Living it Big


NOTE from author: To better understand this story... Best you watch Azumanga Daioh, or at least up to episode 5. I'll be nice enough to provide a link to the episode. And if most of the dialogue is the same, well it's to give a sense of continuity and plot placement. Besides we don't know what they did during that time off camera, anyway.

Azumanga Daioh Episode #5

It began the day before summer break began at the school of Azumanga Daioh on a hot and bright summer day. English Teacher Yukari Tanizaki entered her classroom, marched over to the podium at quick haste and placed some papers onto the table before writing "Summer Vacation" on the blackboard.

"Listen up! Your FUN summer break will be starting tomorrow!" She announced. "So who's got fun plans?"

"Me!" A boy raised his hand. "My family's flying to New Zealand."

"Well, isn't that great?" Yukari smiled pleasantly.

"Umm," Kaori, or Kaorin by her friends, raised her hand. "I'm going to astronomy camp!"

"Oh, my! Well, isn't that great?"

"Umm," Chiyo Mihama, a child prodigy, raised her hand. "Are you going on vacation too?"

"Of course!" Yukari replied. "I'm flying to Neptune and come back big!" This left the class speechless. "Okay, time to pass out your report cards!" As they were, one boy notice a book behind his.

"Hey... what's up with this stuff?" He began to sweat.

"Alright! Those of you who got books with your report cards will stay here until you finish it!" Yukari announced. "Chop chop!"

A few days have passed and the gray cat, Kamineko, was lying on a cement wall, he wakes up to see Sakaki passing by and looking at him.

"I wonder if he gets hot when he sits there with the sun just beating down on him." She questioned, she tries to go over to pet Kamineko only for her index finger to get bit. She then licks her wound like a cat would, blushing all the while.

Elsewhere at Yukari's house, her friend, P.E. Teacher Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa, was ringing the doorbell. Yukari opens the door but she looked like she just got out of bed.

"Good morning..." She greeted with a yawn, scratching the back of her head and rubbing the sand out of her eye.

"It's early evening, you know." Nyamo stated. "Have you turned into a night elf or something?"

"Night Elf? I'm not the Alliance, Nyamo, I'm a Blood Elf... For the Horde..."

"You've been playing too much World of Warcraft lately."

"What do you want anyway?" Yukari went into the kitchen and made herself some coffee. "I was dreaming about being big and stomping the Alliance..."

"Don't you have anything better than waste your free time sleeping, eating and playing video games?"

"What are you? Some kind of school teacher!?"

"We BOTH are." There was a moment of silence.

"Well, in that case." Yukari had her head over the table. "Good night."

"Don't you fall asleep on me!" Nyamo yelled. Elsewhere outside a train station stood three girls, Tomo Takino, hyperactive and competitive, Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara, the one with the glasses, and Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, a small, country girl.

"Summer Break Special: We're going to Chiyo-chan's today and livin' it big!" Tomo announced as she gave the victory sign. "Yaaaaay!" Yomi began to walk away from this, causing Tomo to pull on her arm and be dragged along. "Hey, hey! Where are you going, Yomi!?"

"Shouting in front of the train is embarrassing." Yomi replied. Tomo began to pat her friend on the back.

"Oh, don't be like that. You know what they say: A third make's a rowdy bunch, right?"

"I think you mean 'three's a crowd.'" Yomi stated. Osaka, however, slowly turns around to an old man in a market stall.

"Are we a rowdy crowd, mister?" She asked. Tomo quickly went over and covered Osaka's mouth.

"I get it! Anyway, getting on the main topic."

"I don't get why we're gonna be 'living it big' at Chiyo-chan's house." Yomi questioned.

"I think it's counting the fact we're bigger than Chiyo-chan." Osaka took a wild guess.

"That's mean, Osaka!" Tomo yelled. "Making fun of Chiyo-chan's height like that!"

"But weren't YOU the one who said 'living it big'?" Yomi pointed out.

"And what do you mean by 'living it big', Tomo?" Osaka asked.

"Ladies," Tomo placed a hand on their shoulder. "You'll know once we get there." Elsewhere, Kamineko was lying on the cement wall again and sees Sakaki walking by again, this time with an ice pop. She goes over to try to pet him again, only for him to bite her index finger again. Like before, she licks the wound. Back with the trio, they stopped in awe by a neighborhood with a steel fence to their right.

"Shouldn't we be getting there soon?" Tomo asked.

"Yeah, this is the right neighborhood." Yomi replied. The three continued down the road until they got to a large gate.

"Wow... is this the place?"

"The home plate says 'Mihama residence.'"

"Amazing." Osaka awed. Tomo proceed to ring the bell on the terminal, but was hesitant to do so.

"It won't self-destruct in my face, would it?" Tomo asked.

"Not... likely..." Yomi was also worried. Tomo pressed and made a run for it. Yomi manage to grab her arm. "Don't run away." Chiyo answered the terminal.

"Hi!" Chiyo greeted. "Come on in! I've been expecting you!" The gates opened up as Tomo was still trying to run. The two turned as all three of them gazed at the mansion.

"Wow... Chiyo-chan's family must be loaded."

"We should just keep it simple, alright?" Once inside, Chiyo greeted them.

"Hello and welcome to my home!" She was very eager to have company. "This is the first time my high school friends are visiting so I am very happy. Please, make yourselves at home."

"Uhh... thank you for having us..." They went up stairs and entered Chiyo's room, it was very big.

"We have lots of rooms, but this is mine!"

"It's huge." Osaka was still awing. The four sat down at the table as Chiyo poured them some tea.

"Man, Chiyo-chan, this is one awesome pad you have here." Tomo commented.

"Oh, please don't flatter me, it's not that great."

"Oh, yes it is." Yomi groaned. The two beginning to feel small and inferior.

"Yeah, you're practically living it big, already." Tomo added. Chiyo didn't get what she meant. "Right, Osaka?" Osaka was in her own little world as she turned to them.

"Yeah, she's practically a giant!" Osaka replied.

"Don't rub it in..." The two felt even smaller and inferior.

"Rub what in?" Osaka didn't really the figure of speech. Tomo rammed her head on the table.

"Nevermind." The two felt even smaller and more inferior to the point they felt smaller than nematodes as they stew in their own thoughts. Chiyo had an idea.

"Hey, I know!" She spoke up. "We can all go to my summer home! How about it?"

It took 2 seconds before Tomo and Yomi reacted with shock and surprise: "SU-SU-SUMMER HOME!?"

"Summer home?" Osaka drew a blank.

"Summer Break Special: We're going to Chiyo-chan's summer home and livin' it big!" Tomo announced giving the victory sign in front of the train station again. "Yaaaay!"

"Sure turned out to be a nice day." Osaka looked up at the skies. "It's a perfect day for going to a summer home and living it big."

"Well, maybe it is or maybe it's not, but..." Tomo turned to Chiyo to see Sakaki standing next to her. "Chiyo-chan you invited Miss Sakaki, right?"

"I saw her over at the library and asked her!" Chiyo replied. "How was that?"

"It was swell and we can all live it big!" Tomo gave her a thumbs up, who returned it.

"What does she mean by 'living it big'?" Sakaki asked Yomi. "Because I don't need to be any taller than I am."

"God knows..."

"HOWEVER!!!" Tomo shouted as she turned to see Yukari and Nyamo. "These guys! Who invited these guys!?"

"Don't call us 'these guys!'" Yukari retorted. "Thanks to us, you getting free rides!" She saw this and most likely invited herself and dragged Nyamo along. "If you don't like it, Miss Takino, then you won't mind taking the train then. Eh?" She looked at Tomo with a smug.

"Yay! Road trip! Road trip! We're going on a road trip!" Tomo cheered as she didn't want to travel on the train by herself.

"Now that that's settled, let's split up into two groups!" Yukari announced. "Who wants to go in my car!?" Osaka approached the Yukari-mobile and saw lots of scratches and dents.

"Miss Yukari?"

"Yeah, what?"

"I don't know what happened, but this car's got dents all over the place." Osaka was worried.

"No need to worried if you live life to the fullest."

"You're not Sonic..." Yomi muttered. Tomo poked around at the dents in the Yukari-mobile.

"Okay, I'll take three and Yukari will take two..." Nyamo finalized. Chiyo was confused.

"Excuse me," Chiyo spoke. "But Miss Yukari's is much roomier, so should she take three people with her?" Nyamo looked at her with a straight face.

"The fewer fatalities the better." This struck fear into the hearts of all five girls and decided on Rock-paper-scissors. In the end, Chiyo and Osaka lost, forcing them to ride with Yukari.

"C-chiyo-chan..." Osaka studdered in fear.

"Y-yeah?" Chiyo was also studdering in fear.

"I-if we di-e, I jus-t want you to know: you've been a g-good friend."

"T-thank you... You t-too..." The two got into the Yukari-mobile.

"ONE MORE THING!!!" Tomo shouted suddenly, drawing the attention of the other four girls, the two teachers and a passing man with green hair wearing a suit. "He's definitely not a villain!" Tomo said randomly.

"What the hell?" The man shouted in response.

"Quit labeling every person you see, Tomo, and get in the car!" Yomi yelled. The man quickly walks off and sees them drive off. Yukari rammed into various of cars as she drove. Chiyo and Osaka were heard screaming.

"If that's what you think I am, little girl, then let the games begin!" The man smirk. The girls have made it to Chiyo's summer home with was founded on a cliffside leading to the beach. They all made it safely, sort to speak.

"Wow! That's an amazing summer home!" Yukari was amazed. "Fresh air and great location!"

"We're definitely gonna live it big!" Yomi walked over to the Yukari-mobile and peered inside to see a pale Osaka and Chiyo.

"I saw everything."

"I-I-I-I saw God... Sh-she's really pretty, immense and told me it wasn't our t-time..." Osaka manage to say. Chiyo's eyes were twitching. After Chiyo and Osaka regain their composure, they went inside the house and made themselves comfortable. But there's a mysterious figure looming over them.

"Nice place! Now, what's the best method to do to these girls?" He said. "Should I construct a snake pit? Iron Maiden? The Rack? The Wooden Pony? Hmm..."

"Are you ready to live it big?" Tomo shouted with enthusiasm as she ran out in a bikini and down to the beach with a watermelon in her hands.

"Slow down, Tomo!" Yomi called out.

"I don't get why Tomo keeps on saying 'living it big'..." Chiyo was clueless.

"Who knows what's going on in that head of hers."

"But she's got the right idea!" Yukari agreed with Tomo.

"And that gives me," The man chuckled as he plotted what he was going to do. "A BIG idea."

"It's melon time!" Tomo announced.

"Yes, melon smashing is a common pasttime. But don't we need a bat?" Yomi reminded. Tomo began to look around the beach for a blunt object but couldn't find anything.

"Melon smashing!" Osaka said as she and Sakaki looked from afar. The tall woman noticed Chiyo gazing at her in amazement.

"What's up?" She asked.

"When Tomo mentioned about 'living it big', does she mean as big as you or bigger?" Chiyo asked, causing Sakaki to blush as she covered herself. Tomo then proceeded to smashing the melon with karate chops, but missed all the while. The teachers were lying underneath a parasol to keep the sun off of them and watch the girls play, well, Nyamo, at least. Yukari, however, was relaxing.

In a distance, the man dressed in a light beige robe and had a purse holding particular object in it. He took the object out and placed it in their food basket by some of the beach tables there before walking off. It was close to lunchtime.

"Hey, you!" Tomo called out to the man. Was he caught? "You're definitely not a villain!"

"Stop that, Tomo! Why does everyone you see classify as a villain!?" Yomi growled.

"What? Can't I be suspicious?"

"Suspicious, yes. But you shouldn't jump to conclusions like that," The man quickly walked away, Tomo and Yomi's argument gave him cover and time to leave.

"What is with that girl?" The man asked himself. "No matter. Once they finished their meal, those ladies will be having bigger things to deal with. Much bigger things," The man quickly got out of the area as the rest of the girls gathered for lunch and watched it play out from afar.

"But I did see him go in our food basket, Yomi," Tomo said as Yomi opened it. But she found nothing out of the ordinary. No food out of place. Nothing. "But I saw..."

"There's nothing."

"Maybe you're eyes were playing tricks on you, Tomo," Osaka suggested.

"My eyes don't lie!"

"Fine, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt," Yomi said.

"Let's eat, anyway," Yukari wanted some of the sandwiches they packed.

"I'm not eating! He could have put food poisoning!" Tomo denied, but her stomach said otherwise and she quickly sat at the table. "It's time to eat!" The seating arrangements from the basket were, Yukari, Yomi and Tomo on one side and Nyamo, Chiyo, Osaka and Sakaki on the other. They had about enough food for 14 people. There was sushi, fried pork, tofu and curry. Before they knew it, the entire basket was empty. "Whoo, I can't eat another bite!" Tomo rubbed her stomach.

"I never ate so much food before," Chiyo felt that her stomach was in pain as she ate more food than her stomach could hold at once.

"Are you alright, Chiyo-chan?" Nyamo was worried.

"We ate the entire basket clean!" Yukari checked it. Not even a crumb small enough for a mouse.

"Okay, I know I was hungry, but a whole basket!?" Yomi knew that was near impossible for one person to eat twice the amount an average human can take, especially for a child.

"But it felt like I was getting hungrier the more I ate," Osaka pointed out.

"I felt that, too," Sakaki agreed. She looked at the other before she felt something go through her system and made her go on edge. It wasn't just her.

"Did anyone else feel that?" Tomo asked.

"Was it a sensation?" Osaka added. Everyone had the same feeling. The girls noticed that the world around them was, somehow, shrinking.

The man grinned evilly as he took a snapshot. "This is getting good!"

"W-what's going on?" Yomi was getting worried.

"W-w-w-why's everything getting smaller?" Tomo was started it get freaked out.

"I can reach three-quarters across the table," Chiyo awed. Yukari saw the basket shrink in her hand as well.

"The world isn't getting smaller..." Yukari couldn't believe it was true.

"We're g-g-g-g-row-row-row-row..." Sakaki's face became pale as her worst nightmare was coming true.

"Growing..." Osaka finished. Indeed they were growing. Slowly, but surely, they were. They grew big enough that the benches couldn't hold their combine weight and crushed it. The seven ladies all grew until they're reach about 1000ft on average. Luckily for all of them, their swimsuits grew with them, and Yomi's glasses as well. Sakaki was trying her very best not to scream. Yukari still had the basket in her hand, but it was really tiny.

"Okay, everyone..." Nyamo spoke, trying to keep everyone under control. "Don't panic."

"How can we not panic!?" Yukari shouted. "We're 1000ft tall!" Sakaki quickly covered her ears.

"Whoa..." Osaka was actually amazed at this.

"This is very interesting." Chiyo awed. "I'm big!"

"At least two of us are enjoying this," Yomi muttered.

"It was that man!" Tomo's assumption was on the dot. "He must of put something in our food that caused this!"

"You may actually be onto something, but what did he put in our food?"

"It couldn't have been a potion. We would have spat it up upon tasting it," Nyamo suspected. Osaka tried to get up to her full height. Osaka wasn't a tall person, but she was big enough to see across the ocean.

"What a view..." Osaka mention before she checked herself. "I don't feel any different than I was normally," She turns to Sakaki who has buried her head in between her knees. "Miss Sakaki? Are you okay?"

"This can't be happening... This can't be happening..." Sakaki repeated to herself over and over again.

"She doesn't look, alright," Chiyo said as she got up.

"A phobia, perhaps?" Yomi wondered.

"So I guess Miss Superwoman does have some flaws," Tomo said.

"Who says she didn't?" Yomi asked. Tomo just shrugged. Chiyo and Osaka tried to comfort Sakaki.

"It's gonna be okay, Miss Sakaki." Chiyo spoke, giving Sakaki a comforting hug. At a farther distance, the man was getting ready for part 2. He took out his cellphone.

"Excuse me, is this the Japanese Air Forces?" He asked. "There's some major activity going on down south. I'll send you the coordinates and you can see for yourself," He gave the Air Forces the coordinates. And they saw the girls on the monitor. "Do you see? If those girls are left unchecked, they can do untold damage," He paused for a moment. "Yes, of course. Riiiiiiight..." He hanged up and decided to take his leave, grinning evilly. "Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun."

Each of the girls have rose to their full height. Chiyo warned everyone not to crush her summer home, wouldn't be much of a trip if the one place their staying at gets destroyed, and walked a few miles away from it. It took a while for them to get Sakaki to move. But she eventually calmed herself, but was still unease.

"Amazing..." Osaka gazed across the ocean.

"That is quite a view," Yomi agreed.

"So... what do we do?" Chiyo asked.

"Well, I know what I'm gonna do," Yukari grinned. She wanted to take advantage of this height and have some fun. Nyamo knew that look all too well.

"Don't tell me your going into public like that!"

"Fine then, I won't tell you."

"You better not, Yukari!" Nyamo warned. "We could get in trouble!"

"And who can stop us?"

"I'm with her!" Tomo grinned in excitement and enthusiasm.

"Don't you dare, Tomo!" Yomi growled. With that, Yukari and Tomo head off into town, causing a tremor with each step as they ran across the beach. Yomi and Nyamo's mouths hanged open as the two ran off. Yomi ran after Tomo. "Get back here!"

"Are we in trouble, Miss Kurosawa?" Chiyo asked.

"This is gonna come back to haunt us..." Nyamo groaned. "One way or another. Sakaki, look after these two, alright?" She took it upon herself to stop her friend and went after them. This left Sakaki, Osaka and Chiyo alone.

"Do y'all think this is what Tomo met by livin' it big?" Osaka asked. Sakaki became frantic.

"Please... Don't mention that." Sakaki begged. "I already had enough problems being the tallest in our class. I wish I was smaller so I wouldn't, literally, stand out."

"But, there's nothing wrong being big. Is there, Miss Sakaki?" Chiyo spoke. "I wouldn't mind being your size, to be honest. Being a child, no one can take me seriously..." She looked down in lament.

"But if you did that, you wouldn't be you." Osaka injected. "It's true that both of you are better than me in most stuff, but I wouldn't change that for anything." Both Chiyo and Sakaki, amazed by Osaka's choice of words, looked at each other.

"Wow," Chiyo turned to Osaka. "I like your logic, Miss Osaka."

"Thank you." Sakaki smiled.

Over the ocean, the Japanese Air Force assembled and had the three giantesses in their sites.

"I see the three giants on the horizon."

"Weren't there seven total?"

"Heh, easy pickings."

"Our job is to capture them, not kill them."

"Copy that! Fly into assault formation." They flew into formation and prepared to assault. "Let's rock and roll!"

Osaka looked over and saw the jets coming from over the horizon. "Oh, look! Metal birds!" She pointed. Both Chiyo and Sakaki looked in the direction she was pointing at.

"Those aren't metal birds, Miss Osaka." Chiyo got a better looked as her and Sakaki's eyes widen in shock and worry.

"That's the Air Force." Sakaki informed. The Air Force began to launch missiles at the trio.

"RUN!!!" Chiyo and Sakaki man a run for it while Osaka was lose in a daze. "Miss Osaka!" She heard Chiyo's voice and followed as the missiles just missed her.

"Are we playing tag?" She asked.

"The giant women are making a run for it!" A pilot informed.

"Close in and follow them." The lead pilot issued. The three giantesses ran as fast... as a 1000 ft giantess could run... towards a town.

"They're entering a public area. Evacuate the town!"

"It's too late. The people are running in fear as we speak." Indeed the people of the town were. The stomps of the three giantesses was enough to send small buildings crashing to the ground. The girls didn't even know that they were crushing buildings, all was on their mind was to avoid getting blasted, at least in the minds of Chiyo and Sakaki, all Osaka was think was a harmless game of tag.

Elsewhere, Tomo was going for a leasure stroll through the town, dozens of eyes were on her.

"Slow down, Tomo!" Yomi yelled. "And watch where you step!" This caused many more eyes to lock on the two.

"Awww... Trying to ruin a girl's fun?" Tomo smirked. "I'm sad."

"We'll be even worse trouble because of this... and we're 1000 ft tall as it is."

"Why waste this opprotunity, Yomi? Besides..." Tomo smiled as she saw some men looking at Yomi. "I think you have some admirers." This cause Yomi to blush as she looked around to see all the men looking at her. "Come on, boys! Feast your eyes on this!"

"D-don't encourage them!" Yomi tried to say. She looks over the distance and sees Sakaki, Chiyo and Osaka being chased by some jets. "The Air Force?" Her thought was interrupted when Tomo glomped her from behind.

"And look!" Tomo said, squeezing Yomi's breasts. This got Yomi mad enough to turn around and uppercut Tomo in the jaw. The force caused Tomo to fly into the air a bit and over some of the town. Yomi's face changed for anger to fear as Tomo landed down, causing considerable damage. She was just praying that no one was killed. Tomo, she just let out a relaxing sigh.

"Just how carefree can one person be?" Yomi questions herself about her friend.

With Yukari, she decided to visit a city, causing quite a commotion in the streets.

"Come on, gentlemen!" Yukari grinned. "Feast your eyes on me!" She did a suggestive pose, getting attention with some of the men that were trying to flee.

"Yukari!" Nyamo called out as she searched the city for her friend. "Where are you!? You really got us into deep trouble this time!" In the building on her right, several of people were still in the building and saw Nyamo, especially those at her chest level, who ended up gawking at her breasts. Yukari heard Nyamo's call and sneaked around a building with a smirk on her face. Waiting for the right moment, she emerged from the corner and dashed towards Nyamo at full speed. Nyamo turned just as Yukari lunged at her and gripped her. This caused the gym teacher to loose balance as both of them pressed up against the building, the wall gave in and the two giantesses end up crashing into it and leaving a hole. Most likely killing anyone unlucky enough to be there at the wrong time. Some people manage to get away as they saw the giant bodies leaning towards them.

Upon recovering, Nyamo and Yukari got up to see several men crushed by their breasts. Two of the men, with the last bit of life left, said: "I'm in pain, but also in the valley of goddesses!"

"Totally worth the price!" Then the two men had died. Nyamo was devastated at this, while Yukari was thrilled.

"What a way to go! Ey, Nyamo?" Yukari said proudly. "Dying in between two sets of large breasts!"

"I feel so... disturbed..." Nyamo didn't feel quite right about this. Knowing that people have died becomes of her and Yukari.

"Cheer up, Nyamo!" Yukari pats her friend on the back. "It's inevitable for something like this to happen. Reminds me of that one OVA we watched together."

"I guess..." Nyamo still shuddered.


Back with the girls, the air force continued to chase Chiyo, Osaka and Sakaki. Only this time, Tomo and Yomi were being chased as well. As they ran, the town was getting destroyed with each step they took. But not like it mattered at this point.

"I told you this was a bad idea, Tomo!" Yomi yelled at her friend.

"Can't talk! Just run!" Tomo was beginning to regret her decision.

"What can we do!?" Chiyo cried. "I can't keep running!"

"Just don't get tagged, Chiyo-chan!" Osaka said, nonchalant. Still thinking its a game of tag.

"We are not playing tag, Osaka!" Yomi yelled at the Osaka girl's ignorance.

"We're running for our lives!" Tomo added. Sakaki took a deep breath and decided to make a stand against the air force. She had enough of being on the run.

"Miss Sakaki!" Chiyo cried, seeing that she had stop running. A missile was heading straight for her.

"Look out!" Yomi called out. Sakaki whacked the missile using the back of her left hand, deflecting it and sent it flying away from them and towards the city where Yukari and Nyamo are present.

"Nice one, Sakaki!" Tomo smiled.

"Why are you attacking us!?" Sakaki called out to the air force.

"We are under no obligation to associate with terrorists." The head pilot called out.

"We demand an answer!" Yomi called.

"And we're NOT terrorists!" Tomo added.

"Tell that to this town!" The girls looked around to see the destroyed town.

"Hey, you're the ones chasing us!" Tomo reiterated as she acted noble-ish. "We were just minding our own business. Until some guy, who is definitely not a villain, came along and did something to our lunch, causing us to grow this big."

"Wait, captain. Some guy... Wasn't he the one who called us?" One of the pilots asked.

"I think you might be onto something, Lieutenant..."

"Haaa!" Tomo stuck her tongue out at Yomi. "What did I tell you Yomi!? That man WAS a villain!"

"Don't you mean, 'Definitely not a villain?'" Osaka asked.

"That was just a bluff. And a phrase from a web show I watched."

"Very elaborate..." Yomi said sarcastically. "But that still doesn't help our current situation."

"That man should still be around here." Sakaki suggested.

"Oh, yes. We should search for him." Chiyo nodded.

"But won't it be hard for us since we're so big?" Osaka questioned. A call was made to one of the pilots.

"Yes?" The pilot answered. "Captain, it's the made who called us earlier. He has a message for the five giant girls."

"Excuse me, ladies. There's a call for you." The head pilot switched so that the girls could hear it.

"I hope you girls have had a grand time."

"It's definitely not a villain!" Tomo recognized the voice.

"Stop calling me that, you over-caffeinated, wild girl!" The man yelled, before he cleared his voice. "Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little game of mine."

"You call turning five... I mean, four... innocent girls into mega giantesses a game!" Yomi called out.

"Lay it to him more, Yomi!" Tomo encouraged, when she halted for a moment when she heard Yomi change five to four. "What do you mean four innocent girls? There's five of us!"

"I think the not-so-innocent girl is you, Tomo." Osaka pointed out. This brought shock to Tomo.

"That's mean, Yomi!"

"Well, ladies, I love to stay, but I must be going."

"You're not going anywhere!" The head pilot reiterated. "You're under arrest for deception and treachery!"

"I'm long gone, captain. And girls, the potion I slipped in your food shall last until noon of the second day. Farewell." With that, he cut connection.

"We've lost the signal, sir."

"So what do we do now?" Osaka asked.

"Well, ladies, we owe you an apology." The head pilot said, sincerely.

"It's okay, mister." Chiyo smiled.

Meanwhile, Yukari and Nyamo continued their rampage through the city... Well, Yukari was while Nyamo was getting worried about the girls.

"Yukari, think we should head back? I'm starting to worry about the girls..."

"Don't worry, Nyamo. Sakaki is quite capable of looking after them." Yukari stopped as she heard something. "What's that?" The two looked up to see a missile that Sakaki deflected was flying straight at them. The two had no time to react as the missile came in contact and exploded, destroying of what's left of the city as well as those, unfortunate, to be left behind.

"Finally, we're done." Tomo wiped the sweat off her forehead as the girls spent whatever time they had left to clean up whatever damage was done to the town.

"Thank you so much for your help." The mayor of the town showed his gratitude.

"It's the least we could do after the trouble we caused." Chiyo blushed, bowing her head down.

"We have about until tomorrow afternoon before we return to normal. Will you be fine with construction?" Yomi asked.

"We should handle things from now on. Don't worry, those old buildings were abandon anyway."

"Hey, think we can have a picture taken?" Tomo asked. One of the townsfolk took a snapshot of the girls, one together and one individually.

"I'll make sure to send the photos to you once the film is developed."

"What are you planning, Tomo?" Yomi asked, giving her friend a look of uncertain. The girls had made it back to Chiyo's Summer House as it became dark. They sat down on the cliff side.

"So what do we do now until the mornin'?" Osaka asked.

"Not much we CAN do." Yomi stated. Just then they heard their teachers have returned.

"Miss Yukari! Miss Kurosawa!" Chiyo greeted with glee. She noticed that they were covered in soot.

"Whoa, what happened to you two?" Tomo asked.

"We were in the city when this missile came down and exploded." Nyamo replied. This caused the girls to gasped as that was the same missile Sakaki deflected.

"What's the matter?" Yukari asked about their expressions. "Did something happened with you?"

"We'll tell you our story if you tell us yours." Yomi chuckled. After a night of gasps, awes and discomfort looks, the girls and teachers decided to sleep for the night. The girls and teachers had returned to their original size and were on their way home. A rather bumpy ride if you were in the Yukari-mobile. School started up again as Tomo entered with a handful of photos. Chiyo and Kaorin were there.

"I brought the photo from our trip over summer break!" Tomo passed them forward.

"Let me see! I wish I could go if I didn't have camp. Huh?" Kaorin took the photos and began sorting through them until she saw a photo of Sakaki lying down on the beach in her bikini and began to tremble. "Mi-m-m-Miss Sakaki went with you two!?"

"Huh... Yeah."

"Awwww... Well, why couldn't I go!?"

"You said that you had camp." Tomo reminded. Kaorin began to tremble again and hyperventilate before sorting through the photos again this time seeing one of the photos when the girls were giantess. "Miss Sakaki looks so big in this photo!"

"Oh, that? See there was this guy, who's definitely not a villain, put something in our food and made us 1000 feet tall."

"A 1000 foot Miss Sakaki!?" Kaorin was shocked to hear that. She began to hyperventilate again as she wanted to see that so much sorting through more photos until she saw a photo of Tomo and the Yukari-mobile. "Huh? What's this?"

"Oh, that's the Yukari-mobile!" Tomo exclaimed.

"Ah, so this is it. I heard to had a rough time Chiyo-chan." Kaorin said as the two turned to a scarred-by-fear Chiyo. "Chiyo-chan?" Kaorin tried waving on Chiyo's eyes.

"Chi-yo!" Tomo grabbed Chiyo's pigtails to get her attention.

"Please stop..." Chiyo said suddenly, startling the two. "Please stop the car... Oh no... We're going to die... Grandpa...?" She couldn't take anymore as she screamed in complete terror. "LOOK OUT, MISTER GRANDPA!!! MISTER GRANDPA, LOOK OUT!!!" Tomo turned around and shrugged as Kaorin tried to comfort Chiyo. "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!" Tomo then began passing the rest of the photos to the rest of the class as Yukari entered the classroom the same when summer break began.

"That's right, today is the second semester, so let's all study hard! So how did anyone have any plans go?"

"All sorts of stuff happened so we didn't go anywhere." A male student said.

"Oh, my. Isn't that just too bad." Yukari said, nonchalant.

"All I did was astronomy camp." Kaorin said with sadness in her voice.

"Oh, my. Isn't that just too bad." The class just looked at her again as the English Teacher chuckled. "Listen up. The more fun your summer break was, the worst your summer break hangover is gonna be!"

"Then you must be in the worst shape of all of us!" Tomo got where she was coming from.

"Bingo! Just like you said!" Yukari then slopped over her podium, completely exhausted and tired. "Oh, man, when's Christmas Break again?" And with that, the story--

"Hold it!" Yomi interrupted the ending as she turned to Tomo.

"What's up, Yomi?"

"Through out this whole story you've been saying 'Living it Big'. So what do you mean by 'Living it Big!?'"

"That's the name of this story, isn't it?" Tomo had a blank expression. "That's what I was told." This left everyone else in frustration.

"That's all folks!" Osaka waved.