Cheerilee's Deadly Detention

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by EpicBrony99)

WARNING: This story is rated MA-V for graphically violent crushing scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

A group of teenage boys were all either sitting or walking around inside one of the classrooms of Canterlot High, waiting for whoever the detention teacher was going to be for the day. For some of these troublemaking boys, it was the normal routine. Fool around, and then once the teacher comes in, sit tight and act like you're gonna be a good angel for an hour, and then either strike at the last minute or go home and await detention the next day.

For today, however, that routine was going to be disrupted in a way none of these boys would see coming. And it was all because of one brainiac of a guy who came walking in holding some weird looking machine.
"Hey, look, it's the geeky brainiac!" one boy shouted.
"Yeah, but what's that?" another boy asked.
"Behold, gentlemen! The invention that the lovely Sci-Twi has entrusted with me! The LMR!" the boy with the glasses (who we'll nickname Four Eyes for the rest of this story) proudly shouted.
"Do we look like we aced Chemistry XIV or some goofiness like that?" one boy said.
"Heh… right. I forgot you all are of lower intelligence." Four Eyes said.
"I dare you to say that again to my face, punk!" one muscular boy said as he slapped his fists together, only to be held back by a couple other boys.
"Whoa there, dude. After detention." one boy said.
"Anyway. The LMR is short for Living Matter Reducer… said to reduce the size of living matter to a small, easy-to-carry size!!" Four Eyes said. The boys all stared point blank at Four Eyes.
"Like the size of your brain?" one boy finally said, prompting several laughs from the other boys. Four Eyes just snorted.
"Pffft… you laugh now, but just you wait! Once Sci-Twi has perfected this gizmo, she'll change the world!" Four Eyes said.
"Why are you even showing us this thing? Does it even play video games, because that's the only way I'm gonna care about this stuff!" another boy said.
"Yeah… one of the teachers told me to come here because I wouldn't stop bragging about this machine after I was allowed to borrow it." Four Eyes said.
"Hahaha! Big Brains had a big mouth!" one boy shouted.

A couple of the boys finally got up from their desks and approached Four Eyes.
"You know, Goggle Boy. An invention like this might be dangerous. Why not let us hold onto it?" one of the boys said.
"What? N-n-n-n-no! A machine like this in the wrong hands could be deadly!" Four Eyes said.
"Hand it over NOW!" another boy said as the three boys all strangled with each other and the LMR machine. Obviously, in a tussle like this, something bad was bound to happen… and sure enough, a lever on the machine got pulled and it started to vibrate.
"Ummm… what's happening?" one boy asked.
"You idiots! Look what you've done!" Four Eyes shouted as he frantically laid his hands around the machine trying to shut it off, but it was too late. Suddenly there was a light around the room bright enough to force everyone to shield their eyes.
"Oooooh… I feel so light all of a sudden." one of the boys commented. Little did anyone around the entirety of the classroom know they were rapidly diminishing in size…

Meanwhile, in one of the hallways, Miss Cheerilee (in her usual outfit of brown boots, green floral skirt, and white shirt covered by brown vest) sighed as she was about 20-30 feet away from the classroom.
"Sigh… Why is it I have to be in charge of detention today? Why not Principal Celestia or especially Vice Principal Luna. Ooooh… one look at her and you'll instantly learn your lesson." Cheerilee said. She then approached the door and slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door. She lightly gasped as the door swung open.
"Huh? There's nobody here?" Cheerilee said as she slowly walked inside the classroom.

A few seconds prior to Miss Cheerilee arriving, the light had finally died down. Each and every boy in the room looked around wondering what happened, especially Four Eyes and the two boys he had been fighting with.
"Huh? Where are we?" one boy asked.
"Don't you see? This is the same classroom as before! Only on a much… gulp… larger scale." Four Eyes said.
"No way! I've seen movie sets look smaller than this place!" another boy said. The three boys then watched as the door out in the 'distance' opened. They all gasped when they saw an absolutely titanic Miss Cheerilee come walking in. Each step from her brown boots left behind a thunderous and almost deafening boom.
"Huh? There's nobody here?" Cheerilee said, her voice just as deafening as her steps. The two boys then looked over at Four Eyes.
"Um… how small did that machine make us?" the boy asked.
"Based on the size of the classroom and Miss Cheerilee, I would say… um… well… you see…" Four Eyes said.
"Out with it, already!" the other boy shouted.
"1 millimeter tall!!!" Four Eyes said.
"Um… how many feet is that?" one of the boys asked.
"Who cares! Just hurry up and get us back to normal, already!" one of the boys shouted.
"Okay! Okay! Just as soon as I figure out how this thing works…" Four Eyes as he frantically looked all over the machine. Alas, that would prove to be futile, as the three boys looked up and all screamed when they saw Miss Cheerilee approaching and her next step was going to be right on top of them.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" all three screamed until they went…


Miss Cheerilee stopped briefly when she heard that audible crunching sound, lifting up one of her brown boots and looking at the sole and seeing some very miniscule red spots as well as various pieces of a metallic looking object.
"Hmmmm? What did I step on? It's probably just some food crumbs." Cheerilee said. Of course, she had no way she had just crushed and ended the lives of three troublemaking boys, one of them Four Eyes himself, and the metallic looking object was Sci-Twi's LMR machine, ending any possible hope the other micro shrunken boys had of returning to normal.
"Hey, I won't complain! I'll use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of peace and quiet to get some grading work done!" Cheerilee said with a smile on her face as she walked over to the desk.

Of course, this was only the beginning of her unaware smushing spree. She was headed for the teacher's desk where there would be a couple more shrunken boys that ended up thanks to the machine on the chair that she was about to sit on.
"Arrrrgh! Wait until I get my hands on that brainie bean head! And that Twilight girl for inventing that stupid thing in the first place!" one boy said. The other boy on the chair gulped as he watched the insanely huge Miss Cheerilee pull back the chair and proceed to sit down.
"I don't think we're going to get the chance… let alone the chance to date Fluttershy!" the boy said. He and the other boy screamed as they watched the backside of Cheerilee's green floral skirt come down at seemingly mach speed.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAA…!!!" they both screamed until they got crushed underneath Cheerilee's behind. Not that they could feel anything anymore, but it wouldn't make them feel any better as Cheerilee wiggled her butt back and forth a bit to get more comfortable in her chair.

At 1 millimeter tall, Miss Cheerilee had no idea the damage she was causing. She wasn't even aware of what the simplest of actions were doing to these boys, such as when her purple hair brushed on the surface of the desk. Several boys screamed as they saw the tree trunk sized branches of hair come down. Some were crushed to death because of how weak their bodies were. Others were swept off the desk by the hair and fell to a most painful landing on the floor, while others got lucky and clutched onto the strands for dear life. These boys would especially have to hold on while climbing as Cheerilee got up and made a cup of coffee from the nearby countertop (crushing a few more boys on the floor along the way).
As she sat back down, the bulk of these boys were now deep within the top of her head, and even at their size, their movements would not go unnoticed. The pitter patter of their feet was eventually felt by Cheerilee, causing her to reach up and scratch the top of her head. Obviously, given the difference between the size of the boys were shrunken to and her fingers… these boys knew things were not going to end well.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" they all screamed as they immediately got turned into nothing but splats of blood and bones with just the slightest touch.
After a few scratches back and forth, Cheerilee pulled her hand out and looked down at her fingers, curious what kind of filth would cause her to scratch this much. She cringed a bit when she saw tiny splats of red on all her fingers.
"Ewww…" Cheerilee said as she looked over the blood splats, but eventually she just shrugged her shoulders and reached for the nearby tissue box. After rubbing her fingers all over a tissue, she crumpled it into a ball and tossed it into the nearby trash can… perhaps a fitting end for these particular troublemaking microscopic boys (had they been noticed that is!).

Not all the shrunken boys inside Miss Cheerilee's hair got smushed by her fingers. Some were lucky enough to dodge out of danger, but the slick and greasy nature of her head caused them to go sliding off and falling a long ways down. They were worried they would go splat onto the floor, but they instead felt themselves splashing into a scolding hot liquid that was immediately giving them third degree burns and beyond.
"WARGH…" the boys tried to scream as they sloshed around the burning light brown colored liquid. Of course, these boys had no idea they were swimming in Miss Cheerilee's cup of hot coffee, a fact they wouldn't learn until they saw the scenery rapidly change above them as Miss Cheerilee raised the cup towards her mouth. The worst part for the boys? Miss Cheerilee had no idea the boys were inside not only because they were so microscopic, but also because she wasn't even looking inside her cup of coffee as she was busy grading papers. The boys screamed in intense fear as they saw the giantess open her mouth up.
"Miss Cheerilee! Don't drink us! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" the boys screamed, but alas, down the hatch they went as they went falling into what felt like an eternal void that was the journey to her stomach.
After gulping down her coffee, Miss Cheerilee let out a quick burp that caused her to quickly cover her mouth as she put down her cup of coffee.
"Oh my!" Cheerilee said.

She then looked down at the corner of the desk she was sitting behind and noticed a donut sitting there, covered in green frosting.
"Oh? I don't remember bringing any donuts with me…" Cheerilee said as she reached down and picked up the donut, looking over it from every angle.
"It looks like it hasn't been eaten yet." Cheerilee said. As she studied the donut, she didn't realize she had more speck-sized victims covered in the frosting and unable to move.
"Bleh! What rotten luck that we had to get stuck in this frosting! It feels like trying to walk through mud!" one boy shouted.
"Never mind that! Look, maybe Miss Cheerilee can see us! Miss Cheerilee!!" another boy shouted. Unfortunately, to Miss Cheerilee, these tiny boys were lost in the sea of frosting and sprinkles that decorated the donut.
"Oh well. As long as it hasn't been eaten…" Cheerilee said with a smile on her face. The boys shivered with fear as they watched the giantess lick her lips and move the donut towards her mouth.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" all the boys screamed as they went inside the mouth. They didn't have long to admire the view… as Miss Cheerilee chomped down on the donut with her teeth, instantly crushing the boys into bloody pastes along with bits and pieces of the donut. Those few of boys that did manage to survive would eventually be crushed in between the giantess's molars, or would lose almost all their hearing with their ears overcome with the sounds of the giantess chewing on her donut. One by one, these boys died a painful death, either by being chewed on as Cheerilee munched on more of the donut or getting crushed by her massive tongue as she sloshed it around to get any crumbs out from between her teeth.

Miss Cheerilee finally stuffed the rest of the donut down her throat and washed it all down with her cup of coffee.
"Mmmmm… that was surprisingly delicious. I'll have to check the teacher's lounge later if there are any more of those kinds of donuts." Cheerilee said as she got back to work grading papers. A couple minutes while doing so, she looked to the side of the papers where she saw a few of the smallest black specks she ever saw. She leans in to get a closer look at these specks, unaware they're more of the shrunken boys she has been unknowningly crushing. The boys, meanwhile, think they've been saved when they see the giantess leaning in to get a closer look (while also quivering a bit from how goddess-sized her face looked).
"Miss Cheerilee! Help us PLEASE!!!" one of the boys shouted.

Miss Cheerilee then sat back and had a disgusted look on her face like she had smelled a basket full of sweaty gym socks.
"Ugh! The janitor must have slacked off today. That's more ants than I'm used to seeing in here." Miss Cheerilee said. The boys had stunned looks on their faces.
"Hey! We're not ants!" one boy said.
"No duh… but we're smaller than them if she still can't recognize them!" another boy said.
"Sigh… I guess I'll have to deal with them myself." Cheerilee said. She then reached up with her free hand (the one not holding her red pen) and moved a finger down towards these 'ants.'
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the boys screamed as they tried to run away, but at their size, they wouldn't be going anywhere. Cheerilee pressed her finger down as hard as it would go, doing the same thing to the other 'ants' that were populating her desk. Once the last of them was crushed, Miss Cheerilee cringed as she looked at her fingertip and saw nothing but red spots.
"Ick… for little ants they sure have a lot of blood. What did they munch on?" Miss Cheerilee said. She shrugged her shoulders and brushed that same finger up against the backside of her skirt. Satisfied with seeing her finger cleaned up, the young woman got back to work grading papers.

As she did so, she didn't realize (you get the drill by now!) that one boy had somehow managed to make it up underneath her nostrils.
"Ugh… gotta… get… to… her eye…" one boy said as he was practically drowning in sweat after climbing up her face (and presumably upper body as well) for a little while. However, his journey would come to an abrupt end as Miss Cheerilee inhaled through her nostrils, causing the boy to get pulled inside.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he screamed until he finally went splat into one of the boogers deep inside the giantess's nose.
"Ugh… gross! Even for me!" the boy screamed as he tried to break loose from his slimy prison. He wouldn't get the chance, however… for as a result of the boy flying up into her nostril and landing within one of her boogers, it caused Miss Cheerilee to instinctively reach up and scratch the outside of her nose. When she did this, she pushed the nostril wall the boy was stuck in towards the opposite wall, and right away he knew the outcome.
"Oh spi…" the boy said until he was crushed into a bloody pulp.

That boy wasn't the only one that had been climbing the goddess-sized Miss Cheerilee. At this very moment, some boys were climbing up her brown vest, others were on her shoulder, others were on the right side of her face, while a couple more were approaching one of her ears. All these boys hoped Miss Cheerilee would spot them and find a way to return them to normal size… but they would all soon meet the same deadly fates as their detention mates. After wrapping up grading on another paper, she looked down at her chest where she saw the same black specks as before, although she didn't treat them as ants this time.
"Oops! I guess I didn't wash this vest all the way. There's still dust on it!" Cheerilee said as she swept her hand over these specks of 'dust.' All the boys were instantly knocked off and went falling to the ground.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" they all screamed until they landed hard on the floor. The broken bones (and spine) alone were enough to render them unable to move, so when Miss Cheerilee casually shited her boots forward, they could only watch as the soles came down to end their pitiful lives.
"I love you, Mom…" one boy randomly shouted before he felt the living daylights literally crushed out of him.

As Miss Cheerilee continued to grade papers, she suddenly heard an incredibly faint and super high pitched noise. She didn't realize it was two of the boys who had made it inside her ear and were shouting into it.
"Miss Cheerileeeeeeeeee!!! IN HERE!!!" the boy shouted. But of course, as mentioned before, all Miss Cheerilee was hearing was high pitched noises.
"Hmmm? What's that noise? Is there a fly buzzing around my ear?" Cheerilee asked out loud. That's when she stuck a finger towards that same ear. The boys turned around and saw nothing but a huge wall of pink that was the giantess's finger coming in and bulldozing a whole lot of ear wax in her path.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the boys screamed until they were swept up by the ear wax and the finger. As Miss Cheerilee rubbed the finger from side to side inside the ear, trying to gather as much unwanted material (wax and the 'fly') as she could. She finally did pull the finger out and saw nothing on that finger but wax and a couple specks of red, again making her cringe somewhat but eventually she shrugged her shoulders. After checking to make sure nobody else was around for some reason, she wiped the finger full of wax up against her skirt and left the remains there to rot away (especially the human remains).

Being late in the day and after working so hard to properly grade papers, it was getting tiring for Miss Cheerilee, and that caused her to let out a big yawn. This yawn, as you can well imagine, proved fatal for a couple more boys who were climbing her face and trying to get the giantess's attention. Miss Cheerilee tilted her head back and yawned, causing the boys to lose their grip and fall into her mouth.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the boys screamed.

At the same time, Miss Cheerilee felt an itch on one of her freckled cheeks and she reached up to scratch that itch with her finger. Yep, you guessed it! Another boy who had been trying to climb the giantess's face was about to be flattened into a bloody pancake.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he screamed before he was crushed by the finger. Cheerilee brushed that finger against her vest, not noticing the miniscule red smear she was leaving behind. She also naturally didn't sense the red smear from the boy's crushed remains on her cheek.

A few minutes later, with a confident stroke of her red pen, she put the last of the papers to grade in the pile to the right.
"Whew! Finished. And right on time too!" Miss Cheerilee said as she looked up at the clock and saw it was almost time for one of her after school club sessions to begin. She got up from her desk and walked towards the door, but had to stop briefly when she heard something go crunch underneath one of her boots again. She looked and saw another very small pool of red liquid, again not realizing she had crushed a few more shrunken boys who had been trying to escape from the classroom.
"Ugh… I gotta have a talk with that janitor!" Cheerilee said as she scraped her boot against the floor, cleaning it out of the boys she had unknowningly crushed. As she did so, she noticed another black speck on her right shoulder.
"And wash my clothes better!" Cheerilee said with a hint of frustration in her facial expression. She casually brushed the 'dust' off, not knowing it was the last of the detention boys who was alive.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the boy screamed as he fell and fell and fell, trying to reach out and grab any part of Miss Cheerilee's outfit that he could, but he was unable to do so.

Instead, he ended up bouncing off one of her brown boots and then landed on the floor.
"Ugh…" the boy said as he tried to get his vision back in focus from the dizzying fall. As he did so, however, he gulped nervously as he watched Miss Cheerilee open the door and a small army of gigantic female students came walking in.
"Come on in, everyone! I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas today!" Miss Cheerilee said, smiling at any student that traded a friendly glance up at her. That included Sunset Shimmer, who was about to end an innocent young male's life with just one step from her black boots. The boy looked up as the sole from one of her black boots came down in a hurry.
"Nonononon…!!!!" the boy said as he held his arms trying to hold the boot up, but we all know who would win that contest. Despite the crunching sound, Sunset Shimmer kept walking until she sat down behind one of the desks, as did the other female students. Miss Cheerilee closed the door and walked back to the desk.
"Good afternoon, everyone!" Miss Cheerilee said.
"Good afternoon, Miss Cheerilee!" all the female students shouted. Suddenly, there was a loud gurgling and groaning noise… and everyone knew exactly where it came from.
"Whoops! Sorry… goodness, where are my manners? Don't tell anyone that happened, will you?" Miss Cheerilee said as she playfully rubbed her stomach region.
"No sweat, Miss Cheerilee! Your secret is safe with us!" Sunset Shimmer shouted.
"Haha! Good! Now then, I call this meeting to order…" Miss Cheerilee said as she proceeded to get the club meeting started.

That gurgling and groaning sound coming from Miss Cheerilee, you ask? It was her stomach digesting the last surviving boys who had been swallowed earlier.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" they all screamed with their screams echoing throughout the stomach. Of course, it would do no good as they all eventually succumbed to the stomach acid and melted away into nothing but bloody skeletons and muscles.

Life went on for Miss Cheerilee, the female students, and even Sci-Twi across the campus. She would wonder at first what happened to her LMR (not knowing it was destroyed underneath Miss Cheerilee's boot) as well as that boy who borrowed it, but shrugged it off thinking it wouldn't have worked as intended anyway and just move on to other experiments.

The same couldn't be said for the 30-40 boys who died in this story… and forgotten like the specks they shrunk to the size to.