The End of Brittania



In the year 2018, the Brittanian Empire, in its quest for world domination, invaded the island nation of Japan. The Japanese army was no match for the Brittanian Knightmares and their superior technology. Within weeks, Brittania had taken over Japan, renaming it simply as Area 11. For a while, there was no trouble between the Brittanian government and the Japanese, now referred to as Elevens. But now, a resistance group known as the Black Knights, led by its mysterious leader Zero, has risen up to fight against Brittania and regain independence for Japan.


Outside the Tokyo settlement, a battle between the Black Knights and the Brittanians ensues. The Black Knights have cornered a key Brittanian figurehead and are attempting to kill him in order to bring down the empire. The battle is swaying in favor of the Black Knights, until...

"Enemy combatant approaching!" a Black Knight soldier reported over their radio frequency. "It doesn't look like the rest of the units."

"It's the Lancelot," Lelouch said. "Kallen, use the Guren Mk II to take it out once and for all!"

"Right!" Kallen responded.

Kallen began to head towards the Lancelot, ready to permanently take it out of commission. "You're going down this time, Brittanian scum!"

"Damn, it's that red Knightmare again," Suzaku said to himself as he encountered the Guren Mk II. "Luckily for me, this time I've got the upper hand!"

Kallen grabbed the Lancelot's right arm and began to use the Guren's Fukusha Hadou Kikou radiation wave special ability on it.

"Now burn for me, you Brittanian!" Kallen shouted.

"I don't think so!" Suzaku said calmly. The warrant officer pressed a newly added orange button on the Lancelot's control panel, recently installed by Lloyd Asplund and the other members of the Camelot staff, and waited to see what it did. Suddenly, the Lancelot's arm began to glow bright purple.

"What's going on?" Kallen wondered.

The Lancelot suddenly reversed the Guren's radiation wave and turned it on Kallen's Knightmare.

"No, this can't be! How did you...? Damn you, filthy Brittanian!" Kallen shouted as she was ejected from her frame. She could only watch as the Guren Mk II was destroyed before her very eyes.

Watching the dueling Knightmares from a safe distance, Lelouch saw this defeat happen and decided it was time to cut their losses.

"We've lost the Guren Mk II! All forces retreat!" he demanded. "We have no chance of winning now."

The Black Knights quickly left the battlefield and headed back to their base. As Kallen was flying back to Black Knight headquarters, she became filled with anger.

"How did I let that happen?" she asked herself aloud. "The Lancelot...I swear, I'll have my revenge on it, no matter what happens! And after I finish the Lancelot off, I'll destroy the entire Brittanian empire!" "


Back at the Black Knights' headquarters, Kallen was sitting alone in her room, still seething with anger over the loss of her Knightmare.

I can't believe that happened! she thought. How did I manage to lose the Guren Mk II? It was that stupid Lancelot frame that did this. I'll get my revenge on that mech and its pilot... somehow.

As Kallen continued her internal struggle, she heard footsteps approaching her room. A few seconds later, CC walked inside to check on Kallen's status.

"Hello, Kallen. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, CC," Kallen responded. "I just can't believe that I can no longer fight alongside the rest of the Black Knights anymore."

"Well, Kallen, I was actually sent down here for another reason. Zero wants to see you immediately."

"Zero...wants to" Kallen asked in disbelief.

"Yes, he does," CC replied. "You are to meet him in the hanger in 5 minutes. Don't be late."

"I won't!" Kallen affirmed as CC exited the room.

Kallen wondered why Zero would want to meet with her now of all times. She came to the conclusion that he would probably talk to her about a new Knightmare for her to pilot, one much better than the Guren. Kallen got up from her bed, left her room, and headed towards the hanger.


"Ah, Kallen, you've arrived at last," said Zero. He was waiting with Rakshata, next to what seemed to be a ray gun of some type.

"I'm here, Zero!" Kallen shouted. "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, Rakshata has come up with a new device that allows ordinary people to become the size of Knightmares. Since you have recently lost your Knightmare in combat, I thought you would be the perfect candidate to try it out."

"How does it work?" Kallen asked.

"Well," Rakshata began, "this ray alters the genetic makeup of the human body so that it can enlarge to the size of a standard Knightmare frame. All physical attributes remain the same and according to our tests, there are no known side effects of the least that we know of. Basically, you'll become a Knightmare but you'll have much greater control since you're using your own body to fight."

"Will I be stuck at that size forever?" Kallen asked.

"No. The standard size of a Knightmare is 30 ft tall. When you're first subjected to the ray, you may be that size for about 10 minutes at the most before you'll be able to return to normal. You will gain the ability to regulate your size anywhere between your natural height and your maximum height possible. Why do I say maximum height possible, you ask? The answer is simple: subsequent exposure to the beam will increase the maximum range of size of the subject. So, theoretically, if you were exposed to the ray again, your maximum height may be 45 ft instead of only 30 ft. And if you were hit yet again, your maximum height may reach 70 ft or so. But...since we don't want you becoming too big, you will only be exposed to the ray's effects once."

"Why can't I be just a bit bigger? Wouldn't I be much more helpful then?"

"Well, Kallen, to be honest, we've never actually tested the ray's compounded effect on an actual person before," Rakshata answered. "We don't know what would actually happen if there was continued exposure, or if there are any side effects for humans."

"I see," Kallen said.

"Well, Kallen, are you up for it?" Zero asked.

"Yes!" Kallen exclaimed. "Of course I am! But wait a second, won't I outgrow my clothes when I grow?"

"Yes, but Rakshata has created a special suit for you to wear for when you're in your enlarged state," answered Zero.

"I left it over there in the changing room for you, Kallen," said Rakshata.

Kallen headed over to the changing room to check out her new outfit.

"No way! You've got to be kidding me! I'm not wearing this!"


About 2 minutes later, Kallen exited the changing room wearing a tight black bunny outfit, minus the ears and high heels.

"This is so embarassing!" Kallen said angrily.

"Sorry Kallen," Rakshata replied, "but this was the best I could come up with on such short notice. Now, about the suit, it will stretch indefinitely to fit your growing body. Notice that it has already started to conform to your body type."

"Hmmm?" Kallen looked down at her outfit and saw that it had fit her perfectly. It wasn't fitting like that a few minutes ago, she thought. Kallen was amazed that she had finally found an outfit that fit her curvy body and supported her large D-cup breasts, even if it was a bit revealing.

"Yes, ingenious isn't it?" Rakshata bragged. "Now, I only have one more thing to ask you before we begin." Rakshata held up a pair of black high heel shoes. "Do you want the matching heels?"

"NO!" Kallen shouted.

"Jeez, calm down!" Rakshata replied. "I only wanted to know if you wanted to complete your outfit. You can walk around in your stockings then. Enough dawdling, let's begin!"

Rakshata placed Kallen in front of the machine and turned it on with a special remote-control device. She pressed a button on the remote and the ray gun began to charge up to full power. Rakshata then pressed a second button on the remote, and the gun fired at Kallen. Kallen's body was covered in the pink glow of the machine's beam. After about 5 seconds of exposure, Rakshata turned off the machine and proceeded to check on Kallen's condition.

"Kallen," she asked, "how do you feel?"

"I feel...POWERFUL!"

Kallen's body began to slowly expand in every direction, her suit growing along with her. Zero and Rakshata could only watch as Kallen grew taller and taller with each passing second. After a minute of solid growth, Kallen stopped increasing at the exact height of 30 ft tall.

"I feel like I can do anything now!" Kallen shouted at her new height. "Although, I do feel a bit heavier."

"Ummm, Kallen," said Rakshata, "you might wanna look down."

"Hmmm? Oh, come on!" Kallen looked down at her chest and realized that her breasts had grown from D-cups to DD-cups in size.

"Well, I guess this is an unknown side effect! Sorry Kallen!" said Rakshata. "Now Kallen, see if you can return to normal. Focus on becoming your natural height."

"OK." Kallen began to relax and slowly shrank down until she reached her original height.

"The project is a success!" Zero exclaimed.

Kallen ran over and gave Rakshata a big hug.

"Thank you so much Rakshata! I can't possibly thank you enough!" Kallen said happily.

"It's my pleasure, Kallen. And thank you for being such a great test subject!"

"Kallen," Zero began, "your new ability will come in handy during our future battles. Now, everyone, get some rest. It's been a long day and tomorrow we shall continue our fight to liberate Japan from the Brittanians."

"Right! Goodnight everyone!" said Kallen happily.

Zero, Rakshata, and Kallen each headed to their respective rooms for a good night's sleep. However, during the night, someone was up and awake in their room, planning on accomplishing something huge.

"Thanks Rakshata," Kallen whispered to herself. When she gave Rakshata a hug, she also stole the device that operated the machine. "Now I'll determine when I'm big enough!"

Kallen headed back down to the hanger and started up the machine.

"OK," said Kallen, "I'm gonna be here until morning under the effects of this beam. I can't wait to see how big I'll become! The Lancelot is gonna pay dearly for destroying the Guren! Now, enough thinking, let's start my ascension!"

Kallen pressed the second button on the remote and the ray gun fired at her. She was instantly engulfed in the warmth of the pink glow of the beam. Kallen stood there motionless throughout the night, feeling her size range increasing exponentially. Since 5 seconds of exposure allowed her to become 6 times her size, Kallen could only imagine how large she could become with over 8 hours of exposure. As morning approached, Kallen turned off the device and decided to get rid of it forever.

"I'm the only person who can have this power!" Kallen said to herself.

She concentrated on growing until her head reached the top of the hanger, which was about 50 ft tall. Instantly, her body began to rise up until she reached her desired height. Kallen then lifted up her right foot and stomped on the machine several times to make it permanently unusuable.

"Now nobody can ever challenge me if I get too big!" Kallen laughed. She focused and returned to her normal height. Kallen then walked outside of the base to grow yet again.

"It's time to teach those Brittanians a lesson about taking over Japan! Now let's see...How big should I get? Hmmm...I know! It's the perfect size!"

Kallen took a few steps back from headquarters and began to grow... "


It was a normal morning in the Tokyo settlement. People were going about their daily routines while Elevens were being harshly treated by their Brittanian superiors at their jobs. Everything proceeded like an average day until...


A small earthquake hit the settlement, causing the people to panic.


Another earthquake, this time it was closer and much stronger.


A third earthquake, more powerful than the previous two, occurred, causing the buildings in the surrounding area to shake a bit. Off in the distance, people were able to make out a large figure moving towards the settlement. Was this unknown creature responsible for the earthquakes? The people began to worry for their safety. They were about to be attacked by an enormous...bunny girl?

Standing at a proud 1000 feet tall, Kallen made her way into the settlement. With every step she took, small tremors occurred in the area around her. As Kallen entered the settlement, she began to realize just how big she was: Only a handful of buildings came close to her size.

"Now it's time for some justice!" Kallen said aloud to herself.

Kallen lifted up her right arm and punched a building that came up to her shoulder. The building suffered a large hole from the punch and quickly collasped. Kallen then used her left hand to punch another building on the other side of her body; the building collasped as fast as the previous building had fallen. Kallen then decided it was time to tell everyone her purpose.

"Greetings, people of the Tokyo settlement!" she began. "I am Kallen, goddess of victory of the Black Knights. I have come here today to liberate all Elevens from Brittanian rule and to restore Japan to its former glory. Before I begin, though, I would like to see all elite members of the Brittanian military appear before me. If they do not reveal themselves in fifteen minutes," Kallen said as she began to walk towards smaller buildings, "then I'll get very angry!" With that, Kallen quickly sat down, crushing 4 small buildings under her massive rear. "And you don't want to have an angry goddess on your hands!"

Kallen began to laugh as she crushed 2 small cars beneath her feet just for fun.


Meanwhile, at Black Knights headquarters...

Lelouch was just finishing his breakfast when CC suddenly barged into his room.

"Lelouch, we have a problem!" said a worried CC. "Come quickly!"

Lelouch quickly rose up from his seat and followed CC into the hanger. There, he found a crying Rakshata next to the remains of her machine.

"What happened here?" he asked.

"Zero," Rakshata said inbetween sobs, "someone destroyed my Knightmare ray! And worst of all, they smashed it into pieces so I could never rebuild it."

"Can't you just create another one?" Lelouch asked.

"I would, but it's impossible. Some of the parts I used in the machine are rare on this planet and were very hard to come across. It's impractical to even think of building another one since the main components can only be found once in a blue moon!"

"Who could have done this?" he wondered. "And how were they able to sneak in here undetected?"

"Zero," said CC, "I think I know the answer to that question. Come see what's on the news."

Lelouch and Rakshata walked over to the TV in the hanger and were shocked at what they saw: A 1000 ft Kallen destroying the Tokyo settlement. The news reporter began to describe the situation:

"We've just gotten word that a giant bunny girl, somehow linked to the terrorist group the Black Knights, has appeared in the city and is causing rampant destruction. She is demanding to see head officials of the Brittanian military or she will cause even more chaos in the city. We'll keep you posted on the current situation as futher events unfold. All residents of the settlement are advised to evacuate the area at once!"

"Kallen did this?!" Rakshata exclaimed. "Well, at least now I know that multiple exposures to the ray really worked!"

"Quiet Rakshata!" Lelouch quickly scolded. "This is no time for fooling around! Now, how do we stop Kallen and bring her back to normal?"

"Zero," CC began, "if you don't mind, I think I have an idea. Rakshata, do you have another suit like the one you gave Kallen?"

"Well," she began, "I was in the process of making another one, but I've only created the basic design of the outfit. It's basically just a bikini made out of the same material."

"CC, what are you planning?" Lelouch asked.

"You'll see," she answered. "Rakshata, get me the suit you have so far. Zero, I'll meet you outside in a few minutes after I've changed."

Lelouch walked a good distance away from headquarters, far enough so that no one would be able to hear their conversation. CC emerged about two minutes later and went to meet up with him, wearing a tight navy blue bikini.

"My, that outfit is quite revealing isn't it?" Lelouch joked. "So, just what exactly do you have in mind to stop Kallen?"

"Well, Lelouch, I want you to use your Geass on me and order me to grow to match Kallen's height so I can bring her back to normal."

"What?" he responded. "When we made our contract, you told me that Geass couldn't be used on you."

"Correct," she began. "You cannot use your Geass on me...unless I desire that a Geass may be used on me. So, in this case, you will be able to use your Geass on me since I want to be under its control. Now, the same rules apply; you only have one chance to use it, so make it count! It's our only chance to stop her! "

"OK then," said Lelouch. He then activated his Geass power in his left eye; an image of a crimson bird began to form in his pupil. "I, Lelouch di Brittania, command you to enlarge yourself up to 5000 miles, if necessary, in order to stop Kallen Kozuki from causing havoc in her current state and to bring her back down to her original size."

CC's eyes began to glow red as her body's systems began to rewire themselves. "Understood," she replied. Instantly, CC began to increase in size.

"Woah, not right here!" Lelouch shouted. "Wait for me to get out of the way first!"


Back in the Tokyo settlement...

It had been 10 minutes since Kallen delivered her proclamation, and no one had shown up yet.

"5 minutes left!" she shouted.

Kallen then lifted up her left foot and crushed a small building into dust to reiterate how serious she was. Where are they? she thought to herself. Huh? What's that? As soon as Kallen had crushed the building beneath her foot, a squad of about 100 Brittanian Knightmares emerged from various areas of the settlement. They spread out in front of Kallen, weapons ready to fire.

"Attention gigantic woman!" the leader of the brigade said to Kallen over his Knightmare's speaker system. "You are in violation of Brittanian law. Please leave the city quietly to be taken into custody and to be studied by Brittanian scientists. If you do not comply, you will be eradicated immediately!"

"Well, I guess I can have some fun while I'm waiting!" Kallen said as she stood up to her full height.

Kallen jumped high into the air towards the Brittanian soldiers and landed on her rear, crushing about half of the enemy units with little effort. The other half somehow managed to escape in time, but they would soon suffer the same fate. Kallen then lifted up her right foot, ready to crush more beneath her massive sole. The surviving Knightmares quickly began to open fire upon her, but to no avail.

"Hahaha! That tickles!" she laughed.

Kallen dropped her foot straight down, destroying about 20 more units in an instant. She then swept her left leg in a semicircle in front of her, destroying what remained of the Brittanian opposition.

"Well, that was fun!" Kallen said in excitement. "I knew this was the right size to take on Brittania! Huh? Is that...? Yes, it is! My plan worked perfectly. It's time to take my revenge!"

Kallen saw a tiny white figure moving towards her. She knew exactly what it was: The Lancelot. Suzaku continued to move closer to the giant red-headed bunny girl, making sure to take extra caution.

"Attention rampaging girl!" Suzaku said through the Lancelot's loudspeaker. "Stop this meaningless destruction immediately or be destroyed by the Brittanian Knightmare protype unit, Lancelot! I must warn you, the Lancelot is much stronger than all other Brittanian Knightmare frames."

"The Lancelot! How good to see you again!" Kallen said slyly. "I was waiting for you to show up. Before we begin, though, let me get a bit more comfortable for you."

Kallen took a step backwards and imagined the size she was going to become in her mind. Instantly, Kallen's body began to grow. Within a few seconds, she had reached the 1500 ft mark and showed no signs of slowing down. At about 2000 ft tall, Kallen felt heavier in her chest area. She looked down at herself and realized that her breasts had grown from DD cups to E cups in size. She didn't care, though; she actually wanted her breasts to get bigger for what she had planned. After all, her outfit would accomodate her bust no matter how big it became. Buildings in the area fought hard to remain erect against the pressure of Kallen's expanding feet. However, the force of her expansion was just too much for the buildings to bear, as they gave way and crumbled to give the red-headed giantess more room to grow. Kallen continued to rise higher and higher into the air...2500 ft, 3000 ft, 4000 ft, and still growing. After what seemed like an eternity of growth and destruction, Kallen ceased her latest spurt at an astounding 1 mile in height.

"Ah, this is MUCH better!" the now bigger Kallen shouted in joy.

Suzaku still could not believe what he had just witnessed: The already large girl causing havoc in the settlement became even more colossal. This was impossible for him to comprehend since it should not be possible for a human to become gigantic in the first place. How was he supposed to even stand a chance of defeating her after this unexpected growth spurt?

The mile-high bunny girl looked down at the now tinier Lancelot. "Now that I'm feeling more comfortable," she began, "let's get down to business, shall we?"

Kallen bent over and reached for the Lancelot with her right hand. Suzaku began to fire rapidly at the massive palm descending before him, but Kallen did not even notice that the Lancelot was fighting back. She then picked up the Lancelot and placed it between her massive breasts so that the front of the Lancelot was facing Kallen's body.

"Now, revenge shall be mine!"

Kallen quickly slammed the front of her body into the ground and pressed as hard as possible. The Lancelot was being crushed by the force of her body weight and the force of the ground pushing against Kallen's breasts. Kallen then placed her hands on the opposite sides of her breasts and began to push them together as hard as she possibly could. Now the Lancelot was being crushed from every side.

"Now Brittanian trash, you will die in the comfort of my bust as retribution for destroying the Guren! Struggle all you want, but you will soon be crushed into oblivion! My breasts are so soft and huge that there is no way for you to escape your punishment!"

Suzaku's programmed Geass activated and the urge to live overwhelmed him. He tried to fight his way out of Kallen's bust, but her breasts were too big and soft to fight against. The Lancelot's systems were now starting to fail rapidly; it would now only be a matter of time before it was completely crushed under the enormous girl.

"Just a bit longer," Kallen said as she pressed her body harder into the ground. "Nothing will stop me from getting my revenge!"

BOOM! A large tan object appeared in front of Kallen.

"What's that?" Kallen wondered. "Is that what I think it is?"

Kallen looked at the object closer and realized exactly what it was: A big toe. She looked up and saw that the toe belonged to a 5 mile tall, bikini-clad CC.

"Kallen," CC said, "you are to return to your normal size at once!"

Kallen lifted up her body from the ground to get a better look at CC; after all, CC did not have DD cup breasts before. Suzaku was able to feel the pressure stopping and saw his chance to escape. He activated the eject sequence on his control panel and fled from the colossal girl's bust. Kallen immediately noticed this escape plan and became incredibly angry.

"NO!!!!!!!!" yelled Kallen as she took the Lancelot from her bust and threw it as hard as possible into the distance. She looked back at the taller CC. "You...You'll pay for this! You ruined my one chance at revenge!"

"Kallen, if you want to fight me," CC began, "let's take it somewhere safe."

CC bent down, picked up Kallen with her right hand, and then threw her into the ocean. The resulting impact of Kallen's body caused a huge tidal wave to head straight for the mainland. Kallen quickly stood up and began to grow once again. As CC made her way towards her fellow Black Knight, Kallen had already grown a full mile and a half. By the time CC reached Kallen's location, they were both now the same height.

"I'm never going back to normal!" Kallen shouted. "Go ahead and try to stop me!" "


Off the coast of Japan, Kallen and CC stared each other down. Neither of them would surrender without a fight.

"Kallen," CC began, "I don't want to hurt you, so I'll ask you this one last time: Please return to your regular size at once!"

"Didn't you hear me just now?" Kallen replied. "I told you, I'm never going back to normal!"

"Alright then," CC said sadly. "I guess I have no choice."

Without warning, CC lunged at Kallen, sending the bunny girl stumbling in the opposite direction. Massive amounts of water were sent flying everywhere. Kallen quickly regained her balance and became very angry.

"A cheap shot, huh? Well, let's see how you like this!"

Kallen focused and began to grow, adding 2 miles to her height. She then charged at CC and kicked her as hard as possible with her right foot. CC tried to avoid Kallen's foot but was unable to dodge in time. CC fell to her knees and gasped for air.

"How's that for fair, CC?" Kallen asked as she laughed at the smaller CC.

CC somehow managed to get up from the attack.

"You wanna play dirty, Kallen? OK, let's play!"

CC relaxed and started to grow until she reached 10 miles tall. She then bent down and punched the now tiny Kallen directly in her solar-plexus, causing the red-headed girl to go crashing into some nearby islands. Nothing remained of the islands once Kallen's body made impact with them. It took Kallen a few seconds to recover from the attack, but she eventually got back up on her feet.

"You'll regret that!" Kallen yelled as she grew to an enormous 15 miles tall. She took a running start and jumped up into the air, trying to crush CC beneath her rear once and for all. CC knew what Kallen was planning and got out of the way.


The impact of Kallen's rear against the planet caused massive earthquakes to occur within a 500 mile radius of the giant bunny girl. While Kallen was still dazed from the impact, CC took this opportunity to increase her size yet again to 30 miles tall. CC let her body go limp and fell towards the Earth in an attempt to pin Kallen down so that she could put a quick end to this fruitless fight. As Kallen began to regain her composure, she noticed a large shadow engulfing the light around her. She looked up and realized that CC was going to crash down on top of her. Kallen quickly got up and ran away as fast as her legs would carry her, only barely avoiding the green-haired titaness.


CC's body came crashing down with a tremendous thud, producing larger earthquakes than those caused by Kallen's failed attempt to defeat CC. At this point, Kallen became frustrated that their little brawl had gone on for this long, so Kallen decided to gain the upper hand in this fight by finding out what the limits of CC's power were. Kallen focused her mind and grew until she was a whopping 100 miles tall. She then bent down, picked up the miniscule CC, and slowly brought her up to eye level.

"Listen, CC," she began, "I could keep this up all day if I wanted to. So, let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Show me how big you can become!"

When Kallen finished her sentence, she threw CC as far as she could in front of her. CC landed near the edge of the Chinese Federation's area of control, causing untold amounts of destruction from her impact. CC slowly rose up from the ground; she seemed different to Kallen now, almost possessed. The iris of CC's eyes began to glow bright crimson as she repeated the Geass programmed in her by Lelouch.

"Up to 5000 miles."

Suddenly, CC's body surged upward at an incredible rate, growing at a speed that caught Kallen's attention. Within a few seconds, CC had doubled in size, then tripled. She passed 250 miles with ease, which quickly became only a milestone to her. Kallen stood in awe of CC's sudden expansion, making sure to keep a good distance away from her. CC's expanding feet were crushing everything around them so that the bikini-clad girl had enough room to complete her latest growth spurt. Hundreds of towns and cities were erased from existence in an instant by CC's growing feet. Still, CC continued to grow...500 miles tall, 1000 miles, 1500 miles, and growing. At around the 2000 mile mark, CC noticed that her chest area felt heavier. Sure enough, CC's breasts unconsciously grew from DD cups to E cups, now matching Kallen's bust size. At this point, Kallen began to wonder if it really was a smart idea to force CC to grow as she watched the green-haired giantess pass the 3500 mile mark. Then, as suddenly as it began, CC's growth came to a screeching halt at an exact height of 5000 miles tall. CC's feet were now hanging out into the ocean, a small distance away from where Kallen was standing. Kallen could no longer make out CC's face as she had become so large that Kallen could not see past her enormous breasts.

CC regained control of her body and looked around for any signs of Kallen. She saw a small black dot in the middle of the ocean and knew immediately what it was. CC lifted up her left foot and slammed it down on top of the dot, pinning Kallen beneath her colossal sole. Kallen was being crushed under the weight of CC's foot, unable to move.

"Kallen," CC said with authority, "shrink down to size at once!"

"Never!" Kallen shouted.

CC responded to Kallen's resilience by increasing the pressure on Kallen's body. At this point, Kallen screamed out in pain. If she stayed under the green-haired giant's foot for much longer, she would not survive under CC's weight.

"OK! You win!" Kallen yelled in defeat. "I'll return to normal. Just get your foot off of me first or I can't shrink down!"

"How can I be sure you're telling the truth?" CC inquired as she eased up on the pressure.

"Can you feel this?" Kallen said as she reduced her height by 5 miles. "Now get off me so I can fully shrink!"

After feeling it for herself, CC took her foot off of Kallen. Kallen quickly stood up from the ground and calmed herself; she focused on the size she wanted to become. In a surprise move to CC, Kallen began to grow again, this time while running away from CC. CC quickly began to see the tiny dot known as Kallen begin to become larger, and she knew that Kallen had been lying all along. She had to put a stop to her before they were on equal terms once again.

Kallen, now 150 miles tall and growing, ran away from CC as fast as she could. All I have to do is hold out long enough so that I'm larger than her again, Kallen told herself. C'mon body, grow!

CC ran after Kallen, causing catastrophic earthquakes and massive tidal waves with every step she took. She quickly caught up to Kallen and sat down on the 250 mile, and still growing, bunny girl. CC put her full effort into stopping Kallen at all costs, yet she could still feel Kallen increasing beneath her. As Kallen passed the 500 mile mark, CC decided to try a different approach. She flipped her body around and was now trying to crush Kallen using her entire body. Try as she might, CC could not stop Kallen from expanding, as she was now 1/5 of CC's size.

This looks bad, CC thought to herself. I can't seem to put a stop to her growth!

CC tried as hard as she could but was losing her battle rapidly. As Kallen passed 1600 miles tall, she brought her legs to her chest and pushed against CC's enormous body with an force strong enough to push the bikini-clad girl off of her.

"Get away from me!" Kallen yelled as she pushed CC away from her with amazing strength. "Can't you see that I'm growing?!"

CC was not sent very far from Kallen, but the shock from realizing that Kallen possessed such strength temporarily stunned her. Kallen quickly stood up and began to solely focus on becoming ever larger, just passing the 3000 mile mark. After CC recovered from her shock, she got back on her feet and decided to attack Kallen one final time.

This is it, she told herself. This is my last chance to stop her!

CC ran towards Kallen with her right arm extended, attempting to punch her directly in the face. However, as CC came with a few feet (to her) of Kallen, her arm was blocked by a familiar hand. CC looked up and could not believe what she was seeing: Kallen had stopped expanding and was now eye-to-eye with CC.

"Hey there," Kallen said cooly. "Miss me?"

CC quickly withdrew her arm and took several steps away from Kallen.

"C'mon CC! Show me how big you can REALLY get!" provoked the 5000 mile Kallen.

"It pains me to say this Kallen, but I am currently at my maximum size. I cannot become any larger than I am now," CC responded.

"That's a shame," Kallen replied, "because I can still get even bigger!"

Kallen relaxed her body and grew once again. CC could only watch helplessly as her former comrade became larger and larger before her very eyes."


Kallen began to laugh as she viewed the entire world shrinking before her very eyes. She looked down at her feet and smiled at the miniscule CC.

"Well, it was great seeing you again, CC," said Kallen, "but I can only hang out with girls that are my own size...and I believe I've outgrown you. Hahaha! But don't worry, I'm gonna let you live. You're gonna have a front row seat to witness the arrival of the world's first goddess!"

With that, Kallen's body exploded with growth, becoming at least 300 miles taller with every passing second. However, this was only a warm-up for her true show of growth. She continued to expand faster and faster, taking up more and more space on the Earth. Since there was little else she could do, CC began to run to the other side of the planet, trying to stay as far away as possible from her former comrade. The 5000 mile girl watched Kallen continue to expand as her feet began to cover the planet. As Kallen hit the 8000 mile mark, her feet had expanded into mainland China. Kallen's feet continued to grow, crushing what remained of the Chinese Federation into dust.

"Hahaha! Bigger!" Kallen shouted in joy. "Do you see now, CC? You never had any chance of defeating me! You are restrained to your current size while I am free to become as large as I wish. Now, watch as I continue my divine ascension!"

Kallen's growth continued to push even further as she now passed 15000 miles in height. Kallen's feet were now covering a significant portion of the western Pacific Ocean and had crushed a large amount of the Chinese Federation and lower Asia into oblivion. As her body continued its expansion, Kallen made sure not to come in contact with Brittania (the modern-day United States); she had other plans in store for the tyrannical nation. At 20000 miles tall, Kallen once again felt heavier in her chest area; looking down at her bust, Kallen smiled as she noticed that her breasts had now swelled to large F cups in size.

"Perfect," Kallen said to herself. "This is exactly what I needed. Now, all I need is to be just a bit bigger before I can leave this planet. Then, and only then, can I finally accomplish my goal..."

Kallen continued to become larger and larger...22000 miles, 25000 miles, 28000 miles and still growing. People from all over the globe stepped outside and watched in horror as the colossal bunny girl kept expanding; Kallen was now so huge that she could be seen from all areas of the globe. In the mid-Atlantic ocean, a 5000 mile CC could only watch as Kallen continued to set new size records with each passing second; CC began to wonder if her fellow Black Knight's expansion would ever cease. Finally, after a full 2 minutes since her growth began, Kallen stopped enlarging at the enormous height of 35000 miles tall.

"I think this should be big enough for now," Kallen said slyly. "I don't want to crush the entire planet..."

Kallen bent downwards and stood on the balls of her feet, suspending her toes over hundreds of cities below. The tiny inhabitants of the cities stared upwards at the flesh colored sky checkered with black before them, crying in fear as the massive toes loomed overhead, twitching imperceptibly to Kallen, but like huge harbingers of the apocalypse to the miniscule populace below.

"Only some of it."

With that chilling statement, Kallen pushed her body off the ground and floated off of the planet. Kallen's shadow cast darkness over a majority of planet; her entire body could now be seen from anywhere on Earth, not just the lower quarter of her frame. Looking out at the planet she had just left, Kallen smiled at something she saw down below: In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, she was able to make out a tiny bright green speck known as CC.

"Ah, CC, look at how weak you are!" Kallen mocked. "You had your chance to stop me, but you blew it. Since we are both members of the Black Knights and because you did, in fact, not end my life when you had the upper hand, I shall spare your own life as a token of my gratitude. And now, as a special gift from yours truly, you shall now witness a once-in-a-lifetime event, something that you, and the entire planet, will never forget. However, this size won't do at all..."

Kallen relaxed her body and closed her eyes as a grin slowly spread across her face. A few brief moments later, the entire planet gasped in amazement as the planet slowly became enveloped in a heavier wave of absolute darkness; Kallen was growing once again. The colossal bunny girl quickly began to explode outwards, her relentless growth far surpassing anything she had displayed before when she was confined to the planet; now that Kallen had an infinite amount of room to use her ability, she could let her body grow without restraint. Kallen soon began to dwarf the planet as her body continued to erupt in size, passing 60000 miles only 7 seconds after her latest spurt had began. The people of Earth could not believe how big Kallen was becoming, believing that this latest expansion was the gift she had just mentioned; a growing majority of people began to believe that Kallen would never stop expanding. Soon the sky itself all around the world consisted of nothing but Kallen's increasing form; the stars above them were replaced with Kallen's smooth skin and she was rapidly enveloping the world in darkness as her body began to slowly block out the Sun. The redheaded girl's spurt persisted...70000 miles, 85000 miles, 100000 miles tall and growing. As the planet became the size of a basketball compared to the titanic woman, Kallen's growth came to a halt as she opened her eyes to gaze out at her new view of the universe; at the end of her latest spurt, Kallen had reached an impressive 120000 miles tall.

"This is more like it!" shouted Kallen, her booming voice damaging the ears of every soul on Earth. "I'm now more than big enough to give this planet my gift as a goddess. Now, watch and be amazed as I shall perform a vanishing act the likes of which this planet will never see again!"

Kallen smiled as she proceeded to float around the planet until the upper half of her body was directly over North America. Gripping the celestial body in her right hand, Kallen began to draw the planet closer to her, keeping it only a few inches (to her, at least) away from her body; at the same time, her fingers drilled into the crust of the Earth, wiping out entire countries in the blink of an eye. As Kallen had finished making the necessary preparations, the smile suddenly vanished from her face, now replaced with a stern facial expression that emphasized her seriousness of the situation.

"Citizens of Earth, I, Kallen Kozuki, shall now deliver my present unto all of you. In my effort to bring peace to this world and to strive for equality in the region most of you call Area 11, there must no longer be opposition to the presence of harmony between the people of the planet. Peace cannot exist while others are being treated terribly by others, while people are oppressed by the harsh government that rules over them and strips them of their free will, and while there is not equality between all social classes of Japan. Therefore, today is the day that peace and tranquility shall come to Earth forever! My fellow Black Knights, rejoice in this momentous occasion! This is the end of Brittania!"

Suddenly, Kallen slammed the planet into her chest, crushing all of North America and part of Western Europe beneath her left breast, completely annihilating the Brittanian Empire and part of the EU (European Union) in an instant. CC looked on in shock at Kallen's enormous breast pressing into a good portion of the planet; had CC been only another step closer to where Kallen's body had made impact with the land, she would have been crushed under the massive bunny girl's endowment as well. After maintaining bodily contact with the Earth for about 20 seconds, Kallen removed her large bust from the planet, revealing an enormous crater that was permanently etched into the planet's surface, covering almost all of the Northern Hemisphere with another smaller, but much deeper, crater in the middle taking up most of what was formerly Brittania. As she dusted off the debris from her F cup breasts, Kallen smiled down at the planet, proud of the work she had done; peace would soon finally come to Earth now that Brittania was out of the picture.

"There, now life on this planet shall be much more tranquil for years to come. With Brittania no longer causing conflicts in almost every part of the world, things shall return to the way they once were, before Brittania began its campaign for worldwide dominance. Japan is now free from the evil Brittanian stranglehold it once had forced upon it, and the people of Japan are now able to proudly call themselves Japanese once again."

Now that her work was complete, Kallen floated in space in front of the planet, contemplating her next move. As she continued to drift in the endless void of space, Kallen could feel something within her, welling up and wanting to be released. Kallen knew exactly what this strange feeling was: The remaining growth potential stored inside of her body.

"Well, now," said Kallen as a smirk began to form on her face once again, "I think I know how to occupy the remainder of my time. I think I'll just become larger and larger until I exhaust whatever growth is left in my system. My only other option, at this point, is to shrink back down to normal and live in the new world I've created. Since I'm guessing that a majority of the world wants me dead for nearly destroying the planet, both by growing and with my breasts, that option is instantly eliminated. So...that now leaves me with only my first option, growing as big as my body will allow. Well, since I'm already a goddess now, I guess I should just see how big of a goddess I can become!"

Kallen began to giggle as she prepared to grow one final time.

"This spurt shall be my last...and my biggest. I've decided that my body will not halt its expansion until every ounce of growth stored within me has been spent and I attain my maximum possible size."

Kallen then tilted her head towards the Earth and continued talking, now addressing the people of the world in her monologue.

"Citizens of this humble planet, today has been a historic day for all of you. Today, your goddess, Kallen, ascended from a mere mortal to an all-powerful deity. Once my ascension was complete, I brought everlasting peace to the world by ridding it of a tyrannical empire and its quest for sheer conquest of the planet. This day shall forever be remembered in the annals of history as 'The Birth of Kallen, Savior of Earth and Goddess of the Universe'. Now, my children, I must leave you all for the time being in order to make myself stronger so that if, and when, the Earth is troubled by the forces of evil and destruction once again, I shall come to your aid with almost limitless power to quickly restore balance to the cosmos. May good fortune forever shine upon this peaceful world and always remember, no matter what you may hear or believe, I am always watching over you. Farewell, people of Earth!"

Waving to the planet with her right hand, Kallen released the remaining growth stored inside of her body, causing her to explode in size in every direction. Unlike all of her previous growths, this time, the colossal redhead did not place any restraints on her height; her body was now free to expand to its heart's content. Kallen watched as the Earth quickly dwindled in size, soon disappearing from her vision altogether once she had reached 1 million miles tall only 30 seconds after her ultimate spurt had began. The giant bunny girl continued to enlarge relentlessly, her body's rate of growth accelerating exponentially with each passing second. In another 25 seconds, Kallen had expanded to over 350 million miles tall and continued to increase her stature even further. The fabric of space around Kallen began to slightly bend to signify her presence as a new entity within the cosmic sphere known as the universe. As the former Black Knight's body now extended into the outer region of the solar system, her growth began to pick up even faster. Due to the rapid amount of space she was now taking up within the solar system, the Sun had made impact with Kallen's expanding right thigh and was instantly crushed into pieces as it made contact with the growing girl; Kallen was completely unaware of this massive collision and did not even notice any of the searing heat from the impact of Sol against her leg as the star met its end.

Approximately 87 seconds after Kallen began growing, she had become over 1 billion miles in height and was showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon; her body continued to accelerate its growth rate as Kallen pushed her size to the limit. As Kallen was about to outgrow the solar system, she began to notice something strange: The growth potential stored inside of her body remained constant, showing no signs of even the slightest dissipation of power. At this point, Kallen had a sudden revelation about her size-changing ability.

"Now I see why I don't feel this energy leaving my body," said Kallen as her body continued to expand faster and faster. "When I spent those 8 hours under the Knightmare ray, I didn't gain all this size stored within my body. No, with my prolonged exposure to the beam, I now know what I have gained: the power to grow at will. This entire day, I've had the ability to become this large whenever I've wanted to. This power is how I was quickly able to grow on command...and it's responsible for allowing me to defeat CC earlier as well. Now that I know I have this power, there is no sense in letting it go to waste...I'm going to just keep on growing until I've run out of space to grow!"

With her newfound sense of enthusiasm, Kallen erupted in a sudden burst of height, adding on to her already massive body and increasing her growth rate a hundredfold. The busty redhead continued to enlarge, outgrowing the solar system and rapidly heading towards a galaxy-sized stature. Kallen accidentally annihilated dozens of star systems with her body in her quest to become as large as possible; their deaths were nothing but pretty explosions of fireworks to the expanding girl, most of which were ignored by her. The billion-mile range soon became obsolete as another 70 seconds later, Kallen was expanding into the trillion mile range, Earth now but a distant memory to the self-proclaimed goddess. As she continued to reach larger and grander heights, Kallen began to wonder how Earth was doing now that she had purged it of Brittania; she told herself that the world had to be flourishing now and that the Black Knights were probably throwing a massive celebration for the newly freed Japan. Approaching one light year in height, Kallen began to relax as she floated in the rapidly shrinking void of space. Kallen continued to grow, eventually outgrowing the Milky Way and later on, the universe; the sexy bunny girl expanded on and on into infinity for all eternity.