Ever Growing Orihime


Orihime gasped from either shock or pain…probably both. She was trapped in an alley with the enemy Hollow drawing closer. Orihime clutched her side, blood oozing from the wound the beast had given her. Out of sheer fear, she ran as fast as she could just to get away from the powerful Hollow; but soon, she reached a dead end and had no escape route once again.

"Anybody there?" the creepy voice of the Hollow called out, obviously enjoying the chase. "Don't worry, I'm going to eat you quickly. A painless death for you and a delicious soul for me to enjoy for lunch today! Hahahahaha!"

Orihime slumped to the dirty alley floor and looked around wide-eyed, hoping for something that could help fend off the Hollow in any way. Out of the corner of her left eye, Orihime saw something unusual behind a trashcan that caught her attention. Orihime picked up the strange object and examined it; it was a small, toy-like gun, completely painted black with faded teal letters written on it.

"Hollow...Reduction..." Orihime read aloud. “Could this toy really work on an actual Hollow?”

”Found you!" the Hollow shouted as it suddenly appeared in front of Orihime, ready to enjoy its next meal. The Hollow filled the entire alleyway, towering a good 5 or 6 feet over Orihime.

”What have I got to lose? It’s now or never,” Orihime said to herself. Orihime stood on her feet, pointed the gun at the Hollow, and pulled the trigger. At first, nothing happened.

“Hah! Fool!” the Hollow mocked. “I’m too strong to be effected by any device made by human hands. Nothing can save you now!”

Then, in an instant, an almost translucent light burst forward and surrounded the Hollow. The light quickly engulfed the Hollow; the only thing remaining was a ball of light in the shape of the monster. Soon, the ray’s effects kicked in; the Hollow began to rapidly reduce in size, right before Orihime’s eyes. Seconds later, the Hollow was only an inch tall, barely taller than Orihime's toes. Once the Hollow had reached half an inch tall, the light of the ray faded, and the Hollow was able to see once again.

“Hey, where’d you go?” the Hollow asked upon losing sight of Orihime. Quickly looking around at its surroundings, the beast began to realize that objects in the area were much larger than before; it also didn’t remember a large brown wall placed in the middle of the alley. The Hollow then had a sudden memory insight: Its prey was wearing brown shoes. The orange-haired girl it had been chasing was there the entire time, only now, she was much bigger.

"What, what have you done to me?!" the Hollow cried out indignantly, its voice now only a squeak to Orihime.

Orihime looked down at the tiny Hollow and lifted up her right foot.

“Now, you’ll never take any soul, living or dead, ever again!” Orihime shouted.

“No, please! Don’t!” the Hollow pleaded to its former victim.

Without sympathy, Orihime slammed her foot on top of the Hollow; in an instant, it was gone beneath her sneaker. After finishing off the Hollow, Orihime became amazed by the power of the gun she had just found.

"Wow, this thing actually works," she said to herself. “Thank goodness I found it when I did or I would’ve been dead by now. I better head home right away to check this thing out!”

Orihime exited the alleyway and made a beeline for her home, running as fast as she was able to.


7 minutes later…

Orihime sat in her small apartment, studying the gun that had saved her life.

"Wow! It looks like a toy, but it can shrink stuff!" she said, amazed. While scrutinizing the gun, Orihime noticed a small switch on the side of the device facing downwards. Like a curious child, Orihime flicked it in the upward position.

"I wonder what it can do now?" she said, aiming the gun at a cracker crumb on her kitchen table. Once she pulled the trigger, the crumb began to double, triple, and then quadruple in size! Soon, it was as big as Orihime herself.

"WOAH!" Orihime said in surprise. "I can make food bigger now!" Her face went blank, seeming to think hard on something, a hidden desire. "And...I can make myself bigger as well!"

She was completely ecstatic. "Wow! I could have so much fun being big! I could actually beat everyone in a race, step on people I don't like...Wait a minute, that's really mean. And I could also have the entire beach to myself! No more crowded spots for me."

Orihime paused for a second and began to think.

"Speaking of the beach..."

Orihime quickly stepped into her closet and returned minutes later in a cherry red bikini and gray flip-flops. The two-piece revealed quite a lot of her toned body and accented her curves greatly.

Orihime walked outside and made sure nobody was around. "Okay," she said, aiming the gun at herself, and pulled the trigger.

Orihime didn't feel anything. "That's a real let-down," she said in disappointment. However, a few seconds after the beam had receded from her, Orihime suddenly noticed that her environment had rapidly changed before her very eyes. She now stood at least 500 ft tall, her apartment building now only reaching the top of her shin; people and everything else would now be like toys compared to her.

"This is SO amazing!!” Orihime shouted while jumping up and down like a small child, causing the ground to shake. “I'm big!" A nearby car’s anti-theft alarm went off. "Uh oh," she said, trying to shut off the annoying racket. After no success, Orihime picked up the car with her right hand and looked around, trying to find somewhere to put the ringing automobile. Thinking quickly, Orihime placed the car inside of her neighbor’s pool; the alarm's sound was almost instantly deafened by the water. "That works,” she said to herself. “I think..."

Ignoring the submerged auto, Orihime began to walk towards the main portion of the city, excited to see what she could do at her new 500ft stature. The gun was still in her hand. "It can grow with me too!" she said, holding it in her left hand. “This thing is amazing!”


Meanwhile, at Karakura Park…

"Dammit!" Ichigo gasped, staring up at the Menos Grande that appeared out of nowhere. "I could kill one of these things before...Why not now?!" he said, just avoiding being stomped to death. The Menos just seemed to snicker at the Substitute Soul Reaper's attempts to hurt it.

As their fight continued, they were interrupted by what seemed to be footsteps, very loud and booming footsteps. Out of nowhere, a huge flip-flop crushed the Menos into the ground.

"What the...? This day just keeps getting weirder..." Ichigo said, looking up to get a glimpse of to whom the foot belonged.

"Did I just step on something?!" Orihime said, looking downwards. She then almost immediately spotted a person. "Ichigo, is that you?" Orihime asked, bending down to get a closer look at the toy-sized person. "Yep, it's you! I'd notice that orange hair anywhere!" she said cheerfully.

"Orihime, what happened?!" Ichigo yelled, trying to keep a nosebleed from coming up while staring at his huge bikini-clad friend.

"I grew," she simply replied. "By the way, did I just step on something?" she asked with a worried look displayed on her face.

“Yeah, but it was a Menos Grande,” Ichigo replied. “You just saved my life!"

"Good! I thought it was a small house or something..."

"You know you’re big when you’re calling a Menos Grande a 'small house'," Ichigo commented.

"Ichigo, would you like to come to the beach with me?" Orihime asked.


“Great!” Orihime said, her voice filled with excitement. “Let’s go!”

Orihime quickly bent down, picked up Ichigo in her right hand, and began walking towards the local beach. As they arrived at the seaside, they were both surprised that the coastal area was empty. Orihime lay down on the sand, Ichigo resting on her stomach.

"Orihime, how did you get so big again?" he asked, trying to get comfortable with the stomach that moved up and down with Orihime’s breathing.

"This," she replied, holding up the gun that allowed her to grow in the first place.

"And was it originally that size?"

"No, it grows with me! Wanna see?!" Orihime asked excitedly. Orihime picked up Ichigo off of her body and placed him back on the ground. Still lying down, she aimed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger. Like before, she felt nothing.

"Oh my God..." Ichigo said, shocked beyond belief. Orihime had grown before his very eyes in just seconds; she had grown to where her entire body now covered the whole stretch of beach, her now being a few miles tall.

"There you are!" Orihime's voice boomed as her skyscraper sized fingers wrapped around him.
"Wow! You’re like a tiny speck to me now, Ichigo!" Orihime said, holding Ichigo on the tip of her index finger next to her eye.

"I still can't believe this..." Ichigo said to himself, staring into the massive eye of Orihime.

"Was that a good demonstration?" Orihime asked proudly.

"Um...yeah...” Ichigo answered.

"Speak up! I can't hear you." Orihime replied.

"I SAID..." Ichigo yelled as loud as he could.

"Still can't hear you. Wait, hold on a sec." Orihime then had a simple idea; she placed the speck-sized Ichigo in her right ear canal. "Now, let's try this again. Was it a good demonstration?"

"Yes, it was," Ichigo said in his regular voice.

"I can hear you now!!" Orihime said gleefully. "So, Ichigo, are you comfy in there?"

"No, not really," he replied. "It's really dark in here and kinda gross; plus, you have a layer of ear wax covering the place! No offense, Orihime."

"Sorry about that Ichigo! Where would you be comfy then?"

"I don't know. You're huge, so anywhere but here would be fine."

"Hmmm...How about my boobs?"

"What?!" Ichigo yelled, another nosebleed coming on.

"Ichigo, I know you and the others in school talk about my chest sometimes...how it's so big."

Orihime picked the speck out of her ear with her right hand and gently placed it between the fleshy mountains that were her breasts.

The nosebleed finally came onto Ichigo. How could it not? He was in cleavage the size of a mountain's valley; Orihime's cherry bikini contributed to Ichigo's nosebleed as well, the red heavily accenting her heavenly figure.

"Comfy now?" Orihime boomed. Ichigo remained silent inbetween her massive breasts. "I'll just pretend you said yes."

With each word, her breasts jiggled, causing a slight earthquake for Ichigo. Unable to maintain his balance, Ichigo stumbled and fell face first into the wall of flesh that was Orihime's left boob. His hands groped about for a way to get up and Ichigo backed away once he realized what he was touching. "Oh God...."

Orihime let out a moan. "That felt like a massage...Ichigo, did you just touch my boob?" she asked, giggling.


Orihime and Ichigo remained at the beach, spending time with one another for what seemed like hours. As the sun began to set for the day, Orihime suddenly remembered something of great importance.

"Oh no! My astronomy homework!! I totally forgot all about it! It's due tommorrow!" Orihime gasped and began to worry frantically; she had never turned in an assignment late before and was not about to start now. All of a sudden, Orihime had a burst of intellect on how to solve her homework problem.

"Wait a minute...The heavenly bodies of outer space are big...And I can get bigger...So..."

Orihime knew exactly what she was going to do next: Grow. Before she went to gather data for her assignment, she decided to say goodbye to Ichigo.

"Ichigo, I'll be gone for a while. Thanks for the time we spent together. I really enjoyed it," Orihime said, blushing slightly. Orihime picked up Ichigo, brought him slowly to her lips, and gave him a quick peck.

Ichigo was blushing too; however, it was not noticeable because his entire body was covered in light pink lipstick.

Orihime set Ichigo back down into the city, stood up to her full height, and began walking into the ocean to have her latest growth spurt.

Orihime stepped into the ocean, her body visible for miles. Orihime looked at the growth gun and was about to fire; however, a minor annoyance about the gun suddenly came to mind.

"Hmm...Growing with this gun in my hand all the time is pretty troublesome," Orihime said, pondering what to do. "I know!" she said, coming up with an idea that only a child could invent. “I’ll just fire the gun at my head to make it bigger. Then, I’ll just eat the ray-gun and grow the rest of my body with me afterwards. This is totally gonna work!”

Orihime aimed the gun directly at her head and fired. Instantly, Orihime’s head became much larger than the rest of her body, making her look like a character from an old cartoon; she stumbled around a bit, since her head had become twice its normal size.

"Now!" she said. Orihime popped the gun into her enlarged mouth and swallowed it whole. If her idea worked, she would gain a truly amazing ability; if not, well, she would have a huge head for the rest of her life and killer stomachaches.

"Okay, let's see if it works...."

Orihime focused on her the rest of her body growing to be proportioned with her enlarged head. Instead of experiencing absolutely nothing like all the previous times she had grown before, this time she felt an expanding feeling surging throughout her entire body. Orihime could feel every single cell in her body becoming larger in accordance with her desire. A few seconds later, Orihime’s head looked normal once again, her body now back in its regular proportion.

"I can grow myself at will now!” Orihime exclaimed. “Goodbye everyone!!" With that, Orihime waved at the city and thought about herself becoming bigger. Almost instantaneously, Orihime began to grow at a furious pace. Looking downwards, she saw the constantly shrinking city near her feet; she was large enough to crush it with her foot, then just her pinky toe, and soon, she could no longer see the city at all.

Expanding herself even further, Orihime eventually floated off into space, watching the Earth shrink before her very eyes, becoming the size of a beach ball, then a ping pong ball, a dime, and finally becoming only a bright blue speck compared her to massive body. At this point, Orihime stopped her growing spree and decided to get to work.

"Wow..." Orihime breathed, Earth floating directly in front of her right eye. "Okay, now to take some notes for my homework! Let’s see…The Earth is blue and tiny...to me at least. I think that’s enough data on the Earth for now. Now, what else to study?" Orihime said to herself, turning her focus away from the Earth. Making a 45-degree turn, Orihime spotted the moon, now just a barely visible silver mite compared to her massive body. "Even at my size, it's so pretty!" she said, holding it up to her left eye. After she was done inspecting the satellite, Orihime carefully placed the moon back where she thought it should be in relation to the planet. However, Orihime accidentally put the moon closer to the Earth and caused the entire lunar cycle to be off its regular progression. The gravitational pull of the moon on the planet also caused the Earth’s rotation to speed up temporarily before it returned to its normal rotational speed; where it should be 2:00 in the morning for Tokyo, it was now suddenly late afternoon.

Orihime turned her massive body around to get a better glimpse of outer space; as she did so, she felt multiple objects bump into her chest. Looking down at her breasts, an entire storm of meteors had been stopped by her ample bosom.

"Did I just save the earth?! Yay!!" she said, clapping her hands in elation. Orihime began to pick the asteroids off of her chest; most of them were lodged deeply in the fabrics of her cherry red bikini top. As she picked the last piece of space debris out of her cleavage, Orihime began to grow bored of staring at the planet; she began to contemplate her next move.

"Wonder what I should do now?” she asked herself. “I should do my homework, but there's so many things I can do now at my new size! Like..."

Orihime thought for a second before the perfect idea came to mind.

"Let's see how big I can really get!" Orihime said happily, the thought of growth on her mind. The expanding feeling from before came once again and her body complied with the command.
Orihime watched as everything around her dwindled in size, her titanic frame becoming ever larger. "Bye everybody!" Orihime boomed, waving as her galaxy shrank until it could fit into the palm of her hand; Orihime watched as it became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared altogether from her vision.

Even then, her growth did not stop; hundreds of galaxies surrounded her, but they were steadily growing smaller with each passing second. "I never knew our universe was so complicated and big. Well, I guess in a matter of moments, it won't be so big to me!"

Orihime’s growth continued to persist; the galaxies quickly became bright specks of light compared to her and then simply vanished, becoming engulfed by the ever-expanding Orihime. Orihime giggled like a child as her growth suddenly came to a stop. Light surrounded her everywhere as Orihime had reached what seemed to be a climax; she was now the size of the universe.


"Wow, it's so pretty," Orihime gasped; light swirled around Orihime’s body as if it were alive, dancing in every color imaginable and unimaginable. Orihime was swayed in a daze, mesmerized by the light show occurring before her eyes. However, on accident and without knowing what her body was doing, Orihime’s swaying hip had smashed hundreds of galaxies into nothingness; luckily, the Milky Way was spared from this cosmic disaster.

After a few minutes of gazing at the beauty of the universe, Orihime came back to her senses.

“It's really amazing how beautiful everything is at my new size!"

All of a sudden, a chill seemed to creep into the very marrow of her bones; it was if something had sucked all of the happiness out of Orihime, leaving nothing but fear and dread behind. Slowly turning around, Orihime gasped at what lay ahead of her: A massive eye hundreds of times her size roved around before her; the eye’s pupil seemed to be the very essence of evil itself.

"Hmm...another universe," a voice boomed out. The mysterious voice sounded sweet and feminine, but a sinister force lay beneath its tone.

"W-who are you?!" Orihime called out, fear evident in her voice.

The eye swiveled around in space, as if looking for where the voice came from; then, it rested upon Orihime.

"Oh, so you’re where the annoying noise came from,” the voice replied. “I am the entity known as Nekura, and who might you be?"

"Orihime..." Orihime was now so badly paralyzed with fear that she barely managed to utter her name.

"Hmm...’Princess’, eh? Well, Princess,” Nekura said in mocking tone of voice, “what are you doing? I don't see many specks around here that can talk."

"I'm a speck to you?!"

"Yes. In fact, I can barely even see you! Here, allow me to show you the magnitude of my true size..."

In an instant, two massive walls of black trapped Orihime between them and she was swung around in a blur, too fast for her to comprehend what was going on. A few seconds later, once Orihime had recovered from the ride and looked upwards, her face went blank; no words came out of her mouth, only a small squeak of fear.

Towering high above her, towering above all else, was Nekura.

Her size was incomprehensible; Nekura could make a slight movement and every living thing within a billion mile radius would be crushed into oblivion. Nekura wore a black kimono that covered her entire body, leaving only her head visible to the outside world. She was slender in shape, yet her breasts bulged beneath the kimono's fabric; they were twice Orihime's cup size. Finally, Nekura’s face was that of a goddess; her facial expressions commanded authority and her hair was long and had a shining silver color to it.

"Now do you recognize my size?" Nekura boomed down to the tiny Orihime.

Orihime just went limp from fear; she had forgotten everything else, only marveling at how beyond titanic Nekura was.

"I take it that this is a shock to you? Eh, my size is rather intimidating, isn't it?" Nekura shrugged. In yet another quick blur, Nekura brought Orihime back up to her eye. "Now, speck, tell me all about your universe." Nekura was not even addressing Orihime by her own name anymore.

Orihime gulped. "Well,” she started, “it's basically hundreds of galaxies clustered together. Within those galaxies are objects known as planets...."

"I know all about that!" Nekura snapped, her booming voice rocking Orihime to her very core. "Is there anything unique about it?"

"Um...nothing I can think of really...."

"How very sad," the evil goddess said with little sympathy in her voice. Nekura turned her body to the universe, it being a microscopic dustmite compared to her colossal body.

"What are you going to do?!" Orihime yelled, struggling inbetween Nekura's massive fingers.

"Crush it. According to you, it doesn't have what I need."

Upon hearing Nekura’s intentions, Orihime was suddenly filled with resolve; she focused on growing, knowing that she might stand a chance against Nekura. As Orihime attempted to grow, she was shocked to find out that her body was not even growing an inch taller; she did not even feel the expanding feeling surge throughout her body.

"I can't grow anymore...” Orihime gasped.

"Hmm? That, my dear Princess, is the result of my aura. Along with my size, I have a few...unique abilities. For example, I can disable any power that might threaten me; all it takes is a little willpower."

At that, Nekura let out a little laugh, malice resounding with every sound she uttered. The black-kimono clad goddess looked at Orihime one more time; a sly smile slowly began to spread across her face.

"Well,” Nekura began, “you can save your universe. You just have to go through a few trials to prove it worthy of being spared."

"Anything,” Orihime desperately pleaded, “anything to save them!!"

Nekura just smirked at Orihime’s pathetic plea. "You really should’ve thought before answering, girl."

Nekura moved Orihime from between her fingers onto her palm, it being a stretching wasteland of the darkest black.

"There will be three trials," Nekura said as she held up three gargantuan fingers in the distance. "Each trial will be carried out in order to amuse and please me…I'm just that much of a tease." Nekura finished her proclamation with a little laugh; however, Orihime knew there was menace hiding beneath its surface.

"Trial 1...” Nekura boomed. The beyond massive goddess bent her body downwards and placed Orihime right at the very bottom of her body, just in front of her toes; to Orihime, Nekura’s toes were like mountains, and the lines of Nekura’s toe prints could have easily held all of Japan and more inbetween them.

"There's something down there that's been stuck between my first and big toe for awhile and it's been annoying me forever,” instructed Nekura. “It's too small for me to see, so you’re gonna get rid of it for me."

Willing to do whatever it took to save the universe from complete annihilation, Orihime cautiously floated over between the massive toes. Orihime took her time looking for the object of Nekura’s distress because she believed that at any second, the toes were going to come together and squeeze the life out of her; she would not put Nekura above that. After a few minutes of searching, Orihime found the object lodged deep in the flaps of skin of Nekura’s big toe; it was a strange glowing orb with green and blue energies swirling around within it. Orihime tried to see if the orb had some type of special ability, but she could not find a way for it to work. Realizing that the orb was completely useless, Orihime threw it into the never-ending abyss of space and began to leave Nekura’s foot.

Once Orihime reappeared into Nekura’s sight, Nekura immediately snatched up the tiny red speck.

"Ah, that’s much better, Princess. Now, on to the second trial...Let's see,” Nekura mused, “what to do for the second trial...” Nekura thought about various options for the trial before the perfect idea snapped into place.

"It's very simple," Nekura said slyly, holding Orihime on the tip of her right index finger. "You just have to avoid being killed."

"What-" Orihime yelled, but she was quickly cut off as Nekura's left thumb quickly lowered itself down onto her. Orihime jumped out of the way and somehow managed to dodge the enormous appendage just in time by clinging to the edge of the beyond-titaness's fingernail. Nekura moved her finger slightly, the force strong enough to send Orihime rocketing into space. After falling for what felt to Orihime like forever, she finally crashed into something; Orihime could not tell where she was now, her vision was blurry from the crash.

"Oh, such an embarrassing place for you to be,” Nekura mocked, obviously enjoying the transgressions Orihime faced. Orihime’s vision soon cleared, and she quickly found out where she was; stretching out before her were monolithic valleys of flesh: they were Nekura's breasts.

Nekura cupped each massive mammary in hand and slowly squeezed them together. The walls were quickly closing in on the speck-sized Orihime; she was now trapped between Nekura’s mammoth endowments.

"Not too comfy, are you?” Nekura said with an evil grin spread across her face. “Well, maybe a little massage will loosen me up...”

Orihime, squirming with every ounce of strength she could muster, found that her only choice was to obey the evil goddess; a loud moan escaped from Nekura's mouth. All of a sudden, Orihime was swung around once again; when she regained consciousness a few seconds later, Orihime found herself staring up at an endless black meteor that was rapidly heading directly towards her.

"Like the view from down there?" Nekura asked, as her rear descended onto the miniscule Orihime; Orihime's body quickly collapsed under the unbelievable pressure from Nekura's ass crashing into her. The evil goddess then peeled Orihime off of her rear and held her on the tip of her right ring finger.

"Hm, are you still alive?" Nekura asked.

Orihime's body gave a little twitch and she shakily stood back up on her feet.

"Rather amazing! I thought that would be the death of you," Nekura thundered from above, giving her butt a little shake. "Well then, I guess it's time to move on to the final trial."

"What's going to happen next?" Orihime whispered to herself. As Orihime continued to worry about what Nekura had in store for her, a strange object suddenly bumped against her; it was the orb she had removed earlier from between Nekura's toes. The orb glowed a bright green light and then slowly shattered; the orb's fragments quickly spread across Nekura's body.

"What are you doing down there?" Nekura demanded.

Orihime suddenly had an uncontrollable urge, an urge to grow...And she did. The expanding feeling spread across her body once again as Orihime began to grow.

"No, NO!!" Nekura wailed.

In an instant, Orihime was Nekura's size; then, Nekura was half of Orihime's size and steadily diminshing. Orihime kept growing, becoming bigger and bigger and bigger into the blackness of space; Nekura's wails continued to come from farther away until eventually, Orihime couldn't hear them at all. As Orihime continued to grow, her chest suddenly felt heavier. Orihime looked downwards and found that her DD cup breasts had increased in size, becoming EE cups; her cherry red bikini top was stretched to its limit to contain them.

After what seemed like an eternity, Orihime's growth finally stopped. Orihime had no idea about how big she had become; she was now possibly billions upon billions of miles in height...


"Woah...How big am I...?" Orihime asked herself, amazed at her new size. “I’m possibly the biggest thing to exist in all of history.”

Orihime began to look around the inkiness of space to see if she could find her universe. "I hope I didn't crush it," she said desperately, thinking of everything she had crushed in her latest growth; luckily for Orihime, she had never even come in contact with the universe.

With her search, Orihime was greatly rewarded: A tiny black mite was floating against her big toe on her left foot. "Nekura?" Orihime asked, a slow smile creeping across her face. "Well, it looks like the roles have been severely reversed, haven't they?"

From Nekura's point of view, her world had completely changed: The speck she had so tortured had become bigger than her, and the orb she had used stripped her of every single “goddess power” she had. Looking upwards, she could barely look far enough past Orihime's toes to see her endless pillars that she called legs. As she looked beyond Orihime's waist, her view was cut short by Orihime's monolithic breasts, now even larger than before at EE cups.

"I bet you’re so small that you could fit into one of the pores on my toe," Orihime teased; her voice shook everything to the very core, and Nekura rather felt it than heard it. Without a thought, Orihime shoved her toe at Nekura, and the mite disappeared into the cavernous pore on her toe.

"Heh...That tickles!!" Orihime giggled as Nekura moved about inside the skin pore. After struggling to escape the pore for close to 5 minutes, Nekura finally appeared once again. Upon noticing Nekura’s reappearance, Orihime bent down and swiftly trapped Nekura between her fingers, which were now incredibly thick walls of flesh. Orihime brought the speck up to her eye and had to squint to barely even see the mite that was Nekura.

"You...You...How dare you do this to me!” Nekura shouted. “I am Nekura, destroyer of universes! I tower above everything!" she yelled up at the newfound goddess; to Orihime, her voice was nothing but an inaudible sound from far, far away.

Deciding that she was done playing around with Nekura, Orihime became serious.

"Nekura, I believe it's time to judge you. You have nearly killed me and attempted to crush my universe…Burn in Hell." In her mind, Orihime was cheering herself on during her last sentence; she had heard it from a movie and thought it made her sound very tough.

"No...Please Princess, spare me!!" Nekura shrieked.

Orihime swiftly brought the mite back down onto her left sandal; far above, Orihime’s face was stern and steady. Without warning, Orihime suddenly slammed her foot forward; the sheer force of power from that simple movement was so great that all traces of Nekura's body were completely wiped from existence.

"The evil Nekura is gone!" Orihime said, letting out a small cheer. Even though she had rid the cosmos of the malicious deity, Orihime still felt remorse for killing; however, given her current circumstances, she would have to settle that demon later. "What do I do now?" Orihime asked herself; she was biggest thing ever and had nothing to do.

Out of nowhere, a bright orb, large enough to fit in Orihime’s hand, appeared in front of her: It was the orb that had helped her defeat Nekura.

"Hello," a somewhat computerized voice spoke into Orihime's mind.

"Hello!" she replied, flashing a large smile. "Thank you for stopping Nekura so that I could grow."

"It was you that stopped Nekura, not me,” the orb replied. “You know, it’s almost funny; ironically, I was the object of her obsession that she was looking for the entire time. I was created to serve one master, but I would never serve such a vile creature like her."

"Who made you?" Orihime asked.

"I cannot remember. I was created over a millennium ago, so my memory is a bit fuzzy."

"And...What exactly can you do?"

"Well,” the orb began, “to put it simply, I have the power to give my master the ability to bend reality."

"Woah, cool!" Orihime said, amazed at the orb's capabilities.

"And you, Orihime, are the one I have chosen to serve." At that, the orb became transparent and immediately entered Orihime's body. "You now have the ability to manipulate reality as you see fit. Enjoy."

"Wow! What should I do first?!" Orihime stuttered excitedly; she could now do anything and everything. So many possibilities came to Orihime on what she could do next.

"Well, I'm really hungry," she said aloud to herself.

As if waiting for her, a whole table of food, perfectly proportioned for her, appeared from out of nowhere.

"Wow, where to start?!" Orihime exclaimed, gobbling down food as if it was her last day alive. After a few minutes of consuming the feast laid out before her, she was full; complying with her needs, the table suddenly vanished. A few more ideas popped into her mind. "Magnifying glass, please?" Orihime asked as one magically appeared in her right hand. Looking around the infinite blackness of space, she finally spotted the universe, yet at her size, it was a struggle to properly view it; in comparison to Orihime, the universe could fit onto the tip of one of her hairs with plenty of room to spare.

"Wow, it's really amazing I'm so big...beyond big actually. But, it gets rather lonely..." she whispered, sadness creeping into her voice. As if by pure luck, Orihime instantly found the answer to her problem: Ichigo.


Back on Earth, an entire day has passed since Ichigo watched Orihime grow into space.

"Wonder how she's doing..." Ichigo asked himself, lying down on his back in Karakura Park. Without any warning, Ichigo suddenly found himself falling face-first onto amazingly silky soft ground. Looking around at his new surroundings, Ichigo noticed that the ground was strangely skin-colored and stretched on for miles beyond the horizon; the sky above him was pitch black.

"Where the hell am I?" Ichigo asked, not believing his eyes. After dashing for a few minutes in a random direction, still millions upon millions of miles of skin-colored land were laid out before him. No...In the distance, there were canyons; beyond that, Ichigo noticed something pink that was simply astronomical in proportion; and even further beyond that, Ichigo was able to make out an immeasurable wall of red. Wherever "here" was, the vastness of it was indescribable.

"Kurosaki?" a female voice called out to him from the darkest regions of space.

The orange-haired Soul Reaper whirled around. "Who said that?" he yelled, wondering where the mysterious voice came from.

"Ichigo?! Hi Ichigo!"

Ichigo quickly recognized the voice. "Orihime? Where are you?"

"Look up silly!"

Ichigo craned his neck upwards toward the sky and was overcome by shock at the view overhead. "Oh…my…God..." he said bluntly, falling to his knees.

Stretching beyond the inky sky itself, going further than Ichigo would ever dare to dream possible, was the face of his schoolmate and friend, Inoue Orihime.

"Orihime...What happened to you?” Ichigo asked in sheer wonder; it was not supposed to be physically possible for a teenage girl to become this enormous. “How is this happening?"

"Well, I gained the ability to manipulate reality."

"That answers one question but makes so many more. How big are you, exactly?"

"Oh, about thousands upon thousands of times bigger than the universe."

"And...How is this happening again?!"

"Reality manipulation, duh. I used my new abilities to bring you here so that I could see and hear you. I also made my voice its normal volume for you; if my voice was at its current level, your ears would explode and then your entire body would probably shatter into one billion pieces."

"That's a…nice thought. How do I look from up there?"

"Even with my reality bending powers, I can barely see you! Still, you are so cute!"

Ichigo blushed at the comment. "It's...good to see you again Orihime."

"You too, Ichigo." The redheaded goddess gave a smile that would light up the entire universe. In a sudden intellectual burst of curiosity, a thought came to Ichigo.

"Orihime, where exactly am I on your body?"

"Oh...My left boob."

"So that wall of red...?" Ichigo stuttered.

"My bikini top," Orihime replied.

"And that pink thing...?"

"My nipple." Orihime giggled at Ichigo's obvious embarrassment.

"I just have one more question for you Orihime: How big are you exactly?" the orange-haired teen asked, wiping away a nosebleed that was occurring more and more frequently.

"Hmmm, by using my reality powers, I’m...about a thousand or two googolplexes in height, give or take a few billion extra miles."

"This is all blowing my mind."

"Really? Not mine," Orihime gleefully replied.

"Well, it should!” Ichigo shouted. “The universe is just...microscopic to you! And me, I shouldn't even be here! I'm NOTHING to you! I shouldn't even exist relative to your size!!!"

"Ichigo...You’re not nothing to me. Friends carry a special bond no matter what happens, not even size can get in the way of that."

"Thanks...Orihime," said Ichigo, giving his omnipotent friend a big smile.

“Ichigo, I want to tell you something. I’ve decided to become bigger…Forever.”

“Wait a second, are you telling me you want to grow even more?! Orihime, why would you want to do something like this?”

“It’s kinda hard to explain, Ichigo; you just wouldn’t understand. When I first outgrew the universe, there was this woman who was larger than me.”

“Bigger than you?!” Ichigo asked in astonishment.

“Yes, she was so enormous that I was literally nothing compared to the edge of one of her pinky toes. Her name was Nekura and she threatened to crush the universe because it didn’t have a certain object that she was looking for. I begged Nekura not to destroy the universe, I pleaded with her not to end all life as we knew it. Nekura agreed and made me go through what she called ‘trials’ to prove myself; in reality, it was just a huge game to her. I was forced to go inbetween her toes to remove an unknown object, and once I had accomplished my task, I was rewarded by Nekura trying to kill me.”

“That’s terrible Orihime,” said Ichigo, amazed that his friend had been put through such an ordeal in such a short amount of time.

“Nekura continued to beat me up, to a point where I actually believed I was about to die. As Nekura was about to finish me off once and for all, a miracle occurred: The object I retrieved from Nekura’s toes, a weird orb, caused me to grow much larger than Nekura and took away all of her special abilities. With my newfound size, I gave Nekura a taste of her own medicine before sending her into oblivion. Once Nekura was gone, the orb appeared in front of me and told me that it was the object Nekura was seeking this entire time. The orb then chose me as its master…”

“And gave you your reality manipulation powers,” Ichigo interrupted.

“Correct. After experimenting with my recently acquired ability for some time, I began to think about certain questions in our plane of existence: Why was I chosen to receive this gift? Where did Nekura come from? While pondering these questions, my mind was filled with fear at a sudden chilling thought: What if there was another person like Nekura existing somewhere out there? What if there was someone so massive, so colossal, that they could destroy our entire dimension without even feeling a thing? I began to worry, Ichigo. I didn’t know what to do.”


“After considering this ‘what if’ situation for a while, I eventually came up with a plan, a plan that would make sure that the universe would remain safe. I decided I was going to guard the universe for all eternity while at the same time, growing ever larger to protect the universe from any other gigantic beings like Nekura.”

“Orihime, you don’t have to do this!” Ichigo cried out.

“No, Ichigo, I do,” replied Orihime. “I was the one entrusted with these abilities, and as such, the protection of the universe is my top priority. I hope you can understand this Ichigo.”

“I completely understand Orihime. You’re only doing what’s best for the good of mankind. Now I see why you were the one chosen to receive your powers; it’s because you care about others so much that you’re willing to put your life and wellbeing before theirs.”

“Thank you Ichigo,” replied Orihime. “Well, I better start growing now. Ichigo, I’ll come back to visit you and everyone else back in Karakura Town…someday. Until then, I want you to tell the others that I’m fine and to not worry about me. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll invite you back to see me sometime in the near future too.”

“I can’t wait,” said Ichigo with a tone of sadness in his voice. “Well, I guess this is goodbye for now then, Orihime.”

“Sadly, it is. Goodbye, Ichigo.”

“Goodbye, Orihime. Good luck and be safe!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”

With that, Orihime used her abilities to send Ichigo back to Karakura Town.

“Ichigo, I’m gonna miss you so much,” Orihime said quietly to herself, holding back a tear. Quickly regaining her composure, Orihime began her plan. “Anyway, it’s time to get down to business. All aboard the Orihime express! Next stop, Infinity!”

Reaching down towards her toes, Orihime managed to pick up the universe with the edge of her right index finger and gently placed it inbetween her large breasts.

“There we go! Not only will the universe be permanently safe here, but it’ll be nice and comfortable at the same time!”

Orihime then became serious; she focused her mind solely on the thoughts of growth and becoming bigger.

“OK, here I go!”

Orihime’s body instantly began to expand in every direction, growing exponentially faster with each passing second. In less than 10 seconds, Orihime had put her previous size to shame and was still accelerating. In another 5 seconds, the universe became completely enveloped by Orihime’s ample bust.

“Now it’s finally safe,” Orihime said aloud to herself. “Nobody will ever be able to cause the universe any harm as long as I’m around to protect it. Now, I can’t slow down for even an instant; I just have to keep growing!”

With a calm smile on her face, Orihime relaxed and allowed her body to explode in size. Clad in her cherry red bikini, the girl's already colossal form continued to grow into the endless void of space, never halting its ceaseless expansion.