. We better get a bird's eye view of the fun!" Miss Frizzle said as the bus did its transformation magic and sprouted wings, giving it the ability to fly and hover in the air. Miss Frizzle smiled as she looked down at her giant students slowly walking around.

Tim and Phoebe took their stroll nice and slow, watching as numerous people scattered away from their gigantic shoes whether they were the black ones Tim wore or the brown ones Phoebe wore.
"Wow… look at them all running." Tim said.
"Haha! That shouldn't be a shocker. I mean… I'd run too if a giant or giantess were walking towards me. Rawr!" Phoebe said as she raised her arms up and raised her legs higher with her next few steps.
"Let me guess… Phoebesaurus?" Tim asked.
"Haha, yeah! We've been together for too long." Phoebe said.
Shortly thereafter, Tim stopped walking and watched Phoebe continue to step around. That's when he suddenly reached behind his back and pulled out a sketchbook. Now leaning against a building and slightly cracking it, he opened up the book and started drawing. Being proficient at drawing, Tim was moving his pencil around the paper with lightning speed as he drew things like buildings, cars, trucks, running people, and most importantly…
"Huh? What are you doing, Tim?" Phoebe asked.
"What else? I'm drawing what I'm seeing so I can remember this for years to come." Tim said.
"Ahhhhh… that's right! Your sketchbook must be getting quite big by now!" Phoebe said.
"Er… you could say that." Tim said, with both giant kids ended up laughing over the joke that just happened.

Phoebe naturally was quite curious and she took a peek at the book. She saw Tim drawing the outline of a giant person.
"This is going to be you by the time I'm finished." Tim said.
"Oh? How thoughtful!" Phoebe said.
"Phoebe, why don't you go ahead and keep walking around? Y'know, to give me some inspiration." Tim said.
"Okay!" Phoebe said as she got back to walking around, although this time, she wasn't as careful as she previously was. Many of her steps came within inches of crushing a normal-sized person. Tim raised his eyebrows as he saw Phoebe taking these daring steps. Phoebe almost went in circles chasing some of these people around. When she saw one older couple trip and fall, Phoebe stopped in her tracks and reached down to pick them up. The two people screamed as they were lifted up in the air, eventually seeing nothing but Phoebe's giant face.
"Heeheehee… I looooooooove the way you scream! Keep going!" Phoebe shouted. The woman, however, finally couldn't take anymore and fainted, much to Phoebe's disappointment.
"Awww… you're no fun." Phoebe said as she set the couple back down on the ground. She looked down at the man who was slowly waking the woman up.
"Well, go on. Run away before you get stepped on!" Phoebe said as she slowly raised one of her shoes up in the air. The couple quickly realized the danger they were in, especially since somehow Phoebe looked even bigger than before. It turned out she had grown another 30 or so feet in the short time she interacted with them. In any case, Phoebe waited until the couple ran, and then she planted her shoe down on the ground, stepping on the pavement and cracking it in multiple directions. Tim eventually rejoined with Phoebe.
"That was an interesting display…" Tim said.
"Hahaha! I couldn't help it. There's something about being this big that brings out this side of me. Maybe you should try it!" Phoebe said.
"Well…" Tim said. Phoebe then walked behind him and gently nudged him in the back.
"Go on! Show them how big and tough you are!" Phoebe said.
"Alright, alright!" Tim said as he almost dropped his sketchbook and stepped forward. With Phoebe leading the way, Tim slowly marched down the road, making sure to step as close to anyone as he could.

He soon no longer felt himself being pushed from behind Phoebe. That's when he turned around and saw Phoebe looking down at something.
"Huh? Why did you stop, Phoebe?" Tim asked.
"Look, Tim! We're over the zoo…" Phoebe said as she kneeled down and got a closer look at many of the animals, many of them looking a little scared behind the cages they were trapped in.
"Hmmm… they look kinda scared." Tim said.
"Of course! They're trapped in those cages with nowhere to run! Imagine if a more sinister giant or giantess came stepping over these grounds." Phoebe said.
"Urk… I'd rather not." Tim said. Phoebe stood back to her full height and looked squarely at Tim's eyes.
"That's why we need to free them! These animals deserve to roam free in their natural habitat! Come on, help me out here." Phoebe said.
"Okay!" Tim said. The two giants got down on their knees and, using only a couple fingers each, they pulled apart the bars (or broke them entirely). It only took seconds for every cage on the zoo grounds to have their bars spread wide enough apart. Many of the animals, like the tigers, lions, and bears (oh my! ^_____^) already got the hint and ran away. For any other animals, like the confused monkeys, they stood still at first until Phoebe waved them off.
"Run, my little animal friends! Be free!!" Phoebe shouted. The two watched all the animals eventually leave the grounds.
"That felt pretty good, actually." Tim said. Phoebe took a deep breath of air through her nostrils.
"I hope Miss Frizzle is proud that we did something we felt was right." Phoebe said.

As Tim and Phoebe smiled at each other, they suddenly watched a couple of school buses drive by their giant shoes.
"Speaking of the Friz…" Tim said.
"Haha! Let's go catch those buses! Maybe one of them has my friends from my old school!" Phoebe said.
"Heh heh! How do you suppose they'll react when they see how big you've grown?" Tim asked.
"Only one way to find out!" Phoebe said as she and Tim chased after the buses. Both giants couldn't help but smile as they heard their footsteps echo outward in the distance.

It was the same story for Carlos and Dorothy Ann… walking around while watching numerous people scatter away from their giant footwear.
"Wow… look at them all running! They're like ants at a picnic." Dorothy Ann said.
"I wonder where all the uncles are! Get it? Aunts and uncles? Hahahaha!" Carlos said, only to get poked in the back of the head by Dorothy Ann.
"Oh, Carlos. These people are probably going to die of laughter before they die from being stepped on... like ants!" Dorothy Ann said.
"Hey, you realize you made a joke there!? Gigantic laughter can be deadly, hahaha!" Carlos said. Dorothy Ann just rolled her eyes as she looked down at a group of stunned people. She put her hands on her hips as she stared down at these people.
"Gee, what's a giant girl to do with a group of scared people in front of her shoes? What else but…" Dorothy Ann said as she raised one of her purple shoes and brought it down on the people, who finally got the hint and scrambled out of the way to avoid getting stepped on.

Well… except for one unlucky man, who tripped himself and tried in vain to hold the giant shoe up, only to get crushed underneath it. Dorothy Ann lifted her shoe to see the lifeless body laying on the ground.
"Whoa… DA, did you just…" Carlos said.
"I did, but it couldn't be helped, I suppose. He didn't escape fast enough." Dorothy Ann said.
"Well, at least he's not a broken dead body like when one of us crushes an annoying bug. Y'know, the ones that BUG you. Get it?" Carlos said.
"I got it, Carlos. I can only assume that man passed out because too much weight was being pressed on his body. According to my research, the human body can only take so much weight before it gives out." Dorothy Ann said.
"I take it you're gonna experiment like you always do after you say that?" Carlos said.
"Teehee… you know me too well." Dorothy Ann said.
"Oh, can I tag along and help out?" Carlos said.
"Nah, you don't have to. Why don't you go that way while I go this way? Besides, maybe you'll finally get the audience you've always wanted for your stand-up comedy!" Dorothy Ann said.
"Whoa, hey! You're right! Look out, city! You're about to get the biggest laugh of all time from big, funny Carlos!" Carlos said as he walked deeper into the city away from Dorothy Ann, who just smiled before turning her attention on more people running away from her.
"Now then, time to pretend I'm the big bad giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, only… well… less forgiving! Teehee!" Dorothy Ann said as she walked slowly forward.

With each step, the giant Dorothy Ann (now just over 130 feet tall) tried her best to cause some kind of destruction. She particularly enjoyed it when she flattened a parked vehicle like a car or a truck under her shoes. After crushing one truck in particular, she shifted her foot left and right, disintegrating the remains of the vehicle.
"Teeheehee! It feels so good feeling those cars and trucks go CRUNCH under my shoes!" Dorothy Ann said. She then came across a school bus. Thinking for a brief moment it was the Magic School Bus, Dorothy Ann reached down and picked it up, only to realize it was a regular bus full of screaming children (and a couple teachers).
"Awww… don't be scared. I won't hurt you. Much anyway!" Dorothy Ann said as she moved the bus closer to her mouth and bit down a couple times on it with her teeth.
"Nah, eating buses can't be good for my teeth. But I'll save you all for future research!" Dorothy Ann said as she tucked the bus into one of her socks.
"But people on the other hand…" Dorothy Ann commented as she looked at a large group of people running from her.

With her next few steps, Dorothy Ann was now crushing people unconscious. Those she didn't crush, she reached down and picked them up.
"Teehee! You all look so cute when you're screaming for your lives. How would you all like a free ride into my stomach?" Dorothy Ann said as she opened her mouth and tossed the people in like pieces of candy. She gulped as she felt them slide down her throat and into her stomach, which she rubbed with glee.
"Mmmmm… I wonder what the nutrition facts label would say about people." Dorothy Ann said. She then reached down and scooped up another group of people, and this time she sprinkled them into her blonde hair, which included her pigtails.
"Everybody hold on tight!" Dorothy Ann said as she shook her head rapidly. The screaming people held on for dear life to whatever lock of hair they could grab, but eventually it proved too much and everyone went flying to their eventual deaths.
"Sigh… I DID say hold on, but I'll remember how long they held on before they went flying. This will prove to be vital research!" Dorothy Ann said.

The giantess then heard booming footsteps behind her. She turned around to see Carlos returning holding a school bus in his hands.
"Hey, Dorothy Ann! Having fun?" Carlos asked.
"Sure am! Did you get a lot of people to laugh?" Dorothy Ann asked.
"No… everyone just ran away every time I tried to stop them so they could hear my jokes. But hey, at least it's better than getting thrown tomatoes at!" Carlos said.
"True. Oh? You caught a school bus too?" Dorothy Ann said.
"Yeah! I dunno… it made me think of the Magic School Bus for some reason. Maybe I should let it go." Carlos said.
"No, no! I think we should keep it for research!" Dorothy Ann said as she gently took the bus from Carlos's hands and stored it in her sock with the other bus.
"So what now?" Carlos asked. Dorothy Ann smiled.
"Let's go crush some vehicles together, especially big ones like that!" Dorothy Ann said as she pointed at an 18-wheeled semi truck in the distance.
"Oooooh… I like the way you think, DA!" Carlos said as the two giants marched off in the distance. They couldn't resist holding hands along the way...

Ralphie and Keesha watched as people galore ran from their footwear. No surprise that they too were fascinated with so many people running away from them.
"Haha! I wonder who they're scared more of. Me or you!" Ralphie said.
"Probably both of us at an equal level, given we're the same size!" Keesha said. As Ralphie took another couple firm steps, almost crushing a few people under his shoe, he could feel the pavement sinking with each step.
"Say, Keesha. Is it me or is the ground sinking with each step?" Ralphie said.
"Well, if my facts are correct, we have to weigh something like 350-400 pounds. And when you multiply that by 2 given that there are two of us giant people… I don't think these roads were built to sustain that much weight!" Keesha said.
"Yeah, that makes sense even for me. Hey, that gives me an idea." Ralphie said. That's when the giant focused on a row of apartment buildings that were knee high to him. He took a few steps backward (crushing people and cars along the way) and then charged forward.
"BODY SLAM!!!" Ralphie said as he jumped into the air and then slammed the ground with his entire front side. Keesha cringed as she saw total destruction not just underneath Ralphie, but a block or two around where he landed. She ran up to him and kneeled down so she could see his face.
"Oooooooh… just like a wrestler!" Keesha said.
"*cough* Yeah, except without the mat to cushion my landing. Still, that felt awesome!" Ralphie said.

As Keesha held a hand out to help the giant Ralphie up, she found herself pulling a little too hard and stumbled backwards, her backside colliding with a building almost her size. Keesha gasped as she watched the building topple over and take more buildings down behind it. They all came tumbling down strangely like dominoes. Nevertheless, Keesha put her hands to her mouth.
"Oh! Bad bad bad bad…" Keesha said.
"Hey! Nice move, Keesha!" Ralphie said as he gently patted the giantess on the shoulder.
"Thanks, but… should we really be doing these things? Those innocent people…" Keesha said.
"Awwww… lighten up, Keesha! Remember what the Friz said? She told us to have fun and dream big!" Ralphie said.
"Er… right. That's easy to do when you ARE big!" Keesha said.
"Hahaha… you're right! I bet Carlos would have a field day with a pun like that!" Ralphie said. He then looked behind Keesha's back and saw one of his favorite city sights.
"Oh! Look! The baseball stadium! I wonder if anything's going on today." Ralphie said.
"I guess we better find out." Keesha said. The two giants made their way towards the baseball stadium.

Inside the stadium, people were watching the baseball game play out, though it would come to a grinding halt when everyone both in and out of the grandstands could feel the ground shaking. Soon, there would be many audible gasps as everyone looked up and saw Ralphie and Keesha towering high above the stadium.
"Hey everyone! What's up!? Aside from us, that is!" Ralphie said. Seconds later, everyone went darting for the nearest exit. Keesha couldn't help but crack a joke.
"I guess everyone's outta here!" Keesha said as she pointed a thumb behind her shoulder like a baseball umpire normally would.
"Awww… so much for watching the game without a ticket. I feel like we got the best seats in the house!" Ralphie said.

The two suddenly heard their stomachs rumbling.
"Oops… I guess it's getting close to lunch time." Keesha said.
"I know what we can eat!" Ralphie said as he approached the stadium and reached inside. With surprisingly high accuracy, Ralphie picked up with his massive fingers a few different items of food, ranging from cotton candy to popcorn to bags of peanuts to drinking cups… to people who couldn't escape the giant fingers in time. Ralphie looked at his collection in the palm of his hand.
"Haha! This is probably every group in the food pyramid!" Ralphie said.
"Well, if my facts are correct…" Keesha said.
"Bottoms up!" Ralphie said as he dumped everything from his hand into his mouth, licking his lips when he was done.
"Mmmmmm… tasty!" Ralphie said.
"Ugh… couldn't you have saved some for me!?" Keesha said as she folded her arms in disgust.
"Oh… sorry, Keesha. Hold on, I'll get some stuff for you." Ralphie said as he once again reached beneath some of the bleachers and scooped up some more food, including more people. He quickly showed them off to Keesha, who carefully took everything into her own hand. She couldn't help but giggle watching the few people she was holding yelling and screaming for their lives.
"Go ahead, Keesha! Try them out!" Ralphie said.
"Oh, I don't know. I am on a diet…" Keesha said.
"Pfffft… you already weigh so much from being this big!" Ralphie said. Keesha finally shrugged her shoulders.
"You're right." Keesha said. She tossed everyone and everything into her mouth and licked her lips like Ralphie did earlier.
"Mmmmm… that was curiously very satisfying." Keesha said.
"Cool! Now come on! I want to go body slam some more rows of buildings!" Ralphie said as he quickly turned around and marched back towards the center of the city.
"Wait! Can I be your tag team partner!?" Keesha shouted as she chased after the fellow giant.

Finally, there was Arnold and Wanda, and already their approach to the city as giants felt like worlds apart. Arnold was walking around in awe; glad to see he was towering over a city rather than solid ground from more than 65 million years ago. Wanda, on the other hand, had a hearty grin on her face as she happily stomped around.
"Y'know, this may be the first time I'm glad I didn't stay home today!" Arnold said.
"Hahaha! That's gotta be a first!" Wanda said as she raised one of her legs high and slammed a foot down, crushing a significantly smaller building that stood in her way.
"Wow, Wanda… you're really taking this whole giant rampage thing seriously." Arnold said.
"Why not? My parents once were hooked onto those old Japanese giant monster movies, especially the ones with Gojira where he's just walking around and the whole city bursts into flames." Wanda said.
"Er… don't you mean Godzilla?" Arnold said.
"Oh sure, that's how other countries like here in the USA pronouce it, but if you listen very carefully, those people are clearly screaming Gojira!" Wanda said as she flattened a parked truck underneath her black shoes. Arnold gulped nervously.
"No argument here." Arnold said. The giant then looked down by his shoes where he saw a couple and their daughter trying to get away. Arnold didn't hesitate in picking them up.
"Hey, everyone. How would you like to take a field trip?" Arnold asked, with the three people nervously shaking their heads.
"It's one inside my stomach. Maybe you could find that extra potato chip I had before lunch?" Arnold said as he swallowed the three easily.

While Arnold walked around with a much more curious attitude, especially as he peeked inside nearby buildings and saw people screaming in fear, Wanda was far less careful. She made five steps in a row crushing one person after another who couldn't get out of the way.
"Mwahahaha! Run, little insects! Miss Frizzle commands me to rule your city like the great emperors of ancient times! Rawwwwwr!" Wanda said as she made a makeshift roar like Godzilla would. Already approaching 160 feet tall, Wanda then bulldozed her way through a row of buildings, feeling them disintegrate as she plowed through. When she got to the end and looked back to survey the damage, she smiled, but then frowned when she saw all the building dust and debris all over her clothes.
"Ick! Everyone should do a better job of keeping our planet clean!" Wanda said as she dusted herself off. She then looked to see a building slightly taller than her in front of her.
"What are you looking at? Hi-yaaaa!!!" Wanda said as she did a karate chop on the building from side to side, causing its top half to fall off like it had been sliced by a sword.
"Heh… did I mention I'm pretty good with the art of self defense?" Wanda said as she did a bow towards the damaged building.

By the time Arnold rejoined with Wanda a couple blocks away, the two looked to see a few police cars and tanks rolling up to their shoes.
"Uh oh… the police and military are here. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?" Arnold asked.
"Hey, that's my line!" Wanda said.
"Giant children, we have you completely surrounded! Surrender!" the police officer shouted through a megaphone.
"Don't worry, Arnold. We're muuuuuuch bigger than these toys. They can't possibly…" Wanda said until one of the tanks suddenly fired a cannon shot, striking Arnold in his stomach.
"Ooooof!" Arnold said as he clutched his stomach and suddenly exhaled. He stumbled backwards until tripping over a building and landing back first on more buildings, causing the ground to rumble.
"…hurt us. Are you alright, Arnold!?" Wanda said as she ran over to check on her friend.
"*cough* Yeah, I'm fine. Those tanks definitely pack a power punch. More than one of Janet's jabs!" Arnold said. Wanda then turned around and looked angrily down at the attack squadron.
"Ooooooh… well, I've got some big time firepower myself. They're gonna pay for trying to shoot us down!" Wanda said. She marched without hesitation towards the police cars and tanks, with two of the officers almost straining their necks as they looked all the way up at the approaching giantess thanks to the fact that Wanda was continuing to slowly grow.
"Uh oh… here she comes!" one officer said.
"I told you to be careful when dealing with giant children! They can be quite feisty no matter what size they're at!" another officer said.
"Everyone pull back! Pull…" the officer screamed until he, his partner, and the car they were driving, were all crushed flat into the ground by Wanda's giant shoe.

Some tanks tried to fire back, but Wanda was not affected by these blasts, no doubt thanks to the adrenaline flowing through her giant body. She crushed more and more of the tanks and police cars, and when there were only a few such vehicles left… she decided to get creative with finishing them off. She reached down and picked up the normally massive and heavy tank and held it high above her head (even as the troops inside were parachuting down to the ground behind her back).
"Haaaaaa!!!" Wanda shouted as she threw the tank down on top of the remaining tank and police cars, causing an explosion that immediately reminded Wanda of that movie when Godzilla stepped on a gas station and massive balls of flames shot in the air.
Arnold was back on his feet and he reunited with Wanda, looking down at the carnage left in her wake.
"Whoa… Wanda…" Arnold said.
"Arnold, I just want you to know I normally have the utmost respect for law and order. But…" Wanda said.
"No, no. I get it, Wanda. It's okay. They were like those flies that like to fly in front of your face in the cafeteria." Arnold said.
"Hahaha! It was funny that one time when you slapped yourself in the nose!" Wanda said.
"Ugh… funny, but painful!" Arnold said.

The giant, who along with Wanda were now about 350 feet tall, then looked down by one of Wanda's shoes.
"Oh, look down there, Wanda." Arnold said. Wanda did indeed look down and saw a couple ordinary looking school buses stopped.
"Oh? I guess these buses were on the way to another school before I battled the officers." Wanda said as she reached down and easily picked up both buses.
"Hahaha! It's amazing my hand is longer than these buses! Here, Arnold, you can have the other." Wanda said as she delicately passed the other bus to Arnold.
"Wow… it looks so different at this size…" Arnold said.
"Careful not to swallow it! Teehee!" Wanda said.
"Er… right." Arnold said as he knew right away which 'field trip' Wanda was referencing.

The two then turned around when they heard a LOT more booming footsteps. They smiled when they saw the other six gigantic children all approaching them. They all were the same size of roughly 350 feet tall.
"Hey, guys!" Dorothy Ann shouted.
"Is everything okay? We heard a pretty big explosion." Tim said.
"Oh yeah, we're fine. Just had to deal with some pests." Wanda said as she pointed down to the destroyed tanks and police cars.
"Oh, I see…" Phoebe said.
"That's funny. None of us ran into any law enforcement." Ralphie said.
"Maybe they had a crush on Wanda. Get it? Big crush? Heh heh…" Carlos said.
"CARLOS!!!" all the kids shouted, with windows in a nearby glass building shattering from the loud voices. Dorothy Ann then looked at the school buses Arnold and Wanda were holding.
"Oh? You two captured school buses as well?" Dorothy Ann asked.
"Well, yeah! I couldn't resist. It looks so cute this small!" Wanda said.
"I agree. That's why Carlos and I caught a pair ourselves!" Dorothy Ann said.
"Hey, us too!" Tim said as he and Phoebe showed off their captured school buses.
"I guess that means we all got a school bus!" Ralphie said as he showed off the one he caught, and Keesha showed off hers as well.
"I wonder what we should do with them?" Tim asked.
"Well… I've always wondered what a school bus sandwich tastes like!" Ralphie said.

However, before the kids could discuss the matter any further, they suddenly heard some more booming sounds, like another giant was approaching. They looked from where the sounds were coming from, and they all gasped when they saw what was coming.
"Liz!?" all the giant kids said. Yep, it was Miss Frizzle's trusty lizard sidekick, Liz. But the kids picked up something a LOT different about her.
"Wow, Liz! Did Miss Frizzle make you big too? That's great!" Wanda shouted.
"Hey, wait… how is it Liz is as tall as us?" Tim asked.
"Good point, Tim! If my facts are correct, Liz should technically be smaller than the rest of us." Keesha said.
"Unless…" Ralphie started to say, but Arnold looked in the opposite direction and gasped.
"Uh… guys. GUYS!" Arnold said as the ground started to shake hard… enough to almost knock the children off balance and bring surrounding buildings down to their foundation.
"Oh… my…" Dorothy Ann said as she and the others looked up.

Because coming their way was Miss Frizzle and she was much MUCH bigger than the giant kids. In fact, they looked doll-sized as she planted her red dress shoes in front of them.
"Well hello down there, class! Are we having big fun?" Miss Frizzle said, her voice echoing for seemingly miles in the distance.
"Yikes! We've been Mega Frizzled!" Tim said.
"You can say that again, Tim!" Arnold said.
"Gulp… suddenly I don't feel so big anymore." Phoebe said. The mega-sized Miss Frizzle then reached down to scoop up the doll-sized children.
"Watch out!" Keesha shouted as the kids instinctively ducked. But of course, Miss Frizzle was as gentle as can be as she picked up the kids and held them up to her face.
"Haha! I hope I didn't scare you, kids. But hopefully now you see what a difference size can make." Miss Frizzle said. Ralphie walked to the edge of Miss Frizzle's hand and saw how high he and the others were.
"Wow… we're so high in the air." Ralphie said.
"Wow… look at all the damage to the city. Did we cause all that?" Dorothy Ann asked.
"And yet it felt so good. It made me feel so… powerful. You're right, Miss Frizzle. Such a size difference really does make a world of a difference." Wanda said.
"Excellent observation, Wanda!" Miss Frizzle said.
"Um… you're not going to eat us, are you, Miss Frizzle? We've already learned about the digestive system!" Arnold said.
"Indeed, Arnold. In fact, I have something else in mind." Miss Frizzle said.

The mega giantess gently set the kids back down on the ground.
"Come on, bus! Do your stuff!" Miss Frizzle suddenly shouted. The kids watched as a miniscule yellow object went flying around their heads dropping some rainbow colored dust.
"Oh? Is that the Magic School Bus?" Wanda asked.
"Wow… it's a LOT smaller from when we first grew!" Ralphie said.
"We better be careful we don't crush it…" Keesha said.
"Oooooh… what's happening? I feel my muscles kicking into overdrive." Tim said.
"Oh! We're growing MUCH faster now! Wow!" Ralphie said as he and the other kids finally noticed they were growing waaaaaaaaay faster. It was only about 10-15 seconds later when they were finally chest high to Miss Frizzle, only for her and Liz to start rapidly growing as well.
"You all thought this was big? Just wait until we reach our next destination!" Miss Frizzle said.
"I'll say! We're already bigger than the entire city! This is so cool!" Dorothy Ann said as she couldn't resist getting one more stomp in, this time obliterating almost the whole city. Whatever wasn't crushed was taking care of by the rapidly growing footwear of the children.
"Hey! I wonder if we crushed the school? Does this mean school is cancelled forever!?" Carlos shouted.
"I'm sure there's a catch somewhere along the line…" Phoebe said.

The kids, meanwhile, watched their unimaginable growth spurt carry on. Forget the city… they found themselves stretching into other cities, then the entire state, then the rest of the United States… other continents including as far away as Asia… it all came into view very quickly. As did the upper atmosphere, which Keesha already was getting worried about.
"Gasp! Wait! Maybe we're growing too big!? There's no air in space, remember, Miss Frizzle!?" Keesha said.
"That's correct, Keesha. But not to worry… the magic that's making us grow gives us protection from that very same lack of air in space." Miss Frizzle said.
"Heh… Gotta hand it to you, Miss Frizzle. You think of every precaution!" Phoebe said.
"Ooooooh… now I really wish I stayed home today." Arnold said.
"I hope nobody here is afraid of heights!" Miss Frizzle said.

Eventually Earth, or what was left of it given how much was being destroyed underneath the feet of the growing giants, was too small to handle and everyone found themselves floating in space, looking down at the planet the size of a small beach ball.
"Wow… Earth is so tiny now…" Wanda commented.
"Wow… I've literally got no jokes for Earth now. They're much too big for it anyway!" Carlos said.
"Everyone, I think we should give Earth a great big hug and thank it for supporting our lives!" Miss Frizzle said. The kids looked at each other and finally complied. They all wrapped their arms around each other and then pressed themselves against Earth.
"Thank you, Earth!" they all shouted at the same time, bringing a smile to Miss Frizzle and Liz's faces.

The hugging continued until Earth seemed to disappear from their sight, plus there was also the matter of…
"OW!" Arnold said.
"Arnold, what happened? Are you okay?" Dorothy Ann asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just bumped my head on Mars." Arnold said as he and the others looked at the rapidly shrinking red planet. In fact, already planets from farther away were coming into view. Jupiter… Uranus… Saturn… Neptune… and they (especially Jupiter and Saturn) were getting way too small for everyone to eventually see. Even the mighty Sun looked no bigger than a marble. Even this proved to be too much for the kids to take.
"Ummm… Miss Frizzle. Can we please be our normal size again? I feel like we're gonna get bigger than the universe soon and we'll be so lonely…" Phoebe asked. She and the other seven students had genuinely worried looks on their faces.
"Not a problem, Phoebe. Liz, send the signal!" Miss Frizzle said. Liz gave a salute and suddenly rapidly shook her tail.
"Huh? What's Liz doing?" Arnold asked.
"I got it! According to my research… she's creating radio waves and sending an SOS type signal by causing micro vibrations thanks to her tail going back and forth." Dorothy Ann said.
"Huh? Now what!?" Ralphie asked as he and the other kids watched a brilliant white light suddenly shoot out from Earth and envelop all the giants. The kids had to cover their eyes from the intensity of the light.

When they could finally open their eyes again… they were back in the classroom.
"Huh? Hey! We're back in the classroom!" Ralphie shouted.
"The city!!!" Dorothy Ann suddenly shouted as she and the other kids looked out the nearby window. There was the city safe and sound. Not even the smallest hint of damage was present from when they were rampaging around as giants.
"Oh wow! It's back to normal!" Carlos shouted.
"Like nothing ever happened…" Tim said.
"Then the people we crushed?" Arnold asked.
"All safe and sound with no knowledge of what happened! Good thing I equipped the Magic School Bus with a one time use magic reset button. For once I got a little carried away with the growth functionality on there!" Miss Frizzle said.
"Whew… on one hand I'm glad the city and everything is back to normal. I'd probably eat the entire planet's worth of food in a few days if I had a giant appetite to match my giant body!" Ralphie said.
"It's kinda too bad. I can see why some people really like things with big people, whether they be movies, TV shows, or books now!" Wanda said.
"I was kinda hoping to do some biiiiiiiig research!" Dorothy Ann said.
"Oh, I don't think the fun is over yet, class." Miss Frizzle said as she and Liz (on her shoulder) pointed over to the teacher's desk where they saw 8 important items.
"Are those the school buses we captured!?" Tim said as he and the others ran over and picked up a tiny school bus each. And yes, they still had screaming students and teachers inside!
"Haha! I feel like a hundred plus feet tall already!" Carlos said.
"I wonder how they shrank with us, even after growing beyond the stratosphere…" Phoebe said.

Miss Frizzle smiled as she approached her eight students.
"Class, for your homework assignment, I want you to take your buses home and care for them. Learn what it's like to literally hold many lives in the palm of your hands. But don't dilly dally! Those buses will eventually vanish and return to their normal size like we did." Miss Frizzle said.
"Yes, Miss Frizzle!" the students said.
"Oooooh… I like this assignment already. I can already imagine chasing this bus all over my bedroom." Wanda said.
"Oh! Just wait until you all come home with me. I've got every small joke in the can waiting to be unleashed!" Carlos said.
"CARLOS!" all the kids shouted, but everyone (including Miss Frizzle, Liz, and Carlos himself) burst out into laughter.
"Hopefully now you all see how size can make all the difference in the world!" Miss Frizzle said.
"I couldn't agree more, Miss Frizzle. Being a couple inches shorter than some of you is not so bad after all!" Phoebe said with a confident smile on her face as she took another peek inside her shrunken bus.

I know what you're thinking… the word END should be popping up by now, but nope! Our story is not over yet! Kids all over the world are picking up their phones and dialing that famous number making that all familiar request.
"Is this the Magic School Bus?"
"I want the Magic School Bus!" kids all over the world said in their native languages.

Meanwhile, in a well lit office with books stacked seemingly everywhere, except for behind the chair where a model city was, as we speak, being demolished by Liz as she walked around, a young woman in her early 30s with long brown hair, and wearing glasses, was humming the Magic School Bus theme and typing away at the keyboard. Suddenly, she heard the phone ring and she reached over and picked it up.
"Hi! You've reached the Magic School Bus, this is the writer, Katie, speaking." Katie said.
"Huh? The writer? Where is the producer? Doesn't he or she normally take the calls?" a male voice on the other end said.
"Well, yes, but they're both out doing research for the next episode. But you can ask me anything! Writers know just as much as producers. Teehee!" Katie said.
"Oh, okay. Well, that was a fun episode and all, but how was it everyone was able to breathe in space?" the male kid said.
"Well, like Miss Frizzle said, she came prepared this time with that dust that allowed everyone to breathe." Katie said.
"Okay, so why didn't they use this dust or something like it when they were exploring the rest of the galaxy in that one episode? I just wish the show would be the same instead of trying different things and…" the kid said, only to be interrupted by Katie.
"Well, yes, it can get confusing at times, but that's the beauty of writing for a TV show. There are probably millions of plot devices out there to use for advancing the story. Sometimes it doesn't always make sense… that's why it's called creative freedom. Believe me, on a show like this, it makes things more fun to watch!" Katie said.
"Oh… well… hey, you're right! You're very good. I hope you write more episodes!" the male kid said.
"Teehee! I hope so too!" Katie said as she hung up the phone, only for it to ring again a few seconds later even before she could get her next word typed on the computer.

She picked up the phone again.
"Hi! You've reached the Magic School Bus, this is Katie speaking, the writer of today's episode." Katie said.
"Hello, Katie. I want to say I really liked today's episode. It's not often I see the girls grow big on a TV show. It's always the boys that are gigantic." a female kid said.
"Hahaha! I know, isn't that something?" Katie said as she got up from her chair and started walking around, which she could do thanks to the really long phone cord. And because she was so distracted with listening to the caller, she didn't realize she was walking around the chair and towards the model city that Liz had been 'rampaging' around. Liz got out of the way and smiled as she watched Katie easily demolish building after building underneath her sandaled feet. Liz even pressed a button on a nearby tape machine, and sounds of things getting crushed and people screaming played from the speaker.
"Still… I was really scared for all those tiny people. I know I'd be scared if a giant person came walking towards me. Do you think this could ever happen in real life?" the female kid said.
"Haha… yeah, I admit it can be scary. I almost shivered myself picturing Dorothy Ann bring her giant shoe down on me. Still, like other things in this cartoon, there's a lot of stuff here that's very unrealistic today. It could be centuries before we finally see someone as big as what you saw today." Katie said.
"I see! Thank you for the reassurance. I do think Ralphie makes a cute giant. I would've loved to see him eat the…" the female kid said, only for Katie to interrupt when she heard a beeping noise from inside the phone.
"Whoops! I'm afraid I have to let you go. I have another call coming in on the other line. Thanks for watching!" Katie said as she quickly walked off the model city set (kicking a model semi truck right off the set along the way) and back to the phone.

She pressed the button and cleared her throat.
"Hi! You've reached the Magic School Bus, this is Katie speaking, the writer of today's episode." Katie said.
"Hi, Katie! Remember me! It's Seb!" a male kid voice on the other end said.
"Oh yes! Seb! You're the one who gave me the idea for the episode!" Katie said.
"That's right! Listen, I just wanted to thank you so very much for taking my request! I couldn't think of a better person, or show for that matter, to see my idea come to light." Seb said.
"Teehee… you're welcome, Seb! This show not only makes dreams come true, but it's very educational as well!" Katie said.
"I couldn't agree more. I hope this episode shows to everyone around the world what a difference size makes, whether it's a few inches or a few thousand feet!" Seb said.
"Oh, and before you ask, Seb… I still have your other request sitting on my desk. I hope to get to it soon!" Katie said.
"Great! Thanks again for writing my request… oh, and for taking my call! Oh… one more thing, Katie." Seb said.
"Yes, Seb?" Katie asked.
"I’d love to be giant with you someday! Wouldn't that be awesome? ^_____^" Seb said.
"Teeheehee… maybe someday, Seb. Anyway, until next time, bye! ^_____^" Katie said.
"Bye for now, Katie!" Seb said.

And that's when Katie finally hung up the phone. She sat back on her chair and swiveled it around, looking down at Liz and the model city.
"Wow, Liz? You wrecked that much of the city already? I guess I better get started on that Lizzilla episode! Hahahaha!" Katie said, not realizing of course that she caused the bulk of the damage by walking around the model city while on the phone. Liz smiled and rolled her eyes at the same time while Katie turned back around in her chair. She first looked at the computer monitor and then at a folder near the keyboard which was clearly marked 'CODENAME: PARTYMILK REQUEST 2.'
"Ahhhhh… that Seb fellow sure has quite the think tank. It'll be fun working on his next request when the time is right." Katie said as she set the folder down and looked back at the computer monitor, resuming her work on whatever was on the screen.