Nicktoons Giantess Anthology: Eugene's War

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Phil)

While other students were running out of P.S. 118 after another long and grueling day of Monday-Friday education, Eugene was moving at a much more tentative pace. He always felt something bad would happen as soon as he stepped out into the blue sky, whether that be a stroke of bad luck (seemingly caused by Arnold), tripping over his own shoelaces, or even worse...
"Thought you could give me the slip, Shorty?" Helga said.
"Gulp... oh no..." Eugene said with sweat running down his forehead as he gulped nervously. Indeed, Helga Geraldine Pataki, the only girl who could stand up to Harold Berman without blinking, was fast approaching with that trademark mean face of hers. In fact, both her hands were closed up into fists, which meant she meant business for this visit. With Helga was her brainiac best friend, Phoebe, and trailing behind both of them were so-called members of the Helga fanclub (even though there was officially no such thing). They were Rhonda, Nadine, Lila, and Ruth P. McDougal. Sheena was there as well, but she had a rather uncomfortable look on her face. She knew something bad was going to happen considering she had a secret crush on Eugene.
“Hey there, Shorty! What’s the big rush? Or maybe I should say little rush?” Helga said as she and the other girls (except Sheena) laughed.
“Technically, little rush would be an inaccurate portrayal of Eugene’s symptoms. It goes back to the simple theory that...” Phoebe started to say, only to be cut off by Helga.
“Oh shut up, Phoebe!” Helga said as she kept Phoebe from going into geekette overload.
“Please... leave me alone. I have to get home and do my homework...” Eugene said as he shivered uncontrollably. A couple of the girls giggled over seeing Eugene shake like he was.
“Careful, Eugene. You wouldn’t want to shake out of those little shoes, would you?” Rhonda said.
“Goodness, it’s a good thing he’s so short, otherwise I’d have competition!” Nadine said.
“Don’t feel too bad, Eugene. You could always be a stool for when I have to reach a high shelf.” Lila said. As the other girls kept on laughing, Eugene tried to break away, but the other girls kept up with him and once again blocked his path.
“Too bad about those short legs. Even the track team could run circles around you, shorty!” Helga said, once again prompting a big laugh from nearly all the girls. Again Eugene tried to run out of the pack, only to bump into Rhonda and fall to the ground. Rhonda immediately wiped her clothes with her hands.
“Ewww! The little squirt crashed into my perfectly ironed shirt!” Rhonda said.
“Don’t worry, Rhonda. Even his germs are too short to hurt you.” Nadine said, which really prompted a laugh from the other girls. This really got under Eugene’s skin. He wanted to scream and cry for help, but luckily help came to the rescue in the form of Arnold and Gerald.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Arnold asked.
“Yeah, what’s with all the laffy taffy?” Gerald said.
“Arnold! These girls are teasing me again!” Eugene said.
“Awwww... little baby Eugene is crying. We need to get him his baby bottle!” Nadine said.
“Come on, Helga, knock it off.” Arnold said with an angry look on his face.
“Yeah, this has gone on far enough.” Sheena said as she finally spoke up.
“Pffft... who invited you to the party? Be a good geekette and run on home.” Helga said. As Phoebe cleared her throat, Helga looked down on her best friend.
“Ahem... present company excepted, of course.” Helga said.
“Helga, it’s not nice to tease Eugene like that. Short people have done amazing things, you know.” Arnold said. Helga opened her mouth to say something, but didn’t dare want to get into an argument with her super secret boyfriend.
“You’re right, football head. We’re sorry. Come on, ladies. Let’s go get something to eat.” Helga said. As the girls (except Sheena) departed, Rhonda looked back and decided to take one last cheap shot at Eugene.
“So long, short stuff! Hahaha!” Rhonda said. Eugene lowered his head in shame as he listened to Rhonda laughing off in the distance.
“Man, don’t listen to her. She’s all fashion and no talk anyway.” Gerald said.
“(sigh) Thanks, Gerald.” Eugene said.
“Come on, Eugene. How about I walk you home?” Sheena asked.
“Yeah... all of us.” Arnold said.
“Well, okay, as long as Sheena’s with us, I guess.” Eugene said.

As the four were walking along the streets of Hillwood, Arnold, Gerald, and Sheena all tried to cheer up Eugene who was still looking bummed out.
“Cheer up, Eugene. You know Helga. The next day she’ll pick on someone else and forget what she said about you. Although I can’t believe Lila would stoop to that level...” Arnold said.
“I still would like to see what kind of joke she plays on Harold.” Gerald said.
“I still wish I weren’t this short. Maybe something went wrong between my parents. Maybe my arrested development is the result of a birth defect...” Eugene said.
“Now don’t think like that, Eugene. I know just how you feel. I still remember all the girlzilla jokes I got when I was in the first grade. Sure those words hurt, but you know what they say!” Sheena said.
“I know, I know. Sticks and stones may break my bones and all that other stuff.” Eugene said.
“And like I said before, being short is not so bad. There have actually been many famous short people.” Arnold said.
“Oh yeah? Like who?” Eugene said.
“Well... um... Danny DeVito?” Arnold said.
“Don’t forget my man Gary Coleman!” Gerald said.
“Pffft... just television people. I mean HISTORIC famous people. You know, people who helped turn the tide in World War I!” Eugene shouted.
“Yeah... sorry, Eugene, guess I shouldn’t have put it that way.” Arnold said. Finally, the group had made it back to Eugene’s apartment without further incident.
“Well, here we are, Eugene. Safe and sound.” Arnold said.
“For a change.” Gerald gently quipped, only to get a bump on the shoulder from Arnold.
“Thanks, guys. See you tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow.” Eugene said. As he slumped his way up the stairs and unlocked the front door with the key in his pocket, Arnold and his friends wondered how they could cheer up their friend.
“Man, he’s way more bummed than usual.” Gerald said.
“You can’t blame him. His height is a sensitive subject for him. Helga and the others were very wrong to tease him like that.” Arnold said.
“Maybe if I showed him my scab the shape of Texas...” Sheena said.
“No way, girl. I throw up the shape of Rhode Island everytime I see that thing.” Gerald said.
“Well, I better get back to Sunset Arms.” Arnold said.
“See ya, Arnold.” Gerald and Sheena both said.

Inside Eugene’s apartment, Eugene was already upstairs in his room working on homework. Even so, he still couldn’t get some of the remarks he heard earlier out of his mind.
“Hey there, Shorty! What’s the big rush? Or maybe I should say little rush?” Helga said as she and the other girls (except Sheena) laughed.
“Careful, Eugene. You wouldn’t want to shake out of those little shoes, would you?” Rhonda said.
“Goodness, it’s a good thing he’s so short, otherwise I’d have competition!” Nadine said.
“Don’t feel too bad, Eugene. You could always be a stool for when I have to reach a high shelf.” Lila said. As the echoes of the girls laughing intensified, Eugene rapidly shook his head left and right.
“Arrrrgh! Focus, Eugene, focus. I mean, if Mickey Kaline can focus, why can’t I?” Eugene said to himself.
So he spent the next several minutes making sure he focused on his homework and nothing else. That focus eventually caused him to tire out, adding to the fact the sun was beginning to set and the beaming sunlight was coming in through his windows.
Finally, after a big yawn, Eugene’s head rested on his desk and he drifted off to sleep. Little did he know Hillwood would be dramatically different the next time he woke up.

When Eugene opened his eyes again, he heard some different sound effects. The sounds of booming thunder and sirens ringing in the air. At first he thought it was the fire trucks putting out a big time fire somewhere in town. He tried to look out the window, but noticed his shades were down.
“Huh? That’s funny. I thought I left these things open.” Eugene said. As he opened up the shades, he gasped.
“What the...!!?” Eugene said.

Hillwood looked incredibly different. In fact, much of it was in ruins.

The once serene and fine looking buildings that made up the town were either destroyed or badly damaged but still standing. The once clear sunny skies were replaced with dark clouds and smoke billowing into the air. The streets themselves looked torn apart, with some parts even littered with charcoaled or crushed vehicles. Eugene eventually did spot a few people, but it looked like they were running in terror and away from something.
“What... what happened? What’s going on? Did Scheck try to take over again while I fell asleep?” Eugene asked, thinking back to the villainous man who once attempted to demolish the entire town for his own greedy needs. Before Eugene could wonder anymore over what was and is happening to the town, his view was suddenly obstructed by something black-and-white. It caught him by surprise and he fell backwards to the floor. When he quickly regained his composure, he realized he was looking at an eyeball. A very large eyeball at that. The next thing Eugene knew, the eyeball pulled back and the boy realized it belonged to a human face, which also was much larger than he was expecting. And the person that face belonged to was none other than Rhonda Wellington Lloyd. A very large Rhonda Wellington Lloyd.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Rhonda said as her amplified voice went booming into Eugene’s room.
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!” Eugene screamed as he scrambled to his feet and ran out, just as Rhonda’s giant hand came crashing through the wall and tried to grab him. Rhonda grunted a bit when she was unsuccessfully able to grab the tiny boy.
“Darn... but just like the other boys...” Rhonda said as she pulled her hand back (taking a good chunk of the apartment with it) and waited, looking down at the front entrance all the while. As for Eugene, the only thought on his mind was to get the heck out of his home before the mysteriously gigantic Rhonda made like a wrecking ball and took the place down with him in it.
Eugene made it out of the house, but didn’t get far away when Rhonda dropped one of her big red shoes in front of Eugene and he slammed right smack into it. The boy looked up and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
“G...Gi...Gi...” Eugene said.
“Well, go ahead shorty! Spit it out already.” Rhonda said.
“Giant!!” Eugene suddenly blurted out.
“Hehe, that’s right, although the proper word is actually giantess. You’re either really brave or really stupid to be wondering these streets all by yourself.” Rhonda said.
“But how... how...” Eugene said.
“Pffft... I don’t have time to waste on you. I’ll just step on you and kill you right here and now.” Rhonda said. As she lifted up her red shoe, Eugene was so paralyzed with fear, he could do nothing but duck down and hope it would come to a quick and as little-in-pain as possible end.

However, Eugene was ‘saved’ by another giantess.
“Rhonda! What are you doing here?” the female voice said. Eugene looked up when he recognized who it belonged too, and he almost fainted when he saw Phoebe in an enlarged state as well approaching the just as gigantic Rhonda.
“Oh, vice ruler Phoebe! I was just chasing a few boys down this street.” Rhonda said.
“Well, that’s all well and good, but you do recall that Queen Helga assigned you to Quadrant Beta, right?” Phoebe said as she slightly adjusted her glasses. While the giantesses were talking, Eugene took this opportunity to finally get his legs going and run away.
“You’re right, I’m sorry. It’s just for some reason my part of the town, for some reason, doesn’t have as many cute little guys to play with.” Rhonda said.
“Yes, that is a most distressing problem to have, I will admit. Perhaps I can get Nadine or Lila to assist in your search.” Phoebe said.
“I guess that’d be nice, if it’s no trouble.” Rhonda said.
“None at all. We are all sisters of equal size and strength serving the unified goal of soon ruling this part of the country.” Phoebe said.
“Well... maybe not equal size.” Rhonda said, noting how Phoebe was still shorter than Rhonda despite them both being gigantic. Phoebe was not amused that her height was being poked at again.
“Just be glad Queen Helga isn’t here to hear that. I’ll see if I can get either Nadine or Lila to help you.” Phoebe said.
“Thanks, Phoebe. You’re the best!” Rhonda said. When she turned around to look down on Eugene again, he was gone.
“Hey! Where’d he go!?” Rhonda shouted.
“Huh? Who?” Phoebe asked.
“The little boy with silly red hair and white T-shirt? I was just about to crush him to a pulp!” Rhonda said.
“Oh, I’m sure he will turn up again soon.” Phoebe said.
“You’re right, Phoebe. There’s nowhere in this city he can hide.” Rhonda said. The two giantesses finally went their separate ways. As they did, it turned out Eugene was hiding in a narrow alleyway. He poked his head out and watched as the giant Rhonda walked off into the distance.
“What is going on here? I have to find Arnold!” Eugene said as he went back into the alleyway. He felt he would have to take the hidden passageways if he were to avoid contact with any other giantess in town, such as Rhonda.

As for Phoebe, she casually made her way through the tiny town, not stopping even if she came across any people or vehicles. She instead smiled when she looked further down the street and saw Helga raising one of her feet and slamming it down on a building, crushing it to pieces. As Phoebe approached Helga, the evil giantess was taunting the little people that were able to escape the building before it was demolished.
“That’s right, you little weasels! Run like the little ants you are! At least you were lucky enough to escape!” Helga said.
“Vice ruler Phoebe reporting at your service, Queen Helga.” Phoebe said.
“Ah, Phoebe. What did you think of my latest crush? It shows how mighty and powerful we giantesses continue to be here in Hilltown, right?” Helga said.
“Of course, Queen Helga.” Phoebe said.
“Anyway, I assume you’re here to report on the other girls.” Helga said.
“Yes, Queen Helga. Nadine and Lila continue to cause a very much acceptable amount of chaos and destruction in their sectors.” Phoebe said.
“Okay, so what about Rhonda and Sheena?” Helga said.
“First, in regards to Rhonda, I caught her wandering out of her zone chasing boys. I of course reminded her of the necessity to stay in her assigned sector.” Phoebe said.
“Well, if she was chasing boys, that’s okay. But we don’t want to mess with our divide and conquer strategy.” Helga said.
“As for Sheena... I once again caught her not showing enough evil prowess. In fact, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her letting a few tiny people escape when she clearly had the upper hand.” Phoebe said.
“Ugh... that stupid giant geekette! I really need to talk some sense into her, although I can’t help but wonder if she’s plotting against me.” Helga said.
“I find that highly improbable, Queen Helga. You have sincerely proven your worth as the leader of our group.” Phoebe said.
“I would hope so, because if anyone, tiny or otherwise, doesn’t feel that way. HAAAAAA!!!” Helga said as she raised the white shoe on her right foot up and flat out smashed an unoccupied building into its foundation.
“Your point is well taken, Queen Helga. May I continue to monitor the progress of the other giantesses?” Phoebe asked.
“Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe. You should learn to cut back and let loose once a while. Take a break from your reporting of the other girls. Take 15 to 30 minutes and do some stomping of your own. Trust me, you’ll really enjoy it!” Helga said.
“Very well, Queen Helga. I shall do as you command. Thank you, Queen Helga.” Phoebe said as she stepped away and headed into another sector of the city. Helga, meanwhile, continued on her chaotic run through the street, stepping on a few unfortunate men and crushing them to death along the way.

Rhonda was back in her sector, and she decided to take a breather by sitting down at the place she called home base. She sat down over a pile of rubble that she and Lila had rearranged a few days prior to resemble a mini throne of sorts, and right next to that throne was the biggest sparkling pile of riches one could ever dream of. Gold, silver, money, jewelry, you name it. If it was incredibly valuable, it was in Rhonda’s possession. Once she felt comfortable, she reached behind the pile of jewelry and pulled out both a bottle and a jar. The tall and thin bottle was clearly marked ‘nail polish’ and had a tiny (to her anyway) brush attached to the side. The jar was much bigger and for good reason. There were several people inside, including Mr. Hyunh and Ernie Potts, a couple of former boarders at Sunset Arms. Rhonda unscrewed the top of the larger jar and dumped everyone between the black pants covering her legs. Her legs were flat on the ground and she also closed her feet together, leaving everyone nowhere to run or hide.
“Hello my little itty bitty slaves! I trust you all slept well this morning?” Rhonda said. She could hear the many people mumbling and grumbling.
“Right, I thought so. Anyway, you know the drill. You’ll do as I say or I’ll crush you like the bugs you are. And believe me, my deaths aren’t as slow and painful as Queen Helga’s.” Rhonda said. She then opened up the bottle of nail polish, placing the cap on the roof of a nearby structure, and then dipped the brush inside. She put the brush, with its tip dripping with nail polish, on the ground laying it on its side. The men had to scramble out of the way to avoid getting crushed by either the brush or Rhonda’s giant hands. As the paint dripped its way onto the ground, Rhonda placed both her hands, palms down, on the ground in front of both the brush and the men.
“Alright, gentlemen. It’s time I had my nails done. Get to it!” Rhonda said.
“Huh? How the fudge are we supposed to hold that big bulkin’ brush!?” Ernie Potts shouted.
“Like you did before, stupid. By covering your hands, or preferably your entire body, with the nail polish and rubbing it all over my nails.” Rhonda said.
“Oh no! No no no no no no! I simply refuse to cover myself once again in that gross and disgusting nail polish!” Mr. Hyunh shouted. Rhonda leaned in with her face, her nose bumping Mr. Hyunh and knocking him to the ground.
“How would you like it if I pinched the very life out of you, Mr. Mouse!?” Rhonda said. The scary face was all Mr. Hyunh needed to get his hands full of nail polish and start brushing, as did nine other men who all handled a different nail each.
“Very good, my little bug friends.” Rhonda said.

While Rhonda watched the tiny men paint away at her nails, she looked over to her left when she heard a vehicle toot its horn. First it was one semi truck, and then another three followed behind it. She knew exactly what the trucks would be carrying despite the fact they were plain looking with no artwork on the side.
“Ah, yes. My latest batch of riches has arrived. You little boys know what to do.” Rhonda said. She watched as the men worked quickly to unlock the back of the semis and then rush back into the driver seats, because they knew how Rhonda preferred to unload her haul. As soon as Rhonda saw the men were back in the first truck, she took her left hand and tilted the back of the semi forward, allowing the jewelry and diamonds and whatnot to all pour out from the back and onto the big pile of previously accumulated jewelry. Then she turned the truck in the opposite direction from whence it came.
“Excellent. Now hustle out of here before I decide to play truck-goes-splat.” Rhonda said. Indeed, the semi truck drove off, and Rhonda did the same procedure of unloading for the next three trucks. The guy who unlocked the second semi truck did try to scoop up a few pieces of jewelry on the bottom of the huge pile, but Rhonda right away caught onto the act and poked the guy down to the ground, covering him slightly in her newly painted nail polish.
“Hey buddy!! All of that belongs to me, you hear me? Next time I see you do that you’re gonna be a part of my next dinner!” Rhonda barked from above. The guy nodded nervously and ran back to the truck, finally allowing Rhonda to unload its contents. As the next truck parked next to Rhonda’s left leg, the giantess took the short time to gloat once more over her collection that was, without a doubt in her mind, worth over a million dollars.
“Heeheehee!! I’m not only one of the biggest girls in the world, but also the richest too!” Rhonda said. Once all the trucks were gone, she got back to pushing her captive men to finish up polishing her nails.

Over in another part of the city was Phoebe. She may have been the shortest of the giantesses, but that didn’t make her any less dangerous to the people of Hilltown. Far from it. In fact, thanks to the words of encouragement from Helga earlier, she’s feeling a little rampage moody herself.
“Given my current size plus the combined weight of my body and feet when I force it down upon a high rate of speed, it is 99.9% likely you will die once I step on you, so it makes absolutely no sense for you to escape me.” Phoebe said as she smiled and adjusted her glasses while looking down on the tiny people (all of whom happened to be elected officials from neighboring towns) running from her gigantic self. After adjusting said glasses, it gave her an idea.
“Hmmm... perhaps I have a sufficient alternative way of inducing fear into these people aside from the usual courses of action, which include stomping or eating them or causing physical damage to nearby property.” Phoebe said. She then got down on her knees, already cutting off one path of escape for the people. When they turned around trying to escape in the other direction, they once again had to stop when Phoebe took off her glasses and placed them in the tinies’ path. Further blocking them was a car that Phoebe dragged to the middle of the glasses, blocking the only opening left. Phoebe couldn’t help but enjoy watching them panicking even further when they realized they were totally trapped.
“Fufufu! At least now I can keep an eye on all of you.” Phoebe said, pretending she didn’t hear her own bad pun.

Soon, the ground was shaking once again and the booming sounds echoed through the air. Phoebe glanced up and saw Nadine heading her way. As Nadine turned, one of the six long strands of her spider-like hair design clipped a water tower on top of a building and knocked it off its pedestal and onto the ground below.
“Hey, Phoebe. What’s going on?” Nadine asked.
“I would ask you the same thing. I fear just like Rhonda, you have veered off course of your assigned sector.” Phoebe said.
“Actually, everything’s quiet there. Queen Helga gave me permission to take a break.” Nadine said.
“Ah, I see. She had made the same request to me.” Phoebe said.
“So what do we have here? They look like more important people.” Nadine said.
“Based on their clothing material and their increased manner of panicking over their current situation, I would make that same assumption.” Phoebe said. Nadine reached underneath her trademark dark green shirt and pulled out a magnifying glass.
“Can I take a closer look?” Nadine asked.
“Yes, by all means necessary.” Phoebe said. Nadine got down on her knees just like Phoebe and focused her glass on the tiny people stuck between their giant bodies and Phoebe’s glasses. Typical of Nadine’s nature no matter what size she was, she studied the tiny people as if they were bugs part of a colony.
“Fascinating, the way they scatter uncontrollably. They’re like a herd of worms without its solemn leader.” Nadine said.
“Hmmm... I find it interesting you would compare them in that fashion.” Phoebe said.
“Hey, I wonder if they die as easily as annoying mosquitoes when crushed?” Nadine said.
“I suppose there is only one way to find out.” Phoebe said. Nadine nodded her head and took the lead, lowering one of her thumbs down on one of the officials. Needless to say, but the man screamed his lungs out when he saw the giant appendage lowering towards him.
“Noooooooooooooo!!!!...” he screamed before his voice was muffled by the thumb. Nadine pressed down and could just hear the man’s bones crack with a loud snap. She lifted up her thumb and saw the man was dead, judging by his lifelessness even when bumping him around with her fingers.
“Heh, that was easy.” Nadine said.
“Yes, and a most expected result, including in the fun factor between you and me.” Phoebe said. As she smiled over at her fellow giantess, she reached down and crushed the remaining people dead with both the palms of her hands. After confirming they were all dead, Phoebe reached down and picked up her glasses, putting them back on her head.
“Well, it is time I proceeded to another sector of the city. Would you care to join me?” Phoebe said.
“Sure. I wanna see what Rhonda is up to anyway.” Nadine said. After both giantesses stood back to their full height, they walked down the street to their next destination within Hillwood.

In another side of the city, though, the chaos was just as great as what few people that remained outside ran around like crazy. The particular giantess they tried to avoid was the redheaded country girl, Lila Sawyer. She was taking her steps nice and slow, watching as the tiny people ran as fast as they could from her green shoes.
“I’ll be. I reckon this chasing tiny people down the street gets more fun each day.” Lila said as she playfully stepped right next to a panicking man, just barely missing crushing him. Before she could walk any further, however, something caught her attention.
“Oh, you’re a mighty small building.” Lila said as she looked down at the structure. She guessed it was somewhere between 20-25 feet tall, comparing it to her own size of somewhere between 150-200 feet tall.
“I think you’re the perfect size.” Lila said. The few people in this house, who for some reason did not evacuate even when told, screamed in horror as they watched the giantess easily rip the building off its foundation. It held up well even as she squeezed it in her bare hands.
“And you’re just the right strength too.” Lila said. She then stuck the top part of the building in her mouth, listening to the people screaming along the way. She gently closed her teeth and trapped the building in between, occasionally chewing very lightly on the structure. Lila smiled as the building resembled a straw of prairie grass that most farmers would a large amount of time keep stuck between their molars.
“Teehee! Just like back when I was a little farm girl. Of course, I ain’t little any more. Far from it!” Lila said.
As she got back on her walk through her assigned sector of the city, she soon came across a larger building, one that was almost the exact size as her. This would not do, she thought, and she right away thought of a clever idea for taking care of this building.
“You all know what happens when a wrecking ball hits your pretty little building, right? Or a bulldozer on a bale of hay?” Lila said. As soon as she said that, she plowed right through the building, walking through the structure as if it were made of play sticks rather than brick-and-mortar. Lila, after dusting off her dress, looked back at the damage she caused.
“Wow... I don’t know my own strength.” Lila said.
But as she looked out in the distance and saw Helga letting out a battle cry as she was fighting some fighter jets in the air and battle tanks on the ground, she briefly let out a sad face.
“Although, I still wouldn’t want to get on Queen Helga’s bad side.” Lila said as she twirled one of her pigtails around with one of her hands. Not wanting to show this fear to Helga, she focused back on her sector of the city and got back to stomping around and causing chaos.

And of course, there was nothing short of full chaos where Helga was walking around. The leader of the giantesses watched as a platoon of tanks suddenly rolled up towards her feet, and she watched as fighter jets of many different branches of the military flew either high above or circled wide around her.
“Hmph! It’s about time you little army bozos showed up! I was just starting to get a little bored.” Helga said. One of the soldiers, as she expected, popped his head out and held a megaphone.
“You are completely surrounded, Mrs. Pataki! Surrender now and we promise not to hurt you or your friends!” the general said. Helga just stood in place, flashing that trademark evil grin of hers.
“Oh, general. You didn’t say please.” Helga said.
“I am not asking you, ma’am, I am telling you!” the general said.
“And I’m telling YOU that you better get out while you still have the chance!” Helga said.
“All units commence fire!” the general shouted as he dove back into his tank and the three tanks behind him aimed their guns up and fired. Helga combated each of the projectiles in any way she could, whether that was hip checking the projectiles and causing them to explode in mid air, or simply watching as they bounced or exploded almost harmlessly off her dress. The tanks eventually stopped firing, and Helga watched as they were trying to back away knowing they had no chance of defeating the giantess.
“Are you finished? Because now it’s my turn.” Helga said. And with that, Helga approached the lead tank and reared her foot back. She gave the tank a resounding tank, knocking it off the ground and landing it one tank after another behind it. As the soldiers ran fast to try and abandon their vehicles, Helga raised a foot high in the air and sent it flying down.
“HAAAAAAH!!!” Helga shouted mightily as she slammed her foot on the tank and caused a big explosion that took out that tank and left a burning fire to deal with the rest.
Helga couldn’t celebrate her victory for long, however. The fighter jets above her head were beginning their attack. Their attacks annoyed her more than the tanks as some tried to blow smoke in front of her face while others dropped bombs from high above or missiles from far away.
“Arrrgh! Stupid jets! I dare you to come and fly straight into my face!” Helga shouted. When one of the jets did come flying towards her face shooting useless machine gun fire, Helga smiled.
“Just like that.” Helga said to herself. When the jet tried to pull back up, Helga was ready. She opened up her hands and then slammed them shut with a clap that sounded like thunder to the tiny people below. As for the jet, there was nothing left except for the fire and smoke of its remains as they disintegrated to the ground below and the smoke went up in the air.
Helga then noticed another couple of fighter jets that appeared to be trying the direct approach.
“You pilots are so stupid!” Helga said. She waited for just the right timing, and sure enough, when the jets realized their attacks weren’t working, they tried to pull up and break out of formation. But Helga instead swatted the very tails of these planes, knocking out their engines. As the fighter jets started to fall towards the ground and the pilots ejected, they, along with the jets themselves, suddenly found themselves sinking into Helga’s hair, whether it be in her long ponytails or in the top of her head after bouncing off her overly large pink bow. Helga knew this too, and after thinking otherwise, decided not to pick the remains of the jets (and their pilots) out of her hair.
“Nah, I should keep them. They’ll make beautiful war decorations!” Helga said.

And yet, Helga still couldn’t celebrate a victory nor remind everyone who the superior being in the city was. That was because a few more tanks came rolling up towards the giantess, already firing their ammo up at her with little to no effect. Rather than deal with them the old fashioned way, like lifting up her feet and crushing these war machines flat, Helga instead stood straight and took in as much air as she could into her lungs.
Then she let it all out, blowing hard down on these tanks, sweeping them off the ground and blowing them all up one-by-one as they crashed into each other. Helga wiped her forehead as she recovered from that blow, now thinking it may have been a bit much.
"Boy, destroying a city isn't all just fun and games. It's hard work! And yet, it’s all worth it in the end." Helga said. As she turned around and walked towards another section of the city, she took one more look at the wreckage she left behind from her battle.
“Those army guys just don’t get it. They’re dumber than that football head I used to know!” Helga said. Suddenly saying that got her thinking about Arnold. Even at her massive size, she still harbored secret feelings for the boy.
“And yet, his magnificence fills the empty void that resides in my heart. If only he could come out from wherever he is, I can convince him to be my tiny little king...” Helga said. As she continued to think about Arnold and hearts imaginatively came out of her head, she was suddenly snapped back into reality when she heard Phoebe’s voice.
“Queen Helga? Queen Helga!?” Phoebe shouted.
“Hey! What!? Who!? Where!? Why!? Oh... it’s only you, Phoebe.” Helga said.
“Forgive me for distracting you, Queen Helga, but the 15 minute break you assigned me has run out. I am once again at your service.” Phoebe said.
“Ah, right. What do you say we start today’s eating contest, Phoebe?” Helga asked.
“Certainly, Queen Helga! Who are today’s contestants?” Phoebe said.
“Hmmm... round up Rhonda and Sheena, even though Rhonda will probably clobber that geekette.” Helga said.
“As you wish, Queen Helga. I will summon them immediately.” Phoebe said. The short and brainy giantess walked away and started looking for the aforementioned giantesses in other parts of the city. While she waited, Helga got back to rampaging around the block, destroying unoccupied buildings and vehicles in her path.

Taking every shortcut and alleyway that he knew of to stay hidden, Eugene still poked his head out in the open from time to time to witness the unbelievable reality he was witnessing. Girls that were taller than him before now simply towered over seemingly the entire town. Even Sheena, who he secretly shared feelings with, rivaled the tallest building he ever remembers seeing.
“(gulp) This can’t be happening. Yeah, that’s what’s going on. None of this is real! I’ll wake up in a few minutes and life in Hilltown will be back to normal. Better yet, I’ll just pinch myself and I’ll wake up right away!” Eugene said. He reached towards one of his legs and gave it a good pinch with his fingers.
“OUCH!” Eugene shouted. But nothing changed. Sheena was still stomping around in the distance as a giantess.
“(sigh) I guess this really is happening. It’s amazing how much of the world can change while I take a two or three hour nap.” Eugene said. Of course, he wasn’t aware that he really was dreaming and this whole nightmarish scenario was all in his head, but we wouldn’t have much of a story if he woke up now, would we?

Besides, the story was about to take an abrupt turn for Eugene. He was about to meet another group of friends that he recognized, all changed from what they were previously. One of them reached out with his arm and pulled Eugene back into the alleyway.
“Hey, what the!?” Eugene said.
“Shhhhh... keep your voice down so we don’t get spotted.” the familiar voice said. As Eugene refocused his vision, he finally realized who had pulled him and who he was speaking to.
“A...Arnold?” Eugene said.
“Yeah, Eugene. I can’t believe you were able to survive this long.” Arnold said.
“Survive? What are you talk...” Eugene said.
“Shhhh! Someone’s coming!” Arnold said. Indeed, the two watched from the alleyways as another giantess, Phoebe, walked down the street. The two boys peeked out and saw Phoebe talking up to Sheena.
“Hello, Sheena. Queen Helga requires your presence immediately.” Phoebe said.
“Oh, okay. I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?” Sheena asked.
“Of course not. You have merely been chosen by Queen Helga to play a game. Please come with me right away.” Phoebe said. As the two giantesses walked down the street, Arnold and Eugene both waited until they walked by before they came back out onto the streets.
“Whew... that was too close.” Arnold said.
“Arnold, I don’t mean to sound rude, especially to one of my best friends, but I really would like to know what’s going on.” Eugene said.
“Don’t worry, Eugene. I’ll explain everything as soon as we get back to the hideout.” Arnold said.
“Hideout?” Eugene asked.
“Just follow me.” Arnold said. The two boys got running down the street for the so-called hideout, both making sure to keep a watch out for any of the evil giantesses.

Both Arnold and Eugene were able to make it safe and sound back to the hideout. On the outside, it was anything but a sight to cure the sore eyes. In fact, the building was what was left of the Sunset Arms building, where Arnold once lived. As Arnold and Eugene climbed up the pile of rubble, they made their way to the center of said pile where Arnold knocked on what appeared to be a manhole cover.
“Touchdown Seahawks.” Arnold simply said. A few seconds later, the cover opened up, revealing a ladder. Both boys climbed their way down and the cover closed once they were both inside.
Once the boys made their way to the bottom, they only had a short walk down a dark tunnel before they arrived in a brightly lit chamber somewhat resembling the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987). Eugene lightly gasped over seeing the other occupants of this room, just as they gasped over seeing Arnold entering.
“Gerald? Sid? Stinky? Harold? Guys!?” Eugene shouted. Indeed, sitting down on chairs and cushions were some of the more familiar male students of P.S. 118. Gerald was the first to get up and approach Arnold.
“Man, Arnold, am I glad to see you. Sorry, but you know I always worry when you step outside.” Gerald said.
“Don’t worry, Gerald. I’ve gotten used to navigating my way around and looking, well, up for the giantesses. But meanwhile, look who I found.” Arnold said.
“Eugene! I thought for sure you’d be dead!” Sid said.
“I declare... it looked like we were the only male students left in this here Hilltown.” Stinky said.
“What difference does it make, man!? We’re doomed, man!! DOOMED!!! HAHAHAHA!!!” Curly shouted, only to get knocked unconscious by Harold with a punch to the back of the head.
“Thanks, Harold.” Arnold said.
“Anytime, bud.” Harold said as he adjusted his ball cap.
“Arnold, what is going on here?” Eugene asked.
“It’s simple, Eugene. We are The Resistance of the Oppressed.” Arnold said.
“Bah! I still say The Anti-Giantess Aggregation is a cooler name!” Harold shouted.
“Ahem, anyway, we are the last surviving male members of the fourth grade class of P.S. 118.” Arnold said.
“Whoa, man... giant Helga and friends, the resistance of the opposition or something... all of this happening while I was napping for 2 hours?” Eugene asked. All the other boys just looked at each other.

“Pray tell you have a poor sense of clock ticking, Eugene.” Stinky said.
“We’ve been gathered together like this for almost four weeks now. Ever since that meteor crashed outside of P.S. 118.” Arnold said.
“Meteor?” Eugene said.
“The one that made Helga and the other girls grow.” Arnold said.
“Oh, you mean Rhonda, Lila, Nadine, and even Sheena?” Eugene said.
“Not just them. Don’t forget Olga and the sixth-grade girls.” Harold said.
“All of whom have probably conquered the entire eastern United States by now.” Gerald said.
“And if we don’t stop Helga right here and now, she’ll be able to start the rest of her conquest of America. Even worse, she could find the rest of that meteor.” Arnold said.
“Possibly enlarging them to even greater and more terrifying heights!” Gerald said. Eugene gulped nervously.
“So... why are they still here in Hilltown?” Eugene asked.
“Because we’re the only ones left.” Sid said.
“Sid’s right. They won’t move on until they’ve either captured or killed everyone in this town. And they still haven’t found us.” Arnold said.
“I guess you could say we’re the last ones standing in their way.” Gerald said.
“Well, haven’t you tried to stop them?” Eugene asked.
“Many times. We’ve barely escaped every time.” Harold said.
“If only we knew what their weaknesses were...” Stinky said.
“We’ll just have to keep scouting them, and that’s what I’m going to do now.” Arnold said.
“Hey Arnold! Wait up, man! You just got back, and we can’t afford to lose you. You’ve been like a leader to us all. Let me go instead.” Gerald said.
“But, Gerald...” Arnold said.
“He’s right, Arnold. You do seem to have qualities capable of leadership. Perhaps it is you who can lead us through this crisis. You really should stay here and conserve your energy. I’ll go with Gerald... if I’ve managed to avoid the giantesses this long, maybe he can use my help.” Eugene said. Arnold didn’t say anything for a few seconds.
“Okay, but be careful, both of you. You know where to find us and the passcode to open the cover.” Arnold said.
“That I do, Arnold.” Gerald said. After the two pounded fists (rather than their usual sign of showing friendship), Gerald and Eugene both walked out of the hideout and into the tunnel that would eventually take them back into the ravaged city. As Arnold sat down at the table, he and the others began discussing other ways they could combat against the giantesses.

Almost everyone, I should say.
“WE’RE DOOMED I TELL YOU! HAHAHA!!!!!” Curly shouted as he woke up.
“Curly!!!” all the boys still in the room shouted.

Back in one of the ravaged corners of the city, Helga watched as Rhonda and later Phoebe, with Sheena behind her, all approached her.
“Ah, Rhonda and Sheena. Congratulations. You have been chosen for today’s eating contest.” Helga said with her evil smile.
“Pfft... against Sheena? Why not against Nadine? She’s tougher competition compared to miss geeky giantess!” Rhonda said.
“Now now, Rhonda, that’s no way to treat one of your teammates in future world conquest.” Helga said.
“Yeah! And besides, I’ve been practicing!” Sheena shouted.
“I see. Well, we shall see if that ‘practice’ has paid off.” Helga said. The giantess then reached down and picked up a couple of 18-wheelers. She handed one of them to Rhonda and the other to Sheena.
“Inside those trucks are various food items from this tiny little cesspool once called Hilltown. Y’know, hot dogs from those crazy stands, burgers, things like that.” Helga said.
“And may I remind our contestants that our immense size means a negligible effect on our bodies as far as the fat content of this food changing our bodies.” Phoebe said as she stared right over at Rhonda.
“What!? I said I’ve gotten used to it!” Rhonda said.
“The fastest one to scarf down the entire contents of their truck will get double the portion of tiny humans to eat, all gathered from neighboring towns, of course!” Helga said.
“The only rule is that you cannot hold the trucks in the air and just dump the food inside down your mouth. You must dump it all on the road and eat it with your hands.” Phoebe said.
“That’s... a little different.” Rhonda said.
“What’s the matter, Rhonda? Suddenly you don’t look so excited.” Helga said.
“Well, there is a small matter of dirt and broken road down on the ground and...” Rhonda said.
“Then I guess you won’t mind sharing your portion of humans with Sheena.” Helga said with a smile.
“What, NO! I would NEVER lose to someone like Sheena! Let’s get the feasting started! Humans taste much better than cheap hot dogs anyway.” Rhonda shouted.
“Ready, GO!” Helga shouted. Both girls got down on their knees, emptied the trucks, and began scarfing.

A few minutes go by, and Gerald and Eugene have arrived at the same scene as the four giantesses. Rhonda, no surprise, was the winner and was given several extra screaming humans in a bottle compared to Sheena’s, who briefly showed discomfort looking down at the people but quickly snapped back to her evil self remembering she was in the presence of Helga and Phoebe. As the girls took their sweet time chowing down on the tiny people, Gerald and Eugene watched from below.
“Man, I’m having a hard time watching this.” Gerald said.
“Me too... I can’t believe the girls would stoop to this level.” Eugene said.
“You and me both, brother.” Gerald said.
“So what do we do now?” Eugene asked.
“Like Arnold said, we just stand here and observe. Eventually one of the girls is bound to show a weakness or two. Like Sheena... I saw her wincing briefly over her bottle.” Gerald said.
“Sheena...” Eugene said. He stared up at the giantess, the tallest of the four, with hearts seemingly coming out of his head. It was no secret in Hilltown, under normal circumstances anyway, that he had a crush on Sheena. Despite a big height difference then, he still wondered how he could properly convey his feelings to her. That thought remained even though the height difference was now extreme. He was snapped back to reality by a tap to the head from Gerald.
“Stay focused, man! We’re trying to find out how we can stop them!” Gerald said.
“Right, sorry.” Eugene said.

Unfortunately, the two could not plan their strategy for long, for they were spotted by the ever sharp giantess with the glasses, Phoebe.
“Queen Helga! One of the boys from The Resistance of the Oppressed!” Phoebe said. Those words made the other three giantesses stop whatever it was they were doing as they looked down on the streets. Rhonda immediately recognized Eugene from earlier.
“Hey! It’s that super short kid I tried to catch earlier!” Rhonda said. Helga walked up in front of both Rhonda and Sheena and looked down at the two boys. Eugene quivered over seeing Helga bigger and looking meaner than before.
“You boys have some nerve showing up, and without any help or firepower!” Helga said.
“We’re not afraid of you, Helga! The resistance will soon defeat you!” Gerald said.
“Big talk from such a tiny insignificant boy. Many adults can’t stop us, what makes you think you’ll succeed?” Helga asked.
“Um... yeah, Gerald, what makes us think we can succeed?” Eugene softly said.
“Why don’t you catch us and find out!? RUN!!” Gerald said as he and Eugene sharply turned around and went running down the streets.
“Arrrgh! Get them! GET THEM!!!” Helga shouted.
“Yes, Queen Helga!” Rhonda said as she got up from her knees and stood to her full height, giving chase after the two boys. Sheena just stayed on her knees, staring down at Eugene as he tried to keep up with Gerald.
“Eugene? Was that you?” Sheena said to herself, only to suddenly see Helga’s stomach in her face. She looked up at her fellow giantess and, technically, her boss.
“Um... hello!? That means you too, geekette! Help Rhonda catch those boys!!” Helga shouted.
“Oh, right! Right away!” Sheena said as she quickly got up and ran after Rhonda, clipping a nearby building with her jeans and green shirt.
“Ugh... they better get them this time. Those boys are really getting on my nerves.” Helga said.

As Gerald and Eugene continued to run down the streets being pursued by both the giantesses Rhonda and Sheena, Eugene wondered what the point was of all this running.
“Waaaaah!! Are you crazy, Gerald!? They’re, like, a hundred times bigger than us! They’re gonna catch us sooner or later because...” Eugene said as he was about to spill the facts on how their added size gives them more stamina and whatnot, Gerald interrupted him.
“Relax, man. There’s a ton of shortcuts these giant ladies don’t know about.” Gerald said.
“Yeah? Like what?” Eugene said.
“Like this one!” Gerald said as he and Eugene went running inside a torn up building. Naturally, Rhonda and Sheena saw the two boys run inside the structure, and Rhonda had a big smirk on her face as she approached the building.
“Heh... what do they think they are, stupid? Running into a place I can easily tear apart with my bare hands?” Rhonda said.
“Actually, Rhonda, I think they pulled this escape trick before...” Sheena said.
“Oh shut up, Sheena! There’s no way they can escape this time!” Rhonda said. Wasting no time, the giantess dug her hands (albeit not too quick so she wouldn’t chip any of her newly painted nails) into the building and ripped it apart piece by piece.
Eventually, when the structure was reduced to half its original size thanks to being ripped to pieces, Rhonda resorted to kicking the rest of the building apart with her feet. With the entire structure demolished, both Rhonda and Sheena began to dig through the debris and rubble left behind.
However, there was nothing there, not even a blood stain.
“WHAT!? How did they escape!?” Rhonda said.
“Told you, Rhonda.” Sheena said.
“Bah! Where could they have gone? They could be anywhere!” Rhonda said.
“I don’t know. You should get back and report the bad news to Queen Helga.” Sheena said.
“Wait... what about you? We still haven’t finished the eating contest.” Rhonda asked.
“Oh, you go on ahead. I’m not really that hungry right now.” Sheena said with a smile.
“Why thank you, Sheena. Goody goody... more tiny people for me to devour!” Rhonda said. As the really rich, and of course really big, girl strolled her way back to where Helga and Phoebe were waiting, Sheena stayed behind and eventually stood back to her full height.
She then looked between a couple buildings out in the distance and saw both of the boys coming out through a manhole cover.
“I think it’s time I made my move.” Sheena said. She carefully followed the boys by tiptoeing her way through the town, using some of the undamaged buildings as cover just like the boys themselves were doing on ground level.

After re-entering the hideout with the secret password, Gerald and Eugene approached the other boys sitting at the table.
“So, any luck?” Arnold asked.
“We didn’t get much. Just Sheena as usual showing reluctance to eat some tiny people.” Gerald said.
“You’re right, that’s nothing new. Though if only there was a way to exploit that flaw in Sheena’s behavior.” Sid said.
“Ya’ll don’t suppose she’s planning to break from them giant ladies, do ya?” Stinky said.
“Highly unlikely. No girl would be crazy enough to give up that kind of power.” Arnold said.
“We saw Helga, Phoebe, and Rhonda as well. They were as mean as ever. Rhonda gave us a good chase.” Eugene said.
“We almost ended up like Brainy. The poor kid...” Gerald said.
“Brainy? What happened to him?” Eugene asked.
“That dork who used to always breathe down Helga’s neck? Take a wild guess what happened.” Harold said.
“Oh, I see.” Eugene said.
Just then, the boys heard a knock from where the manhole was that led to their hideout. The knock, for some reason, sounded a bit louder than usual. Arnold looked around.
“Hmmmm? Everyone’s accounted for.” Arnold asked.
“Yeah, I hear ya, Arnold. Another survivor, perhaps?” Gerald asked.
“Touchdown Seahawks.” a muffled voice said from above. Soon the manhole cover, recognizing the words, automatically opened up, lighting up the tunnel ever so slightly from the outside light.
“The secret passcode, so it’s gotta be another survivor.” Sid said.
“But I reckon nobody’s coming down the ladder.” Stinky said as he didn’t hear any footsteps coming from the ladder or from the tunnel that led to their hideout.
“I’ll go check.” Arnold said. He first looked up at the dark sky, but didn’t see anyone from down there. He would be forced to climb up the ladder and look outside. When he stuck his head out, he gasped.

Towering above the entrance was one of the giantesses, Sheena.
“Everyone take cover! It’s one of the giantesses! She found our hideout!!” Arnold shouted. He tried to reach over and manually close the manhole cover, but Sheena put one of her huge fingers on the cover, preventing Arnold from reaching it.
“Wait! Please... I’m not here to harm you. I’m here to help.” Sheena said. Arnold didn’t say anything or move. All the while, Sheena continued to plead her case.
“I know you may find this hard to believe, but I’ve come to tell you how you can defeat the other giantesses. If I were here to capture you, I would’ve done it by now.” Sheena said. This intrigued Arnold to say the least, and he called himself crazy, but he found himself believing the giantess. It was convincing the other boys the same thing that would be the tricky part.
“Everyone come out! There’s something you have to see.” Arnold shouted as he fully climbed out from the tunnel. The other boys started to climb out as well. Like Arnold, they gasped and almost scrambled their way back into the hideout, but Arnold convinced them to come out. Everyone eventually came out and some of the boys were understandably still jittery.

“Man, Arnold, you’ve got some nerve dragging us out like this.” Gerald said.
“WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!” Curly shouted, only to have his mouth covered up by both Sid and Stinky.
“Sorry about that. He’s been like that ever since Helga first grew.” Arnold said up to Sheena, who gently sit down on the ground and leaned in to better hear the boys.
“I understand. Really, Helga is the reason I’ve come here in peace.” Sheena said.
“Sheena...” Eugene said, once again in a trance with hearts seemingly coming out of his eyes.
“Hi, Eugene. I’m glad you weren’t hurt.” Sheena said as she winked down at the boy.
“Okay, Sheena. You said you know how we can defeat those giant girls. How?” Arnold asked.
“Well, I don’t want to make it too easy... all I can say right now is that all of the girls still treasure something very important about their personality or the way they lived before growing. If you remind them of that, you can get them to stand down.” Sheena said.
“Wait, what’s she saying?” Gerald said.
“I reckon she means we touch one of their values, like Rhonda’s fascination with riches or Phoebe wantin’ to be the smartest in smarts.” Stinky said.
“Yeah, but what about Helga herself!? That girl’s got tyrant written all over her!” Harold said.
“Even I will admit Helga won’t be easy to conquer, but if I know anyone who can do it, it’s you boys.” Sheena said.
“Sheena... why are you doing this, if I may ask?” Arnold asked. Sheena suddenly had a frown on her face.
“I thought it would be cool at first to be gigantic. But l can only go to so many places and have so many friends. The rest of the world just fears you... they hide from you because you’re more powerful than they are. I thought being big isn't just about being powerful enough to destroy buildings, but I was wrong. And all the people I’ve caused pain and suffering... (sigh)” Sheena said as she sighed and clearly had a depressed look on her face.
“Don’t feel bad, Sheena! You can’t entirely blame yourself for all you’ve done!” Eugene said.
“Eugene’s right. It was Helga that made you what you are.” Arnold said.
“And her nasty ol’ influence that made you who you are.” Gerald said.
“R...Really? You really mean that?” Sheena said.
“Sure, Sheena. You’re still the same cool Sheena before the meteor hit.” Arnold said.
“And I still love you no matter what size you are!” Eugene said.
“Ha! I knew it! Sheena and Eugene are sitting in a tree! K, I, S, S... OW!!” Harold started to sing, only to get belted in the stomach by both Sid and Stinky.
“Thanks, Sheena. Your help will come in handy. You should go now before one of the other giantesses catches you.” Arnold said.
“I will, and no matter what happens from here on out, please don’t worry about me!” Sheena said. She waved one more time down at the boys and then got up and walked away, striking a couple nearby buildings with her hands to make it sound like she was still destroying things left and right.
“Haha! You can’t get away from me, little bus drivers!” Sheena shouted as she walked away.
“Alright, everyone. Let’s get back inside and formulate our strategies.” Arnold said. All the boys went back inside the hideout and the manhole cover closed back up finally.

Even as Sheena continued to play the evil destructive giantess on her block, her actions did not go unnoticed. Phoebe adjusted her glasses before looking in the direction where Helga was stomping around.
“Hmmm... this will not do at all. I must warn Queen Helga.” Phoebe said as she stepped away as well, making sure to crush a Ferrari (and its driver) that couldn’t swerve out of the way in time.

Several minutes pass, and Sheena is still playing around with her city block as if nothing suspicious had happened. She wondered when the boys would start executing their attack plan, especially with the hopefully easy-to-decipher she provided to defeat everyone. It was her hope that when this was all over, she could be the nice, gentle giantess and help Hilltown and its neighboring towns get back up and running again. Those plans were about to come to a screeching halt when Sheena saw Phoebe approaching.
“Hello, Sheena. Queen Helga requires your presence immediately.” Phoebe said.
“Huh? Again? It’s not another eating contest, is it?” Sheena asked.
“No, I promise. She merely wishes to compliment you on the job you’re doing and give you a special assignment.” Phoebe said.
“Oh? I see. Lead the way!” Sheena said. She followed Phoebe as the two went walking through the town block. They eventually meet up with Helga, who was towering over what little remained of the P.S. 118 school.
“Here is Sheena, Queen Helga. Do you require anything else of me?” Phoebe asked.
“No, not right now. I’m gonna spend quality time with Sheena. I’ll shout if I need you.” Helga said.
“Yes, Queen Helga.” Phoebe said as she walked away from the two giantesses, no doubt going back to her assigned sector. It was just Helga and Sheena now amidst the booming sounds coming from the other giantesses around town.
“So... what’s up, Helga? Aside from us, I mean.” Sheena said with her familiar innocent smile.
“Sheena, remember this place?” Helga said.
“Of course, it was where we all grew and began our reign of this town.” Sheena said.
“Indeed. I like to think of this place as the beginning of our journey, and perhaps one day our end.” Helga said.
“The end? I don’t understand what you mean.” Sheena said.
“Let me show you something I haven’t shown anyone else for weeks, not even the other girls.” Helga said.
“Oh! Is it a scab the shape of the Space Needle?” Sheena said. Helga had an annoyed look on her face.
“No, stupid.” Helga said. She reached down deep beneath the pile of rubble to the side of P.S. 118, almost like she had her own secret containment chamber. She then pulled out a glowing piece of green rock.
“Oh... that’s...” Sheena said as she focused her eyes on the glowing rock.
“Yes, Sheena. It’s one of the fragments of the meteor. The very same one that made me as big as I am and eventually made you and the others grow. You want to know one of the cool things about this rock?” Helga said.
“W...What’s that?” Sheena said, starting to sweat a bit because she didn’t know what Helga was planning, nor did she think she would keep a meteor fragment secret.
“It’s that it works both ways.” Helga said. Just as she said that, suddenly the rock glowed very brightly, enough for Sheena to have to shield her eyes.
“Ack!” Sheena shouted as she covered up her eyes.

Finally, when the light died down, Sheena uncovered her vision. She gasped when she looked up and saw Helga was even bigger. But then she remembered what she said about the meteor working both ways, and that’s when she looked around the saw the buildings (and what was left of some of them) had grown as well. That’s when it hit her... she had been shrunken back to her normal size.
“Eeeeek!” Sheena shouted.
“So, Sheena. How does it feel to be back on the other side? Y’know, the smaller side of humanity?” Helga said with that evil grin of hers.
“But... but why?” Sheena asked.
“Did you think I wouldn’t have known, Sheena? I have eyes all over the city, including those of my closest friends. Your little betrayal game was set into motion the second you started talking to those boys!” Helga said. She then slowly approached the tiny girl, who nervously backed away herself. Sheena thought about running away, but knew she had no chance of escaping.
“Just tell me where the boys are hiding and nobody gets hurt.” Helga said.
“I’ll... I’ll never tell you! I hope they end your reign of terror, you evil queen!” Sheena shouted. She gulped nervously after shouting that... she half expected to get crushed right on the spot. But instead...
“Tell you what, Sheena. I would hate to waste my energy on a tiny girl when I’d rather be crushing tiny men and women instead. I’m going to give you one hour to leave this city and never come back.” Helga said. Sheena just stood in place. Was Helga really giving her a chance to escape?
“Clock’s ticking, little Sheena. If you’re not out of here by then, we’ll crush you nice and slow so you can feel what it was like for those little people. One hour!” Helga shouted. Sheena finally got the message and took off running. Once she turned to the right towards another street, Helga knew the time was now to accelerate her final assault on Hilltown.
“Phoebe!” Helga shouted.

The brainy second-in-command giantess walked her way through rows of damaged buildings and stopped in front of her best of friends.
“Yes, Queen Helga. I was just coming to give you some bad news.” Phoebe said. Helga raised her eyebrows when she heard Phoebe utter the words ‘bad news.’
“Okay, you first. What is it?” Helga asked.
“I just found out from a news crew, before I crushed them of course, that Olga has conquered the city of Denver. Rumor has it her next target is Las Vegas.” Phoebe said.
“Arrrrrgh! That stupid intelligent, beautiful, popular, talented, and... *shudders* bigger sister of mine! If she gets here before I’ve fully conquered Hilltown, I’ll never hear the end of it!” Helga said.
“I agree, Queen Helga. We must find and either capture or kill those boys immediately.” Phoebe said. Helga nodded.
“First of all, tell Rhonda, Nadine, and Lila that Sheena is no longer a part of our family. And then tell them to stop whatever they’re destroying and find those boys now! That goes for you too, Phoebe! But make sure you save football head for me...” Helga said.
“Yes, Queen Helga. I understand.” Phoebe said as she stepped away. Helga, for the first time possibly since growing to a gigantic size, had a worried look on her face.

Meanwhile, back inside the secret hideout, the boys were carefully going over how they were going to lure the giantesses into defeat. All of them except for Curly, of course, who once again had to be knocked cold by Harold after yet another doomsday prediction.
“Okay, so we’ve got it all laid out. Rhonda likes living the rich life, so nothing would make her happier than being promised lots of clothes and lots of money. Sid and Curly... when he wakes up that is, you’ll handle her.” Arnold said.
“Just one question. Where are we supposed to get all of that?” Sid asked.
“We won’t have to. Like Sheena told us, there’s still a part of them that made them who they are that they care about. We have to take advantage of that. Phoebe, for example, prides herself on being smart.” Arnold said.
“And knowing the tough questions. We quiz her to see if she still knows that knowledge, I reckon.” Stinky said.
“If I know Nadine, she’ll be tempted to go out on her own and lead her own army of giant... well, whatever!” Gerald said.
“But what about that perfecto farm girl, Lila?” Harold asked.
“We’ll just have to hope she’s still nice and polite somewhere in that giant body of hers.” Iggy said as he adjusted his sunglasses (despite being underground).
“And a fine looking body it is, if I can say.” Stinky said.
“Helga we save for last, and we take her on all together. She’s not going to go quietly, like Sheena said.” Arnold said.

Suddenly, the boys heard frantic knocking coming from the manhole cover.
“Touchdown Seahawks! Touchdown Seahawks!!” a panicking female voice shouted. Eugene right away recognized the voice.
“That’s Sheena again!” Eugene said. Arnold and Gerald right away ran for the cover and climbed the ladder just as the cover automatically opened. They were surprised once again not because Sheena was already back so soon... but when they saw the size she was at.
“Sheena!?” Arnold said.
“Dang, girl! You lost a lot of weight! I mean... height.” Gerald said. The two boys allowed Sheena to climb her way down.
“Arnold, Helga knows you’re onto her and the others. She used the meteor fragment to shrink me back to normal.” Sheena said as she and the other boys went back into the hideout.
“You’re not hurt, are you, Sheena?” Eugene asked.
“No, I’m fine. Helga let me go, but said she would come after me in one hour unless I left the city.” Sheena said. Arnold then had a determined look on his face.
“Gentlemen, this is it. You have your assigned targets. Take whatever you absolutely need because I guarantee you this hideout is not going to be secret much longer.” Arnold said.
“But what if we fail!? Where will we hide then?” Harold asked. Arnold looked down on the ground.
“If we fail, we’ll all be dead anyway. Now let’s move out!” Arnold said. He and the other boys, along with the normal-sized Sheena, all broke huddle and, for the final time, made their way out of the secret hideout.

Rhonda, after getting Helga’s orders from Phoebe, was being a bit more meticulous with her rampage. She didn’t destroy as much as she was used to. She wanted to make sure she captured those pesky boys alive. Nothing would delight her more than to have the boys (except maybe Arnold who would no doubt be stuck in Helga’s clutches) at her shoes licking away all the mess she picked up from stepping around.
“Where are you, little boogers? You’ve been pretty good to hide from us for this long, but it’s time to come on out!” Rhonda said as she kicked a parked car onto its roof.
Luckily, she did not have to wait long. Honking its way towards her was another semi truck, similar to the ones that for days have been collecting jewelry and gold to improve Rhonda’s rich status. It’s the drivers of this truck that got the giantess’s attention. Curly briefly got out from behind the wheel, but quickly rushed back inside and shook in his shoes when he got a close-up look at the giant Rhonda. Sid, on the other hand, was brave enough to jump out from the co-driver’s seat.
“Hey, Rhonda. What’s up? Aside from you, I mean.” Sid said.
“Well, well. The little superstitious one with the nose on his head shows up. I’d like to thank you for making it easy for me to find you.” Rhonda said with an evil smile on his face.
“Listen, Rhonda... before you crumple me up like a piece of paper and chew me up and spit me out, just hear me out. I bring you a gift... a gift beyond your wildest dreams!” Sid said.
“Hmmmm... go on.” Rhonda said.
“In this truck are riches you can’t possibly dream of! Beautiful and exotic clothing from the far reaches of the Earth! A year’s worth of free movie tickets! And best of all... the biggest 24 karat diamond money can buy!” Sid shouted. Rhonda just stared down at the boy and finally burst into laughter.
“Hahahaha! Right, you expect me to believe all of that is in this excuse of a dump truck?” Rhonda said.
“Why not open the back and see? And if I’m lying... I’ll stand here and wait as I become a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe.” Sid said.
“Hmph! Whatever you say.” Rhonda said. Even though she knew Sid was bluffing as far as the riches in the truck went, she decided to play along and look inside anyway. Maybe she could just drop the truck on Sid when she was done... that would be a fitting death for the nosehead, she thought. As Curly went screaming out of the truck just as Rhonda wrapped her right hand around it, the giantess picked it up and used her fingers to open the back of the truck.
Suddenly a pink cloud came steaming out (complete with steam-like sound) from the back of the truck. Immediately Rhonda had trouble keeping her eyes open.
“What... what is... *yawn* Sleepy...” Rhonda said. Finally she couldn’t find the energy to stand anymore and she fell first to her knees and then on her back with her eyes closed, dropping the truck onto the road.
Sid and Curly high-fived each other as they watched the giantess sleep like she was back in bed.
“Thank you, Mr. Simmons.” Sid said, referring to the teacher from P.S. 118 who disappeared shortly after the girls grew weeks ago.
“More importantly, thank you to the heavens for keeping us alive! I knew we’d be okay all along.” Curly said. Sid just gave a funny look over at his partner for saying that. But more importantly than that, some of the military vehicles came in (including four fighter jets all carrying a giant net) to take control in containing the sleeping giantess. As Sid watched the armed men and women do their job, he thought of only one thing.
“One down, four to go.” Sid said to himself.

In another section of the city, unknown to the plight that had befallen Rhonda, Phoebe casually strolled around. She also was cutting back on the destruction so she could find the boys. Eventually she would pick up the voice of not only one of them, but the most prominent of them.
“Looking for us, Phoebe?” a male voice said, sounding like it came from a megaphone. Phoebe turned around and looked down the street and saw both Arnold and Stinky standing on the road. Phoebe approached them and then kneeled down in front of the two boys.
“Well then, it seems I am successful in my search for Queen Helga’s mortal enemies.” Phoebe said.
“Surrender, Phoebe. You and Helga will never win.” Arnold said.
“I’m afraid that is an illogical conclusion given my added size and strength. I find it equally illogical that you two would stand before me and challenge me like that.” Phoebe said.
“You dang right, Phoebe! In fact, we challenge you to a brains contest!” Stinky said.
“Huh?” Phoebe asked.
“You may have the brawn, but do you still have the brains like the Phoebe I used to know and be friends with?” Arnold asked.
“Hmph! Don’t be silly! My intelligence is the same as it ever was!” Phoebe said as she adjusted her glasses. Arnold, with his other hand, then pulled out a piece of paper.
“Okay then, answer this question for me! Which famous Russian is buried closest to the entrance of Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow?” Arnold asked.
“That’s easy! Um... uh...” Phoebe said as she attempted to scan her brain for the answer. The boys smiled. Phoebe usually answers these tough questions right off the bat. Stinky took the lead next.
“Sorry, Phoebe! Your time is up! If it is 11:00am in the Baker Islands, what time is it in Newfoundland?” Stinky asked.
“Well, by going a few hours, or wait, is it a couple hours?” Phoebe said.
“In the movie 'Clue', who was the fourth person to die?” Arnold asked.
“Um... ugh...” Phoebe said. She was starting to sweat big time now.
“Who scored the overtime goal for the Los Angeles Kings in game four of their series with Detroit in the 2001 NHL playoffs?” Stinky asked.
“W-w-wait!” Phoebe shouted.
“What was the name of Elizabeth's dog in the movie 'Young Sherlock Holmes'?” Arnold asked.
“......” Phoebe didn’t say anything this time.
“What was the last horse to win the Triple Crown?” Stinky asked.
“And finally... What is the bond angle for a sulfur dibromide molecule?” Arnold asked. That’s when Phoebe snapped.
“No! No!!! This is impossible!! I should know this stuff!!! Noooooo!!!” Phoebe said as she screamed up in the air and then lowered her head in shame.
“You was right, Arnold. Nothing hurts Phoebe’s pride more than losing her vast database of knowledge.” Stinky said.
“She became so preoccupied with being big AND serving Helga... she felt it no longer necessary to study.” Arnold said as the two shook hands.
“I cannot return to Queen Helga having been defeated this badly. I will surrender peacefully to you, Arnold.” Phoebe said.
“Ah, very good, Phoebe. So you’ll do what we say without question? If so, go to P.S. 118 and wait there. A group of military tanks should be there waiting for you.” Arnold said.
“Very well, Arnold.” Phoebe said. The giantess got up from her knees and proceeded to the given destination. As Arnold and Stinky both watched Phoebe walk away slowly (it looked like she was slumping as she muttered how she could forget the bond angle for a sulfur dibromide molecule), they both wondered how the other boys were doing.

Nadine was kinda sticking to her destructive routine despite being told to tread carefully so she can capture rather than kill the boys. She just couldn’t shake off her need to destroy and capture nearby little adults as they ran from her feet.
“Come on, don’t run away! We’re going to have a little fun!” Nadine shouted. Of course, she had to stop her chase when she saw two of the boys run in her path. They were Gerald and Harold, although Harold was kinda trying to take cover behind Gerald.
“Nadine! How are ya, girl? We were just looking for you!” Gerald said.
“Hmmm... really? Just as Helga told me to find you. Well, time to capture you and collect my reward!” Nadine said. She started to reach down and grab the two boys, but Gerald remained calm and collected, unlike his partner.
“Waaaaaaah!!! She’s gonna eat us!!” Harold shouted.
“Hold up, Nadine! There’s something you might want to know before you capture us!” Gerald said.
“Oh, and what would that be?” Nadine asked.
“At this very moment, giant radioactive insects are on their way to this planet!” Gerald said.
“Huh? Giant insects?” Nadine asked.
“Yes, almost as big as you! They’re on their way to search for a new leader! I heard rumors it’s you... they seem to be aware of your presence!” Gerald said. If it were anyone else, Gerald would be shrugged off as making the story up, but Nadine was a girl who could easily be fooled, no matter what size she was at. She started to think over Gerald’s words.
“An army of insects... who want me as their leader! My gosh, this is too good to pass up! I’d be my own ruler with no queen to look up to!” Nadine said. Gerald made one more false claim to help push Nadine over the proverbial fence.
“And the best part, you and these insects can make sure the bugs can prosper for years to come!” Gerald said.
“Alright, I’m sold! So when do these insects arrive, Gerald?” Nadine asked.
“I’m not sure yet... it could be any minute! You should probably wait by P.S. 118... they should be able to find you there.” Gerald said.
“Very well, I’ll go wait there. Thanks, Gerald! You’re the best!” Nadine said as she stomped off towards the direction of the school. Gerald smiled as she and Harold watched the giantess walk off.
“Well, that went well.” Gerald said.
“Huh... even when gigantic she’s still an airhead.” Harold said.
“Come on, we better get back to home base.” Gerald said as he and Harold left the area.

Only two more giantesses remained, with one of them down on her knees as she peeked inside the smaller buildings. Lila ignored the few people in each building screaming their lungs out as she tried to find the boys.
“Nope, they’re not in here either. (sigh) I suppose this is the one disadvantage of being big. That when you need to find someone specific, you can’t find them.” Lila said.
“Lila!” a faint female voice shouted. Lila looked down at her knees where the scream came from, and that’s when she saw Eugene and Iggy... but more importantly, she gasped when she saw the tiny Sheena.
“Sheena? Is that you?” Lila asked.
“Yes, Lila. It’s me.” Sheena said.
“Helga said you were no longer a part of us. Is she responsible for shrinking you?” Lila asked.
“Yes, she is, Lila. I’m not here to fight you. I just want you to surrender peacefully.” Sheena said.
“Surrender?” Lila asked.
“Helga’s rule is fading. The boys are doing everything in their power to stop them. They’ve already caused Rhonda, Nadine, and Phoebe to surrender.” Sheena said.
“Oh my... that is no easy feat!” Lila said.
“Please, Lila. We’ve been friends for a while now. Let’s make this easy for both of us.” Sheena said. Lila stared down at Sheena and the two boys, and suddenly she said...
“Okay. I surrender.” Lila said. The two boys raised their eyebrows.
“Whoa... it worked!” Iggy said.
“I told you guys it would. She’s nice no matter what size she is. You just had to talk it out of her.” Sheena said.
“So what now?” Lila asked.
“Just go to P.S. 118. The other girls, well, all except Helga, are waiting there.” Eugene said. Lila nodded and then stood up and walked away from the tiny group. They all followed until they saw Lila sit down on the remaining property of P.S. 118. Phoebe, Nadine, and Rhonda (wrapped up inside a net provided by the military) were already there with mixed emotions based on how they were defeated.
All the boys gathered together and looked up at the four giantesses.
“Well, only one left.” Iggy said.
“Yep, and that’s Helga G. Pataki herself.” Arnold said.
“And you know that girl is not gonna roll over for us like these other girls did.” Gerald said.
“And that’s why we’re executing Operation Helga Takedown. Eugene, you’ll take the lead.” Arnold said.
“Huh? Me!? Are you sure I’m the one...” Eugene said.
“I know you’re the one, Eugene. Just trust yourself.” Arnold said. Sid and Stinky both rolled up a nice looking bicycle, which curiously looked like the one he got from his parents on a Flag Day.
“Okay, Arnold. I understand. Just pleeeeeeease be ready for your part of the operation.” Eugene said. Arnold just nodded as Eugene jumped onto the bike and pedaled off in the distance. The boys, meanwhile, and Sheena all gathered their stuff and got ready to depart the P.S. 118 property.

As Arnold said, Helga was now all alone and she was about to find just that out. She had strolled her way towards what was left of P.S. 118 where she saw the other giantesses.
“Huh? What are you four doing here? You’re supposed to be chasing after those boys!” Helga shouted.
“Um... hello? Does it look like I can freely move anywhere?” Rhonda said as she continued to struggle with her net.
“I am afraid I do not have the will to continue... not when I lack the brainpower to carry on.” Phoebe said.
“Sorry, Queen Helga, but an army of giant insects is coming to pick me up and make me their queen! No more being bossed around for me!” Nadine said.
“Those boys proved too strong. I see no reason to continue down this path of destruction.” Lila calmly said.
“Arrrrrgh! Forget you girls anyway! I can rule this entire town myself!” Helga shouted as she stormed off in the opposite direction.
As she was walking, she suddenly picked up the sound of a television down by her feet in an abandoned TV store. She got down on her knees and listened in as the news reporter was talking about, of all things, her older sister Olga. After the news report played footage of Olga easily stomping around Las Vegas, the incredibly tall giantess could be heard saying...
“Haha! Easy pickings! I wonder where my younger sister is. She probably hasn’t even conquered an entire state, let alone that silly little Hilltown.” Olga said. This made Helga snap like heck.
“AARRRRRRGGGGGH!!!!!!” Helga screamed as she smashed the building with her fist. She stood back to her full height and kicked around the area, including the nearby structures.

Eugene could see this even from several yards away, so he knew he had to tread carefully with the almighty Helga losing her cool like this.
“Yoohoo! Miss Helga!” Eugene shouted. Helga turned around and saw the tiny Eugene on his tiny bike not too far away.
“YOU! You and your friends have ruined everything! No more miss nice Helga. I’m going to crush you like the bug you are!” Helga said.
“Yipes!” Eugene said as he quickly turned his bike around and pedaled away, and right on time too as seconds later, Helga slammed her foot down where Eugene once was.

Eugene pedaled as fast as his dear life would allow him. He took a couple shortcuts by pedaling through some alleyways, but Helga cut through these buildings and destroyed them like a knife through butter.
“COME BACK HERE SO I CAN MAKE MOSQUITO JUICE OUT OF YOU!!!!” Helga shouted as her voice echoed through the sky. Eugene knew Helga was thinking one thing and one thing only... his death under her foot. He hoped that would play to his advantage. He wouldn’t have long to find out, because he turned to the right and was now pedaling down a wide open road. He pedaled right past the other boys (and Sheena) who were hiding behind the undamaged buildings, with Gerald and Arnold
“Here she comes...” Gerald said. When Arnold felt the giant Helga was close enough, he raised his voice to as high as it would allow.
“NOW!” Arnold shouted. Everyone except for Arnold got a couple trucks revved up and they started accelerating in opposite directions. That allowed a large, thick rope to stretch out... and Helga walked right into it.
“Whooooooooaaaaa!!!” Helga shouted as she slammed face first into the ground, leaving behind a loud boom and causing the ground to shake. Eugene was just barely able to dodge Helga’s giant right hand as it slammed down inches behind him.
“Okay, go go go go go!!!” Arnold shouted. While he ran towards Helga’s face, the other boys carried as much rope as they could and worked as quickly as they could, first tying Helga’s feet together and then laying down the rest of the rope across her body, trapping her to the ground Gulliver-style.
All Helga could do was lift her head up and look right at the tiny Arnold.
“It’s over, Helga. You’ve been defeated by The Resistance of the Oppressed.” Arnold said.
“Anti-Giantess Aggregation!!” Harold shouted, still objecting to the name of the group that just defeated their sworn enemy.
“Football head...” Helga said, suddenly flashing a smile on her face, “...I would lose to you any day of the week.”
“Oooookay... whatever you say.” Arnold said. Eugene suddenly climbed ran up to Helga’s face and climbed up to her nose.
“Yeah! Woooooohoooooooo!!” Eugene shouted. Arnold smiled.
“Good job, Eugene, but we better help the others with the rest of the rope.” Arnold said.
“Oh, right! Aye aye, captain Arnold!” Eugene said. Even as the boys (and Sheena) still had more rope to tie up, it was still strong enough to root Helga to the ground. The giantess finally admitted defeat, even though one look at Arnold was apparently all it took.

A few hours later at the ocean (near what was left of the aquarium), what few dozens of people that remained in Hilltown cheered out loud as they watched the military troops force the giantesses onto a large Navy-like battleship, which was more than big enough to support all five. Once they were all onboard, Arnold’s grandmother, who first reminded everyone from the podium of her status as interim mayor of Hilltown, made a statement.
“These giant young ladies will torment our beautiful town no longer. I hereby banish them from this city, never for them to return again!” Grandma said. Shortly thereafter, the boat slowly took off and sailed out to sea. The cheering only grew the further away from the city the giantesses were.
In the meantime, Eugene took a deep breath.
“It’s over. The war is over.” Eugene said.
“No, I’m afraid we only won the battle.” Arnold said.
“Olga’s still out there, and who knows when she decides to show up and what she’ll do.” Gerald said.
“All we can do is stay ready, but meanwhile we help this town heal and just be glad we can see the sun again.” Arnold said. Indeed, a crack of sunlight peeked through the once all cloudy skies that had been filled with smoke from the destruction of the city.
“Oh, Eugene...” Sheena said as she approached Eugene and slowly lowered her lips onto his head.
“Hehehehehe...” Eugene giggled as he braced for the kiss. But something wasn’t right... Sheena kept calling out Eugene’s name even with her lips puckered up.
“Eugene! Eugene! Wake up, Eugene!” Sheena’s voice said.

And then all faded to white.

The next time Eugene opened his eyes, he was back in his room, looking up at his father, Nate.
“Eugene! Whew... thank goodness you woke up!” Nate said.
“Dad!” Eugene said.
“You poor thing, falling asleep on the desk like that. Another busy day at school?” Nate asked.
“Um... yeah!” Eugene said as he quickly got up and looked outside his window. Hilltown was as peaceful as ever. It was like nothing ever happened. In fact, Helga and Phoebe were both running down the street in front of the apartment. Most importantly, they were both at their normal size.
“It was all a dream...” Eugene said.
“Huh? A dream, son?” Nate asked.
“Nothing, Dad. It’s nothing. You’re right, it was another busy and tiring day at school.” Eugene said.
“Hmmm... you should probably go to bed early tonight. But meanwhile, come on down for dinner.” Nate said.
“Okay, Dad. I’ll be right there.” Eugene said. As Nate left the room, his son followed about 10-15 seconds later. But before leaving his room entirely, Eugene thought one more time about the adventure he had and the fight with the evil giantesses.
“Y’know, being short is not so bad. Not bad at all.” Eugene said.

And just as he said that, a huge grin swept across his face. Nodding his head as an acknowledgement of his newly discovered confidence, Eugene walked out of his room and headed down the stairs to sit at the dinner table.