Little Hero, Huge Trouble


Chapter 1

“Dam you Danny!” shouted the Pop Princess know as Ember McLain. Ember fell onto the floor; she looks up and sees Danny looking down at her with a creepy smile on his face. He slowly drew out a Fenton Thermos, pulled the lid off and aimed it towards her.

 “No, not the Thermos! Not the Thermos!” screamed Ember as she was trying to crawl away. “Where do your think your going?” asked Danny as he slowly walked towards her. The Thermos started to shoot out a flow of glowing white rings towards Ember and slowly started to suck her in. “NOOO!” screamed Ember as she was being pulled in. “Got you!” said Danny as he placed the lid back on.

Danny Phantom slowly turns back to his normal self, Danny Fenton. As he was back to normal, his best friends Sam and Tucker showed up behind him. The three of them started to laugh and walk down the street back to the Fentonworks, Danny’s home. “Man, I never seen Ember so scared in my life as you drew out the Fenton Thermos. She must be claustrophobic or something” said Tucker.

“What’s the matter?” asked Sam, worried. Danny looked at the Thermos and said, “I don’t think she’s claustrophobic. It’s like she scared of something or someone back at the Ghost Zone” “Stop feeling like you’re the bad guy. You only did what you had to. It’s her fault that you capture her. She must have known that she’s no match ageist Danny Phantom,” said Sam, trying to cheer him up. Danny looks at Sam with a smile and said, “Thanks Sam. Lets put Ember back in the Ghost Zone and have some fun”

The three of them started to laugh even more. The three of them made it to the Fentonworks, headed down the to the basement and release Ember through the Fenton Ghost Portal. “Good luck in there” said Danny as he closed the portal. “Let’s go to the Nasty Burger. My treat” said Tucker. “Cool” said both Danny and Sam. The three of them headed outside and towards the Nasty Burger.                   

Deep within the Ghost Zone, Ember once again sent back into the zone by Danny Phantom. Because of this Ember becomes blinded in rage, goes off, using her guitar started to destroy random objects that are just floating by. “EMBER!” shouted a deep voice. Ember turned around in a shock. She couldn’t see anything. With her back turned an object shaped as a lamp hit the back of her head. “For Christ sake!” shouted Ember annoyed. She turned around and saw the lamp. She grabbed hold of it and was staring at it.

“Awl what the heck” said Ember as she was looking at it. She slowly starts to rub the lamp. The lamp started to vibrate and a light pierced though it. Purple smoke started to leak out and was forming in a female ghost genie. “The name’s Desiree, what you wish, I will grant” said the genie. “Cool, I have my own genie,” said Ember, all excited. “EMBER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE?” echoed the creepy voice again.

Ember look back all scared. “DON’T COME BACK TILL YOU GET ME THE THING I WANT!” shouted the voice once again. “Ok, ok I’m going! Come genie” said Ember as she was floating away. Desiree followed her. “Curse that dam ghost boy!” shouted Ember as she was floating towards the portal.

“Don’t mind me of asking but who is this ghost boy?” asked Desiree as she flied next to her. “It’s that big head Danny Phantom! Everytime I’m at the Human Zone, that ghost boy keeps on trapping me in that thermos and then he pops me back here!” shouted Ember. As the two of them made it their way to portal, Desiree said, “I’ve run into that Danny Phantom many times before. I know how you feel. He is a big head”

“Hold on a tick. You’ve just given me an idea. Desiree, you said you make any wish come true?” said Ember as her eyes light up. “What you wish, I will grant,” said Desiree as she smiled. “I wish that my guitar has the power to change the size of anything I please. With the power of my music, I can make that big head into a size of an ant” said Ember as she placed her guitar in front of her. Desiree nodded her head and then clicked her right fingers. Green smoke covered the guitar and as it cleaned away, the guitar gave off a shine.

Ember took her guitar and drew it away. She looks back at Desiree and the two of them gave each other a creepy smile at each other. Slowly the two of them entered the portal back to the Human zone.

Back at the Human zone, the Nasty Burger,

Danny, Sam and Tucker are siting at one of the tables eating their burgers, fries and drinking their coke. “Hay Fen-toad!” shouted a familiar voice. “Oh no” said Danny as he looked back. There marching towards him was Dash, the most popular guy in school. “Danny, what did you do this time?” asked Tucker. “Nothing” said Danny quickly. Sam’s face turns sour. “What? You don’t believe me?” asked Danny. “Well everytime Dash chases after you, it always mean that you did something…”

Before Sam could finish what she was saying, light blue mist leak out from Danny’s mouth. “Huh, what?” said Danny as he was looking over the place. “Fen-turd. I’ve got something to give you,” said Dash as he clicked his fists. Danny looks back and was starting to panic. “Err, Erm, look over there! It’s Danny Phantom!” shouted Danny as he shot up from his seat and pointed towards the wall behind him. “What where!” shouted Dash as he turned around in a hurry. Danny slowly sneak towards the exist.

“Hay, wait a minute!” shouted Dash as he turned around and found that Danny was no longer siting at his seat. Dash slowly looks up and shouted out a dramatic scream. He was screaming, “Fen-toenail!” that the whole city heard. “Dam, I hate to be Danny right now” whispered Sam to Tucker. “I hear that, let’s go and warn him” whispered Tucker. As Dash wasn’t looking, the two of them sneak off. He looks back and noticed that the two are gone. “Curses!” shouted Dash.

“There’s Danny!” said Sam as she pointed towards him. The two of them headed towards Danny. “Going ghost!” shouted Danny as he was running. Two white rings shined out of Danny and one was heading upwards and the other headed downwards. As the rings were moving, Danny was transforming into Danny Phantom. “Where’s the ghost?” wondered Danny as he was flying through the streets.

Something light hits the back of his head. “What the…” asked Danny as he looked back. “Beware!” shouted a small blue ghost. “Oh it just you Box Ghost” said Danny. “Behind you!” shouted Box Ghost as he pointed behind Danny. “I’m not going to fall to one of your tricks,” said Danny as he crossed his arms.  A pink laser hit Danny’s back and went flying towards the ground. “What the?” asked Danny as he looked up into the sky. He saw two female ghosts and one of them have no legs. “Ember?” asked Danny as he slowly stands back up. The two ghosts slowly land in front of him.

“Desiree, Ember again?” said Danny as he was ready to do battle. Ember drew out her guitar and said, “Hay Danny, I got a new song that’s just you. I call this one, Little hero!” shouted Ember as she was about play. “Here’s the solo!” shouted Ember as she started to play.

Ember started to play her song. A dark green aura covered Danny. After a few seconds, Ember stopped playing and noticed that the green aura was slowly fading away. Nothing seems to be happening to him. “Desiree, what’s going on?” asked Ember as she looked back at her. “The power is too weak for it to effect straight away. Give it time” said Desiree. “What did you do?” asked Danny, looking worried. “You see, you see” answered Ember.

From that the two of them vanished. Danny sighed and said, “Box Ghost! Go away!” “See you another day!” said Box Ghost as he vanished as well. Danny checked if no one else is looking. He slowly turns back to Danny Fenton. Sam and Tucker went running towards him. “Danny, what’s wrong?” asked Sam. “Its nothing. Come on lets go,” said Danny as he started to walk down the street.

Hours later,

Danny, Sam and Tucker are back at the Fentonworks. Tucker looks at his watch, it says its 9.45pm.  “It’s getting late,” said Tucker, as he was about to leave the house. “See you tomorrow Danny,” said Sam as she too was leaving the house. “Mom! Dad! I’m going to bed,” said Danny as he went off to bed, not knowing on what to come tomorrow.

Chapter 2

Danny opens his eyes in shock, due to the sound of his alarm clock. Slowly Danny moves his head towards the direction of his clock and it said 8.59am. “Oh crap!” shouted Danny as he shot out of bed. As Danny landed onto his bedroom floor, he noticed something different about himself. “What’s wrong with me? Why do I have a feeling that something’s different? Must be my imagination,” thought Danny as he shocks his head. Danny looks around his room to look for his clothes. “Found them” Danny walks up to them and puts them on. “Dam, I’m going to be late for school. Why didn’t I set my alarm clock to 7.59am? I must be tired,” said Danny to himself.

Danny headed towards his bedroom door and was about to open it until he noticed something. “What the?” said Danny as he looks up. Danny notices that his door handle was a few feet higher up than he was. “Have…have I shrunk? I must be half my size,” said Danny as he was starting to panic. Danny slowly turned all see view and walked through his door. “Well I guess this is better then being a few inches like last time,” said Danny as he was trying to cheer himself up. “No time for school! I got to try and find Ember or Desiree. They must be behind all this” Danny said as he was slowly creeping down the hallway. As Danny was at the top of the stairway, he was about to walk down; he stopped himself and slapped his forehead and said, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”

Danny checked to see if his mom or dad was around and then slowly he turned into Danny Phantom. Danny jumped into the air and zoomed his way out of the house. “Huh what the!” shouted Jack as he ran out from the basement holding the ghost detector. “Hmm? Strange, my Ghost Detector said there was a ghost in here…oh well,” said Maddie as she too was holding a ghost detector. The two of them looked at each other and gave a shrug. They both headed back to the basement.

Danny was flying through the streets of Amity Park to find at least a signal clue of the ghosts known as Ember & Desiree. All of a sudden, light blue mist leaked out from Danny’s mouth. “Well, well. What do we have here then? A pipsqueak Danny? This is going to be good” echoed a familiar voice. Danny turns around and saw someone he didn’t want to run into. There in front of him was the ghost hunter known as Skulker. Danny aimed his hands towards him and fired his Ghost Ray at him. As the ray touched Skulker, he started to laugh as if he didn’t felt a thing.  “Oh crap!” shouted Danny as he was backing up. “Say your preys” ordered Skulker as he aimed his right arm towards him; slowly a ray gun appeared out from nowhere on it.

Without the two of them noticing, a little girl wearing a red hat, blue jumper and red shorts was walking down the same street that Danny and Skulker were at. “Can’t wait to show Danny on how much I’ve improved over the months” said the girl. As she was walking, she noticed two objects in the sky and one of them she knew. “Danny? Why is he around my height?” thought the girl. The girl check if anyone was around, ran behind a dustbin and said, “Going Ghost!” From that, the girl zoomed towards the back of Skulker.      

As Skulker was about to fire, a green energy ray hit his back. “What the?” said Skulker as he turned around. A little girl in the same style of clothes that Danny Phantom is wearing was hovering in front of him. “Leave my cousin alone!” ordered the girl. Skulker turns back to look at Danny. “Another half ghost? Take it that you’re no longer one of a kind Danny Phantom.” Danny looks at the girl and shouted, “Dani, get out of here!” “No way! I’m going to help you beat this jar head,” said Dani, as she was to fire another Ghost Ray. Skulker looks back at Dani, aimed his right arm at her. The ray gun appeared once again on his arm. Skulker gave a creepy smile and said, “Well, this should interesting”

Danny went flying towards Dani at the same time that Skulker fired his ray gun. Danny pushed Dani out of the way of the beam from Skulker’s gun and the two of them went flying towards the floor. “I must say Ghost Child. In your new size, your much faster but I will put the stop to that,” said Skulker as laser weapons appeared out from his battle suit. The two of them shot back up and looked at Skulker’s weapons. “Cool…” Dani looks at Danny and quickly said, “I mean, oh no! Run!”                                  

“Run if you both can Ghost Children!” shouted Skulker was he went flying towards them. From that, the two of them went flying through the streets of Amity Park, dodged each laser beam that was fired by Skulker’s weapons. “We need a place to hide!” said Danny as he was starting to panic. “Look, we can hide down there,” said Dani as she pointed towards a street corner. The two of them went flying towards the street corner and hid behind dustbins.

Down the same street, Danny’s parents, Jack & Maddie was running up the street holding their ghost hunting equipment. “Maddie, look! My Ghost Detector is reading three ghost that’s just around the corner!” shouted Jack as he stopped running so he can catch his breath. “Don’t you worry dear, I will catch them!” said Maddie as she carried on running.

“Do you Ghost Children really think you can get away from me?” asked Skulker as he landed behind Danny and Dani. “Guess I have to use my Ghostly Wail!” said Danny as he stood in front of Dani. As Danny was about to take a deep breath, a green beam of energy was fired right towards Skulker. As it hit Skulker, he went flying back. “Um, Dani, did you do that?” asked Danny as he turned around. Dani looked at him and shock her head. “Then that means, hurry change back,” said Danny. From that, Danny and Dani changed back to their human selves. “All right you ghost! Get into the thermos!” shouted a familiar voice. “Its mom” said Danny, still hiding behind the dustbins. Maddie jumped ontop of the dustbins, aimed the Fenton Thermos towards Skulker and slowly it shoot out a flow of glowing white rings and slowly started to suck him in. “NOO! I’ll be back Danny Phantom, I’ll be back!” shouted Skulker as he was being pulled in. “Got you,” said Maddie as she put the lid back on.

Danny looked at Danielle, the human form of Dani Phantom and the two of them slowly crept away, which was until Jack tripped over and landed onto the dustbins. Maddie fell forwards and landed onto both of Danny & Danielle. “I’m sorry about that honey, did you catch the three ghosts…?” said Jack as he looked at her. “What is it dear?” asked Maddie as she looked back up at Jack. “Some kind of ghost have shrunk Danny half his size and…who’s that little girl?” said Jack as he walks up to Maddie and help her up. Maddie looks down and could see Danny and Danielle lying on the floor. The two of them are out cold. “Oh dear, come on Jack, I carry the girl, you carry Danny” said Maddie as she kneel down to pick up Danielle. The two of them walked home, carrying the Ghost Children.

An hour later, back at the Fentonworks,

Maddie was in the basement, placing Skulker back into the Ghost Zone. “Maddie! The kids have awoken!” shouted Jack. Maddie rushed back up stairs into Danny’s room. Inside Danny’s room.

“Huh? What happened?” asked Danny as he noticed that he was back in his bed and could see both his parents looking at him. “You were attacked by a ghost and somehow managed to shrink you down to a size of a twelve year old” said Jack. Danny sits up and looks to his right and could see his cousin, Danielle, lying on a sleeping bag. “Um, Danny…who that little girl?” asked Maddie as she sat down next to her. “She’s Danielle, my third cousin once removed and that she ran away from home” answered Danny. “That’s odd, I don’t remember having a third cousin, do you Maddie?” asked Jack. Maddie looks back at him and shook her head.

“Danny, you better stay here and look after Danielle till she wakes up. We’ll find a way to restore back to your full size again,” said Jack as he and Maddie left the room. Jack drew out chains and locks from his pockets. “Should we really lock his door Jack?” asked Maddie as she was watching Jack placing the chains and locks onto Danny’s door. “Theses are not just any normal chains and locks, they are Fenton’s chains and locks and they will keep ghosts from entering Danny’s room. Just in case if the same kind of ghosts comeback,” said Jack as he locked the last lock. He took the key out and then swallowed it. “Why did you just do that?” asked Maddie. Jack smiled and said, “So that no one can steal the key and get into Danny’s room” “That’s a great plan but you missed something” said Maddie as she crossed her arms. “What’s that then?” asked Jack, still smiling. “How are we going to in?” said Maddie. “Easy…we just use this key…that I’ve just swallowed…DAM IT!” said Jack as he smacked his forehead. “We’ll worry about that later, right now, we need to build a resize machine,” said Maddie as she started to walk down stairs.                    

As Danny was siting on his bed, a dark green aura coved around him and slowly losing a few inches. As the green aura faded away, Danielle woke up and saw Danny siting on his bed. She stood and sat next to him, she noticed that he was now half the size he was before. “Hum, Danny…” said Danielle as she was about to placed her right hand onto his little left shoulder. Danny looks at her and started to panic. “Oh man! How can this get any this get worse?” said Danny as he looked down onto the floor.

Meanwhile, deep in the Ghost Zone, Skulker has formed a meeting of all the ghost enemies Danny has beaten before. “Hear me people! Danny Phantom has somehow shrunk down half of his normal size and he may still be shrinking at this very moment. As he is shrinking, his powers are also shrinks. Now is the time to strike at him when he’s at his weakest. Now who’s with me!” shouted Skulker.   

From that, everyone at the meeting started to cheer and headed towards the portal to the Human Zone.

Back at the Fentonworks, Jack & Maddie are busy working on the Resize machine, which was until an alarm system went off. “Another invasion? Why don’t theses ghosts ever learn? Come Maddie! Prepare for battle!” shouted Jack as he grabbed as much Fenton products as he can. “But what about Danny & Danielle?” asked Maddie as she too was grabbing as much Fenton products as she can as well. “Have you forgotten about my Fenton chains and locks that I wrapped around Danny’s bedroom door?” asked Jack as he was getting ready for battle. “True, but can it really hold this many ghosts from entering his room?” asked Maddie as she too was getting ready for battle. “No time to worry now, here they come!” shouted Jack as he drew out a Fenton Revolver. Maddie too drew out a Fenton Revolver.

Slowly the Ghost Portal opened up and millions of red, blue and black eyes could be seen. Back in Danny’s room, light blue mist leaked out from Danny & Danielle’s mouths. “Oh no!” said both of them. Danielle rushes over to the door and tried to open it. “Danny, your parents seem to have locked us in,” said Danielle as she looked back. “You know what we have to do now?” asked Danny as he looked at her. Danielle smiled at Danny and the two of them said, “I’m going ghost!” From that, two white rings shined out of Danny and Danielle. One was heading upwards and the other headed downwards. As the rings were moving, Danny was transforming into Danny Phantom and Danielle was transforming into Dani Phantom. The two of them tried to pass through the door back was given an electric shock. The two of them went flying back.

Danny shook his head and said, “Grate! Trapped in my very own room” “There must be another way out” said Dani as she was looking around. From that moment, someone or something was banging really hard at Danny’s bedroom door. Danny stood up and said, “Forget about it, we need to our ground and fight” Dani nodded and stood next to him. The two of them are ready for battle.   

Chapter 3

“I hope you’re strong enough to use your Ghostly Wail,” said Dani, looking down at Danny. Danny nodded his head. The door got blasted in; smoke covered the whole room. “Open the window!” ordered Danny, as he was about to take a deep breath. Dani rushes over to the window and opened it. A gust of wind blew into the room, getting rid of all the smoke. As the smoke cleared up, Danny and Dani could see their enemies. “There he is, attack!” ordered Skulker as he drew out a ghost like sword and went charging towards Danny. The other ghosts that were with Skulker were The Lunch Lady Ghost, Youngblood, Johnny 13, Kitty, Walker and Nicolai Technus.

As they were running, both Danny & Dani noticed dark green aura covering them and then slowly, all seven of them began to shrink. The ghosts didn’t seem to notice till they all bumped into something and fell ontop of each other. “I, Technus! Shall destroy whoever caused us to fall ontop of each other!” shouted Technus as he always do. “How are you going to do that?” boomed a little girl’s voice.

Technus and the others all covered their ears because of the impact of her voice. Slowly they all looked very far up till they couldn’t lift their heads up anymore. There they all noticed Dani looking down at them with a smile on her face. “Ghosts, say hello to my little/ big cousin, Dani Phantom,” said Danny as he too looked down at them. The ghosts have shrunk down to the size of bugs. “This is a trick to the mind! No way we’ve shrunk! No way!” shouted Skulker.

“Oh cousin” said Danny as he clicked his right fingers. Dani nodded, lifted her left foot up and forced it towards the floor. As her foot touched the floor, a gust of wind was blown from underneath it. All the bug size ghosts went flying backwards but was stopped as they hit something else. The ghosts slowly stood back up shook their heads and look up to see what they hit. The two Phantoms are in shock to see who was there.

There in front of the ghosts were Danny’s parents, Jack & Maddie and they are loaded with Fenton weapons. “Ok you ghost scum! What did you do to the kids!” shouted Maddie as he was aiming his Fenton Revolver at everything. “You! Danny Phantom! What have you done with…?” said Jack as he aimed her gun at the shrunken Danny Phantom. 

“Dani! Let’s go!” shouted Danny, as he was about to hover. The two Phantoms hovered up and zoomed out from the open window. Jack rushes over to the window and began to fire at them. “Good job that your dad has rubbish aim,” said Dani as the two of them were flying away. Danny started to laugh and so did Dani. “Who do you think shrunk those ghosts?” asked Dani as she was looking down at Danny.

“I got a pretty good guess,” said Danny, looking up at her. “And who’s that?” “Ember and Desiree” answered Danny. Danny began to give off a dark green aura and slowly began to shrink again. “Danny? Where are you?” said Dani she stopped flying. “I’m right here!” echoed Danny’s voice. “Where?” asked Dani as she was looking around. “Right here!” echoed Danny’s voice again.

Dani began to notice something hovering in front of her face. “Danny?” said Dani as she was looking at it. The thing nodded. “Better hop on,” said Dani. The now bug size Danny hopped on to Dani’s left shoulder and grabbed hold of her clothes. “Dani! We need to go and see Sam and Tucker,” shouted Danny. “Where are they now?” “They should be at Casper High School” answered Danny. From that Dani nodded and headed towards the school.

Meanwhile back at the Fentonworks,

Jack was still shooting outside not noticing that the Phantoms are long gone. “Honey, don’t you find it a bit strange that our son has shrunken down half his size and Danny Phantom seem to have shrunken down twice his size. Plus that Danielle seem to have gone missing along with Danny and that there was a little girl dress the same way and has the same powers as Danny Phantom?” asked Maddie as she was walking towards him, not noticing the shrunken ghosts that was under her foot. At the same time, “Run!” ordered Skulker as he and the rest of the ghosts were dodging every footstep that Maddie made by walking.

“That’s odd? My Ghost Detector says that there are ghosts in this very room,” said Jack as he was looking around the room. “It says they’re on the floor…” said Maddie as she was looking down on the floor. From that, Maddie noticed the seven shrunken ghosts on the floor that was in front of here. “Ghosts!” shouted the two of them as they pulled out Fenton cannons and started to run towards them. “We must flee, follow me!” ordered Walker as he ran towards a mouse hole. The other ghosts followed him.

They all dived into the hole. Jack and Maddie kneeled down and looked through the hole. “We have mice?” asked Jack. “That can’t be, I got rid of it before” said Maddie. The two of them shook their heads and Jack aimed his cannon at the hole and was about to fire till they heard a woman laughing. The two of them looked towards the door and saw a female teenager. She was wearing all black clothes, blue fiery hair and has a guitar on her back. “Who are you and what are you doing in our house?” shouted Maddie as she aimed her Fenton cannon at her. “The name’s Ember and I’m here to pick up my prizes. Where is Danny Phantom?” said the woman.

“We don’t know, he and this girl Phantom flew off out from that window” said Jack still aiming his cannon at the hole. Ember drew out her guitar and said, “Well, I can always add more to my collections. Listen carefully” Slowly Ember started to play her guitar and dark green aura covered Jack and Maddie. Ember stopped playing and noticed the two of them shrinking down to the size of bugs. “Well then, I got a pretty good guess on where Danny Phantom is going to” said Ember as she began to hover and fade through the walls.

Dani and the bug size Danny made it Casper High School and it was lunchtime. Dani entered the school and ended up in the canteen. Dani noticed Sam and Tucker siting at one of the tables. “Go down there,” said Danny. “Right,” said Dani as she was heading towards them. “So…where do you think Danny is today?” asked Tucker as he was about to take a bite off his sandwich. “Don’t know, he was all right yesterday. He must be bunking,” said Sam, as she was to drink her soda. Dani’s head fade through the table, knocking Tucker’s tray onto him. “Not again!” said Tucker. “Dani? What are you doing here?” asked Sam. “Danny want to see you two” answered Dani. “Really? Where is he?” asked Tucker as he cleaned himself up.

“I’m right here,” said Danny as he jumped off Dani’s shoulder and landed on the table. “Oh… my… god!” said both Sam and Tucker. Danny looks at Sam and asked, “What wrong with you?” “Oh nothing, you look cute being this small. What is this, a new power?” said Sam. “Hay! I’m not cute and no this is not a new power. Ember and Desiree has placed some kind of shrinking spell on me yesterday and here I am” said Danny as he crossed his arms.

All of the sudden, light blue mist leaked out from Danny and Dani’s mouths.  All of a sudden, the canteen began to vibrate. “This can’t be good,” said Sam. “Dani! Let’s go!” said Danny as he jumped back on her left shoulder. Dani went zooming outside the school and the two of them could see Ember and Desiree hovering above them. “I knew coming here I would find you,” said Ember as she drew out her guitar. “Ember! Why did you shrink me!” shouted Danny. “Desiree, did you hear something?” asked Ember. “No…it sounded like a mouse talking” answered Desiree. “GRRR! That’s that!” shouted Danny as he went shooting towards Ember and Desiree.

“Oh no, we’ve made the little hero angry” laughed Desiree. As Danny got up to Ember’s eye level; he took a deep breath and started to do his Ghostly Wail. The shrieking didn’t seem to do any damage to Ember as he noticed that Ember’s fiery hair was blowing like it was in the wind. Slowly Danny’s energy was being drained and slowly, he changed back to Danny Fenton. Danny was about to fall until Ember grabbed hold of him. “Have you ever heard of breath mints because your breath stinks!” shouted Ember. Danny started to scream because of her booming voice.

Sam and Tucker ran out of the school and could see Ember and Desiree in the sky. The two of them could also see Dani Phantom standing in front of them, looking up into the sky.  “Dani! Go and help Danny!” ordered Sam. “Right!” said Dani as she went flying towards her. “Better get ready little hero!” said Ember as she was raising Danny towards her face. “Ready for what?” asked Danny as he was trying to brake free. Before Ember could answer his question, a green energy ray was fired at her hand that was holding Danny. Ember let go of him and shouted, “Dam it! Who’s the punk that did that?” “I believe that would be me” echoed Dani’s voice. “What!” roared Ember as she looked down and saw Dani Phantom with her right hand aiming at her.

“Sam! Catch me!” shouted Danny’s high pitch voice. Sam stuck out her hands and caught him. “Umm, Sam, now is the time to…RUN!” shouted Tucker. The two of them started to run away.  “Ok you little brat! Show me what you got!” ordered Ember as he fiery blue hair began to burst into a flare. “Bring it on!” said Dani, as she was about to attack her. The two of them went flying towards each other. Every student and teachers are outside watching the two ghosts fighting. Dash, Pauline, Kwan and Star are cheering.

“Go on Danny Phantom! Kick her ass!” shouted Dash and Kwan. “Hay you boneheads, can’t tell that’s not Danny Phantom. That’s a little girl, that dresses the same way and happens to have the same powers as Danny Phantom” said Star. “Who cares! The girl is so cute,” said Pauline. “You go Phantom girl!” shouted both Dash and Kwan. “Just who are you?” asked Ember as Dani was at her level.

“The name’s Dani Phantom. That’s Dani with an i” answered Dani as she aimed her hands at her. “That’s the same as Danny Phantom,” said Ember as she aimed her guitar at Dani. Dani started to smile. “What are you so happy about?” asked Ember. “Oh nothing” answered Dani. “Nothing but this you pop princess!” echoed a woman’s voice. “Huh, what?” said Ember as she looks behind her and could see a woman dressed in red and black hunting outfit riding on a air glider was heading towards her.

“Ember watch out!” shouted Desiree. Ember quickly turned around and saw Dani firing a Ghost Ray at her. Ember went flying back but was hit by the woman on the air glider. Ember slowly looks at her and saw that the woman aimed her Ecto-Grenade Launcher and fired. Ember went flying down towards the ground and landed with a thump. “You go girls!” shouted Dash. Everyone else started to cheer.

Ember slowly stands back up, she looks up and said, “How do you two feel about this!” “What are you going to do?” shouted Dani as she was about to dash down. Ember smiled and said, “I’m going to do this” From that, Ember started to play her guitar. “I call this ‘Huge trouble’ Here’s the solo!” shouted Ember. All of a sudden, blood red aura covered around Ember and slowly she was growing bigger and bigger. She began to shadow the school and half of Amity Park. “Everyone, Run!” shouted Dash as he was running the street. Everyone followed him. 

“This is not good,” said the woman on the air glider. “You said it,” said Dani. The woman looked at Dani and said, “Hay, if I were you, I think we should flee and come back with more firepower” Dani nodded her head and was about to fly off, till she looked back and asked, “What’s your name?” “Like I’m going to tell a Phantom,” said the woman. From that the two of them left to gather more firepower. Dani headed back towards the Fentonworks.

“Desiree” boomed Ember’s voice. “Yes” said Desiree. Ember looks down at Desiree and said, “I have two wishes. The first wish is that you won’t grant any wishes that our enemies wish for and my second wish is for me to have clothes that will fit for the queen of Pop” “What you wish, I will grant” said Desiree as she clicked her fingers. Green smoke covered Ember and a few minutes later, the smoke cleaned up, revealing Ember’s new clothes. “Yes! Now people of Amity Park! Kneel down to your queen!” shouted Ember. After a few minutes, Ember started to laugh.

At the Fentonworks,

Sam and Tucker made it there. The two of them headed towards Danny’s room. Tucker looks outside the window and could see the giantess now know as Ember. “Man, we’ve in big trouble. How are we going to get out of this?” said Tucker as he slowly turned around and saw Sam sitting on Danny’s bed. Sam places Danny down. “There got to be a way to get Danny back to his normal size” said Sam looking down at him, worried. “Wait a minute. Danny, when you caught Ember the last time, didn’t you say it was like she’s scared of something back at the Ghost Zone?” said Tucker as he walked towards them. Danny looks up and said, “Yes, she did act like she was of something at Ghost Zone”               

“Here we go then. Lets go to the Ghost Zone and get this thing’s help” echoed a familiar voice. Everyone looked at the window and could see Dani. Dani faded through the walls and changed back to Danielle Fenton. From that Danny jumped back onto Sam’s hands and all of them headed towards the basement. As they were heading down, Jazz, Danny’s older sister walked through the front door. “Where are you lot going?” asked Jazz as she noticed everyone heading down towards the basement. Jazz followed them.

Down at the basement,

“Sam, pass me over to Danielle” asked Danny as he looks up at her. Sam nodded and handed him over. Danny stood on Danielle’s right shoulder. “Who’s that little girl?” asked Jazz as she walked up behind Sam and Tucker. “I’m going ghost!” shouted the two of them. From that, two white rings shined out of Danny and Danielle. One was heading upwards and the other headed downwards. As the rings were moving, Danny was transforming into Danny Phantom and Danielle was transforming into Dani Phantom. “Sam, Jazz, Tucker. Take care of things up here,” said Danny. “Hold on, just hold it. Why’s Danny so tiny, who’s the girl and how come she has ghost powers just like Danny?” asked Jazz. “Sam, explain everything to her” said Danny.

“Ok Danny, just be careful in there” said Sam. Sam took Jazz up stairs and started to explain to her about everything that happened. “Tucker! Open the portal” ordered Danny. Tucker nodded, headed over to the portal and pushed the on button. Slowly the doors were opening. “Ready?” asked Dani. “You bet I am” said Danny. “Ok go now!” said Tucker. The two Phantoms nodded, Danny grabbed hold of Dani and the two of them went flying towards the portal. “Good luck guys” said Tucker as he was closing the doors to the portal.

Chapter 4

Tucker took a deep sigh and was about to head up stairs till all of a sudden, the whole building started to vibrate like it was an earthquake. “KNEEL DOWN BEFORE ME OR FEEL MY WRAITH!” echoed a very loud voice. Tucker covered his ears and started to run upstairs. A few moments before the earthquake, upstairs in Danny’s room, “Well…that explains everything but there’s two things I don’t understand” said Jazz as she was sitting on the bed. “Man…what is it this time that you don’t understand?” asked Sam, who was leaning on the wall.

 “Well, why did Vlad cloned Danny in the first place and why is his clone a twelve year old girl?” asked Jazz as she laid back on Danny’s bed. “I don’t know why the clone’s a girl or why Vlad wanted to clone him. All I do know is that Dani is taking care of our shrunken Danny”

Before Jazz could say anything else, the whole building started to vibrate like it was an earthquake. “KNEEL DOWN BEFORE ME OR FEEL MY WRAITH!” echoed a very loud voice. The two girls covered their ears and looked outside the window. From outside, the girls could see Ember wondering down the streets and was destroying buildings that were next to her. Desiree can be seen hovering next to her. “Take it that you ladies know anything about this?” echoed a deep voice that was coming from behind Jazz. The girls looks back and saw a vampire looking ghost standing there with his arms crossed. “Vlad Plasmius” said the girls at the same time.

Vlad took a bow and said, “As I said before, do you girls know anything about that?” “From what Sam told me, Ember has some kind of power to change the size of any objects. Humans or Ghosts” said Jazz. “So…where Daniel? Isn’t he stopping Ember?” asked Vlad as he walks towards the window. Before anyone else could say anything else, Tucker rushed into the room.

“Girls! Erm…what’s Vlad doing in here?” said Tucker. Vlad started to laugh and said, “Take it that Daniel isn’t here to save Amity Park” Jazz stood up and said, “He’s with Dani to locate a ghost that can help us defeat Ember” Vlad stopped laughing and looked at Jazz with a sour look on his face. “Dani? You mean the clone of Daniel that somehow became a girl out from the process?” said Vlad as he walks right up to Jazz’s face. “Erm…yes…the same Dani” answered Jazz. “Hay Fruitlop leave her alone!” shouted Tucker. Vlad looks at him and then took a step back from Jazz. “Wow, that was easy,” said Tucker as he scratched his head.

“Just what are you doing here?” asked Sam. Vlad looks at Sam and said, “ I was here because I thought Jack Fenton was at fault of that giantess causing havoc upon the city. But from what you lot told me, Ember has the power to change size of anything. As mayor of the city…I guess that I will help you kids out” “Wait a minute, you want to save the city?” asked Jazz. “Off course, once I saved the city, I will be free to destroy it and place the Blame on Danny Phantom” answered Vlad. “I think I liked you better when you said you will save the city because you’re the mayor and from hearing the rest, I just hope Danny beat the crap out of you,” said Sam as she walked out from the room. Vlad gave a shrug and said, “Come on, we need to put the Ghost Shiled on and plan our attack” from that the three of them headed out from Danny’s room and headed towards the loft of the Fenton works. Sam slowly makes her way there.

Meanwhile deep within the Ghost Zone,

Dani is still flying through the Ghost Zone with a bug size Danny holding on to her. “You never been inside the Ghost Zone before have you?” asked Danny. “You got that right” answered Dani as she stopped flying. “Why did you stop moving?” said Danny as he looked up and Dani. Dani looks down at him and said, “This place is far too quiet. It’s like a ghost town to the ghosts” Danny looks back down and scanned the area and noticed that Dani was right. “Ember must have shrunken all ghosts in the Ghost Zone,” said Danny.

“EMBER? DID YOU TWO BUGS SAID EMBER?” echoed a creepy voice. The two Phantoms looked around the area but they couldn’t see who said it. “Who are you?” shouted Dani. As her voice died down, the creepy voice answered. “THE NAME IS BLAZE!” echoed the creepy voice. “Are you the one that Ember is scared of?” asked Danny. “WHAT? MY BIG SISTER IS SCRAED OF ME?” said the voice. “Can we talk in person?” asked Dani. “OF COURSE, PLEASE ENTER FROM YOUR OWN FREE WILL” answered the voice. All of a sudden, a pink door with Daisies on it appeared in front of the Phantoms. “Here we go,” said Dani, as she was about to open the door. Slowly the door went open and the two of them entered.

As the two entered, they saw what they didn’t expect to see. Inside the room was filled of arcade machines, wide screen televisions and every kind of video game consoles that exists in the Human Zone. The room even has spiral stairways. “What is this Blaze character about? I expect her room to be more like Ember, you know, more rock and roll type” said Danny. The sound of footsteps echoed through out the area. The Phantoms looks up and saw an eight-year-old girl with fiery blue hair and wearing a green tunic.

“The girl looks very familiar,” said Danny. “Maybe because it’s the clothes that I’m wearing” answered the girl. “So…are you Blaze?” asked Dani. The girl looks at Dani and nodded her head. Blaze looks at Danny and said, “Did Ember do this to you?” Danny nodded. “Don’t you worry, I have something that might restore you” said Blaze as she turned around and headed towards one of her video game consoles. “In case if you’re wondering, I have power over video games. I can create video games and take out characters or items out of games that I want. Right now, I’m trying to get an orb of Temptation. It should restore you back to your normal size and strength” said Blaze as she placed her hand through one of her consoles. Minutes later, she drew out her hand from the console and she was holding a fiery red orb.

“Put the little man on the floor” said Blaze as she was walking towards Dani. “We have names you know” said Dani as she placed Danny on the floor. “And they are?” asked Blaze as she kneeled down in front of Danny. “Well I’m Danny and she’s Dani with an I” said Danny. Blaze nodded her head, she placed the orb above Danny and slowly she crushed it. Red glitter like dust went hovering down on Danny till it covered him completely. Slowly, blue light was piercing through the dust and within seconds, the dust cleared. Danny opened his eyes and noticed that he was now back to his normal size.

“It feels great to be big again,” said Danny. Seconds later he began to laugh with joy. “Now that I helped you two, in return, can you two play Mario Kart: Double Dash with me?” said Blaze as she looked up at Danny. Danny shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t have time to play games with you. We need your help to defeat your sister before she’s destroy Amity Park” Blaze gave out a sigh and said, “Ok, I got something that can help you lot. In return…” “We play video games with you” said Dani.

Blaze look at them with her eyes lit up and said, “Really! All I was going ask was you lot to get me the new Zelda game that Ember promised me that she was going to get” “We can do that too” said Dani quickly. Danny looks at Dani and said, “What are you saying? Do you how much that game cost?” “I just want to play video games with her” answered Dani. “Wow, you’re going to get me the Zelda game and play with me,” said Blaze jumping all around the place all exited.

“Hold on minute, I didn’t say I do that?” said Danny as he looked at her. Blaze stopped jumping and looked at him. Tears were forming around her eyes. “B…but you promised…that you will…I thought heroes…keep their word,” said Blaze as she was trying not to cry. “Danny! Say something before she cries,” said Dani as she whacked Danny arm. “Ok! Ok! I promise that when this is all over I will get you the game and play games with you” said Danny. The tears quickly went away from Blaze’s eyes and hugged him. “Ok…so, what’s this thing that you aid that could us?” said Danny. Blaze let go of him and went running towards her consoles. She placed her hand in one of them and drew out a pink flute. Blaze also picked up a controller that looks like a play station 2’s one alone with a book, titled ‘Cheat Book of Secrets’. Blaze rushed over towards Danny and handed him the items.

“A flute, cheat book and an controller? How is this going to help us?” asked Danny. “If a ghost is holding a video game item then that ghost will be at the mercy of the player. You need someone that’s very good at video games. The cheat book tells the player what buttons to press to use the flute’s power” answered Blaze. “I know just the person,” said Danny, as he was about to leave. “Hay, be back soon with that game, promise” said Dani as she turned around. “Pinkie promise?” said Blaze as she suddenly appeared in front of her with her right hand sticking her little finger at her. Dani placed her left hand little finger, wrapped it around her little finger and said, “Pinkie promise” the two girls smiled at each other and laughed happily. “Dani, come on!” shouted Danny as he was about to exit the door. “Coming! See you later,” said Dani as she rushed over to him. Blaze still smiling goes back upstairs and began playing on one of her consoles.                               

Back at the Human Zone,

“Set the Ghost Shield on!” ordered Vlad, back to his human form. “Roger that!” said Sam as she presses the Ghost Shiled button. Within seconds, a dark green dome was forming around the Fentonworks. “HUH? SO YOU’RE TRYING TO KEEP YOUR SELF-SAFE FROM ME? YOUR SHIELD WON’T PROCET YOU FOR LONG” bombed Ember’s voice. “Sam! Mayday! Mayday! The giant queen is heading towards the Ghost Bait” echoed Tucker’s voice that was coming out from a radio that Sam was holding. “Tucker! Do you really have to call us the Ghost Bait?” asked Sam. “What? You got a better name?” shouted Tucker back.

“Will you two shut up and get the weapons ready!” shouted Vlad. “Sorrrrrrrry!” said Sam and Tucker. Sam was about to put the radio off till Tucker said, “Sam!” “What!” shouted both Sam and Vlad. “It’s just, Danny and Dani has returned from the Ghost Zone and that they brought gifts” answered Tucker. From that Sam smiled and dashed down stairs, Vlad slowly follows.

At the basement,

Danny and Dani slowly change back to their human selves. “Danny!” shouted Jazz as she moves in to hug him. “Hello Jazz, did anything happen up here?” said Danny as Jazz let him go. “Nothing much, apart from Vlad Masters teaming up with us to save the city and then later on he will destroy it…” said Tucker. Danielle looks at him and said, “Vlad! You mean my dad is here?” “Never fear, Vlad Masters is here,” said Vlad as he entered the basement with Sam. “You tried to kill me!” shouted Danielle. “Before we go into the details on how I almost killed you both and so on and so on. We need to sort out our huge problem,” said Vlad as he crossed his arm.

“You got that right,” said Danny as he handed Tucker the items that Blaze gave him. “Vlad…if you try to betray us, you will regret it” said Jazz as she stood next to Danny. “I promise that I will not betray you lot,” said Vlad, as he crossed his fingers without the others from seeing. “Hay umm…Danny, this cheat book you gave me, how is this going to help us?” asked Tucker who was still reading.

“Blaze, Ember’s little sister, gave us the flute, that cheat book and this controller. She said that if a ghost holds the flute and a human is using the controller then the human could use the ghost as long as it’s holding the flute. This cheat book tells the human on how to use the flute’s power. My guess is that the book must have size change cheats in it” answered Danny. 

“You’re right Danny, there is size cheats but the bad news is that in order for the target to be hit by the code, the target must be still” said Tucker. “Well, it’s not going to be easy to keep Ember to still long enough for the code to work” said Sam. “Then what should we do?” asked Jazz. “Well I got an idea, why don’t we make two people the same size as Ember, pin her down and you lot can type in the code,” said Danielle. “Good plan, but who are the people that we’re going to turn into a 100-foot giants that can fight ghosts?” asked Danny. “We got like three half ghosts in this room but two of will be busy” said Sam. “What? Don’t me being a 50-foot giant?” asked Vlad as he looked at her. “Do you trust a guy who said he will save a city and then destroy it?” answered Sam. Vlad looks onto the floor and said, “I guess that you’re right” “Well, I can’t be the giant because I’m whose using the flute,” said Danny, as he was looking at Danielle. Slowly everyone looked at Danielle. 

“Hold it! Why are you lot looking at me for?” asked Danielle. “You said you’ve improved your powers since our last meet. Now is the time to prove it” answered Danny. Danielle looked at everyone else and they all nodded. Danielle looks at the floor and said “Ok…I do it” “Then, who’s the second one to fight Ember?” asked Vlad. Danny took a deep breath and said, “I know what you lot going to say, but she’s our only hope to help us” “You don’t mean?” said Tucker as he dropped the book. Danny nodded and said, “Pass me the phone”

Meanwhile somewhere else,

The woman on the air glider was zooming pass the Fentonworks, the sound of a mobile ringing echoed. The woman took it out from her pocket and said, “Valerie Gray here” Danny is on the other side of the line. He said, “Valerie! Help us!” “Danny? What’s wrong?” “Ghosts have appeared everywhere in the Fentonworks and they captured my parents!” “Ok Danny, just hold on…wait a minute! Why are phone me about it?” “Erm…something told me to phone you because of the ghost thing. You make me feel safe if you’re here” “Works for me, I’m on my way!”  From that Valerie hangs up and headed towards the Fentonworks. As she gotten closer, she noticed three people standing outside the Ghost Shield. It was Danny, Tucker and Danielle. Danny and Danielle are in their ghost forms. The three of them looked up and saw Valerie heading towards them. “Phantom!” shouted Valerie as she drew out a rocket launcher. “Now!” ordered Danny. “Roger” said Tucker as he was pressing the buttons to do the growth cheat code. All of a sudden, Danny started to play the Legend of Zelda’s theme out from the flute. At the same time, music notes went flying towards Valerie and knocked her off her glider.

Valerie landed on the ground but wasn’t hurt very badly. Slowly she opened her eyes and noticed that she was towering over the Fentonworks. “PHANTOM! WHAT DID YOU LOT DO TO ME?” boomed Valerie’s voice. “WELL WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? A COPYCAT?” echoed Ember’s voice. Valerie stands up and looks at her and said, “WELL, I’M NOT SURE NOT SURE ABOUT BEING A COPYCAT AND ALL, BUT I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU” “STRONG WORDS COMING FROM SOMEONE THAT CAN’T USE HER WEAPONS TO FIGHT” laughed Ember as she aimed her guitar at Valerie. All of a sudden, the same theme music was playing and the two giantesses noticed another giantess growing to their size. “IF IT ISN’T THE LITTLE PHANTOM, DANI” said Ember.

Dani aimed her right hand at Ember and said, “LET’S END THIS TODAY” From that Valerie stood next to Dani and got ready to fight. Ember started to laugh which caused many windows to shatter. “THIS SHOULD FUN” said Ember as she aimed her guitar at them.


Chapter 5

Dani fired a Ghost Ray at Ember but she blocked it by placing her guitar in front of her face. Dani & Valerie went running towards Ember, as she wasn’t looking. Valerie jumped into the air and did a flying kick right into Ember’s stomach. Ember kneeled down and looked back up to see Dani about to punch her in the face. Dani’s fist smacked right into Ember face and she went flying to the right. “Now?” asked Tucker. Danny shook his head as he was still looking at the giantesses fighting. Ember slowly stands back up, aimed her guitar at Dani and said, “DODGE THIS!” Ember started to play a few notes and a pink ray went flying towards Dani.  Dani dodged it by diving towards her right.

Valerie started to run towards Ember and dived into her. The two of them landed onto the ground hard, destroying many buildings. The two of them started to roll ontop of each other so they pin each other down. “Dani! Help pin Ember down!” ordered Danny as he looking at Dani. Dani looked down at the Fentonworks, spotted Danny and noticed. From that Dani went running towards the two giantesses.

 “Erm Danny?” said Tucker. “What?” asked Danny as he turned around. “What are we going to do about her guitar? I mean she still have the power to change size of anything she pleases” said Tucker. “Well we need to send it far away where no one from the Human and Ghost Zone can use it” said Danny. “I think there was a world portal cheat code in this book,” said Tucker as he was reading it. “Dani!” shouted Danny. Dani stopped running and hurried back to the Fentonworks. “WHAT?” asked Dani as she looked down. Danny looks up at her and said, “When you’re about to pin her, throw away her guitar. Got it?” Dani nodded and dashed back towards the giantesses once more. “Found it!” shouted Tucker. “Be ready to type it in,” said Danny still looking at the giantesses fighting.

Inside the Fentonworks,

Vlad was watching the events through the window of Danny’s room. “If I have that guitar then I will be unstoppable” said Vlad. From that, two black rings went shooting out from his body. One ring went up and the other went down. As the rings vanished, Vlad Masters changed into Vlad Plasmius. Vlad became see through and faded through the wall and headed towards the edge of the Ghost Shiled. He changed back to human walked through and changed back to Plasmius again. Vlad looks up and saw the three girls fighting. Slowly the he hovered in the air and fly towards the girls.

“GOT YOU PINNED YOUR HIGHNESS!” said Valerie as she got Ember’s arms and legs trapped beneath her. “YOU WON’T BE NEEDING THIS,” said Dani as she took Ember’s guitar away from her. She raised it up into the air and threw into the sky. “Now!” ordered Danny. Tucker started to press the buttons and Danny starting to play Super Mario’s theme. At the same time, the flute was forming an orange sphere and then fired it towards the guitar. “The power is now mine!” shouted Vlad as he touched the giant guitar, seconds later; the orange sphere hit him and the guitar. Bright light flashes and then as it dimmed, both Vlad and the guitar vanished. “That’s not good,” said Tucker. Danny looks at Tucker and said, “He got what deserved. Get ready for the shrinking code” Tucker nodded his head.

Dani kneeled down and helped Valerie to keep Ember still. All of a sudden, the Pokemon’s theme started to echo through out the area. Three music notes went zooming towards the three giantesses and hit them. Slowly the three of them were shrinking back to their normal sizes. Both Danny and Tucker went running towards the girls. As they were running, Danny drew out a Fenton Thermos. The two of them made it up to them. Danny slowly walks up to Ember and pulled the lid off. “No! I’m not going back there!” shouted Ember as she was crawling backwards. Danny stopped walking and said, “Why are you scared of your little sister?” Ember looks at him and said, “I’m not scared of my sister. It’s someone else” Before Danny could ask for anymore questions, the Thermos sucked Ember in. “It’s someone else?” said Danny to himself.

Slowly Dani got up and noticed that she’s back to her normal size. “Dani, change back” said Danny as he was changing back to normal. Dani change back to her human form as Valerie was siting up. “Danny? What happened?” asked Valerie as she shook her head. As she shook it, her helmet fell off. “Valerie? You’re the ghost hunter?” asked Danny as he was playing along as if it’s his first time on knowing that she’s the mysterious ghost hunter. “Owe! Yes, I’m the ghost hunter. Did I save your parents?” said Valerie as she was about stand up. To Danny’s surprise, Jack & Maddie appeared out from nowhere. “You could say that,” said Danny, as he was about to help Valerie walk.

“What a mess. Did that ghost did this?” said Jack as he was looking at the ruined city. “We’re going to get the blame,” said Maddie. “Mom! Dad your safe!” shouted Jazz as she rushed over to hug her parents. “Mom, Dad, lets go home,” said Danny, still holding Valerie. The seven of them headed back to the Fentonworks. As they got there, Danny placed Valerie on the sofa and rang her dad, Damon Gray to pick her up.

Down in the basement,

Jack & Maddie were working a machine that restores objects back to they were before. “The machine is now finished Maddie, all we need now is a power source,” said Jack. Maddie looked over at the Ghost Portal and noticed a wrapped up present with a note. “Hay honey, someone left us this present and it’s labelled to you” said Maddie as she handed him the present. “For me?” said Jack. Jack looked down at the present and opened it.

Inside were three fiery red orbs and a note. “The note say, Here says use theses as your power source. Blaze” said Jack. “Who’s Blaze?” asked Maddie as she picked up one of the orbs. “Beats me, might as well try theses out,” said Jack as he places one of the orbs inside the machine. The two of them put their goggles on and turned the machine on. A bright white light flashed out of the machine as engulfed the whole of Amity Parks. As the light was dimming down, the ruined Amity Parks, slowly restoring back to its normal selves. There was a knock on a door. “I get it,” shouted Danny.

Danny opened the door and Damon; Valerie’s father was there. “She’s in here Mr Gray,” said Danny as he was walking into the living room. As the two entered, Valerie was siting up right. “Not again, come on, time to go home” said Damon as he picked up his daughter and left the house. “See you at school Danny” said Valerie as she fell asleep. “You too” said Danny as he closed the door. Danny walks into the kitchen noticed Danielle was watching the TV.

The female news reporter was on and a picture of Danny & Danielle in their Phantom forms could be seen behind her. “Has Danny Phantom got a sidekick? Well, the answer is yes. A cameraman has got video clips of his sidekick in action fighting ageist a normal size teen ghost then transforming into a 100-foot giantess. This sidekick along with another turned into the same size and pin her down long enough for the three of them to be shrunken down. People call Danny Phantom’s cute little sidekick, the Girl Phantom but she says her name is Dani Phantom with an i. The citizens are loving the new Phantom girl and hope to see the duo fight along side each other in the near future.


“Wow, people must really love you,” said Danny as he sat down by the table. Danielle just smiled. Just then, Jack and Maddie walked into the kitchen and sat down by the table. “Danielle, we called your parents and they said that they’re happy for you to stay with us for a while” said Maddie. Danielle moves over and hugs her. “You know, it’s nice to have another Fenton girl in the family” said Maddie as she hugged her back. Danny looked out of the window and saw Sam and Tucker holding a phone and gave a wave to him.

There was a knock on a door. Danny stands up and opens it. Only to find Dash standing there, clicking his fingers. “What have I done now?” asked Danny. “I got something to give you, but you keep running away” answered Dash. “Let’s get this over with,” said Danny as he closed his eyes. “Why do you have your eyes closed? You can’t see this,” said Dash. Danny opened his eyes slowly and saw that Dash was holding a wrapped up present with a note saying Danny Fenton. Danny took the present and said, “Why did you gave me a present?”

Dash laughed and said, “This present was delivered to my house, I tried to give it to you back at the Nasty Burger but you ran off” “Erm…thanks I guess,” said Danny. “Oh one more thing” said Dash as he was about to leave. “What’s that?” asked Danny as he put the present down. Dash punched Danny’s right arm. “Owe!” shouted Danny. “See you school, Fen-toad” said Dash as he walks away. “You…too” said Danny as he closed the door.

Danny picks up the present and open it. Inside was a dusty old mirror with cracks on it. “Who sent you that?” asked Jazz as she walked down the stairs. “I don’t know, it doesn’t say who’s it from” answered Danny. From that Danny places the mirror down and headed back to the kitchen.                        

Hours later,

Danny was in his room lying on his bed thinking about the long day he had. “Night Danny” said Danielle as she in her sleeping bag. “How does it feel to be part of a family?” asked Danny. “It feels nice. I got a place where I can call home” answered Danielle. After a few moments of silence, Danielle asked, “How did you managed to get your parents to talk to my made up parents?” “You can thank Sam and Tucker for them the number and by making their voices deeper. Welcome to the family” answered Danny.

“Well we got Blaze that game she wanted and played with her for a few hours, got Ember to play with her. Chased Desiree and sealed her in another lamp. Restored the ghosts back to normal in the Ghost Zone. It was a busy day that’s all I can say,” said Danny as he closed his eyes. “How did you get that game?” asked Danielle. “Well, don’t tell Tucker this, but that game is his that we gave Blaze” answered Danny.

Danielle giggled and then stopped. “Say, what ever happen to Vlad?” asked Danielle. “Who knows, we will meet him again, better or worse, only time can tell” answered Danny. “Well night then” said Danielle as was trying to get to sleep. Danny opened one of his eyes and asked, “Have we forgotten something?” “I don’t think so” answered Danielle. “I think your right, no need to worry,” said Danny. From that he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Little do they know, they did forget something,

Deep within the mouse hole in Danny’s room, Skulker and the others are running for their lives from a band of angry mice. “Just you wait Danny! Just you wait!” shouted Skulker as he and the others run deeper within the mouse holes.