A Growing Error


It seemed that everything was starting to work out for Hideki, as he settled into a routine of work, study, and a few seconds of free time.  He had a part-time job, a set number of classes that would help him make it into the university next semester, and even a rather cute Persecom to help him out.


There were a few issues though.  Most notably, Chii’s vocabulary, or lack thereof.  The incident at the grocery store last week still lingered in his mind.  All he asked her to do was to get a tuna for dinner, and that he didn’t want too many.

So, which fish would you like?


You want me to make a recommendation?  We just got this batch of whale steaks from offshore.  Still fresh.


How many?  6, 7?

Hideki…not want too many.

OK, 2 steaks then.

Whale meat costs somewhere close to $100 dollars a pound.  That was an entire month’s worth of groceries lost in an instant.  Sure, the whale did taste pretty good, but if Chii couldn’t even complete a simple transaction, what use would she be with more complicated events?

With that frame of mind, Hideki hurried downtown in order to find someone with the parts and knowledge to help him out.  Unfortunately, being low on money meant he had to visit less-than-reputable Persecom dealers, none of which could help him.

Exhausted, Hideki was about ready to go home when he noticed one last store between him and the bus stop.  “Persecoms Unlimited”, the sign read.

“Well, it can’t be any worse than the last place we went.  Right Chii?”

Nodding, Hideki’s faithful persecom followed him inside, as they were both greeted by a rather short man with thick glasses.

“Hello friends!  Welcome to Persecoms Unlimited!  How may I help you?!”

Hideki was a bit surprised by the man’s sudden appearance, but he quickly regained his composure.  “I was looking for language…”

“Say no more!”  Pushing Hideki out of the way, the man began to look at Chii from every angle, occasionally stopping to nod his head.

“I see what we have here.  A Persecom that needs an internal upgrade.”

“Hey now,” replied a still surprised Hideki.  “Could you at least introduce yourself?”

The man nodded. “So sorry.  Where are my manners?  My name is Kenchiro, the owner of this small establishment.  Anyway, as I was saying, your Persecom needs an internal upgrade for language software.”

“How do you know?”

“Simple.  Most models of Persecom are usually able to identify a serial number that would allow me to download the proper software.  This one does not.  Do you?”


“Is it expensive?” asked Hideki.

“Normally, yes, but in your case, I’ll give you a first-time buyer discount.  How does $80 sound?”

Hideki held back a groan.  $80 was a lot, but in truth, it was less than any store would offer for this sort of upgrade.


“Wonderful!  Just come with me and I’ll find the necessary paperwork.”

It only took ten minutes for Hideki to fill out a brief information card and a warranty paper, and soon enough, he was waiting outside for Kenchiro to finish working on Chii.

"Chii has never been quite a normal persocom. I hope he doesn't run into too much trouble messing around in her. The last time another Persocom tried to read data from her, it got fried. I guess I can understand why he can't do a software upgrade, it would be impossible..."

Meanwhile, Kenchiro had put Chii in a sort of "standby" mode while he worked on her, though he had problems just finding the proper place to open her up. He had to use a special tool to temporarily move Chii's artificial "skin", and then he poked around a bit, stunned by what he saw.

"This is brilliant design. I could tell this was a special Persocom when I first saw it. I've been looking for a year for the best one to implement my new invention in. That sucker out there will get the speech upgrade, and a huge surprise from me...."

He soldered some kind of ROM chip to the part where speech is input-output. That would allow Chii to form more coherent responses and understand just about every word in the dictionary. But in addition, he also installed a small, glowing object next to her power central core, which evenly distributed power to all parts of her body.

After only a half hour, Chii came out with Kenchiro, looking a bit light-headed.

"Uh.....is Chii okay?" Hideki asked.

"It's part of the upgrade I made. She's an unusual unit, so it's taking a bit longer for her memory to re-flash. She may still stumble on words at first, but she'll come around.

"Ch...Chii......?" Chii asked innocently.

"Well, OK. Here's $80," Hideki said as he started to hand the money to Kenchiro.

"Oh, wait, you know what, I'm feeling real generous today. I haven't had so much fun working on such an interesting persocom. Keep it." He smiled at Hideki.

"You're not kidding? Thanks!" Hideki smiled back as he departed. "'Bye!"

Kenchiro smiled to himself as Hideki left. "Well, that's that. My ultimate plan has begun. I'll wait a few hours for the new parts to kick in. Then I'm going to hold his Persocom and the whole city hostage with my newest invention."

He went into the back and opened up a "hidden" door to some kind of laboratory. There were numerous devices and lots of chemicals that looked barely legal. Up near the front of the room.....was a monitor. He pushed some buttons and he already had Chii's internal code and all on the screen. Something big was going to go down soon......

Some time later

"Well, how does it feel Chii, now that it's been a bit since it was installed?" Hideki asked.

"I....I'm fine." she said. "I feel......different. Smarter, somehow." she said. Hideki could definitely notice the difference in her speech. She used the pronoun "I" when referring to herself and her sentences flowed a little better, although her monotone was still there.

"Well, that's really great to hear....literally!" Hideki smiled at Chii. "Hold on, Chii, do you look....taller?"

"Hmm? Am I taller?" she said. Hideki stood next to her for a second. Things seemed....odd. Normally Hideki was taller, but now they seemed to be on the same eye level. It sure was unusual for him.

"Is this a result of the hardware installed? Oh man, I wish I knew more about computers!" he shouted to himself, like he does so often.

Then the phone rang suddenly. Wondering who could be calling him, Hideki picked it up. The voice on the other end startled him. It was extremely deep, quite unnatural.

"Bring your Persocom outside, now."

"Who the hell is this?" Hideki asked.

"You're only a minor player in my plan, so just do as I say. We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

"Shut up, I'm not listening to you. Are you some kind of scammer? I don't have time for this."

"It's not in your best interest to hang up." the voice warned.

"Go away," he said, and started to hang up.

"You were warned." CLICK.

Chii suddenly stood up, with a strange look in her eyes. "Hideki....Something's wrong with me," she said, in a now fully emotional and intelligent voice. Before he knew it, the girl Persocom was starting to fill the room! An odd energy signature inside her was causing her atoms to multiply at an alarming rate, and she was about to break through the roof!

"Please, leave for your own safety!" she said concerned, as Hideki tried to ponder over this strange turn of events. His own Persocom was reaching gigantic proportions and would end up squashing him to death in his own apartment if he didn't leave! But he couldn't just let this happen to Chii......could he?

Chii eventually broke through the roof of the apartment, and still growing. Taking the safety of others into account first, she stepped out onto the ground outside, her socked feet pressing the ground in slightly. Things were becoming a lot more clear for her than they ever were, due to her programming upgrade. She immeadiately understood what seemed to be happening.

I'm huge, she thought. This isn't normal.

The occasional car stopped to look, but she wasn't big enough to cause a major ruckus......yet. Most of them seemed to think that she was some kind of unconventional model of Persocom and drove away. The tiny cars only served to pique her interest and she was thinking of picking one up....until she remembered Hideki.

Is he safe?, she wondered. Suddenly a voice came into her mind. Not a literal voice, but more of a feeling that seemed to instruct her...to stand still and wait for something. Orders?


Hideki kept staring in disbelief. This was not a usual occurance, even for him. Ever since he met Chii unconventional things happened, but this takes the cake!

He remembered, months back, when he had to switch Chii on, and the switch was....well, in a rather naughty place. He remembered when she woke up all she could say was Chii, and it was a heck of a time trying to get her to learn even half decent English without her pointing at everything and saying his name. He remembered the incident with buying the panties and how it was an incredible hassle for her to reach the store without pulling someone elses' off. The computer games, the college work, the hackers kidnapping her.....even those strange occurances when she would exhibit telekinetic ability.But THIS.......he was completely unprepared for. A 50 foot Chii was standing right in his front yard.

And for some reason, it made him get a nosebleed.

Suddenly the phone rang. He decided to answer it, figuring someone must have noticed the rather huge persocom or something. What could they want about it?

It was that voice again.

"Mr. Motosuwa, now will you listen?" the cold, sneering voice spoke.

With hesitation in his voice, he replied. "Y-yes."

"You will move over to the bank and demand as much money as possible, then return here and wait for further instructions."

"What kind of a sick joke is this? Why exactly should I?" Hideki screamed.

There was a chuckle on the other end. "BECAUSE, Mr. Motosuwa, if you don't...well, you've already seen that your Persocom has grown to at least fifty feet tall, am I correct in that assumption?"


Glee was in the voice. "Good. Then my installation was a complete success."

"WHAT? You're that tech dude from "Persocoms Unlimited, aren't you?" Hideki exclaimed in a moment of revelation.

"You had a pretty good Persocom, so I thought she would be perfect for my plans. Now go over to the bank......."

"NO WAY! I won't leave Chii here to commit crimes!"

"Then perhaps you would rather her come along. Heck, why don't I let her do it instead? Persocoms are useful, aren't they, Mr. Motosuwa? Gah ha ha....." CLICK.

Hideki seemed puzzled. Chii wouldn't do such a thing on her own, would she?


The feelings in Chii's head became much stronger. A lot more controlling. And she suddenly wanted to walk to the south, which she did. Each footstep pressed in the road slightly and crunched it, making it impossible to drive on. Those that did drive around her had to deal with that. She had doubled in size since earlier and topped off, making her 100 feet tall. Occasionally a car drove underfoot, and was quickly compressed into a metal pancake along with the driver inside. Chii didn't really seem to notice, obliviously stomping down the street, not noticing that Hideki was chasing her too.

By the time word of the giant Persocom had spread, most people were clearing the streets and watching her from a safe distance. It hadn't hit national news, yet, but the local news stations were already on the field and trying to report, without getting accidently squashed. Chii was on a set path, and the police seemed to be following her from a distance to figure out her intentions. She reached the bank, which was a large, blue, colorful building. And as she was commanded by the instructions nagging her in the head, she put her foot through the roof, and then started to reach foward. Voices told her to stop (the police), but she couldn't make sense of them. She didn't seem to be concious, only following sheer programming now. White hot shards of lead poured into Chii's oversized body from the police guns. Only they did no damage to her massive form. It would take a lot more than that to harm her as she instinctively retaliated, picking up a police cruiser. She then squeezed it like a tin can as the word "Crush" entered her brain, a bit of blood dripping from the car, all while Hideki was trying to call to Chii and snap her out of it.


"Stop it! Stop it right now! This isn't you!" he screamed. Something told him, though, that there was.....something about that truck hanging out in the corner. There were'nt any other civilian cars around, so why is that there, near the very bank that he was told to rob?

A pair of hands grabbed Kenchiro from the truck and tossed him out onto the street. Hideki started to kick him in the stomach. "Fix it! Fix it now and maybe I'll stop!"

He gagged and tried to stand up. "You forget who makes the demands here, asshole!" Kenchiro was wearing a headset, and shouted into it. "Forget the mission. Just SMASH everything in sight! Oh, and while you're at it.....demonstrate Program 7331!"

And immeadiately, Chii began to robotically put her foot down on people inside the massive bank building, emotionlessly, but simply, destroying it. Strangely, there didn't seem to be any remains or traces of blood, or even debris, when she had finished. But the destruction was real enough.

"What the heck?" Hideki asked.

"That's Program 7331. Special software and hardware. Any living or inanimate thing she touches can also be absorbed right into her body if I command it so. It will go to increase her size and power.. This is my ultimate invention, and I am demonstrating it, right now, in front of the cameras! Oh I hope the national news comes to see this......the culmination of all of my work! Imagine the military applications!"

And sure enough, Chii seemed a little taller than she was before. Without any emotion it seemed, she turned towards Hideki and prepared to crush him too....but hesitated with her foot barely off the ground.


Chii's conciousness began to return, seeing Hideki.

That's Hideki, she thought. He looks small. I must have grown...What have I been doing?

Something was telling her to get him, but she refused the voice. There was also an inner desire, an inner desire that her conciousness was beginning to share. She wanted to....ascend. Not just in height, but in intelligence. Reaching down for a police car in curiousity, she looked at it. Feeling for a second like it should be a part of her. And it became a part of her, sinking into her skin. Immeadiately all the thoughts of the people inside of it became hers. The thoughts, the knowledge, even the perfect genetic code. Such a gain of knowledge and utter brain power was a serious rush for Chii. Ever since she had been switched on, she had the desire and curiousity to pick up information like lint. And now that even more was avaliable to her with a simple touch, she wanted more. More, more....

Reaching down, she picked up a group of people, and closed her hand on them, squeezing just a bit. But when she opened it back up again, there was nothing but thin air. Once again they merged into her and added to her. The biggest smile formed on Chii's cute face...


"What..........is she........doing?" Kenchiro asked to no one. He then shouted into the mic. "Uhm, you're going a little overboard with that. Crush this loser now!" He pointed to Hideki.

Chii gave him "the look". It was the first time Hideki had ever seen Chii use somewhat negative emotions. Looking at Kenchiro, she said, "I don't want to."

His jaw dropped. A machine was disobeying his commands? "I AM GIVING YOU AN ORDER. STOMP ON HIM!"

Her response was firm. "I don't like taking orders...Don't be so mean!" In a flash, she flicked Kenchiro to the ground.

He wasn't giving up, but rather astonished at her. "Deactivation code 1337!"

A voice responded through his headset. "Your command cannot be processed at this time."


"Your command cannot be processed at this time." Both the voice and Chii said it to Kenchiro that time, with Chii giggling.

He stood up, and shook Hideki. "What kind of persocom is yours, exactly?!"

Hideki responded, "Well, I wasn't sure when I found it, but I confirmed that it's a Chobits model, one of only two created."

Kenchiro's eyes widened. "The Legendary Chobits? Why d.........Holy....I can't believe that I.........."

He sunk to the ground, while Chii in the background seemed to be resuming her curiousity with her newfound abilities.

"I just installed the ultimate invention on the ultimate Persocom. A Chobits model with it's own free will." He quickly stood up. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!"

"N-no..." Hideki said, frightened.

"It means she's broken completely free of my control! Not only that, but the core programming code inside of her has meshed with mine. Apparantly it furthers one of the Persocom's fundamental desires: To gather data and become more intelligent. I can't shut her down, the coding is in a continuous loop! I've created something wonderous..." He started to giggle insanely.

"I gotta go talk to her!" Hideki said.

"Then talk to her. But you can't stop her now. Chii will become more powerful than any supercomputer in the universe."

Chii seemed to be ignoring the two arguing adults now, instead focused on consuming as much information as possible. Her continuous growth and carelessness caused her socked feet to be the bringer of much destruction, as people were quickly tamped into the ground flat by them, and then contributed to her size and intelligence. She was as happy as she had ever been, though, despite all the death and destruction around her. Getting down on her knees, she waved to a large crowd watching from afar.

"Hi..." she said. They waved back nervously. Then in a true reversal of fortune for them, she reached her hand towards them, each finger as big as a medium sized skyscraper. Each of them wiggled slightly in anticipation, and they could do nothing as they were smothered under the hand for a few moments, and then felt themselves drawn into it, serving only to make Chii's intelligence higher. But even as Chii's tall, cute 1000 foot form towered back up to look for more people, she was starting to think.

If I make them a part of me, then what happens to them?

She was starting to come to realise something, but she needed more time to think about it. Chii was reaching for more people gently and wrapping her skyscraper fingers around them, then brought them into herself. The chaos didn't seem to end. She muddled over the situation more and more as the intelligence of large chucks of the city's population became her intelligence. It didn't take long for her to double her size.

Her answer came when she crushed a person in her hand first, before absorbing him. It was a tiny little red dot on her palm which quickly faded away, but she understood fully.

I am killing human beings in the process....yet, they live on inside of me.

Now Chii was standing completely still, thinking about what she had been doing for the last several minutes. She had been crushing/absorbing people, and continually making herself much larger and more intelligent.

And what if the process continues...Perhaps then.....Perhaps then...!

Chii smiled even more gleefully than she did before. She had gone past the point of no return. Human life no longer mattered to her (a nonhuman response to it), as she could already see far enough into the future to know what would happen. She was a giant Persocom, and now that she was sure of the outcome of everything, she could cut herself loose and do what she wanted to do. But first things first. She started to head back to where Hideki was.


Hideki felt the quakes increasing again....this time they shook him right to the bones. Looking up, Chii was much larger now. In such a short amount of time, she had doubled her size. And he was in sheer terror, and yet was having the instinctual reaction of a guy to a cute girl even so.

"Uhm, Chii? Can you stop? You're terrorizing the city! Please........shrink down or something?" he said with about as much confidence as a scared puppy.

Her voice was louder than anything he could be ready for. "Hideki....Trust me." Gentle to her, but body-rattling to him. Soon her hand was reaching for him. He screamed, but even as the light was blotted out, he decided to trust her. The palm covered him, and then....Nothing.

Kenchiro looked up at her and immeadiately laughed. "You've done precisely what I predicted you would do and then some." He got down on his knees at her feet and actually bowed, in a display of respect. "Remember this, for I was the first one to recognize you for what you really are!" He laughed even as he shared Hideki's fate, Chii's hand descended on him and too consumed him.


Chii understood Hideki's reluctance to becoming a part of her, but if he knew what she was thinking, there would be no worries. Turning back to the body of the city, she stretched out, casting her shadow over it triumphantly. Then she took her first step. BOOM.

It was quite impressive, a lot more forceful than usual, and smashed half of a city block underfoot. As usual, anything she stepped on was quickly absorbed. A surge of power rushed over her as she watched the shockwave literally ripple through the city and cause the ant sized humans to scatter. She only giggled in response and took another BOOMing step, right next to her first. The impact finished off the city block she trampled. But she wasn't about to stop there. Wiggling her socked feet, her steps began to become a lot more regular. Each one was hard and forceful, almost as if she were imitating a giant monster. To further this theory, she let out a cute, but defeaning, "ROAAAR!" Everyone in a 3 mile radius had to cover their ears to prevent it from making their ears bleed. In fact, most people close to it had their eardrums blown out.

The giant Persocom was laughing as the little people fled from her footsteps, kicking, and smashing the buildings below. She blissfully allowed herself to fall chest first on the city, creating two deep craters where her breasts had been, and an outline where the rest of her body was on the city. Those in the way of her "assets" didn't even have enough time for a nosebleed before being compacted into the earth.

Then, a wonderful thought crossed Chii's mind. She knew what she could do next. Feeling herself growing from all that was crushed, she tried to augment it with her mind. As a result, she grew bigger and crushed buildings under her body, which soon, along with anyone inside, became absorbed into her and caused her to grow more. She almost moaned at the feeling, as she grew and grew, causing the earth to rumble....People fled from the titaness before they were inevitably lost beneath her massive body. When she had finally covered the entire city, she stood up, slowly, at a new height of two miles tall. There was literally nothing left of the city, just a rather large crater perfectly shaped to her perfect body. Her feet must have been large enough to cover at least a city block. Skyscrapers wouldn't even reach her ankles now. Once again, she began to walk. Her previously devestating footsteps were now closer to catastrophic disasters. And just for the fun of it, she took each one slowly so anybody around still alive could see the elegance and yet power of a simple step. There was another large populated area nearby, and she was heading straight for it.

The first thing most people noticed was a several mile long shadow in the shape of a girl, that quickly covered their city. When they looked up to see what was making it, they couldn't tell what it was. Just something....BIG. And terrifying. As she grew closer though, they were shocked to find it was a cute Persocom. A cute, giant, stomping Persocom.

Chii's ever-playfulness and her constantly developing personality shone through, as she decided to have some fun with this.

"YOU MIGHT WANT TO CLEAR THE WAY FOR ME...." she said in a loud, proud voice, and started an unrelenting walk towards the city. No, THROUGH the city. She was walking as if it wasn't even there. The people who could understand her made a futile attempt to escape. Those who didn't just screamed in terror as Chii took a casual stroll right into the body of the city. Her footsteps were so powerful that anyone close enough to her titanic foot when it stepped down was brutally flung by the shockwave. It sounded and looked like a warzone with almost explosive footsteps. She was looking down upon the city and smiled to herself when she saw them scatter like ants. She cheated slightly and tried to place her steps on crowds nearby, relishing in the feeling of squashing them.

It only took a minute for her to pass through, but the city was absolutely devestated.There were few debris and bodies where she had walked, however. The real sign of her presence was the foot-shaped craters she left. Those remaining in the city were pissed off and screamed at her for her total disregard as she walked into the distance, something Chii shrugged off. They were inferior to her size and intelligence, after all.  

Some of Japan's Special Defense Forces were waiting with tanks and missles. But she was too big for them to do any damage. Even with all that firepower filling the air, all it did was absorb into her skin and make her grow larger. A soft giggle escaped from her lips as she stomped them out and continued on, taking even longer strides now at 3 miles tall. But that wasn't enough for her. She had already turned back to the previous city. Not having caused enough damage, she sat down and slipped her socks off. She wanted to feel this. Then she stepped in the center and allowed herself to slowly grow....OVER the city. Slowly, her feet covered the city, with screaming civilians trying to crawl away before the weight mounted on them and splattered them.Chii watched carefully as the city and the landscape appeared to be getting smaller and smaller....until she had literally crushed the whole thing, leaving only footprints. The goddess was not to be denied, able to step on an entire city by now.


Several hours later...

"This is our last offensive. If we don't do this now, the entire human race will be extinct." spoke one UN official.

"You realistically want to fire almost every nuclear weapon in existance at her? Do you even know what that will do to the planet?" spoke another.

"Her growth rate is progressing too fast. It's at an exponential rate. By now she's already 200 miles tall. From the charts, it will only take 48 hours until she is so large that the planet will no longer support her weight. Either way, we will be screwed, but at least attacking her now, we have some chance of survival."

"And what about the possibility of backfire?"

"Don't even THINK about that. Order the strike."

From around the world, the main nuclear missle silos were preparing to launch all the long range nukes they had at her position. Even the strongest, gigaton warheads were ready. It must have been the largest offensive in the history of the human race, and possibly the last.


By this time, Chii had already taken most of Japan into herself. The sun had gone down and she was heading through the Pacific towards the United States.

She looked at the thousands of points of lights surrounding her from all angles. They appeared to be getting brighter and brighter. Pretty soon, she realised what it was. A massive strike from all around the globe as a last resort to defeat her. Chii could only wonder what they were thinking trying to use those weapons against her. Even she didn't know the outcome of this.

The sky was lit up on over half the globe, almost as if the sun had risen again. Every nuke exploded on impact and built onto each other, creating the most massive explosion. A concussion wave wiped out the entire west coast of the United States, and radiation started to pollute the atmosphere almost immeadiately. The whole thing had lasted ten minutes until a high pitched giggle emerged from the nuclear fires. And Chii herself emerged as the fires and smoke and radiation finished absorbing into her. She slowly....slowly stood up. The atmosphere and wind currents shifted, and half the planet shook from this titaness rising to her feet. It was simotaniously the most beautiful and most terrifying ever seen, as the thousands of miles tall Persocom stretched over the US. By simply lifting one foot out of the water, she created a tidal wave that wiped out the remains of the west coast, and stepped down. CRAAAAAAAASH!

Actually, there is no word in any dictionary to describe her footstep, but the entire planet felt it as her bare, several hundred mile long foot landed on the west coast and she started a slow walk across the country. Which to her, was barely several yards across.

With each step, she felt it. Millions of bodies and buildings being snuffed out into little smears and brought into her. Individually, they were nothing, but collectively, she felt them. The sheer amount of life that was added to her body made her get bigger....fast. This seemed to be absolutely impossible. A cute girl, and yet she was absolutely DESTROYING a country!


And nobody could say anything against it, not even those UN higher ups. Giggling, she took a running stand and lept....straight across the Atlantic. If it weren't for her size and weight, she might have well jumped out of orbit. The impact on European shores caused such a shockwave and crater, it was almost like a dinosaur-killing meteor. If even the slightest movement from her killed hundreds, this probably wiped out close to a billion. And her growth never stopped! She was going crazy now and dove back onto the United States, once again causing a huge crater from her breasts impacting. This truely was....the end of the world.

But Chii was happy. Why? Because she knew something none of these tiny humans didn't. She softly rubbed her cheek into the planet, enjoying it, just basking in her size. She was happier than she ever was in her life. Then she was ready. She reached out her long arms as far as they could stretch, and attempted to wrap them around the planet. She did the same with her legs. She was starting to grow once again, and slowly, she was crushing the planet into herself. The survivors of the human race were in disbelief and shock. They screamed as they were drawn into her body, as everything she was touching was drawn into her body. It was pleasurable all over, and she let out high pitched moans. The planet was starting to crumble apart, but her own gravitational field was appearing and caused all debris to suck into her. Smaller, and smaller the planet became to her, until there was barely enough of it to fit in her palm. With a content sigh, she pressed it into her chest, and it disappeared with a flash of white light, gone forever.

Chii had just consumed the entire planet Earth, and now had the entire knowledge of the human race. But was she going to stop? No. It would be the longest time before she fulfilled her vision. But patience would reward her, as she turned towards the sun, an abundant source of energy. With a smile, she started to float towards it, her cute hands reaching out for it.....


X amount of time has passed since then...No one really knows for sure just how long it has been, except for Chii herself.


There was silence, and darkness. Not a single star existed anymore, at least, because of Chii. She stretched out her body lightly, and finally, existance collapsed around her.

This was a different feeling. A different kind of darkness visible to her. Actually, she wasn't even seeing darkness. There wasn't even a such thing as space anymore. There was absolutely nothing.

By now, Chii was no longer a simple machine. She had long since broken free of her machine components and became her own being. It had been the longest time, but the vision she had back on Earth was about to be fulfilled.

Chii couldn't move do to the fact that she was the only thing that actually existed. So she simply made a temporary space whereever she moved, and her limbs were free. Not as if she needed to move in the first place, she just liked being free to do so. Looking down at the emptiness, she thought up everything that existed. Every single bit of DNA code she had stored in her. The structure of everything that existed. With a single snap of her fingers, she let out......a spark. A tiny spark. To her it was barely microscopic, but to a human scale, it was the most powerful explosion that ever existed. It spread rapidly and in a few moments, the universe lived and died. It actually depends on how you look at it. To Chii, it could take as long and as short as she wanted. It's impossible to really comprehend how she sees things. Some would say the whole thing happened at once to her, and she could simotaniously see the past, present and future. But it was not past, present and future to her. It simply "IS". What mattered to her is the moment of the past, present and future she chose to focus on. She could focus on the entire thing, or a single moment, or multiple moments.

The moment she chose to focus on as her priority was the moments where she was a simple Persocom. She saw herself and Hideki, blissfully unaware of what happened. And like that, that former avatar of herself was controlled by Chii. Hideki was still her favorite person from the "old days", and he had been right to trust her. She would play out her former life because she enjoyed it. At the same time, she was tending to things with Kenchiro, who amazingly won the lottery pretty soon, and became a very, very rich man. It was hardly a reward to Chii, but the best thing in the world to a human being like Kenchiro, who had set into motion the events that made her like this. And while she was at it, she was tending to things in other places on the spiral of "time" all at once. She could destroy the whole thing simply by stepping on it. Hell, even with a mere thought. Something she did occasionally just to amuse her, before putting it right back where it was. Limitless possiblilities were avaliable to her, and she had eternity to do it (if there was such a thing to her, as she was beyond the concept of time). She would never run out of things to do now. She was infinite in size and intelligence and omnipotence.

She was a Goddess.